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the basic unit of structure and function that makes up all organisms
the thin boundary between the cell and its environment
the process in which nutrients are broken apart, releasing the chemical energy stored in them
the green organelle that contains chlorophyll
the flow of materials within a cell as well as between parts of multi-cellular organisms
the jellylike substance that is between the cell membrane and the nucleus and that contains specialized structures
the movement of molecules from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration
the process that breaks down large food molecules into simpler molecules that the organism can use
What is the average of the following numbers: 25,42,65,68
Students play 3 different basketball games. The first score was 25 to 52, the second score was 28 to 45, and the third game was 60 to 67. What was the average number of shots made?
How do you find the average of 4 different numbers?
What is the average of 150, 175, and 225?
Simplify this fraction 45 4/16
Round the following number 87.578243
Add these two fractions 3/4 +7/8 and simplify your answer
Find the average of the following numbers 77, 83, 65, 192
Describe how you would find the average of these numbers: 22, 37, and 48
Find the average of the follow numbers: 16.25, 16.50, 17.00 and 18.25
The Tropic of Cancer is located at 23.5 degrees south.
The zero line of longitude is called ___.
A Country surrounded by land on all sides is called ___.
What tropic is located at 22.5 degrees south?
What do we call the zero line of latitude?
The Tropic of Capricorn is located at ___.
This continent has a country with a maple leaf on its flag.
The ocean located south of India is the _____.
Population density determines ____.
Which of the following is not a continent?
Tony made a painting that is 3/4 ft. wide. He wants to make a new painting that is 1/2 as wide. What will be the width of the new painting?
Rachel is decorating a card with stickers. Each sticker is 1/4 in. across. How many stickers can Rachel fit along the 5 in. edge of the card?
A Chicago city block is about 1/8 mile long. If the length of a block is divided into 10 equal lots, what is the length of one lot in miles?
Greentown's city council is designing a new park. The park will be 1/4 mile long and 1/8 mile wide. How many square miles will the park cover?
Kendra's pinkie finger is 5/8 in. wide. How wide would her finger be if it were 3/4 as wide?
Andrew has 10 cups of apple cider. He has a ladle that holds 1/3 cup. How many times will he have to fill the ladle to distribute all 10 cups of cider?
4 1/5 x 1/3
2 5/6 x 7 1/4
9/12 divided by 1/3
8 1/2 x 12
Bacteria reproduce asexually by a process called
In binary fission how does the DNA of the daughter cells compare to the DNA of the parent cell?
How many parents are required for asexual reproduction?
In order to survive and reproduce, organisms need what type of traits?
If organisms cannot adapt to changing environment conditions, what is likely to happen to the species?
How many parents are required for sexual reproduction?
Which of the following is a disadvantage for sexual reproduction?
Multicellular organisms...
Asexual reproduction is best described as...
Sexual reproduction requires which of the following to occur?
Which is the correct order of sexual reproduction?
Who wrote The Republic?
Homer wrote the Iliad and
Cervantes was a(an) ___ author
In which city was Mars' Hill located?
Who was Hector's father?
Captain Ahab is from which novel?
The story of Utnapishtim is similar to the real story of ___
In which city does Antigone take place?
Who was Brutus's wife
Who wrote Discourse on Method?
Veest pärit või veega seotud haigus
Mitu selgroolüli on inimesel?
Mis on populatsioon?
Missuguseid põhimaitseid tajub inimene keelega?
Kuidas nimetatakse väikseimat helitugevust, mida inimene kuuleb?
Kes on daltoonikud?
Mis on hüpofüüs?
Mida uurib botaanika?
Mis värvi on kloroplastid?
Mis on fotosüntees?
Mille abil taluvad kalad vee võnkumist?
Mis aitab kalal vees liikuda?
Missugune veri ringleb konna kehas?
Millist arengujärku nimetetakse liblikal liikumatuks?
Which of the following is an important function of the taproot of a dandelion?
Which of the following statements describes an important difference between mushrooms and plants?
A bird has just hatched from an egg. Which of the following stages MOST LIKELY comes next in the life cycle of the bird?
One type of animal hatches from an egg, breathes through gills when it is young, and mainly lives on land as an adult. Into which group is this animal classified?
During which stage of its life cycle does a butterfly spend the MOST time eating plant leaves?
During which stage in its life cycle is a a mosquito able to mate and reproduce?
Which of the following tools would MOST help a student identify a cube made of iron?
What form of energy makes a compass needle point north?
A student playing a guitar wanted to make it have a higher pitch. Which of the following will give the guitar a higher pitch?
Jamal has the following items: wires and a light bulb. Which of the following MUST Jamal also have to make an electrical circuit?
The number of a single species in a certain area.
The number of all the living things living in a certain area.
All the biotic and abiotic factors in a certain area.
The part of the Earth that contains living organisms.
The role an organism plays in its particular environment. (the script it follows in the 'Theater of Life')
Nonliving and Never was.
All the living factors in an ecosystem.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is the Tropic of Cancer's latitude line degree?
What is the Tropic of Capricorn's latitude line degree?
What major ocean is missing from this list: Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean?
What continent is known for being a peninsula of peninsulas?
The longitude line at 180 degrees is called the ___.
The equator is called the ___.
The Prime Meridian is at what degree of longitude?
Russia belongs to what continent?
What does the scale of a map indicate?
What indicator would you look at to determine crowdedness?
Which of the following would describe the economy in the North during the time of the Civil War?
Which type of people would have been most likely to have gotten an education in the South?
The North believed in the ideals of which of the following documents?
Which abolitionist wrote the newspaper called The North Star which told of his experiences as a slave? He also encouraged Abraham Lincoln to allow African Americans to fight for the Union.
This abolitionist preached the evils of slavery through biblical teachings all across the United States. She was a powerful speaker that drew large crowds.
This abolitionist wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin which exposed the harsh treatment of slaves by their white masters.
This is a term used to describe being loyal only to a specific region. It also describes putting one's own needs before the needs of the whole country.
This group wanted a weak federal government and believed in states' rights. They did not want the federal government to have too much power.
Which of the following events DID NOT lead to the south seceding from the Union
This person was the Republican nominee in the election of 1860. The South was worried that if he was elected president he would free their slaves.
This term was used to describe the south leaving the Union and forming their own country with Jefferson Davis as their leader.
This was the first battle of the Civil War. At this battle, Jefferson Davis asked for the North to surrender, but they did not.
The Union wanted to split the Confederacy here so that their chain of supplies would be cut off.
This was the turning point of the Civil War. After this invasion by the North, the South could only fight a defensive war.
The Confederacy believed they could win the war if they received help from their allies from this part of the world.
This person was the general of the Union army when the South surrendered at the Appomattox Court House in 1865.
This is the speech delivered by Abraham Lincoln that freed the slaves in the Confederate states.
This group worked as spies, guides, and messengers during the Civil War. Eventually they were able to fight for the Union during the war.
What speech was given during the Civil War that promised to preserve a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.
This person led the raid at Harper's Ferry to oppose the spread of slavery to the western states. His raid was unsuccessful and he was later hanged.
What figure has 3 sides
Lima is located in which state
The most awesome teacher in the world
Day of early release
Capital of Ohio
David's last name
Anthony's last name
Jaime's last name
Mrs. Lewis's first name
Lima's Mascot
Which will most likely result if there is increased upwelling in a coastal area?
Which best determines the health of a lake used as a source of freshwater?
What is an example of a producer in a marine ecosystem?
Why is water from an aquifer more likely to be cleaner than water from other sources?
What will happen in a lake as a result of increased nitrate levels?
Why is a healthy diet important?
A scientist finds the bones of a dinosaur. What could help the scientist determine the approximate age of the bones?
Which best describes how ice cores are important to the study of geologic history?
Which is the best method of determining the age of a dinosaur bone?
Two organisms have homologous structures. Which can most likely be concluded about the two organisms?
Mis riik kaotas oma elanikkonnast kõige suurema % rahvaarvust?
Mis riik piiras end muust maailmast nn. raudse eesriidega?
Lääne demokraatia ja komministliku režiimi vastasseisu, mis hõlmas kõiki eluvaldkondi nimetati
1945. aastal loodud organisatsioon rahumeelse ja õiglase maailmakorralduse kaitseks.
1950.-1980. aastatel oli rahvusvaheliste suhete peamiseks valuküsimuseks
Kriisikolle 1950. aastate alguses Aasias.
NATO ehk
Ühiskond, kus on saavutatud enamiku kodanike turvalisus
Tänapäeva Euroopa Liidu eelkäija.
Vabameelsed inimesed 1960. aastate lääneriikides.
What was the ancient supercontinent called that existed millions of years ago?
What was the theory called that talked about the ability of continents to move over time?
What part of the Earth do all organisms live on?
What belief leads geologists to understand that the oldest fossils are on the bottom layer of rocks?
Where does an intrusion happen?
What can occur along a fault line?
What is a geological example of an extrusion?
The oldest layer is on the ______.
The youngest layer is on the _____.
Who came up with the idea of Continental Drift?
Mis on glasnost Nõukogude Liidus?
Mis on perestroika NSV Liidus?
1985. aasta märstsi sai NLKP peasekretäriks.
Sõjaväe liinis toimus...
1989. aastal viidi Nõukogude väed välja ...
NL välispoliitika muutus......
1986. aastal kohtus NL juht Gorbatšov .......
NL suhted paranesid ......
Kommunistlik partei mõju
Gorbatšovi järglane riigipeana oli
Atmospheric conditions at a particular time and place describe the
Extreme weather conditions, such as tornadoes and hurricanes, often follow:
The day to day temperature and climate describes the
This describes the general temperature and precipitation patterns over a longer period of time
What is/ are the MAIN factor(s) causing the weather and climate in Seattle, Washington to be different from Phoenix, Arizona.
This type of symbol can be found on a weather map. It is represented by an upper case L. It usually brings Severe weather/ thunderstorms what is it?
This type of symbol can be found on a weather map. It is represented by an upper case H. It usually brings calm skies, fair weather, gentle breezes. What is this symbol:
This symbol is a line with triangles on it. This type of symbol brings Brief, heavy storms What type of symbol is this?
This symbol can be found on a weather map. It is a line with semi circles on it. This type of symbol brings steady precipitation followed by hot humid weather. What is this weather symbol?
What are raindrops that fall through air that is warm and freeze as they condense on cold surfaces?
Frozen precipitation that occurs in warm weather when layers of water are frozen as they are hurled in clouds at higher elevations
Raindrops that pass through a layer of cold air and freeze before hitting the ground.
Ice crystals are created within the cloud and fall to the ground.
Water vapor that condenses and falls to the ground as a liquid.
This type of cloud is puffy and white. The weather expected is fair weather with a chance of storms (cumulonimbus clouds)
This type of cloud is like a grey blanket. The weather expected is steady, light precipitation.
This type of cloud is wispy, feathery and high in altitude. The weather expected fair weather. May be a sign that a storm is approaching. This type of cloud is a ?
As the atmospheric gases move around the Earth, they
Highly acidic rain, sleet, or snow that results from the release of oxides of sulfur and nitrogen into the air from burning fossil fuels
sudden influx of acidic snows rush into lakes and streams, killing large numbers of fish and amphibians and the offspring of others
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The primary tool used to configure the Windows environment and hardware is the
is a feature that helps prevent a program making a change without you knowing about it.
Which tool allows support personnel to interact with your session to help troubleshoot problems?
If you connected to your internal network, what should you check if you cannot connect to web servers on the Internet?
What technology automatically configures IRQs, DMA channels, I/O port addresses, and memory address ranges for an expansion card?
Which built-in account gives full access to the computer system?
What is a central secure database that stores all hardware configuration information, software configuration information, and system security configuration policies?
When installing drivers on a 64-bit version of Windows Server 2008 R2, you must
To install a network role, you would use the
What program would you use to assign IRQ for a device?
uses two or more drives used in combination to create a fault-tolerant system
_ is a commonly used RAID technology that does not provide fault tolerance.
_ is an extra drive that can be automatically swapped when a drive fails.
is an architecture used for disk arrays, tape libraries, and optical jukeboxes based on networking technology.
sends SCSI commands to a SAN over a TCP/IP network.
is a Windows Server 2008 feature that allows you to create and manage logical unit numbers (LUNs) on both Fibre Channel and iSCSI disk storage subsystems that support VDS.
is a method of storing and organizing computer files so that you can easily find them and access them.
NTFS can support up to __16 exabytes__________ of storage space for each volume.
program is the command interface to partition drives.
uses volumes stored on two separate physical disks to write data onto both disks simultaneously and redundantly.
What type of server serves HTML files to clients?
By default, what port does a web server use?
By default, what port does a web server use when using SSL?
What protocol is used to send mail between servers?
By default, what port does SMTP use?
What Microsoft web server is included with Windows servers?
When IIS is running multiple websites, what do you use to isolate one site from another website?
Which type of IIS authentication does not provide a username and password?
Which type of IIS authentication sends the username and password in clear text?
What protocol is used to transfer files to or from a server?
El partido político de Hitler era el partido _____ .
Muchos agricultores se enfrentaron con la bancarrota en la década de 1920 porque solicitaron demasiados préstamos y no podían pagarlos.
Después del ataque a Pearl Harbor, muchos ciudadanos estadounidenses de origen japonés fueron trasladados a campos de reubicación.
El Nuevo Trato era el plan de presidente Woodrow Wilson.
El automóvil cambió mucho la vida estadounidense en la década de 1920.
Líder del estado totalitario en la Unión Soviética (1927-1953). El aplicó medidas drásticas para controlar su país.
Dictador italiano (1922-1943) conocido como “Il Duce.”
Él se convirtió en presidente de EE.UU. en 1945, después de la muerte de FDR.
Líder alemán que se convirtió en jefe del gobierno en 1933
Presidente estadounidense que fue el único que sirvió más de dos términos
¿Cuál país no perteneció a las Potencias Centrales en la Primera Guerra Mundial?
¿Cuál país no perteneció a los países del Eje en la Segunda Guerra Mundial?
Los Estados Unidos respondió al ataque del 7 de diciembre de 1941 en Pearl Harbor
¿Qué evento provocó la participación de los Estados Unidos en la Segunda Guerra Mundial?
¿Qué evento de la Segunda Guerra Mundial es llamado el Holocausto?
En tiempo de guerra, “Rosie la Remachadora” era un símbolo de la función creciente de la mujer en
Durante principios del siglo XX (20), grandes números de afroamericanos del Sur encontraron mejores oportunidades de trabajo
¿Cuál fue la razón principal del aumento del crimen organizado durante la década de 1920?
Gran parte del crecimiento económico de la década de 1920 fue producida por
How many geographical regions does Virginia have?
Which region is known as the source of many rivers?
Which region is known as the land at the foot of the mountains?
Which region is known for coal mining?
Seafood, Ship Building and Toursism are amoung the major industries of this region...
Which region is to the west of the Piedmont?
Which major city was established along the James River?
Which city was established along the Rappahannock River?
What body of water seperates the Eastern Shore from the mainland of Virginia?
Which region of Virginia is known for recreation and apples?
What geographical feature is found between the Piedmont and Coastal Range regions that made westeward travel difficult for settlers.
How were marches organized by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. an example of the 1st Amendment?
The inability to meet supply and demand leads to
Why did eastern U.S. cities grow and thrive in the early 19th century?
What did the 19th Amendment do?
What was something that both the Roaring 20s and the Baby Boom Era have in common?
After 2001, all of the presidential elections focused on this topic
Which of the following was not a program by the New Deal?
The Fourteenth Amendment...
Which is an example of a free enterprise system?
The Fifteenth Amendment, passed in 1869 and approved in 1870, gave....
post office
movie theater
Coils of wire can produce a(n) __________________.
In a generator, current is produced in the wire that moves in a magnetic field. The magnetic field exerts a force on the ______________.
Alternating current (AC) is _________________________________ ,thus, changing its direction repeatedly, and is found in __________________________ .
Direct current (DC) is where ______________ flow in one direction and is found in ______________________.
In power plants, _________________ produce almost all of the electrical energy in the world.
Different energy sources such as gas, coal, and water are used to provide the _____________ energy to rotate coils of wire in a magnetic field.
electrical energy produced at power plants is carried to your home in wires
Electrical energy is leaving power plants at extremely high voltages (700,000 volts) which requires this device to reduce this high voltage:
changes voltage of an alternating current and contains 2 coils wrapped around an iron core
two metals inside Earth's core
The zero line of longitude is called ___.
The Tropic of Cancer is located at which latitude line?
What continent is located south of North America?
The zero degree line of latitude is called ___.
Country A has a GDP per capita of $30,200 and Country B has a GDP of $64,800, which country is more developed?
If you had to calculate the distance traveled from Country A to Country B, what would be necessary on a map?
If I had to travel from Paris to Berlin, I would take the train via Belgium. What does via mean?
When looking at a timeline, it is important to read what first?
The events of a timeline would go in what order?
What country lies in the middle of the ocean and is also a continent?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The measure of how hot or cold something is
the total energy of the motion of all the particles in an object
the ability to do work or cause change
the type of change where energy is absorbed
the type of change where energy is released
A pan of water is covered with a lid and brought to a boil. When the lid is lifted off the pan, water vapor spreads into the air. Which of these statements BEST explains why the water vapor can spread out?
Which of these has a definite volume but no definite shape
This explorer crossed the Appalachian Mountains through the Cumberland Gap. He created the first national road, the Wilderness Trail.
This explorer documented much of the land in the Louisiana Territory and traveled all the way to the Pacific Ocean with the help of a Native American guide, Sacajawea.
This man explored the upper region of the Mississippi River and the Oregon Territory. He made peace treaties with Native Americans.
What term is used to describe the idea that it was a God-given to expand and claim land from coast to coast?
Which of the following was NOT a reason that colonists expanded to the western lands of the United States?
This African American man was a slave whose master had taken him into a free territory. He sued his master for his freedom but lost the case.
This land was purchased from France for about 3 cents per acre. This land acquisition nearly doubled the size of the United States.
This land was purchased from Spain for $5 million and a clear boundary line. Native Americans in this area fought back when Americans tried to force them out.
This area was once its own nation after it fought for independence from Mexico. It was then admitted as part of the United States when James K. Polk became president.
This land was acquired as a result of winning the Mexican War. President Polk tried to buy this land, but the Mexican government would not sell. Therefore, the US army invaded and defeated Mexico to win this area.
This area was once claimed by four countries. It was valued for its availability of furs to trap and trade. The entire area was eventually split by the Unites States and Great Britain after a treaty was signed.
The ____________________________ allowed new territories to become states when their population reached a certain number of white settlers. It later became the states of Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin.
The ________________________ was a law passed by President Andrew Jackson that provided land and money to tribes that agreed to move west of the MIssissippi River.
The ___________ tribe tried to live in peace with the Americans by adopting their customs such as language and government. They eventually took their case to the Supreme Court, who denied their right to keep their land.
The _____________ refers to the forced removal of the Native Americans to reservations in present day Oklahoma. Roughly 1/4 of the population of indians died on this journey.
The _____________ tribe went to war with the United States in Florida over their refusal to move to reservations. The Native American group lost this war and were forced to move.
The ___________ stated that any territory above the 36 30' latitude line would be a free territory and below the line would be a slave territory. By admitting Missouri as a slave state, Maine was admitted as a free state.
The ___________________ allowed California to enter as a free state, but named Washington, DC as a slave territory. It also allowed the area of the Mexican Cession to decide by vote to be free or slave.
The Fugitive Slave Laws did all of the following EXCEPT:
Since the government wanted to build a transcontinental railroad through Kansas, the ________________ repealed the 36 30' line so each territory could vote on whether to be a slave state or a free state.
What was the name of a backcountry rebellion that occurred in Massachusetts?
What was America's first attempt at government called?
Why did the Lowcountry fear giving the Upcounty more representation?
What term means redistributing power?
Which group supported the Constitution and a strong central government?
Name the compromise that stated the federal government would not tax exports or attempt to regulate slave trade for at least 20 years?
Name the plan that was used to help create the Senate in Congress.
Name the plan that helped create the House of Representatives in Congress.
What is the term that means the federal system divides governmental powers between national and state governments?
What event did France ask for a bribe from America in exchange for peace?
What prevented Americans from trading with France and Great Britain?
Which accurately reflects SC during the American Revolution?
What type of farmer only grew enough for their family?
How were slaves going to be counted towards a state's population?
What is the term that means people have the right to vote on certain issues, such as slavery in the Kansas and Nebraska territory?
Which organ system is responsible for the breakdown of food?
Which organ system is responsible for pumping blood through the body?
What are the main organs of the circulatory system?
The respiratory system is responsible for:
The respiratory system is responsible for:
Which system breaks down food?
The Nervous system is respinsible for:
Which organ system is responsible for removing excess fluid from the body and returning it to the blood?
Which organ system fights off illness?
Cells make up:
Tissues make up:
Organs make up:
Another word for a living thing
Your heart is an example of what?
the most basic unit of life
Which is a unicellular organism
The cell theory states all of the following except
Which system pumps blood thoughout the body?
Your stomach is ......
Which is the correct order of cellular organization?
The repetition of vowel sounds is known as.....
'Hope is the thing with feathers' is an example of a......
A thesis statement.......
A word that is pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning, and may differ in spelling. Example-too, two
Who wrote Tears of a Tiger?
In Andy's letter to Rob's parents, he apologized a 'thousand times'
When asked how he sees himself in the future, Andy tells his counselor that he sees himself as a lawyer.
Who is Andy's girlfriend?
Who were the three boys that survived the accident?
What did Rob's mom always tell Andy to come pick up at Christmas?
Why does Gerald dislike the $5 bill?
What play is Andy's English class studying when he gets up and leaves class upset?
a figure of speech involving a comparison between unlike things that uses like or as
The underlying message of a story, or the 'big idea'
'Putting a passage into your own words and using only the main points is know as......
Which of the following is an appeal to emotion?
'Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun' is an example of what?
The way the author feels about the subject.
_____________ is the transfer of energy in the form of ray or waves.
__________ is the transfer of heat by the flow of a heated material thru a gas or liquid.
Sea and Land breezes are caused because?
The __ is the source of all energy in our atmosphere.
The ______ exits into outer space.
The ______ is caused by the Earth's rotation.
Temperatures in the thermosphere and exosphere are?
The transfer of energy that occurs when molecules come into direct contact with one another?
The _______ is layer of the atmosphere closest to Earth's surface.
The _____ are responsible for the movement of much of the weather across the United States.
When cool, dense air from the sea moves toward the land, it's called a?
The _______ contains the ozone layer.
If the ozone layer disappeared, life on earth would be exposed to _______ concentrations of ultraviolet radiation.
The __ are a windless zone at the equator.
The process of water vapor changing to a liquid to form clouds is called?
Electrically charged particles that reflect radio waves are found primary in the ________.
In which layer of the atmosphere could you see a shooting star?
The narrow belts of strong winds located near the top of the troposphere's called?
Plants and trees give off water vapor which then condenses to form clouds?
Early explorers used these winds to trade goods.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The _____ Curtain was the division between communism democracy in Europe symbolized by the Berlin Wall
conflict between US Soviets over missiles in Cuba; ended when the missiles were removed
placed greater emphasis on science math in the U.S. after the Soviets launched Sputnik in 1957
War over communism in Vietnam where the country was split at the 17th Parallel between North South. South Vietnam surrendered in 1975.
Freedom of Speach Press passed by Gorbachev in the USSR in 1988
the collapse because of economic failures and years of warfare ended communism in this former superpower
led India's independence from Britain
caused because of Iraq's invasion of Kuwait
terrorist group responsible for 9-11
In this type of economic system the government makes ALL economic decisions.
In this type of economic system producers and consumers are free to make their own economic choices without ANY government interference.
In most countries, producers and consumers are free to make most of their own economic choices, but the governments make some economic rules for the purpose of public safety. What do we call this type of economic system?
Which of the following would be an example of investment in physical capital?
Which of the following would be an example of how an entrepreneur could improve the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)?
In my country, our head of government is called Prime Minister. She is not elected directly by the citizens. She is the leader of the political party with the most seats in the legislature.
In my country the citizens directly elect our head of government and head of state. One person has both of these jobs.
In the US and Russia, power is shared between central and regional governments. The regional governments can make some of their own laws, as long as they don't break the rules of the central government. This describes a _______________ system.
Nazi Germany is an example of a government in which all power lies in the hands of one person. Citizen participation in this form of government doesn't really exist. What term would we use to describe such a government?
What is a tariff and why would a government put one in place?
______________________ is credited with conquering the Aztec Empire of central Mexico in the name of Spain.
When Spain added the Inca Empire to their own, they became very wealthy from the gold and riches of the Inca civilization. Who was the last Sapa Inca or king of the Inca people when the Spanish conquered them?
Which of the following did NOT give the Spanish an advantage when fighting/conquering the civilizations of ancient Latin America?
Which of the following was NOT introduced to the people of the America's FROM Europeans for the first time during the Columbian Exchange?
Europeans imported slaves to work in mines and agricultural plantations of their New World colonies as a part of the Columbian Exchange. The majority of these slaves were imported from ___________.
The most commonly spoken languages in Latin America today are ______________ and _______________.
Toussaint L'Overture, who was born a slave, is considered to be the symbol of Haitian independence from France.
Simon Bolivar is the name of the leader that led Mexico to win it's independence from France.
The Articles of Confederation gave whom the power to govern America?
The US Constitution established what three branches of government?
How many representatives does South Carolina have in the House of Representatives?
The legislative branch is also known as Congress. It is divided into what two houses?
Under the US Constitution, how many votes are given to each state in the Senate?
Under the US Constitution, how many votes are given to each state in the House of Representatives?
The system by which no branch of government should have more power than any other branch is known as __________________.
Which branch of government has the ability to declare war?
The first 10 Amendments of the US Constitution are known as the ___________________
What is the primary goal of the Bill of Rights?
People that live in a nation and have certain rights and responsibilities are called ____________________.
The policy that stated slaves would only be counted as a partial person was known as
This political party was led by Alexander Hamilton and supported strong federal government. People in this party were businessmen and lawyers and wanted only educated people to run the country.
This political party was led by Thomas Jefferson and believed in a stronger state government. This was the party of the common people that valued land and farming.
Which branch of government is the Commander-In-Chief of the armed forces?
Which branch has justices that hold their position for life?
Which branch of government is responsible for determining if laws are constitutional?
Why was the US Constitution written?
Who was the first president of the United States of America?
Which was the major author of the Declaration of Independence?
What do we call the technology by which scientists study rock formations below ice sheets?
What force drives the katabatic winds?
Why does New Zealand experience frequent earthquakes?
What feature of an iceberg makes it so dangerous to ships?
Which of the following natural resources are Australia’s leading exports and are also found in the western part of the country?
Which of the following is an accurate statement about low islands?
What is El Niño?
Which service industry continues to be a vital economic activity for Australia?
What can you infer about the ozone layer today?
By what means do many students living in the remote Australian Outback receive their lessons?
Which country has seen unrest between native peoples and immigrants from India?
Which comparison of New Zealand and Australia is accurate?
Which of the following statements about the populations of Australia and New Zealand is accurate?
Which statement about the culture of Oceania is accurate?
Which of the following natural disasters are the islands of Oceania frequently threatened?
What environmental process created many of New Zealand’s North Island land forms?
How many research stations are currently in Antarctica?
Which of the following statements about Polynesia is most accurate?
Which part of the world do historians believe the Maori people of New Zealand came?
Which of the following is located in Melanesia?
What sort of activity created landforms such as the huge plateau at the center of the North Island of New Zealand?
Based on the excerpt, which of the following is a reasonable conclusion?
What is Uluru, or Ayers Rock?
Which of the following statements about the Antarctic Treaty of 1959 is accurate?
How did the icy seas that surround Antarctica get their name?
Which of the following facts about Papua New Guinea best describes the cultural diversity of the population?
Which of the following statements about what scientists are discovering while working in Antarctica is accurate?
How are Guam and Wake Island similar?
In what way does Antarctica help maintain the global climate balance?
Based on the excerpt, which of the following statements is most accurate?
Even before New Zealand gained independence, what was one of the country’s best ­known political advances?
Which of the following statements about the explorers Roald Amundsen and Robert Scott is accurate?
In what way is climate change affecting Antarctica?
What is the main reason that many organisms in the Great Barrier Reef are dying?
Why is Antarctica completely dark for at least three months of the year?
Which statement best describes the early peoples of Australia?
Which of the following best describes Australian English?
How did the first people to migrate to Australia from what is now New Guinea travel?
Which of the following statements about the landmass of Antarctica is accurate?
What percentage of Antarctica’s land is suitable for plant life?
anything that has mass and takes up space
the study of matter and how matter changes
a substance that cannot be broken down into any other substance
the basic particle from which all elements are made
the force of attraction between two atoms
a group of two or more atoms held together chemically
a substance made up of two or more elements that chemically combined in a set ratio
made up of two or more substances that are together in the same place but are not chemically combined
The type of mixture where you can see the different parts easily
The type of mixture where you cannot see the different parts easily
the type of change that changes the appearance but no new substance is created
The type of change that produces one or more new substances
The fact that matter is not created or destroyed during physical or chemical changes is called
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
An individual vs. nature conflict is when...
An individual vs. society conflict is when...
An individual vs. technology conflict is when...
An individual vs. supernatural conflict is when...
An individual vs. self conflict is when...
If I am trying to get the printer to work, I am having an ___________________ conflict.
If I am protesting a new law the government is writing, I am having an _______________ conflict.
If I get caught in a rainstorm walking home from school, I am having an _____________________ conflict
I am fighting a fire breathing dragon when an evil wizard appears. It looks like I am having an _________________ conflict
I can't decide if I should go to my friend's birthday party or if I should clean my room. I am definitely having an ______________________ conflict.
Who was the leader of North Viet Nam?
Who was the leader of South Viet Nam?
Where was the demilitarized zone located in Viet Nam?
Which dictator although backed by the United States was a horrible dictator who was anti-Buddhism of which this part of Viet Nam was mostly made up of ?
What were the major economic systems of the Cold War?
An economic system that supports private ownership as the means of production, i.e., factories, offices, and shipping in which market forces determine the way?
A political and economic system in which the major productive resources in a society, i.e., mines, factories, farms are owned by the public or state and wealth is divided among citizens equally?
What is the symbol of the Cold War?
The Berlin Wall was constructed in 1961 because :
On what date did the U.S.S.R. officially dissolve and the Cold War ended?
to wash dishes
to make the bed
to take out the trash
to clean up/organize the living room
to mow the lawn/cut the grass
Where would you - limpiar la mesa
Where would you - cortar el césped?
Where would you - preparar la cena?
Where would you - hacer la cama?
Who did the British Parliament feel was responsible for paying for the French and Indian War?
How did the British government react to the Boston Tea Party?
According to the Declaration of Independence, what are three rights given to all people?
What is the main purpose of the Declaration of Independence?
Who was named Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army?
Which battle was won by the Americans after they tricked the British into thinking they had retreated? This is a small town in South Carolina.
Which battle was won by the British the second time they attacked this city? The British blockaded the harbor and cut off supplies
What was the final battle of the Revolutionary War? Here the French Navy helped blockade the harbor and force the British troops to surrender.
Which battle was the major turning point of the war? This battle was fought in New York. It was after this battle the French were convinced to help American colonists.
This battle was won by the British redcoats when they forced American troops to surrender. It proved to the colonists they would need supplies and support from allies.
This is the first battle of the Revolutionary War. It was nicknamed as the SHOT HEARD 'ROUND THE WORLD.
What nation helped the Americans after the Battle of Saratoga?
How did the construction of Fort Moultrie impact the American Revolution in Charleston?
Which of the following is NOT part of the Declaration of Independence?
Which document officially ended the Revolutionary War?
What was one promise given to African slaves who fought in the American Revolutionary War?
What impact did the cotton gin have on slaves?
After the Revolutionary War, Americans started moving across the Appalachian Mountains. How did this affect the Native Americans living in this area?
Which was NOT part of the Intolerable Acts?
Which was NOT a role of women during the Revolutionary War?
What are some of the countries that belonged to NATO?
What was the immediate cause of WWI?
Mass production of automobiles was made possible largely because of the introduction of the __________________.
The Brezhnev Doctrine stated that the U.S.S.R. would use:
The Truman (Harry S.) Doctrine was an American policy in 1947 that:
The Truman Doctrine was also:
Who were the three leaders involved in the Cuban Missile Crisis?
Where was the demilitarized zone for Korea?
As related to the Cuban Missile Crisis, the United States had a missile base in ____________ hoping to increase nuclear strike capability and this made the _______________
The Soviet Union wanted to have a missile base in _________________.
Which of the following was a cause of WWI?
Who was the leader who helped the Cold War to start thawing in 1985?
What major policy changes did Mikhail Gorbachev implement?
In 1989, Gorbachev repudiated (revoked, reversed) the Brezhnev Doctrine which led to a series of amazing events. Hence, 1989 became known as the ___________________.
In Hungary, Parliament voted to allow freedom of speech, free elections and disassemble the _________________.
When the Communist Party lost elections in June 1991, the Soviet Union _________________.
His assassination by Serbia started WWI.
Allied Power from WWI originally was neutral up until 1917
British passenger ship sunk by German Subs
part of the Versailles Treaty that would create a group to hopefully end any future wars.
started in Europe right after WWI because of Germany's reparation payments; reached the US in 1929.
Britain and France giving into Hitler's demands to prevent war;
Which leader didn't come about due to the rise of totalitarianism during the Great Depression
Japan bombing the American Navy Base got the U.S. involved in WWII.
Because of __________, the U.S. saved lives instead of losing lives by invading Japan.
WWI alliance of Germany, Japan Italy
plan to unify France from German control in 1944
invasion of this country started WWII in 1939
Hitler's plan to kill the Jews during the Holocaust
court case to punish the Nazi officials for their role in the Holocaust
Jewish homeland created after WWII
Post WWII tensions between US USSR from 1945-1991
Western European alliance to defend against Soviet Aggression
Money given to Europe by the U.S. to repair the damage after WWII
if one country falls to communism, others would fall as well
Stopping the spread of communism; successful during the Korean War
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Negative effects of the Columbian Exchange included:
Which colonies settled in modern-day Florida and southwestern parts of North America? Their explorations were motivated by the search for gold.
Which colonies were eventually forced out by the English in the areas of New Jersey and New York?
Which colonies settled in Quebec (Canada) and traded furs with the Native Americans?
Which colony exported rice, tobacco, and indigo?
Which colony had thick, rocky soil and a cold climate? This region exported lumber to build ships.
All colonies were ruled by whom?
What was the first permanent English settlement in North America?
Who did the English use as slaves before indentured servants and Africans?
What happened to Africans once they were unloaded off the ship on their journey to North America?
Which war was fought over the lush, fertile land of the Ohio River Valley?
In which type of government is power divided between a central government and several local governments?
Which is the process by which a society chooses its leaders?
Which are the four characteristics of the state?
Which phrase in the Preamble of the Constitution means that laws should be reasonable, fair, and impartial?
Which is a way that governments are classified?
Which is the same as government by popular consent, indirect democracy, or a republic?
In which system are all key powers given to the central government?
Which describes equality in a democracy?
Which of the following is a duty of every American citizen?
Which are the three basic powers of government?
Which has been most important in the development of government in the United States?
Which is an example of how Congress may use its legislative powers?
Which idea is central to democracy in the United States?
The United States is properly classified as a republic rather than a democracy because
The key relationship between democracy and free enterprise is that both
Compromise is important in a democracy because
Rhode Island and Florida are not sovereign states in the international, legal sense. Why not?
If a state is sovereign, it
The U.S. government is correctly classified as
Which of the following is NOT a function of the federal government?
Visible light is
The primary source of light on earth is
Light bulb that excites plasma
Light bulb with a glowing filament
Light bulb that contains a semiconductor
Name for range of different colors of light
Device for separating colors of light
Color of visible light with the shortest
Part of the eye that detects color
Light rays that bounce off a mirror
Type of Image seen in a mirror
Lens that bends light toward the center
Lens that bends light away from the center
Bending of light
Curved piece of glass or plastic
Reflection of the sky above hot pavement
Part of the eye that detects small changes in light
Alternate name for a concave lens.
The color of objects that don't reflect any light
All colors of light combine to make this color
The setting of the story contains the...
The protagonist is the ____________________ character in a story
The antagonist is the character that _____________________ the protagonist.
Plot is the...
The exposition is the...
The initiating event is...
What is the conflict in a story?
What does conflict do in a story?
What do rising actions do?
The climax is the ______________ in a story
The resolution is at the end of the story and is the new reality after the conflict ends.
What is the point of view in a story?
True or false: the theme should contain specific elements of the plot.
The theme is the ____________________ or ___________________ of a story
A symbol is usually an object that...
Which economic term relates to not having enough resources to produce for all wants and needs?
Nadia makes the decision to purchase Barnes Noble’s Nook Tablet for $199 instead of the new Kindle Fire. What is Nadia’s opportunity cost?
What are the factors of production (capital, entrepreneur, land and labor) known as?
What is determined by supply and demand?
Things used to motivate someone to change their economic behavior such as sales and buy one get one are which economic term?
When supply increases and demand decreases, what happens to prices?
What determines the type of economy for a country?
Which economic system has individuals and businesses making decisions for the private sector and government for the public sector?
Which economic system has competition, profit motive, consumer sovereignty and choice with minimal to no government involvement?
Who rules the market in a Free Market System?
Which economic system is centrally-owned and planned and lacks choice?
Which type of business is authorized by law to act as a person regardless of the number of owners?
Which of the following is NOT a public good or service?
Which amendment created a federal income tax?
Where does career planning start?
(R66) Which choice best describes: where (using cardinal/intermediate directions) do most people live in Australia?
(R66) Why do most of the people in Australia choose to populate certain areas of the continent?
(R67) How do most historians believe the Aborigines came to the continent of Australia?
(R67) What type of economy would the Aborigines have had in place for the 40,000 prior to the arrival of Europeans?
(R68) Shortly after the British discover and claim Australia they ___________.
(R68) Why were the British so interested in colonizing Australia?
(R68) Which of the following did NOT negatively impact the Aborigines, after the arrival of Europeans?
(R69) Australia is an example of a Presidential Democracy.
(R69) Australia has a federal distribution of power, with 6 states and 2 territories.
(R69) The title given to the Head of Government in Australia is “Prime Minister.”
(R69A/B)The citizens of Australia DIRECTLY elect their head of state and head of government.
(R69B) Australia has an autocratic form of government.
(R69) Australia has a confederation distribution of power, with 8 regional governments.
(R69) All of the members of the Australian Parliament (MP’s) are elected by the citizens of the electorate they
(R68) Australia was a colony of Britain/England before it became an independent nation.
(R69) Australian citizens can be fined if they don’t vote, because voting is mandatory for all citizens over age 18.
True or false: external conflict happens OUTSIDE of the character.
True or False: internal conflict happens INSIDE of the character.
An individual vs. individual conflict is when...
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which career is in the Plant Systems Pathway?
chemcial symbol for helium
what element has the symbol C
what is symbol for iron
What is the element name for Na
What is symbol for hydrogen
What is the name of element Ni
What is symbol for oxygen
What is name of element for Cl
What is the symbol for silver
What is the name of element for Zn
What event began the Civil War?
What was the first major battle of the Civil War?
What document changed the focus of the war from states' rights to ending slavery?
Which battle gave the Union control of the Mississippi River and divided the South?
What happened at Appomattox Courthouse in 1865?
In which battle did the North repel Lee's invasion, marking the turning point in the Civil War?
Which three ports did the Union blockade?
What was the Union capital during the Civil War?
What was the Confederate capital during the Civil War?
Battles like Gettysburg where the high ground became important to capture were influenced by what?
Where does the beginning of the book take place?
Where does the second half of the story take place?
What took place in America during the setting of our novel?
How does Papa die?
How does mama get sick?
A theme for this book would be...
A literary device that compares two things without using like or as
when the author gives a hint about what will happen next in a story
One symbol seen in our book is
Who is Miguel?
Why do people at the camp make fun of Esperanza?
What does Isabel pray for every night?
Why do the strikers put glass in the asparagus baskets?
Why do the strikers get taken back to Mexico?
Why does Esperanza not like the labor camp?
What is the smallest living part of a living thing?
Through what part of a cell do materials enter and waste products leave?
What is the function of a vacuole?
How are plant cells different from animal cells?
Which is these is the most complete description of an ecosystem's parts?
Many microorganisms live in soil. What do all the microorganisms of the same species living in an area's soil make up?
Which of these is an example of an abiotic factor in a forest ecosystem?
What do all of the populations in an area make up?
Which of these is the best example of an interaction between a biotic factor and an abiotic factor in an ecosystem?
Where would you most likely find a salt marsh?
How are ecosystems in the deep sea different from ecosystems in shallow ocean water?
Which ecosystem is most likely to have fertile soil for growing crops?
Appeals to authority, emotion, or logic
Passing down of traits from parent to offspring
A chart to determine percentages of traits
Dominant Trait
Recessive Trait
Passed down from our parents
Genetic information
How did Africans contribute to the development of the English colonies?
Which of the following describes the New England colonies?
What is an indentured servant?
Within the Triangular Trade Route, African slaves were shipped across the Atlantic Ocean to the colonies. This journey was unpleasant because the Africans were not allowed to eat, move, or use the bathroom. What was this part of the journey called?
Which is a difference between indentured servants and slaves?
Which of the following was NOT cash crop of the Southern colonies?
Why were the Middle Colonies known as the breadbasket colonies?
Which colonies sold tobacco as a cash crop?
What was the Columbian Exchange?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
This explorer sailed for England and was looking for the Northwest Passage. He tried to replicate Columbus' route. He sailed near the Arctic Circle, but had no success.
This explorer sailed for both the Netherlands and England. He claimed and mapped land in what is now New York and Canada. There are two major land forms named after him today: Hudson Bay and Hudson River.
The Lost Colony is the name given to the settlement at -
The first permanent English settlement in North America was founded in 1607 at -
Which colony was established as an economic venture to make a profit for the Virginia Company?
Plymouth colony was settled by -
The colony of Georgia was settled by which group of people?
The main reason that the Separatists and Puritans came to America was to -
Which colony was settled by Quakers looking for religious freedom?
Which colony was settled by people who had been imprisoned in England for debts that they could not pay?
Puritans, who left the Church of England, established which colony to avoid religious persecution?
Plymouth, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts Bay were all -
Which European country established settlements and claimed ownership of land?
Sometimes Europeans and American Indians cooperated. Which was NOT an area of cooperation?
Which country first brought Christianity and European diseases to the New World?
What did the French establish in North America?
Who taught English settlers how to farm the land in North America?
Which country conquered and enslaved American Indians?
Which country created conflict by claiming lands and building settlements?
American Indians helped the English colonists in which of the following ways?
What was not an area of cooperation between American Indians and Europeans?
What did English settlers learn from American Indians?
Which country spread the Christian religion and established trading posts?
Land claims, competition for trade, differences in culture, and disease are all examples of what?
The view that land should be shared but not owned would have been said by which group?
American Indians traded farming techniques and crops for -
Who was president of the United States during the Civil War?
What document advocated for a government of the people, by the people, and for the people?
Which of the following changed the focus of the Civil War from states' rights to ending slavery?
Who was president of the Confederate States of America?
Who was general of the Union army?
Who urged Southerners to accept defeat at the end of the war and reunite as American?
Who was a skilled confederate general?
What army did Robert E. Lee lead during the Civil War?
Who was an enslaved African American who escaped to the North and became a famous abolitionist?
Who was determined to preserve the Union by force, if necessary, to keep the United States as one nation?
Which has been a trend in the history of American voting rights?
Which voting requirement was the first to be eliminated?
Which did the Framers of the Constitution allow to set suffrage qualifications?
Which federal law passed in 1993 was intended to make voter registration easier?
Which is a reason why states have voter registration?
Which once kept certain groups of voters such as African Americans, Native Americans, and Latinos from voting?
What are preclearance requirements supposed to prevent?
Which is an example of political socialization?
When people register to vote, which question must they answer?
Which kind of election can be expected to generate the lowest voter turnout?
Which describes a typical nonvoter?
Which describes typical independent voters?
Which person would not meet the universal requirements for voting?
Which type of voting often results from strong loyalty to a political party?
Today, every State requires potential voters to satisfy qualifications based on citizenship, residence, and
The main criticism of the registration requirement for voting is that it
Which of the following tactics did many States once use to disenfranchise African American voters?
For which office are more votes regularly cast than for any other?
All of the following are universal qualifications for voting in the United States except
Which of the following situations describes a legal restriction on voting?
Which of the following is an abiotic (nonliving) factor?
Which of the following is an abiotic factor?
Which of these do the three major watershed systems in VA not lead to?
As water flow in rivers and streams decreases in speed, what happens to the size of sediment it carries?
The Chesapeake Bay is a(n)...
What mixes fresh water and salt water in the Chesapeake Bay?
Which is not a water quality monitoring parameter?
T or F Wetlands provide food and shelter for wildlife and fish.
A(n) __________________ is made up of the biotic community and the nonliving factors that affect it.
Which word means living?
Wide, flat border areas onto which water spills out at times of high flow are called...
The health of an ecosystem is directly related to water ______________.
What separates watersheds?
What is the name of the largest estuary in the contiguous United States?
Which state is not included as part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed?
Which is not an example of a wetland?
What forms the transition zone between dry land and bodies of water?
What are different states of matter
S to L
Liquids have
Gases have
L to S
G to L
G to S
S to L
L to G
The rising sun on the FFA Emblem represents:
SAE represents which component of the agricultural education program?
Bullying, damaged reputation, and stalking are dangers most often associated with which websites?
Communication and decision making skills are characteristics of which part of the FFA Mission Statement?
Related to safety policies and procedures in the learning environment, what do the letters PPE represent?
The cross section of corn on the FFA Emblem represents:
Thinking about the person and what they are trying to say is practicing:
What is a component of the FFA Mission Statement?
An occupation or profession that usually requiring special training and may be considered lifework for an individual is a:
Which career is in the Agribusiness Systems Pathway?Which career is in the Agribusiness Systems Pathway?
Which career is in the Power, Structural and Technical Systems Pathway?
A specific task done as part of a routine or that could be a part of employment either part‐time or full‐time is a:
The term World Population refers to:
What percentage of the average U.S. disposable income is spent on food?
Which career is in the Animal Systems Pathway?
Which career is in the Environmental Service Systems Pathway?
Which career is in the Food Processing and Products Systems Pathway?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What did the American sugar planters in Hawaii pressure the Hawaiians to do?
How did American Expansionists support their claim to annex Cuba and Puerto Rico?
Why did President McKinley send the battleship Maine to Havana?
Who was blamed for the sinking of the Maine even though there was no evidence?
What was the effect of the sinking of the Maine?
What was the effect of the Rough Riders capturing San Juan Hill?
Why did Teddy Roosevelt order offensive operations in the Philippines if war broke out with Spain?
What did the Filipinos believe the Americans do for them?
What did the US get in the treaty with Spain?
What effect did the treaty with Spain have on the Filipino people?
What did America set up after winning the revolt in the Philippines?
How did Vice-President Teddy Roosevelt describe America?
Why did Roosevelt want to build the Panama Canal?
What was Teddy Roosevelt’s personal motto?
How did the US Finally make things right with Columbia?
How did the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife lead the the Great War?
Who headed the Central Powers?
Who headed the Allied Powers?
What did the German and French armies do when neither side was able to advance in France?
What was the land called between the trenches?
Why did Germany sink the British luxury liner the Lusitania, sailing from NY?
What was the reason President WIlson gave Congress for going to war?
How did the US get the necessary men for the war?
What happened when the Americans arrived in France?
What did Germany do to avoid an invasion of their country?
What did Germany expect from the 14 points?
What did some of the Allied leaders want?
How did the treaty punish Germany?
What did the Senate do with the treaty of Versailles?
How is a delta made?
What does a glacier cause?
which of the following is not alternative energy?
what is heat within the earth's core?
which of the following is not a fossil fuel
which of the following is not a conductor?
what does not rely on another source for energy?
what is not something you must you have for oil and natural gas to form
what is energy from moving water?
If you have a water sample that is 43 degrees, how much does it need to rise to reach boiling point?
The process of physically and chemically breaking food particles down is referred to as _____.
The active, voluntary process of placing food in one's mouth is __________.
The process of eliminating indigestible residues from the GI tract is called _________.
The energy value of foods is measured in units called __________.
__________ refers to all chemical reactions necessary to maintain life.
___________ describes the set of metabolic pathways that build larger molecules from smaller units.
_________ describes the metabolic pathways that break down larger molecules into smaller units, releasing energy in the process.
Which of these is not an example of mechanical digestion?
Which of these is not an example of chemical digestion?
_________ is the alternating waves of contractions and relaxations that squeeze food along the GI tract.
Magnetite is a _______________ magnet.
Every magnet has _____ poles.
Moving __________________ create magnetic fields.
______________ are created from magnetic forces of attraction and repulsion.
A group of atoms with their magnetic poles pointing in the same direction are called _____________________.
Earth contains a large magnetic field called a(n) __________________.
Earth's molten iron in the outer core is responsible for generating the ___________________.
When an electric current is created, _____________ flow in a wire.
Materials that can become magnetized include _____________ and _________________.
The magnetic field is strongest near the _____________ of a bar magnet.
____ used to be the ninth month before July and August were add to the calendar; now it's the 11th month.
If you add one more side to an octagon, you will have a _____.
A _____ has passed and we couldn't believe we were already having our ten-year reunion.
The cellphone measured about one _____ long.
_____ numbers are less than one whole, but like whole numbers they follow the same base-ten pattern.
The church, built in 1906, was more than a ____ old.
Twenty _____ of the students signed up for art class.
If it's 34 degrees _____, then it's about 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
He was chosen to be a ______ because of his size, strength, and sword skills.
One inch is equal to about two and a half ______.
Why did European countries seek out a water route to Asia?
What is cartography?
Which tool is used by explorers to measure the height of the sun above the horizon?
What was the name given to the smaller, faster ship with triangular sails that could sail into the wind?
Why was Leif Erickson important to early explorers?
Which best describes the feelings explorers had towards Native Americans living in the New World?
Why did Leif Erickson not get credit for his discovery of North America?
What was the main motivation for European nations sent explorers out into the world?
Which explorer sailed for Spain looking for a faster route to Spice Islands? He did not reach his goal of getting to the Far East, but he did discover the West Indies and wealth.
Which explorer was the first to sail all the way around the world? He died before the journey was complete, but was still given credit for the accomplishment.
Which explorer was a Spanish conquistador who explored the southeastern United States and claimed land in Florida for Spain?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Consumer that gets it's food by breaking down dead organisms, causing them to rot
the sequence in which energy is transferred from one organism to the next as each organism eats and is eaten by another
All of the feeding relationships in an ecosystem
Consumer that eats only producers
consumer that eats both plants or animals
organisms that make its own food
A boycott is the ___________to buy and do something
A __________is the way a group of people does something.
A point of land that sticks out in the ocean is called a __________.
A ____________ is land set aside to protect the landforms, plants, and animals living in it.
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