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Which is found on the CFNC web site?
The fastest declining occupations are in the field of:
The Dictionary of Occupational Titles:
Making a career choice to work out-of-doors will mean:
Updating the individual career plan ensures that the student:
Researching a career to find out whether jobs will be available in that field in the future can help determine:
Which of the following is NOT a career information guide?
A well-defined road map to achieving a career goal is a/an:
The Occupational Outlook Handbook is an excellent career resource because it:
Career planning in adulthood is important because:
A book that describes various careers and the future for those careers:
The Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT)/O*Net describes:
Which Internet resource is replacing the DOT (Dictionary of Occupational Titles)?
Plagiarism is:
When researching careers, it is best to start by:
A person with a lawn-mowing business has an outdoor:
A sedentary job is one in which an employee might:
Which is a component of a research paper?
College information specific to North Carolina can be accessed at which Internet site?
Tru had _______________ , or a type of blood poisoning.
____________ means to move skillfully or gracefully
___________________ means incapable of producing a useful result.
________________means running with quick, light steps due to fear or excitement.
___________________ is scattered fragments of something wrecked or destroyed.
A group of people with common characteristic or purpose is
_________________ means walking in a slow, relaxed manner
If you are overgenerous or lenient with someone or something, you are acting
_______________________ is an ugly, twisted facial expression of pain.
Traffic moving in the opposite direction than normal is
A rising in the sea as a result of atmospheric pressure changes and wind associated with a storm is a
People which are partly African and partly French blood are
Controls what comes into and out of a cell; found in plant AND animal cells.
ridged outer layer of a plant cell.
gel -like fluid where the organelles are found.
produces the energy a cell needs to carry out its functions.
uses chemicals to break down food and worn out cell parts.
stores food, water, wastes, and other materials.
receives proteins and materials from the ER, packages them and distributes them.
captures energy from the sunlight and uses it to produce food in plant cells
has passageways that carry proteins and other materials from one part of the cell to another.
assembles amino acids to create proteins.
control center of the cell; contains DNA
found inside the nucleus and produces ribosomes.
tiny strands inside the nucleus that contain the instructions for directing the cell's functions.
What is taxonomy?
Why do scientists organize living organisms into groups?
An organism’s scientific name consists of what?
The more classification levels that two organisms share,…_________________.
Who is the inventor of the modern classification system?
Which group of organisms includes only multicellular heterotrophs (consumers)?
Which domain(s) include(s) only prokaryotes?
Which classification groups (taxa) include only unicellular organisms?
Which pair of kingdoms are the least related?
Circle which one is the scientific name for the African Lion correctly written?
The scientific name for the White Oak tree is Quercus alba, and for the Cork Oak tree, Quercus suber. What do you think Quercus (Greek language) means/translates in English?
What are the four kingdoms that belong to the Domain: Eukarya?
What are the two major contributions of C. Linnaeus to taxonomy?
Find 65% of 186.
In a survey, 250 people were asked to name their favorite fruit and 32% like peaches. How many people prefer peaches?
What number is 15% of 60?
A test was passed by 90% of the class. If 27 students passed the test, how many students were in the class?
Of the 60 books on a bookshelf, 24 are nonfiction. What percent of the books are nonfiction?
Maria has lunch at a restaurant. If her bill was $15.75 and Maria wants to leave a 20% tip, what is a reasonable estimate for the amount she should leave for a tip?
Michelle made 60 cupcakes for her birthday. She gave 3 away to her family before taking the rest to school. What percent did she give away to her family?
Ms. Black went shopping a bought a shirt that originally cost $25. She had a coupon for 30% off. What was the sale price of the shirt?
Joe bought a car for $3000 last year. He sold the car for $2000. What was the percent change to the nearest percent?
Liam bought a new video game that originally cost $55. Luckily, it was on sale for 20% off. What was the total cost of the video game if the sales tax was 7%?
Every non-genetic influence surrounding an organism
the study of limits of genetic and environmental influences on behavior
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The wall next to the window in Jordan's room is made of brick. Jordan touches the wall and the window to compare their textures. What would Jordan most likely observe?
Sebastian lives in Tampa, Florida. He put the a barometer and a thermometer instrument just outside his house. He recorded the air temperature and air pressure every hour on the first day of winter. Which of the following describes what he recorded?
Valerie is studying the appliances in her home. All of the appliances convert electrical energy into other forms of energy. Which of the following would be an appliance that transforms electrical energy into energy of motion?
There are swamps in the Everglades of Florida. In Arizona, there are deserts. These two environments can have high temperatures in the summer. How would the weather in a swamp in the Everglades most likely differ from the weather in an Arizona desert
In a science experiment, Kiele added 1 tbsp of sugar to a flask filled with water. Which could Kiele do to speed up the dissolving process?
Gianna is testing common household objects. She is sorting them into good conductors of electricity and good insulators. Which object would be the best conductor of electricity?
Every day, water flows from a number of rivers into the Atlantic Ocean. Even though this occurs daily, it does not cause the amount of water in the Atlantic Ocean to increase over time. Which statement best explains why?
Students made a model to show one way that snow is part of the water cycle. They made a model of land by placing soil in a sloping tray. Then placed snow at the top of the tray. They kept the snow at 25 ºC and observed. Which likely was observed?
Phill has an electric circuit made of a battery, a light bulb, a switch, and wires connecting each part. When Phill opens the switch, there is a gap in the circuit. What happens when the switch is open?
Two towns have about the same latitude and elevation. One town is on the coast and the other is far inland. How would the summer weather of the inland town most likely be different from the weather in the coastal town?
A lake contains many different types of fish. The activities of people on and around the lake change the environment in the lake. This causes some types of fish to become more common while others become less common. Which types of fish would become m
Melissa has a mixture of sand and gravel. She places the mixture in a container and shakes the container. Which property best explains why the sand and gravel separated into two groups?
Cayla has a standard golf ball and a lightweight golf ball. Each golf ball is struck with the same amount of force. Which statement is most likely true?
The weather service issued a warning for people to be ready to evacuate if needed due to an approaching hurricane. What characteristic of a hurricane makes it most important for Marc's family to be ready to evacuate with little notice?
Jasmine is studying birds. She studied the beaks of the birds and predicted that the bird with the shorter, curved beak would eat mainly seeds. Which of the following is the best way to test her prediction?
A sailing boat moves because the wind pushes against the sails. The faster the wind speed, the more force is applied to the sails. Which wind speed would cause a sailboat to move fastest?
John completes an experiment testing the speed of 4 toy cars of different masses. After studying his data, he thinks that the result for one of the cars is unusual. He decides to check his results for reliabilty. What would be best for him to do?
Red foxes are a type of fox that live in warm climates. Which feature of a red fox makes it suited to warm temperatures?
Catherine rolled her pencil to the edge of her desk. The pencil rolled off her desk and fell onto the floor. Which force caused the pencil to fall downward?
Mandy combs her hair with a plastic comb. This causes the comb to become negatively charged. Which of the following would all be attracted to the comb?
remorseful; full of regret
bitter liquid secreted by the liver and associated with choler or anger
a particular goal or aim; something that a person hopes to do or achieve
gentle; kind
a place where a sea, river, or other body of water is shallow
horses' especially high-spirted ones
to encourage someone to do or achieve something
excessive in ambition or presumption
set on value on
a person or thing that adds on to the credit or glory of a society
project or activity that involves many people and that is often difficult
catch, as in a net
an angel
agree, conjoin
Photosynthesis uses sunlight to convert water and carbon dioxide into
Most of the carbon dioxide used by plants during photosynthesis comes from
When is energy released from an ATP molecule?
The steps of respiration occur in different parts of the cell. Where in the cell does glycolysis occur?
During glycolysis, the glucose molecule is broken down in to _____
Where in the cell does the Krebs cycle occur?
Which is better at producing ATP from glucose
Which of the following correctly depicts the equation of cellular respiration?
Cells can generate as many as 36 to 38 molecules of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) from the metabolism of one molecule of glucose. Which cellular process results in this amount of ATP production?
Which of the following statements is correct regarding photosynthesis and cellular respiration?
yo pensar
tu jugar
yo decir
yo poner
before a noun primero
mal before a noun
yo ___
tu ____
nosotros ____
imperfect hablar
yo robo preterie
engaging in druken revel
hot drinks, containing milk and liquor
fluffy, soft
treats illness with physic
made foul, defiled
can be attacked violently
happy, at peace
sorrow; grief
any object valued for being unusual
yellow orange color
small dumplings, usually filled with meat and vegetables
decorated with raised ornament
flat fish found among the pacific coast
a cave like structure
rose or came forth
a person sent by a church into an area to spread its religous belief
members of a church
__________ casas hay en la avenida?
_________ dice Ud. eso?
What is the -yo form of conocer?
Carlos _____ nadar.
Los soldados ________ el país.
What is the Ud. form of reír?
What is the opposite of alguien?
What is the meaning of o...o
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
How do you solve its lenghtyness
How do you allow the computers on each LAN to talk to each other?
What is Routing information protocol?
What is command prompt?
What are the two most commonly used commands when analyzing and troubleshooting networking issues
What is tracert command?
What is Routing Information Protocol (RIP)?
Yo no fui al baile CON nadie.
Necesito comprar unos chocolates con caramelo.
Yo no estoy en CONTRA de nadie
Esta silla es DE madera.
Alex jugo ANTE todas sus admiradoras.
El baile se termina A la medianoche.
Inferior: Estamos pasando ___ el puente.
Posesión: Karina es la novia ___ Alonso.
Tema: Los libros ___ romance son un poco tontos.
Objetivo: Estudio todos los días ___ poder superarme.
In science, we often gather information with our senses by watching, listening, smelling, and touching. For example, you may record how the color of a flower changes. What is this process called?
Imagine that a scientist suggests that the size of an insect population depends on the temperature. What observations must this scientist make in order to collect evidence to support his or her hypothesis?
Scientists always develop a plan when they try to learn something about our natural world. Which sequence correctly shows the steps scientists follow in their plan?
Kyle is wondering what he is getting for his birthday. He decides to shake the box that contains his present. Kyle did not realize it, but he was acting like a scientist. What was the first step Kyle took in this situation that a scientist also takes
Scientists communicate their results by publishing their work. Why is it important for scientists to do this?
Each measuring tool is designed to measure a specific property of an object or material. Which of these tools can be used to measure the volume of a material?
Which of the following is always an important part of an experiment?
A science class went on a field trip to study the organisms that live in a stream near the school. Which of these tools would be most useful for making observations about the animals living in the stream?
Which of these is the metric unit for measuring mass?
Which of the following is not a scientific investigation?
Which of the following would be best done using repeated observation rather than an experiment?
Aaron inferred that a train was approaching rapidly based on the way the noise from the train sounded. Which other skill is Sanjay using?
Scientists usually write reports about their investigations. Why do they do this?
Which statement demonstrates the most scientific observation?
During recess, Renae scraped her knee, so the nurse put a bandage on it. Which of the following functions normally provided by skin is now being provided by the bandage?
A group of students are exploring a cave. Their flashlight's battery runs out of power. They must wait for another group to catch up with them. In the meantime, which of their senses has become nearly useless?
Manatees have whiskers. Manatees use their whiskers to sense their environment. When the whiskers touch an object, a message is sent to the manatee's brain. Which statement best describes what is happening?
In the early days of telephone use, there were no computers. To make a call, a person had to call an operator. The operator would connect two callers. The operator performed a function that is most similar to which human body part?
An ant's antennae sense temperature and pressure. Which human structure serves the same function?
Great white sharks can sense electrical impulses from great distances with a sense called electroreception. Which statement best describes the sense of electroreception?
Animals have body coverings, such as skin, to protect them from extreme temperatures and to blend in with its environment to avoid predators. Which animal has a body covering that best protects it from bites and scratches during a predator's attack?
As an arm bends, which word describes what the muscles in the arms, the Triceps and Biceps, would be doing
Fish get oxygen from water through their gills. They also use their gills to release carbon dioxide. Which organ in humans is similar to fish gills?
How do nutrients in digested food reach the bloodstream?
Which human body system is similar to a plant's vascular system?
What is the process called in which a butterfly goes from egg to larvae (caterpillar) to pupa (Chrysalis) to adult (butterfly)?
Cells in the body use nutrients and oxygen for energy. Which body system transports oxygen and nutrients throughout the body?
Which statement is true of the large blood vessel called the aorta?
Urine is a product of the urinary system. What makes up normal human urine?
Insects have a hard outer covering called an exoskeleton. Which process is a function of an insect's exoskeleton and a human's skeletal system?
When 2 balloons normally hang closely together, they do not touch. When they are rubbed with a wool cloth, what happens when the balloons are placed near one another?
If you place a shiny, new nail outside in a wet location, how will the air and water change the nail?
Balloons in Billy Bob Joe's investigation are rubbed with a wool cloth and placed next to each other. They move away from each other. What must be true of the balloons?
Silly Sally Sue is combing her hair. After a while, she notices that the comb attacts the hairs on her head. Which explanation best describes why the hairs are attracted to the comb?
When Silly Sally Sue left her bedroom, she flipped the light switch. The light bulb on her lamp stopped giving off light. What caused the light bulb to go out?
You rub 2 balloons on your hair on a dry day. Your hair is attracted to both balloons. Then, you bring the balloons near one another. How would you describe what happens to the balloons?
When an electric current runs through a doorbell buzzer, a mechanism inside vibrates back and forth and makes the doorbell work. Which energy transformation occurs when someone pushes the button on a doorbell?
Imagine you bring a negatively charged rod near a piece of metal. What happens within the metal?
Which example is an example of light energy?
When an electric current runs through a doorbell buzzer, a mechanism inside vibrates back and forth and makes the doorbell work. Which energy transformation occurs when someone pushes the button on a doorbell?
Billy Bob Joe had two toy cars. One car had a spring which he wound up before the car would move. The other car did not have a spring, but it needed a battery to work. How are the two cars different?
On a 3-pronged plug, 1 of the flat prongs carries current from the supply that enters the electrical outlet. The other returns the current to the service panel of the building. What would be a correct prediction for the purpose of the round prong?
Cayla likes to play many types of sports. During the course of a week, she goes bowling and plays soccer, baseball, and volleyball. Jane thinks the bowling ball requires the most force to move. Why would it require the most force?
The amount of friction exerted when an object moves across a surface depends on how the object and the surface rub together. For which of these surfaces will friction be greatest when a block of wood slides across it?
Mary Lou is pushing her younger brother, Steve, in his toy car. Steve gets out of the car. Steve's friend, who has more mass than he does, gets into the car. If Mary Lou wants to make the car go the same distance that it did when she pushed Steve, wh
A rock is balanced on the side of a hill. Although the rock is heavy, a gentle push moves it. How can a small force cause a large mass to move?
On two different days, two students measured the force required to hold a pair of scissors using a spring scale. How should the results compare?
Raoul threw a ball into the air and watched it go up. Then it started to fall back toward him. What force caused the ball to start to move downward?
The spring scale shown has a weight attached to it, pulling down. In this arrangement, what is the spring scale being used to measure?
Gravity is a force that pulls objects toward Earth's center. How does the gravitational force on a 1-kg block of wood compare to the gravitational force on a 5-kg block of steel, if both are on the ground?
Rosa tried to pound a large nail into a board using a small hammer. Partway into the board, the nail stopped. Rosa switched to using a heavier hammer, and the nail went into the board easily. Why did the larger hammer work?
When an unbalanced force acts on an object, the motion of the object changes. Sometimes the object continues to move at the same speed. When that happens, what is it that changes?
Why does a truck carrying a heavy load move uphill slower than an empty truck, even though the engine exerts the same force?
What is an epidemic?
When did the crusades begin?
What did NOT happen during the crusades
What did caravans to China did NOT carry?
What did caravans from China NOT bring?
What did caravans from China NOT bring?
How many people died from the plague?
What was NOT an effect of the Plague?
When did the plague hit Europe?
What was the Silk Road?
forces on charged particles create both a(n) _________________ field and a(n) ______________ field.
If electromagnetic waves carry radiant energy, the amount of energy is determined by ________________ of the wave.
Electromagnetic waves travel at a ______________ speed.
As the frequency of each wave increases, the wavelength _____________.
________________________ carry the least amount of energy.
__________________ cause electrons to vibrate off antennas.
used to transmit phone calls and heat food
Snakes can see _________________________.
transport heat energy, i.e., burning fire
can see these waves naturally
How were the lands that were once part of the Byzantine Empire added to the Islamic world?
What is an astrolab?
What did Muslims lead advances in?
What did Muslims lead advances in?
What did Muslims lead advances in?
What language spread along with Islam?
Non-Muslims were treated differently than Muslims. What were non-Muslims not able to do?
Non-Muslims were treated differently than Muslims. What were non-Muslims forced to do?
Muslims developed Algebra. What uses did Mathematics NOT have in Islamic culture?
What land did Muslims NOT conquer?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
You are troubleshooting a network connectivity problem and see the command results listed here. What command was typed to acquire these results?
You are told to determine the MAC address of a Windows computer. Which command should you use to find this information?
Proseware, Inc., needs you to decipher the command results listed here. What command was typed to acquire these results?
A co-worker asks for your help in analyzing the table shown here. What kind of table is this?
The IT director has asked you to ping a computer continuously. Which of the following is the best command to use?
You are troubleshooting a computer that cannot obtain the proper IP address from a DHCP server. Of the following commands, which should you try first?
You see the following results in the command prompt. What command did you just type?
Your boss’s computer can ping other computers, but it cannot connect to Web sites. Examine the following ipconfig results and select the best answer to explain why this has occurred.
A user cannot connect to the network. Review the ipconfig results that follow and select the best answer to explain why this has occurred.
You are troubleshooting a network connectivity problem and see the command results listed here. What command was typed to acquire these results?
Which one is NOT a terrestrial planet?
Earth is 1 AU from the Sun. 1 AU=_____________
Which planet has four Galilean Moons?
The first artificial satellite ____________ was placed into orbit around Earth by the former Soviet Union in 1957.
The moon is an example of a ________________
These planets have no solid surface and rotate relatively quickly
The planet ___________ is nearly the same size of Earth
What mission finally landed on the moon?
What year did Apollo 11 launch?
What module landed on the moon?
Saturn has rings that are how large in size?
What planet has no atmosphere and does not have a degree of tilt
Seasons on Earth are a result of __________
What takes the most amount of time?
Which best describes the shape of orbits of planets in our solar system?
Which planet has the least gravity?
The manager of IT asks you to explain to her what command issued the following results: The command typed was ?
You can't finish troubleshooting a computer before the end of the day. Results took over three minutes to acquire and he asks you not to delete them from his screen: The command that was typed to produce these results is
You need to add the IP address to the network adapter via the command line. It also needs to have a gateway address of The command you should type is
You are troubleshooting a computer that is making strange connections to the Internet on its own. The __________ command will show you the network sessions to various computers on the Internet.
Your boss wants you to download some manuals from an FTP site. He wants you to do so via the command line. The ____ command will allow you goal.
A co-worker has determined the IP address of a domain name as shown in the following results: Your co-worker typed the ____ command to acquire these results.
You are troubleshooting a server and decide to refresh the NetBIOS names. You type a command that yields the following results: You typed the _______ command.
You are simulating network traffic to a remote host. Examine the following The exact command that was issued was The results of a TCP/IP command:
You are told by your boss to empty the DNS cache of a computer and reconnect to the nearest DNS server. You need to type the
You are told to determine the MAC address of a Windows computer. Which command should you use to find this information?
Microsoft's version of a command-line interface or CLI.
A command that shows paths to remote destinations.
A command that shows paths to remote destinations.
A command used to display active TCP (or UDP) connections, as well as a host of other statistics.
A command used to display information about DNS names and their corresponding IP addresses; can be used to diagnose DNS servers.
A command to test network connectivity between two hosts.
A distance vector protocol that uses algorithms to decipher which route to send data packets.
A protocol used to transfer files between hosts.
A mode used with User Account Control (UAC) to overcome certain restrictions.
A command used in Windows to show or display IP configuration information.
A built-in command-line scripting utility that enables you to display and modify the network configurations of the local computer.
A command that can display all kinds of important networking data and allows you to configure various networking options such as services.
A link-state protocol that monitors the network for routers that have a change in their link-state, meaning whether they were turned off or on or restarted.
A command used to display active TCP (or UDP) connections, as well as a host of other statistics.
A command used to display routing tables and modify static routes on a Windows system
command used to take control of a remote computer via a command prompt.
Raul y María ___ en la oficina.
Los niños ___ a la escuela.
Yo ___ que traer galletas a la fiesta.
Jaime no ___ muy bien en la prueba.
Nosotros ____ terminar toda la tarea.
El profesor ___ como explicar el problema muy bien.
María ___ ir de vacaciones a la playa.
Mi hermano y yo no ___ lo que dijeron nuestros padres.
Tú no ___ en el coche de tu amigo.
¿Dónde ___ la sal ayer?
Anoche ___ un huracán en el estado de Florida.
What command displays the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway of the system you are currently on?
What protocol does the ping command use to test network connectivity?
What command do you use to clear the DNS cache on a local system?
What command do you use to test a system’s IPv4 protocol stack?
What command do you use to display active TCP or UDP connections?
What command clears the NetBIOS name cache table?
What command is used to display NetBIOS over TCP/IP statistics?
What command tests network connectivity while showing you each hop along the way?
What command tests network connectivity while showing you each hop along the way and the degree of packet loss?
What command do you use to connect to a FTP server to download a file?
What command do you use to connect to a remote computer so that you can execute commands?
What command can you use to connect to a mail server so that you can test SMTP?
What command do you use to display and modify the network configuration of a local computer?
What command is used to add static routes to a Windows computer?
What command do you use to display the routing table on a local system?
What command do you use to display the MAC address on a system?
What command do you use to retrieve or update your DHCP assigned configuration?
What command do you use to register the computer’s name and IP address with the nearest DNS server?
What command displays Ethernet statistics?
What option do you use to ping constantly until you stop it?
What is today’s command prompt?
What allows you to access the netsh shell?
What is a built-in command-line scripting utility that enables you to display and modify the network configurations of the l
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Radiant energy ______________ as the frequency of an electromagnetic wave increases.
The Global Positioning System is used to locate objects __ __________.
A wave transfers ________________ from one place to another.
________________ are produced by changes in the nucleus of atoms.
An electromagnetic wave is produced by a charged ______________ moving up and down.
The two parts that make up an electromagnetic wave are magnetic and electric ________________ fields.
______________________ have the lowest wave classification.
energy carried by electromagnetic waves
the range of electromagnetic waves
waves given off by almost every object
waves detectable by human eye
waves that cause sunburn
waves that can penetrate skin and muscle, but can be stopped by lead shields
waves with the highest frequency and the most penetrating power
frequencies assigned to radio stations
are used to send signals from a pager to a base station
can be used to map wildfires obscured by smoke
enables your body to produce Vitamin D
How much daily activity do experts recommend for children and teens?
Which of the following is NOT a benefit of physical activity?
Which of the following nutrients should athletes be most concerned about?
Which of the following factors contributes to overeating?
A list of foods and beverages a person consumes that can help him or her identify eating habits is a(n):
Which of the following does NOT affect a person's daily calorie need?
Experts recommend peopl to lose weight at the slow, steady rate of _____.
Hwo many calories is equal to 1 pound of fat?
Which fo the following can cause a person to be underweight?
Which eating disorder is charaterized by repeated eating binges followed by no behavior to prevent weight gain?
Which of the following would be a good suggestion for someone following a weight-loss plan?
When the energy you obtain from food is less than the energy you expend, your weight will _____.
Which of the following is an example of an aerobic activity?
How long before a sports event should an athlete consume a pregame meal?
The amount of energy the human body needs to stay alive and carry on vital processes is called:
A mathematical relationship used to evaluate body shape:
An abnormal loss of body fluids:
Abnormal eating behavior that risks physical and mental health:
The body's ability to meet physical demands:
A unit used to measure the energy value of foods:
Mechanical digestion happens in the:
Where does chemical digestion happen
When food is physically crushed and smashed, it is:
When food is broken down into nutrients (in the form of molecules), it is ____________ digestion.
When you chew your food, it is ____________ digestion
When food reacts with stomach acid, it is ______________
What would happen if your cells didn't get rid of waste?
Why do cells need nutrients?
Nutrients are absorbed from the digestive system in the:
This body part chews up food and begins digestion:
The desire for national advancement or independence
made it illegal for different races and ethnic groups to mix in South Africa
Most of the rainforest in Africa are located in the ________________ and _________________________.
An Arid grassland which borders the Sahara Desert is known as the
A desert in the southwestern part of Africa that is one of the world's driest places is the _________ Desert.
Tropic grasslands with only a few trees
The most populated city on the continent of Africa is
The largest lake in Africa is
a long period of extreme dryness and water shortages
The__________________ is an area in Tanzania famous for its wildlife preserve, huge grasslands, and patches of trees and shrubs
Another name for the Somali Peninsula is
The largest country in Africa is
The primary naming service used in Windows is ____________.
What is the resource record that translates from hostname to IP address in DNS?
_______ is a legacy naming system used to translate Computer Names/NetBIOS names to IP addresses.
What is the master time server?
What holds replica information of every object in a tree and forest?
Which group scope is meant to be used to assign permissions to a local resource?
Which group scope can contain global groups from multiple domains?
What can be used to specify how many times a user can enter a login with an incorrect password before the account is disabled?
To which of the following can a group policy not be directly applied?
What authorizes a user to perform certain actions on a computer?
The file that is used to resolve hostnames to IP addresses is
The resource record used in DNS to resolve IP address to hostnames is
The ______ automatically assigns IP addresses and other IP configuration to a host.
_______ is a popular directory service with objects in a logical hierarchical manner.
The ______ are roles that provide certain functions that can only be handled by one domain controller.
A(n)______ is used to organize the objects within a domain.
Printers, users, and computers are examples of _______in Active Directory.
The local security database found on a member server is known as the
A collection or list of users is known as
The ________ built-in group is used to create, delete, and modify user accounts and groups.
Which scientist is known for creating the Continental Drift Theory?
What was the name of the supercontinent that existed millions of years ago?
The theory that all continents were once joined together and have since drifted apart is called the
A trace or remain of an ancient organism that is preserved in rock is called a(n)
Which piece of evidence does NOT support the Continental Drift Theory?
Which was the reason that the Continental Drift Theory was rejected by scientists?
How would continental drift affect a continents climate?
What does the term Pangaea mean?
Which was actual evidence for the Continental Drift Theory?
What was the most unfortunate part of the the Continental Drift Theory?
A collection is two or more trees.
A site and domain controllers are the physical aspects of the network.
A member server is running Active Directory domain services.
Higher domain and forest functional levels will enhance the functionality of Active Directory.
Active Directory is closely tied to DNS.
How many types of user accounts are there?
In what order are group policies applied?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Properties, like color and odor are
A substance that can not be broken into anything smaller is an
The smallest particle of an element
a change in size, shape or state without changing identity
This occurs when one substance is dissolved in another so that the properties are the same throughout
The atomic number of an element tells
Scientists have determined that the structure of atoms haven't changed in over 200 years.
These are found in the nucleus with no charge
These are found in the nucleus with a positive charge
These have a negative charge in an atom
These conduct electricity
He put together the periodic table
How many states of matter do we learn
These have properties of metals and nonmetals
being above or beyond what is natural
of or relating to a king or queen
to cause to go quickly
to or toward this place
slows the movement
most extreme
having a sharp point or edge
cover with a that is put over the coffine
Which of Africa's major rivers is located in central Africa?
Why is the government of Kenya concerned with desertification and deforestation?
What was the dominant religion in the Ottoman Empire.
Which religion do MOST people in Southwest Asia practice?
The government of Iran today is based upon shari'ah, or Islamic law. Which term BEST describes a government based upon religion?
The Strait of Hormuz connects the Persian Gulf with the
Which sect of Islam believes that its leader should be a direct descendant of Muhammad?
In Africa, desertification leads to
Using you knowledge of geography of the African continent, which is the country MOST LIKELY to have a trading influence on the Red Sea?
Seasonal weather patterns determine when farmers in Southern Asia will receive enough rainfall to grow crops. At what time of year might they expect to receive this much-needed water?
Which major Asian river, besides the Brahmaptutra , flows into the Bay of Bengal?
What religion started in India and spread to Eastern Asia?
Which nation in Southern and Eastern Asia is made up of many islands?
The waterway that forms a border between Jordan to the east and Israel and the West Bank to the west is the
What has helped Israel be so successful in increasing agricultural production?
Which is the greatest danger of the African savanna?
In which country do most Ashanti live?
What is the significance of the Golden Stool for the Ashanti people?
What does the word Swahili mean in Arabic?
Which bodies of water are connected by the Strait of Hormuz?
كمية الطاقة الصوتية التي تحملها الموجة التي تعبر مساحة محددة خلال ثانية واحدة تسمى
الصوت الذي سعته أكبر يكون
يتم التمييز بين شدة الأصوات المختلفة من خلال مستوى شدتها والذي يقاس بوحدة
عدد الاهتزازات التي ينتجها الجسم في الثانية الواحدة
خاصية للصوت تعتمد على تردد موجاته الواصلة للأذن وهي تميز بين الأصوات المرتفعة من الأصوات الغليظة
موجات الصوت تنتقل عبر
تردد الموجة يقاس بوحدة
موجات الصوت موجات
يستطيع الإنسان عادة سماع الأصوات التي يكون ترددها
الصوت العالي يحمل
What are the two different types of cells?
What is the function of the vacuole in a cell?
Which cellular edge/border is a lipid bi-layer?
What two parts make up the lipid bi-layer of the cell membrane?
15. Which event will have the biggest impact on the stability of the pond community?
A student sets up a compost bin outdoors. Inside the bin bacteria convert the student’s vegetable and paper scraps into rich fertilizer. Which of the following best describes the role that these bacteria play in natural habitats?
Which two body systems would help a rabbit outrun a pursuing coyote?
As ecosystems move through the stages of succession, the populations of organisms in them change. Which of the following describes the stage of succession likely to have the most species diversity?
Which of the following statements regarding the nitrogen cycle is correct?
A biological supply company is advertising the synthesis of a new compound. Scientists note that when the compound is added to a particular chemical reaction, the reaction rate increases dramatically. The compound is likely a--
Enzyme function is often compared to a lock and key. The model helps explain the importance of which property of an enzyme?
Which group of organelles is directly responsible for the production of new molecules within a cell?
Which cellular process takes place in the ribosomes that are bound to the endoplasmic reticulum?
When there is a lower concentration of water outside of a plant cell rather than inside a plant cell, what will happen?
Why is Huang He River known as China's Sorrow?
What is the Japanese national religion?
Seasonal winds, or monsoons, across southern Asia affect economic production. When might the agricultural industry expect to receive needed rainfall to plant ccrops?
The Indo-Gangetic Plain is one of the most densely populated regions of the wold. In which country is it located?
Which of the following is NOT one of the three major religions that originated in Southwest Asia?
The Mekong Delta played an important part in American military history in the 1960s. Which two countries of Southern and Eastern Asia does the Mekong flow through?
Africa's tropical grasslands, home to an amazing variety o f wildlife, are known as
Why is Africa affected by the AIDS epidemic more than the other continents?
What is a community of people sharing ancestry, customs, and language know as?
All of these countries are considered members of the Pacific Rim EXCEPT?
What major problem do the people of Bangladesh face with the arrival of the summer monsoons?
Which country lies directly west of Afghanistan?
The strip of semi-arid land south of the Sahara Desert is known as the
What one problem chemical fertilizers cause for farmers?
Why is Confucianism considered a philosophy instead of a religion?
Which is Confucius' Gold Rule?
How did Confucianism come to play an important role in Chinese society?
What did Confucius believe were the keys to social order and peace?
In which country was Confucianism founded?
How do believers in Shinto practice their religion?
Evolution is defined as any change in heritable traits within a population across generations
All living things are capable of reproduction.
DNA is duplicated and passed down to future generations
DNA contains coded information on how to build YOU!
When DNA is being copied, errors can occur and this can be referred to as a DNA mutation.
DNA mutations can produce variation in the body shape and function of an organism who inherits the DNA.
All dogs evolved from an ancestor called grey wolves.
All living things share a common ancestor.
Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace discovered that a breeder is not needed.
Another force, known as natural selection, is capable of guiding random evolution to produce order and complex function.
Electromagnetic waves are made up of two force fields:
The energy carried by an electromagnetic wave is called ____________ energy.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
showing luminous (bright, shining) colors that seem to change from different angles
of a dull or grayish brown color
become or cause to become bent or twisted out of shape
a series of words said as a magic spell or charm
What was considered major genocide?
Who led the United States through the war?
What began WWII?
The Atlantic Charter established goals for the postwar world and was signed by __________________________.
Japan first seized parts of ______________________.
Germany defeated _________________.
What pulled the U. S. out of the Great Depression?
Executive Order 9066 ___________________________________.
In 1988, Congress Approved Compensation of losses in the amount of $20,000 for ___________________________.
_________________________ were also placed in internment camps.
The Battle of Midway prevented ____________________________.
The Nazi campaign included which inferior people:
Fascism consists of which of the following part(s):
Before WWII, where were Jews sent?
The Germans were confronted with which of the following in the Soviet Union:
Class struggles and workers uniting has to do with which of the following:
Cold War tensions occurred between what two countries?
The Yalta Conference had to do with which of the following:
What was the outcome of WWII for Japan?
Who became the Super Powers following the war?
Who was the leader of the Soviet Union during WWII?
What kind of government did the Soviet Union have?
Who was the leader of the Italy?
What was the party in power in Italy?
Who was leader of Germany?
What were the Neutrality Acts?
What the party in power in Germany?
In 1937, Japan went to war with __________________.
In 1938, Germany violated the ______________________ by annexing Austria.
In August 1939, Hilter and Stalin signed the Nazi-Soviet Pact in which they agreed to
What was Chamberlain's policy toward Germany?
Who was the prime minister at beginning of war leading Britain?
Who were the Nato-nations?
Who were the Warsaw Pact nations?
Who was the second prime minister for Britain?
After WWII, countries are divided into what two types?
How did the war end with Japan?
A date which will live in infamy, referred to the bombing of _____________________.
Who said, A date which will live in infamy, ?
Which event leads us to shift from isolationism?
Having the most up-to-date web browser can:
Which is an example of malware?
Which can be a consequence of overusing technology?
People might have a problem with technology if:
The strongest password would include:
The HTTPS, Secure Socket Layer, or SSL helps to
What can an online predator do with your personal information?
True or False: A virus that arrives in spam could wipe your entire hard drive.
True or False: Using a social networking site's default privacy settings is the safest way to go.
Which of the following can you be in danger of overusing?
According to cell theory, which statement is correct?
In order to maintain homeostasis, what structure helps to regulate the material that may enter or leave the cell?
Which organelle is present in the cells of a mouse but not present in the cells of a bean plant?
A cell that has no nucleus. This cell would be called a ______
Which of the following is a characteristic of a prokaryotic and a eukaryotic cell
Which of these structures sorts proteins into packages and packs them for storage in the cell or release outside of the cells?
After a cell was treated with a certain chemical, the ribosomes stopped functioning. Predict which cell activity will be immediately affected by this change in ribosome function.
Site of nutrient and water storage inside the cell
Responsible for photosynthesis in autotrophic organisms
Provides support for the cells of plants, fungi, and bacteria
Eliminating an organism from an ecosystem would have which of the following effects
Which is an example of primary succession?
How much energy is transferred within one trophic level of the energy pyramid.
Which organisms helps to reduce overpopulation in a deer herd?
A hook worm is a parasite that feeds off its host organism, this is an example of a ______________.
A lichen is composed of two organisms, a fungus and a cyanobacterium. The fungus provides nutrients to the cyanobacterium. The cyanobacterium provides food to the fungus. This relationship an example of ?
What is the best explanation of why the numbers of organisms at each trophic level decrease from the bottom of the pyramid to the top?
One organism benefits and the other neither benefits nor is harmed
Secondary succession begins with _______
A native species and a non-native species are competing for resources within the same ecosystem. The non-native species is more likely to survive than the native species in which of the following situations?
of times long past
anything that joins or connects, as a loop of a chain does
learned people; people having much knowledge
one who searches or tries to find
a building used for the service or worship of a god or gods
to change from one language into another
victory; success
to make known; reveal; expose
of times long past
learned people; people having much knowledge
The amount of matter in an object is
You measure mass in
The amount of space in an object is
To measure volume in a solid you use
To measure the volume of a liquid you use
How can you find the density of an object
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
silent - quiet
chat - talk
produce - produce
strange - odd
remember - forget
bass - bass
middle - center
famished - hungry
blend - combine
عندما تتحرك الموجة فهي
حركة دقائق المادة إلى الأمام وإلى الخلف في اتجاه عمودي على اتجاه انتشار الموجة تسبب
حركة دقائق المادة إلى الأمام وإلى الخلف في اتجاه انتشار الموجة نفسها
موجات الضوء والراديو والأشعة السينية , جميعها أمثلة على
المسافة بين قمتين متتاليتين أوقاعين متتاليين هي
عدد الأطوال الموجية التي تعبر نقطة محددة خلال ثانية
بزيادة المسافة بين القمة والقاع تزداد
الموجات التي تكون فيها التضاغطات أكثر تقاربا والتخلخلات أكثر تباعدا بعضها عن بعض
إن الاهتزاز الذي يولد الموجات ينقل إليها
تعتمد سرعة الموجة على
The LEFT SIDE view consists of:
The REAR view consists of:
Another term for ORTHOGRAPHIC DRAWING is:
The FRONT view consist of:
The FRONT TO BACK dimension of an object is known as the:
The TOP view consists of:
The TOP VIEW is normally placed above the:
The number of ORTHOGRAPHIC views provided by the planes of a box is:
ORTHOGRAPHIC PROJECTION is a system that allows you to make:
HIDDEN lines are indicated by:
Hardened tree sap is called ___________________.
Fossilized dinosaur poop is called ________________________.
Which rock layer is always the oldest?
The study of fossils is called_______________________
What is the type of Fossil Dating that uses rock layers?
Fossils are most commonly found in ____________________________.
Fossils can be preserved in
How many grams are left of a 20 gram sample of a radioactive isotope after 2 half lives?
The half life of Carbon-14 is 5600 years. How much would be left of a 50 gram sample after 11,200 years?
The half life of Carbon-14 is 5600 years. How much would be left of a 100 gram sample after 5600 years?
Digital native's brains are wired differently.
We need to change the way we teach to digital natives.
We don't need to change the way we teach, the students should adapt to our style of teaching/learning.
Student centered learning starts with a 25 minute lecture at the beginning of class.
One strength digital native students have is?
Students are good at information seeking, but often lack the ability to apply the information effectively.
Generally speaking, the best way to teach digital natives is with visuals and hands-on activities.
Digital Natives are emotionally more stable than prior generations.
One way you can start creating student driven lessons is-
A good mindset for teachers is-I've always done it this way, so why change it.
Something curved in shape
An animal doctor
To become a fossil or fossil like
Compared to shiny metal
To impress on a hard surface
Showing suspicion or fear
The neck of a shovel
The chief of the camp
To raise and contract the shoulders
A device used to record sound
What is the first thing Stanley found that might be “interesting?”
Which boy is Stanley supposed to give his findings to?
What was the name of the boy who used to bully Stanley at school?
What scene did Stanley play in his head over and over while he dug his hole?
What does Stanley and the other boys do after they finish digging each hole?
Stanley used to think he wanted to work for the _____________.
What was glistening in the dirt pile by Stanley's hole?
What initials were engraved inside of it?
Why did X-Ray 'snap' at Stanley?
What did Mr. Pendanski try to argue about with the Warden?
What is the kickoff point for the Great Depression?
What closed for four days during FDR's presidency?
Shantytowns built by the homeless were called?
Relief, Recovery, and _______________.
New Deal programs were meant to:
All of the following led to the stock market crash, except:
Why was President Hoover criticized most by American people?
All of the following helped due to the New Deal except:
Which North Carolina industry was affected MOST?
How will American COMPLETELY recover from The Great Depression?
to use gestures instead of speaking to emphasize one’s words
a smothered or half-suppressed laugh
not openly acknowledged or displayed
to react angrily or defensively
provoking loud laughter; very funny
the conclusion that can be drawn from something, although it is not explicitly stated
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Sports can be an important part of students' lives. In today's world, it is necessary that young people have the opportunity to be a member of an organization that teaches responsibility and self-discipline. The author's point of view is that-
Sean's intense fear of snakes drove him to reject the senior high biology trip to the Davis Mountains. Sean didn't go on the trip because -
The small, country bungalow was quiet and peaceful even when all the windows and doors were open. Bungalow means -
Jane had four dollars. She spent one at the card shop. Later in the day Mary asked her if she wanted to go to the movies. Jane asked how much does the ticket cost? Mary said five dollars. You can conclude that -
Juanita, Susie, and Mia are unloading suitcases from the back of the airport van. Susie collects their tickets and goes to the check-in counter. Tomorrow the three girls will be basking in the sunshine of Hawaii. A conclusion you can make
It was only a few seconds between the time that the young mother was holding her child's hand and the time that the sudden rush of the crowd had broken her grip with the child. At the moment her child was swept away, the mother felt -
The snow made the road impassable, so we had to turn around and go back home. Impassable means -
2 + 4 =
4 + 12 =
7 + 7 =
8 + 8 + 4 =
14 + 6 =
20 - 5 =
13 + 6 =
9 + 9 =
3 + 6 + 8 =
5 + 7 + 8 =
What is the relationship between waves, energy and matter?
What are the two ways in which wave behavior can be described?
How is sound produced?
How are differences of wavelength perceived on the electromagnetic spectrum?
Which narrow range of the electromagnetic spectrum is detected by the human eye?
What determines whether light is absorbed or reflected by an object?
Which characteristics of a sound wave determine its pitch and loudness?
Through which state of matter do sound waves travel the fastest and why?
How are light waves different from P-waves and sound waves?
How do the lungs vocal cords, and larynx work together to produce sound?
How do optical illusions occur?
How do the brain and ear work together to process sound waves?
The temperature is 9 degrees on Tuesday. On Wednesday the temperature was -5 degrees. Which was the difference in temperatures between Tuesday and Wednesday?
Which is equivalent to 12 + - 8?
Which is equivalent to -7 - 3?
Which is equivalent to -4 - (-3)?
Which is equivalent to -35 / -7
Which is equivalent to -30 (6)?
Jill is playing a board game in which she either wins or loses points. Jill's scores are as follows: Turn 1: 16 points, Turn 2: -9 points, Turn 3: -12 points, Turn 4: 15 points. What is Jill's total score after four turns?
Josh has $454. He spends $13 on lunch, $45 on a credit card bill and $37 on gas. He then receives $25 for walking a neighbors dog. How much does he have?
Select the statement that is ALWAYS true:
-3 (4) + -12
How do you say in Spanish friendly?
How do you say in Spanish careless?
How do you say in Spanish weird?
How do you say in Spanish proud?
How do you say in Spanish cheerful?
How do you say in Spanish shy?
How do you say in Spanish mean?
How do you say in Spanish honest?
How do you say in Spanish generous?
How do you say in Spanish crazy?
Me gusta almorzar en
Como muchas verduras. Quiero_______.
___________trae el menu.
De postre como________.
Despues del almuerzo, necesito______ para la camarera.
Isabel ________trabajar en el resturante los fines de semana.
Yo_________volver al teatro de vez en cuando.
los chicos ________dormir cuando estan cansados.
Nosotros no _________comer bistec todos los dias.
Yo _________ un refresco.
cuando quiero ir a pie, casi siempre voy en autobus.
la comida en un resturante no cuesta.
Siempre compro entradas en la vantilla.
El plato principal esta debajo de la mesa.
De vez en cuando hay conciertosen el parque.
Indicate the word that does not belong with the others in each group.
Indicate the word that does not belong with the others in each group.
Indicate the word that does not belong with the others in each group.
Indicate the word that does not belong with the others in each group.
Indicate the word that does not belong with the others in each group.
Which types of pollution causes acid rain?
Which of the following can rapidly affect Earth's surface?
Over time how do you think the waves will change rocks on a beach?
What is the best way to describe a valley with deep sides?
Which of the following does not affect the movement of sediment along the ocean shore?
What is the mountain range that runs beneath the ocean?
A large area where plates move away from each other, forming a series of fractures and faults is called
A barrier island
What is the cause of the tides?
Which of these is where fresh water meets salt water?
Which of the following resources can help prevent erosion?
Why might a beach house be built on stilts, high in the air?
Abyssal plains, trenches, and rift valleys are all examples of
Which is an important factor of the chemical weathering of rock?
What is the deepest part of the ocean?
What is the flattest area of the ocean floor?
Deposition is
Which is a complete food chain?
What is an organism that lives in or on another organism and benefits while the organism other organism is hurt?
Which of the following does a plant cell have that an animal cell does not?
Which ecosystem contains sparse vegetation and mostly sand and rocks?
If there is a deer population living in the woods and there is a diseases that kills many of the deer, what will happen?
Which of the following best describes the organisms within an ecosystem that belong to the same species?
What animal might compete for the same food as a snake in the desert?
What is a biotic factor in the forest?
What is an abiotic factor in the forest?
The vacuole of a cell
Why can a prairie support more organisms than a desert?
What is not an example of a decomposer?
Which is the best prediction of what might happen if the organism at the center of a food web completely disappeared and the animals that depended on it were not able to find an alternative food source?
succeed - fail
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
An image is produced in a mirror because light from an object that strikes a mirror –
Students conducted an investigation in which they let the same car roll down the same ramp in three different locations in their school with three different floor types, as shown below. Which of the following questions was this investigation most lik
Students are investigating the forces that act on a wagon as it rolls down a hill. Which of the following would be the best way for students to determine how the mass of the wagon affects the speed it rolls down the hill?
Which of the following supplies the energy that drives the water cycle on Earth?
Water droplets form on the outside of an ice cold can of soda. The process is called...
what are the steps in order that form a sedimentary rock?
what must you have in order for coal to form?
What is a tsunami?
India mainly uses its land for farming and growing products. India's main land usage is...
Southwest Asia’s (aka the Middle east- Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia etc) major resources include
Who was Mahatma Gandhi?
Why is the United States and the Asian region concerned about North Korea?
What was the impact of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan during World War II
The majority of people in South Asia work in what part of the economy?
What agricultural product/crop is the most important in Southeast Asia?
Why did Chinese rulers create the Great Wall, which stretched across many parts of the country?
The last two decades has seen explosive growth in factories and automation across Asia. What is this process called?
Which of the follow is an example of cultural diffusion from Asia?
What impact did the Three Gorges Dam have on the human population of China?
What is significant about the location of the nations that suffered the greatest losses?
The United States invaded this country in 2003 and removed the dictator- Saddam Hussein.
What country in Southwest Asia (the Middle East) is experiencing a bloody civil war?
From 1975-1979 this extreme communist group committed a genocide against the people of Cambodia.
The simliarities between the conflicts in Iraq and Syria is that
North Vietnam and South Vietnam were divided between what type of governments?
Bashar al Assad and his brutal regime are an example of what type of government?
Students that marched and protested in Tiananmen Square in China were protesting
How many baby hummingbirds does it take to weigh as much as a paperclip?
How long does it take the baby bird to leave the nest after hatching?
What are some factors that cause hummingbirds to migrate?
Hummingbirds migrate during the peak of flower production
What are the hummingbirds searching for most of the time?
Why type of hummingbird holds the record for the most distance traveled during migration?
It is possible for the same bird to come back to the same feeder on the same day every year.
Why do the Ruby-throated Hummingbirds follow the Yellow-bellied Sap Suckers north into Canada
How many miles and how many hours does it take for the Ruby-throated Hummingbird to fly nonstop over the Gulf of Mexico to get to Central America?
Which bird flies south in the fall first, the male of the females?
Why is it a good thing that the hummingbirds migrate alone?
The the male and female Ruby-throated hummingbirds look the same?
What causes the hummingbird feathers to change colors?
What is the word that describes the bright color of their feathers?
If the light does not strike the plumage, the birds may look dreary and drab and almost impossible to identify.
When light is split into various colors it is called
Hummingbird feathers are different than other bird feathers because of their
John James Audubon called hummingbirds
Hummingbirds move their wings in a
Hummingbird have rigid wing bones that do not bend
Hummingbirds will do this to creatures 100 times their size
The hummingbird from this country is the smallest in the world at 2 inches.
The average lifespan of a hummingbird is
A cultural name for a hummingbird
The largest hummingbird come from this region and is 8.6 inches long
This affects the color of the hummingbird
This many species of hummingbird can be found in the United States
Hummingbirds weigh this much.
This part of the hummingbird can rotate 360 degrees
This body part is small and isn't needed much
Male hummingbirds put on daring air shows to
Hummingbirds use these items to build their nests
Hummingbirds build their nests near their food source
How many eggs do hummingbirds typically lay?
Hummingbirds use spider silk to make their nests because
Hummingbirds will make a nest in a birdhouse
Female hummingbirds are drab colored because
Hummingbirds do this with their nests year after year
Hummingbird eggs are the size of
This is how long it takes a hummingbird egg to hatch
Don't beat around the bush anymore.
Let's wait until all this blows over.
It's an enjoyable way to break the ice.
We must never cut corners on safety.
Dan got cold feet at the last minute.
I'm totally ready to hit the hay.
He's sick of playing second fiddle.
That attitude makes them see red!
Okay, it's time to throw in the towel.
That movie was really for the birds.
Hummingbirds flap their wings this many times per second
Ruby-throated hummingbirds can fly how many miles per hour?
This much of the hummingbird's chest cavity is muscle
Hummingbirds have thin coats and that is why they go South in the Fall.
When hummingbirds sleep they
A typical hummingbird's heart beats at
During torpor the hummingbird's heart beats at
Hummingbirds can fly in any direction
Hummingbirds have a tongue that looks like a
A hummingbird's tongue is about how long?
These creatures live inside a hummingbird's beak
Hummingbirds can hop along on the ground
This is the order of classification Linnaeus developed:
We still use the classification system Carl von Linnaeus devised in the 1700's
Carl von Linnaeus was born
Nomenclature is the study of
Carl von Linnaeus was from this country
Linnaeus named himself after a tree
Taxonomy, or _______ is a word we use to describe how scientists classify living things.
Who invented the classification system we still use today?
The letter was accidentally burned in the fireplace, and the key to the mystery was lost forever. The effect stated in this sentence is -
The toy had a defect that kept it from working properly. Defect means -
Mary was sweet, but she was intentionally quiet. Her coy smile was supposed to let you know that she didn't like to be the center of attention. Coy means -
Answers by Educators Question Database
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Extreme phenotypes are favored in ____________ selection.
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