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Tissue that produces new xylem and phloem
A flowering plant with two cotyledons in the seed
Flowering plants with seed inside the fruit
Flowering plants with one cotyledon in their seed
If Lynn can type a page in p minutes, what piece of the page can she do in 5 minutes?
If Sally can paint a house in 4 hours, and John can paint the same house in 6 hour, how long will it take for both of them to paint the house together?
Employees receive an additional 20% off of the lowest price on an item. If an employee purchases a stove during 15% off sale, how much would a $450 stove cost?
The sales price of a car is $12,590, which is 20% off the original price. What is the original price?
Solve the following equation for A : 2A/3 = 8 + 4A
If Leah is 6 years older than Sue, and John is 5 years older than Leah, and the total of their ages is 41. Then how old is Sue?
Alfred wants to invest $4,000 at 6% simple interest rate for 5 years. How much interest will he receive?
Jim is able to sell a hand-carved statue for $670 which was a 35% profit over his cost. How much did the statue originally cost him?
The city has decided to ass a 0.3% tax on hotel rooms. If a traveler spends the night in a room that costs $55 before taxes, how much will the city receive in taxes from him?
If r = 5 z then 15 z = 3 y, then r =
Answers by Educators Question Database
the kind of energy that muscles use to contract is
a thin layer of tissues, the _________, line the hollow medullary cavity inside bones
the energy used by contracting muscles comes from
digestive enzymes are secreted into the small intestine by the
the main cell of bone tissue is the
the time between nerve stimulus and muscle response is the __________ period
the resting potential of a neuron is actually maintained by tireless work on the part of the
bones form by replacing an existing
cells called _____________ build bone
cells called ________ break down bone
a presynaptic neuron releases _________ into the synapse
the anatomical direction superior refers to being closer to the
the large artery coming directly from the heart and supplying oxygenated blood to the body is the
red marrow produces red and white blood cells, plus
the action potential travels down the axon in a manner akin to
the state of sustained, partial contraction of muscles necessary to maintain posture is
bone also serves as a reservoir for
the integrative function takes place in the
the anatomical direction meaning toward the midline is
bones that develop from bone shaped masses of hyaline cartilage are
when the nerve impulse reaches the terminal button it opens
________ bones originate between sheet-like masses of connective tissue
a decrease in size and strength of a muscle is known as
most of the bones in your body are
the tubes that transfer urine from the kidneys to the urinary bladder are the
the bones of the skull are examples of
Jack and Jill ran up the hill but neither made it to the top!
Little Red Ridinghood met a wolf out walking she stopped to talk.
Scooby and Daphne hid from the ghost as Shaggy and Velma chased the ghost.
to think
Which is NOT a prepositional phrase?
Franklin the turtle was nervous to race yet he felt it was his duty to defend his family name.
Theresa and Thom had been dating three years he plans to ask the question tonight.
Just as the whale was about to swallow Pinocchio he was saved by Mr. Cricket.
Facing a tough decision, Bart resolved to do the right thing he returned the money.
Tina payed for three months so that she would not have to worry about rent while finding a job.
Which is NOT an infinitive?
Which is NOT a linking verb?
Which is NOT a coordinating conjunctions?
SpongeBob and Patrick have been friends for as long as I can remember.
The purple house and the pink car belong to my grandmother.
Augie wanted to see the motorcycles while Axel wanted to see the tractor.
Even though yesterday and today are rainy it does not mean that tomorrow will be rainy as well.
George and his friends went to the movies and snuck into an R rated movie.
Before I get home my kids better have their homework done.
Which is NOT a subordinating conjunctions?
The patellar tendon reflex is an example of
the skeletal system is divided into two main sections
the first part of the small intestine, just past the pyloric sphincter, is the
the relatively fixed point of attachment for a muscle is the
the rib cage is better known as the
divergence in a neuronal pool is when a neuron
the general function of the pectoral and pelvic girdles is to anchor the ___ to the ____
the pelvic girdle consists of the
the pectoral girdle consists of the
bile is stored in the
the sudden influx of sodium into the inside of a neuron results in a change in voltage known as
the most common type of joint in the human body is the
skeletal muscle is under ___________ control
moving a part of the body away is
largest bone in the human body
largest muscle in the human body
longest nerve in the human body
largest organ in the human body
largest chamber in the human heart
intervertebral discs are made of
Which is the prepositional phrase in the following sentences? ... For three years, I had to stay late.
Jurassic Park is a movie it has three films so far but a fourth is coming out soon.
The c in I,cI stands for...
Which formula is incorrectly written?
Which conjunction is used for complex sentences?
Which of the following is NOT a requirements of a complete sentences?
The word not always splits what in half?
Jeremy fell off the waterfall and broke his legs it has taken him many months to heal.
After I get the mail I will need to let the dog out.
After I get the mail I will need to let the dog out. - Infinitive?
After I get the mail I will need to let the dog out. - Verb?
Peter and Musti went on a picnic but they forgot the basket of food!
Punctuation? - Peter and Musti went on a picnic but they forgot the basket of food!
Prepositional Phrase? - Peter and Musti went on a picnic but they forgot to bring the basket.
Which is NOT a preposition?
What is missing from the following sentences? - Grab a bottle of water from the fridge.
Tammy and Rowdy had to work together because they were both scheduled to the same shift.
The to in this sentence is working as a ? - Tammy and Rowdy had to work together because they were both scheduled to the same shift.
Identify the independent clause. - Tammy and Rowdy had to work together because they were both scheduled to the same shift.
Tom loved Jane but not Cathy.
5 + (-13) = ?
-18 + 23 = ?
-9 + (-13) = ?
-17 + 18 = ?
11 + (-19) = ?
-4 + (-4) = ?
-12 + (2) = ?
-9 + 11 = ?
6 + (-1) = ?
-4 + 23
How do plant cell vacuoles differ from animal cell vacuoles?
What part of the cell produces proteins?
What are the different parts of the nucleus?
Which description best fits the endoplasmic reticulum?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which processes are necessary for the formation of metamorphic rocks?
Which of the following is most responsible for the formation of new crust at the edge of a tectonic plate?
Which type of tectonic plate boundary involves a collision between two tectonic plates?
Crustal plate movement occurs because of convection cells. Which of the Earth's layers can these convection cells be found?
Why should an experiment be repeated?
Which statement provides the best evidence for the theory that faults and volcanoes are results of tectonic plate interactions.
Which of the following properties would be most useful in identifying an unknown rock?
What is the thin, rigid layer that forms the outermost part of the Earth's lithosphere?
Which type of boundary produces earthquakes
What is convection?
Which term defines the colors used in the CMYK color System? (pg 132)
The series of dots or periods that proceed from the end of the topic description in a table of contents to the page where the topic can be found are referred to as _____? (pg 149)
Which term refers to a color where the ink for that color is premixed before the printing process begins? (pg 132)
What do you call the area of a piece of stationary where the name, address, and other information about a company or individual is printer? (pg 151)
What type of effect do you apply when you add shading to one side of the outer edge of an object to create an illusion of depth to the object? (pg 138)
Which term is also used in desktop publishing to mean color? (pg 131)
Some desktop publishing programs have dialog boxes for applying drop caps that can be accessed from the Format menu, others use a ___ which is usually found on the Utilitize menu.
Which item is an option that most desktop publishing programs will allow you to adjust when adding a 3-D effect to an object? (pg 138)
What name is used to describe a decorative effect for text where the first letter of a paragraph is much larger than the other characters in the paragraph? (pg 140)
Although it varies by desktop publishing program, what type of dialog box or tool would you normally use to apply a pattern or a gradient to an object? (pg136)
You would use a process color when you need to match an exact color, such as in a clients' logo. (pg 132)
Many desktop publishing programs allow you to create a specific color by entering the values for the color into a set of text boxes within a color dialog box. (pg 133)
Color is one of the first things that a reader sees and responds to when they examine a publication. (pg 131)
Computer printers and computer monitors both use the same color systems to create color. (pg 132)
Most desktop publishing programs allow you to combine a shadow and a 3-D effect on the same object to create a more interesing effect. (pg 138)
You can find color charts on some Internet sites that display a color and the values needed to create that specific color. (pg 133)
All desktop publishing programs have a feature that allows you to turn a text object into a graphic object. (pg 141)
Many desktop publishing programs allow you to specify whether a drop cap is to extend above the paragraph or whether it should drop down into the paragraph. (pg 140)
A texture is a blend of colors that gradually changes in brightness or tint. (pg 136)
When creating horizontal rules in a program, you can usually select options that affect the line weight, the line style, and its color. (pg 143)
If a spoonful of salt is mixed in a glass of water, what is the water called?
A colloid has properties of both suspensions and
What is formed when particles fo two or more substances are distributed evenly among each other?
How is a compound different from a mixture?
When elements form mixtures, the elements...
Which of the following states the law of conservation of mass?
Why can salt dissolve in water?
Which is the product in this chemical formula? N + O2 --> NO2
If the ending -ide is added to the name of an ion, what do we know about the ion?
Which of the following chemical equations is balanced?
an insurance program that helps you if you are hurt at work
something the law says you should have
the part of the government that sets safety rules and inspects workplaces
anything that might harm someone
all the objects, such as machines and tools, that you need to do a job
the conditions in which you spend your workday
a container of chemicals that will put out a small fire
a large and dangerous amount of electricity
a document that describes a chemical and how to handle it
fresh air flowing into a closed space
.00001 M solution of HCl has a pH of
which acid base reaction will yield a neutrtal solution
soaps and detergents are
the anion in a soap contains
which part of soap dissolves in water?
which is not true of bleach
bleach should never be mixed with
which statement is not true about antacids
when is a detergent more useful for cleaning than soap
which statement about bases is incorrect
An analysis of the Russo-Japanese War and the Boer War shows that one reason nations go to war is to
Which statement best describes events in Japan during the period of the Meiji Restoration?
The result of the Opium War in China was similar to the result of Commodore Perry's expedition to Japan in that both events
Which event was an example of Asian reaction to European imperialism?
What was one effect of the Russo-Japanese War?
The Meiji Restoration in Japan was prompted in part by
One result of the Opium War was that China
Japan's increased foreign trade during the Meiji Restoration was closely related to its
The Opium Wars in China and the expedition of Commodore Matthew Perry to Japan resulted in
What was a direct result of the Meiji Restoration in Japan?
which ingredient is used as a meat tenderizer in marinades
the pH of a substance is a measure of
when a solution of acid reacts with a solution of base, hyrdonium ions react with hydroxide ions to form
which is a basic substance
a disinfectant is a substance that
which is a basic compound
a substance with a pH of 13 is
soap can remove grease and oil from your skin because it acts as
which is most acidic
which is the strongest electrolyte
_________ change color depending on the pH of a solution
pH is a measure of __________ in a solution
baking powder and baking soda are __________ used in baking
a byproduct of the chemical reaction that makes soap is
another name for vitamin C
salts are _______ compounds formed when acids and bases react
a compound that contains hydroxide ions is a
soaps and detergents are good cleaners because they dissolve in both
an __________ conducts elctricity when in dissolved in water
in a neutralization reaction, hydronium ions react with hydroxide ions to produce
A volume of air has a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius. An equal volume of air that is twice as hot has a temperature of about
The greater the difference in temperature between the input reservoir and output reservoir for a heat engine, the
When a volume of air is compressed and no heat enters or leaves, the air temperature will
Two identical blocks of iron, one at 10 C and the other at 20 C, are put in contact. Suppose the cooler block cools to 5 C and the warmer block warms to 25 C. Which law would this violate?
Entropy measures
The ideal efficiency for a heat engine operating between temperatures of 2050 K and 310 K is
You have a jar full of marbles. When you tip the jar over, all of the marbles roll away. You wouldn't expect the marbles to spontaneously order themselves back into the jar because
Entropy is closely related to the
Convert 300 K to Celsius
Convert 32 degrees F to Kelvin.
Answers by Educators Question Database
class of warriors in feudal Japan who pledged loyalty to a noble in return for land
military ruler of feudal Japan
religious officials, such as priests, given authority to conduct religious services
in the Middle Ages, a noble warrior who fought on horseback
(rebirth) period of renewed interest in art and learning in Europe
peasant laborer bound by law to the lands of a noble
Renaissance movement based on the values of the ancient Greeks and Romans, such as that individuals and human society were important
disease that spread quickly and kills many people
movement to reform the Catholic Church; led to the creation of Porestantism
interested in worldly rather than religious matters
to declare that a person or group no longer belongs to a church
person willing to die rather than give up his or her beliefs
Muslim group that accepts only the descendants of Muhammad's son-in-law Ali as rightful rulers of Muslims
Muslim group that accepts descendants of the Umayyads as rightful rulers of Muslims
What does a map key tell you
To keep oil prices steady, they _____ how much oil they will sell.
What is a example of a nonrenewable resource?
What is a example of a renewable resource?
What is a ethnic group?
What is a distribution?
Definition of segregation is....
Europe is mainly rural or urban?
What is Europe?
A poorer country with less advanced economy is
A thesis statment....
Which of the following is the correct format for MLA citations?
Which of the following is NOT a fragment?
Which of the following is NOT an appropriate way to separate two complete sentences?
Which sentence is correctly punctuated?
Which of the following sentences uses homophones correctly?
Which of the following uses quotation marks correctly?
Which of the following is “an appeal to emotion?”
“Putting a passage into your own words and using only the main points” is known as…..
The events that happen in the story.....
Jpeg stands for Joint Photographic ____ Group
To put a color, gradient, or pattern into an object.
Filling an object with a smooth transition from one color to another.
Anything on a page that is not actual text
Industry standard for vector graphics. Adobe ____
The standard unit of measurement for U.S. standard size papers
GIF stand for Graphics ____ Format
Compiling multiple pictures or objects together into one image.
An open ended path with two anchor points, which included straight, beziers, and spirals
Microsoft created format for raster and vector WMF. Windows _______
Any shape, image, or text that can be moved, scaled, or edited
____ path - one or more paths for which the start point and end point are not the same
The number of pixels in one inch. More pixels equals high quality.
Made up of one or more line segments, connected by two or more anchor points or nodes
A repeated decorative design.
___ tool uses anchor points and paths
A unit of measurement for lines of type with one equals to 1/6 of an inch
Represents one dot that is illuminated on a computer screen, many of which make up images
The standard unit of measure for typefaces.
How easily files are opened, modified, and viewed between different software and browsers
How many circles O O O O O O O?
The sky is
2 + 5
There are 8
Which is this number: 5
3 + 3
What number is seven?
Which animal is green?
Which vegetable is orange?
Which fruit is yellow?
Which number is 10?
5 + 5
How many hands do you have?
How many toes do you have?
How many noses do you have?
Based on its Greek origins, the word Anatomy literally means
The anatomy of a body part is related to its
The shaft part of a long bone is technically referred to as the
the two primary types of CELL, as in type of cells, in the nervous system are
at the end of each long bone are expanded portions called
the organs of the nervous system are divided into two classes based on LOCATION
the force of a muscle contraction depends on the __________ rather than the amplitude of the stimulus
where long bones articulate with other bones, the epiphysis is covered with
depolarization in myelinated neurons occurs mostly at the
the outer surface of a long bone is covered with a tough, vascular, etc tissues called the
The paired organs known as _________ removed nitrogenous waste from the blood
the walls of the diaphysis are mainly made of dense ___________, or cortical bone
the spaces of the epiphyses are mostly made of porous spongy or ____________ bone
involuntary control is carried out by the _________ nervous system
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What does Curtis Ebbesmeyer do for a living?
flotsam is ....
Nike sneakers washed ashore
Container ships transport a
A container can hold...
The best thing that helped Curtis Ebbesmeyer with his currents theory were
Ebbesmeyer thought that the ducks would float through the
In November 1993, plastic ducks were found in
The First Years Company was giving away
Ebbesmeyer knows that flotsam can help
What is erosion?
Fossil fuels were formed over millions of years ago from
Destructive forces can change the Earth's surface in all of these ways EXCEPT
A river flows down form a mountain range into a deep canyon. The canyon was probably formed when
When a glacier erodes the land what kind of valley is formed?
Which of the following does NOT cause weathering?
Oil is created when
A sandbar is created at the mouth of a river. Which of these explains the creation of the sandbar?
Which of these explains a beach shoreline getting smaller?
Which of these explains wind moving sand from one place to another?
The sound wave produced my bass drums has a long wavelenth which allows it to spread out a lot. This is an example of
White light enters a raindrop and is separated into the visible light spectrum (rainbow). This is an example of
Mirrors and other smooth, shiny surfaces allow us to see our image. This is an example of
How will the sound wave look if the music is turned up louder?
As an ambulance approaches, the sound waves are closer together producing more waves per second. The waves are farther apart behind the ambulance. This results in
Wax paper, Fog, and dirty water are considered to be
The wall, a tree, and your book are considered to be
Eyeglasses, windows, and air are considered to be
Where does light travel fastest?
Where does sound travel fastest?
A gradual increase in leisure time activities and purchase of related merchandise occurs in which phase of the business cycle?
What condition exists when Blockbuster does not have enough copies of a new video game to satisfy the demand of all its consumers?
Having a product where customers can buy it is an example of which form of utility?
All materials used to produce goods and services are called:
A system based on the way things have always been done describes what type of economy?
Which of the following is an example of a communist economy?
Which of the following is an example of a socialist economy?
Amy would prefer to buy the Sweet Home Alabama DVD when prices:
The degree to which demand for a product is affected by its price is known as:
When a product is a necessity, demand is:
The three basic economic questions are:
value added by having a product at a certain time of year or a convenient time of day is:
value added by exchanging a product for some monetary value
a tangible item such as a CD player or a soccer ball
intangible items such as going to the circus
The point on a supply and demand curve where quantity demanded is equal to the quantity supplied
The economic resource that includes all natural resources found in the earth, sea, and air
a form of government where there is increased government involvement and everything is based on the welfare of the people
the study of how to meet unlimited wants with limited resources
Value added by having a product where customers can buy it is
The tragedy of the commons suggests that the cause of overfishing and other pending biological crisies is that common property
Mare liberum set the stage for the tragedy of the commons scenario in the oceans by
The tragedy of the commons suggests that international managment of marine biological resources
The truman proclimation and UNCLOS were the first steps in avoiding the tragedy of the commons because they ____ the seas
There are only 2 approaches to using biological resources. With either, the resource is gone
Examples of ineffective biological resource management include ____ and examples of effective management include _____
Scientific research is crucial to keeping biological resources sustainable because
Scientific research is crucial to keeping biological resources sustainable because
Further changes needed to avoid the tragedy of the commons include
There is more potential for marine research now than at any time in history because
The seas are the final fronteir of the earth because
Beyond their potential as an energy resource, methane hydrates interest scientists because
Paleoclimatology is important in studying changes in the atmosphere because
Benthic organisms provide tremendous potential for new drugs because
Uundersea research applies to space research by
The future of the ocean is something that should interest you because
To discover whether a career in marine science is right for you
To begin preparing now for a career in marine science
Careers with the ocean apart from marine science
Careers with the ocean apart from marine science
What kind of sentence is this. I swim, and I get wet.
What kind of sentence is this. The dog barked, and it also chased the rabit.
What kind of sentence is this. If I get to play the video game, I promise that I will cook dinner for a week.
What kind of sentence is this. I agree with John and Charles and plan to support them.
What kind of sentence is this. A well-intended joke can somtimes lead to hurt feelings.
What kind of sentence is this. You may sit here if you so disire.
What kind of sentence is this. The man who I asked for directions didn't know if I was headed in the right direction.
What kind of sentence is this. The tall, acrobatic gymnest flew trough the air and landed on her feet gracefulyc.
What kind of sentence is this. Although I studied for hours, I still struggled on the test yesterday.
What kind of sentence is this. Jamed volted over the sleeping lion and skidded to a stop near a crocodile.
Carter-Finley Stadium in Raleigh, NC, is home to NC State’s football team. In the off-season, concerts and other community events are held at the stadium. Carter-Finley Stadium is
Lowe’s Motor Speedway was designed for motorsports, but also has concerts and car shows. Lowe’s Motor Speedway is an example of which type of facility?
Liz ordered tickets on the phone the day of the concert. She was told to pick the tickets up at the concert. What consumer amenity would she need to visit to pick up her tickets?
A consumer amenity at a facility or venue is:
Cindy twisted her ankle while exiting the stands at Lowes Motor Speedway. Which consumer amenity would be beneficial to her?
When Sara and her friend arrived at the concert, a man wearing a suit escorted them to their seats. The man is an example of a(n):
While at the game, Nick realizes he needs money. What consumer amenity should he visit?
The Durham Bulls Athletic Park, used only for baseball games, is an example of a(n):
Paramount’s Carowinds near Charlotte is an example of which type of facility?
Responsibilities of a facility manager include:
Answers by Educators Question Database
What was the name of the form of Christianity developed by the Greek-speaking Christians in the Eastern Roman Empire
Who claimed that he was viisted by an angel who told him to preach Islam?
What are followers of Islam called?
What is the Holy book of Islam that instructs Muslims about how they should live?
Who built the Mongol empire using a well-trained army to invade major civilizations?
What were the two most popular traded items in West Africa?
What is the term given to the spread of African people and culture around the world due to the slave trade?
Because of Japan's mountains, only about 80 percent of its land is farmable
Who was William the Conqueror?
What document did English nobles force King John to sign which limited the power of the monarch?
What was the plague that spread throughout Asia and Europe during the late Middle Ages?
The Spanish conquistadore, Hernan Cortes, conquered the Inca, and Francisco Pizarro conquered the Aztec.
The Renaissance was a rebirth of interest in the same subjects the __________ and ________ had studied.
Where did the Renaissance begin?
What is 0.005007 written in scientific notation?
Between what 2 integers does -sqrt(47) lie?
A square box lid has an area of 40 sq in. What is the best estimate of the length of one side?
In the equation y=x+1, what is teh y intercept?
In the equation y=3x-3, what is the slope?
Miguel earns $9/ hr. His hourly wage will increase by 70 cents every 5 months. In a function that models his avg hourly wage in months, what is the slope?
In the equation h=-3t+18, is the slope negative or positive?
Which is a linear equation?
Find the length of the hypotenuse is the two legs are 3 and 7
Find the missing leg if one leg is 6 ft and the hypotenuse is 10 ft.
On question 57, what is true about the data?
For question 59, what is true about the data?
What is a potential benefit to making financially responsible decisions?
Find the unknown leg if the hypotenuse is 28 and a leg is 2, round to the tenths7
Is the sqrt of 9 rational or irrational?
Express the fraction 3/16 as a decimal
Is .02002000200002... rational or irrational?
What kind of number is sqrt (2)?
Which of the following is an irrational number?
On the graphing calculator, how do find the square root of a number
Who kills the dragon in Part 3?
Why can’t Beowulf’s men help him fight Grendel in the palace?
What happens after the fight between Grendel and Beowulf in the palace?
What happens after Beowulf kills the monsters in Daneland?
How do Beowulf’s men feel about having to fight Grendel’s mother?
Where is Beowulf from?
Why is Beowulf initially so important in his land?
How did Beowulf hear about Grendel?
How many men were to travel with Beowulf on his journey?
How is Danleand different from Geatsland?
Where ________________ you yesterday? (+)
Yesterday, I _______________________ at home. (+)
Alvaro _____________________ at school yesterday because it was Sunday. (-)
Isabel _________________ in Madrid at the weekend. (-)
Why _____________________ Beltrán here on Monday? (-)
Last week, Pedro ___________________ in Barcelona. (+)
David´s pencil _____________________ on the table yesterday. (+)
__________________ Marcos here yesterday? (+)
Owen ______________________ at the beach on Friday. (+)
There _______________ 4 pens in my bag yesterday. (-)
Which of the following is the correct chronological order of prehistoric Native American periods?
Which of the following was NOT one of the three main Indian nations that lived in the Arkansas area?
Who was the first European to explore what is now Arkansas?
Who were the two French explorers who explored Arkansas in 1673?
Who was the French explorer who claimed the land that is now Arkansas for France in 1682?
What was the name of the first permanent European settlement in Arkansas?
Which of the following countries had NOT owned Arkansas by the time of the Lousiana purchase?
Which area of Arkansas did Hunter and Dunbar explore?
The United States government encouraged settlers to come to Arkansas following the War of 1812 by giving them free land.
When Arkansas first became a territory, where was its capital located?
Who became the first governor of Arkansas Territory?
What was the first newspaper to be printed in Arkansas Territory?
Where did the Arkansas Capital move to from Arkansas Post?
Which powerful political group in early Arkansas history were Southern Democrats made up of members of the Johnson, Conway, and Sevier families?
One of the biggest challenges facing Arkansas during its early years was getting ride of criminals and outlaws who used the region to hide from the law.
On which date did Arkansas become a state? Which state number was it?
Pre-Civil War records claim the state's 110,000 slave owners had more than 11,000 slaves.
Who was Isaac Murphy?
Did Arkansas join the Confederacy or the Union during the Civil War?
Where was the first and largest Civil War battle fought in Arkansas?
How did the Civil War affect Arkansas?
What was the period following the Civil War known as?
After Reconstruction, although African Americans had more freedoms than ever before, they still battled, poverty, abuse, and discrimination.
Which two industries emerged in Arkansas during the late 1800s?
The Seperate Coach Bill was the first Jim Crow law passed in Arkansas that required trains to stop segregating white and black passengers.
Which Arkansas governor ended the Convict Lease System by pardoning 360 state prisoners so there would not be enough prisoners to lease out?
Who was Scipio Jones?
Near which southern town did the first big oil discover in Arkansas happen?
What happened to Arkansas in 1927?
Which of the following was NOT a New Deal program that helped Arkansans get jobs and basic needs during the Great Depression?
Who was Hattie Caraway?
Where did a number of soldiers receive their training at in Arkansas for World War II?
With so many men gone from the state’s labor force during World War II, women filled the jobs previously available only to men?
Which of the following was NOT a way that Arkansans supported the war effort from home during WWII?
Where were the two Japanese relocation camps in Arkansas located?
Which Arkansas governor posted the Arkansas National Guard around Central High in Little Rock to prevent it from integrating?
Which Arkansan was the only female civil rights leader asked to speak at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s March on Washington?
Who is the only Arkansan to ever become President of the United States?
Which newspaper was created when the Arkansas Gazette and the Arkansas Democrat merged?
Who were the Little Rock Nine?
organized way in which people produce, sell, and buy goods and services
in Judaism, a deliverer sent by God
Muslim house of worship
the bishop of Rome, later the head of the Roman Catholic Church
powerful military lord in feudal Japan
political system based onbonds of loyalty between lords and vassals
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
A consumer amenity at a facility or venue would be:
Facility managers work with other managers to set policies for:
What is the general rule concerning smoking at a sports and entertainment facility?
An example of an activity NOT prohibited at an athletic event is:
Facilities designed for many different types of events are known as:
Facilities designed for only one type of event are:
Kings Dominion, famous for its roller coasters, is an example of a(n):
Pinehurst, NC, where Tiger Woods has played, is an example of a(n):
An appropriate place to take a child to see lions, elephants and bears would be a:
The person responsible for the planning, designing, and maintaining a venue is the:
星 qí 的 qí?
Fat= ?
乱 的汉语拼音是什么?
yǐ 经 的 yǐ
Entrance = ? Exit = ?
Wait= ?
叔叔 = 爸爸的谁?
What is it when matter changes in size, shape, or state of matter without also changing identity?
What are signs that a chemical change is occurring?
This reaction can be reversed because it doesn't form something new.
A solution that is neither acidic or basic is
Ice melting is an example of a
An example of a solution that is always neutral is
This is a substance whose color changes when it is mixed with an acid or base
This tells how much of an acid or base a solution is
Medicine that is made from a mold
This describes the strength of a base
Medicines that kill bacterial are called
What is a polymer?
This describes the strength of an acid
What was added to a solution to tell if it was an acid or base?
What is added to your stomach when you have a build up of acid?
When bubbles form, this is an example of what change?
If a solution is not an acid or a base, it is
Plastic is a polymer made from
A candle burning is a chemical change because
Making a paper airplane out of paper is what kind of change?
I want
I can
we can
they want
you all can
you want
he wants
she can
you all want
they can
I want some ham.
There is no ice cream.
Are you preparing some green beans?
I'm having some coffee.
He is not eating fish.
You all buy some shrimp.
They like tomatoes.
You order some apple pie.
I don't like eggs.
We have some water.
How long does it take Earth to turn once on its axis of rotation?
How long does it take Earth to make one revolution?
What does Earth and all other planets orbit
What is an equinox?
If two objects of equal mass are moving away from each other what happens to the gravitational force?
If mass is increased what happens to the gravitational force?
How long does it take the moon to revolve once around Earth?
Why is it hotter in the summer than in the winter in the Northern Hemisphere?
Which of the following is the largest?
If the Earth rotates faster on its axis the effect would be that
Why is just one side of the moon visible from Earth?
Complete the phase order New moon --> waxing Crescent --> ?
Complete the phase order Waxing Gibbous --> Full Moon --> ?
Which motion causes the Moon to show phases when viewed from Earth
Which words best describe the different shapes that the moon appears to be?
Why does the moon appear to shine?
What is a waxing Moon?
Approximately how much bigger is the Earth than the moon
The craters on the moon where caused by?
A solar eclipse occurs during which moon phase
The sun appears to set in the
During a lunar eclipse of the moon, the moon is
During a solar eclipse the moon is
The Earth's axis being tilted towards or away from the sun is the cause of
Which observation is a direct result of the 23 and a half tilt of Earth's axis as Earth orbits the Sun?
Which statement provides the best evidence that Earth revolves around the sun?
The day and the year , as units of time, are based upon the motions of
What two things keep Earth in orbit?
Your mass on Earth is 83 pounds. If you go to the moon where the gravity is 0.10 what will your new mass be?
What causes tides?
Who discovered Gravity?
Who is credited for the heliocentric model?
Why is it necessary to add a day to the calendar every four years?
The temperature in Mango city is hottest in January and coldest in July because Mango city is located
Place the following words in order from smallest to largest (milkyway galaxy, solar system, sun, universe)
The Earth's axis of rotation is tilted 23 and a half degrees. What would happen if the tilt was increased to 33 degrees?
Which statement best describes galaxies?
Which is the most direct cause of the tides on Earth
If the moon was farther away how would Earth's tides be affected?
Compare a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse
Answers by Educators Question Database
____ type - uses the boundaries of an area created by dragging a marquee with the type tool.
The area of the illustration that contains the printable part of your work.
___ Ratio - Relationship of an object’s width to its height.
A curved segment of a path which uses handles to control the shape of the curve
___ Stamp - Samples and area of an image and then allows you to paint over another area.
_____ path - a continuous path that has no beginning or end, for example a circle or rectangle
Color mode used for print
How an image is saved in order to reduce the file size
Removing Part of an image
Number of colors and image can hold.
___ selection tool - selects individual anchor points or paths in order to edit them.
PDF stands for....
The number of dots of ink or toner per inch on a printed image.
Vector images are edited in ____ Programs
Vector ___ are commands that can be applied to an object.
__ space - refers to the size of a capital letter “M” for the current font
Most common interchange format for the print industry: EPS. _____ Postscript
____ 21. What does the mockingbird symbolize in To Kill a Mockingbird?
In To Kill a Mockingbird, which character is symbolized by the mockingbird?
The ________ is the author’s message and is usually a statement about life.
In the classic story Pinocchio, if Pinocchio lies, his nose grows. What is the theme of this story?
Choose which point of view applies to the following: It was obvious to my parents that I wanted to go, but they said I would have to wait until next time.
Choose which point of view applies to the following: He wanted to be the first person at the amusement park on opening day.
When two words are combined using an apostrophe, we call it _______
Stories are sometimes referred to as__________.
All of the following are examples of _______________. can’t, I’m, won’t, they’re
Tammy was in her backyard climbing a tree. She climbed to the middle part of the tree. Before she knew what had happened, bees were swarming all around and over her. Tammy let out a blood curdling yell.
Frank Jones is a man who loves to go fishing. One Saturday afternoon Frank went fishing and caught a humongous fish. However, it got away because he didn't tie the string tight enough and it broke.
David Green is a man who works at a zoo. He helps train the animals for shows. He mostly works with chimps, tigers, and lions. He is a great trainer. David was working with a tiger to teach it how to jump through a ring of fire. Two days later t
The result of something happening after an event occurs is called the _____ .
I stayed up past my bed time on a school night so the next day I fell asleep during math. What is the cause in this sentence?
What is a biography?
What item should NOT be included in a good biography?
Who writes a biography?
Information that might appear in a biography includes
An autobiography is a story written by an author about
____ 40. An autobiography’s introduction usually includes
Which culture had the greatest influence on the way Texas cowboys worked on the cattle range?
The 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments all dealt with rights for what group of people?
What decade did the Great Depression occur during?
True or False: Texas has a diverse culture with influences from around the world?
Which of the following is not a result of the Great Depression?
What was an economic reason ranchers took their cattle north to market?
How did World War II impact the Texas economy?
How did the Dust Bowl impact Texas?
Which one of the following is not something Lyndon B. Johnson accomplished during his presidency?
What did the 13th Amendment achieve?
When a force is applied to an object it may:
The ratio of output force to input force is called:
All of the following are considered to be simple machines EXCEPT:
Any action that is able to change the motion of a body is called a _________.
An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion in a straight line summarizes a portion of Newton’s __________________ law.
A force that slows down a car _________________.
The ______________ is the English unit of weight equal to about 4.448 newtons.
If the forces on an object all cancel out so the total force is zero, the forces are called ______________.
Gravitational force on the Moon is more than gravitational force on Earth.
A telescope that uses mirrors instead of lenses to focus distant light at the focal point is known as a reflecting telescope.
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are composed mostly of gases.
Which of the following is classified as an inner planet?
Which of the following is classified as a gas planet?
The planet which appears brightest in the night sky is:
How do gas planets differ from terrestrial planets?
A group of small rocky objects found in a belt between Mars and Jupiter are known as:
Pieces of rock from space large enough to pass through Earth’s atmosphere and strike the ground are called:
Ancient astronomers were able to develop early models of the solar system more than 1,000 years ago using:
The type of telescope using lenses to gather visible light is called a(n):
The followers of Jesus founded a new religion called ____________.
Who became the first Roman emperor to accept Christianity?
Which civilization did the Romans admire and often copy their ideas?
What was the lanugage of Ancient Rome on which many European languages are based today?
Which Roman emperor moved the capitol of the empire from Roman to Byzantium?
What was the Eastern Roman Empire known as?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What are spring tides?
When do eclipses occur?
Earth spinning on its axis is called?
The force that attracts all objects towards each other is called?
The amount of matter in an object is called?
This is a push or a pull
This law states that all objects at rest stay at rest and an object in motion stays in motion
The study of the moon, stars, and other objects is called?
If a meteorite hits Earth, it may leave a big hole known as a
The tendancy of an object to resist change is called?
Name the layers of the sun in order from inner most to outer most
This is the most dense layer of the sun?
This is the layer of the sun that we see?
These two layers of the Sun's atmosphere can only be seen during a solar eclipse
This layer produces all the suns energy
This process produces the Sun's energy
How much mass of the solar system does the Sun account for?
Sunspots are darker than the rest of the sun because...
The Sun is made up of
When there is an increase in magnetic energy caused by these, parts of Earth see the northern lights
Which statement is true
Which planet is similar in size to Earth
Which list shows four planets from the solar system in order from the Sun?
Three planets that are relatively large and gaseous are?
Which planet has large amounts of liquid water at its surface?
The average temperature of the planets
These two planets do NOT have moons
Saturns rings are made out of
This planet has the most extreme temperatures of any of the planets
How much larger is Jupiter than Earth
Which of the following is the best description of the model of the atom.
What particles make up the atomic nucleus?
Which statement about the relative number of subatomic particles in an atom is always true?
In which part of an atom is most of the mass located?
What is the mass number of an atom with 6 protons and 7 neutrons.
Which of the following symbols represents the element with an atomic number of 14?
How many electrons does an atom have if the mass number is 15 and the number of neutrons is 7?
Which statement about elements and their relationship in the periodic table is true?
Who discovered that neutrons were part of the atom?
Who discovered that electrons were part of the atom?
In which biome is plankton located?
Deserts can be ____ and ____.
____% of the earth is covered with water.
The _____ of a tree tells its age.
Waves are caused by the ____.
A group of plants and animals that float near the surface of the ocean is _________.
A place has to have __ inches of rain or less in order to be considered a desert.
The _____ community is centered around trees.
The ___ can live without water.
Animals blending into their surroundings is called ___ (choose the correct spelling).
A person who studies oceans is a/an ______.
Three animals that help the farmer’s field are:
A ____ is a group of plants and animals that depend on each other to live.
Two minerals found in the ocean are:
Explain the food chain of a sapsucker:
List three zones of the ocean:
What does a mushroom grow from?
List the 4 main oceans in the world.
Which biome can look like a beautiful garden after rain?
What do we use to make maple syrup?
Which biome has a kangaroo rat?
Which biome has an earthworm?
Which biome has a lantern fish?
Which biome has plankton?
Which biome has a sidewinder?
Which biome has a cacti?
Which biome has a water strider?
Which biome has crops?
Which biome has a mole?
Which biome has trees?
There is no limit to how cold an object can get?
As an object approaches absolute zero the motion of its atoms
Absolute zero is equal to which of the following?
There can be negative temperatures on the Kelvin scale.
When an object is heated the motion of its molecules
Heat is
As an object cools down, it
Heat always flows from
If an object were to reach absolute zero it would violate which of the following?
Temperature is
Who was the American settler who was made customs inspector at Anahuac by Mexico?
What banned U.S. immigration and the import of any more slaves to Texas?
Which convention asked Austin to present its case to Mexico City?
Name the battle that settlers started and won, unaware that the conflict at Anahuac was over.
What are taxes on imports called?
What are statements that express opinions called?
What is an official order referred to as?
Who was the leader in the Convention of 1832?
How did Texans feel towards the Mexican government in the late 1820's
What was one of the eariliest rebellions in Texas about?
When did the Fredonians give up and flee the country?
What was Mexican General Manuel de Mier y Teran most alarmed by?
What did Stephen F. Austin do after the passage of the Law of April 6, 1830?
What was the earliest conflict between U.S. settlers and government in Texas?
Who instigated the Fredoina Rebellion?
Why was Mier y Teran sent by the Mexican government?
What did Mier y Teran fear?
Although Mexico banned slavery in 1829, what did local officials obtain?
While Mexico hoped to bring new Catholics to Texas under the Law of April 6, 1830, what else did it hope to do?
What did Mexico begin to charge custom duties on?
Answers by Educators Question Database
What phases is the moon in if you cannot see the lit side of the moon?
What tool do people use to see things far away in space?
At the __________ moon we can see all of the lit half of the moon.
How long does it take the moon to revolve and rotate about Earth?
How does the moon gets its light?
Which phases of the moon can you see half of the lighted moon?
After a New Moon, the light is coming onto the Moon called...
When the moon is closest to the earth it is called...
Who was the first man to walk on the moon?
Which of these is an example of revolving?
Which phases of the moon can you only see a small sliver of light?
Julius Caesar was able to gain control of Rome after he was
The Latin word for the phrase, I forbid it.
An ordinary citizen in the ancient Roman Republic
The majority of Roman citizens were
In ancient Rome, most people lived
Augustus was able to gain much power because
Rome's geographic setting was important because
If two Roman consuls disagreed, Roman law provided for
The Roman emperors gave free grain to the poor
Most of all, Romans placed great emphasis on
Under Constantine's rule, the Roman Empire
As long as the conquered people lived peacefully, they were
One reason why the Roman Empire lost its power was
Greeks were interested in ideas, while Romans were interested in
Roman law was based on the idea of
Romans were tolerant of other religions throughout their empire if
A proper noun requires capitalization.
Only action words are examples of verbs.
A conjunction joins words or groups of words together.
A preposition shows excitement or enjoyment.
A biogray contains more than just facts and details about a person; it tries to make the person unique.
A biography and an autobiography are similar because both are about someone's life.
The antagonsit is the bad guy or the character that goes against the main character, the protagonist.
The falling action is the highest point of interest in a story.
A noun is a word that names
Identfiy an appropriate prounoun for the underlined word. Andrea loves to knit sweaters.
Which of the following identifies the verbs in this sentence. Because he admires President George Washington, Joshua decided to visist DC for Christmas.
Which word in the following sentence is a preposition?
A shows the relationship in time and space between things.
Which word in the following sentence is an interjection?
An adjective modifies a
An adverb modifies a
Identify teh adjective in the following sentence. The yellow bus drove down the street.
Identify the adverb in the following sentence: The football players performed the play perfectly.
Identify the adjective in the following sentence.
A symbol is an objet that stands for itself and a
Choosing complementing colors from a palette.
Opposite colors on the the color wheel.
Relationship between the size of elements in a design.
Can be used to organize, create movement, connect or create texture.
Area in a design that is the subject or area of interest.
Three colors next to each other on the color wheel
A Color
Color with white added to it
Color with black added to it
Arrangement of elements in a design.
Off-center alignment created with an odd or mismatched number of elements.
Elements centered or evenly divided both vertically and horizontally.
Emphasizing the difference between elements
All elements are consistent with each other.
The style, arrangement, and appearance of text in a design.
The basic design of a character.
Strokes/attributes at the tips of the letters.
Without strokes/attributes at the tips of the letters.
Decorative/eyecatching types
Typeface designed to look like hand writing.
Well used for printed materials such as books, and the body text of articles.
Well used for digital designs.
Well used for formal invitations, and poetry
Well used for decorationandposter design
Each character takes up the same amount of horizontal space
The amount of horizontal space each character takes up varies.
Arrangement of text in a graduated series
Choosing two fonts that work well with each other in order to convey your message.
Vertical spacing between lines of text.
Horizontal space between pairs of letters.
Horizontal space between all characters.
Illustrations and photographs used to convey meaning and add appeal.
A print effect in which a color or an object appears to run off the edge of a page.
Brief descriptive text, usuallyplaced near an image
An enlarged character at the beginning of a paragraph that drops below the line of text.
Quotation taken directly from the body of the article used to draw attention.
Smaller, self-contained story along side a larger story
A symbol used to indicate the endof an article or news item
Banner on the front of a document that identifies the publication
Main title of an article, usually set in a larger font.
Gives credit to the author
Words positionedabove a headline, usually as a lead in or teaser
Placed between a headline and anarticle to provide a segue
Tells readers which page to refer to for the continuation of an article.
Running text at the bottom of a document
A drawing, sketch or plan of a piece, page showing all elements in position, a blueprint.
Standard pre-formatted layouts that may containa color scheme, font scheme, and pictures
Non-printing lines used to help designer place objects
Includes items and formats common to every page and is used to maintain format consistency.
A mock up or example of how the final design should appear.
Used to be remembered for potential job opportunities, these containcontact information
_____ point: basic component of paths, which appear at the start and end of every path.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The 1st Law of Thermodynamics is a restatement of which of the following?
Besides adding heat, what is the other way to increase the internal energy of a system?
If something is compressed (work done on it), what will happen to the internal energy of it?
Whenever heat is added to a system, it transforms to an equal amount of some other form of energy.
A group of particles or objects that you want to analyze is called a(n)
If an object is expanded (work done by it), what will happen to the internal energy of it?
Which of the following is the mathematical expression of the 1st Law of Thermodynamics?
Which of the following is heat added to a system NOT able to do?
The flow of heat is not directly related to the flow of energy.
The 1st Law of Thermodynamics states that the heat added to a system is equal to the increase in internal energy and the external work done by the system.
Adiabatic processes often occur...
When a gas is adiabatically compressed
How are pressure and temperature related?
When a gas is adiabatically expanded
Which of the following is NOT a way the temperature of air can be increased?
As an air mass gains altitude which of the following does NOT occur?
As an air mass loses altitude which of the following does NOT occur?
Before the chinook wind is formed, air masses hit the Rocky Mountains and
After air masses pass over the Rocky Mountains they will
Which process involves the compression or expansion of a gas such that no heat enters or leaves a system
What did the ayuntamiento of San Antonio do after passage of the Law of April 6, 1830?
Who founded Anahuac?
When did George Fisher, who was made customs inspector for Mexico, outrage settlers?
What did settlers declare as part of the Turtle Bayou Resolutions?
When was the conflict at Anahuac settled?
When did the opportunity for conflict between Mexican troops and Texans lessen?
What did Colonel Jose Antonio Mexia do when he returned to Mexico?
What happened to the recommendations of the Convention of 1832?
What was Sam Houstons's role during the Convention of 1833?
Where was Stephen F. Austin during the Convention of 1833?
Heat will never of itself flow from a cold object to a hot object.
Heat can be made to flow from cold to hot by
No object has ever reached absolute zero and no object ever will.
For a heat engine to do mechanical work, heat must flow from a high temperature to a low temperature.
Many heat engines are able to convert all heat input into mehcanical energy output.
Calculate the ideal efficiency of a steam turbine that has a hot reservoir of 315 K and a condenser temperature of 217 K.
No heat engine can have an ideal efficiency of 100%.
When using the formula for Carnot efficiency, temperature must be in
If you wanted to increase the efficiency of a heat engine which of the following would you have to increase?
What determines the ideal efficiency of a heat engine?
Once energy in an engine degenerates into nonuseful forms, it is unavailable to do the same work again.
As a system becomes more disordered, entropy
Systems that are left alone tend toward a state of
Entropy is closely related to the
The only way for a system that is disordered will become ordered again is by
In buildings that are electrically heated, leaving the lights on
Which of the following is NOT an example of entropy in action
A sample of gas is contained in a sealed jar. Which of the following has the greatest entropy?
When a system becomes disordered, the probability of it becoming ordered again by its own means is
The measure of the amount of disorder in a system
If you divide momentum by velocity, the result is the value of the object's
10.0 kg dog chasing a rabbit north at 6.0 m/s has a momentum of
When the velocity of an object changes, it is acted upon by a(n)
If the net force on an object is zero then the object has
When objects are moved further apart from each other, the force of gravity between them
The SI unit of force, named for the scientist who described the relationship between motion and force is called
When air resistance balances the weight of an object that is falling, the velocity
The weight of an object can be calculated by multiplying mass by
Which object does not have momentum
What is the reaction force when you place a cup on a table
Nitrogen is unavailable to plants in the form of
The carbon cycle depends primarily on these 2 processes
Which of the following is the correct sequence as water moves from the ocean to land?
Transpiration is the process in which:
The water cycle is
The process of denitrification converts ammonia to:
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