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Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Nucleic acid that stores the genetic code in cells is called
Maintaining a stabel internal concition is called
When the genetic material from one parent is used to produce an offspring
When two parents are involved in reproduction it is called
The changing of organisms as a group over time is called
Living things burn food for
The basic unit of life is the
Living things respond to _____ in their environment
All the chemical reactions in your body is called
What is an organism with many cells called
Organisms that consume other organisms for food are called
Orgaisms like green plants that can make their own food are called
All living things are called
Single celled organisms are called
The type of reproduction that involves an egg and sperm is
What type of reproduction produces offspring identical to the parent
What does DNA code for
All the chemical reactions that build up or break down material is called
What is the ultimate source of energy for all life?
When organisms change over time it is called
The purpose of repeated experimental trials is to
Which of the following tools would be used to measure the MASS of a piece of metal wire about the size of a paper clip?
In a controlled experiment, why do scientists try to control all of the variables except one?
An unchanging measurement of the amount of matter an object contains is its
Elizabeth developed a hypothesis stating that people throw many materials into the trash that they could be recycled. Which investigate procedure should Elizabeth use to prove this hypothesis?
Which of these terms is NOT used to create a CONCEPT MAP?
The final step at the end of an experiment is to
Imagine an experiment that you would like to conduct. What are the steps you would take in order to plan the experiment?
During an experiment, you must mix chemicals in a glass beaker and pour the substance in a test tube. What is NOT a safety procedure that you should follow to protect yourself during an experment?
Jerome developed the following hypothesis for his science project:
An object\'s _________________ is its mass divided by it\'s volume.
Which of these is an example of a chemical change?
Water and sugar can be mixed. How much sugar can be dissolved in a given amount of water?
Julie wanted to compare the growth of a plant with and without a special plant food. She planted a seed in each of the two pots of soil. She added plant food to one pot. Every week she measured each plant. She compared their growth by making a bar
A block of metal has a length of 3 cm, a width of 5 cm, a height of 10 cm, and a mass of 3000g. Find the density of the block in g/cm3.
Which of the following tools would be used to measure the VOLUME of a glass of milk?
When a solid substance is added to a liquid and the solid substance seems to disappear, the result is a
______________________ is a form of energy that is produced by the movement of molecules in a substance.
The type of graph that shows data as parts or percentage of a whole is called a
Do you really want to take this quiz on Friday?
a characteristic of matter that can be observed or measured and can be changed without changing the matter itself
A characteristic used to describe matter-
How a substance feels or looks-
How a substance smells-
A substance that allows electricity to easily travel through it-
A substance that does not allow electricity to pass through it easily-
The boiling point of water is-
The temperature at which a substance changes from a liquid to a gas-
The temperature at which a substance changes from a solid to a liquid-
The melting point of water is-
Which of the following is an invention that helped settle the west?
They were the crowded and dirty homes where most immigrants stayed when they moved to the cities.
He lead the Nez Perce Tribe.
He believed that African Americans can be equal through education.
Captian of the Oil industry.
Which of the following did not contribute to the rise of big business?
Captain of the Steel Industry
She worked for womens suffrage.
Prohibition is...
Are you glad this is over?
A transverse plane divides the body into _______ segments.
Anatomical position is:
The cheeks are ____ to the tongue
Femoral, popliteal and sural all refer to areas found on the posterior surface of the:
Homeostasis is:
The axillary region is in the
Metabolism is:
Positive feedback control mechanisms are _______ rare than negative feedback mechanisms and tend to _______ the original stimulus.
The _______ is the body's slow-acting control system and acts by means of _______.
Drawing of a section through the human body that shows the heart and both of the lungs, could be in which of the following planes?
The ants enjoyed every last bite of the sugar crystal.
The baby bear told me that I was welcome in his home at any time. I was so surprised when he pretended that he didn't know me!
The big, bad wolf huffed and he puffed and he blew the second little piggy's house down.
I found a one hundred dollar bill at the park! My mom said, "Maggie, we should find the owner!"
The baby bear found Goldilocks asleep in his bed.
The two bad ants quickly returned to their queen.
I just wanted to borrow some sugar from those little pigs. I didn't mean to blow their houses down.
Cinderella's evil stepmother would not let her go to the ball.
This is when the narrator (the person telling the story) is a character in the story.
This is when the narrator (the person telling the story) is not a character in the story.
3 + (-3) = 0
4(x - 6) = 4x - 24
3 * (7 * 9) = (3 * 7) * 9
h * 0 = 0
y + z = z + y
y * 1 = y
ab = ba
-8 + 0 = -8
3 * (1/3) = 1
(3 + 6) + 7 = 3 + (6 + 7)
Forensic science is mainly concerned with discovering evidence that:
Frank Abignale
The dye that make a brown M&M is
A verbal testimony from a forensic scientist must also include
forensic examiner must be able to:
A person who can recall what they have seen is an:
Investigators must sort fact from ____ when questioning a witness
A crime scene is usually searched using a
Perception is that we
What an eyewitness observes depends on their level of:
Answers by Educators Question Database
A group of specialized cells are specialized to provide structure and support. They are called ______________
Which of the following levels of organization best represents the sequence from smallest unit to largest?
The organ most involved with generating our blood pressure is
Which disease most likely occurs after excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation?
Which of the following is a benefit of using radiation as a medical treatment?
The presence of vertebrae is found in which kingdom?
Scientists originally classified certain kinds of fungi, such as mushrooms, into the plant kingdom. This was discovered to be a mistake because fungi
How did the ideas of the Enlightenment influence the decision of the American colonies to declare independence from Great Britain?
True or False: The US Constitution was the first government of the United States.
True or False: The Articles of Confederation was the best government the US ever had.
Under the Articles of Confederation, the government faced many challenges. The passage of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 was considered one of the primary successes of the period. Why was the Northwest Ordinance important?
Which of the following is NOT a weakness of the Articles of Confederation?
Did the Federalists or Anti-Federalists believe a standing army was necessary?
True or False: The Anti-Federalists Demanded a Bill of Rights
True or False: The First Ten Amendments of the Consitution are called the Bill of Rights
True or False: The Federalists wouldn't sign the Constitution without a Bill of Rights
Which of these parts of the Constitution comes from the Enlightenment?
Amerigo Vespucci explored for the country of
John Cabot explored for the country of
Robert de La Salle explored for the country of
Giovanni da Verrazano explored for the country of
Francisco Vasquez Coronado explored for the country of
John Smith explored for the country of
Hernando de Soto explored for the country of
What was the reason/purpose for Bartolomeu Dias' exploration?
What was the reason/purpose for Ferdinand Magellan's exploration?
What was the reason/purpose for Christopher Columbus' exploration?
What was the reason/purpose for Ponce de Leon's exploration?
What was the reason/purpose for Vasco da Gama's exploration?
What was the reason/purpose for Hernando Cortez's exploration?
What was the reason/purpose for Amerigo Vespucci's exploration?
What was the reason/purpose for Vasco de Balboa's exploration?
What was the reason/purpose for John Cabot's exploration?
What was the reason/purpose for Robert de La Salle's exploration?
What was the reason/purpose for Giovanni da Verrazono's exploration?
What was the reason/purpose for Francisco Vasquez Coronado's exploration?
What was the reason/purpose for John Smith's exploration?
Who was the first European to discover the Mississippi River?
Who was the first European to find a successful colony in the New World?
Who was the first European to explore New Mexico and Southwest U.S.?
Who was the first European to enter New York Harbor and the Hudson River?
Who was the first European to claim the Great Lakes Region?
Who was the first European, since the Norse Vikings, to land on North America?
Who was the first European to realize that Columbus had discovered a new world?
Who was the first European to lead an expedition across Panama and see/reach the Pacific Ocean from the New World?
Who was the first European conquer the Aztec Empire in Mexico?
Who was the first European to reach India?
Who was the first European to land in the United States? He also explored what is now the state of Florida looking for the “Fountain of Youth”.
Who was the first European to cross the Atlantic Ocean?
Who was the first European to sail around the Cape of Good Hope in Africa?
Who was the first European navigate the planet and prove through his explorations that the Earth is round? This explorer established the 1st route to the East that involved sailing to the west. The passage went around the tip of South America.
Bartolomeu Dias explored for the country of
Ferdinand Magellan explored for the country of
Christopher Columbus explored for the country of
Juan Ponce de Leon explored for the country of
Vasco da Gama explored for the country of
Hernando Cortez explored for the country of
What is the Virginia Plan?
What is the New Jersey plan?
What was the compromise between the NJ and VA Plans?
What did the Virgina plan create?
What did the New Jersey plan create?
The 3/5ths compromise was the solution to which problem?
The_______ compromise decided that each slave would be counted as ......
How many slaves would it take to total 3 people for purposes of population?
Which state was more likely to favor counting slaves towards population?
How many electoral votes does a candidate need to win the Presidency?
North Carolina has 13 members in the House of Representatives. How many electoral votes will they get towards the Presidency?
What are the three branches of government?
What does it mean to check and balance the branches of government?
Rocks worn down by rain and wind can change any rock into
Which type(s) of rock can experience heat and pressure?
The relative age of a rock is
The law of superposition states that, in horizontal layers of sedimentary rock, each layer is
The fossils of organisms that were widely distributed but only lived during a short period of time are called
Radioactive decay occurs when atoms of an unstable element
The geologic time scale is a record of
The Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic are divisions in the geologic time scale called
The Cenozoic Era is often called the Age of
Which of the following shows the eras in order from oldest to most current?
cruel and insensitive
to command or rule
to relieve or comfort
become or cause to become less
sad; depressing
to defend something as fair or right
good fortune
angry about being treated unfairly
having more than one meaning
enjoying helping others
teasing in fun
restate or reword
Someone might feel this way if they failed a test
You may want to ________ the amount of homework you have.
You may be ____ if you get punished for something you didn't do.
Sometimes teachers think you are being mean to someone when really you and a friend were just _____.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Animal hair and human hair have multiple differences including:
Alfred Swaine Taylor and Thomas Stevenson wrote a book that contains a chapter using:
Balthazrd and Lambert published a book includes numerous microscopic studies of hair from:
The comparison microscope was first used for hair in:
The purpose of hair is to:
When humans are born they have about:
Microscopic characteristics of hair include:
When a sample of hair contains certain chemicals, it will absorb some of the light and then reemit light of a different color. This is called:
Toxins that can be absorbed into the skin include:
If hair is forcibly removed the little chunk-o-flesh at the end is called
The independent variable in an experiment is:
A hypothesis is:
The correct order of the Scientific Method is:
An explanation supported by facts is a:
The dependent variable is:
The application of science to make products or tools that people can use is:
A constant in an experiment is:
The process used to investigate what is happening around us in order to solve problems or answer questions and that is part of everyday life is:
Descriptive Research can be used:
A sample treated like othe experimental groups except that the independent variable is not applied to it is:
Define independent variable?
Define dependent variable
Define constant variable
Why is it important to have a controlled experiment?
Identify the independent variable for the following experiment: How does the amount of ozone in the air affect the air temperature?
Identify the independent variable for the following experiment: How does the incline of a ramp affect the amount of forced needed to push something up the ramp?
Identify the dependent variable of the following experiment: As you increase the mass of an object how does that affect the rate the object falls
Identify the dependent variable of the following experiment: Does the type of light affect the height of a plant?
Identify the constant variables for the following experiment: Which type of ball will bounce the highest?
Identify the constant variables for the following experiment: How does the presence of cheese affect if a mouse will be able to get through a maze?
In a closed system, what is able to enter & leave?
All of the physical features of the earth except water make up the....
The living things on the planet make up the
Water that is evaporated or breathed out (transpired) by plants is called
The amount of the sun's energy that is reflected by the earth is called
Which is powered by geothermal energy?
Which is considered an acid?
About how much of the carbon released by burning fossil fuels is removed by ocean phytoplankton?
What rock is made from calcium carbonate, the major component of seashells?
According to the Conservation of Mass, the mass you start with in an experiment should be
The degree of freedom from errors measured from zero, usually expresses as 1 error, 2 errors, etc.; sometimes as errors a minute (EAM) or percent of errors
To use vertical line spacing that leaves no blank space between printed lines of copy (press return 1 time).
The placing of text so that half the copy is on each side of the center point
The development of the ability to input data by touch using the alphabetic and numeric keys on a computer and/or typewriter keyboard.
Either of two keys on a PC keyboard that is held down while pressing another key, as to issue a command.
Involves placing each finger on a designated home key. The fingers reach upward or downward as needed to depress the other keys, but each finger always returns to the home position after a key is struck.
To remove from text a segment of copy such as a character, a word, a line, a sentence, etc.; also, a word processing feature that allows the operator to eliminate a defined block of text.
Formatted information such as a letter, memo, report, table, or form.
To arrange, change, and correct existing text; editing includes proofreading but is not limited to it.
To use vertical line spacing that leaves 3 blank line spaces between printed lines of copy; equals 4 single-spaced lines (press return 4 times).
What is the general area of science that studies living organisms
What is the measurement of how much space an object occupies?
What is the study of weather and the forces and processes that it causes?
What is the measure of the gravitational pull on the Earth?
What are the first 3 steps of the scientific method in order?
What is the measure of the amount of matter in an object?
What is an explanation backed by results obtained from repeated tests or experiments called?
Grams are the SI unit for what measurement?
What is a prediction about a problem that can be tested?
What is a changeable factor in an experiment?
The fats, oils, and waxes found in living things are known as
What do cells use as a source of energy and for energy storage
Leaf cells use chlorophyll to absorb
The cells of a redwood tree require oxygen for the process of
In fermentation, cells release energy without
Both whale and a seaweed use which of the following to change glucose into energy
The movement of materials across a cell membrane, requiring energy is called
Which chemical that aids in photosynthesis do you find in a chloroplast?
Which process occurs in the chloroplasts?
DNA and RNA are the two types of these.
I'm a sugar molecule that is a major energy source for most cells.
I'm the process by which molecules spread out until they reach a state of balance or equal mixture.
I'm a molecule that carries the instructions for growth and function of a cell.
I'm the process that plant cells use to change sunlight into chemical energy.
I'm the process of using energy to move materials through a membrane.
I'm the process by which cells use oxygen to release energy stored in glucose.
I'm the energy stored in the bonds between atoms of every molecule on Earth.
I'm the diffusion of water through a membrane.
I'm the sugars made from carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen.
I'm made of amino acids, and I work to keep cells functioning properly.
The x axis is found where....
As x increases Y also increase is an example of...
Important items to include on a graph would be
As X increases Y decreases is an example of....
The Y axis is found
A cyclic graph is one that constantly
A constant graph means that
Line graphs are useful for showing....
If we were to make a graph of the temperature in Wisconsin over 10 years it would be what type of relationship?
The Earth is tilted at an angle of 23.5 degrees all year long. A graph indicating this tilt compared to the months of the year would be an example of what relationship?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Covers Weather, fire, theft, vandalism, and falling objects, such as tree limbs or rocks, can damage windshields or the structure of the car.
The most important reason to have auto insurance is that it protects you against
This pays the medical bills you and your passengers incur after a car accident. Your own policy's coverage for medical payments also applies to you even if you are riding in another person's car.
Drivers with bad driving records and many insurance claims could end up in the
protects you from paying the full legal or medical expenses of someone who is injured. Sometimes, a person who has been injured in a car accident cannot work for a period of time, and bodily injury liability can help cover any wages the injured perso
This covers the car of the insured person and pays for repairs after an accident or cash compensation if the car can't be repaired. This type of coverage is usually optional
What happens if an uninsured or an underinsured driver injures you in a car accident? You need
Insurance that pays you no matter who is at fault
If you have a clean driving record, your premiums will
As you also know, most states require drivers to carry auto insurance, which includes a minimum amount of
a bed
A pillow
night stand
a dresser
an alarm clock
a stuffed animal
a cork board
some curtains
a mirror
a shower
a bathtub
a bathroom sink
a hamper
a blanket
a plant
a cell phone
a wall
on the floor
a window
Which source has the appropriate qualifications to be considered a credible source of information about army life during the American Revolution?
Which of these qualifications would make a source credible?
Which of these could NOT influence the credibility of a source?
Which of these are a primary source?
Which of these is a Credible Secondary Source?
What is it that you must ALWAYS remember when it comes to credibility?
True or False: A photograph of a plane going into the World Trade Center is a Secondary Source
True or False: A newspaper article is a Primary Source
True or False: Every thing/ Person has a bias
True or False: History is important for understanding the past
For location use . . .
For origin use . . .
For where an event takes place use . .
For emotions use . . .
For descriptions use . .
For telling time use . . .
Tú y yo ____ estudiantes.
Tú _____ en la escuela.
Vosotros ____ de España.
Juanita ____ alta y perezosa.
Chico y Pepe ____ amigos.
El delantero _____ en la cancha.
Yo / lavarse
tú / ducharse
ella / despertarse
Rolando y Tevez / vestirse
Jonaton y Zuri / levantarse
nosotros / bañarse
The reflexive pronouns are . . .
yo / ponerse
tú / mirarse
Ud. / dormirse
Half the world’s population lives in…
The population of the United States is ______ million.
What important factor is responsible for the drastic jump in population from 1804 to 2004?
True or False? Geographers measure population growth by figuring out how many people have been born and how many have died?
The rate of natural increase is…
Many people move from ______ areas to ______ to make more money and better provide for their family.
Natural resources are ______ and ______ distributed.
Why do people move from rural areas to urban areas?
Squatter settlements on the outskirts of a city lack…
What percent of the Earth’s land is too hot, too cold, too wet, or too dry for a large scale settlement?
Ready to be used or taken
Specific or special
Sharp and alert
Working to discover something
To grow and develop over time
To change something
To be or to look similar to something or someone
Hidden or unnoticed
Very aggressive and scary (Ms. Harris when she is mad!)
Total happiness
What is the main topic of the selection?
Cougars have very little fat on their bodies and stay warm because they —
Describing cougars’ coats and coloring supports the main idea that —
Scientists are unable to tell individual cougars apart because cougars —
Which detail supports the main idea that cougars have good eyesight?
Which of the sentences below states a main idea?
Which detail supports the fact that cougars make a variety of sounds?
Cougars groom themselves and their kittens —
Which detail does not support the main idea that cougars have three kinds of teeth?
The fact that cougar kittens stay with their mother for about eighteen months supports the idea that —
Organisms composed of more than one cell.
A cell that has a nucleus is also called
When a person's heart rate lowers when being submerged in freezing water, this is showing an example of
Which of these statements best describes the function of the cell membrane?
Which of the following is an example of a unicellular organism?
What is the primary difference between diffusion and osmosis?
Mitosis is the process by which
Some animals use large amounts of energy while performing normal activities. What organelles do these animals most likely have large numbers of in their muscle cells?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Forensics is defined as
First to conduct thorough study of fingerprints for identification
Developed Principle of Exchange
Developed measuremnt system to ID repeat offenders
Established comparison microscope as tool of choice for firearms examination.
Which is the largest crime lab in the world
Which court rulings allows for scientific evidence to be admitted
Which court rulings made the judge a
Which of the following court rulings states a person must be made aware of thier rights?
Odontology is
Identical twins have identical fingerprints
Fingerprints formation
The function of skin ridges isf
The only way to permanently change your fingerprint is to
The most common ridge pattern is
Leaves a white print
Prints in play-doh would be considered
Fingerprints are
Which substance reacts with amino acids to develop fingerprints
What is the formula for density?
I have a cheeseburger with a density of 25 g/cm (cubed) If I cut it in half perfectly what is the density?
Mass is measured in what units?
1 cm (cubed) equals how many mL?
If I have a mass of 25g and a volume of 5 cm (cubed) what would my density be?
I have a density of 6 and a volume of 2 what is my mass?
The units for density are...
Volume is usually measured in...
Find the density when mass is 40 grams and the volume is 8 mL
The more dense an object is....
Convert 5km to meters
33cm to milli meters
20hl to kL
5cm to meters
420 dkl to liters
500 mL to cL
450 hm to km
45.6 M to mm
64 dkg to kg
94.679 km to meters
The part of the microscope that is adusted to change the amount of light coming through the specimen is
The obective lenses are located on the
The slide is secured in place by the
To carry a microscope safely, you should
The total magnification of the microscope =
The main difference between the microscope you used in the lab and an electron microscope is
The first person to report seeing living cells through a microscope was
The person who gave cells their name was
The invention of the microscope was essential to development of the cell theory because
If you wanted a 3-D image of a living cell at 100,000x magnification, you'd use
What does the word Gospel mean?
Who are the 4 Gospel writers?
What are the 3 sacraments of Initiation?
What are the two sacraments of healing?
What are Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday called?
Which sacrament consecrates a man to serve the Church?
In the Nicene Creed what are the 4 marks of the Church?
What are baptized people called who are not part of the heirarchy?
What are the two main parts of Mass?
What does incarnation mean?
What are the smallest units that perform life activities?
To perform the activities of life, all cells require
All living things are composed of
Animal and plant cells differ because plant cells have
Which structures in both plant and animal cells release stored energy?
Organelles that capture energy from the Sun to make sugar are called
Which structure controls the movement of materials in and out of a cell?
Unlike animal cells, plant cells store water and other materials in
Animals are unable to make their own food because their cells lack
Which of these enables an animal cell break down food particles?
A cells is
The invention of the microscope allowed
TheTEM uses _______ to produce images
Where is genetic information found in a prokaryote?
Any part of a cell that is enclosed by its own membrane is called
The cell organelles that release stored energy from sugars are called
The cell organelles that finish processing cell products are called
Which of the following statements is true?
Most organisms that have many different types of specialized cells are
Which of these is NOT a scientific model?
Sugars and starches are ________________________ that provides cells with energy.
____________ are molecules that make up membranes of cells and organelles.
__________ are important because they carry out many of the activities of a cell.
__________ are molecules that carry the information cells need to grow, reproduce, and repair themselves.
Water is very important for a cell because many of the __________ inside a cell take place in water.
Many of the ______ of a cell are made up of chains of carbon atoms.
Proteins are made up of _______ linkee together into long chains.
Extra sugar molecules produced by plants are stored in long chains called ______.
One important type of protein that control chemical reactions
How does the polarity of water molecules affect lipid molecules?
To stay alive, cells must be able to release the ____ stored in a molecule's bonds.
___ is the process by which plants produce glucose and oxygen.
A major energy source for most cells is a sugar molecule called ____.
Cells use oxygen to release the energy in glucose during
Cellular respiration takes place in a cell's ____.
If a muscle does not have enough oxygen, it can still release energy through ___
Photosynthesis in plants occur in the cell's
The products of photosynthesis are ____.
The products of cellular respiration are ___.
Process by which cells release energy without oxygen
Answers by Educators Question Database
An opening in the Earth's crust that magma flows out of is...
Magma comes to Earth's surface and then hardens into
An unmoving pool of magma below Earth's crust is called
The sudden movement of Earth's crust is called
A crack in the Earth's crust is known as a
Movement of weathered rock is called
A measure of the amount of energy released during an earthquake
A giant wave caused by an underwater earthquake is known as
Which volcano is shaped like a pointed cone with a magma chamber right through the middle?
Which of the following are features of the ocean floor?
Which could cause chemical weathering?
Why do most volcanoes erupt along plate boundaries?
Why do some continents have coastlines that fit like a puzzle?
What is the rocky outer layer of the Earth called?
What is the inner-most parts of the Earth known as?
What is the outer part of the Earth where our water is kept known as?
What is the layer of Earth beneath the crust known as?
I am going to eat.
You (Tú) are going to sell deserts.
Roberto is going to walk to school.
Are you going to work today?
I am going to the park.
Sam and I are going to church
She is going to the museum.
You (Tú) are going to the hotel.
He is going to the hospital.
They are going to the bank.
Piles of dirt, usually used for religious purposes, by Native Americans are known as...
Which group of Native Americans were mound builders and used agriculture to create permanent homes?
A group related by blood
A group sharing a common ancestry, language, name, and way of life
French people expelled from Nova Scotia and settled in LA
Nomads are...
This person explored the Mississippi River and claimed it for the King of France
This group invented the Red Stick as a pole with killed animals that marked territories
This group used blow guns and fought against the British in the American Revolution
Found in Epps, LA, this is the site of the oldest indians on the North American continent
Nicknamed Bloody ________, he was the Spanish governor who punished the French that ran out Ulloa
This person was chosen by King Louis XIV to start a colony in Louisiana
42 x 22
29 x 13
71 x 69
37 x 27
73 x 42
49 x 43
17 x 12
92 x 26
87 x 46
27 x 25
Define heat energy.
Define kinetic energy.
Define energy.
Define sound energy
Define fusion.
Define potential energy
Define electrical energy
Define light energy
Define fission
Define nuclear energy
Which of these is an example of sound energy?
________ energy is the potential energy stored in the bonds of chemicals.
Which is a form of heat energy?
__________ energy is the sum of its energy in motion and its stored energy
Which is a form of light energy?
Fossils fuels are a form of _________ energy.
Which form of energy transfers from a warmer object to a cooler object?
The bending of light waves is known as ______________.
The bouncing back of a light wave when it hits the surface of an object is called __________.
What type of wave does an earthquake make?
Using a computer to operate machines in industry is known as computer numerical control (CNC).
A plotter is a CAD output device.
A coordinate system is used in CAD to precisely place or locate entities (objects) on a drawing.
Vector graphics are very precise and can be enlarged without losing detail.
Which of the following is NOT a type of dimensioning done on most CAD systems?
Which of the following is NOT an example of an advantage to CAD?
_________ are object oriented graphics. The software defines objects mathematically so they print or plot very precisely.
__________is a measure of distance in a drawing.
The elements (points, lines, arcs, and circles) that are combined to make up a drawing. Thee are sometimes called primitives.
_________ is the process of using special software and a computer system to produce technical drawings.
What is extreme love for one's country?
What is using strong armies and threats of war called?
Who was assisinated to start World War I
During WWI, Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire were know as
How did nationalism play a part in Europe’s competition to colonize Africa and Asia?
Which was a cause of the Russian Revolution?
Who was the leader of the Russian Revolution?
The Treaty of Versilles ended which war?
Which part of the Treaty of Versailles was most damaging to the German economy?
Who was the last Czar of Russia?
World War II began when Germany invaded what country?
Who was the leader of the Soviet Union during World War II?
What is genocide?
Who was spared in the Holocaust?
What event brought the United States into World War II ?
What happened to people who spoke out against Hitler in Germany?
What actions did the United Nations take as result of the Holocaust?
What happened to Adolf Hitler at the end of World War II ?
Who created the country of Israel?
What war was during the years of 1939-1945?
During World War II Germany, Italy, and Japan's alliance was called the
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Answers by Educators Question Database
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Acid solutions are produced by the release of ________ ions.
Atoms of the same element that have different numbers of neutrons are called ____.
Which of the following carbohydrates is a polysaccharide?
What are saturated fats?
Negatively charged particles that move around the nucleus of an atom are called ____.
A(n) ____________ bond involves the sharing of electrons.
Small compounds that form proteins are called ____.
Which of these elements is NOT part of a carbohydrate molecule?
A base _________.
The total number of atoms in the molecule glucose, C6H12O6
An exposed area of the oldest continental rock, or craton, is called
What is the name of a sea scorpion that lived in the Silurian period?
Mats of cyanobacteria that formed domes in Precambrian time are called
A crablike invertebrate that is the most common fossil of the Cambrian is called
A modern human or a recent human like ancestor is called
The longest segment of geologic time is
Main divisions of an eon are divided into
Eras are divided into
Ancient plant-looking creatures related to seastars are called
Ancient tiny animals that lived in oceans & are good index fossils are
Long, whip-like proection of the cell membrane, used for cell mobility.
Gel-like substance in which organelles are located.
Modifies, packages, and distributes cell products.
Contains digestive enzymes.
Site of cellular respiration (converts sugar to energy for use by cell.)
Found in plant cells but not in animal cells; provides protection and support for cell.
Separates cell from environment; regulates what enters and leaves the cell.
Contain chlorophyll; produce sugars from sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water.
Where proteins are synthesized (made.)
Transports materials through the cell.
What are the 2 properties of matter?
What unit is mass measured in?
What unit is used to measure volume?
What is one example of a physical property?
What is an independent variable
What is a control group in an experiment?
What is the term dry mix used for?
What units are used to measure length?
Why do we use graphs in science
What is a feature of a good conclusion?
A possible explanation in the form of a testable statement is ..?..
A ..?.. may be visual, verbal or mathematical.
What do we call a broad comprehensive statement which is thought to be true ?
Which scientific process is characterized by if -then statements?
What do you call the variable that is placed on the y-axis?
An ..?.. is defined as information gathered through the senses.
The word science comes from the Latin word that means to ..?..
A logical explanation of events that occur in nature is called a(an)
A scientific theory that has been tested many times and is generally accepted as true is called ..?..
When using the scientific method, the first step is to
You can change the vertical alignment of text on a page in the Page Setup dialog box.
A format that can be added to the first letter in the first word of a paragraph or it can be added to the entire first word.
How text is positioned between the top and bottom margins of a document.
______ are references that are printed at the end of a section of document.
To give users a choice of items in a field, use a(n) ________.
Which tab do I go to begin Mail Merge?
What do I select to put all the information from the clipboard to the document at one time?
If you add comments to a document, all changes must be either accepted or rejected at one time.
To bring data from another application into a word document.
A ghost image that appears behind the printed text on each page of a document.
Minerals are...
What mineral can scratch corundum
What is a control
What are sedimentary rocks made from?
Which of the following is an identifying property of minerals?
A mineral can be scratched by...
What is the structure of a mineral like?
What rock is formed from magma?
What causes metamorphic rock to turn to magma?
How do sedimentary rocks become metamorphic rocks?
What is the standard unit of length?
What are the four general areas of science?
What is the unit of measurement for temperature?
If someone weighed themselves on the moon, would it be the same or different from their weight on the Earth?
If you know the density and volume of an object, can you determine the mass? If so, how?
What are the four specific areas of Earth Science?
What is a comparable standard in an experiment?
What is a basic method used by scientists to solve problems using a series of planned steps?
What is a well-tested description of the behavior of something in nature?
What two measurements can volume be found in SI units?
What would be the best resource to use to learn about Thomas Edison?
Where would you look to find the definition of the word
Where would you look to find the latest information during the Olympics?
What would be the best resource to use to learn about the Revolutionary War?
Where would you find the career statistics of a famous athlete?
Where would you look to find the states that border the Atlantic Ocean?
What would be the best resource to use to find a description of a trip to Cananda?
Where would you look to find a synonym for the word \
We successfully completed the obstacle course without a _____.
It would be quite a ________to have my own smimming pool.
Past of GO
Past of bring
Past of take
Past of hit
Past of teach
Past of eat
Past of like
Past of catch
Past of spend
Past of think
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Humam gametes have ____ chromosomes.
In rabbits, grey hair is dominant to white and black eyes are dominant to red eyes. A homozygous grey, black eyed rabbit is crossed with a homozygous white, red eyed rabbit. What percentage of their children will have grey fur and black eyes?
A time of great achievement is called a _________ age.
Features of Greece’s geography include
What does the Greek word “polis” mean?
How would living near the sea affect the Greek people?
The acropolis of a city-state was
The marketplace of a city-state is called the
A landform that is surrounded by water on three sides is a/an
A body of water that provides shelter and safety for boats is a
Greece is located on the
Because of their proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, Greek people
A government power is divided between one central and several regional or state authorities. Name the form of government
A single government operates all levels of government. It can be either one person or a centralized government. What form of government is this?
Two countries believe that it would be better to work together in a group to provide for their people. What form of government is this
Cuba has a autocratic government in which the ruler has absolute power and is not restricted by a constitution, laws, or the citizens. Name the type of government.
The leader of the Parliament in countries such as Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom is called the
What group of nations contains a nation that DOES NOT have a federal government?
Cuba does not permit freedom of choice in elections and only the Communist Party is permitted. Cuba has a dictatorship in which power is held by one central authority. What type of government would Cuba be classified as?
Mexico and Brazil have this form of government where one person is the nation's chief executive and head of state. What form of government is this?
You are a rich farmer in a small country, and part of the national government. You are part of a small group of wealthy landowning families that holds all of the political power in your nation. What form of government is this
REVIEW QUESTION: What do the religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam have in common?
When new immigrants migrate to a new country, how can groups create a more diverse culture?
Where would a solar-power panel be most useful?
How did the affordability of air condition re-shape America?
What was a reason for many Europeans to migrate to New York City?
What was an effect of the construction of the Interstate Highway?
How do rural villagers typically live?
What would be a effect of a well-planned national transportation network?
Why did many large urban areas (cities) grow and expand in the 20th century?
What factors affected the climate of Death Valley?
A reason for the stable support of the U.S. political system is...?
Europeans migrated to America in the 1800's because.....?
The gold rush of the mid 1800's got a lot of people to move to ....?
What was an effect of the Colombian Exchange?
What is a command economy?
People who do not necessarily need insurance typically have a combination of the following:
Which of the following factors do insurance companies use to determine the potential risk of an applicant?
People who do need life insurance typically have a combination of the following:
When Jessie needs health care, she must first go to her primary care physician who coordinates her care and decides whether Jessie should see a specialist. Jessie has which type of health insurance?
A $250 ______, means the person will have to pay the first $250 out of pocket before an insurer will pay any expenses.
Lucy has no insurance. The situation(s) should she consider insuring against first are:
Generally, the higher the deductible on an insurance policy, the
whole life insurance Universal life
One who benefits from something; a person who is left money or other property in a will or the like
Life insurance Policy that accumulates cash value.,and it last your entire life
A Policy that accumulates no cash value. has an end date. Only last for a specific time period.
Types of social scientists include all but which of the following?
Which of these activities would an archeologist do?
What could the early hominid Lucy do that other animals could not?
Which hominid was the first to use fire?
Which group of hominids left behind cave art?
What does Mesopotamia mean?
What is not a part of an ancient Sumerian irrigation system?
What evidence shows that Sumerians were NOT prehistoric?
Hammurabi is best know for what?
What is the name for the Old Stone Age where people were hunter/gatherers?
The Neolithic Age began with what discovery?
Which is NOT an invention of the ancient Sumerians?
Once Hammurabi became a leader, what did he rule over?
What was in the center of most ancient Babylonian cities?
What was common during the Neolithic Age?
Several of the children are planning to have a sleepover.
Large balloons, flowers, and a card make a great gift.
Neither the hat nor the mittens are keeping me warm.
The shed and the garage are big enough for all the tools.
My aunts have been feeding the baby a bottle.
My aunt was feeding the baby a bottle.
His aunt and uncle have rented an apartment.
Near the edge of the garden grew a rose.
Yesterday, a rose grew near the edge of the garden.
You have planned on eating with me for awhile.
Palm trees are growing well this year.
That type of land mammal has lived on this content for a long time.
This large plush toy is designed for preschoolers.
The North American sequoias are known to live for over 3,000 years.
The signs on the wall advertise various products and events.
the state or quality of being calm or tranquil
of warlike character; aggressively hostile
hostile, unfriendly; acting in opposition
easily managed or controlled
pleasantly calm or peaceful
to free from or deprive of illusion
A physical feature on Earth's surface is known as a
What consists of gases around the Earth?
A scientist who studies the structure and history of Earth
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Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
A natural environment includes
Many American Indian groups tell origin stories to
According to the Hopis, where did people live at first?
As they migrated, the first Americans went in search of big game such as
As they migrated, early American Indians had to adapt by
Most early American Indians settled in places that had
Which of these were the Inuits least likely to make in their environment?
Which natural resource did the Sioux use to record their history?
A change or adjustment in a way of life that allows people to survive in a particular environment is known as
To __________________ is to move from one region of the world to another region.
What does work ethics mean?
What are the three characteristics dealing with work ethics?
When did work ethics begin to occur?
Which one provides research, education, and training on work safety?
Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 provided what
Which is the most highly sought after characteristic?
Which are other skills that are required for good work ethics?
When will you used work ethics?
Which are interpersonal skill examples?
What is expected of your work ethics while at work, school, or community service?
An accounting device used to analyze transactions is a T account.
An amount recorded on the left side of a T account is a credit.
Each asset account has a normal debit balance.
Each liability account has a normal credit balance.
The balance of an account increases on the same side as the normal balance side.
Asset accounts increase on the credit side.
Each transaction changes the balances in at least two accounts.
A list of accounts used by a business is a chart of accounts.
When cash is paid for supplies, the supplies account is increased by a debit.
Common accounting practice is to record withdrawals as debits directly in the owner’s capital account.
The left side of an asset account is the credit side because asset accounts are on the left side of the accounting equation.
A drawing account is decreased by debits and increased by credits.
Increases in expense accounts are recorded as debits because they decrease the owner’s capital account.
The normal balance side of an accounts receivable account is a credit.
Accounts payable accounts are increased with a debit.
Advertising Expense is increased with a debit.
Cash is increased with a credit.
Prepaid Insurance is decreased with a credit.
To summarize withdrawal information separately from the other records, owner withdrawal transactions are recorded in the owner’s capital account.
Increases to accounts are recorded on the debit side.
_________________________ are something from nature that is useful to people such as soil, water, and minerals
To ___________________ or to adjust, or change, ideas and way of living to fit a new situation, such as a new environment
The _____________________ is the natural surroundings of a place including land, water, air, plants, and animals.
American Indians tell _______________________, or tales that explain where their ancestors came from and how the Earth came to be.
A circular area sometimes underground, where tribe members talk, work or perform religious ceremonies is know as a ____________________________.
_____________________is a movement of people from one country or area of the world to a new home in another country or area.
A _______________________ is a picture that represents an important event or idea.
Which of the following is NOT an Environment?
The first Americans came from Asia and settled in which continents?
Which of the following is considered a natural resource?
What is the control group in an experiment?
Fire is non-living because it does not...
Which of the following terms is used for an organism that makes its own food?
Anything that causes a reaction or change in an organism is called...
What is an independent variable?
What is one feature of a good conclusion?
What do living things need to survive?
Shivering to stay warm is an example of...
Plants are living because they..
The term dry mix is used for remembering...
This is a characteristic that helps an organism survive and reproduce in its environment.
This word literally means change over time.
This term means that the strong survive, while the weak die.
This term means that a person chooses which animals/plants to breed to enhance a certain trait.
This term means that a trait is passed from the parent to the offspring.
An unused body part is called
Scientists sometimes study and compare unborn babies, called
This person founded the theory of evolution by natural selection.
Darwin noticed that the beak shape of the finch had changed depending on
Humans have an opposable thumb. Because this structure has helped humans over time, it is considered
Which of these is commonly used to support the theory of evolution?
Whales have remnants of hind limb bones deep inside their bodies. These remnants of once useful structures are called
A large flightless bird is forced out of existence by more adaptable mammals. This is an example of
A smoky mountain jungle frog has markings that allow it to blend into the forest floor. This is an example of
Over the past 1,000 years, dogs have been ___________ to produce more than 150 different breeds.
What body part of the Galapagos finches appears to have been most modified by natural selection?
Evolution occurs in two ways. These are
A child has the same eye color as his parents. This is an example of
Which adaptation would MOST LIKELY help an animal whose predators are camoflauged?
Which adaptation would MOST LIKELY help an animal if the area became colder?
What is gravity?
After a full moon, the moon starts to _____________.
The order of the planets is___________, __________, ____________.
The last three planets order is ________,________, and __________.
What type of moon directly follows a new moon?
The earth takes how long to fully rotate once?
The Moon orbits Earth in about _________________.
The moon does not have a(n) ________________.
Inertia is _________________________________________.
Why does the Sun have more gravity than the Earth?
Different ___ work together in organ.
Which of the following refers to all of the organisms in a particular area?
A life scientist who observes the relationship between plants, animals, weather, and soil on a mountaintop is studying an ___.
One of the world's largest single cells is a chicken egg. This shows that ___.
A person has about 200 different kinds of cells, each specialized to do a particular job. This means that the person ___.
You are made up of about 100 trillion cells; however, you began as ___.
Which of the following is an example of a tissue in you body?
Which of the following is an example of an organ?
The human body's largest organ is the ___.
What part of you body is dead tissue?
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The hottest layer layer of the earth is
Earth thickest lays with greatest mass is
The densest layer of earth is where
Tectonic plates moving could cause
What mesures earthquakes
The crust is made of
What layer can be directly studies?
When plates move and collide and grin with each other, pressure builds and may cause
What might be a lesson learned from reading this fairytale?
Who followed the cobbler's advice?
Who or what is causing a problem in the story?
What did the youngest son do in the resolution of the story?
What kind of person is the king?
Which of the following is the turning point of the story?
The wizard is_______
The youngest son was___
How does the cobbler feel about the meeting with the king?
What two things did the king try do to get rid of the dragon in the beginning of the story and failed?
What does the dragon do after the youngest son recites the poem?
What is the main problem of the story?
Why does the king call a meeting?
no es una carne
una fruta roja, verde o amarilla y a los maestros les gusta
lo que usas para limpiar las manos y la cara cuando están sucias
es una fruta que viene de Hawaii
no es una verdura
Dannon, Yoplait y Oikos son marcas de _______.
la comida favorita de tu maestra de español
la harina es un ingrediente importante en _______
después de comer, recibes esta del mesero
un adjetivo que describe la comida
la carne de una hamburguesa
para celebrar un cumpleaños, muchas personas comen el pastel y ________
una bebida de fruta
A comma, space, or tab is called this when using the Text to Column feature?
Grammar check will catch which of the following?
True or False: Reverse type refers to light text on a dark background
The red/yellow/green method is used most often to show what?
True or False: You can change around items in a table that is copied from a spreadsheet and pasted as a picture into a presentation
Which of these is not considered a style change to a header?
Which of the following checks spelling of a document at the end of its composition?
True or False: You always have to use colors when creating tables.
Which emphasis is more often used to highlight headings?
A slide transition refers to what action in a presentation?
Which of the following are considered nonrenewable resources?
Certified wood comes from what kind of forests?
What term is used when a population rate is increasing?
The higher the level of resources you are using means what?
What is an example of a legal approach to protecting individual species?
The illegal killing or removal of wildlife species from their habitats is what?
What helps individuals in a species pass a variety of traits to their offspring?
Communities making money off of biodiversity, or ecotourism increases what value?
A fishing practice that can help manage the raising of fish for food is called what?
What is one way that biodiversity is NOT affected?
Habitat destruction is the
An example of captive breeding is
Biodiversity is the number of
Selective cutting is cutting down
A fishery is an area with
Environmental science is the study of
What is the difference between: threatened, endangered, and extinct species?
Which choice lists the correct renewable and nonrenewable resources?
Which choice correctly describes an advantage and disadvantage of clear cutting?
Which choice correctly describes an advantage and disadvantage of selective cutting?
What effect is known as a small change in the weather today can cause a larger change in the weather a week later?
Tornadoes and thunderstorms for in
The boundary where unlikely air masses meet but do not easily mix
When the air pressure falls which type of precipitation is likely to occur?
A cyclone is an area of low pressure known for?
When a warm front moves in the warm air does what?
Thunderstorms are formed in what type of clouds?
What is a long period of little rainfall and dry weather?
A combination of high winds and low pressure causes what?
A flash flood is know for what?
High winds in the most dangerous part of what storm?
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