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What does Lorraine think about Miss Reillen?
John accuses who of putting glue in the phone lock?
What caused John and Lorraine's party to go from crazy to out of control?
Who broke Mr. Pignati's pigs?
John drinks beer now because...
What happened to Lorraine's father?
That man was so ________________ because he always wanted to fight.
________________ are rare foods, but a lot of people think they are disgusting.
I wouldn\'t want to live in a ___________ because it would be cramped and dirty.
I was so __________________ when we lost the championship game.
It is not nice when someone acts like an ___________ when you give them a present.
The student was _____________ so no one could hear what he was saying.
My father got very angry and _____________ at me that I had to clean my room.
______________ animals can usually see better at night than humans.
I was so _____________ on the television that I didn't even hear the phone ring.
The police man accepted a bribe, but eventually he was caught with the __________.
What were the major U.S. foreigh-policy strategies after World War II?
What was the purpose of the Marshall Plan?
What was the result of the Marshall Plan?
Describe the Berlin Airlift. Give at least 3 details about it.
Describe NATO. Give at least 3 details about it.
What events led China to become a communist nation?
Why was the United States involved in Korea?
How did the Korean War end?
How did the Korean War affect the 1952 presidential election?
Taft-Hartly Act
GI Bill of Rights
Internal Security Act
Yalta Conference
House Un-American Activities Committee
Nuremburg Trials
United Mine Workers
Army-McCarthy Hearings
Fair Deal
Potsdam Conference
United Nations
Taft-Hartly Act
Internal Security Act
House Un-American Activities Committee
Army-McCarthy Hearings
Yalta Conference
The ability for nations to develop economically while protecting the environment is:
This is NOT a function of the state constitution:
The federal government's financial instruments (like bonds, notes, certificates):
This is part of the state constitution amendment process:
Risk takers who produce goods and services in search of profit:
This is the goal of the US justice system:
Controlling money to influence the economy:
This exists because society does not have all the resources everyone wants:
As a citizen, you have access to public records because of this act:
An economic system with a central authority:
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The practice of categorizing online content through tags.
A Web page that integrates content and scripts from multiple Web sites to create new applications.
The integration of telephony and data technologies.
Ability to use technology on the go.
A method of communication in which users type short messages from mobile phones.
A concept referring to the changing trends in the use of WWW technology
What are the two types of observations we discussed in class?
Which best describes a qualitative observation?
Which best describes a quantitative observation?
A good scientific method question should include all of the following except:
Which of the following is an inference?
Which two words should a good hypothesis include?
Which best describes a hypothesis?
If different types of cereal are tested, then Cheerios has the most benefits for the heart. This is an example of which of the following:
Which of the following is important to remember when writing a good scientific method question?
Which of the following is a good hypothesis?
Limited government is best summarized as
All of the following are purposes of government EXCEPT:
Monarchs did not have to answer to the people because they ONLY answered to God is true of which origin of government theory?
Locke wrote the people may rebel against their government when what happens?
Which Constitutional principle focuses on dividing responsibility between the 3 branches of government?
Which of the following is an example of Federalism?
The highest court in the United States is
In the United States government, members of the cabinet directly report to whom?
How is the Vice President selected?
To be elected president of the United States, a person must have all of the following EXCEPT
The qualifications for becoming president are set forth by
Which of the following is needed to win a presidential election?
Which type of election can have many candidates from one political party on the ballot?
Which of the following is NOT a problem with the Electoral College?
What is the popular vote?
In the United States, third parties have…
Which of the following statements would best summarize a Liberal viewpoint?
Which of the following statements would best summarize a Conservative viewpoint?
How can Third Parties create change if they rarely win elections?
A neighbor slips on the ice in front of your house and sues you for medical bills and other damages. What law covers such a dispute?
Theodore Bundy killed over thirty women. He was punished for these felonies. What type of laws are felonies?
Newspapers, the internet, television and magazines can be described as
A president uses these carefully planned events to answer questions from the media.
What type of interest group works to help people in a particular profession?
An interest group can do all of the following EXCEPT
What is God's Plan for Us?
Why doesn't God just give up on us?
Why did god send the Messiah to humanity?
What does the loss of original holiness and original justice mean for human beings?
What does God bring to those who have faith from sin and suffering?
What is the literal meaning of the Protoevangelium?
What does literal sense mean?
The Scriptures mean
Why, at the Easter Vigil, do we sing about a “Happy Fault”?
What is the Exile?
What chart compares a star's surface temperature to its brightness?
A light year is a measure of what?
_____ is the apparent change in position of an object when viewed from different places.
This objects has such great gravity that no electromagnetic energy can escape.
The process by which a star greates energy is ____
Large mass stars have shorter lives because
What kind of star is the sun?
Differences between apparent brightness and absolute brightness are due to
Stars begin as a cloud of dust and gas called a
The Milky Way galaxy has what shape?
What is the fuel in our sun?
What characteristic are scientists trying to determine when they use a spectrograph?
When an star is moving away from us, what happens to the apparent wavelength of the light it emits?
What country has the capital city named Rome?
What type of job did most Romans have if they lived in the countryside?
What age did Roman boys begin their education?
What type of clothing did Romans wear out in public?
The mother of a family was in charge of the family's finances.
What color signified a government official in the Roman Culture?
Which form of art was not prominent in Roman culture?
Who was the God of music and poetry?
What happened to the city of Pompeii?
What type of salad is named after a Roman ruler?
Identity theft is
How can you decide if a website is a reliable source?
Is there such a thing as private on the Internet?
SPAM is the electronic equivalent of
Hacking is defined as
You can report online predators to
A predator is
Which of the following is true?
_______ is publishing statements about someone that you know are untrue.
A firewall
Phishing is
Malware is
An invisible audience is
If you feel uncomfortable in any chat room, social networking site, or receive a disturbing e-mail, you should...
What should you eliminate from photos that you post online?
Your computer's IP address is always private.
Cyberbullying is illegal.
a virus that is hidden within another executed file and uses a computer's resources to slow it down or even shut it down
small software programs designed to harm computer systems
viruses that can hack your computer just by being connected to the Internet and duplicate several times to harm your computer
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Why did many Americans invest in the stock market in the 1920s?
What took place during the stock market crash?
How did the stock market crash affect the nation?
What steps did President Roosevelt take to fight the depression immediately after taking office?
How did the New Deal programs address the problem of unemployment?
How did President Roosevelt try to prevent the Supreme Court from overturning his New Deal programs?
Why were some people critical of the New Deal?
Fireside chat
New Deal
Brain Trust
Which group of vertebrates (chordates) has feathers, hollow bones, & lays eggs?
________ must have a wet/watery/aquatic environment for reproduction.
As the temperature in a reptile's environment rises, most reptiles become more active because
Identify the animals below that begin their life breathing through gills and develop lungs as adults so that they can live on land.
Salamanders & newts are classified as _________________
Lizards & snakes are classifed as _____________
Which group of vertebrates (chordates) has hair or fur and feeds its young milk?
Which animal is a marsupial?
Which vertebrates are cold-blooded (endothermic)?
Which group of vertebrates (chordates) is cold-blooded, has gills, and most members have scales & fins?
Public works
Bonus Army
Sit-down strike
Dust Bowl
Fair Labor Standards Act
Fireside chat
Brain Trust
New Deal
An older man who lives by himself and has a pig collection is
The librarian who is nicknamed The Cricket is
Another name for John's father is
The character who is interested in psychology and has low self-esteem is
The person who holds the phone marathon record is
The Marshmallow Kid is
The character who works as a visiting nurse is
The baboon that is the Pigman's best friend is
The character who wants to be an actor is
The Pigman's wife is
John gets drunk and destroys the pig collection.
John and Lorraine only liked Mr. Pignati because he bought things for them.
Lorraine's father lives in another state.
Lorraine's mom is kind and honest to her patients.
John makes a statement that foreshadows the fact that Norton is involved with Mr. Pignati’s death.
John and Lorraine do not have a good relationship their parents.
Mr. Pignati buys John and Lorraine roller skates.
Lorraine thought Mr. Pignati’s heart attack was an omen.
There were about 50 kids at the party.
The Pigman cries when he finds out his favorite animal has died.
14 + (-8) = __________
What is the volume of a cube that is 4 cm x 4cm x 4cm?
-10 - (-7) = ___________
What is volume?
What is the volume of a cube 9 x 3 x 7
A box of cereal might weigh about ?
What geometric shape is a baseball?
-12 - (+7) = _________
What geometric shape is a toilet paper roll?
What is the volume of rectangular prism that is 8cm long x 5 cm wide x 4 cm deep?
The two narrators of The Pigman are
During the roller skating tag game, Mr. Pignati
The idea of having a party at Mr. Pignati's house was
The evening of John and Lorraine’s candlelight spaghetti dinner changed
Mr. Pignati died
Norton was called the Marshmallow kid because
John and Lorraine meet the Pigman by
Lorraine felt sorry for Mr. Pignati because
The object of the phone marathon was to
John's father put a lock on the phone because
One thing that John and Lorraine liked best about The Pigman was
How does Lorraine feel about Miss Reillen?
Lorraine's mother says which of the following about Lorraine?
The shopping trip to Beekman’s was special to Lorraine because
When Mr. Pignati arrived at the door during the party, he showed his reaction by
When he was a freshman in school, John expressed his opinion of school by
John places the blame for the glue on the phone lock on
Many factors cause John and Lorraine’s party to get out of control. What was the final factor?
How does John’s father react when John says he wants to be an actor?
John showed leadership qualities by organizing
Mr. Pignati enjoyed visiting the zoo because he
Lorraine blames John's beer drinking on
John and Lorraine decided to write the memorial epic about Mr. Pignati because
Why did the police not press charges against John and Lorraine?
Where did Dennis get the bottle of whiskey he brought to the party?
Why did Lorraine think she and John murdered Mr. Pignati?
John and Lorraine look at the Pigman as
When Mr. Pignati returns to his house from the hospital, a word that would best describe the scene is
Which of the following would NOT be considered a factor that contributed to Mr. Pignati's death?
John and Lorraine call this story a
Conflict is made up of four elements, one of them is:
Pseudo-Conflict is?
When two people's goals or ideas are mutually exclusive or incompatible.
Ego conflict occurs when?
A good way to deal with pseudo-conflict is to employ:
Kilmann and Thomas suggest that your conflict-management style is based on what factor(s)?
How many conflict-management styles are there?
One strategy for constructively expressing how you feel toward others in conflict is to use which formula?
What is consensus?
One characteristic of an ineffective group member is?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Glucose is created in which process?
Prokaryotic cells do not have ______.
The elements of nucleic acids are
The elements of proteins are
Water always likes to move to the ______.
The role of photosynthesis in plant cells is to __________
The phase of the cell cycle where DNA is replicated is called the :
Two students see a cell in mitosis. The cell has clearly visible chromosomes, but the nucleus hasn't disappeared yet. One student says that the cell is interphase. Are they correct?
Why do athletes eat carbohydrates before working out?
Cancer is when the cell _____
What is the name of the note in the second space of the treble clef?
What is the name of the note on the first line of the treble clef?
What is the name of the note on the fifth line of the treble clef?
Do the fifth line in the treble clef and the fifth line in the bass clef have the same note name?
Do the first line in the treble clef and the first line in the bass clef have the name note name?
The two dots on the bass clef go on either side of which line?
The curl in the treble clef curls around which line?
The two dots on the bass clef go on either side of which note?
The second line in the bass clef is a B. Where would you find B in the treble clef?
The note in the fourth space in the bass clef is:
What word do the spaces in the treble clef spell?
All Cows Eat Grass is an acronym that helps us remember...
Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge is a trick to remind us of:
What note sits on a ledger line in between the treble clef and the bass clef?
What note is in between middle C and E (the first line in the treble clef?)
What note is between middle C and A (the fifth line in the bass clef)?
If Miss Ready is playing piano and sees E flat in her music, which key will she have to play?
If Miss Ready is playing piano and sees F sharp in her music, which key will she have to play?
What note is on the ledger line ABOVE the treble clef?
If I put a note two ledger lines BELOW the bass clef, it would be:
Name the feature that tells the name of the magazine, newspaper, journal,etc.?
The feature that names an article and often sets the tone and subject of the article?
The feature that organizes and lables sections. It's often bolded or underlined.
The type of mark that is used to identify items in a list.
The type of formatting that uses heavy ink to point out key
The feature that uses bars to show quanitities or numbers so they can be easily compared.
The feature that provides an illustration of parts to a whole, explains where something is, or how something works.
A graph using a divided circle where each section represents part of the total.
Information presented in visual form to tell you where something is or where it happened.
An illustration that captures the action and emotion of the event and/or people.
Words below/beside photographs or charts telling who, what, when, where, why, and how?
The feature that offers interesting and supportive information along the side or bottom of an article.
A list at the beginning of a text that shows the major chapters and parts of the book as well as the page number.
A list of difficult words and their meanings that are in a book.
Writing or text that presents and explains ideas or tells about real people, places, or events.
A page at the front of the book that gives the name of the book, its author, and possible other information about the book.
A graphic that shows events in chronological order. It helps the reader understand the relationship between events.
HIghlighted or underlined text that will take a user to another website which has related information.
Elements in a nonfiction or informational text that are designed to provide and present information.
A feature that presents information graphically and in rows and columns.
form that the problem is written in
Why do we display data in a chart?
objective lenses are found here
put this on the specimen when using liquid
what is changed in an experiment
another name for the eyepiece
Why we don't want air bubbles in wet mount slides
another name for the turret
3rd step of the scientific method
6th step of the scientific method
The car was moving at 35 mph.
The weather is rainy.
His shirt has about 20 buttons.
I wash dark clothes separate from light clothes.
The distance from CMS to RL is approximately .25 mile.
what stays the samein an experiment
55.6 cm = __________m
how to write a hypothesis
A hypothesis is an _______ guess.
type of microscope used in class
A page or collection of Web pages that can be viewed and modified by anybody with a Web browser and access to the Internet.
A collection of personal thoughts posted on a public Web site.
An implementation by which Web data is contextualized with the addition of machine-readable metadata.
An audio or video digital-media file that is distributed through Web feeds to subscribed users.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The slave trade was finally ended when:
Why might African leaders have so much difficulty in uniting their people?
Which statement best explains apartheid in action:
What language was spoken by the Dutch in South Africa?
The main reason Europeans wanted to colonize Africa was:
Africa’s longest river is the:
The movement northward in 1835 by the Boer community was referred to as the:
Why were slaves taken to America?
Most Africans follow:
How has the history of African people been told?
All are effects of the slave trade
The majority of Africa’s population lives in the:
Africa’s major climate zones are largely determined by:
The region of Africa that receives the most rainfall is located:
Farming is difficult in most forest regions because of:
Under European rule, the tribal chiefs lost much of their power because:
The borders of Africa’s countries were:
European colonizers generally considered African people to be:
Nationalist movements developed because Africans wanted to:
By 1914, almost all of Africa was:
The first European settlers in South Africa were from:
Most slaves died of:
Under apartheid, South Africa was governed by:
Which of the following actions by the global community brought about changes in South African government policies?
The policy of Apartheid was officially ended by:
Besides conquering large amounts of territory, Imperialism was most significant for:
South African government policy supported the Afrikaner belief in the superiority of:
The purpose of the African National Congress was to unite Africans to:
The Soweto Riots were called a turning point for South Africa because:
The British wanted to expand to Southern Africa because of:
The slave trade became very important to the Europeans because:
As people move to cities the importance of the tribe is expected to:
By 1914, most of Africa was controlled by:
Some natural resources and essential materials imported from African countries include:
The children of marriages considered neither black or white became known as:
The Sahara Desert has acted as a barrier between:
There are over this many languages spoken in Africa:
Over Вѕ of the working population of Africa are:
Imperialism in Africa brought some improvements to some aspects of society such as:
This is the nick name for Africa during imperialism:
scientific study of interactions among organisms and between organisms and their environment
part of Earth in which life exists including land, water, and air or atmosphere
collection of all the organisms that live in a particular place, together with their nonliving environment
organism that can capture energy from sunlight or chemicals and use it to produce its own food from inorganic compounds; also called a producer
network of complex interactions formed by the feeding relationships among the various organisms in an ecosystem
loss of water from a plant through its leaves
rate at which organic matter is created by producers in an ecosystem
single nutrient that either is scarce or cycles very slowly, limiting the growth of organisms in an ecosystem
process in which elements, chemical compounds, and other forms of matter are passed from one organism to another and from one part of the biosphere to another
group of ecosystems that have the same climate and dominant communities
What should you do if your Promethean bulb dies?
Who is the coolest TRT
In Grade Quick does every student need a grade?
Where can you find excellent technology resources?
In Grade Quick, can you have grades over 100 for quarter sends?
Should every class grade book have an exam column for semester 2?
Which classroom tool has the most interactive potential for students?
Is it important to follow the Grade Send Timeline?
Should I save all of my files from my
What should the weight of each 'Subtotal' column in Grade Quick be?
average, year-after-year conditions of temperature and precipitation in a particular region
cold climate zone where the sun\'s rays strike Earth at a very low angle
natural situation in which heat is retained in Earth's atmosphere by carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, and other gases
physical, or nonliving, factor that shapes an ecosystem
symbiotic relationship in which one member of the association benefits and the other is neither helped nor harmed
climate within a small area that differs significantly from the climate of the surrounding area
permanently dark layer of the oceans below the photic zone
organisms that live attached to or near the ocean floor
wetlands formed where rivers meet the ocean
tiny, free-floating organisms that occur in aquatic environments
number of individuals per unit of area
movement of individuals out of an area
growth pattern in which a population's growth rate slows or stops following a period of exponential growth
largest number of individuals of a population that a given environment can support
factor that causes the growth of a population to decrease
limiting factor that affects all populations in similar ways, regardless of population size
scientific study of human populations
graph of the numbers of males and females within different age groups of a population
change in a population from high birth and death rates to low birth and death rates
mechanism of population control in which a population is regulated by predation
What utility is used to locate and to remove a computer virus?
Which software allows editing of a cell?
Which software allows for editing of an entry?
Which spreadsheet format should be used to get the effect below? $200,000.89
The physical parts of a computer system are called:
Which software allows the user to try it for a trial period and then pay a small fee to keep it?
Text, symbols, dates not used in calculations are called:
To insert a hyphen when dictating say:
What type of spacing is used after the title of a bound report?
What type of spacing is used after the title of an academic report?
A Japanese pilot who carried out suicide missions
Person or group blamed for a problem
Member of National Socialist German Worker's Party
The Nuremberg Laws were an example of
The Munich Conference led to what policy that did not work
The Cash and Carry plan was a plan by the U.S. that
The main goal of the Atlantic Charter was?
Practice of giving in to aggression in order to avoid war
Who won World War II?
What group of people had a Double V campaign?
Answers by Educators Question Database
The three final steps of the scientific method in correct order are
The group that does not receive the experimental treatment in the experiment is
If a car takes 5 seconds to travel 50 meters, what is its speed?
If a ball is traveling 70 meters in 6 seconds, its speed is
A good hypothesis is written as
Which form of government would have the LEAST amount of citizen participation?
A federal government is one which
The war in Iraq was successful in removing dictator Saddam Hussein from power. Which term would BEST describe how the country was governed during his rule from 1979 until 2003?
In which type of system do citizens have some rights to participation IF they are wealthy and powerful?
Which statement is correct?
How are parliamentary democracy and presidential democracy different?
Which type of government system has a central authority that holds all or nearly all of the power?
Which type of government has no distinct separation between the powers of the legislative branch and the executive branch, is headed by a prime minister, and is practiced by both Israel and Turkey in the Middle East?
In what way are the governments of Saudi Arabia and Israel similar?
The government of Saudi Arabia can be classified as a monarchy. Which statement provides the BEST definition of this type of government?
The party with the largest presence in the Knesset is able to choose who the Prime Minister (the executive branch leader) will be. This decribes:
Iran-President Israel-Prime Minister Saudi Arabia-King Prime Minister You can conclude that:
What is a weakness of a confederation government system?
The State of Israel is a parliamentary democracy with universal suffrage. This means _________________ can participate in elections.
What role do the people play in a government like that of Saudi Arabia?
The State of Israel is a parliamentary democracy. The head of government is the prime minister. How is the leader chosen?
How do the governments of Saudi Arabia and Israel treat their citizens differently?
In which of the following ways is Saudi Arabia different from Iran?
Living organisms can be classified as prokaryotes or eukaryotes. Which two structures are common to both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells?
Which structure can be used to tell the difference between eukaryotic cells from prokaryotic cells?
Which of the following organisms has cells with chloroplasts?
Which of these is a function of the cell membrane in all cells?
Which of these must occur during S phase of the cell cycle?
Which of the following is uncontrolled cell growth
Which of the following is a solution with a high concentration of particles and a low concentration of water compared to its environment?
Solution with a LOW concentration of particles and a HIGH concentration of water (compared to its environment)
Which factors influence cell differentiation?
Which organelle makes ATP through cellular respiration?
Which molecule is the energy molecule?
Active transport...
Mitosis is immediately followed by...
What is the main function of carbohydrates?
things made or invented for a particular purpose
papers that give a person or company the right to make, use, or sell new inventions for a certain number of years
declare as your own
imagine what is going to happen
have or show a strong feeling about something
influenced by charm, art or skill
acting in a way that shows great interest or excitement
an important advance
Which word has almost the same meaning as the word ENVISIONED
Which word has the opposite meaning of the word ENTHUSIASTICALLY?
Which of the following would NOT be classified as a terrestrial planet?
Between what two planets can the asteroid belt be found?
WHich planet is known for its rings?
What is the path that a planet, moon, comet, or asteroid takes as they travel around the sun?
Which planet's atmosphere is very thin; therefore, it is basically classified as having no atmosphere?
Which planet/s are known for having atmospheric storms?
Which of the following makes contact with a planet or moon's surface?
What is the shape in which planets or other celestial objects orbit the sun?
The tail of a comet always points_____ from the sun.
Terrestrial planets have a _____ surface.
Which of the following is NOT a mixture
Which of the following is NOT a solution
A solution is all of the following EXCEPT
Chocolate syrup evenly disperses throughout the milk. Which of the following is like the chocolate milk?
Good safety in the lab begins with all of the following EXCEPT
Soup is a solution because..
This can be seperated
This is a solution
This is a mixture
Story telling without words or sounds is called
Pantominios means
To create an illusion of reality
Why study pantomime?
The oldest form of dramatic expression is
The first recorded pantomime actor was
___________________________________ was a star of the silent film.
The most famous mime of all time is _______________________
When showing positive emotions while doing pantomime you should use
When showing negative emotions while doing pantomime you should use
To whom should you direct your focus
T/F You should mouth words.
T/F You should show the audience who you are, where you are and what you are doing.
T/F You should never plan the beginning, middle and end. Improvisation is key.
You can use props.
T/F You should always exaggerate facial expressions.
Name a pantomime example we saw in class.
Name a pantomime example we saw in class.
Name a pantomime example we saw in class.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
_____ colors can reflect moods of: serenity and calmness
Which best describes the hue of a color?
What color scheme uses three to four colors next to each other on the color wheel?
Intensity of a color refers to...
A balanced arrangement of unequally weighted elements on the screen is an example of:
_____ colors reflect the emotions of: Excitement, passion, and liveliness
The process of mixing color pixels with available colors to simulate a missing color is called?
What color scheme uses three colors evenly spaced on the color wheel?
Crystallographic balance or allover pattern is:
When a color scheme involves the high and low values of one color it is known as:
Drawing an imaginary vertical axis through the center of your screen and arranging identical elements so they are equally distributed on either side of the axis is an example of:
What color scheme uses colors on opposite sides of the color wheel?
Blue and green are examples of:
The colors yellow and violet would be known as:
Examples of _____ colors are: orange and red.
Which best describes the value of a color?
The purpose of the color palette for a bitmapped file is:
What are the two sections of a bitmapped file
Which color model is commonly used to internally represent color images on computers?
In CMYK the K
Computer memory used by software to temporarily store data is?
A typical CD-R disc can hold approximately how much data?
Which of the following is the fastest method to transfer large files such as video and audio from a peripheral to the computer?
Which of the following is not an example of an input device?
Files are measured in bytes. Approximately how many bytes does one kilobyte file contain?
What should the first step be to obtain help while using a software package?
Media does not refer to...
What is the function of an authoring tool in designing multimedia projects?
Interactive training that is delivered via CD ROM is known as:
To convert a file from one type of file to another you can...
HTML are initials that stand for Hypertext Markup Literature.
Which item is NOT required to VIEW an online web page?
Which item is NOT required to DEVELOP an online web page?
Which is NOT an example of a web browser?
Which tag is used to bold text?
Which tag is used to underline text?
Which tag is used to insert a single space?
Which tag is used to estabish an HTML document?
Which tag is used to italicize text?
What is a computer program that allows you to see Web pages?
With Internet Explorer, the default color for a normal link that has not been clicked is _____.
With Internet Explorer, the default color for a visited link is __________.
The first page that appears when viewers go to a Web site is called the introductory page.
A group of related Web pages that are linked together and share a common interface and design is called a _______.
_______ are pages linked below other pages in a site map.
______ appear at a higher level than other pages in a site map, and has pages linked to it.
Web pages are created using _______.
The bgcolor attribute is used in the ________ tag to specify the background color for the Web page.
The ________ tags contain the main content of a Web page.
__________ is a small sketch that represents every page in a Web site.
________ is a folder with a descriptive name, which will be used to store all the Web pages for the site.
_________ is a file inside the root folder used to store all the files that are not Web pages, such as images or sound files.
_____ are bars that contain multiple links that are usually organized in rows or columns.
______ are images displayed across the top of the screen that can incorporate a company's logo, contact information, and link to other pages in the site.
On the Web, ______ are the primary way to navigate between Web pages and among Web sites.
Before you can create a Motion Tween to add animation to a symbol in Flash CS3, you must first insert a _______________ in the timeline.
To create a Flsh CS3 file that can be opened from almost any computer, you must _______ it.
Which view in Dreamweaver, shows a page as it would appear in a browser and is used for designing and creating Web pages?
The first page viewers see when they visit a Web site is the _______ page.
HTML are initials that stand for HyperText Markup Language.
The person who knows a subject area intimately and helps find and select materials to include in the product is called?
Which of the following is important to be successful in the field of multimedia?
Which of the following is not considered an occupation in career field multimedia?
The team member who should take initiative and be responsible for the success of the multimedia project is?
When working in a team environment the graphic designer is responsible for
Effective teamwork demands team members to demonstrate
The person who knows a subject area and helps find and select materials to include in the product is called?
Digital artists should keep record of their personal accomplishments in a
Which of the following is a career option for someone interested in multimedia?
Working as a member of a production team, each member
Multitasking refers to:
As scanned image is
When should the save as command be used?
In which program type would keyframes be most commonly used?
Interactive training that is delivered via the WWW is known as?
Which type of media is the most cost effective to deliver commercial interactive multimedia?
In an authoring tool user driven event is best described as:
Image-editing programs such as Photoshop and fireworks can create:
The clipboard refers to
Interactive training that is delivered via a cd-rom is known as
Which of the following is an example of a sans serif typeface?
The properties of color include
Specific backgrounds, common design elements, consistent type faces, compatible colors, and easily accessible buttons are all part of a well designed:
Which process smooths the edges of shapes, such as letters on a computer screen
Which bit depth allows for a 256 color palette?
Evaluation that is completed throughout the project is called
Elements of text are used in a multimedia project for
Computers display color data using three numbers to internally represent which color properties?
Contrasting colors such as blue background with yellow text are used to create;
Focal Point is
the boundary between air masses
the evaporation of water from plants is called...
this cloud produces mist, and light rain, and are often called fog clouds
the ozone layer can be found in this layer of the atmosphere
This is the most abundant gas in the earth\'s atmosphere
All of the water on Earth's surface is called the
What conditions are needed in order for a hurricane to form
this weather tool is used to measure the amount of water vapor in the air
The amount of water vapor in the air is called
What is the purpose of an anemometer
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I'm trying to decide if Nikes are better than Adidas sneakers. The variable is..
¿Cómo se dice creative girl en español?
¿Cómo se dice honest boy en español?
¿Cómo se dice shy girl en español?
¿Cómo se dice smart boy en español?
¿Cómo se dice responsible girl en español?
¿Cómo se dice positive boy en español?
¿Cómo se dice athletic boy en español?
¿Cómo se dice strong girl en español?
¿Cómo se dice polite boy en español?
¿Cómo se dice handsome boy en español?
¿Cómo se dice curious girl en español?
neck / throat
Who is the author of LORD OF THE FLIES?
What subatomic particle identifies an element?
Smallest part of an atom
What subatomic particles determine the atomic mass?
Charge of a neutron
Maximum amount of electrons in the first energy level (or shell)?
What is the mass of a neutron?
Electrons are
Without electrons, the atom would carry a
Which subatomic particles are equal when an atom is neutral (overall charge of zero)?
Most of the mass of the atom can be found in the _______.
Gives the nucleus more mass, but doesn't change its charge
A hypothesis is
Sponge Bob, Squidward and Sandy all have colds. Squiward and Sandy are each given a different kind of cold medicine, while Sponge Bob is give a placebo. What does the placebo act as?
When making a graph, the independent variable is always on the
The variable that is changed or manipulated in an experiment is
A way to reduce errors in experimentation is through
A good hypothesis is more than a guess because it
Which step of the scientific method are scientists conducting when photographing lions in the wild?
Why is an experiment with two independent variables not valid?
The variable that is responding or being measured is the
When testing the O-Wing fuselage length, what were your constant variable(s)?
Variables that do not change (or remain the same) in the experiment are
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Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
A body of air with the same temperature and pressure throughout is called
Which weather condition would be the most humid
Which layer of the atmosphere would have the least amount of air pressure
On a clear, bright day with no precipitation you may see this type of cloud
When a cold air mass moves under a warm area of land
Scientist who studies the weather
Which of the following gases causes rising temperatures in the atmosphere
The average weather pattern of an area over a long period of time is called
When water vapor turns into a liquid
short term atmospheric conditions
What was the name of the first American constitution?
Where did the Constitutional Convention take place?
What is the name of the first 10 Amendments in the Constitution?
Which of the following was NOT one of the seven basic principles of the Constitution?
What right is given in the First Amendment?
Where is a bill first presented?
What system is in place to assure that no branch has more power than the other?
What branch is represented by the President?
What branch is represented by Congress?
What branch is represented by the Supreme Court?
You should arrive no more than five minutes late for an interview
During an interview you should speak formally and take notes
It helps to bring a friend or family member to an interview
An interviewer will ask you about your past jobs
Its best not to rehearse your answers for an interview
You should bring your social security number to an interview
The interviewer does not care where you went to school or if you graduated
Hobbies and volunteer work are not important information for an interview
Personal references are found in the library
You must supply information about your age religion and marital status
resource that can regenerate quickly and that is replaceable
using natural resources at a rate that does not deplete them
destruction of forests
mixture of chemicals that occurs as a gray-brown haze in the atmosphere
harmful material that can enter the biosphere through the land, air, or water
plants and animals that have migrated to places where they are not native
the sum total of the variety of organisms in the biosphere
increasing concentration of a harmful substance in organisms at higher trophic levels in a food chain or food web
splitting of ecosystems into small fragments
atmospheric layer in which 03 gas is relatively concentrated
Drug tests are required for all jobs
You should tell your boss the truth if you have to miss a day of work
It is okay to take a few extra minutes coming back from a break
If you have a problem with a coworker you should immediately meet with your boss
Your supervisors evaluation of you is not personal
Evaluations allow you to become better at your job
If your job offers training you should take it
Being hired for a job means you will keep it
Your attitude and behavior affect how well you do your job
It takes the average person five interviews before he is good at it
When finding an unconscious person you check for signs of life for no longer than
If you suspect someone is going into schock you should NOT give them
The three steps to follow in an emergency are:
The first step in operating an AED is
What do you do after the breaths go in for an unconscious adult?
The number of cycles of CPR that should be performed for an adult in 2 minutes is
What do you do for an unconscious adult after the head tilt, chin lift and checking for signs of life?
You give 2 minutes of this if you find an unconscious child and you are alone:
You should move an injured person ONLY when
What is the compression to breath ratio for an adult, child, and infant?
The difference between speed and velocity most involves:
If a charging bull has kinetic energy, it must also have
Legend tells us that Newton realized that the idea of falling apples applies to
The force of gravity between two objects depends on their
While a projectile moves horizontally with no change in motion, it moves vertically
Mechanical energy applies to
The impulse-momentum relationship is a direct result of Newton's
According to newton's first law of motion
When you skid to a stop on your bicycle, you heat up the
A cat and a mouse run down the hallway with the same KE. The faster moving one is the
The first scientist to discover inertia
White light is the combination of
Sound and light
When a ball rolls down a hill, as it\'s speed increases it\'s acceleration
A karate chop delivers a force of 3000 N to a board that breaks. The force that acts on the hand during the event is
The force that propels a rocket is provided by
The number of waves passing by in a second is known as the
Which of these does not belong in the family of electromagnetic waves?
A rubbed balloon will stick to a wooden wall, which demonstrates charge
Raising a heavy load requires work. Raising it twice as high requires
Which European countries did the South expect to get support from?
The bloodiest day of the entire Civil War was the Battle of
During the Civil War, women served as
The right to a hearing before being jailed is guaranteed by
Which battle began when Southern troops entered a town looking for shoes?
The North's plan to split the Confederacy in two was the
What was a Northern goal?
The Battle of the Monitor and the Merrimac was historic because
Which battle lasted two days and was one of the most bloody fighting of the war?
Abraham Lincoln signed this document during the Civil War
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Mi familia _______ (cenar) tarde cada dia.
Estas faldas _______ (costar) cincuenta dolares.
Siempre __________ (llover) el fin de semana
Las tiendas __________ (cerrar) a las seis.
Tu no me ______ (creer).
En este caso el español nosotros ______ (usar) muchos verbos.
Mi padre ______ (pensar) en un cambio de trabajo.
Marta, tú siempre ______ (olvidar) todo.
En diciembre la gente ______ (comprar) regalos para Navidad.
Yo ______ (preferir) el vino tinto.
Juan ______ (vivir) con sus abuelos.
Vosotros ______ (poder) salir a las 2:55.
En el fin de semana yo me _______ (levantar) tarde.
Yo __________ (querer) escribir una carta.
Las clases ________ (empezar) a las 8:10.
Lo ________ (sentir - yo) mucho , pero no tengo la tarea.
My mother and father and sister are coming to dinner tonight.
I like learning English, but it makes me tired.
Just a toy car
The small girl seemed to be lost she was crying looking for her mother.
We are moving to Cincinnati in July I'll go to school there.
Caused a lot of damage.
My car ran out of gas, so I was late for my appointment.
I missed several classes because I was sick I hope I will pass English class.
I didn't think it would be necessary to take my umbrella; after all, the sun was shining when I went home.
My family reunion is in three months I wonder if everyone will be there.
le football
une équipe
un ballon de foot
une footballeuse
un footballeur
un but
un survêtement
le vestiaire
un siège
des gants
un abonnement
le blason de l'équipe
une écharpe
une bouche de métro
des chaussettes
des chaussures
How many bones are in the human adult hand?
What is the name of the bones most commonly called the fingers?
What are the name of the bones in the wrist.
How many metacarpals do humans have in one hand?
What are the standard positions of the hand.
What are the standard positions of the wrist
How is a hand x-ray commonly performed?
What is the side of the hand that contains fingernails called?
What are the three sets of phalanges?
What side of the forearm is closest to the body?
What is the sources of energy in the water cycle?
Which is a type of precipitation?
Evaporation is when _____ changes to ______.
When condensation happens, ______ appear.
______ air rises.
As the water vapor rises, it begins to cool and _________ happens.
_______ is the evaporation of water from plants.
What causes precipitation?
Which of these is not a type of collection of precipitation?
Which is the first step in the water cycle?
¿Cómo se dice arm en español?
¿Cómo se dice face en español?
¿Cómo se dice feet en español?
¿Cómo se dice nose en español?
¿Cómo se dice hair en español?
¿Cómo se dice ears en español?
¿Cómo se dice mouth en español?
¿Cómo se dice hands en español?
¿Cómo se dice stomach en español?
¿Cómo se dice eyes en español?
¿Cómo se dice head en español?
¿Cómo se dice legs en español?
After research and testing the scientific method will produce
The 1 factor being tested is called
Which is an EDUCATED guess
The difference between control and experimental groups
The number of variables an experiment can have
Why do you have a control group and experimental group?
The control group for wanting to find out if plants grow better with fertilizer
Weather is predicted each morning by the weather person this is
The farmer determined it was better to get work done in the morning, this is...
Jim gave his dog 2 different kinds of treats for a week to see which one he liked better this is...
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Answers by Educators Question Database
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Democracy can be defined as
What did Robert Fulton's steamboat accomplish?
The Sugar Act and the Stamp Act caused which cry to be heard in America?
Lewis and Clark, the Oregon Trail, the California Gold Rush are all part of . ..
The first form of self-government in America was
The Proclamation of 1763 restricted colonists to not cross the
A republic is a government where
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence and purchased the Lousiana Territory from France?
What role did newspapers play during the Revolutionary War?
Why did many delegates to the United States Constitutional Convention oppose ratification?
What was the main purpose of the Nuremberg Trials?
In the US, which of the following groups were sent to Relocation camps?
Which of the following leaders started the Fascist party?
Italy, Germany, Japan and six other countries during WWII were considered the
What was the Potsdam Declaration?
Which of the following describes Hitler?
The immediate result of the US declaring war on Japan was what?
What happened to 110,000 Japanese Americans during WWII?
What was the term used for the German way of attacking a country with an all our strike?
Who was President of the US at the end of the war who decided to drop the bombs on Japan?
In general the Greeks worshipped...
In a ________ the citizens govern themselves.
This war matched Sparta and Athens and divided much of Greece.
This ancient civilization was the first to have a Republican form of government.
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