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Concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) make meat more economical but may have some negative environmental impacts. These include all of the following EXCEPT
Which of the following best explains why the recycling of plastic is an example of open-loop recycling?
The U.S. legislation that is designed to track hazardous waste from its production, cradle, to its disposal, grave, is the
Which explorer circumnavigated the globe?
Which explorer discovered the Americas
Which explorer sailed around the tip of Africa to reach Asia?
Which Continent was colonized to make profit and money by the Europeans
Which continent was colonized because of the slave trade?
Which continent returned to isolation after European colonization?
Who controlled most of South America, Mexico and Florida
Who controlled the original 13 colonies?
Who controlled Canada and the Louisiana Territory?
Who controlled Brazil?
The ________ exchange was the trading of plants, animals, technology and disease
What was NOT part of the Triangle of Trade?
What style of economy is based on more exports than imports?
Which economy is based on princes providing protection to peasants on their land
Which is NOT an example of an Unlimited Government?
Which is NOT an example of a limited government?
Which conflict was based on King Charles I wanting to exercise his absolute power over Parliament?
Which event in 1215 limited the power of the British Monarch
Which of the following events established a Constitutional Monarchy when William and Mary signed this?
Which event led to a bloodless overthrow of King James II?
Which scientist stated the Earth moved around the Sun (Heliocentric Theory)?
Which scientist was known for the telescope and his conflict with religion?
Which scientist discovered the laws of gravity and motion?
Which event influenced the American and French Revolutions?
Which enlightenment philosopher supported the consent of the governed, natural rights and influenced the declaration of independence?
Which Enlightenment philosopher supported separation of powers?
Which Enlightenment philosopher supported social contract theory, popular sovereignty and helping the poor?
Which Enlightenment philosopher supported freedom of speech and religion? (He went by a different name)
What wasn't part of the French Revolution?
During the ______, France became a republic.
During the ______________, France became a constitutional monarchy
During the ______________, France had over 20,000 people beheaded by the guillotine
What was a system of laws that ended government corruption in France during Napoleon
Who returned the balance of power after Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo in 1815?
Which country did Germany NOT fight a war against during their Unification
What is NOT true about Italian Unification?
All are examples of Long Term Care Facilities except:
Hospitals are :
Some clinical facilities are all except:
Some Home Health services include
Optical centers provide care for:
Which statement is true of Hospice:
Emergency care services include:
Rehabilitation facilities :
Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO)s provides which services
A Non-Profit agency:
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Conservation of Energy means that:
It takes Grandpa Simpsons fake teeth 1.5 seconds to fall to the ground (a distance of 1.5 meters) from his mouth. What is the average speed with which the teeth fall?
LeBron steals the basketball from Kobe and dunks it after 3.5 seconds. How far away from the basket was he when he stole the ball if he ran with an average speed of 4 m/s to get there?
A 120-lb skateboarder with the speed of 10 mph collides with a shopping cart (This is why you should not skateboard in the mall!). What is the skateboarders momentum?
Danica Patrick takes 2.5 s to speed up from 200 km/hr to 210 km/hr to pass the racer in front of her. What is her cars acceleration?
If a car decelerates from 100 km/hr to 0 km/hr in 8 seconds, its acceleration is:
The kinetic energy of a 10 kg bowling ball rolling with velocity of 15 m/s N is:
A 50 kg Wonder-woman is set to jump from a skyscraper that is 250 m high. What is her total gravitational potential energy (remember that g = 9.8 m/s/s)?
A force gives a 2.0 kg mass an acceleration of 6.0 m/s/s. What is the magnitude of the force?
If a car at rest requires a force of 100 N to be put in motion, and the force of friction is 5 N, what is the net force required to move it?
Two students were testing the amount of fertilizer that would best promote the growth of strawberries in a garden. Which of the following could be an unavoidable source of experimental error?
In most stable freshwater environments, populations of Daphnia are almost entirely female and reproduce asexually. However, males are observed in low oxygen environments or when food is scarce. Based on these observations, a researcher suggests that
A computer model of cellular mitosis can simulate the aspects of cellular division quite well. However, microscopic observation of actual cellular mitosis can improve understanding because actual observations
Which of the following best describes the use of population models in biology?
A prediction was made that the best conditions for earthworm growth occur when there are fewer than five earthworms per cubic meter of soil. This prediction is called a
A mineral supplement designed to prevent the common cold was given to two groups of people during a scientific study. Group 1 was given 50 mg a day of the mineral. Group 2 was given 100 mg a day of the mineral. After eight weeks, neither group report
Students hypothesized that their normal pulse rates would double after doing 50 sit-ups. After completing three trials, four students averaged their individual pulse rates and recorded their results. Student 1 had an average pulse rate of 120 beats p
The jackrabbit population sometimes decreases dramatically. One possible explanation for this decrease is that the coyote population has increased. This explanation is a scientific
Which of the following is not part of the scientific method?
What is the difference between a scientific observation and a scientific theory?
Which of these would have the least effect on natural selection in a subspecies of giraffes that is geographically isolated from other subspecies of giraffe
A small population of chimpanzees lives in a habitat that undergoes no changes for a long period. How will genetic drift probably affect this population?
Which of these best illustrates natural selection?
A species of finch has been studied on one of the geographically isolated Galapagos Islands for many years. Since the island is small, the lineage of every bird for several generations is known. This allows a family tree of each bird to be developed.
Earth has undergone some catastrophic changes from time to time. Which of these most likely explains why life on Earth continued following these catastrophes?
A small portion of a population that is geographically isolated from the rest of the population runs the risk of decreased
A single species of squirrel evolved over time into two species, each on opposite sides of the Grand Canyon. This change was most likely due to
Fossil evidence suggests that a number of members of one fish species from an ancient lake in Death Valley, California, became several isolated species. Each of these new species lived in a different pond. Which of the following best explains the cau
If a paleontologist finds fossils of many different species existing in the same area at approximately the same time, the paleontologist can conclude that the ecosystem in this area had a high degree of
The scientist who published the booh Origin of Species and proposed the theory of natural selection was
A signal that the bladder is full is sent to the central nervous system by
Which of the following is a function of the nervous system
The respiratory system depends on the nervous system for signals to
Striking the tendon just below the kneecap causes the lower leg to jerk. Moving an object quickly toward the face can cause the eyes to blink shut. These are examples of
In order for the body to maintain homeostasis, the chemical decomposition of food to produce energy must be followed by
How do human diseases caused by bacteria and diseases caused by viruses react to antibiotics?
Individuals with HIV sometimes contract a pneumonia infection that is rare in the rest of the population because people with HIV
Which three human-body systems coordinate to cause an arm to move?
As a person exercises, carbon dioxide (CO2 ) levels in the blood increase. This causes the nervous system to signal which of these systems to respond?
Which of the following levels of organization best represents the sequence from smallest unit to largest?
Methane (CH4) gas diffuses through air because the molecules are
When a cold tire is inflated to a certain pressure and then is warmed up due to friction with the road, the pressure increases. This happens because the
The volume of 400 mL of chlorine gas at 400 mm Hg is decreased to 200 mL at constant temperature. What is the new gas pressure?
Under what circumstance might a gas decrease in volume when heated?
20 L of CO2 gas is at STP. What will be the new volume when the temperature is doubled?
Standard temperature and pressure (STP) are defined as
What is the equivalent of 423 kelvin in degrees Celsius?
The temperature at which all molecular motion stops is
PV = nRT ; R = 0.0821 L atm / mol K ; When will a 0.50 mole sample of helium occupy a volume of 11.2 liters?
According to Boyle's Law, as pressure increases
Which of the following is an observable property of many acids?
Equal volumes of 1 M HCl and NaOH are mixed. After mixing, the solution will be
Potassium hydroxide (KOH) is a strong base because it
Of four different laboratory solutions, the solution with the highest acidity has a pH of
The products of a neutralization reaction are always
A teaspoon of dry coffee crystals dissolves in hot water to make coffee. The crystals are classified as a
Which of the examples above illustrates a nonpolar solute in a polar solvent
Which of these is an example of an exothermic chemical process?
The boiling point of liquid nitrogen is 77 K. Ice forms at the opening of a container of liquid nitrogen. The best explanation for this observation is
Which of the following substances is not an acid
In a sealed bottle that is half full of water, equilibrium will be attained when water molecules
When a reaction is at equilibrium and more reactant is added, which of the following changes is the immediate result?
In which of the following reactions involving gases would the forward reaction be favored by an increase in pressure
H2O2, hydrogen peroxide, decomposes to H2O and O2. If you add MnO2, the activation energy decreases and reaction rate increases. Why?
When NH3 combines with O2 to make N2 and H2O, the coefficient for NH3 in the balanced rxn is
C3H8 + O2 -> CO2 + H2O // Balance this rxn. The coeffficient for water is
Which of the following is a balanced equation for the combustion of ethanol (CH3CH2OH)?
The Battle of the Somme
On June 28, 1914, the Archduke Francis Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian throne, was assassinated in the Bosnian city of
Using the Schlieffen Plan,
The general attitude toward the prospect of a Europe-wide war among the people of Europe in the summer of 1914 was one of
By 1917, World War I had
The troops of which country turned the tide of the war in 1918?
Before WWI, Kaiser Wilhelm II took actions that encouraged all of the following EXCEPT for an
Germany invaded Belgium in order to
The Zimmerman note was a message sent from Germany to
When you read scientific instruments (like a meter stick or graduated cylinder) you must:
The measurement scale on a scientific instrument should be read
To read a measurement from a graduated cylinder, you
An example of measurement data (data obtained through the use of a scientific instrument) is
Which of the following statements is correct?
The unit of volume in the metric system is
An instrument that can be read to the hundredths place is
How many grams are there in a kilogram?
How many centimeters are there in a meter?
How many mililiters are there in a liter?
A solution is a homogeneous mixture.
Acids give soaps their useful properties.
A solution is neutral if it has more hydronium ions than hydroxide ions.
Hydrochloric acid can be used to clean mortar from brick walls.
Solutes can be separated from their solvents by physical means.
Water is often called the universal solvent.
All liquid solutions contain water.
All aqueous solutions contain water.
The solubility of a substance describes how fast a solute will dissolve.
Strong acids have lower pH values than weak acids.
Answers by Educators Question Database
A metal spoon was left in a pot of boiling soup. The cook burned a finger by touching the spoon. Why did the finger get burned?
A car skids along the road and smoke appears to becoming from under the tires. The heat that produces the smoke is caused by
How is thermal energy transferred through a material?
Why do electric cords come with plastic coating wrapped over the wires?
A student places a piece of glass over a tank of water. What happens to the speed of a light ray that shines from air through glass into the water?
A piece of bread is stuck in a toaster. Why would it be unsafe to use a metal fork to remove the piece of bread from the toaster?
Which of the following materials would students use to make the light of a circuit glow when connected?
During the day, the sand at the beach is very warm while at night, it is cooler. Why does this occur
A worker for an electrical company is preparing to fix a power line. Why would he put on rubber gloves before working with any power line?
Why are some coffee cups composed of ceramic material?
If you placed a hot stone in a beaker of cold water, what would happen to stone and water after 10 minutes of time elapsed?
When electromagnetic waves strike a metal pipe, what usually happens?
Which best describes why metals are used for making pots and pans that are used for cooking?
Which is considered a good insulator of heat?
A pot is heated on a stove. Which process causes the metal handle of the pot to also become hot?
Which is most responsible for the uneven heating of air in the atmosphere?
How are people sitting around a campfire able to feel the heat from the fire without touching the fire?
Sputnik, Satellite
Math and Science
Sputnik, Satellite
East Asia, Korea
Vietnam War
Stop the Spread of Communism, Containment
Stop the Spread of Communism
Vietnam War
Unpopular, Demonstrations, Protests
Naval Blockade
Pentagon Papers
Child Workers
Vietnam War
After World War 2, Jewish settlers in the Middle East were in frequent conflict with which group?
What term is given for European Jews that believed they could no longer live among non-Jews and must form their own country in their ancestral homeland?
What 3 major monotheistic religions have their origins in the Middle East and share Jerusalem as a holy site?
Most people in Israel are followers of what religion?
The mass extermination of the Jews by Hitler's Nazi government during World War 2 is called:
What Middle Eastern city is considered holy by Christians, Jews, and Muslims?
In 1990, the United States entered the Persian Gulf War. The decision by the United States to enter this war was a direct result of Iraq's invasion of what country
How did European involvement impact the region after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire
The Ottoman Empire helped to spread which religion?
What happened after Jewish people declared that Israel was an independent Jewish state in 1948?
What large empire broke up after WW1?
The scattering of Jewish people throughout the world was called:
Why did many countries in the United Nations feel it was right to create Israel?
Which country did Saddam Hussein rule?
When did terrorists attack the World Trade Center in New York City?
What led the U.S. to bomb and invade Afghanistan in 2001?
A United Nations inspection team was in Iraq from 1991-1998 with the purpose of finding and destroying:
Which best describes the climate of much of Southwest Asia?
What is the 120 mile man-made waterway that is used to transport goods from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea?
This 25 mile territory has been a source of dispute between Israel and its neighbors for many years:
Much of the world's oil supply is shipped through the narrow waterway between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula called the:
Which river is the key water source for Israel, Lebanon, and Syria?
Because mountains block winds coming from the oceans, much of the interior of Southwest Asia is:
Which rivers flower through Turkey, Syria, and Iraq?
Disputes over what 2 natural resources are problematic for many SW Asia countries?
What are 3 major water problems in SW Asia?
Which country's water treatment plants have been damaged by decades of war?
The process of removing salt from salt water in order to make it suitable for farming and drinking is known as:
Because of its harsh climate, which country has to rely on desalination plants to provide most of its citizens' drinking water?
The oldest religion in SW Asia is:
What issue led to the split between Sunni and Shia Muslims?
The majority of people in SW Asia belong to what ethnic group?
Today, most Iranians speak Farsi and belong to this ethnic group:
What ethnic group lives in the mountains of Turkey and Iraq
What desert stretches across southern Mongolia and northern China?
What sea lies between Vietnam and the Philippines and has violent monsoons and typhoons?
This seasonal wind can bring heavy rainfall that can be a blessing for farmers but also a curse due to flooding:
This river is sacred in the Hindu religion:
9 of the world's 10 highest peaks are in this mountain range, including Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world:
Who was the first person to observe and name cells?
Who developed a system of classification?
Who invented the first microscope?
Who was one of the men who formed the basis of the cell theory?
Which of the following lists these items in order from smallest to largest?
True or False: An organism is a complete living thing.
True or False: The scientific names of classification in order from largest to smallest are kingdom, class, order, phylum, genus, and species.
True or False: Plants are unicellular organisms that can make their own food.
True or False: Yogurt and your intestines contain useful bacteria.
True or False: Organisms classified as Eubacteria, Protista, or Archaebacteria are multicellular.
True or False: The scientific name of an organism uses its phylum and species.
True or False: Putting organisms with similar characteristics into groups is called classification.
Living things are made of cells. Cells can function as individual organisms or as the smallest units in a larger organism. These conclusions form the basis of _________.
The bubble-like storage organelles found in a cell are called _______________.
Plants use a green pigment called _______ to absorb energy from sunlight.
The DNA of a cell is packed into tight little bundles called ____________.
A group of cells working together is called ______________.
The heart, lungs, and liver are some of your body's ____________.
The ___________ provides the external boundary for a cell.
The part of the cell not found in animal cells is the ____________.
Japan was heavily influenced by
Japan received it's writing system from
Japan's indigenous religion was
What best describes how the Heian society of Japan worked?
The Tale of Genji
Samurai soliders were
Binding women feet is an example of
The government of China was a bureaucracy which means
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Vinegar and oranges both contain acids.
The substance being dissolved to form a solution is the ___.
The atmosphere of Earth is an example of a ___ solution.
Which is an example of a homogeneous mixture?
A solution that contains all the solute it can hold under the given conditions is ___.
A solution that contains a large amount of solute compared to solvent is described as ___.
A solution with a pH of 13 is a ___.
The amout of table sugar that will dissolve in 1 kg of water can be increased by ___.
Which of the following properties is NOT characteristc of acidic solutions?
How does a soultion with a pH of 2 compare to a solution with a pH of 1?
Which is a heterogeneous mixture?
When aqueous solutions of table salt and silver nitrate are mixed, a white solid forms. This solid is ___.
Stainless steel is an example of a ___ solution.
Which of the following types of substance would be least likely to dissolve in water?
Which of the following mixtures is NOT an example of a substance?
Which best describes a mixture?
This produces hydroxide ions in water.
This is the amount of substance that can dissolve in 100 g of water.
This produces hydronium ions in water.
Another name for a homogeneous mixture.
A substance that dissolves to form a solution.
A reaction between an acid and a base.
Small amount of solute in a given amount of solvent.
Larger or largest part of a solution.
Not uniform (the same) in composition
Large amount of solute per given amount of solvent.
Solution with a pH above 7
Conducts electricity in water.
Solution feels slippery.
Reacts with metals, producing hydrogen gas
Neutral solution
Changes the color of indicators.
tastes bitter
solution with a pH of 3
tastes sour
produce hydronium ions when dissolved in water
produce hydroxide ions when dissolved in water
Baking soda is a base.
Milk is a base.
The main reason scientists design and conduct experiments is to
A scientific investigation attempts to answer a question about
In order to write a hypothesis for an experiment, the investigator must first
An experimenter should
Planning how to set up data tables and what kind of graph or analysis of data to do
A control group
The conclusion statement of the experiment
Researching information related to the investigation
Stating the purpose of a scientific investigation
The controlled variables in an experiment
In a data table
A graph can show a relationship of DIRECT variation between the IV and the DV if
A graph can show a relationship of INVERSE variation between the IV and the DV if
The best type of graph to show non-continuous data (data that is in catagories like
The type graph best suited to continuous quantitative data is
If you are given the value for other variables, you can solve for an unknown variable with
Dimensional analysis uses conversion factors to
As technology improves (as when the microscope was invented)
A scientific model
Everyone sits at the table; dishes are passed from one to another
someone fills the plate in the kitchen and brings out to the table
each person helps him/herself and goes to sit at the table
eating utensils such as knives, forks, and spoons are called
a portion of the meal served one unit/part at a time
A place setting includes
the water glass is placed
The salad plate is placed
the cup and saucer is placed
The plate and silverware should be how far from the edge of the table
Never speak when your mouth is full of food.
The utensil for the first course of the meal is placed farthest from the plate
Unless you are urged to do otherwise, begin eating as soon as you are served
Except when the napkin is being used to wipe your hands, it should be neatly folded beside the plate
You should cut up all of your food as soon as you receive your meal
It is ok to talk with food in your mouth if someone asks you a direct question and you are taking small bites
If you are having soup, entree and dessert, what utensils do you need
It is only necessary to wipe your mouth at the end of each course
You can shove the entire roll in your mouth, if you are very hungry
It is ok to reach for an item as long as you are not reaching over other people\'s food
Convenience food is
What type of metamorphic rock has aligned grains (like pages in a book) and is made of many minerals?
Convenience foods typically
What type of sedimentary rock is made of fragments of other rocks and minerals (i.e. Sandstone)?
Convenience foods typically
This type of metamorphism occurs when enormous pressure builds up in a rock that is deeply buried under other rock formations.
foods made from a vegetable protein and processed to resemble animal food
What are the 3 ways that a rock can melt into magma?
a product made from a less expensive food and substituted for a more expensive one
The minerals the rock is made of determine the rocks
One disadvantage of a convenience food is
Fossils form in
A way you can make your own conv foods
Igneous rock formations form on the Earth's surface and cool quickly are called
an example of a convenience food is
Strata is
What is an example of an analogue?
This type of igneous rock formations have larger grains because they have more time to grow
Why do you buy convenience foods?
Weathering, erosion, deposition, compaction and cementation refer to the steps in the
Answers by Educators Question Database
Ellas son
Nosotras somos
Tu eres
Usted es
Marco y yo somos
John and Larry were each given $1,000. John invested his money in savings bonds. Larry invested in growth stocks. What is an ADVANTAGE of Larry's decision over John's?
How are savings and investments different? Savings are:
What do saving and investing have in common?
Max bought penny stocks and Nancy bought blue chip stocks. Which statement about Max and Nancy is TRUE?
Samantha saved $75 a month, even in December, when she wanted to buy holiday gifts for her family and friends. Which rule for saving and investing does this BEST illustrate?
When Meredith received her first paycheck, she decided to set aside money to buy a car before spending any of the income. Which does this BEST illustrate?
The Haleys calculated that it would take 30 years to double the money they invested in a retirement account. Which rule for saving and investing does this BEST illustrate?
How are savings and investments different?
How are saving and investing different?
What do saving and investing have in common?
Longest River In Africa Empties in Egypt
Desert In North Africa
Desert in South Afriac
River in NW Africa
River in Central Africa
Mountains in NW Africa
Highest Mountain In Africa
The Highest Plateaus in Africa are
Long Lake in Tanzania
Region located right Below Sahara, starting to slowing disappear
Large Lake in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania
to peel
to grill
to boil
in slices
to stir
56 + 10 =
92 + 10 =
15 + 10 =
71 + 10 =
11 + 10 =
99 + 10 =
37 + 10 +
0+ 10 =
19 + 10 =
44 + 10
The highest point of a wave is the what?
The lowest point of a wave is called what?
A wave bouncing back is called what?
The naturally occuring wave movement of objects is called what?
The material that a wave passes through is called what?
The two major types of waves are what?
The height of a wave from rest position to crest is the what?
The number of times a wave passes through a certain point in a given time period is what?
The distance between crest to crest or compression to compression is the what?
When a wave enters a new medium and the light bends, it is referred to as what?
What is it called when a wave moves around a barrier and it bends or spreads out?
What is the distance between waves?
What is a substance used for some waves to travel through?
What is a wave that moves up and down?
What type of wave does not need a medium?
What type of wave needs a medium?
What is the height of a wave?
What is happening when a wave bounces back after hitting a barrier?
What happens when a wave passes through a medium and bends?
What is a lense that is thicker in the middle than on the edges?
What is a lense that is thinner in the middle than on the edges?
Convex lenses make things look_______________.
Concave lenses make things look_______________.
Convex lenses eventually make objects look_______.
An object that both light and images can pass through.
An object that neither light nor an image can pass through.
An object that light can pass through, but not an image.
The color you see depends on the_______________.
What happens to the colors that his an object that you don't see?
You see black when all colors are___________.
You see white when all colors are_______________.
A student notices that an inflated balloon is larger when it is warmed by a lamp. What caused the balloon to become larger?
Which best describes the relationship between the temperature of a material and electromagnetic radiation?
Mr. Harvey always wears one of four colored shirts to school each day. He has a green shirt, a white shirt, a blue shirt, and a black shirt. In which of these shirts is Mr. Harvey the hottest?
As the sun shines during the day, it is able to cover a large radius of land and water in all directions with its heat. How is this best explained?
An archaeologist walks deep into a completely dark cave and feels the walls, noticing that they are cool. He then shines his flashlight and notices the wall is beginning to feel warmer. How can this most likely be explained?
How does the melting point of 100 grams of an element compare to melting point of 50 grams of that same element?
The melting point of a solid is 24.9 degrees Celsius. As heat is added to melt the solid, what happens to the particles?
How does the density of a tree in its infancy at a mass of 10 grams compare to its density when it is fully grown and 600 grams.
What difference is most obvious when comparing two atoms that do not represent the same element?
Which of the following statements most accurately describes the relationships between temperature and the states of matter?
Bill stands in a swimming pool and notices that the water around his feet is a lot cooler than the water near the surface. Which process causes this difference in temperature?
Which material is the best conductor of electricity?
How is energy transferred from the Sun to the Earth?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Invertebrates make up what percentage of all animals?
Which of the following describes the body plan of a sponge?
What cells do sponges have that no other animal has?
The organs of more-comples invertebrates such as the earthworm contain in a body cavity called the ___.
Digestion of food particles in a sponge takes place in its ___.
Bath sponges have a skeleton made of a special protein called ___.
Sponges belong to the phylum ___.
Trichinella spiralis, the worm that causes trichonosis, is a ___.
The body parts of some inveretebrates are contolled by indiviual groupings of nerve cells called ___.
The body parts of a jellyfish is the ___, which looks like a ball with tentacles hanging underneath.
meticulous; demanding
motionlessness; inactivity
to lessen the severity of something
to become weak or depressed
to scold
to banish or send away
worthy of blame
to create; or produce
outstanding; setting a great example
What is the Idaho State Flower?
What year did the potatoe become a state symbol?
Who decides if something becomes a state symbol?
The Idaho Star Garnet is the state gemstone. How many rays does its star have?
The Appaloosa was a war horse in the past?
Which state fruit has yet to be commercially grown?
What is the name of the state fish with a jaw colored red/orange?
Known as a great migrator, what is the state insect?
What is Idaho\\\'s state tree?
What is the idaho state bird?
Volcanoes, earthquakes, weathering and glaciers are four forces of nature that can change the surface of the Earth. Which of these usually cause the slowest changes to the Earth’s surface?
Which of the following could have been formed by glaciers moving across the Earth’s surface?
Choose the best description of the properties of the matter inside a bathtub.
Students observe a substance that keeps its shape, even when it changes containers. The substance must –
A desert ecosystem is a good habitat for a –
Which group of words best describes a desert ecosystem during a summer day?
A good habitat for a ladybug to live and grow is –
If a fire destroys plants and trees in a forest ecosystem, the animals in the area may –
What would happen to the plants on Earth if there were no more sunlight? The plants would –
Which two planets in our solar system are closest to the sun?
If the Earth took a longer amount of time to revolve around the Sun –
A student is making a model of the solar system using fruits. The student uses a blueberry to model the Earth, which fruits should the student use to represent the size of the Sun?
Which of the following is NOT TRUE about the sun?
The sun plays an important role in helping plants make food. The sun helps plants to make food by providing –
A student uses a peach to model the layers of the Sun. How can the student make the model more like the Sun?
After a long thunderstorm, a student walks outside and observes a rainbow in the sky. Which of the following events is most likely occurring?
One of the best uses of a soil that contains nutrients from decaying plants and animals is–
Less damage is done to the coastline if a hurricane hits at low tide because –
One of the reasons a duck can survive in a wetland environment is because it has –
In the morning many fishermen tie their boats to the dock. In the afternoon, the same boats are resting on mud. The most likely explanation for the change is the -
Which of these mixtures is a solution?
A student plans a model to show how fossil fuels are formed. The best item to show where the energy in fossil fuels originally comes from is –
A student places crayon shavings on a piece of wax paper to represent rock sediments. The student covers the shavings with another piece of wax paper, and places several heavy bricks on top of the model. The model shows how sediments are -
Natural gas forms from living creatures that die and become deeply buried. The processes that cause the gas formation are –
A student wants to put some plants in a window-box planter. The window selected for plants is always shaded by a large tree outside the window. Which characteristic of the plants would most likely affect the plants' growth in this location?
Which type of energy does a person use to pedal a bicycle?
Which of the following is a mixture?
Which characteristic can a human offspring inherit?
Which of the following changes is possible with the addition of heat?
Sound is a type of mechanical energy that is transmitted in the form of в”Ђ
What stain catergorizes bacteria according to the affinity of the bacteria's cell wall?
What is the term for bacteria that are not harmful to humans.
What does the acetone or alcohol do in step three of the gram stain?
The scientific name for round or oval shaped bacteria in chains
What is the general shape of the bacteria which causes Lyme's disease?
An object without any microorganisms present is said to be _____?
This microorganism has either DNA or RNA but never both
What color does a positive hemocult (guiac) turn?
The microorganism most frequently responsible for urinary tract infections is _____
The final step in the gram stain procedure that is used as a counter stain
Aerobic bacteria live in the presence of _______?
Which of the following is an incorrect association?
What is the sexually transmitted disease found in wet preps and occasionally in urine?
The study of substances such as aspergillus or candida is known as _____?
What color is a gram negative reaction?
Microorganisms in our body that is non-pathogenic and are generally essential for proper bodily function.
The microorganism that can only replicate and thrive inside a living host
Which of the following organisms and gram reactions are incorrect?
Sensitivity test is done to
The gram stain reaction is observed with the _______ on the microscope
What is the gram reaction of the organism most common to cause UTI's
Which of the following microorganisms is the smallest?
What color will the gram reaction be if the acetone or alcohol is left on the bacterial specimen to long?
What color is the hemolysis around a Group B Streptococcus?
No microbes growing around the A disk indicates _______
If the bacteria cell wall retains the safranin stain, the result will be a _______ color.
The second step of the gram stain and considered to be the mordant is the ______
A bacillis microorganism has a _______ shape
Microbiologist will use the _____ test to tell the difference between Staph aureus and Staph epidermidis
The food substance used to grow bacteria in the clinical laboratory is _____
The main purpose of technological design is to use scientific knowledge to
Technologigal design starts with
In technological design
Technological design can
Which field of study is generally responsible for technological design?
Both scientific investigatiion and technological design
An example of a result of technological design is
An example of the results of a scientific investigation could be
A high priority in the technological design of a vaccine for a new, often fatal flu strain would be
In technological design,
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Isabel thinks that her friends are very funny.
Which separation technique is used when the different colors of ink are separated?
Which separation technique is used when salt is left on the bottom of a cup that once had salt water in it and had been left out over time?
Which separation technique is used when your separate coffee beans from coffee?
Which separation technique is used when picking up staples that fell into a box of rice?
Which separation technique is used when separating large clumps of powdered sugar from small, fine sugar for baking?
Which separation technique is used when you pick out the olives off of a pizza?
Which is an example of an element?
Which is an example of a compound?
Which is NOT an example of a mixture?
What is the smallest basic unit of all matter?
When the moon is between the Earth and the Sun it is a _____.
When the Earth is between the Sun and Moon, the phase of the Moon is a _____.
It take about _______ for the Moon to orbit the Earth.
Which events occur because of the rotation of the Earth?
Which time of day is your shadow the shortest?
Which term describes the path the Moon takes around the Earth.
It take the Earth a year to orbit the sun. About how many times will the Moon orbit the Earth during that time?
Which happens most often?
The phases of the Moon are caused by the ____.
About how many days are in a lunar cycle?
What phases is closest to becoming a full moon?
What event on Earth is most affected by the Moon's orbit?
What phase of the Moon is it when the right half of the moon facing the Earth is illuminated?
Which of these is affected by the phases of the Moon?
Where was the religion of Buddhism founded?
What Southeast Asian country has the highest population of Buddhist in the world?
Who was the founder of Buddhism?
What does Buddha mean?
What do Buddhists believe people need to do to be happy and find peace?
What Buddhist teaching shows its followers the correct way to live their lives?
The following statements are a part of what belief system: life is full of suffering, the desire for possessions causes suffering, elimination of desire will stop one's suffering, and following the Eightfold path will lead to Enlightenment.
The following points are five of the eight most important aspects of what ideology: right speech, right action, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration?
What do Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism have in common?
The Eightfold Path is a guiding principle of;
¿Lavas los platos todos los días? -- Sí, _____ lavo.
¿Prepara tu madre la cena? -- Sí, _____ prepara.
¿Quién decora el patio para la fiesta? -- Mis padres _____ decora.
¿Tienes que arreglar la sala y la cocina? --- Sí, tengo que arreglar_____.
¿Conoces el centro? -- No, no _____ conozco bien.
¿Te gusta ver los animales en el zoológico? -- Sí, me encanta ver_____.
¿Visitan ustedes el Museo de Arte? -- No, no _____ visitamos.
¿Ves la televisión los fines de semana? -- No, no _____ veo nunca.
¿Pasa la aspiradora tu mamá o papá? -- Mi papá siempre _____ pasa.
¿Dónde pongo los refrescos? --- Debes poner_____ en el refrigerador.
¿Quién saca la basura? -- Mi hermana _____ saca.
¿Dónde tengo que poner las plantas? -- Debes poner_____ en el patio.
¿Tienes que cortar el césped? -- No, no _____ tengo que cortar.
¿Dónde ponen los estudiantes las mochilas en clase? -- _____ ponen debajo del escritorio.
¿Van a comer ustedes los helados en la fiesta. -- Sí, _____ vamos a comer.
A lamp needs all of the above to work EXCEPT
A flashlight may not work for all of the reasons EXCEPT
A conductor of electricity is
A good insulator is
Which statement is true
A circuit must have all of the following except
Conductors are
Magnetic fields increase if you do ALL EXCEPT
This week we studied
A circulation of liquids or gases around a central axis
Quickly rises, not dense, separated particles, a lot of energy
Dense, tightly packed, sinks, stays low, very slow
What happens when hot air meets cold air?
How do hurricanes form?
How are hurricanes and tornadoes alike?
How are hurricanes and tornadoes different?
How does the sun affect weather?
Circulating flow of air or water due to uneven heating
Which is a state in tornadoe alley?
de oro
de plata
de madera
de piedra
No hay de que.
Present tense: Yo - hacer
Present tense: Yo - decir
Present tense: Yo - dar
Present tense: Yo - conocer
Past tense: Yo - estar
Past tense: Nosotros - poder
Past tense: Ellos - dormir
Past tense: Ella - saber
Past tense: Ellas - tener
Past tense: Nosotros - pedir
94 / 7 =
83 / 3 =
575 / 4 =
832 / 2=
903 / 7 =
690 / 5 =
12 / 2 =
18 / 6 =
64 / 8 =
10 / 5 =
ellos son
ustedes son
vosotros sois
Yo soy
usted es
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
perceptive; intelligent
combative; quarrelsome
to condemn severely for doing something bad
to prevent; make impossible
Some government officials consider Saddam Hussein ______________ for the looting of Iraqi museums and government buildings.
The _____________________ stock analysis always calculated the percent of gains perfectly for each stock he investigated.
The ______________________ drunk was placed in handcuffs after he ignored the police officer's directions.
After the student yelled at thier classmate, the teacher was forced to ______________ her from the classroom.
The old cup of coffee was full of mold and slime due to its long period of _________________.
What is an atom?
The 3 major subatomic particles are
Regarding mass,
Regarding particle charge,
What determines the identity of an atom?
What determines how an atom reacts with other atoms?
As the number of electrons increases,
Hipparchus was best known for his
Which of the following was unknow to the ancient Greeks
Aristotle concluded that Earth was round because
The apparent westward movement of a planet against the backgroind of stars is called
According to the ancients, the stars travelled around Earth on the transparent, hollow
In the Ptolmaic model of the universe
One Astronomical unit averages about
A measure of the total maount of matter an objecg contains is called
The force gravity exerts on an object is called
Which scientist determined the nature of the forces that keep the planets in their orbits
Which astronomer spent 20 years plotting the positions of the plantes
Which of the following was NOT discovered by Galileo
The length of daylight on the moon is about
How long does it take the moon to go from full moon phase to new moon phase
What occurs when the moon casts its shadow on Earth
Maria formed from which of the following
Which of the following are associated with young craters
Which statment best explains why the moon has more craters than Earth
How old is the moon
How does crater density relate to the moon's geolocial history
The atomic number of an element
The mass number of an element
Isotopes of the same element
Atomic mass
An unstable isotope of an element
Nuclear decay occurs when
If a lithium atom (atomic number 3) has a mass number of 7, how many neutrons does it have.
If an Al atom (atomic number 13) has a mass number of 27, how many neutrons does it have.
If a zinc atom (atomic number 30) has a mass number of 66, how many neutrons does it have.
388 TIMES 96
WHAT IS THE MEAN FOR 100,90,80,40 AND 20
NAME THE FIGURE -------------->
MULTIPLY 37.8*9.6=
Which of these notes is held the longest?
Clothing and wigs are used to transform an actor into a character are known as:
Which of the following would be a good example of contrast?
Which is another name of a \
Which of the following, like sculpting, is a three-dimensional art process?
Native Americans created totem poles to tell stories about their families or an importnat person in their family. Artwork created for the main purpose of telling a story is called:
What is a string instrument used in bluegrass or music played in the Appalachian culture is: (hint: Kentucky\'s state instrument)
People in the Appalachian culture used this to share experiences about thier past and for entertainment.
This element of music describes how loud or soft music is
People in the Appalachian culture created quilts as a way to social and produce a piece of art that is useful. For what puropose of art would quilts be created:
A horizontal row on the periodic table is a
How many periods are there on the periodic table?
The period number tells
The first energy level is filled with ___ electrons; the others are stable with____.
A group or family is
All elements in a group or family have similar chemical properties because
An elements valence number is equal to
Starting at the left side of the periodic table and moving right, you'd pass through
If you wanted to know the number of protons in lithium you would
The number of occupied energy levels for an element equals
Which of the following is NOT a terrestial planet
Which of the following is NOT considered part of the solar system
Which planet shows evidence of water erosion
The planet with the greatest temperature extremes is
Which planet has a dense carbon dioxide atmosphere and high surface temperatures
Which planet, when viewed through a telescope, appears as a reddish ball interrupted by some permanent dark regions that change intensity
Which of the following is currently responsible for shaping Mars' surface
Which planet is second only to the moon in brilliace in the night sky
Which planet has a greater mass than the combined mass of all the remaining planets and their moons
Which planet might be described as a large, dirty iceball
What is the smallest planet
Which planet's axis of rotation lies nearly parallel with the plane of its orbit
According to a recent discovery, which planet has one satellite
The lowest surface temperature in the solar system, (-200oC) occurs on
What characteristic distinguishes Neptune from the other planets?
Which of the following is a characteristic of Jupiter
Which satellite of Uranus has the greatest variety of landforms of any satellite yet examined?
What feat did the spacecraft Near Shoemaker accomplish
Most asteroids lie between the orbits of
Most meteor showers are associated with the orbits of
Answers by Educators Question Database
Flatlands at high elevations
Violent, funnel-shapped windstorms
Side of a mountain that receives little rainfall
Warm waters reach South America's Pacific coast
made up of nickel and iron
Vegetation changes with altitude
water, ice, chemicals, and plants break apart rocks
Earth's surface water and groundwater
carries warm water to western Europe
The Ring of Fire surrounds the
What percentage of Earth's water is salt water?
How many stages are in the water cycle?
The place where a river empties into another body of water is called its _______.
All of the following are biomes EXCEPT?
Winds that blow from east to west between the Tropics and the Equator or called?
THe name for the collection of plants and animals of all types that live on Earth
Urban areas have higher temperatures because...
The Cold War is...
What is the Iron Curtain?
This is the term for keeping communism from spreading.
This organization was formed to keep peace throughout the world.
Who was the leader of the USA after FDR died?
This was an American policy to stop Soviet imperialism.
Who is George Marshall?
What did the Soviets do to the city of Berlin?
Who was the leader of China's communist revolution?
What Chinese leader did the United States support?
Where was Korea divided?
Which country supported North Korea?
Who commanded the US troops in Korea?
What was the outcome of the Korean War?
Who is Joseph McCarthy?
What is McCarthyism?
What is the HUAC?
What is a blacklist?
What organization was set up to spy on other countries?
Who became the new leader of the USSR after Stalin died?
Anything that has mass and takes up space is.....
The amount of space an object takes up is.....
The amount of matter in an object is.....
Two or more things combined physically but that remain the same substance is a....
Which separation technique separates a solid substance from a liquid or gas by passing the mixture through a porous material ?
Which separation technique separates the parts of a mixture by hand with easy to see particles?
Which separation technique separates dry mixtures of different sizes by passing the object through tiny holes?
Which separation technique separates parts of a mixture with magnetic properties?
Which separation technique allows a liquid in a solution to turn to gas leaving behind other particles?
Which separation technique evaporates a liquid very quickly increasing heat and therefore leaves behind a solid?
Which separation technique separates dissolved liquids in a solution from each other?
What type of mixture has parts that you can easily see and can be easily separated?
Which type of mixture has the same look throughout and you cannot see the different components?
What is another term for a homogeneous mixture?
Country A wants the border to be at 79º West and Country B wants the border at 80º West. What type of border dispute is this?
Two countries are fighting over the wood in a forest. What type of border dispute is this?
Two countries are fighting over the ownership of a mountain. What type of border dispute is this?
The smart country will NOT allow watermelons (because they are disgusting) into their country. Another country does not think this is fair. What type of border dispute is this?
He's baaaaaack. Crazy Thomas want to move to Sundlandtown because they are giving away free bananas. Weirdos. This makes Crazy Thomas an _______ to Sundlandtown.
Crazy Thomas lives in Sundlandville and does not like broccoli. ( This is part of the reason why he is crazy. ) Crazy Thomas hates that every citizen has to eat broccoli for lunch and wants to move from Sundlandville. This makes broccoli a _____.
Mrs. Sundland has found the perfect town! It has coffee, sushi, broccoli, steak, and avocados. If Mrs. Sundland decides to leave the United States to move here, she will be an ___________ from the United States.
The great and powerful Sundland has decreed (said) that Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the best cereal ever. This means that Cinnamon Toast crunch would be a _______ factor if a country is giving away free boxes to all citizens.
Which one of these would you NOT find on a population pyramid?
A country with a low standard of living would NOT have...
Sundlandtown has an area of 40 square miles and a population of 2. (Probably because they serve bananas.) What is the population density?
A country with contaminated water will not have...
All of these are reasons that a person may risk entering a country illegally EXCEPT...
The University of Georgia was created through a
The third capital of Georgia was
He was one of Georgia's signers to the U.S. Constitution and was instrumental in the establishment of the University of Georgia
The first public school for higher learning in the United States established by a state government
Louisville became the capital of Georgia because
The burning of the Yazoo Land Fraud records occurred
The University of Georgia was created through
The leading religions in the state of Georgia during this time were the
Farmer/preachers who reached people in the back country of Georgia to spread religion were known as
Interest in religion increased during this time period by people attending
The invention of the cotton gin is credited to
The impact of the cotton gin was
All of the following were an impact of the railroads EXCEPT
Land was distributed to people in Georgia in all of the following ways EXCEPT
As a result of the Yazoo Land Fraud
All are true of the Yazoo Lnnd Fraud EXCEPT
Heads of households could get up to 200 acres through the
I want to sleep.
You want to eat.
She does not want to run.
We want to go to a restaurant.
They want to go to the park.
I am thinking about cookies.
I am not thinking about biology.
You think that sports are important.
She and the students think that the class is interesting.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
n x 6=300 n=
estimate the quotient 632 /89=
Estimate the quotient. Use compatible numbers. 475/89=
Divide. 7,700/25
What shape has opposite sides the same lenth, parallel and has four right angles.
Fill in the blank. A ______ is a unit used to describe the measure of an angle.
What is the improper fraction 2 3/8
How many days are we in schools?
What is the name of the 5th grade art teacher?
Divide. 3/ $59.61
Find n. n/ 12=7
Use mental math. 7200/ 900
If n=7, then 630/ n=?
A 95 degree angle is a ___ angle.
Flipping an object is the same as___an object.
Write 7_3/10 as an improper fraction.
What color are the eigth grade lockers?
Which of the eigth grade teachers teaches science?
Find The Median! 16,20,23,23,38
Divide! 163/5=______
Compare! 80,000 ___ 68,000
Divide! 546/13=________
If all sides of a triangle are 6 inches, What kind of triangle is it?
How many lines of symmetry does the letter H have?
The ____ is the top number in a fraction.
Which One is The Mixed Number for the Fraction 23/3?
What is our Uniform for Gym Class?
What one is NOT on of the 5th Grade Teams?
Solve. 72/9=?
Solve. Use mental math. 1,800/6=?
Solve. 624/54=?
Solve. Use mental math. 54.62x1,000=?
Is this angle obtuse, acute, or right at 104 degrees?
How many lines of symmetry does a star have?
What is the simplest form of 6/8?
Which fraction is greater? 7/12 or 2/5?
What teacher is in room 105?
How many times a day do 5th grade band people have band?
32,000 / 8,000 = n
Do short cut 8/1,742
If a triangle has 2 equal sides and 1 that is not what is it called
What polygon is simalar to a square
Find the simplest form for this fraction 16/24
change this improper fraction to a mixed number 9/5
What school district is E.T Richardson middle school
Whats the FCS teacher's name
estimate the quotient using compatable numbers. 565/8
find the product. $15.25 x 3
find the mean for 100,90,80,70,40
use mentle math to solve this problem. 4,200 / 70
Vocab. 1.line of symetry. 2 congruent polygons. 3 similar polygon. 4 pentomino. A Same shape & size.B seperates a figure. C same shape not size. D 5 squares 5 sides.
fill in the missing word. a instrument used to mesure angles is called a _____
find the gcf 8 and 12
complete 5/6 __ 5/8
what room number is the tech ed
who is the coolest teacher ever
Which of the following is not a form of electromagnetic radiation
Which cole has the longest wavelength
The fact that light can exert a pressure on matter suggests that is made of particles called
Which famous scientist unknowing ly founded the field of spectroscopy
Which type of spectrum can be produced by a solid, liquid, or gas
What inofrmation does a star\'s spectrum offer about the star
Which type of spectrum is associated with the radiation of most stars
Which famous scientist first used a telescope for astonomical observations
Which property of an optical telescope is associated with a sharper image
Whic of the following in NOT an advantage of radio telescopes over optical telescopes
Chromatic abberation
The James Webb Space Telescope will study
What was the first space telescope telescope built by NASA
The outermost layerof the sun is called the
The sun's surface has a grainy texture produced by numerous bright markings called
Strams of electrons and protons that shoot out from the sun's corona make up the solar
What are the most explosive events that occur on the sun
By observing sunspots, Galileo concluded that the sun
Sunspots appear dark because they are
The source of the sun's energy is
The phylum Mollusca includes ___.
Slugs and snails are classified as ___.
Squids and octopuses are classified as ___.
Clams and other two-shelled shellfish are classified as ___.
An octopus has a ___ circulatory system where the heart circulates blood through blood vessels that form a loop.
Earthworms are classified as ___.
Earthworms have ___ on the outside of their body to help them move.
Annelid worms have ___.
In ___ circulatory systems, blood is pumped through vessels that empty into sinuses.
The shell of a snail is secreted by the ___.
A star with a surface temperature between 5000K and 6000K appears
A light year is approximately
The measure of a star's brightness is called its
Which magnitude would be associated iwth the brightest star
The difference in the brightness of two stars with the same surface temperature is attributable to their
Which of the following is NOT a type of neburla
Aboaut 90 percent of stars in the HR diagram are
Which main sequence stars are the most massive
Which main sequence stars are the least massive
Another name for the interstellar matter that will eventually form a star is
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Which word doesn't belong?
Which word doesn't belong?
Which word doesn't belong?
La farmacéutica lee la ____.
Me duele la cabeza.
Me duele la garganta.
Me duele el pecho.
to cough
to sneeze
the flu
Which of the following is an example of refraction of light
Four items are left out in the sunshine for two hours. Which item will experience the largest increase in temperature?
Which of the following has the HIGHEST index of refraction
Which of the following would give the best reflected image?
Light is reflected off ______objects
Light is transmitted through ___ objects
A green pepper absorbs the wavelengths of which color(s)?
Which of the following is evidence that light waves can bend?
Which of the following is evidence that light can be scattered?
When light hits an object of this color, all light is reflected.
Every year, my high school hosts international exchange students, those teenagers join our senior class.
Last year, one of our school's exchange students being Ligia Antolinez.
I was a junior then.
She was supposed to stay with her host family the Andersons.
Just before Ligia arrived, her host families house flooded.
The young Anderson children had to move into the room, reserved for Ligia.
I told my parents about Ligia's problem, which needed to be solved.
Which of the following does NOT indicate that the family felt confident about inviting Ligia to stay with them?
My sister got married recently so, not only did we have room for Ligia, and everyone agreed that the house seemed too quiet recently
For the next year, my father spoke fondly of the days before two teenagers taken over the phone.
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