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This recognized American Independence and ended the Revolutionary War.
A species is a group of similar organisms that
A branching tree is
Which term refers to a species creating more offspring than can possibly survive?
How does natural selection lead to evolution?
What did Darwin infer from his observations of organisms in South America and the Galapagos Islands?
A trait that helps an organism survive and reproduce is called a(n):
Which term refers to the process by which individuals that are better adapted to their environment are more likely to survive and reproduce?
If two organisms look very similar during their early stages, this is evidence that the orgasnisms
Which term refers to similar structures that related species have inherited from a common ancestor?
Which term refers to a species that no longer has any living members?
Scientists combine evidence from fossils, body structures, early development, and DNA and protein structures to
Yo compraba los jeans para Juan. = Yo ____ compraba los jeans.
Nosotros ofrecíamos las galletas a ustedes =
Yo copiaba los apuntes para mis amigos=
Yo estoy escribiendo una carta a ti. = 2 OPCIONES
¿Él _____ decía la información que necesitabas?
Nosotros _________ mandaban unas cartas a ustedes siempre.
¿Quién te escribió la carta anoche? (ellos)
¿Quién estaba pidiendo la ayuda del profesor? (yo)
Ellos preparaban la cena para vosotros= Ellos ____ preparaban la cena.
Anoche, mis padres _______ preguntaron si yo completé mi tarea.
¿Tú __________ dijiste la información que él necesitaba? (a ella)
¿Ellos me dijeron la verdad?
¿Quién compró el regalo para ustedes? (Ella)
¿Quién compartía los juguetes contigo? (ellas)
¿Quién dio el regalo a tu amiga anoche? (Yo)
How has the outsourcing of jobs by American-owned companies impacted citizens?
What movement was connected to the Freedom Riders?
This was the final act the lead to the Spanish American War
I pledge you, I pledge myself, to a new deal for the American public. -Who would have most likely said this quote?
Which policies increased as the South reacted to the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments?
How did the new affordability of the automobile change life in America in the 1920's?
Bootlegging was no longer necessary after the passage of which amendment-
Which battle immediately followed the bombing at Pearl Harbor?
What type of political philosophy gave rise to dictators with total power, who denied other individuals freedoms?
W.E.B. Dubois encouraged African American to
NATO and the Warsaw Pact were created as a direct result of
Between World War I and World War II, most Americans believed that the United States should follow a foreign policy that emphasized
What battle is regarded as the the turning point in Eastern Europe during World War II?
People living in sodhouses most likely lived
After the crash, B.J. becomes
Andy's father works for which company?
Who surprises Andy by showing up at a basketball game soon after the crash?
After Rob dies, Andy becomes one of the basketball team's star
What did someone call Andy when he returned to school after the accident?
In Andy's dream, Rob asks Andy to
Why does Gerald dislike the $5 bill?
How did Robert Washington die in the opening pages of the novel?
What is Andy's sentence for the accident?
What play is Andy’s English class studying when he gets up and leaves class upset?
What did Rob's mom always tell Andy to come pick up at Christmas?
Who were the three boys that survived the accident?
Who is Andy's girlfriend?
Mistrusted strong central government
Invented the Cherokee alphabet
Sauk leader
Bank president
First Whig President
He spoke for Americans who had been left out of politics.
He believed that the federal government should help the nation switch to an economy based on manufacturing.
He fought for high tariffs and a stronger national bank.
He called for a limited federal government and strong state powers.
He won the 1824 Presidential election.
The 1824 Presidential election was decided _____
He was NOT a favorite son candidate in the 1824 election.
An overwhelming victory
A system in which non-elected officials carry out laws
True or false: puberty begins at the same time for everyone
What is the purpose of puberty?
What is an example of a physical change during puberty that BOTH BOYS AND GIRLS experience?
During puberty, we experience physical, social and __________ changes.
What is a physical change that girls experience during puberty that boys do not experience?
What is a physical change that boys experience during puberty that girls do not experience?
Having a crush on someone else is an example of a ________ change during puberty:
Mood swings are:
The two main hormones whose levels increase in the human body during puberty are called:
All girls begin their period at the same time: true or false?
Which two terms are used to describe weather?
Which process occurs when ocean waves drop seashells on a beach?
Which unit of measurement should be used to describe the mass of an apple?
An object is attracted to a magnet. When the magnet is moved away from the object, the magnetic force on the object will
Which characteristic describes the texture of a kitten's fur?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
About how far do plates move each year?
Identify one technological advance introduced during WWI and the impact it had on war.
Identify one measure taken at home to help win the war effort.
Identify one punishment placed upon Germany by the Versailles Treaty.
Identify one issue soldiers faced in the trenches and describe the extent of the problem.
The tools, sickle and hammer are associated with:
The Yalta Conference occurred near the end of World War II, but marked the beginning of serious tensions between_______________________.
What was the outcome of WWII?
The headline, FIRST ATOMIC BOMB DROPPED ON JAPAN, refers to the bombing of ____________________.
The quote, A date which will live in infamy., is attributed to _____________________.
What event led to a decisive shift from isolationism in the United States?
Which pollutant smells like rotten eggs?
Farmers can benefit from wind energy by generating their own power, becoming a wind developer or by:
Soil, water and air are all examples of:
Underground structures that anchor the tree and take up water, nutrients, and minerals from the soil are:
Which is a complex carbohydrate that constitutes the chief part of the cell walls of higher plants and yields fiber for many products?
Which test analyzes the leaves and foliage of plants to determine the nutrients in the plant itself?
Photovoltaic cells utilize the energy from the:
The primary function of a plant's crown is:
What is the standard unit of measurement for most lumber?
To use or manage natural resources wisely is:
Which are synthetic chemicals or natural solutions used to kill insects, rodents, weeds and other pests?
Which is an example of a postive environmental impact?
What is the term for growing plants in the absence of soil usually with roots submerged in water?
What is the term for livestock or plants grown without the use of chemical fertilizer, pesticides, or supplemental hormones?
Livestock producers may use manure as a ________________________________ on their crop fields.
Using ______________________ can reduce the need for commercially produced fertilizers.
Which is an example of a production agriculturist practicing environmental stewardship?
Which is an example of how fossil fuel usage could be decreased?
Which is an example of reusing an item?
Which item cannot be recycled?
The raising and harvesting of fresh and saltwater plants and animals is:
Which is a mature animal that has produced an offspring?
Which holds the belief that animals should receive proper care and medical attention and be used by humans for food?
The best term to describe food produced without chemical fertilizers, growth stimulants, or pesticides is:
Which is a preventative measure used in livestock management?
Which is an agricultural product from sheep?
Which livestock management practice prevents unwanted breeding?
Which is NOT an example of a byproduct generated by the animal industry?
Who would most likely have information on raising pigs?
If one has 100 sows in North Carolina and wants to introduce genetics into the herd from a champion boar in Brazil, the MOST likely method is to use:
Absorbing sunlight to produce energy is a function of which plant part?
Where on a plant might one find male and female parts?
A fertilized ovule is known as a:
As a plant fiber producer one would most likely grow:
Converting raw fruits and vegetables into frozen or canned products is known as:
Transporting water, nutrients, and sugar through the plant is a function of which plant part?
What do plants take in during the process of photosynthesis?
Which government organization regulates official organic labeling?
Which is a byproduct of photosynthesis?
Which is used for animal feed but not human food?
Civilizations and developed societies first came about as a result of:
Identifying points in food handling where contamination is likely to occur is part of:
Sugar is an example of a:
Good microorganisms can enhance the flavor or change the state of a food product through the process of:
Which describes a disease that can be spread from animals to humans or from humans to animals?
Selecting plant varieties to cultivate, controlling pests and weeds, and harvesting is part of:
What food group provides the most protein?
If a 4 ounce candy bar is eaten and each ounce of the bar contains 60 calories, how many calories will be consumed by eating the whole bar?
Which government agency inspects fruits and vegetables at a local processing facility?
A freezer should be set to which temperature to keep food safe from microorganisms and maintain food quality?
revoke or annul
information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view
generally is an army or other fighting unit that is composed of non-professional fighters
groups appointed by the legislatures in the 13 British American colonies to provide colonial leadership and aid intercolonial cooperation.
a member of a class of American militiamen who volunteered to be ready for service at a minute's notice.
a person who remains loyal to the established ruler or government, especially in the face of a revolt
a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors
formal written request, typically one signed by many people, appealing to authority with respect to a particular cause
not helping or supporting either side in a conflict, disagreement, etc.; impartial
is a person who takes part in an armed conflict who is not a national or a party to the conflict and is motivated to take part in the hostilities by the desire for private gain
This allowed Missouri to enter the Union as a slave state and Maine as a free state.
What state entered the union as a free state thanks to the Compromise of 1850?
His election to the Presidency caused the Southern states to leave the Union.
What event marked the beginning of the Civil War?
He was the leader of the South's Army of Northern Virginia and would later surrender at Appomattox.
He was the President of the Confederate States of America.
What civil war battle was the turning point of the war?
This battle gave the advantage to the north because they gained control of the Mississippi River and cut the south in half.
This freed slaves.
This was the first major battle of the Civil War.
Biofuel can be created from:
Observations and hypothesizing are the first steps in the scientific:
Using technology to create an exact science so farmers receive the greatest crop yields with the lowest cost while reducing waste and maintaining the environment is:
Formations of a theory based on data and observations is a:
In addition to eating plant tissue insects can also:
Which form of biotechnology makes the fruits and vegetables we eat more nutritious?
Which is an advantage of biotechnology?
What is the difference between genetic modification and selective breeding?
Odor management is a commonly discussed topic when it comes to livestock and poultry production’s impact on the environment. To what issue in agriculture is this referring?
The MOST LIKELY result of a hail storm damaging 85% of the local corn crop would be:
Which is NOT a goal of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals?
Which would be the MOST IMPORTANT agriculture issue to someone buying a new farm?
Which established criteria to evaluate animal welfare?
The global production of food, fiber, natural resources, horticulture, and other plant and animal services is best described as:
The PHASE of raising and caring for the animal which includes nutrition, health, reproduction and growth is:
A credible source for an agriculture class presentation should have:
Which is the MOST efficient method to advocate to your local community about an agriculture issue?
Britain desire to remain a world power resulted in conflict with France called the what?
To help finance the French and Indian War the British issued ________ on the colonists.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is the best description of parallel lines?
What is the best definition of intersecting lines?
A shape that is considered a parallelogram if it has?
A regular pentagon has ______ lines of symmetry?
Which shape will always have the most lines of symmetry?
What is the best definition of an acute angle?
What is the best definition of an obtuse angle?
A straight angle or a straight line has ______ degrees.
A right angle can be best defined as?
Complementary angle are angles that add up to a total of?
Supplementary angles are?
In Illustrator, you cannot rename layers.
In Photoshop, using the Clone Stamp tool and the Healing Brush tool will repair an aged and cracked photo.
In Photoshop, the position of a layer in the Layers panel can be changed.
Which of the following printing processes is used to print on t-shirts?
What are the three types of images that can be printed on a page?
Which of the following terms is associated with the changing of distance between lines of type?
The fine strokes at the top and bottom of a character are called:
In which panel do you determine or set the weight of a line?
When referencing the elements and principles of design, what are the two types of balance used when evaluating every type of design?
When inserting images or clipart into InDesign, what is the proper command you used to accomplish this task?
In InDesign, all lines of type that are aligned with the left and right margin is known as:
When using Step and Repeat a positive value in the horizontal offset box will position copies:
Which of the following is not an element of design?
InDesign documents can be _____ to easily include images, fonts, and instructions
You can change font, type size, kerning, and other text attributes in which panel?
Changing a layer’s location in the layers panel hierarchy does which of the following?
The absence of the ____ icon indicates that a layer is hidden.
When an image is blurry and hard to see, professional graphic designers refer to this as a ____ image.
Any Artwork that is traced or drawn using only lines and curves is known as ____ based image.
What color mode does the Illustrator file need to be in order to screen print?
In Photoshop, when changing the color of a car, you must change the layer mode to:
In Photoshop, what tool is best used to easily remove a background?
This principle of design gives your design “breathing” room.
____ refers to the relationships of parts to each other and to the whole work.
The principle of design that helps organize information and reduces clutter.
The lightness and darkness of an object
____ marks help to line up a screen printing job.
A film ____ is used when printing separations for screen printing.
How do you unlock a background layer in Photoshop?
What is the name of this class
Trading goods and services allows countries to meet their individual wants and needs as well as to help their own economy.
Perhaps the most common technology staple in business today is the telephone.
Since the 1970s, world trade has decreased due to nations becoming more self-sufficient.
If a country has a trade deficit with one country, it cannot have a trade surplus with another.
Exchange rates change from day to day and country to country.
In a market economy, a country's economic health depends on business doing well.
Most of the banks in the United States are commercial banks.
The federal government uses credit to pay for many of the services and programs it provides to its citizens.
Only consumers with bad credit have a credit report.
Credit counselors are seldom able to restore good credit to someone whose bad credit score is otherwise correct.
With U.S. bankruptcies, creditors can take some or all of a debtor's assets to get back some of their money.
Most banks offer several types of checking accounts.
It is not necessary to sign your name exactly as it is written on the front of a check. You should sign your name as you always do even if the check is written incorrectly.
Because the depositor's money is not accessible until the maturity date, the interest rate on a CD is lower than that of a regular savings account.
Treasury bills are sold in units of $10,000.
Stock prices change throughout every business day.
Commercial banks are often called full-service banks.
The type of credit used by people for personal reasons is called commercial credit.
Something of value the bank can take if a borrower does not make a required loan payment is collateral.
Interest earned on both the principal and any interest earned on the principal is compound interest.
The people who work with computers while doing business are know as the _______________.
E-tickets are available for all of the following venues EXCEPT
Another name for money is
Trade disputes occur when
All of the following are reasons to restrict trade EXCEPT
One of government's roles is to
The following are public goods EXCEPT
All of the following are transfer payments EXCEPT
Local taxes pay for
Regular savings accounts
The FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Commission)
Which statement is MOST true?
The best example of a long-term goal (10 years or more) might be
All of the following are securities EXCEPT
Because they have low risk, government bonds
A tax break is a special benefit given to promote specific economic or social objectives.
Someone who agrees to be responsible for a debt if the main applicant does not repay, it is a co-signer.
A company that sells its products online is called a brick and mortar business.
Computers were first used by the military.
It is easier to compare products and prices by shopping in stores rather than by shopping online.
Which of the following is NOT a layer of the Earth?
What are the two parts of the upper mantle?
What two materials make up the Earth's core?
The lithosphere is broken into large pieces called...
Which of the following does a plate NOT carry?
What force in the asthenosphere causes the plates to move?
Which of the following is NOT a way plates move?
What type of movement occurs at a TRANSFORM boundary?
What type of boundary has crust that is neither created nor destroyed?
What natural event frequently occurs at transform boundaries?
What is the name of the major fault located in California?
What type of boundary has the plates moving AWAY from each other
What is the name of a divergent boundary when it occurs on land?
What happens to land at a divergent boundary?
Which of the following is NOT a type of convergent boundary?
What type of movement occurs at a CONVERGENT boundary?
When two plates collide...what determines which plate comes out on top?
When land is pushed down into the Earth and is melted back into magma (land destroyed), we call it...
When to continental plates collide...they form?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What did Saint Patrick do?
What was the reason that Southern Europe was invaded less often by raiders than Northern Europe?
What was the outcome of the Crusades?
What started the Hundred Years' War?
Who were the Vikings?
Why did the Christian Church start to split in the 1,000's?
I told him he needed to season that fish with more herbs. In the sentence above, the word season means
Josie was sad when she noticed the huge amount of litter by the side of the road. Based on its context in the sentence above, what is the meaning of the word litter?
I thought I would have done better on the test since I studied for two straight weeks. In fact, I memorized that book, so I knew it like the back of my hand. What does the idiom I knew it like the back of my hand mean?
They all seem to echo these same thoughts by telling me that I'm the spitting image of my dad. What does the phrase spitting image mean?
Which sentence gives a human quality to the basketball game the boys are playing?
Which sentence suggests that Kerry was happy?
Which sentence suggests the man is sneaky?
No matter how Ellen would plead with her mother, her mother would say that the shoes were overpriced. What is the connotation of the word overpriced?
n the sea of people, Joseph was the buoy that Carol needed to feel that everything was going to be okay. What is the connotation of the word buoy?
on and Marvin tackled this task with the same enthusiasm as they did planning summer vacation. What is the connotation of the word tackled?
The equator is...
The globe will show these things...
Latitude lines are...
What are lines of longitude?
What is a physical map?
What is a political map?
The Prime Meredian is...
What is Relative Location?
Who is a conquistador?
Where did most people live during the Middle Ages?
What does Garrett's mother do at the school?
What did Beatrice's father do?
What happened the second time Officer Delinko went to the construction site?
What is on the poster in Roy's bedroom wall?
What vandalism was done on Curly's job site?
What are the two pounds of hamburger really for?
What does Dana call Roy when he's beating Roy up on the bus?
Where did Roy live before?
Who is the barefoot boy?
Who was hiding under Roy's bed?
A boundry between 2 different air masses
Instrument that measures temperature
Measure of how hot or how cold it is
A mass of cool dry air that brings fair weather and light winds. These bring sunny skies!
Huge vertical clouds (that grow high in the sky) that produce thunderstorms, hail and tornadoes
the process of changing from a gas to a liquid
A mass of warm moist air that brings stormy weather with strong winds
Low lying gray and sheet like clouds that often produce drizzle
A layer of gases surrounding a planet
evaporation of water from plants
Fractions are the masters of desguise because?
If my answer on a fraction math problem is not there... I need to ?
If I only have one fraction in the word problem, and fractions on the answer choices what strategy should I use?
If I need to change any fraction into money what strategy?
Any time I have a picture or a model of a fraction I need....?
If the numerator and denominator are the same I have?
An improper fraction has a numerator that is bigger than denominator, true or false?
If I have a whole number and a fraction on a math problem I can solve this problem by?
If my answer is an improper fraction it is very likely I would need to ...?
1/2 is equivalent to ?
A mix fraction and an improper fraction are always greater than 1 whole. TRUE OR FALSE
A circle has the most lines of symmetry. True or False
Complementary angle add to ?
An acute angle is _____?
A straight angle or straight line has ______ degrees.
A circle is made-up of ____ degrees?
A rectangle has only ______ lines of symmetry?
Supplementary Angle(s) add to _______ degrees.
A polygon can be best defined as?
Shapes are considered congruent if they are the same shape and exactly the same size.
Vertical lines are lines that...?
The angles of any triangle must add to a total of ?
An equilateral triangle can be best defined?
At what time on the clock do the hands on the clock form perpendicular lines.
What is another time on the clock in which clock hands would make perpendicular lines?
Perpendicular lines are lines that intersect and make...?
A scalene triangle is a type of triangle that...?
A right angle has ____ degrees?
Isosceles triangle can be best defines?
Which shape has the most lines of symmetry?
A square has ______ lines of symmetry
A regular pentagon has ______ lines of symmetry
An equilateral triangle has?
How do we find the area?
How do you find the perimeter of a shape?
What is our strategy for perimeter?
What is our strategy to find Area?
Which are the keywords for perimeter?
What are the keywords for area?
If a square has an area of 16 square feet, what could be the measurement of one of its sides?
A rectangular garden has a perimeter of 12 feet. If the length is 4 feet long, how long is the width?
The perimeter of an equilateral triangle is 15 yards, what is the length of one side?
Luis wants to put a border around Mr. Caro's bulletin board. Luis is doing what type of problem
The key word: how much more tells that we probably need to ?
The term: differences tell us that we probably need to?
The key word : product tell us to ?
taller, shorter, bigger, greater ... are keywords that tell us that we probably need to?
Quotient is a key word for?
The key words: share and group(s) are key words that go with...
Remainder is a key word that goes with?
Factor(s) can be best defined as ?
The term: each- is a key word that tell us ...
Approximately, estimate, about....... are key words to help us...
What best defines perpendicular lines?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
parcialmente nublado
it is 10:30 pm
Who was ExCom?
Khrushchev saw having nuclear weapons in Cuba, as what?
How did the American public respond to the Cuban missile crisis?
Which part of Korea is still communist today, ran by dictator Kim Jong-Un?
Why did the United States become involved in the Vietnam War?
When did the United States finally pull troops out of Vietnam?
Who was the leader of the communist revolution of Vietnam?
Who was J. Robert Oppenheimer?
Which two cities were the targets of the Atomic Bomb drops?
The man mainly responsible for spearheading the Russian Revolution against the Tsar and becomes the first leader of the new communist Soviet Union is
What was the official treaty that ended WWI and made Germany accept blame for starting the war, which was also referred to as the Unequal Treaty by Germans?
The purpose of Jethro Tull’s invention was to drill a seed into the ground and then cover it with dirt. The name of this invention was:
The Industrial Revolution began in what country?
Eli Whitney invented which of the following:
Which of the following is NOT a reason for Europeans being able to colonize Africa in the 19th century?
The event where European nations met to divide Africa, where no African rulers were invited, was known as what?
The cause of the Sepoy Mutiny was mainly due to
Choose the term that best fits the following definition: The idea that those who were fittest for survival and success were superior to others in the World.
The process in which a minority group that adopts the customs of a prevailing culture is the definition of what vocabulary term?
Who was the key player during the period of Imperialism who had conquered territories throughout the world, most notable in India and China?
How many men were in the fiery furnace?
Who was the angel that came to Mary?
How many times was Jesus tempted?
Who walked on water?
Who was Lazarus?
How many lepers were there?
Why did the Jews give Jesus a triumphal entry?
What did Jesus use to represent his body and blood at the last supper?
Who cut off the soldier's ear?
What did the earth do when Jesus died?
What did Jesus leave us when he ascended?
The belief that one ruler should have complete control over a country is called
This document, written by Thomas Jefferson and influenced by the ideas of John Locke, stated the goals of the American colonists and outlined their grievances against the British King, George III.
How were the three estates broken up in France prior to revolution which respectively held about 3% of the population in the first two estates and the rest of the 97% in the third estate?
What was the time period where Robespierre governed France as a dictator and used the Committee of Public Safety to justify killing anybody he deemed an enemy of the revolution?
What was the route in the Atlantic where slaves were shipped from Africa into the New World?
What role did religion play in the desire for European exploration?
The greed of _____________________ was partly responsible for the domination of the Aztec empire and the enslavement of its people.
Luther was excommunicated for what reason?
What role did Gutenberg’s printing press have in the Protestant Reformation?
In what region of Europe did the Renaissance begin?
How many victims have officially been connected to Jack the Ripper?
The FBI now believes what happened to DB Cooper?
Where was Elizabeth last seen alive?
What was found in the package that arrived at the police station?
How did Elizabeth’s mother find out about her daughter’s murder?
OJ Simpson was a famous former athlete known for which sport?
Nicole Brown Simpson claimed to be a victim of what?
Which witness in the OJ Simpson case went with OJ to McDonalds the night of the murder?
Why did Ron Goldman go to Nicole’s house on the night of their murders?
Of all of the wounds Nicole sustained, what did she die from?
What was left at the crime scene?
Where was OJ when he heard from the police of Nicole’s murder?
Which of the following is what OJ led the police on a slow speed chase in?
“If the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit,” was said after what?
What case was OJ found liable of the deaths of Ron and Nicole?
Jack the Ripper was a serial killer in the 1880’s in what city?
All of the Ripper’s victims were:
How long was Jack the Ripper active approximately, that they know of?
MH370 was a plane that disappeared on route from Kuala Lumpur to what city?
The first thought of the disappearance of MH370 was that what happened?
It was later determined that the flight of MH 370 ended where?
What part of the plane was discovered over a year later on an island?
There was NO contact from anyone on the plane about bad weather, system failure, or an emergency. And all of the communication devices were turned off. What does this make officials think?
What amount did the ransom letter demand?
Where was JonBenet’s body found?
How did JonBenet die?
JonBenet’s autopsy revealed she ate what, which her parents do not recall giving her?
All of the following were mistakes made by police, EXCEPT:
Immediately the police and the media focused on who as the primary suspect(s)?
JonBenet’s parents were criticized for her involvement in pageants saying they made her:
By 2008, it was determined due to forensic evidence, that __________ were innocent.
DB Cooper is the only unsolved _______________ in American history.
The man identified himself as who?
Which of the following was NOT a demand by DB Cooper?
In 1980, what was discovered by a young boy?
The Zodiac was a serial killer active in the 1960’s in what state?
The Zodiac often targeted who?
How did the Zodiac drop clues and riddles to media and to police?
There was one murder that was unlike the others. Why?
When did the letters and murders mysteriously stop?
What were the Crusades?
Who established the earliest universities?
What does chivalry mean?
Who was Charlemagne?
What is another name for a church official?
Who was Eleanor of Aquitaine?
Name 3 factors that helped the Aztec Empire rise.
Describe a heretic.
What caused the Black Death?
What was the importance of the Inca road system?
Where did the Incas live?
What was the main goal of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand?
What was the most important similarity between a knight and a samurai?
Why did the Incas fill a room with gold and silver?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What are the 6 indicators of a healthy water system
Global Warming might be caused by increase of burning fossil fuels increasing what into the atmosphere
This term describes nutrient rich water that arises and feeds life near the ocean surface
Most of Earth's freshwater resource is located where?
Which is the best example of a pure substance?
Which statement best explains how periods on the periodic table are organized?
Which careers would a student studying biotechnology most likely pursue
Which best determines the number of wolves that can live in an area
Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin to treat which pathogen?
Which is an example of a renewable energy resource?
Which organelle is called the powerhouse of the cell, its where cellular respiration takes place
How does a balanced chemical equation satisfy the Law of Conservation of Mass
What are the needed components to carry out photosynthesis
Term used to indicate the number and diversity of species on earth
A species whose numbers have fallen so low that its likely for to become extinct in the near future
1973 Act of US congress designed to protect any plant and animal species in danger of extintion
Species that is not native to a particular region
Illegal hunting
Species likely to become endangered if protective measures are not taken immediatly
Illegal hunting
A species whose numbers have fallen so low that is likely to become extinct in the near future
1973 the US congress desinged to protect any plants and animals
Species that is not native to any region
What was the result of the conflict between the Spanish and the Incas?
Why did the Soviet Union become Cuba's main trading partner following the Cuban Revolution?
Which natural resource is important to Venezuela's economy?
What kind of natural feature does the Amazon basin in Brazil contain that is vital to the world?
Which European countries had the most cultural influences on South America?
How did Haiti achieve independence?
Which problem poses the greatest threat to the environment of Brazil's Amazon region?
How does the destruction of the rainforest in Brazil impact the Earth?
Which statement defines a dictatorship?
Which of the following would increase a country's gross domestic product?
Identify one of the issues the USSR had with the United States.
What were the four zones of Germany after WWII?
The Berlin Wall symbolized what?
What were the labor camps that Stalin sent millions of his own people to?
What were Stalin’s five year plans?
Identify what the Great Purge was.
Why would someone be sent to the gulags?
The two countries had fundamental differences in types of governments. Identify the two ideologies.
The idea that communism could be held within a certain policy that the United States supported. What was this idea called?
This doctrine was passed by President Truman in 1947 to counter Soviet geopolitical spread during the Cold War.
This was the United States’ way of aiding those countries to rebuild after WWII and to help stop the spread of communism.
The incident occurred when Soviets stopped the ability for the Western powers to supply aid to those inside Berlin.
Which of the following was an important ally to the Soviet Union under Stalin?
Who encouraged the invasion of South Korea by North Korea?
Identify one of the major countries that supported North Korea during the Korean War.
Who led the communist revolution in Cuba?
Why did the Americans see the alliance between the Soviet Union and Cuba so threatening?
The invasion into Cuba by exiles supported by the US that would ultimately become a failure, is known as:
What did Attorney General Robert Kennedy negotiate with to get Cuban exiles out of prison?
Identify what was photographed in Cuba on October 14, 1962.
Our way to communicate with God
What did God tell Moses to do?
Which is NOT a plague?
How many Commandments are there?
How many days did they march around the city of Jericho
Who wanted to kill the Jews when Esther was Queen?
How tall was Goliath?
Who was the priest that took care of Samuel?
What did Daniel keep doing even though it was against the law?
Where was Jonah told to go?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Miguel Hidalgo had nothing to do with Colombia winning it's independence from Spain.
The Cuban Revolution took place during the 1950's. Fidel Castro put a communist economy in place after his forces won control of the country.
The Zapatista's did not like NAFTA because they thought it would drive poor Mexican farmers out of business.
___________________ is a term used to describe a spending and saving plan. These are commonly used by businesses and individuals to manage their income.
A(n) _______________ is when someone spends some money now in the hopes that it will result in more money later on.
__________ is the ability to borrow money.
__________________ is a fee for the use of borrowed money.
The indigenous population of Australia are referred to as _____________.
Before the arrival of the Europeans in Australia, the indigenous people used an economic system most similar to which of the following:
Where does most of the population of Australia choose to live and why?
Australia has many trading partners. Why?
Today, most of the population of Australia speaks the language of the European nation that colonized it. Which language would this be?
Most of the first Europeans that came to settle in Australia were ______________.
Which was an effect of European settlement of Australia?
Which of the following best describes the Australian government today?
Australia has a(n) __________ distribution of power within it's government.
The modern economy of Australia can best be described as ______________.
Why are tariffs low in Australia?
The Great Depression in Texas was especially damaging to the agricultural sector because...
Which event happened first?
New military facilities, naval and aircraft production, and ammunition plants were a direct result of-
How did Texas economically benefit from US involvement in the second world war?
How did the dust bowl impact Texas society?
How did New Deal programs change the lives of Texans during the Great Depression?
Why were many military bases built in Texas during the second world war?
Which inference about population in Texas during the 1930's and 1940's is best supported by data in the maps?
As a result of the dust storms--
How did the Dust Bowl affect the economic development in Texas?
Texas acted to manage problems arising from the Dust Bow in the 1930's by-
How did supply and demand affect the economy of Texas during the 1930's?
Who served as Vice president during FDR first two terms.
Fill in the blank : Demonstrate____________
Fill in the blank :Follow______
Fill in the blank : Focus on the ________
Fill in the blank : Be a________
Fill in the blank : Measure_____
Fill in the blank : Know the Details to __________
Advocate Change and_________
It shines bright during the day.
You can eat this for lunch.
Matt has a scar, is intelligent, likes pizza and drumming. Which trait is inherited?
Which characteristic would a child NOT inherit from one or both of its parents?
Which is an example of a single-celled organism?
Which describes a bacterial cell?
Which is a characteristic of a dog that is most likely a result of its environment?
Which best describes a single celled organism?
Are inherited traits passed from parent to offspring in both plants and animals?
What is the definition of an inherited trait?
Which explains why children resemble their parents?
What information tells you if an organism is unicellular or multicellular?
The 5 levels of organization of life are...
Which of the following is an abiotic factor?
An adaptation is when an animal changes behavior or physical appearance in response to
Biodiversity in an ecosystem is harmed by...
Which of the following is a biotic factor?
What is carrying capacity?
What effects can there be from pollution?
What are 3 types of conservation?
If the polar ice caps melt, what could the effect be on Earth?
What is decomposition?
The predator will...
What is a natural source of pollution?
What is parasitism?
What is an example of a nonrenewable resource?
What is one reason for increased or higher temperatures on Earth?
What is mutualism?
What is recycling?
The endosymbiotic theory states that
Most genetic variation is due to
Speciation cannot take place without
The random change of allele frequencies in a population is called
What are the sources of genetic variability?
When allele frequencies in a population remain constant, and evolution does not occur, this is referred to as
Evolution in a population has occured when
In a population of birds, it is an advantage to have a small beak to reach insects in crevices and it is also beneficial to have a large beak to crush seeds. It is a disadvantage to have an average beak size. This is an example of
The number of different genes that control a trait determine the
The weight of human infants at birth is under the influence of
One scientific hypothesis about the origin of life holds that
One reason common names are not useful to biologists is that they
What does a cladistic analysis show about organisms?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
the temperature of 15*F is what temperature in Celsius?
what happens to temperature when a substance is melting
according to the graph, what is the melting point of the substance
according to the graph, what is the freezing point of the graph
What does STD stand for?
What causes STDs?
Which type of STD can be treated but not cured?
How are STDs passed from one person to another?
Which of the following STDs are caused by a virus?
True or False. A person can have a STD and not know it.
Which statement is true?
Which of the following words mean the same as transmittable?
Which of the following is a common symptom of STDs?
What does STI stand for?
Domminick tried to make practice. He was late. Which is the best way to combine these two sentences?
Nobody liked what Justin said about Eve. The class stopped talking to him. Which is the best way to combine these two sentences?
If a player shoots from behind the three-point line. The made goal is worth three points. What is the best way to combine the two sentences or clauses?
Dr. Naismith first planned to bring outdoor games inside. But outdoor games were too physical and cumbersome to bring inside. What is the best way to combine the information in the two sentences or clauses?
Mike had a hard time learning to paddle. Mike learned to surf on his own. Which is the best way to combine these two sentences?
Joshua was grounded for coming home late. He wasn't allowed to watch television. Which is the best way to combine these two sentences?
What is the correct form of the verb that should go in the blank? The pitcher had _______ the ball many times.
What is the correct form of the verb that should go in the blank? Benny _______ the school fight song at the last football game.
As soon as he _____ with the morning sun, Barry was out the door and ready to jog. What is the correct form of the verb that should go in the blank?
What is the correct form of the verb that should go in the blank? I was so happy when my dog _______ back home after running away.
Which sentence utilizes the best sensory language?
Which of the following sentences best uses language that appeals to the senses?
Which sentence gives the most precise description?
Which description uses language that appeals to the reader's senses?
Clock is to time as ruler is to
Which of the following relationships is most similar to the relationships below? eat : apple
Based on the context, what does the phrase eyes shining like diamonds tell the reader?
Which of the following sentences contains a metaphor?
She felt like a rabbit wanting to find a burrow to crawl into, but she managed to muster up the strength to look at her parents and to go to the car to carry in the rest of the groceries.
Out of frustration, I also told him that he would not be off the hook because I would be letting Mrs. Gonzi know that I did the project all on my own. Off the hook means?
What does HIV stand for?
True or false? HIV and AIDS are the same.
Which of the following is a way you can't get HIV?
What does AIDS stand for?
When does HIV become AIDS?
Which of the following is a symptom of AIDS?
Which of the following is an at-risk behavior increasing the chance of contracting HIV?
HIV is what?
True or false? There currently is no cure for HIV.
True or false? A person with HIV will eventually develop AIDS.
fierce, ferocious, or cruel; like a savage beast
to set up, to establish
showing doubt
polite, well-mannered, and respectful
vivid mental images, resembling a photograph.
in a strong and forceful way
ability to change body position quickly
with skill
gloomy mood
qualified or entitled to be chosen
People who jump Double Dutch must be able to change positions quickly and have a lot of....
After many days of rain I spoke ____________ because I was feeling so gloomy.
In order to play sports in high school, you must have a 2.0 GPA to give you...
It's fun to watch sports when people compete ...
There are people that are sometimes cruel and fierce. These people are...
You can tell when the teacher is angry because he or she will scream...
Someone who can remember everything they see has a ___________memory.
I wish more people were polite and ...
The school is ________________ new rules for how to behave in the cafeteria.
I looked at him ______________ because he usually didn't tell the truth.
Viruses cause diseases such as
Why are viruses classified as non-living?
A virus requires a host cell in order to
Which of the following is not a primary shape of a virus?
The shape of a virus refers to the shape of which component?
The shape of a helical virus could also be described as
An icosahedral virus has a protein capsule with ____ faces.
The envelope of an envelope virus is made up of
Scientists study how viruses infect cells to learn about
Which of the following can be infected by a virus?
Which of the following occurs in cells but not in viruses?
Which of the following cannot be found in a virus?
Which of the following gives the best explanation as to why host cells die rapidly during a lytic infection?
Viruses have which of the following components?
Viruses do not have ribosomes, therefore they cannot make ______ on their own.
Why do viruses go dormant if they are outside of a host for a length of time?
Which of the following best describes the evolutionary advantage of dormant states in viruses?
Which of the following best describes the contents of a flu vaccine?
Why do viral mutations pose such a threat to human health?
Charles Chamberland, a French microbiologist, invented a filter in 1884 that allowed for the separation of bacteria from viruses. His invention was a turning point in the study of viruses. What property of viruses allowed Chamberland’s filter to wo
Gradual change over generations
Herditary or non-heriditary differences between different individuals of a population
Process by which individuals that are better adapted to the environment survive and reproduce more successfully
Death of every member of a species
The human practice of breeding animals or plants that have certain desired traits
Change in DNA genetic material
Characteristics that improves an individual's ability to survive and reproduce in a particular environment
What is a variation called when it helps an organism survive
Some animals have an adaptation allowign the change in coloration to match their surroundings. The process of changing coloration is called
What protects living things from ultra-violet ratiation
This scientist traveled on the HMS Beagle as a naturalist, where he saw differences among species, and formed the idea of how bilogical evolution occurs
Which of these describes a likely reason why a species would become extinct after a major environmental change
I an organism's habitat and food source become depleted what could the organism do to survive?
Which shows the steps of scientific inquiry in the correct order
How would you find the volume of a cube
What is the formula for density
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
a mutation changed the DNA, but not the protein
a mutation is...
a square in a pedigree is a ___
If the percent of allele frequency increases over time....
a population is divided by a river results in...
A new colony starts by a small group of individuals
a structure that is considered no longer useful, but still present is called...
a species at equilibrum migrates and soon rapidly evoles. what type of evolution occured?
Similar fossils are found on two continents...
Which includes all others
which illustrates an abiotic factor in an ecosystem
which makes energy in an ecosystem?
What happens to energy that is transferred through the ecosystem?
a turtle eats a fish. What kind of relationship is that?
Which of the following most likely compete?
water that moves from the surface to into the ground...
a limiting factor unique to a corn field year after year is...
a population grows and levels off because it reached...
Which is not a file extension for web images
What is the tag for a new paragraph?
What is another name for an internal link?
What does HTML stand for?
There are __ views in Dreamweaver.
A __ is a vertical collection of cells.
A __ is a software program that request web pages.
A __ is a program that allows users to enter, edit and save text.
A client accesses information on a computer called _____-
Designers us a ___ to communicate the intention of the website.
Paula is taking pictures of her vacation to post on the family website. She wants her family to be able to access the files from various devices and browsers. Which factor is she considering?
An athletic company wants to use an animated graphic on their website. Which file is the best option to use?
Cassie wants to remove a dead tree in the background of a picture. Which image editing feature permits her to retouch the photo?
An athletic company needs to save their logo in a format that supports 16 million colors and transparency for their website. Which file is the best option to use?
While editing an image, Lucy clicked on one of the image handles and dragged it to the right in order to change the display size of the image. This caused the image to be distorted. Which of the following did she change?
Valerie is creating images to include on her company website. The compression type she is using reduces the file size without deleting any of the image data. Which type of compression is she using?
A student needs to reduce the size of a object in his graphic design project. Which image editing technique should he use?
Ms. Matthews is printing posters of her students' artwork. Since the images will be printed, they will need:
Jill has created an animated graphic for a company's website. This graphic should be saved as a:
A student would like to remove her boyfriend from her prom photo. Which image editing technique should she consider?
Igneous rocks are formed:
Sedimentary rocks are formed:
The size of a crater depends upon:
Stratigraphy is:
What are two ways craters are formed?
Magma creates geological structures as it flows across planetary landscapes.
The density of materials determines where they are found in the crust.
Magma was thought to have covered the Moon _______ billion years ago.
________________________, such as meteors, asteroids, comets, could hit both Earth and the Moon, but Earth’s atmosphere prevents many of them from reaching the ground
The atmosphere also causes craters on Earth to ________________________ more quickly.
What are the factors that affect appearance of impact craters and ejecta?
Product extensions include
Which of the following is not a reason in which an agent should be selected by a highly sought after athlete
The recruitment process for top high school athletes to play at colleges except
Which of the following is not a stage of brand recognition
An Advantage of customized entertainment over entertainment for the masses is
Which methods can be used to position a product in the marketplace?
Which of the following is not a component of the product mix?
During the decline stage of the product life cycle, all of the following are options except
The latest trends in television production include
The value people believe they receive from a product or service
______________ ____________ is the percentage of total sales a company expects to capture in relation to its competitors.
Why would a company choose to license the marketing of a product in the decline stage to another company?
Penetration pricing is
Sales level off during which stage of the product life cycle?
How does inflation contribute to a recession
Which of the following is characteristic of the expansion phase of the business cycle?
Why must sports and entertainment markets pay attention to consumer trends?
Researching the demographics of a fan base for a particular sport would be most closely associated with which core standard of marketing?
____________ is a way to make customers aware of products and encourage them to buy.
The marketing mix describes how a business blends the 4 marketing elements of
What layer is visible only during a total solar eclipse?
In what layer of the sun are the granules created?
What layer is the inner layer of the sun's atmosphere; the visible surface of the sun?
The distance between one peak and the next in a wave of the electromagnetic spectrum, or between one trough and the next is the _______________.
What star results when a white dwarf stops giving off energy?
What object in space has gravity is so strong not even light can escape?
What is the the blue-white hot core of a star that is left behind after its outer layers have expanded and drifted out into space?
What is the location within the Sun where the hot material rises and the cool material falls back inward caused by temperature differences?
What are the flame like columns of gas that continually erupt from the lowest layer of the sun's atmosphere?
Photons take a random walk
_____________ are the tops of convection cells where hot fluid rises up from the interior in the bright areas, spreads out across the surface, cools and then sinks inward along the dark lanes.
What is the contracting cloud of gas and dust (the earliest stage of a star's life) called?
_______ is the powerful explosion that occurs when a massive star dies.
What star is the small, dense remains of a high-mass star after a supernova?
The higher the frequency the shorter the wavelength.
The reasons a metal spoon gets hotter than a wooden spoon when left in a pot of boiling water is due to the difference in the spoon's thermal
air spaces between feather of a down filled winter coat causes the coat to be a good thermal
heat energy from the sun is transferred to Earth by thermal
in nature, heat will always flow from a
holding your hand above the flame of a candle, you will receive the most heat by means of thermal
A temperature of 77 K is nearly equivalent to
According to the specific heat table which material requires the least amount of energy to raise its temperature from 20*c to 40*c
According to the specific heat table, which material requires the greatest amount of heat to raise its temperature from 10*c to 15*c
The property that describes the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 kg of substance 1*c is its
The specific heat of silver is 235 j/kg*c. The amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of 2 kg of silver from 15*c to 20*c
the element bromine has an atomic number of 35 and an atomic mass number of 80. how many protons does bromine have
the element Gallium has an atomic number of 31 and an atomic mass number of 70. How many neutrons does Gallium have
The element aluminum has an atomic number of 13 and an atomic mass of 27. How many electrons does aluminum have
which classification of matter has only one type of atom
an atom has 15 protons, 16 electrons and 17 neutrons, what is its atomic mass number?
which subatomic particles are found in the nucleus of an atom?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
is an act of voluntarily abstaining from using, buying, or dealing with a person, organization, or country as an expression of protest, usually for social or political reasons.
Whoa! You have lost control. What happened?
Make sure you do not explode like a soda can by...
If you refuse to budge, you are being like
You want to keep calm like
What are the 4 steps to solving a problem?
What words are considered blame words?
Say the problem without blaming by
Solutions should be
Steps to calm down are
If you are going to solve a problem, you need to be
Bedroom doors must be at least how wide?
Bedroom doors for a wheel chair must be how wide?
Bedroom windows should be at least how wide in order to accommodate fire fighters?
Hallways should be a minimum of how wide?
Dimensions should be placed _______ away from the exterior wall on 1/8'=1'=0 scaled floor plan.
Which should you start with first when designing a floor plan?
What type of line is used to show an arch way or plain opening on a floor plan?
What size should your text be for the room labels in a floor plan?
What size in an A size piece of paper?
What size in an B size piece of paper?
What size in an C size piece of paper?
What is the common scale for a residential floor plan?
What is the common depth for a base cabinet?
What is the common depth for a wall cabinet?
In a drawing that is set to 1/4=1'-0 how many feet does a 1 line represent?
In a drawing that is set to 1/8=1'-0 how many feet does a 3 line represent?
A roof angle on an elevation is shown using what math method?
Most codes require the top of the foundation to be at least _______ above grade.
What causes surface currents?
How many years does it take water to go through the Great Ocean conveyor belt?
In what direction does the Gulf Stream circulate?
How does upwelling help the ocean?
What is the deepest place in the Pacific ocean?
This is how currents move in the southern hemisphere
This uses sound waves to map the ocean floor?
Which three things are transported by the Great Ocean Conveyor Belt?
How does downwelling help the ocean?
Thermohaline currents are created by differences in
This sea floor feature was once above water during the ice age
How is Iceland affected by the gulf stream
This new technology gives a high definition map of the sea floor
Pressure and salinity both do this as you go down in depth in the ocean
These two oceans are growing
The oceans are saltiest in the
The place where the temperature drops rapidly is called the
The place where the salinity drops rapidly is called the
Who first mapped the Gulf Stream
paying close attention
the act of giving time and energy to something
a way of doing something
umbrella-shaped device made of fabric; it allows people to fall slowly from an airplane
to guide
bushes and small trees growing under large trees
air that moves
paying close attention
the act of giving time and energy to something
How do eukaryotic cells divide?
what is the difference between a prokaryote and a eukaryote?
what happens during mitosis?
what is cytokinesis?
What is binary fission?
Which stage of mitosis invloves chromosomes lined up in the middle?
which phase of mitosis involves replication?
Meiosis is different than mitosis because...
a normal cell has 46 chromosomes, how many in the haploid cell?
meiosis results in _____ cells
meiosis results in ___________ cells
Chargaff's rule states that...
When does DNA replication occur?
Which protein helps to unwind DNA?
DNA is made of a sugar, a phosphate, and a...
DNA is made of a sugar, a phosphate and a ...
a DNA strand has CCG TTC, what would the compliment strand look like?
Which enzyme adds the new complimentary base during replication?
if there is 21.5% cytosine, how much guanine should be in the DNA
which includes the others?
A security expert is referred to as a
Which of these tools lets you select a range of colors?
Which menu drop down icon should you go to when you can't find the toolbox or brushes palette?
The History palette records events called _.
What is the permanent memory built into your computer called?
What symbol represents the smudge tool?
What does RAM stand for?
In Adobe Illustrator, what is the bounded by a solid line in which you create your artwork?
Which color mode does a computer monitor use, and which does a printer use?
Which of these tools can copy and recreate an image on your screen?
What does the color mode RGB stand for?
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