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The process of change that occurs during an organism's life to produce a more complex organism is called
Which classification level is broader than the phylum level?
A plant growing toward light is an example of
The source of energy for most autotrophs is
Which of the following characteristics do all plants share?
An organism that makes its own food is called a(n)
An organsim that cannot make its own food and depends on other organisms as a source of energy is called
An organism would be LEAST similar to which of the following?
If two organisms are in the same family, which of the following do they all have in common?
Which organisms would have the most similar evolutionary history?
Amphibians include the following except for:
This reptile has a third parietal eye.
Reptiles have :
Amphibian means:
A tadpole is a:
Frogs hear with a :
Snakes that are poisonous have:
Amphibians go from young to old through a process called:
Snakes sense their environment with:
As a frog breathes, air is forced through the:
You are walking in the woods and come across a log that looks like as if it has scrambled eggs all over it. The scramble eggs are actually a ___.
In the late 1800s, the French wine industry was threatene when a ___ attacked the grapes.
___ live on dead organic matter.
A parasite gets its nutrients from its ___.
___ obtain their food from dead organic matter of the body of another organism.
All protists are
Organisms that invade the body of another organism to obtain the nutrients they need are called ___.
Where would you most likely find a slime mold?
When growth conditions are unfavorable, a slime mold develops stalklike structures with rounded knobs at the top that contain
The Great Potato Famine was caused by a
A euglenoid has
A contractivle vacuole
Almost all algae live
Algae obtain their food by
Phytoplankton are
Most of the world's oxygen is produced by
Most of the world's seaweeds are ___ algae.
Laminaria is an example of a ___ algae.
Volvox is a ___ that grows in round colonies.
Which of the following statements describes diatoms?
Which of the following is NOT a plant like protists?
A red tide can occur when ___ multipy rapidly.
Shellfish that feed on algae in a red tide
Flagella are used by some algae to
Euglenoids cannot see, but they have ___ that respond to light.
Protists that get energy from photosynthesis are ___.
Single celled algae that provide food for most other water dwelling organisms are called ___.
___ can be found in water, in melting snow, on tree trunks, and inside lliving organisms.
___ have two whip like strands called flagella.
Plantlike protists include ___.
The substance that does the dissolving is called the ________.
A _____________ is a mixture that forms when one substance dissolves another.
A __________ is what is being added to the solvent.
______________ is called the universal solvent.
Water goes either through the ground or through our bodies, it takes along with it valuabe _____.
Water's chemical make-up is....
What type of charge does the water molecule have?
What causes the water to be \
The charged ends of the water molecules attract the molecules of other polar substances such as.....
You are making ice tea. What is the solute?
Sound waves are
Earthquakes produce what waves?
Sound travels fastest through
Sound travel slowest through......
All matter is made up of...
Sound waves move out in all
Amplitude is
The speed of the wave is called its
The number of waves cycles in a given unit of time is called the wave.....
Animal-like protists
Euglenas and ciliates have special structure called ___ that collects and removes excess water.
Which animal-like protist causes malaria?
Amoebas move with
The shape of an amoeba is
The word pseudopodia means
Amoebas capture their food by surrounding it with their
When an amoeba surrounds a bacteria or protists, it forms a
Bleeding ulcers can be caused by
Giardia lamblia lives in the digestive tract of humans and other vertebrates. It is a(n)
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A mineral used for making plaster of Paris and fertilizer.
Member or supporter of a German political party formed by Adolph Hitler.
alimentary canal
To become a liquid or part of a liquid, like sugar dissolving in water.
Milky liquid with drops of fat or oil.
Can be dissolved. Salt is soluble in water.
One of the lower chambers of the heart; (receives blood from a corresponding atrium) which is then forced into the arteries.
Iron compound in red blood cells.
The student who will get a 100% on this vocabulary practice!
Whenever anything moves or grows, ___ is used.
The ability to do work is called ___
Energy that is stored is called____ energy
Energy that is moving is called ___energy
You blink your eyes. Was work done?
You pick up your book. Was work done?
You hold your book steady in the air without moving it for 3 seconds. Work was done.
You write your name. Work was done.
You crumple a piece of paper. Was work done?
If a 100 pound weight is lifted 5 feet off the ground, how much work is done?
A force of 10 newtons moves a box 4 meters. How much work is done?
Jim pushes hard on a rock that weighs 500 pounds. He pushes with a force of 50 pounds, but the rock doesn't move. How much work did Jim do?
Oil stores this type of energy.
Burning causes this type of energy.
The energy of movement is called ____
Solar energy is also called ____
Batteries are sources of this type of energy.
An explosion may rock a house from this type of energy.
What is the correct equation for work?
What is the unit used to measure work?
What is the GCF of 32, 40?
What is the LCM (Least common multiple) of 8, 12?
What is the GCF (greatest common factor) of 20, 30?
What is the least common multiple of 3 and 14?
What is the GCF greatest common factor of 36 and 45?
What is the least common multiple of 20 and 25
What is the greatest common factor of 22 and 44?
What is the least common multiple of 10 and 7
Simplify the fraction 24/32
Simplify the fraction 42/48
Simplify the fraction 25/60
Simplify the fraction 50/56
What is the Least Common Multiple of 21 and 35?
What is the Greatest Common Factor of 9 and 24
Simplfy the fraction is 36/63
What is the least common multiple for 6, 15
Simplify the fraction 15/20
What is the Least Common Multiple for 5, 9, and 15?
What is the Greatest Common Factor (GCF) of 24 and 60?
Simplify the fraction 15/60
How do light-years help astronomers to determine the ages of distant objects in space?
What is a constellation?
What is the distance of an object from Earth if the object is 7 AU from the sun? (Assume that both Earth and the object are located in the same direction from the sun.)
How do scientists define an astronomical unit?
How are objects located on the celestial sphere?
What is a constellation?
Approximately how many astronomical units are equivalent to one light-year?
A star is located approximately 500 million light-years from Earth. Can a student determine the star's distance by calculating its parallax angle?
What is necessary to calculate a star's distance from Earth?
An astronomical unit is equivalent to
A light-year is a measure of
the basic building blocks of matter; the smallest unit of an element that maintains the properties of that element
a pure substance made up of one type of atom; a substance that cannot be broken down into simpler materials
a particle made up of two or more atoms that are chemically joined; the smallest unit of a compound that keeps all the properties of that compound
a substance made up of two or more atoms of different elements that are chemically combined
a combination of two or more substances or a variety of elements and compounds that are not chemically combined
either a single element or a single compound, that has definite chemical and physical properties
Which of the following does not describe a pure substance?
What happens when a pure substance undergoes a chemical change?
How can elements be classified?
How can compounds be classified?
Which sentence best demonstrates the meaning of the word rant?
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Which type of chemical equation involves one compound breaking apart into two or more molecules?
The study of the amounts of reactants used and products formed from a chemical reaction is called ___?
The reactant that is used up first in a chemical reaction is known as the ___________ reactant.
The SI unit used to measure the number of particles in a substance is called the ___.
The number, 6.02 times 10 to the 23rd power is known as
The mass of the reactants equals the mass of the products. This is the Law of
The limiting reactant of a candle burning under a jar is the
When converting to from moles of oxygen to grams of oxygen, the
When gas burns to cook food, the type of reaction is _____.
Where do you find information about converting moles to grams?
A group of presidential electors chosen by the states?
This was used on the frontier as money.
Foreigners living in the United States are called?
During the XYZ Affair, French agents demanded what for peace?
The Federalists favored a/an ____________________ construction of the Constitution.
Who won the presidential election of 1796?
When the United States began it had no
Alexander Hamilton was the United State's first
What were the first two major political parties that developed in the United States?
All of the following describe views the Democratic-Republicans supported EXCEPT
Frederick Muhlenberg was the first _______________________________?
The first secretary of war in the United States was?
Ratification is
Advisors to a president are called the
A weak central government was supported by
"Loose construction" refers to how the Federalists interpreted the
The Democratic-Republicans were supported by people who lived in the
The convention of 1800 was an agreement between the United States and
In George Washington's Farewell Address he
John Fenno was the editor of the
A(n) __________ is a substance that cannot be broken down into simpler substances.
What nineteenth century scientist combined the idea of elements with the Greek theory of the atom?
A piece of metal that can conduct electricity is called a(n) __________.
How did J.J. Thomson know that the particles in the cathode-ray tube were negatively charged?
The small, negatively charged particles discovered by J.J. Thomson are called __________.
Which of the following best describes Thomson's model of the atom?
Ernest Rutherford experimented with alpha particles and thin gold foil to find out __________.
Where did Rutherford propose that the positive charge in an atom was located?
What particle in an atom is electrically neutral?
Which of the following models of the atom reflects the unpredictable motion of the electron?
What did Spartan society emphasize the most?
Sparta had a government that was ...
Slaves were called
Military housing was called
Government of Athens was like
True or False? Women, foreigners, and children were not citizens in Athens.
Government in which citizens make the political decisions
Someone who took power in an illegal way
Government in which there is rule by few
Greek word for city-state
Which of the following statements is true?
Coal is a ______
How can we reduce the number of trees destroyed each year?
Solar energy is an example of an inexhaustible source of energy because ______
Although air cannot be used up, it can be damaged by ____
Which of the following is a renewable resource?
It takes billions of years for minerals to form in the Earth’s crust. Minerals are ___
Which of the following is an inexhaustible resource?
Which of the following is NOT a renewable resource?
Fossil fuels came from __________
How would you test which would fall faster when dropped from a rooftop, a tennis ball or a bowling ball?
What tool would be used to find if ice will melt faster than chocolate on a summer day?
Which of the following is needed to determine a ship's travel time
What is the proper sequence for a scientific investigation?
Which of the following safety precautions is the most important to observe when chemicals are used in an experiment?
The predicted answer to a scientific question is called the _________
The part of a scientific experiment that changes is the _____________
Who is responsible for safety in the science laboratory?
What would be the best tool to use to study a butterfly, without bringing it inside?
The tool used to measure mass is a _______________
What process creates new sand in a desert?
Coastal beaches are shrinking because
Which of the following would probably cause the most damage to a abandoned building found in a jungle?
All of the following are causes of physical weathering except
Plants prevent soil erosion by _______
What is the major cause of weathering and erosion?
What happens when glaciers slowly move down a mountain?
What is sediment?
The process by which small pieces of rocks and soil are carried away to new locations is called _______
The process of breaking up rocks on Earth's surface is called _________
What are goods?
What are services?
What is scarcity?
What is a tradeoff?
Human resource is ...
A natural resource
What is a psychological want?
A man made resource is
What is a physical need?
In order to live, your physical needs must be met?
The Sun is a star. Why does the Sun appear to be so much bigger and brighter that other stars in the sky?
A student used a basketball, peas, and pingpong balls as models to represent the moon, sun, and earth.Which round object would be used to represent the sun?
Which would the peas represent?
Which planet is nearest to the Sun?
Which planet has the most rings around it?
One complete REVOLUTION around the sun is the same as
What is the closest star to Earth?
Sunspots appear to be darker than the rest of the Sun's surface because they are
Which two planets are closest to Earth?
Which planet is the sixth planet from the sun?
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El héroe recibió un ______ de su emperador.
La princesa ____ el objeto precioso a la diosa.
El guerrero ______ del héroe porque era más valiente.
Ella _____. NO dobló.
¿Qué _____ cuando eras joven?
Es martes. El ____ era domingo.
Caminaba y _____ vi un accidente de coche.
____ 5 años, fui a París.
A veces, yo ______ mirar Netflix.
La ____ pasada, tomé un examen.
Los lunes, yo _____ el fútbol.
Esta vez, el guerrero _____ a su ciudad.
¿Cuándo _____?..... El año pasado.
Quiero ____ mi opinión para que no haya dudas.
El enemigo nunca quería ____ al ejército militar. Era valiente.
Una persona generosa siempre _____ lo que tiene.
____que no han estudiado porque no saben nada.
Es una____ en nuestro hogar que no nos acostamos enojados.
Los amantes van a estar juntos _____.
El cuento fue ___por mi amigo porque quería captar nuestra atención.
Los criminales planearon su ____ de la cárcel pero cuando el día llegó, fueron capturados.
____ 2 meses _____canto.
Mi amiga estaba enojada y hablaba conmigo de una manera muy ____.
Hay una cantidad ____ de estrellas en el cielo esta noche.
Entiendo cómo se siente pero eso no _____ su actitud.
La modelo sabía que era muy hermosa. Ella era un poco ____.
Mis estudiantes son ____ porque trabajan mucho.
Alicia sentía tanto estrés que buscaba una manera de ____ de todas sus preocupaciones.
El profesor ____ calificar todos los ensayos dentro de dos horas.
Cuando la tarea me parece más difícil, trato de ______y enfoco en llevarla a cabo.
No me gusta el ____ de los espárragos pero puedo comerlos en una ensalada.
Al confirmar lo que había ocurrido, supe que su cuento era ____.
Al comer toda la bolsa de chips, ____ tengo hambre.
La puerta está _____.
Las luces están _____.
Los niños están _____ desde las cinco.
El presidente ____ tomo oficina esta semana.
Tenemos un maestro _____ hoy en clase.
La puerta de mi cuarto está _____.
Las cartas están _____ ya.
La bebé está _____ toda la noche.
El ladrón está _____ desde ayer.
Los niños están ____ en la clase de matemáticas.
¡Los perros están _____ en la calle!
El libro está _____ en español.
La lámpara del salón está _____.
Tu regalo de cumpleaños está _____ ya.
Las niñas están _____ para la fiesta.
La tarea está ____ ya.
Las mesas están _____ para la fiesta.
Las plantas están _____.
La película está _____ por toda la gente.
Los sandwiches de jamón y queso están ______.
A simple carbohydrate that serves as a major source of energy for your body is
The nutrients that provide the highest amount of energy are
A substance that speeds up chemical reactions in the body is called a(n)
Amino acids are linked together chemically to form molecules of
Which of the following is NOT a nutrient
Waste materials are prepared for elimination from the body in the
The portion of a food label that describes how the nutritional content of a food fits into a diet of 2,000 Calories a day is called the
Bile is produced by the
Which of the following does NOT take place in the mouth?
Which food group forms the large base of the Food Guide Pyramid?
The first state-chartered university in the United States was
The fThe first way the government of Georgia distributed land was by
The capital of Georgia moved many times in order to
The _______ proved to be a natural barrier that forced settlers, moving in covered wagons, and southward into Virginia, the Carolinas, and Georgia.
Which of the following was not a reason the state got involved in railroad building?
The final result of the Yazoo Land Fraud was
Who invented the cotton gin?
The Methodists and Baptists spread through the south because of _________ ?
Was extremely important to the Southern economy and became the dominant cash crop for the entire South.
For a small fee, any white male twenty-one years of age could win land. Up to 30 million acres of land were given away through this system.
What is the correct spelling of DNA?
What is the shape of DNA?
DNA is similar to a book because...
Which type of cell is accurate transmission of DNA most important?
DNA is made up of...
A mutation is also known as what?
What happens to the cell if DNA is damaged?
DNA is replicated by...
Which of the following is the correct base-pair combination in DNA?
What is the correct compliment of DNA base pairs to match the following: GGCTAT
Wedge-shaped characters used in the writings of ancient civilizations.
An ancient temple in the shape of a pyramid with stepped levels.
To burn a dead body to ashes instead of burying the body.
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A well mixed mixture is called a(n) ____________.
In a solution, the solute is dissolved by the ____________.
The material moved by erosion is called _________.
Rock and soil slide quickly down a slope in one large mass is called ____________.
Movement of rock particles by wind, water, ice, or gravity is called _________.
The breaking down of rock and other substances at Earth's surface is known as _______________.
The part of a solution that is present in the smaller amount is the ___________.
The part of a solution that is present in the larger amount is the __________.
A mixture that can be separated by settling
The tightness across the surface of water
Which statement best describes what the Sun provides for us?
What is the center of our Solar System?
What Galaxy do we live in?
What planet is the only planet that can sustain life?
What is a planet?
What is Earth's satellite?
Which of these statements is true?
What is the imaginary line that the Earth rotates on?
What is the imaginary path that the plants revolve around the Sun on?
Which of these would best model how the Sun's energy warms the earth?
The wind was blowing so hard, the sun was scared to come out.
The teacher is like an angry lion when she is mad.
The boy believed black birds bite
The men were jumping like a pack of frantic grizzly bears.
The sky is a rainbow of colors.
He hammered so hard, the earth began to shake.
Cra-aack! Whumph! The beam broke and fell on them.
The grass is an ocean of flowers.
The \
There are a zillion stars in the sky tonight.
Your heart is actually located in this part of your body
These carry blood AWAY from your heart.
These contain hemoglobin, which contain oxygen.
The human heart has how many chambers?
These carry oxgenated blood BACK to the heart.
This is the largest artery in your body.
These are what keeps blood flowing in one direction in and out of the heart.
The average human resting heart rate is how many beats per minute?
This is the only organ to receive a constant supply of blood.
These cells are what attack infection in the body.
An example of a synthetic element is __________.
The __________ is a chart created by chemists to organize the elements.
An element's atomic number is the number of __________ in the nucleus of each atom of that element.
The atomic number of manganese is 25; its mass number is 55. How many neutrons does an atom of manganese have in its nucleus?
Atoms of the same element that have different numbers of neutrons are called?
Which of the following best describes the three general groups of elements?
Which of the following is characteristic of most metals?
What group contains elements that are gases at room temperature?
The atomic mass of an element is __________ of that element.
An atom containing six positive charges and six negative charges has __________ charge.
What is the smallest living unit?
What is another word for the process of converting food to energy
Plants and other organisims that make their own food are
Animals which eat both meat and plants are
The top level of organisms on in a food web are
Which formula represents an organic compound?
Which is an organic compound found in most cells?
Which are the four most abundant elements in living cells?
Which pair of compounds can be classified as inorganic?
An organelle differs from an organ in that an organelle
When 2 Paramecium join together, exchange genetic material, divided to 4 organisms they are reproducing
Both animal-like amoebas and plant-like Euglena reproduce
Spore-forming protists
The functions of a ciliate's cell are controlled by the
A ciliate passes genetic material to another individual during sexual reproduction using its
The best known ciliate is
The organism that lives in the guts of termites and digests the cellulose in the wood is an example of a
You should not drink directly out of lakes because the water may contain __ that can cause diarrhea.
Paramecium reproduces sexually by ___.
Animal like protists are called ___.
Which of the following is NOT microscopic:
What is another word for organisms that can make their own food:
Which of the following is NOT a member of the plant-like protist group:
This group of animal-like protists has thin little hairs that help them move around and an example is a Paramecium:
animal-like Protist group that has false feet that help them move, an example would be an ameoba:
Fungi that feed off the dead are decomposers, they are also called:
Which of the following is a fungus and NOT a bacteria?
Which of the following means no nucleus
Where is the BEST place to find a protist?
Which of the following is NOT a kingdom we have studied:
The most abundant elements in earth's crust are
A rock is a(an)___________ of minerals
Gold and silver are native elements (and minerals) that show
Shale is the parent rock of
Sedimentary rocks are made of ______ and are classifed by whether or not they are _____________ or ______________.
Igneous rocks are formed by
Metamorphic rocks are
Coal is an example of a
Granite is made of which minerals?
Metamorphic rock is classified based on its
___ are fungal filaments that are similar to plant roots.
A Lichen
Club fungi produce special hyphae that develop
Which of the following is NOT a true statement about fungi?
The cells in fungal filaments are unlike plant root cells in that cells in fungal filaments
The hyphae in fungus grow together to form a twisted mass called the
The mycelium is often found
Black bread mold is an example of a(n)
Yeast is an example of a(n)
Answers by Educators Question Database
Oganization of workers that pushed for improved worker conditions during the Industrial revolution
Which desert is in north Africa?
Which ethnic group is predominate in northern Africa?
What is the strip of land south of the Sahara desert?
Which best describes the African savanna?
Which mountain range is in northwest Africa
The largest ethnic group south of the Sahara is the _____?
The process where land turns into desert is known as ____.
The African rainforest is being clear cut to make way for roads and farms. This is known as _________.
The only travel through this region is by camel. No villages or people live here.
Most people live around _______.
Modal degrees
When various notes, minimum 3, are sounding at the same time they are called
Which chord is discordant
They are used to obtain durations longer than the normal values of notes and rests
Cuando colocamos la tercera nota del acorde abajo el acorde es un
Cuando colocamos la quinta nota del acorde abajo el acorde es un
It is a curved line that joins two or more notes together of the same name and pitch
It is is a stop placed to the right of a note or a rest and it increases its time-value by half
Es un signo de prolongación que alarga un poco la nota y se escribe con un semicírculo con un punto en medio
Una blanca con puntillo equivale a:
What must happen for an electromagnet to have a magnetic field?
Sam was shown four objects, one of which did not contain a magnet. Which should be selected as the one that does NOT contain a magnet?
What substance is attracted to a magnet?
What happens when two north poles of magnets are placed together?
What is our best evidence that Earth has a magnetic field?
Which of the following would be the best way to observe and compare the magnetic fields of various magnets?
Earth's magnetic field and bar magnets both attract particles to the same location. Where are they?
A circuit, coiled wire around an iron rod, and a switch are components of which of the following?
What characteristics do magnetic substances have? They
The fact that a compass needle is designed to always point north tells us what?
______________ is the house that I built.
The person __________________ brought the snacks should report to the kitchen .
______________________ name is that on the building?
I asked my sister _____________________ bed she wanted in the hotel room.
She is the kind of friend ___________ will never let you down.
We saw the dog_________________ has one brown eye and one blue eye.
We want to buy the same car __________________ our neighbors have.
The man ___________________ beard is white reminds me of Santa Claus.
Mary Ann saw a tree limb _________________ was about to break .
The house __________________ has the red shutters is where my brother will be living.
__________________________ is the country of Turkey located?
Susan will be leaving at noon today. This tells
Susan is traveling west to Autin, Texas. This tells
School was called off because it snowed. This tells
The parade began at 6 o'clock in the evening. This tells
The parade began on Ward Avenue and ended on Peachtree Street. This tells
The parade was held to celebrate Christmas. This tells
I was just reaching for the doorknob ______________ I heard the clock strike twelve.
My address is on Midway Church Road in Lincolnton, Georgia. This tells
I moved in 1981. This tells
something not made by nature
to stand in the way or block progress
the use or purpose of something
special ways of doing something to achieve a desired result
to work together
to imitate
to give or devote time to something
able to bend without breaking
If something is artificial, then it is...
Which word has the OPPOSITE meaning of the word flexible?
¿Cómo se dice beak en español?
¿Cómo se dice wings en español?
¿Cómo se dice flippers en español?
¿Cómo se dice feathers en español?
¿Cómo se dice tail en español?
¿Cómo se dice head en español?
¿Cómo se dice eyes en español?
¿Cómo se dice stomach en español?
¿Cómo se dice penguin en español?
¿Cómo se dice it's cold en español?
La _____ era antigua.
Construyeron un edificio que era una ____.
El ejército valiente ______ en la guerra.
El guerrero hermoso lloró porque su ____ murió.
El dios _____ regresar a su templo.
Answers by Educators Question Database
When an entire species is no longer on Earth
A relationship that lasts over time like a butterfly anf flower
Heartworms in the bloodstream of an animal
A species that has few of its kind left
Inherited behavior that is automatic
A relationship that benefits one organism and has no effect on the other like a hermit crab using the shell of a dead snail
A relationship between two organisms that benefits both like the relationship between a clownfish and a sea anemone
Organisms making offspring
A process of change in the development of a butterfly
What adaptations does an anteater have that help it survive?
Penicillium is an example of a(n)
The umbrella-shaped mushrooms that suddenly appear on your lawn are an example of
Threadlike fungi reproduce asexually by forming round spore cases called
The largest group of fungi are the
Sac fungi reproduce sexually by first forming a(n)
Yeast reproduce
Lichens are
Which of the following statements is NOT true of imperfect fungi?
Fungi that grow outward from wood, forming small shelves, are called
The mushroom that you buy in the store or order on your pizza are examples of
A bond that is formed when atoms share one or more electrons
A covalent bond where electrons are shared unequally
These are gained or lost in ionic bonds
A negative Ion is called
A chemical bond that is created when one atom loses or gains an electron
Shows the chemical symbol surrounded by the valence electrons
A covalent bond where the electrons are shared equally
Tells you how many electrons are in an atom
What is the only element that has a dot diagram that is full with 2 dots
How many electrons can an atom hold in it's first shell?
Atoms get their energy from
Each element has a different number of
A chlorine atom that is negatively charged is written as
The only true non polar bond is between the same
A negative ion is a(n)
Ionic bonds form
Covalent Bonds form
What do we call the electrons on the outer shell
Which of the following is a formula that describes carbon dioxide
What group has a full outer shell
An atom that is no longer neutral because it has gained or lost an electron
When atoms combine to fill their outer energy shell
A neutral particle formed when atoms share electrons
The number that is written below in a formula
The attraction that holds positive and negative ions together
A combination of chemcial symbols and numbers that show what a molecule is made of
Which of the following is an example of a polar molecule
Which of the following is an example of an ionic bond
What is the strongest type of bond?
What type of bond is able to dissolves more substances?
Who was the father of genetics?
The passing of traits from parent to offspring.
Does not transfer pollen from one flower to another.
Pollen from one plant fertilizes the ovule of a flower on a different plant.
A feature that has different forms in a population.
This is not true of Mendel's first experiment.
This is not true of Mendel's second experiment.
Which of the follwing is a characteristic?
Which of the following is a trait?
The trait that is hidden by the presence of an overpowering triat.
Light enter through this clear part of the eye
These make tears that help clean out the eye
This is the colored part of the eye
These two senses are closely related together
What are the 4 main tastes
This is the part of the tongue where we taste sweet
These are found in the retina detect color when we see
This nerves carries signals from the eye to the brain
This part of the brain controls our five senses
These get larger or smaller to let light into the eye
Explain why animals hibernate in the winter.
What do you think would change an ecosystem the least?
In an ocean, how could humans harm an ecosystem?
What does an herbivore eat?
What do a carnivore and an omnivore have in common?
Why do animals migrate?
Explain why a polar bear can survive in the arctic, but not in the desert
What is a food web?
What is the source of energy for all living things?
What structural parts help a bird to survive?
Anything that takes up space is known as
Boiling is chaning a _________ to a _____________
Condensation changes a gas to a
If a solid is changed to a liquid then this is known as
A solid is changed to a liquid during what physical change?
What is the pull of gravity that can change if someone one went to the moon?
What is the amount of matter that makes up an object?
If a phases particles move very slow then this phase must be a
This state of matter has no definite volume and no definite shape.
This phase can produce electricity.
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What was not one of the lasting outcome of the War of 1812?
The Greatest American Victory of the war of 1812, actually fought after the treat of Ghent ended the war.
A statement that said the the Americas were closed to future colonization by european powers and that any interfernce in the Americas would be considered a hostile act to the United
To avoid international relations with other countries abelif that a nations interest is best served by avoiding economic and political alliances with other countries
A strong sense of Ntional pride in ones nation
The term that refers to the division of powers between a State and National Government. (The Federal Government has some powers and the State Governments have some powers.)
Which is not a power that only Federal Government has:.
Powers given only to the federal government are called
Which is not an example of a power shared by the States and the Federal Goverment:
The term used to describe powers shared by the States and Federal government
A political system in which there is a king or queen
Type of government in which power is vested in just a few people.
A form of Democracy in which people vote personally on every issue.
Type of Democracy in which people elect some one to vote for them
Rule by a single person who has unlimited power.
Es una bebida amarilla.
Es una fruta anaranjada.
No es una verdura verde.
No es un lacteo.
¿Qué tipo de carne comen muchas personas durante el Día de Acción de Gracias?
No es una fruta roja.
No es un grano.
Es una grasa.
Son frutas moradas (y verdes).
No es una carne.
No es marrón.
Algo que necesitas (something you need) para hacer (to make) un sándwich
No es un postre.
No es una bebida.
El opuesto (the opposite) de la pimienta.
Type of government in which the state involves itself in all facets of a person life
American political system s dominated by the Republican Party and the Deocratic Party it can be said that America has what type of system?
Among the purposes of Government listed in the Constitution, it states that Government should
Among the purposes of Government listed in the Constitution, it states that Government should
El opuesto (the opposite) de la salsa de tomate.
Among the purposes of Government listed in the Constitution, it states that Government should
Among the purposes of Government listed in the Constitution, it states that Government should
Plan for the New Government (After the Articles Of Confederation) porposed by A LArge State it Called For larger states to have more power
Plan proposed by a Small state in the new Constitution for each state to have the same number of votes regardless of its population
The compromise that resolved the issue of how states would be represented in the New Constitution. Gibving us Two house one based on Population and one based on the idea that each
The HOuse of Congress where Representation based on a states population. (more populus states have more represenatives.
The HOuse of Congress where Represntation is Equal, each state gets two regardless of its population.
The Term Congress refers to :
Compromis reached as to how to count slaves for the purpose of taxation and representation
Created to stop one branch of government from becoming too powerful. It alows one brach of government to limit the power of another branch of government
The check the President has on Congress. IF congress passes a law the president does not favor he can do what to check their power?
The President has a Check on the Supreme Court in that he
Congress can do what two thing to check the power of the President?
Alexander hamilton was the leader of this group of people tha favored the ratification of the Constitution and a stronger central government
Papers written supporting the ratification of the Constitution
People that were opposed to the ratification of the Constitution (led by Thomas Jefferson)
The first 10 amendments to the Constitution inculde our most basic rights and are called :
Which is not a first Amendment right
A change to the Constitution
Who can write a Bill?
What is the process for how a Bill becomes law?
A person born in the United States is calleed a
A legal alien that goes through the process of becoming a citzen is called a
To bring formal charges against the Pesident
The presidental power to grant freedom from punishment to a person convicted of a crime or facing criminal charges
The rights a person has when accused of violating a a law.
Which is not a responsibility of citizens
Term that refers to the government mandating that people registar for providing military service
Groups of people that share a common interest for taking a political Action
The group that actually eleccts the president and bases their vote on the popular vote in each state
Supreme Court case that said having seprate facilites for races were aceptable
Supreme Court case that said that having seprate facilities is not acceptable, it outlawed segregation
An action or decision that later serves as an example or the basis of ruling for a case.
The First National bank of the united States was created to do what?
The power given to the Supreme Court to declare a law passed by congress either Constitutional or Constitutional
The Louisiana Purchase did what to the United States?
The practice, began by Jackson, where he gave government jobs to his supporters
The since the states created the federal government they are greater than the Federal government and can disobey some laws they disagree with.
The Act passed by Jackson that relocated the Indians west of the Mississippi River
Site of Indian territory
The Forced march of the Cherokee Indians from their homeland in Georgia to Indian Territory
What is not one lasting impact of Jackson's administration?
Trail used to settle the West that streched from the Great Plains from Western Missouri to Oregon
What were not a result of the movement West
Why did Jackson relocate the Indians West of the Mississippi?
A small abandoned Mission in Texas where the Texans held off a large Mexican force and became an inspiration for the Texas Independence Revolution
In what case did the American Indians win in the Supreme court but still were forced off their land
The Idea that it is the fate of America to control all of the land from the Atlantic to the Pacific
Settlers that moved West to California during the Gold Rush
The purchase of land from Mexico so a railroad could run only on American Soil it completed the existing boundry of Mexico
Act passed by Congress in 1862 promising land to any citizen who lived on it and cultivated it for 5 years
A time when factories replaced makeing products at home
Invented by Eli Whitney it is whn each part is exactly the same (interchangable parts)and is produced on an assembly line.
Invention of Eli Whitney that took the seed out of cotton
What is one major influence of Eli Whitney\'s Cotton Gin?
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If I say that two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom makes up water, what am I given you?
A peice of metal has been left out in the weather and begins to rust. What kind of change is this?
Which of these is an example of a physical property?
Freezing, melting, boiling, and condensation are all examples of what?
The Northen lights are example of what phase of matter?
This phase can conduct electricity
The particles in this phase move very fast
If a piece of paper is folded has the mass been changed?
The main difference between mass and weight is
What phase has no definite shape or volume and does not conduct electricity?
The term that means
Wich of the following is NOT used to make glucose in photosynthesis?
Human body cells have :
Which one of the following does NOT perform mitosis?
Oxygen is used to break down food molecules and release energy in a process called
Osmosis is the diffusion of what substance through a cell membrane?
Photosynthesis means
Fermentation in animal cells produces
________ is what gives plant their green color.
Respiration means:
Shannon makes a deposit in her checking acount. She has checks for $178.16 and $36.00. She gets back $20.00 in cash. What is her total deposit?
Which of the following is the correct way to write the amount $73.78 on a check?
The previous balance in your check register is $234.67. You make a deposit of $150.00. You write a check for $63.23. What is your new balance?
Your statement balance is $433.97. You have an outstanding check for $46.78 and an outstanding deposit for $235.00. What is your adjusted balance?
Your bank statement shows a previous balance of $354.12. You make deposits of $123.98 and $312.76. You write checks for $45.17 and $154.32. You had a $4.00 service charge and earn $0.18 interest. What is your present balance?
Drew Lawson uses online banking to pay his bills. The bank charges $6.95 a month to use this service, $0.50 for each bill paid, $4.00 for a printed statement, and a cash advance fee of 2 percent of the cash advance amount. Drew paid 4 bills, reques
Frank Shoemaker makes a deposit in his checking account. He has checks for $56.23, $158.97, and $218.64. Frank gets back $25.00 in cash. What is his total deposit?
The previous balance in your check register is $509.62. You make a deposit of $259.84. You write a check for $148.00. What is your new balance?
Your bank statement shows a previous balance of $218.54. You make deposits of $311.25 and $250.00. You write checks for $95.00 and $267.48. What is your present balance?
Your statement balance is $200.36. You have an outstanding check for $112.56 and an outstanding deposit for $68.34. What is your adjusted balance?
Cellular respiration takes place in a eukaryotic cell's:
Which of the following is a product of photosynthesis?
The exchange of materials between a cell and its environment takes place across cell:
A product of photosynthesis is
An organism with chloroplasts is a
A product of cellular respiration
Respiration means:
Nearly all of the energy that fuels life comes from:
Diffusion can take place if the two substances are:
The equation C6,H12,06 + 602 yields 6CO2 + 6H2O + energy (ATP) is the equation for what?
Examples of Autotrophs are:
Heterotrophs are
which of the following would have cells that would undergo binary fission?
Photosynthesis takes place where
The energy from glucose produced during photosynthesis is
The molecules in the cells of plants that absorb the energy of light are called
The burning sensation you feel in your muscles after running a long distance is due to the effects of
Food particles move through proteins in the cell membrane without using energy in a process called
Because the cell membrane is made of ________, water can diffuse right through the membrane.
Most of the energy released when food is broken down during cellular respiration is in the form of
Which of the following is NOT an example of a personal-business letter?
What is the format for a personal-business letter?
What are the margins for a personal-business letter?
What part of the letter tells how to contact the writer?
Sincerely is an example of...
Block format means all parts of the letter...
Dear Mrs. Smith is an example of...
Which of the following is NOT a reason references initials are included?
After which two parts of a personal-business letter are there supposed to be quadruple spaces?
What is it called when there is no punctuation after the salutation and complimentary close?
In what state was Abraham Lincoln born?
In what state was George Washington born?
What subject did George Washington like best in school?
What subject was Abraham Lincoln's favorite?
What ordinal number tells about George Washington's presidency?
What ordinal number tells about Abraham Lincoln's presidency?
During what war did Abraham Lincoln live?
During what war did George Washington live?
How did George Washington die?
What caused Abraham Lincoln's death?
A prokaryotic cell lacks
In human sexual reproduction a sperm and egg combine to form a
During Binary Fission an organism produces
A haploid human sperm cell has how many chromosomes?
DNA stands for
Male Sex chromosomes are represented by
Human DNA is in the shape of a
A bacteria has a piece of circular DNA called a
If nondysjunction occurs in a cell then an individual will have an extra chromosome. This extra chromosome results in
Interphase includes 3 phases. Which describes the correct order of the phases?
Sam had 667 balloons to sell. He sold 349 at the circus. How many does he have left to sell?
There were 451 passengers at Airport Gate A and 399 passengers at Airport Gate C. How many passengers in all?
The baker made 396 loaves of white bread and 189 loaves of wheat bread. How many more loaves of white bread did the baker make?
Grandpa had a bucket of 526 nails. We used 318 to build a doghouse. How many nails were left in the bucket?
Billy counted 319 pennies in the jar. Dad added 255 pennies. Now how many pennies are in the jar?
Grandma had 747 buttons in a jar. Ben used 219 buttons for an art project. How many buttons are left in the jar?
The mailman had 681 postage stamps. He sold 356 of them. How many stamps does he have left?
Wal-Mart had 288 rose bushes. On Mother's Day they sold 159 rose bushes. How many rose bushes were left?
Mrs. Brown had 555 stickers to put on papers. A student gave her a package of 139 stickers. Now how many stickers does she have now?
There were 737 at the zoo. It started raining and 329 people left the zoo. How many people stayed at the zoo?
Which word means HUGE?
Which word means WEAK?
Which word means STRONG?
Which word means AN ANSWER?
Which word means BUY SOMETHING?
Which word means ENEMY?
Which word means SLEEPY?
Which word means MISSING?
Which word means TRICK?
Which word means ONCE A YEAR?
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Volume is defined as
Grass is green. This is a ______________________ property of grass.
Altering the size, shape, or state of a substance without forming a new substance is a(n)
The measurement of the pull of gravity on an object is known as
H20 is known as
Something that can be observed without changing the identity of a substance is called a(n)
The atomic particle that has no charge is a
The temperature at which a liquid changes to a solid is the
Dry ice is made of frozen carbon dioxide. When dry ice melts, it returns to the gas, carbon dioxide. What is this process called when it melts?
A liquid begins to vaporize at its _____________________________________.
The center of an atom is known as the
The smallest atomic particle is the _______________.
The only atomic particle not in the nucleus is the
A ___________________ mixture is the same throughout.
This type of suspension scatters light that passes through due to particles suspended in the liquid or gas.
C is the atomic symbol for
The _______________________ tells the number of protons and electrons in a stable atom.
The part of a solution that does the dissolving is the
Matter that has a definite volume but does not have a definite shape is called a ________________.
Why can we say that socks, milk, and paper are all made of matter?
If ice is heated up a little it will turn into a liquid, but if is heated up even more, it will turn into a gas.
Which of the following is a mixture
The main reason matter changes from one form to another is the temperature changes.
A mixture usually has ____ states of matter.
Solutions are usually a combination of what?
The bubbles in soda are gas.
You cannot EVER separate a solution.
Matter can change from one state to another.
________ the temperature can change a solid to a liquid
______ the temperature can change a liquid to a solid
Invisible water gas is__________.
Do you NEED to increase the temperature to evaporate water?
When a gas changes to a liquid it is called ______.
When liquid water changes to a gas it ____________.
Gas doesn't keep a specific shape, it takes the shape of the container that it is in.
A liquid takes the shape AND size of the container that it is in.
When liquids are moved, the shape stays the same.
When a solid is moved, the shape stays the same.
The particles of a solid are very close together.
Paleontologists study the _________, which includes the fossils of organisms that lived in the past, to learn about how organisms have changed over time.
Measuring the body parts of different lizards to determine evolutionary relationships is an example of…
Scientists can better understand evolutionary relationships by comparing __________, which are unborn, developing organisms.
In natural selection, __________ relates the fact that in nature, more organisms are born than are likely to survive.
In natural selection, __________ describes differences that exist between members of the same species.
In natural selection, __________ determine what resources members of the same species must compete for.
In natural selection, __________ are an organism’s ultimate goal, resulting in the continuation of that organism’s genes into future generation(s).
Humans have shaped the evolution of racehorses and dogs through selective breeding. These are examples of _________.
___________ are changes resulting that enhance an organism’s the ability to survive or reproduce.
Biological _________ is how one organism changes over its lifetime .
________ is how species gradually change over long periods of time.
The papers that fell down behind the desk is really important.
Tom and Bob's parent was at the meeting.
Tom's parent and Bob's parent was both at the meeting.
His book about the Chicago Cubs were a bestseller.
A group of ducks is called a flock.
Zebras, which live in Africa, is black with white stripes.
Neither Tom nor Bob are allowed to leave the state
His mom and his dad is coming to the party.
Everything you did was wrong.
Both the mayor and the alderman was at the parade.
Nobody am wrong.
Some plants, despite their constant green foilage and sturdy appearance, is very fragile.
She was better looking when she will be young.
No one, not the team nor the coach, think they will lose.
All of my friends will be there. I hope you can come as well.
Somebody, but I don't know who, have stolen the jewels.
Jim uses a pitching wedge while others uses a 9 iron.
Food supply is a density-dependent limiting factor
Directional selection results in the range of phenotypes shifting toward one extreme
An example of a density-dependent limiting factor is a hurricane
Natural selection acts on phenotypes, not genotypes
The study of demographics help predict changes in the size of a population
Natural selection always eliminates any genetic disorders from a population, regardless of the frequency of the gene that is responsible for a disorder
Very small populations are less likely to become extinct than larger populations
Which of the following is a density-independent limiting factor
Which of the following does not represent a population
Demographic studies of a population must take into consideration
In 1908, Hardy and Weinberg independently demonstrated that
Which of the following is a density dependent factor
Because individuals in a population usually tend to produce more than one offspring
The range of phenotypes shifts toward one extreme in
Regarding population dispersion patterns, which of the following is an inappropriate pairing
As a population reaches its carrying capacity, there is an increase competition for
The movement of alleles into or out of a population due to migration is called
Actual proportions of homozygotes and heterozygotes can differ from Hardy-Weinberg prediction because of
How much was the Louisiana Puchase?
Explores sent by Thomas Jefferson to explore the Louisiana Purchase territory
The Inidan guide that assisted in the exploration of the Louisiana Purchase territory
The term that refers to one of the major cause of the war of 1812, the forcing of American sailors into the Britsh Navy
Which is not a cause of the War of 1812?
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What was the Louisiana Purchase?
What was the purpose of the Pony Express?
What was the Gold Rush?
Who was president during the time of the Louisiana Purchase?
How much did the Louisiana Purchase cost?
Who did Jefferson choose to lead the Corps of Discovery?
What animal did Lewis and Clark send to the president?
What were the 4 trails traveled by Pioneers?
Why did the Pony Express end?
Why did Pioneers head west?
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