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Which word best fits the word bestowed.
What can you assume about Americans that have been faithful to their forebearers
Identify below which person would disagree with the line, Our economy is badly weakened, a consequence of greed and irresponsibility on the part of some, but also our collective failure to make hard choices and prepare the nation for a new age.
Which of the following would best fit the Word adversaries
Which word from below could Barack Obama have substituted in place of the word enduring
What is the best way for someone who does not know the meaning of enduring to find the answer for # 5?
Which definition below is most likely intended by the use of the word obscure
What is Barack Obama's most likely purpose in mentioning obscure workers
Which statement below would Barack Obama agree with?
A journalist is writing an article about Obama's speech. What would be the best way for the journalist to summarize the speech?
Cod is a ___________________ resource; gravel is a _______________________ resource+++
Tuna are a ___________ resource and whales are a ______________ resource
Some resources could be renewable but are currently nonrenewable because
Oil and natural gas form
Rock characteristics are important in finding oil and gas because
Oil and natural gas are extracted from the seabed by
Methane hydrates are
Methane hydrates are not a good energy source because
Ferromanganese nodules consist of
Ferromanganese nodules are not a good mineral resource because
Nearly half the world;s manganese comes from
Sea water evaporites are used in the production of
Phosphorite deposits are the remains of marine organisms in upwellings
Most phosphorite deposits are found on land because
Hydrothermal vents and marine mud are potential sources of
________________ is second only to gas and oil in terms of annual economic value
Renewable energy is found in
The most feasible renewable energy resource from the ocean is
The concern about fresh water is
To use sea water as fresh water, we must
Non extractable resources
The invention of ___________ after WWII revolutionized sea transport
Ecotourism helps by encouraging preservation but is harmful when it causes more construction and development
Whale populations were sustainable before 1868 because
Sine 1900 whale populations
Since the IWC moratotrium on whalling in 1986
After the IWC some whaling continues because
Dolphins are not protected by the IWC but are endangered
_______ and _______ are marine animals taken for their fur
Nearly _____________ of the seals and sea lions are taken for fur annually
A common use of algae is as
The growth in aqua culture is
____% of the seafood we eat comes from the aqua culture
Difficulties of aqua culture include
Bioprospecting is
Safe bioprospecting requires a series of innoculations
__________% of the protein in the human diet comes from the sea
Commercial fish are found in the waters of ________________ because ______________
____________ is the fish group that accounts for the largest commercial harvest
Industrial fishing is
Industrial fishing is ____________ % of the world commercial fish catch
According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization the trend in world fish catch since WWII is
Some doubt the UN Food and Agriculture Organization accuracy because
The predicted trend is that the worldwide fisheries
____________ is taking no more fish than would affect future populations. Exceeding this is
_______________% of the world's fisheries are overfisshed or depleted
Response to the overfishing that make the problem worse are
Fishing species low on the food chain
Indirect effect of fishing on the environment include
Pew Ocean Commission 2003 recommends restoration and preservation of US marine resources
The primary methods used in commercial fishing include
The fishing industry thrives despite the fact that the fish sell for less than it costs to catch them because
Mare Liberum established the concept of
The first seaward boundary was _________km
The Truman proclamation in 1945 changed to concept of territorial waters by
The UNCLOS EEZ (exclusive economic zone) is 370 km of a nation's shoreline
The US EEZ is
Biodiversity is the idea that every organism is a biological resource because
Any segment with endpoints that are on a circle is a _____?
A chord that passes through the center of a circle is a _____?
The distance around a circle is the what?
The locus of all points in a plane equidistant from a given point is a what?
What is the formula to find the circumference of a circle?
A ______ has the center of the circle as a vertex, and its sides contain two radii of the circle.
A circles angles always add up to be how many degreEs?
A ______ polygon has all its vertices lying on the circle.
A ______ circle contains all vertices of a polygon on it.
A diameter of a circle is _____ greater than the radius.
Answers by Educators Question Database
To select a portion of a clip you can set In and Out points. To set an In point, simple move your playhead to the desired starting point of your selection and press the ___ key.
____________ are partial copies of clips that are commonly used when working with very long clips, especially when there are several parts of the same original clip that might be used in a sequence.
The __________ is where you will add clips to your sequences, make editorial changes to them, add visual and audio special effects, mix soundtracks and add titles and graphics.
The default tool in Adobe Premiere Pro is the selection tool. Which keyboard shortcut is used to change to the selection tool?
A(n) __________ is a container for a series of clips that play, one after another, sometimes with multiple blended layers and often with special effects, titles and audio to produce a completed film
How many sequences can you have in a project?
Multiple layers of video and audio are arranged into ______________ in a sequence.
When you add new clips to a sequence, Adobe Premiere Pro automatically ________ or adjusts the clips to match the sequences frame rate, frame size and audio mastering format.
Viewing your content by clicking and dragging the playhead is referred to as_______.
A(n) _______________ edit is when you place a clip between 2 other clips.
Which of these is not an organism?
The smallest unit of life that all living things are made up of are called?
An organism makes internal changes to maintain or keep the right amount of water and food in its cells. This is an example of?
The main source of energy for most living things comes from the?
You getting bumpy skin and shivering when cold is an example of?
You notice that your dog has become too heavy to pick up and carry anymore. this is an example of?
I had to run a mile during gym today and I was able to run it in 8 minutes.
What is the length of time an organism is expected to live?
Respiration is a very important function that all living things perform. Respiration occurs in cells. What is the correct equation?
The opossum is omnivorous, eating a large variety of plant and animals such as: fruits, insects and other small animals. This is an example of?
If attacked or unable to fight or run from danger, an opossum plays dead. sometimes it does this for hours by lying on its side while its mouth and rear emit a green fluid whose horrible odor deters most predators. This is an example of?
The male opossum attracts the female by making clicking sounds with its mouth. Female opossums have litters up to twice a year and the males part ways once they are born. This is an example of?
Opossum droppings may resemble droppings of a house cat, small dogs, coyotes and foxes. This is an example of?
Which of the following is the best example of homeostasis?
What are the three major ethnic groups in the Middle East?
What are the three major religions of the Middle East?
What is the largest ethnic group in the Middle East?
What religion is most common among the Persian Ethnic Group?
What rules do Christians and Jews use to guide their daily life?
What rules do Muslims use to guide their daily life?
Which ethnic group is connected through the Arabic language?
What religion is most practiced by the Kurds?
Which ethnic group is the minority in 4 Middle Eastern Colonies?
What is the oldest monotheistic religion?
Which of these items is least likely to have been made by the Inuit as they adapted to theiri environment
Which of the following best describes what most scientists believe to be the migration route of most Native Americans?
The first Native Americans Migrated to the Americas from_______________
Another word for migrating is ______________.
Places where Native American settled that had water, land, animals, plants, and other natural resources is called
Paths that Native Americans took to their new homes in are called
To use the natural resources to adjust to livin in a particular environment is a called
Tales that explain how the earth and its people came to be
Where do we believe Native Americans Migrated From
Which of the following is not a natural resource
In which of these environments did nativeAmericans choose to settle?
Native Americans, such as the Inuit, used the __________________ around them to adapt to the environment.
Another word that means the same as adapting is ____________.
Why are grasslands not good for growing crops for food.
Most American Indians tell origin stories, or tales that explain
Where did the American Indians come from before they migrated to North and South America?
How has people’s use of energy changed over time?
Why is electricity often considered to be the form of energy most important to people?
What is the difference between a renewable resource and a nonrenewable resource?
Which of the following is NOT a fossil fuel?
Why do some people suggest we not rely on nonrenewable resources?
Which would be the best place to generate hydroelectricity?
Which list contains common biomass energy sources?
Tricycle is related to three in the same way biomass is related to __________.
What do solar energy and wind energy have in common?
Which energy sources could provide energy to run an electric vacuum cleaner or power the lights in a football stadium?
structures that perform specific functions within the cell
single-celled organisms that do not have a nucleus or membrane-bound organelles; has cell membranes and the DNA is located in the cytoplasm
organisms made up of cells that have a nucleus that contains DNA, membrane -bond organelles, and have cell membranes
a protective layer made of phospholipids that surround the cell and acts as a barrier between the inside of the cell and the cell's environment; regulates what enters and leaves the cell (CELL'S OUTER, PROTECTIVE COVERING)
the region between the cell membrane and the nucleus where most cell activities occur; includes the gel-like fluid, cytoskeleton, and all the organelles except the nucleus (JELLYLIKE INSIDE THAT CONTAINS ITS PARTS EXCEPT THE NUCLEUS)
network of protein filaments that give gives shape and support to cells and is also involved in cell division and movement (SUPPORTING/SHAPING FRAMEWORK)
organelle in eukaryotic cells that contains the cell's genetic material (DNA) and directs all the activities that take place in the cell (CONTROL CENTER OF THE CELL)
organelle that releases energy by breaking down food through cellular respiration (POWERHOUSE/CELL ENERGY PROCESSOR)
small organelles that make proteins (PROTEIN MAKER)
system of folded membranes near the nucleus that make and transport proteins , lipids, and other materials (ASSEMBLY LINE/CONVEYOR BELT)
The three parts of the Federal Reserve System are the Reserve Banks, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), and the:
Which of the following is NOT one of the responsibilities of the Federal Reserve
Which of the following is a unique feature of credit unions
Which type of account is typically the MOST liquid?
Savings accounts usually offer _________ interest rates than checking accounts. It is _________ to access your money in a savings account than in a checking account
What part of a check is the LEAST important?
Which of the following represent typical account fees?
What’s the best strategy for avoiding ATM fees?
What’s the purpose of balancing or monitoring your checking account?
The best way to ensure the accuracy and safety of your accounts is to:
# PESOS = $1
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Queen Liloukalani
Panama Canal
Rough Riders
Leonidas L. Polk
Wilmington Race Riot
5 + 0 = 5
8 x 0 = 0
3 x (4 x 5) = (3 x 4) x 5
4 + 3 = 3 +4
5(4 + 7)= (5 x 4) + (5 x 7)
8 x 1 = 8
6 + (-6) = 0
5 x 7 = 7 x 5
(2 + 5) + 9 = 2 + (5 + 9)
4 x 1/4 = 1
The mid-ocean ridge is formed during seafloor spreading when two tectonic plates move apart. What kind of boundary is this?
In a soil profile, the bottom horizon is also called horizon D. What makes up this hard layer?
What events increased the salinity (salt content) of the ocean?
What salt mostly makes up the ocean?
What causes surface waves and surface currents?
The sun's rays warm our atmosphere through empty space. This is an example of _________
What causes the daily rise and fall of sea level known as the tide?
Deep water currents in the ocean are caused by:
Within our atmosphere, heat is mostly transferred when warm air or water rises and cool air or water sinks. This is an example of what?
Our atmosphere is MOSTLY made of:
Each vertical column on the periodic table is called a(n)
According to the book, what detail of the periodic table tells the physucal state of the element at room temperature?
Transition metals are
How would you describe most metals?
What side of the periodic table has the most metallic elements?
When a halogen reacts with a metal, what is formed?
How many valence electrons fo all elements have in group 16?
The elements to the right of the zigzag line on the periodic table are called
How do physical and chemical properties of the elements change?
Which of the following is a property of alkali metals?
Different forms of the same gene
An inherited physical characteristic of an organism
A chart that helps predict the frequency of traits appearing in offspring from specific crosses
The chance of something happening
The study of how traits are inherited through the actions of alleles
A diagram used to keep track of the appearance of a trait over several generations
The traits you get from your parents
Having two genes that are the same (pure colored) BB or bb
Having two different alleles (bybrid) Bb
Takes over recessive (capital letters); It masks another gene
The process by which genes from one organism are put into the DNA of another organism
The structure in a cell's nucleus that contains genetic material
A type of breeding in which only the organisms with the best traits are allowed to reproduce
The disappearance of all the members of a species from Earth
Organisms with most adaptive traits for the environment most likely to survive and reproduce
The process of changing gradually over time
Changing in a gene (not a bad thing; It can be good)
Adjust to environmental conditions in order to survive
A section of DNA on a chromosome that contains instructions for making specific proteins
The molecule that stores the genetic information of an organism; whole self
These metals have two outer level electrons
These are very reactive nonmetals?
nreactive nonmetals that do not react with other elements under normal conditions?
This metal is part of the Boron group and is used to for aircraft parts?
This element is necessary for objects to burn?
Nonmetal that forms proteins, fats and carbohydrates
Another name for metalloid
Has a complete outer shell of electrons?
Elements whose atoms are radioactive?
Some of these elements are used to make steel?
The third or vertical dimension of land surface
A term used in urban planning for a system of land-use regulations in various parts of the world.
The act of dividing land into pieces that are easier to sell or otherwise develop, usually via a plot.
Typically a piece of property that is divided into lots with houses constructed on each piece of subdivided land
Refers to a list of all planned expenses and revenues
The money that is received as a result of the normal business activities of an individual or a business
The application of the principles of finance to the monetary decisions of an individual or family unit.
An outflow of money to another person or group to pay for an item or service or for a category of costs
A type of debt
A company that maintains the infrastructure for a public service. Examples: Electric, Water, Sewage, Waste, Natural Gas, Heat generation
An industrial facility for the generation of electric power
A machine that converts the kinetic energy in wind into mechanical energy
A type of nuclear technology involving the controlled use of nuclear fission to release energy for work including propulsion, heat, and the generation of electricity
An energy conversion center that burns fossil fuels to produce electricity, designed on a large scale for continuous operation. Examples: Fossil Fuels: Coal, Oil, Gas
A very large tank constructed for the purpose of holding a supply of water at a height sufficient to pressurize a water supply system
Is a structure built to span a gorge, valley, road, railroad track, river, body of water, or any other physical obstacle for the purpose of providing passage over the obstacle
A term commonly used to designate major roads intended for travel by the public between important destinations, such as cities
Comprises all transport systems that transport members of the general public, usually charging set fares.
An identifiable route, way, or path between two or more places
A designated place where a public transport bus stops for the purpose of allowing passengers to board or leave a bus
I hear the radio in the morning.
I like to hear the tv at night.
My mother hears the weather before school.
We hear my parents speaking in the kitchen.
What do you listen to when you ride your bike?
My cousins listen to the radio while working.
I am hearing my grandmother.
The students hear the teacher.
I like to hear the rain.
My grandfather likes to hear the soccer games.
Answers by Educators Question Database
The weight of an object on Venus is about 9/10 its weight on Earth and the weight of an object on Mars is about 2/5 its weight on Earth. What is the difference in the weight of a 170-pound person on Venus and Mars?
The value of a certain stock can be described as 3.75 + 0.05w, where w is the number of weeks since purchasing the stock. If the value of the stock is currently $5.00, how many weeks have passed?
Darren’s cell phone bill can be described as 40 + 10d, where d is the amount of data used in MB. If Darren wants his phone bill to be less than $70 this month, which of the following is the largest amount of data he could use without going over $70?
Is x = 2.5 a solution to the equation 4x + 8 = 18?
Which of the following is a solution to the equation x/3 + 2 = 7?
Braden is reading for history class, starting on page 320. The expression 320 + 2m describes the page number Braden is on after m minutes. How many minutes will it take Braden to reach page 336?
Bethany spent $9.62 on fruit at the grocery store. She bought a watermelon for $4.97 and some grapes at $1.98 per pound. Which equation below can be used to determine how many pounds (p) of grapes Bethany bought?
The temperature where Cally lives is 73° and is falling 2° per hour. Which of the following equations can be used to determine how many hours (h) it will take for the temperature to drop to 65°?
The reciprocal of a negative rational number _____
Which one of the following numbers is not rational?
The number of representatives each state has in the House depends on
All revenue (money) bills originate in the
Impeachment charges are started by the
The presiding officer of the Senate is
The power to declare war belongs to the
The judicial branch
The President of the US does NOT have the power to
The person who takes the president's place if he or she is unable to serve a full term is the
The person who usually administers the oath of office to the president on inauguration day is the
The term of justices of the Supreme Court is
All appointments to the Supreme Court must be approved by
Impeachments are tried by the
The executive branch checks (or controls) the legislative branch by
The legislative branch checks the executive branch by
When the Supreme Court is the court that hears a case for the first time, it is called
When the Supreme Court hears a case that has been tried in the lower courts, it is called
The judicial branch checks (controls) the other two branches by
Treaties negotiated by the president must be approved by the
_____________ has power to admit new states
Which branch of government is responsible for maintaing the army
What is tightly or loosely packed a substance is by taking into account its mass and volume.?
The atoms in a gas move freely and are well separated; therefore, they have a (spread apart)
Mass divided by volume determines or equals
Melting point is temperature at which the state of matter goes from
Boiling point is the temperature at which the state of matter goes from
Freezing point is the temperature at which the state of matter goes from
A pure substance has the _________ melting, boiling, and freezing point regardless of quantity.
Thermal energy is defined as
If a liquid has a mass of 6 grams and a volume of 2 cm3, the density of the liquid would be
The temperature during a phase change
When combining 2 substances which one substance is insoluble,substance with higher density will
Freezing melting point are same temperature, difference is heat is being added or taken away
Temperature is the measurement of
An enormous gap that forms when new crust cools and moves apart is called a
A ____________ occurs wherever two plates move toward each other.
A ____________ can be used to track some plate movements because it stays in about the same place while the tectonic plate above it keeps moving.
Plates move horizontally past each other along a ____________.
A spreading center is a ____________ on the ocean floor.
Patterns of ____________ recorded in ocean-floor rocks provide evidence of plate movement.
Mid-ocean ridges are sites where old crust sinks into the asthenosphere.
Pangaea was a supercontinent that existed about 200 million years ago.
The transfer of heat by the movement of matter is called conduction.
What are Earth's layers from the center to the surface?
Which of these would make the best model of Earth's crust?
A tectonic plate is a slab of Earth's
Which of these did Wegener use to support his theory of continental drift?
Oceanic crust at a mid-ocean ridge is
Scientists think that the main driving force of plate tectonics is
Which of the following is also known as a spreading center?
Earth's magnetic reversals are recorded in
At transform boundaries, two plates
The Alps are forming as a result of the European and African plates pushing against each other. This is an example of
Many scientists rejected continental drift when it was first proposed because
Early studies of the ocean floor helped to develop the theory of plate tectonics because they showed that
Subduction occurs
Which of these did Wegener use to support his theory of continental drift?
Oceanic crust at a mid-ocean ridge is
Scientists think that the main driving force of plate tectonics is
Which of the following is also known as a spreading center?
Earth's magnetic reversals are recorded in
At transform boundaries, two plates
The Alps are forming as a result of the European and African plates pushing against each other. This is an example of
Many scientists rejected continental drift when it was first proposed because
the second series of inner transition elements which goes from thorium to lawrencium
substance that speeds up a chemical reaction but is not used up itself or permanently changed
family of elements in the periodic table that have similar physical or chemical properties
elements in group 17 of the period table
the first series of inner transition elements which goes from cerium to luteium
element that shares properties with both metals and nonmetals
elements in group 18 of the periodic table
horizontal row of elements in the periodic table whose properties change gradually and periodically
elements in groups 1 and 2 and 13-18 of the periodic table; includes metals, nonmetals and metalloids
element that has luster, is malleable, ductile, and a good conductor of heat and electricity
elements in groups 3-12 of the periodic table; metals
The inherited genes from his or her parents determine haircolor, skin color, eye color and other traits
A small section of DNA on a chromosome that has information about a trait (the study of)
The passing of traits from parents to offspring
Derived genetically from one's parents or ancestors
A physical characteristic of an organism
Reproduction in which a new organisms is formed by cell division (one parent)
A new organism is produced from the DNA of two cells (two parents)
The sex cell from the female organism
The offspring produced from the DNA of just one parent cell (a copy)
The process in which sperm and egg join, resulting in a new organism
The sex cell from the male organism
When you view video clips in the ___________________, you watch them in their original format.
When you add a clip to a sequence, the clip retains it's original frame rate, frame size and audio type.
All of the following methods will load a clip into the Source Monitor EXCEPT for which one?
If I hovered my mouse pointer over the Source Monitor and I wanted to make the Source Monitor full screen, which key would I press?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The conveyance of passengers and goods by means of wheeled vehicles specially designed to run along railways or railroads
An underground railway, also known as a metro, underground
In order for your city to make money, you have to have a lot of ________.
What is NOT a way to make money in SimCity?
______________ is what you spend your revenue (money earned) on.
What is NOT an example of an expenditure?
________ is the money you will make in your city
What is NOT a source of income?
__________ are the citizens of SimCity.
__________ is critical to the growth of your city
__________ is a computer simulation program, which stimulates the process of urban planning, infrastructures, and economic growth in a city.
What is NOT a goal of the mayor?
__________ zones are where your Sims live.
____________ zones contain various factories, industries, and warehouses.
_________ zones contain shops and offices.
What is NOT one of the densities for zones?
Place the power plants away from your _________ zones.
__________ and ___________ are utilities essential to your Sims' lives.
The monetary unit (money) of the SimNation is the _________.
You need to place a _____________ and ____________ to satisfy the security needs of your Sims.
Cheryl’s school bus picks up students at her stop at 7:05 a.m. Cheryl needs 45 minutes to eat breakfast and walk to the bus stop. What time should Cheryl start eating breakfast so she will get to the bus stop on time?
The clock below shows the current time on Paul's wristwatch. Paul's grandparents will arrive in 85 minutes. At what time will his grandparents arrive?
Marissa started baby-sitting at 5:45 p.m. and baby-sat until 10:15 p.m. How long did she baby-sit?
It takes Brandy between 15 and 20 minutes to walk to school each day. Which of the following is the best estimate of the total number of minutes Brandy spends walking to school Monday through Friday of one week?
This table shows record low temperatures for some states. Order the temperatures from coldest to warmest.
On one January day in Dallas, the temperature at 8:00 a.m. was 35 В°F. By 10:00 a.m., the temperature dropped 6 degrees. Then it rose 15 degrees by noon and rose 5 more degrees by 4:00 p.m. Finally, it dropped 11 degrees by 10:00 p.m. What integer co
A school counselor allows 15 minutes per student conference, with five minutes between conferences. If she starts her first conference at 10:15, and sees six students, what time will it be when the sixth student leaves her office?
At what temperature does water freeze?
At what temperature does water boil?
What is a reasonable temperature for Texas in summer?
Scarcity is:
Which state specializes in the growth of potatoes?
Which states specialize in the production of oil?
Which state specializes in the growth of sugarcane?
Which products are the specialty of Canada?
Which is not an example of a specialized career?
A school's capital resources would not include:
Which is not a natural resource?
An example of labor would be:
Which is not a source of income to you?
The phrase "survival of the fittest" is coined by
The two types of scientific variables are
Sociologists refer to an observable fact or event that involves human society as a
What is a variable?
What theoretical perspective follows the tradition of Karl Marx?
Herbert Spencer was strongly influenced by the views of biologist
What social science studies such things as government and voting patterns?
The social science that deals with the study of human social behavior from a group perspective is
What is a negative consequence an element has for the stability of society?
What is the social science that examines the choices people make to satisfy their wants and needs?
A push or pull that acts on an object
A force that always acts to oppose motion
A change in a moving objects speed or direction
Which is an example of friction that is helpful?
In order to produce a change in motion, a force must be a(n)
Friction is a force that
One way to increase friction is to use ___________.
What increases friction?
Which surface has the least amount of friction?
The tendancy of all objects to resist a change in motion.
Who is the founder of sociology?
When conducting research, sociologists are guided by
What is positive consequence an element has for the stability of society?
Shared beliefs about what is good or bad, right or wrong, desirable or undesirable are called
According to ___________________, society is divided into two classes, the bourgeoisie (the workers) and the capitalists (those who have the money).
Cultural relativism is the belief that
The use of which of the following is the very basis of human culture?
Who is the anthropologist who compiled a list of more than 60 cultural universals?
What is all the shared products of human groups?
Who is the anthropologist who studied the Yanomamo?
The period of time when European countries sent explorers to find a trade route to Asia was called
Objects left behind by past cultures are called
This type of map show features like mountains, rivers, & lakes
A group of people who settle in a distant land but are still governed by their native country
The sharing of goods between Native Americans and Europeans, as a result of Columbus' voyage
A land bridge that connects Asia and North America
The Spanish explorers in search of gold, glory and god
A complex or sophisticated culture is called a
A map that shows borders, boundaries and capitals is a
All cultures share similar things such as governments, customs, traditions, foods, etc. These are called
Examples of this include clothing, buildings, and automobiles.
Ideas, language, skills, and political systems are examples of
Material culture tends to change more rapidly than
____________________ is the tendency to view one's own culture and group as superior.
What is a subculture that challenges the values of a larger society?
Prohibitions (bans) against killing people and stealing other people's property are examples of
What is ability to see the connection between the larger social world and our personal lives?
Folkways are
Morality and humanitarianism are examples of
What are features common to all societies?
Colonists at Plymouth agree to work together for the good of the colony and obey laws, this agreement is the
Farm produce(crops) or livestock grown or raised for sale are called
A fabled water route believed to cut throught North America to Asia is the
The first form of representative government established in Jamestown, Virginia
French colonist who lived in the woods as fur trappers (also known as Runner of the Woods)
Natives that share similar ways of life-Artic, Great Plains, Northwest Coast, Southeast, Eastern Woodlands and Southwest
A way of life of a group of people is called
Area setteled by the French including Great Lakes, Mississippi River & parts of Canada
The first permanent English colony was settled in 1607 in this city
The alliance of five native american tribes in western NY inclluded the following tribes
Answers by Educators Question Database
a person running for office
a group of people who share the same ideas about how the government should be run
the green parts of a plant,often thin and flat, that grow on stems or branches that make food
substances that living things need to stay alive,stay healthy
The part of a flowering plant that contains seeds, and its often eaten by animals.
an invisible, odorless gas needed for life that makes up a part of the air
the small plant part that can grow into a new plant.
able to be replaced and not permanently used up.
the parts of a plant that grow underground holding it in place and taking in water and nutrients from the soil
a structure or other place that gives protection from bad weather or danger
the top layer of the ground in which plants grow
to come out of a seed and begin to grow.
the main stalk or trunk of a plant that holds it up and brings water to its leaves
tiny openings in leaves and stems that allow gases to enter and exit
the process of giving off water vapor through tiny opening in leaves and other plant parts.
a plant or plant part used as food especially as aside dish in a meal.
water in the form of a gas
the part of a plant cell that contains chlorophyll and makes energy from sunlight, air, water and nutrients
the process of combining male and female to create a new animal or plant
to begin to grow from a seed
the process by which plants turn energy from the sun into food
the part of a plant that grows seeds
Whats the type of economy where the government makes all the decisions?
What is the type of economy where buyers and sellers make most of the economic decisions?
Which invention is Henry Ford associated with helping innovate?
Which President campaigned on a 'return to normalcy' in the 1920's that would reduce foreign intervention and focus on domestic affairs?
President Harding nominated a lot of his friends to his Cabinet. One of these officials accepted bribes from oil companies, creating a massive scandal. What was the name of this scandal?
Goods purchased from other countries are called...
A tax on imports is called....
Which of the following was NOT a pro-business strategy of the Republican Presidents?
What word means to produce more with the same resources?
Fear of Communist infiltration of America was called....
Which group was known for its nativist sentiment and lynching of African-Americans?
The belief that some people are genetically superior than others is called....
Which of the following was NOT a reason the 1920's were prosperous?
What innovation is Henry Ford known for that led to more efficient factory production?
Money owed to a government is called a....
The period of time when alcohol was made illegal is called....
Which amendment made the sell and consumption of alcohol illegal?
Which of the following is a social movement against the consumption of alcohol?
Which activist is best known for helping pass the 18th amendment and starting Prohibition?
What is the informal name of organized crime?
Prohibition led to an increase in ...
Who proposed the theory of evolution?
What illegal practice was put on trial in the 'Scopes Monkey Trial'?
Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan are best known for their involvement in which historical event?
The Harlem Renaissance established which form of music....
What was the name of the movement of African-Americans during the 1920's from the South the the Northeast and Midwest?
Marcus Garvey led which of the following movements....
What was the name of the awakening of African-American culture that occurred in New York in the 1920's?
What was the name for the part of New York City that began producing vaudeville shows and became a hub for new music?
What was the nickname for women who wore dresses and sleeveless shirts in public?
What was a push factor for the Great Migration?
Who made the first manned flight across the Atlantic Ocean?
Who was a leading pioneer in the development of the airplane?
What powers did the Articles of Confederation give to Congress?
Which was NOT a weakness of the Articles of Confederation?
What were the states quarrels about?
What farmer led a rebellion refusing to sell their land and livestock to pay off their debts?
How did some want slaves to be counted in determining representation in Congress?
What was the Great Compromise?
How many executives did the delegates decide to have?
Who were the Federalists?
Which plan called for two houses in Congress?
What experience did most of the delegates bring to the convention?
The main goal for the King when creating the 13 colonies was....
Which act set the rule that the colonies could only trade with England?
What did the colonies feel they should make to avoid chaos?
What item did the colonists smuggle from the French because it was cheaper and had no tax?
Which word means to have ONE person in authority?
Why did the King impose so many taxes?
What was the MAIN outcome of the Boston Massacre?
Which act wouldn't let the colonists move West?
Which act forced colonists to allow British troops into their homes?
Which act made it impossible for the colonists to trade?
Which event was the effect of the Tea Tax by the colonists?
Parliament repealed (took away) the Stamp Tax but also took what away from the colonists?
What replaced the local governments created by the colonists?
In Caesaropapism who has supreme power in Eastern Orthodox Christianity?
All of Rome's Existing laws were put into this law code.
The largest church built by the Byzantine Empire was
Christians in the Byzantine Empire would belong to which Christian Church?
The language mainly spoken in the Byzantine Empire
Slowly over time the Byzantine Empire loses land to which empire?
Which major event doomed the Byzantine Empire happened in 1204?
The power the Pope has to excommunicate means he can do what?
The Pope and Patriarch both excommunicated each other and made their own churches at this event.
Why did the Catholic Church own most of the land in Europe?
a repeating series of events or actions
happening again and again in the same order
an extremely large, powerful, and destructive storm with very high wind that turn around in an area of low pressure
the length of line that goes around a circle or other round shape
the complete path in an electric current travels
a condition that surrounds or causes an event to happen
to get around something in a clever and often dishonest way
located in the center or middle of something
when two or more circles have the same center point
tending to act in a strange or unusual way
On Sunday, Yassif swam 15 2/5 miles in 2.1 hours. What was Yassif’s swimming pace in miles per hour?
Which of the following expressions has a value equivalent to 4.5?
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Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
An object at rest remains at rest, an object in motion remains in motion unless acted upon by a balanced force.
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Law that states all forces act in pairs.
Law that states that the acceleration of an object depends on its mass and the force acting on it.
Why do passengers in a car move forward when the car comes to a sudden stop?
You leave your math book on the kitchen table and it is still there when you get home from school.
You are in a boat and you paddle the water back with your oar. The boat moves forward.
A baseball hit with a bat flies farther than a bowling ball hit with a bat.
In your uncle's car, the harder he pushes on the gas pedal, the faster the car goes.
Your garbage in the cafeteria stays under the table until YOU pick it up.
Area settled by Spanish included Florida, Soutwest, Central and South America
The study of past cultures is called
Group led by William Penn who practiced toleration of many different religions
Tax placed on goods like paper, lead, & glass to raise money for the King
Colonists were forced by law to house and feed British soldiers
This Act was passed in response to Boston Tea Party, ports in Boston were closed and no one could leave or enter the port with supplies
This law placed taxes on all paper products, including stamps, wills, newspapers, and magazines
The law passed that prevented colonists from moving west of the Appalachian Mountains was called
In 1773, The Sons of Liberty dumped 340 chests of tea into the Boston Harbor after being taxed on tea and forced to buy from the East India Company
Took place in 1770, between colonists and people of Boston. Began when people of Boston threw snowballs into a crowd
Name the three types of rocks.
What type of rock is shiny and black?
What type rock looks like it has ribbons through it?
What type of rock looks like it has bubbles in it?
In what rocks are fossils found?
What rocks break easily in your hand?
What is the name of the recurring sequence that illustrates how the three main types of rocks are related?
What type of rock is marble?
What type of rock is limestone?
What type of rock is granite?
Wetlands are important to fisheries in the United States because
Animals that live in estuaries
Tiny animals that exrete limestone (calcium carbonate) are called
What are the two main types of freshwater wetlands?
What is the largest estuary in the United States?
What is one way that coral reefs may be damaged?
Which of the following is classified a marine ecosystem?
How deep does light penetrate into the ocean water?
Which of the following is not an example of zooplankton?
Which ocean zone is the habitat to mostly decomposers and scavengers?
Three turtles swam in the pond.
Molly and Jenny tried to finish a difficult puzzle.
Their mother made a delicious dinner.
Did you see that green car race down the street?
George and Jessica shoveled the snowy sidewalk.
Clean up this huge mess!
The thief walked past the sleeping guard.
Have you seen my blue pencil?
Cheyenne cleaned the dirty window.
The playful chimpanzee swung on the rope.
line segment
Six cups equal how many pints?
Two gallons equal how many quarts?
Three yards equal how many feet?
120 inches equal how many feet?
10 yards equal how many inches?
64 ounces equal how many pounds?
What unit of measure would I use to weigh a car?
The width of a door is about:
Megan's garden is 12 meters by 12 meters square. Plants have to be placed 2 meters apart. How many plants does she need to fill her garden?
One tablespoon equals how many teaspoons?
Which ancient culture used a writing system with pictographs?
The Mycenaeans borrowed their art styles and writing from the...
Today people can learn about Troy from
Which of these Greek city-states had a military culture?
Which of the following did not help form greek identity?
What is an "agora"?
"Epic" means what (related to Greek Culture)?
Which effect matches this cause: The Minoans trade in lands all around the Mediterranean Sea.
Sparta was different from Athens because...
According to Greek mythology, the people of the city states shared a common ansestor named:
The 'steps" of a DNA helix are composed of
The original strand of DNA is also know as the
DNA nucleotides are made of
What is the role of DNA polymerase in DNA replication?
Bases pairs found in a DNA helix are held together by what type of bond?
The "backbone" of a DNA strand is composed of
What causes DNA helix to to "unzip and unwind"?
The sequence on a DNA strand is GGCATTCGC what would the sequence on the complimentary strand be
How does DNA hold information?
DNA is found in
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Which option on the Apply Styles dialog box changes the settings for a selected style?
What type of paragraph indentation forces the first line into a position to the left of the rest of the paragraph
What is the process of changing the appearance of a paragraph of text called?
What type of break is used to create a new section on the same page as previous section?
Which term refers to the two page layout positions of a document?
Lisa wants to adjust the white space around a cell in her table. Which layout feature will she apply?
Lois has created a table in her document. She would like to divide each cell in the top row of her table into row of her table into two separate cells. Which option should she choose?
John wants to add predefined formatting to his table. Which option should he choose?
Which two ribbons become available when atable is selceted in a Microsoft Word document?
Sam has a list of names (Last name, First name) in word that he needs to put into a table and separate the last name from the first. Which option should he use?
One characteristic of event marketing involves promoting and selling a(n)?
Mr. Cochran enjoys taking his family to professional baseball games because of the memories he has as a young boy, What factor motivates Mr. Cochran to attend these sporting events with his family?
The core benefits to customers who purchases sport products include entertainment, health and ?
You are marketing the premier of a new Infiniti automobile, which will be revealed at a car show in Dallas Texas. You are in charge of advertising. Which of the following would be your responsibility
The basis for licensing process is
What should be included in an event program if it islonger than four pages?
The team name mascot and logo are important elements that a sport/event organizations uses to create and maintain.
Most sport/event products are classified as
A Characteristic of the sport Industry is that it seeks to attract markets that
A unique characteristic of the sport industry is that it seeks to attract markets that
Because the outcomes of a match is uncertain, many fans attending a sporting event are motivated by the game's ________values?
Over the years, Wrigley Field has earned a reputation as of the best places to watch a major league
Which of the following is an example of a celebrity endorsing an event simply by being associated with it:
Athletes are often considered to be particularly effective promoting products related to their
Which if the following is a characteristic of an effective sport/event logo
One of the main differences between professional and amateur athletes is that for professional, the game is often
Which of the following is an example of marketing the sport event:
What do some professional sport teams do to promote renewed interest in a tea that is losing support from fans
Which of the following are the most important considerations when designing a basketball team's logo:
Miss LaTisma goes to an exercise class three times a week at a local gym in Charlotte. She takes the class to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to catch up with her friends. What motivates Miss LaTisma to attend the exercise class?
What might a sport organization offer a business to encourage that business to sponsor an event?
If Sprite is the only soft-drink sponsor of your favorite team, Sprite is considered a (n) ? _____sponsor
Which if the following help create the excitement and enthusiasm that make the games what they are:
What are royalties?
Your high-school's Basketball team went to the state championship game last year, but didn't even make the play-offs this year. This is an example of a(n)________sport/event product
The relationship between a sponsor and a sport entity is often described as a
One of the primary reasons that people are motivated to attend arena football games is the
Which of the following marketing activities involves responsibility for a sport organization licensing activities.
Promoting and selling an intangible product that is immediately consumed and cannot be resold is a unique characteristic of___________marketing
A person responsible for matching up corporations with events that reach their target market has a career in
Customers who seem to disagree, question or look for error in almost everything and everybody are ________customers
Which of the following is an example of a licensed product
Which of the following statements is true regarding sports marketing
A primary reason that large business purchase the naming rights to a new sport/event facility is because it
The programs, hot dogs, drinks and souvenirs that fans buy during a sporting event are part of the total sports
A celebrity who is paid to use a product and discuss its effectiveness during a lengthy TV commercial is giving(n)
Professional sports teams benefits their surrounding community by
When NASCAR fans list the sponsors featured on their favorite driver's car or clothing, they are demonstrating
When designing an event program for a charity event, it is important to
When designing an event program for a charity event, it is important to
When designing an event program for a charity event, it is important to
sports marketers have an advantage over all other types of licensors in the international marketplace because
When creating tickets for a sport/event organization often embed special watermarks into the ticket design to
85% of a sport organization's season ticket holders live or work within two hours of the team's home playing field. In this situation, what factor motivates the season ticket holders decision to buy
Which if the following usually is a characteristic of the sport/event industry
When a professional football expansion team is established in a community, the economic impact might result in
Which of the following marketing activities involves writing press releases and organizing news conferences for a sport organization
A primary reason that many colleges and universities sell the naming rights for their new football stadiums or basketball arenas is to
a baseball game broadcast on the radio is an example of
Which rule of thumb will help event/sport marketers develop a memorable logo?
Mr. Cochran loves baseball and plays year-round in several community leagues. He's very goal-oriented, focused, and is out to win every game. In this situation, Mr. Cochran participates in sports because he
Information about sponsorship cost marketing opportunities and audience demographic are examples of information
Anything you import into your Adobe Premiere Pro will appear in the ____________ monitor.
You can type in the _________________ box to display only clips that match the text you enter.
The ____________________ View displays your clips and bins as a list, with a significant amount of metadata you can scroll through.
The _____________ View displays your clips and bins as thumbnails you can rearrange and playback.
What does the bottom left timecode in the Source Monitor represent?
What does the bottom right timecode in the Source Monitor represent?
What keys can you use to playback video and sound clips?
You can create a bin by clicking on the New Bin button.
The keyboard shortcut to create a new bin is Ctrl+N.
You can create a new bin by dragging and dropping clips onto the New Bin button.
meeting where the people who want to be President talk about important issues
when people choose the person they want to have a job
where people go to vote
saying who you want to win
a group of people who believe in the same things
the leader of the country
This political party's symbol is the donkey
the capitol of the USA where the government works
this political party's symbol is the elephant
what people use to vote
The first part of the Stone Age is known as the ____________ Era
_________ is a community of people who share a common culture.
Any handheld object that helps a person acomplish a task is a ___________.
The last continent humans migrated to was _______________
What is culture?
Objects created and used by humans are known as
Who discoverd Lucy?
What differentiates each era of the Stone Age?
Where did humans first exsist?
What is an early ancestor of humans?
At a news conference, Democrats accuse the Republicans of creating a tax cut that will only help the wealthy.
The Republican Party held its convention. They picked Mr. McCain to be their candidate for president.
On Election Day, Maria and Jan call people and remind them to vote for the Republican Party candidate
The Democrats accuse that the Republicans did not have evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. We sent troops to Iraq.
The Republican candidate gave a speech about the party’s views on taxes and education.
Members of the Democrat party in the Senate meet to choose a leader.
Members of Congress send newsletters explaining their opinions on important issues.
The Democratic Party has a link on their website for people who would like to make donations of money to the party.
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Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
usually named by the letters of the two endpoints AC
named by the letters of the two endpoints and another point on the arc
named by the letters of the 2 endpoints and another point on the arc
a central angle separates the circle into two parts, each of which is an ____
quadrilateral ABCD is an _____ polygon because all of its vertices lie on a circle
Circle E is ________ about the polygon because it contains all the vertices of the polygon
A line that intersects a circle in exactly 2 points is called a _____
if 2 segments from the same exterior point are tangent to a circle, then they are congruent
If a line is tangent to a circle, then it is perpendicular to the radius drawn to the point of tangency.
How does sound travel?
What is the bending of light called?
What is happeneing when you hear an echo?
Sound is produced by
How fast or slow the vibrations are is called
What state of matter can you hear a sound loudest through?
What is the best material for sound absorption?
A frosted bathroom window is an example of
How does light travel?
Which is not an example of refraction?
Which is a physical change?
Molecules packed together tightly with little movement is which state of matter?
Molecules moving around quickly which are spaced far apart is which state of matter?
When thermal energy is added to a liquid, what state of matter is the result?
Water freezing is what kind of change?
What is a characteristic of a liquid?
What is the definition of a chemical change?
What is mass?
Identify the chemical change
What are the 3 states of matter?
The United States got involved in the war between Spain and Cuba
The war with Spain was very short lasting only
Why did the United States attack the Phillipines in the Spanish-American War?
United States Senator Carl Schurz held the opinion that imperialism was
The United States bought the territory of Alaska
American buisnessman originally settled in Hawaii with the intent of
Identify why the Panama Canal was built.
You can tell from the text that the United States' acquisition of the Panama Canal?
How did United States involvement abroad affect North Carolina?
Which statement below best explains why we have learned what we have learned this week?
The temperature at which a heated liquid turns to gas
to become absorbed in liquid
a change from a gas to a liquid
The temperature at which a liquid becomes a solid
Has niether a definate shape or volume
Has a definate volume but not a definate shape
Has a definate shape and volume
The temperature in which a solid changes to a liquid
solid, liquid, gas, or plasma
something that takes up space
The answer to the question. The final step in the scientific process.
An educated guess, the first step.
The fourth step in the scientific process, includes data, charts, graphs
the third and main step of the scientific process, what is done in the experiment
A determination of the outcome of the procedure, the second step.
the cahracteristic of a substance that can be observed or measured.
measuerment of the amount of matter in an object
the amount of space an object takes up
the measurement of the force of gravity
method of measuring the volume of an obscure object such as a rock
Metric unit of measuerment that measures temperature.
scientific tool which measures volume
metric unit of measuring volume
The average amount of kinetic energy in an object
a tool that measures force or weight
Scientific tool that measures temperature
Scientific tool that measures mass
A concentration of matter in an object
a Measure of one substance\'s ability to dissolve another substance
a substance containing several ingredients mixed together
The burning of fossil fuels releases large amounts of ____ into the atmosphere, which contributes to global warming.
A short-term period of climatic change caused by regular variations in daylight, temperature, and weather patterns is called a(n) ___________.
An average increase in Earth's temperature is referred to as ____________.
___________ are time periods when much of Earth's land is covered by glaciers.
Which of the following could explain why Earth's climate changes naturally?
What are the two main sources from which Earth receives energy?
What is the process by which Earth's atmosphere retains heat energy causing an increase in surface temperature?
What gas, located in Earth's stratosphere and blocks harmful UV radiation, is being depleted by pollutants?
Which of the following have scientists observed taking place in the last 100 years?
Which of the following is NOT a productive way to reduce the emission of harmful gases into Earth\'s atmosphere?
Congruent Angles
Alternate Exterior Angles
Supplementary Angles
Complementary Angles
Corresponding Angles
Vertical Angles
Alternate Interior Angles
Angles J and K are vertical angles. The measure of J is (6x-45) and the measure of K is (4x+25). Find the measure of each angle.
Angles 1 and 2 are complementary angles. If angle 1 = (3x+26) and angle 2 = x, find each angle by writing and solving and equation.
From where do most of the nutrients in the Arctic come?
What is effective at forming a nutrient trap?
Which of the following marine ecosystem is the least productive?
What is the base of marine food webs?
What is the source of most ocean pollution?
Which of the following is NOT a marine ecosystem?
Which of the following is NOT a threat to coral reefs?
One way in which wetlands control flooding is by ---.
What adaptation prevents phytoplankton from sinking into deep waters?
What distinguishes nekton from benthos?
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Businesses that sell specialized skills, such as medical care or financial planning, rather than goods.
__________ are large stores that specialize in a particular type of product, such as toys, hardware, books, or sporting goods.
Target, Walmart and Kmart are all examples of __________ .
_____ is the term for a software application that stores a customer's data for easy retrieval during online purchases.
A _____ helps encrypt and protect the information that customers enter into Web pages when making a purchase.
This connects you to another location on the same web site or a related web site
A software application that stores a customer's data for easy use during online purchases
Looks like a credit card but has a microchip loaded with data embedded in it.
An activity that is not part of Merchandising is:
This is the transfer of money from your checking account to the checking account of the seller.
This is the transfer of money from your checking account to the checking account of the seller
Which of the following is an advantage to e-tailing?
Graphics composed of mathematical formulas that define lines, nodes (drawing points) and curves of digital images; can be 2D or 3D; edited in draw programs.
Which type effect means that each letter takes up the same amount of space?
Refers to images composed of grids of pixels that have a fixed resolution (number of pixels per inch) and cannot be resized without losing image quality.
Vector graphics software include Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and AutoCad
Which type effect refers to the horizontal spacing between pairs of letters?
Pat is preparing a print media kit for a company. To ensure consistency between all documents, he needs to prepare a:
Cutting out part of an image
JPEG file formats support animation
Anything on a page that is not actual text, from simple line drawings to fully active images found on the World Wide Web.
Copyright is automatic for the original creator of a work; however, if the work has not been registered by the US Copyright Office the creator may not file a lawsuit or exercise his/her rights for the creative work.
Which statement best describes sans serif fonts:
The more bits per pixel, the more colors displayed.
Marion photographed his son’s graduation using a digital camera. The resolution of the images will be measured in:
Raster graphics are edited in paint programs.
Removing the background color of a raster image and allowing the image to blend in with its background.
The Alps, Pyrenees, and Urals are European
The Rhine and the Danube are European
If tourists wanted to sail from northern France to Great Britain, they most likely to travel across the
Which of the following areas would most likely be the most populated?
Many of Europe's major cities exist along rivers and sea coasts because these locations
Spain and Portugal are part of the
Europe's rich farmland is found in the
What type of languages are English and German?
what mountain range forms the boundary between European Russia and Asia Russia?
What is the world's largest inland sea (located between Africa and Southern Europe?
What is one major environmental concern in Germany?
What island nation includes England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland?
What is the largest country in the world?
The worst nuclear disaster in history occurred here:
What type of languages are French and Italian?
Which is the oldest monotheistic religion in Europe?
What is the fastest growing religion in Europe?
What have Europeans done to try to solve the problem of so many languages being spoken on the continent?
What environmental disaster occurred in 1986 in Chernobyl, Ukraine?
One difference between the German and Russian languages is that Russian
In which region(s) are merchants and skilled craftspeople a part of the economy?
In which region(s) is trade a part of the economy?
Crops that are always needed and typically grown in the middle colonies are called
In which region(s) are indentured servants mostly used?
In which region(s) is whaling a part of the economy?
In which region(s) is shipbuilding a part of the economy?
Farming enough crops to feed yourself and your family is referred to as
In which region(s) is mining a part of the economy?
Crops that are sold for a profit, such as tobacco, are known as
In which region(s) is the headright system a part of the economy?
People who work for free for a certain period of time in order to pay off their debt are called
In which region(s) are plantations a part of the economy?
In which region(s) is slave labor primarily used?
In which region(s) are cash crops a part of the economy?
In which region(s) is slave trade a part of the economy?
In which region(s) are fishing and whaling a part of the economy?
In which region(s) is lumber a part of the economy?
In which region(s) is subsistence farming used?
In which region(s) is subsistence farming used?
In which region(s) is fur trapping/trading a part of the economy?
Who started growing tobacco in Jamestown, and helped the colony make a profit?
Who led the Puritans from England to Massachusetts during the Great Migration?
After sharing her religious beliefs and being banished from her Puritan colony in Massachusetts, who is the woman who helped start the colony of Rhode Island?
Who was the leader of the Native Americans who had rocky relationship with the Jamestown settlers?
Who helped establish freedom of the press after being put in jail for publicly criticizing the government?
Who started a colony with the hopes of creating a safe place for Quakers?
Who started the colony of Connecticut and wrote the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, after disagreeing with the Puritans and leaving Massachusetts?
What Native American leader helped the Pilgrims by introducing them to local tribes, and teaching them how to fertilize the land?
Who was the leader of the Pilgrims in the Plymouth Colony and signer of the Mayflower Compact?
Who helped lead the colony of Jamestown and helped create a strong relationship with the Native Americans by trading?
Who started the colony of Georgia, as a settlement for poor debtors from England? (
Who was the leader of the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam when it was taken over by the English?
Who led a rebellion against the Jamestown government because he was angry settlers were not being protected from the Natives?
Who started the colony of Rhode Island because he disagreed with the Puritans and wanted religion to be separated from government?
Who helped start Maryland as a safe place for Catholics?
Who led the spread of religion in the colonies known as the Great Awakening?
Who was the woman who marred John Rolfe and helped bring peace between Jamestown settlers and the Natives?
1. East Texas missions are moved to San Antonio, 2. Establishment of 1st mission at Corpus Christi de la Ysleta, 3. San Francisco de los Tejas is opened in east Texas What is the correct chronological order for the events?
Spanish official knew settlers needed a midway point between east Texas and New Spain. In__________________ the Missions San Antonio de Valero, The Alamo, was established for just that reason.
Spain created the mission-presidio system in Texas to spread its culture in undeveloped land. Which answer choice below shows an effect of the system?
Which of the following was a characteristic of the Spanish Colonial Era in Texas?
Which group likely viewed the construction of new Spanish missions with suspicion?
Which historical figure sent settlers to the land between the Rio Grande And the Nueces river?
The Spanish word vaquero means what
Which Spanish Catholic priest cooperated with French authorities in Louisiana to bring missions to East Texas
Damian Massanet and Alonso de leo led a successful expedition for Spain into East Tezas in 1690. This came about because the Spanish were concerned about?
Many cities in Texas, such as El Paso reflect the cultural legacy of-
How do missions reflect the way Texans adapted to their environment?
Which evidence best supports identifying a mission?
Shamek isa Year book Staff member. Every semester she has to create a newsletter. Instead of recreating it each time, what shuld she create for future use?
To save an existing document with a new file name or to save an existing document in a new location, which command is used?
On the View Ribbon, which command allows the document to be viewed as it would appear in a multilevel outline?
Which tool on the Home ribbon lets a user search for text in a document by keying the word into a search box?
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Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
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