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In which climate zone do animals such as lions, gazelles, and zebras live?
Why is farming so difficult in the Sahel?
Which is the best climate zone in Africa for farming?
Where do most of Egypt's people live?
What resource makes up a large portion of Nigeria's potential wealth?
What is one major problem facing those who depend on the Nile River for their water?
The absence of rainfall is referred to as:
What is an example of an ethnic group?
What is an example of a religious group?
The 2 main religious groups in Africa are:
What religion did Arab traders bring with them to Africa?
Most African languages can be traced to which ethnic group?
Why are so many different languages spoken in West Africa?
In which country do most Ashanti live?
About how many people in Africa today are part of the Bantu culture?
Which ethnic group worships the Golden Stool?
The Swahili language is a mixture of Bantu and
Where are the majority of Swahili people found?
money paid to the government to help with roads, public services, and maintenance of public areas
taking goods and/or services into an area without government
the ability to be free from government opppression
The set of taxes that the colonists had to pay on paper, playing cards, and printed items
refusal to buy goods or services because of disagreements
to take something back, usually laws or taxes
taxes on glass, lead, paints, paper and tea imported into the colonies.
not able to chose representatives in the government and still having to pay taxes for support
British soldiers were able to stay in colonists' homes without permission
the tax that King George III placed on tea
a representative of a group of people in the government
a group of laws that were meant to punish the colonists for the Boston Tea Party
giving up in a battle or war
a group of men that were trained to be able to fight immediately in the Revolutionary War
a military force that is raised from the civil population to supplement a regular army in an emergency
You have 30 crayons. You have 6 boxes of crayons. Each box has the same number of crayons. How many crayons are in each box?
You have 21 fish. You have 3 fish tanks. Each fish tank has the same number of fish. How many fish in each tank?
You see 12 birds. You see 2 trees. Each tree has the same number of birds. How many birds in each tree?
Amorie has 120 hair beads. If she invites 3 other 
friends to get their hair done, how many beads 
would each girl get?
Iverson has 15 games that he plays. Each game 
has 3 characters. How many characters are there 
in all the games he plays?
There are 5 classes in our grade and 23 kids in each class. How many kids do we have in the whole grade?
We have 13 boxes of cupcakes with 5 cupcakes in each box. How many cupcakes are there all together?
There are 8 groups of 43 kids on a fieldtrip. How many kids went on the fieldtrip?
If there are 7 rows on a book shelf and 6 books on each row. How many books are on the whole bookshelf?
There are 8 rows of students and 6 students in each row. How many students are there?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Water freezes, thaws and repeats expanding a crack in a rock each time.
An agent of weathering when roots grow in rock.
Claws can break rock when burrowing.
The process that changes the material of a rock into new material.
When a rock changes color due to iron in the rock coming in contact with oxygen in the air.
Grinding away of rock by friction.
The removal of weathered material from one location to another.
Which is an agent of Erosion?
Sediment that is laid down or settled after erosion has taken place.
Which is an agent of Mechanical Weathering?
A depositional environment that deposits large amounts of large sediment after the energy slows down.
A sign of chemical weathering.
An agent in weathering that blows sand against rocks wearing it away.
Layers of rock peel.
A depositional environment allowing fine-grained sediment to settle.
The agent of erosion that causes large amount of sediment to move fast down a steep slope.
Causes rocks to expand and contract
What are rocks make of
Which person is elected the leader of a town
One result of recycling is:
The purpose of the Billi of Rights is to
Money a person borrows from a bank is called
Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner
Two countries control the worlds supply of mineral resource. If both countries decided NOT to sell the mineral the price would -
Which is a result of the way the United States system of justice operates?
Who signed the Emancipation Proclamation...putting an end to slavery
Daniel Boone explored Kentucky because he was looking for
In the late 1800s, Ellis Island was a stopping point for
The Kentucky Supreme Court is part of what branch of government?
The internet is an example of which of the following?
When the economy expands and unemployment is high, it usually means a period of
Which physical feature offered a pass through the Appalachains used by Kentucky settlers?
Which if the following is a basic principle of democracy?
Phil buys a large screen TV. It cost $3000. Phil pays for it using his credit card. In addition to the $3000 he borrowed, Phil will have to pay the credit card company
Which of the following led to the western settler's reliance on barbed wire?
A group of Kentucky's citizens gather in Frankfort to protest against budget cuts. Their right to do this is protected by the First Amendment right to freedom of?
According to the Preamble of the Consitution, one of the purposes the US Constitution is to
The Louisiana Purchase increased the__________________land available to US citizens. It, therefore, decreased the price of land.
Which motto appears on the Commonwealth of Kentucky?
A coal miner would most likely live and work in
What are the members of the Kentucky Supreme Court called?
Goods and services are bought and sold in a/an
On election day, Jack goes to his county office to cast his vote. Jack is
What skill would most likely be developed by the earliest settlers of Kentucky?
When an individual exchanges goods or services directly without making money, we call this
The Commonwealth of Kentucky decided it must build a new courthouse. Which is the most likely source of money to pay for the constuction of the building?
Which of the following events occured after reconstruction?
The duties of the General Assembly are drafted by which document?
Who fought against each other in the Civil War?
Brian lives in Atlanta, GA. He stands on the street corner and preaches against the war in Iraq. He wears a shirt that says
Which region of the United States tends to have flat, fertile farmland and often has tornados
President Barack Obama serves as the head of
When is the best time for a consumer to buy goods
BobCo and JonCo are both companies that make bolts. Each of these companies wants StoreCo to buys its product. Which of the following best descibes the interaction between the two?
Why were the 13 original British colonies located along the Atlantic coast?
Europe relieved on the colonies for
Private businesses help the economy by providing
A scientist interested in the climate is most likely to study which of the following subjects
Southerners tend to grow tobacco and rice as cash crops. Later, they discovered they could make money growing cotton. This is an example of
Voluntary exchange tends to help
Which situation will MOST likely require conflict resolution?
During slavery, African American slaves often used songs as a source of hope and as a way to communicate. This is an example of which of the following?
Which national holiday is meant to honor those who died in American Wars?
The money workers recieve for thier labor is called
Natural gas, copper ore, and hardwood timber are all examples of:
Which of the following is an example of cultural diffusion?
The south's reliance on cotton led to which of the following?
The 13 stripes on the US flag represent
Kelly owes the government seven hundred dollars in taxes. She pays the government the money she owes. She is
Which was NOT an area of cooperation between the Native Americans and the Europeans?
How does the amount of recreation time today compare to the amount of recreation time for the first colonist?
which of the following features found in homes today was not found in homes during colonial times?
How did European explorer, Captain John Smith, help the English colony at Jamestown survive in the early 1600s?
How were Native Americans negatively impacted by their cultural interactions with the English colonies.
Recognizing the need for citizens to exercise responsibility as part of becoming a democracy, what were early Americans willing to do in order to have religious freedom?
Why was the Mayflower Compact an important document in United States history?
Colonist immigrated to America because they wanted
How did most Europeans view the Native Americans
The voyage of Columbus began which historical period?
Elements of culture:
Which element of culture is MOST likely to be found in the greatest number of cultures?
Elements of culture serve to define specific:
Which element of culture is shared by the United States and Great Britain
A custom is a type of:
Customs are most similar to:
What is an example of a custom?
Your emotional needs are likely to be met primarily in which social group?
Culture is:
Which is an example of competition?
to blame for something wrong
taking care to avoid trouble; carefully
a soft or quiet laugh
very large
uncertain or in doubt
amount or number
to tremble or give a sudden shiver
cried hard with great emotion
highly concentrated in attention; focused
in constant motion
not polite; rude
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What secret purpose did the words of the song Follow the Drinking Gourd have for Southern slaves
Who became the first president of the Confederate States of America?
What did the new Republican Party and LIncoln oppose?
Why was John Brown considered a martyr by some abolitionists?
Lincoln wanted a general who would push south to capture what city?
What did Lincoln say in his house divided against itself speech?
Who believed that states had the Constitutional right to leave the union if the government was not fairly representing them?
Which of the following was NOT an advantage of the North in winning the war?
Why did Joh Brown attack Harpers Ferry?
After escaping slavery, what did Harriet Tubman do?
What did 7 Southern states do because of the election of Abraham Lincoln?
What was one purpose of the Northern blockade
What did Lincoln promise in his first inaugural address?
What did the South use to slip past the Union fleet?
What was one reason to keep Maryland in the Union?
What was one reason why England did not support the Confederate cause?
What did Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis have in common?
What prediction did John Brown make about slavery?
How did West Virginia become the 35th state?
A ella le gusta __________________ en casa.
Después de bañarme, ________________________
No ______________________ bien con mi hermana.
Nosotros _____________________ a las 9:00 PM para el club de español.
Todos los días _________________ la ropa antes de salir para escuela.
Cuándo juege deportes yo, __________________.
Mi hermano y hermana ________________ todos los días porque se portan mal.
A él no le gusta hacer nada. Él es _________________
Ella tiene puro A (all A's) en los estudios. Ella es muy ___________
Ellas tienen muchas amigas. Ellas son ____________________
When you use your own words to reword what someone else said, this is
If I want to select more than one document in my folder at the same time, I need to hold down this key
When considering Public speaking skills:
This is how a folder is different than a file-document:
You should not fill in website forms directly. Instead you should copy paste information over to a Word document, answer and save in the Word document, and then later go back to website and paste in answers. The three reasons to do it this was are
The important part about citing other people’s ideas is that you have to give credit to the original person having the idea or invention. The different names of the page showing this credit are
A folder is different than a shortcut to a folder. A shortcut to a folder is only a pointer to the folder. It is not the real folder. I can tell the difference because
From 8th grade throughout my Masters degree (18th grade), I will be expected to ‘cite’ information when I use other people’s ideas:
To switch back and forth between two documents or websites:
When citing someone's ideas, you should also give your own opinion or response statement. Which do you put quotations marks around?
The ability to do work or cause change
the energy an object has due to its motion
Energy that results from the position or shape of an object
potential energy related to an object's height
the energy associated with objects that can be compressed or stretched
the form of energy associated with the motion, position, or shape of an object
the formula for calculating an object's mechanical energy
energy that is a disturbance that travels through a medium as a wave
energy stored in the nucleus of an atom
the total kinetic and potential energy of the particles in an object
the energy of electric charges
a form of energy that travels through space through waves
potential energy stored in chemical bonds
a change from one form of energy to another
the law that states that energy cannot be created or destroyed
What animal used to be endangered in Louisiana?
During which moon phase can a solar eclipse occur?
During which moon phase can a lunar eclipse occur?
Why does the moon change shape during the month?
What process changes the overall surface of the Earth most quickly?
What safety measure should you follow during a tornado
What tool would you use to observe an ant
What can be made from petroleum
What energy transformation happens when you play your shoebox guitar
What plant adaptation helps plants collect energy through photosynthesis
3/14 + ____ = 5/14
____ + 3/14 = 5/14
1/3 ( ____ ) = 0
1 x ___ = 3/5
2/3 + ___ = 2/3
( 1/2 + 1/4 ) + 1/3 = ____
1/2 + ( 1/4 + ___ ) = 13/12
2/5 x ( ___ x 3/4 ) = 3/20
( 2/5 x 1/2 ) x 3/4 = ___
1/2 x ( 2/5 + 1/4 ) = ( 1/2 x 2/5 ) + ( 1/2 x 1/4 ) = ___
Temperature is a measure of ___________ of the particles in an object.
The lowest posssible temperature is
A liquid thermometer works because liquid ____________ when warmed.
The thermal energy of an object is _______________.
Heat is thermal energy transferred from one object to another because of a difference in ___________.
Fast food restaurants keep food hot with infrared lamps. The heat is transferred to the food by ______________.
When a pot of water is put on a stove, the water at the top gets hot primarily by __________.
When a cold can of soda is insulated, the heat flow into the can on a hot day _______________.
Water makes a good coolant because it has a ___________.
All objects emit ______________ radiation.
Heat is ____________ energy that is transferred from one object at a certain temperature to another at a different temperature.
Most materials _____________ when they are heated.
The microscope sacs within the lungs are called
Which type of alveolar cells secrete a surfactant to stop the cells sticking together?
What type of alveolar cells are especially thin to allow gas exchange?
What does not happen in inhalation
What does not happen in exhalation
What percentage of lung cancer is caused by smoking?
What percentage of lung cancer is caused by passive smoking?
The main branches from the trachea are called
Patients with emphysema have
As volume of lungs increases, the pressure within it
The trachea is also known as
Oxygen diffuses into the blood capillaries surrounding the alveoli via
The process that naturally breaks rocks into smaller pieces.
Grinding away of rock by friction.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which of these options is false?
The diameter of a circle goes
An invention is:
An innovation is:
The numbers included on a blueprint or sketch to indicate the lengths of lines are called:
A precision measuring tool that has two sets of jaws and a sliding ruler with a dial
The engineering design process
This gives Congress broad powers to write laws about situations that are new and unexpected (such as the Internet, space research, air travel) is called the
The Constitution says that a prisoner can not be detained without a trial and that right is covered
The _____ Plan, submitted by James Madison, proposed two houses of Congress based upon population.
Who is the Vice President of the United States?
The US flag should be in the rear of a parade or procession.
Both the federal and state governments can establish a court system.
If a President does not act on a bill within 10 days it will become law if Congress is in session.
The US Supreme Court justices are appointed by Congress.
States can make treaties with foreign countries.
A three-fourths vote is necessary for Congress to pass a law over the President's veto.
Benjamin Franklin was the President of the Constitutional Convention.
To provide for prayer in schools, the Constitution must be amended.
The last amendment to the Constitution was adopted in 1992.
The next Presidential election will be held in 2018.
Marbury v. Madison established the precedent for judicial review.
Both the President and Congress may veto a bill.
Congress has the power to raise, borrow, and manage government spending.
The original 13 colonies included Ohio.
Patrick Henry said, Give me liberty or give me death.
Each state must treat the citizens of other states the same way it treats its own citizens.
What is a pathogen?
What does HIV stand for?
What do we call a chemical that kills or inhibits growth of bacteria by deregulation of metabolic pathways.
What do we call an antigen-binding protein produced by B-cells.
General name for red blood cells
General name for white blood cells
What does AIDS stand for
Which people were involved in the testing of penecillin?
Which cells produce antibodies?
Who first discovered penecillin?
What is the name of the cell that engulfs pathogens?
Which cells produce antibodies?
Which of the following is NOT a method of protection
By what method do phagocytes ingest pathogens?
When a pathogen enters the body its surface antigens bind to the surface of a...
The fancy name for a blood clot in the coronary artery of the heart is
When a pathogen enters the body, it surface antigens bind with antibodies presented on...
Cells that 'remember' the pathogen from a previous infection are called...
The particular lymphocyte that can make the 'right' antibody for a particular pathogen is cloned by which process?
From which part of the blood are clotting factors released?
Theory that individuals, groups, and peoples are subject to the same Darwinian laws of natural selection as plants and animals
Extensive group of states or countries under a single supreme authority
The spreading of ideas to promote a cause or to damage an opposing cause
Original economic system in which traditions, customs, and beliefs shape the goods and the services the economy produces, as well as the rules and manner of their distribution
A country or area in which another country has power to affect developments although it has no formal authority
A person sent on a religious mission, especially one sent to promote Christianity in a foreign country
the amount of a commodity, product, or service desired by buyers
Pride in one’s country
the act or process of buying, selling, or exchanging commodities, at either wholesale or retail, within a country or between countries
The act of setting up a colony away from one's original country
The domination by one country of the political, economic, or cultural life of another country or region
Human pregnancy lasts for what amount of time?
Controls many of the body's activities as well as long-term changes like development and consists of 11 glands
What is the sequence for the example of negative feedback to maintain homeostasis starting at the topand moving in a clockwise direction?
Produces and releases hormones into the bloodstream
Affects the proper functioning of a person's metabolism
Produces adrenaline for the fight or flight response
Sex cells are called __________________.
Female gametes are ______________.
Male gametes are ______________.
Sex organs are ________________.
Female gonads are ________________.
Male gonads are _____________.
When a roller coaster goes through a loop, the centripetal force is directed towards?
A ball is turning clockwise. If the string is cut while the ball is at the top of the circle, which way will the ball travel?
Any force that causes an object to move in a circle is called?
Which of the following does not affect centripetal force?
Which of the following is not an example of acceleration?
If the velocity of an object is increased what happens to centripetal force?
If the mass of an object is reduced what happens to the centripetal force?
Why can't you feel the gravity between you and the person next to you?
What provides the centripetal force to cause the planets to orbit the sun?
THe orbits of planets around the sun are_______.
If you move two object further apart the gravitational pull between them________.
Where would you encounter the most gravity?
What enzyme is responsible for unzipping DNA during DNA replication?
What is the complimentary strand of DNA for this strand: AGCTAGC?
What enzyme is responsible for bringing new bases during DNA Replication?
Which of the following statements about DNA is TRUE?
What is the correct order for making proteins?
What molecule carries the code for proteins away from the nucleus?
What molecule brings amino acids during protein synthesis?
Where does protein synthesis take place?
Which of the following statements about proteins is TRUE?
How many bases of mRNA make up a codon?
What would be the transcribed version of the strand ACGTAC?
Genes contain instructions for assembling
What is the correct amino acid sequence for the following code: UCCCAU?
If a stop codon were to be taken out of an amino acid chain, which of the following would be TRUE?
Which codon-amino acid pair is NOT CORRECTLY linked?
Why were the Lincoln-Douglas debates important?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The process by which water moves across a selectively permeable membrane is
Molecules move by diffusion from
The organelle most important to movement in and out of the cell is
When your egg sat in the salt water, the cells
Selective permeability means
The movement of materials through a cell membrane without using energy is called
The biggest difference between active and passive transport is
Active transport carries molecules which way?
Osmosis requires energy
An egg placed in pure water will
How do you say in Spanish finger?
How do you say in Spanish fingers?
How do you say in Spanish hand?
How do you say in Spanish hands?
How do you say in Spanish foot?
How do you say in Spanish feet?
How do you say in Spanish arm?
How do you say in Spanish knee?
How do you say in Spanish knees?
How do you say in Spanish stomach?
Who was the god of war?
Who was the goddess of wisdom?
Who was the god of the sea?
Who was the goddess of the hunt?
Who was the messenger god?
Who was the god of prophesy, music, and healing?
Who was the goddess of marriage and the queen of the goddesses?
Who was the blacksmith god?
Who was the goddess of agriculture (farming)?
Who was the goddess of love and beauty?
Who was the goddess of discord?
Who was the king of the gods and god of the sky?
Who was god of the dead and the Underworld?
What part of a poem shows up repeatedly at regular intervals?
Which of the following is true about allegories?
When we know everything that every character thinks, then the author is using
A narrative in which a person tells his own life story is a
When you examine the historical context of a piece of writing, you
Why should we examine an author's diction?
What is the term that means the sequence of events in a story?
Y'all don't know nuthin' = example of
A writer choose to write with dialect because
Hyperbole is often used to
How would a writer use direct characterization?
A lung doctor dies of cancer from smoking. This is an example of
List the Earth's oceans in order from largest to smallest
What is the name of the one ocean that existed back in the days of Pangaea?
The longer it takes sound from SONAR to return to a ship...
The continental margin consists of...
The deep ocean basin consists of the abyssal plain, mid-ocean ridges, rift valleys and...
A chain of mountains that runs through the three major oceans and is where sea-floor spreading takes place.
Underwater mountains formed by erupting volcanoes.
A flat area of the ocean floor, covered with sand, mud and plant/animal remains.
A submerged area that rims the land, beginning at the shoreline and gently sloping underwater to an average depth of about 430 feet.
Long, narrow, steep sided valleys that forms the deepest parts of the ocean.
A measure of the amount of dissolved salts in a given amount of liquid is called _______.
True or False? Climate and water movement are two factors responsible for differences in the salinity of ocean water.
_____________ is the most abundant dissolved salt in the ocean water.
As water gets denser, how does it move?
What process in the water cycle increases the salinity of the ocean water?
Stream-like movement of water in the ocean; follows a regular pattern.
Horizontal, stream-like movements of ocean water that occur at or near Earth's surface.
True or False? Surface currents are controlled by global winds, the Coriolis effect and continental deflections.
The curved path of surface currents and global winds is called the ___________ __________.
True or False? The cause of the curved path of surface currents and global winds is the rotation of Earth on its axis.
Ocean currents in the Northern hemisphere turn in what direction?
Ocean currents in the Southern hemisphere turn in what direction?
True or False? The currents in the Northern and Southern hemispheres turn in opposite directions.
One of the longest surfaces currents that causes the British Isles to have a warmer climate is the....
True or False? Warm water currents create cooler climates on the coastlines they pass.
True or False? Temperature and salinity affect the movement of deep currents.
The up and down motion of ocean water created by wind, underwater earthquakes and volcanoes is called a _________.
The top part of the wave is called the ______.
The bottom part of the wave is called the ______.
The particles of water in a wave move ____________.
The daily changes in the level of ocean water is called a ________.
Tides with the largest daily tidal range and occur at the full and new moon are called ________ tides. The Earth, moon and sign are aligned creating a strong pull of water.
Tides with the smallest daily tidal range and occur at the first and third quarter moons are called ________ tides. The relative position of the Earth is at a right angle with the sun and moon creating a weak pull of water.
Lisa goes to pick up seashells at 7:00 A.M. at low tide. What time should she go out tomorrow to look for seashells at the low tide?
Alin sa sumusunod ang nagpapakita ng katatagan ng loob?
Piliin sa sumusunod na sitwasyon ang naglalarawan ng katatagan ng loob.
Nakita mo si bert na kumokopya ng takdang-aralin kay Juan.Ano ang dapat mong gawin?
Nakabangga nina Gelo at David si Gng.De Gula dahil sila’y nagtatakbuhan sa karinderya dahil sa hindi pagsunod sa paalala na napaskil sa pader ay ____?
Pinagsabihan ka ng iyong kaibigan dahil lagi mong kinukuha ang kanyang lapis ng hindi nagpapaalam.Ano ang magiging reaksyon mo?
Sinabihan ka ng guro mo na magbasa ka palagi pagkatapos ng klase.Ano ang gagawin mo?
Kinausap ka ng iyong guro at sinabihan na dapat maligo bago pumasok sa paaralan.Ano ang magiging reaksyon mo?
Pinaalalahanan ka ng iyong ina dahil palagi mong inaaksaya ang tubig na iniigib ng iyong kuya.Susundin mo ba ito?
Napansin mong sobra ang sukli sa iyo ng tinder a kahit na matindi ang iyong pangangailangan ay isinauli mo ito. Tama ba ang iyong ginawa?
Pinagsabihan ka ng ate mo na dapat magpakita ng paggalang habang nakikipag-usap sa mga nakatatanda.Ano ang Reaksyon mo?
The difference between territorial seas rule and the exclusive econmic zone is...
In what order are boundaries created?
Which of the following might cause the most problems and is almost always a centrifugal force?
The European Nations is illustrative of which geographic concept?
Which of these is usually NOT a centripetal force?
Gerrymandering has been most used for all of the following EXCEPT:
South AFrica is BEST described by which territorial morphology?
Which country would most accurately satisfy the definition of a nation-state?
In which of the following state morphologies is internal circulation/transportation/contact or other friction of distance issue most likely to be a major problem?
Which of the following usually does NOT act as a centrifugal force for a state?
How many sections are there between whole numbers on a ruler marked in centimeters?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
_____________the first roller in the inking system that comes in alternate contact with the fountain roller and the first oscillator. The roller is the roller in a dampening system that transfers the solution to a distributing roller.
listen; give heed to what is said
ridicule, contempt, or derision
weariness from bodily or mental exertion
people expressing grief or sorrow for the dead
a group of people related by common history, language, or culture
a form followed in worship or in a religious ceremony
a transparent, usually portable, case for enclosing a light and protecting it from the wind or rain
emotionally, passionately, intensely
the pretense of having virtues, beliefs, or principles that one does not actually possess
Find the area of a circle with radius 8.
Find the area of a circle with diameter 8.
Find the area of a circle with radius 3.
Find the area of a circle with diameter 3.
Find the area of a 30* sector of a circle with radius 5.
Find the area of a 60* sector of a circle with radius 10.
Find the area of a semicircle with diameter 10.
Find the area of a 90* sector of a circle with diameter 5.
Find the area of a 45* sector of a circle with diameter 10.
Find the area of a 270* sector of a circle with diameter 5.
an ancient Egyptian city on the Nile River
inhabitants of a city or town
wreaths or circles of plants used as decoration
forced payment often made by one ruler to another as a sign of dependence in times of war
an ancient Greek and Roman god of light, healing, music, poetry, prophecy, and manly beauty
not well known or difficult to understand
from a fresh beginning
the act of doing something to hurt someone because that person did something that hurt someone else
Read A Dangerous Game. Lisa is pretending to be a student intern at One Thing. Who does she actually work for?
Read a Dangerous Game. What motivates Lisa to pretend to be a student intern at One Thing?
Read these sentences. Pizmo nodded I know that you had to do alot of security tests before we could let you start. I want to talk to you about the lie detector results. Yes? Lisa asked. Her heart was pounding. Based on these lines, how does Lisa feel
The tone of a story is the general mood or atmosphere of the story. How could the tone of this story best be described?
What is the main idea of this story?
The author does not reveal to the reader who Lisa really is until the end of the story. Why might the author have waited till the end of the story to share this information?
Choose the answer that best completes the sentence. Most people tend to tell a few small fibs during the lie detector test. ______, Lisa's results were unusually uniform.
As Lisa goes to meet Pizmo in Lab 302, she feels herself growing nervous. What does she wonder about Pizmo as she nears the lab?
How does the author create a feeling of suspense in this text?
Who is the protagonist in this story?
Who taught about predestination?
One reason the Magna Carta was an important document was the right to what?
A main principle of the Magna Carta is what?
Which Renaissance artist painted the Sistine Chapel?
Which Renaissance figure was an artist, architect, scientist, and inventor?
Why did Martin Luther write the 95 Theses?
Because of this person, the Bible became available for more people to read. Who was he?
Why was William Tyndale killed by Catholic Church?
What was a main purpose of the Council of Trent?
Which best describes the way the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) helped the Counter-Reformation?
What did medieval Christians think happens when you are excommunicated?
What made Pope Gregory VII and Emperor Henry IV fight?
What document limited the power of the King of England?
Which of the following objects would be attracted to magnets?
Ann has a bowl full of a mixture of salt, iron powder, and sand. If Ann puts the end of a magnet into the mixture, what will stick to the magnet?
A magnet has two poles. What are the correct names?
What poles of a magnet attract each other?
Which poles of a magnet repel each other?
Which of the following objects would most likely be attracted to magnets?
If the north pole of one magnet is brought near the north pole of another magnet, what will happen?
A magnet is useless for picking up glass marbles. Why?
Clay spilled iron powder all over a table with that held four objects. The iron powder stuck to one object, which one?
Which part of the pencil will a magnet attract?
What percentage of Earth is covered in water?
What percentage of water on Earth is freshwater?
What percentage of water on Earth is saltwater?
The continuous movement of water from the ocean to the atmosphere to the land and back to the ocean is called the...
What powers the water cycle?
Water changes from a liquid to a gas due to heat from the sun
Water vapor cools and changes into water droplets, forming clouds in the atmosphere.
Rain, sleet, snow and hail
When water evaporates from the leaves of plants we call this...
The downward movement of water through pores and other spaces due to gravity is called...
regular, measured beats
easily bent
greatly delighted, charmed
short, quick views or looks
the top of the ground or soil, or of a body of water
mammals that live in the sea
building used for showing large collections of live fish, water animals and water plants
regular, measured beats
easily bent
greatly delighted, charmed
Malaysia became the world's leading exporter of
The main reason for British colonization of Singapore was to obtain use of its
As a direct result of the Spanish-American War, the United States acquired all of the following EXCEPT
Emilio fought for the independence of
Which U.S. business interest group pushed for the annexation of Hawaii?
Why was Inda called the Jewel in the crown?
What happened as a result of the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885?
Which of the following lost the Crimean War?
The Suez Canal was built through the combined efforts of the
In 1907, which of the following was divided into spheres of influence by Russia and Britain?
The sepoys were
The ter Raj is used to refer to the period of Indian history during which India was
All of the following were causes of the Sepoy Mutiny EXCEPT
One result of the Sepoy Mutiny was that?
The main difference between European colonies and protectorates in Africa had to do with their
Which nation adopted and then largely abandoned the policy of assimilation in Africa?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
another word for pilgrim
gotten rid of; cleared of guilt
one who travels to a shrine or holy place
to sin; to enter someone's land illegally
cast off
high above
being an omen (obsolete)
gave a name to
hidden from sight
that which belongs to you
false vows
to obtain or get by care
a scabbard for a sword
belonging or being connected as a rightful part
a thrust in fencing with one foot advanced
to rise, climb, or soar
great sorrow or distress
causing or having caused death
accompany, escourt
to succeed
to uproot, transplant
dead or rotting flesh
El padre de mi padre es mi . . .
La hermana de mi padre es mi . . .
El hijo de mi tío es mi . . .
Yo soy el _____ de mi abuelo.
to sleep
Where word doesn't belong?
Which word doesn't belong?
Mi hermana tiene el pelo . . . .
to return
La hija de mi hermano es mi . . .
El hijo de mi madre y mi padre es mi . . .
to decide or settle a dispute
to disapprove of
agency of oppression
loathed utterly
placed a body in a tomb
lover, suitor
an expression of sorrow
Centripetal force always pulls towards what direction?
If I increase the mass of a spinning object ,the amount of centripetal force will:
If I decrease the mass of a spinning object, the centripetal force will
Increasing the velocity of a spinning object will cause centripetal force to
Making a sharp turn increases centripetal force because
If you increase the distance between 2 objects, the gravitational pull will
Which planet would have the greatest gravitational pull
What causes objects to topple
What force causes all objects to orbit around the sun
The point around an object will naturally spin is
a bird of prey
movable joints or mechanism on which a door or kid swings as it opens a close
listen;give heed to what is said
movable joints or mechanism on which a door or lid swings as it opens and closes
to stop
the ability to make good judgements or to plan ahead
long, flat pieces of timber
something thatis done, performed, or accomplished
rafters or timbers that compose a house frame
Offset presses that can print on both sides of the sheet of paper at the same time are called ___________.
Using the ratio 2:15, 2 is the amount of solution, 15 is the amount of water. How many ounces of solution do I need for 1 gallon of water?
_____________is a springy steel finger extending over the lead edge of the pile of paper in the feeder.
_____________of an offset press moistens the nonimage areas of the plate.
_____________ refers to the squaring and aligning all sheets just before loading them onto the feed table.
_____________ press is an offset press designed to print a single sheet of paper at a time.
___________ is a press that prints with one long continuous web of paper fed from a roll.
_____________ wheel is an adjustable disk on the delivery cylinder that holds the sheet as it travels. The disk is a paper-guide wheel.
________ takes the stock and forces it against the inked blanket, where the image is transferred to it.
________________ is a powder made from fine starch particles sprayed on the surface of printed sheets to prevent setoff.
_________ is the part of an offset press that holds the printing plate.
________ is the part of an offset press holding the rubber blanket that accepts images from the plate.
_______ is a device used to detect when multiple sheets of paper are being fed at the same time.
____________ transfers the paper or other substrate from a stack or roll to the registration unit.
__________ is a system on offset presses and duplicators that delivers the printed sheets.
_________ is a platform that accepts a sheet from the feeder unit and inserts in in register, ready for printing.
_______ is where printing takes place. Contains the plate, blanket, and impression cylinders.
__________ is a handle provided for lowering the rollers against the plate and lifting them out of contact with the plate.
__________ is a conveyor platform that uses a set of rollers, balls, or brushes to press the sheet to the front guides at the head of the platform.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Ions made of more than one atom are examples of
What is the chemical name for the compound with the formula: Na2S
In the chemical formula for an ionic compound, which term is written first?
Electrons involved in bonding between atoms are
If atoms of a halogen nonmetal gain one electron, the atoms then have
Ionic compounds are electrically
A mixture that is made of two or more elements -- one that is a metal -- that has the properties of a metal is a(n)
Methane is a gas composed of 4 hydrogen atoms and a carbon atom. Methane would be considered a _____________ bond.
Which of the following pairs is most likely to form an ionic bond?
What is the name of the following compound: CF4
Elements on the periodic table are organized in order of their
What is the charge of a Lithium ion?
The octet rule states that
Plans that guide our relationship with other countries
Organization of government departments, agencies, and offices
Plans for dealing with the nations problems
Agreements with other countries not requiring Senate approval
Important group of policy advisors
Official representatives to other countries
Part of government that can carry out laws
Presenting the State of the Union to congress shows the President's
Which is an example of the president's judicial power
Which power was created by traditions
A President can
Which executive department carries out foreign policy
U.S. post office is an example of a
Department of Homeland Security was created
Who is the most important representative to other nations?
The President needs approval from congress in order to
Which is an advantage of Presidents being able to act on their own?
A group of similar organisms that can mate with each other and produce fertile offspring
A trait that increases an organism's ability to survive and reproduce
the process of change over time
a well-tested concept that explains a wide range of observations
the process by which individuals that are better adapted to their environment are more likely to survive and reproduce more than other members of the same species
any difference between individuals of the same species
small changes that add up to major changes over a long period of time
a pattern in which species evolve during short periods of rapid change and then don't change much
Most organisms that lived in the past are now ___________.
When environmental conditions change and species lack adaptive traits for survival /reproduction, what is likely to happen?
Darwin decided that the differences in the finches's beaks were due to
sick, unhealthy, bad, hostile
pamper too much, excessive indugence
act of sharing
nourshment, food, support
the stuff of which something is made
adventure, heoic act, feat used to the greatest possible advantage
hint, a reference to something that is supposed to be known
south, clam, appease, satify
interference, distraaction, interuption
slow walk , stroll
hazy, unclear, uncertain, not cleary understood or expressed
hoping for the best
drawing a conclusion
feeling comfortable in normal situation
evil, harmful, spiteful ghost
secretive, secret, quiet caution
strange, different, foreign, unfamiliar
inferred meaning, implying
a plan, purpose
___________ is a diagram that traces one trait through several generations of a family.
A male is represented by a _________.
A female is represented by a ________.
Children on a pedigree are arranged from youngest to oldest.
A horizontal line connecting two shapes represents a ___________.
A vertical line extending down from a marriage/cross represents that the couple _____________.
A dominant traits is shown by using a _____________.
How are carriers traits represented on a pedigree?
How are recessive traits represented on a pedigree?
How are traits represented that are mutated?
definition, symbol, direct and specific meaning
a plan, purpose, story
term refering to a narrative
location where the action takes place, time period
a series of related incidents build toward the point of greatest interest
struggle, a clash between two opposing groups
turning point,
solution, solving of conflict
illegal, improper, inappropriate
emotional, nostalgic, tender, romantic, corny
perceptive by touch
not permanent
the act or state of being dipped or submerged in a liquid
a flat-bottom boat
a failure or inability to restrain something
fearfulness, hesitance
poetry written without rhyme
quality of being overly emotional
clumsy, insensitive
honorable status
reproductive organs
angry fight
in the context, armor
relinquished under oath
well-bred, from a good family
full of courage, brave
distinctive feature of the body, especially the face
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
the dance
the gifts
the invitation
the jewelry
the perfume
the rings
the watch
A document which can display text, graphics, audio, video and other elements through a web browser?
A language which means that special codes are used to define elements?
Special software that displays the page by reading the instructions in the web document?
A computer that runs special software to serve up Web content by responding to requests?
A collection of related webpages with a starting point or home page?
The address used for locating a document on the Web?
The underlying protocol for how content is communicated on the Web?
Internet service that translates domain names into IP addresses?
A numeric string that identifies a device on a network?
A standard that is publicly available and has various rights to use associated with it, and may also have various properties of how it was designed?
An international community that develops open standards for the Web?
A program for developing strategies, guidelines, and resources to help make the Web accessible to people with disabilities?
A worldwide network of computers that communicate through http?
Putting an object inside another object; such as an HTML tag inside another HTML tag?
Special codes which describe or define content in a Web document?
The opening and closing tags including the text in between?
Provide HTML attributes with additional meaning and context?
A language for defining how to display HTML elements?
The HTML element that you want to style?
The style property and value?
Ayer, yo ___ tres tacos de bistec.
Mi mamá me ___ 10 dólares para ir al concierto.
Los perros ___ agua fresca.
¿Le ___ tú agua a los gatos?
Yo ____ un refresco delicioso en el restaurante.
Los muchachos llegaron tarde y ___ la fiesta.
Tú ___ muy temprano a casa ayer.
Yo ___ una carta muy, muy larga hoy.
Yo ___ una película muy interesante el sábado pasado.
Nunca ___ tarde para ir a la escuela.
Los alumnos ___ mucho en la clase de inglés ayer.
El muchacho cantó en chino y yo no ____ nada de lo que cantó..
Which layer of the atmosphere is the uppermost?
WHich type of air mass could contain warm, wet air?
Wind is created by differnces in
____ is the coldest layer of the atmosphere.
What is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere?
WHat are the narrow belts of high-speed winds that blow about 10 km up?
Which type of cloud often produce thunderstorms?
Earth's atmosphere is diveded into layers based on changes in
_____ can be found in the stratosphere
____ is the process of liquid water changing into a gas.
What is a habit?
Which of the following is a habit for the highly defective teen?
What is a paradigm?
What are principles?
What type of language is being used in the following statement? --There's gotta be a way-
What type of language is being used in the following statement?--I'll do it.--
Which of the following is the quickest way to make a deposit into your Personal Bank Account (PBA)?
Which of the following is a proactive choice?
Which is the following is an example of someone with the victimitis virus?
Which of the following is in your circle of control?
Which of the following is in the circle of no control?
You find out that your brother borrowed a cd without asking and scratched it. Which of the following would turn this setback into a triumph?
What is it called when you have the power to rise above whatever may have been passed down to you by family and create a new life for yourself?
A can-do person will
Why are proactive people compared to a bottle of water?
A fun 10 question activity that we completed that helped you get in touch with your deeper self that prepared you to write a mission statement.
There were 5 keys to goals setting. What was the name of the key where you write down your goals to make them more permanent?
Which of the following is not one of the three watch outs?
Examples from this time quadrant are; too much TV, endless phone calls, and mall marathons
This is a personal credo or motto that states what your life is about
The amount of matter in an object is called ________________.
Volume is
A triple beam balance is used to measure ______________ and a spring scale is used to measure ________________.
The curve at the top of a container of liquid is called a ______________.
Particles in a ___________________ are close together and vibrate in place.
Particles in a ___________________ are close together, but can move around past each other. This substance flows easily.
Particles in a ________________ are very spread out and move rapidly.
What are the units for mass?
What are the units for weight?
Particles in a _______________ have no regular arrangement and no definite volume.
The units for the volume of a liquid are ________________.
What is the volume of a cube with a length of 2cm, width of 2cm, and a height of 2cm. V= LxWxH
Buddhism spread during which dynasty under which ruler
What mathematical discoveries did they make in Golden age of India?
The writing in the Indus River Valley is different than the other River Valley Civilizations because...
What rivers did India form near?
The social order of Golden Age of India shares the social order with which religion
The Caste System developed in Ancient India thousands of years ago. What would the Caste System affect?
Which group of people is considered “unclean” and is outside the caste system?
An individual's role is determined by wealth, social status, job, and level of political power. It is very difficult to change roles. Which system BEST represents these ideas?
During the Golden Age of India, which of these were contributions to society?
What are examples of Hindu influences on literature
Which two fields experienced tremendous advancements during the Gupta dynasty in India?
During the classical era, what was the focus of Indian literature, buildings, and art?
Which of the following is not a property of an ionic compound?
A compound that has the same number of positive and negative charges is said to be
What is the metallic ion in the compound CuCl2
The chemical bond formed when two atoms share one or more pairs of electrons is a(n)
Each family on the periodic table has its own characteristic properties based on the number of
When an atom loses an electron, it becomes a
An ionic bond is an attraction between
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which is NOT included on the title page of a book?
Which transitional word would MOST LIKELY be used to show contrast between paragraphs?
Which is the BEST way to combine the following sentences? Some medicines are safe to put on your skin. They may damage clothing.
My little sister ______ like it when I tease her.
Carrie is researching the topic of the Savannah River. Which is the BEST place to find out the length of the river?
Kathy's friends and family organized her surprise party all afternoon; ______, she sat in her room, totally unaware of their plans.
Which sentence is punctuated correctly?
What pronoun would take the place of Dana and Brian in the following sentence? Dana and Brian started taking karate lessons.
Which sentence is a fragment?
Which is not a characteristic of living things?
Organisms that are made of cells with no nuclei are called
Sexual reproduction involves
Organisms that are able to make their own food with light energy are called
The person who developed the system of binomial nomenclature is
The largest level of classification is the
The first name of an organism's scientific name comes from its
70% of a cell is made of
Which of these best describes humans?
Which of these is only found in plant cells?
Storage vessels in a cell are called
A specific environment where an organism lives is its
A group of organisms is called a
The organelle that is often covered with ribosomes and is involved in protein synthesis is called
When your pupils dilate in a bright room, the dilating is an example of
The organisms that produce food with chemicals rather than light are called
The level that comes after kingdom is
All cells have a
The naming system that gives each living thing a two-word scientific name is called
True or False: Human cells have a nucleus.
During what moon phase is the whole moon dark?
Which of the following is an herbivore?
Which of Newton's Laws is also called the Law of Inertia?
Which of these is not inherited?
During an experiment, what does the scientist change?
Which of these has a predator-prey relationship?
Who saw the first cells under a microscope?
What instrument is used to view celestial objects?
Which biome is very dry, hot during the day, and cool during the night?
Which is not a step in the water cycle?
How do you say in Spanish nose?
How do you say in Spanish head?
How do you say in Spanish eyes?
How do you say in Spanish hands?
How do you say in Spanish feet?
How do you say in Spanish mouth?
How do you say in Spanish fingers?
How do you say in Spanish lips?
How do you say in Spanish forehead?
How do you say in Spanish tongue?
Which best summarizes the composition of Earth's surface?
Which structure can form as a result of a divergent plate boundary?
What is the basic composition of Earth’s core?
Which best explains the movement of tectonic plates?
Which best explains the relationship between parent rock and soil composition?
Where are earthquakes and volcanoes most often located?
A scientist studied the soil at a certain location. She determined that most of the soil was made up of particles between 10 micrometers and 18 micrometers. What type or types of particles make up the soil at this location?
How does sandy soil form?
a man is using one type of stone to break another. As the stones are broken apart, very tiny pieces are completely pulverized and are swept into the area around the large stone. What can be said about the soil near the large stone?
Which best summarizes the composition of Earth’s core?
Which best describes Earth's crust?
Which causes the movement of tectonic plates?
Which most likely occurs when two continental plates are pushed into one another?
Which environment would produce soil at a faster rate?
A class is conducting an experiment on how different types of soil can affect the growth of a plant. Which are the main factors the class should consider when designing the experiment?
Which one of the following term associations is false?
A scientist use a seismograph to gather signals from seismic P-waves that travel beneath the surface of the crust. From which layer beneath the crust do these seismic P-waves travel the fastest?
Which best explains the reason for more frequent earthquakes in California?
Which force is responsible for part of the Earth’s crust becoming shorter and thicker?
Which is a farming technique that could improve the soil and the environment?
Which will most likely form when movement along a plate boundary forces a landmass to be pulled apart?
Which layer of the Earth’s structures is believed to make up the majority of its mass and volume?
What two elements from the periodic table are most abundant in Earth’s crust?
Which best explains the process responsible for the formation of soil in Earth’s crust?
Which describes the formation process of an igneous rock?
How do seismic P-waves compare with sound waves?
Which similarity is shared by seismic P-waves and light waves?
Which is the point beneath Earth's surface where rock breaks and triggers an earthquake?
How are seismic P-waves different from seismic S-waves?
Which is the major process that wears down whole mountain ranges?
the plans
the hobbies
to camp
to do the chores
to draw
to go shopping
to go to the movie theater
to play music
to play the game
to practice sports
to read books
to spend time with friends
to talk on the phone
to watch a movie
to watch television
the videogames
the weekend
the party
the balloons
the bracelets
the C.D.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
In an atom the electron is located
The atomic NUMBER equals
Using a Periodic Table what element has 36 electrons?
A Neutron has
How is NaCl different from Na and Cl?
Students mixed aluminum and copper chloride. How do we know a chemical reaction occurred?
Most elements are in what state at room temperature?
Based on its place on the Periodic Table, which element is most like Neon (Ne)?
Jesse is drawing a model of a Carbon atom. What will she put in the center?
An element has a gray metal color, but has properties of both metals and nonmetals. Where on the Periodic Table will it be found?
The name for group 18 is
Periods are
All elements in a family share common
If the mass of the products is GREATER than the reactants, what likely happened?
If you combine 4g of phosphorus with 5 g of oxygen how much phosphorus oxide will you get?
Students mixed copper chloride and sodium hydrogen sulfate. How do we know a chemical reaction occurred?
Water has the formula H2O. What can be concluded about its structure?
We don't eat or drink during lab because some chemicals are
Anything that is sold for use at home can be poured down the drain or thrown away.
What is severe weather?
Which type of severe weather can trap you in your home for days?
Which type of severe weather spins in a circle and pull anything near it upward?
Which type of severe weather starts over an ocean?
Which type of severe weather has lightning and thunder?
Which type of severe weather can have hail?
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