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People visit Everglades National Park to enjoy this _________________ and scuba dive and snorkel.
According to your textbook, being prevented to vote was just one way that _____________________ were discriminated against.
Florida needed scientists and engineers for the _______________ industry.
Florida’s mild climate and warm temperatures are what attract _________________.
The Supreme Court ruled that students of all races had the right to go to the same school after ____________________ brought a case upon them.
When people visit attractions in Florida, such as the Kennedy Space Center, this brings money into Florida by spending __________ money in Florida businesses.
Two African American women helped integrate Tallahassee’s bus system by ___________ to ride the bus.
Theme parks have affected Florida’s economy by ________________the amount of hotels, restaurants, and banks in the areas.
It took ____________ years for integration to happen in Florida.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Who was the leader of the Federalist Party who could never be president because of where he was born?
I was a slave that sued for my freedom after living in a free state.
Which event demonstrates the principal of Manifest Destiny?
Why did some leaders feel that the Articles of Confederation needed to be revised or replaced?
In the late 1600's and early 1700's which of the following formed a physical barrier to westward expansion?
What was the VA company's main purpose for funding a settlement in Jamestown?
This invention drastically improved the way people in the 1800's communicated with each other.
Which person is most likely to have this viewpoint? Britain came to the defense of the colonies during the war with France. It is only right that the colonies be taxed in order to pay back the cost of the war.
Which of the following defend the enlighten principal of natural rights?
You are writing a report on the Civil War. Which of the following could you use as a primary source?
Why were rivers vital to the survival of pioneers who settled in the OH valley?
The vocabulary term used to describe a shift in people living in rural (country) areas to living in urban (city areas is...
The compromise of 1850 created regional differences in the US based on which characteristics?
Which of the following is a secondary source you could use to research the War of 1812?
Why did many people travel west to CA in the mid 1800's?
Which president was responsible for the Indian Removal Act?
Which statement does NOT describe a part of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787?
Which statement describes one way that industrialization changed settlement patterns in the US
How did the US acquire the current states of UT, NM, and AZ?
The 1st amendment to the constitution protects freedoms of religion, speech,and press. Which of the following would be a violation of your 1st amendment right?
Making the laws of a country would be a responsibility of which branch of government?
This Era includes the search for the Northwest Passage and religious freedom in the New World.
This Era includes the battles of Lexington, Saratoga, and Yorktown.
This Era includes the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches.
This Era includes the terms of Presidents Washington thru Monroe.
The Era includes Indian Removal and the Bank Wars.
This Era include the belief that the U.S. would expand from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.
This Ere includes temperance, education, abolition, women's rights.
The Era includes The Compromise of 1850, the Dred Scott Case, and John Brown's Raid.
The Era includes the battles of Fort Sumter, Gettysburg, and Vicksburg.
This Era included Lincoln's ideas of bringing the South back into the Union peacefully.
Remember that Margo gave YOU a beautiful party, Susan and Nancy.
Please call ME when it is 4:00.
Can the driver give ME a ride?
Raphael wants it for YOU , Nancy
The book was read by HER, not John!
I want to go with HIM.
Sam, YOU have many friends
Caesar and Mark Anthony, Brutus brought death to YOU both.
Peter and Paul, do YOU want to travel with the group?
John bought his sons a radio, and he sent it to THEM.
WE are very intelligent.
The girls are eating right now, and I will bring THEM to the store after lunch.
Peter sang for YOU on the radio last night, Gaby.
YOU and Andrew are Peter’s brother.
OUR brothers are mean.
Willy sent US to see the teacher for help.
Mary and Joseph, YOU are a model for us.
MY sister is a dancer.
We love OUR mothers.
Marcus stole HIS pen.
An organelle that provides structure for plant cells
Protective layer for both plant and animal cells
Controls cells activities
What is the structure that makes proteins?
What do cells make up?
Which of the following make up an organ system?
What do you use to view a cells organelles
Are there many different types of cells?
Cells are the building blocks of all living things
Can cells be harmful
Which one is a protist?
What does the Euglena use to move?
What is one thing that plant cells have that animal cells don't?
What is the gelatin-like substance that cells are filled with ?
Prokaryotic cells have a neucleous
Both plant and animal cells have a cell wall
All cells have an outer covering called a cell membrane
The energy in food is stored until it released by the...
Tiny hair-like structures that help the paramecium move and eat
Also known as false feet aids in movement and feeding
What happened to the cotton industry in South Carolina during World War I?
The collapse of agriculture due to crop destruction, low prices, and mortgage foreclosures led to ___________________.
Which of the following describes another way that the state played a major role in the war effort?
Upon returning from World War I, black soldiers were still subject to racially motivated attacks that were known as:
Which military camp, established during World War I, is the primary Army training facility on the East Coast today?
What document intercepted by the British negatively impacted American opinion against Germans?
Which SC town changed its name to North Augusta due to anti-German sentiment?
What name was applied to the series of violent attacks against African Americans across the nation in 1919?
What effect did the America's trading partnership and Britains' blockade of German ports have on American trade?
What phrase by President Wilson is associated with the U.S. entry into WWI?
Consumer that eats only other consumers, also known as heterotrophs
Process of breaking down food to yield energy
Final, stable comunity that forms when land is left undisturbed
organism that gets its energy by eating other organisms
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Why do flowers have such colorful petals?
Which two products are produced during photosynthesis?
What is the name of the chemical reaction that takes place in concrete?
How long do you have to wait to test concrete?
How long before you can work on concrete?
The four main ingredients in concrete are:
An example of fine aggregate is:
An example of coarse aggregate is:
What is the ideal temperature for pouring concrete?
Concrete is best if there is:
What are some ways to conduct market research (or check for demand)?
What are two big product costs?
How should concrete be maintained while curing?
What should the weather be like when you are going to pour concrete?
Identify the appropriate pieces of safety gear to be worn when pouring or mixing concrete.?
If the weather conditions are hot and dry when you are pouring and curing concrete, what does it do to it?
What is the difference between cement and concrete?
What is the most common name and type of cement?
What is the best water-to-cement ratio to use to make concrete?
What happens to concrete if the aggregates are not clean?
What percentage of the concrete's volume is taken up by the aggregates?
How long does it take for concrete to reach its greatest strength?
Process of making new rocks out of old rock material
Which process forms sediment?
Process that moves or transports sediments
Process of depositing sediments in a new location
What are strata?
______________ metamorphism is the process of forming metamorphic rocks by coming into contact with lava or magma
_____________ rocks are formed under intense heat and pressure
____________ rocks are formed when sediments are compacted and cemented together
_________________ rocks are formed when lava or magma cools and hardens into solid rock.
_______________ metamorphism is the process of forming metamorphic rocks by heat and pressure from a fault in the area of the rock
What has to increase for metamorphism to occur?
When magma cools quickly, what kind of texture does rock have?
During the rock cycle, what forms when magma cools?
What kind of metamorphic rock has its mineral grains arranged in planes or bands?
Besides texture, how else are rocks classified?
The process in which sediment is laid down or deposited.
A property of a rock based on the size and shape of its mineral grains.
The chemical makeup of a rock.
What kind of rock is formed when magma intrudes into other rock?
Khalia had a cup of ice with a mass of 1,000 kg. After the ice melted, which is most likely the mass of the cup of water?
A teacher places a penny into an amount of acid in a closed container to demonstrate a chemical change. The penny weighs 3 grams and the acid 230 grams. After the chemical reaction takes place, what will be the mass of the penny and acid?
The mass of a grape drink mixture is 150 grams. Kathy boils the mixture and notices that 50 grams of water has evaporated. Which will most likely be the result.
A jeweler melts gold to make jewelry. As the gold melts, the mass
Amanda melted a 4-oz chocolate bar in a pot with a lid. What is most likely true about the weight of the melted chocolate?
Jasmine bought a 525 gram bag of unfrozen popsicles. WHich best describes the mass after they were frozen?
Vanessa weighs her banana with the peel and it weighs 145 g. She weighs the banana again after she removes the peel and it weighs 123 g. About how much does the peel weigh?
MIke dissolves some sugar in water and pours 10 oz of the mixture into a jar with a lid to create rock candy. Which is most likely the weight of the mixture after it crystallizes into rock candy?
A group of students weighed a sealed jar full of heavy cream. THen they shook the jar until the cream separated, and then they weighed the jar again. WHich describes the weight?
AN ice cube melts and then evaporates. THe ice cube and the water vapor have the same ______
Belief that it is the fate of the US to occupy North America From Atlantic to Pacific coasts.
Came to America to escape famine
Purchased from Spain in 1819 for 5 million dollars
Religious group founded by Joseph smith who migrated to Utah
Occurrence of statehood in 1845 following independence from Mexico
1803 purchase of land from France that doubled the size of the country
Tendency of people living in a particular region to develop their own unique way of life
Law that allowed Southern slave owners to hunt down escaped slaves in the North.
Resulted in an American victory and established the Rio Grand border with Mexico
Critics of the Kansas - Nebraska Act founded this organization to stop the spread of slavery
Name given to the first 10 amendments to the US Constitution.
People who argued against the ratification of the Constitution.
The author of the majority of the Federalist Papers
People who argue for the ratification of the Constitution.
Idea that government should not be unrestricted in the authority over individuals.
1786 revolt in Massachusetts that revealed a need for a national army.
The principle that the authority of the government is created and sustained by the consent of its people.
Gathering of representatives in 1787 in Philadelphia to revise the Articles of Confederation
Opening statement of the Constitution that sets its purpose.
To approve
The first people migrated to America across what geographic feature?
The first people to settle america were :
Indian Group that built the first pyramids and cultivated crops such as maize, they leived in small villages and used canals for irrigation:
Great warriors with a superior military in Meso America, their capital was Tenochititlan
An alliance of 15 Northwest native American nations that made decisions concerning war and peace and potected the group against invasions.
Wealthy African King that mde a pilgamidge to Mecca. The North African Kingdom of Mali reached its height under his rule.
A long series of Wars between Christians and Muslims. Fought in an effort to take back the holy land.
A series of Plagues that killed over 25 million people in Europe during the Middle Ages.
The Crusades were wars fought to take back what area from the Muslims?
The Black Death affected Europe in that it caused a shortage of What?
A period of intense interest in religion that swept through the 13 colonies
Event that occured when British soldiers fired into an unarmed crowd of colonist protesting British taxes outside of the customs house in Boston.
Which was the rallying cry of the The colonist prior to the Revolution and a major source of the cause of the revolution
The first tax attempted by King George III, it was on all paper products sold by the colonies
Taxes placed on Lead, glass, paints, paper and tea. It allowed tax collectors to look and search the homes and businesses of those that they suspected of smuggling goods.
A colonial protest in Boston against the tea Act, it resulted in colonist dressed as Inidans throwing tea off British ships into Boston Harbor
As a result of the Townshend Acts colonist did what
An Act that was passed by the British Parliament (its governing body) that attempted to sell tea to the colonist at a lower price with that tax included.
How did the colonist react to the Tea Act?
How did the King and Parliament react to the Boston Tea Party?
Which President told Europe that they are no longer welcome to establish colonies in the Western Hemisphere?
What President gave the Gettysburg Address and issued the Emancipation Proclamation?
What President passed the Alien and Sedition Acts which made it harder to become a citizen of the U.S.?
Which President passed the Indian Removal Act which force the Cherokee Indians off their lands?
Which President declared war on England because of the impressment of U.S. sailors?
Which President warned about the evils of political parties and wanted the U.S. to stay neutral in foreign affairs?
Which President purchased Louisiana from France to double the size of the U.S.?
The Common Man supported this President because he removed property qualifications for voting.
Put the first 5 presidents in the correct order.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
How are the profits from diamonds being used in many African countries?
What is the difference between how a President and a Prime Minister get elected?
If you invest in the training, education, and healthcare of the workers, you are investing in what?
Why did Nigeria previously have more of a command economy than they do now?
What part of an atom has a neutral charge?
What part of an atom has a negative charge?
What part of an atom has a positive charge?
Charging an object through direct contact is:
Charging an object without touching it is:
A circuit with more than one pathway.
In a series circuit, if one light breaks, _____________.
In a parallel circuit, if one light burns out, the other lights________.
All the parts are connected in a single loop in a________circuit.
Copper is an electrical_________.
Plastic is an electrical____________.
A basic circuit includes a wire patway, an energy source, and a__________.
A switch is on when the pathweay is______.
When elecrons are moved by rubbing two objects together.
Insulators have a lot of____________.
A car battery is a ____cell.
Charges enter and exit a cell through the______.
In an emergency a fuse or GFCI will_______.
Current that only goes one direction.
Current that changes directions, going back and forth in the wiring.
What country was first to fire a satellite into space?
What country was first to land on the moon?
Between 1963 and 1965, what country launched the first woman as well as the first three-man crew and completed the first space-walk?
What country was the first to send someone to the moon?
What spacecraft took a man to the moon?
Which of the following powers colonized Viet Nam?
Who was the first astronaut in space?
What was the main danger from conflicts during the Cold War?
The USSR launched _______________, the first artificial satellite, in 1957.
Which U.S. astronaut was the first to walk on the moon?
They store and break down materials in cells
Contains DNA, the control center
Tough material around the cell membrane in plant cells that provide support and protection
Surrounds a cell, allows certain materials to enter and exit
Green part of a plant cell that uses the energy in sunlight to turn water and carbon dioxide into oxygenb sugar
The cells' power producer-combines oxygen and food to produce energy in cellular respiration
All the material of a cell between the cell membrane and the nucleus
Who is the best mother in the world
Which pet is the best Bond pet
Who is your favorite person in the Bond house?
Day and night are caused by
One complete revolution of Earth around the sun takes about
Earth has seasons because
When the north end of Earth's axis is tilted toward the sun, North America will experience
The phase of the moon you see depends on
From new moon phase to full moon phase you see
For a solar eclipse to occur,
During what phase can a lunar eclipse occur?
When are tides the highest?
Tides are caused mainly by
Earth's rotation takes about
An equinox occurs when
Because the moon rotates once for each revolution around Earth,
The amount of the lighted side of the moon you can see is the same during
You are more likely to see a solar eclipse than a lunar eclipse because
When do neap tides occur?
Earth is unique among the planets because of
Venus and Earth are much alike in terms of
What is mitosis?
Which choice is incorrect for what interphase is?
What is cytokinesis?
How long does it take for the cell cycle to be complete?
How does a parent cell compare to a daughter cell?
What are the names of the phases of mitosis?
What happens in prophase?
What happens in metaphase?
What happens during Anaphase?
What happens during Telophase?
What did Glasnost provide for the people of the Soviet Union?
What did Perestroika provide for the people of the Soviet Union?
What was the theory concerning Viet Nam?
Who was the Senator that led the communist witch hunt as it was called?
What counties were rivals between 1945-1991 in what was referred to as the Cold War?
What was the division of European countries based on political preferences of communists and non-communists?
What was NATO and what were NATO countries considered:
NATO was formed in __________.
The Warsaw Pact was formed in ________ and consisted of _____ nations.
NATO had ________________ members and were ___________________.
having to do with farms or farming
likely to happen or be true
to grow weaker or smaller in number
a sickness or ailment
able to tell exactly what something is
happening over a large area or affecting many people
successful or strong
not planned for or predicted
Which word means the OPPOSITE of unexpected?
Which word means almost the same as disorder?
How does the anther help with reproduction of a flowering plant
Which process of reproduction takes place in flowering plants?
What role does the sepal play in the reproduction of a flowering plant?
What is the benefit of flowers on some plants
What is the purpose of photosynthesis occurring in green plants?
What happens in the ovary of flowering plants when fertilization occurs?
Which describes the role of the pistil in the reproduction of flowering plants?
What process allows a plant to control the amount of water stored in its leaves?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What ocean lies between N America and Europe?
Which are monothesitic religions that share some of the same sacred text?
This happens when cultures mix by migration and trade.
Learning about people's beliefs, customs, and arts, etc.
Highly developed economy and advanced technological infrastructure relative to other less industrialized nations.
Imaginary lines that run horizontal and are measured north or south of the equator.
imaginary lines that run vertical and are measured east or west of the Prime Meridian
Physical feature that can cause some countries to be more isolated
Lack of water is major concern in which climate zones
Topical rainforest are usually located
Ocean between N America and Asia
The cause of volcanoes and earthquakes
Round 269 to the nearest ten.
Round 105 to the nearest hundred.
Round 783 to the nearest hundred.
Round 247 to the nearest ten.
Round 234 to the nearest ten.
Round 825 to the nearest hundred.
In one year a photographer took 322 pictures of animals and 259 pictures of people. To the nearest ten, how many pictures did he take total?
A grocery store ordered 491 bottles of regular soda and 117 bottles of diet soda. To the nearest ten, what is the total number of bottles the store ordered?
During a 'Super Saturday Sale', a shoe store sold 300 pairs of sneakers and 567 pairs of sandals. To the nearest ten, what is the total number of shoes the store sold?
In one day, a mail truck gave out 166 letters and 145 magazines. To the nearest hundred, how many pieces of mail did was delivered total?
over =
A poor agricultural country that is seeking to become more advanced economically and socially.
Collection of people who interact with each other and share similar characteristics and a sense of unity.
The reasons why people want to leave a place (bad things)
The reasons why people want to go to a new place (good things)
Cost of moving or crossing mountains or oceans is an example of ________________
Importing and exporting goods to and from countries
When cities grow due to internal migration
Average number of people per square mile living in an area
It is uneven and causes trade amongst countries
A type of government where a king or queen has complete power
What is the highest point of a transverse wave called?
What is the lowest point on a transverse wave called?
What is the distance from resting or baseline to the farthest point away from it on a particular wave?
What is the distance from one crest to the next on a transverse wave?
The two types of waves we studies are transverse and?
12 waves pass by a stationary point in 6 seconds. What is the frequency
If the frequency of a wave is 20 Hz and the wavelength is 4nm, what is the wave speed?
The higher the frequency the closer together the waves are (the shorter the wavelength)
A longer wavelength means the crests are further apart from one another
If a wave has a low amplitude it is probably very tall.
A pen or pencil in a glass of water is an example of
We see color in objects because of
Which state of matter does sound travel through the fastest?
Red light waves have the longest wavelength
In the electromagnetic spectrum wavelengths increase as they move from blue to red
Which of the following is the best example of electrical energy
Which of the following is the best example of mechanical energy?
Two general forms of energy are
When a spring is compressed, its __________________ energy is increased
If a skiers potential energy is 20 J at the top of the hill, how much kinetic energy do they have at the bottom?
Who believed slavery could only be ended with violence?
What happened when Lincoln was elected president?
In the Dred Scott case, what did the Supreme Court rule?
Who was the famous conductor on the Underground Railroad?
What was the Underground Railroad?
Why did Kansas get the nickname Bleeding Kansas?
What law said citizens of new states should decide themselves if they want to be slave or free states
What said any slaves that escaped to the north can be caught and returned to their plantation owners
What compromise consisted of California becoming a free state, Utah and New Mexico could decide for themselves, Fugitive Slave Act
Which compromise allowed Missouri to enter as a slave state and Maine as a free state
Who wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin?
How did Frederick Douglas and Sojourner Truth help the abolitionist movement?
Who believed in state's rights and that slavery was a good thing?
What invention encouraged plantation owners to raise large crops of cotton which were grown and harvested with slave labor?
Who invented the cotton gin?
What was essential to the agricultural economy of the South?
Lincoln ran on the policy of no more slavery in the West, but allowed slavery in the _____?
John Brown planned to raid the arsenal at _______?
John Brown was counting on whom to help him when he raided the arsenal?
Lincoln personally hated slavery, but felt it was more important in 1860 to do what?
This country has the strongest/largest economy in Africa.
What is one way that wars/conflicts lead to famine?
What type of economic system does South Africa have?
Why is an exchange rate important?
What country has power shared between a President and a Prime Minister?
Why is it bad for an economy to depend on just one product?
How do wars affect famine and AIDS/HIV prevention?
A focus on investing capital goods for the production of one product is a type of what?
This country has low GDP despite having access to oil for many years
What is the main reason some countries have been more successful in treating AIDS/HIV?
What type of trade barrier raises the price on imported goods?
Why do boys have more opportunities for education in parts of Africa than girls do?
What country became independent in 2011?
This branch of government passes laws in a democracy
What is South Africa's main economic problem?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
In a closed direct primary, voters choose candidates from the party of their choice to run for offices in the general election.
Delegates at national conventions vote for the party's nominees for President.
A party’s statements of policy and promises
Person who lives in an office holder’s voting district
Party not in power
A candidate running for re-election
Fill out a form to vote
Voters decide on laws at the state level
Voting on a law proposed by popular demand or by a legislative body
Place where a person lives and votes
What branch includes the courts
The first sentence of the constitution is called
Form of government in the United Kingdom
Form of government where citizens are get a say and are given rights
Form of government where the leader has complete control and rules by force with the help of an army
Plowing fields, building houses and air pollution from factories are all examples of ______________
What is the 1st admendment that gives individuals the right to speak freely and protest
Having access to products from all over the world is an example of __________________
A good measure of the wealth of a country
Increase in prices over a period of time
What has helped the world stay connected in world trade, culture, and ideas the most in the 21st century?
Putting money into something in hopes of gaining a profit
An example of a legal duty
When a government does not have complete control and is usually limited in its power by th constitution
Basic rights of those not in the majority
Understanding your job and being effective at your job is an example of what?
The money earned after all expenses are met
Type of government the United States has
What is the subject of this sentence: Sick in bed, she missed her final.
What is the subject of this sentence: Two of my best friends are graduating from law school next week.
Grammatically what is the function of the word TEST in this sentence: She passed the test.
Grammatically, what is the function of THE TRACK TEAM in this sentence: The sudden rainstorm drenched the track team at the meet.
Grammatically, what is the function of MOTHER in this sentence: My wonderful mother fixed my favorite food for dinner.
What is the antecedent for the word IT in this sentence: He studied for the test, so I know he will pass it.
What is the antecedent for HIM in this sentence: My brother is starting physical therapy school in August; I'm so proud of him.
What is the subject of this sentence: Fighting in the upcoming Marvel movie will be Captain America and Iron Man
What is the direct object in this sentence: I kicked the ball in his face and made his nose bleed.
What is the subject of this sentence: Stop looking at snapchat and study!
What is the subject of this sentence: Did Chris study for his test?
Grammatically, what is the function of LAST in this sentence: Last Thursday, the track team won the District Championship.
What is this DIRECT OBJECT of this sentence: When Coach blows the whistle, run as fast as you can.
Which sentence uses FOOTBALL as a direct object?
What is the largest heading
A hyperlink can be
which of the following tags do we use to insert a line across our web page?
Which of the following would include another entry in a list either ol or ul?
A strategic plan to increase your site's ranking with search engines?
To make a bulleted list which is used?
If your mouse is resting over a link but not clicking on it what state is the link in?
Which of the following is not an HTML5 requirement?
Where do local hyperlinks go to?
Which of these describes a mobile web site?
What term is used when one tag is opened and closed inside of another tag?
Which of the following is used for Interactivity?
Which of of the following image formats should not be used on a Web Page?
Checking that hyperlinks are still active is what stage of the Web Development project cycle?
Which of the following is not part of the 'skeleton'?
What organization sets the standards for programming on the Web?
Which is not a major e-commerce business model?
All the web pages we created had one of two extensions '.htm' was one what was the other?
What are the two major sections of a web page?
What site is recommended for HTML code validation?
This HTML5 asspect enables apps to run even without network connections.
This HTML5 aspect allows developers to display graphics and animations 'on the fly' without plug-ins.
What is the difference between an internal link and an external link?
Which of the following characters seperates a property and value in CSS?
Which form tool allows square shaped elements that are non-exclusive?
Which form tool allows a collapsible list to choose one or more options?
Whic form tool only allows mutually exclusive choices?
Which of the following referrs to a 6 digit code (often used for colors in Web Design).
When designing graphics for print which color scheme is often used.
Flash likes most animation programs use ______ to represents changes in the animation.
Which of the following does not describe a link that contains the complete URL to a resource including the protocol indicator?
This section contains information related to the 'main' content but is not the main focus of a web page.
This section contains information that is the focus of a web page.
This section contains would most likely hold the site's logo?
What video file format is not supported in HTML5 with the 'video' tag?
What audio file format is not suppored in HTML5 with the 'audio' tag?
Which attribute turns on and off the controls for both the 'video' and 'audio' tags?
what attributes are required with the img tag?
What HTML5 feature allows developers to retrieve the geographical location information for a client side device?
Which of the following is correct?
un =
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which is not a Ga region?
Name the three Georgia cities that developed along the Fall Line.
Where is the Okefenokee swamp located?
Oldest mountains in North America and once the home of the Cherokee Indians. Also site of the 1st gold rush in Dahlonega.
Which best describes the effect of heavy cloud cover on temperature at night?
Which type of air pressure do clear skies indicate?
When a low pressure system moves into NC, which kind of weather will most likely occur?
Which describes how wind speed is affected by weather?
Which most affects the temperature of an area?
If the climate of an area is known, which can most accurately be predicted?
From which cloud would snow most likely fall?
Which do nimbostratus clouds most often produce?
Which type of change is most likely to happen if the air pressure is falling?
Which tool is used to measure air pressure?
Which of the following containers most likely only holds gas?
A student has a jar that contains: a penny, cotton ball, plastic ruler, eraser, metal paper clip, rubber band, iron nail, and key. Whcih property CANNOT be used to classify these objects into more than one group?
Which material would be best to use to insulate electrical wires?
Given the mass of substances: water 125g, toothpicks 5g, table salt 30g, sugar cubes 20g, alcohol 98g, cooking oil 75g, marbles 40g, plastic cubes 35g. What's the difference in grams between the total mass of liquids and the total mass of solids?
A teacher wears protective gloves to lift a metal pan with boiling water from a hot plate. Why are protective gloves necessary?
Some objects that blew into a swimming pool after a party need to be removed. The objects include foam cups, keys, coins. Which explains a useful method for removing some of the objects?
Which is the best conductor of electricty?
Italian dressing, made of vinegar and oil is used for salad. Why would a person want to shake the salad dressing before using it?
Cracks in the seafloor called hydrotherman vents send streams of hot water into the ocean. The water from a vent 387 degrees celsius. How many degrees above the boiling point of water is the temperature?
At what temperature did the water outside of a school building with ice on the edge of its roof most likely begin to change water to ice?
What is the purpose of a platform committee?
Which is a person part of when he or she volunteers to help with a presidential campaign?
Which is a reason the United States has a two-party system?
Which is true about the multiparty system?
What helped a two-party political system to develop?
What important change did Andrew Jackson’s administration bring?
What is the best name for the era of American government since 1968?
A new party is formed whose main concern is the environment. What kind of party would this be?
What is one way minor parties affect American politics?
What is generally considered success for minor parties?
What is a reason that the two major political parties do not have a strong central structure?
What is the main purpose of a political party?
Why do Democrats and Republicans take similar stands on many issues?
Why are many Americans familiar with a form of the one-party system?
About what main issue did the Federalists and Anti-Federalists disagree?
In general, when has control of the government switched from one party to another?
What role does the President play in the organization of his or her party?
What is an important purpose of a major party’s national convention?
Tú has perdido
Ellos habrán llegado
Nosotros habríamos cantado
Ella ha comido
Yo había visto
Habremos dicho
Vosotros habíais resuelto
Me habré dormido
Tú habías visitado
Habría bailado
Han roto
Habrás leído
Habíamos salido
Habrá abierto
Habríais ido
They had been
I have written
They would have done
We have woken
She would have put
What is curing?
Will concrete cure underwater?
What units of measure is used to describe concrete's strength?
What would be a good strength for concrete?
What are the two ingredients that take part in the hydration process?
Identify the order of the Steps in Problem-Solving.
What test do we usually perform to test concrete's strength?
As voltage _______________, more electrical potential energy is available to be transformed into other forms of energy.
individual electrons move ___________ in an electric circuit constantly colliding moving electric charge from negative to positive terminals
Batteries supply energy to an electric current by converting ______________energy to electric potential energy.
Once _______________ are used up such as in a battery, electrons can no longer move through the circuits.
the measure of how difficult it is for electrons to flow through a material
'What are the units of current?
What is the unit for resistance?
_______________________ is one of the best electric conductors and creates least resistance to electron flow.
Electric charges will flow continuously only through a closed conducting loop called a __________________.
The amount of electrical energy converted to thermal energy in a wire increases as the _______________ of the wire increases.
A political party is a group of people with common ideas about
The purpose of a political party is to try to get who or what into public office to promote party ideas.
Which party became the Democratic party?
Andrew Jackson, first leader of the Democratic party, thought the federal government should do what to the common people.
The ideas of minor political parties can can do what to the beliefs of the major parties.
Candidates need committees, volunteers, and who or what else to carry on a political campaign.
Money to cover large campaign expenses comes from fund raisers, PACs, and what else
The two major American ____________ parties are the ________ and the Republican parties
The Republican party, which formed when several groups combined, was against _________ .
In a _______ primary, delegates to the national _____ are elected because they will support a certain candidate
________ addresses, _____ call votes, and acceptance speeches are heard at national conventions
People cast their vote how in a voting booth
Andrew Jackson left the Anti-Federalist party because he thought it was being used for the good of the common people.
Minor party candidates can swing election outcomes away from a favored candidate.
Re-electing incumbents, holding fund raisers, and keeping constituents informed are not functions of political parties.
A nonpartisan primary is usually used to remove an official from office
Delegates to party conventions are elected in indirect primaries.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The age of one object compared to the age of another object is called?
Which law states that each rock layer is older than the one above it?
These types of fossils can be used to determine the relative age of rock layers. What are these fossils ccalled?
Eras are divided into_________.
Periods are divided in to ____?
Why is technology not always good for the human body?
What can technology cause you to do before going to bed?
what is mostly used by teenagers?
How can technology help you when you don’t have the answer to your homework?
What is another reason why technology is good?
people are more comfortable talking face to face rather than technology
Technology is rarely used today.
kids use technology to do homework
modern day technology is not more advanced that the past
more teens in the U.S use more social media in a day than other countries around the globe
What was the importance of the Magna Carta?
How did English documents such as the English Bill of Rights influence American settlers?
Why did Britain interfere with colonial government in the mid-1700s?
What is true about the First Continental Congress?
Many early state constitutions gave the most power to which branch of government?
Delegates met in Philadelphia in 1787 to revise the Articles of Confederation. What did this meeting become?
What power(s) did the national government have under the Articles of Confederation?
How were the states represented in Congress under the Articles of Confederation?
Which leader is known as “The Father of the Constitution”?
On which point did the Virginia and New Jersey plans disagree?
Which of the following statements is true of the Federalists?
What was an important argument against the proposed Constitution?
Which basic principle of government means that individuals have basic rights that government cannot take away?
What was true about the national government under the Articles of Confederation?
What was the main reason that Federalists supported ratification of the Constitution?
What caused many people to believe that the Articles of Confederation must be revised?
What did the Federalists agree to in order to gain support for the new Constitution?
Under the Articles of Confederation, the United States was
Benjamin Franklin felt that the Constitution
According to the Declaration of Independence, what is the only legitimate basis for a government’s powers?
What is outlined in the first three articles of the Constitution?
How can the executive branch check the power of the legislative branch?
How did the courts get the power of judicial review?
In what way is the formal amendment process an example of federalism at work?
What is the difference between an executive agreement and a treaty?
How can the courts influence the meaning of the Constitution?
Which amendment ended slavery after the Civil War?
Which is an example of the President using executive power to expand the Constitution?
aEach branch of the federal government can limit the power of the other two branches. What is this system called?
What does federalism mean?
Which basic principle of the Constitution means that government can govern only with the consent of the governed?
Which is a method that can be used to add amendments to the Constitution?
Which of the following is part of the role of the judicial branch?
Presidents sometimes send forces into combat without a formal declaration of war from Congress. Presidents do this under what constitutional authority?
The 22nd Amendment was passed in reaction to what unwritten custom that was broken?
The Bill of Rights is a list of
The nomination of candidates for the presidency
In what way is the formal amendment process an example of federalism at work?
Why did the Framers leave some sections of the Constitution without detail, like an outline?
The Cabinet, which advises the President, is made up of the 15 executive department heads because
Why are powers divided between the national and state governments?
Which is an exclusive power of the national government?
Which keeps a state court from ruling against a national treaty?
Which is an example of cooperative federalism?
Why can’t a person leave a state to avoid judgment in a lawsuit?
Which does the Privileges and Immunities Clause require of all states?
What part of the Constitution prevents certain conflicts between the national government and the states?
Which is the national government obligated to do, according to the Constitution?
Categorical grants, block grants, and project grants are all examples of which of the following?
Which of the following keeps a state from denying that a birth certificate is valid because it was issued by a different state?
Which of the following types of discrimination would not be allowed under the Privileges and Immunities Clause?
In the federal system, local governments are considered
The National Government’s power to coin money is
Which part of the Constitution allows the National Government to claim implied powers for itself?
According to the Tenth Amendment, which powers are reserved for the States?
Which of the following is the best summary of the Supremacy Clause?
Which of the following statements is true of categorical grants?
Which of the following is an exception to the Full Faith and Credit Clause?
Before the Constitution was enacted, what were relations among the States generally like?
According to the Constitution, the National Government is obligated to
bo co?
In which Hemisphere(s) would you find Georgia on a globe?
In which region of the United States is Georgia located?
On which continent is Georgia located?
Which of the following is true?
Which state does not border Georgia?
Northeast corner of the state, Origin of many of Georgia's rivers, home to Brasstown Bald, known for marble production, recreational tourism, hardwood forests, and farming of vegetables and apples.
Which region is referred to as foot of the mountain, and is home to over 1/2 of the Georgia's population?
This region is located between the Appalachian Plateau and the Blue Ridge Mountain regions; has forests and fertile valleys that provide land for cattle and crops; is also known for textile production.
his is the smallest region in the state. Borders Tennessee and Alabama and is home to Lookout Mountain, Cloudland Canyon, and Chickamauga Battlefield.
What is the border between the Piedmont and Coastal Plain which marks the point at which rivers drop in elevation, creating waterfalls.
Bordered by the Fall Line to the north, this region makes of 3/5th of the state. It is a major agricultural region and produces crops such as onions, tobacco, peanuts, pecans and sweet potatoes.
What is the largest freshwater wetland in Georgia which lies within the Coastal Plain?
This river allows cargo ships to transport goods to and from the Atlantic Ocean and also separates Georgia and South Carolina.
What river is the primary source of water for the city of Atlanta and forms a border between Georgia and Alabama?
They protect the mainland from tropical storms and erosion.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which of the following is NOT a type of muscle tissue?
In a fireworks display, energy is released in _____.
How do substances get in and out of a cell?
Each of the following elements is magnetic EXCEPT _____.
Increasing the speed of an object ____ its potential energy.
yo form of trabajar
uds form of hablar
How do you answer a tú question
which word does not mean they
desear means
nosotros form of practicar
which word means to walk
26 + 3 =
what does tú mean
what is a cuaderno
which word does not mean the
which of these items would I not use at school
which item would I not find in my bookbag
which number is missing 3 5 ______ 9
what does puerta mean
when writing a negative sentence where does the no go
where would I study
to have a balanced diet
to stretch
to gain weight
Mi hermana es ______ inteligente como yo.
My parents are taller than I am.
Bacon contains as much sodium as ham.
to increase
He rests as much as she does.
Lettuce has less fat than potatoes.
junk food
Salads don't have as many calories as hamburgers.
Which animal gets the most special treatment by Lakha?
What does Gandhi want Indian citizens to do that Leela disagrees with?
What does Leela name the calf?
What do the officials from the British government take from Bapuji since he won't pay taxes?
What is Lakha's fiancé's name?
How does Leela feel AT FIRST toward Shani and her marriage to Lakha?
Who is the writer of the book of ideas Saviben gave to Leela
What are the 2 professions Leela is interested in working in?
Who becomes Leela's friend in Chapter 14?
What does Leela encounter when she goes outside at night to get a drink of water?
Who does Fat Soma want to share his penda (sweet treat) with?
What member of Leela's family is very against Saviben having any influence over Leela?
What does Leela ask Kanubhai to bring her from the farm?
What is the name of the bill that would allow the British government to throw any Indian citizen in jail for any reason?
Leela's father believes in the superstitious idea that the kalotar snake is trying to kill Leela.
Character who takes care of Leela's family's animals
Character who is married to Fat Soma
Principal of Leela's school who starts coming to Leela's house to teach her while she's keeping corner
Town barber who comes to Leela's house to shave her head
Leela's aunt who lives with her family and who Leela has a close relationship with
El coleccionista de cerámica sintió que el corazón le daba un _____.
El coleccionista llegó hasta la esquina y después volvió sobre sus pasos, _____ indiferencia.
Como quien no quiere la cosa, se ______ frente al _____ de la tienda
Se _____ violines viejos, mesas y sillas cojas, figurillas de porcelana, óleos desteñidos,
Con el _____ del ojo, el coleccionista echó un vistazo más al plato.
Se _____ para acariciar el gato
No se había _____. Estaba seguro de que era un Dalí legítimo.
Observe ud. que _____ tan corta tiene este gato.
Mustafá es un gran _____ de ratones. Por eso, no hay ratones.
Me hubiera gustado ______ pero no tenía bastante dinero.
El coleccionista hizo _____ de retirarse con su mano.
______ el plato con su dedo porque quería verlo.
Sólo que le _____ que el plato cuesta diez mil pesos y no voy a venderlo por menos.
Al llegar a la edad de 85, era difícil caminar y necesitaba usar un _____.
Esperaba a mi marido en la entrada del ____ para mostrarle el anillo que quería.
Los óleos _____ de la pieza reflejaba lque era una antiguedad preciosa.
Which best describes a single-celled organism?
Which is a characteristic of bacteria?
Which is a difference between frogs and bacteria?
Which best describes a difference between single-celled organisms and multicellular organisms?
How are rabbits different from bacteria?
Which best explains why humans are multicellular organisms?
How are multicellular and unicellular organisms different?
How are single-celled organisms and multi-celled organisms similar?
Why does a human require specialized cells to live?
What is the main purpose of single-celled organisms?
Which best explains why both cats and humans are multicellular organisms
Which best describes a single-celled organism?
White-tailed deer have many body systems that work together to perform the functions necessary for survival. Which best describes the white-tailed deer?
Which best explains why animals need many cells?
How does an ant benefit from being a multicellular organism?
How is it possible for single-celled organisms to survive?
Which best describes a snake?
How are multi-celled organisms different from single-celled organisms?
How are multi-celled and single-celled organism different?
How is a plant different from bacteria?
Which Era did mammals and birds first appear in?
Which Era did the first amphbians appear in?
Which Era did human first aappear in?
________ are the preserved remains or traces of an organism that lived in the past usually more than 10,000 years ago.
A ___________ fossil forms when sediments bury an organism and the sediments cange to rock; the organism decays leaving a cavity in the shape of the organism.
A _____________fossil forms when a mold is filled with sand or mud that hardens into the shape of the organism.
A_____________ fossil forms when minerals soak into te burried remaiins,replacing the remains,and changing them into rock.
A _____________ fossiil forms whe n organisms or parts, like leaves,stems,flowers,fish,are presssed between layers of soft mud or clay that hsrden, squeezing almost all of the organism away.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
an amount of electrical energy equal to using 1 kW of power continuously for 1 h
Which is an example of electric discharge?
causes charged particles to attract or repel each other
an area around an electric charge which is strongest closet to the charged particle
a positively or negatively charged atom
What is the definition of smears?
What is the definition of streaks
What is the definition of rimmed
What is the definition of smears?
What is the definition of smears?
What is the definition of smears?
What is the definition of smears?
What is the definition of smears?
What is the definition of smears?
What is the definition of smears?
Which of the following countries was a European power in Europe in the early 1800s but does not exist as a nation in currentimes?
Which of the following was NOT a contributing factor to the rise of Nationalism in Europe?
TRUE or FALSE - The ideas of the Enlightenment contributed to the rise in Nationalism?
Which of the following was the main reason for Russia's involvement in the Crimean War?
What happened between Russia and Austria that opened the door for the unification of Italy and Germany?
What was the name of the Italian Patriot who raised a volunteer army of 1000 soldiers?
What were the Italian Volunteers called? (Based on the color of their uniforms)
Who did William I appoint as Prime Minister? He oversaw the political unification of Germany
Which of the following was not one of the Reichs in German History
What Queen reigned over the British Empire at this time for 64 years, the longest of any British Monarch?
The leader of France who ruled during the 2nd Empire?
What characteristic of the Austrian Empire created the desire by some for independence?
As a result of the Compromise of 1867, Austria created a dual monarchy with what other Kingdom?
Who was the leader of Russia who initiated many reforms in 1856?
SERFDOM was one of the largest problems of czarist Russia. Which of the followihng is NOT another word that might be used for the word SERF?
What does URL stand for?
What is a URL?
Where can you find a website's domain name?
Which one of these is a web browser?
Which of these is a search engine?
What does a web browser do?
What does a search engine do?
What is another name for a Hyperlink?
Which of these is NOT a type of extension?
What is the first part of the URL called?
Where can you find a URL on a website?
What does the S in HTTPS stand for?
What is the domain name of this URL:
What type of file is a .jpg?
True or False: An IP Address tells the web browser where to find the website you are looking for?
Why is a directory called a directory?
If you have the choice between buying something online from an HTTP or HTTPS website, which should you choose?
True or False: A picture can be a hyperlink too.
Which of these is NOT part of a URL?
What is the Internet?
in 2013 a clothing factory in ____ collapsed killing thousands of people
Garment workers in Bangladesh make __dollars a day
Tirupur India has been nicknamed ____ because it is home to so many textiles
Many clothing companies dump ____ into river
It takes an average of 1850 gallons of water to make ___ pair of jeans
____ are messengers in the body that control development and growth
Chemicals like detergents can _____ in the environment, building up in organism's bodies
The average person in ____ buse more clothing than consumers of any other country
More than 80 percent of the clothing sold in the US is made in ____ countries
_____are chemicals believed to cause cancer
A Social Study teacher asked the class to explain the war in 10 slides. What type of PowerPoint should you use?
During the creation of an individual slide, the teacher has asked you speak about each bullet without the next bullet showing, which special affect?
During the presentation of a slide show, the teacher has asked that the slide enters the frame from the top. What special effect is this?
During the creation of a 4th of July show, the teacher has asked you to include the American flag in the background. What effect is this?
Amy had determined that the people who will be attending her presentation are all member of a group, which step has she completed?
A social studies teacher has asked each student to recreate their summer vacation in an amusing 10 slid presentation. What type of presentation would be best?
Amy has decided to use the American heart association symbol throughout her presentation, the theme will match that symbol. Which step has she completed?
During the creation of a 4th of July slide show, the teacher has asked you to play a song in the background. What special effect is needed?
What is the feature to change the color scheme on a slide?
Jade had determined that the audience for her presentation will need information about joining the Americana Medical Association. Which step has been completed?
When Stanley arrived at Camp Green Lake, he didn't know what he had walked in to.
Stanley tried to figure out what he'd say if Mr. Pendanski asked him what he wanted to do with his life.
Mr. Pendanski climbed back into the truck without filling Stanley's canteen.
Each lizard has exactly eleven yellow spots, but the spots are hard to see on its yellow-green body.
Stanley put his backpack, change of clothes, and towel in what used to be Barf Bag's crate.
He tried to jam it into the earth, but the blade banged against the ground and bounced off without making a dent.
If the Warden likes what you found, you'll get the rest of the day off.
He unearthed several shovelfuls of dirt in this manner before it occurred to him that he was dumping his dirt within the perimeter of his hole.
She would turn fifteen in two months, at which time her father had decided she would be married.
He saw a cloud of dust moving across the wasteland and noticed that the other boys had stopped digging and were watching it, too.
He ate it all, and he used his slice of white bread to mop up the juice.
Will she take care of you when you are sick?
He would have done it right then, but he wasn't yet strong enough.
Mr. Sir followed Stanley back to his hole to see how he was doing.
Stanley's blisters had ripped open, and new blisters formed.
Marco put a pot of water on to boil eggs. After a few minutes, all the water was gone. This is an example of _____.
A kite stuck in a tree has ____ energy.
Which of the following is NOT a necessary characteristic of a living thing?
An object that has gained electrons is _____.
Newton’s first law of motion says that an object in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by a force. Yet, if you slide a box across the floor, it will not continue sliding. What force is acting on the box to slow it down?
When water is heated on a stove, which kind of energy is transferred?
What is the most common source of energy in the United States?
Work depends on _____.
Chloroplasts capture light energy and produce _____.
Work _____ energy.
The smallest unit of life is the _____.
Which of the following is NOT a form of energy?
Besides storage, what does a vacuole provide in a plant cell?
____ is a fossil fuel.
The thermal energy of an object is ____.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
This allowed the U.S. to provide war supplies to Allied nations even before the U.S entered WWII.
On December 7, 1941, this was attacked causing the U.S. to enter WWII.
This is where the Soviets defeated the Nazis, stopping the German advance into Russia.
This was the invasion of German-occupied France on June 6, 1944.
The Nazi planned killing of 11 million Jews and others targeted by Hitler.
Germany surrendered on May 8, 1945 which is also known as:
U.S. stopped the Japanese advance in the Pacific with this 1942 victory.
U.S. strategy in the Pacific of attacking islands that were less well defended in order to launch attacks on Japanese ships.
This person became U.S. president when FDR died on April 12, 1945.
This was the top secret U.S. plan to build the atomic bomb.
Churchill, FDR, and Stalin met here and decided to divide Germany into four military zones after the war.
What two Japanese cities were destroyed by atomic bombs at the end of WWII?
War crimes trials for Axis leaders accused of crimes against humanity were held here after the war ended.
Japan surrendered on August 15, 1945. This day is known as:
This term was used for Japanese suicide pilots in WWII.
the process of transporting
If the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing summer what season would the Southern Hemisphere be experiencing
What is the largest planet in our solar system?
Why was Pluto demoted to a dwarf planet?
Which planet has the shortest revolution?
About how long ago did the Sun's life begin?
Which planet in our solar system is the hottest?
Which best describes our moon?
Small rocky bodies that orbit the SUN are called:
Which is true of BOTH the moon and the Earth?
We have the highest high tides during ____________
What takes one year to occur?
About how many people volunteered or were drafted to serve in the military during WWII?
What nickname did troops give themselves in WW2?
What government agency transformed American factories from making consumer goods to making war supplies?
How did individuals loan the government money to help pay for WWII?
How did many Americans supplement their food supply during WWII?
Limiting the amount of scarce items that any one individual can buy is known as:
True or False. Women were paid the same as men in war factories during WWII.
Women served in the military during WWII in all of the following ways EXCEPT:
Where did most Japanese Americans spend the years of WWII?
What is special about the Japanese American 442nd Regiment that served in Europe?
Before the attack on Pearl Harbor, what could African Americans serving in the military NOT do?
About how many African Americans served in the military during WWII?
What kind of discrimination did African American soldiers serving in WWII face?
About how many Latinos (mostly Mexican Americans) served in the military during WWII?
What did the Bracero Program do?
Which of the following best describes a zoot suit.
How did white soldiers and sailors often treat zoot suiters?
What was the primary responsibility of the War Refugee Board?
Women served in the military during WWII.
He made a pilgrimage that helped encourage traders to come to Mali
Which is NOT one of the vegetation zones of West Africa
African and Muslim cultures blended to form the _________ culture
Migrants who shared similar languages, cultures, and technologies that migrated from West Africa to the south and east were
What trade routes did West Africa supply to North Africa
Which is not an empire that arose in West Africa
These people used oral history to pass down values and history
Tracing families through mothers is called
Mansa Musa brought what two groups back from Mecca
Which Empire became wealthy by taxing trade
How did Berber traders influence Ghana
A group of people descended from the same ancestor
This vegetation zone was used to raise animals
Trade center located in Eastern Africa
Trade center located in Southern Africa
African slave trade was started by
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