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The purpose of the Berlin Conference was to discuss
The partitioning of Africa…
• ______________________ is the forced control of one nation by another nation
• In 1946 British colonial authorities merged southern and northern Sudan into a single administrative region. what led to regional conflict
• Fighting between two or more groups or regions in the same country is referred to as
• As the European powers grew more industrialized, their need for colonies became very important as sources of
• Which of these did NOT occur as a result of European partitioning of Africa during the 1800s and 1900s? (SS7H1a)
nationalism is when a
What did the nationalist movements in Nigeria and South Africa have in common?
• What was one of the challenges faced by Nigeria after it gained independence from Great Britain in 1960?
What is a voyage?
What is the name of the explorer who found the New World while searching for a sea route to the Indies?
What were the names of Christopher Columbus's three ships?
The King and Queen who provided Columbus with the necessary ships and money for his voyage were named.
The leader of Jamestown was named:
What is a colony?
What two things did John Smith hope to find in the New World?
The Indian Princess who helped save Jamestown
Miles Standish was...
Separatists were...
Name the ship that carried the pilgrims to Plymouth.
Who made a peace treaty with the pilgrims
Who began to Quaker colony?
What was the War of Independence?
Who wrote Poor Richard's Almanac?
The Constitution is....
Answers by Educators Question Database
The SkillsUSA creed lists the following?
To make a motion at a meeting, you must begin the statement of your motion by saying?
The SkillsUSA motto is?
In What year was SkillsUSA established?
What does the color blue represent to SkillsUSA?
With official SkillsUSA attire, what type of slacks are acceptable?
Orbital circles represent?
When traveling, it is expected to tip what percentage of the bill to a waiter or waitress?
In a business meeting, how many people preside at one time?
When seeking employment, you should
When filling out an application, you should use a/an?
How many applications should you ask for?
When a motion is made in a meeting, you
In a business meeting
When greeting someone, you should use a
Effective communication is
Which of the following does NOT belong in a portfolio?
Which part of the SkillsUSA emblem represents the individual?
A collection of work representing education, self-development, and career information is called?
What is the written statement from a person in authority who acts as an endorsement of you positive attitude?
A method of creating a lot of ideas in a short period of time and expanding your thinking is called?
To honor and respect my vocation in such a way as to bring repute to myself is part of the SkillsUSA?
I believe in the American way of life is part of the SkillsUSA?
If there is no second to a motion, the motion is said to be?
When you speak or meet other people, you should?
Children's separation anxieties should be
Games appropriate for preschool age children usually
A contructive way of helping a chills calm down is to
Children who receive love and affection from caregivers
A benefit of allowing a three-year old to pour his/her own juice is
Where are we going on our May 14th field trip?
What was our natural disaster unit called?
What is the name of our Team?
What percent of DNA do we share with bananas?
What book are we currently learning in science?
If I do something special in science, I may be told to pick one of these.
Tonight's event is called this.
What is our state tree?
What is our state bird?
What is our school mascot?
A toster converts _________ energy to _____________ energy.
A radio converts _________ energy to _________ energy.
A lamp converts _________ energy to _________ energy.
A windmill converts _________ energy to _________ energy.
A microwave converts _________ energy to _________ energy.
A person riding a bicycle converts _________ energy to _________ energy.
Lighting a match converts _________ energy into _________ energy.
A flashlight converts _________ energy to _________ energy.
A firecracker converts _________ energy to _________ energy.
Turning on a celing fan (without a light) converts _________ energy to _________ energy.
What are the cell walls of fungi made up of?
Which of the following is an example of a parasitic fungal disease
What is a unicellular fungi
To which phylum does bread mold belong to?
To which phyla does baker's yeast belong to?
Which of the following is the common name for the deuteromycetes?
Which of the following is the common name for the basidiomycetes?
Which of the following is the common name for the zygomycetes?
Which of the following is the common name for the ascomycetes?
Which of the following is a characteristic of the phyla basidiomycetes?
What foods do vegans exclude from their diet?
Which of the following nutrients might a vegetarian be deficient in?
What is a negative physical reaction to a substance that does not cause harm to most people?
What is lactose?
A condition where a person is not able to digest milk sugar; may cause gas, stomach pain, bloating, nausea.
What is a condition in which the pancreas is unable to make sufficient insulin?
What is the medical term for high blood pressure?
How is hypertension treated with diet?
What is the main nutrient to focus on if you have diabetes?
What changes in your diet should you make if you have high cholesterol?
A stand holds two white balls. At the same instant the ball one ball is dropped straight down, the other ball is shot straight out. Which ball will hit the ground first? (Neglect Air resistance)
A small cart is pushed to the left. After it goes a foot or two, a small ball is shot straight up out of the cart. The cart always moves at a constant speed throughout. Where will the ball land? (Neglect Air resistance)
Alex drops a ball from rest from the top of 100-meter high cliff. How much time will it take for the ball to reach the ground?
A cannonball is launched horizontally from the top of an 78.4-meter high cliff. How much time will it take for the ball to reach the ground?
Which angle produces the greatest range?
Which two angles will produce the same range?
Consider a plane moving with a constant speed at an elevated height above the Earth\'s surface. In the course of its flight, the plane drops a package from its luggage compartment. Where will it land with respect to the plane?
Supposing a snowmobile is equipped with a flare launcher which is capable of launching a sphere vertically (relative to the snowmobile). If the snowmobile is in motion and launches the flare and maintains a constant horizontal velocity after the laun
What factor(s) affect how far a projectile will land?
A monkey throws a banana horizontally from the top of a tree. The banana hits the ground 4 seconds later and lands 80 meters from the base of the tree. How fast did the monkey throw the banana?
What is the disorder characterized by alternate periods of overeating and then getting rid of food, usually by vomiting
what is the disorder where a person starves themself?
Health effects of anorexia?
What is lack of sufficient water in the body?
What are emetics?
What are diuretics?
What is the most striking symptom of anorexia nervosa?
Anorexia is more common than Bulemia
Which disease may result in an electrolyte imbalance
Which disease may result in tooth decay
How many intermediate teachers are there at LDSS?
How many teachers teach grade 7 at LDSS?
How many teachers teach grade 8 at LDSS?
What subjects does Mr. Ross Teach?
What NHL team is closest to us righ now
What time does schools start at?
What time does school end?
What school did Jesse go to last year?
What school did Andrew go to last year?
What school did Carly go to last year?
Answers by Educators Question Database
A bacterial infection that affects the reproductive organs of both males and females through mucous membranes. It is also the most common STI.
This virus is highly contagious, and the symptoms include pink, reddish cauliflower tops that are found on genitals, vagina, and cervix.
There are two types of this STI which is Type 1 which causes cold sores and Type 2 which causes genital/vaginal sores.
What is syphilis?
How can HIV/AIDS be transmitted?
Which of the following behaviors is not a high risk behavior that may result in an STI?
HIV can make a person ill because:
What does AIDS stand for?
AIDS was 1st reported in the US?
What is involved during the asymptomatic stage for HIV?
When HIV attacks the immune system, what is the virus attacking?
HIV stands for:
The inability to reproduce can be caused by an STI and is called:
What type of infection is Gonorrhea?
What type of infection is Syphilis?
How did the invention of the cotton gin revolutionize the economy of the South?
Which of the following people is responsible for developing the cotton gin?
the sale of western land to four land companies after the governor and members of the General Assembly had been bribed
What was the Head Right System?
A set of written characters each one representing a syllable is called
Sequoyah, a Cherokee Indian is best known for developing
What was the land lottery system?
An act that stated that all Native Americans have to move to western territories was called
A minister who rode horseback from place to place to preach and perform religious ceremonies.
Georgia's dominate religious denominations are
Established in 1785, Franklin College, a land grant university, was also known as
In a land grant university, who gives the land?
The chronological order of the capitals of Georgia was
Why was the capital of Georgia moved to Louisville?
Under this system, each white male counted as a head of a family and had the right to receive up to 1,000 acres.
For a small fee, any white males 21 years or age or older could buy a chance and spin a wheel and win land. This was known as
The Yazoo Land Fraud occurred because land companies
Which mode of transportation was developing in Georgia just before the Civil War which was very important to Georgia's war effort and post-war economic development?
The inventor who revolutionized the cotton industry was
By 1860, along with the Baptists, this denomination was the largest in Georgia.
After WWII what country got split into two countries?
What city got split into half?
Influence over world events, large population, powerful military with nuclear weapons made a country a
What two countries became superpowers after WWII
What was the cold war?
Dividing line between Eastern Europe and Western Europe?
THe reuniting of East and West Germany was called
What country had control over the Eastern Bloc, East Germany, and East Berlin?
Why was the Berlin Wall built?
Which side of Germany was Communist?
When was the Cold War?
Government controls everything
What technology did the USSR acquire after WWII?
How long did WWII last?
What did everyone fear the most about the cold war?
What events marked the Cold War
What leader came into power in the Soviet Union in 1985?
Who was Gorbachev friends with and signed peace treaties with?
What happened in 1989?
What happened in 1990?
Which of the following goods were not taxed by the Stamp Act?
Why did Britain tax goods in the colonies?
Why were Georgian reluctant to join the colonists in revolution?
Why did the patriots want independence from British rule?
Who did not represent Georgia in the Second Continental Congress?
Why was the Battle of Kettle Creek important?
Which country was the patriots’ ally during the Siege on Savannah?
Who were Georgia’s representatives at the Constitutional Convention of 1787?
Why did the federal government experience financial problems while under the Article of Confederation?
Which of the following is a correct statement about the French and Indian War?
Which of the following is not a need?
The purpose of advertising is to:
Which of the following is not a common marketing strategy?
When a company places an ad and offers no interest on your purchase for three years:
What is a safe assumption to make regarding companies and their marketing practices?
What concept is best explained by the statement, Money spent here cannot be spent there?
Identify which method companies are using to compete for your money: 90-days-same-as-cash
Identify which method companies are using to compete for your money: Reputation for holding its value
Identify which method companies are using to compete for your money: Car salesman
Identify which method companies are using to compete for your money: TV commercials
Four common marketing tactics are:
Which of the following should you consider when making a significant purchase?
Which of the following is not a form of product positioning?
Which is not a power over purchase tactic?
A good salesperson will answer a question with a question.
Never buy something you do not fully understand.
The amount of stuff a person has is directly related to contentment and happiness.
Young single adults should find an accountability partner with whom to discuss big purchases.
Inflation has no effect on your buying power.
Repetition has proven to be an ineffective marketing technique.
This philosopher influenced the making of the three branches of government:
Blood relations can allow someone to become a citizen by:
While social contract and civil-liberties rights are necessary, a strong central government is also needed to enforce laws says who?
What was the name of the British King who ruled the 13 colonies?
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
What document was a rough draft to the Constitution?
John Locke supported a social contract. He influenced the US government to protect people's Freedoms and Liberties through:
Colonists created a group to oppose the British called the:
What ocean borders the 13 Colonies to the East?
The 13 Colonies included all of these EXCEPT:
What is the rows called on the Periodic Table?
What are the columns on the Periodic Table called?
What are the 3 classifications of elements on the Periodic Table?
How did Mendeleeve arrange the first periodic table by?
Elements in a _____________ usually have similar properties.
Answers by Educators Question Database
¿___________ cantas mucho?
___________ practican deportes.
___________ dibujo de vez en cuando (once in a while).
___________ pasa tiempo con amigos.
___________ estudiamos en la biblioteca.
¿___________ tomáis refrescos?
___________ limpia la casa.
___________ prepara la comida.
___________ trabajamos en la escuela.
___________ preparan la cena.
___________ no pescas.
___________ toma agua.
___________ toman agua.
___________ miráis la tele.
___________ no cazamos.
___________ nadan en la piscina (in the pool).
___________ camina todos los días.
___________ viajamos a Nueva York.
___________ hablo por teléfono con familia.
___________ descansamos después de la escuela.
Answers by Educators Question Database
What did the U.S. decide to do at beginning of war?
How did the U.S. hope to benefit?
What was the immediate cause of WWI?
What increased tensions with Germany?
What happens after WWI?
What does Russia do after Russian Revolution?
What nation has to take responsibility for war?
What country does not join League of Nations?
What must Germany pay?
What party takes over after the Russian Revolution?
Disarmament means ____________________________.
What did France call American soldiers?
Combat in WWI was mainly fought in _________________.
Meatless Mondays and Wheatless Wednesdays refers to ________________.
Chief method for raising money during WWI was _________________.
What does the word REVOLUTION mean?
What does the word blockade mean?
What does the word boycott mean?
Who made up the Continental Army?
What does the word slogan mean?
Who were the Sons of Liberty?
What is a delegate?
Who was the first Commander in Chief of the Continental Army?
What does the word traitor mean?
Why was it necessary to have a document declaring the coloniests' independence from England?
First step in conjugating verbs
Cierto o falso: The endings of verb conjugations are determined based on whether the subject is masculine or feminine
Yo __________ (limpiar) la casa.
Mi amigo y yo __________ (practicar) deportes.
El profesor __________ (enseñar) la clase de inglés.
Vosotros __________ (hablar) con amigos.
Tú __________ (trabajar) en un restaurante.
Enrique y Shakira __________ (cantar) bien.
Los chicos __________ (estudiar) en la biblioteca.
Miguel __________ (nadar) en la piscina.
Mi amigo y yo __________ (tomar) té helado durante el verano.
¿Tú __________ (cazar) durante el otoño?
Uds. __________ (pescar) durante el verano.
Ud. __________ (tocar) la guitarra.
Los perros __________ (caminar) con su dueño (with their owner) todos los días.
Nosotros __________ (bailar).
Vosotros __________ (viajar) a Charleston cada verano.
Yo __________ (descansar) cada fin de semana (each weekend).
El estudiante __________ (dibujar) en la clase de arte.
Raquel y yo __________ (usar) la computadora.
Which pronouns would you find in a piece of text written in the FIRST PERSON POINT OF VIEW?
Which pronouns would you find in a piece of text written in the SECOND PERSON POINT OF VIEW?
Which pronouns would you find in a piece of text written in the THIRD PERSON POINT OF VIEW?
What is the point of view of the following sentence: Nellie gazed tenderly at the small, wet kitten and then scooped it up gently.
What POV is the following sentence written in: Everytime I see that road, I remember the sound of the brakes squealing and the metal crunching.
Which POV is the following sentence written in: First, mix the butter and sugar well, Then you should stir in the eggs one at a time.
Which POV does this text use: The family rode down the highway silently. Finally, my father spoke to me, and I listened carefully.
Which POV does this text use? The Native Americans were divided during the war. Some fought with the French, and others fought with the British.
You are writing a BIOGRAPHY. Which point of view would you use?
You are writing an AUTOBIOGRAPHY. Which point of view would you use?
What is prolong fighting called:?
What is a strong hostility against something?
What is the movement to unite displaced Jews and settle them in Palestine called?
What is killing of million of Jews by the Nazis is called?
The prejudice or discrimination against the Jews is called _______________.
What are the large prison camps used to confine the Jews?
The section of a city where the Nazis forced all the Jews to live was called ______________.
What is the lack of contact between people?
The group of Muslims who wanted the most qualified to lead are called ______.
The group of Muslims who wanted Muhammad's descendant to lead are called _____.
My friend was in Chile.
Where is the concert being held?
The speaker had been speaking for more than an hour as a result I was bored.
The door is open.
That kid is smart.
I am ready to go.
The man is poor. He has no money.
The girl was tired.
I am a teacher.
I was running every day.
I am sad because my cat has died.
Click on answer 1.
Hi there
Select answer 3
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Select answer 3
Select answer 3
Answers by Educators Question Database
Quinton's frog leaped 2 3/4 feet on its first leap. Which point on the numberline best represents the point where the frog landed?
What decimal is shown in the grid below?
Which shows the gymnastic scores in order from least to greatest?
Which statement is true?
What is 1.47 written as a fraction or mixed number?
Which number is best represented by point R on the number line?
Which of the following is equal to 20+7+0.9+0.03?
Which fraction and decimal represent the part that is green?
What fraction and decimal are best represtnted by point B on the number line?
What fraction is best represented by point D on the number line?
Louise is creating a 1-foot long comic strip. If she has marked 0.5 on her paper, what should she do to find 1 foot?
Which of the following has the least value?
Which of the following has a 9 in the hundredths place?
Angie drew a number line and labeled 0 and 1. To show 5/12, how many prats should she divide the distance from 0 to 1?
Write and equivalent decimal for 4 3/4.
Write an equivalent fraction in simplest form for .25.
Write an equivalent mixed number for 3.2.
What is the place value of the 6 in 47.69?
What is the place value of the 5 in 348.25?
What is the number 65.3 in word form?
Anything that has mass and takes up space is ____________.
A(n)_______________________ is a substance that is made up of only one type of matter.
An object's __________ is the distance from one end to the other end.
The amount of matter in an object is its __________.
The number of square units that cover a surface is called the __________.
Materials that can be bent or hammered into shape and conduct heat and electricity are __________.
How much space an object takes up is its _____.
The amount of mass in a unit of volume is its _____.
Smell, color, texture, hardness, and shape are all examples of _____.
A (n) _____ is the smallest particle of an element that still has all the properties of that element.
A gas has
How is density of an object calculated?
Matter can be defined as
Buoyancy is the property of matter that can be defined as
What does weight measure?
The number of units that fit from one end of an object to the other determine its
Which of these best describes the physical properties of matter?
The number of cubes that fit inside an object determines its
Particles that can be classified by their properties make up
Which of the following is the most dense?
What is the kingdom, phylum, sub phylum and order of crayfish
Which animals are in phylum arthropod
Which are shared characteristics of Arthropods
How many legs does a decopoda have
Crustaceans _______________________ their exoskeleton as they grow
Where are the teeth located in the crayfish
What is chitin
The dominant arthropods in the ocean are crustaceans
Crustaceans have 8 legs, no claws and exposed gills
Crustaceans have a keen sense of
Crustaceans have a keen sense of
Why are copepods important to the ocean food web
What is a difference between the cephalothorax and the abdomen of the crayfish
What is the function of the carapace on the crayfish
A crayfish has a hard endoskelton that covers its entire body
Krill are crustaceans
What do krill feed on?
What do krill form that can exceed 100 million tons of biomas
Who will win the UNC v Villanova game on Saturday?
What external anatomy must you be able to identify on a diagram?
Mechanical devices that help us do work
A force that acts on objects. It makes moving objects slow down or stop.
Tells how fast an object is moving.
Tells how much gravity pulls on an object.
Happens when an object changes position when compared to other objects.
Used to measure the amount of force it takes to push or pull an obejct.
A certain place.
A force that pulls objects toward Earth.
Is done only when a force is applied to an object and the object moves a measurable distance.
Shows how much force it takes to lift something.
Photosynthsis and respiration belong to which cycle?
The part of the Earth in which all living things exits is called the
An organism that cannot make its own food is called
Organisms that are diurnal
All of the members of a particular species that live in one area are called a(an)
An ecosystem contains
The algae at the beginning of the food chain are
Process by which atmospheric nitrogen gas is changed to forms that plants can use is
Carbon cycles through the biosphere in all of the following processes EXECPT
The atmosphere contains _______________ which is neded for photosynethisis.
Which of the following is a producer?
Decomposition is carried out by ____.
Tertiary consumers feed on
Solar energy is first transformed by ______ when it enters an ecosystem.
In the food chain: acorns > squirrels > fox > bacteria, the fox is a _______.
An example of an omnivore is a _______.
Nitrogen is needed to produce ___________.
Plants need bacteria to incorporate _____________ into organic compounds.
The evaporation of water from plants is called
Which of the following is contributing to the overload of the carbon cycle?
Answers by Educators Question Database
A(n) _____________________ is when the talent in a scripted drama breaks out of character and speaks directly to the audience.
One way to help create depth in an image is to stage items in the foreground, middle ground and background of a shot.
A nod shot can be used to bridge a jump cut.
When a director is moving talent into position, the director should gently take them by the shoulder and walk them into position.
The inverted V staging format leaves two sides of a triangle vacant- one for the camera and one for the audience.
Another name for camera line is vector line.
Staging is the arrangement of items in a picture
The background is the area between the talent and the camera, in which some set items are placed to help create depth in the image.
During the pre-production meeting ______________________________.
Each time a scene is shot, the recording is called a(n) ___________-.
The ________________ is recorded at the beginning of a scene and notes scene number, take number and several other pieces of information about the scene being shot.
When marking a script, scene numbers and shot numbers are inserted into the script.
The director should be in the studio with the talent when the talent is auditioning.
Film-style shooting requires multiple takes of each scene.
A slate should be on screen for 5 seconds.
During the _________________ all the shots and audio cues are rehearsed, but costumes and make up are not worn and nothing is recorded.
A list of all of the equipment needed for each scene in a production is called the equipment breakdown.
The ____________ is a script breakdown that lists every prop required for each scene.
Which of the following is NOT oneof the colors of our Flag?
How many stars are there on our flag?
What color are the stars on our flag?
What do the stars on the flag signify?
How Many Stripes are there on the flag?
What color are the stripes on the flag?
What do the stripes on the flag signify
How many states are there in the US?
Which of the following is NOT One of the 13 original States?
Which of the following is NOT One of the 13 original States?
Which of the following is NOT One of the 13 original States?
Which of the following is NOT One of the 13 original States?
What were the 13 original states of the United States called?
What is the 4th of July
What is the date of Independence Day?
From what country did the US win independence?
What country did we fight during the Revolutionary War?
Why were the passenger pigeon and dodo hunted?
Why have many birds become extinct?
What kind of bird was the dodo?
Where was the Carolina parakeet native to?
Why were the experts convinced that the ivory-billed woodpecker was not extinct?
What are conservationists doing to trees to help the woodpeckers?
Why are many birds killed?
Lina called Amy _______ she had a problem with her homework.
Raheem and Will are in trouble, _______ they are in the principal's office.
Joan and Leanne have argued _____ a difference in opinion.
You shouldn't talk on the phone ____ you're driving.
____ the movie, I went straight to bed.
When she's in ___ tries to help her.
We saw _____ she was in town.
Choose the correct homophone for the word hour.
Choose the correct homophone for the word main.
Choose the correct homophone for the word tale.
Choose the correct homophone for the word prey.
Choose the correct homophone for the word sea.
Choose the correct homophone for the word one.
An editing system that uses high capacity computer hard drives to process the audio and video with many editing options available is a ____________________ editing system.
In the first stage of the editing process, previewing the raw footage, the ____________ is created.
Cutaways can be used to _______________________.
An edit where the video cuts to a new scene before the audio cuts to a new scene is called a(n) ___________________.
A(n) _______________________ is a captured scene or piece of video that can be used when compiling the completed program.
A tape that has been copied from a copy of a master tape is considered second generation.
A time base corrector corrects mechanical errors related related to the operation of a VCR.
The time code provides an exact address for each frame of video.
When a clip is trimmed, the head and tail are removed.
The process of removing a completed program from an NLE and placing it on a medium for the audience to see is called ___________________________________.
the land, water, and air in which people, animals, and plants live
a collection of numbers that represents facts or measurements
several things that influence or cause a certain situation
To judge the value or size of something
Someone who tries to protect and save the environment is called a
Many animals are in danger of becoming
Where animals live is called their
An animal that kills and eats other animals is called a
The study of birds is called
The tornado caused severe ______ in many parts of the city.
What large empire broke up after World War I?
Who drew up the boundaries for the new countries formed after the breakup of the Ottoman Empire?
Which Middle Eastern nation was created in 1948 and was recognized as the official homeland of the Jews?
What problems did the new boundaries cause as people found themselves living in newly created countries?
The economy of Saudi Arabia is based on which of the following?
Which describes anti-Semitism?
Why did so many countries in the United Nations feel it was right to create the state of Israel in 1948?
What led the United States to bomb and invade the country of Afghanistan in 2001?
Why did the United States go to war against Iraq in 2003?
Which is TRUE of the difference between an ethnic group and a religious group?
The rate of extinction has ____________ in recent years because of the activities of the human species
The greatest threat to most species is the destruction of their natural _____________
Zebras, Giraffes, and Elephants would be found in what type of biome
_____________ refers to the variety of species on Earth
Bacteria and Fungi are important to ecosystems because they break down nutrients and recycle them in a process known as
Heat, soil, and light are examples of the ___________ factors in an ecosystem
An organism's way of life is known as its_________
Regarding the layers of the atmosphere what important layer is located within the stratosphere )hint: protects us from ultraviolet light
What are some human activities that destroy the amount of biodiversity in an area:
What are some factors that would cause a population to decline?
The first sign of infection is a painless, reddish sore, called a chancre, at the site of infection
A fatal disorder that interferes with the body's natural ability to fight infection.
Symptoms for males and females are painful urination and discharge from the penis or vagina. It is also called the clap.
A virus that attacks the immune system.
The virus occurs within 50-75% of sexually active people. There are 30 different types of this virus.
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Answers by Educators Question Database
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Which of the following is a noun?
Which of the following is not a verb?
Which of the following is a preposition?
Which of the following is an adjective?
Which of the following is an adverb?
Which of the following is an antecedent?
Which of the following is not a pronoun?
Identify the sentence that has a preposition
Identify the sentence that has an antecedent
Identify the sentence that does not have an adjective
The correct order of the following passageways from largest to smallest is ___________.
When a person suffers from laryngitis they have an inflammation of their __________.
What do you call the normal volume of air that you breath in during normal breathing?
Which of the following is not a function of the respiratory system?
The function of surfactant is to:
The function of the vibrissae in the vestibule is to:
The eustachian tube connects the middle ear with the:
During inspiration, the expansion of the lungs causes:
A sudden rise in CO2 levels in arterial blood pressure will:
Chemoreceptors in the carotid arteries are sensitive to ________________.
What is the correct sequence of the steps of cellular respiration?
Where in a mitochondrion does Krebs cycle take place?
Where in a mitochondrion does the Electron Transport Chain (ETC) take place?
Where in the cell does glycolysis take place?
Although fermentation does not directly make ATP, it allows energy to be produced by
Which of the following processes yields the most ATP?
A process is considered _________ when oxygen is NOT present.
If oxygen is NOT present, the cell proceeds to __________ after glycolysis.
Which of the following organisms will perform cellular respiration?
In which situation is fermentation NOT used:
Which external characteristic provides a means of protection for a male deer throughout the year?
wolves eat rabbits and other small animals. Which living organism is necessary for the existence of rabbits to continue?
hawks and owls eat snakes. Which of the following is not necessary for the existence of snakes to continue in a food chain?
Which of the following shows a food chain in the correct sequence?
Which animal does not share the same habitat with a brown bear, grizzly bear, and black bear?
Which of the following describes an area where mushrooms and moss can be found?
Why would a mountain lion have a larger habitat than a bear?
If a fire destroyed the grasses on a plain, which animal would most likely be affected?
Which one is a producer found in the tundra?
Which animal is a predator?
As one air mass moves to be replaced by another, a distinctive weather pattern is determined by the nature of the two air masses involved. If the replacement air mass is colder than the first, it is called a ________.
Which of the following is not a stage in the life cycle of a butterfly?
If it takes Earth one day to make a complete rotation on its axis, how long does it take Earth to orbit the sun?
Animals develop in stages. This is called ____________.
Planets closer to the Sun have a shorter years than Earth because _______________.
Hail firms when ___________________.
Which of the following are the stages of incomplete metamorphosis?
The life cycles of beetles, butterflies, and grasshoppers are called _____________.
Which stage occurs in the life cycles of both animals and plants?
Some animals hibernate during the winter. A cougar does not hibernate, but a bear hibernates each winter. Why must a bear hibernate during the winter?
What countries were in the Cold War?
When did the Cold War end?
What was the "domino theory" that the United States believed in?
Who came to South Korea\'s aid when North Korea tried to take it over in 1950?
What was used for the first time in the Korean War?
What country helped North Korea during the Korean War?
What serves as a border between North and South Korea?
What does "stalemate" mean?
What type of government does North Korea have today?
What kind of government does South Korea have today?
When the crest of one wave passes through the trough of another wave, _____ takes place
For a given wave, if the frequency doubles, the wavelength _____.
Wave A carries more energy than Wave B. Wave B has a smaller _____ than Wave A.
Waves that carry a lot of energy have a
The distance between the crest of one wave and the crest of the next wave is called
Mechanical waves can move through all of the following except
The bouncing of waves off a surface is called
A measure of the number of waves that pass a certain point in a given amount of time is called
A wave is a repeating disturbance or movement that transfers
The material through which a wave travels is a
agri means?
anthropo means?
astro means?
bio means?
cardio means?
cede means?
chromo means?
demos means?
derma means?
geo means?
helio means?
hydro means?
hypno means?
magni means?
manu means?
mono means?
ortho means?
pod means?
What is the science that specializes in naming and classifying organisms?
What does a heterotroph do?
Which of the following shows the classification system in the right order?
What kingdom contains multicellular photsynthetic autotrophs?
What is the 2 name system used for categorizing organisms?
Which of the following is a language used for classifying organisms?
Who came up with the classification system that we use today?
What is the domain of all organisms whose cells have a nucleus?
Poison ivy is also known as Rhus toxicoderon. Its species is
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Neon is a _________________.
Elements in the same family have _______________________.
What are the vertical columns in the periodic table called?
How would sugar be classified?
Suppose your teacher has a container filled with iron and rocks. Your teacher uses a magnet to separate the iron form the rocks. The original container of iron and sand could be called a ______________________________.
The three main categories of elements on the periodic table are __________,_____________and ____________.
What is a property of a neutron?
_____________ and _____________ have about the same mass and are found in the nucleus of an atom.
Within the atom, there are three subatomic particles called protons, newton, and orbital rings.
Which tool of measurement is used to measure the volume of a fluid?
Which of the following is the chemical symbol for gold?
A burning match is what type of change?
Melting ice is what type of change?
Which substance is the strongest acid?
Which of the following is the strongest base?
Which is a chemical change?
There are how many Hydrogen atoms in C6H12O5?
Which is a physical change?
A man-made structure that connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea
This small territory has been a source of dispute between Israel and its neighbors for many years?
Much of the world's oil supply is shipped through this narrow waterway?
This river is the key water source for Israel, Lebanon, and Syria?
Why is the Suez Canal so important to international shipping?
What rivers are like twin rivers flowing through Turkey and Iraq?
What are three major water problems in Southwest Asia?
Which two water sources make up the coats of Saudi Arabia?
Southwest Asia, otherwise known as the Middle East, is a large region with many
Southwest Asia is a large region with many different climates. How would you best describe the climates in this relgion
Which statement is true about where people in Canada live?
How does Canada rank n comparison to the United States and the World?
What are the names of the five Great Lakes?
What part of Canada has subarctic and Artic climates?
What Canadian physical feature is known for its thin, rocky soil and rough, rolling landscape and is rich in minerals
Canada shares its entire southern border with country?
What river allowed explorers to travel deep into North America and continues to be used as a trade route today
Which Canadian mountain range stretches over 3,000 miles from British Colombia to New Mexico?
Canada is am important location between which two countries?
What is the name of the second largest bay in the world that provides access to the Great Lakes and the Arctic Ocean?
Which of the following is not an operating system?
Which does an icon on the desktop signify?
One megabyte is approximately
Which kind of device is a printer
Which of these words does not describe factual data?
You use Webshots to create desktop slide shows for your personal screen saver. Your boss asks you to display your screen so that customers on the street can see your screen saver. What photos are fair game for this slide show?
Factual data is always the best data because it is based on facts.
Humor should never be used in a presentation as it will distract your audience.
Which of these can be considered data?
In Microsoft Word you can apply only one of these at a time: underline, bold, or italics.
Which of these do the fonts Wingdings and Dingbats display?
The term font refers to the style of lettering, but not the color.
When you type text, the text is entered in the location where the blinking vertical line appears. What is the blinking vertical line called?
A type of image you can use in your document is called _______
Which of the following can a cell contain?
When typing in a cell, hitting Tab will bring which result?
Which of these identifies the intersection of row 16 and column D?
When entering a function or formula in a cell, which is the first character you must type?
A spreadsheet has some values entered: Cell A1 contains 10, cell A2 contains 14, cell A3 contains 7. You enter in cell A4 the following =A1+2. Which value is displayed in A4.
In Powerpoint, bullets in a text box will do which of the following?
Because of its harsh climate, which country has to rely on desalination plants to provide most of its citizens' drinking water?
What are the three prominent religions in the Middle East?
What ethnic group lives in the mountains of Turkey and Iraq?
Where do most Middle Eastern Jews live?
The majority of people in Southwest Asia belong to which ethnic group?
Today, most Iranians speak Farsi and belong to this ethnic group:
The oldest religion in Southwest Asia is
What issue led to the split between the Sunni and Shia Muslims?
What are the Five Pillars?
Which best describes the religion of Arabs?
9 x 4
Who is our classroom elf?
9 x 6
7 x 9
How many points did Clemson win by in the USC vs Clemson game?
Who should have won the Carolina vs. Clemson game?
4 x 9
3 x 9
45 / 9
9 x 1000
When did the Texans declare their Independence from Mexico?
Who led Texans to victory against Mexican troops at the Battle of San Jacinto in 1836?
The first clash between Texas colonists and Mexican authorities came in 1826 lead by ____.
What is believed to be the turning point in relations between the Mexican government and Texas colonists?
After winning the battles at Gonzales and Goliad, the Texans marched to ___ and laid siege.
What treaty was signed to end the war and recognize Texas as an independent nation?
What role did George Childress play in the Texas Revolution?
Which factor was most influential in determining the location of many battles during the Texas Revolution?
Which event took place during the Revolutionary Era in Texas history?
The main purpose of the Law of April 6, 1830 was to —
Which Texas leader surrendered and was executed along with his soldiers because of his defense of Goliad at the Battle of Coleto Creek?
How did the Battle of Gonzales contribute to the success of the Texas Revolution?
In March of 1836, delegates met at Washington-on-the-Brazos intending to —
The primary function of the Texas Rangers for the Republic of Texas was to —
How did physical geography affect the outcome of the Battle of Coleto?
All the follow are true about Juan Seguin except
Stephen F. Austin’s changing attitude towards fight for independence from Mexico. This change was brought about because of Austin’s —
Where is the San Jacinto Monument located
Travis's Letter to the People of Texas and the United States was written to
How did the Turtle Bayou Resolution help Santa Anna
The area on the set in which the talent performs and the action of a program usually takes place is the ________________.
A rapid camera pan, called a(n) ____________________, is jarring and dizzying for viewers.
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Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The force exerted by the weight of the air above is called
In which direction is air pressure exerted?
Who invented the mercury barometer
What is the ultimate energy source for most wind
Which force generates winds
Variations in air pressure from place to place are the principal cause of
Fast moving currents of air that occur above the friction layer are called
The Coriolis effect influences
In the Northern Hemisphere. wind associated with a low pressure system blow
Centers of low pressure are called
Fair weather can usually be expected with the approach of which of the following
The general movement of low pressure centers across the US is from
The net inward movement of air causes the area occupied by an air mass to shrink, a process known as
Which surface winds blow between the subtropical high and the equator?
A sea breeze usually originates during the
When is a sea breeze most intense
A wind that consistently blows more often from one direction than from any other is called
Which insturment is used to measure wind speed
Which phenomenon is associated with surface temperature in the eastern Pacific that are colder than average
Which of the follwing can be impacted by El Nino
A small section of DNA on a chromosome is known as a _________________.
A change in a gene or chromosome is known as a ________________.
What is the study of how traits are passed from parents to offspring?
Physical characteristics of an organism are __________.
The passing of traits from parents to offspring is called ________________.
Heredity material passes from parent to offspring during
___________________ can be beneficial, harmful or neutral.
How many recessive alleles must be present for a trait to be expressed?
The word mutate means?
Human chromosomes are arranged in
The surface of the Earth changes due to slow processes such as
Rocks provide minerals that are useful in
Geology is the study of
A fossil is
Rocks are
Which is not a physical property of minerals?
Which is not a type of rock?
Which is not a way in which soil is formed?
Which is not a property of soil?
Which is not a weather condition?
Which is not a form of precipitaion?
A mineral
An element is
A common metal element is
A common nonmetallic element is
Igneous rocks are formed
Melted rock material is called
When magma cools and solidifies, it becomes
Rocks that form from the lava of an erupting volcano are called
Sedimentary rocks are derived
painful or difficult urination is called what?
which term means distenstion of an ureter?
Excessive urination is
A disorder characterized by the presence of kidney stones is?
the congentia abnormality where the uretheral opening is on one side of the penis is?
which term means an increase in the excretion of urine?
which term means pain in the tube connecting the kidney to the bladder/
Which structure of the kidney contains the collecting tubules?
Which term means bleeding from the bladder .
The outer layer of the kidney is called the
The kidneys filter blood to remove waste what is a major waste product of protein metabolism?
What % of urine is water and what % is waste?
What are the functional units of the kidneys?
Where does urine flow to before entering the ureters?
What is the pigment that gives urine its yellow color?
How long are the ureters?
How many sphincters does the urethra have?
the female urethra is how long
the male urethra is how long?
Which medical term describes the emptyng of the urinary bladder
Water that is partly salty and partly fresh is called
An example of coastal inlets or bays where fresh water mixes with salty ocean water:
Plants and animals that may be found in the Everglades wetlands:
Wetlands control floods by
A true statement about wetlands is
Wetlands must be protected because
Mangrove and cypress trees are unusual because
What statement is FALSE about pollutants and the Chesapeake Bay?
What is NOT true of both an estuary and a wetland?
What are three common types of wetlands?
A water molecule is made of
Tightness across the surface of water, caused by polar molecules pulling on one another is called
The combined force of attraction between water molecules and surrounding material is
Because water consists of polar molecules,
Water is often called the universal solvent because
When water goes from the frozen to the liquid form,
If you let your hair air dry after swimming, you are taking advantage of
Specific heat explains why
Fish are safe in water, even in freezing temperatures, due to this property of water:
Water is the only substance on Earth that
Who was the first human in space?
Which of the following events occurred first?
__ provides a place to live, work, do experiments and exercise while in space several months.
John Glenn was the first American to orbit Earth is this type of vehicle.
Where is our solar sytem located in our galaxy?
Scientific studies have shown that sunspots occur in cycles.
Hydrogen is fused into helium in the Sun's
The Sun's layer, the ___, is visible only during a total solar eclipse.
If the light from a star is red-shifted, then it is
We live in which galaxy?
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Why did Spain enter the Revolutionary War?
After the French and Indian War, which country took over French lands?
When Louisiana was tranfered from France to Spain, the government went from the French Superior Council to...
Canadians are concerned about the extraction of natural resources such as gold, iron ore, and timber from land around the Hudson Bay because of the negative impact on the environment. This land area that is rich in these natural resources in called
Canada has close ties with Great Britain in which of the following ways?
Why has there been increased pressure for an independent Quebec from Canada
In 1982, Canada gained its formal independence from the United Kingdom. However, Queen Elizabeth is still the head of state for both Canada and the United Kingdom. Canada’s type of government is called
What is the name of the Italian explorer who claimed the land of Newfoundland for England and found bountiful supplies of fish?
Canada’s citizens vote to elect officials to the House of Commons, which is the most powerful part of the legislature branch of government. Another name for Canada’s Legislative Branch is
Which country won control of Canada by winning the French and Indian War in 1763?
Like many other countries of the world, Canada is trying to control air and water pollution by improving technology that will help eliminate or reduce pollution such as
Canada us a bilingual country. What are Canada’s two official languages?
What was the name that France gave territory it controlled in Canada?
Which would decelerate fashion movement?
Reversals or abrupt changes in fashion styles are a result of
Fashion trends seem to recur every:
Leather jackets were first popular among lower income groups and then gained acceptance from the higher income groups. Which fashion movement theory is illustrated?
During the rise stage of the fashion cycle:
Fashion acceptance or rejection is determined by
Cultural and religious customs, bad economic conditions, and government regulations are factors that
Jeans, once worn by laborers as a work garment and later adopted by teens as streetwear, have now become popular among all ages and income levels. Which fashion movement theory is illustrated?
At which stage of the fashion cycle is a trend considered dull and boring because the market is saturated?
At which stage of the fashion cycle is a style accepted and worn by the majority of consumers?
At which stage of the fashion cycle does consumer interest grow and the fashion become accepted by more people?
Fashion followers:
Good economic conditions
Celeste typically purchases fashions when the prices are most expensive. In which stage of the fashion cycle is she buying?
At the introduction stage of the fashion cycle, new styles are:
Designs which are copied from more expensive garments are:
Short-lived fashions are:
Which is true about the fashion cycle?
Which would MOST LIKELY accelerate the fashion movement?
A fashion expected to be a hot seller but which does not sell is a:
Which of the following are inner planets?
Which of the following are outer planets?
Which planets are terrestrial (made of rock and dirt)
Which of the planets are gas giants?
Which of the planets are ice giants?
Why do the planets stay in orbit?
What are comets made of?
What are asteroids?
Meteoroids are
Meteoroids that enter Earth's atmosphere are called
Meteors that hit Earth's surface are called
What are meteors commonly called?
Which were nomadic hunters and gatherers, but had more permanent homes than those before them?
Which used stone-tipped weapons to hunt and gather as nomads primarily?
Which used pottery and made more elaborate jewelry and began using bow and arrows?
Which used agriculture to create most permanent homes and were mound builders?
A group of people related by blood
A group of people sharing a common ancestry, language, name and way of living
pile of dirt, usually used for religious purposes by Indians
ancient indian trash dump
pile of dirt made by Indians
scientist of old historical sites and things
small boat used to navigate the swamps of Louisiana
Great Sun was the leader
class was determined by mother's side of family, name means 'people altogether red'
'eaters of flesh'
used the 'red stick' as a pole to clean their hunted animals; ultimatly leading to the name Baton Rouge
attacks because the French began to block off hunting land and watering holes with fences
peace pipe
an attachment to a spear that caused the spear to fly further
rock that creates sparks when struck
soft metal
Which two land features gave Mesopotamia its name?
Which is the best explanation for why Mesopotamians built canals?
Which is an inference about why city-states fought each other for farmland?
Who served as the link between the Sumerians and the gods?
What new technology did later empires, such as the Hittites and Assyrians, use in battle?
What new farming technique supported the growth of cities?
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