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Martin Luther King, Jr., targeted Birmingham, Alabama, for demonstrations because he considered it
After watching television coverage of the brutal tactics used against protesters by the Birmingham police, even opponents of the civil rights movement were
Participants in the 1963 March on Washington hoped to
After Congress passed the Voting Rights Act of 1965,
The black power movement taught that African Americans should
How did the National Urban League help African Americans?
In what way were the SCLC and CORE alike?
In which state did Freedom Riders encounter violent resistance?
How did President Kennedy respond to the riot over James Meredith’s admission to the University of Mississippi?
Which was a highlight of the March on Washington?
What was the goal of the Selma March?
What did Malcolm X encourage African Americans to do?
Which of the following was a result of the civil rights movement?
President Truman ordered an end to discrimination in
. The Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education ended
The Montgomery bus boycott introduced a new generation of African American
In 1957, Eisenhower used the Arkansas National Guard to
The Congress of Racial Equality pursued its goals through
A strategy for protecting against the chance of loss is also called
High Deductible =
An insurance policy is
What type of insurance pays a set sum of money to survivors to help pay expenses and debts associated with the death of a person?
The responsibility you have toward others who get injured while on your property or in your care is called
After an accident or loss, a policyholder should submit a _____________ to receive funds from his/her insurance company.
If someone is over-insured, this means that the person
Most states legally require drivers to carry
Some of the benefits to having property insurance include a sense of responsibility, peace of mind, and protection
Insurance works because lots of people think it is a good idea to insure their assets
A government in which the citizens take part in the political process by voting for the leaders of the government.
The peninsula in Southern Greece where Sparta was located.
A war between Athens and Sparta that threatened to tear all of Greece apart.
A political unit made up of a city and its surrounding lands.
Someone who takes power illegally.
A government ruled by a few powerful individuals.
A mountain peak in NE Greece, near the Aegean coast. Believed to be the dwelling place of Greek gods.
A person who offers views or theories on profound questions in ethics.
The invasion by Persia began a series of wars between Persia and Greece.
Greek philosopher who practiced doubt and questioning to find the truth. Most of what is known about Socrates is from his conversations with Plato.
A Greek philosopher, student of Socrates and teacher of Aristotle. His most famous work is The Republic.
An ancient Greek philosopher known as the Father of Logic; student of Plato; teacher of Alexander the Great.
A city-state within Greece. Is known for education and philosophy.
A city-state within Greece. Is known for having a strong army.
A unit of soldiers who ride horses.
A plan for fighting a battle or war.
A plan for fighting a battle or war.
A group of warriors who stood close together in a square.
What did the Morrill Land-Grant Act and the Homestead Act have in common?
Which statement best describes the lifestyle of homesteaders?
Many agreements between Native Americans and the federal government fell apart because
What happened at the Massacre at Wounded Knee?
In the West, the combination of big business and new agricultural techniques resulted in
Which one of the following was a major complaint of farmers in the late 1800s?
Western farmers wanted “free silver” because they felt it would
The Interstate Commerce Act was passed to
Which one of the following did the Populists support?
Which one of the following is a lingering myth about the West?
Most African American Exodusters migrated west to
What reason was given by settlers as to why they had a greater right to western lands than the Native Americans?
One way the government sought to change Native Americans was by
Farm mechanization resulted in
In families on the homestead, what did women do?
In their platform, the Populists included provisions for
Frederick Jackson Turner’s thesis held that the frontier
Who owned much of the western land near prime transportation routes?
What was one key requirement that applicants had to meet to receive land under the Homestead Act?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The outer layer of a leaf is called the
The process of plants making its own sugar is called
One key ingredient in making sugar in plants is
The tiny tubes in plants that carry materials from roots to leaves is called the
This tissue carries sugar from the leaves to the rest of the plant
A carrot is this type of root
The purpose of roots are to
This is present in plant cells and not animal cells and help it make its own food
This is a source of energy for a plant
Plants need this gas in order to make food
Once water has returned to the ocean, what process puts water back into the air?
Where does most of the water that evaporates from the earth come from?
Water exists on Earth in all three states. Which of the following is a form of water in the liquid state?
Two-thirds of the Earth's surface is covered by water. The water cycle is a process that includes the evaporation of water sources and the return of water to Earth as rain and snow. What is the driving force behind the water cycle?
In clouds, water droplets that are too heavy to float form
What causes the formation of clouds?
Once water has condensed to form clouds, which process brings the water back to land?
Which of the following is NOT commonly used as a source of drinking water?
Which of the following is the correct order for the water cycle?
_______ and _______ are alike in that, during these processes, water is moved from the liquid state back into a vapor state.
This substance is located on the stamen
Insects travel to flowers looking for this substance
The process of moving pollen from the stamen to the pistil in a flowering plant
The process of a sperm cell joining an egg cell in a plant to form a seed
Pollen can travel from one plant to another by
New flowering plants have traits similar to
A Monocot is
A Dicot
Asexual Reproduction means
Phototropism is when plants move toward this in order to grow
A front forms when
On a weather map, a red line with half circles shows a(n)
The blue triangles of a cold front point in the direction
Which type of front usually causes the most violent weather?
Where does rain happen in an occluded front?
On a weather map, a blue line with blue triangles on one side and red half circles on the other represent
What type of air mass forms when two air masses meet and neither air mass takes over?
Where does precipitation occur in a cold front?
Where does precipitation occur in a warm front?
When you see a blue line with blue triangles on a weather map, it shows
The greatest amount of oxygen in our atmosphere comes from
If something destroys one species,what will happen to the remaining species
Carnivores eat
Herbivores eat
Decomposers break down materials into
The following are non-living parts of an ecosystem
Wetlands provide
A Wetland Area in our Community restored by our grade level is
Omnivores eat
Algae help coral to
the amount of the sun's energy that reaches earth at any given time and place
the changing of gas into a liquid
the layer of the atmosphere closest to earth's surface
the slow changing of liquid into a gas
the blanket of gases that surrounds Earth
a device used for measuring air pressure
what the lower atmosphere is like at any given place and time
the force put on a given area by the weight of air above
water in the form of a gas
the amount of water vapor in the air
The lowest level of environmental complexity that includes living and nonliving factors is the
Plants are
Ehich ecological inquiry method is an ecologist using when he or she enters an area periodically to count the population numbers of a certain species?
The total amount of living tissue within a given trophic level is called the
The movements of energy and nutrients through living systems are different because
Investigating a pond, you note that snails in the pond have thin, weak shells. This is most likely the result of a(an)
An organism that uses energy to produce its own food supply from inorganic compounds is called a(an)
The repeated movement of water between Earth\'s surface and the atmosphere is called
Most of the energy available to a consumer trophic level is used by organisma for
Nitrogen fixation is carried out primarily by
When particles are moved through a membrane from a region of low concentration to a region of high concentration, the process is called ___.
Food particles move through proteins in the cell membrane without using energy in a process called ___.
When wilted celery is soaked in water, it becomes crips again due to ___.
The exchange of materials between a cell and its environment takes place across cell ___.
Because the cell membrane is made of ___, water can diffuse right through the membrane.
How would sugar enteering a cell that already contains a high concentration of sugar get throuogh a cell membrane and into a cell?
When a cell membrane surrounds a particle, enclosed it in a vesicle, and bring the particle into the cell, this is called ___.
When vesicles are formed at the ER or Golgi complex and they carry particles to the cell membrane for export, this is called ___.
The term that means "outside the cell" is ___.
Diffusion can take place if the two substances are ___.
Osmosis is the diffusion of what substance through a cell membrane?
Endocytosis means ___.
Exocytosis means ___.
The diffusion of water through the cell membrane is called ___.
A cell can remove large particles during ___.
___ is the movement of particles from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration.
Food molecules that are too large to pass easily through the cell membrane can enter the cell by ___.
The diffusion of particles through proteins in the cell membrane from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration is called __.
The movement of particles through proteins in the cell membrane against the normal direction of diffusion is called ___.
What is osmosis?
a comparison between how much water vapor is in the air and how much the air could hold at a given temperature if it were full
the curving of the path of moving objects caused by Earth's rotation
a cloud that forms a blanket like layer
a circular pattern of air rising, air sinking and wind
a puffy cloud that appears to rise up from a flat bottom
wind that blows from sea to land
a high altitude cloud with feather like shape, made of ice crystals
a ground level cloud
any form of water particles that fall from the atmosphere and reach the ground
air that moves horizontally
Answers by Educators Question Database
When reading a paired passage, which is the best technique for answering questions?
Which part of speech will rarely, if ever, be found as a main entry in a dictionary?
If a vocabulary word in a test question has more than one dictionary definition, how can you decide which definition is the correct one?
Which key word in a test question is a hint that you will need to make an inference (or fill in the gaps) in order to answer the question?
Where was the INCA civilization located?
Where were the AZTEC/MAYA civilizations located?
Where was the OTTOMAN EMPIRE located?
Which answer best describes the Columbian Exchange?
What was the name of the trade route most associated with the Slave Trade to the Americas?
The Maya/Inca/Aztecs all practiced which type of religion?
What caused the Great Dying of the Native Americans?
Why else were the Spanish able to defeat the Aztecs and Incas so easily? (excluding diseases)
Vasco De Gama and Columbus helped Europeans do what?
Who benefited most from the Columbian Exchange?
Why were slaves dying more in South America than North America?
The goal of mercantilism is to have the most of which items below?
How did Islam, and then the Ottoman Empire treat non-Muslims living in their territory?
What kinds of activities were slave labor practices best suited to?
Most slaves from the triangular trade went to which area in the Americas?
What is Magellan known for doing?
What was a regular citizen in the Roman Republic known as?
What was a wealthy, important citizen in the Roman Republic known as?
People in the Roman Republic elected a(n) _____ to lead the government.
The role of the Senate in the Roman Republic was to
What were the Twelve Tables?
A person in the Roman Republic appointed to rule for six months in times of emergency, with almost absolute power.
What is the word used in the Roman Republic for an action to reject a proposed action?
Public square of an ancient Roman city, the center of judicial and business affairs, and a place of assembly for the people.
This was an example of limiting of power in the Roman Republic.
One of the reasons Caesar was killed was because he
What was Germany's democratic government called?
How were the people in Germany suffering?
What political party started drawing attention?
Who was leader of the Nazi Party of Germany
What book did Adolf Hitler write?
Who were the Aryans
Who was Hitler racist against?
What is fascism?
Why did Nazi's power grow?
WHen did Hitler come into power?
What did Adolf Hitler do in 1933?
The terms of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo stated that Mexico
With which issue was the Wilmot Proviso concerned?
Which of the following was a provision of the Compromise of 1850?
What did the Fugitive Slave Act specify?
Which of the following best describes how John C. Calhoun viewed the North?
Why did the Whig Party collapse in the 1850s?
How did the Kansas-Nebraska Act affect slavery in the new territories?
Who were the main supporters of the new Republican Party?
The Kansas-Nebraska bill gave Kansas voters the right to
“Bleeding Kansas” earned its name from clashes over
Angered by insults aimed at his uncle, Preston Brooks used a cane to beat
The decision in the case Scott v. Sandford protected the rights of
The goal of the Lecompton Constitution was to
In the 1858 Illinois Senate race, Stephen Douglas defeated
By attacking the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, John Brown hoped to
In the election year of 1860, the Democratic Party
Republicans chose Abraham Lincoln as their candidate because
Southern states began to secede following the election of 1860 because
Secessionists believed that they had a right to leave the Union, because
States from the Upper South seceded when
What did Italy, Germany, and Japan have in common in the 1930s?
Which was part of American policy during the early years of World War II?
What prompted the United States to enter the war in 1941?
Joseph Stalin dominated the Soviet Union using the tactics of
Both Mussolini and Hitler saw expansion of their territory as a way to increase
Although Communists and Fascists have traditionally been enemies, in 1939 which Fascist made a pact with which Communist?
In 1932, Manchuria was taken over by
The Burma Road was a 700-mile-long highway linking Burma (present-day Myanmar) to
The Japanese leaders believed they could cripple the American naval fleet
During the 1930s, Hitler, Mussolini, and the military leaders of Japan
During the early years of World War II, the United States
The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
Stalin modernized agriculture in the Soviet Union through
What was one result of the Manchurian Incident?
Lebensraum was the term Hitler used that meant
After Hitler had invaded Czechoslovakia and made a pact with Stalin, he invaded
Great Britain held out against the German attack at the Battle of
The America First Committee wanted to
How did Mussolini use gangs of Fascist thugs in Italy?
Which country had gained control of most of Western Europe by 1940?
In order to modernize agriculture in the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin
Nazism was an extreme form of
What historical event contributed to the rise of fascism in both Italy and Germany, and to the rise of totalitarianism in the Soviet Union?
Hitler signed a Nonaggression Pact with
Hitler used which of the following military strategies when invading Poland?
Where did one of the greatest rescues in the history of warfare take place?
The Vichy government of France adopted which of the following policies after
In what battle did Hitler launch the greatest air assault the world had yet seen?
Who inspired the British people to resist the German invasion?
By the beginning of World War I, Japan had
Which was the real motive behind the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere?
What was Manchukuo?
Why did two Chinese leaders, Jiang Jieshi and Mao Zedong, unite?
In September 1940, Japan allied itself with
In the Manchurian Incident, the Japanese army
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Igneous rocks form when melted rock hardens
Igneous rocks are classified by their shape
The texture of igneous rocks depends on how old the rocks are
Sedimentary rocks may contain the remains of living things
The rock cycle alway happens in the same order
A rock with all the grains large and easy to see is described as:
Rock formed from cooling magma below the surface or lava at the surface of the earth is called:
Most metamorphic rock forms:
Igneous rock that was formed from lave is called:
The process where sediment settles or drops out of water or the wind carrying it is called:
Igneous rocks formed when lava cools on the earth's surface
Rocks formed from cooled and hardened magma or lava
Igneous rocks formed when magma cools beneath the earth's surface
Melted rock beneath the earth's surface
The squeezing of air and water out of sediments and the pressing of the fragments together
A rock structure with visible layers or bands aligned in planes
Rocks formed from sediments that have been compacted and cemented together
The process of change in the structure and constitution of a rock
The process in which dissolved minerals crystallize and glue particles of sediment together
Rock changed by heat and pressure deep beneath the earth's surface
to eat up greedily
full to overflowing
the combination of parts at the same pitch or in octaves
generous or large in area or extent; roomy
an agent, such as a medication, that restores or increass body tone
showing ill humor; annoyed
to wet through and through; soak
to express disapproval of, criticism of, or disappointment in (someone)
a pair of eyeglasses
arousing or apt to arouse suspicion; questionable: suspicious behavior
one who owns or owns and manages a business or other such establishment
a sudden cessation of speech or a thought process without an immediate observable cause, sometimes considered a consequence of repression.
of a size, extent, or degree that elicits awe or taxes belief; immense
very large or extensive
to eat up greedily
showing ill humor; annoyed
a pair of eyeglasses
to wet through and through
the combination of parts at the same pitch or in octaves
generous or large in area or extent; roomy
Sedimentary rock that is made of rock fragments with rounded edges is:
Chalk formed from sediments in the ocean (skeletons of microscopic organisms) must be:
Heat that changes rock into metamorphic rock comes from:
Metamorphic rock that has grains arranged in parallel layers has a texture that is described as:
Nonfoliated metamorphic rocks:
The processes that slowly change rock from one kind into another is called:
The following is NOT one of the possible stages in the rock cycle:
Sedimentary rock breccia is made up of:
The five main steps of the rock cycle include igneous rock, sedimentary rock, metamorphic rock and:
The process that causes the sediments forming sedimentary rocks is:
A simple microscope has how many lenses
Which of the following is true of a compound microscope?
A stereo microscope gives you a
Who was credited with discovering cells?
Who was credited with disvering that new cells don't form on their own?
The cell theory states
People thought earthworms fell from sky when it....
Three different microscopes you learned about were
When something is too small to be seen with a light microscope, it can be viewed with a
Robert Hooked look at what under the microscope to conclude that little empty boxes were cells
The Normal Range for Oral Temperatures is:
The Normal Range for Rectal Temperature is:
The Normal Temperature Range for Axillary Temperature is:
What is the range for normal a pulse?
What is the normal range for respirations?
What is the normal range for Systolic Blood Pressure?
What is the normal range for Diastolic Blood Pressure?
What is apnea?
What is dyspnea?
What is orthopnea
Who is credited with first using the word
One finds total magnification by ___.
Of the following objectives, which should be down when transporting the microscope?
What happens as the power of magnification increases?
____ refers to the degreee of magnification.
The meaning of "scop" is ____.
The ____ controls the light coming through the specimen.
This makes large adjustments to the focus.
This makes small adjustments to the focus.
This directs light upward onto the slide.
Which is most likely to be a limiting nutrient in a freshwater pond?
What can happen after a lake receives a large input of a limiting nutrient?
The simpliest grouping of more that one kind of organism in the biosphere is
What animals eat both producers and consumers?
Only 10 percent of the energy stored in an organism can be passed on to the next trophic level. Of the remaining energy, some is used for the organism's life processes,
How is carbon stored in the biosphere?
The branch of biology dealing with interactions among organisms and between organisms and their environment is called
Organisms need nutrients in order to
Which of the following is Not a basic method used by ecologists to study the living world?
What is the term for each step in the transfer of energy and matter within a food web?
How does age effect the pulse?
How does stress effect the pulse?
How does fever effect the pulse?
What does dilate mean when talking about blood vessels?
What does tachycardia refer to?
What does bradycardia refer to?
Where is the apical pulse located?
What is the radial artery(pulse) used for?
How does age effect the BP?
What does Hypothermia mean?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Where is the Great Plains?
What side of the United States are the Rockty Mountains in?
Where are the Applachian Mountains?
What is a renewable source?
What is a non-renewable source?
What was the land bridge tha tthe first americans crossed to get to north america?
The Colombian Exchange was....
What was some things introduced by the Europeans to the New World?
What was areason that Europeans came to America?
Where is the Sunbelt region of the United States?
What caused the Dust Bowl?
In the 1950's, when air conditioning was affordable to the average Joe, where did people start migrating to?
What did the Clean Air Act of 1970 attempt to regulate?
What is Urban Sprawl?
What is an effect of Urban Sprawl?
What is a salad bowl?
What is a melting pot?
When was the worldwide depression?
What does inflation mean?
What was the worldwide depression called in the United States?
What started the depression in the United States?
What is the definition of depression?
What are some of the effects of the depression?
Who was the leader of Russia before and during WWI?
Which side was Russia on during WWI?
What kind of government did Czar Nicholas II have in Russia?
What major event happened in 1917 in Russia?
What did the people of Russia want in 1917?
What happened to Czar Nicholas II and his family
Who were the Bolshevik's?
Who was the new leader of Russia after the killing of Czar Nicholas II?
What did Lenin change Russia's name to?
Who was the leader of the Bolsheviks that promised Peace, Land, and Bread to the people?
Gamificação da educação fala sobre
Os Jogos das Olimpiadas de Jogos do Estado usam o conceito de
Qual dos jogos abaixo você recomendaria para aprender história
Qual dos jogos você utilizaria nas aulas inglês
O que você utilizaria para ensinar programação?
Qual a maneira mais fácil de fazer um jogo?
Qual desses jogos tem o o design de seus levels aberto?
Que jogo é mais dificil de fazer?
que jogo é mais facil de fazer?
o que sao jogos casuais?
This term means organizing time in the order it happened.
This term describes species that can only be found in one place.
This term describes native people from a country.
This term describes the variety of living things in a specific place.
Why is Bolivia said to be landlocked?
Which fighting dance style was invented by African slaves in Brazil?
Spain and Portugal brought their religion while colonizing the New World. What is that religion?
This term means one country controlling another people group/area of land and abusing the people and the resources.
What is the greatest threat to the Amazon Rainforest?
Some farmers do this to the land to prepare to plant crops.
Developing nations rely mostly on which area of economy?
Brazil uses which physical geography for trade and travel?
The Spanish destroyed which South American empire during colonialism?
4 of the 8 cultural traits are daily life, history, government and economy. The other 4 are...
This term means people of different races, cultures and experiences together in one place.
What does life expectancy mean?
These are Venezuela's two greatest exports.
Why are there so many unique animals on the Galapagos Islands?
What physical geography determines the clothing of Bolivian cholita luchadoras?
The Galapagos Islands are part of which country?
Most coffee growing countries are near which political geographic feature?
What is the main activity Argentinian gauchos do?
What are the three reason Europeans came to colonize the Americas?
What effect did Columbus' discovery of America have on indigenous (native) people?
This man helped many South American nations gain independence.
What effect did Christopher Columbus' discovery of the Americas have in Europe?
Which country contains the majority of the Amazon rainforest?
How does the Amazon Rainforest benefit Brazil economically?
In what two ways does the Amazon River benefit Brazil economically?
South America is ENTIRELY in which hemisphere?
Would a country with a high literacy rate have a high or low GDP?
Which direction is the Caribbean Sea from South America?
How does deforestation impact the creatures that live in the Amazon?
Many people in South America have fought for human rights, women's rights and independence movements because
As a result of colonization, one cause of ethnic diversity in the Americas is due to
One reason news of events such as the Boston Massacre spread quickly is because
The Townshend Acts taxed
Which of the following was taxed by the Stamp Act?
After the passing of the Stamp Act, British exports to the colony declined. Which of the following protest by the colonists explains the decline in British exports?
Which is NOT a reason colonists were angered over the Proclamation of 1763?
Which group would have supported the Tea Act?
Which is the topic discussed at the First Continental Congress?
What was the initial goal of the Sons and Daughters of Liberty?
This word refers to a colonist who wished to remain joined with Britain and sympathized with the British government.
A product of the Townshend Acts, these documents gave British troops authority to search any colonial ship with no warrant.
Which of the following is NOT a possible purpose of an author for writing a text?
When using a dictionary, how are all of the words on the page are organized?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Chromosomes are most easily seen during cell division because the chromosomes
The phase of cell division where the nuclear membrane forms and the chromosomes uncoil is known as __________.
The stage of cell division when chromatids move to the center of the cell is called __________.
A cell duplicates its chromosomes during the
Which of the following is NOT a function of mitosis?
How many homologous pairs are in a diploid human chromosome
The final stage of the cell cycle, during which the cytoplasm divides, is called _____ .
A sister chromatid forms during
How many 'turns' of the Calvin cycle are required to produce on molecule of Glucose?
An enzyme used during the Calvin Cycle is
The truth about life revealed in a work of literature
A fictional prose narrative that is usually ten to twenty pages long
In general a contrast between expectation and reality
The time and place in which the events of a work of literature takes place
The overall mood or emotion of a work of literature
The series of related events that make up a story
The stories most emotional or suspensful moment. This is the point where the conflict is decided.
The part of the story. This is where the loose ends of the plot are tied up and the story is closed.
The uncertainty or anxiety you feel about what will happen next in the story.
A conflict that takes place in a character's mind
An imaginary grid line that runs east to west, parallel to the equator is
A measuring device that operates by bouncing radio waves off an object
The angle that a compass needle will vary from true north is called
A map maker is called
The contour interval is
The slope is
Zero degrees longitude is
Natural & man made features on land is called
Lines on a topographic map that connect points of the same elevation are called
Information that shows you how a map's features compare in size to Earth's surface is
In Hatchet, this would be the woods surrounding a small lake in Canada.
In The Outsiders the idea that violence does not solve problems could be described as a _________.
In the popular story The Three Little Pigs what would most likely be the theme?
Brian's struggle to come to terms with the fact that he may not be rescued is an example of __________.
In Goldilocks and the Three Bears what helps build suspense?
What is a theme in Hatchet?
What is the setting of the Outsiders?
In the Outsiders, the socs and the greasers have what can best be descibed as __________.
In the Outsiders Bob's murder is an important part of the ________________.
Goldilocks being discovered by the bears is the ______________ of that story.
What type of rock forms from heat and pressure?
What type of rock forms from compaction and cementation?
What type of rock is formed from explosive volcanos?
Where are fossils most likely found?
Dolomite forms from mineral precipatates cemented and compacted. Where does dolomite form?
According to the ESRT, what type of rocks are found on Mt. Marcy?
According to the ESRT, What minerals make up granite?
Quartzite is a metamorphic rock that formed from what type of sedimentary rock?
How does vesicular basalt form?
How does coal form?
The Bible is the holy book for
The cresent moon and star represent
The Jews, Islam, and Christianity believe in how many gods?
The house of worship for the Jews is the
Jews call God
Christians worship in a
Christmas is a holy day for
The Star of David is
Ramadan is a holy day for
Easter is a holy day for
A civilization has three major components: extra food, towns, and
The ideas, knowledge, and rituals a group of people share is called a
The Phoenicians made the majority of their money through
A division of social classes in Ancient India is called
China's geographic isolation allowed Chine to develop a sense of
In this form of government, one person controls the power.
This person studies plant, animal, and human remains to understand the past.
The Great Wall provided Anicent China with
This is the belief that animal spirits live in everything.
Many early civilizations settled by:
Jeffersonian Republicans strongly supported
What was the "revolution of 1800?"
Sacajawea was Indian
The immediate result of the Chesapeake affair was
During wat British attack did an American general surrender his entire force without a fight?
The Batle of _____ was an astounding victory by a makeshift American fleet.
Who was America's popular president during the Era of Good Feelings?
What treaty established a permanently disarmed region on America's northern border?
What event led to the death of the Federalist party?
What well-designed fort prevented the British from capturing Baltimore?
How many different Kingdoms exist?
Which of the following kingdoms contains photosynthestic autotrophs?
True or False: Plants can move.
All of the following are included in the Six Kingdom Classification system except...
A eukaryote is an organism whose cells contain...
In the Plantae Kingdom, cell walls are made up of...
Choose the BEST answer. Plantae and Animalia share which characteristic or characteristics?
In terms of how we obtain food, humans are...
A sponge is a member of which Kingdom?
True or False: Plants can be used to make medicine, food, fuel, shampoo, and furniture.
A steep slope means
A car travels 400 miles in 6 hours. What is its average speed?
Speed is defined as
To increase the speed of an object, you must
Which force acts opposite to the direction of the motion?
The tendency of an object to change in the direction of the motion is
As a man goes to the moon, which of these factors change
How can you increase speed without applying more force?
Forces that are equal and in opposite directions are called
Calculate. 20 N to the left and 12 N to the right
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Simplify: 4b+6-7b
Add: (3x-4) + (-9x-5)
Subtract: (10x-4)-(2x+6)
Distribute: 7(-2x-4)
Factor: 12x+24
How do you subtract expressions?
What is the distributive property?
Simplify: 2x-x+5x-4+18
Factor: 6x-38
Subtract: (-6x-6)-(8x+3)
Which property states that 5x(1)=5x
Which example shows the property of zero?
Which property says that no matter how you group a set of numbers, the answer will stay the same?
Which property states that no matter which order numbers are in, the answer will remain the same?
Which example demonstrates the commutative property?
Factor: -10x+25
Add: (9x-4)+(-6x+12)
Distribute: 7(x-9)
Simplify: 10x+4+13
What was the name of the Treaty that ended WWI?
Where and When was the Treaty of Versailles signed
Who was blamed for WWI?
What did Germany have to do?
How did the Allies hope to keep Germany from becoming too powerful again?
What are reparations?
What did Wilson's 14th point propose?
What part of the Treaty of Versailles was most damaging to the German Economy?
What was the League of Nations?
DiD the United States join?
Where did the Ottoman empire begin?
What led to the end of the Ottoman Empire at the close of World War I?
What is a violent anti-Jewish riot called that began spreading to parts of Eastern and Central Europe from Russia?
What is the United States main economic interest in Southwest Asia?
In 2001 which country did the United States bomb and invade for offering safety to the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization?
Who was the leader and dictator of Iraq that was accused of harboring WMD's?
What is one reason that the United States continues in resolving conflicts in Southwest Asia (Middle East)?
Which of these has been a source of conflict between Israelis and Palestinians in the Middle East?
Which of these characteristics is shared among the 3 major religions of Southwest Asia?
Which of these is a purpose of Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)?
Which informational text structure provides several details about something to give the reader a mental picture?
Which informational text structure discusses similarities and differences between people, things, concepts, or ideas?
Which informational text structure provides readers with chronological events or a list of steps in procedure?
Which informational text structure describes an event, or several events, and the consequences that follow?
When performing a close reading of an informational text, which of the following is NOT a technique that a reader should use?
When reading a difficult passage, a reader will sometimes need to make inferences. Which of the following is the best definition of an inference?
The primary point of a paragraph, or the most important thought about a topic, is called the . . .
Informational texts are designed to help the reader find important information quickly. Which of the following is NOT an important text feature that can help the reader find information?
Which of the following is NOT an important technique to use when performing a close reading of an informational text?
When annotating a text, we should do which of the following?
Identify the revolutional economic book written by Adam Smith.
Which of the following is the correct definition of economics?
Which of the following focuses on economic decision making by individuals, households, and businesses?
Which of the following is an example of opportunity cost of the following situation- Choosing to study for your economics test instead of watching American Horror Story.
Opportunity cost is the ______________ of what you are giving up.
All of the following are economic systems, EXCEPT:
Having too much of an item or resource is known as:
A traditional economy focuses on family and traditions. Therefore traditional economies are not as common but found where?
A negative aspect of a traditional economy is:
An economy where a government controls and makes all economic decisions is a:
In the film Hunger Games, what type of economy exists in Panem?
In a market economy, who makes the economic decisions?
A mixed economy contains traits of what two types of economies?
An example of a country with mixed economy is:
Karl Marx is known as the father of what type of economy?
What did Marx believe would happen to capitalism?
Which definition is for capitalism?
Which definition is for communism?
Of the following countries, which is a capitalist nation?
Of the following countries, which is communist?
The planet we call Earth has how many main layers?
What layer is on the outside of Earth?
What layer is in the center of Earth?
What layer of Earth is the thickest?
What layer of Earth is a liquid
Which layer of Earth is the hottest?
Convection currents flow through the Earth's
What is the heat source for Earth's convection currents?
What layer of Earth do we live on?
What layer of Earth is the thinnest?
What theory said all the continents on Earth were once connected, but drifted apart?
What theory states new land is being created at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge?
What theory says that Earth's lithosphere is broken into plates that are constantly moving?
What type of boundary occurs when 2 plates are pushed together?
What type of boundary occurs when 2 plates move past each other in opposite directions?
What type of boundary occurs when 2 plates move away from each other?
What type of fault is caused by shearing?
What type of fault is caused by tension
What type of fault is caused by compression
Strike-slip faults typically occur at what type of boundary?
lead (II) nitrate
sulfur tetrachloride
carbonic acid
tin (II) flouride
sodium chlorate
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
How can metals be distinguished from non-metals on the periodic table?
Two elements are in the same row of the periodic table. The one on the right always
Which element has the same number of electrons available for bonding as magnesium has
Which of the following has the greatest electronegativity?
Who is credited with creating the Periodic Table
How many protons and neutrons does chlorine have?
What makes up the nucleus of an atom?
What is true about the periodic trend for electronegativity?
which of the following has the highest atomic radius?
What is the charge of a carbon ion?
The percentage of packed rbc's in comparison to whole blood
The normal hct for an adult female is
All of the following are medical reasons for a decrease in the hematocrit except
A person living in high altitude will have a(n) _________ hematocrit
When collecting a venous sample for hematocrit testing, the blood is transferred into a _______ capillary tube
When reading the hct, it is important to read the hct at _____________
The main constituent of rbc's
If a person has a hgb of 8.7 g/dL, what do you expect the hct to be?
The qualitative method of measuring hemoglobin by using a cylinder of copper sulfate is the __________________ method
An example of an instrument used in POL's to measure hgb.
All of the following are reasons a person would have an increased hemoglobin except
The normal percentage of lymphocytes in an adult is about
A medical reason a person would have extreme leukocytosis
What happens to the cell count if the hemocytometer is overcharged
How many protein chains are connected to the globin portion of hemoglobin?
The most common cause of basophilia is
The hemocytometer is useful in determining all but the following
The leukocyte that is responsible for phagocytosis is the _________________
What is the stain used to prepare blood smears for differentials?
Having both microcytes and macrocytes on the blood smear is called___________
What objective do you use to perform the differential on?
All of the following are used to differentiate white blood cells except
All of the following are inclusion bodies in the rbc except
All of the following are granulocytes except
The function of segmented neutrophils is
The cytoplasm of a lymphocyte is said to be ________ because of the blue color produced
What white blood cell has a nucleus that looks like a kidney bean is
A person that has an increase in leukocytes and has greater than 30% atypical lymphocytes is most likely being diagnosed with _________
Sometimes it is normal for a patient to have a reversed count (more lymphocytes than neutrophils). What type of patient would this most likely be?
Leukocytosis may be caused by all of the following except
What is 2+2=?
Which of these types of government allows citizens to have the greatest amount of political power?
In an autocracy, freedom of speech is usually
In which system of government do local bodies of government have the LEAST political power?
Which type of government does the United Kingdom have?
In the UK, the political party with the largest number of members in the House of Commons chooses the government leader, which is the ________________.
The type of government in which power rests with a small group of people is called a(an) ___________.
How is the government of the UK different from Russia\'s government?
All of the following are benefits of belonging to the European Union EXCEPT:
Why is Russia considered to have a federal government system?
Which system of government does this statement describe:
Dining Room
Laundry room
Living room
The ground floor
Food webs show
The place where an organism usually lives is a
The recycling of nutrients in a community would stop if we removed all
A deer, which eats only plants, is a (n)
A large geographical area identified by its plants, animals, and climate is known as
Organisms that are carnivores, herbivore or omnivore
organisms which are plants
The area in which an organism lives
Organisms which return nutrients to the ecosystem
Which of the following would have the least effect on the size of a mouse population?
Organisms are classified as producers or consumer based on
Decomposer are best described as
All of the following are part of an organism's non-living environment except
The bottom level of energy pyramid always represent
A robin and a wren have different niches because
Producers are important because they
A food chain shows
An ecosystem is the interaction between
The amount of sunlight in an area effects
An organism that uses energy to produce its own food supply from inorganic compounds is called a(an)
The movements of energy and nutrients through living systems are different because?
what is the original source of almost all the energy in most ecosystems?
all the interconnected feeding relationships in an ecosystem make up a food
green plants are
large ecosystems with the same climate are
the total amount of variety among living things is called
which of the following descriptions about the organization of an ecosystem is correct?
only 10 percent of the energy stored in one organism can be passed on to another organism when its is eaten.the rest of the energy is
which of the following organisms is the most important in the nitrogen cycle?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which of the Allies refused to sign the Treaty of Versailles
About how many years passed between the end of World War I and the start of World War II?
What major event happened in 1917?
What is genocide?
Who created the country of Israel?
What actions did the United Nations take as a result of the Holocaust?
Who was spared in the Holocaust?
Which country was the leader of the Eastern Bloc?
What are the two terms used to describe the dividing line between eastern and western, communist and noncommunist areas?
Which was one of the areas of disagreement between the Soviet Union and the United States during the Cold War?
When was the Cold War?
As a world superpower, the Soviet Union had
As a world superpower, the United States had
Which condition is required to be considered a superpower?
Why did Gorbachev reduce government control of the economy?
What marked the end of the Cold War?
What was the largest country created from the former Soviet Union?
The English Channel is between which 2 countries?
Which is an example of something that transfers heat by radiation?
Pink powder is added to water, and the result is a red liquid. What kind of change has occurred?
Why does a flannel blanket provide warmth to a person on a cold night?
Before pots and pans were invented, people cooked using smooth stones at a fire pit. Which best describes a characteristic of stones that made them a good choice of cookware?
Which keeps the water cycle going?
Lucas noticed a large amount of clouds in the air. What phase change has taken place?
During winter months, people worry about the water pipes in their house breaking. Which best explains why?
Megan added 100 g of water to a pot that weighed 600 g, placed a 200 g airtight lid on top, and boiled water. After boiling, why does the container still have a mass of 900 g?
Which is an example of a chemical change?
How is boiling water an example of convection?
According to the Articles of Confederation, how many branches of government did the A.O.C. put in place?
Which of the following represents a major difference between the Georgia Constitution of 1777 and the A.O.C.?
The A.O.C. and the Georgia Constitution of 1777 were both alike in that they both had a unicameral or one-house legislature.
Which of the following statements BEST describes the U.S. Government under the A.O.C.?
A major weakness of the A.O.C. is that it did not allow the central government to levy ____________ in order to fund a national military.
The main purpose of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 was to_______________ the Articles of Confederation.
Who is considered the father of the United States Constitution
Who were the two Georgia signers of the U.S. Constitution?
Who did most all southern states want to be counted as a part of their population in determining the number of representatives?
The Virginia Plan proposed having 3 branches of government. List those three branches below.
The Senate and the House of Representatives fit best under which constitution?
Which compromise introduced the idea that each state would have 2 senators and the House of Representatives would be based on a states’ population size?
Abraham Baldwin changed his vote at the last minute and the result was the passage of the New Jersey Plan.
The Three-Fifths Compromise allowed the southern states to count what percentage of their slave population as part of their overall state population.
Under the Georgia Constitution of 1777, the legislative branch had the power to appoint which member of the executive branch?
Under the A.O.C., the states were given as much power as possible.
Under the Georgia Constitution of 1777 how many years did the governor’s term last?
Georgia’s 2nd Constitution was modeled after the United States ___________________
How many articles were in the U.S. Constitution of 1787?
What is the best subject at school?
Debo descansar porque tengo _____.
¿Quieres _____ en bote este fin de semana?
Tengo refrescos en la cocina. ¿Tienes _____?
No tengo _____ de estudiar esta noche. Salgo con amigos.
Tenemos _____. ¿Adónde vamos a comer?
¿Qué hay que hacer en la cocina? -- Debes _____.
Mi hermano prefiere ______ con sus amigos.
¡Es tarde! Tengo mucha _____.
Esta noche quiero _____ una película.
No tenemos _____ de estudiar.
¡Corro mucho! Tengo mucho ______.
Mi hermanito ______.
Este fin de semana ______ al zoológico.
Tienes un examen mañana. _____ estudiar.
Ustedes prefieren _____ a ver una película.
_____ soy de Nueva York.
______ es trabajadora.
_______ sois cómicos.
_________ son morados.
_________ no somos serios.
________ son fuertes.
________ la una.
¿De dónde eres ______?
_________ es inteligente.
_________ son estudiosos.
Vosotros ________ de Carolina del Sur.
Yo ________ paciente.
La estudiante y yo _________ artísticas.
Tú __________ impaciente.
________ las cinco de la tarde.
Mis amigas __________ bonitas.
Tú y tus amigos no __________ perezosos.
La grapadora _______ azul, blanca, y verde.
Las ventanas ________ blancas.
El estudiante ________ perezoso.
What were the indirect causes of WWI?
Building up of strong armed forces and a powerful military
An agreement or promises to defend and help another country.
When a country takes over new lands or countries, and controls their government, economy, and culture.
Strong pride in your country, and willing to defend it at any cost.
What was the direct cause of WWI?
What countries were on the side of the Allies?
What countries were on the side of the Central Powers?
What are some other names that WWI was known as?
When did WWI start?
When did WWI end?
What was trench warfare?
When did the United States enter WWI?
Why did the United States enter WWI?
What were some of the new weapons invented and used during WWI
Who won WWI?
How long did WWI last?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
A resource that cannot be replenished by natural processes is called
The conversion of a previously soil-rich area to a sandy desert is called
The burning fossil fuels may cause all of the following EXCEPT
The sum total of the variety of organisms on Earth is referred to as
A species that enters an environment where it has not lived before is called a(an)
A species whose population size is declining so rapidly that it could soon become extinct is said to be
The concept of using natural resources at a rate that does not deplete them is called
According to biomagnification,
Which of the following is not a greenhouse gas?
Which of the following is not a renewable resource?
Chloe want to know what a fraction is. She has asked you to tell her. So, what is a fraction?
Bob the builder doesn’t know what the top of a fraction is called. He wants to know, so he asked you. So, what is the top of the fraction called?
Now that Bob the builder knows what the top is called, he wants to know the bottom. He turns to you for the answer. So, what is the bottom of the fraction called?
Sidney has the wants to know what the numerator is and denominator is in this fraction, Вѕ. She has turned to your for the answer. What is the numerator is and denominator in Вѕ?
Doug wants to know, if 7/7 equals a whole. Is that right?
Billie Jean says that a fraction is part of anything, but Billie Joe says that it is only part of a whole. Who is right?
Chris wants to know what is the bar in between the numerator and denominators is called. What is it called?
Chris now wants to know something else. What does the fraction bar mean or/and stand for?
Joe wants to know what fraction can represent. Do you know?
Now from the entire quiz you have taken can you answer this? What is a fraction?
What is IRA stand for?
What is the normal contribution limit in 2009 for a ROTH IRA?
What is the normal contribution limit in 2009 for a Traditional IRA?
What are the normal funding deadlines for IRA contributions?
Is there a penalty for excess contributions? If so, what is it?
Why did Congress pass the Revenue Act of 1978 that created SEP plans?
What is the normal contribution limit in 2009 for a Non-Qualified Annuity?
With a traditional IRA when are Required Minimum Distribution required to begin?
In a 401(k) plan are the employees deductions taken out on a pre-tax or post-tax basis?
Who can establish a 403b?
A push or pull exerted on an object causing a change in the motion of that object.
This is the standard unit of force.
Distance traveled divided by the amount of time traveled.
The tendency of an object to resist being moved.
This is speed in a certain direction.
An object's change in position relative to a reference point.
A force that opposes motion.
A force that occurs when two objects pull on each other. Dependent upon the mass and the distance between the objects.
The sum of all the forces acting on an object.
The change in the velocity of an object is known as its.....
At TMS 1/3of the students play football and 2/5 of them also run cross crountry. How many people play one of these sports?
At TMS 9/10 students are in athletics and 2/10 are also in band.How many more students are in athletics than in band?
1/2 of the students had to pay for their lunch, while 3/4 students also buy chips. How many students eat lunch.
2/3 students eat hamburgers and fries, while 3/4 students eat hamburgers and chips. How many students eat hamburgers?
At the fair 5/8 people ate funnle cake and 2/3 of those people also ate cotton candy. What fraction of the people ate from the concession stand?
After the ball game 1/3 of the students go to the burger barng and 3/8 of those same students ate at DQ. What fraction of the kids ate out?
At the ballgame 3/5 of the fans got hot dogs, 1/5 of those people also got coke. How many more people got hotdogs.
2/3 people got coockie cones at the snack line and 4/5 people got cookies also. What fraction of the people got both?
3/5 of the kids in class had on sneakers. 2/3 of those kids also wore jackets. What fraction of the class does this represent?
The length of the rectangle was 4/5 inches and it\'s width was 7/8 inches.What is it\'s area?
The first floor
rug or carpet
Teacher's desk
4+(9+8)= ( 4 + 9 ) + 8
3 x -6 = -6 x 3
( 5 x 3 ) x 8 = 5 x ( 3 x 8 )
-2 ( 1- 7 ) = ( -2 x 1 ) - ( -2 x 7 )
4 + 2x = 2x + 4
( 9 + a ) 4
6 ( wy ) = ( 6 w ) y
5 x 2 + 5 x 7 = 5 ( 2 + 7 )
7 x cd = dc x 7
x + y = y + x
Name three of the seven classification groups.
Who developed the naming classification system?
What language are classification names written in?
What is evolution?
What do rock layers tell us?
Which of these kingdoms does not have a nucleus?
Which of these kingdoms does not move from place to place?
What is Canis familiaris?
If an organism has many cells it can belong to
Fossils are found in
All elements are made up of very tiny particles called
A student finds an interesting substances in a jar in the garage. He uses the internet to see if he can find out what it is, based on his observations of the unknown substance. How is the student using the scientific method?
Atoms of 2 or more elements can combine to form what?
Which of the following is an example of a chemical property of water? It
Is the following a mixture or a compound? Sand
The scientific discovery of the chemical and physical properties of atoms took place over several centuries. Why was it important for scientists for find out about the properties?
A student puts out fire on the stove by dumping baking soda on the flame. How has the student used scientific knowledge in his daily life?
Which of the following is an example of a physical property of hydrogen? It
Freezing point and melting point are examples of
Which of the following is true of chemical properties? They
Answers by Educators Question Database
Cell Theory states which of the following?
What is the function of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER)?
Why is the mitochondria called the powerhouse of the cell?
In what kind of cell can you find a cell wall?
I am the control center of the cell, where the DNA is kept.
I am a series of cannals that nutrients and other substances can travel through in the cell.
Where do we find the genetic information of the cell, usually?
Which organelle carries out photosynthesis and is found in plants only?
Which organelle makes protein and is found on the rough endoplasmic reticulum?
A cell deprived of its Golgi bodies has difficulty
A plant cell accepting water will eventually show
The Old Kingdom of Egypt was best known for its
Eyptians enjoyed a period of stability, prosperity, and achievement during this time.
Forced payments made to the pharaoh by conquered peoples are
Which Egyptian ruler built many new temples?
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