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Oxygen is a natural resource from the:
Natural resources from the atmosphere include all of the following except:
Many kinds of minerals are natural resources that come from the:
Which of the following is an example of a natural resource  that is renewable?
True or False: Renewable resources are evenly distributed while  nonrenewable resources are not.
What part of speech is the verb in the sentence: Yesterday I quickly ate cookies.
Which word is the adjective in this sentence: Tomorrow the smart girl will ace the test.
Which word is the pronoun in this sentence: I wonder if cats can see colors.
Which word is the adjective in this sentence: Finally the red package arrived.
Which word is the verb in this sentence: One day students took a really hard test.
Which word is not a pronoun in this sentence: I wonder why they gave it to the teacher?
Which worWhich word is not the verb in this sentence: Students should study, listen, learn and try their very best.
Which word is not an adjective in this sentence: The very fluffy cat ate delicious tuna and yummy chicken.
What is a definition for pronoun?
What is a definition for adjective?
What happens if humans use a large amount of a resource, like oil, in a relatively short period of time?
As the human population grows, what will probably happen to the demand for natural resources?
True or False: Humans will always have enough usable water because it is a  renewable resource.
Which of the following is NOT a reason why humans engage in deforestation?
True or False: Each time a farmer plants and harvests a crop, the soil that is  left behind has less nutrients than it did at the start. 
True or False: Overfishing only affects the specific fish that is caught.
True or False: As a result of water overuse, stores of water (aquifers) are being  depleted faster than they can be refilled.
Water overuse can occur because of:
True or False: Today's food resources come mainly from agriculture, animals, and fishing.
True or False: Eating livestock (meat)  requires more land per  unit of food than eating  grains.  
What is it called when a scientist can determine the exact source of a pollutant?
What is a pollutant that scientists CANNOT determine the exact source of its origin called?
Which of the following would be considered a pollutant in a pond ecosystem?
A leaking fuel tank is an example of which of the following?
Which of the following would be an example of non-point source pollution?
Disposing of fertilizers, pesticides, human sewage and solid waste in the wrong way can lead to which of the following?
What is a substance called that is harmful to organisms and humans when found in the environment?
Which of the following is NOT a type of water pollution?
Which of the following does NOT contribute to water pollution?
Which human activity pollutes lakes and rivers?
What is an endangered species?
When the number of individuals in a species becomes so small that the species may not survive, the species is:
Extinction of species is:
The term applied to a species that can no longer be found living is
An ecologically healthy area has:
If none of the individuals within a particular species can survive to reproduce, what will happen to that species?
Explain the relationship between extinction and biodiversity.
When the number of individuals in a species becomes so small that the species may not survive, the species is
Extinction is a natural process that has occurred throughout the history of life on Earth. In the 21st century, extinction is a big problem because:
About half of Earth's biodiversity exists in its tropical rain forests. This means that tropical rain forests have
What does Garvey bring to Cole's Cell?
What does Cole do with the ingredients?
How does Cole plan to escape from the island?
What does Garvey call Cole instead of Champ at the end of chapter 4?
Where do Cole's parents sit at Circle Justice?
How many of Cole's classmates show up for circle justice?
What obligations must a speaker fulfill at the circle?
What does the Circle want to believe about Cole?
Why can't Cole swim away?
What scares Cole after he makes it back to shore?
What presence does Cole see?
What does Cole find near the ashes of the shelter?
Who does Cole argue with at the circle?
At the Circle Garvey says Cole has will and courage, but what does he also have?
What does Peter feel will make things better?
When will the tide come in?
At the end of one years banishment who will decide what happens to Cole?
Who does Cole blame for his banishment on the island?
What does Cole make to fight the bear?
What does Cole find to eat?
What does Cole grab to help him pull away from the bear?
What does Cole kill while he's lying hurt, barely breathing?
Where does Cole wish he was?
The release of magma from a volcano
The area below the crust where magma is stored
Exit points on a volcano for the release of magma
Warning signs of a volcanic eruption
This type of volcano has a gentle eruption with oozing lava flows
This type of volcano has violent eruptions with alternating layers of lava flow and volcanic particles
A subduction zone can create volcanoes. What type of plate boundary do subduction zones occur?
Good can come from a volcanic eruption. Which of the following is not a benefit from an eruption?
Volcanoes can form at this type of boundary as plates pull apart
Volcanoes can form in the middle of tectonic plates because of
What forms at the top of a volcano after an eruption?
Earth needs volcanoes because volcanoes
Which of the following is not an indicator of a volcanic eruption?
Volcanic eruptions cause destruction, but they are also
Volcanoes are common in the northwest part of the United States because that area is part of the
A scientist who studies volcanoes is called a
What type of rock is produced from volcanic eruptions?
The Canary Islands, Erebus, and the Galapagos Islands all formed because of
The release of gas, lava, and ash from a volcano
What determines the type of volcano that forms?
adj. stylish; lively; carefree
v. to try to equal; to copy; to imitate
v. to conceal; to hide; to make dim; (adj) vague, indefinite
adj. having or exhibiting ill will or spite; having an evil influence
adj. proven, demonstrated; beyond all question
adj. to scandalize; to belittle; to defame (to talk bad about)
adj. originating in a particular country; home-bred; native
adj. dominated by an excessive love or admiration of oneself
adj. chatty; annoyingly talkative; gabbling
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The scientific study of heredity.
A population of the same kind of organism.
Which of these is not an example of an acquired trait?
Which of these is not an example of an inherited trait?
Which of these is true?
Which feature is a kitten most likely to inherit from its parents?
Which characteristic will a baby chimpanzee inherit from its parents?
Which characteristic, inherited from a dog's parents, would most likely increase its ability to protect its owner?
Which action does a kitten learn from its mother?
Marsha sees two frogs by the pond behind her house. Which statement best describes why the two frogs look similar?
All cheetahs in a population resemble each other. Which is a characteristic that results from environmental influence and differs among members of the population?
Bob's mom and dad played basketball. Both his parents are tall and can dribble well. Bob's dad dribbles with his left hand. Bob wants to play basketball like his parents. What inherited trait does Bob have?
Which organism is best classified as a single-celled organism?
Which is an example of a single-celled organism?
Which best describes the main job of most cells in a multicellular organism?
How are rabbits different from bacteria?
In what way are humans and bacteria alike?
Which organism can perform all functions of life within one cell?
Which best explains why an amoeba can survive without specialized cells?
Why do humans require many different types of cells to survive?
Which best explains why animals need many cells?
Which statement describes the cellular make-up of a deer?
Which is a characteristic of bacteria?
Which best describes how single-celled and multicellular organisms are similar?
Which system is controlled by involuntary muscle movement in the diaphragm?
What is the main function of the nervous system?
Which system moves blood around the body?
How do the muscular and skeletal systems work together to help the body?
Which task in the human body is accomplished through the combined efforts of the cardiovascular and muscular systems?
Which best compares the respiratory system to the circulatory system?
Which body system’s main purpose is to help the body move?
How does the muscular system depend on the nervous system?
How does the skeletal system benefit the digestive system?
Which describes a task performed by the circulatory system?
Which best describes the purpose of the muscular system?
Which best describes the role of the respiratory system?
How does the skeletal system benefit the nervous system?
How does the circulatory system work with the digestive system?
Which is a major organ of the circulatory system?
Why is the respiratory system so important?
Which best describes the relationship between the skeletal system and the circulatory system?
Which body system is responsible for supplying the body with oxygen and removing carbon dioxide?
Which major body system breaks down food to release nutrients needed for energy production?
We were making plans for the annual Halloween party. There was a big list of invitees this year. Of all the people on the list, I wanted Jim and Anita to attend. In fact, I ended up asking Jim and _______ to attend. What information belongs on the b
I thought I was prepared for my history exam. I had studied hard. I had read all of the material. However, I was wrong. I missed several test questions; _______ as if I had never seen the material. What information belongs on the blank line?
Which of these two paints is the good choice? Choose the proper form of the underlined adjective to use in the sentence.
The man _______ with a thick accent, but we still understood his every word. What is the correct form of the verb that should go in the blank?
Mandy personally ______ each person who arrived at the party. What is the correct form of the verb that should go in the blank?
Which sentence has correct capitalization.
When the wind blew over the bow the boat shook and all the passengers were terrified. What is the best way to divide this sentence?
Because the bus was late I missed going to school I missed career day. What is the best way to divide this sentence?
They only made 100 of them. Those cards were worth thousands of dollars. What is the best way to combine these simple sentences into one compound sentence?
We lost the map. We made our way out of the forest using a compass. How can the two sentences in the box be correctly combined?
What means not allowing something?
Who was the man that helped India gain independence and is known for equality and non-violence?
What type of government is where everything is controlled by the government who claims everything is shared equally?
What word means not allowing something?
What is going against something without the use of violence or physically harming others?
What is the refusing to buy a product to protest ideas or practices?
Where did Japan attack causing the US. to enter WWII?
Who was responsible for helping Japan rebuild after WWII?
What is it called when people are forced to separate from others due to race?
Who was the leader of the communist party in China who started their new communist government?
The country of Israel was created from an area of what country?
What is one reason the Middle East is important to the world?
What is the religion of most of the Middle Eastern countries?
In what area(s) of Israel do Palestinians enjoy limited self-rule?
Of the following, what was an outcome of the Suez War?
What organization was formed to bring attention to the Palestinian problem?
What U.S. president worked out a peace agreement between Begin and el-Sadat?
What was the cause for the Persian Gulf War?
What is the use of violence against civilians to achieve a goal?
The U.S. War on Terror has shifted from Iraq to what other Middle Eastern country?
After apartheid, who became the first president of the Republic of South Africa?
Only white people under Apartheid were allowed to do this.
What was the goal of the African Union?
Of the following, what was NOT a challenge to independence in African countries?
How did Japan change following World War II?
Why did the people of East Pakistan declare their independence?
What is the predominate religion of India?
Why did the British divide India?
What leader practiced passive resistance in India’s push for independence?
What European country had colonial control of India?
Which of the following was not a reason for European exploration?
Which of the following people started a school of Navigation?
Which of the following was a reason that Christopher Columbus was exploring when he found the Caribbean Islands?
Which empire was the largest and most dominant during European exploration?
Which of the following was a French explorer who settled in North American and founded the colony of Quebec?
Which of the following explorers is known for circumnavigating the world?
What is mercantilism?
Which of the following explorers was first to sail around the tip of Africa and reach India?
Which of the following is an explorer for England?
Which of the following is an explorer for Spain?
True or False: The sun is an important natural resource.
Water is an example of a(n):
Grain is an example of a(n):
Different gaseous elements that are natural resources essential for life compose the:
All of the water on Earth is included in the:
The outermost crust of Earth is referred to as the:
The area of Earth's surface that can support life is referred to as the:
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Marie, tu __________ (partir) à quelle heure?
Hélène est Constantin __________ (arriver) à huit heures.
Elles __________ (rentrer) dans leur chambre.
Floriane __________ (rester) chez elle pour faire ses devoirs.
Elles __________ (tomber) parce qu'elles courent trop vite.
Florian __________ (retourné) au supermarché parce qu'il a oublié sa portefeuille.
Je sais que tu as été à une boum, mais à quelle heure tu __________ (revenir), Emma?
Hier, des voleurs __________ (entrer) dans notre appartement.
Marie et Nicolas __________ (passer) à la maison.
L'été dernier, nous __________ (monter) au Lycabette.
Nathalie __________ (prendre) plein de photos pendant son voyage à Athènes.
Ta petite soeur __________ (devenir) très capricieuse.
Comment! Elles __________ (tomber).
Nous avons eu faim et alors, on __________ (manger).
Pourquoi est-ce que tu __________ (ne pas acheter) ce CD?
C'est terrible! Sa grand-mère __________ (mourir)!
Nous __________ (ne pas lire) le dernier Astérix.
Elle __________ (ne pas répondre) à mon e-mail.
Tu __________ (ne pas comprendre) ma question?
Noé joue _____ cache-cahe avec ses copains.
Eugénie fait _____ équitation chaque samedi.
Nous jouons _____ corde à sauter.
Vous faites _____ natation?
Les enfants jouent _____ cartes.
Nous faisons _____ basket deux fois par semaine.
Djamila joue _____ marelle avec Maé.
Mes soeurs et moi, nous faisons _____ athlétisme.
Ils jouent _____ jeux vidéo toute la journée!
À l'école, on joue _____ saute-mouton.
Nous allons _____ carnaval de Patras.
Elles reviennent _____ église dans une heure.
Il est midi! Pourquoi les filles sont _____ école?
Attends dans la voiture, je sors _____ collège dans 5 minutes.
Nous habitons _____ village juste à côté de l'aéroport.
Il y a des bandes dessinées _____ bibliothèque.
Noémie vient _____ toilettes dans une minute, madame!
Nous allons _____ lycée cette année!
Jean ne veut pas sortir _____ maison.
Je reviens _____ boum de mes copains à minuit!
À la récré, nous jouons _____ ballon.
Je vais _____ maison d'Andreas.
Nous faisons _____ judo après l'école.
Ils reviennent _____ supermarché dans une heure.
Marie est sortie _____ bureau du directeur.
À la récré, vous jouez _____ marelle?
Nous faisons _____ danse dans un studio.
Ils habitent _____ centre-ville.
Mes copines et moi, nous jouons _____ élastique.
Il est midi et je suis _____ cantine.
Nous __________ (changer) de voiture cette année.
Comment vous vous __________ (appeler)?
Nous __________ (commencer) l'école à huit heures et demie.
Tu __________ (envoyer) cette lettre demain?
Nous __________ (payer) par carte bleue.
Je __________ (préférer) la cuisine Thaïlandaise, elle est plus parfumée.
Le samedi, j'__________ (acheter) des bandes dessinées.
Nous __________ (répéter) la phrase après le professeur.
Nous __________ (ranger) notre chambre chaque week-end.
Ils __________ (regarder) la télé dans le salon.
Ce soir, mes parents __________ au théâtre.
À 22 heures, nous __________ (sortir) du cinéma.
Ils __________ (ne pas venir) à ma boum, ils sont malades.
Qu'est-ce que vous __________ (boire)?
Vous __________ (faire) quoi ce soir?
Qu'est-ce que tu __________ (mettre) dans ton sac?
Elles __________ (prendre) leurs livres avec elles.
Ils __________ (écrire) leur nom sur le test.
Il __________ (ne pas vouloir) voyager.
Ils__________ (pouvoir) sortir de la classe.
Conflict between the U.S. the Soviet Union from 1945-1991 when the Soviet Union fell and split up into many different countries ending communism in Europe
Alliance to provide defense against the Soviet Union
Communist Alliance in the Iron Curtain countries of Europe (Poland, East Germany, Poland, Soviet Union)
Law passed to offer countries aid threatened by communism
Term used to describe the division between communism democracy in Europe during the Cold War. Symbol was the Berlin Wall
Organization created to stop Soviet Aggression in Southeast Asia
World wide organization created after WWII replacing the League of Nations
The U.S. policy to stop the spread of Communism
Provided aid to Europe after WWII.
If one country fell to communism, others around it would fall as well
Went through a communist revolution right after World War II
First Satellite in orbit was the Soviet Sputnik, the U.S. increased Math Science after Sputnik.
1950-53, N. Korea invaded S. Korea. Ended in a cease-fire where communism was contained to N. Korea. Countries split at the 38th Parallel
1954-75, Communist N. Vietnam and Anti-Communist S. Vietnam were involved in a conflict split at the 17th Parallel. The U.S. helped S. Vietnam from 1961-1973. S. Vietnam surrendered in 1975.
Conflict between the Soviet Union (Khrushchev) the U.S. (Kennedy) in 1962.
Split the city of Berlin from 1961-1989, symbol of the Iron Curtain
Designed to help the people of West Berlin to get supplies
Soviet policy in the 1980s that increased freedom
Material in a cell that determines what characteristics will be passed from parent to offspring.
Organisms that pass their genetic material on to their offspring
Characteristic that an organism gets from its parents.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
chronological order
author's intention
text features
drawing a conclusion
third person
first person
Ma chatte est très _____.
Emma a gagné, elle est _____.
Maé pose beaucoup de questions, elle est _____.
Ma trousse est noire et _____.
Cette professeure de français esr très _____.
La nouvelle élève est très _____.
Je ne suis pas blonde, je suis _____.
Ma chienne est très _____.
Ma mère est très _____.
La soeur de Nicolas est très _____.
Ce pull est à moi. C'est _____ pull.
Cette salopette est à elle. C'est _____ salopette.
Ce t-shirt est à toi. C'est _____ t-shirt.
Cette chemise est à moi. C'est _____ chemise.
Ce pantalon est à lui. C'est _____ pantalon.
Ce pantalon est à elle. C'est _____ pantalon
Cette casquette est à toi. C'est _____ casquette.
Cette jupe est à moi. C'est _____ jupe.
Cet anorak est à lui. C'est _____ anorak.
Cette écharpe est à elle. C'est _____ écharpe.
Je ne peux pas manger _____ carottes. J'ai pas faim!
J'adore jouer aux cartes avec _____ père.
Tu aimes faire du ski avec _____ copains?
Lucas ne peut pas visiter _____ tante.
Tu aimes le chien de _____ cousine?
Je veux jouer à _____ console!
Elles sont très difficiles, _____ matières.
Je n'ai pas pris mon petit déjeuner _____ matin.
J'adore _____ acteur! Il est très beau!
Je vais être un très bon élève _____ année.
Je vais aller au supermarché _____ semaine.
J'ai preparé _____ gâteaux pour mon anniversaire.
C'est très facile, _____ exercice!
Oh là là, il est très cher, _____ hôtel!
Je vais aller au cinéma avec mes copains _____ soir.
Je vais acheter _____ étagère pour ma chambre.
Ils ne sont pas strictes, _____ professeurs.
J'écris mes devoirs dans _____ agenda bleu.
Je ne veux pas porter _____ pyjamas roses!
Je mets toujours _____ casquette pour aller à la plage.
Je ne mange pas _____ croissant au chocolat blanc.
J'adore _____ soupe au poisson délicieuse!
Pour le cours de français, je prends toujours _____ cahier vert.
Samedi dernier j'ai _____ (voir) le nouveau Star Wars.
Vous avez ___ (lire) cet article intéressant?
J'ai ___ (avoir) un mal de tête horrible hier!
Noé, tu as ___ (boire) ton lait?
Ils n'ont pas ___ (pouvoir) dire la verité au professeur.
Ce matin, je n'ai pas ___ (prendre) mon petit déjeuner.
Elle n'a pas _____ (ouvrir) ce livre.
Je vais venir parce que j'ai _____ (promettre).
Elles ont _____ (écrire) une belle lettre mais ils n'ont pas répondu.
Vous avez _____ (recevoir) ma carte postale?
J'ai _____ (offrir) un cadeau génial à Khaled!
Vous n'avez pas _____ (apprendre) votre leçon?
Ils n'ont pas _____ (être) contents.
Tu as _____ (faire) ça toute seule?
Tu n' _____ pas été gentil avec ton frère.
Ils _____ partis tout de suite.
Elle _____ regardé la télévision parce qu'elle n'aime pas sortir.
Après la télévision, elle _____ allée au lit.
Nous _____ pris l'autobus à neuf heures et demie.
Nous _____ arrivés place de la Concorde à dix heures pile.
Marie, tu _____ devenue très jolie!
Nous _____ pas compris la leçon.
On _____ eu beaucoup de choses à faire.
Hier, Eugénie est Mathilde _____ montées à l'Acropole.
_____ passé devant ta maison ce matin mais tu étais absente.
Après un week-end à la campagne, vous _____ rentrés à Paris?
Elle __________ (aller) à la poste après la banque.
Monsieur Latour, vous __________ (monter) à la tour Eiffel?
Molière __________ (naître) en 1622.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
How is .55 written as a fraction?
How is 0.34 written as a fraction?
How is 7/10 written as a decimal?
How is 81/100 written as a decimal?
32/100 written as a decimal is _____
.79 written as a fraction is
5/10 written as a decimal is _____.
8/100 written as a decimal is
9/100 written as a decimal is
.07 written as a fraction is
In the beginning of The Ravine, Vinny's character is
How does Vinny's character devlop in The Ravine?
And it was wet and muddy from little rivulets of water that bled from the side of the cliff. Rivulets means
Which vovabulary word goes with edge?
Vinny winced. He didn't want to be here. It was too soon, way too soon. Winced means
Her blond hair sleeked back like river grass. This is an example of
...where there was nothing but a few plants...plants that would rip right out of the ground... plants that wouldn't stop you if you fell. WHat mood do these lines create?
We weren't lookin' for no trouble. How could you rewrite this sentence?
AT the end ofthe story The Ravine, how does the reader know Vinny is not going to jump?
Why is the setting important to the story The Ravine?
What is Jupiter's largest moon?
What is a ring that circles some planets?
What is unique about Jupiter?
Uranus is blue/green because of traces of
The great red spot is what?
What is the second largest planet?
What two planets are both blue because of methane in their atmosphere?
What planet is the largest?
This planet has the most spectacular rings.
All of the outer planets are known as the
Which country is the 6th largest producer of oil in the world?
What city is effected by air pollution?
Which Country faces the problems of deforestation?
What is being done about the deforestation?
What is the main cause of air pollution in Mexico City?
What is being done about air pollution in Mexico City
What is being done about oil related pollution in Venezuela?
What is the primary cause for deforestation of Brazil's rainforests?
What geographic feature of Mexico City makes it difficult to keep the air clean?
Venezuela's government controls all oil manufacturing within the country, this is knows as what type of economics?
What is a Hippodrome?
What part of the Roman Empire did the Byzantine Empire grow out of?
What is one reason Constantinople was in a great location?
What was NOT a blend of cultures in the Byzantine Empire?
What was NOT a Roman influence
What did people who lived in the Byzantine Empire call themselves?
What was NOT grown in the Byzantine Empire?
What did Constaninople do for additional protection?
Constantinople was a bridge between Europe and...
What was the Byzantine Empire a continuation of?
Which of the following investigations studies how an organism in an aquatic ecosystem depends on an abiotic factor?
Chloroplasts are oval disks containing green chlorophyll in plant cells. Animal cells lack chloroplasts because they -
Whether or not an organism reproduces sexually or asexually, the offspring resulting from reproduction has traits that depend directly on its parent’s or parents’ –
The ecosystem with the greatest sustainability will be the one that has the –
The hereditary information in animal and plant cells is located on the chromosomes, which the cells store in the –
Gina wrote a description of an organism she had observed under a microscope. The organism has 1 cell, a whip-like tail, and a nucleus and organelles. Why is this organism classified as a eukaryote?
Which of the following statements supports the idea from the cell theory that cells extract energy from food to sustain life?
Which of the following is part of the theory of natural selection?
A farmer wants to increase the amount of food produced by corn crops. If the farmer selectively breeds the plants, for which trait should the farmer select?
If an offspring is produced through sexual reproduction, the offspring’s genetic material is always –
The food chain for an ocean ecosystem is shown: . Ocean plants - plant eating fish - barracuda-shark Which of the following will most likely happen if overfishing eliminates the population of plant-eating fishes?
Females of a certain species of wasp lay their eggs inside the bodies of tarantula spiders. When the eggs hatch, baby wasps kill and eat the tarantula. What type of interaction is this, and why?
Which of the following kinds of organisms has the greatest biomass in a food chain?
Algae called zooxanthallae live inside the cells of a coral under the sea. The coral provides carbon dioxide for the algae which in turn produce oxygen for the coral to live. What type of interaction is this?
Which level in a food pyramid is the most fragile or most susceptible to extinction?
What is a neutron?
6. What happens when a substance changes from a gas to a liquid?
How are electrons arranged in atoms?
What is a valence electron?
Which characteristic of an atom determines how it will react chemically with other elements and compounds?
What is the difference between an element and a compound?
The positively charged part of the atom is the ___.
Reactivity of an atom is based on its __.
A valence electron is located
5. The atomic number of an atom is equal to
Low-pitched sound waves are ----.
Sound waves move the FASTEST through what form of matter?
The louder the sound the more ---.
Sound waves move in every
Sound waves have parts where particles of air are -----.
Sound waves have parts where particles of air are ----.
Why is sign language important to people who are deaf?
Why do sounds get quieter and then die out?
Why is the shape of the ear important?
Sound occurs when particles of air ---.
How can you tell something is producing a louder volume?
Sound waves move --- through liquids than through air.
How can you prevent hearing damage?
What does pitch mean?
To describe hos loud or quiet a sound is, is to measure its ----.
Sound is a kind of ----.
Volume is measured in ---.
High-pitched sound waves are ---.
central Idea
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What letter comes after S?
What letter comes after S?
What letter comes after S?
What letter comes after S?
Any nonzero number to the zero power is.....
When using______ you add the exponents in order to multiply the two powers
______ are numbers like(1,2,3..)
______ is the common factor in a power
A number that can be written as a ratio of two integers with a nonzero denominator. In other words, the number can be written as a fraction
When two numbers have a product of one
Result of repeated multiplication
The number of times the base is used as a factor
When you multiply the exponents you use the ___________ rule
Bugün hangi dersler var?
Matematik dersi nasil?
Türkçe dersi zevkli.
I am good at Music class.
Cografya dersi nezaman?
Which planet is the smallest inner planet?
Which planet has a longer day than its year?
Which is considered to be earth's twin because it is close in size?
The four Inner Planets all have
Which is the fourth planet from the sun?
Which one of these planets is an Inner Planet?
Which planet do we think once had liquid water on it?
Which planets is the hottest
Which planet can support life
If we had to move to another planet right now which planet could we move to?
The sun is a
The tightness across the surface of the water due to polar molecules pulling on each other is called
Water is a polar molecule which means
An example of capillary action is
In a water molecule
Since water has a very high specific heat
Fish can live in lakes during the winter because of water's
Ice floats on liquid water because
When water changes from a liquid to a gas it is because
The amount of salt water on Earth is
Evaporation from the leaves of plants is
The process in which clouds form is called
Any form of water that falls from the sky is called
When water goes from a liquid to a gas it is called
Water that moves across Earth's surface is called
The force that drives the water cycle is
The breaking down of rock at Earth's surface is called
Rock breaking down physically into smaller pieces is called
All of the following are agents of mechanical weathering except:
All of the following are agents of chemical weathering except:
The movement of sediment by wind, water, ice or gravity is called
The agent of weathering that causes rust is
The two factors that determine the rate of weathering are
Weathering occurs faster
Rock particles wearing down other rock is an example of
The Grand Canyon is an example of weathering and erosion by
The _______ of a number is one of three equal factors.
The result of multiplying a number times itself
Includes both the rational and irrational numbers
The number or expression under the radical sign
The result of multiplying a number times itself three times
A sign that indicates to take the square root of a number
All the whole numbers and their opposites (...-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3
Also know as counting numbers(1,2,3,...)
A number that cannot be written as a fraction and decimals that are non-terminating and non repeating
A decimal that has a repeating digit
The team felt confident; they felt ____________ chances of winning were high.
Jenna was worried; _______ fear of heights made riding the roller coaster scary for her.
Kevin and I worked together on that project. That project is ________
I speak next week. I need to practice ________ speech.
The dog pressed __________ face against the window.
Which sentence uses the the correct intensive pronoun?
Which sentence agrees with its antecedent in number?
I heard wood splintering and glass breaking. _____ heart started to beat like a drum.
Rico will finish the assignment _____________.
When people are terrified, __________ often don't make wise decisions.
Which fraction is equivalent to 3/10?
Which fraction is equivalent to 50/100?
Which fraction is equivalent to 4/10 ?
Which fraction is equivalent to 2/10?
9/10 =
1/10 =
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
sweet bread
What is the Unit for work?
What is the unit for Power?
For work to be done, force must be applied in the direction of________.
Work =
Distance is measured in __________.
In order for work to be done the object must_________.
3000 N Moves a car 1 Meter. How much work is done?
2000 N Moves a car .5Meter. How much does kinetic energy change?
If you climb the stairs and then run the stairs, Work_______.
In what way are the speakers in both Shakespearean sonnets similar?
What encourages the speaker in The Rainy Day?
In Invictus, the speaker thinks that the most important goal in life is
If he could, the speaker in Mending Wall would
In Sonnet 29, how is the love of the speaker's beloved symbolized?
How do the speakers in both The Rainy Day and Invictus face challenges in the end?
The mood of We Real Cool might best be described as
The image of rivers in The Negro Speaks of Rivers is effective because
In Invictus, the speaker suggests that the most important thing a person can control is
What kind of sound do the rhyme and meter in The Rainy Day combine to create?
having sensitive feelings
go by
remove from normal place
less impprtant; lower rank than someone
very emotional
giving or using in large amounts
to put to an end
kidding or sarcastic
joking in a rude manner
not proud or arrogant
included without question
Oldest religion
Vedas is the holy book for what religion
Founder is Kong Fuzi
Follows the Eight Fold Path
Kami is important
Follows the Caste System
Japan's main religion
India's main religion
Practice Li or proper behavior
5 key relationships
Shiva is a important figure
Cows are sacred
Ganges River is very important
Follow the Middle Path
Religion spread by Chinese Gov.
How long will Cole be in Southeast Alaska?
What kind of Native American is Garvey?
How old is Cole?
Why is Cole in trouble this time?
What did Cole do in the past when he got in trouble?
What is Cole's plan to avoid jail?
What does the Spirit bear posess?
What plant does Edwin say will cause infected hands?
Why isn't Cole's shelter closer to the stream?
What is an At.oow?
How long is Cole in detention?
Who trashes Cole's room at the detention center?
What does Cole do when the skiff is out of site?
Younger mountains have sharper pointed edges. Older mountains are rounded off due to
Which of the following descriptions is the best way to identify a rock?
The surface of old concrete statues are often covered with small holes or pits. Which of these MOST LIKELY causes these holes or pits?
Limestone undergoes heat and pressure forming a different rock called marble. Which of these BEST describes marble?
Sedimentary rocks are not found on the Moon because
Rocks found on Earth are generally classified as sedimentary, metamorphic, or igneous. On which basis are these classifications made?
Renewable resource can be replenished quickly or reused over and over again. Which of the following is renewable?
Sedimentary rocks can be converted into magma by undergoing which of the following processes?
Rocks and minerals are non-renewable resources, because they take longer than a persons lifespan to form. Non-renewable resources can also be identified if they are used faster than they are made. Which of the following would be non-renewable?
Igneous rocks form from
Why does a land breeze blow towards the ocean during the night?
Water running off of the continents towards the ocean dissolving minerals and materials coming up through volcanic vents cause the oceans to be
What forms as warm ocean water evaporates into the air, vapor condenses into clouds releasing heat, and converging winds cause a rotation.
Low pressure areas are often associated with
High Pressure areas are associated with
What causes winds?
Which of these correctly identifies the quanity of water on Earth from least to greatest amount?
On September 20, 2010, you are up late and look up area temperatures on your computer. You notice that Claxton is much cooler than Tybee Island. What is the most likely reason?
What is the flat region of the ocean floor called?
You are recording the barometric pressure each day for your science class. You observe cumulonimbus clouds and much lower pressure than previous days. What is your prediction?
What letter comes after X?
What letter comes after S?
What letter comes after S?
What letter comes after S?
What letter comes after S?
What letter comes after S?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
group number for Selenium (Se)
number of protons in an atom of Gallium (Ga)
group 17 elements belong to this family
Transition metals include groups ______ through _______.
An atom of which element would have the greatest number of protons?
Group 2 has the name
What is another word for shiny?
chemical symbol for Krypton
Group number for Germanium (Ge)
Elements are made of one kind of...
Parts of these can be separated.
period number for Ru, In, and Te
How many metalloids are on the periodic table?
Which is the most reactive of the elements listed?
Number of electrons in an atom of Uranium
group number for Mercury
Social class made up of French clergy
The French Parliament
The French middle class
A sudden overthrow of government
A person qualified to vote in an election
A unique cultural identity of people
Napoleon's new government after 1799, named after ancient Roman governments
Napoleon's unified system of law, which made women less equal to men
The organization headed by Robespierre
The belief that people should be free from government restraint
Lo siento, tú no tienes la culpa, yo _____________________
Ella le gusta hablar de otras personas, ella es ___________
En una amistad, los amigos _____________
No _______! Yo no tengo la culpa!
Él siempre quiere saber lo que hacen otras personas, él es ____________
Yo no voy a decir nadie. Puedo ________
Ellos _______ después de una pelea
Cuando juego fútbol, ____________
No puedo hacerlo solo, necesito _____ contigo
No estamos de acuerdo, tenemos una _________________________
What agricultural innovation allowed the Inca to grow potatoes on the steepest mountain sides? (R58)
___________________ is credited with conquering the Aztec Empire in the name of Spain. (R58/R58-B)
_________________________ was the last king of the Inca Empire. (R58/58-B)
The Inca are well-known for _____________________________. (R58)
___________________ is credited with conquering the Inca Empire in the name of Spain. (R58/58-B)
_________________________ was the last king of the Aztec Empire. (R58/58-B)
What agricultural innovation allowed the Aztec to grow corn in a swampy lake? (R58)
Which of the following did NOT give the Europeans an advantage when fighting natives/indigenous people in the new world? (R58/58-B/59) - Inference
Which of the following would NOT be a benefit of possessing colonies? (R58/58-B/59)-Inference
Which of the following European countries did NOT have colonies in Latin America? (R63) Inference
Of the following European nations, which held the MOST colonial territory in Latin America? (R63) - Inference
Which of the following was NOT introduced to EUROPE for the first time during the Columbian Exchange? (R59)
From where in the “Old World” were slaves brought to the “New World” to work on colonial plantations mines? (R59)
Which of the following languages is most widely spoken in Latin America today? (R63)
What is the most widespread religion in Latin America today? (R63)
to move in a circular path
something that is needed or required
to influence
to keep from harm or loss
to soak up
to flow or spread slowly
large masses of ice found in cold regions or on top of mountains
a series of events that happen over and over again
Which word has the OPPOSITE meaning of the word necessity?
Verb: 1. to influence 2. to have an effect of something
Scientists have found fossils of tropical plants in Antarctica. How could tropical plants have grown in Antarctica?
The clouds that surround Venus are thick and choking which contribute to the Greenhouse Effect. Venus has a surface temperature of more than 400 degrees Celcius. Which of these best explains this high surface temperature?
The Gulf Stream is a current (water moves 1 direction) in the Northern Hemisphere and the Brazilian Current in the Southern Hemisphere move from equator. Compared to inland areas at the same latitude, the coastal areas bordering these currents will
Venus is warmed by solar radiation, but its thick cover increases the temperature because the clouds
A day on Saturn takes about 10 Earth hours. Which fact would best explain this short day?
Which of these effects generally occurs as the result of a warm air mass and a cool air mass converging at Earth's surface?
At which location would earthquakes be least likely to occur?
Which location would a rain forest most likely be found?
Which planet was formed from the light gases of the outer solar nebula?
Earthquake activity in California is primarily caused by
Simon Bolivar fought to gain the independence of Cuba from Spain. (R60)
Father Miguel Hidalgo was the first President of an independent Mexico. (R60)
Father Miguel Hidalgo gave a speech in 1810 calling for Mexican independence from Spain. (R60)
Toussaint L’Ouverture was born a slave on the French colony of St. Domingue. (R60)
Haitians would commemorate the life of Simon Bolivar on their Independence Day. (R60)
Venezuela can thank Simon Bolivar for its freedom from Spanish rule. (R60)
Fidel Castro’s forces lost the Cuban Revolution in 1959 he was executed. (R61)
After the Cuban Revolution in 1959, Cuba became better friends w/ the US. (R61)
St. Domingue won its freedom from France in 1804 changed its name to Haiti. (R60)
The Zapatista Guerilla Movement had nothing to do with NAFTA. (R62)
The trading of goods, ideas, and people between Europe, Africa, and the America's that followed the Age of Exploration is called the __________________________ __________________________. (R59)
Who led the revolution in Cuba (1956-1959)? (R61)
How did Cuba change after 1959? (R61)
What caused the “Zapatista’s” to revolt in southern Mexico in 1994? (R62)
How did Father Miguel Hidalgo die? (R60)
Which force MOST likely causes the apples to fall to the ground?
Which force would MOST likely cause the row of dominoes to fall?
Which type of force moves the plow when the horse walks forward?
What is causing the water drops to fall to the ground?
What makes the cars finally come to a stop?
Which activity will most increase the temperature of a persons hand?
1. The _____________________ of an object is its location relative to another object.
The speed of an object is affected by:
What force keeps the moon in orbit?
Brianna and Krista ran 10 meters outside. What tool would they use to measure their times?
french fries
frozen foods
what do you all want?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What do the triangle, the drum kit, the bass drum and the xylophone all have in common?
The bugle is a popular snack cracker. It is also a member of the __________ family:
The harp is a large instrument that belongs to the ___________ family:
True or false: the viola and the clarinet are members of the same instrument family
Even though they are not made of wood, the flute and the saxophone are still considered to be woodwind instruments:
Which instruments produce sound when the person playing them buzzes their lips against the metal mouthpiece?
Piccolo and bassoon are both fun words to say. They are ALSO both members of which instrument family?
Watch this video: Which family does the featured instrument belong to?
On Remembrance Day, the Last Post song is played on which instrument? (
True of false: all instruments made of metal are members of the brass family?
True or false: if an instrument can produce different pitches, it cannot be a member of the percussion family
The instruments featured in this video () are all members of which family?
What do you call animals with a backbone?
What kind of animal's body temperature changes with its surroundings?
Which fish is the largest vertebrate group?
Mammals are_________ blooded animals.
What do you call a cold blooded vertebrate that spends part of its life in water and parts of its life on land?
Which phyla can learn, have hair, and can live in almost any habitat?
What are warm blooded, have beaks with no teeth, feathers, two legs with clawed feet, and wings?
Snakes and lizards are examples of?
The backbone is part of the ________ which all vertebrates have.
What does a tadpole lose when it becomes an adult?
What does a tadpole develop when it becomes an adult frog?
All fish are?
____ have skin that protect their bodies from losing water, they breathe with lungs, and have tough eggs that help them survive on land.
What kind of fish have no scales and a body made of a rubbery skeleton called cartilage.
What kind of fish have overlapping scaled to protect their skin?
What will happen to an amphibians skin without water?
What is the tough flexible tissue that your ears are made out of called?
Reptile skin is?
What two mammals lay eggs?
The largest group of mammals are those that?
One way in which the United States Constitution differed from the Articles of Confederation was that the Constitution…
According to the natural rights philosophy, the main purpose of government is to
The principle of the Constitution which holds that government can only do those things that it has been given the power to do is referred to as
The Framers of the Constitution provided for selection of the President by
United States Supreme Court justices are appointed for life in order to
In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this, you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place, oblige it to control itself. -James Madison, Federalist #51
What was the key argument made by the Anti-Federalists for opposing the ratification of the U. S. Constitution?
If men were angels no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary -James Madison, Federalist #51
Difficulties in enforcing Prohibition following the 18th Amendment led to widespread disregard for the law and the growth of organized crime during the 1920s. A successful 1932 campaign against Prohibition resulted in:
The passage of the 19th Amendment, in 1920, extended suffrage to which of the following groups of people?
According to the 25th Amendment, if the president be unable to fulfill the duties of office, the first five people in line of succession are:
The two term limit was placed on the presidency by
Supreme Court case Harper v. The Virginia Board of Education, Justice William O. Douglas stated, Wealth like race, creed, or color is not germane to one's ability to participate in the electoral process. supporting the 24th Amendment eliminating
The 17th Amendment allows for the election of Senators
Which Supreme Court Case helped define the role of the 14th Amendment in United States law?
The 14th amendment specifically forbids the states from denying to anyone
This excerpt from Ohio's Constitution most closely reflects which U.S. Constiuttion Bill of Rights? This enumeration of rights shall not be construed to impair or deny others retained by the people; and all powers, not herein delegated, remain
Our forefathers wanted to include the Bill of Rights to address violations of individual rights by the British. The Fourth Amendment was included to address which violation by the British government?
Which of the following does the 5th Amendment specifically prohibit?
When you want to indent a paragraph which key do you press on the keyboard?
When you want another person to view or edit your document, you click the ________button.
When you want to communicate with someone you are working on a document with you click the_________ button.
All of the tabs and buttons are called the
When you want to add a drawing to to your document, you must click the _________ tab.
File, Insert, View, and Review are all examples of
In your drive, you should organize your documents into
You must give your document a title before you share it
Insert a picture, change font color, change font size, spell check, and insert a drawing are all examples of
This button changes the style of the letters you are typing
When you want to add a picture to your document, you use this tab
What problem did war debts pose for the new nation?
What caused Shay's Rebellion?
Why did some hesitate to ratify the Constitution?
What's the best title for this list: Rule of law, judicial review, popular sovereignty?
What did the three-fifths compromise do?
Why did state with large populations favor the Virginia Plan?
What is one difference between the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution?
Which branch of the military is Most likely to patrol the coastline?
Those gentlemen, who will be elected senators, will fix themselves in the federal town, and become citizens of that town more than of your state. What does this person support?
The powers not delegated to the US by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States or to the people. This amendment was a victory for ...
Her eyes are diamonds.
Crunch, munch crunch, Terry loved eating his Captain crunch cereal, but he chewed so loudly that it could be heard across the room.
Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get. Forrest Gump
‘Cause, baby, you‘re a firework Come on, show ’em what you‘re worth- Katy Perry
Bam! Went the book as Carla threw it to the ground.
“Cause I’m the bomb like tick tick” -Lil Wayne, Got Money
Cause I’m the bomb like tick tick -Lil Wayne, Got Money
Life’s like a road that you travel on When there’s one day here and the next day gone- Rascal Flats
Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind... Misery Business Paramore
Shine bright like a diamond Shining bright like a diamond We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky. Rhianna Diamonds
chemical symbol for lead
atomic mass of Antimony (Sb)
number of neutrons in an atom of Krypton
period number for Strontium (Sr)
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
16. symbol: any person, places, or thing that has a meaning in itself and that also __ for something else
The trader from Venice who traveled to China and met with Kublai Khan was _________
A way of thinking and learning that stresses the importance of human abilities and actions is called_______
__________ was a painter, sculptor, inventor, engineer, and mapmaker
___________developed a printing press that used movable type
Poet _______also wrote more than 30 plays
The ___________was a movement to reform the Catholic Church during the late Renaissance
The priest who posted a list of 95 complaints about the church was ________
who believed in predestination
A meeting held to discuss and reform practices of the Church
Sharing power between local and central governments is called
This territory was annexed into the U.S. after being an independent country for 10 years. The boundary disputes of this territory caused the U.S.-Mexican War.
This territory was gained from Mexico with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo for $15 million
This territory was gained after the American Revolution, the U.S. border stopped at the Mississippi River
This territory was gained in a treaty with England, the U.S. border now stretched from the Atlantic to Pacific Ocean
This territory doubled the size of the U.S. in 1803, the U.S. border stopped at the Rocky Mountains
The United States became its own country with this land when the colonists declared independence from England.
This territory was gained from Mexico to connect the railroad, it allowed for easier travel west
This territory was gained from Spain with the Adams-Onis treaty for $5 million
The idea that the U.S. should stretch from the Atlantic to Pacific Ocean
The region of the country where many Americans were traveling to in the 1800s was
The energy associated with motion is called
An example of something that stores chemical energy is
What type of conversion is taking place when natural gas is used to heat water?
When you rub your hands together on a cold day, you use friction to convert
Unlike kinetic energy, potential energy is
Potential energy that depends on height is called
Energy stored in the nucleus of an atom is called
Visible light is an example of
A change from one form of energy into another is called
Water freezes at 32 degrees on which temperature scale?
Heated air moves from baseboard heaters to the rest of a room in a process called
You feel heat from a fire across the room by a process called
A metal spoon in a pot of boiling water feels hot because of a process called
Which of these is a good conductor?
A material that does not conduct heat we'll is called a(n)
What type of macromolecule is an enzyme an example of?
Which macromolecule has the elements C, H, O, N, P?
Which of the following is not true about enzymes?
Which organelle uses carbon dioxide, water, and light energy to create carbohydrates?
If a cell is placed in a hypertonic solution, what will happen to the size of the cell?
This type of transport moves water molecules from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration.
This type of transport uses ATP to move molecules from low areas to high areas of concentration.
The principle of __________________ explains that all organisms living or extinct are connected.
Which scientist believed that organisms evolve by acquiring traits they need to survive in their environment?
Purple flowers (P) are dominant to white flowers. What are the parents' genotypes if they have offspring that are 50% purple and 50% white?
Purple flowers are dominant to white flowers. Yellow seeds are dominant to green seeds. 2 plants are heterozygous for purple flowers and yellow seeds. What are the chances they will have offspring with white flowers and yellow seeds?
What is the process during meiosis where homologous chromosomes exchange genetic material?
Purple flowers (P) are dominant to white flowers. Yellow seeds (Y) are dominant to green seeds. What are the possible genotypes for purple flowers with green seeds?
A karyotype shows 45 chromosomes with only one X chromosome. This person is a
Which of the following is not true about DNA and RNA?
What are the complementary DNA bases for this DNA strand - TAC GCG GGA TAT ATT
Translate the following mRNA strand AUG GCA CAU AAC UAG
Transcribe the following DNA strand - ATC GCA CGT TAG CAA
The volume of the cell _____________ at a __________ rate than its surface area.
A student hypothesizes that if you drink warm milk before you sleep, then you will go to sleep faster. The control group is
Life in the Dutch colonies of New Netherlands was based on..
Why did Spanish settlements spread in North America?
Why did Great Britain repeal the Stamp Act?
Which product was traded by Southern colonists who lived near the coast?
Where were the first two battles of the Revolutionary War fought?
Which colony was known for its good relations with Native Americans?
Which of the following did the Pilgrims promise to do in the Mayflower Compact?
Parliament passed a series of harsh laws in response to the Boston Tea Party. What did colonists call those laws?
What key event took place after the Patriots' victory in the Battle of Saratoga?
Why did England want to start a colony in North America?
Shaking that results when rocks move inside the Earth
An earthquake is caused by stress along a _____.
What kind of fault is caused by tension?
What kind of fault is caused by compression?
What kind of fault is caused by shearing?
This is the fastest of the 3 waves
This wave can move through solid and liquid layers of Earth
This wave is a longitudinal wave
This wave can only move through solid rock
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