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What word means to import goods illegally?
Who were the militia who were trained to be ready very quickly for battle?
What is the name given to a group of representatives who meet to discuss a subject?
Who is a person chosen to speak and act for others?
What document officially ended the French Indian War?
What do you call a fight against a government?
What happened in Boston Harbor when the Sons of Liberty dressed as Mohawk Indians?
das name
What is moms name
What is number 1 kids name
What is number 2 kids name
Whose two names put together make up Shaggy
Do we like to eat
What state do we live in
What color is the sky
Do you like this game
What is the name of the street you live on
Who was Alexander the great ?
Who killed King Philip ?
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cobalt(III) bromide
sodium sulfite
aluminum oxide
strontium carbonate
dinitrogen tetroxide
sulfur hexafluoride
phosphorus pentabromide
silicon triiodide
Nitrogen Monoxide
Potassium Permanganate
1. Gregor Mendel used pea plants to study
Offspring that result from crosses between parents with different traits
Gregor Mendel removed the male parts from the flowers of some plants in order to
The chemical factors that determine traits are called
Gregor Mendel concluded that traits are
When Gregor Mendel crossed a tall plant with a short plant, the F1 plants inherited
The principle of dominance states that
When Gregor Mendel crossed true-breeding tall plants with true-breeding short plants, all the offspring were tall because
If a pea plant has a recessive allele for green peas, it will produce
yellow peas if it does not also have a dominant allele for green peas.
What cell organelle is known as the command or control center?
A tape worm feeds off the nutrition of the organism that it is living inside. What kind of relationship is this?
Which of the following is a biotic factor?
What is a community?
Which cell organelle makes proteins?
What is the difference between animal and plant cells?
The wings of birds and butterflies have similar function but not similar ancestors. What type of evolution is this?
Prokaryotic cells have....
A ___________ is never part of a virus.
What is the stomata of the leaf?
What would a researcher use to show comparisons between variables?
What is a theory?
A scientists conducts an experiment and concludes that the water in the pond is acidic. What should his next steps be?
What is the potential danger of spilling a chemical on your hand?
What data would a student need to collect to determine the speed of a car?
Which of the following lab equipment would you use to find the volume of a marble?
You are testing a group of tomato plants to find out if light effects plant growth. What is the independent variable in this experiment?
A scientists hypothesizes that plants will grow faster when given fertilizer. What is the control group in this experiment.
When diluting an acid you should always....
If the true value of a substance is 100, and we have 99.7 as our answer, then our answer is....
The cell membrane allows certain particles to enter and leave the cell. What cell process is the membrane performing?
What organelle produces proteins?
The thermostat maintians a balanced temperature in any condition. What cell process is this similar to?
Which of the following does NOT have a cell wall?
A prokaryotic cell....
Which of the following best describes the role of RNA molecules that form in the nucleus when DNA is copied?
What are the building blocks of proteins?
If a strand of DNA has the following code, ATTCGG, what code does the corresponding RNA have?
Which of the following make up a DNA nucleotide?
Which of the following best describes the shape of a DNA molecule?
The butterfly and bird both have wings with similar functions but have differenct ancestors. This is an example of what kind of evolution?
What factor limits the number of links in a food chain.
Why do plants have roots?
Which of the following is a biotic factor?
An oakworm eats the leaves off of an oak tree. What kind of relationship is this?
A bee goes from flower to flower getting pollen to make honey. The bees also spread the pollen in order to fertilize more plants. What kind of relationship is this?
Which of the following statements is TRUE?
How much energy is transferred at each trophic level?
Which of the following organisms is the first trophic level in the food chain?
Darwin proposed the theory of evolution. Survival of the fittest is known as ____________________, which drives evolution.
An element with 6 protons is....
How many electrons can be found in the 2nd electron cloud?
Which of the following bonds shares electrons?
Which of the following is a chemical change?
There is an unknown substance that is a silvery powder with a constant melting point and it cannot be chemically or physically separated into different substances. This unknown substance is most likely a/an
Which of the following is an example of turning solar energy into chemical energy?
Elements found in group 16 are likely to...
Which of these produces most of the compounds found in acid rain?
Water acts as a solvent of ionic compounds because
A substance used to clean ovens must be handled with rubber gloves. This substance is also slippery and will turn litmus paper blue. What does this substance likely contain?
Narrow strip of land that connects North America and _____________
Land surrounded by water on 3 sides is
Pacific Ocean borders Mexico on the ____ side.
Peninsula on Mexico's west coast is the _________.
What body of water borders Mexico on the East?
The large, flat center of Mexico's landmass is the _.
Elevation above sea level is _________
Location north or south of the equator is called
Factories that assemble parts shipped from other countries
Farmers who grow only enough to feed their families.
Torque is defined as
Torque is positive in which direction
Pick one example when the net torque equals zero
Evolution says which of the following?
Which of the following describes why organisms with good traits or characteristics survive to reproduce?
Which of the following tries to explain that the evolution of an organism occurs in short quick spurts and is not always occuring at a very slow constant speed?
Which of the following states that traits picked up during your lifetime can be passed on to your offspring?
Which of the following scientists believed in natural selection?
Which scientist believed in punctuated equilibrium?
Which of the following believed in acquired traits?
A structure that is no longer used is called
This structure looks the same externally, but different internally.
This structure looks different externally, but the same internally
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Scottish Water provide
Identify which of the following is the responsibility of the employee
HSE means
Minimum temperature in the workplace is
An accident must be reported within
Which law states accidents should be reported and investigated?
Which law aims to protect computer operators?
Workplace, Health, Safety and Welfare regulations states minimum standards. Which of the following is false?
Which of the following is true?
HASAWA states responsibility for health and safety is
Which of the following is not a computer operator only hazard
Which of the following statements is true?
Regular breaks or changes in activity will help stop
You bought chicken breasts that cost $2.59 per pound. You bought 5 pounds. How much did you spend?
Your recipe calls for 2 eggs. What is the cost of 2 eggs if it costs $1.75 per dozen?
If your spices are 2% of your recipe cost and other ingredients cost 16.50, what is the additional cost for the spices?
the Conversion Factor equation for changing the recipe yield amount is ? if the recipe makes 12 muffins and you want 36.
The conversion factor for this recipe is: Yield - 48 and Desired Yield - 24
The conversion factor for this recipe is: Yield - 36 and Desired Yield - 12
The conversion factor for this recipe is: Yield - 8 and Desired Yield - 64
The conversion factor for this recipe is: Yield - 25 and Desired Yield - 250
Restaurants need to mark up their meals to help cover the other costs besides food and make a profit. You need to divide the recipe total cost by ? .
The recipe cost for a steak dinner costs the restaurant 7.50 to make. What is the menu price with the mark up?
What process leads the offspring being genetically the same as the parent?
An X or Y chromosome can be given by which parent?
What shows you all of the chromosome and could you identify a genetic disorder?
A bacterium that was created to use in humans to produce insulin is an example of what?
People who have identical DNA are what?
Sickle-cell disease is a genetic disorder where what is abnormal?
In a pedigree who are represented by squares?
Males are more likely to receive what?
Alleles come in pairs of what?
What can be easily identified using a karyotype?
What is the genetic process when breeders cross different individiuals?
Human Genome Project was done by scientists to identify every single piece of what?
Someone who has a recessive and dominant allele for a trait is a what?
What can be carried on the X and Y chromosomes?
What is all of the DNA in one cell of an organism called?
What are caused by DNA mutations or changes in chromosomes?
A pedigree is used to what?
Your blood type is controlled by what?
In the 1970s, what took the place of Oralism in Deaf education?
Originally, TC meant:
Now, TC usually refers to:
What are the ways that many hearing professionals try to minimize one’s deafness?
How do many members of the hearing community view members of the Deaf community?
How do members of the Deaf community see themselves?
Which of the following is NOT used when signing about a person riding a horse?
Which of the following is NOT used when signing about a person riding a bicycle?
Which two classifiers could a person use to sign about a car?
What is an expression of a given language that is peculiar to itself grammatically or cannot be understood from the individual meanings of its elements?
Why is learning to sign easier than learning to speak for a person who is deaf?
What was the result of the Education for All Handicapped Children Act?
Which ASL idiom would mean the same as “Missed the boat.”?
Which ASL idiom would mean to judge someone?
Which ASL idiom means “It’s up to you.”?
Which ASL idiom is used to talk about if someone has been to a place or not?
Which ASL idiom means that someone is unsure or doubtful about a decision/choice?
Which ASL idiom means that someone is gullible?
What does BAWL-OUT mean?
Which of the following does NOT use the same ASL sign as the others?
The ball was a measured mass of 113 grams. This statement is
Jacob investigated chemical reaction by recording the color, smell and release of bubbles. What type of evidence did Jared use?
Which of these statements is a hypothesis?
Two students think that winter thunderstorms are always followed by snow. How could they test their hypothesis?
A student finishes her lab report saying. The mean average temperature in Louisville in June is 82 degrees. This statement is
Jenna flips a coin 10 times. Seven times it landed on heads and three times it landed on tails. Jenna concludes that coins always land on heads more than tails. Jenna might be wrong because
Students were investigating cleaners. They cleaned 5 desks in the classroom with a different brand of cleaner. One desk was not cleaned at all. What is the control for this experiment?
Students shoot a marble across a spring with a spring loader plunger. They use a different amount of force each time. They measure how far the marble rolls.What is the dependent variable?
A student wants to see if different colored boxes are the same temperature when placed in the sun. What is the dependent variable?
A gardener wants to know if fertilizer will make his roses grow taller. Which plant would be the CONTROL in this experiment?
On the first trial a student rolls a car down a ramp and measures how far it rolls. On the second trial he doubled the height of the ramp and adds sandpaper to give it more friction. Why is this experiment invalid?
A student want to find a plant that will survive in a hot, dry climate. Shee plants four different plants in the desrt and measures their growth each week. What is the independent variable?
After performing an experiment, what should a scientist do to make sure his findings are correct?
A student wants to discover how much water is needed for a potato plant to grow. What is the independent variable?
A frog was hungry. It saw a green bug. I bet that bug will taste good, thought the frog. With a flick of its tongue the frog ate the bug. Yuck! said thee frog. That bug tastes gross. What was the frog's hypothesis?
A well-designed experiment should have a hypothesis.
Which statement about the kittens is an inference?
A frog was hungry. It saw a green bug. I bet that bug will taste good, thought the frog. With a flick of its tongue the frog ate the bug. Yuck! said thee frog. That bug tastes gross.What was the frog's problem?
A frog was hungry. It saw a green bug. I bet that bug will taste good, thought the frog. With a flick of its tongue the frog ate the bug. Yuck! said thee frog. That bug tastes gross. What was the test?
A frog was hungry. It saw a green bug. I bet that bug will taste good, thought the frog. With a flick of its tongue the frog ate the bug. Yuck! said thee frog. That bug tastes gross. What is the conclusion?
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Which of the following suggests a relation through a shared ancestor or evolution?
The continent of Australia has distinctly different animals due to?
What is an example of variation?
Which is an example of natural selection?
Snake venom is a:
Hibernating bears are a:
Bird wings are a:
Enzymes to digest food are a:
The fin of a shark is a:
A lion stalking its prey is a:
The part of the map that explains the symbols used on the map is called a(n)?
A map's ___________ tells you how to measure distances on a map.
Lines that run from the North Pole to the South Pole are called meridians of ___________.
Lines that run east and west round the earth measure distance north and south are called parallels of __________.
What is the 0 degree line of longitude called?
What is the 0 degree line of latitude called?
In the hemisphere that is tilted toward he sun during the Earth's revolution the season is ________.
What direction would you be going if you were standing at the north pole and took a step in any direction?
The International Date Line is located at _________.
Which of these is correct?
Which of these is correct?
Which of these is correct?
Which of these is correct?
Where is the Eiffel Tower located?
Where is the Taj Mahal located?
Which of the following is a spherical model of hte Earth?
In which hemispheres is the United States located?
What map projection has fairly accurate shapes in the center but increasing distortion toward the edges?
North, South, East and West are what types of directions?
What percentage does the whole circle in a circle graph represent?
Define a simple machine.
What are the familys of simple machines?
Name the three simple machines in the lever family.
How many classes of Levers are there?
A compound Machine is _________.
Which has a greater mechanical advantage?
__________ is a inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder.
Which of the following is compound machine has 2 levers?
What are the three simple machines in the inclined plane family?
Work done by a simple machine is measured in what units?
What is the largest artery in the body transporting blood out of the left ventricle?
Which chamber receives deoxygenated blood from the systemic circuits?
Which chamber of the heart pumps blood out to the rest of the body into the systemic circuit?
What type of blood is found in the left atrium?
What vessel takes blood to the lungs?
What is the function of the valves found in the heart?
What is the correct sequence of vessels in the systemic circuit?
What type of vessels surround the alveoli in the lungs?
What vessel brings blood back to the heart from the lungs?
What vessels brings deoxygenated blood to the heart?
What is the basic unit of structure and function of life (Hint: all living things are made up of these)?
What part of a cell contains DNA?
What is the difference between sexual and asexual reproduction?
Which of the following is NOT an inherited trait?
What is an organism?
What is variation?
What of the following is NOT an example of an adaptation that helps an animal survive?
Which statement best describes the theory of evolution
Which type of organism can produce its own food
What is the primary source of energy for all life on Earth
What is our solar system?
What is at the center of our solar system?
What does lunar revolution mean?
How long does it take for the Earth to revolve around the sun?
What does rotation mean?
Why does the sun appear to rise and set each day?
How can we see the moon at night
What causes the changing of the seasons?
What is mass?
What is the relationship between mass and gravity?
What is a force?
Which of the following statements about matter is NOT true?
What are the 3 states of matter?
What factor causes a change in state of matter?
What is density?
Which of the following objects is the least dense?
Which of the following statements about work is NOT true?
How is density calculated?
In which situation would a ball travel the furthest after being rolled down a ramp?
What is the science tool we use to find the weight or mass of objects?
All of the following are types of kingdoms except:
What is the most specific classification?
The broadest classification is ...
A monkey is in mammalia which is what classification?
What is evolution?
Evolution is an on going process.
What is an embryo?
What are homologous structures?
An example of a homologous structure is ______________________________.
What is a vestigal organ?
In relation to attention, _____________ is used when people attend to cues or information in the environment
The activation, or excitement, of the central nervous system, which varies from extremely low to extremely high levels is
A practice schedule in which the amount of rest between practice attempts is relatively shorter than the amount of time spent practicing.
Targets for performance improvement that focus on the quality of the movement production
The belief that humans can concentrate on only a limited amount of information at one time; restrains teh ability to process information.
A practice procedure that involves the demonstration of a skill for the person who is trying to learn the skill
A type of part practice in which the difficulty of some aspect of the target skill is reduced
_____ explain(s) the contextual interference effect by suggeting that the learner forgets task A to do task B, and then has to relearn or replan task A the next time it is needed.
Choose a practice structure that would be appropriate for shooting 150 freethrows.
______ is augmented feedback that provides information about the quality of movement the performer produced.
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Your net worth can be calculated by subtracting the value of your __________, or debts, from the value of your assets.
Even new cars lose a lot of their value—through
________is something you own that has financial value. People purchase or invest _______in in the hopes they will increase in value over time
is the money you have left over after paying for the essentials, such as food, clothing, utilities, insurance, and shelter.
Before you can create a budget, you must first figure out your
_______ are certificate of debt that earns interest., sometimes called an IOU
Short-term financial goals usually can be reached within
How do you increase your Net-worth
a plan in which the employer's contribution to employees' retirement savings funds is specified.often match a portion of eve
Jessie loves to make cookies. She makes chocolate chip cookies 3 out of every 5 times she makes cookies. If she makes cookies 65 times, how many times will she NOT make chocolate chip cookies?
At the last school pep rally, 3 out of every 7 students wore school colors. Based on this information, if 350 students attend the next pep rally, how many of these students will wear school colors?
Which of the following statements is true?
Joshua baked banana cookies for his teachers. The recipe requires 1/2 cup of sugar and 3/4 cup of bananas. How many cups for sugar would he need to make 10 batches
Ray needs to find the area of a rectangle that has a length of 1/2 and a width of (4 1/4 + g). Which of the following could represent the area of the rectangle?
What is another way to write 9/2?
Ms. Hart spent 3/5 of an hour reading and 1/2 hour watching TV. How much time did she spend reading and watching TV combined?
This weekend, Yahaira talked on the phone for 2 1/4 hours. Claudia talked on the phone for 1 3/5 hours. How much longer did Yahaira talk than Claudia?
3/12 · 3 =
Gregorio bought 4 chickens. If each chicken weighed 7 1/3 pounds, how many pounds of chicken did Gregorio buy?
This is the world’s oldest religion
This religion does not have a founding person
This religion was linked with the cast system in ancient times
Siddhartha founded this religion
This is the 4th largest religion in the world
This is the largest religion in India today
The followers of this religion are mainly in southeastern Asian countries like China and Japan
The Aryans are believed to have brought the beginnings of this religion to India
The Ganges River is important to this relgion
Cows are sacred in this religion
What beliefs do Hindus and Buddhists both share?
They lived along the Indus River around 2500 BC
This group brought the origins of Sanskrit, the Caste System and the ideas that helped form Hinduism to the Indus Valley
This group was famous for their achievements in math, science and medicine
This group was famous for using elephants in battle
This group was the first ever empire of Indians in India
This group came to India from Central Asia
This group may have conquered the Harappans
This group was famous for their plumbing, sewers, and toilets
What is the correct order of the groups from India in correct order from first to last?
What group had the reputation for being a nomadic cowboy like invaders
This is the name of the language that developed in ancient India
The important river of ancient India that the Harappans lived along
A metal made by melting and mixing two or more metals
The name of our modern number system that was created during the Gupta Empire
Seasonal wind patterns that cause wet and dry seasons in India
Where India ranks when it comes to world population
A small stone that has markings carved on its surface that designed leaves an impression when rolled on wet clay
A hole dug into the ground to reach an underground supply of water
A building that is usually built in an elevated location that is designed to protect people during battle
Injecting people with a small dose of a virus or disease to help the body build up defenses to it
The Harappans actually lived in this modern day country
The man known as the Buddha came from this type of background
The effects good or bad actions have on a persons soul
This divided India into social groups based on birth, wealth, and occupation
What type of Government is most associated with Ancient Rome?
Which of the following was the term given to the upper class of Roman citizens?
Which of the following was NOT a Roman Emperor?
What was the name of the city that became the center of the Empire when it moved east? Later known as Constantinople?
Which of the following Modern languages does NOT have its roots in the Roman language of Latin?
What Religion did constantine use to unite his empire?
What is a Triumvirite?
What was the term given by Romans to people outside of their civilization?
What modern technology did Roman builders use?
In what year have historians traditionally said that Rome fell?
How was Julius Caesar killed
How many Counsels were there in the Roman Senate?
How many consecutive terms , by law, could a Counsel serve
What was the title given to the person who took control; when Rome was threatened?
The history of rome can be linked most closely to the spread of what religion?
True or False -Traditional Roman religion was adapted from Greek Mythology?
The Term for the leader of the Eastern Orthodox Church is...
Working the body harder than it is normally worked to increase muscular strength is known as what?
A decrease in bone density causing weak or brittle bones?
A gradual increase in overload necessary to achieve higher levels of fitness?
This results from blows to the head and can cause selling of the brain, resulting in unconsciousness or loss of memory.
A person needs to exercise in this zone to receive cardiovascular benefits?
Synthetic(man-made) substance that are similar to the male hormone testosterone which helps promote muscle mass and enhance performance?
Cardiorespiratory endurance can be measured by?
Flexibility can be measured by?
Body compostition can be tested by?
Aerobic exercises include all of the following sports except?
Anaerobic exercises include all of the following sports except?
What are the 3 basic principles necessary for an effective fitness program?
Risks of a sedentary lifestyle may include?
Minor injuries require the RICE procedure, what does RICE stand for?
The F.I.T.T. principle stands for?
The ability of heart, lungs, and blood vessels to utilize oxygen in the body during long periods of exercise.
The part of an exercise program when the activity is performed at it's highest peak.
This is the pulse range in which a person can safely exercise while still achieving fitness benefits.
A way of life that includes very little physical activity.
Metabolism means:
Identify which of the following is NOT a want
Identify which of the following is NOT a need
Identify which of the following terms best describes, food, shelter and water?
Identify which of the following terms best desribes a HD SMART TV?
Identify which of the following is an example of a service
Identify which of the following is an example of goods
A McDonald's happy meal could be described as
Identify which company below provides a service
Identify which company below provides goods
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Which of the following is teh best example of Aquired traits?
Any change in an organisms DNA is called a ...
Which of the following looks the same on the outside, but different on the inside?
Which of the following is not an adaptation?
An example of a functional adaptation is...
Which of the following is the name of Darwin's Ship?
Darwin job on the beagle was he was the ships____________.
All of teh following can cause punctuated equilibrium except:
Any trait picked up during your life time is called an _______________________ trait.
Who supported Natural selection?
________________ is feedback provided after a series of performance attempts that informs the learner about each of the attempts in a series.
Describes the errors a learner makes and suggests something to correct the errors
Removal of an unpleasant stimulus, increasing the likelihood that the person will produce the response again under similar circumstances.
Identify the feedback property that is most likely operating in this scenario: The shot was too wide, Don\'t bring your racket back so quick and follow through toward the net.
Sensory informaiton that comes from producing the movement. Information may be exteroceptive or proprioceptive.
A set of rules relating the various outcomes of a person's actions to the parameters that the person sets to produce those outcomes.
The suggestion is that this makes practice harder and performance decreases; however, it requires learner to exercise certain processes beneficial for performing in target context.
A practice sequence in which a significant amount of time is spent on one task before practicing the next task.
A mental-practice technique in which the learner tries to see and feel himself or herself actually performing the skill.
Feedback about the velocity, acceleration, or other aspects of the movement.
What is genetics?
How many chromosomes do you inherit from your parents?
The strongest type of trait is the __________ ________.
What is a trait?
How many chromosomes do you inherit from your mother?
Where is DNA located?
What does DNA stand for?
Where are genes located?
The process of traits being passed from parents to offspring is ____________.
What is the shape of the chromosome?
An example of a trait is:
The genetic information you receive from your parents is in your ____________.
Each rung on the DNA Double Helix is considered a:
________________ contains DNA which carries the genetic information that controls inherited characteristics.
Which of the following are inherited traits?
What are chromosomes made of?
Recessive traits are traits which are ___________ because of the dominant gene.
Where do you get your physical characteristics?
What gives the directions for making our bodies function?
Who has the most control over your genetic material?
What structures prevent the blood from flowing in the wrong direction in the heart?
What process is responsible for moving gases into & out of the capillaries?
In the lungs, where does gas exchange occur?
What kind of blood is found in the veins of the systemic circuit?
What is the sheet of muscle that controls the size & activity of the lungs?
What would happen to an individual if their red blood cells were not functioning properly?
What is the function of the cells lining the trachea?
The plasma portion of blood contains:
What is the function of white blood cells
Where is oxygenated blood found?
What is runoff?
Where does the water in rivers and streams mostly come from?
A meandering stream has __________.
Where is sediment deposited in a meandering stream?
What separates drainage basins?
Streams form __________ valleys.
Sediment that is too large to be carried in streams is called a __________ load.
Streams drop their loads when they lose __________.
Alluvial fans form on __________.
Which is not a way to control flooding?
Which of these statements BEST describes the countries that border the Persian Gulf?
Which phrase below BEST defines the term \
Southwest Asian countries bordering the Persian Gulf import all of the following EXCEPT
In 70 CE, the Romans invaded Jerusalem. What monument of importance to Jews did they destroy?
OPEC is made up of 15 nations that
Kuwait's main source of water is
Which Southwest Asian country lies along the Euphrates River between Turkey and Iraq?
Which Southwest Asian country has invested to expand its steel industry?
Around the time of Jesus's death circa 30 CE, his followers started to spread his teachings and were the origin of the Christian religion. What were those followers called?
How is Jewish history different from that of the Bedouins, Turks, and Persians?
What planet is closest in distance to the Earth?
All of the following are true about the sun EXCEPT...
What causes day and night on Earth?
All of the following are true about the moon EXCEPT...
What causes seasons on Earth?
Name the next moon phase in the lunar cycle: New Moon, Waxing Crescent, _______
The moon makes a revolution about once each ___________
All of the following are true about star constellations EXCEPT...
How many rotations of the Earth are in the month of November?
How many Moon orbits are in the month of November?
Objects can have many different kinds of energy. Which of these forms of energy does lightning NOT have?
What must happen in order for you to hear drums?
Which of these gives off the MOST heat energy, light energy, and solar energy?
Which event must happen in order for any type of sound to be produced?
When water in the oceans heats up, some of it evaporates. Which of these happens next?
What is refraction?
Eyeglasses correct vision problems because they are made of ---
Plucking the strings of a harp produces sound because it causes the strings to ----
The formation of winds on Earth's surface is most influenced by ---
What force can cause a mud slide?
The voice box is found in the...
Alveoli need to be extremely thin so that...
What would happen if the trachea became blocked?
What is the chamber that forces blood towards the lungs?
Why is the left ventricle the most muscular chamber?
In general, what is one difference between the atria & the ventricles
Below the trachea, the ___________ form the first branches into the lungs.
What protein transports gasses to & from the capillaries in the alveoli?
Gas exchange in the systemic circuit occurs at the ___________.
The pulmonary circuit is composed of the flow of blood between _____________.
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Can birds fly?
Are you human?
Can animals speak?
What is the colour of leaves and grass?
What animal gives us milk to drink?
What is the colour of the sun?
'you' is a ______________
Yo - pedir
Tu - pedir
Ella - pedir
Ellos - pedir
Nosotros - pedir
OPPOSITE of: alguien
OPPOSITE of: nunca
OPPOSITE of: nada
Which food below IS NOT: una cena?
Which food below IS NOT: un plato vegeteriano?
Can you bring me...?
Another way to say: el camarero
Which word DOES not belong with the group of words below?
__________ es una sopa de tomates.
Gracias por _______________.
Yellow rice with seafood or meat
Dessert made of custard
Which word DOES not belong?
which word means student
how do you say desk
what is the word for clock
how do I say dictionary
which word does not mean teacher
which word means good luck
what do you sit in while you are in class
what does the teacher write on to give notes
What does muchos mean
What is the word for window
What is the spanish for has
the test is....
before the test the teacher said ...
hay means
What does Dora carry
which of the following is spanish for paper
otro is the spanish for what
If the teacher cancels the test you might say...
which term means grade
How do I say ruler in Spanish
Can fish climb trees? It sounds like a fishy story, but mudskippers living in the swamps of Asia really can climb trees. After filling their gills with air and water, they climb onto land. Mudskippers use their front fins to move along the ground. Su
A scientist believes that millions of animals have died every 26 million years. He thinks that comets are responsible for those deaths. Comets would explode on impact as they slammed into Earth. Dust from the explosions blocked light and heat from th
Trousers are a recent style in the history of fashion. Men wore tights under short, loose pants until the early 1800s when the first real pants for men appeared. Until the 1940s few women wore long pants. During World War II, women factory workers st
The beaver's front teeth have a hard, bright orange covering. These teeth are used to cut and tear the bark off trees. The back teeth are flat and rough and are used for chewing. There are two flaps of skin between the front and back teeth. These fla
Faberge, a jeweler, made eggs from rare mentals and jewels. A Russian emperor liked them so much that he often gave them away as gifts. The elaborate eggs are only a few inches high. Some have tiny clocks inside them. Others hold small pictures or to
Doctors think that wearing red-tinted glasses can relieve sadness. Some people get very moody and sad in the winter. They may be affected by brief days. Bright lights help some people but not everyone. The reddish light coming through rose-colored gl
The peanut is a humble plant with hundreds of functions. Most peanuts are roasted in their shells and lightly salted. About half the peanuts eaten in the United States are ground into a thick paste called peanut butter. The rich oil made from peanuts
Imagine testing glass by throwing chickens at it? Sometimes fast moving airplanes fly through flocks of birds. If the birds hit the windshield of a plane, the glass could shatter and cause a crash. Airplane manufacturers have made a chicken cannon th
Computers have changed quite a bit through the years. An early model could add 18 million numbers per hour. One person would have needed many years to do the same job. A modern computer can add 1 1/2 trillion numbers in less than three hours.
Garlic is one of the ingredients that makes pasta sauce taste so good. Now doctors think garlic has healing powers, too. Early tests show that it can kill harmful germs. Garlic also has been found to have a good effect on the blood. Doctors think it
Which was most highly valued by European intellectuals of the Age of Enlightenment?
Which statement best summarizes a major belief of the Enlightenment Period in European history?
The fact that the Enlightenment closely followed the Scientific Revolution is evidence that
European political thinkers who supported the Enlightenment believed that
Many of the ideas of Locke, Montesquieu, and Rousseau were associated with
“The method of free inquiry allows man to expose opinions to public examination, to submit them to evidence, and to keep avenues of investigation open.” That philosophy is most characteristic of
“…The person of the King is sacred, and to attack him in any way is an attack on religion itself. Kings represent the divine majesty and have been appointed by Him to carry our His purposes. Serving God and respecting kings are bound together.”
According to John Locke, the chief role of government was to
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…”
One way in which the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment were similar is that they
19. “…Men are born and remain free and equal in rights. Social distinctions may be founded only upon the general good…” -Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, 1789
How does scientific thinking increase the production of inventions, ideas and innovations?
How did philosophers like Locke, Voltaire, and Montesquieu influence the world today?
How did the influence of scientists like Newton, Bacon, and Descartes impact the modern world?
What revolutions occurred as a result of the philosophers of the Enlightenment?
How can renewed interest in learning lead to new ideas and innovations?
Which best summarizes Montesquieu’s view of the responsibility of citizens in a Democracy?
there can be no liberty, because apprehensions may arise, lest the same monarch or senate should enact tyrannical laws, to execute them in separated from the legislative and executive powers. Which statement summarizes Montesquieu's view of govt?
What are inalienable rights?
What are divine rights?
that you can sell quickly for cash; they can include cash ,savings and checking accounts
Are the Most Liquid assets
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What formed the Great Lakes?
How can the movement of Earth's crust form a lake?
An example of point source pollution is __________.
What organisms live in all parts of a lake?
A lake has filled up and become dry land. What caused this?
When water in a lake mixes due to changing seasons, this is called __________.
What is a requirement for an area to be a wetland?
What type of pollution is easiest to stop?
A wetland has few trees and shrubs. This is a __________.
What is an animal that lives in wetlands?
Which of the following is the best example of a solution?
Which of the following substances is soluble in water?
Which factor will NOT cause a solute to dissolve more quickly?
A liquid used to dissolve a solute is called a __________________.
Which of the following describes the characteristics of a gas?
Which method would be best for separating citric acid and water?
How could you make a more concentrated solution?
Which of the following describes the characteristics of a solid?
How can you tell which solution is more concentrated when they look the same and have the same volume?
Which substance would dissolve in water the most quickly?
It started raining so ________ not playing baseball.
Do you see _____ Mom?
__________ going to the movies with us.
Put your books over _________ in your cubbie.
I have never been ________ before.
Look, __________ my cousins
Sit over _________ by the door.
___________ coming home soon.
Give the dogs _________ supper.
We will go to ________ house tomorrow
Why did the United States join the conflict of World War II?
What was V-J Day?
What was the result of the Korean War?
How was the US involved in the Vietnam War?
Who became the dictator of Germany in 1933?
Who won the Battle of Midway?
American dropped an atomic bomb on?
The Cold War was fought between?
What did the Soviet Union build to divide East Berlin and West Berlin?
The United Nations was formed to
What is the difference between a theory and a hypothesis?
If experimental results do not match their predictions, scientists generally will
If scientists make an observation that does not agree with an accepted scientific theory, the scientiss should
How can you determine whether the contours on a topographic map show a gradual slope
On a topographic map, which lines illustrate a a river?
In an area where a river has cut deep into Earth, there are several layers of very differenr rock exposed. The oldest rock layer is most likely to be the layer that is
The existence of terrestrial life may never be proven, but this idea wil become more scientifically acceptable over time if
The hardness of a mineral can be determined by using which of the following tools?
A statement that consistently and correctly describe a natural phenomenon is a scientific
During which step of the scientific method do scientists develop a possible explanation for a problem?
Who determined that Earth is round because it cast a shadow on the moon during a lunar eclipse?
The first person to actually calculate the circumference of the Earth was
The ancient Greek model of the universe in which the Earth and other planets orbit the sun is best described as the
The Greek model of the universe in which the moon, sun and known planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter) orbit Earth is the
Over a period of time, viewing Mars from Earth, Mars appears to move eastward among the stars. Then, periodically it appears to stop and reverse direction. This apparent motion is called
Which model had the planets moving in circular orbits around a motionless Earth?
Nicholas Copernicus proposed a model of the solar system with
One of the three laws of planetary motion that Johannes Kepler discovered is best described as
Who discovered (1)4 moons orbiting Jupiter (2)Venus has phases like our moon (3)sun has sunspots
Who formulated and tested the law of universal gravitation which states (1)gravitational force decreases with distance (2)greater the mass of an object, greater its gravitational force
Our solar system formed about 4.6 billion years ago when
One characteristic all outer planets are similar is
What evidence proved that the solar system is approximately 4.6 billion years old?
The solar system formed from
How was early Earth different from Earth today?
The Sun is powered by
Which evidence is often used to suggest that some mass extinction of life on Earth were caused by asteroid impacts?
Early telescopes showed stars as only points of light, while the planets appeared to be much larger, providing evidence that stars must
Most of the craters left by asteroid impacts on Earth have disappeared because of
Which planet was formed from light gases of the outer solar nebula?
According to information received from radio teslescopes, where is our sun positioned in the Milky Way?
All of the following are true if the Milky Way, except that it
Scientists know that the universe is expanding because of
Stars like the Sun will end their life cycle as
How does a blue star differ from a yellow star?
Astronomers have discovered vast differences in stars through their observations. One theory used to explain these differences is that
The statement that the mass of the universe comes entirely from the billions of galaxies which are made of billions of stars is
Which of the following kinds of stars will have average brightness and temperature?
How do elements with atomic numbers greater than that of lithium form?
What holds planets, stars, gas and dust together in a galaxy?
Earthquakes vibrations are detected, measured and recorded by instruments called
What scale measures the damage done by an earthquake to determine an earthquake's density?
Most of the world's major earathquakes occur in areas bordering the
An earthquake on the ocean floor can produce a
In which area would a landslide be most likely to occur as a result of an earthquake in California?
Why is water more important in California than in many other states?
Which of the following energy sources is most likely to be abundant in California due to its position on plate boundary?
Which of these is an important storm hazard in California?
Which of these processes are most responsible for building California's mountains?
What is the source of most of Califonia's water?
A telescope that concentrates light from distant objects by using a concave mirror is a
Which occurred first?
Which of these stages occurred first in the life cycle of our Sun?
Which of these stages will occur last in the life cycle of our Sun?
Sunspot maxima occur about every
A stream of protons and electrons that travels from the Sun's corona at high speeds through the solar system are
The life cycle of a star depends greatly on its
Two stars that revolve around each other are best described as
Over time, we observe that a binary star system shows movement in the night sky which is described as
Astronomers can determine the ___ of a star by studying its spectrum.
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Which of the following take splace when a substance undergoes a chemical change?
Which of the following is a true statement
Settling and filtration are examples of
How can you determine the speed of a moving train?
friction is best described as
Work is defined as
compound machine?
Which of the following statements is false?
The Big Bang occurred about
By analyzing the light that a star emits, astronomers can determine
By understanding how natural forces affect the environment, Earth scientists can
Circumpolar stars in the Northern Hemisphere appear to circle
A community of organisms and their biotic environment is called a
A constellation's change in position over seeral hours is caused by
A contour interval is the
Convection, ridge push, and slab pull work together to produce
The Coriolis effect provides evidence that
Continental polar, maritime polar, continental tropical, and maritime tropical are types of
Different colors are the result of
Doppler radar and satellite images provide information to create
During the main sequence stage, how is energy generated in a star's core?
The early oceans became salty when
Each of Earth's standard time zones covers about
Earth Science assumes that the causes of natural phenomena
Earth science is the scientific study of
Earth scientists help us understand our world by explaining
Earth's circumference in about 40,000km, and its shape is
An elliptical galaxy
The event which began the universe was the
An example of a divergent boundary is
An example of a transform boundary is
The Himalaya Mountains were foromed in a collision at a
How do stars with a negative number for their apparent magnitudes compare to stars with a positive number for their apparent magnitudes?
How long would a star with the sun's mass stay on the main sequence?
If it is Monday west of the International Date Line, what day is it east of the line?
Impact craters are caused by
Jupiter's Great Red Spot is a
A larget, bright star whose hot core has used most of its hydrogen is a
What is the first thing you should do before completing an investigation?
Which adaptation helps a frog live in water?
Metamorphosis is -
Which of the stages of a butterfly's life cycle is in the correct order?
The tendency of an object at rest to remain at rest is called
Some wires are covered in plastic to protect people from electric shocks.Why is plastic a good choice for a covering?
In science a variable is a(an)-
When a person speaks, which body part vibrates to create th sound of his or her voice?
Jessica has a nail and a battery. What else does she need to make an electromagnet?
Which of the following is an example of a learned behavior?
The role of an organism in its environment is its-
Light bends when it moves from one substance into another. This is called-
Luke has 4 samples of pure water. All 4 samples will have the same-
Which trait does a human inherit from his or her parents?
A sample of metal is chopped into pieces. The pieces of metal are most likely to have the same=
Which of the following is a learned behavior of a human?
Which of the following is not precipitation?
What process do plants use to make food?
Which of the following includes the living things and the nonliving things that are togethr in a certain area?
What do you call the place where something lives?
What month was Aedan LaHaie born in?
What is Aedan's favorite color?
What year was Aedan born?
What town does Aedan live in?
What's the name of Aedan's sorcerer character on Diablo 3?
What county does Aedan live in?
What is the name of Harry Potter's best friend?
What is Sheldon Cooper's roomate's name?
What is the capital city of Michigan?
What can be used as a bomb in The End level on Minecraft?
Cells make proteins on small structures called amino acids
All cells have the same structure but different functions.
What is golgi apparatus's function?
What is the difference between a cell wall and a cell membrane?
Besides storage, what does a vacuole provide in a plant cell?
Groups of cells that work together to perform a certain function are called _____.
Which type of cell has the biggest vacuoles?
Chloroplasts capture light energy and produce _____.
_____ transports materials within a cell and between cells.
How do substances get in and out of a cell?
break down food and release energy
controls the functions of the cell
site of photosynthesis in a plant cell
controls what enters and leaves the cell
contains water, macromolecules, and other substances
The smallest unit of life is the _____.
Which of the following is NOT a necessary characteristic of a living thing?
Some bacteria are organized into tissue, organs, and organ systems.
What do eukaryotic cells have that prokaryotic cells do not have?
Most plants and animals are single-cell organisms.
¿Qué le duele a Antonio?
¿Quién robó la plata?
¿Quién dice que los piratas son excelentes?
Ahora, ¿Quién tiene la pistola?
¿Quién grita y actúa como un loco?
Según Felipe, ¿Dónde hay mas plata?
El mapa indica donde está:
¿Dónde está Raquel?
Felipe es un pirata
Felipe es novio de Raquel
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What effect do solar flares have on Earth?
What is the source of the Sun's energy?
Star A is farther from Earth than Star B. Both stars have the same absolute magnitude.
About 90% of stars on the H-R Diagram are
Main sequence stars that are the brightest are
Astronomers observations of red shifts in spectral lines of distant galaxies indicates
You weigh 240 pounds on Earth. The moon's gravitational attraction is 1/6 that of Earth.
Stars with the highest surface temperature would be
The difference in the brightness of two stars with the same surface temperature is
The Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram shows the relationship between
Fossils are imprints of ancient organisms and are found in what kind of rock?
In a sedimentary rock column, how will you know which layer is the oldest?
When magma or lava cools and hardens, it becomes this kind of rock.
All of the following are true about the formation of metamorphic rock EXCEPT...
Which is the correct sequence of events in the formation of sedimetary rock?
Small pieces of weathered rock are called sediment. Which is NOT a sediment?
All of the following are true about soil EXCEPT...
When two tectonic plates move apart or slide, they can cause a(n)
All of the following are formed by constructive forces (buildup) EXCEPT...
A student wants to find the masses of different sediments. What tool does he need?
All of the following are examples of adaptations EXCEPT...
Which of the following is NOT an example of an instinctive behavior?
All of the following are learned behaviors EXCEPT...
Which of the following is the waste gas that plants produce?
The role (niche) of plants in an ecosystem is to produce
All of the following are renewable resources EXCEPT...
The growth of an animal from birth through adulthood is called
What is larvae?
Which of the following is NOT an inherited trait?
Planting a lot of trees around your house would increase which gas in the atmosphere?
Which of the following provides evidence for plate tectonics?
A fault is an evidence of which kind of plate boundary?
The convergence of two continental plates would produce
Which of the following is most responsible for the formation of new crust at the edge of a tectonic plate?
An eruption of thin, fluid lava would likely be
The driving force that causes magma to erupt is
Which best describes a cinder cone volcano?
Which type of rock is formed from magma?
Which type of metamorphism is mostly likely to be caused by small intrusion of magma into dry rock material?
Most sedimentary rocks are formed by
Which force tries to pull all things toward the core?
Which object would require the greatest amount of force to move one meter?
When a football is thrown, this force will slow it down and create heat.
What does it mean to accelerate an object?
A magnetic field can be created from which of the following?
In magnetism, which pole of a magnet will repel a south pole?
Lightning is an example of ...
Which is an example of the energy transfer that cooks your toast?
What is missing from this energy chain? bird--> snake--> owl--> hawk
Which of the following is NOT a fossil fuel?
A flat pane of clear glass is an example of what type of matter?
Opaque objects will most likely do what to light?
Which of the following will NOT refract (bend) light?
Which of the following is NOT a fact about light?
How do we see the color red?
Identify the false statement.
Why do we see moonlight at night?
To test which brand of battery lasts the longest, a student should...
To test how sunlight affects plant growth, what should the independent variable be?
Which is a conductor of thermal (heat) energy?
The tremendous amount of heat within Earth's powers
The energy stored in fossils fuels originally came from
What are the main greenhouse gases?
Which gas in the atmosphere has been increasing significantly because of human burning fossil fuels?
Light that reaches the Earth's surface is either
Why is Earth's surface warmer at the equator than at the poles?
In what are ocean currents and air currents the same?
Which occurs during a temperature inversion?
What is the driving force for surcace ocean currents?
What causes the wind deflection from the north and south poles?
What type of symbiosis is depicted in the photo of a shark and a remora?
What sort of symbiosis do aphids and ants represent?
What type of symbiosis is shown in this photo of a tick and a bird?
Which part of the water cycle is #4?
What type of growth is depicted in this age-distribution pyramid of Mexico?
The Wooly adelgid infests the stems of what kind of tree?
Which stage in the life cycle of Asian Long-horned beetles damages the tree?
What kind of adaptation has the smaller viceroy butterfly evolved to survive?
Can you see the frog? What kind of adaptation has this frog use to survive?
The coral snake advertises its venom with striking colors. What is this type of adaptation called?
The life cycle of a flowering plant begins as what?
The period of time from when a living thing begins life until the living thing dies is called its
Damaging which plant structure would prevent the plant from making food from sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide?
Which part of the plant brings in water and minerals?
An animal that has flat teeth for grinding would probably eat what type of food.
Which of the following adaptations would most help an animal that lives in the ocean survive?
Which of the following traits is inherited from parent to offspring?
In a certain habitat, a coyote's main source of food is the cottontail rabbit. What would happen if the number of coyotes in the habitat were increased?
What organism is not a consumer?
Which process must a caterpillar undergo before becoming a butterfly?
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Interpreting rights involves weighing them against
In the Tinker case study, the supreme court ruled that students
The Skokie case study showeed that the First Amendment protects
The 4th amendment protects citizens from
Accused persons have a right to
According to justice hand, protecting rights is most importantly the job of
un cahier
une calculatrice
un classeur
un crayon
des feuilles de papier
une gomme
un livre
une règle
un sac à dos
un stylo
un taille-crayon
une trousse
Interacting with people face to face, via email, Skype, texting, or snap chat are examples of which wellness dimension?
Expressing feelings in a positive way is an example of which wellness dimension?
Recycling newspapers, glass, and aluminum cans are examples of which wellness dimension?
Being disease free by exercising daily is an example of which wellness dimension?
Feeling at peace with yourself after meditating is an example of which wellness dimension?
Viewing difficulties as challenging in order to increase understanding and learning.
Practicing safe sex and avoiding drugs or alcohol is an example of which wellness dimension?
Since Shelly received a chromebook for Christmas she has become inactive and has gained weight. This has negatively affected her physical dimension. How influenced her to become inactive?
Jeremy has made a point to always try his hardest in Track. At the beginning of the season it took Jeremy 8 minutes to run a mile. By the end of the season, he could run the mile in 7 minutes. What influenced Jeremy?
Both of Tim's parents were on the honor roll in High School. Tim is also very smart just like his parents. What is the influence in this situation?
How does the media influence what people believe or get factual information to society?
This dimension is all about utilizing your strengths in order to be successful in life. For example; Alisha realized she had exceptional cooking skills , so she decided to go to culinary school after she graduated high school.
Reading a book, studying, and wanting to understand are examples of which wellness dimension?
What are examples of the emotional dimension?
Who is the Health teacher that created this really cool quiz?
Using your gifts, skills, and talents to gain purpose in this world is an example of?
Being aware of the earth and what habits can positively or negatively affect it is?
This health influence includes where you live, job opportunities, and the school you go to.
This health influence refers to beliefs, customs, and behaviors of a group?
This health influence includes your family and other people that you interact with daily.
Which describes Australia’s economic system
Which explains why businesses specialize?
When Australia refused to sell weapons to Yugoslavia, it hoped to help stop the fighting there. This is an example of which trade barrier?
A figurehead in Australia government
An American who wanted to buy goods in Australia would need to trade U.S. dollars for which currency?
Which is an example of investment in human capital?
Which is a likely effect on GDP when a country invests in physical capital?
Which is a major natural resource exported from Australia?
Which is a reason entrepreneurs like Australia?
Who were “the people who were here from the beginning” in Australia?
WHich group formed a large part of Australia’s first colonists?
What was the greatest threat to Aborigines after European settlers arrived?
What body of water is located west of Australia?
Which hunting weapon helped aboriginal peoples survive in the Australian outback?
Which war made the government of Great Britain look to Australia as a penal colony?
What name did Captain James Cook gave to the colony of Australia?
What was the Aborigine religion called?
Who represents the queen in the Australian Government?
What is a monolith?
What is the name of the monolith in Australia?
All of the red wing blackbirds in a marsh
Life in Earth's atmosphere
The living and nonliving factors in a meadow
All of the plants and animals in a forest
All of the honeybees in an orchard
All of the interacting population in a given area represent this unit
All of Earth's water, land, and atmosphere within life exists
Fish, water, and snails in an aquarium
Plants, snails, and fish in an aquarium
Plants in an aquarium
Plants and animals in AR
A flutter (group) of monarch butterflies
Biotic and abiotic components of a pond
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