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: the application of scientific research to society’s needs and problems
You make this using the 5 senses
¿En qué consiste la operación?
¿Dónde se originó el nombre de este evento?
¿Qué significa Rapas das Bestas?
¿Esta fiesta tiene un significado más profundo?
¿Interactúan pacíficamente con los caballos?
¿Qué llaman los luchadores?
¿Cuándo ocurre este Rapas das Bestas?
¿Qué pasó con los caballos originalmente?
¿De dónde Rapas das que Bestas ocurren?
¿Cuál es el propósito de reunir a los caballos?
1. Because my name is long, I like to __________________ it.
Since laptop computers did not exist during the Civil War, the presence of a portable computer in this history film is _______________________.
Clara’s lifelong dream is to start a program that grants ____________________to persecuted citizens from other countries.
In order for the team to perform a complex task, all members must ________________with each other.
Grouped together, the crowd reminded me of a ___________________of goose eggs standing on end.
The testimony of his physician and of his confessor ought to be sufficient to __________________the often repeated story of slow poisoning
You could ___________________ the value of your house considerably by having it repainted.
One is fair-haired, __________________ skinned and blue-eyed; the other is dark, resembling the southern Italians.
My ____________________is this: that the spout is nothing but mist.
I want assurances from you that the ________________of my family name will not be stained with unproven lies!
It was difficult returning to our ______________________life after our weekend excitement.
She drank the cool fruit punch, grateful as it soothed her _______________throat.
Though the adjacent country is fertile, its _______________________has greatly declined, and the exports of coffee, sugar, cacao and forest products are much less important than formerly.
He heartily approved of the peace conference, which attempted to draw up a plan of ________________between the two sections.
He screwed up his seeing eye to ___________________the messenger more carefully, as if wishing to read in his face what preoccupied his own mind.
The same plants have a _______________root system, and are thus able to utilize immediately the water from rain showers
1A Why do business owners most likely cover their stores with tarps?
1B. Why did the young people most likely grab tomatoes so long ago?
1C. Why do people most likely come to Bunol in August?
2A. Based on this passage, why were the experts worried about how R2 would perform in outer space?
2B. Which statement would make the best conclusion for this passage?
2C. Based on this passage, which of the following statements is most likely true?
3A. Why do you think people would want to try staying in the anechoic chamber?
3B. Which of the following is a conclusion that can be drawn about this passage?
3C. What is the most likely reason people struggle to stay in the chamber for very long?
If the werewolves are not out, then the moon is not full. From this statement, one might infer which of the following:
What is the name of the narrator?
What is the name of the narrator's long-lost love?
What is the only word/phrase the Raven ever says throughout the poem?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
An organic molecule is based on ____, while hydrocarbons are organisms that must also have _____
Which of the 4 main functional groups below is used for electron bonding?
A carbohydrate is not --
Which of the below is not a polysaccharide?
A fat molecule is made of ___ and 3 ___ acids
A steroid molecule functions --
Proteins are made of _____, which are made of ______
Amino acids are not made of --
_____ speed up chemical reactions by lowering activation energy, like their biological counterparts, _______
Which helps build polymer chains?
Anything that occupies space and has mass is --
A pure substance that can't be chemically broken down any further is --
A substance with a fixed ratio made of multiple elements chemically bound is --
The smallest possible particle in an element is --
The atomic number is the number of
Which of the below is false about isotopes?
An ionic bond _____ electrons in atoms
Covalently bonded atoms --
Molecules cannot be represented by a --
A chemical reaction --
What do the sepals do on a flower?
What do the petals do on a flower?
What does the pistal do on a flower?
What do the ovaries do on on a flower?
What does the stem do on a flower?
What does the roots do on a plant?
What is Chlorophyll?
What is Photosynthesis?
Which one below is NOT a use of plants?
Which one below is NOT a step of photosynthesis?
A series of cell divisions from a single fertilized egg cell is --
The difference between asexual/sexual reproduction is --
Which stage of the cell cycle includes duplicating DNA?
One of a duplicated pair of identical and joined copies of chromosome is --
An abnormal mass of normal cells is called --
How do radiation/chemotherapy help treat cancer?
What is the difference between haploid and diploid cells?
Long fibers of DNA and protein are called ---
How many chromosomes do human sex cells have?
The spread of cancer cells from beyond its original site by displacing normal tissue is called --
The -- describes how parents pass on separate and distinct genes to their offspring (but might skip generations)
-- describes how alleles separate when gametes FORM but later rejoin with the other parent's alleles during FERTILIZATION
-- describes how Character A's allele can pair up with any of Character B's alleles
Alternative forms of genes (embodiment of traits) is called --
-- describes what happens when the resulting gene is in between the 2 parents' alleles
Chromosomes theory of inheritance describes how --
Males are more likely to inherit -- because they require only one from their mothers while females require 2
-- is what happens when the offspring expresses both parents' traits
A monohybrid cross between 2 true-bred parents would result in an the genotype ratio --
The gene that appears more often than the other is the -- gene
What human body system provides a frame to support and protect your body parts?
What human body system pumps blood through all your blood vessels?
What human body system includes your skin, hairs, and nails to protect the tissue that lies beneath them?
What human body system works with your skeletal system to help you move?
What human body system breaks down the food you eat into nutrients that your body can absorb?
What human body system includes glands that send out hormones?
What human body system take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide?
What human body system helps get rid of bacteria and viruses?
What human body system removes waste from the blood and regulates your body fluids?
What human body system produces sperm and eggs?
_____________ is the ability to do work.
Energy in motion is considered to be _____________ energy.
Energy that is stored is considered to be _______________ energy.
The product of force and distance when a force is used to move an object is ______________.
A push or pull exerted on an object is _____________.
Potential energy that depends on height is called ______________.
Energy is stored as ________________ in the foods we eat. It is also stored in batteries and in a match that is used to light a candle.
When the _______________ of an object increases, its particles move faster, making it feel warm to the touch.
Moving electric charges produce electricity, and _______________ is the energy they carry.
Which category of energy includes all forms of stored energy?
Which form of energy is stored in the bonds between atoms?
Which form of energy is generated by the fusion of atoms in the sun?
Which form of energy is contained in a slice of pizza?
Which form of energy includes gravitational potential energy?
Which form of energy is generated by the movement of electrons?
Which form of energy is generated when a change occurs in the nucleus of an atom?
The Law of Conservation of Energy is the scientific rule that states that energy can be created , but never destroyed.
Fission and Fusion are examples of
The kinetic energy of an object increases as its ____ increases.
The SI unit for energy is the ____.
You can calculate work by using the equation ____.
Which of the following devices does not make use of electrical energy?
In a nuclear fusion reaction, nuclear energy is transformed into ____.
A bus engine transfers chemical potential energy into ____ so that the bus moves.
An electric razor changes ______ energy to _______
A bench press machine changes ______ energy to _______
A dryer changes ______ energy to _______
A household mixer changes ______ energy to _______
Work is NOT being done in which example?
You CANNOT calculate power with this equation:
Homo Erectus was
Historians primarily use _________________ to study the past.
Lucy was a member of which hominid group?
The New Stone Age is also called
The Neolithic Period started when people learned to
A(n)__________________ is anything made by humans that can be used to study the past.
The world's first civilization was called
The first legal code in history to be written down was called
The top social class in ancient civilizations was made up of mostly
Ancient Sumerian writing is called
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which region gained the most from the exchanges of ideas and technologies facilitated by the Mongol Empire?
Which of the following contributed to Temujin’s rise to power and recognition as Chinggis Khan of the Great Mongol Nation?
Which of the following is an example of the Mongol rulers’ policy toward people in the conquered territories?
What aspects of Chinese civilization did Mongol rulers in the Yuan dynasty adopt?
What role did Mongol women play in the administration of the Mongol empire?
What happened to the Mongols in Persia in the fourteenth century?
Why was promoting international commerce important to the Mongols?
Which of the following was a feature of Mongol rule?
The Mongol Empire played a significant role in world history because it
Alfred Wegener developed a theory called __________________.
divergent boundary
convergent boundary
transform boundary
____________________ is the process when two plates collide, or converge, and one plate sinks under the other plate, going back into the mantle.
What makes the plates move?
Which of the following is NOT evidence that supports Alfred Wegener's theory?
cracks in the crust
pieces of crust
where two or more plates meet; the edges of the plates
What is it called when a country takes over land for its resources and to show power?
What is the division of countries based on resources and not ethnic groups?
What is the multi-national movement to unite all Africans?
What mean to put together or gather?
What is the legal sparation of races in South Africa?
What was the name of the Mandela's political group who held end the apartheid system?
A group of people who share the same language, culture, and traditions is called a(n) _____________.
A group of people who share the same belief system are called a(n) _________________.
What is the settling of a group of people in a new place?
When a colony is ruled by soldiers and by force through submission it is called _____________.
What is the volume of a box measuring 1cm x 5cm x 6 cm?
What is the volume of a box measuring 2cm x 7cm x 3cm
What is the density of a cube of water measuring 8cm x 10cm x 5cm
You cut your hair.
Making a peanut, pretzel, and cereal mixture.
Baking soda reacts with vinegar and forms a gas
A piece of metal bent in half.
An aspirin is crushed into fine powder.
Two clear liquids are mixed and a yellow color forms
baking cookies
A tree burns to form ashes
A piece of paper is crumbled up
Water freezes to form ice
Food spoiling
A candle burning
A candle melting
Water boils at 100 degrees celcius
Sugar is capable of dissolving in water
Wood is flammable
Vinegar will react with baking soda
Earth and the Moon both revolve and rotate and have effects that can be observed from Earth
A day is based on the 24 hours it takes the Earth to ____
Earth rotates ______ on its axis
The Sun appears to rise in the _____ and set in the ______.
A year is based on the 365 days it takes the Earth to _____ around the sun
It takes the moon ______ days to rotate on its axis.
It takes the moon _______ days to revolve around Earth
Because its period of rotation and revolution are about the same, we only see one side of the moon
What is the first phase of the moon?
A _____ eclipse occurs when the moon is directly in between the Sun and Earth
Copyright is
Types of work that are not copyright protected
What is copyright infringement?
The Fair Use Doctrine is
The difference between ethics and computer ethics is
As the creator, you automatically have rights to the following except:
To find creative works online without copyright restrictions, you should use
The most important factor of the Fair Use Guidelines is
The following are types of work that are not copyright protected except
The Fair Use Guidelines purpose and character of the use is
The liver converts amino acids into compounds that can be used by the body for energy. In so doing, it produces urea. Urea is removed from the body though urine. What system works with the liver to remove urea?
Health-care workers are exposed to many different types of pathogenic and nonpathogenic microorganisms. Which body systems work together to protect the body from pathogens?
The pituitary gland release ACTH in response to low levels of Cortisal (a hormone). When Cortisal is up it stops releasing ACTH. Based on this information, , which of the following would cause cortisal levels to be elevated?
Which of the following correctly describes an interaction that occurs between two body systems of a rabbit that helps the rabbit outrun a pursuing coyote?
The human digestive system is approximately 900 cm long. Food is moved through the digestive tract primarily by —
Which system is responsible for taking in oxygen and getting rid of carbon dioxide?
Which two systems work together to maintain homeostasis while you are working out so that your bodies do not overheat?
The system that uses the kidneys to filter blood and eliminate wastes is the
The system that includes lymph nodes, lymph, T-cells and white blood cells and protects against invading pathogens is the
The system that is responisble for producing gametes is the
Which one of the following is a good?
Which of the following is a service?
The definition of a good is:
The definition of a service is:
Which of the following is NOT a good:
Which of the following does NOT provide a service:
Which two below only provide a service?
Which of the following provides a good?
Which of the following provides a service?
A teacher and a doctor provide a:
When electors met to vote for president in 1789, who won and how?
Who was the first vice president?
Which of the following is a member of Washington's cabinet correctly listed?
Who was the first chief justice of the United States Supreme Court?
Which of the following was an aspect of Hamilton's Economic Plan?
What was one of the types of taxes that Hamilton proposed?
Where did Washington chose to put the Federal City?
Who was chosen to design the Federal City?
What were the two political parties at this time?
Why did Washington believe it was important to remain neutral?
How many terms did George Washington serve as president?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The Great Pyramids were built during
The Israelites were different from most ancient peoples in that they (the Israelites) were
According to the Torah, Abraham made a covenant with God in which _________________ was promised to the Hebrews.
The first five books of the Hebrew Bible are also called
The pharaoh's right hand man in Ancient Egypt was the
Which of the following aided scholars in deciphering the meaning of hieroglyphics?
Egypt's first known female pharaoh was
Which king united Upper and Lower Egypt?
Which of the following are not associated with the Ancient Egyptians?
During the Egyptian embalming process, which organ was left in the body?
Which isn't part of the human genome?
What does the Human Genome Project do?
What happens in nondisjunction?
-- is when 2 chromosomes switch locations
-- is when part of a chromosome jumps onto another chromosome
-- is when certain genes jump to a new location, chromosome, or even in the middle of a prior gene
-- disorders are often spread by silent carriers
Males only need 1 gene to inherit a -- disorder from their mother
Mutations to -- turns the cell into a overactive oncogene, which leads to mutations to -- and --
Cancer is not --
Having different sources or species for a single DNA is part of --
In gene cloning, -- cut at the DNA backbone to create --, the foreign gene is added, and -- sticks the recombined plasmid back together
-- finds specific genes in a genomic library
To create a GM animal, the -- is extracted and fertilized in a --, purified in --, then put back into the uterus
Which is not part of the GMO controversy?
In --, primers find and bind to DNA segments (DNA polymerases fill in what primers leave blank) to copy the segments
In --, restriction enzymes recognize and cut DNA sequences to put in a well of gel to sort molecules/fragments by length
-- are unique DNA stretches that make up --, which is an organism's unique restriction fragments
Which isn't included in the operon?
The -- can turn off transcription by binding to the operator and stopping the promoter
Taxonomy doesn't involve -- species
Which isn't true of binomials?
The Linnaen system of classification's hierarchy: species, --, family, --, class, --, kingdom
-- are the best way to test how similar certain organisms are
Branches in phylogenetic trees are called --
-- classified Monera as bacteria and archaea
The atmosphere of early earth made -- (amino acids, sugars, etc), which bond to make --
Self-copying -- then leads to fluid-filled spheres with a lipid layer called --
The first life occured in --
The differences between archaea and bacteria are --
Which Greek people do we think fought in the Trojan War?
Government in which a hereditary ruler exercises central power is called a(n)
Who won the Persian Wars?
The Peloponessian War ended which city-state's domination of the Greek world?
Which of the following is true about ancient Athens?
The acropolis in ancient Greek city-states was
Spartan males began _______________________ at an early age
The Mycenaeans were primarily
What type of government was started by Cleisthenes and perfected by Pericles in Ancient Athens?
Under the rule of Pericles, Athens had a direct democracy, in which
In ancient Rome, members of the landholding upper class were called
The Romans defeated the _________________ in the Punic Wars to gain control of the Mediterranean.
Which of the following is a famous Roman building?
The teachings of Jesus of Nazareth were deeply rooted in the traditions of which other religion?
To try to restore order, Roman emperor _____________, divided the Roman empire in half.
Which of the following made the greatest contribution to the spread of Christianity?
Which of the following people was assassinated because the Roman senate feared he wanted to make himself king?
The Roman emperor Constantine
The Romans used their engineering skills to build
The great Carthaginian general who nearly defeated the Romans in the Second Punic War was
Trees that shed their leaves seasonally as the weather cools are called what?
The part of the tree that takes in water and nutrients is called what?
Outer bark protects the tree from what things?
A plant scientist is called a what?
Trees make their own food where?
What is the process called where plants make their own food?
The substance that gives the needles and leaves their green color are called what?
True or False. Overcrowding is good for tree growth.
A water scientist is called a what?
Seeds can be found where on a tree?
True or False. Controlled burns are harmful to the forest.
Where do we find growth rings in a tree?
How do we tell how old a tree is?
Which of the items listed below do the most damage to trees?
What is the only natural resource that is renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable?
The word habitat comes from the Latin word for what?
How many seedlings do California foresters plant every year?
Forests are known as what type of factories?
True or False. Water that trees add to the air is important for rainfall patterns.
Chemicals in the ______________ determine the color the leaves trun in the fall.
What are rocks made of?
What are the three types of rocks?
How is sedimentary rock formed?
How is metamorphic rock created?
How is igneous rock formed?
What are minerals made of?
What is the Mohs Scale?
Three different tests used to identify a mineral are:
What are the remains of a living thing that died long ago?
What is a rock cycle?
What type of rock was once melted and then cooled and hardened?
What type of rock was formed from material that has settled into layers?
What is formed when mud or minerals fill a mold?
Why are plant fossils not as common as animal fossils?
What is the powder left behind by a mineral when it is rubbed against a rough white tile?
What type of rock has been changed by heat and pressure?
What are the three layers of Earth?
Wind and water would change a metamorphic rock into...
Put the following minerals in order from soft to hard: quartz, diamond & talc
What type of rock are most fossils found?
Answers by Educators Question Database
What are the senate and house of representatives called at the state level?
Why is the government divided into three branches
How many federal senators does each state have?*
What is the job of the judicial branch?
How many justices are in North Carolina's supreme court?
What is the State of the Union Address?
Who is in charge of the federal senate?
Who is the head of the state executive branch?
Anthony is performing an experiment. He adds 0.25 grams of baking soda to 5 grams of water and stirs. Anthony watches as the baking soda dissolves in the water. If Anthony weighs the water and baking soda solution, what will its mass be?
Which property of an ice cube remains THE SAME before and after it melts?
John filled a bottle half way with water, placed a lid on it, then put it in the freezer. How does the weight of the water and bottle compare before and after it is in the freezer?
Which is the best example of a change that can be undone?
Which change is most likely to produce a new substance?
Water is boiled and turns to vapor. The vapor is cooled and changes back into water. Which best describes what has occurred?
Which example best describes a physical change?
Which describes a chemical change?
Which type of change occurs when the size, shape, appearance, or volume of a substance is changed without changing its composition?
Which best describes an activity that results in a new material being formed?
How many ounces are in a pound?
How many pounds are in a ton?
How many feet are in a mile?
How many quarts are in a gallon?
How many yards are in a mile?
How many feet are in a yard?
How many inches are in a yard?
How many ounces are in 1/2 a pound?
How many inches are in 1/2 a foot?
How many pints are in a quart
Asexual reproduction happens in human body cells through _________________.
Each parent gives one set of _______________ to their offspring.
Which statement is true?
Which of the following statements are true?
________________ reproduction produces offspring that are different, but similar.
The passing of traits from parent to offspring is called
A genotype of two recessive or two dominant alleles
A genotype of one dominant allele and one recessive allele is called
DD is a genotype that is
Dd is a genotype that is
A ________________________ is a tool for predicting the traits of parents to future offspring.
An allele that is hidden by the presence of a dominant allele for the same characteristic is a(n) ___________________________________.
Which is TRUE about asexual reproduction?
In dinosaurs, razor sharp teeth (T) is dominant to small, round teeth (t). Which of the following gives the possible offspring of a dinosaur with small round teeth and a hybrid dinosaur?
A daisy can reproduce by the joining of an egg and a sperm cell, making offspring unique from the parent plants. A daisy can also be grown from a clipping of one plant to make a new plant identical to the parent daisy. Which of these are true?
In _______________________ , one parent organism makes offspring that is identical to the parent.
In aardvarks, a long snout (L) is dominant to a short snout (l). If a hybrid aardvark with a long snout has offspring with an aardvark with a short snout, what percent of the offspring will have a short snout?
Who started the School of Navigation?
Who did Prince Henry send to work on the Sugar cane plantations in Brazil?
What was Prince Henry known as?
Why did Spain and Portugal believe they could legally claim land in South America?
Who was the Portuguese explorer that sailed around Africa to Asia for the Spice Trade?
Who was the Italian explorer that sailed for Spain, landed in the New World, thought he was in Indies and called the people there Indians?
Who was the explorer who sailed for Spain and is given credit to be the first to circumnavigate the world?
What was the cause of the huge decrease of the Aborigines in Australia?
How did technology help sailors find North America?
Samuel de Champlain sailed for France, what did he discover?
What European nation colonized Australia and made it a prison colony?
What were some of the effects of exploration on the indigenous people?
What were the indirect causes of WWI?
What do the 3 G's of exploration stand for?
15th century to the 18th century was known as (1450-1700)
Europeans divided Africa into colonies at the Berlin West Africa conference that became known as
How did Catholicism become a main religion in South America?
What is one reason English settlers began immigrating to the New World?
The English regulated their colonies with the economic policy of
Aborigines, Aztecs, Incas, Inuit, and Indians all are referred to as
Projectiles include those items that are shot forward such as a cannon shell, bullet, or rocket. Using the example clue, the word projectiles in this sentence means
The professor was a favorite among the students at the college. His sagacity was helpful to them as they pursued their degrees. The professor was known to use his experience, insight, and common sense to help students pursue their education.
Famous conquistadors include Cortes, who conquered Aztec Mexico and Pizarro, who conquered Inca Peru. Using the example clue, the word conquistadors in this sentence means.
A sleuth, such as Sherlock Holmes, can be very helpful in solving crimes. Using the example clue, the word sleuth in this sentence means
Zack was a good at many sports. He excelled in swimming, running, horsemanship, fencing, and target shooting. He decided to compete in the pentathlon rather than having to choose one of the events. Using the example clue, the word pentathlon in this
Katie appeared infallible in math class because she had never gotten a problem wrong. Using the explanation clue, the word infallible in this sentence means
We could tell by the rotten smell, that something putrid was in our trash can. Using the explanation clue, the word putrid in this sentence means
The insidious burglar was able to sneak into the house without being heard or seen. Using the explanation clue, the word insidious in this sentence means
The voters were so upset about the outcome of the election that a skirmish broke out and the police had to break it up. Using the explanation clue, the word skirmish in this sentence means
Phyllis felt elated when she won the race. Using the explanation clue, the word elated in this sentence means
Meaning of life
Why did pastoral societies emerge only in the Afro-Eurasian world and not in the Americas?
Which of the following describes pastoral societies’ relationship with agricultural societies?
In comparison to the Mongol conquests of Persia and China, Mongol rule in Russia
Which of the following was a long-term effect of the Black Death on European society?
Which of the following was a way in which the Mongols contributed to the globalization of the Eurasian world?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Protists are -- complex than eukaryotes (function # per cell #)
Which is a type of protist?
Protozoan zooflagellatesmove by -- and reproduce by --
Forams and amoebas both had -- which could engulf, digest, and form any shape
-- have a microtubular macronucleus for functions, up to 80 micronuclei for reproduction, and cilia to move and feed
-- are parasites that can't move and has an apical complex, like malaria
-- are large and branching that becomes plasmodium, sporangia, and a spore
Cellular slime mold's life cycle moves from a single haploid cell that fuses into a diploid -- that forms a -- that makes haploid --
-- decompose plants/animals in freshwater and create spores with 2 flagella
Which of the below is a protozoan?
Density is the ratio of . . .
A phosphorescent mineral glows
What mineral property involves iron
the color of a mineral in powdered form is called the mineral's . . .
What are the two main groups of minerals?
The hardest mineral on the Mohs hardness scale is
Because many minerals are similar in color, and certain elements may change the color, color
What is chatoyancy?
Unstable atomic nuclei decay over time into stable nuclei, causing a mineral to be
What two elements must be present in a silicate?
a mineral is a natural solid that usually is. . .
cleavage is the tendency of a mineral to
Light that is reflected from a mineral's surface is called
What is asterism
tendency of a mineral to break and form uneven, irregular surfaces is....
way that a mineral reflects light is....
organic solid with characteristic chemical composition and physical properties
ability of a mineral to resist scratching
4 oxygen atoms and 1 silicon atom combine to form this basic building block of silicate minerals
ratio of a substance;s mass to its volume
mineral that contains silicon and oxygen
most visible property, but less reliable way to identify minerals
What determins the geometry of a large crystal (its shape)
Why is basalt not considered a mineral
single chain silicates are silicate crystalline structures in which tetrahedra form a
What is radioactivity?
Flourescence is the property of a mineral that causes it to
a double chain silicate is
Which of the following is NOT one of the 4 criteris for determining if a substance is a mineral or not
Which are nonsillicate cystalline structures?
Which of the below is not part of a euglenoid's structure?
What are dinoflagellates known for?
What are diatoms most known for?
Why aren't seaweeds a staple food?
-- algae has holdfasts, is the most complex algae, and includes kelp
-- algae can into the deepest waters and includes coralline algae
-- algae are sexual and asexual, can form chains, has cellulose cell wals, and includes chlamydomonas
-- describes how prokaryotes' plasma membrane evolved into eukaryotes' organelles to have more functions
-- describes how smaller aerobic organisms were eaten and continued to function in larger animals
Which green algae is colonial?
In the feudal system, who received a fief?
Where were the Vikings from?
The medieval political and social system in which land was traded for service was called
A ___________ was a peasant bound to the land in feudal times.
Which Frankish leader defeated the Muslims at the Battle of Tours, France?
Which Byzantine emperor tried to reunify the old Roman Empire in the 500's A.D.?
Which Frankish leader had created the largest empire in Europe since the fall of Rome by the late 800's A.D.?
In feudal times, the manor
________________ was a code of conduct for knights to follow in medieval times
Which leader converted the Franks to Christianity?
What is true about the years 1000 B.C. and 1000 A.D.?
Scientists believe that the earliest hominids lived in
The Great Pyramid was built for which Egyptian pharaoh?
Which of the following leaders was a Macedonian who conquered a huge empire and spread Greek culture?
Who was the leader of Athens during its golden age?
Which of the following was a Greek philosopher and scientist?
Who was the leader of Rome at the start of the Pax Romana?
Which pharaoh's tomb has taught us a lot about ancient Egyptian culture, because it was almost completely preserved?
Who is considered the father of the Hebrews/ Israelites?
The time before writing was invented is called
To simplistic; easy
Lacking moderation; severe or extreme
Something that has a positive mental effect but no physical effect
Calm, undisturbed
Satisfied with a situation that should be changed
Easily taught; submissive to instruction
That which is taught
Payment for an injury; compensation
To decrease the strength of
One who is not properly thankful
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What is a boycott?
Which British law stated that Parliament had the right to tax the colonies and make all decisions for the colonies?
The Boston Tea Party was a protest against what?
The Coercive Acts were designed to punish what city?
Which of these is part of the Coercive Acts?
In the colonies, the Coercive Acts were called what?
Which of these is NOT one of the Coercive Acts?
Where did the Continental Congress meet?
What document called on the colonists to begin arming themselves against the British?
What is a militia?
Why were British troops sent to Concord, Massachusetts?
The Declaration of Independence is a break up letter written to whom?
Where was the shot heard 'round the world?
Who was asked to write the Declaration of Independence?
Colonist who supported the war for independence were called what?
Who was put in charge of the Continental Army?
The Second Continental Congress sent the Olive Branch Petition to Whom?
Telling a lie in court after promising to tell the truth
Words spoken by two or more characters in a story, movie or play
to fail to function or work properly
two sides or halves that are the same or very close in size, shape and position
the outside edge of an area or surface
very bad or poor
a long speech spoken by one person
a member of a group that decides a court verdict
an unfair feeling of dislike for a person or group
a final section at the end of a book
very serious and dangerous, likely to grow and spread
the distance through the center of a circle
The smallest unit of an element is a(n) .
What part of an atom has positive charge?
What has a negative charge particle that moves around the nucleus?
What particle does not have a charge and is in the nucleus?
The number of protons tells you the atomic ___________
What is it called when 2 or more elements combine chemically?
All atoms are made up of
The dense center of the atom is
How are all elements organized?
The symbol H stands for what element
Most of the light that reaches your eye is __________________ light.
A tissue called the ________ covers the back of your eye.
Places where light does not fall are called ____________________.
A _________ is an object that separates white light into the colors that make it up.
Tools for refracting light are called ____________________.
___________________ means light can pass through it but you can not see through it clearly. Example: wax paper
When light strikes a surface and bounces off, ___________________ occurs.
When light reaches your eye, it passes through the cornea, the _____________ and the lenses.
Light travels in straight lines called______________________.
A range of light waves with different wavelengths and energies is called a _________.
The bending of light as it passes from one material into another is called __________________.
_____________________ means light can pass through and you can clearly see through it. Example: sandwich baggy
_________________ means light can not pass through so you can not see through it. Example: your body
A green leaf_________________ grean light.
The color of an object depends on the color of the visible spectrum it ______________.
Mirrors and other smooth surfaces reflect _______ of the light that falls on them.
A __________ lens bulges in the middle and brings light rays together.
A ________ lens curves inward and spreads light apart.
What is reflected by a blue shirt?
What light is absorbed by a blue shirt?
traer (yo)
mostrar (él)
poner (ellos)
ir (nosotros)
dar (tú)
leer (ellos)
oír (yo)
saber (ella)
conducir (él)
caer (nosotros)
buscar (yo)
repetir (él)
dormir (ellos)
pedir (yo)
ver (tú)
estar (ella)
decir (ellos)
volver (ella)
hacer (ellos)
tener (yo)
What is the solid, dense center of our planet?
What is the liquid layer that surrounds the inner core?
What is the hot, slow-flowing, solid rock layer located between the crust and core?
What is the thinnest, outermost layer of the Earth?
What layer is made up of the crust and the upper part of the mantle?
What is the layer of soft mantle on top of which the tectonic plates move called?
What is the capability of something to be molded, shaped, or change form without breaking called?
What tells the elements that something contains?
What is the measure of how much matter is in a given amount of space and can be calculated by dividing mass by volume?
What is the circular motion due to density differences that result from temperature differences called?
What is an observable characteristics of something called?
What are the three branches of government?
How many years does a president serve in office?
Who is the head of the state executive branch?
What type of government is the United State?
What branch does the supreme court belong to?
What text structure tells events in chronological order?
What text structure tells the similarities and differences in two things?
What graphic organizer is used for compare and contrast text structures?
How many justices are in the supreme court?
What does the legislative branch do?
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Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
an ocean wave is energy transmission that moves matter along with energy
Which is a progressive wave
_______ is the distance between the identical spot on two waves
wave speed equals
Disturbing forces cause waves and include
Restoring forces resist the creation of waves and include
Deep waves occur when the depth
Shallow waves occur when the depth
Which is a factor that affects the maximum wave size?
Fully developed seas can have waves that are bigger or smaller than maximum theoretical size due to
Scientists are not sure about what causes internal waves
waves break
when a wind wave breaks on shore
wave _________ tends to bend waves parallel to shore or toward a protrusion.
wave ____ causes wave energy to bounce back toward open water
a standing wave is
storm surges are caused by
seiches are caused by
tsunamis are caused by
tsunamis are shallow water waves because
tsunamis don't destroy ships in the open sea because
tides are caused by
Newton's equilibrium theory is more complex and explans more of the variables in tides than does Laplace's dynamic theory
Beside lunar and solar gravity, an influences on the tides is
Amphidromic points are
a single high tide daily is called a ________ tide
two equal high tides daily are called a ________ tide
two unequal high tides daily are called a ________ tide
tidal current are incoming and outgoing tidal flow.
tidal bore is is a save created by an incoming tide moving through a narrow area
during _____ tides the sun and moon align relative to the Earth
during _____ tides the sun and moon are at right angles relative to the Earth
_________ is the highest point above the average water level
_____ is the vertical distance from the trough to the crest
________ is the horizontal distance between identical points on two waves
________ is the time it takes for the same spot on two waves to pass a single point
_________ is the number of waves that pass a fixed point in one second
_________ is the lowest point below the average water level
how do you spell Mrs. Sebastian's last name
What do you do when you find a Blue Whale stranded on a beach
Art style that emphasizes line, shape, and color; often unrecognizable
Which artist is famous for his use of comics, ben-day dots?
This shadow is cast by the object
Dark values are made when the lines or dots are ____ together
This type of paint requires water
The brightest area on the object, when light shines on it
An illumination is an _____ (which means additional decoration)
What is a portrait created by one's self?
These letters were embellished with plants, animals, or mythlogical creatures
The shading technique that uses dots
Which statement explains the Filter By Selection feature?
Which database view is being used when data is entered onto a page that resembles a spreadsheet or table?
After planning a database, determine which of the following must be included to create a report.
What is the first step in designing a database?
Classify the two types of database views.
A student number can be used as the identifier for each record in a counselor\'s database, thus allowing the counselor to pull data from attendance and academic databases. The identifier is also known as the:
Which data type is selected in design view to create a drop down box in a database?
If you want to add the e-mail address of each student in an existing database, you should:
Which of the following effects is produced when using the query feature?
If Sue wanted to select all records in a database except someone with her first name, what operator would she key before her name on the query criteria line?
The forces that push and pull on the Earth's crust, causing its deformation
The surface layer of the Earth
In geology, any change in the original shape or volume of rocks
The type of stress that squeezes rocks together
A type of stress that pulls rocks apart
A type of stress that pushes rocks of the crust in two opposite but horizontal directions
A break or crack in the rock, but the rock is not moving
A break or crack along which rocks move
A mountain formed by blocks of rock uplifted from normal faults
A valley formed when the block of land between two normal faults slides downward
The folding of rock in an upward direction
When rocks bend, but don't break
A large area of flat land that is raised high above sea level
The uplifted area created by rising magma
The balance that exists between the downward force of the crust and the upward force of the mantle
A hanging wall, foot wall, normal fault, reverse fault, and thrust fault are different types of --
Where there are many normal faults in an area, a series of mountains and valleys may form. These are called --
The folding of rock in a downward direction
Folding occurs when rocks bend but do not break. Two types of folds are --
Compression, tension, and shearing are three basic types of --
The shaking and trembling that results from the sudden movement of part the Earth's crust
A giant sea wave produced by an underwater earthquake
The point beneath the Earth's surface where the rocks break and move
The point on the Earth's surface directly above the focus
An earthquake wave
Seismic waves that travel the fastest; travel through solids, liquids, and gases
Seismic waves that do not travel as fast a P waves; travel through solids, but NOT liquids and gases
Seismic waves that are the slowest of all waves; originate on the Earth's surface at the epicenter; cause the Earth's surface to move up and down; cause the most damage
An instrument that detects and measures seismic waves
A scale that is used to measure the intensity of an earthquake ranging from 1 (mild) to 10 (severe)
Molten rock found within the Earth
Molten rock that has made it's way to the surface
The area beneath the Earth where magma originates
Volcanos made mostly of cinders and other rock particles that have been blown into the air
Volcanos composed of quiet lava flows
Volcanos built up of alternating layers of rock particles and lava
Funnel-shaped pit or depression at the top of a volcanic cone
A roughly circular, steep-sided pit at the top of a volcanic cone whose diameter is at least 3 times its depth
The earthquake and volcano zone that encircles the Pacific Ocean
Volcanic ash, volcanic dust, and volcanic bombs are all various size particles that come from
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Philosophy and Psychology
Natural Science and Mathematics
3 + 3 = ?
4 + 3 = ?
9 + 1 = ?
8 + 5 = ?
6 + 1 = ?
9- ___ = 6
36 divided by 4 =
360 divided by 4 =
3600 divided by 4 =
36000 divided by 4=
Mr. Platt's family took a vacation. They traveled 1600 miles in 4 days . If they drove an equal number of miles each day, how many miles did they travel each day?
Find 48000 divided by 8 mentally
If you read 120 pages over a 6 day period and you read the same number of pages each day, how many pages did you read each day?
140 divided by 7 =
2100 divided by 3 =
720 divided by 8 =
Which canal connected the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans?
Which country was responsible for building the Panama Canal?
The Panama Canal's slogan is The Land United, the World Divided.
As a result of their different histories, Costa Rica became a strong and stable Democracy, while Nicaragua became the poorest country in Central America.
How does literacy rate relate to the percentage of people living below poverty?
Which country, Costa Rica or Nicaragua, seems to have a better standard of living, or quality of life?
What is the poorest country in the western hemisphere?
What percentage of Haiti's people live in poverty?
Which of the following is NOT a natural disaster that had a major impact on the food supply of Central America
In which Central American country are 23 percent of children underweight and almost half are small for their age because they don't get proper nutrients in their diet?
Which of the following is an example of a push factor in migration?
Which of the following is an example of a pull factor in migration?
How much of the population of the Caribbean lives in cities?
Political conflict in Cuba and Haiti have pushed people to move where?
Remittances have become a significant part of the economy of some Caribbean countries.
Which of the following is NOT a vital industry to Central America and the Caribbean's economy?
Which of the following was NOT an effect of the 7.0 earthquake in Haiti in 2010?
Which tectonic plate does Central America and the Caribbean sit on?
Since the 1990s, global air travel and advertising have made tourism and important industry in the Caribbean and Central America
What did island cultures in the Caribbean blend to make their own musical styles?
a narrow strip connecting two large land areas
a chain of islands
a section of Earth's crust that floats on Earth's mantle
the travel business or industry
a human-made waterway through land for boats and ships
devices in canals used to raise or lower ships between waterways being connected
the basic systems of a society such as roads, bridges, sewers, and electricity
the level of goods, services, and material comforts of people in a country
to move from one place to another
money sent to another person in another place
How many countries make up Central America?
What type of natural disaster hit Haiti in 2010?
What is significant about Central America's location near where Caribbean Plate and the Cocos Plate meet?
What percentage of rain forest land have Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador lost from 1990 to 2005?
How many tourists visit Central America and the Caribbean each year?
Which country in the region receives the most money from tourism?
Which country in the region depends most on money received from tourism?
Which of the following is not a culture whose food has blended into the rich cooking tradition of the Caribbean?
What is Jamaican Jerk?
Which of the following is NOT a music style that comes from the Caribbean?
A type of organizer for a topic and how other relate to topic
A poem of 2 or 4 lines is which memorization strategy
Memorization strategy using first letter of each word in a sentence to recall information
Words that include always and never
Creating a route of places and associating to recall information is which memorization strategy?
Determining if you met your purpose in reading happens at what stage of reading process?
The characteristic of a smart goal that might include a percentage or grade
The answer most often associated with true/false questions including qualified words
The first column of two-column notes is labeled with this
The part of the reading process that involves looking at headings and titles and the length of reading
Who made the decisions for the Iroquois League?
Why did the Iroquois hunters speak to and thank the deer they killed?
What kind of life did most Plains people follow?
What is one way that horses affected the lifestyle of the Cheyenne?
Why did the Plains Indians settle their villages along rivers?
What was used to carry goods from a buffalo hunt?
Where do most Native Americans live? (land set aside by the US government)
What did the Plains people live in when they hunted?
What did the Iroquois live in that held up to 12 families?
What is a large, round hut built over a deep hole used for shelter by the Great Plains Indians?
What was the name of the group that lived on the Great Plains and were the first to tame horses?
Who lived in the Eastern Woodlands and made birch-bark canoes out of trees?
How did the Plains people hunt buffalo before horses were used?
What was the major resource for the Plains Indians?
Why did the Plains people live in tepees instead of lodges during hunting season?
What is revenue?
What legal document allowed customs officers to search any location to look for smuggled goods?
Why was Britain levying taxes on the colonies?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The single, giant landmass that existed more than 200 million years ago
The theory that continents were once joined together and have since drifted apart
The underwater mountains
The process in which old ocean floor is pushed away from a midocean ridge by the formation of new ocean floor
A fault that runs across a midocean ridge
A deep, V-shaped valley
The theory that the Earth's plates are moving; links together the ideas of continental drift and ocean-floor spreading
The theory that a land bridge once stretched across the Atlantic Ocean and connected South America and Africa is supported by evidence from
The continental crust is
The oceanic crust is
Scientists who study rocks are called?
Most rocks of made of what?
Which is the rock group formed from molten rock?
Which is the group of rocks that is changed by heat and pressure?
Which is the group of rocks formed from pieces of other rocks or from organic materials?
When crystals form bands in metamorphic rocks the rock is called
True or False Igneous rocks are formed by volcanoes
What is the difference between magma and lava?
Which is not a type of sedimentary rock?
True or False Sedimentary rocks stay together with cementation.
Which event would most likely produce igneous rock?
True or False Rocks will always stay the same. An igneous rock cannot become a sedimentary rock.
A rock moving from an igneous rock to a sedimentary rock undergoes what process?
A rock moving from a metamorphic rock to an igneous rock undergoe what process?
A rock moving from a sedimentary rock to a metamorphic rock undergoes what process?
True or False Rocks cannot be used for anything useful in real life
Which statement best summarizes the rock cycle?
What term describes the breakdown of rocks into smaller and smaller parts?
Which type of erosion moves the most sediment on the earth's surface?
Which of the following is an example of chemical weathering?
Agent (s) that have shaped the earth, include
Fossils are usually found in which type of rocks?
The moving of sediments is called what?
Which assumption must scientists make about the rock cycle?
What two rock types are formed by the transfer of heat?
How does vegetation control water erosion due to runoff?
Which of the following is a way people try to control the affect of gravity on Earth materials?
In the following analogy: words are to letters as rocks are to _____?
A solid material made up of minerals is called a what?
Tiny pieces of rock are called
Which of the following types of energy comes from a compound that changes as its atoms are rearranged?
Which of the following is due to random motion of particles?
Which energy is caused by an object's vibrations?
Which of the following types of energy comes from changes in an atom's nucleus?
What is a change from one form of energy to another called?
What type of energy does a rubber band have?
In photosynthesis, which of the following types of energy is used to make new substances?
A hair dryer changes electrical energy into which of the following types of energy?
Which of the following is used to measure the energy from the sun?
When there is friction on a roller coaster, some of the potential enerfy is not converted into
When energy is converted, some of the original energy is always converted to which of the following?
As a baseball flies through the air after being hit, which of the following types of energy does it have?
What happens when electrical energy is changed to thermal energy?
When you eat fruits and vegetables, which of the following types of energy are you taking in?
When is potential energy the greatest in a roller coaster?
At the end of energy conversion you will have the same as the original amount of energy. What law explains this?
Which of the following are needed to determine the kinetic energy of an object?
Which of the following do plants do during photosynthesis
Which of the following is true at the point where you reach the top of your jump on a trampoline>
What is the gravitational potential energy of a 450N diver standing on a platform that is 10m of the ground.
Which of the following effects is produced when using the query feature?
Which statement is the first step in planning and creating a report?
Which is an advantage of utilizing a database program?
Which statement most correctly summarizes the action of sorting records?
Explain how the OR condition query affects the number of records retrieved?
Determine which process is used to duplicate data from a database to a spreadsheet?
Which process is used to place an object such as a chart into a database form?
Alice printed a report from her database. After viewing the report, her teacher told her that she needed to include a grouping from one field. She should:
What is the quickest and easiest way in the report object window for Kareen to create a report from a database that lists all of the schools in which he is interested?
To query a database for all community colleges with tuition above $500 per semester, which comparison should be used?
Daryl uses a spreadsheet program to balance his checkbook and wants to see which month between June and December had the highest expenses. What type of mathematical operator should he use?
Kelly designed a spreadsheet using columns A-H. She must center the title of her spreadsheet across all of the columns she used. Which alignment will she choose from the toolbar?
Felix wants to rotate a label in his spreadsheet. Which tab from the format cell dialogue box should he choose?
Which is NOT a valid mathematical operator?
The sales manager wants to know if all the salespersons met their goal of $5000 this month. Which of the following spreadsheet functions would give him/her the answer?
Which type of data does a Social Security number represent?
Joe is going to use fill down to enter the formula =B1/$C$1 into the cells Al:A25. What does the "$" represent in the formula?
Pam is going to use fill down to enter the formula =B1/$C$1 into cells A1:A25. What does the "B1" represent in the formula?
To make spreadsheet row and/or column titles remain stationary on the screen, which command should be used?
Ms. Mozingo, the data entry clerk for the school, needs to rank student athletes in descending order by GPA and last name. She is preparing a/an:
Heredity is
A plant that has two dominant genes or two recessive genes is
Mendel's ratio for dominant to recessive traits is
A phenotype is
When cells are copied with half the number of chromosomes it is called
Incomplete dominance is
When all offspring have the same traits as parent it is called
Meiosis makes
A plant that fertilizes itself is known as
An exact copy of a chromosome is a
The chance that something will happen is
Chromosomes get ready for a cell to split by
Probability is usually written as
One trait can sometimes be decided by two or more
Males have one X and one Y chromosome and females have two
To trace a trait through generations of a family, you can use
Since men have only one X chromosome, they are more likely to have
A table that shows possible offspring genotypes is a
If red (R) is dominant and white (r) is recessive, the majority of offspring will be
If one of every four offspring is white, the probability of an offspring being white is
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The Byzantine Empire was a blend of which cultures?
Emperor Justinians code of law was taken from which of the following almost word for word.
Which group was most responsible for the destruction of the Byzantine Empire?
The respect for family, valuing of education, and loyalty to government are all traits of which belief system?
The Great Schism resulted in the formal creation of which two religious sects of Christianity?
How were Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta similar?
Which continent did the Black Death come originate (begin/start) from?
The Silk Road connected which parts of the world?
China's Golden Age was similar to the Pax Mongolica and Pax Romana in which way?
Why did China start printing paper money?
The Mongol Empire made which trade network safe and stable?
The Mongolian Empire was created by which person below.
Which Mongolian Ruler adopted Chinese customs and served as Emperor of China?
Mongolian armies were known for which of the following?
The Mongols accomplished all of the following EXCEPT for...
What does the program monitor do?
When you drag a clip from the Source Monitor to the Program Monitor, it creates a(n)
When dragging clips into the Program Monitor, what modifier key do you use to make an insert rather than an overwrite edit?
If you are adding clips to the Timeline, when are the track patching controls ignored?
When you see your video playback stuttering, stopping and starting, what button would you use to help correct the problem and make editing easier?
By default, the Markers Panel is grouped with the __________ Panel.
Markers can be added to all of the following except:
What is the shortcut for Markers?
The keyboard shortcut for the Selection Tool is:
If you want to select every clip on a track, use the _________________.
Always place the microscope ____________ back from the edge of the table or counter.
Never plug the cord into a socket where someone could ______________ by accidentally walking into the cord.
Also, keep all cords that are attached to the microscope and the computer___________
When carrying the microscope, you should always hold
When you view a specimen through an objective lens that is magnified 40X, what is the actual magnification?
Which magnification of the lens would you use to find the specimen on the slide?
The diaphragm is used to
Which set of lenses would you use to examine the details of a specimen?
Who is given credit for inventing the microscope?
The type of microscope that gives you a 3-D image is the
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