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During an experiment on plant growth students kept track of how tall each plant was for six weeks. What are these height measurements?
What happens to living things when the physical environment changes?
What is an ecosystem?
What tool do you need to use bacteria?
Which of the following is not an adaptation?
How does pollination help plants?
Which of the following is not a way mircoorganisms benefit humans?
Which group has the greatest number of different kinds of organisms?
Which of the following is a microorganism?
Which environment or group includes only one kind of living thing?
Soil is an example of a
People working to produce goods or services
People who use resources to make goods and/or provide services
Focusing on one product or service
Food, air, shelter, and water
The people of Mali traded gold for salt with other people. This is an example of
Virginia specializes in what?
The next best choice that is given up when a decision is made
The choice of or decision among alternatives or possibilities
Virginia is known for shipbuilding. This is known as
A mineral is defined as any naturally occuring crysalline solid.
Finding the refractive index of soils is a good way to characterize them.
Refractive index is a physical property of all materials that transmit light.
Soil is produced by a complicated process that is influenced by factors, such as temperature, rainfall, and the chemicals and minerals present in the material from which it forms.T
The uniquenessof soil composition has helped locate burial sites and link suspects to crime scenes.
Glass is callled an amphibious solid because it atoms are arranged in a random fashion.
Ech type of glass has a density that is specific to that glass. One method of matching glass fragments is by a density comparison.
The forensic definition of soil is
Density is defined as
Glass evidence is considered
Which of the following is not a physical property of a material or substance?
A glass fragment is dropped into a test tube filled with a particular liquid. If the fragment floats on the ice surface, the density of the glass is ________ the density of the liquid.
The refactive index of a glass fragment
A piece of glass gas a bullet hole that is larger on one side of the glass that on the other. This indicates
In examining a glass fracture pattern, the radial lines are
A man claims that someone broke into his house through the window, the investigator believes that the window was broken from the inside of the house. What evidence would lead the investigator to believe this?`
If two fracture lines meet, it is easy to determine which fracture occured first
Glass is considered to be
It is useful to find the Becke line when examining
One method of determining if the evidence glass matches the glass from the crime scene is to compare the:
All substances can be toxic depending on the dosage
Toxicology is the study of poisons and the identification of drugs and other substances a person may have used for medicinal purposes only
Toxis substances are also classified by how people are exposed to them. By definition, people may be exposed intentionally, accidentally, or deliberately.
Chronic exposure to toxins
For a substance to be acutely toxic it must have effects that
Some of the factors that influence the effects of poinsons in the bodty are
Alcohol is considered to be a
The blood alcohol content (BAC) can be determined by a breath test because
If a BAC level is found to be below 0.08%
Blood alcohol content is dependent on
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How many elements are in this formula: C3H8O4C
What do scientists call a substance that is made of two or more elements?
What is a pure lump of elemental gold made of?
Which of the following is the best model for molecules in a gas?
Early chemists thought the parts of the atom were spread evenly throughout the atom. How has the model changed? We now know
An understanding of the structure of an atom has been developed. How much time did it take to do?
What happens to molecules of a liquid when it turns to gas? The molecules have:
An increase in temperature of a liquid causes it to change to which phase?
A decrease in the temperature of a gas would cause a change to which of the following phases first?
Students placed a balloon with air in the freezer for several hours. What will they observe when they take the balloon out?
Sidewalks have cracks that are imprinted every meter or two. What is the purpose of these cracks?
Charles's law states that
What is the relationship between pressure and temperature of a gas?
Boyle's law teaches us that
Why might a metal door be difficult to open on a hot day? The door
When a substance goes directly to a solid from the gas state the process is called
Windows in houses are designed to never fit tightly into the frame of the house. Why might this be?
Molecules move fastest in which state?
Which state of matter takes up the most space?
Which state of matter has a definite volume, but no definite shape?
Which state of matter has a definite shape and a definite volume?
In a limited government people have the right to...
What is a direct democracy?
Rome had a representative democracy which means...
What country was considered the Birth Place of Democracy?
What are goods and services?
What is a society?
What is colonization?
Some of the things that make up a culture are...
A negative effect of colonization was ...
I can tell a country has the most power on a map because they have the most...
What is a domestic system?
What is a factory system?
What is culture?
The 13th Amendment outlawed _______?
The 14th Amendment granted ___________ to all persons born in the US, regardless of race.
The 15th Amendment granted ___________ to all persons born in the US.
According to the 14th Amendment, all persons born in the United States are citizens of the United States and are granted ________ under the law.
Abraham Lincoln's Reconstruction plan called for reconciliation instead of _____________.
Reconstruction ______________ were harsh and created problems in the South because they attempted to give meaning to the freedom that former slaves had achieved.
The ___________ used unjust laws, fear, and violence to intimidate African Americans.
The _____________, which authorized the use of federal troops, granted civil rights to African Americans.
Northern Soldiers supervised the South as a result of the _____________.
When the ____________ granted citizenship to all freed slaves, it also granted equal protection under the law.
The _______________ played beautiful music at the concert.
When my mom __________ me with a disappointing look, I knew I was in trouble.
I was so sleepy this morning, I __________ into class and sat down.
My brother must be starving, he is ____________ his hamburger.
I raised my hand to let my teacher know I was having ________ with my headphones.
My sister and I are always getting in trouble for ____________ over the front seat.
When I got my packet I ___________ my grades to see how I did.
When my brother and I don't share our toys, we get _________ by my father.
When you are playing sports you have to make ________ decisions about what to do with the ball.
I think it is important to learn from your ___________, so you can do better next time.
I was so thirsty I ________ down a whole glass of water then filled my cup again.
I had to ________ before answering the question to make sure I had the right answer.
Which paring of sacred text and religion is correct?
Which is a literate adult in Europe likely to have?
How does having natural resources help the economy of a country
Which religion is the most dominant (largest number) of followers in Europe?
What do Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have in common?
How did smog problem in the UK contribute to the acid rain problem in Germany
Founder of Judaism
FOunder of Islam
Founder of Christianity
Holy Book of Christians
Holy book of Islam
Holy book of Judaism
Followers of Islam
Followers of Judaism
Followers of Christianity
Symbol of Christianity
Symbol of Islam
Symbol of Judaism
Place of Worship Islam
Place of Worship Judaism
Place of Worship Christians
Fact about Judaism
Fact about Christianity
Fact about Islam
Germany acid rain effected
United Kingdom smog affected
Ukraine nuclear reactor explosion effected
The climate of Russia is
United Kingdom's climate is
If you were traveling from Africa to Europe what body of water would you cross.
_____ are establishments that sell goods and services to the general public.
The buying and selling of retail goods on the Internet.
_____ sell products to distributors or retailers and not usually to the end-user or consumer.
_____ are businesses that use means other than traditional storefronts to sell their products, such as infomercials, catalogs, door-to-door solicitation, trade shows, and vending machines
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
A cell that is highlighted or outlined with a black border is referred to as what?
What could your school secretary use a spreadsheet to do?
What computer program is made up of rows and columns that form cells?
The intersection of a column and row in a spreadsheet is called what?
Numerical DATA entered into a spreadsheet is called what?
What is a statement that performs a calculation in a spreadsheet?
Which is NOT used in a spreadsheet application?
What is a business use of spreadsheet software?
What is alphabetical text entered into a spreadsheet?
A mathematical operation that is built into a spreadsheet program to perform shortcut calculations is called what?
Which of the following biome has animals that estivate?
In which biome is perfmafrost a major component of the soil?
Which biome is dominated by woody shrubs and trees that lose their leaves?
Which biome commonly has drought, wildfires and many herbivores?
Which biome has many plants that have oily leaves which help fuel fires during the warm, dry summers?
Which of the following organisms would be found in the tundra?
How have animals in the tundra adapted to their environment?
Which of the following biome is found at the highest latitudes?
Which biome is most easily disrupted and very slow to recover from disturbances?
Which biome is characterized by nutrient poor soil?
What is the shape of DNA?
How do the bases in DNA pair?
What bases are purines?
What bases are pyrimidines?
What type of bonds hold the bases together?
What type of bonds are between the sugar and phosphate
What protein does DNA wrap around?
How long is a strand of DNA that is unwound?
Where is DNA located?
What are the parts of a nucleotide?
Miguel limpiГі
Mi abuela me ayudГі
Mi mama pasГі la aspiradora
sacaste la basura
trabajaron mucho ayer
hablaron in class
Papa lavГі el coche
el otro dia bailamos mucho en la fiesta
When one trait is not completely dominant over another.
A way to organize possible offspring combonations.
An organism\'s appearance.
The gentetic make-up of an organism.
The mathematical chance that something will happen.
A plant with two of the same alleles is said to be this.
A plant with both the recessive and dominant allele is said to be this.
What is the probability of rolling a die and getting a 4?
What is the probability of flipping two coins and geting 2 tails?
Cross Rr and rr plants. What percentage of the offspring would be homozygous recessive?
Who did the colonists think was a hero? He struck the first blow against the French.
Protestants who wanted to leave the Anglican Church and found their own churches were...
The signing of the Magna Carta established the principal of...
What angered wealthy speculators because they owned land west of the Appalachian Mountains?
Which colony was created so debtors and poor people could start over?
The Boston Tea Party was...
The Seven Years' War was between __________________ and ________________.
The first man to sign the Declaration of Independence was _______________________.
William Dawes and ____________________ warned John Hancock and Samuel Adams that the British were coming.
What crop helped Jamestown settlers make a profit for their investors?
There, is a bad day, it always appears stunning.
My person is the last characteristic that you would try to think of.
A bike that has 2 wheels can backstabs.
Old English, is not common.
Habenero peppers are spicier then Jalepeno peppers.
I want my money back!
Have a nice day.
Arts is the best subject.
The Magic game was awesome.
Chili Peppers!
Although poisoning is popular in murder mysteries and detective stories, it is:
Controlled substances are defined as:
Hallucinogens are:
LSD was originally found in a fungus that grows on rye and other grains in 1938 and is one of the most potent mood-changing chemicals. It is:
Narcotics act to:
Botulism is the:
Marijuana is considered to be a
Ethyl alcohol is considered to be a
Over the counter drugs such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, acetylsalicylic acid and naproxen are considered:
The federal agency most responsible for drug enforcement is:
The combined set of laws used to govern the regulation of drugs is called:
The president who established the DEA is:
The most commonly abused drug is:
The most commonly used illicit drug
Which test is used to test for barbiturates?
The __________ test is used to test for LSD.
Which of the following tests for MDMA?
Marijuana is found by using which of the following tests?
Which test is used to test for cocaine?
Newton's 1st law is also know as the law of ____________
Inertia describes an object tendency to
speed =
Force is measured in units known as
Gravity is a measure of an objects
Friction is a force that
Objects will accelerate in the direction of the force according to
Newton's 3rd law explains
Action-Reaction forces are always
Which of the below represent balanced forces?
Answers by Educators Question Database
This Prison/Armory was stormed after the Tennis Court Oath by the women of France.
The name of the invention used for the execution of Frenchmen during the Revolution
True or False: Suffrage means the right to vote.
The bloody event from France in 1789-1799
leader of the Committee of Public Safety during the Reign of Terror
The five moderate men who ruled France after Robespierre was beheaded, from 1795-1799
This person overthrew the Directory through a Coup d'etat. He became Consul (emperor)
The leader of France at the Start of the Revolution
Napoleon was first exiled from France here, he escaped.
Place where Napoleon was defeated during his Hundred Days
Place where Napoleon was exiled the 2nd time. He died here.
Napoleon's final attempt at power
restored the borders of Europe in 1815 back to what it was before the French Revolution.
Which of the following is NOT a short term change?
A sheep population that lives in California has been thriving on the natural environment due to increased producer populations. A drought occurs in the area. Which of the following is most likely to happen?
A forest fire destroys a small section of the rainforest ecosystem, which of the following organisms is most likely to survive?
Annual flooding causes rivers to overflow and runoff pollution gets into the river. Which of the following adaptations would an organism need to survive in the river ecosystem?
Which of the following is a possible effect of a meteor impact?
What is El Nino/La Nina?
A volcanic island has a very biodiverse population in its ecosystem. The plants on the island have very successful populations. The volcano erupts, sending ashes into the sky. Which of the following is most likely to happen?
The trees in an ecosystem are destroyed by a hurricane. How would that affect an ecosystem?
Which is considered a disturbance?
How do short term changes affect organisms?
When a large amount of water has been lost or removed
The black lead in a penci is called
To refuse to believe or accept something
The _________________ lifting mechanism needs fluid.
_______________ energy keeps Earth's interior hot.
The natural features, population, culture of a regioin
To push or force something out
pictures or words drawn on a wall or building
A scientist that studies rocks and soil
To cause light , a picture or a movie to appear on a surface
All of the following are true about macros except:
When calculating cumulative index value, Group One macros are multiplied by what factor?
When calculating cumulative index value, Group Three organisms are multiplied by what factor?
Calculate the cumulative index value for a sample with 2 types each of Group 1, 2, and 3 macros
Calculate a sample that contains 2 Group Ones, 4 Group Twos and 3 Group Threes
Calculate a macro sample with 2 Group 1's, 3 Group 2's and 3 Group 3's.
Leeches, worms, and snails all belong to which macro group?
Group one macro invertebrates would be described as
When calculating cumulative index value, Group two macro invertebrates are multiplied by what value?
The term benthic means
What tool would you use when measuring length?
Based on desnity, which container would suspend in a tub of water?
657 mL= _____ L
29 kg = ______ g
What is the measure of the force of gravity called?
What is the degree of hotness or coldness?
What do you call the amount of mass in a given volume?
What is the metric scale for measuring temperature?
6.492 m= _______ cm
What unit would you use to measure the amount of water in a bathtub?
This is what we call the international sytem of measures.
The amount of matter in an object is the ___________.
This is the measure of how long an object is.
What unit would you use to measure th mass of 20 pennies?
What unit would you use to measure your mass?
What is the basic unit for measuring length?
What do you call the amount of space occupied in 3 dimensions?
32 cm = ___ mm
68 m = ___ mm
What unit would you use when measuring mass?
Newton's first law of motion is often called the law of
An object will not change its velocity unless acted on by an unbalanced force is known as the
The tendency of an object to resist a change in its motion is known as
A push or pull is known as a(n)
When forces are equal in size and opposite in direction we say that they are
Which of the following statements is NOT true?
What is the net force on an object that is pulled to the left with a force of 8N and to the right with a force of 6N?
What is the net force on an object that is pushed to the left with 6N of force by one person then to the left with 3N of force by another?
Which of the following scenarios will result in zero net force, or no motion?
Newton's second law of motion is known as
Which of the following has the measurement matched with an INCORRECT unit?
Which of the following statements is NOT true when discussing Newton's Second Law of Motion?
What is the force applied to a 22kg box that is accelerating at 2.2m/s^2? (m/s^2 is meters per second squared)
If 16 N of force is applied to an object with a mass of 72 kg, then what would the object's acceleration be?
Which of the following is NOT a true statement about weight and mass?
To calculate the weight of an object you:
The ____ Law states that forces occur in pairs that are equal in size and opposite in direction.
Enzymes are usually
Glycogen, starch, and cellulose are examples of:
Amino acids are subunits used to build:
The polysaccharide used by animal cells to store glucose is
Cell membranes are made up of
Cell membranes contain ___________ tails
Macromolecule used for energy that has a 1:2:1 ratio of C:H:O
a macromolecule is composed of smaller units called
Which of the following includes all of the others?
What element must a compounds contain to be organic?
Which macromolecule monomer contains amino- and carboxyl- group?
How many different elements are in this formula: C6H12O6
How many atoms are in this formula: C6H12O6?
How many elements are in this formula: AlBr3
How many atoms are in this formula AlBr3
How many elements are in this formula: C3H6O2
How many atoms are in this formula: C3H6O2?
How many atoms are in this formula: Mg(NO3)2
How many elements are in this formula Mg(NO3)2
How many atoms are in this formula: C3H8O4C
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which nonliving part of an ecosystem do plants need in order to make food?
At the end of every food chain is a
Which of the following correctly matches the type of animal with its characteristics?
Which characteristic is learned?
Which of these is the source of energy for ALL organisms in a food chain on land?
Which of the following behaviors is an instinct?
All animals need what to survive?
Roots help a plant to survive by
Which of these is NOT a basic need of all plants?
All decomposers
The Space race was was between these two world superpowers
Which event was the first "shot" of the space race?
Which tool would be used to observe far off galaxies from Earth?
Gravity on the moon is less than that of Earth because
The Earth-centered model of the solar system developed by early Greek astronomers is commonly refered to as a
Kepler made this important discovery about the orbits of the planets
Which observation was made by Galileo using the telescope?
Satellites stay in orbit because they are traveling at the same rate of the Earth's rotation. If the satellite begins to slow what will probably happen?
Which of the following is an advantage of the modern space shuttle
Which US Space program included several lunar landings
Which statement is not true of gravitational force?
Which object would have greatest acceleration if pushed with 10 Newtons of force?
Person A applies a force of 10N; in the opposite direction Person B applies a force of 13N. What is the resulting Net force?
What is the accleration of a car that goes from 0 km/h to 60 km/h in 5 s
What is the distance traveled divided by the time taken to travel that distance?
How much momentum does a 21 kg bicycle have if it travels at a rate of 3 m/s
Which statement correctly explains why the bowling ball cause the pins to fall?
A motorcycle and a bus are both traveling at 25 km/h. Why is the motorcycle easier to stop
Which of the following can occur when an object is accelerating?
Ball a bumps into Ball B. Which is the same before and after the collision?
In many cells, the structure that controls the cell's activities is the
Despite difference in size and shape, all cells have cytoplasm and a
If a cell of an organism contains a nucleus, the organism is a
What is the function of the Golgi apparatus?
Distinct threadlike structures containing genetic information are called
Prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells contain genetic material in a nucleus.
Which organelle converts the chemical energy in food into a form that cells can use?
This organelle is considered the powerhouse of the cell.
This scientist improved upon the microscope and was the first to observe live microorganisms.
Prokaryotic cells do not house their own genetic material (DNA).
List the stages of Mitosis in order
The cell divides into 2 new cells each with the same gentic material as the parent cell. This is
The longest phase of mitosis is
Chromosomes line up across the middle of the cell in this phase
The cytoplasm splits and two new cells are formed in this phase
When the egg and the sperm join, this process is called
At the beginning of mitosis there are this number of cells
Meiosis produces this kind of cells
Mitosis is important for all of the following except
Meiosis is important for the following reason
The language that appeals to the senses
To restate in your own words
Compares two apparently unlike things, using the words like or as
Compares two things by saying that one thing is the other
Compares something nonhuman to a human being by giving it human characteristics
Words that imitate sounds
The pattern of strong and weak beats
Figurative meaning
This scientist completed the cell theory and helped refute the idea of spontaneous generation.
This scientist coined the word "cell" from the cork slices he observed underneath the microscope
What structures do all cells have?
One component of the cell theory states that new cells arose from nonliving matter
Protein synthesis occurs in which organelle?
What organelle is considered the "boss" of the cell?
Lysosomes are organelles that
The nucleus includes all of the following structures EXCEPT
What contributes to the difference in appearance of the rough endoplasmic reticulum and the smooth endoplasmic reticulum?
This organelle allows a plant cell to store water.
What are the major types of technology that can be found in schools today?
Which term is best defined as an approach to design all products and environments to be useable by everyone, to the greatest extent possible, regardless of age, ability, or situation?
Type of push technology where an individual can subscribe to an email mailing list.
What is a world wide computer network?
Which are technolgy tools for students and teachers?
What does URL stand for?
How many types of hearing aids are there?
The surface of alternative keyboards are divided into ____________.
Two major types of computer adapatations are alternative input devices and alternative output devices.
Why should teachers integrate technology into the classroom?
sperm duct
prostate gland
The work done by a boy pulling a snow sled up a hill is 425 Joules. What is the power expended by the boy if the he pulls on the sled for 10.5 seconds?
What is the force between all bonds and contact added together?
Ture or False? Efficiency equals the output work, divided by the input work times 100%.
What does a second class level consist of?
Which of the following is a requirement for work to be done?
What is work?
What is a fixed pulley?
What is the equation for power?
Which is not an inclined plane?
A ___________ is an inclined plane around a cylinder or post.
Answers by Educators Question Database
The girl likes to sing. She likes to dance.
Miss Linda likes grammar. She doesn't like mathematics.
We love tacos. We love cupcakes.
Would you like a pizza? Would you like a burger?
The princess fell in love with the prince. The prince fell in love with her.
You can fight the dragon. You can run away.
Do you want to go to Universal Studios? Do you want to go to Disneyland?
The children are playing with many toys. Identify the complete subject.
Many people from Japan travel to Mexico each year. Identify the simple predicate.
Miss Linda teaches grammar during the weekend. Identify the complete predicate.
Mexican citizens travel to foreign countries. Identify the simple subject.
The boys can play soccer when ever they want. Identify the simple predicate.
The japanese like to eat sushi. Identify the simple predicate.
Rock stars are very famous. Identify the complete predicate.
The soccer field is enormous. Identify the simple subject.
I can give you money tomorrow. Identify the simple predicate.
Victor and Jorge are best friends. Identify the complete subject.
What is a Nation/State?
How many nations are there?
What does Sovereign mean?
What is Patriotism?
What is Nationalism?
Which of these nationalities is an example of a stateless nation?
What is a landlocked nation?
What is public policy?
What is a government?
What is Politics?
What is an ideology?
How many types of governments are there?
What is the difference between a Monarchy and a Democracy?
Which of these countries have a dictatorship?
A Theocracy is a government system based on:
A totalitarian system controls what?
A Communistic society is considered part of which two systems?
When Miss Linda speaks
I like to see movies
unless you give me your book
They are going to the concert
Although I don't understand
As you can see
My dog is the best pet
I enjoy your music
Unless you are fine
We love the snow
because it is so beautiful
Where are metals located on the periodic table?
A paper clip breaks after being bent repeatedly. What type of change has the paper clip undergone?
A sample of ethyl alcohol has a mass of 39.5g and a volume of 50mL........What is the density of the alcohol? hint: D=m/v (you need to know this formula)
Anything that has mass and takes up space.
A single kind of matter that is pure, meaning it always has a specific makeup, or composition.
The amount of space that matter occupies. (To calculate: Volume=Length X Width X Height for a solid object)
The basic particle from which all elements are made.
A group of two or more atoms held together by chemical bonds
A force of attraction between two atoms.
A usually solid material that is a good conductor of both electricity and heat. Besides being good conductors, other important physical properties include luster, malleability, and ductility.
A substance that can conduct electric current under special circumstances.
This alters the form or appearance of matter but does not turn any substance in the matter into a different substance.
The fact that matter is not created or destroyed in any chemical or physical change is this.
The melting of ice is this, a change in which energy is absorbed.
Which state of matter has no definite volume and no definite shape?
Which state of matter has definite volume and a definite shape?
Which state of matter has a definite volume but not a definite shape?
In which state of matter do the particles vibrate?
In which state of matter do the particles have enough energy to slide past each other?
In which state of matter do the particles have a low amount of energy?
In which state of matter do the particles have a high amount of energy?
In which state of matter are the particles free to move, but stay close to each other?
In which state of matter do the particle move randomly in all directions?
Which state of matter is the most abundant in the universe?
Which process occurs when a solid changes to a liquid?
Which process occurs when a liquid changes into a gas?
Which process takes place when a solid turns directly into a gas?
Which process occurs when a gas turns directly into a solid?
Which process occurs when a gas changes into a liquid?
Which process occurs when a liquid changes into a solid?
Which process is vaporization throughout a liquid?
Which process is vaporization on the surface of a liquid?
As the temperature increases, the speed of the particles
As the temperature decreases, the speed of the particles
Objects appear different in size and shape when placed in water due to....
What part of the eye is responsible for letting in the right about of light?
Which part of the eye is responsible for receiving light and changing it into electrical signals?
Which of the following best explains why grass is green?
Denise was driving after a summer rain shower. Suddenly the sun broke through the clouds and she saw a rainbow. What made this possible?
What do frequency and amplitude have in common?
Which type of wave from the Electromagnetic Spectrum has MORE ENERGY than visible light?
Ultraviolet Waves.....
Radio waves....
What parts of the eye are responsible for focusing light?
What is the relationship between frequency and wavelength?
Which of the following colors of the visible spectrum has the LONGEST wavelength?
How do people see things?
Which of the following items will absorb the most light?
Visible Light...
The clergy in France's class system in the 1700s;1% of the population;owned 15% of the land
France's Nobility class system in the 1700s;made up 2% of the population;25% of the land
Doctors, Lawyers, Merchants, and Peasants in France's class system;97% of the population and paid all of the taxes in france. Severely misrepresented in France's legislature
France's Legislative Body
The name of the 3rd Estate after it seceded from France and the Estates General
The French Constitution made up by the National Assembly
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The type of cell division that divides somatic cells is ____________.
What type of cells does mitosis occur in?
What is the purpose of mitosis?
Before mitosis occurs, the cell will grow and duplicate chromosomes. What stage of the cell cycle is this?
In what stage of mitosis do the chromosomes line up along the center of the cell
In what stage of mitosis does the nucleus reform around the non-visible chromosomes and the cell starts to divide?
In what stage of mitosis are the chromosomes pulled to opposite ends of the cell?
When does the cytoplasm divide in half to make two new cells?
In what stage of mitosis do the chromosomes become visible and the nuclear envelope disappears?
What is are the products of mitosis?
Why does it appear, from our view on Earth, that the Sun moves across the sky?
Which statement describes how light travels through air?
Which statement is NOT true about a closed circuit?
Which would NOT help you identify a mineral?
Which of these will change the surface of the earth MOST slowly?
Benji found fossils of fish and shells in his frontyard.When the fossils were formed
Which trait CANNOT be inherited?
Why are many species of plants and animals found only in certain parts of the world?
Which of these can be a cause of BOTH weathering and erosion?
Which group of animals is cold-blooded, has dry,rough skin, and lays eggs?
What is the main organ involved with diabetes mellitus???
What does mellitus mean??
Of the below, which is a symptom of diabetes
What type of cells release insulin
What is acromegaly
What is dwarfism?
What is in charge of the anterior pituitary gland?
What type of diabetes requires insulin injections?
When is the onset of type two diabetes?
What type of diabetes is incurable?
What are the three key signs and symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes?
Josiah has Diabetes mellitus. He will...
How might Type 2 Diabetes be controlled?
What causes a goiter?
Whats a normal blood glucose level?
What are the three hormones that are involved in the regulation of fluid and electrolyte balance?
What type of hormone is lutenizing hormone?
What does the hypothalmus gland regulate?
What is diabetes mean?
When insulin is missing...
What is mechanical advantage?
What type of machine is a stapler?
What type of pulley uses several pulleys to increase the mechanical advantge?
What is the equation for mechanical advantage?
No matter what type of machine is used the putput force is never....
Which is not a simple machine?
How quickly work is done is called...
What is done when a force causes an object to move in the same direction that the force is applied?
How do you calculate power
What is the definition of efficiency?
This non-membrane-bound organelle produces proteins.
This organelle gives plants their green color and is where photosynthesis occurs.
This gel-like substance inside of the cell is where chemical reactions occur.
This tough, cellulose, outer covering of plant cells gives shape to the cells, supports them, and protects them.
This bean-shaped orgnanelle releases energy by breaking down food into carbon dioxide and water
This membrane bound space is used for storage, especially in plants.
This outer protective layer regulates interactions and controls what enters and exits the cell.
This membrane-lined organelle contains digestive enzymes and breaks down food waste and worn out cell parts.
These stacked flattened membranes sort and package substances.
These folded membranes, which may be rough or smooth, are where material is processed and transported within the cell.
Ability to cause change in objects or materials is called?
Any material that can burn is?
Thermal energy is
The transfer of thermal energy is
We call the transfer of thermal energy from particles bumping into each other
We call the transfer of thermal energy as particles in gases or liquids move from one place to another
The transfer of energy through empty space happens by
Bundles of energy that transfer heat through empty space as well as through matter are called
The measure of the average energy of motion in matter is known as
The energy given off by the sun alone is called
Can you caculate to estimate the cost of these items in your head?
Our contract states that we have thirty days to make up our minds a bout the purchase.
A synonym for produce is
The athlete developed his skills by practicing everyday.
Anne Sullivan, Helen Keller's teacher, was an exceptional person.
Gravity is weaker on the moon than it is on earth.
Animals have many classified into many different groups.
Because of the cold weather, the air inside my bike tires had contracted. The tires were almost flat.
The park ranger worried that the old silver mine might collapse, injuring visitors.
When balloons expland they
Which sentence is parallel?
After searching for my cat, I finally found her in the doghouse. Find the prepositional phrase.
Phil, ________, was unable to keep the students quiet. Fill the blank.
Which sentence is parallel?
Mary says that there is something relaxing about hiking, sight seeing, and just sitting in the woods. What type of sentence?
Which is a parallel sentnce?
Stacy had difficulty choosing her puppy from the group of wiggling pups. Find prepositional phrase.
Which sentence is parallel?
Which sentence is paralell?
Identify the sentence that is written correctly.
Paul set his books on the table and looked in the refrigerator for a soft drink. Find prepositional phrase.
Kenny, on the other hand, likes the view from the top of the mountain, and he enjoys hiking in the forest.
The rhythm and melodies seemed repititious to us we couldn't understand the words. Wahat is wrong?
______________, we sailed along a peaceful stretch of sandy beach. Fill in sentence.
Tom and Jerry have a big argument every morning over what they should do with their day.
Sherman filled out his questionnaire by saying that on the weekends ___________.
Choose the right answer from the options below.
Find the sentence that is written correctly and is complete.
Which sentence is parallel?
The winning team was on the field ___________________.
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Yo ____ nadar muy rápido.
Ustedes ____ cansados hoy.
Nosotros ___ estudiantes.
Los niños _____ leer.
Yo ____ un café donde sirven deliciosa comida.
Mi casa ____ en el centro de la ciudad.
Yo ____ atlético.
Él _____ cuántos libros están en la biblioteca.
Ellos ____ muy bien la ciudad.
Vosotros ____ cómo se llama el museo.
¿____ tú al director de la escuela?
Los jugadores ____ muy fuertes.
Tú ____ muy alto.
Nosotros ___ lejos del centro.
Ud. ____ los mejores almacenes de la ciudad.
Nosotros ____ dónde está el restaurante.
Yo ____ enferma hoy.
Yo ____ un libro.
El restaurante ____ pollo delicioso.
Las plantas ___ en el jardín.
Tú _____ la computadora a clase.
Nosotros ___ la verdad.
Ellos ____ más comida.
Todos ____ al concierto.
Los ladrones ____ de la policia.
¡El niño ____ a sus padres!
Nosotros ____ la música.
El carro ____ por la calle.
¡Vosotros no ___ en clase!
¿____ tú en el suelo?
Yo ____ el coche de mi papá.
Ella ____ el regalo a su hermano.
¿Qué _____ tú?
Tú y tus amigos ____ la televisión.
Mi hermano y yo _____ en el ajedrez.
La maestra ___ los examenes.
Yo ____ a Florida para vacaciones.
I like to eat hot dogs, but I prefer burgers. What kind of sentence is it?
When I go to the movies, I like to eat popcorn with salsa. What kind of sentence is it?
The tundra is my favorite biome. What kind of sentence is it?
Sushi with salmon is my favorite roll. What kind of sentence is it?
If you want a wonderful experience, visit Disneyland. What kind of sentence is it?
Jose Pablo wants to see Maroon 5, and he wants to see Coldplay. What kind of sentence is it?
There are a lot of videogames and newbies at the convention. What kind of sentence is it?
I want to play soccer, but I feel sick today. What kind of sentence is it?
When I see my best friends, I feel so excited. What kind of sentence is it?
Miss Linda loves rock music. What kind of sentence is it?
Copper is used for wires because it is ductile. This is a chemical property.
Shape is a chemical property.
Carbon dioxide goes from solid to gas without becoming a liquid. This is a chemical change.
____ is a physical property
The temperature at which a liquid becomes a gas is the _______ point.
The melting point of silver is a _________.
You can separate sugar from sand because sugar is ______ and sand is not.
An example of a chemical property is _________.
When a peeled banana turns black, it is a _________.
The change that is NOT a physical change is _______.
An example of a chemical change is _______.
Potassium has the atomic number of 19, with a mass of 39.098. What is the proton count for potassium?
Potassium has the atomic number of 19, with a mass of 39.098. How many neutrons does potassium have?
An element is made of only one kind of __________.
On the periodic table, metalloids are found ______.
_________ tells you the number of protons in the nucleus of each atom of an element.
________ is formed when two or more substances come together but don't combine to form new substance.
Elements in a _______________ are always combined in the same proportion by mass.
A chemical change must have which of the following results?
Luster is a property that describes the shininess of a metal.
Miss Linda writes in the notebook. Identify proper nouns.
Victor plays the guitar. Identify common nouns.
My cats are Nina and Kitina. Identify proper nouns.
The paleontologist studies a lot. Identify common nouns.
Real Madrid is the best soccer team. Identify the proper nouns.
Adam is an amazing singer. Identify the common nouns.
Dr. Who is weird. Identify the proper nouns
Suki is an awesome dog. Identify common nouns.
Students don't like Grammar. Identify common nouns.
Oasis is my favorite band. Identify the proper nouns.
A key difference between commercial banks and credit unions is that:
Which aspect of security at a depository institution is NOT TRUE?
If you're concerned about safety, which type of depository institution should you choose?
David made a mistake in his checking account and spent $10 more than he had. He will be charged
Common fees that may be charged by a depostiory institutions include all EXCEPT
Ariel asked advise on which type of account would be best for her. She wants to save money safely
Savings tools offered by depository institutions may earn interest. Which is NOT TRUE about interest?
Which statement is NOT TRUE about property taxes?
Who is Medicare designed to help?
Which statement is TRUE about Payroll Taxes?
Taxes that are charged on consumption items, such as gasoline are called ___ taxes
If you are charged 7% more than the price tag showed for an item, what is this charge for?
To increase his net worth, Jackson should:
To calculate your net worth, you should use the following formula?
You are writng down your liabilities for the Statement of Financial Position. You should include:
Which of the following would most likely be considered a contractual expense?
When is your spending plan complete?
The three (3) forms of financial management are:
Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE about spending plans?
What would be a FIRST step in developing a spending plan for a final year of high school?
I like to go to the movies. I like to go to the theater.
I like chocolate ice cream. I prefer vanilla ice cream.
Do you want a taco? Do you want a tostada?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
I had to search the beach all day, but I finally _______ a perfect seashell.
Which sentence has an infinitive phrase?
Which group of tenses indicates continuing action?
The crazed child made the customers feel too uncomfortable to shop. Find infinitive phrase
George needs to fix the hole in his roof. The next time it rains, his house will get flooded. Combine Sentence.
Which of the following is an example of singular, third person past tense?
Brad's shaking hands made it hard for him to hold his cup. Find infinitive phrase
Either the girl or the boy will come by to fine you for not having toys in your front room. Find parallel
Which sentence is written correctly?
Which sentence is written correctly?
Jelly-like liquid found in all cells.
The Powerhouse of the Cell. This is the site where the cell gets its energy.
Small organelle found in the Nucleus.
The control center of the cell.
Found in plant cells and is used to store water.
The outer boundary of an animal cell. This controls what enters or leaves a cell.
The rigid outermost layer of a plant cell, which is made of cellulose
The green pigment in the leaves and stems of plants that produces food for the plant.
The organelle that stores the chlorophyll.
Contains the information for the traits and characteristics of an organism.
Which statement best explains the significance of THE MAINE
World War I began when
Many United States citizens were accused of being communists due to
Which of the following statements best fits imperialism?
Harriett Morehead Berry
Who proposed the idea of Communism
Which of the following is a negative effect of credit cards
Identify why the German Kaiser surrendered in World War I
Identify the year in which the United States acquired the most land
Which island or group of islands in the Pacific is closest to the United States?
When adding fractions, the denominators must be
If I am subtracting fractions
When multiplying fractions
When adding or subtracting fractions, it is important to remember that
If you have mixed numbers in an addition or subtraction problem, you have to
To divide fractions, we need to first
When dividing fractions, we need to change the divisor (second number) into
"Flipping a number" or using a reciprocal number means that you
dividing fractions: After changing the divisor into a reciprocal number,
If you get an improper fraction as your answer, you should always
Your ideas are the seeds of creation.
Best Buy
The black cat scampered over the grass.
His feet are so large that he doesn't have to use skis when skiing.
safe bet
Mom jumped down my throat when I got an F on my report card.
She made a good model because the camera loved her.
Did you use an electric fan to style your hair today?
The frog without vocal cords is immortal because it cannot croak.
The overcooked turkey was as dry as a bone.
What does the periodic chart tell you about the elements?
All of the elements in a column ...
The protons and neutrons of an atom
All matter is made of
The three major types of rocks are
Which is not a symbol for and element?
Elements can not be broken down into ...
Valence electron numbers ...
A chemical property ...
How are sedimentary rocks formed?
Means to prejudge, usually unfavorably, or to classify a whole class of people as though everyone who falls into the category behaves, thinks, and feels the same way.
The United States has this type of economy- sometimes referred to as free enterprise.
In this type of economy, the government owns, manages, and regulates the production and distribution of goods and services.
A person who creates and manages a business.
Equal opportunity regardless of gender.
A set of learned attitudes, behaviors, and traditions that make up a way of life.
This occurs when people act on their prejudices.
A change or an adjustment to a job or the work environment from the way things usually are done.
One gender consists of 25 percent or less of the workers in the particular occupation.
The workplace includes a variety of workers with different backgrounds, viewpoints, experiences, and ideas.
The determination to stay on track and avoid distractions.
Delay planning
An alternative plan
Long-Term goals
Mid-term goals
Short-term goals
A strategy that shows how to get from where you are to where you want to be.
Experienced people you can turn to when you have a complex decision to make or a problem to solve on the job.
Obstacles that slow or stop progress.
A realistic look at your income compared to your expenses.
Jacques Cartier was an explorer for which country?
Why did Jacques want to explore?
Which country sponsored Christopher Newport?
Why did Christopher Newport want to explore?
Which country sponsored Christopher Columbus?
Why did Columbus want to explore?
What continent did most explorers come from?
Ponce de Leon was sponsored by which country?
What is Ponce de Leon famous for?
Where did Christopher Newport land?
food guide pyramid
drugs and alcohol
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During most of American history the dollar currency could be exchanged for a precious metal. What was this called?
Which government agency is responsible for preserving federal lands and open for visitation?
Who was President of the United States from 1912-1920?
Which law created an agency to control the money supply and manipulate the economy?
Which era occurred between 1900-1920?
Which word describes getting the right to vote?
Who did the 19th Amendment give the right to vote?
Populists supported creating a silver standard for currency with the goal of....
Which of the following is an election to vote on a current officeholder keeping their job?
Which amendment allowed for the direct election of Senators?
A public vote on a policy is called which of the following?
Reformers who wanted to weaken the power of businesses and expand rights for workers and the middle class were called....
Who was the 'trustbusting' President who served from 1901-1908?
Middle class writers and activists who worked for progressive change were called....
What book did Upton Sinclair write describing unsanitary food preparation practices?
Upton Sinclair's exposure of food preparation practices led to the passage of which law?
The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was established by which Muckraker?
Which muckraker was best known for encouraging African-Americans to pursue vocational training?
Which department was created to enforce the food regulations included in the Pure Food and Drug Act?
Which muckraker started settlement houses to help immigrants adjust to their new lives in America?
Which muckraker reported on lynching in the South?
Which of the following was the location of a pivotal moment in the fight for women's suffrage?
Which social reformer was arrested for voting illegally?
What is the name of a change made to a Constitution or document?
What was the name of the movement that believed America's problems could be solved by spreading religion?
Which of the following did Progressive reformers push for?
Who invented the telephone?
Whats the name for the area of America that hadn't been fully settled by 1870, and was still inhabited by Native Indians?
Who invented the light bulb?
What word describes the trend of moving from rural areas to cities?
Which law had the most significant effect in encouraging western migration?
What is the name of the American era that occurred from 1870-1900?
What is the name of the vast flat land in the center of America?
Which of the following led to increased Western expansion during the Gilded Age?
Which word describes the act of blending into a new group of people?
During the Gilded Age many immigrants were pressured to assimilate quickly to the American way of life. What was the name for this?
Which of the following is a 'cap' or 'limit' on the number of people that can be allowed into a country?
Which of the following was a political boss in NYC who is known for his control of Tammany Hall?
Which word describes a group of people that are very similar?
Which of the following ethnic groups is European, Catholic and settled heavily in the Northeast?
Which of the following would be a pull factor for migration to the American frontier?
Which law gave Indians control over territory?
What did the Chinese Exclusion Act do?
Which of the following words means 'how close to something you are'?
Why did the transcontinental railroad increase western migration?
Which of the following inventions made it possible for factories to stay open at night?
Picking out, choosing.
Without doubt, sure.
Excellent, wonderful.
Statue that helps people remember things or events.
Platforms built on the shore or out from it; piers.
A smell
Moving from one place to settle in another.
To look over hastily.
Hairy gray mammal that feeds at night and digs holes in the ground.
A place where two things or parts are joined.
Marsh plants with hollow stems.
Act of kindness.
An agreement to trade; deal.
Channel in which a river flows or used to flow
Roped; caught with a lasso
Person who studies living things.
Hurt the feelings of someone; made angry.
Set of related living things with similar characteristics.
Mass of ice moving very slowly down a mountain or a valley.
Is that your dog?
Dogs are the perfect pets.
What is your name?
I think grammar is very easy.
Where do you live?
My name is Linda
Please give me your homework.
You are amazing!
Close your book and put it inside your backpack.
That dress is gorgeous!
Close the window.
I love you so much!
Don't do that.
The science exam was a piece of cake.
Do you want a taco?
They dry off
You leave
We wash up
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