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True of False - Anyone can do any job as long as he or she decides to do it.
True or False - The average person in the United States spends more time doing work activity than any other activity.
True of False - Most careers in the future will require more than a high school education.
True or False - Just wait the right job opportunity will come your way.
True of False - The majority of people spend their adult lives in the same career.
True or False - The amount of income you make affects the amount of federal taxes you will owe.
True of False - Some American citizens never pay any form of taxes.
True or False - Dealers set mileage limits on leased vehicles.
True or False - All homeowner's insurance policies have the same coverage.
True or False - You do not pay for insurance on a leased car.
True or False - If an item appreciates, it decrease in price.
True or False - One late payment can lower your credit score.
True or False - Lets say your roommate forgot to pay a cable bill. It was entirely his fault, but your name was on the bill. This will not lower your credit score.
True of False - There is such thing as good debt.
True or False - Renting and buying mean the same thing.
True or False - Debit cards are connected to funds in your bank account.
True or False - A plan of how you will spend the money you make or receive is called a budget.
True or False - People and businesses are required by law to reveal every term and cost attached to the credit they extend.
True or False - Even non-profit credit card counseling companies aren't guaranteed to help you get out of debt.
An internship is ...
Financial institutions offer a variety of services
Interest earned only on the principle
When Comparing Financial Institutions
The concept of___________is important for savers. The longer money is saved, the more its value can increase over time.
The True Cost of Credit or cost to borrow money
Simple Interest Formula
A formula can tell you how long it will take your money to double
A ______________primarily cashes checks and receives deposits. A teller must have a high school diploma. In addition, banks require background checks and often provide tellers with on-the-job training.1
You will receive more interest , if it is compounded _________
interest earned on both the principal amount and any interest already earned Interest earn on top of Interest
What are the two factors that scientist classify climate regions?
Who is the father of genetics?
Which genotype below is homozygous recessive?
Which statement below is TRUE?
Which of the following is a sex linked disorder?
How many offspring will be homozygous recessive in a cross between two heterozygous parents?
What is your science teacher's name?
What type of genotype does a CARRIER have?
Which type of dominance allows both of the parents' traits to be visible in offspring?
What percentage of the offspring will have a recessive trait from two recessive parents?
Which of the parents below would produce offspring that can not have a recessive trait?
Who was mistakenly shot at Chancellorsville?
Who did Lincoln fire for delaying attacks against the Confederate Army?
Who fired the first cannon at Fort Sumter, which started the first crossfire of the Civil War
What Union general made strategic mistakes at Fredericksburg and lost the battle.
What battle is known as the bloodiest one day battle in American history?
Who was the commanding general of the Confederate Army from start to finish?
What did the Union soldiers do at Fredericksburg to make Lee angry?
What Confederate general held Burnsides back, not allowing him to advance past Fredericksburg?
Who becomes Commander of the Union Army after Burnsides is fired, and where does he first fight Lee?
In the first half of the war, where are most of the battles fought?
What was the name of the awful noise the Confederate soldiers made in battle?
Why did the north have so much trouble winning battles in the beginning?
Why did the south have better advantages fighting battles in the beginning?
What did Lincoln write after the battle of Antietam?
Why was the battle of Chancellorsville good and bad for Lee?
Why was Bull Run called the “Great Skedaddle”?
Why did Lincoln not send supplies to Fort Sumter and sent a note instead?
What was the name of the Union ironclad ship?
What was the name of the Confederate Ironclad ship
What is the end of a story called
which is an example of personification
What is an example of Hyperbole
I was speeding and texting and I got in an accident is an example of which text structure?
This is an example of what type of conflict: A man getting trapped by a hurricane
This is an example of what type of propoganda:? mom, everyone is going to the movies Friday night. You have to let me go, or no one will like me.
The sun was hot like a booger in a sick kids nose. is an example of
what does the suffix sub mean in the word subway
what does the prefix in the word transatlantic mean? Trans:
What is an example of historical fiction
Ghana, Mali, and Songhai became powerful empires in West Africa because of -
Which European country traded manufactured goods from Europe to kingdoms in West Africa?
Which of these countries was NOT a powerful trading empire in West Africa?
Which European country traded metal, cloth, and manufactured goods for gold and salt in West Africa?
Which of there products was traded between Europe and West Africa?
The empires in West Africa were located near which river?
The West African empires in power from 300 to 1600 A.D. came to power from first to last in which order?
Which of the following European countries did not explore North America?
Portugal traded all of the following with West African empires except -
What did the West African empires use to trade for European goods?
Which American Indians lived in heavily forested areas called the Eastern Woodlands?
Which American Indians lived in dry grasslands?
Which American Indians lived in a rainy, mild climate?
Which American Indians lived in desert areas along cliffs and mountains?
Which American Indians lived in igloos to protect them from freezing Alaskan temperatures?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What area did Muslims make the most achievements in?
Who do Muslims believe spoke to Muhammad to make him a prophet?
What city finally accepted Islam as its religion in 630 AD?
What did Muslim artists use as an art form since they could not represent people or animals in paintings due to their religion?
What is an Islamic achievement in math?
What was the greatest Islamic architectural achievement?
What holy book records the messages Muhammad received and is the basis for Islam?
. _________ can be an internal or external struggle between opposing forces/characters in a story
._________ type of literature: poetry, prose, drama
_________ the sequence of events in a literary work
11. _________ separation and examination of the basic elements or parts of a whole
_________ understood but not directly stated
5. _________ positive or negative emotional feeling a word is associated with or causes
_________ use of extreme exaggeration; example, I am so hungry I can eat a whole elephant.
_________ creative writing technique used to appeal to the imagination and create visual images
_________ repetition of first letter sound – Rabbits ruined my roses.
_________ a character who does not undergo a change over the course of the story
_________ interrupts the sequence of events in order to relate an earlier incident or set of events
_________ clearly and directly stated
_________ attitude the writer takes toward his subject or audience such as formal or informal
_____ is the choice of words and phrases an author chooses to use in a text.
deduce or conclude (information) from evidence and reasoning rather than from explicit statements.
_________ a central message, idea, or concern that is expressed directly or indirectly
_______ is the time and place a story takes place
_________ a fully developed character having both faults and virtues the reader knows well
26. _________ a reference to a well-known person, place, event, literary work, or work of art
22. _________ the atmosphere or feeling you have as you read a text such as: melancholy, eerie, upbeat, scary, suspenseful
Which is the largest of the world's five oceans?
What connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans?
What is the mountain range in Mexico?
Which body of water has many islands that draw tourists?
What is the largest country in South America?
What country shares a border with the United States?
What is Mexico City's major environmental problem?
What is causing the destruction of the rainforest in Brazil?
Where is oil pollution a serious problem?
One of the largest urban areas in the world is centered around:
Cuando estoy de vacaciones, voy a dormir___ diez horas cada noche
Me caí en la calle _____________ no tener cuidado.
¿Puedes ir al banco_____________ cobrar este cheque?
El lunes _____ la noche, voy al baile.
Luis y su hermana Teresa salen ___________Alemania.
Mis vecinos van a hacer un viaje a Europa ________ barco.
¿__________quién es esta carta?
Mis alumnos están aquí ____ aprender algo, pero no quieren.
Don Quijote de la Mancha. fue escrita _ Miguel Cervantes.
Elena regresó ________________ sus llaves.
Un paquete llegó ____________ correo esta mañana.
Este paquete es ________ ti.
Este tren va directo _______________ Caracas, Venezuela
Su nieto es muy astuto __________________ su edad.
Te venderé este disco compacto ___________ cinco dólares.
___ niño de doce años, su sobrino es muy alto.
Me voy el sábado ______________ la tarde.
_____________ abrir la puerta, necesitas la llave.
Antonio está enfermo esta semana. José trabaja ________ él.
Trabajé en esa fábrica _________________ un año
Coronado, a Spanish explorer, claimed which part of the United States for Spain?
Explorers from Portugal made discoveries in -
Champlain established which French settlement in North America?
Who explored eastern Canada?
Who claimed the Mississippi River valley for France?
Which explorer established the French settlement of Quebec?
Which of the following were European explorers unable to accomplish?
Which explorer claimed the southwest area of the present day United States for Spain?
Which is the best example of a reason why European countries competed for power in North America?
European countries competed for power in North America to -
What was an obstacle faced by the explorers of North America?
Improved navigation tools and ships, claiming land, and exchanging goods and ideas are all examples of what?
The spread of Christianity is an example of what kind of motivation for exploration?
Light travels in a straight line until it interacts with an object, then it can be
When you look in a mirror, light is being
Rob lives in Alaska, he wants to paint his doghouse. What color should he paint it?
Susan lives in Florida, what color should she paint her new birdhouse?
Sound is produced when objects
Objects that vibrate slowly produce a
Objects that vibrate quickly produce a
Sound can travel through
Which travels faster, light or sound?
A red apple looks red because
the manner of a ruler's government / how one rules
a law made by a ruler
like a king
moral rightness / good vs. bad
the fancy clothing of a king
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
A tool that enables you to set the order of multiple rules, fine-tune rule settings, and more.
A set of formatting attributes that you can apply to a cell or range of cells more easily than by setting each attribute individually.
To automatically display data on the next line when it is too long to display within the cell’s width. Doing this automatically increases a cell’s height.
What command do you use to insert a cell into your worksheet?
You want to format a cell so the text is spread evenly throughout the cell, wrapping automatically and adjusting the row height, if necessary. Which alignment option do you choose?
You want to fit a long column heading into a small space without changing the font size or column width. What is the best choice?
How do you display the Mini toolbar?
What is something you can not copy using Format Painter?
Which Paste Special option pastes only the result of a formula rather than the formula itself?
How do you remove a hyperlink?
In which group on the HOME tab is the Clear Formats command located?
The formula for average speed is _________.
Which is a metric unit for speed?
On a distance-time graph increasing distance from the start at a constant speed is represented by a __________
On a distance-time graph decreasing distance from the start at a constant speed is represented by a __________
On a distance-time graph being at rest is represented by a __________
Bob bikes 20 km in 2 hours. Calculate his average speed.
Sara walks at a speed of 5 km/hr for 3 hours. How far did she walk?
Al ran at a speed of 15 km/hr for 7.5 km. How long did he run?
Jess ran 100 m. It took her 5 seconds to get from 50 m to 100 m. What was her speed
Mark swam 500 meters across the lake in 20 minutes. Calculate his average speed.
Contains additional number formats specific to your country. In the United States, there are four (Zip Code, Zip Code+4, Phone Number, and Social Security Number); in Canada, there are two (Phone Number and Social Insurance Number); in most other cou
This format displays days, months, and years in the mm/dd/yyyy style by default.
Where do you go to change the vertical alignment of a cell's contents?
When you enter numbers, the content is ______________aligned by default.
What group on the home ribbon do you find the command to insert or delete cells in your spreadsheet?
What command do you use to apply a background color to cells in a worksheet?
Cheyanna notices that the data in cell E4 reads #######. What command could she choose to correct this problem?
On what ribbon can you find the command to apply a fill color to a cell or range of cells in a worksheet?
Which quick-number style button formats numbers to display as currency in the worksheet? *Hint: This format left-aligns the dollar sign in each cell.
Kathryn needs the title in cell A1 to align horizontally across cells A1 through D1. Which alignment option should she select?
Which dialog box contains the commands to specify an exact date and time format to use for a selected cell in a worksheet?
You would like to outline the cell range A1:F20. Which formatting style should you select?
Jacob would like to apply a rule to the data in cell range A1:D20 that will highlight numbers greater than 20,000 with a green fill color and dark red text. Which formatting style should he select?
Column D in a spreadsheet contains Product Prices. Which formatting would be most appropriate for the data in column D?
Column D in a spreadsheet contains employee ID Number. Which formatting would be most appropriate for the data in column D?
Which command do you use to increase the margin between the border and the text in an indented cell?
Net worth is a measure of your what?
What is the formula for Net Worth?
Does having a high income indicate that you have a high net worth?
The purpose of this is to show the financial condition of a person or family on a specified date, made up of assets, liabilities, and net worth.
What is a Statement of Financial Position also sometime called?
What are the 3 main components of a Statement of financial position?
Everything that a person owns that has a monetary value is referred to as this.
This is a debt or obligation owed to others.
Balance on a credit card would be placed in this section of a statement of financial position.
Money in a checking account would be placed in this section of a statement of financial position.
Money in a 401 K or an IRA would be placed in this section of a statement of financial position.
Car loan would be placed in this section of a statement of financial position.
You took out a home mortgage for 15 years and you still owe 30,000 but the bank has told you if you paid if off today you could do it for 24,000 because you would avoid the future interest payments. What amount would you record under the liability s
Where would things such as bills paid on a regular basis such as gas, power, or rent go on your statement of financial position?
How can you increase your Net Worth?
How often should you create a Statement of Financial Position?
What does liquidity refer to?
What was the capital of the Aztec empire?
What was the language of the Aztec?
Which items show the Aztec had advanced knowledge?
What did the Spanish do to the Aztec art and architecture after they conquered the Aztec?
Cortés is most famous for which deed?
What did Montezuma do to Cortés and his men as they approached Tenochtitlan?
Which was a result of the defeat of the Aztec?
What did Cortés do to Montezuma after the two met?
About how long was Spanish rule in Mexico after Cortés conquered the Aztec?
Who was the ruler of the Aztec when Cortés arrived in Mexico?
What did Montezuma give Cortés when they met?
What had Montezuma done before the arrival of Cortés that made him a great leader in the eyes of his people?
What did Montezuma get from people he conquered?
The Arabian Peninsula lies near the intersection of what three continents?
If you are a Muslim who believes that it is your duty to convert people to Islam, what is an extreme way you might try to achieve that goal?
What Muslim belief is similar to Christianity and Judaism?
If you are calling Muslims to come pray in the mosque, where would you stand?
If you were living on the Arabian Peninsula, where would you go to look for water?
Your family has settled by an oasis so you can farm. What type of lifestyle do you live?
This city became the capital of the Islamic Empire, was one of the world’s richest cities, and a center of culture and learning:
What sect of Islam thought that only members of Muhammad’s family could become caliphs?
What is the name of the system based on Islamic sources and human reason that judges the rightness of actions taken?
What was important about Muhammad’s house?
What two forces joined together to invade and conquer Spain in 711 AD?
What is an Islamic achievement in astronomy?
What book is the basis for Sunnah, which provides a model for the duties and way of life of expected Muslims?
You are a Bedouin tribesman and your family has always moved around for protection and as the seasons changed. What type of lifestyle do you live?
Which of the following is an example of cultural diffusion?
What did Muhammad do when the rulers of Mecca began to threaten to kill him?
Babur established this empire, but it grew mostly under Emperor Akbar.
This empire took control of the eastern Mediterranean and parts of Europe until the early 1800’s.
This empire was a blend of Persian and Muslim traditions and lasted until the mid-1700’s.
Muslim Turkish warriors took this territory in the mid-1200’s.
Which of the following is NOT part of the Five Pillars of Islam?
Why did Muhammad’s teachings upset many people?
What two forms of literature were popular in the Muslim world?
What types of leaders were caliphs?
What type of climate does Arabia and North Africa have?
What Muslim philosophy focused teaches that people can find God’s love by having a personal relationship with God?
What sect of Islam thought it did not matter who was caliph as long as they were good Muslims and strong leaders?
What religious policy did most Muslim empires have toward Christians and Jews?
What is an Islamic achievement in medicine?
What was an Islamic achievement in geography?
Which of the following was NOT an empire or country defeated by Muslim armies?
Who became the first caliph after Muhammad’s death?
Which city was the largest and most advanced city in Europe by the 900’s AD and a showplace of Muslim civilization?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What led the newspapers to speak of Bleeding Kansas in 1856?
What was the first major goal of President Abraham Lincoln's administration?
Which of the following issues was central to the Nullification Crisis of 1832--1833?
Which of the following occurred first?
Why can the Emancipation Proclamation be seen as a diplomatic document?
What action abolished slavery in the United States?
In the fall of 1862, what was one immediate effect of President Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation?
What did the South gain from both the Compromise of 1850 and the Kansas-Nebraska Act?
During the 1830s, the issue of raising the tariff rates led to conflict between the Industrial North and the agrarian South. Which situation gives the best example of how a higher tariff would have negatively affected South Carolinians?
In the 1830-1850 time period, which section of the United States most opposed a protective tariff?
Southern economy was based mostly on cotton production on large plantations. Another term for the use of farms is
Nakita mong hirap magbasa ang iyong kamag-aral dahil sa labo ng kaniyang mata. Ano ang gagawin mo gayong sa likuran nakapwesto ang kaniyang upuan?
May nakita kang pilay na tumatawid sa kalsada. Ano ang iyong gagawin?
Sa iyongpaglalakad, nakakitakangisangmatandangnaka-salaminnanaglalakadsa di kalayuan. Nakitamongnahulogangkaniyangsalaman.Sinubukanniyangkapainsadaanangsalaminngunit di niyamakuhadahilsalabongkaniyangmata. Anoangiyonggagawin?
Mayroon kang kamag-aral na may mahinang pandinig. Nagtanong ka sa kaniya tungkol sa inyong proyekto sapagkat hindi mo alam ang gagawin ngunit hindi niya marinig ang iyong tanong. Ano ang mabuti mong gawin?
May nakita kang matandang bulag.
May kamag aral kang pilay.
Bulag ang iyong kapatid.
May nakita kang batang bulag.
Hindi ka marinig ng iyong kamag aral.
Nadapa ang iyong kamag aral na pilay.
What is a balanced diet?
Which of the following is not a change in adolescents?
what category do nuts fit into according to the ADG?
what are the Australian Dietary Guidelines?
Which of the following is a confectionary food?
Which of the following is a side effect of eating to little?
Which of the following is NOT a result of eating to much
How many categories are there in the Australian Dietary Guidelines?
Which category must be avoided?
If I play sport 7 days a week how much food do I eat?
_____________ is a period of inactivity and decreased body temperature that some animals experience in winter.
This period of reduced activity in the summer is called ______________
______________ is a characteristic that improves an individuals ability to survive and reproduce in a particular environment.
Which of the following adaptations are best suited for survival in a mild environment with predators?
Which of the following structural adaptations would be best suited for an animal living in the tree canopies of a rain forest?
_______________ is the process by which individuals that are better adapted to their environment survive and reproduce (Survival of the Fittest).
A cat's leg, a dolphin's flipper, and a bat's wing contain similar bones. What does this suggest?
A chameleon can change the color of its skin to blend in with its environment. This adaptation helps it hide from predators. What is this adaptation called?
The beak of the large ground finch of the Galapagos Islands is adapted to the way that the finch usually gets food. The beak is wide and strong. Which of the following is most likely the finch’s main food source?
The species name of a rose Ryan is looking for is alba. It's genus name is rosa. What will it say on the tag identifying the plant?
Mrs. Walker had 237 photographs printed from her family vacation. She wants to put them into an album that holds 8 pictures per page. How many pages will she need?
Sam buys 46.8 ounces of cat food. In the first day, her cats eat 23.6 ounces. How many ounces of cat food is remaining?
The Dorn family's house has 1,720 square feet of space. The family builds an extension that adds 188 square feet of space. What is the new area of the house?
The peak of a ski hill is at an elevation of 3,273 feet. The base of the hill is 838 feet below the peak. What equation shows how to find the elevation at the base?
Hank buys 15 pounds of potatoes at a market. He wants to mix in 12 teaspoons of butter for each pound of potatoes. How much butter will he need?
Drew adds 14, 193 + 33, 317. Which expression can he solve to check his answer?
A new clothes dryer was being sold for a special price of $219. During the first day of the sale, 73 dryers were sold. How much money was spent on the new machines?
A basketball card manufacturer prints 10,152 basketball cards and puts them into packs of 12 cards. How many packs of basketball cards does the manufacturer create?
Four friends go out to dinner. Their total bill was $90.36. If they split the bill equally, how much will each person pay?
Jamie is reading a book that is 840 pages long. If she reads 15 pages per day, how many days will it take her to finish the book?
MY Dad
Chromosomes are located in the ________.
A ________ is a section of a chromosome that is responsible for a specific trait.
The genetic makeup of an organism is it's __________.
The traits an organism has is it's __________.
Birds fertilize the egg _______.
Mammals fertilize the egg _______.
Fish fertilize the egg _______.
Reptiles fertilize the egg _______.
Amphibians fertilize the egg _______.
A plant budding is an example of _____________.
In sexual reproduction _____ of the chromosomes come from the mother.
In asexual reproduction _____ of the chromosomes come from the mother.
The main benefit of sexual reproduction is __________.
The main benefit of asexual reproduction is __________.
The main disadvantage of sexual reproduction is __________.
The main disadvantage of asexual reproduction is __________.
The main advantage of internal fertilization is __________.
The main disadvantage of internal fertilization is __________.
The main advantage of external fertilization is __________.
The main disadvantage of external fertilization is __________.
What term means to arrange in a line or bring into alignment.
A formatting characteristic, such as bold, italic, or underlined text.
An Excel feature that enables you to specify how cells that meet one or more given conditions should be displayed.
A set of text properties that affects the typeface, size, and similar aspects of text.
A feature found in most Office applications that allows you to quickly copy formatting attributes that you have already applied and “paint” those attributes onto other text, shapes, pictures, and worksheet cells.
A shortcut that enables you to navigate to a web page or a location in another file in just one click of the mouse.
Two or more cells combined into a single cell.
A formatting tool that appears above or below the shortcut menu when you right-click a cell and that displays the most commonly used formatting commands.
A tool that enables you to control specifically what you want to paste after using the Copy or Cut commands, such as cell content, formulas, values, formatting, and much more.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which of the following diseases might you catch by sharing a water glass with another person
People with diabetes may not have enough
Cancer is a disease in which
All of the following are carcinogens EXCEPT
A type of undernutrition tA type of undernutrition that is the sudden onset swelling of the feet, hands and face.
A type of undernutrition that is child’s weight is too low for their height as a result of acute under nutrition, can vary with the seasons. Reflects loss of muscle tissue and fat.
It is an abnormal physiological condition caused by inadequate or excessive intake of nutrients
Malnutrition is an abnormal physiological condition caused by inadequate or excessive intake of nutrients.
If you have enough sleep you will feel cheerful
Under nutrition means eating too little and not getting enough nutrients needed by the body
It is a type of undernutrition that is a child has low weight for age. Composite measure includes chronic and acute malnutrition.
Stunting and wasting is an example of undernutrition.
Which is not true about malnutrition?
Kwashiorkor is when the child is short for their age as the result of chronic undernutrition during the most critical periods of growth.
1. Form of malnutrition that cause of lack of food to eat.
Non healing wounds are cause of.
The following are the symptoms of malnutrition. Except.
Non healing wounds are effects of malnutrion.
Growth delayed is effect of malnutrition.
Are essential nutrients to keep healthy.
Give energy to our body.
Has amino acid, Carbon, compound, and hydrogen
Nutrients that provide energy and other substances that we need.
Organic components in food that need in growth, and maintaining good health
Which of these are not a fact of the Cell Theory?
The two groups of cells are?
The word organelles means __________________
Identify the function that does NOT belong to the functions of the cell membrane.
Which organelle has two different types called rough and smooth?
These two organelles are found ONLY in plants.
What is the organelle that is known as the brain of the cell.
Chromosomes carry out heredity information known as _____________
Actie transport requires ____________?
What is cell specialization?
What are the 5E's in order?
Is it important to do the 5E's in the correct order?
Is allowable to skip a step?
What does the Engage do?
What is the purpose of the Explore?
What is the purpose of the Explain?
What is the purpose of the Elaborate?
Which one is not an E in the 5E model
In the 5E model the teacher acts as the...
The 5E model can only be applied to science instruction.
In an ecosystem, producers fill the role of providing ________ for other organisms.
Without healthy grasses in a prairie ecosystem, most prairie animals would
The consumers of an ecosystem are its
The role of the producer in any community is
What are the dead remains of plants and animals?
A camel can travel many days without water. Camels usually live in places with
A large population of snakes moves into an area. What might happen to the mice in that area?
What is an animal or insect that helps plants by moving pollen from one part of the plant to another?
Where do producers get energy?
Which nonliving thing determines the kinds of organisms that live in an ecosystem?
Which is a nonliving part of the ecosystem?
A tree gains energy it needs from
Why might a decrease in insects cause a decrease of frogs?
Kevin sets up a terrarium to model an ecosystem. His terrarium has rock, a heat lamp, water, soil, and a cricket. Which part models the sun?
Which statement is true?
Saw people as: Poor, Nasty, Brutish, and Short
people agreed to give up some rights and power in exchange for protection
Many Enlightenment thinkers used reason to
John Locke is important for the development of the idea that
Believed in a democracy
When do people have the right to establish a new government? The reason men enter into society is to protect their property... if government tries to take away and destroy the property of the people...
Which Philosopher said: Excerpt from Two Treatises of Government: Laws ought to be designed for no other end ultimately but for the good of the people. They
We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men are created equal- quote inspired by
We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men are created equal- quote written by
We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men are created equal- quote from what document?
That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed- according to excerpt from whom does the government get its power?
Hobbe’s Leviathan. What sort of government did Hobbes support in Leviathan?
Which objects could be combined to make a device that woul produce electricity?
Which animal species are most likely to survive in a marine environment that has very cold water temperatures?
Which of these represents a chemical change?
Which sentence describes a way that Earth's biodiversity helps human health?
Carrie tests the stream behind her house each year to find out if the water quality has changed. This year, the water in the stream had a pH of 6.0 according to the pH meter. What describes the pH of the water in the stream?
Hernando ran an electric current through a beaker of distilled water and separated the water into the gases H2 and O2. What type of change did he produce?
On the periodic table, chromium has the symbol Cr, an atomic number of 24, and a mass number of 52. How many protons does chromium have?
Which of the following would not be used to construct an electromagnet?
In what state of matter are the molecules far apart and constantly moving at high speeds?
The planets in our solar system stay in their orbits because of the __________.
Earth's atmosphere is made up of several gases. Which gas makes up over 75% of Earth's atmosphere?
Why does Earth have a greater gravitational pull than the Moon?
Several exploration vehicles have landed on Mars and have sent information back to scientists on Earth. Which characteristic changed after the vehicles landed on Mars?
Which statement describes a difference between a bar magnet and an electromagnet?
Rock pools form along ocean coasts and periodically beome isolated from the ocean, causing the salinity and acidity of the water in the pool to increase. What organisms are most likely to survive extended isolation in a rock pool?
Jules and Katie concluded that light objects fall at a much slower rate of speed than heavy objects. Their teacher told them their conclusion was incorrect. What kind of error did the students make to produce the incorrect conclusion?
ça c'est...
Can you go to the market?
Tu pourrais passer à la poste acheter des timbres?
Tu me rapportes des oeufs?
Sorry, I can't right now.
Le Titanic c'est un _______________________
Boeing, c'est un ______________________
Le Greyhound c'est un ________________
A New York, on voyage beaucoup en __________________.
Je vais en France en avion.
Je vais chez le disquaire.
Elle va à pied au cinéma.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The shah of this empire defeated the Uzbek and took back lands that had been lost to the Ottomans.
This empire practiced Shiism.
This empire is located in northern India and was comprised of Turkish Muslims from Central Asia.
Persian Muslims
Students walking across Main Street need to look both ways because ______ need to be careful to avoid being hit by a car.
Tanya jumped when she saw one of these crawling across her living room. She was sure it had 100 legs.
Most of these living things walk upright instead of crawling
Old books sometimes use this word instead of handcuffs.
What does a town, city, or state create to make sure that a rule or law is followed?
When the boy tried to navigate around the cones with his bicycle, what did he do?
There are many books written about the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh. They are what type of book?
When you have an ear infection, what might a doctor prescribe?
Which type of science investigates living things?
Which branch of science investigates how the brain affects the body?
What do you call something that is built on top of something else?
This form of work involves building homes and office buildings.
You are in school to learn from this.
To pull something out, therefore having less left over: to take away from
A pull to the arm or leg muscles to bring a bone back into place when it is dislocated or fractured
A powerful vehicle that pulls farm machines and hauls heavy loads
Process of withdrawing, pulling out
Pulled away from direct relation to anything; impersonal as in attitude or views
To make something take longer, to prolong
Because her favorite color was red, she was always _____ to strawberries in the store.
After an earthquake or other natural disaster, what do people need to do to rebuild their homes?
Your teacher is also known as this, since he or she builds your knowledge about math.
Something that stands in your way is called what?
A flood can wash away an entire town, creating this on a massive scale.
Which layer on Earth has the living things?
Devon eats mostly natural foods because he believes they will help him live longer. What type of diet does he have?
The more expensive it is for workers and companies to do this, the more you will pay for a product.
When studying how living thinkgs share the same living space and get along, what relationship are you looking at?
If you are trying to get into a rusted lock, you may have to do this to the key to get the lock open.
The more expensive it is for workers and companies to do this, the more you will pay for a product.
Authors create these before they are edited and revised by their publishing companies.
This person at KFC is in charge of hiring the new workers for the summer.
Cats and dogs are examples of these.
Let's put the camera on this stand so it won't wiggle as much.
Most bicycles have two of these that make the wheels turn around.
Gerald looked through the peep hole in his front door and saw one of these holding a box of candy.
Which root word means foot?
Which root word means hand?
Which root word means to build?
Which root word means to pull?
Which root word means life?
His tooth was so decayed that the dentist had to _____ or pull his tooth out by force.
The students in the back of the room were ______ the class by talking while the class was trying to read silently.
If you want to study living things in your future, what might you want to become?
If Michael Jordan decides to write a book about his life growing up and becoming a basketball player, what kind of book would he be writing?
Because the basement was flooded during the storm, the buildier said there was damage to the _______.
The parts of a city on which the rest of the city was built around is called the _______.
Because Ms. Davis stands around the classroom all day, Cade gave her a ______ for Valentine's Day. He wanted her to have a treatment for her feet.
Ms. Hicks has been doing so much writing for her graduate class, that her hands are sore. She need to go get a _____, a treatement for her hands and nails.
Did you see Chloe's pet? It had a thousand legs. It must have been one of these.
Although Marissa walked with a limp, she didn't let this ______ get in her way.
This comes with most products that you buy and tells you how to use them and/or set them up.
How do we describe a group of people who are set free from unfair laws or captured?
The doctor was performing this surgery to examine the tissue for cancer cells.
Bridges must be built to withstand expansion and ______ caused by weather.
What is another word for misunderstanding something?
On which peninsula would you find the Roman Republic/Empire
This Roman constitution prevented the patricians from abusing their power
Rome fought Carthage in this war for control over West Europe and North Africa
Emperor Constantine legalized this monotheistic religion
Which of the following is not a reason for the fall of the Roman Republic
Which of the following in the list does not go with Federalism?
The Declaration of Nov 07th stated?
These two meetings shared the same requests (petitions) for change.
Which form of government does the Constitution of 1824 support?
Was the Grass Fight a complete waste of time?
Which document was created at the Consultation of 1835?
The pro-peace group was interested in?
Which of the following became the final event prior to Texans seeking independence?
Which individual became the President of the Consultation of 1835?
What event led Texans to decide to attack at San Antonio
What is the correct order, from smallest to largest?
Where is DNA located in the cell?
Why is DNA important?
What is a nucleotide?
Which of the following is NOT one kind of pathogen
One reason the skin acts as a barrier against pathogens is because pathogens
A kind of white blood cell that destroys pathogens is a(n)
One function of T cells is to
HIV is spread by all of the following EXCEPT
When a person has an allergy his or her immune system is overly sensitive to a foreign substance called a(n)
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which of the following made traveling in the Taklamakan Desert dangerous?
Which land form is located in the southwestern part of outer China?
A system of government based on landowners and tenants.
The state of matter described as having a flexible shape and a flexible volume.
The state of matter described as having a flexible shape and a definite (inflexible) volume.
The state of matter described as having a definite (inflexible) shape and a definite (inflexible) volume.
What term describes the amount of force that moving gas molecules apply to the inside walls of their containers?
A measure of how hot or cold something is because of its moving particles is called ___.
The process that occurs when a gas changes into a liquid because of heat removal is called ___.
The process that occurs when a solid changes into a liquid because of the addition of heat is called ___.
The process that occurs when a liquid changes into a solid because of heat removal is called ___.
The process that occurs when a liquid changes into a gas is called ___.
The form of energy needed to change matter from one state to another is called ___.
A measure of the speed at which a material's particles move is called ___.
The amount of space that something takes up is called ___.
The type of change that does not involve the creation of an entirely new materials and chemicals is called a(n) ___.
The type of change that requires the addition of heat energy is called a(n) ___.
The type of change that requires the removal of heat energy is called a(n) ___.
How do the large, flat teeth of a cow help it survive?
What adaptive advantage do the stripes on a tiger provide?
Why do wolves have large sharp teeth?
Which animal has traits adapted for a water environment but not a land environment?
Human beings walk upright. What adaptive advantage does this provide?
Dairy cows now produce more milk per cow than ever before
A tangelo is a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit. Why do plant scientists make genetic crosses like this?
Grasses are very difficult to pull away from the ground. How do their root systems benefit grasses?
Why do dogs grows thicker fur in the winter and shed it in the summer?
Which organism would be most likely to survive if placed in another ecosystem
Ayer yo ___ (estar) con mis amigos.
Nosotros ___ (tener) que hacer todos los quehaceres de la casa.
Los estudiantes ___ (andar) hacia el auditorio.
Ella no ___ (venir) a la escuela ayer.
Jaime no ___ (querer) mucho a su ex novia.
Jaime le ___ (hacer) un pastel a su nueva novia.
Yo no ___ (poder) lo que me decías de Jaime.
Yo ___ (poner) mucho dinero en mi cuenta de ahorros.
¿Ya ___ (saber) tú lo que le pasó a Jaime?
No fuimos al baile porque no ___ (caber) en el coche.
Which piece of lab equipment would be used to measure the volume of a liquid?
Which variable is the one that a scientist changes at the beginning (on purpose)?
Which of the following is an example of adaptive bioengineering?
A student wants to test how the concentration of phophorus in a fertilizer affects plant growth. In designing this experiment the independent variable would be the __________________.
The control variable is
The dependent variable is
Which of the following is an example of assistive engineering?
The main biofuel on the market today is ethanol, a fuel made from corn. Which type of bioengineered product is ethanol?
An engineering company is testing a new weather-forecasting program. Which procedure would best verify that the program is making accurate predictions?
Which of these is the most likely intended benefit of laser eye surgery?
1. The scientific name for the European white water lily is Nymphaea alba. To which genus does this plant belong?
What kind of organism thrives in hot springs and other extreme environments?
Marty is studying two types of chimpanzees: Pan troglodytes and Pan paniscus. Based on their names, Marty can conclude that they
What is the name of the tool that lets you determine the identity of items
The Scientific Name is always written in what language?
Who is known as the father of taxonomy or classification?
An organism that can produce its own food is called a ____________________.
An animal with a backbone is called a _______________.
Heterotrophs __________________________.
Organism without a backbone are called _________________
Which process in the water cycle would be accelerated by an increase in temperature?
When light reflects off certain crystals in the atmosphere, effects called halos appear. Which substance in the atmosphere forms these crystals?
Which type of water reservoir could always provide freshwater?
Which factor causes surface ocean currents?
Which statement about ocean currents is accurate?
Hurricanes are driven by the energy they get from ocean water. Which property of water allows it to retain the energy needed to power a hurricane?
In regions where prevailing winds blow from the oceans to the shore, which of these is most likely to occur?
Hurricanes form over equatorial areas. This is because
Which of these has the greatest capacity for storing thermal energy from the Sun?
What would a warm air mass over the ocean most likely cause?
What major and potentially catastrophic events can be predicted to occur in the Northern Hemisphere between the months of June and November?
How do the conditions for a tornado differ from the conditions for a hurricane?
Storms transport water in the form of rain. The energy that starts this process comes from the
What information best helps a meteorologist predict the possibility of tornadoes developing in a certain area?
Which process causes water to move from the ocean to the atmosphere during the formation of a hurricane?
Which of these is associated with hurricanes?
Which is a factor that most likely would affect the climate in a particular area?
Hurricanes form over water and lose wind speed when they move over land. What does this pattern best illustrate?
Land heats up faster during the day than water does. As the beach gets warm during the day, it heats the air above it. The warm air rises and cool air from the ocean is pulled in to replace it. So, air flows from the ocean to the land. At night, the
Clay is watching the weather to prepare for a trip to the beach tomorrow. The forecast predicts that a lowpressure system will move in overnight. Which type of weather can Clay most likely expect in the morning?
A formal request
the government's power to take citizens private property for public use
the just and fair application of the law to an accused person's case
limited by law to a certain amount per household
a legal document that describes the place to be searched and the persons and/or things to be seized
the right to vote
trying a person a second time for the same crime
the requirement of men meeting qualifications to serve in the military
the rights guaranteed to all citizens
to formally accuse of a crime
My mother and Stacy arrived late, but _____ still enjoyed the day.
At the mall, we spent an hour in the ______ store I had ever seen.
Which is the run-on sentence?
Where does the semicolon (;) belong in the following sentence? Mary ran a strong campaign for class president however, she still finished second.
Where does a comma belong in the following sentence? My aunt and uncle live on Oak Street now but they are moving this summer.
Which is the BEST way to combine these sentence? The door to the workshop was locked. We had to call Mr. Higgins for the key.
Desmond finished his errands _____ than the other three students.
By the end of yesterday's game, Charlene _____ three goals for our team.
Which of the sentences below is a fragment?
In which sentence is the word bear used incorrectly?
Mehmed and Suleyman I led conquests that turned this empire into a world power.
This empire began in 1501 when Esma’il conquered Persia and made himself shah.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Why did Max give Liesel “The Standover Man”?
How did Max create “The Standover Man” for Liesel?
Death does not like mystery, so he tells us someone dies, but he doesn't tell us how. Who is it?
Max asks Liesel for a haircut, rather than Rosa or Hans. What does this show about their relationship?
What secret does Liesel want to tell the Mayor's wife?
Max asked Liesel to tell him what this looked like, since he could not see it.
What did the Mayor's wife give Liesel that felt like a betrayal?
Who got into trouble in the Hitler Youth group for not following directions? Why?
Who was the new leader of the apple stealing group? How did he treat Liesel?
Liesel peeked at Max's latest drawings, and said it scared her. What was it?
After being covered in cow manure, Rudy said he needed a win, so Liesel and him decided to steal something. Where did they go and what did they steal?
What became official on October 1941 as stated by Rudy?
Rudy stole from the grocery the biggest potato of them all. How did he get out of being arrested?
What question did Franz Deutscher repeatedly ask Rudy that he deliberately answered wrong, resulting in many beatings?
Viktor tossed Liesel's book into the river, and Rudy rescued it, staying in the river longer than necessary. Why?
How did Liesel react to the mayor's wife firing Rosa? What did she do? How does this show bravery?
How is the Power of Words seen in these chapters? Give an example, and explain.
Why do you think Rudy is always asking Liesel for a kiss? Will he ever receive it?
Max is constantly imagining defeating the Fuhrer in many ways. Explain one way how he imagines this from Part 4 5.
Which Intelligence Category would be best described as using language to present your ideas, express your fellings and/or to persuade others?
Which Intelligence would be best described as reasoning and recognizing the numerical relationships between things?
Which intelligence could be described as between people - understanding the feelings, needs and purposes of others?
Which intelligence could be described as within the self - Understanding your own interior thoughts and feelings in a very clear way?
Which intelligence is associated with creating and interpreting images, shapes and thinking in 3 dimensions?
Which intelligence is associated with creating and feeling rhythm to express a mood or idea?
Which intelligence is associated with feeling and expressing things physically, doing hands-on work?
Which intelligence is associated with an understanding of plants, animals and their relationship to the outdoor environment as well as classifying them?
What was the name of the psychologist dude who came up with this theory of multple intelligences?
True or False - If I am lower in a specific intelligence area it means that I cant be succesful in things that focus on that area?
_________ is the code or blueprint that is stored in the cell's hereditary material.
_______ is used to carry the code for making proteins out of the nucleus.
_____________ is in RNA but not in DNA.
DNA looks like a __________________________.
What is the DNA pair for the following DNA sequence? A C G T
What is the mRNA for the following DNA sequence? C T G A
__________ is a natural process that changes a DNA sequence. It is like a typo of the DNA code.
A mutation where one letter of the DNA code is substituted for another is called a __________.
A mutation where one letter is added to the DNA code is called an ___________.
A mutation where one letter is taken out of the DNA code is called a __________.
Which of the following space objects is a satellite?
When a satellite always keeps the same side toward the object it is orbiting, the satellite is
Which of the following natural phenomena is partly caused by Earth's revolution around the sun?
According to Kepler's third law of planetary motion,
According to Kepler's first law of planetary motion,
_________ observed “orbital anomalies” such as when Mars moved backward in its orbit.
____________ is credited with developing the telescope which magnified objects up to 3X.
___________ designed and built his own telescope. This telescope could magnify objects up to 20X.
Kepler was Brahe’s assistant and they didn’t get along very well. Because of this, Brahe set Kepler the task of understanding the orbit of _________.
If the planets closer to the sun don't_______________, they'll fall into the sun.
a possible situation, an imagined sequence of events
to decide something
pictue, a visual depiction of something
theme or focus
narrative writing, literature, worthwhile body of work
large area of level land
the choice of roads taken to get to a certain place
to support protectively
to study something closely
to change and grow
a diffrence, something that is diffrent
the perspective of which a writer or person present information
a person portrayed in a novel
to decide something
theme or focus
part of the book that helps you locate or learn something
to speak in a dull monotonous manner
a number of animal kept feeding or moving together
without purpose
undeveloped land or country areas
How did mountains, rocky plateau, cold climate, and large deserts impact early settlements in Inner China?
Before the Shang dynasty ruled the entire area around the Huang He, China was ruled by many small clans who each had their own kings. What was one major goal for each clan?
Why were Shang kings buried with bronze vessels, and weapons, food, jade ornaments, and chariots?
Why were Confucianism, Daoism, and Legalism developed when they were?
The Emperor of Qin contributed to society in many positive ways. Please choose the answer that is NOT a contribution made by the Emperor Qin.
What is one way Emperor Qin Shihuangdi hurt China, rather than helped?
If you wanted to create an empire, you might take lessons from Qin Shihuangdi. What is one lesson he might give you about how you could unify different states into one country?
Which of the following did NOT lead to the end of the Qin dynasty?
Which of the following would be the best description of the Han dynasty?
How did the invention of silk increase trade in China?
Where did most people in ancient China live?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
A mixture which the composition is not uniform throughout, for example sand and water, is considered
How many moles of O2 are produced when 1.25 moles of Ni(ClO3)2 decompose? Ni(ClO3)2 ---- NiCl2 + 3 O2
How many moles of CO2 are produced when 4 moles of C3H8 react? C3H8 + 5 O2 ---- 3 CO2 + 4 H2O
What is the percent composition of each element in magnesium chloride?
Which of the following is an empirical formula?
What happens when electrons absob energy?
How would you find the number of neutrons in an atom?
What is the maximum number of orbitals and electrons at the 2nd energy level?
What does an electron cloud represent in an atom?
Which particle has a mass which is approximately 1/2000 that of a proton?
What is the electron configuration of a sulfur atom in ground state?
An atom of potassium-37 and an atom of potassium-42 differ in their total number of
What is the mass number of an atom that has 6 protons, 6 electrons, and 8 neutrons
If you value security, you are more likely to:
2) When it comes to communicating with others about money, you should not:
3) When married couples do not share goals and values in how they manage money, which of the following can occur?
4) Which of the following statements is false?
5) When communicating with your parents about money, you should:
6) Which of the following can be a challenge when managing money on your own as a young single adult?
7) Which of the following statements regarding marriage and money is false?
8) Which of the following is not a rule for the ʺbudget committee meetingʺ?
9) For women, the ________ is the most important key to financial security.
10) Men tend to get good deals by:
11) The flow of money in a family represents the ________ under which that family operates.
12) Since men and women are different, who is supposed to do the financial decision making in a marriage?
13) The number-one cause of divorce in America is:
14) A great way for a young person to avoid making money mistakes is to:
15) You should communicate your money goals with your parents and others close to you because:
16) The goal in communicating with your parents about money is to become responsible and independent with the money you have.
17) It is easier to manage money when you are accountable to no one.
18) A written plan gives the single person empowerment, self-accountability and control.
19) In a marriage, you are financially accountable to each other.
20) When managing money, oneʹs value system is of no importance.
What is the molar mass of CH4?
How many grams are in 2 moles of FeH3?
How many moles are in 45 grams of CrO3?
What is the molar mass of Co(OH)3?
How many grams are in six moles of HF?
How many moles are in 110 grams of Pb(NO3)2?
How many grams are in .78 moles of LiClO?
How many moles are in 215 grams of Mn3(PO4)2?
What is the molar mass of K2CO3?
How many moles are in 200 grams of Sc(NO3)2?
What is the molar mass of sodium hypochlorite?
How many grams are in .57 moles of potassium hydroxide?
How many moles are in 50 grams of boron fluoride?
What is the story with Hans's accordion?
How did Hans survive World War I?
What was written on Mr. Kleinmann's door that Hans offered to repaint?
Who asked Hans to keep Max in his basement?
What did Liesel first think of Max?
What did Max do when he was younger to cover up his emotional pain?
What theme works best when German Walter says to Jewish Max, “You can't marry a Jew, but there's no law against fighting one”?
What theme works best when Max says, “'I won't leave. If we all can't go, I don't go either.' He was lying,”?
Why was Max afraid of Liesel at first?
What book did Max carry with him that made him feel oddly safe?
What threat did Hans tell Liesel so she would not tell anyone about Max?
Where does Max sleep in the Hubermann's household?
What question did Liesel want to ask Max about his book, but was too afraid?
What was the book that Liesel could not stop reading in the mayor's library?
What was the opening scene in the book in Question 14 that caught Liesel's attention?
How did Rosa and Hans plan on keeping Max alive in the cold weather?
What simile did Liesel use to describe Max's hair?
How does Hans try to get Liesel and Max to bond?
How did Liesel and Max really start to get close?
20. Liesel starts to collect certain items to bring to Max so he is not bored, like...
Which operation should you perform first when you evaluate 81 - (6 + 30/2 ) x 5
Which expression does NOT have the same value as 7 x (4 + 23)
Evaluate 8m - 5 if m = 9
Paula hit 6 more home runs than Danielle . Pauline hit 18 home runs. Home many runs did Danielle hit?
Which is the solution to the equation: 79 + r = 118
Solve the equation: 25x = 175
The area of a rectangle is 42 square inches. Its width is 6 inches. What is the length?
What is the sum of 24.91 and 35.8?
Lead has an atomic weight of 207.19. Mercury has an atomic weight of 200.6. How much greater is the atomic weight of lead than mercury?
Max uses 1.6 liters of gasoline each hour mowing lawns. How much gas does he use in 5.8 hour?
Which decimal is equivalent to 85%?
Which term describes a number compared to 100?
Which of the following amounts is greatest?
Best buy is offering a 20% discount on all radios. Pedro would like to buy a radio that was originally priced at $36.50. What is the total cost after the discount?
Sean's new jeans are priced at $29.97, but the sale is 15% off. About how much will the jeans cost after the discount?
what is 60% as a fraction in simplest form?
What is 6% as a decimal?
Write 9/20 as a percent?
Scientists divide Earth into three main layers: the core, the mantle, and the crust. How are these three layers identified?
What is the asthenosphere?
Most divergent plate boundaries lie under the worlds ocean. Which of the following us a process that occurs at divergent boundaries?
What happens at a subduction zone, where an oceanic plate and a continental plate converge.
Which of the following statements describes a tectonic plate?
Which of the following land features is caused by the movement of tectonic plates?
Which of the following describes what could happen when two continents collide?
Compression at a convergent boundary causes what to form?
What type of motion happens in a normal fault?
Volcanic vents are places where magma can erupt onto Earth surface. Which volcanic feature forms a relatively small depression around a volcano's vent?
Which of the following best defines lava
Which type of volcano is made mostly of pyroclastic materials?
A volcano with magma that has high viscosity, so gas bubbles cannot escape easily. As bubbles expand, magma rises faster. The magma can then erupt EXPLOSIVELY, releasing gas, ash, and large chunks of rock. This type happens at what type of boundary?
What causes an earthquake to happen?
What is the difference in density between the least dense rocks at Earth's surface and the densest rock in the center of Earth? (Continental crust=2.2; Oceanic crust=3.0; Mantle=3.3; Outer core=9.9; Inner core=13.1)
Where are most of Earths eathquakes located?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
7. Nagsisipilyo Ng Ngipin Tatlong(3) Beses IsangAraw
8. Natutulog Sa Tanghali
9. Nag- EehersisyoArawAraw
10. Nag-Iipit Parati Ng Buhok( Para Sa MgaBabae)
1. palaging ganado at nakangiti si jelly anong pag-uugali meron siya?
2. Si Cath ay madalas nag wawala pag di nasusunod ang gusto niya. Anong pag uugali meron siya?
3. Ano ang mga pag-uugali ang meron dapat ang isang bata
4. Ano ang pag-uugali na dapat iwasan ng isang bata
5. Ang bata ay gumagamit ng PO at OPO pag sumasagot o nakikipag-usap sa nakakatanda. Anong pag uugali meron siya
6. Si Christine ay tumutulong sa gawaing bahay. Anong pag uugali meron siya
7. Alin sa pagpipilian na pag uugali ang tama
8. Tama bang sumama ka sa hindi mo kakilala
9. Pakikipagsuntukan sa kamag aral
10. Nakikipaglaro at nakikisalamuha sa kamag aral
What must a growing child need to eat most?
What sickness might you have of you will not eat food rich in Vitamin A ?
What can be avoided if you eat food rich in Vitamin C?
Which is a healthy snack?
Dinah is suffering from gum and nose bleeding. What mineral does she lack ?
Which should you eat most?
Which is rich in Vitamin A?
How can you avoid obesity?
Why do you need to follow the nutritional guidelines?
Which does NOT follow the nutritional guidelines?
What were the two superpowers during the Cold War Era?
What kind of war is described by the following sentence? This type of war involves military threats, arms buildups, and other techniques short of all-out war by the superpowers.
Of the following countries, which one was NOT a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council?
What was the main goal of the Truman Doctrine?
Where was the city of Berlin?
Which of the following alliances was formed to block communism in Europe?
Which of the following organizations is a trade organization?
What was the goal of the European Economic Community (EEC)?
What was the term “iron curtain” used to divide or separate?
All of the following satellite nations protested Communist rule in the 1950s and 1960s EXCEPT one. Which one?
What launch started the space race between the U.S. and the Soviet Union?
What is the ability to wipe nations off the planet with nuclear weapons?
Mao Zedong formed The People’s Republic of China. Of the following, what action did he NOT take?
Who wanted to use atomic bombs to end the Korean War?
What was the outcome of the Korean War?
Who controlled North Vietnam after the Geneva Accords?
What happened in Vietnam after the U.S. withdrew troops?
Approximately how many miles away were Soviet missiles from the coast of Florida during the Cuban Missile Crisis?
What policy was used to resolve the Cuban Missile Crisis?
Who was and remains leader of Cuba?
What is an actor's job?
What is a director's job?
What is the stage manager's job?
What is an ensemble?
Which below is an example of GOOD audience etiquette?
Which below is NOT an example of a cue?
What is blocking?
What is NOT included in a script?
Who is the playwright?
What letter is cross abbreviated with?
What is NOT done during rehearsal?
Who is NOT a member of the production team?
Which of the following is the technical director NOT in charge of?
Also called try-outs.
The words the actors say.
What is the purpose of costumes?
What do you call the final rehearsal of a play?
What is one of the stage manager's jobs?
Stage directions are from whose point of view?
What is the purpose of lighting?
A person that grants land to another in exchage for loyalty and protection.
The person who promises his loyalty and protection in exchange for land
People who fight on horeseback in the Middle Ages
A strict code of conduct followed by Knights in Europe
People who lived on the lord's manor but did not own the land and if he sold the land they went with it.
A system where peasants worked the lords manon in exhange for his protection and the abilty to farm some of the land for themselves,
A disease that kill 25% of Europe, it came as aresult of fleas on the back of rats that came onships trading with Europe.
A long series of wars fought between European Christians and Muslims for control of the Holy land.
What are the lasting result of the Crusades?
The spreading of ideas form one culture to another
They come in many shapes and sizes.
These rocks form when volcanoes erupt.
Fossils and the imprint of an insect may appear in these rocks.
nearly everything solid in the Earth's crust is made of these rocks.
Lava and magma cool to form these rocks.
Metamorphic rocks come from these rocks.
This name means by formed by fire and comes from the Latin root ignis.
Shells of sea animals can form these rocks.
This name means changed in form.
lakes and ocean bottoms are where these rocks have their beginnings.
Which Kingdom includes amoebas?
Which kingdom includes slime molds?
Which kingdom includes bacteria that you would find in foods?
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