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Which 2 integers does the square root of 80 fall between?
Which is a natural number?
Which is an irrational number?
Which is an integer?
Which is a whole number?
Which is the smallest whole number?
What is the squre root of 225?
Which 2 integers does the square root of 53 fall between?
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What does each word code for?
What phase of the cell cycle does DNA replication take place in?
What is the purpose of DNA replication?
What is the name of the enzyme that splits DNA strands to prepare them for replication?
Rainforest means
Frozen Register is
Formal register is
Consultative register is
Casual Register is
Intimate Register is
Presentations/speeches are which register?
Which register is words spoken between people in a shared relationship
Conversation with your peers belongs in which register?
Which register does the Pledge of Allegiance belong in?
A lab report or exam would be considered which register?
the word that means to do something that one considers to be beneath one’s dignity is
Which word best completes this sentence: Eating more and exercising less is a terrible _____ to lose weight.
You VACILLATE in the morning when you are deciding what to eat for breakfast.
New parents have to CONSTITUTE sleep and money when they have a baby.
Finish the sentence--Before tackling a big project, it is wise to __________________ a plan to accomplish a little each day.
Finish the sentence--The politicians spoke with such _________________, it was difficult for the crowd to tell what they really believed.
The skill in summary writing is knowing which information is essential and which information can be left out.
Summaries need a conclusion.
Which of these is not an insulator?
Which of these is not a conductor?
What type of circuit does not allow electricity to flow?
What is the Golden Rule of Physics?
Which of the following is not a way that electricity is transferred?
What charge do electrons have?
What causes a charge?
What is the largest and most powerful form of static electricity?
The flow of electricity is measured in ______.
The push of a current is measured in ______.
Which of the following is a wet cell?
What type of current only flows in one direction?
What type of current flows through the wires in your home?
A number that tells how many times a machine multiplies forces.
The transfer of energy to an object by using a force that causes the object to move in the direction of the move.
The rate at which work is done or energy is transformed.
The unit used to express energy
The second unit to express power
A machine made of more than one simple machine.
The power or energy supplied to a machine.
The energy, power or work produced by a system or device.
The capacity to do work.
Internal energy of an object due to the kinetic energy of its atoms and or molecules.
**Energy that is stored in the bond of chemical compounds (atoms and molecules).
An eclectic charge that lets work be accomplished
Form of energy that is associated with vibrations of matter.
Energy that is reflected or emitted from objects in the form of electrical and magnetic waves including gamma rays, x-rays, ultra violet radiation.
The energy released during a nuclear fission or fusion.
The energy of an object that is due to the object’s motion.
The energy that an object has because of the position, shape, or condition of the object.
Energy an object possesses because of its position in a gravitational field.
Potential energy stored as a result of deformation of an elastic object, such as stretching a spring.
A form of potential energy that can be absorbed or released during a chemical reaction.
The law that states that mass cannot be created or destroyed in ordinary chemical reactions.
The smallest unit of organization of the body is the
Which of the following is NOT a basic type of tissue
Which of the following is an example of the body maintaining homeostasis
Which of the following is NOT an effect of adrenaline
One purpose of epithelial tissue is to
Which of the following tissues is able to expand and contract
Which of the following organ systems in the Human Body has to do with food?
The process by which an organism's internal environment is kept stable in spite of changes in the external environment is called
Which of the following is NOT a way to deal with stress
Which of the following is NOT a main component of wellness?
¿Qué hora es?
Es la una y media
son las cuatro menos cuarto
Son las seis menos doce
Son las ocho y ocho
Es la una y cuatro
son las once menos veintinueve
What took the place of the Roman Empire after its fall?
What did many people forget how to do during the middle ages?
Feudalism is based on the owning which of the following?
In Feudalism, what were the people who give the land away are called?
In Feudalism, what were the poor people who farmed the land and could not leave called?
In Feudalism, what were the people who received land called?
In Feudalism, what were the pieces of land that were given called?
Why would a person want to give away his/her land?
One problem with Feudalism was that a person could be a vassal to more than one lord.
What institution took the place of the Roman government?
Which of the following was a reason that people joined the crusades?
Which of the following was NOT a result of the crusades?
What is the theatre term that means the process in which an actor tries out for a part in a play?
What term means one actor alone on stage speaking a series of lines aloud in order to reveal a character's innermost thoughts?
Which of the below parts of a stage does a THRUST style NOT have:
What does the term Legitimate Theatre mean?
Which play is NOT one of Shakespeare's tragedies?
What does Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? mean?
If a director tells you to add stage business, to a scene, he/she wants you to
A ‘Dark House’ is a theatre that:
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Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The leaders of the Iranian Revolution of 1979 wanted to _______.
What was the cause of the Persian Gulf War of 1990?
Which of the following planned the September 11, 2001, attack on the World Trade Center in New York City?
Which of the following tactics best illustrates the use of passive resistance?
Which did Great Britain partition the Indian subcontinent before giving India its independence?
The first prime minister of India was _____.
Who required Japan to accept a new democratic constitution before regaining its independence?
The group that led the fight against apartheid in South Africa was ________.
The first president of South Africa after apartheid ended was _______.
What new name did Mohandas Gandhi give to the Untouchables or pariahs of India?
The policy of relaxing tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States was known as ________.
Which Soviet leader enacted reforms that led to the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe?
The Soviet policy of "openness" in religion and speech was known as ______.
What type of economy did Russia try to adopt after the fall of the Soviet Union?
Which of the following technological achievements happened first?
Who developed the first practical and affordable home computer?
The standard, or format, for transmitting information between two computers over the Internet is known as ___________.
The study of the relations between living thigns and their environment is known as _____.
The person usually credited with starting the environmental movement of the late 20th century is _______.
To date, the worst nuclear accident in the world has occurred at ___________.
All of the following are true of the Exxon Valdez oil spill EXCEPT ______.
The Kyoto Accords, negotiated in 1997, pledged to _______.
The main author of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was ______.
All of the following are true of NGOs EXCEPT _____.
One of the goals of the South African constitution is to _____.
An international court of law charged Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic with _____.
The country with the largest number of refugees is ______.
The region suffering the highest incidence of HIV/AIDS is _____.
What is nuclear proliferation?
The first document to recognize gender equality was ______.
All of the following are true of gender discrimination EXCEPT ____.
Which issues do women in developing countries face?
All of the following are causes for the rise of globalism EXCEPT ______.
The event that triggered the 1973 oil embargo of the United States by OPEC was ________.
The growth of multinational corporations is fueled by a need for ______.
Which of the following countries is the best example of a developing nation?
Destruction of the tropical rain forests is known as _______.
The movement of people from rural areas into cities is known as _______.
Examples of nonrenewable resources include all of the following EXCEPT ____.
Mixing sulfur gas from factories with moisture in the air produces toxic ________.
Transpiration is...
During evaporation water goes from a _____________ to a ___________
Another name for the water cycle is the
Clouds form through this process
During this process, a solid turns directly into a gas
Water entering the ground is...
The water cycle starts at
Most of the Earth's water is in this form.
What percentage of the Earth's water is salt water?
Rain, snow, and hail are examples of...
Who are the main characters of the book name
Who was the shadowy figure lerking outside
To be dreaming or not paying attention is
To be an animal
what does Meggie and Moe Love to do
What is Moe's other name
Who did the shadowy figure come to warn Moe about
What is do valuable that someone wants to take and Moe wants to protect
Who does Meggie and Moe go visit
What is the relative's name
What is an adjective?
What is the adjective in the sentence: Silly Sally went on a walk with her dog Lola.
what is the adjective(s) in the sentence: The lanky man was scared as he walked up to the creepy house. enter
What is the adjective(s) in the sentence? The pretty blush was advertized on the commercial.
Why do we use adjectives?
All of the information below are adjectives EXCEPT
All of the information below is adverbs EXCEPT which of the following?
In the following sentence which words are an adjective: We sat under the shady tree waiting to get into the building.
What is the adjective(s) in the sentence? The telephone rang loudly and scared me.
What is the adjective(s) in the sentence? I just bought a shirt that is pink.
I make
I do
we make
She is making a sandwich.
They are grocery shopping.
I do my homework.
My mother cooks.
I am not doing that!
Annie and Nicolas make dinner together.
We are going to make a pizza.
a vegetable
a slice of pear
My apple is good.
I would like a jar of jam.
some green beans
some raspberries and some strawberries
How much does that make?
a can
I don't like that.
Why does warm air hold more water vapor than cold air?
What happens at a warm front?
What type of weather is usually associated with stratus clouds?
Which answer shows the layers of Earth's atmosphere in order from lowest (closest to the ground) to highest?
Which two sources of pollution are used to predict an area's air quality index?
Which answer correctly describes why wind occurs?
Which two gases together make up about 99% of Earth's atmosphere?
What is the largest source of air pollution?
Which term describes an air mass that is dry and cold?
Which type of heat transfer is mainly responsible for heating Earth's atmosphere?
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Chile enjoys a temperate climate that supports an extensive agriculture industry.
Why do widely scattered parts of the world have similar climates?
What is the most profitable economic activity in Peru?
Which of the following industries contributes to Brazil's economy?
Brazil is the foremost or leading, global producer of what?
What types of improvements come to the countries that host the Olympics Games?
What does Rio de Janiero plan to do to the dangerous favelas that surround the city?
Which city did the International Olympic Committee select to host the 2016 Olympics?
How much larger in millions of people was the city of Sao Pualo, Brazil in 2010 than it was in 1950?
Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian are known as Romance languages because they all come from Greek.
What are slums called in Brazil?
Which city in Brazil is a cultural and industrial center in South America?
Today, Brazil is poised to be a global leader in the production of what?
Which of the following is an example of a product manufactured in Brazil?
Cattle ranching is a big business in Brazil with poultry and leather being export products from this business.
South America has so many different languages because
50 + 2 =
62 + 12 =
82 + 10 =
92 + 14 =
6 + 4 =
204 + 100 =
238 + 561 =
421 + 235 =
82 + 74 =
633 + 465 =
A group of ants is called a
Ants are insects for all the following reasons EXCEPT
Why do ants fight their enemies
Leaf cutter ants know how to
Which ants have wings?
Where do ants live?
What are the stages of an ant life cycle?
What do ants not eat
What part of the ant is the mandible?
What statement is true
What organelle houses chromosomes?
Chromosomes are tightly wrapped bundles of:
Explain the function of a chromosome:
Scientists chart chromosomes on a ____________ to study them.
What does DNA stand for?
What is the shape of DNA?
What is the shape of RNA?
What is DNA made up of?
What makes up nucleotides?
What are the four nitrogen bases in DNA?
She will have a good day.
I will come to the game.
We will want
They will know
I will put
We will leave
You will be able
He will leave
They will put
I will tell
We will know
It will be worth
Santa Claus will put the presents under the tree.
What is energy?
What are the two kinds of energy?
Which two materials let light pass through?
What are two of the eight forms of energy?
What is heat energy?
What is sound energy?
How many ways can energy change form?
What is solar energy?
Where is chemical energy stored?
What did we learn about this chapter?
Which President led to the rise of the Conservative Movement?
What was Reagan's military philosophy?
Which of the following would Reagan and the Republicans approve of?
What country was invaded by Iraq in the First Persian Gulf War?
Who was the first female Supreme Court Justice?
Which president had the strongest economy since the 1950's?
Which event in the 1990's showed the importance the media places on politicians personal lives?
America intervened in what region to help stop an ethnic genocide under Bill Clinton?
What law was passed under Bill Clinton that gave workers benefits when family members become ill?
Which of the following established free trade between America, Mexico and Canada?
What are the base paring rules for DNA?
Explain the function of DNA.
Where does DNA replication take place?
Replicate the following strand of DNA: ATG CCG ACG TAC GGC GTC AAG TAG
What is the name of your entire DNA?
How many letters form a word in your genome (these are called codons)?
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Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
When your bus driver slams on the brakes, your bookbag goes flying forward off your seat. Which of Newton's Laws explains this?
How much force is needed to accelerate a 5-kg bowling ball at a rate of 2 meters per second squared?
Which of the examples below IS an example of work being done on an object?
What two types of simple machines can be found in a pair of scissors?
Which statement best describes the advantage of using simple machines?
Newton's third law states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. What is one example of this law?
Why do cars traveling at faster speeds require more time and force to stop than cars traveling at slower speeds?
Which would have greater inertia and why: a small car or a large truck?
You lift a 20-kg stack of books from the floor up to a shelf that is 2 meters high. How much work have you done?
On a distance-versus-time graph, what does a straight diagonal line indicate?
An allele whose trait ALWAYS shows up whenever the allele is present is a ___________ allele.
A homozygous wild-type fly with red eyes (RR) mates with a homozygous sepia fly with brown eyes (rr). What are the chances that their offspring will have brown eyes?
What does it mean to be a carrier of a genetic disease?
Which part of the cell contains the genetic material?
Gregor Mendel is called the "Father of Genetics." What did he discover?
What is the term for an organism that has two identical alleles for a particular trait?
Which combination of sex chromosomes would result in a male human being?
How many chromosomes do humans typically have in each body cell?
The base pairs of DNA are adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine. Which bases are correctly paired?
If your DNA becomes mutated, what might be the result?
What is the correct order of organization in the human body, from SMALLEST to LARGEST?
The skeletal system gives us shape and support and helps protect our internal organs. What is one other important function of the skeletal system?
Tendons are strong white bands of tissue that connect what two body parts?
What is the correct path of air through the respiratory system?
Which part of the digestive system is correctly paired with its function?
Why is the left ventricle the most muscular chamber of the heart?
Why does your pulse rate increase when you are exercising?
Which type of muscle makes up your digestive system?
What is the main function of the nervous system?
What is one example of your body maintaining homeostasis?
What was the Columbian Exchange ?
What was one result of the colonization of Canada by Europeans?
Who claimed Australia for Great Britain
Which solution is a way that the government is trying reduce pollution in Mexico City?
What is the goal of the independence movement in Quebec
What was the leading cause of death of the Aztec and Inca brought by the Conquistadors?
Who is in charge in an Autocratic form of Government?
A blending of two economic systems is called a
Why are Spanish and Portuguese the main Languages of Latin America?
In which form of government would the “will of the people” MOST likely be the rule of the law?
Which is an example of specialization?
What letter is most closely identified with A
What letter is most closely identified with B
What letter is most closely Identified with C
What letter is most closely identified with D
What does this map represent?
What does this map represent?
What is the main language in South America?
Simon Boliviar could be compared to;
An embargo:
What is a contract?`
One role of the government in economics is to promote and regulate _________.
Congress is allowed to tax individuals and businesses because of the ________ amendment.
All of the following are ways that the Federal Reserve Bank slows the economy EXCEPT:
Individuals have the right of __________________.
What is the role of self-assessment in career planning?
What is the role of the United States government in protecting consumer rights and property rights?
All of the following are examples of national public goods and services EXCEPT:
All of the following are examples of government agencies that help regulate competition EXCEPT:
This government body is in charge of issuing currency and regulating the amount of money in circulation.
how many stars on the United States flag
how many stripes are on the United States flag
how many members are there in Congress
what article of the constitution discusses the legislative branch
who is the leader of the Senate
Define: Bi-Cameral
The Declaration of Independence was signed in what year?
Which is not a role of the President?
How long is a president's term of office?
How long is a senators term of office?
The U.S. is transforming into a global society in the following ways EXCEPT
The Shah of Iran modernized the nation in all of the following ways, EXCEPT
Soviet leader Gorbachev made changes to the Soviet Union that included all of the following, EXCEPT
The United States eventually recognized China because...
Which Asian nation has not been successful with developing a strong economy?
Which were the first two African colonies to gain their independence?
Land reform was successful in all of the following nations EXCEPT...
Who did India receive its independence from in 1947?
Who claims the rights to outer space?
The South African policy that denied black citizens economic, political, and social rights was called...
In 1804, Lewis & Clark lef an expedition west to
Where would you go to see geysers erupt into the air?
Which industry was attracted to Southern California by its sunny climate?
Where does the Iditarod dogsled race begin?
Many Asians came to the United States 100 years ago to work...
What is the main industry in Hawaii today?
What type of graph is best used when graphing dates?
Where did Ms. T travel to in first grade?
Which fish did you learn about in the Columbia river?
Where did Mrs. Largent go on her honeymoon?
Technological and social advancements during the Neolithic Era include all of the following EXCEPT the development of
Taoism places an emphasis on
The reformer whose new economic and political laws paved the way for Athenian democracy was
The Roman goddess of wisdom and war is
Who was Rome's first emperor?
Which of the following was NOT a technological advance invented by the Romans?
All of the following were true of the Age of Charlemagne EXCEPT that
The heartland of the Inca empire was the present day country of
The feudal lord who invaded and conquered England in 1066 was
Which of the following is NOT a true statement about the plague?
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Genre referring to a type of music that aims to imitate natural sounds, like the sound of a river flowing
Genre applied to a work interpreted by voices and instruments.
Genre used for music composed for the opening of a sports event
Genre referring to the music used for a ballet performance
Hillside Avenue´S COMPOSER
El Huésped del Sevillano
Out of Africa
Metamorphic rocks are formed from what
Sedimentary rocks are formed by
Which rock is an igneous rock
What rocks undergo pressure and are cemented together like limestone
What type of rock comes from cooled magma ?
What is the rock cycle
When granite changes to Gneiss what happens
What rocks are made from small pieces of other rocks ?
What type of rock can ONLY exist because it was changed from an existing rock ?
During the rock cycle sediments can be reduced to powder and flow down streams, or sediments could be cemented together, or pressure and heat can cause changes to form new rocks.
Poco rit.
In tempo / A tempo
Molto Rallentando
Allegro ma non tropo
Ad Libitum
A tempo
Which of the following is a popular pastime in South America?
Which of the following is NOT one of the three largest indigenous groups in South America, today?
Who was the first woman to be elected as president of Chile in 2006?
Which of the following is NOT a way that Bachelet has helped Chile since her election?
How did the arrival of the Spanish, the Portuguese, and other Europeans during the colonial period change life for indigenous people in South America?
Which indigenous group lives in the Andes of Peru and Bolivia, still speak their native language, and continue to herd llamas and alpacas and grow crops such as potatoes and quinoa?
Which indigenous group live in the Andes of Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia whose religious practices are a blend of Catholicism and native beliefs?
Which indigenous group is the main indigenous group in Paraguay?
Which indigenous group’s ancestors farmed, hunted, and fished in the rain forest, and how do they adapt to the modern world?
What are the two predominant, or main languages in South America?
What did the land extending from Mexico through South America become known as during the 1800s?
How many languages are spoken in South America, today?
What became the main religion in South America during the colonial period?
Public education is only provided in the South American countries of Brazil, Chile, and Argentina.
Argentina has a constitutional government and it has one of the strongest economies in South America.
Who type of people have many of Peru's leaders favored?
Who is Alejandro Toledo?
What did the election of Alejandro Toledo demonstrate?
What type of government has Chile mostly been since it declared independence in 1818?
Who was the the ruthless dictator that ruled Chile from 1973 to 1990?
During the Middle Ages the Catholic Church had become-
The Church sold pardons from sin called-
Luther felt that _______ and ______ had no power to save people.
Luther felt that people needed ______ alone to be saved.
Luther condemned the Church's sale of-
In response to the Pope's excommunication Luther formed-
Henry VIII created the Church of England because the Pope would not give him-
The Church formed the ______ to combat heretics, people who denied church teachings.
Luther used the printing press so that individuals could-
Martin Luther refused to recant his writings when he was summoned to the-
How do you know A Drop of Water is nonfiction?
Which of these facts would be MOST important to include in a summary of A Drop of Water?
Surface tension helps the tiny parts of a drop of water to
Water needs heat in order to
Which of these is the result of water changing from a gas to a solid?
Under which heading are you MOST LIKELY to learn about the water water evaporates?
Why did the author write A Drop of Water?
Which would MOST help someone understand the ideas in A Drop of Water?
After Kofi left the room, his dog made Kofi's sandwich ____.
After each art class, the box of drawing paper was empty and needed ___.
At the fair, one fun house mirror makes your body look shorter and the next ___ your body.
During the storm, Alejandro wondered how much snow could finally ___ in his yard.
The soldiers standing at attention in front of the palace were so ___ that I thought they were statues.
Ms. Martin was sewing a pair of pants with an ___ waistband so they would be easier to put on.
Taina loved watching the builders erect the ___ beams that would support the house.
Because Mercedes had a mind for details, she understood the ___ workings of computers.
Which root word is part of the word abbreviation?
What is the prefix in the word unavoidable?
What is the suffix in the word unremarkable?
What does the word observable mean?
Flows from Mongolia to the Pacific Ocean
Qin built and extended it to keep out the Xiongnu
Ruled over the Huang He valley
A network of trade routes that extended from China to southwest Asia
Punished or killed anyone who opposed him
Taught that people needed harsh laws and punishments to make them live rightly
Drove the Xiongnu back into the Gobi Desert
Made sure that government officials did their jobs
Taught that people should put family first and community needs above their own
Practice that requires children to respect their parents and older relatives
military leaders who run the government
an organized way in which people produce, sell, and buy things
changes that bring improvements
places where people meditate or worship
made of clay and baked at high temperatures
a count of the number of people
using a brush to write beautiful characters
wide, rolling, grassy plains that stretch from the Black Sea to northern China
What is South America's main crop growing region?
Where does Cattle grazing takes place in the west Pampas?
What is the humid zone in the east Pampas where agriculture abounds?
What new crop became profitable in the 1980s for Argentina?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The foundation for the rise of universities in Europe was laid by
What Renaissance author stated "the end justifies the means?"
Education became more secular during the Renaissance. This means that
A major difference between the Italian Renaissance and the Northern Renaissance was that the Northern artists portrayed more
Which group emerged as a force in Western Europe during the Age of Charlemagne?
Long-distance trade aided the diffusion of culture between Europe, Africa, and Asia. Which religion is NOT correctly matched to the areas where it spread?
Shintoism in Japan coexisted with
The Mayan, Aztec, and Incan civilization were known for their achievements in
The Hundred Years' War was fought between
The effects of the Crusades include all of the following EXCEPT
According to the reading by Zahn, how did Columbus treat the Natives of America?
Which of the following is NOT a reason why Europeans wanted to explore the world.
Which of these is NOT one of the technological advancements that helped Europeans explore the world.
What is the name of the group that is fighting for the rights of the Indigenous people of Chiapas?
What was a difference between slaves in Africa and slaves brought to the Americas?
Which of these was NOT a problem that slaves had on their trips from Africa to America?
About how many slaves are there in the world today?
What countries are involved in slavery today?
What did our class do to help stop modern slavery?
Who discovered America
What is the name for a government run by a king or queen who has unlimited power and tries to control everything their people do?
The idea that Kings and Queens get their power from God is called _____________.
Which of these is NOT a reason why Kings were becoming more powerful in the 1600s?
Which of these is NOT an example of an Absolute monarch?
What was King Louis the XIV famous for building?
Who had to pay for Versailles?
Which of these is a right given by the English Petition of Right?
Why did King Charles I sign the Petition of Right?
What did people start to look to for answers during the scientific revolution?
Which of these helped spark the Scientific Revolution?
How did the Catholic Church feel about the Scientific Revolution?
Before the Scientific Revolution, people decided what was true by reading the ______.
Galileo argued that the _________________________ was the center of the universe.
What happened to Galileo because he taught things that the Catholic Church did not agree with?
Why did the Catholic Church make Galileo say he was wrong?
Which of these is NOT one of the 4 Enlightenment Thinkers that we studied?
Who would say this: “Students have had to give up their freedom to stand with their friends in the hall in order to make sure there are fewer fights and all students are safe.”
Who would say this: “Enslaving people because of their race is evil, we need to crush this evil thing!”
Which Enlightenment thinker used humor to make fun of society?
________________ is using humor to make fun of society’s problems.
Who said this: “Evil exists not because of human nature, but because of society.”
Who said that people should overthrow a bad government?
What was the name of the book and movie that made fun of society’s problems by telling the story of a sea voyage of a British doctor?
A _______________________ is a complete and radical change.
Which of the following is a reason why a revolution might happen?
Which of the following is a reason why a revolution might happen?
What did Mr. Murray do to get the class to want to revolt?
Before the French Revolution, French society was divided into three _____________.
Before the Revolution, which Estate paid most of the taxes?
Why was France in debt before the Revolution?
What was the name of the prison that French peasants stormed in order to get guns and supplies for the revolution?
What was the name of the General who became a French dictator?
What was Napoleon’s goal?
What country did Napoleon attack and lost?
What was the time period called when people shifted from hand tools to power tools?
What happened to food production because of the industrial revolution?
In which country did the Industrial Revolution start?
Which of these was a problem created by the industrial revolution?
What is it called when a strong nation tries to overtake/dominate another country politically, militarily, economically, or socially?
Which of these is an economic reason why countries became imperialistic?
Which best describes the most basic social unit of any culture? (ANALYZE)
Which of the following is true of most social classes today? (APPLY)
2. What function do geographers learn when they study human-environment interaction? (ANALYZE)
What are three important components of a culture? (ANALYZE)
What evidence below is an example of invisible culture? (APPLY)
Which word below is the best synonym for stereotype? (INTEGRATE)
Which term means, people’s occupations, their behavior, and their beliefs? (APPLY)
Which of the following describes the rapid exchange of ideas in the computer age as it has increased globally? (GENERATE)
In developed nations, the basic unit is known as the ____ family. (KNOWLEDGE)
What developments led to the rapid increase in world population is the last 200 years? (ANALYZE)
What is the control center of the cell?
Which of the following structures does not belong in an animal cell?
Carbon dioxide enters through the
Specialized cells are found only in
What captures energy from sunlight during photosynthesis?
These are the "power houses" of the cell, what are they?
This organelle's passageways carry proteins and other materials from one part of a cell to another, what is it?
This structure protects the nucleus.
This is the structure in the nucleus where ribosomes are made, what is it?
He was one of the first people to observe cells, who was he?
The Mongols invaded all of the following areas EXCEPT
Which of the following is NOT matched correctly?
Humanism included all of the following EXCEPT
A major difference between the Italian Renaissance and the Northern Renaissance was that the Northern artists portrayed more
Which group emerged as a force in Western Europe during the Age of Charlemagne?
Under the three-field system, farmers planted
By signing Magna Carta, the king agreed to
A fief is
The feudal lord who invaded and conquered England in 1066 was
The effects of the Crusades include all of the following EXCEPT
Ruling people in a fatherly way by providing for their needs but not giving them any rights is called ___________________________.
Forcing a conquered people to adopt a conqueror’s culture is called ___________.
Which of these things were taken from the people of Africa?
In the Power of One we saw the South African policy of segregating the black natives from the white Europeans. What was the name of this policy?
Why didn't the Europeans in power want the Africans to learn to read?
What does P.K. do for the native Africans?
Which of these is one of the 4 reasons why World War I started?
Whose assassination lead to the start of World War I?
Who won World War I?
Which of these events lead to the U.S. entering World War I?
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Gel like fluid where the organelles are found
Control center of the cell, contains DNA
Found inside the nucleus and produces ribosomes
Rigid outer layer of a plant cell
Uses chemicals to break down food and worn out cell parts
Receives proteins in materials from the ER, packages them and distribute them
Produces the energy a cell needs to carry out its function
Assembles amino acids to create proteins
Stores food, water, waste and other materials
Has passageways that carry proteins and other materials from one part of the cell to another
Tiny strands inside the nucleus that containing instruction for directing a cells functions
I was shaking like a leaf. This is an example of:
Man, your brother is one doll. This is an example of:
I know better now. This is an example of:
He would kill the next person who jumped him. This is an example of :
Cherry Valance is acting as a spy for the Greasers
This is when what is said is the opposite of what is meant; sarcasm
This is when the meaning of the situation is understood by the audience but not by the characters in the story.
A person's mental outlook, thoughts or ideas that are shaped by the person's thoughts, feelings and past experiences.
The way an author shares a character's perspective is called:
The central idea the author presents in the story.
The narrator is a character in the story and only shares his or thoughts using I, me,my,we
The narrator tells the thoughts of only one character using he, she, it, they
The narrator tells the thoughts of ALL characters using he, she, it, they
A ____________________is an area of land controlled by a nation.
The ______________________ was a conflict between Great Britain and France in North America from 1756 to 1763.
The _______________ was the agreement signed by Great Britain and France ending the French and Indian War.
The __________________________ was an announcement by King George III outlawing settling west of the Appalachian Mountains.
The ______________ was a law passed by the British requiring colonist to pay a tax on paper products.
To ____________ means to refuse to do business or have contact with a person, group, company, country, or product.
A _____________ is a member of an elected assembly.
____________ is objects, such as bullets that can be fired from a weapon.
A _________ is a group of volunteers who fought in times of emergency during the colonial period and the American Revolution.
The ______________________________ was the army created by the Second Continental Congress in May 1775 with George Washington as commander-in-chief.
The _________________________ is the official document announcing that the colonies were breaking away from Great Britian.
A ________________ is a colonist who supported Great Britain in the American Revolution.
A _______________ is an American colonist who supported the fight for independence.
A ___________ is a soldier who is paid to fight for another country.
________________ is making excess profits from goods that are in short supply.
___________________ is a rise in prices in the usual price of goods and services.
To ______________ is to go away and leave a person or thing that should not be left.
The _______________________ was a treaty signed between France and the United States during the American Revolution.
A ________________ is a barrier preventing the movement of troops and supplies.
The _________________________ is the peace agreement in which Great Britain recognized the United States as an independent country.
We'll go to the shop ___ we eat lunch.
Will you ___ me a new plant?
Are you ___ with you work?
God loves ____ one!
That seed grew ____ big!
We'll see grandma very ____.
Jess has a lot of ___ to do.
Jack's friend visited many days ____.
____ do you feel?
How ___ is Tommy?
There are many ____ working here.
Lane will play ___ he does his homework.
Pat wants to ____ some food.
I have read ____ book on the shelf!
God loves you ____ much!
Sage must do her ___ first.
Nate was born a few years ____.
I know ____ to do my work.
My little sister isn't very ____.
Which of the following is NOT a component of making an ethical choice?
Which of the following statements is NOT correct?
How many sources have been suggested that a person should use for their ethical standards?
__________ is a way to protect the original works of an author.
Fortunately everything posted online is freely available for reuse and downloading.
A person can act ethical and it will be legal, but they can also act unethical and still be legal.
The only reason Cyberlaw exists is for Copyright infringement online.
Copyright and patent laws protect authors, writers, inventors, and others against the misuse or theft of their original work.
A __________ can be word, phrase, symbol, product shape, or logo that distinguishes one business's product from another.
The government is attempting to figure out a way to tax Internet use.
A __________ excludes others from making, using, offering for sale or selling an invention in the U.S. or importing to the U.S.
__________ is an evolving legal framework that governs Internet activities.
Disputes over domain names have become more common due to the fact that today's businesses realize that having a domain name that is the same as their company's or product's name can be extemely valuable.
How many fundamental problems are there in identifying the ethical standards we are to follow?
Which of the following is NOT an element of the business framework for trustworthy people?
What was the primary industry before the industrial Revolution?
What is NOT one of the innovations in the Communication Technology Discipline?
Fuel Cells and Hybrid vehicles are part of what technology discipline?
Which is one negative impact of automation on human labor?
How has automation helped the manufacturing process?
Define Ergonomics:
Define Computer Integrated Manufacturing:
Define Assembly Line
Define Just-in-Time
define Waste management
Allegro ma non tanto
poco rit
a tempo / in tempo
molto rall
Uniform tempo markings
Variable tempo markings
Free tempo markings
Reset tempo markings
A tempo marking that indicates a medium speed.
Genre applied to a work interpreted only by instruments
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which document was written with the following quote? " order to form a more perfect union..."
A(n) _____ is a form of business organization that is authorized by law to act as a legal person regardless of the number of owners?
In a criminal procedure, which of these is required for an arrest?
Local government power derives from...
All of the following are qualities of the Federal Reserve System EXCEPT
A member of a community, laws apply to all people.
All of the following are government agencies that regulate business EXCEPT:
If people were to collect signatures to ask for their state government to stop importing trash into the state of Virginia, which freedom would this represent?
The local legislative branch consists of
In our history, only one president has ever been elected that was a part of a third party. Who was the president?
A toaster oven pluged into a wall socket is an example of
A flashlight is an example of
The measure of electrical pressure is
The measure of electrical current is
The measure of electrical resistance is
Which of the following produces the most heat?
What makes up the outer shell of an atom?
In a parellel Circuit
What circuit is this?
What circuit is this
What is evolution?
According to Darwin’s observations, finches isolated on the Galapagos Islands were
What are two types of structural evidence that scientists use as biological evidence
What is an adaptation?
Hemophilia is caused by a(n)
Genetic disorders are caused by
What does a Punnett square show?
What is the purpose of the Human Genome Project?
Why are sex-linked traits more common in males than females?
What must occur for a girl to be colorblind?
An organism’s genotype is its
Scientists call an organism that has two different alleles for a trait a
Which of these is an example of the benefits of genetic engineering?
What is copied during replication?
Which type of bonding arrangement between carbon atoms is found in diamonds?
Allotropic forms of carbon include all of the following except
Which of the allotropic forms of carbon is frequently used as a lubricant?
How many bonds can a carbon atom form?
Forms of the same element that have different bonding arrangements and properties are called
The number of valence electrons in a neutral carbon atom is
The first organic compound produced in the laboratory in 1828 was
Organic chemistry is now defined as the study of
Hydrocarbons are most widely known for their use as
Because hydrogen and carbon have similar electronegativities, hydrocarbon molecules are classified as mostly
Which is not an important property of hydrocarbons?
Natural gas, used for heating and generating electricity, consists mostly of the hydrocarbon
Which of the following is not true of a structural formula for a hydrocarbon?
Alkanes are distinguished from other hydrocarbons because they have
What is the general formula for alkanes?
Alkanes are referred to as saturated hydrocarbons because they are
To find the IUPAC name for a abranced alkane, the first step is to identify the
Alkanes with the same structural formula can have a variety of arrangements because of the
Structures of the same compositions that differ only by bond rotations are referred to as
Molecules with the same molecular formula but whose atoms bond in different orders are called structural
What is the general formula for cycloalkanes?
In cycloalkanes, each carbon atom bonds to how many other carbon atoms?
Cycloalkanes can have shapes that are
Unsaturated hydrocarbons that have one carbon-carbon double bond are called
What is the general formula for alkynes?
Which of the following is an important unsaturated cyclic hydrocarbon with two resonance structures, neither of which accurately describes its bonds?
Which of the following is a class of large organic compounds made of repeating units?
Proteins are long chains in which the repeating units are
Synthetic carbon compounds that decompose over time are labeled
A proactice that can extend the availability of natural resources for future generations is
What are chromatids?
What forms around the chromatids during mitosis?
Mitosis is the stage of the cell cycle during which
The energy-releasing process that does not require oxygen is called
What happens during respiration?
An organism that has two identical alleles for a trait is
Which of these traits is controlled by a gene with multiple alleles?
What controls variations in skin color among humans?
During DNA replication, adenine always paris with
What determines the genetic code?
In the formula for electrical energy what unit should be used for the value of time
What unit is typically used to measure electrical energy?
The formula for calculating electrical power is?
The formula for calculating electrical energy is?
Pick the best answer for what is used to prevent the overheating of electrical wires.
In this type of circuit, if one object turns off the other onjects may still stay on
In a series circuit what happens to the bulb's brightness when extra bulbs are added?
In a parallel circuit what happens to the bulb's brightness when more bulbs are added
A circuit typically contains
How much power does a hair dryer use if it has a current of 10 A and is plugged into a 240 V outlet?
Yo ______________ (cantar) en el coro todos los domingos.
Los estudiantes no ______________ (estudiar) mucho.
Marta y yo ___________________ (bailar) en la clase de baile.
Elena ____________ (tocar) la guitarra muy bien.
Tu _______________ (escuchar) la radio todos los dias.
Manuel y yo _______________ (comprar) muchas cosas en la tienda.
Mis amigos _________________ (hablar) por telefono cada dia.
La maestra _________________ (ensenar) la clase de arte.
Tu _________________ (descansar) en el dormitorio por la tarde.
Yo _________________ (trabajar) en la oficina.
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Diabetes is a body's lack of or inability to use ________.
Which of the following might encourage good eating in a preschool child?
During the adolescent growth spurt, teens need ______.
Which of the following is NOT a problem affecting the diet of most older adults?
A lacto-ovo vegetarian will eat _________.
As a group, teens are often at risk of nutritional deficiencies b/c they frequently ____.
A response of the body's immune system to a food protein:
Solve x^2 + 4x – 32 = 0
A rocket is shot into the air with an initial velocity of 800 m/sec. The equation h = -16t^2 + 1440t models the height of the rocket. How long does it take for the rocket to hit the ground (h=0)?
What is a quadratic equation?
Write a quadratic equation in the form ax^2 + bx + c = 0 that has the given numbers as solutions: (5, -3)
Solve the equation by factoring: x^2 + 9x + 20 = 0
My football ________________ after being left outside in the cold.
What does the prefix in deflated mean?
What does deflated mean in the sentence, the ball was deflated after getting a nail stuck in it.
What does the prefix in the word install mean?
Which of the following are things that you would NOT install?
Change the meaning of install so that it means to install again.
There were a lot of __________________ in that recipe
What does the word repair mean?
If ex- mean _________________, then an exoskeleton is a skeleton that is on the _____________ of a creature.
What is the prefix in explode?
Fossils are traces, remains, or evidence of
Rock fossils form
The body of a large prehistoric animal, such as a mammoth, complete with bones, muscle, skin, and hair, might be found preserved in
Two types of rock fossils are
The oldest layer in an undisturbed sedimentary bed is usually
Which statement best describes how Earth changes over time?
Why don't igneous rocks contain fossils?
The original remains of a small insect may be found preserved in
Igneous rock that cuts through sedimentary layers is always
Scientists can collect samples of the atmosphere from as long as 530,000 years ago by taking
In order to form a cast fossil, minerals must fill a
The age of an event or object compared with other events or objects is called its
What connection can be made between a fossilized organism and the rock in which it is fossilized?
In order to preserve original remains, a substance must be able to
A fossil of a dinosaur's footprint is an example of a(n)
Which of the following is a renewable resource?
Which of the following is a nonrenewable resource?
What is a drawback to using fossil fuels to produce energy?
What natural resource is used to make plastic?
One way to practice conservation in everyday life is to reuse
Why are fossil fuels used to run most power plants?
In addition to reducing the drain on natural resources, what other benefit comes from practicing conservation and recycling?
Solar cells, hydroelectric energy, biomass, and geothermal energy are all renewable forms of energy. Why are they potentially better to use than fossil fuels?
Why is coal considered to be a nonrenewable resource?
Why is wind considered to be a renewable resource?
Why are fossil fuels used to supply most of society's energy?
the type of power provided by a waterfall
organic matter from plants and animals
The devise used to harness the energy of sunlight
the type of power that uses heat beneath Earth's crust
This function returns a number that corresponds to the system date an time.
This Auto Fill Option fills the destination area using the format of the source area only.
Determines the value of a cell on which the formula depends.
Fill in the series, Qtr3, Qtr4,Qtr1, _______
This evaluates the impact of changing values in cells that are reverence by a formula in another cell.
This function assigns a value to a cell based on a logical test.
Sunday, Tuesday, _______,_________,__________
This fill option copies the format and contents.
If you drag the fill handle up or to the left, what will Excel do?
To copy cell contents Excel might think is a series, hold this key down
Jan, Mar, May _______, _________, _________
______, Wednesday, Friday, Monday,_________
Who is the author of the story?
to stir up or provoke
a small entryway within a building
able to move quickly and easily
to hesitate from lack of courage
to search or examine vigorously
the use of the good judgment and common sense
serious damage
a serious statement
greedily desired or wished for
a record of events
What is Della's most prized possession?
What is Jim's most prized possession?
Why is Della so upset at the beginning of the story?
What does Della wind up buying Jim?
Jim reacts strangely to Della’s new hair because:
What did Jim buy Della?
In The Gift of the Magi, what's the greatest gift?
Captures energy from the sunlight and uses it to produce food in a plant cell
Controls what comes into and out of a cell found in plant and animal cells
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
A closed path that electric current follows is called a
The properties of materials that affect resistance are
I = V/R is what formula?
The tendency to resist the flow of electrons is called
The force that causes electric charges to flow is called
Which is not a type of battery
Electric current is
Which is a source of voltage difference
Current flows from
If Jim has wires and a light bulb what does he need to make the current flow
What are the four things that make a mineral a mineral?
The color of a mineral in powder form is
If a rock is magnetic, it has
What is a solid mixture of a mix of minerals?
A silicate mineral must have
The process of extracting minerals from the ground is called
This is a rock in which you find a valuable mineral
Prospecting is when you
Reclamation is
Which form of mining is more damaging to the environment?
Lapilli is an example of what kind of rock?
Rock formed underground under high heat and pressure is
Squeezing sand, dirt, igneous, and metamorphic rock pieces together over time makes
Basalt and Obsidian are examples of
Limestone, Sandstone, and Coal are examples of
Marble and Slate are
The rock cycle says that
The epicenter of an earthquake is the
Seismograms are
Seismograph is
The S wave is the
The P wave is
Core, Mantle, and Crust are
Richter Scale
A fossil is
Catastrophism is
Uniformitarianism is
The Pennsylvanian, Paleozoic, and the Permian are
Lapilli is an example of
A volcano that is a shield was made by a(n)
Volcanoes are
Volcanoes can be
If a volcano is explosive, it has a great deal of
If a volcano erupts and releases lapilli, this is considered
Aa is considered
Shield Volcanoes are
Cinder Cone Volcanoes are
Composite Volcanoes are
Which step of the water cycle talks about water collecting in lakes?
Which step of the water cycle shows water turning from a gas into water?
Which of the following is NOT caused by plate tectonics?
Which of the following would reduce the amount of smog?
Which of the following is needed for hydroelectric power?
Which of the following can cause acid rain?
Renewable resources are resources that
Which items make up the most garbage produced by houses and businesses?
Most of our electricity comes from power plants run by burning
The layer of gases that surrounds the Earth and acts like a blanked is the
Which of the following contributes most to global warming?
Which of the following would reduce your ecological footprint?
A student wearing goggles, gloves, and an apron begins a simple activity to determine the pH of corrosive solutions. Before the activity begins, what other safety measure should the student follow?
Which of these is the best reason to not eat or drink while in the laboratory?
The reason for wafting or fanning a small amount of chemical vapors toward the nose as a means to detect odors in a test tube is to-
Which of these is a hypothesis that can be tested through experimentation?
Which of the following organelles is involved in storing material in a plant cell?
During photosynthesis hydrogen combines with carbon dioxide to make-
Which of the following describes viruses?
People infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) have an increased risk of dying from secondary infections. Which of these best explains how HIV increases the danger of secondary infections?
One characteristic shared by a virus and a living cell is that both-
Bacteria are present in the digestive tract of some herbivores. The bacteria break down plant cellulose, making it possible for the herbivore to digest plant material. These bacteria live in a stable environment with sufficient food and water. The he
A statement detailing the intended use of the network, what kinds of computer-related activities are appropriate and consequences
A policy that entitles the public to use portions of copyrighted material without permission for reporting
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