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Egyptian queen who ruled from 1503 - 1482 BC
What was the capital city during the Middle Kingdom
This Egyptian ruler's reign began the time known as the New Kingdom.
A material burned for it's pleasant smell is
The boy who became pharaoh at age 10
This ruler avoided military conquests and expanded Egypt's economy.
During which kingdom was Egypt experiencing peace and stability?
What is the main reason for the decline and fall of the Egyptian empire
During which kingdom were the most important and well known pharaohs from?
lo echara
hizo una mueca
hubiera desaparecido
habrá ido
What are the Germanic Invasons
Medieval was also called the ___________ between ancient and modern times
Who was Clovis
Who is Charles Martel AKA Charles the Hammer
Who is Pepin the short
What are counts
What is the Treaty of Verdun
What are Vikings
What is a Fief
What is a Vassal
What is a knight
What is a Tournament
What is Chivalry
Where is DNA found in the cell?
What is DNA's job?
What makes your DNA different from your classmates?
In DNA, which of the following nitrogen bases matches with Thymine?
In DNA, which of the following nitrogen bases matches with Guanine?
If a section of DNA has 34 Cytosine bases, how many Guanine bases should it have?
At the end of DNA replication, what do get?
Which of the following is a function of proteins
What are proteins made of?
What makes one protein different from another?
Since it creation in 1948, Israel has been a(n) ______.
The head of Israel's government is the _____.
What is Israel's legislative branch (law making body) called?
Saudi Arabia does not have a constitution. Instead laws are based on Shari'a (Islamic law). Which holy book determines the laws of Saudi Arabia?
Which group of citizens is allowed to vote in Saudi Arabia?
Saudi Arabia's chief of state and head of the government is called the _____?
Since 1932, Saudi Arabia's government can be described as a(n) _____.
In 1979, the Iranian Revolution overthrew Iran's monarch. Since then, the leader of the government is called the _______.
In Iran, citizens over 18 may vote. Iran government is also heavily influenced by Islamic law. Which best describes the government of Iran?
Which country is run by an Ayatollah or Supreme Leader
What is a purpose of a magic helper in traditional literature?
What is an example of the rule of three used in a fairy tale?
Why is the rule of three often used in stories?
Fairy tales often include all of the following EXCEPT
The rule of three is often used
Fairy tales are
Fairy tales --
Fairy tales have all of the following EXCEPT--
not an example of the rule of three--
An example of a magic helper--
How did India and Vietnam achieve independence?
Mohandas Gandhi led the Indian independence movement against:
Since the U.S. wanted to stop the spread of communism, it fought wars in:
Why did the U.S. rebuild Japan after World War II?
The objective of the Great Leap Forward was to:
What was a major result of the Cultural Revolution?
Which of the following events occurred most recently?
The governments of India and Japan are similar because they are both:
What is the role of the emperor of Japan?
Which type of government is currently utilized in modern China?
What was a result of militarism and nationalism in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries?
Which group of nations formed the Central Powers?
During the Scramble for Africa during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, which two European powers controlled the most African land?
What physical feature covered most of French West Africa?
Which European power controlled most of northwest Africa during the colonial era?
What type of government did Czar Nicholas II have in Russia?
Which was a cause of the Russian Revolution?
What was the goal of France in the Treaty of Versailles?
How did the Allies hope to keep Germany from becoming too powerful again?
Which were effects of the depression?
Why did businesses come to a halt after the stock market crashed?
Who was the leader of the Nazi Party in Germany?
What happened to people who spoke out against Hitler in Germany?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
4hj = 4jh
x + ( y + z ) = ( x + y ) + z
(16 + 4) + 2 = 16 + ( 4 + 2 )
8 ( x - 4y ) = 8x - 32y
12x1= 12
-3 x -7 = -7 x -3
-2 ( 1 + 5 ) = -2 + -10
9 - 7 = 7 - 9
2- ( 5 x 1 ) = 2 x 5 x 2 -1
6 - 9 - 3 = 3 - 9 -6
The change in a relation of partners caused by any partner ceasing to participate.
A fictitious legal entity that is created according to statutory requirements.
Use of a substantial and material part of another’s copyrighted work without permission?
Protects the use of intellectual property.
Acts of the agent committed outside the scope of his or her authority.
Authority created by public endorsement.
Which type of contract refers to a promiseto a promise?
What goods or services can a minor legally contract?
Which of the following can cause a termination of an offer by operation of law?
Which of the following does not constitue fraud?
Night stand
TV set
Washing Machine
Student's desk
The resistance of a liquid to flowing is called
Refer to chart 1. Which substance showed no chemical change?
Refer to chart 1. Which of the tests measured physical properties?
Common substances: salt, water, air, sugar, iron, paper, plastic milk carton, gasoline. Which of these substances would be classified as highly flammable?
Common substances: salt, water, air, sugar, iron, paper, plastic milk carton, gasoline. Which of these substances would be classified as flexible?
Marie Curie was the first scientist to purify and name the Element Radon. How could she describe Radon to other scientists, who had never seen it before?
Refer to chart 2. Which of the following is a chemical property of gold?
Which property of gold allows it to be made into thin sheets to cover statues?
Which properties of gold make it valuable for electronics?
A student puts out fire on the stove by dumping baking soda on the flame. How has the student used scientific knowledge in his daily life?
Quartz can be discolored due to its
Light bounces off
The hardest mineral is
The streak can be tested by
Fracture is when
Hardness can be tested by
A rock is graphite is
I scratch a rock aganist quartz. Quartz scratches the rock. This means the hardness is
What is the best way to determine if the mineral sample is calcite or quartz?
Which mineral reflects nearly all the light off its surface?
Which is able to hold onto heat longer?
During the day, which warms up more quickly?
Land breezes occur at night because
Which global winds affect weather in the United States?
The uneven heating of Earth creates large convection currents. These convection currents are responsible for all of the following except...
Earth\'s atmosphere traps energy from the Sun, which
About what portion of the atmosphere is composed of oxygen?
What is the source of all energy in our atmosphere?
When Earth receives energy from the Sun,
The flow of air caused by ________ and the Coriolis effect, together create distinct wind patterns on Earth's surface.
Metamorphic rocks are formed when sedimentary and igneous rocks are changed by
Metamorphic rocks are different from igneous rocks because they are never
Foliation means
Banding means
The process by which rocks are transformed by pressure and heat deep inside the Earth is
I have a foliated texture, a medium to coarse banding, have a high grade metamorphism and am made up of 6 different minerals.
I am non-foliated. I have a fine grain size and a variable composition. I metamorph by contact or heat.
I have a foliated material with fine grain sizes. I have low grade metamorphosis and made up of 6 different minerals.
Which of the following does not help create a metamorphic rock
Which rock is not foliated, does not show banding, and contains medium sized grains of quartz and pyroxene
World War II was fought from
Which of the following was NOT one of the Big 3?
The British Army escaped possible elimination at
The main reason Japan felt they had to attack the U.S. was
Even when the U.S. was officially neutral they helped the Allies through
All of the following are examples of U.S. isolationism before 1941.
What defeated the German Army in the U.S.S.R.?
He led the Double V Campaign, an effort to end segregation at home and win the war
She was a symbol of working women
This group was interned in camps, mainly in California
Answers by Educators Question Database
an idea or opinion that has not been proven to be true
to notice or carefully look at something
Which word has the OPPOSITE meaning of the word ENERGETIC?
Which word has the OPPOSITE meaning of the word MIGRATE?
A _______ is a prewritten formula that is built into Excel.
All of the following are valid Excel arithmetic operators except
Which of the following calculations multiplies .01 by 20?
The adjusted cell references in a copied and pasted formula are called _____ references
Click this to undo an automatic correction
What Option button gives options for filling cells FOLLOWING a fill operation?
This Options button lists error-checking options following the assignment of an invalid formula to a cell.
This Option button lists formatting options following an INSERTION of cells, rows, or columns.
The ________ AutoComplete list contains those functions that alphabetically match the letters you type following the equal sign.
Excel automatically appends (adds) the ________ to complete the AVERAGE function when you click the Enter box or press the ENTER key.
What is the default width of a cell?
When the row height is ______, the row is hidden.
The most popular background color is ____.
Use this to check which cells are referenced in the formula assigned to the active cell.
Left justified, fixed dollar sign.
This view allows you to create or modify a worksheet while viewing how it will look in printed format.
Which of these guidelines should you use when creating an new workbook?
Which of the following actions are provided by the Paste Options button?
Dollar sign appears immediately to the left of the # (also called floating $)
You can apply this to one or more cells based on the value of the cell.
When may a person view his/her credit report for free?
Which is NOT an example of a data furnisher?
Jenny is 18 years old and has no credit history, what should she do to build a positive credit history?
Jake has been declined for credit because of his negative credit history. Which statement is most likely to be true?
Which of the following is NOT included in an individual's credit report?
Edward want to develop a positive credit history. How should he do this?
Ty is trying to explain the difference between open-ended closed-end credit to her sister. Which describes closed-end credit?
Jack is trying to be responsible using his new credit card and does not want to pay interest when using the card. How can he LEGALLY avoid paying interest paying interest?
Paying the minimum payment on a credit card every month will:
Meghan is how paying Penalty APR. What best describes what happened?
Which is a general rule to minimize identity theft when dealing with credit reports?
There are how many credit reporting agencies?
What is the range that a credit score covers?
Open end credit:
Rent to own loan
Which key moves the cursor directly to the beginning of a line?
Which key moves the cursor ahead 5 spaces at a time?
Which key locks the alphabetic keys in uppercase so that you can easily key all capital letters?
Which key moves the cursor directly to the end of a line?
Which keys are used in combination with other keys to access functions that are built into your word processing software?
Which key removes text directly in front of the cursor?
Which key allows you to use the numeric keypad?
Which key moves the cursor one character to the left and deletes that character?
Which key moves the cursor ahead one space at a time?
Which key allows text to be inserted within a line of text?
Which keys move the page up or down one screen at a time?
Which key moves the cursor on the screen up, down, left, and right?
What is the function of a cell membrane?
What makes protein for the cell?
What is the function of the cell wall?
In what type of cell is a chloroplast found?
What is the fluid called that is found between the cell membrane and nuclear envelope?
What organelle is the site of cellular respiration where ATP energy molecules are made?
The packaging and processing organelle for proteins.
Found in plant cells and stores water or cell fluids.
This is a dark area of nucleic acids in the nucleus and the ribosomes are made here.
Which of the following is NOT part of the cell theory
If an animal cell is placed in HYPERTONIC solution, what happens to the cell?
What term is used to describe when two solutions have reached a balanced state?
How are osmosis and diffusion similar processes?
Active transport goes against the concentration gradient. What does that mean?
Cell 80% water 20% solute, a solution with 60% water and 40% solute. What type of solution is this?
Plant cells will become turgid when placed in this type of solution.
Which type of transport allows water to cross the plasma membrane?
When placed in a solution of 30% water 70% salt, what would happen to a cell that is 70% water?
Which is a difference between active and passive transport?
In which situation would an egg shrink?
In what system is the central government given a little bit of power by regional/local govs.?
What form of citizen participation does Israel have?
What is the Israeli parliament called?
What type of citizen participation does Saudi Arabia have?
What country/countries (if any) have we studied have a unitary government system?
In a presidential democracy, is the leader part of the legislature, or separate?
A government led by religious leaders and religious laws is called ___________ .
What is the name for the type of religious law based on the teachings of the Quron(Koran)?
Government System that has power shared and divided?
What branch of government is responsible for creating the laws?
Iran's religious leader is called the Supreme Leader, or ___________ .
Who has the power to make important decisions in Saudi Arabia?
What country/countries (if any) have we studied have a federal government system?
What are laws and governments that are NOT influenced by religion called?
Which government in the Middle East allows for the least amount of citizen participation?
What gives the people the power in a democracy?
Which Middle Eastern country is a type of democracy?
What is the role of the citizen/people in a monarchy?
If the regional governments have little to no power, what type of government system is it?
Who makes the decisions in an autocracy: the people, a small group, or the ruler?
What is the term for allowing some substances through but not others?
Diffusion is the movement of particles from an area of...
The diffusion of water across a selectively permeable membrane is:
To move substances against the concentration gradient, the cell must use:
The type of solution that a sell would shrink in
Water moves INTO a cell that is placed in a(n)_________________ SOLUTION.
A cell placed in a hypotonic solution will:
When iodine molecules pass through a plastic bag this is a form of osmosis.
Transport that does not require energy is called passive transport.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
An organism with chloroplasts is a ___.
Before the energy in food can be used by a cell, it must first be transferred to molecules of ___.
Fermenrtation in animal cells produces ___.
Oxygen is used to break down food molecules and release energy in a process called ___.
Which of the following is a produce of photosynthesis?
Which of the following is NOT used to make glucose in photosynthesis?
Nearly all of the energy that fuels life comes from ___.
Photosynthesis means ___
Respiration means ___.
The Molecules in the cells of plants that obsorb the energy of light are called ___.
___ is what gives plants their green color.
Photosynthesis take place in ___.
The energy from glucose produced during photosynthesis is ___.
A product of cellular respiration is ___.
Most of the energy released when food is broken down during cellular respiration is in the form of ___.
Cellular respiration takes place in a eukaryotic cell's ___.
Plants use ___ to make glucose.
During ___, food molecules are broken down to form Carbon dioxide and water and release large amounts of energy.
Plants produce their own food by the process of ___.
___ is the breaking down of food molecules without the use of oxygen.
Average Speed =
All of the following are units of speed, except...
Acceleration that occurs in a circular motion
Which would be a good reference point to describe a dog?
Which of the following is NOT an example of acceleration?
Which of the following may happen when an object receives unbalanced forces?
Why is it easy to slip when there is water on the floor?
If Earth's mass doubled without changing its size, your weight would
Which of the following will increase the acceleration of a object that is pusshed by a force?
Newton's Three Laws of Motion apply or work...
The sun god
A state ruled by religious figures
Helped historians to decode Egyptian writing
Goddess of nature
Area at the mouth of a river made up of fertile silt deposits
Founded Egypt’s first dynasty
Used to make paper-like sheets for writing
Kushite ruler who conquered all of Egypt
Why did pharaohs have absolute power in Egypt?
What important change occurred in Egypt when Akhenaton became pharaoh?
Which one of the following does NOT perform mitosis?
Which of the following would form a cell plate during the cell cycle?
Chromosomes are organized structures of ___.
Which of the following would have cells that would undergo binary fission?
Human body cells have ___.
Mitosis is usually divided into ___ stages.
Before mitosis begins ___.
The final phase of mitosis, ___.
Once mitosis is complete, the splitting of the cytoplasm or ___ occurs.
A difference in cell division between animal cells/human cells and plant cells occurs during ___.
What condenses into a X shape before mitosis?
Human body cells have 23 pairs of ___.
The process of cell division in a bacterial cell is call ___.
The different stages that a cell goes through in its life time is know as the ___.
The DNA of a eukaryotic cell is organized into structures called ___.
Chromosomes with similar information are called ___ chromosomes
After chromosomes are duplicated during the eukaryotic cell cycle, the two copies are held tegether at a region called the ___.
The two copies of a chromosome connected by a centromere are called ___.
___ is the process of nuclear division in eukaryotic cells.
In animal cell and human cells, the process which cytoplasm divides after mitosis is ___.
What is the condition of the atmosphere at a certain time and place?
The amount of water vapor in the air is called...
The amount of water vapor in the air compared to the amount the air can hold at a given time is...
The process by which a gas becomes a liquid is...
A collection of water droplets or ice crystals.
Rain, sleet, snow or hail is an example of...
This carries water from precipitation into a body of water (oceans, streams, etc...)
What happens to the relative humidity when air temperature increases?
What kind of weather will cumulonimbus clouds likely bring?
Cirrus clouds are made of
Which of these plants has stems that can cling to other objects in order to reach toward the sunlight?
Which of these plants has roots that grow near the surface to help obtain or take in water?
Which of these plants has roots to help them absorb nutrients from the mud?
Why are plants with active traps found in areas with poor soil?
Describe what is needed for photosynthesis to occur.
What are the four basic needs of plants?
What is the term for the process that joins a cut stem of one plant to a slice of stem of another plant?
Spores grow in
Grass is an example of a plant with which of the following?
In photosynthesis, the leaves give off _______ as waste.
Sunlight is trapped by a leaf's
Which two things combine to make sugar, or food, for the plant?
Carbon dioxide and water combine to make
Name the process by which leaves give off water.
Tiny cells from which some plants germinate are called
A ______ is a swollen underground stem.
_______ are long, shallow roots
The gas that animals and humans breathe out is called
Deep root that have tiny hairs to absorb water and nutrients are called
________ are the substances that all living things need to grow.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which macromolecule provides a person with most of the energy that is needed for daily activities?
Cellulose is found throughout the cell walls of plant cells. Cellulose makes cell walls rigid, which indicates that cellulose is a
A patient has diabetes, a disease that causes high blood sugar levels. Which macromolecule will a dietician monitor most closely in a patient that has the disease?
At what temperature does all molecular motion stop?
The type of transfer of heat through a liquid or gas is called ______________. An example of this would be how water is boiled on a stove top.
Placing a spoon in a bowl of hot soup is an example of transferring heat by...
The reason you run hot water of a tight jar lid to ease opening it is due to this principle.
Temperature is a measure of ...
Which has more thermal energy: a cup of coffee or a pot of coffee? (They both have the same temperature.
Heat that travels through waves and can travel through space is called...
How does total energy relate to temperature?
What are the correct units for measuring heat energy?
How much heat energy would it take to raise the temperature of 10 grams of water from 10 degrees to 15 degrees Celsius? The specific heat of water is 1.00 cal/g-C.
Heat energy travels from _________ regions to _________ regions.
When two objects of different temperatures arrive at the same temperature, you say that they have reached...
What does conformist mean?
What does deleterious mean?
What does demagogue mean?
What does digression mean
What does divergent mean?
What does empathy mean?
What does deleterious mean
What does Camaraderie mean?
What does censure mean?
What does discredit mean?
What does Disdain mean?
What does clairvoyant mean?
What does emulate mean?
What does condescending mean?
What does ephemeral mean
What does evanescent mean?
What does compassion mean?
What does exaspiration mean?
What does enhance mean?
What does enervating mean?
These sentences are all messed up they all need punctuation added.
Before you get it right how many times will you need to see this one?
This should be getting easier but that's not always the case.
At least if I can't be smart I'm glad that I'm good-looking.
One of these days my ship will come in and I'll be rich.
Over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go!
Christmas is in 42 days you'd better hurry up and shop for your English teacher.
This Thanksgiving let's count our blessings and let's eat so much food that our buttons pop off.
I think therefore I am.
Don't look now but the kid next to you is cheating .... I said don't look!
Your thin, yellow sweater uncombed, gnarly hair and big, floppy shoes make a good costume.
Grandma's false teeth are like the stars they come out every night.
If I take the 500 shuttle to the airport I will have time to stop in the gift shop.
Without cheating the odds that you will not beat my score are almost 127,796 to 1.
Ever since i was old enough to walk or talk I have been the center of my parents' attention.
These sentences don't go well together at all what kind of punctuation do they require?
I watched carefully as the dog with the spot on its eye came close to me he turned out to be friendly.
This is the last one don't screw it up!
Since I wasn't telling the truth before can you ever believe me again?
Fluffy brown bunnies make me happy thoughts of Hitler make me sad.
What is a metaphor?
What is a simile?
What is a homophone?
What is the exposition?
Which of the following is NOT an example of an attention-getter?
Where should the thesis statement be included?
What is a symbol?
An action or picture that represents a deeper meaning is a ______________.
What is another word that means suspenseful?
Hints and clues that an author leaves to help the reader make a prediction
Isabel is an example of a ____________________.
When the reader knows something the characters do not
An essay should begin with a(n) __________________
This involves judging someone unfairly
A person's manner of speaking is called his/her ______________.
A labeled picture is an example of a ____________.
Becky and Mr. Robert are considered ________________characters.
What is another name for a subordinate character?
What is an editorial?
What is included at the beginning of each chapter in Chains?
The economy of the South depended on --
What did Southeners want to get rid of in the nullification controversy?
Southerners belief that states should have higher authority than the federal government was called –
Under this compromise, if a slave state was added to the Union, a free state or territory must also be added
The Fugitive Slave Act was added to this compromise to please Southern states –
This law allowed ‘popular sovereignty’ in several US territories –
Abraham Lincoln was elected president in 1860. He was a
Who Said That – A Northerner or Southerner? “The Missouri Compromise is okay with me. I just want to make sure Missouri is allowed to have slaves, that’s all.”
Who Said That – A Northerner or Southerner? “Let’s put a line at latitude 36°30´. That should put a limit on more slave states.”
Who Said That – A Northerner or Southerner? “What in the world is going on with that Compromise of 1850? If California comes in as a free state, there had better be a slave state admitted, too!”
Who Said That – A Northerner or Southerner? “We Georgians will secede from the Union if the North doesn’t follow through with its promises.”
The North was becoming an economy based on –
The Southern economy was based on--
A tariff on imported goods made them-
Many southerners did not want to pay the tariff so they decided to--
States' rights advocates gave final authority to--
Match the Legislation with its Description . . . Missouri Compromise
Match the Legislation with its Description . . . Compromise of 1850
Match the Legislation with its Description . . . Georgia Platform
when something or someone can no longer be seen or found
active and full of life
a sudden movement of many things at once
ways that animals and human beings react
to move from one place to another
to change something completely (usually in a good way)
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
wrote the Declaration of Indepenece, which stated that the colonies were forming a new nation, America.
set up to be the first permanent English settlement in North America
Puritans that migrated to America so that they could worship freely
The idea that a government may use only those powers given to it by the people
British laws that restricted colonist ability to buy and sell goods.
Held to call for the repeal of the Intolerable Acts
John Rolfe, discovered that this crop could grow well in Virginia's soil
Wrote Common Sense, a pamphlet urging colonist to separate from Great Britain
A group of protesters dressed as Native Americans boarded ships in Boston Harbor and dumped cargoes of tea into the water
a government in which people elect representatives to make laws and conduct government
Any place where two or more bones meet.
Tough outer covering of bones.
Substance in the center of bones that makes blood cells.
Thick bands of tissue that attach muscles to bones.
Layer between bones that act as a shock absorber.
Organ that relaxes and contracts.
The middle layer of skin.
Any muscles that are not consciously controlled.
Type of muscles in the digestive system.
The outer most layer of skin.
The human adult skeleton has how many bones?
What makes bones hard?
One function of the spongy bone.
Most muscles in the body are this kind of muscle.
Cardiac muscles are only found here?
Where are red blood cells produced?
The chemical that gives skin its color.
The primary function of the skin is to do what?
What is the type of joint found in the knee and elbow?
What is the type of joint found in the back of the neck?
People opposed to new immigrants
Cities grew during the late 1800s because of
Most new immigrants came from
A leader in settlement house programs
Conspicuous Consumption means
Major port of entry for immigrants from Asia
The City Beautiful Movement
Which social class grew by the largest percentage during the late 1800s?
Tenements are
The Immigration Restriction League
What is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes?
What is any action that other people can observe or measure?
What are mental processes, such as dreams, perceptions, thoughts and memories?
What describes things that cannot be seen, touched, or measured directly?
What is the concept of right or good conduct?
What is a statement that attempts to explain why things are the way they are and why they happen the way they do?
What is a basic truth or law?
Psychologists believe that a little ____________ can be a good thing.
I am the field of psychology that deals with evaluating psychological problems, such as anxiety or depression, and helping people overcome them.
I am the field of psychology that helps mainly people who have adjustment problems.
The Stamp Act was
French and Indian War was
A steady rise in prices over time is
A 1754 plan to unite the colonies in a permanent union
Fighting that marked the beginning of the Revolutionary War
Proclamation of 1763
Foreign soldier hired to fight a war
Incident in which 5 colonists were shot by British soldiers in 1770
Native American Revolt against British rule in the Great Lakes region
Not buying products
I am the field of psychology dedicated to identifying and helping students who have problems that interfere with learning.
I am the field of psychology concerned with the changes that occur throughout a person’s life span.
I am the field of psychology that focuses on conducting research through experiments.
A _______________ is a medical doctor who can prescribe medication.
As the founder of the school of ______________, Watson defined psychology as the scientific study of observable behavior. B.F.Skinner added to this by introducing the conept of reinforcement (people or animals behave a certain way because they have r
Who founded psychoanalysis (emphasizes the importance of unconscious motives and internal conflicts in determining and understanding human behavior)?
What is the school of psychology that describes experience as a whole, rather than breaking it down into parts, it\'s based on the idea that our perceptions of objects are more than the sums of their parts?
What perspective emphasizes the influence of biology on human behavior?
What is the psychological perspective that focuses on the evolution of behavior and mental processes?
What perspective emphasizes the role that thoughts play in determining behavior?
What is the psychological perspective that stresses the capacity for human self-fulfillment and the importance of consciousness, self-awareness, and the capacity to make choices?
What perspective emphasizes the influence of unconscious forces on human behavior?
What perspective emphasizes the effects of experience on behavior?
What perspective emphasizes the influences of ethnicity, gender, culture, and socio-economic status on behavior and mental processes?
What is the psychological perspective that focuses on the interaction of biological processes, psychological dispositions, and social factors?
Who is the philosopher who stressed the importance of introspection (looking within)?
Who founded structuralism (school of psychology that looks at the basic elements of conscious experience)?
What do psychologists do after they analyze their research observations?
What is field of psychology concerned with how mental processes help organisms adapt to their environment; stresses the application of their findings to everyday situations (founder was William James)?
It important for scientists to be able to _____________ the results of a study and to use several different methods of study.
The basic units of life are called:
The Mitochondria Organelle:
The Nucleus
The Cell Membrane
The Cell Wall
Endoplasmic Reticulum
Golgi Apparatus (body)
The Cytoskeleon
The Vacuole
The basic units of life are called:
Cells come from:
Cells can be seen without a microscope
Both plant and animal cells have Vacuoles
Animal Cells have a Cell Wall
Cells are made up of Organelles
Cells are the smallest living part of an organism
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6x + 2y = -6
-10x - 5y = 15
2x - 4y = 12
4x + 12y = 36
4x - 2y = -8
15x + 5y = -15
-3x + 6y = -12
x + y = -4
The animal which most effected the Native Americans in North America was the-
What crop was called by Europeans Ready to Eat Bread
What crop became an important food course in India, Egypt, Europe, and China?
Native Americans were devastated and broken when the Europeans brought-
Crops like tobacco and sugar cane caused the Europeans to participate in the-
Slaves were traded for-
Most slaves were shipped to-
The route slave ships sailed to the Americas was called-
Unlike slaves in the Caribbean slaves in North America could-
The trade cycle between Africa, Europe, and the Americas was called the-
When a spring is stretched it has ___________ energy.
The unit of measurement for force is the _________.
A roller coaster going down the first big hill of a roller coaster is an example of energy going from __________ to _________.
Jessie is driving to his grandma's house this weekend. If he traveled 300 miles and it took him 4.5 hours to get there, what was his average speed? (Speed=Distance/Time)
Calculate the speed of a bus that travels a distance of 680 miles over a 12 hour period.
John rides his bike 20 miles to the grocery store. It takes him 4 hours to reach his destination. What is his average speed?
What is a push or a pull exerted on an object called?
Anytime you exert a force on an object that causes the object to move some distance.
The most basic device for making work easier. Examples are: Inclined plane
A machine that combines two or more simple machines.
A simple machine made of a grooved wheel with a rope or cable wrapped around it.
The number of times a machine increases a force exerted on it. The ratio of output force to input force.
A man hits a golf ball (0.2 kg) which accelerates at a rate of 20 m/s ^ 2. What amount of force acted on the ball? (hint: Force=Mass X Acceleration)
A change in velocity due to changes in direction and speed.
The overall force acting on an object when all the individual forces acting on it are added together.
When an objects position changes relative to another object.
A _________ force causes change in an object's motion. These are forces that are NOT equal. Example: Soccer player kicking a soccer ball.
If two people are pushing on a vehicle from one end and each person is pushing with a force of 400N, what is the net force? (hint: Add)
If two people are on opposite sides of the vehicle and each person is pushing with a force of 400N, what is the net force? (hint: subtract-The forces are balanced)
They cancel each other out, therefore they have no effect on motion. Ex: Students sitting in the desk-remember that gravity is pulling them down, but the desk is keeping them up, therefore they are not moving.
234 x 230 = 230 x 234
(56 x 90) x 3 = 56 x (90 x 3)
54 x 1 = 54
987 x 0 = 0
8374 x 98 x 543 = 98 x 543 x 8374
78 x 1 = 78
(3 x 4) x 7 = 7 x (3 x 4)
45 x( 9321 x 36) x 21 = (45 x 9321) x 36 x 21
1 x 746 = 746
0 x 9 = 0
Simplify the following: 3x + 5x - 14x + 6
Simplify: -2x + 11 + 6x + 3
2x - 4 - x + 9 - x
-2x + 10 - 8x - 1
Simplify: 5t + 3r + 9t - 10r
Simplify: 9y + 4y - 7y - 8
Evaluate: -8x - 11x
-4p + 2p
n - 10 + 9n - 3
5x + 11x - 8x + 12
Cepillarse los dientes
Yo _______ acuesto a las nueve.
Ella _______ despierta a las seis
Ustedes _______ ponen la ropa.
Nosotros _______ arreglamos para la escuela
Necesito _________ para secarme el pelo.
Me afeito con _______ y ________.
Despues de ducharme, me seco con _______.
Me peino con _______.
Yo _______ la luz.
Nosotros nos _________ a las diez.
Apagar la luz
Which is the best definition of activation energy?
Which statement correctly describes a chemical reaction?
Which statement best describes how a catalyst can speed up a chemical reaction?
Which factor can decrease the rate of a chemical reaction?
If the activation energy required for a chemical reaction were reduced, what would happen to the rate of the reaction?
Which reaction is exothermic?
What must happen before a chemical reaction can begin?
Photosynthesis is an example of
How does a catalyst work?
Which component is affected when a catalyst is added to a chemical reaction?
Which list correctly shows carbohydrates in size from smallest to largest?
Which type of macromolecule is made up of subunits that are called amino acids?
Which substance is a nucleic acid?
Which statement best describes the components of nucleic acids?
Which statement correctly compares nucleic acids and carbohydrates?
If Jarvis does not eat a diet that includes essential amino acids, his cells will not be able to build
How are proteins and nucleic acids related?
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Answers by Educators Question Database
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time and place of a work of literature
repetition of same or similar consonant sounds in words close together
expression that is not literally true
comparison of two unlike things without using like, as, than, or resembles
comparison of two unlike things using like, as, than, or resembles
regularly repeated phrase
use of words with sounds that echo their sense; the word is the sound it represents
The use of clues to suggest things that will happen later
giving human-like characteristics to things not human
musical quality produced by the repetition of stressed and unstressed syllables
To move back and forth rapidly
A form of energy produced by vibrating objects
The movement of electricity in a certain path
Where the energy comes from
The ability to do work
The energy of motion
Energy that is stored in an object
A substance that does NOT allow electricity to pass through it easily
A substance that allows electricity to pass through it easily
A form of energy produced inside particles of matter
poem that does not rhyme
poem that tells a story
words that rhyme perfectly
words that almost rhyme
recurring use of a sound, a word, a phrase, or a line
pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in poetry, creates rhythm
feeling expressed in a work of literature
extreme exaggeration used to empasize a point
repitition of vowel sounds
repetition of final consonant sounds
When an object's distance from another object is changing
If you know the distance an object has traveled in a certain amount of time, you can determine
Jim rides a bike at the speed of 50 mph, if the race is 500 miles, how long will it take to finish the race?
When you know both the speed and the direction of an object's motion, you know the
If the speed of an object does NOT change, the object is traveling at a
Clifford ran away from home. He ran 10 miles in 30 minutes. What was Clifford's speed?
What is an example of deceleration?
The rate at which velocity changes is called
If an object moves in the same direction and at a constant speed - what is true?
Nick got a skateboard! He could go from rest to 10 m/s. It took 5 seconds to reach this speed.
The temperature scale on which the freezing point of water is at 32 degrees is the:
A comfortable room temperature is 20 degrees Celsius. What is this temperature in degrees Fahrenheit?
Put the following in order from lowest energy to highest energy.
Why can't there be a temperature lower than absolute zero?
Although there are several units to measure enery, including heat energy, scientists use
What is specific heat?
Knowing specific heat helps us to determine
If a substance has a low specific heat we know
One of the fundamental reasons our planet is inhabitable is:
The three ways that heat can flow are:
The Sun continually turns ocean water into vapor through the process of
Sleet is a form of
On a humid day, the air is full of
Unequal heating and cooling in the atmosphere can result in a(n)
Water droplets may form on the outside of a glass of water as a result of
All water on Earth is part of the same
The position of the Sun directly affects the angle of
At night, when the air over land cools more quickly than the air over water, it results in a
On a foggy, rainy day, it would be unlikely for you to see
On a map showing air pressure, two areas with the same air pressure would be located along the same
The study of demographics help predict changes in the size of a population
Wastes tend to build up in the environment as a population reaches
Populations of K-strategists grow slowly, while r-strategists populations grow
Which of the following does NOT represent a population?
As a population reaches its carrying capacity, there is an increase in competition for
The three main patterns of dispersion in a population are random, evenly spaced, and
The exponential model of population gorwth, the growth rate
Which of the following is an r-strategist?
The movement of individuals from one population into another is
________ is the difference between the birth rate and the death rate
Short life-spans and many offspring are typical of
When organisms move out of a population, this is known as
Population density refers to how many __________ are present in a particular location.
A group of organisms of different species living together in a particular place is called a
A small farming community covers 14 square kilometers and as 420 individuals who live within the town limits. What is the population density?
All of the following are abiotic factors of a habitat EXCEPT
All of the following are limiting factors EXCEPT
Biodiversity measures the number of species living within a(n)
Which of the following tells you population density?
Animals that feed on plants are at least in the
A rock that has gas pockets is called a _____________ texture.
An Igneous rock that can be both fine and coarse is called _________
Which rock composition tends to be higher in density?
Which Igneous rock is composed primarily of Olivine?
Which Igneous rock texture has no crystals present?
Which rock composition tends to be ligher in color?
Which rock type forms from magma?
An Igneous rock that cools outside of the Earth\'s crust is called a ________________ rock.
Which of the following is an Igneous rock?
A rock that has a dark in color has a _________________ composition.
"Don't judge a book by it's cover," means. . .
"An apple a day keeps the doctor away," means. . .
" The longest journey begins with a single step," means...
"Absence makes the heart grow fonder," means. . .
"Beware of a wolf in sheep's clothing," means. . .
"The bigger they are, the harder they fall," means. . .
"Monkey see, monkey do," means. . .
"When the cat is away, the mice will play," means. . .
"A penny saved is a penny earned," means. . .
"Don't put all your eggs in one basket," means. . .
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How would you change ¨la chica¨so that you are speaking about more than 1?
parliamentary republic
absolute monarachy
Alt + Enter
An invalid cell reference in a formula
This manually recalculates formulas
Selects cells using the keybaord
Copies a formula
Opens the Format Cells dialog box
Applies the Currency Style to the cell contents
Spell checks a worksheet
Displays the worksheet with formulas
Pastes a formula
. What type of failure results in the PC failing to boot?
The ____ type of motherboard has a large keyboard and a split P8/P9 style of power socket.
The main problem with form factors such as LPX and NLX was their ____.
The only dedicated connector on an AT motherboard is the ____ plug.
. A(n) __________ slot was designed to take specialized devices (modems, sound cards, and network cards).
The _______ determines the type of processor and RAM required for a motherboard.
Which of the following is not a version of the Small Form Factor (SFF)?
AMR was quickly replaced with the more advanced ____.
ATX motherboards use a feature called ____ that allows software to turn the power on and off.
The LPX and NLX form factors provided an insertion slot for the ____ card.
Shorter wires can easily handle double or quadruple the ____ speed of the motherboard.
Many motherboards use a simple connector called a ____ to make some physical ports accessible from the front or back of the case.
What determines the type of case a motherboard needs and provides a maximum expansion slot limit?
What provides support to USB and FireWire on computers?
The motherboard mounts to the case via small connectors called ____.
To have
She has
I have
You have
We have
They have
To have to
To express obligation or must in Spanish we use TENER plus...
We have to get good grades in Spanish class.
He has the classes of science and math.
'Now what the hell ya suppose is eatin' them two guys?'
'Sure, right now. I gotta. We gotta.'
'I don't like this place, George.'
'Never you mind...a guy got to sometimes.'
'I wasn't kicked in the head with no horse, was I...?
'You guys comin' in and settin' made me forget. What she said is true.'
'I done a bad thing. I done another bad thing.'
'This ol' dog just suffers hisself all the time...'
'I said what stake you got in this guy? You takin' his pay from him?'
'I ain't sure it's good water...looks kinda scummy.'
'You gonna give me that mouse or do I have to sock you?'
'Guys like us, that work on ranches, are the loneliest guys in the world.'
'Hide in the brush until I come for you. Can you remember that?'
'I could cook and tend the chickens and hoe the garden some.'
'This punk sure had it coming to him.'
'Why do you got to get killed? You ain't so little as mice.'
This philosophy focuses on being disciplined with a high sense of morals and respect.
Where did these two philosophies (Confucianism/Taoism) originate?
Which religion does NOT believe in any gods?
This philosophy focuses on following The Way.
Which of the following describes Judaism?
This religion is considered to be polytheistic.
Which philosophy strives to be one with nature and practices ancestor worship?
Buddhists believed Siddhartha became enlightened. What did he say caused all suffering?
Which of the following describes the Hindu concept of karma?
What is the Jewish holy book?
Which word describes religion in ancient Egypt?
Confucius taught that his followers should hope to maintain close bonds with their...?
This religion supports the caste system. It has become the basis of their religion.
Which civilization represents where Judaism originated?
Which of the following is the oldest religion?
Who is the founder of Judaism?
Which civilization introduced a monotheistic religion?
Which Hindu term refers to a person's duty and the need to fulfill that duty?
This Hindu belief demonstrates rebirth.
Where did Buddhism originate?
What are Guilds?
What is land given in return for loyalty is called?
A place sacred to the Christians and the Muslims is called?
What age did the mariners compass, the carvel and the astrolabe contribute to?
Peter the Great did all of the following except
In which age was also called the Age of Reason?
Charles I's refusal to recognize the powers of Parliament started what conflict ?
The assignation of Arch-duke Franz Ferdinand sparked which war?
What ended when communism in Eastern Europe collapsed?
The US, Canada and Mexico are members of what organization?
Who financed Columbus's trip to the New World?
Who started the Protestant Reformation?
When was the Renaissance?
What is a community of people that share a territory and government called?
Who signed the Magna Carta
What was not a cause of the French Revolution?
8x + 4y = -16
-6x + 2y = 8
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Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is the group a researcher wants to study or describe?
What is part of a target population?
When individuals are selected by chance from a target population, what is it called?
When subgroups are represented proportionally in the sample, what is it called?
What is a predisposition to a certain point of view (favoring a certain point of view) despite what the facts suggest?
What do scientists need in order to support a theory?
What is the first step in a research study?
Sigmund Freud developed psychoanalytic theory largely on the basis of _______________. He carefully studied the people who sought his help.
Which of the following best describes a hypothesis?
Positive correlation is: as one goes up, so does the other. ____________ correlation is: as one goes up, the other goes down.
An ice cube is left on a table for an hour. What evidence shows a physical change takes place?
An iron nail left ourdoors for a year undergoes a chemical change. What evidence would be visible? The nail would be:
Three chemicals are mixed together and the resulting mixture is a different color. What is this evidence of?
Which of the following is an example of chemical change?
Salt is added to water and dissolves. This is evidence of:
Two chemicals are combined and bubbles form. What is the state of the product?
Which of the following is not a chemical change?
A balloon is placed in a freezer. What is the evidence a physical change has occurred?
How do you know when a chemical reaction has occurred?
An iron nail rusts when left outdoors Why might the nail no longer be useful?
What often happens when a chemical or physical change occurs?
What must often be added to increase the speed or ability of two substances to react?
What kinds of energy are produced by bright fireworks?
Which of these is an example of energy involved in a chemical change?
How does adding heat affect liquid water?
What does liquid water need to change into water vapor?
What would you be expecting water to do at 100C?
An exothermic reaction:
When lighting a match, why must it be drawn rapidly along a rough surface?
What energy is required in order for photosynthesis to occur?
Egyptians developed a technologically advanced culture. Which of the following are attributed to the Egyptians?
Why was irrigation important to early civilizations?
Who is the father of Hebrews?
Which group of people were the first to believe in one God?
Why were the cities of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro unusual?
Which of the following religions is polytheistic?
Upon which of the following did the Egyptians depend for their survival?
What is the bartering system?
Having a surplus of food led to _____________.
Scientists believe that the earliest people came from __________.
Scientists use _____________________ to analyze the data they gather from their studies.
In the _________________ method of research, researchers select a group of participants and then observe them over a period of time.
The ______________________ method of research involves observing a sample of individuals of different ages.
____________________ observation involves observing people in their normal lives, such as at home or at school.
______________________ observation takes place in a specific area set aside for observation and research.
What is a factor in an experiment that researchers manipulate?
What is a factor in an experiment that depends on the independent variable?
Who are the people who receive the treatment in an experiment?
Who are the people in an experiment who do not receive treatment?
What is the substance or treatment that has no effect apart from a person's belief in it researchers manipulate?
What is an experiment in which researchers know who is receiving the treatment?
What is an experiment in which only the organizer knows who is receiving treatment?
What is a number that describes the average score of distribution?
What is the measure of distance of every score to the mean?
What are standards for proper and reasonable behavior?
What describes things that cannot be seen, touched, or measured directly?
What are mental processes, such as dreams, perceptions, thoughts, and memories?
What is a predisposition to a certain point of view (favoring a certain point of view) despite what the facts suggest?
What is the first step in a research study?
___________ correlation is: as one goes up, so does the other. Negative correlation is: as one goes up, the other goes down.
"It is better to give than to receive," means. . .
"The more the merrier," means. . .
"April showers bring May flowers," means. . .
"If you can't beat them, join them," means. . .
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," means. . .
"If the shoe fits, wear it," means. . .
"The best things come in small packages," means. . .
"You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours," means. . .
"Don't count your chickens before they hatch," means. . .
"Birds of a feather flock together," means. . .
What causes lactic acid fermentation?
DNA is shaped like a
Carbon dioxide and water enter the plant through the
What happens during respiration?
What happens during photosynthesis?
What is chemotherapy?
What is the main cause of lung cancer?
How are photosynthesis and respiration related?
What are the products of respiration?
The production of energy without using oxygen is called
A cell with 8% solute concentration is placed in a beaker with a 20% solute concentration. What will happen to the cell over time?
channels embedded in the cell membrane which act as doors to let large molecules in are made up of
which of the following types of diffusion requires energy?
the movement of water molecules from an area of high concentration to low concentration is known as
often molecules are too large to pass easily through the cell membrane. In order to cross they need to go through a protein channel. THis is known as
When a cell is placed in this type of solution it will swell
the movement of molecules, other than water, across the cell membrane is known as
Active transport requires energy to send large molecules across the cell. Which organelle is responsible for producing the energy needed
A cell containing 2% NaCl is placed into a solution containing 10% NaCl. Which of the following is correct
After eating a donut your stomach transfers glucose (sugar) molecules to your blood cells to be distributed to the rest of your body. This concept is known as
We know what is in the center of the earth because scientists have dug a tunnel to it.
The moho is a type of rock found in the outer core of the earth.
The tansition zone is a layer between the lower mantle and the upper mantle.
Boron is found in all the layers of the mantle and contributes to the magnetic field of the earth.
P waves occur on the Pacific Ocean, and S waves occur on the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. Both help predict weather patterns.
The central part of the earth is called the core
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