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Satellites and weather balloons do what?
Wind speed can be found on the small lines at the end of the stem that represents
Dry and clear weather usually comes with what?
A continental polar air mass affects the northern United States by bringing
Usually, 2 centimeters of rainfall would equal how many centimeters of snow?
In order for clouds to form what must happen?
A psychrometer measures what?
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What is an allele?
Phenotype refers to ___________ , while genotype refers to _________.
Which of these allele combinations are heterozygous?
Gametes are __________ that are _______.
A tall plant (T) is dominant to short plant (t). If all offspring of a cross are heterozygous what are the genotypes of the parents?
A heterozygous tall plant (Tt) is crossed with another heterozygous tall plant. What percent of the plants should have a tall phenotype?
Yellow pea pods (Y) are dominant over green pods (y). A heterozygote is crossed with a homozygour dominant plant. What are the possible genotypes?
If one fruit fly is heterozygous (red) and the other is homozygous recessive (white), what percent of the offspring should have been expected to have white eyes?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
A combination of two or more substances that do not join together to form a new substance.
A mixture in which the substances are spread out evenly between one another and cannot be told apart.
To form a solution with another substance.
Cannot be seen...
A mixture is-
A solution is-
Dissolve means-
There was a red car in thhe parking lot.
My mom loves to bake cookies because there is a big box of them for me!
It smelt like raw fish
If people take the medicine it will help cure the common cold
The lake was created by a glacier melting
The girl lost her hand in a boating accident
Happy Gilmore could drive the ball well over 300 yards
Plant will grow better if music is playing compared to plants with no music
The boy had bad gas because of the grande burrito he at earlier this morninng
The cat had very soft hair
Broken glassware should be cleaned up by using....
You should always point test tubes toward...
The word flammable means...
All lab procedures can begin when...
All chemicals should be considered
Eye goggles are better than safety glasses because
All chemicals should be returned....
A fire extinguisher is used to put out fires on...
Lab aprons can be useful to protect you from...
Horseplay is not allowed in the lab because...
Which of the following best describes the function of a plant's leaf?
___ are the basic units of living things.
___ are made up of various tissues that work together to perform a specific job.
A ___ organism can exit only as a group of cells.
A group of organisms that are of the same kind and that live in the same area make up a ___.
Two or more of different populations living in the save area make up a ___.
A community of organisms and their nonliving environment make up an ___.
Ecosystems on land are called ___ ecosystems.
Ecosystems in water are called ___ ecosystems.
All cells have structures that enable the cell to live, grow, and reproduce. These structures are called ___.
How many grams are in 1.00 mole of Li?
The molar mass of resveratrol, C14H14O3, a compound found in wine that may provide cardio-vascular health, is
6.02 X 10^23 is:
How many grams are in 1.50x10^23 atoms As?
How many moles are represented by 40.1 g Ca?
How many atoms are in 5.0 moles of silver?
How many moles are in 0.56 grams of potassium?
How many moles do 3.25 x 10^5 g Pb represent?
How many grams are in 7.5 x 10^22 molecules of water
How many Royals in 0.50 mol of Royals?
When you stand facing sound, you are looking toward the
What do you look at to understand what the symbols on a map stand for?
Mapmakers often use the color blue on maps to stand for
Lines of longiture and latitude are imaginary lines whed to show the
Which kind of special-purpose map would help you plan a driving trip of the Grand Canyon?
A plateau is a landform that is
How was the Mississippi River most like a highway?
In which way did Hurricane Katrina most harm the city of New Orleans?
Which region is inland?
Which direction would you travel from the Southeast to go visit the West?
The small garage unit located on the end of the South Shop building, where the automatic bus wash system is housed.
The large yellow rails on the floor of the wash path, designed to lead the driver safely into the wash bay.
The flexible metal arm at the entrance of the wash bay. Upon entering the bay your school bus will engage the arm and activate the under carriage wash.
The automatic water pressure delivery system beneath the wash path
The path between the entry, exit, and entire area between the yellow guide rails inside the bus wash bay.
The steel bar stop located on the floor, just before the brush frame.
The large metal frame that houses the automatic brush system.
The red and green light unit that looks similar to a traffic signal. You must wait for the green light to move your school bus in or out of the bay.
The panel of switches and buttons located on the right column of the brush wash frame.
No students are allowed at the bus wash.
The toggle switch located on the brush frame activation panel. It must be in the on position to protect bus mirrors during bus wash.
The button labled BUS, and located on the brush frame activation panel.
The complete automatic brush frame movement. Beginning at the hood of the bus, traveling to the rear door, and returning to the front of the bus.
The pressure wash control unit, gun, hoses, and holster.
The handle and trigger unit that delivers high pressure water spray.
The sheath where the pressure wash gun must be stored.
The walk path around the outside of the Brush Frame.
I visit the North Shop for monthly service; therefore, I may use the South Shop bus wash.
Drivers who visit the South Shop for monthly service.
I may leave hoses and other equipment disorganized when I am finished washing my bus.
If a substance becomes heated, its particles will move______________
When material (like air or water) is heated it becomes less dense and begins to ________
Rubbing your hands together to make heat is an example of ______________
Convection currents in the _______________ are the driving forces of plate tectonics.
Convection currents in the ______________ are the driving force behind weather...
The atmosphere being warmed by the sun is an example of:
A lava lamp where hot less dense material rises and cool more dense material sinks is an example of:
The _______________ effect causes the rotation of the earth on its axis, causing wind and water currents in the northern hemisphere to turn clockwise.
The llayer of our atmosphere where all weather takes place, and the closest layer to us is the:
The weight of a column of air pushing down on the earth is known as:
When it is fall in North America, it is summer in South America.
We know the Earth is a sphere because it casts a straight shadow on the Moon during a lunar eclipse.
Which is a true statement:
Earth spins on its axis, and one rotation takes about one ___.
The idea that the sun is the center of the Universe is known as ___.
During an equinox, the Sun is directly above the Earth's ____.
The imaginary line drawn from the north geographic pole to the south geographic pole is called Earth's ___.
What has the biggest influence on tides?
___ causes Earth to have day and night.
Luna is another name for moon.
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Which of the following resulted from rapid urbanization?
What powerful position did William Marcy Tweed hold?
Nativist groups such as the American Protective Association supported
Prohibition groups saw a link between drinking and
Purity crusaders wanted to rid their communities of
Idealists in the settlement movement believed that social workers should
The typical staff member of a settlement house
Translate - I like pizza.
Translate - They like the books.
Translate - We love the juice.
Translate - Do you like the cookies?
Translate - She likes to run.
Translate - I don't like to draw.
Translate - You guys like to study.
Translate - Do you (formal) like the fruit?
Translate - They like to dance.
Translate - We don't like the ice cream.
Who was the first female African-American congresswoman?
Who was the first African-American professional baseball player?
Which African-American civil rights leader supported a strategy of nonviolent resistance?
Which 1960's African-American civil rights leader is known for disagreeing with Martin Luther King's strategy?
Which law made it illegal for employers and private businesses to discriminate against customers based on their ethnicity?
The dividing up of public places such as schools and accommodations was called...
Which of the following did the Voting Rights Act of 1965 ban?
Which of the following laws made it easier for minority citizens to vote by banning literacy tests?
Which phrase is most associated with Martin Luther King Jr.?
The Civil Rights Movement was most focused on....
The Civil Rights Act made which of the following actions illegal?
Which phrase can most be associated with Malcolm X and the Black Panthers?
Which political faction most opposed the goals of the Civil Rights Movement?
Which Christian leader notably supported the Civil Rights Movement?
Which historic movement helped cause the Civil Rights Movement?
The Twenty-Fourth Amendment banned which of the following voting practices that the South was using to keep minorities from voting?
Which Civil Rights Leader is most well known for her role in the Montgomery Bus Boycotts?
At which event did Martin Luther King Jr. make his 'I Have a Dream' speech?
Policies or laws that try to increase the opportunities available to minorities by giving them an advantage in admissions ares called....
Attempts to discourage voting by threatening violence or fear is called.....
How did the Reynolds v. Sims decision change politics?
Redrawing congressional district boundaries for political advantage is called....
The desegregation of schools was also called....
Which Supreme Court case declared that 'separate but equal' was constitutional?
Which Civil Rights leader argued against 'separate but 'equal' in the Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision?
E.R.A. stands for....
Which law requires schools to offer the same number of sports options to both boys and girls?
Which Supreme Court decision ruled that 'separate but equal' was unconstitutional?
What is the nickname for your rights to a lawyer when arrested?
Brown v. Board of Education started...
Which of the following groups most supported the ERA?
How did governors such as Orval Faubus in the LIttle Rock Crisis try to stop desegregation of schools?
Which of the following is a right all citizens have in America because of Miranda v. Arizona?
Poll taxes, gerrymandering and voter intimidation were all tactics used to....
The feminist movement was started by Betty Friedan with her book called....
Which migration pattern was a result of desegregation and nicknamed 'white flight'?
Which amendment guarantees all citizens 'due process', also called equal protection, under the law?
The division of schools between black schools and white schools was called....
What does the Thirteenth Amendment ban?
The Fifteenth Amendment guaranteed voting rights for all....
What is a capital?
What is a siege?
What is an aqueduct?
What is an empire?
What is astronomy?
What is tribute?
Siege is a military _____.
Aqueducts are _____ that carry water.
Astronomy is the study of the ________.
An empire is a large _________ with one leader.
to turn in or send in
a job a person is sent to do
to send someone or something away
to send information electronically
to leave out
a treatment of the feet
something with three feet
device that counts number of steps taken
foot doctor
a person who travels on foot
word with the same sound but different spelling or meaning
device used to amplify sound - to make sound louder
teaching reading using sounds of letters
an instrument
a musical piece performed by an orchestra
a paper copy of a document or picture
a tiny particle of electromagnetic radiation or light
process by which plants make food with sunlight
a picture made by a camera
lens for a camera that makes far away objects appear closer
Which is the correct order of the earth layers from the outermost layer.
Earth's inner core is
What is made of liquid iron?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Seismographs measure earthquakes and moonquakes.
When the moon phases are waning, they are growing in size.
The phase of the Moon that you cannot see is ___.
The Earth's ___ causes seasons.
The longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere is the ___.
It takes the moon 27.3 days to rotate ___ on its axis.
When Earth moves into the Moon's shadow, the result is a ___ eclipse.
When the sun, the moon, and ____ line up, a lunar eclipse happens.
When do the greatest tidal ranges occur?
When the moon is going from new to full it goes throught
The Earth's movement that causes us to have a year is ___.
A geocentric universe means that the Earth is the center of the Universe.
The Earth is closer to the sun in January than in July.
We see phases of the moon because
During a total solar eclipse
A lunar eclipse is when
What makes spring tides different than neap tides?
When the right half of the moon is lit, this is a ____.
I know it is a crescent moon when
I know it is a gibbous moon when
_________ is not one of the three main types of rocks
What type of sedimanmtary rock is coal?
Which rock changes form?
Rocks that form when magma cools
What are small fragments of rock called?
How do sedimentary rocks form?
This is how metamorphic rock forms
Igneous rocks that cool on the outside of Earth's surface are __________
This type of sedimentary rock is made of other rocks pressed together
This is the only type of rock that will contain fossils
Rocks that are made from the remains of living things are:
This type of rock forms when water evaporates, leaving behind mineral deposites
This is the process where sediments become sedimentary rock
During this step of lithification small pieces of rock get left behind on the bottom of water
This is not a type of texture of an igneous rock
Type of crystal grain that forms when molten rock cools slowlyc
What you find when you scratch a mineral over an unglazed tile.
This is a solid that is made of one or more minerals
This type of sedimentary rock forms when pieces of rock get compacted together
The Seven Sisters in Sussex are a series of cliffs in England that are made of chalk which is what type of rock?
Under Utilization
What are the 3 Economic Questions?
Opportunity Cost
Trade Off
Factors of production
What are the opportunity costs of preserving Alaska’s 150 million acres of wilderness?
If oil is mined from Alaska what are opportunity costs of this decision?
3- Economics is the study of the ___________ that people and societies make in allocating scarce resources.
On a Production Curve: If you are on the line you are producing_____________ ?
What are 3 ways to move to a new frontier?
The scientist who said that all cells come from cells was named ___.
Which of the following statements is not part of the cell theory?
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of bacteria?
The first person to discover and name the tiny boxes seen under a crude compound microscope as cells was looking at a
When compared to a prokaryotic cell, a eukaryotic cell ___.
Leeuwenkoek was the first person to ___.
Why is an elephant larger than a human?
Having membrane covered organelles is a characteristic of ____ cells.
The role of the cell's ___ is to release energy that can be used to power various cellular processes.
Cell's that have no membrane-covered organelles are ___ cells.
Location, place, movement, region, and human-environment interaction are
Two types of locations are
A specific place found with latitude and longitude is
A place described by landmarks, time, direction, or distance is called
Characteristics or things that are naturally found a place like mountains, rivers, forests, are called
Things that are changed due to humans (people) such as roads and buildings that are built or how people live are
What is an example of a human difference
What is an example of a physical differences
How humans and the environment affect each other is called
One example how people adapt (change) with the environment is
Prokaryotic cells do NOT have ___.
When compared to a prokaryotic cell, a eukaryotic cell ___.
Which of the following best describes the characteristics of cells?
Having membrane covered organelles is a characteristics of ___ cells
Cell that have no membrane covered organelles are ____.
Theodor Schwann wrote the first two parts and Rudolf Virchow wrote the third part of the ___.
The area of a cell's outer surface in relationship to its volume is called the ___.
If a unicellular organism has a cell wall, ribosomes, and circular DNA, it is a ___
When Robert Hooke saw
Prokaryotic cells have ___.
When the Northern Hemisphere is tilted toward the sun it is ________________.
The layers of gases that surround the Earth make up the
The earth and moon are similar in the fact that they both have a(n)....
Outer solar system consists of all of these except....
The Earth's most important source of heat is the
The path a planet takes around the sun is known as a(n)
Two forces, _____________________and _______________________work together to keep the planets in their orbits.
It takes Earth one day to complete a ________________________.
____________ is no longer considered a planet in our solar system.
Earth _________________ around the sun.
Answers by Educators Question Database
A 345-kg box is sliding across a floor (μs = 0.35, μk=0.22). What is the frictional force between the box and the floor?
During the 1960 presidential campaign, John F. Kennedy promised
Kennedy won the 1960 election by a
In 1961, President Kennedy committed NASA and the nation to
The Warren Commission declared that Kennedy’s assassination was the work of a
Unlike Kennedy, President Lyndon B. Johnson
Which of the following was a major part of Johnson’s Great Society
Critics of the Great Society complained that it
After Kennedy authorized a military buildup to show that the United States would not be bullied by the Soviet Union, the Soviets
As a result of the Cuban Missile Crisis,
Kennedy established the Alliance for Progress in the Western Hemisphere to
Which best describes the state of the American economy in 1960?
Which of the following was not a goal of the New Frontier program?
Which of the following best describes Kennedy’s domestic policy success?
Which of the following best describes the Great Society?
What was the intent of the Immigration Act of 1965, which was passed during the Johnson administration?
What effect did Supreme Court decisions on apportionment have?
President Kennedy asked for a huge increase in military spending because
Which of the following brought the United States and the Soviet Union to the brink of nuclear war?
Which of the following best describes the major guiding principle behind the foreign policies of Kennedy and Johnson?
In the televised presidential debates between Kennedy and Nixon, Kennedy appeared to be
One obstacle Kennedy faced in his quest for the presidency was his
Kennedy won the presidential election of 1960 by
The New Frontier proposals addressed all of the following except
President Kennedy proposed to end the continuing recession by
Kennedy had a rather weak domestic record largely because he lacked
As a senator, Lyndon Johnson was famed for his ability to
Johnson’s landslide victory in 1964 came about in part because of
All of the following were goals of Great Society programs except
The Supreme Court under Chief Justice Earl Warren ruled that
. In Baker v. Carr, the Court declared that congressional districts had to be apportioned on the basis of
The United States supported the Bay of Pigs invasion by
The Soviets built the Berlin Wall in order to prevent
The Soviets provoked Kennedy to quarantine Cuba by
Kennedy believed that he could encourage stability in Latin America by
One task of Peace Corps volunteers in poor areas was to
Johnson sent marines into the Dominican Republic in 1965 in order to
Which organelle is responsible for cellular respiration/providing energy to the cell?
Which organelle stores stuff?
Which organelle helps to make proteins, makes lipids, and gets rid of toxins?
Which organelle builds proteins?
Which organelle contains enzymes for breaking down waste and recycling materials?
What controls what goes in and out of the cell?
Which cell part contains DNA?
Which cell part packages and ships cell products via vessicles?
Which organelle is responsible for creating glucose from co2 and h2o?
Which cell part is responsible for protection, support and structure of plant cells?
The __________ is the part of an experiment that is NOT being tested and is used for comparison
The __________ describes the steps you use during an experiment.
After an experiment, scientists write a(n) _____________ which summarizes their experiment.
The ______________ ______________ is a process used by scientists to find answers to questions or solve a problem.
The ______________variable is the part of the experiment that is being test or the part that is changed by the person doing the experiment.
The ___________ is an educated guess.
Scientists use their data to make charts and ________ to communicate the results of the experiment.
After the scientists makes a hypothesis, they perform a(n) __________ to collect data.
The first step of the scientific method is to define or identify the ___________.
Sometimes scientists make a mistake, or ___________ and need to do an experiment again.
The _________ variable is part of the experiment that is affected by the independent variable.
After the experiment, scientists organize and _______________ the data
The information collected during an experiment is called __________?
Scientists make ___________ to help them make a hypothesis or collect data during an experiment.
Luke Meets Juliette on a _________________.
They will fly over the Atlantic ______________.
The plane is carrying ________________ from France
______ gives people choices.
Juliette takes a phone call on a _______________.
What is this chapter about?
What does Juliette use to talk to her boss?
What is the phone call on a laptop called?
What will the U.S. do with the French perfume?
Why do countries trade goods that they already make?
What makes a video conference different from a phone call?
What is important to know about this chapter?
Which of the following best describes key positions held by the Republican Party in the Gilded Age?
Which of the following best describes key positions held by the Democratic Party in the Gilded Age?
Which of the following led to government regulation of businesses during the Gilded Age?
During the late 1800s, the port of entry for the majority of immigrants was
What attracted many Asians to the United States in the late 1800s?
President Theodore Roosevelt reached the Gentlemen’s Agreement in 1907, with the goal of
Which of the following was a major result of both immigration and the increased productivity of factory jobs in the late 1800s?
Why did many immigrants support city political machines?
Prohibitionists and purity crusaders shared the goal of
The Pendleton Civil Service Act was passed to
During the late 1800s and early 1900s, immigration laws discriminated most against
One reason that the United States became more urban during the late 1800s is that
One of the reasons that political machines gained power in the late 1800s was that they
The main objective of the nativists was to
Most settlement houses of the late 1800s offered poor city dwellers
The post-Reconstruction era was marked by
One example of government’s trying to help American business was
The Interstate Commerce Act outlawed the railroads’ practice of
Which of the following attracted many immigrants to the United States?
How did the pattern of European immigration shift in 1890?
Where did European immigrants often settle in the United States?
What first attracted the Chinese to the United States?
How were Asians regarded by many white Americans?
What typically led an immigrant to achieve success in America?
When African Americans left southern farms in the late 1800s, where did they relocate?
Which of the following did not contribute to the growth of cities?
Which of the following best characterizes urban areas by the early 1900s?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
World War 1 was fought from
All of the following weapons were used during WW1 EXCEPT:
Fears of communism grew in the U.S. during this era because
Woodrow Wilson's campaign slogan in 1916 stated
Germany invaded this neutral county, saying their treaty was a scap of paper
This acronym will help you remember the causes of World War 1.
This ship was sunk by Germany, pushing the U.S. closer to war
All of the following were part of the 14 Points EXCEPT
This country was forced to accept the blame for World War 1
U.S. troops saved this city from being captured by the Germans
"Millions of minute minnows were a marvel" is an example of _____________ .
In "To Da-Duh, In Memoriam," the narrator mentions her "Shirley Temple coat." This is an example of:
"That box weighed a ton!" is an example of ___________________ .
What was a symbol in "The Portrait?"
"The fat man had a plan." is an example of _____________ .
"She became my anchor." is a(n) __________________.
"The trees waved back, pleased to have a visitor." is _________________ .
"Her eyes were like a stormy sky." is an example of a(n):
"Bang! Crash! Smash! The cars slammed into each other!" is ______________ .
An abalone is a type of:
Antibiotics destroy bacteria by damaging their:
Viruses reproduce by injecting their ______ into your body's cells.
Asexual reproduction in bacteria is called:
The function of the pilli in bacteria is to:
The zone of inhibition is where:
Antibiotics work against bacteria that are _________ to them.
Antibiotics do not work against viruses because viruses:
Staphylococcus bacteria are what shape?
Which sequence has the levels of organization in order from largest to smallest?
Conjugation is the process of
Which of the following are NOT covered by a membrane?
Which of the following contains enzymes that can break down particles in vesicles?
Which of the following are NOT found in plant cells?
Which of the following contain cellulose?
Which part of a cell manufactures lipids?
Materials that are to be released outside the cell are transported to the cell membrane is a small compartment that has pinched off the ___.
Which of the following does NOT describe cells?
The heredity material in a cell is ___.
Which of the following best describes organelles?
Phospholipid molecules form the ___
A ___ keeps the cytoplasm inside and allow nutrients in and waste products out.
The largest and most visible organelle in a eukaryotic cell is the ___.
The smallest and most abundant organelle is the ___.
The bean shaped organelle that is surrounded by two membranes is the ___.
The role of the cell's ___ is to release energy that can be used to power various cellular processes.
Unlike animals cells, plant cells have ___ to capture energy from the sun.
DNA, the genetic material of a eukaryotic cell, is located in the cell's ___.
A part of the Golgi complex can pinch off and form a ___, which contains digesting enzymes.
The cell wall of plant cells is made of ___.
All cells are surrounded by a ___, which acts as a barrier between the inside of the cell and the cell's environment.
When a mineral breaks unevenly, it is said to have what?
The mineral mica breaks evenly along flat sheets mainly because of its
What mineral property of quartz accounts for its abundance?
Differences in hardness between minerals are most likely caused by the
It is the mineral in the powdered form when rubbed on a porcelain plate.
The way in which a mineral reflects light from its surface is called
Gold prospectors were able to use the panning technique to sort for gold because of its
Which mineral will carbonate or fizz when hydrochloric acid is added to it?
A _________ is a solid that forms in nature, has a definite chemical makeup and has a crystal structure.
What is the softest mineral on Mohs scale of hardness?
How does petrified wood form?
What rock would you most likely find a fossil?
This type of fossil is formed when a visible shape is left after an animal or plant was buried in sediment and decayed away.
This type of fossil is formed when a solid model in the shape of an organism is formed.
This type of fossil is formed when footprints, trails, animal holes, or feces are preserved.
Jellyfish have rarely been fossilized because they
What part of wooly mammoth will most likely be preserved?
All of the following are media in which original remains are preserved, except
Which of the following can preserve soft parts of organisms?
What type of fossil would be most likely to show the complete outline of a leaf?
Which of the resources listed below are nonrenewable resources?
Which of the following resources are renewable?
Energy from burning organic or living matter is called what?
Energy from the flow of water is called?
Where do we get solar energy from?
Energy from Earth's heat is called?
What is coal made from?
Nuclear fission uses what to produce energy?
A natural resource that cannot be re-made or re-grown at a scale comparable to its consumption is called?
Which of the following is a renewable resource?
What is the Supreme Law of the land?
Name one branch or part of the government
Who is in charge of the executive branch?
What is an amendment
What do we call the first ten amendments to the Constitution?
What is a right or freedom from the First Amendment
How many U.S. Senators are there?
Who is one of your state's senators now?
Name your U.S. Representative (NY district 17 and 18)
What is freedom of religion
What are the reactants of cellular respiration?
ATP provides the ________________ for the cell?
Which of the following does not store energy that can be used by living things?
Which of the following polymers is correctly paired with its monomer?
Where does the Krebs cycle and electron transport chain occur?
What is cellular respiration?
What are the three phases of cellular respiration?
What is released when ATP loses a phosphate group?
Which of the following DOES NOT use ATP?
What are the products of cellular respiration?
Answers by Educators Question Database
20. The English soldiers destroyed most of the________in Florida, causing the Spaniards to lose interest in Florida in the 1560’s.
The cultural rebirth that occurred in Europe from 14th through 17th centuries, based on the rediscovery of the literature of Greece Rome.
Emphasized the abilities and accomplishments of human beings.
Point of view; in Renaissance thinking a style of realistic art that creates the illusion of distance.
act of setting up a colony away from one's original country.
argued that the successor should be appointed by election and consensus, as tradition dictated
believed that Muhammad's successors should come from his family, starting with Ali, his son-in-law
An economic theory under which a country increases its wealth by exporting more goods than it imports; colonies were often used as markets for the mother country's goods
Call for reform, change, restructuring, or improvement of the Catholic Church in 1500s, led by Martin Luther.
Individuals who protested against the corruption of the Catholic Church and called for reform; eventually broke away
Glorification and respect for the individual and his accomplishments; part of Renaissance thinking
Placing less emphasis on religion and more on things of the earthly world.
traditional name given to the exchange of goods, ideas, diseases, between the Old (Europe) and New World (Americas)
disease affecting a disproportionately large number of individuals within a population, community, or region at the same time
supply of money, materials, staff, and other assets that can be drawn on by a person or government for wealth
Attempted extermination of an entire ethnic group, religion, etc.
A pardon, or forgiveness, that could be purchased from the Church instead of doing penance for sins.
a person considered a political and religious successor to the prophet Muhammad and a leader of the entire Muslim community
Country that founded and controlled colony
extensive group of states or countries under a single supreme authority
Made (usually in factories)
Yo ____________ muchos amigos.
¿A qué hora ____________ (Tú) la clase de español?
Armando ______________ muchos amigos.
Nosotros ______________ que estudiar para sacar buenas notas.
Los estudiantes ____________ la clase de ciencias a las doce.
Tina y yo ______________ una clase de matemáticas muy difícil.
Las chicas no _____________ las clase de francés.
Tener = ______________
Tener ______ = To have to
I'm 16 years old. = __________________
We have to take notes in history class.
Usted ____________ el libro.
Tú ____________ la clase de arte, ¿no?
Rita y yo _____________ la clase de música los martes y jueves.
En la clase de arte los estudiantes _____________ que dibujar.
Simplify a + b
Simplify the expression 2 x + 3
I think of a number add 5 to it . what is the correct expression?
solve the equation 15 - 3x = 6
I think of a number and double it. what is the correct expression
solve the equation. -6 x = 12. what is the value of x?
what is the value of 3(x + 4)
simplify 3p + 2q
evaluate 3p x2 when p = 1
I think of a number and subtract 1 from it. what is the correct expression?
The Mughal, Ottoman, and Safavid Empires all shared which of the following characteristic?
Which of the following best describes the relationship between the Ottoman and Safavid Empires?
Which of the following best describes the Millet system
Compared to the Ottoman and Mughal Empires the Safavid Empire-
Which of the following best described the accomplishments of Akbar in the Mughal Empire?
The Ming Dynasty suffered from all of the following during its decline EXCEPT for
The Qing Dynasty gained acceptance from the Chinese people by
Tokugawa Ieyasu's response to Christianity in Japan is best explained by which statement?
The rising merchant class of Japan lead to
As education Tokugawa Japan expanded it focused primarily on
What type of question is: Why did the narrator join the group that went out into the city?
What is the probable meaning of drachma in this passage?
What type of question is: What is the author's reason for writing this passage?
What type of question is: When the author and Barbara arrived at the Acropolis, they probably
What type of question is: Which sentence best summarizes the passage?
What type of question is: the author implies that....
What type of question is: The man outside Rick's car...
What type of question is: Which sentence best summarizes the passage?
What type of question is: The main topic of this passage is...
What type of question is: Rick gave away his lottery winnings because....
What is Newton's first Law?
What is Newton's 2nd law?
What is Newton's 3rd law?
2. A bicyclist is traveling at high speed and is not watching where he is going. His front tire catches in a sewer grating, causing the bike to stop almost instantly. This makes the rider fall off of the bike. Which way will the biker fall?
3. You find a measurement of 20 Newtons written in a laboratory notebook. Is this a measurement of weight or mass?
3. You find a measurement of 22 kg written in a laboratory notebook. Is this a measurement of weight or mass?
6. For a given object and surface, is the coefficient of static friction (µs) greater than or less than the coefficient of kinetic friction (µk)?
8. Assuming that there is no friction, how much force is necessary to accelerate a 235 gram object at 1.33 m/sec2?
An object has a mass of 22 grams. What is its weight?
10. A rocket ship weighs 20,501 Newtons on Jupiter. How much will it weigh on earth? (The acceleration due to gravity on Jupiter is 23.2 m/sec2.)
If a rock has a mass of 55 grams on Mars, how much will it weigh on earth?
A mover pushes a 235-pound crate across a driveway (µs = 0.42, µk = 0.24). Assuming that the mover has already gotten the crate moving, how much force must the mover push with in order to keep the crate moving at a constant velocity?
A tractor pulls a 225-kg bale of hay with a force of 4,233 Newtons. If the coefficients of friction are µs = 0.42 and µk = 0.30, how fast will the bale accelerate, provided that it is already moving?
A person is pushing on a 327-pound rock. What frictional force must he overcome to get the rock moving? (µs = 0.32, µk = 0.20)
While driving down a country road, a man has to stop because a 225-pound rock has fallen off of a hill and has landed in the middle of the road (μs = 0.45, μk=0.32). What is the frictional force the man must overcome to get the rock moving?
The flat fee the patient pays at the time medical services are provided.
the price paid for insurance . monthly insurance payment
hire doctors to provide health care to member patients. require that patients receive care only from doctors and facilities under their contract,
This is the amount of money you have to pay out of pocket before the company insuring you will pay any expenses.
covers hospital expenses and costs that are not covered by basic health insurance.
do not require patients to go to doctors or facilities in the network. Patients who go outside the network, though, might have to pay higher fees.
is available to people 65 and older or to people who are disabled and cannot work.
refers to health care plans, like HMOs and PPOs, that try to reduce costs by setting up rules for doctors and patients to follow. Managed-care organizations reduce costs
is available only to people with limited income. You must meet certain requirements to be eligible for Medicaid. The program does not pay money to you; instead, it sends payments directly to your health care providers
this insurance provides income for people who cannot work because they have been injured in an accident or have become seriously a good idea for anyone whose entire livelihood comes from working at a job
1. A father is teaching his young daughter to ice skate by pulling her across the ice with a short rope. If the daughter (whose mass is 25 kg) starts to accelerate at 0.35 m/sec2, with what force is the father pulling her? (Assume no friction)
A 501-pound rock has fallen onto a frozen pond that you want to use as an ice-skating rink. If you push the rock with a force of 16 pounds, how fast will the rock accelerate? (You can assume that there is no friction between the rock and the ice.)
A rock has a mass of 523 grams. What is its weight in Newtons?
If a box of cargo bound for space exploration weighs 2,455 pounds on earth, what will its weight be on the moon? (The acceleration due to gravity on the moon is 5.3 ft/sec2.)
If an astronaut weighs 150 Newtons on Mercury (where the acceleration due to gravity is 3.95 m/sec2), how much does she weigh on earth?
A 450-kg box is sliding across a floor (μs = 0.45, μk=0.32). What is the frictional force between the box and the floor?
While driving down a country road, a man has to stop because a 410-pound rock has fallen off of a hill and has landed in the middle of the road (μs = 0.45, μk=0.32). What is the frictional force the man must overcome to get the rock to move?
A construction worker is sliding a 74-kg box of bricks across a wooden board (μs = 0.26, μk=0.12). If the man pushes with a force of 92 Newtons, how fast will the box accelerate? Make the calculation for when the box is already moving.
A young boy found a large box that he can use to make a fort. He put some other “treasures” he found into the box, so that its weight is 22 pounds. He tied it to the back of his bike and is pulling it down the road (μs = 0.45, μk=0.32). With what fo
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The term inorganic means....
In order to be considered a mineral, the substance must be...
Mohs scale of hardness
A mineral's streak is....
If a large amount of light bounces or reflects off the surface of a mineral we say the mineral has
You are testing a rock to see how easily it scratches...what are property are you testing?
Jose wants to test a mineral to see how much pressure causes it to break. What is the independent variable in this scenerio?
Lil' Wayne just received a shiney new necklace with a big dollar sign on it for his birthday. What would be the best way for Lil' to find out if the necklace is pure gold or fake?
The scientist that studies rocks and minerals is known as
The last step in the scientific method is....
Butler at Baskerville Hall
14 year old helper hired by Holmes
A profane man who had his throat ripped out
Tall, thin, nose like a beak; studied skulls
Narrator of the story
Offered his soul to the powers of evil
Lived in Canada before inheriting an estate
A naturalist who lives near Baskerville Hall
Owner of Lafter Hall near Baskerville
A detective who smokes lots of tobacco
Chapter 5 is titled, "Three Broken Threads." In this metaphor, the "threads" represent
The attitude displayed by Sir Henry Baskerville concerning his move into Baskervile Hall is
The date of the document which told the legend of the Baskervile curse is
As Sir Henry prepares to go to Baskerville Hall, who does Holmes suggest go with him for protection
Why did the author begin the story with a long discussion of a walking stick in chapter one?
Inherited a thousand pounds from Sir Charles
Elderly clergyman, distant cousin to Baskerville
What did Murphy, who was present on the night of Sir Charles death testify concerning that night?
Barrymore is a possible suspect in killing Sir Charles. Choose the answer that points to him
He had long, quivering fingers as agile and restless as the antennae of an insect. This is an example of
Which of the following would be considered an element of civillization?
Early settlers in the Tigris and the Euphrates river valley who learned to farm would have devolped which kind of culture?
What are the two rivers that watered the area called Mesopotamia?
Why did Sumerians invent cuneiform?
What was a Sumerain city- state was most similar to?
Which of the following groups lived closest to the ziggurat?
Where did most of Sumerian life take place?
Which Biblical story is the Sumerian story of Gilgamesh most similar to?
Sargon I crated the world's first _____________.
Where was Sargon I from?
An ice cube is left on a table for an hour. What evidence shows a physical change takes place?
How do you know when a chemical reaction has occurred?
Scientists have developed special paints for the undersides of ships at sea. What problem are they trying to correct?
Salt is mixed with water and stirred. Is this a physical or chemical change? Why?
A chemical change occurs when an egg cooks. What effect does the chemical change have on the physical properties of the egg?
Two students mix vinegar and baking soda. They observe bubbles forming, the baking soda dissolving, and the vinegar turning cloudy. They infer that a chemical change has occurred. Which data support this inference?
Charles Goodyear accidentally spilled sulfur on latex rubber and discovered a way to make the rubber more elastic. What does his discovery show about science?
A balloon is placed in a freezer and left overnight. Which would be evidence that a physical change occurred when the freezer was opened the next day? The balloon
What hazards exist when mixing unknown chemicals?
Is burning wood a chemical or a physical change?
My mom's tooth _______ all night, so she will make a dentist appointment.
___________ means to pay attention or think very carefully about something being done.
I think that not wearing a seat belt is ______________.
Dim is a(n) _____________ of bright.
Respect is a(n) ___________ of ____________.
It's hard to __________ when the radio is on while I'm trying to study.
Friend is a _________ of pal.
Truth is a(n) ___________ of _______.
Something that is _________ is very good or excellent.
_______________ means to have a very strong feeling or liking for something.
Writers of the Enlightenment were primarily interested in
Who believed that natural rights belong to all people from birth?
Which statement best summarizes a major belief of the Enlightenment period in European History?
Why would European Monarchs be willing to adopt the ideas of the Enlightenment?
What was the scientific method ?
Who did Joseph II support during the reform?
During the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment, one similarity in the work of many scientists and philosophers was that they
A direct democracy is when
During what time did change occur slowly for most Europeans?
Who would agree with the quotation "Power tends to corrupt; absolutely." -Lord Acton, British Historian
Which of the following best defines cellular respiration?
mRNA will influence the production of __________.
Transcription can be best described as the:
The G1 and G2 phases of cell growth are separated by:
When the chromosomes align themselves across the middle of the spindle fibers, it is characteristic of
If a species of animal had 24 pairs of chromosomes in its normal body cells, its gametes would contain:
The preferred energy fuel of the body is _____.
Which of the following is true of metabolism?
The process that involves the passing of water and permeable solutes through a membrane by hydrostatic pressure is called ___________.
In nondividing cells, DNA appears as unwound threads that are referred to as:
Anything that has mass and takes up space
Anything that has mass and takes up space
The measure of the amount of gravity acting on an object\\\\\\\'s mass
The amount of space taken up by matter
The amount of mass an object has in a known volume
Some students were studying properties of water. One student placed a cup containing 80 mL of water in a freezer. Another student placed an identical cup containing 40 mL of water in a different freezer. Which of the following will be the same for bo
Review- All of the following are kinds of safety equipment in a science labe EXCEPT-
A teaspoon of clean, dry sand is added to a cup of warm saltwater. What is most likely to happen after the mixture is stirred and then placed on a table for five minutes?
Review: A company collects cans for recycling. Some cans are made of aluminum, and some are made of iron. Which of the following is the best way to separate the two types of cans?
Review: When conducting a field investigation, all of the following are acceptalbe EXCEPT-
The number by which a dividend is divided
The number to be divided into equal parts determined by the divisor.
The number less than the divisor that remains after dividing; "leftovers"
The number (other than the remainder) that is the result of the division operation
Mr. LaSalle is buying ice-cream bars for the 8 dozen fifth graders at his school. The ice-cream bars are packaged 10 to a box. What is the least number of boxes he can buy so that each fifth grader gets at least 1 ice-cream bar?
Review- A parking lot has 6 rows, with 24 spaces in each row. If 83 spaces are occupied, which of the following shows a way to find the number of empty spaces in the parking lot?
Review- The DFW area has five million two hundred twenty-one thousand eight hundred one residents. How is this number written in standard form?
The town of Manning has an Independence Day parade. The local DAR group gives small flags to each of the 848 people who attend the parade. If the flags came in 8 boxes (and no flags were left over) how many flags were in each box?
The Auditorium Building in Chicago is 270 feet high and has 15 stories. How high is each story if the stories are all the same height?
Review- A newspaper reported that the average house size was 1549.826 square feet. What digit is in the hundredths place in 1549.826?
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Which describes the transfer of heat energy?
A student drops a tennis ball. The ball bounces several times before coming to a stop. What happens to the total amount of energy in the system.
What is a group of cells that perform a specific function?
Which are examples of abiotic factors in an ecosystem?
As you go UP a food chain, available energy...
Why are there seasons on earth?
Which are evidence of Earth's magnetic field?
Which is true of Earth's geologic past?
what is your science teachers first name?
The first woman to be appointed a Supreme Court Justice was
Type of law that punishes without a trial
A person has the right to appear in person, in court
The section in the Constitution that gives Congress the power to pass laws necessary and proper to fulfill its other duties
A law that punishes for crime committed before the action was illegal is called
Treason is
Powers that both the federal and state governments have
Electoral College was established by the Constitutional Convention because
A naturalized citizen cannot become
Who is the Supreme Court Justice?
One of Illinois' current US Senators is
The president of the US is
The Secretary of State is
The Vice President of the US is
Another current US Senator is
The Speaker of the House is
The State Representative for Park Forest is
The number of amendments added to the Constitution
Which of the following is not a Supreme Court Justice
Amendments can be ratified by
Which of the following is the best definition of work?
Work is a product of:
What is the correct equation for calculating work?
What is the goal of a simple machine?
Which of the following is an inclined plane wraped around a rod?
Mechanical advantage describes how simple machines . . . .
Which of the following is a simple machine?
What is Power?
A watt is a unit of . . .
When you cut a board with a power saw as compared with a handsaw, how much work do you do with the power saw?
What is power the quotient of?
How are moving pulleys different from fixed-position pulleys?
What is the most deadly disease in the world right now?
What is epidemiology?
What is one of the most useful things for fighting against disease?
Who is the father of antiseptic medicine?
What is an antimicrobial substance that reduces risk of infection?
The science of heredity and the study of how traits are passed on to offspring
An agent that causes disease is
Does the 5 second rule work?
What famous disease from the 1300's causes necrosis?
What is the name of Ms. Reno's new dog?!
What law did America pass to give large amounts of loans to Europe after World War Two?
What country was created for the Jews after World War Two?
A tax on imports is a...
Which law gave veteran soldiers access to college and cheaper mortgage loans?
A loan for a house is called a...
The generation born after World War Two is called the...
Going along with others and the norms of society is called....
Who was President from 1952-1960?
What infrastructure project helped movement and trade develop during the 1950's?
Which of the following is the expansion of cities and suburbs to take up more and more space that had a negative effect on the environment?
Which invention decreased movie attendance in the 1950's?
Growth of cities into suburbs that is damaging to the environment is called....
Which senator led a 'witch hunt' to find communists in America, many times without proof?
'Mccarthyism' refers to the 1950's....
What committee in the House of Representatives hunted down communists in the 1950's?
'In God We Trust' was made to be the motto of the United States in response to...
Who was Joseph McCarthy hunting down?
How did the GI Bill affect higher education (college)?
In the 1950's the Baby Boomers, Interstate Highway System, prosperity and the GI Bill led to a migration from...
The military alliance created after World War Two between Western Europe and America is called...
There are 609 students at a football game. Each row of bleachers can seat 21 students. How many rows of bleachers are needed to seat all the students?
A factory can produce 3,360 jellybeans every hour. If each bag contains 35 jellybeans, how many bags of jellybeans can the factory produce per hour?
In a marathon, every 18th participant will get a hat. If there are 216 people running in the race, how many will receive a hat?
The Glowing Light Company mails its candles in boxes. The boxes have 2 levels. Each level has 5 rows of 3 candles. The company wants to mail 6,360 candles. How many boxes will it need?
Cindy has 195 pieces of candy to share equally with 16 students in Mrs. Smith’s class. Cindy will keep the leftover pieces for herself. How many pieces will Cindy keep?
One medium pepperoni pizza contains 8 slices. The entire pizza contains 1,800 calories. How many calories are in one slice?
Tyler practiced his basketball shot 18 days in a row. He threw the ball the same number of times each day. Tyler took 2,178 shots during the 18 days. How many shots did Tyler take each day?
James drives the 750 miles from Raleigh to Cleveland, Ohio on Friday and back on Sunday. If the trip takes him 20 hours total how many miles does he drive each hour?
Jeremy is buying an electric guitar that costs $1,620. He will have a monthly payment of $45. How many monthly payments will Jeremy have to make to pay for the guitar?
Derrick is moving and wants to know how many boxes he can fit in the van. The volume of the van is 1,536 cubic feet. Each box is 64 cubic feet. How many boxes can Derrick fit into the van?
What is the name of a hallowed out treetrunk?
What is the name a person is given if they buy and sell good?
A ____________is a settlement governed by another country.
What is a spiritual figure that is often found in a Timucua village called?
When two countries or groups make an agreement or pact, this pact is called a _________________.
Why did Hernando de Soto and his army leave Tampa Bay in 1539?
Which two tribes used dugout canoes to find seafood?
What 3 things did France use to defend Ft. Caroline?
Who was wounded during a fight with the Calusa and later died of his injuries?
The Apalachee adopted the European way of life, like ________, cattle, and hogs.
People from Spain lost interest in Florida because _____________.
The French king sent Jean Ribault back to Florida to ________________.
Spain used Florida's coastal settlements to ___________their treasure fleets from enemies.
14. ____________, _____________ , ______________, and _________________ are used to protect a fort.
15. Provisions were delivered to settlers by __________ to Fort Caroline.
16. Mendendez de Aviles attacked the French at Fort Caroline and the ______________lost.
17. Africans came to ________________in FL to _______________ and live freely. ¬¬-
18. The population of Native Americans ______________ in Florida because European explorers brought _______________over to North America.
19. ______________and his army were defeated by Native Americans in Tampa Bay, which forced them to leave Florida. Later _______died in Cuba from his wounds.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
How must a problem be stated?
Which is a proper conclusion?
A commercial for a local food bank would be appealilng to which of Maslow's needs?
True or False: Everyone has the same needs.
How many variables can change in a fair test?
In a fair test, control variables are:
Which of the following is an example of a slogan?
Which of the following is an example of an opinion?
Which of the following is NOT a form of media?
How many levels are there in Maslow's pyramid?
What type of heat transfer(s) is happening when a pot of water is boiling on a stove?
What type of heat transfer(s) is happening when the sun heats up the sand at the beach?
What type of heat transfer(s) is happening when it's hotter on the top floors of your house than on the bottom floors.
When you're snorkeling, you notice the deeper you swim into the ocean, the colder the water feels.
What's the difference between Convection and Conduction?
Hot water rises because...
Cold water sinks because...
A2 feels hotter when all of the lights are turned on...
density is...
As things heat up, they become less dense because
All of the following are reasons the U.S. declared war on Spain EXCEPT:
What is Yellow Journalism?
Which of the following was a result of the Spanish American War?
All of the following were terretories gained by the US following the Spanish American War EXCEPT:
The building up of arms to make yourself stronger than your enemy is known as what?
What was the one event that caused Austria-Hungry to declare war on Serbia?
Which of the following was not a cuase for WWI?
The U.S. joined the war in 1917 inpart to its economic ties to whom?
Which of the following countries was not an Ally during WWI?
This ship was sunk which helped bring the US into WWI.
What tool do we use to measure distance?
The unit used to measure the mass of a large elephant?
The volume of a block of wood that measures 4cm in length, 3 cm in width and 2 cm in height?
When observing a graduated cylinder, the curved surface is called?
Convert 5.2 kilograms to grams?
A gram is about the same mass as a (an)
The triple beam balance is used to measure
The best estimate for the height of the doorway?
What is the equation to find density?
What is the unit for temperature
This item replaced the toolbar at the top of the screen and provides easy access to all commands.
Located within the groups; these different functions are used to format documents.
Located within a ribbon; this categorizes commands.
This allows you to view how a document will look before selecting the final format.
Located at the bottom of a group this allows you to see more options for that group
Located across the top of the screen; this is used to open each ribbon
This opens once you have selected a picture or graphic; it allows you to crop or format your image.
This opens once you have selected and clicked on text; it contains the most important formatting options.
This option allows the user to customize ribbons to inlcude their favorites; to add this to the tool bar right-click on command.
This replaced the File Button; it allows the user to choose any tool available in the program.
In a scientific experiment how many things can be tested at once?
How can any experiment be improved?
What is the first step of scientific method?
A student conducted a well designed scientific experiment. For the results to be widely accepted the experiment must
An experiment was conducted to test the effects of fertilizer on pea plants. What would the independent variable be?
What type of data is more useful in a experiment?
When creating a graph, what goes on the Y axis?
What does a scientist use to analyze the results of an experiment?
What is a hypothesis?
An experiment was set up to test the effects of salt on duckweed growth. In this experiment what is the dependent variable?
What most likely helped the Sumerians develop the first civilization?
Who were the people in the southern end of Mesopotamia who created the world's first civilization?
Which of the following is an example of human-environmental interaction?
Which of the following is the most likely reason for the development of government in Sumer?
Sumerian city-states fought each other constantly. What did they fight over most of the time?
What is a ziggurat?
Which of the following Sumerian ideas was probably the reason for their religious beliefs?
What is the borrowing of Sumerian writing and religious beliefs by Sargon's people an example of?
Hammurabi made many reforms which of the following is not one of them?
During Hammurabi's reign, Babylon became an important center for which of the following?
Which characteristic of life -- after you eat, your glucose level rises, then drops after a time, causing you to be hungry.
Metric unit of measurement for mass
Term for group of organisms of one type living in same place.
Use this instrument to view small, living organisms
A hypothesis that has withstood testing is called a(n)
The measured variable in an experiment is the
Number of grams in 1.4 kg
The level of organization that includes all living things on Earth
A logical interpretation based on prior knowledge or experience.
Steady internal conditions
The idea that living things can arise from nonliving matter
Group of cells that develop from a single original cell when placed in a nutrient solution
Characteristic of life -- birds using energy from food in order to fly
Metric system basic unit of mass
Which characteristic of life -- whales swimming south to reproduce, and swimming north to search for food.
Instrument used to separate cell parts
Smallest unit of life able to carry out life functions
Characteristic of life -- offspring resemble their parents
Instrument used to view the surface of whole organisms
What is the formula for ammonium?
What is the chemical symbol for a hydrogen ion?
What is the name for OH- ?
What is the name for I- ?
What is the chemical formula for sulfate? (if the number represents a charge, there is a space)
What is the chemical formula for phospate? (if the number represents a charge, there is a space)
What is Ag+ ?
What is O 2- ?
What is Cr2O7 2- ?(if the number represents a charge, there is a space)
What is the chemical formula for tin (IV) ? (if the number represents a charge, there is a space)
Answers by Educators Question Database
The three parts of an atom are ________, _________, and _________.
The two atomic particles that are found in the nucleus are _____ and _____.
________ are found outside the nucleus.
Protons have a ________ charge.
Neutrons have a _________ charge.
Electrons have a ________ charge.
In the periodic table, an element's ________ is one to two letters.
A(n) ________ is made of one type of atom.
When changing from a solid to a liquid, the particles have ____ energy.
When changing from a liquid to a gas, the particles have ____ energy.
A push or pull exerted on an object in order to change the motion of the object
The Si unit for force (symbol N)
The combination of all of the forces acting on an object.
The tendency of an object to resist being moved or, if the object is moving, to resist a change in speed or direction.
A quantity defined as the product of the mass and velocity of an object.
The ration of the mass of a substance to the volume of the substance.
The ration of the mass of a substance to the volume of the substance.
The ability of an object to float in water or air.
The principle that states that the buoyant force on an object in a fluid is an upward force equal to the weight of the volume of the fluid that the object displaces.
A heavy substance placed in such a way as to improve stability and control.
A nonsolid state of matter in which the atoms or molecules are free to move past each other, as in a gas or liquid
Herodotus called Egypt the ______________.
The Nile is the ________________ river in the world.
The Nile River is _______ miles long.
Ancient Egypt was divided into two regions known as lower Egypt and ____ Egypt.
Lower Egypt lied in the _____________ portion of Egypt.
The Nile formed a _________ as it flowed into the Mediterranean Sea.
Most of Egypt is made up of ________________.
The ____________ from the Nile made the soil ideal for farming.
The Egyptians called their country the ___________ because of the color of the silt.
The bodies of water that surround Egypt are the Red Sea and the __________.
Farmers raised cattle and ____________.
Around 3100BC a leader named ____________ rose to power in Upper Egypt.
Menes wanted to __________ Upper and Lower Egypt.
Historians consider Menes to be Egypt's first ____________.
______________ became the new capital city of Egypt.
requests by policyholders for the insurer to pay for a loss
helps survivors pay expenses after a person has died
insurance policies cover regular trips to the doctor and emergency room visits. Many policies also cover surgical procedures, medications, recovery, home care, and so on.
is the amount of protection the insurer will provide. Different kinds of insurance provide different kinds of coverage.
helps protect against lawsuits , refers to your legal responsibility for others' safety. If someone gets hurt while on your property or while in your care, you might be liable.
is a strategy for protecting against risk of loss.
are carefully worded and highly detailed legal contracts that outline the terms of the insurance coverage
Insurance works because lots of people think it is a good idea to insure their assets
is the amount of money you pay before the insurer will pay a claim.
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