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The Babylonians conquered Mesopotamia and created a(n)
The Phoenicians made the following advancements for the region
The army of Sargon defeated all the city-states of Sumer and developed the first _________.
Sumerian city centers were dominated by __________.
Sumerian __________ could be important religious leaders.
__________ played a major role in Sumerian society.
Which of the following is NOT a Sumerian achievement or advancement?
All matter is made of extremely small particles called ______________.
At the center of every atom lies a small, dense ______________ that is positively charged.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which of these best describes the composition of a nebula such as the Crab Nebula?
Which of the following planets has the fastest orbital velocity?
Which sequence correctly lists the relative sizes from smallest to largest?
Photography of the surface of Mars reveal the presence of shifting sand dunes.
What separates the inner planets from the outer planets?
Very old Lunar craters still exist; however, those on Earth have been erased. Why?
What causes the seasons on Earth?
Why does the same side of the Moon always face Earth?
The gravitational pull of the Moon is the main cause of the
Which statement provides evidence that Earth revolves around the Sun?
dull, boring, unoriginal
hermitlike, practicing self denial
to waver back and forth; indecisive
short lived; not lasting
a lot; flowing; extravagant
instructive; intended to teach
sure of an uproven idea; arrogantly claming that something is beyond dispute
to laugh at
practical; down to earth
respect; courtesy; submission to another's will
unadorned; stern; without much money
conscious choice
different; incompatible
to belittle; say uncomplimentary things about someone
dull; unimaginative piece of writing (book, speech, report, etc)..
If you are undecided about which college to attend, you might _____________ about which one to select.
Our of ____________________ to his parents, he decided to attend church with them each Sunday.
The monks lived ________________ lifestyles, denying themselves material posessions such as computers, cars, and fancy clothes.
The professor shared his _________________ idea with his collegues, even though they knew his nuclear formula would never work.
The Smartboard is a ___________________ tool that teachers use to deliver quality instruction.
Which star can be used to find direction in the northern hemisphere?
The North Star, Polaris, can be located by first finding
Which observation provides the best evidence that Earth revolves around the Sun?
If a star is located directly overhead, where is it found on the star map we used?
The sky is divided into ___ constellations.
We see stars, such as Betelgeuse, in different locations depending on the time of night
Because the Earth spins, we see stars
The motion of the stars that you see over several weeks or months is due to
A constellation is best viewed when
Which constellation is named after a mythological hunter?
Which planets are best described as revolving faster, rotating slower, having smaller mass and fewer satellites
Which planet is closest to the Sun and has the greatest temperature extremes?
Which planet is called Earth's twin, has out of control Greenhouse Effect, no moons and and evidence of recent volcanic and tectonic activity?
Which planet has polar ice caps, Olympus mons, Valles Marineris and appears red from iron oxide in weathered rocks?
Which planet has the lowest density, would float on water, stunning ring system and the moon Titan?
Which planet has an axis of rotation that is parallel with the plane of its orbit?
Which planet has the Great Dark Spot and the volcanically active moon named Triton?
Which is the largest, most massive planet with a storm, the Great Red Spot, and the Moon, Io that is volcanically active?
A small, very cold, icy world that is sometimes closer to the Sun than Neptune describes
Which planet is known to be positioned just right in the Solar System to make life possible?
What food group would potatoes be placed in?
What food group would bananas be placed in?
What food group would milk be placed in?
Which of the following is considered a fat/lipid?
What food group would eggs be placed in?
What food group would cheese be placed in?
Which is a protein?
Which is not considered a main food group?
What food group would corn be placed in?
What food group would butter be placed in?
Which of the following is/was NOT a form of laws and rules?
Which of the following is NOT a basic purpose of government?
Which of the following is an example of ensuring domestic tranquility?
Which of the following is NOT a service of the national government?
Which of the following is not part of an executive branch?
The Legislative branch does all of the following except:
Why do we have three branches of government?
Which of the following is an example of freedom of speech?
How does the government ensure the freedom to free education?
Which of the following is NOT a responsibility of all citizens?
Before the civil war, farmers in the south felt that they needed to move west so they could grow cotton in larger amounts. Their idea of the amount of land in the south is an example of:
Bobby had ten dollars and wanted to get a football and a new helmet. He saw that he didn't have enough money for both and only bought the football. The helmet is an example of:
During the Industrial Revolution many factories were taking the place of handmade goods. These cottage industries were going out of business because their _______ wasn't as fast.
The invention of the steam engine and its application in steam boats increased the ability to _______ goods faster and to more places.
At times of war many nations are forced to use all of their resources for military supplies. This scarcity of resources makes everyday living difficult for most:
One example of a service industry is:
All of the following are examples of natural resources except for:
Most coffee consumed in the U.S. is produced in South America becuase it can be grown easier and better. This is an example of the United States' ____________ on South America
The national government collects taxes in order to:
One service a bank does not provide is:
Which of these is NOT a way to make heat?
Which of these is NOT an inherited trait?
Which of the following is NOT something plant roots do?
Which would NOT help you identify a mineral?
Which is NOT a feature of the weather?
Which is NOT a basic need of most plants?
Which behavior is NOT learned?
Which statement about a closed circuit is NOT true?
Which natural event does NOT cause a slow change to the earth's surface?
Which property do scientists NOT consider a property of soil?
What causes seasonal change?
The moon glows because
All of the following are used to reduce soil erosion EXCEPT
Soil contains all of the following EXCEPT
The area where two air masses meet is called
Which of the following statements is true?
Weather generally moves from
Which of these can change the earth's surface most quickly?
The movement of the earth's plates is the leading cause of
Weathering is the
Answers by Educators Question Database
This phenomenon occurs when waves are bent around a barrier or travel through an opening.
An opera singer who shatters glass while singing is an example of which interaction of sound?
Who is the author?
Which describes James King?
Which describes Sandra Petrocelli
which describes Lorelle Henry
which describes jose delgado
which describes Asa Briggs
which describes detective karyl
which describes detective williams
which describes Dr. James Moody
which describes Mr. Harmon
which describes Mrs. Harmon
which describes Alguinaldo Besbitt
which describes Steve Harmon
which describes salvatore zinzi
which describes dorothy moore
which describes sunset
which describes Jerry Harmon
which describes osvaldo cruz
which describes kathy O'brien
which describes richard BOBO evans
Which of the following is multicellular?
An infectious disease is usually:
Which of the following statements is TRUE?
Which of the following is NOT considered an infectious disease?
Isolation is sometimes used to prevent the spread of an infectious disease. A tradeoff associated with isolation is that:
What do humans and plants have in common?
The germ theory of disease refers to the idea that:
You decide to use only the highest power objective to examine microbes under the microscope. A tradeoff of your decision is that:
To culture microbes, you do NOT need:
One of the most effective ways you can prevent the spread of infectious disease is to:
If you have a cold and sneeze on your hand, the best way to get rid of the cold viruses on your hand is to
AIDS is a disease of the immune system, which means that it is caused by a virus that primarily affects:
A microscope allows a person to see objects that are not visible to the human eye because the objects are too:
You look at a microbe through a microscope, which has an eyepiece that magnifies 10X and an objective that magnifies 4X. What is the total magnification of the microbe?
Which system of the human body protects it from invading microbes?
Antibiotics can be used to kill:
Where are there large areas of asteroids?
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are made up of ___.
What planet is the sixth planet from the Sun and has rings or bands around it?
What is an asteroid?
What is the 5th planet in our solar system and the largest planet in our solar system?
What is methane?
What is a dwarf planet?
What is a comet?
What does methane do to Neptune?
Uranus is the __ planet from the Sun?
What are the names of the inner planets in order?
What are the names of the outer planets in order?
What are some astronomers calling dwarf planets?
What are comets made of?
What are the planets in our solar system in order?
What are rivers in the Canadian Shield important for?
In what year did Canada establish its own constitution?
Who is Canada's head of government?
Why type of government does Canada have?
What two areas does the Canadian government control in its mixed market economy?
What was the first permanent French settlement in the New World?
Which two European countries fought over Canada?
Who lived mostly in Upper Canada?
Which province started an independence movement to secede from Canada?
Who was the first European explorer to discover Canada?
Which of the following is an example of a perceptual region?
Which of these factors best explains why the Amazon basin is a region?
Which of the following is a benefit of the GPS system?
Which of the following pieces of information provide the most accurate update of a specific location?
Which of the following accurately describes a functional region?
Which of the following physical factors define a region?
Popular views of the Sahara desert make it what type of region?
An area that has one or two features that set it apart from other areas is called what?
The following four factors, Climate, Political Units, Vegetation, and Language make up what
Which of the following theories best explains why Native Americas and Asians have a similar DNA sequence?
Which person is associated with the Mississippi Bubble?
In which treaty did France secretly give the Louisiana colony to Spain?
What was so valuable in the Ohio River Valley that led to the French and Indian War?
Who was sent to put down the Rebellion of 1768?
Who was the first Spanish governor of Louisiana?
After the French and Indian War, the British kicked the Acadians out of ...
In what cultural region did the Acadians settle?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Features that are inherited from one's parents are called
In which part of a plant does photosynthes occur?
All of the following animals are invertebrates EXCEPT
Which of the following organisms maintain a constant internal body temperature?
Which of the following is an adaptation you might find in a predator?
Reptiles include all of the following EXCEPT
Most behaviors help an animal
An ecosystem includes
Which statement about changes in ecosystems is true?
What has a beaver inherited that will enable it to build dams?
Heat energy moves in predictable ways, flowing from
When light passes from one substance to another it
Mass is defined as
Gravity, magnetism, and friction are examples of
In which of the following materials are the molecules closest together?
In which type of electric circuit are there many paths for electrons to flow?
If you hold a magnet's north pole to another magnet's north pole, what will happen?
Which material is opaque?
What happens when light hits a smooth surface?
Sound waves travel fastest through
Some antibiotics cause digestive side effects. These side effects are the result of
Which of the following is found in both cells and viruses?
Which of the following will cause an increase in a predator population?
An oakworm caterpillar feeds on the leaves of an oak tree. this type of interaction
Students measure the time it takes 4 solutions to pass through a hole in a cup. What\'s being measured?
Which of these are composed of 2 or more different substances chemically combined in a definite ratio?
Which of these is an example of a chemical change?
What characteristic of water remains the same no matter what is dissolved in it?
The primary way liquids and gases transmit heat is by the process of
What is the current in a copper wire with a resistance of 2 ohms and is connected to a 9 volt source?
What type of government developed from Marxism?
What army did Mao Zedong\'s Red Army defeat?
What individual started the People's Republic of China?
Name of the program that Mao started in hopes of helping the Chinese economy.
What happened during Mao's Cultural Revolution?
Where did Chinese protestors go to demand democracy and an end to government corruption?
What is the name of the large dam that was built of the Chang Jiang River in China?
What is the literacy rate in China?
What is the haze (pollution) that covers eastern China?
Who really controls the government in China?
Swimmers can foat more easily in ocean water than freshwater. The most likely reason is that the
What is the mass of a 500 ml sample of seawater with a density of 1.025 g/ml?
An unknown powder has a constant melting point and doesn't chemically separate into other substances
Rust forms on an iron pipe after prolonged exposure to humid air. What type of change is this?
What are the coefficients that will balance PbO2 yields PbO + O2
The structure of pure water makes it a good
Which bike rider has the greatest momentum?
All the following are in DNA except
Ultraviolet radiation can cause mutations in the DNA of skin cells. Why won't it effect offsprings ?
Single celled organisms from pond water with a nucleus and either cilia or flagella belong to
What was the earliest known culture of prehistoric people in Georgia?
Who were the most advanced prehistoric people in Georgia?
Name the two largest Indian tribes in colonial Georgia
What explorer traveled through Georgia in 1540 looking for gold?
According to the Charter of 1732, Georgia was established and belonged to whom?
Oglethorpe and his men fought what country in the "War of Jenkin's Ear" and the Battle of Bloody Marsh?
Since Georgia was governed by a board of trustees, it was a _______colony.
Who was Georgia's first governor?
What was a result of the French and Indian War?
Georgia's first capial was _________
When did Georgia become a royal colony?
What act placed a tax on newspapers, legal documents, and licenses?
What act changed the operation of the court system so British officials could go to Great Britain for trial?
What group of people were loyal to the King of England during the Revolutionary War?
What group of people were citizens that were ready to cut ties with Great Britain?
What document was primarily written by Thomas Jefferson, and Lyman Hall signed it?
What was the first constitution of the United States of America called?
The U.S. Constitution can be changed or added to by
What is the only county in Georgia named after a woman?
The Articles of Confederation gave the national government_______ power.
An immense body of of air characterized by similar properties at any given altitude is know as an
Which two properties characterize an air mass
A cold dry air mass that moves over warm tropical waters will likely become
An air mass gets its characteristic properties from an area known as the
Maritime air masses form
Which air mass often originates as a different air mass in Siberia and is subsequently altered
Lake effect snow is association with which air mass
The boundary that separates different air masses is called as
On a weather map, which type of of front is shown by a line with semicircles extending from one side
What type of front forms when the surface position of the front does not move
In which type of front is the flow of air on both sides of the front almost parallel to the line of the front
When an active cold front overtakes a warm front
What is the first sign of an approaching warm front
The weather behind a cold front is dominated by which of the folowing
Which stage happens first in the life cycle of a middle latitude cyclone
What is the first stage of a thuinderstorm
The mature stage of a thunderstorms is association with which of the following
The center of a tornado is characterized by its
Tornadooes are most frequent from
Hurricanes are classified according to intensity using the
Frederick Douglass was
Fredrick Douglass was
An abolitionist was
Frederick Douglass was sent to serve Edward Covey because
Lucretia Auld broke the law when she
Frederick Douglass
Why did Frederick Douglass go to Ireland in 1845?
In what year did Lincoln proclaim that slavery was to be ended?
The Reconstruction, which occurred just after the Civil War, was a time in American history when
Name two positions held by Frederick Douglass after the Civil War.
Answers by Educators Question Database
an 1890 law that banned all restraints of trade illegal and was only a paper tiger for the first 12 years
license for a new invention
process of making large quantities of a product quickly and cheaply
economic system that features private ownership of the means of production
workplace where people labor long hours in poor conditions for low pay
method of production in which workers stay in one place as products edge along past them on a moving belt
person who opposes organized government
organization of persons working in the same trade
replacement for a striking worker
13. Based on the reading, it can be inferred that the society values the following ideas:
Which of the following statements best describe the choices citizens were able to make in the society?
What is Elsewhere?
What does it mean that Jonas has the 'capacity to see beyond'?
Who is the protagonist of the story?
Why was Jonas distressed at the Ceremony of Twelve?
Why don't the community members share the memories?
What happened to the memories when Rosemary was released?
What are the Stirrings?
What does it mean to be released in Jonas's community?
How are Jonas, Gabe, and the Giver similar?
All of the following are themes (big ideas) in the novel, EXCEPT...
Which statement best describes how Jonas changed over the course of the novel?
'The Giver' is an example of the hero's journey, that means the Giver is an example of...
Why does Jonas consider volunteer hours a 'luxury'?
Who gave Brian the hatchet?
How did the pilot die?
What was the SECRET to which Brian's thoughts often wander?
What happened during Brian's car ride with his mom to the airport?
What was Brian's father's job?
What was the purpose of Brian's trip to Canada?
How did Brian's dad feel about the divorce?
What lef to Brian's rescue?
Why does Brian suddenly realize that he may be in the woods for much longer than he had anticipated?
What prior experience helped Brian fly the plane?
President Truman became President because of whose death?
The United Nations was created by
The Cold War was between the US and
The Cold War involved a race to see
The Cold War was also a disagreement about types of
One incident from the Cold War was when the US and its allies decided to drop supplies to people in
NATO stands for
NATO was formed to help European countries resist pressure to become
The Berlin Wall became a symbol of the
The United States gave $13 billion to rebuild Europe under the
One of the common fashions of the 1950s was
Boys often wore
A popular style of vehicle in the 1950s included
On his show, it was common for Groucho Marx to smoke a cigar and
Sock hops were usually held in
A popular dance of the 1950s was the
The Interstate Highway System began construction in
Rosa Parks was arrested for
Segregation means
In the 1950s, what percentage of homes had a television?
Which would least likely have an impact on global climate changes?
Which is an example of a renewable energy source?
Which is a possible disadvantage of usin g flowing water to produce electricity?
Which is a problem with using wi nd turbines to produce energy?
Which area of the world consumes the most energy?
Which of the following is a nonrenewable energy resource?
What is the leading source of energy used in the United States today?
Energy resources derived from the remains of dead plants and animals are known as...
What is the main concern of using nuclear energy?
Which is a disadvantage of using solar power?
Which of the following can be multicellular?
Bacteria can be found in the:
An infectious disease is usually:
Cells do which of the following?
Which of the following statements best describes organisms?
Which of the following is NOT considered an infectious disease?
An infectious disease is spreading through a city. Who is most likely to be asked to investigate the spread of this disease?
What do humans and plants have in common?
Substances pass in and out of a cell through the:
Which of the following best describes structures in the human body from the largest to smallest?
Which of the following statements is true?
The part of a cell that normally contains its genetic material is the:
In biology, the word cell describes
White blood cells:
Tammy is sick and has been prescribed antibiotics. She begins to feel better and decided not to complete the full course. What is a trade-off of her decision?
Single-celled organisms include:
Disease can be caused by _____.
Which system of the human body protects it from invading microbes?
Sound waves travel fastest in
A wave that requires a medium is called
What is the wave speed of a wave that has a frequency of 2 Hz and a wavelength of 2 cm?
The greater the density of a medium...
_________is how high or low a sound is perceived to be.
As frequency decreases,
Resonance occurs when
As the ambulance raced down the street towards you, the siren's pitch increased. As soon as the ambulance passed you, the pitch dropped. This is an example of
The loudness of a sound wave is measured by
The most crowded regions of a longitudinal wave are called
The number of complete wave cycles per second is a measure of the wave's
All waves
Waves in which the particles vibrate perpendicular to the wave direction are
Waves in which the particles vibrate parallel to the wave direction are
Waves that bounce off of a surface are
When two waves overlap and create a wave with a larger amplitude/energy, _________ interference has occurred.
When two waves overlap and cancel each other out to make a wave with a smaller amplitude/energy, _________ interference has occurred.
An example of _________ is when light travels through a prism and all of the colors are displayed
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which of the following is NOT true about Leo Caraway?
Who is Leo's biological father?
Why is Leo's scholarship removed?
Why did Mr. Borman dislike Owen?
How did Leo find out the man he thought was his biological dad was not his bio dad?
What does Leo's mother do when she is stressed?
What is the primary reason Leo joins the group Purge for the summer.
How did Leo first try to contact King?
Why does King believe Leo when Leo tells him he is King's son?
What happens on Leo's first day as a roadie?
Which of these is a function of the cell membrane in all cells?
DNA separates into single strands which are used to construct two identical strands so
A plant with the genotype TtWW is crossed with ttWw. How many different genotypes?
Which characteristic of the plant kingdom distinguishes it from animal kingdom
Which system produces enzymes that break down substances to be absorbed by body?
Which of the following is found in both cells and viruses?
Some antibiotics cause patients to exhibit digestive side effects. Why
The average size of guppies in a pond decreased after a guppy predator came. Why
An oakworm caterpillar feds on the leaves of an oak tree is
Spiders are what in this chain. Plants Aphids Spiders Sparrows
Some bacteria benefit mammals by helping with
Many species of bacteria are in the mouth. Which explains the variety in the mouth?
Raw poultry has disease causing bacteria. Which will provide people protection?
Which organism lives in the human intestine and aids in the digestivea process?
Milk has lactose, yogurt contains live bacteria. What does this information demonstrate?
Which factor helps spread disease causing bacteria?
Which of these conditions is caused by bacteria?
Streptococcus infection causes pain and fever. Strep can be controlled by antitiotics wh
All the symptoms are associated with bacterial infection except
some antibiotics causes digestive side effects. the side effects are the result of
Which did NOT happen with the incident when Neb went to the hospital
Why is there a dog on the tour?
Why is the manager always on Zach?
What happens when Leo has to pick up Vukovich and bring him to play with Purge?
What happens when Cam resets the alarm so Leo misses the departure for Phoenix?
What does not happen when King punches the reporter in the nose?
What does NOT happen at the pretzal.
Which of these does NOT occur while Leo is looking for Llama?
Why was King nice to Melinda?
Which band member hits on Melinda?
What happens to the intensity of solar enrgy as latitude increases
Which region is located between 23.5o north and soutrh of the equator
The rain shadow effect is associated with
The leeward side of a mountain is often
What is the relationship between elevation and climate
Increased altitiude genrally causes lower
How would the climate of a coastal city differ from that of a city at the same latitude located farhter inland
Heat and moisture are distributed around Earth by
What do plants release into the air during transpiration
What factor defines all groups in the Koppen system, with the exception of dry climates
What factor distinguishes wet tropical climates from tropical wet and dry climates
In dry climates, rates of evaporation exceed
What happens to air when it sinks
Which climate experiences seasonal periods of perpetual night
Which of the following may cause long term changes in Earth's climate
What phenomenon naturally warms Earth\'s lower atmopsphere and surface
What is the relationship between fossil fuels and the greenhouse effect
Which of the following is an example of human impact on clmate changes
Shoreline erosion and coastal flooding are two consequences of
Which statement best explains why global warming may lead to an increase in the number and intensity of hurricanes
Which of the following is NOT something Owen does?
What does Leo discover when he bursts in on Melinda and Bernie?
What were the results of the DNA test?
What happens when Leo runs away from Purge after he gets the DNA results?
Why does Leo go back with Purge?
What causes the cavity search?
Who exposed the jewels in the drum?
How does King find out about the results of the DNA test?
Which statement is false.
Which of the following does NOT happen at the end of the story.
In pea plants, yellow seeds (Y) are dominant over green seeds (y). A scientist is studying two plants with yellow seeds. Which information must be true about the plants?
In rabbits, the allele for black coat color (B) is dominant over the allele for brown coat color (b). Two black rabbits (Bb) are mated. What can you predict about the offspring?
A Labrador retriever can be black, yellow, or brown. Which of these processes makes it possible for two Labs to produce offspring of different colors?
A sperm cell of a moth has 112 chromosomes. How many chromosomes are in the moth's wing cells?
After an egg cell containing 16 chromosomes is fertilized, how many chromosomes will be present in the zygote?
Which of these combinations results in the expression of a recessive trait?
The physical characteristics of an organism are its
A Punnett square is used to determine the
To maintain the chromosome number of an organism, the gametes must
Different forms of a gene are called
The ability to burn is an examply of a physical property.
The state of matter is an example of a physical property.
Ice, liquid water, and water vapor are the three states of water.
The odor of a substance is an example of a physical property.
Burning wood is an example of a physical change.
Physical changes are difficult or impossible to reverse.
Sugar dissolve in tea and sugar in a bowl are not the same substance.
The cracks that form in a sidewalk during winter are the result of a physical change.
The measurement of an object's mass is a ___.
The ability of an apple to change color when exposed to air is a ___.
The ability of a pond to freeze over in winter is a ___.
Which of the following is NOT a possible sign of a chemical change?
Which of the following is NOT a possible sign of a physical change?
When a newspaper is left in direct sunlight for a few days, the paper begins to turn yellow. The yellow color is evidence of a ___.
Three examples of physical change are ___.
When a chunk of dry ice is at room temperature, a cloud of carbon dioxide vapor forms. The carbon dioxide is changing from a ___.
What type of property is a box that measures 4 cm by 3 cm by 8 cm?
What type of property is a liquid that burns easily?
What type of property is a muffin that bakes until done?
What type of property is a dessert that tastes rich and chocolatey?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Depreciation is
Water moves from the soil into plant roots, xylem, into the leaves and then out through the stomates as gas. This process is called _____
Which plant tissue helps to carry water and dissolved minerals from the roots to the rest of the plant?
Transpiration in a plant is regulated by _____ cells and openings called _____.
What structures make up the male part of the flower?
What structure forms pollen grains?
What is the function of the ovary?
Which structures make up the female parts of the flower?
During sexual reproduction in plants with flowers a sperm cell found in a _____ fertilizes an egg cell found in a _____ to produce a _____ which becomes new offspring.
What do petals in a flower do?
Pollen is transferred by wind or insects from a stamen to a pistil of another flower is known as _____.
Which one of the following statements is true?
Which one of the following statements about the ovary is not true?
Which of the following is the correct order in which a plant with flowers may reproduce?
Based on the fact that watermelon contains many seeds, what can be inferred about a normal flower of a watermelon plant?
Which of the following is a characteristic of beetles?
Insect mouthparts are adapted for _____.
Some animals migrate, or move to a different area during a particular season, to find food or better living conditions. This is considered an adaptation because ...
Beetles have chewing jaws for getting the food they need. Their mouth structures are an example of what kind of adaptation?
Camouflage benefits insects by helping them _____
Which of the following characteristics is not common to beetles?
What is the EU?
All of the following are countries that are in the European Union, EXCEPT:
The most common currency in Europe is:
The fastest growing continent in the world based on population is:
Which of the following is not a region in Africa:
The world’s largest desert is:
Which lake in Africa shrinks and grows every year?
What are the two most common languages spoken in Africa?
Which of the following is NOT one of the groups of islands?
What continent is the smallest continent but largest in the region?
What is the mountain range that is covered under ice in Antarctica?
Which area does not have a permanent population?
This region has 12 sheep per 1 person. What is the region?
Which sea is so salty that almost nothing can live there?
Jerusalem is a holy city to which of the following religions?
The temperature on this peninsula has reached up to 115℉.
Monsoon is broken into 3 regions. Which of the following is NOT a region?
India makes up most of which region?
Japan is a series of islands that were created by:
The most populated country in the world is:
What was found on the top of the Mississippian mounds?
The Maya, Aztec and Inca used this type of farming.
Which civilization built roads and bridges to help with communication throughout their empire?
What was the most common crop in all the early civilizations?
What did the Aztecs do to solve the problem of needing land to grow crops?
What does Polytheism mean?
The Maya developed what important concept?
What is the purpose of terraces on hillsides built by the Maya, Aztec and Inca?
The Maya, Aztec, Mississippian and Inca civilizations had a ______________ for their society structure.
The lowest class system for the Aztecs and Mayas were the________________.
journalist who exposed corruption and other problems of the late 1800's
put resources together
method developed in the 1800's to produce stronger steel at a lower cost
practice in which a single manufacturer controls all of steps used to change raw materials into finished products
business that is owned by investors
share of ownership in a corporation
a portion of a company's earnings
property held by another
a company or group having control of all or nearly all of the business
How many switches are required for a stairway between main levels of a home?
What voltage rating is needed for a refrigerator outlet?
Which statement best describes the placement of symbols on an electrical fixture plan?
What area of a home would usually NOT require three-way switches?
A duplex convenience outlet should be located on any wall longer than:
Which appliance is MOST likely to require an independent (220volt) circuit?
Where are weatherproof outlets usually installed?
To create a clear electrical plan, on which plan should electrical symbols be placed?
How many feet apart should outlets be spaced for small appliances in the kitchen?
What is the MOST logical place for a 3-way switch?
A drawing or symbol that represents a word or a sound
A series of rulers from a single family
Dependence by each country or group on the other
Groups of rocky rapids
Study of body structure and organs
A system of offices and officials that handle the business of government
One of the world's first alphabets created by the Nubians
A dead body preserved by a special process
Structure with triangular sides
A ruler of ancient Egypt (king)
The Ancient system of writing that used symbols to stand for objects, ideas, or sounds
Skilled workers who make goods by hand
The buying and selling of goods and services
Statue or other free standing piece of art made of clay, stone, or other materials
A landform made of sediment that is deposited where a river flows into an ocean or lake
A hard white material made from elephant tusks
A paper made from a reed that grew along the Nile.
A black wood from West Africa
Which geographic region of North America contains hundreds of lakes carved by  glaciers?
Which geographical feature lies west of the Great Plains and east of the Basin and  Range?
“We inhabited the Southwest in present-day New Mexico and Arizona, where we  lived in desert areas and areas bordering cliffs and mountains. Our homes were made  of adobe and we created a form of irrigation to help us grow crops using little rain.”
Which Native American tribe lived along the Pacific Northwest coast (Coastal Range  region) characterized by a rainy, mild climate?
Geography and ___________ affected how the various Native American tribes met  their basic needs.
Identify how this statement applies to European Exploration of North America. Improved ships and navigational tools
The interactions between American Indians and Europeans _______________ led to  cooperation.
One example of cooperation between American Indians and the Europeans that was  highly beneficial to the Natives was__________________.
Sailors from which nation explored the coast of Africa
Settler that explored down the Mississippi River
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Burning wood is an example of:
Antacid tablet in water is an example of:
A solution of sodium nitrate is mixed with a solution of lead nitrate is an example of:
Leaving peeled fruit on a kitchen counter is an example of:
Where is plasma found?
Solid to Liquid is:
Liquid to Gas is:
Gas to Solid is:
How many states of matter are there?
Gas to liquid is:
Which of these causes a chemical change in matter?
Carrie tests the stream behind her house each year to find out if the water quality has changed. This year the water in the stream had a pH of 6.0 according to the pH meter. What describes the pH of the water in the stream?
Which of these is a biotic factor in a prairie biome?
Earth has limited resources from which to draw energy. Which of these represents a renewable resource humans could use to help meet the demand for energy?
Which of the following is an example of sexual reproduction?
Which of these causes rocks to break down by physical means?
Dale\'s mother has straight hair and his father has curly hair. Dale and his three sisters all have curly hair. Which type of trait is curly hair?
Which of these is an example of asexual reproduction?
The advantage of using a concentrated solution over a diluted solution in a chemical reaction is that the concentrated solution provides __________________________________.
Under certain conditions, hydrogen gas and oxygen gas will react to form water. If 20 grams of hydrogen completely reacts with 160 grams of oxygen, how many grams of water will be formed?
I went to the east coast to meet dad.
I saw my Aunt, who lives on earth, at the great wall of china.
I love to eat pickled eggs while I canoe in the Mississippi River.
Do you worship god or Rama?
I am sure that senator Pomeroy will be building a house on pluto soon.
This Spring I will go running every tuesday.
Mr. Taken Alive should run for Tribal Council.
I trust the gods will get us through to the east.
Does Myrtle drive a Buick Car in The Great Gatsby?
There are a lot of republicans and catholics in Spain.
A protagonist is...
Indirect characterization is...
When the setting, the characters, and the normal situation are introduced it is called the...
Mood is...
The "all-knowing" point of view; the narrator is not a character, but an observer
When the author states or tells us directly the traits a character possesses it is...
A foil is when ...
The "big idea" of a work; the author's intended message
The action or conflict that produces change within the work of fiction is...
The tone of a piece of fiction is...
A lunar eclipse is always associated with a full moon, but a solar eclipse is always associated with a ___________ moon.
Which best describes the shape of our galaxy?
Which layer of the earth is the ONLY liquid layer?
Which combination below shows the layers of the earth from LEAST dense to MOST dense
Convection currents in the earth's____________ cause the movement of tectonic plates
Which of the following alignments demonstrate a solar eclipse:
Salinity is the amount of _____________ dissolved in water.
Boundaries where tectonics plates move APART are called:
When limestone undergoes intense heat and pressure it becomes marble. What kind of rock is marble?
If you were looking at a series of sedimentary rock layers, where would the OLDEST fossils be found?
Honest, direct; cutting to the chase
poetic and light
very serious
sadder than sad
highly emotional
to rise above
pretended or faked
dark and suspenseful
the opposite of sincere
forthright and without opinion;
silly; childlike
most noticeable or elevated
an action begun and suddenly stopped
having access to private information
honest and genuine
great joys
unrealistic and highly imaginative
bold and dashing quality; more muscular than suave
a manner of lazing about; moving withou haste
the state of being stubborn, easy to anger, petulant
Which one of these is NOT a property
The material that falls out of the water when a chemical reaction occurs is called…
Which solution has the most concentration?
Which material below is a solvent?
What best described when a material
How can you tell which solution is more concentrated when they look the same and have the same volume?
How could you make a more concentrated solution?
Which method would be best for separating citric acid and water
A liquid used to dissolve a solute is called a __________________.
Which factor will NOT cause a solute to dissolve more quickly?
What characteristic is NOT true of animals?
All ___ lack a skull and a backbone.
Any animal with a skull and a backbone is classified as ___.
Scientists have named about one million species of animals. Most of them are ___, meaning they do not have a backbone.
Which of the following is a vertebrate?
Which of the following is an invertebrate?
A natural sponge is a(n) ___.
One-fourth of all animals species are invertebrates called ___.
Less than 5% of known animals species are ___.
The majority of the known animals species are invertebrates called ___.
Animals usually reproduce by ___.
Animals cells are surrounded by ___.
All animals are ___.
An animal with a skull and a backbone is a(n) ___.
When an egg and a sperm come together, they form a(n) ___.
All animals are ___ and have eukaryotic cells.
A collection of similar cells is known as a(n) ___.
All animals are ___.
Most animals have ___, which combinations of two or more tissues.
Beetles, ants, bee, wasps, moths, and butterflies represent about ___ of all known animal species.
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Line on a map that represents represents an air mass with equal air pressure
a pattern of winds that moves weather from the west to the east in the United States
incoming solar radiation
vertical clouds that form thunderstorms
What tool measures air pressure
which pressure system brings unstable and bad weather?
hot air _____ and cold air ______
If fossils of fish and sea shells are found in an area that is now desert, we might assume that _____
The presence of brachiopod and coral fossils makes you think that the _____
Two plates pulling apart, with new Earth material forming in the middle, is called _____
Which plate boundary results in mountain building?
At a convergent plate boundary, tectonic plates are ...
New landforms will form closest to ...
Which is the best evidence that two continents were once connected?
Based on the law of Superposition, what can be concluded about fossils?
Earthquakes and volcanic activity occur along the Pacific Rim of Fire. Which of the following best explains why?
Plate boundaries are located _____
Which best explains why fossils of the same species of a reptile were discovered in South America and in West Africa?
A subduction zone occurs when ...
The process occurring in the mantle that is thought to be the mechanisms that moves plate tectonics is _____
Which is the correct layering of Earth, from the inside to the outside?
What can you infer from the fact that tectonic plates are always moving around?
Which of the following events took place first in Earth's history?
Index fossils allow geologists to _____
Igneous rocks are formed _____
Which statement is the best description of a process that happens in the rock cycle?
Index fossils have usually formed from organisms that had a _____
produces hydronium ions when dissolved in water
produces hydroxide ions when dissolved in water
Water is an _________________.
A pure substance is matter that has a fixed ________________.
A solution that contains all the solute that it can hold is a(n) ____________.
The amount of solute present compared to the amount of solvent is the _____________ of the solution.
When a solute comes back out of solution and forms a solid, it is called a ___________.
The interaction that occurs between acids and bases in which the properties of each are canceled out is ______________.
Matter that has a fixed composition is a ________________.
_____________ are compounds that react with acids and bases to make certain colors.
A solution that has a large amount of ____________ in a small amount of solvent is said to be concentrated.
Water is the solvent in a (n) ____________ solution.
In a solution of sugar and water, the water is the ____________.
In a solution of sugar and water, the sugar is the ____________.
What was barcelona's GDP in 2014?
What is efficiency?
What are Marginal Changes?
what is Barcelona's rank among livable cities in the world?
What is Market Economy?
What is Market Failure?
What is Market Power?
What are opportunity costs?
What is scarcity?
Where does Barcelona gets their main imports from?
What are Barcelona's main exports?
what is Barcelona's government type?
Whats a demand curve?
What is equilibrium?
What is supply and demand
What is a market?
What is a supply curve?
What is Gross domestic product?
What is investment?
What is consumption?
The difference between a plateau and a plain is:
Which of the following is considered a fossil fuel?
Identify a broadleaf evergreen forest.
All of the following are continents, EXCEPT:
Identify one of the oceans in the world:
Which of the following is NOT a region in Canada?
The two primary languages spoken in Canada are:
Byron moves to Canada and lives on one of the Great Lakes. What are the Great Lakes?
Which of the following is an example of a National Park?
Americans make up 5% of the world’s population, but use _____% of the world’s oil.
Mexico City was formerly known as ___________________, a populated and advanced city of the ancient world.
The largest country in South America, with the largest Portuguese speaking population, is:
Latin America is a land of many different geographic features. Identify one that is NOT in Latin America:
The Caribbean Islands are victims to what kind of extreme weather during the summer?
Identify the largest vegetation zone in South America.
Subsistence farming is when:
The Mayans of Mesoamerica had many interesting traditions. Which tradition involved wood boards to flatten a baby’s skull?
The Mayans developed many things, which is not one?
Which country spreads over two continents?
Which of the following is NOT in Europe?
Diffrence between Real and Nominal GDP is
GDP is market value of all the final goods
When comparing nation's economic position with other one should see its
Verticle intercept of consumption function indicates
In the consumption function c=a+by
In Keynesian Framework Income is measured along
If investment is exogenous to the Income determination model it can be shown as
In a closed economy GDP equals
Which of the following is a central issue in macroeconomics?
Which of the following is NOT an issue in macroeconomics?
In studying growth theory
In the very long run
The position of the long-run AS-curve is determined by
Potential GDP is
Increases in the rate of inflation
What is the difference between GDP and GNP?
Which of the following transactions has no direct effect on this year's GDP?
Assume a German tourist buys a Mexican beer in a pub in Houston. How will the U.S. GDP be affected?
Real GDP per capita is defined as
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Organisms in phylum Echinodermata are distinguished by all the following characteristics except one
Members of phylum Echinodermata are similar to chordates becasue
Sea Lilies and feather stars are in class _________
Class Crinodea is characterized by _______ and _______
Sea Stars are in class
Class Asteroidea is characterized by
Brittle stars are in class
Class Ophiuroidea is characterized by
Sand dollars and sea urchins are in class
Class Echinodea is characterized by
Sea cucumber are in class
Class Holothuroidea is characterized by
Approximately how many different species of echinoderms exist
Where is the mouth located on the sea star?
What does echinoderm mean
What kind of skeleton does an sea star have
what is the function of the coelemic fluid
where does water enter the water vascular system in a sea star
Echinoderms are
Tube Feet are ___________ of the_________ in the____________.
A business prepares a summary of financial information at least once each fiscal period because financial information
The entry to journalize the adjustment for merchandise inventory when beginning Merchandise Inventory is $125,000.00 and ending Merchandise Inventory is $110,000 is
The general ledger account in which goods on hand for sale to customers are recorded is titled
The adjustment for federal income tax includes
The total amount of depreciation expense that has been recorded since the purchase of a plant asset is called
Recording expenses in the fiscal period in which the expenses contribute to earning revenue is an application of the accounting concept
Depreciation expense is calculated using all of the following except
The book value of accounts receivable
When a work sheet is completed, a net loss will appear in the
A work sheet is
After I’ve shaken my solution for 5 minutes there still are salt crystals on the bottom. I must have a _________?
Using Kool-Aid as an example, would you describe a LOW CONCENTRATION as
Yuck! My Kool-Aid is too sweet! I’ll add more water and that will make my solution …(another word for less concentrated)
What is solubility?
True or False all mixtures and solutions can be separated?
There’s two cups with salt water in them. How can I tell which is more concentrate without tasting it or waiting to let it evaporate?
A funnel was used to make two saturated solution of salt water. If the solutions were made at the same temperature, which is true. They have the same…
3 ways you can you separate a mixture/solution
Name one material from class that we saw form crystals when evaporated and one that does not.
What is the most concentrated
Which of the following is the best example of a solution?
Which of the following substances is very soluble in water?
Which factor will NOT cause a solute to dissolve more quickly?
A liquid used to dissolve a solute is called a __________________.
Which of the following describes the characteristics of a gas?
Which method would be best for separating citric acid and water?
How could you make a more concentrated solution?
Which of the following describes the characteristics of a solid?
How can you tell which solution is more concentrated when they look the same and have the same volume?
Which substance would dissolve in water the most quickly?
In the Arrhenius definition, an acid is a substance that
Which of the following is produced from the neutralization of an Arrhenius acid with an Arrhenius base?
In the Bronsted-Lowery definition, an acid is a substance that
The origin of the word acid relates to acids' taste, which is best described as
The characteristic taste of bases is best described as
A smooth, slippery feel is associated with
The reaction of acids with metals produces the gas
Because acids and bases are conductors of electricity, they are referred to as
Substances that change color when added to acids or bases are called
The ionic compound formed in an acid-base neutralization reaction is a(n)
In a neutralization reaction, the individual properties of the acid and base
A substance that can act as either an acid or a base is described as
A conjugate acid-base pair consits of two substance that
The relative strengths of acids are determined by the extent to which the acid particles
The reaction of a weak acid with water can be described as
The strength of a Bronsted-Lowry base is determined by its
Which of the following could be a conjugate acid-base pair?
The acid dissociation constant measures an acid's
The reaction of the anions and cations of salts with water to form acid or base solutions is called
How would you describe the solution of the salt formed from the reaction of a weak acid and a strong base?
In a polar covalent band, where are acidic hydrogens usually located?
Acidic hydrogens are usually bonded to elements that attract electrons
Which of the following categories contains members with the -COOH group?
The acid that is often called the "king of chemicals" is
In a molecule of acetic acid, HC2H3O2, the acidic hydrogen is the hydrogen bonded to a(n)
Which of the following is characteristic of a Bronsted-Lowry base?
Which of the anions is the strongest base?
The category of bases that includes the nitrogen atom is labeled
What is the correct name of the acid HNO2?
The correct anme of the acid HBr is
Which of the following organelles is involved in storing material in a plant cell?
In which kingdom would a multicellular, heterotrophic, motile organism be classified?
All of these represent a change in state of matter except
Salt is added to water, stirred until dissolved. The salt mixture can be separated by
A surfer wishing to ride a big wave is most interested in a wave's
Which system determines the types of movements a person's body can make?
What % of offsprings from 2 heterozygous (Rr) parents can roll the tongue?
Crows actively eat brightly colored beetles. Which type of interaction is this
Bacteria breaks down plants that herbivores eat. The bacteria live in a stable environment
The water elevation of a bay rises above 1280 meters. Which is most likely the result
The stomach of a shark is u shaped
the shark's spiracle has a mild toxin that serves as a defense mechanism
the swim bladder of a shark is filled with dense oil
sharks have keen, steroscopic vision
because of the restriction of space, sharks grow more slowly in captivity
most sharks have 5 to 7 gill slits
most sharks lay eggs
as in humans, the shark's ear regulates a sense of balance
the basic form of the shark is unchanged from prehistoric time
evolution is a slow process, but ever changing
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what does expel mean?
for which economic reason did most people first settle in the connecticut river valley?
which of these was an important industry for the new england colonies
which 3 places did the triangular trade routes connect
leader of the wampanoag who tried to unite native americans against the colonists
founded the settlement of hartford, which became part of the connecticut colony
leader who was expelled from the massachusetts bay colony and who later founded providence, which became part of the rhode island colony
led the second group of puritans to new england in search of religious freedom and was an early leader of the massachusetts bay colony
led followers to an island near providence after being expelled from the massachusetts bay colony
founded a fishing settlement, portsmouth, that later became part of the new hampshire colony
which one does not show a way the people of new england used their resources to flourish
which one is not a true statement, or fact, about life in the new england colonies?
all of these are facts about a hornbook except
Which of these is an example of deceleration?
When you rub your hands together on a cold day, you use friction to convert
To determine the acceleration rate of an object, you must calculate the change in speed during each unit of
The law of conservation of energy states that when one form of energy is converted into another,
The tendency of an object to resist change in its motion is known as
The force that pulls falling objects toward Earth is called
Average speed is
The rate at which velocity changes is called
A place or object used for comparison to determine if something is in motion is called
The overall force on an object after all the forces are added together is
solution with a pH above 7
conducts electricity in water
tastes bitter
solution with a pH of 3
solution feels slippery
changes the color of indicators
reacts with metals, producing hydrogen gas
tastes sour
Which of the following is spelled correctly?
The sound was barely audible because we were so far away. What is the best meaning of the word AUDIBLE?
What root word means TO PUT ON PAPER?
Which one is spelled correctly?
Which is the best meaning of the word photosynthesis?
What does the prefix PRE mean?
Which word part means LIKE OR SIMILAR TO?
Which word is spelled correctly?
What do the suffixes SION AND TION do to words?
A device for sending a written message over long distances using an electrical signal.
Which is the correct spelling for a word meaning -crowd-?
What does the prefix -re- mean?
If a man says he is a Texan, what does this mean?
What did Natron do?
About how long did it take to mummify someone in ancient Egypt?
What is the removal of water from something called?
What type of people in ancient Egypt typically got mummified?
What was the main reason the Egyptians mummified their dead?
What makes a mummy a mummy?
What organ was left in the body so it could be weighed in the afterlife?
What organ was usually removed through a persons nasal passage?
What did the Egyptians call their coffins?
What is another word used to describe the concept of forever?
When a neutral atom gains five electrons, it becomes an ion with a charge of:
Which of the following has the electron configuration 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s2 3d8
What information is needed in order to determine if a particle with 4 protons is an atom or an ion?
How many protons are in an atom of Sulfur-32?
Which of the following statements explains the Pauli Exclusion Principle?
Ions with a positive charge are called:
Which element is found in the f-block on the periodic table?
How many electrons are in an uncharged atom of lithium?
The lowest possible energy state of an electron is called its ________ state.
Two different isotopes of the same uncharged element must have the same number of:
Which of the following statements explains Hund’s rule?
Which element has the outer electron configuration of 5d2?
The atomic number is equal to:
The p oribtal consists of ______________ sub-orbital(s).
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 [32] 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 226 227 228 229 230 231 232 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 240 241 242 243 244 245 246 247 248 249 250 251 252 253 254 255 256 257 258 259 260 261 262 263 264 265 266 267 268 269 270 271 272 273 274 275 276 277 278 279 280 281 282 283 284 285 286 287 288 289 290 291 292 293 294 295 296 297 298 299 300 301 302 303 304 305 306 307 308 309 310 311 312 313 314 315 316 317 318 319 320 321 322 323 324 325 326 327 328 329 330 331 332 333 334 335 336 337 338 339 340 341 342 343 344 345 346 347 348 349 350 351 352 353 354 355 356 357 358 359 360 361 362 363 364 365 366 367 368 369