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How do we use a lever?
Newspapers, the internet, television and magazines can be described as
A president uses these carefully planned events to answer questions from the media.
A government official makes an announcement or explains a policy, decision, or action is known as:
Presidential candidates can use the electronic media to reach voters through which of the following ways?
What type of interest group works to help people in a particular profession?
What are interest groups?
An interest group can do all of the following EXCEPT
Local governments are established by who?
All of the following are types of local governments, EXCEPT:
State constitutions do what?
How do state governments make money?
Footnotes are listed at the end of the paper
Citing all of your sources in a research project will protect you against plagiarism.
A reference page is where you will find all of the information about the subject researched.
Works cited page is the last page of a report.
When citing a website, the date date accessed is needed.
The reference page is arranged alphabetically by the title of the publication.
The bible can be cited on the reference page.
The place of publication is not needed when citing work for research.
The date of publication is needed to cite a book.
The name of the author is needed to cite most all written work for a research paper.
What is the surface area of a tissue box with a length of 8 inches, a width of 4 inches and a height of 3 inches?
You are building a rectangular flower box. The length is 3 feet long, 2 feet wide and 2 feet tall. How may square feet of wood will you need to build the box?
You want to wrap a gift. How many square inches of wrapping paper do you need if the length is 6 inches, the width is 5 inches, and the height is 4 inches?
I want to paint my dog house. How much surface area will I have to paint if I want to paint all sides except the top if the height of the dog house is 3 feet high, 5 feet wide, and 5 feet long?
What is the surface area of a rectangular prism that has a length of 2, a width of 3 and a height of 4?
True or False. The surface area of a rectangular prism with a length of 5, width of 4, and height of 3 is 60 square units.
How much cereal can a box hold that is 11 inches wide, 15 inches tall, and 3 inches deep?
A rectangular swimming pool is 25 feet long, 20 feet wide and 5 feet deep. How many cubic feet of water is needed to fill the pool?
The volume of a rectangular box is 336 cubic inches. If the length of the box is 6 inches, and the width is 7 inches; then what is the height of the box?
What is the result of multiplying the length of a rectangular prism by a scale factor of 2?
Which word means pushed or brushed roughly against?
Alicia is __________, or displeased, because there is no 7-11 in Farmville.
If you gawked at something, you _________.
A fox is known to be _______, or sly and manipulative.
Be quiet and considerate when you walk through the _____________.
When Ms. Davis gives new directions she wants you to ____ your activity and listen carefully.
You can not sit on that chair because it is _____, and I am afraid you will get hurt.
If the whole school learned a dance, we could have a ______ dance party.
Samantha is a high achiever; she has a lot of _________.
What is used to measure precipitation (rain)?
What is ised to measure the temperature outside?
A ver cloudy day means that it might ____________________.
When we are observing the weather, we can see _________________.
When observing the weather, we can feel ____________________.
Which word is NOT a season?
Which season is cold and snowy?
Which season is hot and stormy?
The sun gives us ______________________.
Which season comes AFTER summer?
Which countries made up the Axis Powers?
Which event caused Great Britain and France to declare war against Germany?
What caused the USA to enter WWII?
Which president made the decision to drop the atomic bomb?
Which battle is considered the turning point on the Pacific Theater?
Which country was an Axis power, but switched sides?
Who was the Prime Minister of Great Britain that inspired people with his speeches?
Who was the leader the Soviet Union during WWII?
Where did the USA drop the atomic bomb?
What political party was Adolf Hitler the leader of in Germany?
Who founded Christianity?
Who founded Judaism?
Who founded Hinduism
Who founded Buddhism?
Who founded Islam?
Sacred symbol of Islam
Sacred Hindu Text
Place of worship for Hindus
The trip all Muslims must take
The name of the main Hindu God
Which is the oldest religion
Which religion has the second most followers
The key to escaping suffering
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The body of which of these organisms has the least specialized organization?
During a trip to a rain forest, a scientist discovered a new organism living near some rotting logs. The scientist observed that the organism had moist skin, no hair, an internal skeleton, that it laid its eggs under the logs. This organism is prob-
What structure is common to all six kingdoms of living organisms?
According to the biological definition of a species, which organisms listed below would belong to the same species?
The scientific name for corn is Zea mays. Zea is the -
Which of the following is most closely related to Zea Mays?
A group of related classes is a
Which set below has materials that are all translucent
The source of different colors that you see is/are the —
Roy G. Biv” is a common expression that can be used to remember the
15. The colors in the spectrum are always in the same order. What characteristic of light waves helps us to identify a color’s unique location in the spectrum?
16. Which list contains all the colors of the visible spectrum
17. Which color has the shortest wavelength
When light waves are bent they are-
26. What happens when light hits an object and passes through it
31. An object’s color is determined by the color of light it ―
41. Which scientist conducted a crucial experiment on light where he passed a thin beam of sunlight through a glass prism and noted the spectrum of colors?
Jonathan waited nervously. He knew the nurse was going to call him next. He looked at the models of healthy teeth. He hoped his own teeth would be healthy. Where is Jonathan?
Susan was annoyed about all the sand getting in her clothes. She had been working very hard with her brother to win the contest. Her father took a picture of her brother and her as they carved the moat by the tall structure in the sand. What was Susa
Zack was passing the ball with his good friend, Tyler. They had been practicing a lot lately for the big championship game coming up. Their friend, Seth stepped in to practice being the goalie so the boys could shoot the ball into the goal. What were
Her mother passed her the eggs and the mixing bowl so she could begin stirring the dough. Heather loved to celebrate the holidays with yummy delicious treats made by her and her mother. What is Heather doing?
“I know what we need,” said Ron. “We need a tree in our backyard. We could put one right here. It would help make the yard look pretty. “Mom, will you get us a tree?” From the story you can tell that
Aiden walked into the room. He saw Jennifer looking at him. Ellen was looking, too. Lee was looking at him. Mom and Dad kept looking, too. They all watched Aiden. From the story you can tell that
There was a pie-eating contest. Tom was first. He was the first to eat his piece of pie. “I am not surprised,” said Mother. “You are always first here, too. You are always the first to eat your pie!” From the story you can tell that
“I want to paint a picture,” said Les. “I want to paint a picture of my school. I have some red paint and I have some red paint and I have some white paint. Will you give me some paper, Mother?” From the story you can tell that
“You must help me, Bob,” said Mother. “I didn’t get to the store. I didn’t get the things for the party. You must help out. Please go to the store for me right away. Hurry. From the story you can tell that
Pam was on her way outside. She looked out at the dark gray sky. Then she went to her room to put on her raincoat, boots, and hat. Pam opened her umbrella as she stepped outdoors. From the story you can tell that
What is the measure of a complementary angle?
What is the measure of a supplementary angle?
Which of the following pairs of angles are complementary?
What angle is supplementary to an angle that measures 80 degrees?
Which of the following pairs of angles are supplementary?
If an angle measures 67 degrees, what is its complement?
9 x 4 =
8 x 3 =
10 x 6 =
9 x 8
Bill has 9 bags of marbles with 2 marbles in each bag. How many marbles does he have all together?
Mike has four packs of Skittles. Each pack has seven skittles. How many skittles does he have in all?
12 x 9 =
4 x 2 =
6 X 6 =
3 X 3 =
1m = 100 ___
Why is water known as the universal solvent?
A group of campers travel to a cabin with no electrical power. In order to provide a heater and lights, which device would be appropriate?
The physical expression of a trait in an organism is known as_
Which of these represents teh freezing point of water in correct SI units?
A girl kicks a soccer ball into the air. Which of these best describes why the soccer ball falls back to Earth?
Which characteristic is common to the four outer planets in our solar system?
When comparing a plant cell to an animal cell, only the plant cell will contain-
Which of these is the best description of a typical organism in the Plant Kingdom?
Which of these is a way that a person can help improve air quality?
Instead of getting started on his work right away, Joey stares out the window, drops his pencil on the floor, and asks his friend to pick it up
Even though Marcus knows the answer to his teacher’s question, he doesn’t raise his hand.
Mary had been trying to solve the same math problem for an hour. She kept writing and rewriting the problem over and over again. When she kept getting the wrong answer, she put her hands on her head, leaned back in her chair and said, “I quit!!!!
Jose was jumping up and down and watching out the window. He could not wait for his mother to get home. She was bringing his new baby sister home for the first time. He wanted to see her and play with her for the first time.
Daisey worked hard at every practice she went to. She kicked the soccer ball in her front yard for about an hour each day. When her coach told her she needed to fix things, she listened carefully and did what he said.
Adrian wanted to dunk a basketball more than anything. He would not give up until he could do it. He would work in the gym for hours practicing his steps and jumping at just the right time.
Katie wanted to go to the party. She did not want to wait any more for her mom to finish her errands. She kept asking her mother “Are you done yet?” and “When can we go to the party?”
Amanda’s dad asked her what happened to the lamp that was broken in the living room. She knew that she and her sister had broken it when they were playing with the basketball. She told her father the truth about what happened .
Hudson does not want anyone to help him with his chores, Even though there are a lot of clothes to put away, he wants to do it all by himself. He wants everyone to stay out of his room when he is cleaning it so he can do it all alone.
Grant never wants to share his things. When his friends come over, he will only let them play with the toys that he does not want to play with. He does not ever give his friends a chance to use his things or share any of his snacks or treats.
To be elected president of the United States, a person must have all of the following EXCEPT
The qualifications for becoming president are set forth by
In the past 20 years there has been an increase in immigration from the following countries?
Which of the following is NOT a reason for immigration to America?
In the beginning of American history, immigrants mostly came from what region of the world?
Which of the following would NOT be a fear that people have of immigrants?
Who were the freedom riders?
What was the purpose of remaining nonviolent?
Identify the reaction of whites in Alabama to the freedom riders.
Which of the following is needed to win a presidential election?
Which type of election can have many candidates from one political party on the ballot?
Which of the following is NOT a problem with the Electoral College?
What is the popular vote?
In the United States, third parties have…
Which of the following statements would best summarize a Liberal viewpoint?
Which of the following statements would best summarize a Conservative viewpoint?
How can Third Parties create change if they rarely win elections?
A neighbor slips on the ice in front of your house and sues you for medical bills and other damages. What law covers such a dispute?
Theodore Bundy killed over thirty women. He was punished for these felonies. What type of laws are felonies?
What is a simple machine?
How are force, distance, and work related?
How do we use a wedge?
How do we use a pulley?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
8,100 - 759 = _____________
Which number sentence will 9 + 6 = 15 help solve?
Let a =4 and b = 0.5, what is the value of a + 8b?
Evalauate (a+ b) + 30c if a = 6, b= 4, and c = 3
What is the value of (8 * 8) - (4 * 4)?
What is the value of 100 - 2(5*5)?
Evalauate 4 * 3 + 7 - (5-7)
What is the value of x in 15 - 3x = 12
Solve this equation: 4n - 3 = 21
Which property is illustrated? n (m +c) = nm + nc
What is the first step to solve this equation? 2x - 3 = 5
Solve this equation: 2x + 4 = 12
What does peculiar mean?
What does enraged mean?
Harry was _______________ through his belongings trying to find the items he wanted to pack for the trip to Hogwarts.
What does intently mean?
Hagrid _________ protected Harry because he loved him.
If something is not allowed, it is ________________.
What does timidly mean?
What does ambling mean?
What animal is known for behaving ferociously?
Which character(s) behaves in a way that is cowardly?
When you do not understand a concept, you are _________.
When you pass your SOL, you will be proud and _________ because of your amazing accomplishment.
The old piece of furniture is comfortable, but doesn't look good because it is _________.
A ravine is
Because she was upset, she looked at the teacher and _____.
Kim and her father are at the mall. They are buying a new pair of tennis shoes. Kim chooses the tennis shoes she wants and brings them to the cashier. What are kim and her father?
Kim and her father are at the mall. They are buying a new pair of tennis shoes. Kim chooses the tennis shoes she wants and brings them to the cashier. What is Kim purchasing?
A person who provides a service is a person who
Joyce has $5.00. She wants to go to the mall and get a new doll and a slice of pizza. The doll costs $4.00 and the pizza costs$2.00. What can Joyce do?
If Max wants to buy ice cream, what is the best thing he can do?
Jamon wanted t buy a coookie at lunch. He gave the lunch lady 25 cents. She gave him a cookie. Choose what Jamon did.
Morgan sees a dollhouse at the toy store. It costs 20 dollars. She already has 5 dollars. If wshe wants to buy the dollhouse, what should she do with her money?
My family is going on a trip this summer. Choose how we can save money.
Money put away to keep or spend later is called
Which one is NOT a sevice worker?
What are fossils?
Waht is paleontology?
What is sedementary rock?
What are igneous or highly metamorphosed rock?
For what geological information are fossils an important source?
Fossils provide clues to
What usually happens to dead plants?
In general, what parts of organisms become fossils?
Which type of fossil is formed when mud fills a mud and turns into rock?
Which type of fossil gives scientists clues about what ancient animals ate?
This passage is classified as
2. Which statement best summarizes the life of James J. Kilroy?
3. Why would someone read this passage?
4. What was James J. Kilroy’s occupation?
5. According to the passage, anyone who painted the “Kilroy was here” slogan was a/an —
what letter is on the book spine that lets you know it's fiction
What are the three letters on the book spine for?
how can you search for items on the card catalog?
what color is the name of the book in?
can you find out if a book is checked out from the OCC?
how do you get more information about a book from the OCC?
can you access the OCC from home?
how can you save your choices to print out?
if your search has no results do we have the item in the library?
can you pull up the OCC from the PECHS library webpage?
Which one is correct?
Which one is spelled correctly?
Which one is spelled correctly?
Which one is spelled correctly?
Which one is spelled correctly?
Which one is spelled correctly?
Which one is spelled correctly?
Which one is spelled correctly?
Which one is spelled correctly?
Which one is spelled correctly?
In the exposition you learn about the?
The resolution is?
In the rising action what continues to build?
The initiating event occurs in the ?
What happens during the climax of a story?
All the stories characters are introduced in the exposition?
What happens during falling action?
In the exposition only characters, setting and problems are introduced?
The climax is the turing point of the story
No problems are solved during the resolution.
Which classification category contains the greatest number of different types of organisms?
The scientific name for the fruit fly is Drosophila melanogaster. The word Drosophila refers to the classification group
The field of biology that deals with classifying organisms is called
Scientists assign each kind of organism a universally accepted name in the system known as
A dichotomous key is a tool used for identifying
Two organisms in the same class but different orders will
The scientist that developed the naming system for classifying organisms was
Evolutionary history of a species
Naming of organisms using a universally accepted name
Which level of taxonomic category indicates whether an organism has a nucleus?
An important feature of modern classification systems is that they —
Bivalves, such as clams, are found in salt water. The clam captures food particles from water that flows over its gills. Which of these is the best classification of the clam?
Ascidians are sac-like marine organisms. Their larvae have well-developed brains and dorsal nerve cords. This suggests that ascidians should be classified with the —
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Where would you find books on human rights?
Where would you find human help in the library?
This is the giving of human qualities to non-human things.
A simile is a comparison using the words LIKE or AS.
The students were like ants crowded around the pizza box. This is an example of a simile.
Alliteration is the repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning of words.
Snap, crackle, and pop are examples of this
Before the movie began, I told the student to 'hit the lights'. This is an example of a
'The frog crept on little cat feet' is an example of a metaphor.
Personification is when you make a strong exaggeration.
The sign read, 'Mrs. Lacombe's Fantastic, Fabulous Fourth Graders'! This is an example of
A figure of speech is known as an idiom.
We need the Sun for
The word rotate means
Night and day is caused by what spinning?
When the Earth is facing the sun it is
The sun rises. It is
The rotation of the Earth causes
When the earth is not facing the sun, it is
We get what from the Sun?
The earth must face the sun for it be
The earth does not face the sun when it is
who wrote the Star Spangled Banner
who is the current president
who is the current secretary of state
who is teaching the class
do birds flys
what color is the sky
most cars run on
George Washington was the
Superman is from
Dogs are
Select the one that is a natural resource.
Select the one that is NOT a natural resource.
Resources will last longer if we ______________.
An example of air polution is _________.
Select the one that does NOT cause air polution.
Water polution is caused by __________________.
Select the one that can be recycled.
Select the one that is NOT okay to pour in the ground or into the sink.
An example of reducing the amount of water we use would be ______.
Making a bird house out of a milk carton is an example of ___________.
One way which light waves are different from sound waves is that light waves...
Which pair of colors is in order from the longest wavelength of light in the visible spectrum to the shortest wavelength
What part of a car is transparent
Which object is Opaque
To see object far away from you, you should use a...
Number of light waves that occur in a given amount of time
Why do we have a shadow
What type of material does not allow any light to pass through
The top of a wavelength
What instrument should you use to view small objects
What are nouns
A proper noun
A verb is?
An adjective is?
An adverb is?
First person pronouns are?
Second person Pronouns?
Third person pronouns are?
Third person pronoun?
Third person pronoun?
Melissa's teeth are white like snow. This sentence is an example of a...
The flowers bowed down as the rain pounded on their heads. This sentence is an example of a...
I have a million things to do today for homework. This sentence is an example of a...
Splish, Splash, Splat went the water in the pool as the children jumped in. This sentence is an example of a...
John is a big teddy bear. He looks mean but he is really kind. This sentence is an example of a...
An extreme exaggeration
A comparison using the words like or as.
An expression that means something different than the words in the phrase.
Giving human traits to non-human items, objects, or ideas.
A comparison of two or more things that does not use the words like or as.
_______ cannot be broken down into simpler substances.
The only difference between the Bohr model and modern model is the arrangement of____
Group 1 on the periodic table is the most reactive metals called...
Comubstion is a ________ property.
Fossil fuels and batteries contain stored ______ energy.
The transfer of heat due to direct contact, such as touching a hot pan, is ________.
In a sound wave, the part that is close together is called the ______ and the part that is spread apart is called the ______.
The bending of light waves as they pass from one substance to another is called...
The more mass an object has the more ______ needed to move the object.
Christmas lights are an example of a _____ circuit. This is because when one bulb goes out, they all go out.
A keyboard is a/an ____________ device.
The monitor is a/an _________ device.
The CPU is a/an ________ device.
Speakers are _______ devices.
Headphones are ________ devices.
A flashdrive is a/an _______ device.
The mouse is a/an _________ device.
A floppy disk is a/an ________ device.
The printer is a/an ________ device.
A scanner is a/an ______ device.
3,000-285 = ___________
124 + 319 = _________
Which number sentence is true?
Cheryl is trying to collect 8,431 coins. Her parents gave her 1,301 pennies. How many more pennies does Cheryl need to meet her goal?
On Monday, Mr. Mace collected 3,050 shells. On Tuesday, he collected 3,438 shells. How many shells did he collect in all?
1,818 - 529 = _____________
Estimate the following problem. 8,156 - 5,940 = _____________
Estimate the following problem. 5,614 + 2,144 = ___________
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Where would you find books on science?
Where is there a list of Dewey numbers?
Where are you going to find resources on history?
Where would you find resources for music?
Where would you find resources on penguins?
Where would you find books on cancer?
Where would you find books on Stephen King's writings?
Where would you find cookbooks?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
In a Template file, the user can select ________________ as the units
Which CAD command enlarges or reduces selected objects proportionally in the X, Y, and Z directions from a base point?
The command that allows lines to be lengthened to a specified line or object in a CAD drawing is:
The _________________ command is used to round off corners.
The ___________________ command needs a boundary line, arc, or circle to connect to.
What caused conflicts in the early 1800s between the United States and the Seminole tribe of Florida
President Monroe was concerned when Mexico became independent from Spain in 1821 because he thought that
The decisions in the cases of McCulloch v. Maryland and Gibbons v. Ogden strengthened the feeling of national unity in the United States by ?
The Cumberland Road was the first U. S road to
The winner in the presidential election of 1824 was chosen by the
The _______________ was an official statement released by the president in 1822 that warned European powers not to interfere with the Americas
The ____________________was a period of peace pride and progress in the United States
Hudson River school paintings reflected _____________________
What was the American System
Monroe Doctrine helped who
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
A group of the same species is considered...
Ecology is the study of how living things _________________
Sustainability means the ability to ________________________
Which of the following is a biotic factor?
Bio means
The biosphere is
Which of the following is the largest?
A group of pigs is...
Ellos ____________ (tener) que estudiar.
Nosotros ________ (saber) las noticias ayer.
Translate: They Were __________.
Translate: You Put, set _________.
I had
She (Couldn't) go
We had.
Yo _____________ (Ponerse) la chaqueta.
They found out.
You were.
Yo - mirar
Tu - hablar
El - bailar
Ustedes - descansar
Yo - comer
Nosotros - beber
Tu - escribir
Ellas - recibir
Nosotros - vivir
I am
Nosotros somos__________.
He is
We (mixed) are
Ella es ____________.
During the Civil War, many pioneers in West Texas were forced to abandon their homes due to attacks from _____
Before the invention of _____ six-shot pistol, Native Americans had an advantage in weaponry over U.S. troops.
In 1867 the U.S. government signed three treaties at _____ with five Native American groups in hopes of bringing peace on the plains.
Under the Treaty of Medicine Lodge Creek, Native Americans agreed to stop their opposition to the construction of _____ across the plains.
The Treaty of Medicine Lodge Creek required the U.S. government to give Native Americans large amounts of land for _____.
The peace treaties with Native Americans failed because _____.
In 1869 President Ulysses S. Grant appointed Lawrie Tatum, a _____, as the federal agent in Indian Territory for the Kiowa and Comanche people.
_____, the son of a Comanche chief and an Anglo American woman who had been captured as a child, was one of several chiefs who opposed the Medicine Lodge Creek Treaty and refused to move onto a reservation.
_____ was a Native American leader who supported the Medicine Lodge Creek Treaty because he believed that adapting to the new settlers' ways was their only hope.
Many reservations were located in the Indian Territory, which is present-day _____.
expressions that mean something different than the words in the phrase might indicate
figure of speech that includes an exaggeration which couldn't possibly happen in real life.
repetition of the first letter (or sound) of each word in a sentence, phrase, or poem
words that originates from a sound
the act of giving human traits, qualities, or actions to objects, concepts, or animals
figure of speech that says one thing is the same as something else
where two things are compared using the word like or as
Don't chicken out!
I know you've waited a million light years to learn about hyperboles!
Dinosaurs desperately dug ditches to drive away dangerous dragons!
Splat! Splash!
The stars are smiling and winking at us!
She is as happy as a clam.
She is a happy clam.
The thunder clapped angrily in the distance.
The ground is as dry as a bone.
He is a quick fox.
The owl hooted.
Fred is fit as a fiddle.
Alley ate apples and apricots all afternoon.
Many scientists believe that allSTRUCTURES on EARTH BUILT UP over a LONG, GRADUAL, CONTINUOUS, PROCESS.
Woudln't it be neat to have a career that STUDIED the WAVES that are sent FROM EARTHQUAKES.
At the very bottom of EARTH'S INTERIOR, you will find a great big GIANT SOLID BALL OF IRON AND NICKEL.
If you could make it this far down beneath the ground, you would find yourself SWIMMING IN A POOL OF IRON AND NICKEL.
HOT and SOLID MATERIAL dominates the layer of the Earth that has the same NAME as a CRITICAL PART of a FIREPLACE.
It sounds as delicious as PIZZA OR PIE but this LAYER of the atmosphere is full of ROCKY SURFACES.
If you want to swim in FREE FLOWING PLASTIC and experience THE PROCESS OF CONVECTION firsthand, this portion of Earth's middle layer would be just the place to visit.
This ROCKY PORTION OF EARTH spans the upper layer as well as the upper portion of the middle layer.
It may sound like a delicious dinner, but the movement of thE SOLID DISKS BELOW EARTH'S SURFACE OFTEN YIELD GREAT DISASTER.
Over time all the rocky surfaces on Earth WEAR DOWN due to the climate around them
In the upper layer of Earth, you will find, DIRT RICH WITH BASIC ESSENTIALS TO SUPPORT LIFE.
Japanese people lived on coastal plains because most of Japan
Why was Japan isolated from Korea and China
Samurai warriors improved their discipline with flower arranging tea ceremonies, and
About _________percent of Japan consists of flat land
One of the most powerful clans came from ___________, Japan's largest island
For many years _____________ was the official language of Japan's government
Many nobles moved to Heian to be near the _____________
_______________________ was the most important thing in a samurai's life
_____________became a popular religion among Japan's nobles
Japanese nobles put aside their differences and united in 1274 to _______________
The _____________ of an object are used to manually move or stretch the object.
The ____________ is where you grab an object, also used as its insertion point.
Which of the following are object snaps?
After selecting a command, the cursor turns into a __________________.
The ________________ function will highlight objects that are completely inside the window andf the _______________ function will highlight objects that are touching the window.
When you _____________ a layer, you can avoid changing entities on that LAYER, while still being able to see the layer.
To avoid having others change entities on a specific LAYER:
Layer control __________________ of objects in the drawing.
The ________________ command provides the length of an object but does not place a dimension line on the drawing.
The bigger the linetype scale, ______________________.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
How did people living the Fertile Crescent adapt to the lack of rainfall?
What was the main purpose of Hammurabi's Code?
Which civilizations created cuneiform/hieroglyphics/sanskrit?
Which discovery led to the ability to decode Egyptian writing?
Which word best describes religion in ancient Egypt?
What was the first monotheistic religion?
Silk, Paper, Gunpowder, Porcelain: all came from what civilization?
What was the effect of trade along the silk road?
On the banks of which river did the first civilization in S. Asia develop?
Which of the following is true about the caste system?
What philosophy is based on ancestor worship, and living in balance with nature?
Which of the following best describes the Hindu concept of karma?
Which religion beginning in India eventually spread throughout Asia through the Silk Road?
Which type of government was created and used in Ancient Athens?
What famous poet wrote two poems about the Trojan War?
What started the Peloponnesian War?
Which of the following correctly describes the Hellenistic Age?
Philip II of Macedonia is credited as being the first person to do what?
Which of the following people is best known for conquering the Persian Empire and controlling an empire on 3 continents.
Which philosopher taught people to think by asking questions?
Which Democratic candidate for President in 1928 lost votes because he was Catholic, and was against prohibition
Who was America's first female cabinet member?
WHich Democratic President developed New Deal plans to help the Great Depression?
Which Republican President was blamed for making the depression worse and had shantytowns named after him?
Which critic of Roosevelt wanted the rich of the nation to share their wealth with the less fortunate?
Who wrote novels about families of the Dust Bowl during the Depression?
The idea was to create scarcity to drive prices back up. It was considered a recovery program.
relief agency that worked to solve the problems of unemployment by employing youth in reforestation and other socially beneficial tasks.
reform program for the banking industry to prevent customers from losing money if a bank went out of business
reform agency established to prevent deception and fraud in stock trading
What is the speed of a boat that travels 150 miles in 2 hours? Please answer in miles per hour.
What is the speed of a jogger who jogs 600 meters in 45 minutes? Please answer in meters per second. (60 seconds = 1 minute)
A car and a truck are traveling north on a highway. The truck has a speed of 45 miles per hour and the car has a speed of 57 miles per hour. If the truck is ahead of the car, what is the relative velocity?
If an object travels for 3 hours with a constant velocity of 12 miles per hour west, what is the acceleration?
A sports car goes from a velocity of zero to a velocity of 12 meters per second east in 2 seconds. What is the car’s acceleration?
A train takes a long time to stop. That’s what makes trains so dangerous to people who cross the tracks when one is near. If a train is traveling at 30 meters per second south and takes 720 seconds to come to a stop, what is the train’s acceleration?
A long, vertical glass tube contains a feather and a penny. All the air is pumped out, and the tube is inverted, causing the penny and the feather to fall. Which hits the bottom first, the feather or the penny?
What is the height of a building (in meters) if it takes a dropped rock 4.1 seconds to fall from its roof?
A hot-air balloonist drops a rock from his balloon. It takes 7 seconds for the rock to fall to the ground. What is the balloonist’s altitude in feet?
Which is a vector quantity?
Which country is the second-largest in the world?
Which part of the country once provided food for millions f buffalo?
Which of the following empties into the Atlantic Ocean?
West of the Continental Divide, rivers flow toward the _____.
In subarctic climate, winter are_________.
Where does the Mississippi River begin?
How do evergreen trees survive bitterly cold winters?
Which two states are not part of the contiguous 48?
Why does the inland West receive little rainfall?
The oldest mountain range in the U.S.
The area where most tornadoes hit in the US is nicknamed _____________.
The horseshoe-shaped area of rocky hills, lakes, and evergreens.
The mountain range found on the western side of the country.
A volcano is ____________ if it hasn't erupted in thousands of years.
Which expression does NOT equal 15?
Which expression does NOT represent 9 - x?
The side length of a square is 2x + 3. Which expression represent the perimeter of the square of the square?
The number of 7th graders at Palmer Middle School is 316. This is 27 more than the number of 8th graders. How many 8th graders are enrolled?
Solve the equation 16x = 208
Mrs. Couch borrowed $1,200 to buy a computer. He wants to repay the loan in 8 equal payments. How much will each payment be?
What is the value of the expression, (1 + 2)2 + 14 ÷ 2 + 5 ?
Which list shows the integers in order from least to greatest?
Whicfh expression has the greatest value?
Which expression does NOT have the value of -3?
Of the 875 students enrolled at Palmer Middle School, 48% are boys. How many of the students are boys?
Thirty children from an after school club went to the movies. this is 20% of the children in the club. How many children are in the club?
Find the percent of change if the price of a 20 ounce bottle of water increases from $0.85 to $1.25. Round to the nearest tenth.
Which answer is correct for: x - 0.9 = - 1.5
Solve: 6x - 3 = 15
Solve 7x + 4 - 13x = 46
this week
to leave/to go out
to do/to make
to put/to place
to bring
to watch/to see
I don't know
day after tomorrow
Siberian Plains, Sahara Desert, Amazon Rainforest all have what in common
Trading empires of AFrica's history traded
A traditional society
Ethiopia is on a _______ which is why it was never colonized or settled by the Europeans
The killing of a single ethnic group is
The Brain drain of Africa
What causes human migration?
When the Bantu spread their language, it was an example of?
A large number of manufacturing plants and people working in them is
Drilling for oil in AFrica's ______ has caused much damage to
As biodiversity increases, sustainability ______________________
The abiotic and biotic factors in an area is the...
Put in order of smallest to largest
T/F: A biodiverse environment is one that has a lot of abiotic factors
An abiotic factor is...
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The period of ___________ for Earth is 24 hours
Which motion causes the constellation Orion to be visible at night from Maryland in winter but not in summer?
Approximately how long does it take Earth to make one complete revolution?
We live in the _________________________ galaxy
The Sun appears to move across the sky during the day. The best explanation for this apparent motion is that Earth is:
Which force is responsible for the orbiting of the Moon around the Earth?
Which planet takes the most time to revolve around the sun?
One solar day on Jupiter lasts only 9 hours and 50 minutes. What causes a solar day?
How far has earth travelled around the sun when it gas gone 270 days?
If Mercury is 58 million km away from the sun, which planet is approximately 4 times the distance
Why do we always see the same side of the moon?
What is the capital city of the Aztec Empire?
What was the language of the Aztecs?
What did the Spanish do to the Aztec art and architecture after they conquered the Aztecs?
Cortes is most famous for which deed?
What did Montezuma do to Cortes and his men as they approached Tenochtitlan?
Which was a result of the defeat of the Aztecs
Who was the ruler of the Aztecs when Cortes arrived in Mexico?
Pizarro conquered the Inca Empire because he
What did Atahualpa hope to keep when he gave away 24 tons of gold and silver?
What happened to the gold and silver taken by Pizarro from the Incas?
Which animals helped native people hunt and trade over a larger area?
Which foods came to Europe from Central and South America?
Where did Europeans in the 16th century find cheap labor source for work in the New World?
What is one effect of slavery that influences Latin America today?
Which two countries contributed most to the languages of Latin America?
What is the most common religion of Latin America?
Toussaint L'Ouverture was famous for his role in gaining independence for which country?
Which country's government imprisoned L'Ouverture?
Which goal did L'Ouverture want to achieve?
Which childhood event allowed L'Ouverture to learn ideas about freedom and equality?
JOHN turned off the light before he left the room
Give the notebook to PATRICIA.
MELINDA AND I are going to the park tomorrow.
MELINDA AND CHRISTINA enjoy playing soccer.
KAREN has piano lessons on Tuesdays.
My dad is taking MICHAEL AND ME to Disneyland!
Hector like to play chess with BEN.
Please tell MARIE AND ANDRE to turn in their homework.
Jane and Sarah said ____ were too tired to skate any longer.
Either Bill or John will bring a sample of ____ own work.
Jan and Jill called ____ friend.
Either Jane or her friends will present ___ project.
Neither Mary nor Susan said that ____ would be there.
Every student wants to impress ___ professors.
Both John and Jim said that ___ were not exercising regularly.
Miguel Hidalgo was known as the father of independence for which country?
What job did Miguel Hidalgo have in Mexico?
What event caused people in Mexico to begin to think about independence?
Who took over as dictator of Cuba in 1959?
What type of government did Castro create in Cuba?
What was one reaction the United States had to Cuba taking over American property?
Which country helped Castro build Cuba into a communist country?
What almost created a nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union?
The Zaptatistas did not like NAFTA because they believed it would
What did the Zaptistas do to show they were against NAFTA?
Which is an area of concern for the Zapatistas?
Simon Bolivar was known as the liberator for which people?
Which country got its independence because of Bolivar's efforts?
Which country's revolution encouraged Bolivar to fight for independence?
Which country did Bolivar and his fellow patriots fight against?
Miguel Hidalgo was known as the father of independence for which country?
A story about a family trying to stick together and survive through the Great Depression in the Midwest in the 1930's.
A section in a history book describing the conditions and causes of the Great Depression in the Midwest in the 1930's.
An instructional booklet describing how to operate a smart phone.
An article where the author argues that an iPhone is better than an Android phone.
A poem about why the iPhone is the greatest consumer electronic device ever made.
The story of a young athlete who takes steriods and his life and future fall apart
A medical report describing the effects of steroids on the human body.
A speech written by a professional athlete listing the negative effects of steroids and urging young athletes to not use steroids.
A booklet containing the school rules and the consequences for violating those rules.
A story written about a young boy who moves to a new school and is bullied, but he gains self-confidence by joining a sports team and learns to stand up for himself.
A pamphlet explaining how an unborn child may be affected when a pregnant mother smokes.
A novel about a young girl who learns a lesson about bullying other students on the internet.
The terms of use for Facebook, a social networking site.
A speech written by a famous basketball player urging young people to stay in school.
Directions to the mall written by a friend or relative
The ingredients listed on the side of a candy bar wrapper.
A bumper sticker warning people to CLICK IT OR TICKET, in reference to wearing a seatbelt.
A letter to a teen girl from her father in prison giving reasons why she should go to college.
The story of a teacher who helps some of her troubled students get to college.
A timeline showing important events from the American Civil War.
Is arriving
was attending
stepping on
waiting on, serving
falling asleep
getting lost(we)
being able
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
acts or actions
to walk in a slow, relaxed way
a statement that makes something seem more than it really is
Which word has the OPPOSITE meaning of the word commenced?
Which word has almost the same meaning as the word sauntered?
Which of the following would not be a huge financial risk (and, therefore would not require insurance) if you had a full emergency fund of $500 or more?
The time between the disabling event and the beginning of payments in your disability coverage is called:
Life insurance policy for a specific period of time is called:
The purpose of insurance is to:
Which of the following is not a recommended way of lowering your car insurance premiums?
Which of the following types of insurance is not recommended for a young single adult?
Which of the following is not a recommended way to save on your health insurance premium?
A person becomes self-insured when:
9) Which of the following is true?
10) Which of the following statements about long-term care insurance is false?
11) Which of the following statements about disability insurance is false?
12) Which of the following statements about life insurance is true?
13) Which of the following is not a benefit of having a will?
14) Which of the following policies would be a duplicate coverage for your health insurance policy?
You are involved in a two-car accident in which you are at fault. The other driver is injured and your insurance covers the medical expenses of the victim. This type of insurance coverage is called:
16) Comprehensive coverage takes care of damage to your car that is not caused by a collision.
After high school, you should have the following types of insurance: auto, renterʹs, health and long-term care insurance.
18) Following the Five Foundations will help you to, one day, become self-insured.
Renterʹs insurance is not necessary if you donʹt have a lot of expensive things.
Prepaid burial policies are a good idea.
The Red Scare following World War I was caused primarily by
The Prohibition Era in the United States is generally associated with a ban on
The MOST important result of the Spanish American War was that it
Which was a major cause for the entry of the U.S. into World War I?
The yellow press called for war after the sinking of the Maine. This contributed to public support for
The creation of Prohibition had the unintentional effect of
Which of these caused the United States to become involved in World War I?
When World War I began, the official United States policy was
Which country was an ally of the United States during World War I?
The Rough Riders were a group of soldiers that fought in the famed Battle of San Juan Hill against what country?
The Roosevelt Corollary, issued in 1904, was a revision to what earlier statement of U.S. foreign policy?
Guam, the Philippines, and Puerto Rico came under the control of the US following what conflict?
The United States' acquisition of the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii are all examples of late-nineteenth century
Commodore George Dewey is best known for his overwhelming success in the taking of Manila Bay in which war?
Which event surrounding World War I had the GREATEST impact on Americans?
Which campaign promise MOST directly influenced FDR's election?
What was the GREATEST impact of the Panama Canal?
The Open Door policy stated that all European nations as well as the United States could do what with China?
The golf club is in _____ bag.
None of these _____ are what I'm looking for.
Is this _______ suit?
_____ below freezing outside.
These ______ are too small for me.
Are the _____ coming to dinner?
Where is the _____leash?
The German Shepard is known for_____ police work.
Why are Coach ______ so popular?
I'm going to _______ St. Patrick's party.
If you type =Sum(B7+D7) into a cell, which of the following best describes what you have entered?
Which of the formulas is the correct way to calculate the value of A7 taken from the value of C12?
If you copy a formula from one cell into another, which type of reference will automatically adjust the cell references based on the new location?
If you have a cell in your spreadsheet that contains a formula such as =(BudgetUS!B3), what does the BudgetUS represent?
What do you call it when you reference cells in other sheets in a workbook formula using the sheet name as the reference rather than the cell address?
If you create a spreadsheet with a cell that contains =SUM(Income) What does the (Income) represent?
How is a cell reference in a formula and its corresponding location in a worksheet identified?
What type of formula cell reference instructs Microsoft Excel to keep the cell reference constant in the formula as it copies it to the destination area?
Which formula divides C3 by C7?
You need to create a formula that does not change when it is copied to cell E2. Which formula should you create?
What method is the MOST EFFICIENT way to copy five separate formulas to adjacent cells simultaneously?
The phases of the moon are produced by:
At full moon:
At new moon:
At first and third quarter moon phases:
In the first half of the lunar cycle, the growing part of the moon appears on the ______ side. After full moon when the moon is waning, the illuminated part of the moon appears on the ______ side.
The solar system containing Earth consists of a sun and planets.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
AB + CD --) AD + CB is what type of reaction?
AB --) A + B
CH4 + O2 --) CO2 + H2O
Which of the following is a statement of the law of conservation of mass?
In what type of reaction does one reactant form two or more products?
What particle is transferred from one atom to another reaction in a redox reaction?
How are reactions related to chemical bonds?
What type of reaction always releases energy?
In general, an increase in temperature
The substances that undergo a change in a chemical reaction are called
The new substances that are formed as a result of the chemical reaction are called
What is the process by which a cell divides, giving two identical cells?
How many cells result from meiosis?
Of the following, which allele would be considered dominant?
Of the following, which genotype would give the recessive phenotype?
If a homozygous dominant trait is crossed with a homozygous recessive trait, how many of the offspring would have the dominant phenotype?
If two heterozygous individuals mate, how many of their offspring would appear dominant?
What is so darn special about meiosis anyway?
During what phase does crossing over occur?
What is the term for a cell that contains 2 sets of DNA?
If a man with blood type A has a child with a woman with blood type B, how many of their offspring could be blood type O?
Various modes of transportation, such as railroads, highways, and airplanes, have had a positive impact in how the world conducts economic activities by...
The fast change in the political organization in Africa from the sixteenth century to the late nineteenth century is the effect of -
What physical feature has made movement more difficult for North Africans?
What desert is the largest in the world?
What do these examples have in common? 1. Family farming without electricity; 2. Natives following their ancestors way of life; 3. Family living in huts
An economy that is substance based, concentrates more on -
Two families across the world both practice substance farming because -
What does the term brain drain mean?
Which area has been damaged because of the drilling for oil?
What was the reason behind the Berlin Conference?
A nation that is becoming industrialized usually has -
Why was Ethiopia never colonized by the Europeans?
The systematic mass murdering of a certain ethnic or race group is called?
The Bantu spread their language throughout Africa. This could be an example of?
Why did the political organization change so much from 1500's to the 1900's?
What natural resource is famously known for funding civil wars in Africa?
What do these four places have in common? Deserts - Rain forests - Siberia - North Canada
What two resources were the most important funding for the trading empires of Ghana, Mali and Songhai?
Declared that the STATES COULD LIMIT free speech because the BIll of Rights only applied to Congress. It caused a problem and made incorporation necessary.
Protects freedom of expression in MOVIES
protects the right to assemble by including PARADES
prohibits mandated PRAYER in public schools
allows POLICE to disperse demonstrations if they threaten the peace
declared states could not limit free speech. Also the first case to use INCORPORATION
declared that SCHOOLS could use PRIOR RESTRAINT on school publications
allowed federal AID to parochial schools for secular purposes
allowed local communities to define OBSCENITY
prohibited PRIOR RESTRAINT by STATES with newspapers
protects freedom of expression on the INTERNET
limited seditious speech in times of danger. Also established the CLEAR and PRESENT DANGER test
protected FLAG BURNING as symbolic speech
protected ARM BANDS as symbolic speech for students
Which amendment extended due process, extended citizenship, and protected citizens from all levels of government?
Trembled means...
A large room for meetings is an...
Grimaced means...
Another word for bravery is...
If something is repeated, it...
To make really sad...
An accident is...
Pulled or twisted out of shape...
Blushed means...
Frantically means...
Kane wants to throw away a plastic bottle that she is no longer using. Which of the following disposal methods would help conserve natural resources?
A city located in a desert has winds that blow constantly. Which of the following would be considered a limited renewable resource in this city?
Mianjel is concerened that many of the natural resources we use today will not be available in the future. Which of the following would BEST help to ensure the conservation of these natural resources?
Water can be replaced naturally in a short period of time, so it is a(n)
The protection of natural resources is called
New objects are made from old objects when you
Which method of soil conservation adds nutrients to the soil?
There is no way people can prevent pollution
Most of Earth's freshwater is found in which of the following?
Which list contains ONLY alternative energy sources?
Differences in interests, attitude and overall lifestyle between the North, South and West was called
Industry was the way of life in this section
Small farms, cheap land, ranching and mining were part of this region's economy
Opposed (against) high Tariffs on imports
Economy based on cotton, tobacco, slaves and planations
This section included Boston, Massachussetts
This section included Richmond, Virginia
This section included Sutter's Mill in California
The leader of this section was Henry Clay who supported tariffs and taxes for expansion
The leader of this section was John C. Calhoun who supported states rights and hated tariffs
The leader of this section was Daniel Webster who supported industry and banking
to squeeze or twist
begin doing something
to hold a position that someone could paint or photograph you
to have a strong effect on someone's mind or feelings
a very brave or courageous act
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Over 5 days, Pedro jogged 6.5 miles, 5 miles, 2 miles, 2 miles and 4.5 miles. find the mean distance that Pedro jogged
Wich value is NOT always a number in the data set it represents?
Which value will change the most when 16 is added to the data set 0, 1, 4, 0, 3, 4, 2, and 1
What is the mode of the following data? 17, 13, 14, 13, 21, 18, 16, 19
What is the outlier in the data set? 4, 13, 7, 26, 6, 7, 3, 4, 2, 8, 10, 9
What is the mean in this data set? 4, 13, 7, 26, 6, 7, 3, 4, 2, 8, 10, 9
The high temperature Monday was 54 degress, Tuesday it was 62 degrees, Wednesday it was 65 degrees, Thursday it was 60 degrees and Friday it was 62 degrees. What is the range of this data?
The high temperature Monday was 54 degress, Tuesday it was 62 degrees, Wednesday it was 65 degrees, Thursday it was 60 degrees and Friday it was 62 degrees. What is the mean of this data?
The high temperature Monday was 54 degress, Tuesday it was 62 degrees, Wednesday it was 65 degrees, Thursday it was 60 degrees and Friday it was 62 degrees. What is the mode of this data?
The high temperature Monday was 54 degress, Tuesday it was 62 degrees, Wednesday it was 65 degrees, Thursday it was 60 degrees and Friday it was 62 degrees. What is the median of this data?
In which data set are the mean, median, mode all the same number?
What are some physical features in China?
Why did the early people of China settle along the Huang He?
What did an earthquake symbolize in China?
The Great Wall of China wanted to keep invaders out from where?
How were the ideas of Buddhism spread?
The Civil War is similar to which period in China?
Confucius was a __________________.
What is the term when items are made in China and brought to the United States?
Ethics is when someone exhibits good______________________.
The peasants are the ___________________ class of the Feudal System.
What is the term when goods are made in the United States and sent out to other countries to sell?
Who was the person who believed a society was like a family?
What is the vocabulary word when China used the same coins and writing system?
Why did Shi Huangdi have the same writing, money and laws in China?
Why was the Silk Road significant to the people of China?
How did the people of China became wealthy?
What religion is based on the idea of people acting morally and treating others well allowing these ideas to spread along the Silk Road?
What groups did the Caste System divided Indian society into?
What are two problems faced along the Silk Road?
This is the simplest level of organization of life- the smallest unit of an element.
The basic unit of life
Groups of similar cells working together to complete a similar function.
Which of the following is not one of the four types of tissues found in life?
This is the term we use for being made of only one cell
This is the scientific word for sugar molecules
This is one example of a nucleic acid
Groups of similar organs working together to perform a common function
This is the most complex level of organization from this list of four levels of organization.
This is the name of the tool that was needed to see the first cells
This was the scientist who came up with the word cells to describe the basis for life
This scientist came up with the idea that all plants come from cells
This is the scientific term for the maintenance of a healthy state
This is the process of breaking down food for energy
Which one of the following is not needed to maintain homeostasis/ being healthy?
This is the name given for the part that surrounds the cell, separating the inside from the outside of the cell.
Which one of the following is not part of the cell theory?
Which scientist is not part of the creation of the cell theory?
This is the term we use for cells that have unique functions.
This is the simplest level of organization from the terms listed
Which section of the Constitution describes the legislative branch?
How old do you have to be to become a US Senator?
Who is Keystone's representative in the US House of Representatives?
How many representatives does Florida have in the US House of Representatives?
When does a bill become a law?
How long is a Senator's term in office?
What is needed to override a veto?
Who has the responsibility of breaking ties in the US Senate?
What vocabulary word means number of members required to be in attendance in order to conduct business?
Which vocabulary word means the official closing of a session of Congress?
What is one thing the federal and state governments can BOTH do?
How is the number of representtives in the US House of Representatives for each state determined?
What kind of bills must always start in the US House of Representatives?
What two legislative bodies make up Congress?
What does both Marco Rubio and Jim Abbott want to change about the Constitution?
Which amendment to the Constitution gives the power to elect Senators to the people?
Abstention is the act of not ...
How many days does a President get to sign a bill before it automatically becomes a law?
How many representatives are in the US House of Representatives?
Where can you find the enumerated powers?
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 226 227 228 229 230 231 232 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 240 241 242 243 244 245 246 247 248 249 250 251 252 253 254 255 256 257 258 259 260 261 262 263 264 265 266 267 268 269 270 271 272 273 274 275 276 277 278 279 280 281 282 283 284 285 286 287 288 289 290 291 292 293 294 295 296 297 298 299 300 301 302 303 304 305 306 307 308 309 310 311 312 313 [314] 315 316 317 318 319 320 321 322 323 324 325 326 327 328 329 330 331 332 333 334 335 336 337 338 339 340 341 342 343 344 345 346 347 348 349 350 351 352 353 354 355 356 357 358 359 360 361 362 363 364 365 366 367 368 369