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The camera angle is tilted in relationship to the horizon
Camera is positioned below a subject and shoots up towards them
Camera is placed at eye level as one of the characters and shows their view point
Diagnosis codes are in the:
Procedure codes are located in the:
A diagnosis is converted to a computer friendly code with the:
A procedure is converted to a computer friendly code with the:
The superbill provides a comprehensive list of the most frequently used
In many ambulatory care setting, the process of insurance coding begins with identifying and recording the appropriate:
The ICD9 manual codes are determined by
The ICD9 and CPT codes are updated:
Diagnoses are given a _____________-digit main code.
The CPT coding system was developed by
The commonly used codes are Evaluation and Management (E\M) services -which include:
An established patient is one who has been seen by the physician in the practice with the last_____years.
Procedures and services are listed by:
The medicine section of the CPT manual is organized according to _______, not disease.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Explain the term: boycott
Explain the term: Regulator
Explain the term: Tax
Explain the term: Quartering
Explain the term: Delegate
Explain the term: American Revolution
Explain the term: Loyalist
Explain the term: Independence
Explain the term: Patriot
Explain the term: Minuteman
How did the colonists react to the Sugar, Tea, and Stamp Act?
What types of protests did the colonists organize agains the British?
What was accomplished by the First Continental Congress?
How were the British and the colonists unevenly matched for war?
Describe the events that were important in learning up to the start of the American Revolution
Describe the Watauga and Cumberland settlements
Who fought at the Battle of the Bluffs? How did it end?
Why did the colonists continue settling more land?
Who was John Sevier?
What was the government like before and after the Revolutionary Way
The process in which a liquid becomes a gas.
The process in which a solid becomes a gas.
Molecules can flow around each other.
The measurement of energy.
When energy is taken out of a gas it can condense into?
Has no decimate shape but has a decimate volume.
When you add energy to an object?
The amount of energy in a substance?
When a solid becomes a liquid.
When a liquid begins to turn into a gas.
Which is NOT a cause of Cancer
Cancer happens when cells can't control their growth.
The word malignant means?
The removal of small tissue sample, to be examined .
Study of factors that affect the prevalence,distribution,and control of disease.
When cancers metastasize,they spread to other parts of the body.
Test that produce pictures of the area inside the body
The following are types of cancer treatments but one..
Disappearence of the signs and sympotoms of cancer.
Who is writing all of the letters?
Who is Henry Clerval in relation to Victor?
What sort of science is Victor studying?
Why is Justine Moritz imprisoned?
What does the creature ask of Victor?
How does the Monster learn to speak?
What happens after Victor destroys his second creation?
What figure does Walton allude to in the opening letter?
Who does the Monster compare himself to?
What is Walton wanting to explore?
Juan me ha pedido que........................
No creemos que........
Pidale que
Una persona razonable piensa que
?Vas de compras? Si, a pesar de que mis padres no me hayan dado mucho dinero.
Yo ire al cine despues de que
No te olivides de cerrar la puerta depues de entrar o salir
Los novios se besaron antes de besarse ante el altar
Esperas que yo no espere que me esperes
?Quieres acompanarla al cine o prefieres que __________ sola?
What was manufactured in Pittsburgh in the late 1800s/early 1900s?
He was a Confederate general who wanted the United States to reconcile peacefully.
He believed in vocational education for African Americans, and was okay with segregation.
This former slave wrote an autobiography, and traveled around speaking about amendments to help African Americans.
He wanted full civil, political, and economic rights for African Americans immediately.
These were Northerners who moved to the South after the Civil War; most Southerners hated them.
These were people from the South who agreed with Reconstruction; most Southerners hated them.
This organization was created to help provide food, schooling, and other services to formerly enslaved people.
Jim Crow Laws created unequal opportunities in all of these EXCEPT-
These were people who rented farmland in the South, but were basically treated like slaves and were very poor.
Who supervised the South after the Civil War?
Who COULD NOT hold office in the South after the Civil War?
What was Chicago known for in the late 1800s/early 1900s?
What was Pittsburgh known for in the late 1800s/early 1900s?
What was New England known for in the 1800s/early 1900s?
In the reminder sentence, "Slaves Can Vote, Right?" What does "Slaves" represent?
In the reminder sentence, "Slaves Can Vote, Right?" What does "Can" represent?
In the reminder sentence, "Slaves Can Vote, Right?" What does "Vote" represent?
In the reminder sentence, "Slaves Can Vote, Right?" What does "Right" represent?
This man became the president of Washington College after the Civil War.
How many Jews were murdered during the Holocaust?
Germany, Italy, Japan and others were considered what form of power?
America, Britain, France and others were considered what form of power?
What laws were written to discriminate against the Jews?
Where was the first place the Jews were moved?
What term was used when prisoners were transported frmo one camp to another?
What race did Hitler believe to be superior?
What portrayed Jews as evil and ugly?
What did Jews have to wear which made them easily recognized?
Dr. Mengele was in charge of selection which did what?
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Which of the following is not a way to show empathy to a customer?
Ionic substances have
Substance A conducts as a solid and a liquid. Its bonding type is:
Which of thew following is a covalent molecular substance?
Which of the following pairs of elements would react to form a molecule with the same shape as a methane (CH4) molecule?
Which of the following is an example of an electrolyte?
A covalent bond occurs when
If a substance has a boiling point of 1412ºC and a melting point of 450ºC, at room temperature the substance will be:
The correct formula for carbon sulfide is
The type of bonding in calcium phosphate is
Which of the following substances will conduct electricity
What is wrong with the car?
Who stays home with Ramona?
What is on the cartoon that Ramona's dad draws?
What does Yard Ape say he will do if Ramona doesn't get well?
What is Ramona's homework?
What does Ramona like best about television?
What makes Ramona mad about the cat food commercial?
Why is Ramona disappointed when her dad gets home?
Why is Ramona still mad at Mrs. Whaley?
How does Mrs. Quimby know Ramona is feeling better?
The grammar translation method focuses on:
One advantage to using the grammar translation method for acquiring a L2 is:
Consider the following scenario when answering the question: Johnny is given a reading passage in his L1, Spanish. His teacher has him complete exercises where he translates to his target language. This scenario illustrates grammar translation.
In what content area is the grammar translation method more easly used/
A disadvantage to using the grammar translation method for language acquisition is:
True or false. ELL students taught using the grammar translation method primarily use their target language.
What types of classroom activities would a teacher use in the classroom if they were instructing according to the grammar translation method?
True or false. The grammar translation method focuses on translation to dead languages such as latin.
True or false. The grammar translation method involves mostly spoken communication or listening comprehension
What is another name for the grammar translation method?
If a rock has a mass of 12 grams and a volume of 4ml, what is the density of the object?
Which of the following is not a physical property?
Which list shows the objects from least to greatest density?
What is an independent variable?
What is a dependent variable?
What is the controlled variable?
At which temperature will water change froma liquid to a solid?
What is water's boiling point?
What is water's melting point?
A student divides several boxes into two groups, based on whether or not each box can float in water. What property is the student using to classify the boxes?
A mystery object has a mass of 30g and a volume of 20 cm3. What is it's density?
If an object is pushed to the bottom of a tank of water and floats back up to the top, what can you conclude about the object?
A graduated cylinder is filled with 30mL of water and then a rock is added to the cylinder. What property of the rock can be determined by this process?
Which axis does the independent variable go on?
Which axis does the dependent variable go on?
What does a graduated cylinder measure?
Which of the following is not a metric unit of measurement?
What is the formula for finding density?
What is the formula for finding volume?
What is the density of an object that has a mass of 25g and a volume of 5mL
When you see a stranger offering you a bribe to come with them, what should you do?
Who can you trust to tell when you need help?
What word do you use when someone tries to give you a bad touch?
Whose body is your body?
Which of the following is NOT a Good Touch
Which is NOT a bad touch?
IS it okay to touch someone in their private parts?
Is it okay to tell grandma you don't want a hug right now?
Will you get in trouble if you tell on someone who gave you a bad touch?
Is getting a bad touch your fault?
This is the only planet with living things:
Mars is also known as the __________ planet
Which planet is closest to the sun?
The sun makes big explosions of energy called what?
The darker, cooler patches on the sun are called what?
Which planet is the hottest planet?
How many Earths can fit inside the Sun
The planets move around the sun in a pathway called a what?
The sun is at the ______ of the Solar System
The name given to the sun and all objects moving around it is:
Why was Beezus worried about the party?
What makes Ramona think about her dad getting older?
What example does Mr. Quimby use to tell Ramona how to do her book report?
What does Ramona make for her and her friends to wear during the book report?
What makes Ramona get off track during her book report?
What does Ramona say at the end of her book report?
What was the name of the book Ramona gave a book report over?
What does Mrs. Whaley say about calling Ramona a nuisance?
What makes Ramona feel brave enough to talk to Mrs. Whaley?
How does Ramona feel after finally talking with Mrs. Whaley?
What makes this Sunday so dreary?
What do Mr. and Mrs. Quimby have to tell Ramona to do several times because she is day dreaming?
What is Beezus so upset about?
What is Mr. Quimby studying on Sunday?
Since Willa Jean has figured out Ramona was just reading a book to get out of playing what new game does she want to play?
What does Mr. Quimby decide they will do to get in a better mood?
What is Ramona's secret fear about Mr. Quimby's job?
What does Ramona order to eat?
What unexpected thing happens at the restaurant?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
William Shakespeare wrote this play in the form of:
What is the central them of the play, Romeo and Juliet?
In Act 1, Scene 5, Romeo says, \\
What is this play\\\'s genre?
Who said, \\
What figurative language is being used in this line: \\
Which sentence is NOT an example of a simile?
What is NOT a characteristic of a Shakespearean tragedy?
Who is responsible for the death of Romeo and Juliet?
How many plays and sonnets did William Shakespeare write?
William Shakespeare's wife was:
How do we know when William Shakespeare was born and died?
William Shakespeare made which theater a historical landmark?
What is a sonnet?
What is a bard?
William Shakespeare, his wife, and his children went to London together for his work.
Shakespeare's plays are categorized in what 3 genres?
William and Anne had:
William and Anne were how old when they were married?
Who was Elie Wiesel’s cabbala teacher?
Which of the following did Hitler NOT do when he became chancellor in 1933?
When Madame Schachter’s hallucinations come true, this is an example of ___.
Which of the following is NOT one of the four counts on which the defendants of the Nuremburg Trials were indicted?
Who was the Kapo who had “bouts of madness” and beat the workers?
What is a form of communicating through books, leaflets, movies, radio, and posters that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position?
What does Elie’s father give him as his inheritance?
Who was Hitler’s right hand man?
____ was the first camp to which Elie and his family were taken.
A ____ is an innocent person, group, or race who is blamed for the general problems of society and punished harshly for them.
From Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis Which of the following excerpts from the text is an unsupported inference?
From understanding the polygraph Which of the following is an unsupported inference?
From Jacqueline ...Onassis
from float like a butterfly... Which statement is supported by the text?
from Jacqueline... Which statement is supported by the text?
from float like a butterfly Which statement is supported by the text?
from Jacqueline... Which statement is supported by the text?
Ffrom float like a butterfly...which of the following is an unsupported inference?
From understanding a polygraph which of the following is an unsupported inference?
From the Amish Style of Dress, which of these is an unsupported nference?
Ecology is
A(n) __________is a distinct area, usually with clearly defined boundaries, with distinct abiotic conditions and a community of interacting organisms
a collection of different organisms living in an ecosystem would be called
a _______________________ is a group of the same species living and interacting within a community
The area and condtions in which you find an organism are called
a _____________ is a type of habitat that exiasts on a very small scale
an organisms role in its habitat is called its
Energy flow through an ecosystem affect the ecosystem by
The __________ nutrient cycle is the basis for most of the biomass in all ecosystems
The ____ nutrient cycle is thought to be limited in marine ecosystems compared to terrestrial ecosystems
Most highly productive marine ecosystems are found in cooler regions because
The neuston ecosystem covers about ____ of the Earth's surface
The population of ______ may be about 10.000 times more numerous in the top few millimeters of water than in the water just below
____may account for low productivity in the neuston ecosystem
The world's largest floating ecosystem is the nertic zone
The nertic zone is significant as a marine ecosystem because
Upwelling are significant to open ocean ecosystems becaue
Coastal ecosystems are generally highly productive because
Human activities have wide ranging potential effects on coastal ecosystem becaue
Eutrophication is
Factors that limit the production of estuary ecosystems include
Estuary ecosystems act as nurseries for about ___% of commercial fish species
Estuaries contribute to the productivity of surrounding marine ecosystems by
In the _______ marsh of a salt water marsh, organisms must deal with salt water as a regular part of the tidal cycle. The ______ marsh by contrast includes areas rarely flooded by
Adaptation that allow halophytes to survive in salt water include
The two characteristics that make mangroves the basis for mangrove ecosystems includ
Seagrasses differ from other halophytes because
Seagrass ecosystem differ from other halophyte based ecosystems becuase
The greatest challenges to life in a supra littoral ecosystem are
Conditions that challenge organisms in littoral ecosystems
Conditions that challenge marine ecosystems in the Arctic include
you find the most productivity in the Arctic
The Antarctic seas are some of the most productive marine ecosystems because
The northern limit of the Antarctic seas is called ___________. It is at approximately __________
There is not primary productivity in most of the deep ocean because
Most of the deep ocean gets its nutrient from
Organisms found in the abyssal zone are primarily
A whale fall is
Whale fall ecosystems go through 3 stages. The second stage is
Scientists know little about ecosystems existing in the hadal zone because there is nothing of interest to study there
You can make a solute dissolve more quickly in a solvent by
What happens when a supersaturate solution cools down
Some types of peanut butter settle into two layers, a solid layer and a liquid layer. These peanut butters are
Which is the most concentrated solution of sodium sulfate (Na2SO4)
An oatmeal raisin cookie is an example of
Two liquids that form a heterogeneous mixture is said to be
Which of the following is an example of a homogeneous mixture
The Tyndall effect is observed iin
Which would not increase the rate at which a sugar cube dissolves
Which mixture is a good example of the way a solute can affect the freezing point and boiling point of a solutions
A heterogeneous mixture is one that is not
The particles in a colloid remain dispersed throughout the mixture because they
You can skim the fat off the top of a kettle of cold soup because fat is
Distillation can be used to separate solution of miscilble liquids because
What determines whether a mixture is a suspension of a colloid
Molarity is the concentration of a solution expressed as
Loose sugar dissolves much fater tha a sugar cube because loose sugar
An unsaturated solution is one that
Which states of matter can form solutions
When a solution holds more dissolved solute than is needed to reach equilibrium at a given temperature, the solution is
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is 5 X 5?
What is 2 X 8?
What is 6 X 6?
What is 7 X 3?
What is 4 X 5?
What is 10 X 5?
What is 9 X 3?
What is 9 x 5?
What is 3 X 4?
What was wrong with the car?
How does Ramona leave school when she is sick?
What awful thing does Ramona do in class?
What does Ramona call herself after being sick?
What drink does Mrs. Quimby give Ramona to help her feel better?
Why does the driver of the cab give Ramona a doubtful look?
What in her classroom does Ramona not want to look at when she is feeling sick?
What do the other students do when Ramona gets sick?
What does Ramona do when waiting in the office?
What word best describes how Ramona feels about being sick at school?
The knowledge that stems from previous experience.
The arrangement or ordering of information
A comparison between two things using like or as
The time and place of a story
To briefly retall a story by listing major ideas...BME
A name of a book, film, play, piece of music, etc.
The major idea or topic that the author reveals in a literary work.
A word having similar meaning to another word.
The original source of resource information
The way in which a text is organized.
ما هو الجزء الموجود في الخليه النباتيه فقط؟
ما فائده جدار الخليه
يبلا ي ي ي
لاتنن ب ب
Est-ce que Sénegal chaud ou fois?
L'antilope ne voit pas le roche ou un livre par terre.
Qu' est-ce que la fille grenouille a dans son sac? Un gateau ou les insectes
Qui écoute son lecteur de disque compact.
Qui apparaît dans le ciel. La fille grenouille ou Le génie ou le grenouille
Qui sort de la lampe. Louis ou chanteuse d'opéra ou le génie ou ballerine
Qui dit: Pas du tout! Au revoir! Hum! Chanteuse d'opéra ou Louis ou le génie ou le ballerine
Ou est-ce que écoute de son lecteur de disque compact. Louis ou le génie ou ballerine ou la fille grenouille.
Ou est-ce que le guépard demand au lion. Quel est le nom de l'arbre magique ou bonjour ou au revoir
Est-ce que Sénegal chaud ou fois?
Quelle chanson est-ce que Louis jouer pour la ballerine. Le boogie de grenouille ou Uptown Funk ou Selfie
Quel est le désir de Louis. Musique classique ou nage ou sauté ou musique rock
Ou est-ce que Louis doit aller pour trouver une amie. étang ou lampe ou forêt
Qui est la fille grenouille danse avec. La ballerine ou Louis ou génie ou chanteuse d'opéra
La tortue marche lentement ou la tortue marche vite.
La tortue marche lentement ou la tortue marche vite.
Quand l'histoire commence,qui a soif? le guépard ou la tortue ou le antilope.
Ou est-ce que chercher pour l'arbre ungali in premier. Le guépard ou le tortue ou le antilope.
Est-ce que les animaux et faim ou soif.
Quel est le désir de Louis. Musique classique ou musique rock‏
1. Le personage principal c'est Louis ou la fille grenouille ou la ballerine.
2. Louis jouer de la piano ou la guitare electrique.
La chanteuse d'opéra aime la musique rock ou musique classique.
Qui est Louis habite? forêt ou étang ou lampe
Louis frotte le lampe ou Louis frappe le lampe.
Ou est-ce que Louis voit in premiere? Chanteuse d'opéra ou génie ou ballerine ou la fille grenouille
Louis marche dans la forêt ou Louis nage dans la forêt.
Quel est le deuxième animal qui va parler au lion? Guépard ou zebré ou tortue
Qui voit la roche et ne tombe pas. Lion ou zebré ou tortue
Quel animal a une idée? La tortue, ou le guépard ou le antilope‏
A Customer Service Representative must log calls received from ____________?
At the end of a call, the member is upset or dissatisfied. What button in CAREConnects would you use to escalate the call?
Considering the provider experience model, which of the following interactions are in the right order
Dr. Hemingway calls and you cannot locate him using basic and advanced searches in CAREConnects. What action would you take next?
Eligibility for Medicaid is usually based on the family or individual’s _____________.
If the member has more than one insurer, what must the provider identify prior submitting a claim to WellCare?
If you are unable to determine if a CPT code needs an authorization using the Auth Look Up Tool, where should you transfer the call?
John is calling to request a new ID card. He states that he is new to the plan and has not received an ID card yet. What call driver would you select to assist this Member in CAREconnects?
What does the PCP use to request a referral?
What is the name of the process used to evaluate the qualifications and credentials of providers?
What system will you use if the CAREConnects system is down?
What term best describes the ability to identify with, understand, and appreciate another person's feelings, motives, desires, and situation?
What term is used to describe people who are entitled to Medicare (Part A and/or Part B) and who are also eligible for Medicaid?
What term is used to describe unique codes assigned to each medical procedure that identifies services performed by physicians and other healthcare providers?
Where on WellCare Link would you find timeframes on ID Cards?
Which department is responsible for loading and configuring provider contracts?
Which department is responsible to assist providers with prior authorizations?
Which of the following features are available using WellCare's IVR system?
Which of the following is an Inpatient Authorization type?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Pennies minted after 1984 contain 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper. These coins are examples of
Which of the following is a method for separating a solution of miscible liquids
The electrons in a water molecule are gathered nearest to
Particles in a(n) ______________ can be separaqted by filtration
A molecule that has partially charged positive and negative area is
Because many substances dissolve in water, water is called the
What type of bonding occurs between two water molecules
Compounds that do not dissolve in water are usually
The ability of a substance to dissolve in another at a given temperature and pressure is
A solution that is able to dissolve additional solute is best described as
A saturated solution will usually dissolve more solid solute if it is
A solution is more ___________ than a suspension
When a solid is dissolved in water, you can separate the two by
A saturated solution contains the greatest quantity of ________ that will dissolve in a given quantity of _________
Electrons are distributed evenly over a(n) _____ molecule
A solution is an example of a ____________ mixture
Gases are less ____________ in warm water than in cold water
A colloid that contains a mixture of immiscible liquids that stay together is a(n)
The scattering of light in a colloid is called the
Do you know how to solve molarity problems?
Mis on nädala kolmas päev?
Mis ei käi suve kohta?
Kus on arvud õiges järjekorras?
Õunapuu otsas oli 10 õuna. Kaks õuna kukkusid alla. Mitu õuna jäi puu otsa?
Milline nendest arvudest on kõige suurem?
Milline nendest arvudest on kõige väiksem?
Mis ei sobi?
Mis ei sobi?
Mis ei sobi?
Mis ei sobi?
Ella es una persona (distinguida).
Cristina y Elda son muy (francas)
Mis hermanos duermen en esta (habitación).
No hay duda que los perros son (fieles).
Celia se cayó; tiene la mano (hinchada).
Papá va a (prender) la estufa.
No seas (flojo)!
Los (huéspedes) van a llegar tarde.
Este color es (diferente).
Ella es (similar) a su hermana.
This structure protects and supports a plant cell.
This is what separates the outside environment from the internal animal cell environment.
____________ produce proteins.
Which organelle converts food molecules into a kind of energy a cell can use?
Think of this organelle as a solar panel that captures the sun's energy and turns it into sugars for the cell.
Think of this structure as the cell's highway that carries materials around the cell.
What directs the cell's activities and contains the cell's DNA?
Water, food, waste... all of these substances may be stored in these structures
Which is generally larger - a cell or an organelle?
Which is the correct sequence for the levels of organization within a multicellular organism?
The wave of rumors and senseless panic that overcame France following the storming of the Bastille in 1789
The term for any social class in France before the French Revolution
A machine for beheading people that was used during the French Revolution
He set out to build a French "republic of virtue"; his rule became known as the Reign of Terror (1793-1794)
Napoleon's seizure of power in France in 1799, a sudden overthrow of a government
A comprehensive system of laws that eliminated many injustices and gave France a uniform set of laws
The site of Napoleon's defeat by British and Prussian armies in 1815, which ended his last bid for power
The meeting that set policies to promote security and stability in Europe after Napoleon's defeat
A legislative body created by the Third Estate to pass laws in the name of the French people (1789)
The pledge by the Third Estate delegates to stay put until they had drawn up a new constitution
A term for a noble or lord who had fled France an hoped to undo the Revolution and restore the Old Regime
A term that referred to the trousers of the radical workers and shopkeepers during the French Revolution
A member of the radical political club that made many of the government changes in September 1792
Vote of the people, such as the one in France in 1800 to approve a new constitution
An agreement, such as the one in which Napoleon and the pope agreed to change the Church-state relationship
Napoleon's policy of using a blockade to isolate Great Britain from all other European nations
Paris prison
Revolutionaries; people with extreme political views
League formed by Russia, Austria, and Prussia
Napoleon´s last bid for power, which ended at Waterloo
What does CPR stand for
What is CPR?
When is CPR performed?
What is one of the most common causes of cardiac arrest?
When is the best time to administer CPR?
Why is CPR important?
What does C-A-B stand for?
What does a cycle of CPR consist of?
What is the proper rate of chest compressions in CPR?
What does the AMA recommend untrained bystanders do if they witness a cardiac emergency?
El primer pueblo en Espana sobre el cual hay informacion son
Los celtas vinieron de
Los romanos estuvieron en Espana
Los mulsulmanes entraron en Espana
Espana fue el pais mas avanzado en Europa por
El Cid y su ejercito lucharon contra
Espana fue
El Gran Capitan fue
Espana tuvo posesiones en
Espana lucho contro los __________________ en 1558
location, region, place, movement, interaction
is the way money, goods,and services are made and used
is the study of the past
is when people buy or sell goods and services
is the study oceans, mountains, countries, and weather
is a group of people in the same country with the same customs
means people choose their leader
is history, geography, economics, and government
work done for others such as in schools or hospital
is the people who control what happens in a country
Answers by Educators Question Database
_______________ is the most common element found in living things.
For living things, the first choice of fuel for life processes is _____________.
Enzymes are _____________________.
DNA is made from monomers of
The monomers that make up proteins are ____________.
Lipids contain glycerol and ________________
The positively charged particle in an atom is _______________
A nucleic acid has a 5-carbon sugar, a nitrogenous base and a _________.
Starch is a complex ____________________.
_________________ form cellular structure, regulate chemical reactions, transport things into and out of cells and help fight disease.
The monomers of nucleic acids are _________________
Macromolecule that has a C:H ratio of 2:1
Element that can bond with many different elements and with other atoms of itself. Forms basis for most compounds of life.
Form the basis of genetic information (DNA and RNA)
Substance that speeds up the rate of a chemical reaction.
The action of guard cells around a plant's stoma is often used as an example of
A technique used to cut and splice DNA from one species to another is
Protein synthesis occurs in the
One test for presence of glucose is
Fertilization occurs in the
Use of aerosol propellants and release of CFCs may lead to
A red blood cell placed in salty (hypertonic) solution will most likely
Which CANNOT be recycled in an ecosystem?
The DNA sequence ATG CTC would transcribe to mRNA as
More energy may be obtained from a fat molecule than from a protein or a carbohydrate molecule because fat
To be lucky
the skirt
the athletic pants
the umbrella
the price
the shirt
the winter
the department store
the sunglasses
Francis Bacon, Galileo, and Isaac Newton promoted the idea that knowledge should be based on
The writings of the Enlightenment philosophers in Europe encouraged later political revolution with their support of
One important result of the French Revolution was that
Simon Bolivar, Toussaint L’Overture, and Bernardo O’Higgins were Latin American leaders of
Nationalism is most likely to develop in an area that has
“The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains…Workers of the world, unite!”
In Japan, the Meiji Restoration resulted in the
After 1880, European nations sought colonies in Africa primarily because the Europeans were
A major cause of World War I was
Which was a characteristic of Germany under Adolf Hitler and the Soviet Union under Josef Stalin?
World War II is often considered to be a turning point in history because
Which is generally a characteristic of a communist economy?
One reason the Soviet Union formed the Warsaw Pact was to
During the Cold War Era (1945-1990), the United States and the Soviet Union were reluctant to become involved in direct military conflict mainly because of
What did the girls plan to do to avoid their punishment?
What does Ramona want to go outside and do?
What is Ramona's main thing she has to cook?
What do they do to the chicken before cooking it?
Why do the girls add Chili powder to the chicken?
What does Beezus say Ramona's mom would get mad about ?
What do the girls do to try to make everything look better?
What do Ramona's parents offer to do after dinner?
What do they make for dessert?
Why does Ramona feel better about YardApe calling her Egghead?
Comment t'appelles-tu?
Quel âge as-tu?
Ça va?
Où habites-tu?
Quelle est ta couleur préférée?
Quel animal aimes-tu?
Quel sport est-ce que tu n'aimes pas?
Quelle matière aimes-tu?
Quel fast food est-ce que tu n'aimes pas?
Quel temps fait-il?
Quantities, characters, or symbols that are the inputs and outputs of computer programs.
A connection that uses light to transmit information.
An algorithm that has been coded into something that can be run by a machine
The service that translates URLs to IP addresses.
Finding and fixing errors in programs
A way of representing information using only two options 1 and 0
Someone who acts safely, responsibly, and respectfully online.
A field in which people use the power of computers to solve big problems.
The information about someone on the Internet.
Short for Picture Element, a pixel is a single point in a graphic image.
what is a concrete poem?
What is a line break?
A limerick has THIS rhyme scheme
free Verse
Haikus have how many syllables per line?
Which of the following is NOT a simile?
Which of the following is NOT an onomatopoeia?
What is the difference between the speaker and the author?
what is imagery ??
Which of the following IS and example of personification?
what is the difference between a glossary and an index ?
What is the purpose of special type?
What is the purpose of a subheading?
What does chronological order mean?
Sequencing is...
What is cause and effect?
If you are contrasting two things, they are
If you are comparing two things, they are
What does a photograph do for a nonfiction piece of text?
Identify types of FICTION
What is Ten times Ten?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
the capital of Assyria
center for trade
Babylonia and Assyria
copper, tin, food, and cloth
lived in Africa
lived where the country of Lebanon is today
the rivers supplied
how they lived
to irrigate their crops
Mesopotamia means
the separate levels of people in a society are callled_________
People who come to a counrty from another place to take over by force are _______________
_______________are ancient Egyptian tombs,
the first humans came to North America from Asia
Phoenicians were
A pharoah was the _____________of Egypt.
A ___________is a group of people living together.
early humans hunted
humans made
southern Mesopotamia is called
Mesopotamia was
Early humans were ______________; they hunted animals and gathered seeds, fruit and plants.
is the basis of many languages, including English
the capital of Assyria is
the Sumerian writing system was called
During the Ice Age ______________ covered much of the earth.
An ____________ is a scienteist who digs up tools, pottery and human bones to study how early humans lived.
Griots are
Kente is
Proverbs are
One of the first people to write about West Africa was a man named:
Mansa Musa was a famous king in
Tunka Manin was one of the most important leader in:
The growth of Songhay can be contributed to:
Muhammad Ture was also known as:
The destruction of Songhay was brought about by
Foreigners visited Timbuktu because
The FFA Creed was written by:
The first degree a high school FFA member can earn is the ___________ degree.
The highest degree given out by the local FFA chapter is the
The year that females were allowed to become FFA members was
The NFA & FFA merged on this date:
The letters CDE stand for
This marks the year the the Future Farmers became the National FFA
In 1988
The Smith Hughes act was passed in this year:
The following are eligible for FFA membership
Organisms undergo constant chemical changes as they maintain an internal balance known as
WWhich sentence represents a hypothesis?
Which system in humans is most directly involved in the transport of oxygen?
Which statement about the use of independent variables in controlled experiments is correct?
Diagrams, table, and graphs are used by scientists mainly to
The first life-forms to appear on Earth were most likely
Abiotic factors that could affect the stability of an ecosystem could include
In an ecosystem, what happens to the atoms of certain chemical elements such as carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen?
Two closely-related species of birds live in the same tree. Species A feeds on ants and termites, while species B feeds on caterpillars. The two species coexist successfully becaus
Ecosystems will have a greater chance of maintaining equilibrium over a long period of time if they have
Which of the following groups of settlements are arranged from smallest to largest?
What was one economic effect of the four vegetation zones in West Africa?
How did kingdoms develop in West Africa?
Which of the following made West African farming more efficient?
What is one example of how geography affected the lives of people in West Africa?
The location of Jenne-Jeno made it ideal for
How did extended-family communities deal with dangerous floods or enemies?
What is missing from this sequence? efficient farming; ___________; people work in specialized trades; trade
An area of tall grasses and scattered trees that has a long rainy season is most likely part of
Which of the following is NOT one of the great kingdoms of West Africa?
If you came from the southern forests, you traded to get what necessary resource?
Because of its location, what role did Ghana play in North African trade?
What is one way the king of Ghana preserved his power?
The empire of Ghana fell, in part, because of
Ghana made money on trade by
If you were to label a map to show North African trade with West Africa in about the year 1000, which of the following would you do?
Arab scholars described Ghana as a
Which of the following factors increased trans-Saharan trade?
Why did the Wangarans trade silently?
Which of the following is NOT true of Taghaza
What did Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels believe would be the result when communism finally emerged as the dominant political and economic system?
Which revolution inspired Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels to express their ideas in The Communist Manifesto?
The Balkans were referred to as the powder keg of Europe in the period before World War I because of their
Which statement is supported by the ideas of Karl Marx?
A key principle of the economic theory of communism is
In the late 1800s, one response of workers in England to unsafe working conditions was to
Which two major ideas are contained in the writings of Karl Marx
Where did Karl Marx predict a revolution of the proletariat would occur first?
Which statement describes one major aspect of a command economy?
Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels encouraged workers to improve their lives by
What does the word knapsack mean?
What does surrender mean?
what does massive retailiation mean in reguards to this book?
What does revenge mean?
Tantrum means
What is the theme of this book
What is the conflict in the story?
A harbor is:
liverwurst is:
A truce is:
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To prevent vomiting:
The formula runs by gravity
Continuous infusion of formula
Giving a prescribed amount of formula over several minutes for four to six hours
Feeding a patient through a tube into his/her stomach
Infusing formula continuously via NG or gastronomy tube
vox, vocis - f.
mos maiorum
mos, moris - f.
iuvenis, iuvenis – m./f.
corpus, corporis – n.
amor, amoris – m.
adulescens, adulescentis – m./f.
verus, -a, -um
tristis, triste
potens, potentis
omnis, omne
difficilis, difficile
nobilis, nobile
maior, maius
pronuntio (1)
fortis, forte
celer, celeris, celere
ego, legere, legī, lectum
What does the word HERITAGE mean?
what does the word TRADITION mean?
What does the word CULTURE mean?
Where STATE do we live in?
What CITY do we live in?
Name a HOLIDAY originated in the United States?
Does the United States celebrate HOLIDAYS?
Does EVERYONE HAVE TO celebrate these holidays?
Do YOU or your FAMILY have any family traditions?
In what cavity is the heart located?
There are two main blood vessels
The fluid portion of blood is:
What blood vessels tak blood away from the heart?
Functions of red bloods cells are:
IV tubing and dressing should be changed:
How does the physician know waht fluid and electrolytes to give the patient?
Place holder
place holder
place holder
One of the function of the urinary system is:
The structures of the urinary system are:
Urinary catherization is the insertion of a plastic, rubber, or silicon tube into the:
How much urine should remin in the bladder after voiding?
Urinary retention is:
A urinary catheter that has a balloon is a(n):
The larger the number, the larger the circumference of the catheter
Catheter care must be given:
Nurse Cole drained 1000 cc clear yellow urine from Mr. Jones' catheter. What should she do next?
Digestion starts in the:
Most digestion takes place in the:
When a patient has a colostomy, what should be done to prevent skin irritation?
When doing colostomy irrigation:
The main organs of the respiratory system are:
The exchange of gases takes place in the:
The accessory organ of respiration is the:
The are two types of suntioning. What are they?
A tracheostomy is an incision throught hte neck into the:
Hypoxia is due to a lack of:
Mr. Cole is to recieve 10 L of O2 a min. What type of device should be used?
Diabetes mellitu is a disorder of _______ metabolism
The other name for type I diabetes is:
place holder
x/x+2ما هي القيم الغير معرفة
مجال الدالة x+3/8
1/x^2-49 اي مما يأتي ليس خط تقارب
2,4,6,...,100 a1=?
0.5,2,8,32,.. r=?
8+12+18+... نوع المتسلسلة الهندسية
7,13,19,25,31. الحد التالي في المتتابعة
las especies semejantes se agrupan en
la primera parte del nombre en latin de un ser vivo es
Un ser vivo constituido por una sola célula con núcleo pertenece al reino
seres fotosintéticos sin verdaderos tejidos pertenecen al reino
sres acelulares parasitos intracelulares obligados
Dos animales clasificados como Tyto alba y Motacilla alba pertenecen
dos plantas clasificadas como Quercus suber y Quercus rotundifolia pertenecen
las bacterias pertenecen al reino
seta y hongo es lo mismo
los hongos y los vegetales se parecen porque
los hongos y los animales se parecen porque
un liquen es la asociación de
la parte subterránea de un hongo formada por un conjunto de filamentos se llama
el causante de la leismaniosis es un
el responsable de la gripe es un
las bacterias de forma alargada reciben el nombre de
varias famillias se agrupan en
Una familia está formada por diferentes
The smallest piece of an element is called _______________________
Two or more atoms of different elements bonded together makes _________.
A (n)_______________ is a smaller molecule that can be bonded to other identical molecules to form a polymer (large molecule)
The monomers of carbohydrates are called __________________
The macromolecule that stores energy in living things and is part of membranes and waterproof coverings is ___________.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The dimensions of four boxes are given below. They are being used to hold flour. Which box can hold the most flour?
The smallest house in Math Town measures 6.25 feet by 111.18 feet. What is the best estimate of the area of the house?
Ms. Johnson ordered 650 square feet of carpet for the school library. If the library is 50 feet long, how wide is it?
A school courtyard is 200 feet wide and the Student Council hangs 1,325 feet of streamers, what is the length of the courtyard?
Samantha's backyard is a square. The length of the backyard is 50 yards. What is its area?
A rectangular prism has a base that is 60 inches long and 25 inches wide. the height of the prism is 40 inches. What is the volume of the prism?
A new card shop measures 60 feet by 275 feet. Circle the best estimate of the area of the card shop.
A school's playground is a square. The length of the playground is 40 yards. What is the area?
The volume of a rectangular prism is 840 cubic meters. The height is 15 meters and the width is 8 meters. What is the length of the prism?
A rectangular prism has a base that is 70 inches long and 20 inches wide. The height of the prism is 25 inches. What is the volume of the prism?
What is the point of origin of an earthquake?
What is the point on the surface nearest the earthquake?
What is the immediate energy source of an earthquakes?
In what order do earthquake waves arrive at seismic stations?
Which earthquakes travel through the earth\'s mantle?
Which earthquakes travel through the earth\'s core?
Which waves cause the greatest amount of damage?
Which of the following is not associated with earthquake destruction?
Liquefaction occurs when..
What is a fault?
an important part of something
compensation for loss, damage, or injury
characteristics of human population segments
the limits or borders of a space or area
explanations offered to justify something
the shame attached to something regarded as being socially unacceptable
to portray or to show
expressing a low opinion or a negative criticism
an association or connection
not readily noticeable
Desks : School :: Books : ____________
Wind : Hurricane :: Snowflake : ____________
Corn : Grain :: Venison : ____________
Summer Olympics : Gymnastics :: Winter Olympics : _______________
Eiffel Tower : Paris :: London Bridge : _____________
Responsible : Careless :: Courteous : ___________
Celebration : Joyful :: Funeral : _______________
Rain : Fall :: Wind : ______________
Doctor : Heals :: Architect : _______________
Dam : Water :: ___________ : _______________
What is the layer of gas that protects the Earth from the Sun\'s ultraviolet rays?
What percent of the Earth\'s water is salt water?
True or False: Most of the Earth\'s freshwater is ice.
The biggest contributor to global warming is:
In 1990, many countries banned the use of what gases because of their harmful effects on the environment?
The 3 R's are reducing, reusing, and _______________.
True or False: Reusing materials actually creates more waste than making new materials.
True or False: It is a federal law that all American's MUST recycle.
How many times can glass be recycled before it must be thrown away?
True or False: Styrofoam is a great product because it decomposes so quickly.
What form of shelter did settlers use because of the lack of trees on the Great Plains?
Which two immigrant groups suffered discrimination during the building of the Transcontinental Railroad?
How did the dry climate of the west influence farmers?
Which best describes ONE of the reasons why American settlers went west?
Before the Civil War, settlers perceived the Plains as a “treeless wasteland”. What caused them to change their perceptions?
How did the invention of barbed wire and the steel plow influence the westward movement?
Which of the following men fought in the Battle of Little Big Horn?
How did the Homestead Act encourage people to move West?
Why was the transcontinental railroad built?
After the Civil War, “...advances in transportation linked resources, products, and markets.” This statement from the SOLs refers to what type of transportation?
Who spoke these words of surrender? “I am tired; my heart is sick and sad. From where the sun now stands I will fight no more forever.”
What would have been different during Westward Expansion IF the settlers had followed the treaties they signed with the Native American tribes?
Chief Joseph led the Nez Perce Indians toward Canada, but finally decided he must-
What two valuable minerals were discovered in the west?
How could the land of the Great Plains best be described?
What was the impact of the westward movement on the Native Americans?
Which of the following was a provision of the Homestead Act?
All of the following helped settlers adapt to the challenging environment of the Great Plains EXCEPT-
The completion of the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869 contributed to the settlement of what region of the United States?
Why did the government force American Indians onto reservations?
What would have been different during Westward Expansion IF the settlers had followed the treaties they signed with the Native American tribes?
The Battle of the Little Bighorn was all of the following EXCEPT-
Chief Joseph led the Nez Perce Indians toward Canada, but finally decided he must-
These two American Indian chiefs led the Lakota Sioux and Cheyenne at the Battle of Little Bighorn
During this event, the U.S. Army attacked a group of Indians without provocation, killing men, women, and children.
This word means "to become part of the larger group", and was what the U.S. wanted for American Indians.
He was an Apache medicine man who fought against the American expansion into the west.
Because of American policies towards them, buffalo in the west were on the verge of-
Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull played a part in the-
American Indians were not considered American citizens until--
1.0 mL is equal to
To find the volume of a stone, use
If a graduated cylinder's water level reads 50.0 mL, and you add a rock to it so the water level rises to 54.0 mL, what is the volume of the rock?
When reading a graduated cylinder, which part of the meniscus should you read?
A graduated cylinder is used to measure
The curve in the liquid is called the
The basic unit of volume is
Archimedes explained
What is the volume of a box whose length is 7.0 cm, width is 5.5 cm and height is 2.5 cm?
Graduated cylinders measure in
The word swastika comes from the Sanskrit svastika meaning
The swastika can be dated back as far as
Swastikas have been utilized in many countries\' cultures including
The swastika originally stood for
Adolf Hitler desired for the Nazi\'s symbol to
The swastika because the official emblem on the Nazi Party in
The swastika was used by the
Because of the Nazis\' flag, the swastika became a strong symbol for
Unfortunately, the Nazi symbol was so effective that most people only recognize it as a
The Germans chose the swastika in order to represent their
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is the name of SO2?
What type of reaction is 2Na + Cl2 ---- 2NaCl?
What type of reaction is CH4 + 2O2 --- CO2 + 2H2O
What type of reaction is CuSO4 + Fe ---- FeSO4 + Cu?
What are the reactant(s) in the reaction 2H2O2 ---- 2H2O + O2?
What are the corresponding coefficients to balance the equation H2 + N2 ---- NH3?
In the reaction 2H2O2 ---- 2H2O + O2 how many oxygens are on the right side of the equation?
What is the molar mass of NaCl?
How many moles of NaCl are in 116.88 grams of NaCl?
How many molecules are 2.0 moles of H2O?
Currently scientist think the Universe is _________________.
According to Kepler the shape of planetary orbits are____________.
Earth's day and night are caused by _______________.
Earth's seasons are caused by ____________.
Earth's axis is tilted approximately _________________ degrees.
The point between two objects where they balance each other is ____________.
_________________ is the force exerted on the Earth by the moon and on the moon by the Earth.
________________ is the wobbling around the precessional axis, and is caused by the moon.
According to Kepler what happens to a planet's speed as it gets closer to the Sun?
What is the shape of the Milky Way Galaxy?
What causes day and night on Earth?
What causes a year on Earth?
What causes changes in the seasons on Earth?
As the Earth was forming centripetal force caused what area of the Earth to be the fattest?
Which has the potential to produce the most energy?
Which of the following forms of electromagnetic radiation are not blocked or filtered by Earth's atmosphere?
Which of the following can transport energy from the Sun to the Earth?
Which of the following are used as fuel for basic fusion reactions?
What effect would increase in UV radiation cause on people?
Which of the following provides the energy generated by a star?
A similarity between the Korean War and the Vietnam War is that each was
The purpose of the policy of containment after World War II was to
In the early 1990s, the Cold War came to an end primarily as a result of the
Most historians agree that the world came closest to nuclear war during which event?
The Cold War developed following World War II as a result of the
Which two nations were allies of the United States during World War II and later became enemies of the United States during the Cold War?
What reason did many Americans give for protesting United States involvement in the Vietnam War?
As a result of the Montgomery bus boycott
Brown v. Board of Education contributed to which important goal of the Civil Rights movement?
Which method was used by Martin Luther King, Jr., to protest social injustice?
Freedom rides, sit-ins and marches are all forms of
Which Supreme Court case declared the “separate but equal” doctrine unconstitutional?
Which of the following was a characteristic of the Montgomery bus boycott
The USA PATRIOT act has been criticized for its
The War in Iraq has sometimes been criticized for
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