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You should make a to-do list to help prioritize your tasks.
PPD stands for?
What type of events should you include in your planner?
A planner is a place to keep track of your friends phone numbers
Prioritizing means
How long should you take a break after studying for 1 hour?
You should review old material more than new material
You should use these when writing in your planner-
You should do your homework when your energy level is at it's highest.
Your favorite subject is math, you have a social studies review and a math worksheet for homework.
The correct binder organization order is-
Use sheet protectors to preserve and protect important paper and class handouts, such as:
An organized binder is important because it helps you:
If you use single subject binders, you will need _____ binders for each class and activity
Papers should _______ be shoved loosed into your backpack or locker!
Color coding is a way of keeping yourself organized
Keeping your planner updated is a good way of managing your time
Reading a textbook is the same as reading a library book.
Knowing how long it takes to read text is helpful when planning out your study time.
¿Cuál de los siguientes no fue una causa de la Guerra Civil?
. La desmontadora de algodón permitió el crecimiento de la industria textil porque
¿Cuál fue la causa inmediata de la secesión de los estados sureños de la Unión antes del comienzo de la Guerra Civil?
Durante la primera mitad del siglo XIX (19), el movimiento abolicionista luchó por
¿Qué era el producto más importante de la economía del Sur?
¿Cuántos estados se separaron de la Unión para formar la Confederación (Los Estados Confederados de América)?
¿Cuál de las siguientes era un estado de la frontera entre la Unión y la Confederación que permitía la esclavitud antes de la Guerra Civil pero que NO se separó de la Unión?
¿Qué ventaja tenía el Sur sobre el Norte durante la Guerra Civil?
¿Quién ganó la elección de 1876?
¿Cuál de las siguientes NO fue parte del plan de Lincoln para ganar la guerra (Plan Anaconda)?
Al principio de la Guerra Civil, una ventaja de la Unión (el Norte) era
¿Quién fue el único presidente de los Estados Confederados de América (también conocido como la Confederación o el Sur)?
Las leyes que establecieron las pruebas de lectura, los impuestos al voto y la cláusula del abuelo fueron aprobadas por los estados del Sur para
La 13º, 14º y 15º enmiendas se agregaron a la Constitución durante el período de Reconstrucción para
El término carpetbaggers (aventurero) se utilizó durante la Reconstrucción para describir
Después de la Reconstrucción, los sureños blancos recuperaron el control de los gobiernos de los estados del Sur debido a que
El principio “separados pero iguales” establecido por la decisión del caso Plessy vs. Ferguson (1896) condujo a
¿Cómo se llama la sociedad secreta organizada en el Sur después de la Guerra Civil para afirmar la supremacía blanca por medio de la violencia?
What was the name of the court case that allowed for separate but equal facilities?
Which was NOT a way that blacks were disenfranchised?
What was Tom Watson's impact on Georgia?
What was the name of the former slave that became the wealthiest African American during this time period?
Who was a black educator who was also a civil rights activitist?
Who helped create the NAACP?
Who promoted the idea: the best approach for African-Americans to gain a foothold in white society was through hard work, education, and economic accomplishments, before gaining full civil rights?
I am eating
Marta should write.
Rolando and I are learning
La Sra Little receives
Do you attend?
Do they open?
Pilar reads.
I live.
Enrique and Julia should sell
I don't believe
What is a source of heat energy?
What does temperature mean?
Are noodles in a pot caused by heat energy?
Conduction is the --- of heat from ---- to another.
What are the sources of heat energy?
Heat energy moves from -- things to -- things.
When an egg is cooked in a pan on the stove, the egg is heated by ----.
What material is a good conductor?
When ice melts, is that caused by heat energy?
What happens when an object has more heat energy?
What is the change from a liquid state to a gas state?
What materials is a good insulator?
What do we use to measure temperature?
When you wear clothes in the winter, the clothes are considered to be an ---.
An example of heat energy is:
What is a source of heat energy?
What is a source of heat energy?
Organisms with favorable traits survive long enough to reproduce are... (Survival or the Fittest)
A group of organisms that can mate with one another to produce fertile offspring are...
The remnant of a once useful structure is a _______________ structure.
When humans choose which genes get passed onto the next generation, often done with dogs, is called...
The solidified remains or imprints of once living organisms are...
A characteristic that helps an organisms survive and reproduce in its environment is a(n)...
Changes in an organism's DNA is called a(n)...
The process of CHANGE over TIME is called...
Who is known as the father of the theory of evolution by natural selection?
Traits, like curly hair and brown eyes, are determined by ________.
In the struggle for survival, the ___________ win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best to their ________________.
What evidence suggests that the ancestors of whales once walked on land?
A species that disappears permanently is said to be ___________________.
What does it mean when nature 'selects against' a species?
Dogs evolved from what animal?
A branching tree is a
Why do scientists think related species have similar body structures and development patterns?
Which term refers to SIMILAR STRUCTURES that related species have inherited from a common ancestor?
What did Darwin observe about finches in the Galapagos Islands?
How did the universe begin?
What is the age of the universe?
What force led to the formation of everything that we see in the universe?
What is the speed of light?
What is a light year?
In miles how far does light travel in one year?
In kilometers, how far does light travel in one year?
How many constellations are there?
Which of the following is a winter time constellation?
Which of the following is a zodiacal constellation?
On the way home, we got a __________ tyre.
The packages were __________ three days late.
They __________ a new contract.
We __________ the walls.
We finish work _____ three o’clock.
We will start the new contract ____ 8 July.
They started work _____ Tuesday.
He will be on holiday _____ September.
It's for cutting wood.
They're for protecting your hands.
It's for lubricating machines.
They're for sewing things.
It's for keeping your tools in it.
They're for holding nails and cutting wires.
It's for cutting paper or cloth.
It's for making holes.
It's for finding directions.
There is a big park ……………….. my house and the highway.
The mouse is usually placed ………………….. the keyboard.
I need a ……………………… to know the dimensions of this room.
The top of a wave is called the ______________.
he distance between the tops of the wave is called the ___________________.
One of the waves of the Electromagnetic Spectrum includes
Which of the following is a color of the Visible Light Spectrum
Which wave has the longest wavelength of the EMS?
Which wave has the shortest wavelength of the EMS?
Which wave of the EMS is considered to be dangerous?
Which color of the Visible LIght Spectrum has the longest wavelength?
Which color of the Visible LIght Spectrum has the shortest wavelength?
Which of the following is NOT a high frequency wave?
How old is the sun?
How old is Earth?
How did our solar system form?
In light minutes, how far away is our sun?
What are the two different types of optical telescopes?
Which optical telescope uses mirrors?
Why was communism a negative effect of decolonization?
Why was the Salt March important to the people of India?
What is the name of the Conference held to split up Africa?
What 2 countries colonized the most land?
Why did the Europeans split up the land?
Why was Europe still interested in Africa after slave trade ended?
What country was not colonized?
How did Europe create conflict after splitting up land?
What did Europeans build to help Africans travel better?
What did missionaries do?
What did Europe build to make life better for the Africans?
Who did not attend The Berlin Conference?
What percent of 55 is 34?
28% of 63 is what number?
1 is what percent of 52.6?
4% of 73 is what number?
79% of 67 miles is what?
What is 12% of 17.5?
112 minutes is 76% of what?
$73 is what percent of $125
16 inches is 35% of what?
What is 103% of 127 tons?
102 hours is 94% of what?
What percent of 180.4 minutes is 25.7 minutes?
What is 90% of 130 inches?
58% of what is 63.4?
What percent of 38 is 15?
Why is King Tut famous?
The major purpose of pyramids was...
How did Khufu ensure his power?
What structure was built with 2 million stone blocks?
Sensuret 1 controlled natural resources such as...
Why did they reconstruct the White Chapel?
Hatsheptsut was the first...
Hatshepsut's monument at Dayr-al-Bahri was...
What pharaoh ruled for 60 years and built the most statues of himself?
What is NOT true about Abu Simbel?
What are the three indredients for clouds
I am a puffy cloud that is seen during good weather
I am a low blanket of cloud that indicates that rain is coming
I am a wispy cloud high in the sky
I am the only cloud on ground level
Ice crystals that stick together
Ice crystals that fall to the earth singly
Ice crystals that melt and refreeze in the air
Ice crystals that melt and fall to earth in liquid form
What terms correspond with the development of a cumulonimbus cloud
How does Telemachus react to Odysseus' news about being his father?
How is Odysseus dressed like when he 1st meets his son, Telemachus?
How long did Odysseus stay with Calypso in the cave?
How many men are chasing after his wife (Penelope) and trying to kill his son, (Telemachus)?
Name one of the two cities Telemachus searched for Odysseus
What does Athena do that helps Odysseus?
What does the old dog do?
What is Calypso?
What is Ihca like when Odysseus gets home?
What is the old dog's name?
What will happen if ODysseus tells the Phaeacians his story?
Who brings Odysseus home to the city of Ithaca?
Who does Odysseus need to tell his story to?
Who is the goddess that helps ODysseus in Ithaca?
How many men plan on fighting the suitors in the castle?
Does Penelope know that the beggar is Odysseus?
During the 4th year of making the shroud, what happens?
How does Penelope first staff the men from marriage?
How long does she work on the death shroud?
What are the suitors doing in the castle?
What challenge does Penelope give all of the men?
What does Odysseus tell Penelope during his first visit with her?
What does Penelope tell Eumaeus to do?
What is Antinous like?
What is the plan that Odysseus tells Telemachus?
What weapons is Telemachus supposed to save for his father and him?
Who confronts Odysseus inside the castle?
Who doesn't Penelope like?
Who is the leader of the Suitors?
Who wins Penelope's challenge
Who were the three democrats that wanted transform Georgia's economy from agriculture to an industrialized economy but wanted to keep the old traditions of white supremacy in the South?
What was the impact of the International Cotton Exposition?
What was NOT an impact of the 1906 Atlanta Race Riot?
How many conjugations are there in Latin?
What conjugation is the following verb? Habēre
What conjugation is the following verb? Amare
What conjugation is the following verb? Dicere
What conjugation is the following verb? Audire
What conjugation is the following verb? Ambulare
What conjugation is the following verb? Mittere
What conjugation is the following verb? Vidēre
What conjugation is the following verb? Dormire
What are the names of the Latin conjugations?
A small arrow in the lower-right corner of the group.
An instruction users give Word by clicking a button or entering information into a command box.
A small toolbar with popular commands that appears when you point to selected text.
Collections of related Word commands.
A toolbar that contains commands that users use more often, such as Save, Undo, and Redo.
A format style that aligns text along the left margin.
A command that repeats a user's last action.
A space between pages in a document.
A dialog box that will save a document in a specific format.
Symbols for certain formatting commands that can help users create and edit documents.
Assuming that you are using Windows 8, the first screen you see when you start your computer is called the:
When text is selected, what automatically appears on the screen?
The contains the commands you use most often, such as Save, Undo, and Redo.
Letters and numbers that appear on the Ribbon when you press the Alt key are called:
How would you search for templates online?
Which command would you use to save a document for the first time?
When you open new documents in Word, the program names them with a(n) determined by the number of files opened during that session.
Which of the following options would you use when saving a document with a new filename?
Which of the following allows you to access the Help command?
The Undo button is located on the following?
The movement that started during the Renaissance?
The belief in human potential and human achievement?
What best describes the impact of the printing press?
What two themes are present in Renaissance art?
Who painted the Mona Lisa?
How did the Medici family spread the ideas of the Renaissance?
Which best describes how the Middle Ages ended?
What are the classics?
During the Renaissance people had a renewed interest in
The city where the Renaissance began?
A propoise is a
A salmon is a
A sponge is an
A tuna is a
A blue whale is a
A white shark is a
An oyster is an
A squid is an
A octopus is an
A beluga is a
Command in the scroll box that enables users to browse by field, endnote, footnote, comment, section, page, edits, headings, graphics, or tables.
Stores items for you to paste in another location of the document or Office file.
A Word feature that enables users to select multiple items of the text that are not adjacent.
A command that enables users to replace one word or phrase with another.
Measuring tools to align text, graphics and other elements used within a document.
A tool that allows the user to move up or down within the document.
A tool that allows users to move horizontally and vertically through a document more quickly.
a tool that allows user to move up or down one line at a time, or more quickly if users click and hold the button.
Tiny reduced-sized versions of the images on the document pages.
Word places a duplicate copy in the Clipboard.
What percent of 29 is 3?
What percent of 33.5 is 21?
What percent of 55 is 34?
41% of 78 is what?
28% of 63 is what?
58% of what is 63.4?
1 is what percent of 52.6?
What percent of 38 is 15?
4% of 73 is what?
What is 12% of 17.5?
79% of 67 miles is what?
What is 59% of 14
Which city is sacred to Judaism. Christianity and Islam?
Which religion is NOT monotheistic?
Where did Islam spread mostly?
Which Byzantine emperor was responsible for organizing and simplifying old roman law into a new code?
How was the Byzantine Empire connected to Roman Empire?
Which is NOT a contribution made by Byzantine Empire?
How did Islam first spread?
Which of the following is NOT a belief of Islam?
What is the holy book of Islam called?
Which of the following is NOT a reason Islam spread?
Which of the following describe the transition of Roman government?
In 509 BC, Rome set up a form of government which included a leader(s) and a lawmaking group. What is this type of government/
Which group helped the Romans to develop their early form of government?
Which best describes the early religion of Rome?
Believing the Roman empire had grown too large, Diocletian
Islam, Christianity and Judaism are _____________ religions.
Constantinople is now in present day ________________, Turkey
Elected by Senate to represent the plebians
Early religion in Rome followed the ______________ views of Greece?
Emperor Augustus gave Rome the __________________ (200 year peace)
What major river runs through India?
Why did the Dutch traders colonize Indonesia (East Indies)?
What does an underwater earthquake create for the land nearby?
What are two other names for a Typhoon?
How does a monsoon benefit the region
What natural border protects India from the north?
What two major bodies of water surround this region?
Why is Gandhi important to India's struggle for decolonization?
What was the condition of much of Japan after World War 2?
Which United States General was given the job of rebuilding Japan after World War 2?
What was the role of the Japanese emperor in the new government after World War 2?
The United States intervened in Korea and Vietnam to contain the spread of:
Which country has a Communist North and a Democratic South today?
Who established the People's Republic of China, a Communist government, in 1949?
Which program was designed to make farming more productive and to stimulate the economy in China?
What was the period of time called when Mao Zedong tried to eliminate anyone that criticized the government?
What was the purpose of Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution?
Who primarily made up Mao Zedong's Red Guard?
The Red Guard did all of the following EXCEPT:
Student protestors were attacked by Chinese government troops and many were killed or arrested here in 1989:
______ is when a single parent has offspring that are genetically identical to the parent.
______ is when offspring are formed form the genetic material of more than one parent.
______ occurs when a sperm cell (23 chromosomes) joins with an egg cell (23 chromosomes).
_____ is when part of an organism breaks off from the parent and continues to grow into an adult.
Hydra is an example of this reproduction
______ is when an organism splits itself into several pieces and those pieces develop into complete organisms.
_____ is when a part of an organism is broken off of the original and the broken piece regenerate into complete organisms.
____is when a mammal lays an egg.
____ is when a mammal gives birth to a partially developed young and the young matures in a pouch for protection and nourishment.
_____ is when a mammal gives birth to an offspring that was nourished inside the mother's body in a sac located in the uterus.
_____ is when the egg and sperm join inside the female's body.
_____ is when the egg and sperm join outside of the females body.
In order for a species to survive, it must_______
The zygote moves to the uterus and implants and is now called an embryo.
The umbilical cord forms. Heart, brain and other organs begin to form in
Muscles get stronger and can make a fist.
Called a fetus after week
Fetus is fully developed
The lungs are developed, but not fully mature at week
A typical pregnancy is _____ weeks
The eyes open and close at weeks
Mother can feel the movements of the fetus at week
If a fetus makes it to _____ weeks, most survive with assistance after delivery.
The fetus is fully developed at
A flatworm reproduces by
A sea star reproduces by
The platypus and echidna are
The kangaroo, opossum, wombats are
Humans, dogs, bats, horses, zebras are
Chickens, humans, reptiles, mammals, and SOME fish have
Amphibians, frogs, clown fish, and some fish use
A zygote has ________ chromosomes
Sperm cells have _______chromosomes
A major reason Thomas Jefferson supported the purchase of the Louisiana Territory in 1803 was that it--
Washington's Proclamation of Neutrality (1793), Jefferson's Embargo Act (1807), and the Monroe Doctrine (1823) were all efforts to --
Which areas were added to the U.S. by the Louisiana Purchase?
One similarity in the foreign policies of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, and Monroe was that they--
Why was controlling New Orleans so important to the U.S.?
How did the War of 1812 promote the rise in industry in the Northeast?
The Era of Good feelings was a time of increased ____________ after the War of 1812.
Which political party wanted the states to have stronger state governments?
Which political party believed that educated and wealthy people should make political decisions?
Which Amendment in the Bill of Rights protests you from excessive surveillance (being watched closely) by the police and them going through your things?
Andrew Jackson believed in the spoils system. Under this system, President Jackson sought to --
Early in the 19th century, supporters of high protective tariffs believed they would strengthen the American economy -
The Mayflower Compact (1620) was an important step in the development of American democracy because it -
What are the unalienable rights listed in the Declaration of Independence?
Alexander Hamilton's economic plan was designed to -
Give the verb ending that pertains to the following subject pronoun: I
Give the verb ending that pertains to the following subject pronoun: You
Give the verb ending that pertains to the following subject pronoun: He
Give the verb ending that pertains to the following subject pronoun: We
Give the verb ending that pertains to the following subject pronoun: She
Give the verb ending that pertains to the following subject pronoun: Y'all
Give the verb ending that pertains to the following subject pronoun: it
Give the verb ending that pertains to the following subject pronoun: They
Give the verb ending that pertains to the following: Marcus
Give the verb ending that pertains to the following subject pronoun: Cornelia et Sextus
Select the correct pronoun: Mom called (we/us) in for supper.
Select the correct pronoun: (He/Him) and Derek will get to school early.
Select the correct pronoun: Byron lent (I/me) this video.
Aunt Cara brought (she/her) for a visit.
Roger and (I/me) rode our new bikes.
We took the eggs out and boiled (they/them) in water.
Uncle Clyde told my sisters and (I/me) a story.
(They/Them) mow lawns during summer vacation.
Julie, Jennifer, and (I/me) made toys for the kindergarten class.
Ahmed called Carol and (I/me).
Identify the number of personal pronouns: Helen gave him a schedule of the club's meetings.
After swimming for hours, he was very tired.
I will happily call you tomorrow morning.
They waited excitedly for the parade to reach them.
Have you seen them lately?
As he put his tools away, we asked him in for a cup of coffee.
I watched as he skillfully planted those trees, his hands knowing exactly what to do.
Their branches were full of leaf buds.
With his feet, he firmly pressed down the soil around the roots.
He dug two ash saplings out of his yard; they had grown there wild.
Which is the largest percent in the mixture of Earth's Atmosphere?
Which is the 2nd largest percent in the mixture of Earth's Atmosphere?
Which is the 3rd largest percent in the mixture of Earth's Atmosphere?
What is the Product of Photosynthesis?
What gas do plants change into Oxygen?
What percent of the Atmosphere is Nitrogen?
What percent of the Atmosphere is Oxygen?
What percent of the Atmosphere is Argon and other gases?
Which is a Trace Gas in Earth's Atmosphere
Which may be partly responsible for increased amount of carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere?
In a cell model what would an inflated balloon represent?
si t'en prie.
How is using the model to study cells helpful?
What is the correct order for the phases of mitosis?
Phase of mitosis where the cell spends most of it's life; chromosomes copy at the end of the phase.
Phase of mitosis where the sister chromosomes pair up.
Madame, Comment _____________?
Phase of mitosis where the sister chromatids line up in the middle of the cell on the spindle fibers.
De rien! is an appropriate response to _____________
Je m'appelle Caroline. _________? Comment vous appelez-vous?
Phase of mitosis where the sister chromatids are pulled away from each other by the spindle fibers.
vous =
Stage of mitosis where two new nuclei form around the chromosomes.
Stage of mitosis where the cell membrane pinches together forming two new daughter cells.
Which phrase BEST describes the function of mitochondria?
Which taxonomic ranking falls directly below the domain?
Cells of the animal, plant, protist, and fungi kingdoms all contain what?
A scientist observes a previously unknown species. It is multicellular, has a cell wall, and lacks chloroplasts. The scientist also observes reproduction by budding. This organism should most likely be classified in Kingdom
Which of the following is not a typical bacterial shape?
Kingdom Plantae includes all but which of the following organisms?
Both Bacteria and Archaea must do which of the following before they can reproduce?
Which cellular organelle is found in plants and some protists?
What is the highest taxonomic ranking in biology?
Which of the following best explains why a cell does NOT belong to Domain Bacteria?
Which of the following statements is accurate?
The three domains include
What structure in eukaryotes corresponds to the nucleoid in prokaryotes?
Coral are multicellular organisms that reproduce asexually or sexually, produce larvae that swim, are heterotrophs, and do not have a cell wall. Coral are classified as
Which of the following is NOT true regarding organisms in the three domains of life?
Which of the following types of reproduction is not typical of bacteria and archaea?
Suppose a scientist discovers a new prokaryotic species. Which is the most reliable way to classify the species as a member of archaea or bacteria?
What do Archaea, Bacteria, and Eukarya all have in common?
Which of the following is true of Archaea?
A scientist is writing an article about the classification of various types of bacteria. Which statement is most relevant to the article?
What is climate?
By protecting animal and plant habitats, we can prevent...
Which of the following does NOT influence climate?
Human fingers and whale flippers have similar bones. These _____________ indicate that we have a common ancestor.
One species can evolve into multiple species, if members of that species...
A species 'evolves' when members gain new abilities based on...
Using pesticides or antibiotics over a long period of time can lead to
What is 'differential reproduction'?
What is a 'selective pressure' on deer?
Sexual selection is the process of organisms choosing mates based on their attractive appearance. What is natural selection?
If we don't protect our planet's biodiversity, we could lose...
Organisms must adapt to their biomes to survive. What are adaptations that plants use to survive in the tropical rain forest?
The life cycle of a cell,a series of events that take place from one cell division to the next
Structure in the nucleus that contains hereditary material DNA
The process our body cells use to divide the nucleus divides to form two identical nuclei
Period of growth and development before cell division. When chromosomes are duplicated
chromatin condenses into chromosomes, nuclear envelope disappears, spindle fibers start to form
chromosomes, chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell
The sister chromatid separate into individual chromosomes and are moved apart
chromosomes return to chromatin; nuclear membranes form; cleavage begins
Division of the cytoplasm following mitosis and the forming of two new cells
area connecting sister chromatids
When a chromosome is duplicated the two identical parts are know as these
Uncontrolled cell division
Type of reproduction where a new exact copy of one parent organism is formed
Biological cells found in all multicellular organisms, that can divide (through mitosis) and differentiate into diverse specialized cell types and can self-renew to produce more stem cells.
father of genetics
T Or F geno type
geno type
What is the name of the Hardness Scale used to identify minerals?
Which is NOT a requirement to be a mineral?
What property describes the way a mineral breaks?
What are the two categories of cleavage?
What is it called if a mineral breaks the same way almost every time?
Which property describes the way light reflects off of the mineral's surface?
Which is NOT a type of luster we discussed in class?
Why isn't color a good test for most minerals?
Streak shows the color of what material left over after rubbing a mineral on a streak plate?
Specific gravity is the _____________ of a mineral.
A mineral's specific gravity can be any number other than?
Graphite is also known as?
Sulfur is known for its smell and leaving a _______________ streak.
Which common bathroom accessory contains the mineral fluorite?
The soft mineral talc is ground into a powder to make what?
A minerals' properties are largely based on...
What are the two ways to classify luster?
Your fingernail can scratch anything less than _________ on the hardness scale.
Which mineral is given a 10 on the Mohs hardness scale?
Some minerals will do this when liquids like lemon juice are placed on them?
What is nationalism?
What was involved in Gandhi's plan of civil disobedience?
India was controlled by which European country for over 300 years?
In which year did India gain its independence?
What European power was the colonial ruler of Vietnam in the late 1800s and early 1900s?
Who created a guerrilla army to fight for Vietnam's independence?
What was the goal of the Vietminh League?
The United States helped rebuild the economy of which country after World War 2?
The cell theory is one of the unifying themes of biology. Which of the following statements would be part of the
The nucleus of a cell
All cells
What grade will you get on the mid assessment
particles vibrate in place
particles slide past one another
particles move freely
definite shape
indefinite shape
definite volume
indefinite volume
Solids can easily change in volume.
Liquids take the shape of their container.
When the distance between gas particles increases, the volume of gas increases.
A group of land ecosystems with similar climates and organisms is called a(n)______.
Which of the following is a living factor in the prairie ecosystem?
The place where an organism lives and that provides the things an organism needs, is called its _____.
Which of the following is an example of a population?
The smallest unit of ecological organization is a single _____.
Prairie dogs, snakes and grass make up a level of ecological organization called a(n)_____.
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic that all living things share?
All of the different populations that live together in an area make up a(n) _____.
If an organism is hard to find, which method would you use to estimate its population?
What method of population estimation would you use to find the population of kittens born at your neighbor's house?
All the members of one species in a particular area is called a(n) ___________.
A group of land ecosystems with similar climates and organisms is called a(n)___________.
The community of organisms that live in a particular area along with their nonliving surroundings is called a(n) ________.
The part of the Earth and its atmosphere in which living organisms exist or that is capable of supporting life is called a(n)
A living thing is called a(n)
All the different populations that live together in an area is called a(n) __________.
Which is a characteristic of all living things?
Which is NOT a characteristic of all living things?
What is the correct order of the levels of organization from smallest to largest?
Which characteristic of living things does fire NOT have?
Which characteristic of living things does hair NOT have?
Which characteristic of life does a mountain have?
The _________ system works with the nervous system to protect important organs such as the brain and spinal cord.
Receptors in the muscles provide the brain with information about body position and movement. In this case, the muscular system is working with the _______________.
The ______________ and ____________ systems work together to support the body and enable it to move.
We think of our muscular system as the system that helps us move around, It also functions on an internal level by helping food movement in the ____________ and ____________, both parts of the digestive system.
___________________ is a result of the excretory system balancing the amount of water and salts in your body and it is stored in your bladder until it is excreted.
Voluntary muscles; attached to bones, provides force needed to move bones.
Involuntary muscle; controls movement inside the body (ex. digestion)
Bundle of nerves that begins at the brainstem; runs down the center of the vertebrae.
Nerves that branch out from the spinal cord and connect to the rest of the body.
Located at the base of the brain; controls vital involuntary processes. (breathing)
Largest part of the brain; controls thoughts, voluntary actions, and sensations related to five senses.
System that moves blood throughout the body.
System that extracts nutrients from food material.
System that aids in protecting the body from injury and infections, keeps water inside the body, and helps regulate body temperature.
Take a deep breath. Where does that air you breathe in go? It goes into your lungs, but that's not the end! Your circulatory system helps to move the oxygen to all of your cells. What carries the oxygen to every cell in your body?
Your kidneys, the main organ of the excretory system, work with the ___________ system, to filter liquid waste from your blood.
Most living things need oxygen to survive. These two body systems bring oxygen into your body and then move to all your body parts. What are these two body systems?
Membrane-bound organelles are not found in the cells of
Why don't animal cells need chloroplasts?
The Cell Theory states that
Every snowflake is
How much?
Who is this?
you call yourself how?
How much does this cost?
Which structure is the least complex?
Which structure is the most complex?
Hooke, von Leeuwenhoek, Virchow, Schleiden and Schwann all contributed to the discovery of what idea?
Which of the following is not a main component of cell theory?
In what part of a cell is heredity information found?
Which sequence is missing from the levels of organization chart? Ecosystem-Community-Population-?-?-?-Tissues-Cells
When comparing a plant cell to an animal cell, which structure is only found in a plant cell?
Cytoplasm is found in-
The function of the chloroplast in a plant cell is to-
Which of the following is the correct term used to describe a group of body organs working together to perform a specific function?
Which of the following lists the levels of organization of living things in the correct order of organization from the simplest to the most complex?
All of the following are types of tissues EXCEPT-
Which phrase BEST describes the function of mitochondria?
What types of organisms have cells with very large vacuoles?
What function or process is common to all living things?
Which of the following do all living things have in common?
Which structures identify a plant cell?
Which cell structure functions like a school principal's office?
What type of cell contains all of the following: cell wall, chloroplast, large central vacuole.
Identify the structure through which waste exits the cell.
If you have a cell model that includes a cell wall, vacuole, and chloroplast what type of cell is being modeled?
S'il te plaît!
Je t'en prie
Which force makes Earth travel in a straight line and which force pulls Earth toward the sun?
The sun's rays hitting the equator and the poles determine what?
Since the Earth spins on it's axis every 24 hours, what does it experience?
The moon and the Earth rotate about the same time, since this occurs that means
On the moon there are marias, what are they?
When does a solar eclipse occur?
In the Northern Hemisphere what does a vernal equinox mean?
What does Newton's law of universal gravitation state?
Since Earth revolves around the sun, it changes our view of what?
What is it called with a meteoroid enters Earth's atmosphere?
The amount of sunlit side of the moon facing Earth determines what?
Inertia is the force that
A constellation is
Which force depends on the mass of objects and the distance between them?
When the summer solstice occurs in the Southern Hemisphere the sun is
One year is when an Earth completes
Identify the correct pronoun in the following: Both magazines offered (its/their) customers a good deal.
Identify the antecedent in the following: Both magazines offered their customers a good deal.
Identify the correct pronoun: Paula and Rosa brought samples of (her/their) winning recipes.
Identify the antecedent: The club decided to raise its membership dues.
Carla and ___________ love to talk on the phone.
The telephone is the most wonderful part of technology for __________.
____________ both learned to recognize each other's voice on the phone.
Evelyn and ____________ never run out of things to talk about.
Is the following correct? Bill and me saw the movie.
Mom gave Akira and ____ a job for the afternoon.
Sound waves are gathered by the ______ which is shaped to capture sound waves
The vibration of air particles cause the ______ to vibrate.
Low frequency vibrations cause what type of pitch?
High frequency vibrations cause which type of pitch?
Transparent layer of the eye that light travels through
Located on the back of the inside eye where light waves are focused
Nerve impulses are sent through this to allow the brain to create clear images
The brain's interpretation of those nerve impulses are known as
How many small bones are there in the human ear?
What part of the eye shows a person's genetic blueprint?
List 6 types of Energy:
What is Energy?
What are 2 forms that mechanical energy can take?
Where is chemical energy stored?
What type of process releases energy by splitting the nucleus of an atom?
Who first described mathematically how matter is converted to energy?
Which releases more energy, chemical or nuclear bonds?
Name an element commonly used in nuclear weapons
Give 3 examples of potential energy:
The First Law of Thermodynamics states:
Examples of Chemical energy include
Examples of Mechanical energy include:
Examples of Electrical energy
Examples of Light Energy
Examples of Sound Energy
Examples of Nuclear energy
Examples of Magnetic energy
What are 3 types of radiation?
Name 2 types of bioenergy
What is 1 problem with radiometric dating?
In line 17, the narrator most likely uses the phrase “embalmed beef” to convey the idea that
What is ironic about the law banning the slaughter and canning of horse meat?
Why was Jurgis impressed when he first inspected the packing plants?
The narrator explains in lines 61–73 that, unlike the cheating that occurs with the products themselves,
Jurgis’s friend tells him that “anybody who could invent a new imitation had been sure of a fortune from old Durham.” Readers can infer that this is because
The narrator says that the “hoisters...would have to stoop under a beam...which got them into the habit of stooping, so that in a few years they would be walking like chimpanzees.” The author most likely chose this imagery to
If someone is sceptical, he or she is
To oblige is to
What does ostensibly mean?
A plan is ingenious if it is
The earth is closest to the sun during which season?
On the first day of winter, the Earth tilts which direction relative to the sun?
On the first day of winter, how much daylight does the Northern Hemisphere receive?
During winter, what kind of rays does the sun receive?
On the first day of spring, the Earth tilts which direction relative to the sun?
On the first day of spring, how much daylight does the Northern Hemisphere receive?
During spring, what kind of rays does the sun receive?
On the first day of summer, the Earth tilts which direction relative to the sun?
On the first day of summer, how much daylight does the Northern Hemisphere receive?
During fall, what direction is the Earth tilted relative the sun?
On the first day of fall, the Earth tilts which direction relative to the sun?
On the first day of fall, how much daylight does the Northern Hemisphere receive?
During summer, what kind of rays does the sun receive?
During fall, what kind of rays does the sun receive?
An example of a prokaryote cell is?
What's special about prokaryotic cell organelles
DNA in prokaryotic cells:
An example of a eukaryotic cell is
Eukaryotic cells special characteristic about is's organelles are
Which type of cell appeared first on earth?
A command that allows users to cancel or undo their last command or action.
Master document that has predefined page layout, fonts, margins, and styles and is used to create new documents that will share the same basic formatting.
The large I created when users place the cursor near the insertion point.
A button in the Quick Access Toolbar that saves an existing document.
Eight areas of activity on the Ribbon that contain groups or collections of related Word commands.
A tool that replaces some keyboard shortcut from earlier versions of Microsoft and appears as small square labels.
A menu that contains a list of useful commands.
A tool that automatically wraps text to the next line as it reaches the right margin.
An option that enables users to set document properties.
This describes the movement of nitrogen throughout the atmosphere, lithosphere and biosphere.
Nitrogen gas is converted into a usable compound called nitrates by certain types of microorganisms.
Some bacteria take nitrogen out of compounds in the soil and change it back into nitrogen gas that is released into the atmosphere.
Plants roots absorb nitrogen containing nutrients in the soil.
A natural process in which substances are broken down to create energy.
Materials that slowly formed underground from the remains of plants and animals that died millions of years ago.
A natural process involving the eruption of hot gases and rock material from within Earth.
The process by which stones at the Earth's surface are broken down, either physically or chemically.
A reaction in which a substance burns in oxygen. This process releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
The release of carbon dioxide that was once dissolved in water into the air
A natural process with plants in which carbon dioxide and water are converted into sugar.
A natural process in which pieces of rock and other matter settle out of water and are buried.
A natural process in which carbon dioxide from the atmosphere dissolves into water.
Cutting down large areas of trees. This puts more carbon dioxide and less oxygen in the air.
An increase in Earth's average global temperatures.
A natural process in which organic matter, like dead organisms, decompose or break down.
In between nitrogen bases, you will be able to find
The mRNA sequence AUGGUUAAACGACAAUCC codes for which polypeptide?
Which of these changes to the DNA triplet GCT will affect the protein produced?
Which DNA component is referred to as the genetic code?
A mutation occuring in gametes (sex cells) will likely be transferred to the organism's
A mutation is least likely to affect a cell when the mutation
If yeast can use a human version of a gene to repair their own defective gene, then they both
If the original strand says TGA GGT CTC CTC, how has the strand TGA GGT CAC CTC been mutated?
DNA and RNA both contain
This nucleic acid contains Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine, and Thymine.
This nucleic acid contains Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine, and Uracil.
4. Carries genetic information from the nucleus to the ribosomes
Adenine, Uracil, Thymine, Guanine and Cytosine are
Nucleotides consist of
Nucleic acids are composed of
Which event is NOT part of DNA replication?
Replicate the following DNA strand: CTAGGCAT
Use the following DNA strand to transcribe mRNA: CTAGGCAT
The final product of this process is to create
Translation occurs in which organelle?
The main job of the cell membrane is to...
Substances move through the membrane from high concentration to low concentration through the process of...
Water moves through the membrane through the process of...
What moves through the cell membrane?
What are the reactants needed for photosynthesis
What does the mitochondria need in order to release energy from glucose?
What are the products of photosynthesis
Which word means some things can go through, but others can not?
What is the name for the process in which plants produce glucose?
The amount of matter being the same before and after a chemical reaction demonstrates...
The brain is an example of a(n)
This is a group of the same types of cells.
This is part of the cell that has a specific job.
Which of these do plant and animal cells both have?
Which of these affect the movement of particles through the cell membrane
The movement of particles through the cell membrane by using energy is ______.
Organs that work together to perform a job are a(n) ___________.
What is different about a plant's vacuole(s)?
What is the job of the cell wall?
Plant cells are usually what shape?
Sam said i want a piece of cake
where is my snack shouted amy
where are you going mom asked i have you a snack ready
let's eat lunch said denise im hungry
thank you for the nice present said emma
andy said i think we're going to the movies
i like your hat exclaimed carrie when did you get it
sam asked betty if she would come to the party
i think i will eat salad tonight mandy sadly said
tommy questioned where are my new shoes
The Suez Canal connects which two bodies of water?
Which is the holy city to the three monotheistic religions?
Money from oil has shaped the policies of many Middle Eastern countries. What is an example of these domestic policies that occurred due to oil wealth?
Which country produces the most oil?
Where did many Jewish people migrate after WWII?
What action did the United Nations take following WWII?
How have natural resources affected the economy of the Middle East?
What geography dominates most of North Africa and the Middle East?
Southwest Asia is the birthplace of which 3 religions?
The majority of Egypt's population is located around what geographic feature?
What happened at Camp David when the leaders of Egypt and Israel met?
What are the three main culture groups of people who live in North Africa?
Which two Middle East countries are the only long-standing democracies of the region?
Which culture traits do the majority of the people of SW Asia and North Africa have in common?
Which piece of technology was instrumental in the communication of protesters during Arab Spring?
What geographic barrier limits transportation to countries south of Egypt?
The cultural dress in Saudi Arabia and Iran is conservative by most Westerners' perspectives. In these countries men and women dress
The series of pro-democracy revolutions that occurred from 2010-2011 in the ME-NA region became known as
Which body of water is important to the developed countries of the world due to its abundance of crude oil?
Which of the 3 monotheistic religions is the oldest?
Chromosomes are_________
The period of cell devision is called__________
Mitosis has _________ phases
The process where the cytoplasm divides is called __________
The process during which the nucleus of a cell is divided into two nuclei is _______
The first three phases of the cell cycle is called _________
Cell structures made up of individual microtubule fibers that are involved in moving chromosomes during cell devision are called ________
Which of the following does NOT play a role in cytokinesis?
Sister chromatids are ______
Chromosomes are the genetic material, which is passed on from one generation to the next.
A cell plate forms in cytokinesis in plant cells
Cells are the basic unit of life
A cell spends most of its life in prophase
Interphase is the division period of the cell cycle.
The chromosomes seperate at the beginning of this phase
Chromosomes move towards the center of the cell
Separate chromosomes are not clearly visible but the chromatin has become thicker and shorter
Two daughter cells are produced and the nuclear envelopes form
A cell with 10 chromosomes undergoes mitosis. This will produce which of the following?
What structure is responsible for moving chromosomes during mitosis?
Who led the American troops in France?
Why did Americans not join the League of Nations?
What was Woodrow Wilson's plan for peace?
Who killed the Archduke?
What are the sypmtoms of shell shock (PTSD)?
What was the fourteenth point?
How did Americans help the war effort at home?
What were the four main causes of the WWI?
Which is a Technological advance introduced in WWI?
What is one punishment placed on Germany from Treaty of Versailles?
What is one issue soldiers faced in trenches?
What did Germany send to Mexico that told them to attack the U.S.?
What is the Triple Entente?
What is militarism?
What is imperialism?
Click the Correct Book Title:
Click the Correct Book Title:
Click the Correct Book Title:
Click the Correct Book Title:
Click the Correct Book Title:
Click the Correct Book Title:
Click the Correct Book Title:
Click the Correct Book Title:
Click the Correct Book Title:
Click the Correct Book Title:
A tool that is divided into eight tabs that contain groups.
To send a document to a printer.
A style that requires no punctuation after the salutation or the closing.
A style that requires a colon after the salutation and a comma after the closing.
A tool that enables users to visually check your document for errors before printing.
A tool that replaces some keyboard shortcuts from earlier versions of Microsoft.
The blinking point at the upper-left side of the document where you will begin creating your text.
A command that automatically completes text, such as the current date, day of the week and month.
A tool that provides more information about commands.
A tool that offers quick access to commands for performing many file management tasks all displayed in a single navigation pane that can be customized to meet users' needs.
A box that displays additional options or information you can use to execute commands.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Given 2 points find the slope using the slope formula. (1,2) and (7, 9)
Identify the slope and y-intercept of y = -1/2 x + 7.
Which equation is y = 1/3x - 5 in standard form?
Write an equation of the line that passes through the pair of points. (-5, -2), (3, -1)
Which of these is the equation of a line with y-intercept (0, 2) and slope 1/3?
A 1,500-gallon tank contains 200 gallons of water. Water begins to run into the tank at the rate of 75 gallons per hour. When will the tank be full but not overflowing?
The amount charged for each large pizza (p) is based on the cost of a plain pizza plus an additional charge for each topping (t). The following equation models this relationship:
Which equation is equivalent to 5 - 2(2x + 1) = 17?
What is the y-intercept of the graph 6x - 3y = 24 ?
A cleaning service charges an hourly fee plus a fixed starting price. The cost (C) in dollars to clean your house for a number of hours (h) is described by the function: C = 10h + 50. Which statement is true?
To create a duplicate, opposite shape, use the _______________ command.
The best weay to create a parallel copy of geometry in your drawing would be using the _________________ command?
Which command breaks a line into two or more independent lines?
The _____________________ command applies an angled corner to two independent lines.
The _____________ command allows you to alter the shape of an object, by making it wider or shorter proportionally.
The command that allows lines to be lengthened to a specified line or object is the ____________ command.
Which CAD command creates multiple copies of an object in a circular or rectangular pattern?
You would use The _____________ command to combine multiple objects, like lines/arcs into one.
The following are properties of an object:
In CAD, a ______________ file includes specific units and settings to use to start new drawings by saving a file with a _____________ extension.
What is the counselor's name?
Who are the two boys?
What are the three girls' names?
Set of information passed from parent to offspring (controls the trait)
Physical Characteristics
Scientific study of heredity
Passing of physical characteristics from parent to offspring
Strong trait will always show up when present
Weak trait that is hiddent when a dominant allele is present
The alleles are the same
The alleles are different
The genes or genetics of an organism
physical charateristics (what you look like)
I spoke
they travelled
it snowed
you fam. sg. helped
I washed
he bought
they walked on
you fam pl stood up
we counted
you form pl played
my family arrived
you fam sg shut
they took (medicine)
I called
you fam pl raised
we walked
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