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What should you do during a flood?
What should you do during a hurricane?
What should you do during a tornado?
What should you do during a thunderstorm?
Which instrument is used to measure humidity?
Which instrument measures wind speed and direction?
The barometer indicates that the air pressure is rising. What would you expect the weather to be like?
The outside temperature is 20 degrees Fahrenheit and you observe nimbostratus clouds. It is not windy at all. What type of precipitation is MOST likely to fall? .
When air near the ground is cooled to its dew point, it forms a stratus cloud called
Robert wants to measure the amount of rain that falls in his backyard during a thunderstorm Which instrument should he use?
Which type of precipitation occurs when rain freezes on a solid surface?
Which type of heat transfer causes MOST of the heating in the troposphere?
What causes winds?
Which two factors describe a MARITIME TROPICAL AIR MASS?
Which to factors drive the water cycle?
Which of the following results from condensation?
The process by which water is heated until it rises back in the atmosphere is called what?
A fast moving band of air at the top of the troposphere that moves weather systems is known as what?
The warm water of what affects weather on the Eastern Atlantic shoreline?
A circulation of air that includes both upward and downward motion is called a _________ cell
Because land heats up faster than water in the daytime, ________________ breezes form
Which areas of Earth receive the MOST direct sunlight?
Where are the areas of lowest pressure found on Earth?
The weather data for Bluffton shows that the barometric pressure is falling Which is the BEST prediction for the weather in the Hilton Head area?
Pick the correct sentence.
Pick the correct sentence.
Pick the correct sentence.
Pick the correct sentence.
Pick the correct sentence.
Pick the correct sentence.
Pick the correct sentence.
Pick the correct sentence.
Pick the correct sentence.
Pick the correct sentence.
What is research?
What does a topic sentence do?
In writing, what is focus?
What is quoting?
What is a controversy?
In writing, what is organization?
What is objectivity?
What is plagiarism?
What is note-taking?
What is a source?
This Global Organization was formed in Europe in 1949 to protect its members from the Communist Threat of the Soviet Union
This Alliance was formed in Europe to protect the Soviet Union and its Communist Allies.
This alliance was formed to protect the supporters of democracy in Asia
This Alliance was formed to protect the interests of Allies in the Middle East
Which Alliance was the United States NOT part of?
Members of ______ include (but not limited to) the U.S., Great Britain, Canada, France, West Germany and Italy
Members of ______ include (but not limited to) the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Bulgaria
Members of ______ include (but not limited to) the U.S., Turkey, Iran and Iraq
Members of ______ include (but not limited to) the U.S., the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand
Which Alliance or Alliances are still around today?
Which sentence contains an error?
Which would be a good supporting sentence for the following? I've never much cared for strawberry shakes.
Which is the best way to combine the following sentences? Mary did well on her science project. She did not win first place.
Which sentence uses incorrect punctuation?
Which is a run-on sentence?
Caroline had pitched on a softball team for more than six years; ____, she was our obvious choice for pitcher.
Which word in the following sentence needs to be capitalized? Malcolm visits his cousin and his aunt every summer in alabama.
My purple flowers ______ every year since I planted them.
Which sentence is punctuated correctly?
Which transitional word would MOST LIKELY be used to show comparison between paragraphs?
Which resource would contain the meaning of the word symphony?
Which would not be a supporting detail for the following topic sentence? You can maintain good oral health by brushing your teeth and flossing every day.
The pages at the end of a book that contain detailed information where specific topics are located are called the
Which is a sentence fragment?
In which sentence is the word it's used incorrectly?
Which sentence uses an incorrect possessive?
Which is NOT included on the title page of a research paper?
We _____ going to go to the park, but it started to rain.
Which would BEST follow sentence 2 in the following paragraph? The firehouse looked strange in the moonlight. The outside looks as though it's covered in bluish gray dust.
Which step in the research process comes after gathering resources?
Kim and Trisha made the calculations, but _____ numbers were wrong.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
In literature, this is known as a long, narrative poem...
A serious person is also a _______one.
If you make a teacher upset, you'll hear one of these...
You might see or hear one of these at a fair..
If you make a change, you are creating a(n)...
If it's meant to teach you, then it is ...
If you damage your eye, then you have a(n)___________injury.
This device is used by writers in order to emphasize an idea or belief...
A ____________Question doesn't necessarily give an answer.
A special type of repetition- one where the same word or phrase is repeated at the beginning of a sentence...
Referring to a historical, mythological, or famous event/person
A type of appeal in which the writer tries to get us to believe or trust him/her
Koalas are animals that live in Australia. They looked a little bit like small bears. ( What word(s) can you use in place of LOOKED)
When koalas look like bears, they are not bears! ( What word(s) should be used in place of WHEN)
Koalas do not wag there tails, because they do not have tails at all. ( What word(s) should be used in place of THERE)
You have probably seen pictures of koalas. ( What word(s) could you use in place of SEEN)
Koalas are herbivores. Which means they eat only plants. (What's the best way to write?)
Koalas live in wild in Australia, since you can see them in zoos around the world. ( What word should be used in place of SINCE)
Koalas are knowne to sleep a lot. (What word (s) could be used in place of KNOWNE)
Koalas sleep a lot. But they eat a lot. ( What link can be used instead of BUT)
The older koala on the record was 23 years old. ( What word(s) should be used in place of OLDER)
Koala's are very popular animals. ( What word(s) should you use in place of KOALA'S)
Who posted the 95 thesis?
What was Martin Luther mainly protesting?
What means to reward someone an undeserving position?
What were indulgences?
What was Martin Luther hoping for when he created the 95 thesis?
Which is not a Protestant Church?
Where was Martin Luther placed on trial?
What invention made the publishing of the printing press spread rapidly?
Which was not a result of Martin Luther posting the 95 thesis?
Where was Martin Luther from?
What percentage of Americans are native to America?
How many people immigrate to the US annually?
Many teachers have little or not training in working with children from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrouds
Multicultural education is for all students
Cultural differences have little effect on the way students learn.
Schools in which there are no minority groups don't need a multicultural perspective
What percent of the US population over the age of 5 speaks a language other than English at home?
The attitudes, values, belief systems, norms, and traditions shared by a particular group of people that collectively from their heritage.
Referring to more than one culture; acknowledges basic commonalities among groups of people while appreciating theirdifferences
Individuals whose primary language is not English and who have yet to achieve proficiency in English
A student cannot be considered eligible for special education services under this law if his or her educational difficulties are primarily the result of limited proficiency in English or poor instruction.
Multicultural Education and Bilingual Education are synonomous
The US government estimates that there are in excess of _____________ school-age children whose primary language is not English
Federal mandate that assessments be conducted in a culturally responsive fashion.
What types of organisms are classified as being neither a plant nor an animal?
What makes a fungus (like a mushroom) difficult to classify?
A single-celled pond organism swims freely and contains green chloroplasts. How is it classified?
In which Kingdom are all members single-celled?
An organism that is multi-cellular and can make its own food would be in which kingdom?
Which characteristics best identify an animal?
Which of the following is a characteristic of bacteria only?
Early thinkers divided all things into Earth, wind or fire. Why is this classification system no longer used?
For many years, scientists divided living things into three kingdoms. Now most scientists accept five or six. How can scientific knowledge change?
The monera and protists were kingdoms added most recently to scientific classification systems. What helped scientists learn more about them?
What is the title of our story?
. What is the weather in the story?
Its hot im thirsty I need to find Water who said this line?
What kind of thing in our story its neck is very narrow?
What idea come from crow so that he can drink water?
What did he do after he picked up some stones?
What happened when the crow drops one by one the stone in the pitcher?
After the water rise in the pitcher what happened next?
Is the crow satisfy to the water
Ah its cold and good who said this line?
Which is a synonym for monotone?
Which of these is an antonym for unique?
Which is an antonym for solo?
sun : solar :: moon : ?
? : play :: solo : opera
We all sang the school's song in _____ at the pep rally before the game.
? : mythology :: space alien : science fiction
Which is a synonym for unify?
Which is an antonym for solitude?
Which is an antonym for monotonous?
Són resistents, permeten la transpiració i poden fer malbé l’aliment.
Fràgil, molt pesant, higiènic, vistós i permet veure el contingut.
Molt popular. S'alternen capes de: paper, plàstic, cartó i metall, sumant-se les seves característiques. Difícil gestió ambiental.
Fabricació econòmica i fàcil, de gran resistència mecànica i flexible.
Resistents, s’emmagatzemen fàcilment. Cost elevat. Làmina de ferro coberta d’estany (evita el rovell).
Resistents, s'emmagatzemen fàcilment, de cost elevat, molt lleuger i la mateixa pressió del seu contingut manté l’estructura de l'envàs.
Barats, lleugers, fàcilment alterables, donen solidesa, embalatge exterior.
Els envasos de vidre són més barats que els termoplàstics i més cars que els metàl·lics.
Els envasos d'alumini porten estany.
Els envasos cel·lulòsics poden de vegades estar en contacte amb l'aliment.
Scientists collect information by making
Sean wants to know if he can water his plants with sea water. Which could be a hypothesis for his experiment?
What is the major difference between plants and animals?
The role of producers in an ecosystem is to
In a food web which would be a consumer?
In ALL food webs the initial source of energy is
Which of these photosynthesize?
A food web shows the flow of _______________________ in an ecosystem.
The role of producers in an ecosystem is to
Which set of data would be best displayed on a bar graph?
A line graph shows
Without the sun, which of these things could no longer occur?
The main reason some invasive species survive and overpopulate an area is that
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
A skateboarder kicks backwards with his foot as he and the skateboard move forward.
If you were riding in a car without your seatbelt on and the car ran into a wall, you would continue to move forward at the same speed.
A soccer player kicks the ball. The ball accelerates in the directions the player’s foot was moving. (F = m x a)
Friction – the force between a ball the carpet that slows the ball down and eventually causes it to stop. Buoyancy-the force water that pushes up on an object to make it float.
Gravity- pulling all objects towards the Earth’s center. Magnetism- pulling magnetic materials through glass.
A magician quickly pulls a tablecloth out from under dishes and the dishes remain on the table.
Two women are having an arm-wrestling competition and neither woman wins because they are evenly matched.
Two dogs are fighting over a piece of rope by pulling in opposite directions. The bigger dog pulls with a stronger force causing the smaller dog to move in his direction.
one who believes that one group or race is superior to all others
outlook, viewpiont, opinion based on a person's particular situation
opposing, contradictory or disagreeing
loud noise, uproar
not working properly
endure or suffer through a whipping
Appreciative, grateful, indebted
anger, wrath, exasperation, resentment
wild, uncontrolled
A movie
Language that goes beyond the literal meaning of the words.
A story that is not true or is made up.
In the plot, this action occurs after the climax, when conflicts are resolved and problems are solved.
A statment that an be proven.
An organism that hunts and kills other organisms for a source of food is called a .
An organism that cannot make its own food energy and has to obtain its food energy from other sources is called a , also known as a heterotroph.
When organisms live and work together in the same place, this is referred to as .
, such as bacteria and fungi, are organisms that breakdown the remains of once living things.
Any benefical interaction between organisms that live in a shared area or habitat is known as .
Cross a heterozygous red flower with a blue flower. What are the chances of having a blue flower offspring?
Cross a homozygous dominant red flower with a black flower. What are the chances of having a heterozygous flower?
In incomplete dominance, red and white make pink. Red is dominant. Cross 2 pink. How many of their offspring could be red?
In codominance, both taits are dominant. Cross a white rabbit with black rabbit. What are the chances of having a stripped rabbit?
In Oompahs purple body color is dominant over white and orange face is dominant over blue. Cross 2 heterozygous Oompahs. What is the chance of having a white bodied Oompah?
using the punnet square from #5, what are the chances of having a purple, orange faced Oompah?
Cross a heterozygous red chicken with a yellow. What are chances of having a yellow chicken?
Where is the cell does replication of the DNA occur?
How many cells are made after 1 division of a cell?
After one meiosis you end up with 4 cells that are?
Crossing over of DNA information happens?
How do pass on traits to out children?
Use you knowledge of sex linked traits to answer. Color blindness is recessive. Cross a carrier female with a normal male. What are the chances of having a normal male?
Use info from #13. A normal sighted mother has a father that is colorblind. She has a child with a normal male. What are the chances of having children that have normal vision?
Which statement best describes what happens with a WARM front?
Which statement best describes what happens with a COLD front?
After a WARM front passes, what type of weather would most likely occur?
After a COLD front passes, what type of weather would most likely occur?
The boundary between two different air masses is called a ____________.
Storms that result from low pressure systems that for over warm, ocean water are called _________.
Storms which produce up and downdrafts which form over land are called _____.
Vertical clouds which produce the possibility of severe weather are called
Horizontal clouds which produce lots of rain are called
A falling barometer means
What was the New Deal?
Which president created the New Deal?
Franklin Roosevelt used to speak directly to US citizens through a series radio speeches called...?
This program hired people to build dams and generators, creating both jobs and electricity.
Created in 1935, this law provided some financial support to the elderly, disable children, and the unemployed.
This labor union placed workers in groups based on industry (type of job) rather than by level of skill.
What is a labor union?
During the 1930's, the Great Plains suffered a terrible drought and the topsoil blew away. This caused 40,000 to leave for other areas, especially California. This is called...?
How many times was Franklin Roosevelt elected President?
This agency was created to protect the rights of employees and employers and to encourage collective bargaining and negotiations between workers and companies.
Which federal agency, created during the New Deal, was intended to prevent serious problems in the stock market?
The National Labor Relations Act of 1935 help organized labor (labor unions) by
What is collective bargaining?
What was the primary goal of the Works Progress Administration (WPA)?
The Social Security Act (1935) helped American workers by
In which layer of the atmosphere does all weather occur?
In which layer of the atmosphere is the ozone layer located?
Which is the coldest layer of the atmosphere?
Which is the hottest layer of the atmosphere?
Which statement describes what happens to the temperatures in the atmosphere as you leave Earth's surface?
What happens to air pressure as you leave Earth's surface?
What is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere?
What happens to most of Sun's energy as it enters Earth's atmosphere?
Solar energy, changed to heat by Earth's land and water, warms what layer of the atmosphere in a process known as that is known as the greenhouse effect?
Water vapor makes up one of the gases of the atmosphere? What is water vapor?
What are Educational Apps
List the steps in Polya's framework
This is open to the public to use, copy and recreate, usually a little or no cost
Forms of thinking, basic recall and interpretation of information is?
List the badware program that enter people computers nknowingly
Learning resources
Also known as Serious Games
What is ITS
This began as a paint program
Name of Chapter
The highest sounding Brass instrument is the....?
The lowest Brass instrument is the?
The ancestor of the French Horn used during Fox Hunts is the?
What is the instrument which uses a slide to change notes instead of valves?
A good word to describe a hungry person.
PIzza, ice cream, and french fries are all ______________food.
If you can see ghosts, chances are you could be described as possessing...
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
__________________________________ is the unfair treatment of a person based on ideas about a particular group.
The destruction of food, equipment, and anything else of use to soldiers and civilians during the course of a war is called...?
President Lincoln was __________________________ by John Wilkes Booth.
When a political leader, like a president, is murdered, we say they were
A person who serves in the Armed Forces is called...?
African-American soldiers faced ______________________________ when they were treated unfairly by white soldiers during the war.
Lee ________________________ to Grant at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865, ending the war.
Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, which did what?
A state in which slavery is NOT allowed was called a ...?
A state that allowed slavery was called ...?
Loyalty to one region of a country instead of the whole country is known as
The term for a person who runs away or escapes is..
A person who wanted to end slavery is called...
The network of secret escape routes that enslaved African-Americans followed to reach freedom in the North was called?
The system that allowed people in a territory to make their own decisions was
A person whose opinions are very different from those of most people is called ...
This word means to break way from, for example a state leaving from the United States.
A war between groups of people from the same country is called...?
Which of the following states seceded (left) from the Union prior to the Civil War?
An _________________ believed that slavery was wrong and should end.
Which of the following states was NOT a free state?
Which of the following states was NOT a slave state?
A civil war is
What is the correct way to add -ed to walk?
Which word means one
What does plural mean?
When someone purchases stocks on credit, with borrowed money, it is called?
What was 'Black Tuesday'?
When was 'Black Tuesday'?
The ups and downs in the economy over time is called the...?
What was the Great Depression?
Who were the Bonus Army?
Who was the President during the Great Depression?
When was the Great Depression?
The ability of a customer to obtain goods or services before payment, based on the trust that payment will be made in the future is called...?
Which of the following is NOT an example of credit?
When you borrow money from a bank or a person, you typically must pay the money back with an added cost. What is this added cost called?
What are stocks?
About how far was it from the northern tip to the southern tip of the Inca Empire?
What evidence is there today of the Inca Empire in Peru?
Where was the capital of the Inca Empire?
The king of Spain rewarded Pizarro for his plan to conquer the Incas by
Pizarro conquered the Inca Empire because he
Who was the last Sapa Inca?
What did Atahualpa hope to keep when he gave away 24 tons of gold and silver to Pizarro?
What happened to the gold and silver taken by Pizarro from the Incas?
What mountain range was the Incan Empire found?
Who conquered the Incan Empire
How many moles are in 100 grams of water?
How many liters are in 5.6 moles of oxygen gas at STP?
How many moles are in 8.01 grams of methane?
How many grams are in 250 moles of rust, Fe2O3?
How many moles are in 500 grams AlCl3?
How many grams are in 357 L dinitrogen monoxide, N2O, at STP?
How many liters are in 5.00 grams methane at STP?
How many liters are in 1.25 x 10^4 grams of carbon dioxide at STP?
How many grams are in 5.60 L water vapor at STP?
How many grams are in 83.80 L of krypton gas at STP?
the government can't treat you unfairly
the power to hear a court case
the power to declare something unconstitutional
asking for your case to be heard again by a higher court
less serious crime
more serious crime
someone under the age of 18
evidence that suggests you probably did the crime
case where the law was broken
case where the law was NOT broken
Started with Marbury v. Madison
How do we learn the most about our solar system (especially the moon)?
What happens when the Moon blocks the Sun from Earth?
Which is a difference between the inner planets and the outer planets?
How many planets are found in our solar system? (not including the new ones without names)
Which planet is the furthest from the Sun?
Is Pluto considered a planet by most scientists?
Why does Earth have day and night?
Which phase of the Moon occurs right AFTER a full Moon?
Why do solar and lunar eclipses not happen every day?
What does Revolution mean?
Why are space telescopes able to see more of the universe than telescopes on Earth?
What type of telescope is the Arecibo telescope?
A push or pull with a specific direction
Two forces equal in size and opposite in direction having the result of no motion or a zero net force.
The force of gravity on an object
Two opposing forces that are unequal in size and opposite in direction creating movement in the direction of the stronger force.
A force that physically touches the object.
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
The statement that objects in motion or at rest will stay in motion or at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force.
The force acting on an object is equal to mass times the acceleration or F=ma
Shawn and Nick pull on opposite ends of a rope, and the rope does not move.
Two men push a heavy box up a ramp.
Gravity pulls down on you at the same time the floor exerts an upward force on you, so you don’t move.
A force in which there is no physical touching between the agent and the receiver.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
If 50 grams of sodium reacts with Cl to form 126 grams of salt. How many grams of Cl reacted?
If 20 grams of Al reacts with 200 grams of bromide, according to the Law of Conservation of Mass, how many grams of aluminum bromide should be produced?
If 178.8 g of water is separated into hydrogen and oxygen gas, and the hydrogen gas has a mass of 20 g. What is the mass of oxygen produced?
A 10 gram sample of Mg reacts with oxygen to form 16 g of MgO. How many grams of oxygen reacted?
Which type of system is best for observing the Law of Conservation of Mass?
If a chemical reaction such as photosynthesis begins with 6 atoms of C, how many atoms of C should be present in the products?
If a reaction produces 24 atoms of oxygen, how many atoms of oxygen were present before the reaction?
If 10 atoms of K react with 30 atoms of Cl, how many total atoms of KCl will be present in the products?
If 17 grams of K react with 12 grams of Br, what will be the mass of KBr produced?
The Law of Conservation of Mass states that mass can ...
Select the correct spelling
Select the correct spelling
Select the correct spelling
Select the correct spelling
Select the correct spelling
Select the correct spelling
Select the correct spelling
Select the correct spelling
Select the correct spelling
Select the correct spelling
Select the correct spelling
Select the correct spelling
Select the correct spelling
Select the correct spelling
Select the correct spelling
Select the correct spelling
Select the correct spelling
Select the correct spelling
Select the correct spelling
Select the correct spelling
text structure where the author provides several details to give the reader a mental picture
text structure where author gives information about a problem and states one or more solutions
text structure where the author describes an event and the events that follow
provide information not necessarily found in the text
dark type used to emphasize certain vocabulary
mini dictionary at the end of the book that defines bold face words
divides a text into parts and tells what each part is about
alphabetical list at the back of the book identifying important ideas the book and pages they are on
The peak of all the action in the story
Comparison not using like or as; Example: Ms. Moman is a rose.
Comparison using like or as; Example: Ms. Moman is like a rose.
The peak of all the action in the story
The events that happen in the story
Comparison using like or as
The overall atmosphere or feeling of the story
The time and place in which the events of the story occur
The final outcome of the story
a hint or prediction of what is to come in the story
an interruption in time to show an earlier time
the central idea or message of a literary work
when the reader sees into the minds of all characters
what happens as a result of the climax
tells only or mostly what one character thinks, feels, etc.
An internal conflict.
The problems that occur in the story
The methods an author uses to acquaint the reader with the characters in the story
Told by using the pronoun I
The part of the plot where the setting and characters are introduced
When a character is in a conflict with a group
the character who tells the story; can be the author or a fictional character
a struggle between a character and an outside force
The photosphere is the surface layer of what?
The Oort cloud is where what comes from?
Gas giants have many what?
When talking about the sun, what varies over an 11 year period?
In a geocentric model what is the center of the solar system?
A meteoroid is what hits Earth's surface?
Which planet's atmosphere is full of carbon dioxide?
Which types of planets have small and rocky surfaces?
Which type of planets are larger than Earth and are made of hydrogen and helium?
The corona is a type of solar wind that is electrically charged from what?
Nuclear fusion is how what star produces energy?
Planetestimals are that small asteroid-like bodies that are the building blocks of what?
A giant cloud of dust and gas is what scientists believe formed what?
One of Kepler's discoveries was what?
The Earth revolves around the Sun in what theory?
Venus goes through phases similar to those of Earth’s moon helped prove what theory?
Which two planets are similar in size, density, and internal structure?
Which two planets rotate at different speeds, have different atmospheres, and are different distances from the sun?
Which scientists discovered that Venus completes all phases and discovered that the moon's of Jupiter revolve around Jupiter, which helped proved what theory?
The time period immediately after the Civil War when the United States started to rebuild the nation.
After the Civil War, southern lawmakers pass many laws to limit the freedom of African-Americans called...
All citizens or people have certain rights called...?
This term means to accuse a high public official (like the President of the United States) of a crime.
The separation of people by race is called
A name for a Northern who went to the South after the Civil War was ________________________.
A name for a white Southerner who supported the Northern Reconstruction government was _____________________.
A name for a person released or freed from slavery is called ____________________________.
Farmers who worked someone else's land while paying a share of the crops raised for rent were called...?
A tax paid before someone can vote is called...?
To keep African Americans and white people apart, southern states passed _____________________ .
Southern laws made African Americans pay a ____________________ to vote.
The House of Representatives can _________________ a President accused of a crime.
A state between the North and the South that remained in the Union during the Civil War was called...
When a country or city is rule by an army, it is called?
A person who is killed, injured, or captured in war is called..
Another name for the North in the Civil War was?
Another name for the South in the Civil War was?
A person who is NOT a soldier is called..
Drafting people for military service is called...?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
____ clouds are thin, feathery clouds that form at high altitudes
Solid precipitation that falls as lumps of ice are known as _______
A ______ air mass forms over water
A _____ air mass forms over a cold region.
Which type of weather most likely occurs in a high pressure area?
Which instrument is used to determine air pressure?
Which type of weather occurs when clouds form near the ground?
What type of cloud is usually associated with thunderstorms?
The weather forecast in today's newspaper predicts rain throughout the entire day. Which describes how the sky will most likely look?
Which type of cloud is most often observed during a thunderstorm?
Which tool is used to measure air pressure?
Which best explains why it is important for people to be able to identify cumulonimbus clouds?
If the temperature is 30 F, in which form will precipitation most likely be?
The cooling of warm, humid air will most likely bring what type of precipitation?
Which type of cloud is associated with days of light, continual rain?
A class observes high, feathery clouds during their data collection. Which student's conclusion is most reasonable?
Which kind of weather change will occur with an increase in air pressure?
Which best describes the weather condition in which clouds touch the surface of Earth?
Which do nimbostratus clouds most often produce?
What weather change is most likely to happen if air pressure is falling?
Which weather condition will most likely occur when the atmospheric pressure in an area begins falling?
The process of removing all the trees from a land area is called...
Clearing trees from an area without replacing them is a process called
A word for all the things that a society or civilization builds for public use
A process of determining in advance where people will live, where they locate their businesses, and where land will be protected for farming, wildlife, and other uses.
A solid substance that is found in nature and consists of a single element or compound is called a
A mineral that is useful to humans is called a _________.
What is the name for the method of mining in which large holes are dug in the ground to remove materials such as ore, sand, gravel, and building stone?
A rock that contains a mineral such as iron or copper is called _________________.
What is overgrazing?
The process of restoring land to the condition it was before mining operations began is called...?
What is reforestation?
This is the method of harvesting only middle aged or mature trees individually or in small groups used by many in logging.
This is the method of mining in which huge machines clear way large strips of the Earth's surface, as in phosphate mining.
When low-density development spreads out around cities, it is called?
What is it called when more people live in a city than the city's infrastructure can support?
Urbanization is ...
A designated natural area where the land and the ecosystems it supports are protected is called a ...?
Fertile land that can be plowed to grow crops is called...?
Pest control that uses living organisms or naturally produced chemicals is called...?
The process where land deteriorates to the point that it is dry and barren is called...?
What is a drought?
What is erosion?
Which term means widespread food shortage?
What is the name for soil that can support rapid growth of healthy plants?
This type of farming does not use a lot of energy, pesticides, fertilizer, and water.
When a person's poor health condition is caused by not consuming enough necessary nutrients, it is called...?
This procedure involves planting seeds in the slits cut into the soil through the remains of the previous crop.
A plant grown as food, such as a grain, fruit, or vegetable, is called a ...?
A row on the periodis table is called a ______________.
A column on the periodic table is called a __________________.
Valence electrons are used for _______________________.
The atomic number of Carbon is 6 and the atomic mass is 12. How many protons does Carbon have?
_____________ have a positive charge and are found in the nucleus of an atom.
_______________ have a negative charge and rotate around the outside of the nucleus.
_____________ are found in the nucleus and have no charge.
The majority of the elements on the periodic table are____________________.
What is the correct symbol for Sodium?
______________ are the part of the atom that determines which element it is.
Why do all of the symbols have only one Capitol letter?
________________ es tu cumpleaños? Mi cumpleaños es en octubre.
_________ significa la palabra 'ser'? La palabra ser significa 'to be'.
__________ es la fiesta? A las 6:30.
_____________ está el restaurant? Ah, el restaurante está en la calle 67.
___________ es tu color favorito? Mi color favorito es verde.
_______________ es tu actor favorito? Mi actor favorito es Orlando Bloom
________son ellos? Ellos son de Los Estados Unidos
___________ libros hay? Hay 17 libros.
________ trabaja? Yo trabajo para mi papá
____________ estás? Yo estoy bien, gracias.
What is a citadel?
What is a glacier?
What is a monsoon?
What is a plateau?
What is a granary?
What is a subcontinent?
What is a sewer system?
What was Mohenjodaro?
What was the Indus-Sarasvati civilization?s of India
What are physical features?
What were the weights and scales used for?
Mohenjodaro's wall protected them from:
What was the Great Bath used for?
Mohenjodaro had the first...
Himalayan mountains protect India from...
Mohenjo was planned...
Theories for why Mohenjodaro disappeared:
Toys and jewelry were found that shows...
Homes had from 1 to a dozen rooms which shows...
Most of Mohenjodaro's people lived in the...
What did thinkers during the enlightenment use?
What was the goal of the Enlightenment?
What best describes the impact John Locke had on the United States?
What did Montesquieu believe about government?
How far did Vasco de Gama make it in his exploration?
How far did Magellan make it on his exploration?
How far did de Gama get on his exploration?
What was the trade network between the old and new world called?
What is a colony?
What benefits do countries get from colonies?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
7 x 9
3 x 4
4 x 6
6 x 7
8 x 9
3 x 6
4 x 9
4 x 8
6 x 8
7 x 3
Which of these was a reason for the collapse of the American economy which led to the Great Depression?
An obvious defect in the United States' banking system that was exposed during the Great Depression was
A major purpose of the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) during the 1930s was to
A major criticism of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's programs to combat the Great Depression was that these programs
The FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation), NRA (National Recovery Administration) , and CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) were created in the early 1930s and are MOST associated with the
Herbert Hoover's solution to easing the Great Depression was primarily to
What is the most likely explanation for the increase in federal government spending in the 1930s?
Which of these was an outcome of the Great Depression?
The purpose of the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) was
The promise of a new deal for the American people was made by which U.S. president?
The U.S. President at the time of the stock market crash in 1929 was
Following the stock market crash in 1929, President Hoover was criticized for
This New Deal program was created to give benefit to older, retired workers.
During the Great Depression, the unemployment rate in the U.S. reached approximately
The Civilian Conservation Corps was a public work relief program designed to preserve the nation's natural resources while providing unemployed men with jobs. Which event resulted in the creation of the Civilian Conservation Corps?
What are the two factors that scientist classify climate regions?
What is the average year after year conditions of temperature, wind, precipitation in an area?
The zone that is closest to the equator and receives the most sunlight.
Zone that extends from 66.5-90 north and south latitudes
What is the zone between 23.5-66.5 north and south a latitude?
What factor does not affect temperature
Which is NOT a factor that affects precipitation.
What side of the mountain does the wind hit on?
Which is not a climate region?
Which climate region is hot and receives lots of rainfall
Which climate region does most of Nebraska lie in?
Which climate region receives less the 25cm of precipitation/year
Which is a factor that scientist use to learn about past climates?
Which is NOT a factor that is part of natural climate change?
Burning of these increase carbon dioxide levels
move from place without purpose
objects scattered about
someone who rises in arms against the government
slow to act
a declaration of objection
to express disapproval
to speak in a dull monotonous manner
a number of animals kept feeding or moving together
without a purpose
to stop temporarily, usually command
Kus su müts on
Ma olen õpetaja
Kuidas sa elad
Ma lähen isaga kinno
Ma soovin sulle head
Sa pead õue minema
Kas sul on punane pinal
Ma lähen koeraga jaluama
Tule kaasa
Ma tulen homm, sest täna pean õppima
What is typically NOT true of the maturity stage of the product life cycle?
The ___________ is the legal name of the company doing business.
Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors that affect a business operation.
Ricky Bobby has a car stereo business. He has too many workers on staff and has seen a very small profit as a result. Which SWOT factor would apply to Ricky Bobby's business?
Thinking of the branding strategies, which one involves one manufacturer making more than one brand in order to target different markets.
What is a target market?
A company should conduct a ______________ to see what is happening externally.
A good example of a mass marketing campaign would be for
What do geographics, demographics, psychographics, and behavioral factors have in common?
___________________________refer to statistics that describe a population in terms of personal characteristics such as race, gender, age and income level.
Words that are used in a specific industry that may not be understood by those not in that industry are called _________.
Which type of branding promotes store loyalty?
Companies do this to try and get an edge up on competition.
With your discretionary income, you might buy/pay for
Ana's cookie company has encountered a problem with her technology. It is outdated and there are no more parts available to have it fixed. This would be considered a ___________.
A characteristic, behavior, or inherited trait that makes an organism able to survive in a particular environment
Body structures/parts that allow an animal to survive in their environment such as; teeth, claws, sharp beaks, protective coloration, large body size, enormous paws
Unique behaviors or actions that allow animals to respond to stimuli in their environment to better survive
A sleeplike state in the winter that reduces the need for food and helps the animal stay warm
Being slightly different from another of the same kind; variety
Movement of animals from one area to another due to changes in seasons or environment
Blending in with the surrounding by matching the environment’s color
Looking or sounding like another organism that others usually try to avoid; to imitate or copy
Long process where animals that are best adapted to the conditions around them survive and the poorly adapted ones will die out
Very large ecological areas on the earth’s surface, with fauna (animals) and flora ( plants) adapting to their environment.
This adaptation provides a defense against predators for the skunk
The Scarlet King snake looks like the Eastern Coral snake in order to keep predators away. This is an example of
The white winter fur of the arctic hare is an example of
Teeth shape, thick fur, sharp claws , night vision, large paws and are examples of
Animals herding together to protect their young is what type of adaptation?
This animal can bring up contents of their stomachs and project it when feels threatened
This animal has a big muscular, powerful shoulder hump that helps the animal fight, run or dig.
This animal has slit like nostrils that can close tightly to prevent sand from entering their lungs.
This animal live in large groups for protection, and take turns resting , eating and being on guard
A ___ is a rush of water that flows rapidly back to sea through a narrow opening in a sand bar.
What is the most abundant salt in the ocean?
Which has the least difference between the high and low tides?
_____ also called freezing rain, forms when rain falls through freezing air.
_______ clouds are puffy, white, with flat bottoms.
____ clouds form in thin layers covering much of the sky.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which statement about abuse if true?
The killing of one human being by another is called:
The most common type of abuse is _______________________.
Which of the following is NOT a form of emotional abuse?
Purposely frightening another person through threatening words, looks, or body language is known as:
___________________ uses words or gestures to mistreat another person.
All of the following are main types of abuse EXCEPT:
Which one of the following is the correct representation of Step A in the T.A.L.K. strategy for conflict resolution?
For a conflict to escalate, this means it has _________________.
Factors that fuel conflict (make them get worse) include all of the following EXCEPT:
The continuous flow of electrons
A stationary electrical charge
Material that resists the flow of electrons
Material that allows electrons to flow freely
A charged particle
Current flows from
A circuit with multiple paths for electrons
A circuit with only one path for electrons
A transistor is:
A battery is:
An Integrated circuit is made out of this type of material:
Describe how lightning if formed:
A complete circular path that allows electrons to flow:
In a lightning cloud the charged particles are:
An example of an electrical insulator is:
An example of a conductor is:
An example of a semi-conductor is
The Law of Charges states that:
Voltage is:
Power is
How many cells are created through the process of meiosis?
Where in the cell does replication of DNA take place?
How does the DNA in meiosis differ from the original DNA?
Why do the chromosomes line up down the middle during metephase?
What is another name for the gametes?
How are traits passed to offspring?
What are the four phases of mitosis in order?
When do cells go through mitosis?
What is involved in interphase?
How do you like these assessments?
4 and 5/10
An agreement or outcome that gives each party something it wants.
Someone who picks on individuals who are smaller or weaker.
Punishment, injury, or insult to the person seen as the cause of the strong emotion.
Acting or behaving in a certain and often negative manner because others are doing it.
A negative and unjustly formed opinion, usually against people of a different racial, religious, or cultural group.
A process in which a third person, a mediator, helps those in conflict find a solution.
Solving a disagreement in a way that satisfies both sides.
A disagreement between people with opposing viewpoints, ideas, or goals.
An arrangement in which each side gives up something to reach a satisfactory solution.
A group whose members often use violence or take part in criminal activity.
A policy that makes no exceptions for anybody for any reason.
The physical, emotional, or mental mistreatment of one person by another.
Any behavior that causes physical or psychological harm to a person or damage to property.
Pattern of repeating abuse from one generation to the next.
The buying or selling of drugs
A toll-free telephone service where abuse victims can get help and information.
Any individual who suffers injury, loss, or death due to violence
Ongoing conduct that offends another person by criticizing his or her race, color, religion, physical disability, or gender.
Uninvited and unwelcome sexual conduct directed at another person.
Why did European nations give up their colonies in Africa?
Who were Afrikaners?
Which of the following economic changes did European imperialism cause in Africa?
How did the world react to apartheid in South Africa
Which group of European countries colonized Africa
This is the control of one country by another
Which of the following was a barrier to European imperialism in Africa?
This means 'apartness'-to segregate
When did independence come to most areas of Africa?
In which European country did the king claim an African colony as his own property and ruled it privately?
A local agency that provides immunizations, health inspections and clinics for health care prevention:
What international agency is sponsored by the United Nations?
Most non-profit organizations focus on a specific
CDC is the acronym for:
HOSA is classified as a:
Of the following, which is nonprofit?
The FDA regualtes
What service would most likely be provided by the American Diabetes Association to someone who has diabetes?
The NIH and CDC are divisions of:
What agency would respond of there is an outbreak of West Nile Virus in NC?
Managed care networks are required to provide quality care
Mrs. Carter must pay $15.00 each time she visits her doctor. The payment is called:
A person who is blind is eligible for what type of state-administered assistance program?
Tri-care is for:
Medicare is for:
If someone has Medicare B, what must the consumer pay for services?
The amount of money that must be paid by the patient for medical services before the policy begins to pay is the:
Type of insurance where employees are restricted to specific hospitals or doctors is:
Worker's Compensation is administered by the:
What does HMO stand for?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which of the following is a protein commonly found in cells with high water transport needs?
This is the movement of chloroplasts through the cytoplasm along microtubules.
Why did Washington call up an army to crush the Whiskey rebellion
In his farewell address, Washington urged Americans
One of the major issues dividing the Federalist and Republican parties was
The Alien and Sedition Acts were viewed by Republicans as
The states’ rights theory of the Constitution holds that states
The election of 1800 showed that
What did Hamilton ask Congress to create to build a strong national economy
People who have come from another country and are not yet citizens are
In his farewell address, President Washington urged Americans to follow what foreign policy
Which slogan best summarizes the Americans’ response to the XYZ Affair
The Monroe Doctrine warned European nations to
Which symbol on the national seal represents national power?
What does XYZ stand for in the XYZ Affair?
What is the XYZ Affair?
Who was hurt the most by Jefferson’s embargo policy?
How did Jefferson try to end pirate attacks on US ships?
What was the main effect of Eli Whitney’s cotton gin on the south?
Which invention brought the Industrial Revolution to northern agriculture?
What Brand of Peanut Butter has the most Trans Fat?
What Brand of Cracker Brands has the most Trans Fat?
What Brand of Granola has the most Trans Fat?
If you cant Pronounce the Ingredient should you eat it?
What foods have trans fats?
If you have trouble reading the newspaper, you would visit:
Duke's Children Hospital is an example of :
What can a patient do at a hospital that they cannot doe at a clinic?
What diagnosis is most common among hospice patients?
A worker at Smithfield's Packing Company cuts his hand with a knife. Where does he go first?
Which statement is true for most medical offices?
Most small town hospitals are classified as:
Janice was severely burned. Where would she be transferred to for continued care:
What type of LTCF functions as a bridge between hospital and home?
An Example of a government hospital is:
someone who rises in arms against the government
to study something closely
to change and grow
a diffrence, something that is diffrent
the perspective of which a writer or person presents information
a person portrayed in a novel or drama
to decide something
theme or focus
part of the book that helps you locate or learn something
to move at a hurried pace
Avoiding a conflict is likely to make it better
Some factors in teen violence include the influence of gangs, availability of weapons, and the use of drugs.
Threatening another person with physical harm is considered violence.
The first step a victim of abuse should take is to confide in a trusted adult.
One of the strategies for dealing with harassment includes to use a passive communication style.
Battery is an unlawful threat or attempt to do bodily injury to another person.
In schools with zero tolerance policies, any student who brings a weapon to school is suspended.
Sexual harassment is when a person forces another person to participate in a sexual act against his or her will.
Teens are twice as likely as adults to be victims of violent crime.
A person under the influence of a drug is less likely to be involved in violent crime.
Any kind of sexual intercourse with a person against her or his will is called homicide.
Conflicts with parents or guardians usually occur over limits, responsibilities, or expectations.
Neglect is the unlawful beating, hitting, or kicking of another person.
Abuse is the social, emotional, or mental mistreatment of one person by another.
Gender discrimination is singling out or excluding a person based on gender.
Most people need professional help to overcome the emotional stamina of abuse.
Physical abuse that occurs within a school is called domestic violence.
The use of alcohol affects a person's social state and understanding of a problem.
Neglect is the failure to meet a person's basic physical and emotional needs.
Jealousy leads to feelings of anger and resentment.
Small units that make both DNA and RNA
What are the 3 parts of a nucleotide?
What do we call the shape of the DNA double strand?
What do we call it when A-T and C-G go together?
What is the name of the sugar in RNA?
What matches GTA in DNA?
What is found in RNA but not DNA?
The specific location on a chromosome, made of a section of DNA is called a (n)____.
What is made of hundreds of genes that determine the proteins that make up an organism?
What must cells have in the correct order to make the specific proteins needed by the body?
hairy, shaggy
muscular strong
Rape is sometimes the victim's fault
In extreme abuse cases, abused family members may be sent to shelters.
If you carry a gun, you are __________ as likely to injured by gun violence.
Bullies expect victims to react with ____________________.
One factor that appears to have a strong influence on the increase of teen violence is ________.
Conflicts or other differences that remain unsettled or unresolved can _________relationships.
Which of the following is NOT a skill necessary to be an effective mediator?
Which of the following is NOT one of the 3 important actions for victims of violent crime?
Violent crimes committed under the influence of alcohol are the number ____ leading cause of teen deaths.
It is important to express your __________ in a healthy way - keeping it inside can harm you emotionally and physically.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The Lakota Indian would have lived in which geographic region to hunt buffalo?
Which American Indians inhabited the Pacific Northwest region?
Where do many American Indians live today?
The Inuit Indians lived in arctic regions which are now known as -
Which American Indians lived in adobe houses made of clay, mud, and stone?
Two or more substances that are together, but not chemically combined
Two or more different elements that are combined chemically
How many elements are on the Periodic Table
Which of the following is a compound
Mixtures are different than compounds because
The substance that gets dissolved in a solution is called the
An element is
Which of the following is not a compound
A chemical change occurs when
In the lego activity, one lego represented
What was the main reason for creating the European Union?
James lives in a nation where all political power belongs to the people. Robert lives in a nation where only one person completely controls the government. The type of government in the nation where Robert lives is MOST LIKELY a
What was the main reason for creating the European Union?
Federalism is BEST described as a system in which
Which of these statements about a unitary form of government is correct?
What was an outcome of World War II
How were the United States and the Soviet Union described after World War II?
Today, the religions tat are found in the greatest concentrations around the world are
Which western-central European nation recognized the Roman language as an official minority language?
What is one benefit of the euro in the European Union?
Which of the following best describes the population distribution in Germany?
Which of the following languages is the most widely spoken in Europe?
An advantage that the United Kingdom has over the much larger country of Russia is
What religion has the greatest number of world-wide followers?
Which of the following best describes the language origins of French and Italian?
What is the name of the Russian alphabet?
Which of the following is not an Islamic duty?
Which government system best describes that of Germany and Russia?
Which of the following statements best describes the election of the Prime Minister of the U.K.?
What is the holy book for the Muslim religion?
Which of the following best explains the decreasing trend that occurred in Model T prices from  1910 to 1920?
Wilbur and Orville Wright are most famous for their invention of:
What movement took place during the 1920s in which thousands of African Americans  moved north to find work?
While there were many reasons for African American families to move north, the main reason that many likely migrated to the North or West during the early  to mid-1900s was to -
Which statement is the most valid about African Americans before moving north during the  Great Migration?
Which industry was created by the 18th Amendment of the  Constitution?
Which of the following did NOT occur as a result of prohibition?
What were the illegal bars of the Prohibition era called?
The ratification of the 21st Amendment marked the end of —
The period of rebirth of African American art forms is known as the —
Which artist is incorrectly matched with his or her career?
What form of jazz was made known worldwide by Bessie Smith?
Louis Armstrong, Aaron Copland, George Gershwin, Bessie Smith were all -
What caused an increase in the unemployment rate from 1929-1939?
Which of the following was NOT an effect of the Great Depression?
As a result of the Great Depression, about how many workers were without jobs?
Which institution was most at fault and failed to prevent the collapse of the banking system in 1929?
Anarchy means . . .
In a Democracy, if people do not like the leader's choices, they can vote for another leader next time.
What type of government do we live in?
Whta is the only type of government where the citizens do NOT influence (or have an effect on) the laws?
How would a country become an anarchy?
Great Britain is an absolute monarchy.
If there's a problem that needs to get solved, citizens can vote directly on the issue. What type of government is this?
What type of government means RULE BY THE PEOPLE?
In a REPRESENTATIVE Democracy, people vote for one person who will then vote for ideas.
This form of government is when the king or queen has 100% control of the citizens.
It is very important not to share your Bank identification information—often referred to as a
how long does it take a check clear once you have put it in your bank account.
It is important to have enough money in your account at all times to cover your _____________checks
ATMs, debit cards, electronic check conversion, direct deposit, online banking, bill paying via a computer, and the wiring of funds.
Your bank must first get your permission to apply for overdraft services before you can be charged overdraft fees. Know as
is a service offered by banks that allows checking account holders to temporarily make purchases with a debit card even if they don't have sufficient funds in their account to cover them.
_________ is connected to your checking account and the money the is deductible from your account when you use it.
There can be fees for using ATMs if you are
An ____________is used for electronic monetary transactions. By inserting a plastic debit card that either has a magnetic stripe or a chip into the ATM machine
also known as e-banking, virtual banking, and online banking—refers to services that allow customers to access bank information, conduct financial transactions, make deposits and withdrawals, and pay bills electronically without visiting a bank
A benefit of this process is that it allows the distribution of glucose throughout plant cells
This is also known as cell eating.
Which of the following could be responsible for secreting proteins?
This is also known as cellular drinking
How many layers of phospholipids are in the cell membrane
What types of particles are able to passively diffuse across the membrane?
This term describes the processes by which a cell maintains stability while responding to changes.
blood clotting is a good example of...
The pancreas controlling blood glucose levels through the release of insulin is an example of...
How are you going to do on this test?
The fluid ___________ model describes the membrane as phospholipids and proteins that can drift in a bilayer.
The kinks in phospholipid tails are the result of...
This membrane component helps to stabilize the membrane at body temperature.
What membrane component could be used to match similar types of cells
These membrane components allow embryo cells to sort themselves into tissues and organs.
Which of the following is not a function of membrane proteins?
The passing of a message from a receptor to a specialized molecule is known as...
Which of the following will not passively diffuse across a membrane?
This membrane embedded protein provides a stronger framework for the membrane.
What types of particles can not pass through the membrane?
Which of the following is a type of passive transport?
The diffusion of water is known as...
When immersed in an isotonic solution cells will...
What type of solution causes plant cells to be turgid?
The use of transport proteins to move particles down their concentration gradient is known as...
What type of solution causes animal cells to shrivel?
This is the driving force for passive diffusion
Which of the following moves particles against their concentration gradient?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
bene, bon
chron, temp
geo, terr
ject, jet
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