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The outer or upper zone of the earth's core including the transition zone
the ability to bend or be pressed into any shape
energy that all objects have; increases as the temperature of an object increases
the movement of energy through space as waves
movement of heat from one point to another within a gas or liquid
This organelle recyles or breaks down worn-out cell parts.
This organelle is a moving gel-like mixture inside the cell that holds all of the organelles.
This is a thin flexible barrier around a cell that regulates what enters and leaves the cell.
This organelle is found in both plant and animal cells. It is responsible for producing energy for the cell.
This is a green organelle found only in plants. It uses sunlight and water to create food for the cell in a process called Photosynthesis.
This is the rigid outer boundary of the plant cell.
This organelle offers temporary storage space for water, waste or food.
This is the control center of the cell where DNA is found.
This orgnalle manufactures proteins for the cell.
This organelle transports proteins within the cell.
This organelle packages proteins for the cell and sends them out of the cell to other cells.
organelle that directs all cell functions and activities
the organelle that converts nutrient energy to energy that the cell can use
organelle that stores nutrients, wastes or other substances
cell structure that acts as a filter to let substances in and out
the frame of a cell that provides strength
the cell structure that surrounds all the organelles and provides all the nutrients for the cell
the organelle that converts light energy to cell energy
the slide prepared by a scientist using a liquid
the circle shape seen under the microscope
the smallest unit of an organism
a group of cells that perform the same function
part of the microscope that you look through
the three objective lenses are
the part of the microscope where you put the slide
the type of microscope we use in the classroom is
the smallest specimen that a human eye can see is
two structures found only in plant cells
Who invented the International Cotton Exposition?
Brown, Colquitt and Gordon were all...
Which of the following did Rebecca Felton NOT fight for?
Tom Watson was a ____________ turned _____________.
How did the Bourbon Triumvirate help Georgia?
What does 'disenfranchise' mean?
What industry did Georgia develop during this time period?
What was decided in the 'Plessy v. Ferguson' Supreme Court Case?
Which Georgian was a journalist, economic speaker, and the spokesperson of the New South?
Name the Georgian who was a Populist-turned Democrat. He developed the Rural Free Delivery Bill.
What BEST describes what the Populist Party supported?
Why was the county unit system unfair?
Which political party was in control of Georgia after Reconstruction?
What were 'Jim Crow' laws?
Why was the International Cotton Exposition important?
Which of the following is a shared characteristic of ALL protists?
Red tides are most dangerous because
Which group of animal like protist captures its food using pseudopods?
Unlike Algae, Euglena
A type of unicellular plant-like protist with beautiful glass like cell walls is a
An example of a fungus-like protist is
The contractile vacuole is used to
Which of the following pair are animal-like protist?
What characteristic do all plant-like protists share?
Which protozoan is responsible for causing malaria?
Paramecium are
Euglena are
Algae are
Amoeba are
Diatoms are
Slime Molds are
Plasmodium are
Downy Mildew is
In the process of ____________, nutrients build up in ponds and lakes causing an increase in growth of algae.
__________ are hairlike structures that move in a wavelike pattern to aid in motion.
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Population Density means?
India has the largest __________ government.
What are seasonal winds that bring good drinking water and water crops in the summer months in India?
What China accomplishment brought energy, and prevented floods for the Chinese.
Most of Southeast Asia has what type of economic activity?
Complete this analogy: North Korea______ South Korea________
Most popular religion in India would be?
Democracy means that people have a civic responsibility to vote.
Totalitarian government means the same as______.
Movies in India are based on a Hindu religious theme called_____?
Is India's holiday, Diwali, a religious holiday?
Japan's government is________
What is the most popular religion of China?
Agriculture is another word for_____
Which best explains why sexual reproduction produces greater variation in the offspring?
What can be concluded about the phenotype of an organism which is homozygous for the dominant trait, regardless of the genotype of the other parent?
In living things, traits are passed from one generation to the next by the transfer of
How does mitosis compare to meiosis?
Which cross could produce a child with type O blood?
How can one determine whether a genotype is homozygous or heterozygous?
Geneticists have observed that fruit flies that commonly inherit vestigial wings also inherit lobed eyes. Observations such as this have helped to develop the genetic concept known as
Chromosomes normally occur as homologous pairs in
A man with a blood genotype AO marries a woman with a blood genotype of AO. What blood types could be expected in their children?
A hybrid black-coated guinea pig produces two million sperm cells. Approximately what number of its sperm cells contain the recessive gene for white coat color?
About 90 percent of the people of Hungary are members of which ethnic group
Today, most of Eastern Europe's ethnic groups are descendants of the
How does the European Union support Europe's cultural community?
Prague and Budapest are similar in each of the following ways EXCEPT
Most Western Europeans work as
Why has movement throughout much of Eastern Europe always been easy?
Where did most of the Czechs live in Czechoslovakia?
Western Europe is growing in prosperity because
Which of the following Eastern European countries is almost entirely Slavic?
Why did many people move to cities during the Industrial Revolution?
Which of the following was one of the strengths of the old Soviet Union?
Where do most of Russia's 60 other ethnic groups live?
Which of the following changes affected farming in Western Europe around the time of the Industrial Revolution?
How are Russians connecting with their past?
To which ethnic group do most Russians belong?
How has immigration changed the cultures of Western Europe?
Why did Czechoslovakia split into two separate nations?
What steps has the Russian Federation taken to keep the country unified?
Who fought in the Thirty Years War?
Who was the first Russian ruler to take the name CZAR?
Who believed in natural rights: life, liberty, and right to own property?
What book was written by Thomas Hobbes and helped people deal with polictical disorder
What was Elizabeth I’s goal in foreign affairs?
What 2 groups fought in the English Civil War?
What gave Protestants, not Catholics, the right of free public worship in FRANCE?
Who were the Huguenots?
Who was the “Most Catholic King”?
What was the name of the city that Peter the Great constructed in 1703 and moved the capital to when the city was finished?
William of Orange, husband of James II’s daughter, Mary, to invade England. William and Mary raised an army and marched to England. James II and his family fled, so with almost no violence, England underwent its ___________ _____________.
Who is the best example of 17th century abolutism?
*Founder of the Globe Theater *Actor and shareholder in the Acting Company
On which of the following days did these events occur? August 24, 1572 20,000 Huguenots were killed Henri of Navarre, a Bourbon, survived
What is the name of the row where your fingers rest when you type?
What is the name of the screen to your computer?
What is an example of an output device?
How many times do you click the mouse to open an application?
How can you be safe online?
What is the name of a word processing application?
Name an application you can use to collaborate with others.
Test Question
Our class_______ about Paul Bunyan.
Then we __________ our own tall tales.
Ben ________ a funny story about super sam and Computer man.
Megan and I ________ to the library to find more tall tales.
I have________ Paul Bunyan many times.
James has _________ a paul statue taller than a house.
The day of the old-fashioned lumberjack has _____ by the wayside.
However, Paul Bunyan has _____ hold of the American imagination.
People has __________ up stories about Paul Bunyan for ages.
Paul Bunyan ______ the Great Lakes to America.
¿Cuánto es 284 : 4?
¿Cuánto es 112 : 2?
¿Cuánto es 134 : 2?
¿Cuánto es 276 : 3?
¿Cuánto es 325 : 7?
¿Cuánto es 168 : 7?
¿Cuánto es 387 : 5?
¿Cuánto es 819 : 9?
¿Cuánto es 562 : 6?
¿Cuánto es 2334 : 3?
¿Cuánto es 29 : 2?
¿Cuánto es 37 : 3?
¿Cuánto es 48 : 4?
¿Cuánto es 58 : 5?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is reading?
Reading is a developmental process.
Under NCLB, federal funding was given to schools who followed which of the following rules.
What is the smallest unit of the spoken language?
Which of the following is a low level phonemic awareness skill?
A student who significantly lags behind other students in reading will attend this type of reading program.
To assess this phonemic awareness skill, you could ask a child to tell you the first sound in the word box
What phonemic awareness skill are you assessing when you ask students to tell the individual sounds they hear in the word \
What is the name of the approach teachers of dyslexic children use when teaching?
The difference between present reading ability and reading potential.
An abbreviation for an element is
An acid and a base react to produce salt and
The shorthand way to describe what takes place in a chemical reaction is
The type of reaction in which substances combine is called
The range on the pH scale is
The atomic weight is the sum of the protons and
The atomic number of an element is equal to the number of
Lemon, vinegar and OJ are all examples of
Red cabbage juice is a
Carbon has an atomic number of 6 and a weight of 12. How many protons does it have
Krasnoyarsk was once a fortress city, but is now home to a
Russia has many different ______ that speak their own language and have their own culture.
The official language of Russia is
The largest ethnic group in Russia is the
Under _______, people were not allowed to practice religion.
Early Russians passed stories by word of mouth, called
______ is a feeling of loyalty to one's own country.
Russia has long been a center of music and _______.
Russia's greatest writer is
Who wrote Swan Lake and The Nutcracker?
Education in _____ is promoted in Russia.
Most people live in
Russia is working on improving its _____ systems.
Wealthy Russians may own country homes called
What was the Scramble for Africa?
The Berlin Conference did the following...
Which two countries gained the most land in Africa?
Europeans were most interested in Africa because of its...
King Leopold II of Belgium is known for...
Who were the Boers?
Who were the Zulu?
The Boer Wars occurred because...
This canal was important to Europeans because it provided a shorter water route to Asia...
There was little African resistance to imperialism because...
Another way of describing imperialism is...
Which country imperialized India?
This company controlled most of India\'s trade from the 1600s-1800s:
What was a sepoy?
Why did the sepoys rebel?
What was the result of the Sepoy Rebellion?
British rule in India led to...
Writer Rudyard Kipling grew up in India and wrote about the White Man's Burden. This meant the responsibility to...
This addictive substance was grown in India and sold to the Chinese by the British:
India was especially known for these natural resources:
The British started selling opium to the Chinese because...
What was the outcome of the Opium War?
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We hope the team wins.
Put it on the table.
Where are they going?
Which component is different for the ASL signs ALL-RIGHT and RIGHTS?
Which component is different for the ASL signs CLINIC, HOSPITAL, and PATIENT.
What do you need to add to the ASL sign INTERPRET to make it INTERPRETER?
This law prohibits discrimination (in employment, government programs, federal communication, etc.) based on disability.
What does ADA stand for?
This law ensures services (and accessibility) to children/students with disabilities.
This is a plan that details goals and services for students with disabilities.
When lipreading, people can usually get this percentage of information.
For Deaf/Hard of Hearing people who use ASL, this is the most effective way for them to communicate with hearing people who do not sign.
Which component changes the meaning from MILD-HEADACHE to SEVERE-HEADACHE?
Which component changes the meaning from STOMACH-ACHE to HEADACHE?
What type of sign is PHARMACY?
If a Deaf person (who uses ASL) has a doctor's appointment, who is responsible to pay for the ASL interpreter?
Who could be part of the IEP team?
Which organelle transforms food into energy for an organism?
Which organelle transforms radiant energy into chemical energy?
Which organelle gets rid of wastes in the cell?
Which organelle is not found in an animal cell?
Which organelle keeps the organelles in place?
Which organelle controls all functions in the cell?
Which organelle is bigger in a plant cell than in an animal cell?
Which of the following is part of the cell theory?
A cell with a nucleus is called
The parts of a cell are called
last stage of metamorphosis
second stage of complete metamorphosis
second stage of incomplete metamorphosis
third stage of complete metamorphosis
to sprout as a seed does
what most plants grow from
the stage when a germinated seed begins growing and making its own food
the process in which a plant gives off water through their stomata
tiny holes on the underside of a leaf that allows oxygen to escape and carbon dioxide to come in
the process where plants use sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide to make sugar and give off oxygen
a gas produced by plants during photosynthesis that animals use to breathe
a gas produced by animals during breathing that plants use for photosynthesis
the movement of carbon dioxide and oxygen on Earth through plants and animals
the tiny plant inside a seed
the structure where food is stored
the series of distinct stages of life that most organisms grow and mature through
a change in the shape or characteristics of an organism's body as it grows
a life cycle with four stages
a life cycle with three stages
the first stage of metamorphosis
When the moon appears to be getting bigger we say it is -
When the moon appears to be disappearing we say it is -
A student observes a THIRD QUARTER moon. What phase will the moon be in 2 weeks?
The moon is in a WAXING GIBBOUS phase. What moon phase wil be seen in 1 week?
A FULL MOON occurs on March 1. When will a FIRST QUARTER moon occur?
What moon phase occurs 3.5 days after a THIRD QUARTER?
The axis of the Earth is leaning toward the Sun. What season is the Southern Hemisphere experiencing?
The moon is full. What type of tide will the oceans be experiencing?
The moon is in the Third Quarter. What type of tide will the oceans be experiencing?
The Sun's light has been blocked by the Moon and a shadow is cast on the Earth. What type of eclipse is this and what phase is the moon?
Identify the document prepared to calculate the amount of cash available at the end of each month.
Identify the term used to describe the cash available at the end of each month.
Identify how sales would be recorded in a cash budget.
This facility allows a business to spend more in a month than may actually be in the business bank account. This is known as a
If a company forecasts low cash funds over a certain number of months a loan could be a possible solution. Identify which of the following is true.
This source of finance may be issued by the Princes Trust and does not require to be repaid. This is an example of a
One of the main reasons for a business is to
The term used to describe the money made on buying and selling stock is known as
Net profit would increase if
Identify the term used to describe the money left over after all business expenses have been taken into account after profit on trading stock has been calculated.
What elements are present in proteins?
What is a protein?
How is a polymer of amino acids created?
What kind of bond holds together amino acids in a protein?
What is a dipeptide?
Where are proteins made in the cell?
What determines how a protein will be shaped and function?
What factors can change the function of a protein?
When protein shape has changed, it is said to be ____.
A food sample is tested with Bendict's solution. It changed from blue to red. Does this sample contain protein?
A sample of food is tested with Biuret solution. It changed from blue to purple color.
The most important function of proteins is ....
Which of the following is NOT a function of proteins?
The Great Wall of China ....._______.
What is the theme of culture of the Silk Road?
What economic activity is significant in South Asia?
How could we persuade North Koreans to leave their country?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Who called for an Open Door Policy in China?
The Chinese Boxers rebelled because...
Commodore Matthew Perry is known for...
Who were the Meiji?
What did the Sino-Japanese War and the Russo-Japanese War have in common?
What caused the War of 1898?
What was the outcome of the War of 1898?
Why was the War of 1898 called a splendid little war?
How did the US get the rights to build the Panama Canal?
What is an area of of low land covered by water most of the time?
What is all of the living and nonliving things that surround an organism?
Which is a wetland with mostly trees and other wooded plants?
Which is a wetland where mostly grasses and other soft stem plants grow?
What do wading birds feed on?
Which of the animals can be found in a swamp?
What is the place where freshwater and salt water mix called?
What filters out harmful materials from the water?
Which statement is true of all wetlands?
An example of a wetland is:
Mis on 1. kevadkuu?
Nimeta talvekuud!
Mis on 8. kuu aastas?
Mitu päeva on aastas?
Mis on viimane suvekuu?
Mis kuid hõlmab koolis 3. veerand?
Mis aastaajal tähistatakse jaanipäeva?
Mis kuus algab sügis?
Mis on kõige lühem kuu aastas?
Mis kuus algab uus kooliaasta?
Which of the following does not occure by mitosis?
which is a factor that limits cell size
Which of the following cells is a giant multinucleate cell
Which of the following is not fpound in plant cells
If a cell has 12 chromosomes at the begininng of meiosis, how many chromosomes will it have at the end of meiosis
If a cell has 12 chromosomes at the begininng of meiosis, how many chromosomes will it have at the end of meiosis
What is a chromotid?
A particular cell has half as much DNA as some other cells in a mitotically active tissue. The cell in question is most likely in
Which of the following does not occur during mitosis?
In the cells of some organisms, mitosis occurs without cytokinesis. This will result in
What is the most sacred text of Judaism
What is a Jewish Place of Worship
Person responsible for establishing Jerusalem as holy city.
Person responsible for building the first temple in Jerusalem
The collection of the laws and customs of Judaism.
The person is considered the father of the Jewish people.
This person led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt.
The Day of Atonement
The celebration of the re-dedication of the temple/
The celebration of the exodus out of Egypt for the Israelites.
What is the molar mass of MgCl2
What is the molar mass of CuCl2
What is the molar mass of K2O
What is the molar mass of CaF2
What is the molar mass of PO4
What is the molar mass of BeS
What is the molar mass of C2H4
What is the molar mass of CaI2
What is the molar mass of NaBr
What is the molar mass of MgS
What is the molar mass of K2S
What is the molar mass of CrO
16.2 grams of CaBr2
19.8 grams of K2Cl
23.5 grams of MgO
68 grams of Li2S
1.3 m of ZnO
5 m of C2H4
2.1 of NaI
7 m of NI2
10.0 m of Cu
1 m of Cu
3.4 moles of CO2 at STP
4.4 moles of NO at STP
30 moles of Cl2 at STP
4.7 moles of Rn at STP
1.4 moles of F2 at STP
7 liters of Br2 at STP
1.21 Liters of NO3 at STP
2 liters of Ne at STP
2.1 Litters of He at STP
2.5 Liters of CO at STP
Movement of the chromosomes during anaphase would be most affected by a drug that
Which of the following is a function of those spindle microtubules that do not attach to kinetochores?
What causes the decrease in the amount of cyclin at a specific point in the cell cycle?
Which of the following is released by platelets in the vicinity of an injury?
Which of the following is a protein synthesized at specific times during the cell cycle that associates with a kinase to form a catalytically active complex?
A mutation results in a cell that no longer produces a normal protein kinase for the M phase checkpoint. Which of the following would likely be the immediate result of this mutation?
Which of the following is true concerning cancer cells?
A particular cell has half as much DNA as some other cells in a mitotically active tissue. The cell in question is most likely in
One difference between cancer cells and normal cells is that cancer cells
Answers by Educators Question Database
This acquisition was the first piece of land that allowed the United States access to the Pacific Ocean, opening trade with the Eastern Hemisphere (Asia)
This land was bought from Mexico in order to complete the Transcontinental Railroad, connecting the east coast to the west coast.
This acquisition, from Great Britian, created the 49th Parallel, which is still used as the border between the United States and Canada.
This acquisition doubled the size of the United States.
In 1783, following the Treaty of Paris, the United States needed an organized way to add new states in the Northwest Territory, what was this called?
What was the name of the treaty that ended the Mexican-American War, granting the United States the southwestern territory of the U.S.
This is the term used to justify the acquisition of Texas, Oregon Territory, and the Mexican Territory. It means that it is obvious that we will one day own this land.
Prior to the Louisiana Purchase, how would you describe the land owned by the United States in 1783?
What was the piece of transportation technology that connected the East coast to the West coast?
What was a characteristic of Texas during the Age of Oil?
The growth of the oil industry led to all of the following except
How did the initial growth of the oil industry impact Texas state government?
Who were strong supporters of Populism in Texas during the 1890's?
Which goal was the mission of of the League of United Latin American Citizens?
How did WWI change the lives of many women in Texas?
How did the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 alter the economic development of Texas
Which industry contributed LEAST to the trend of urbanization in Texas during the early 20th century?
Which industry was most affected by the contributions of Howard Hughes Sr.?
Which innovation contributed LEAST to the expansion of the petroleum industry in Texas during the early 20th century?
Any permanent change in the DNA sequence is a ____.
What are the correct base pairings in DNA?
The following would be a nucleotide found in RNA.
Along the sides of DNA and RNA, the bases attach at the ____.
___ contain information for making specific proteins.
The ___ takes the message to the ribosome telling it what protein to produce.
The process where DNA makes a copy of itself is called
DNA is in the following shape:
Who is credited with the discovery of DNA
Adenine bonds with __________ while guanine bonds with __________
Base pairing rule states that the DNA of any species contains equal amount of cytosine and
The two sides of the DNA double-helix are held together by
What two scientists discovered the basic structure of DNA?
Where in a cell are proteins made?
How many strands of nucleotides does mRNA have?
What two organelles is DNA also found inside a cell?
What is the basic difference between purines and pyrimidines?
How many genes do humans have?
Why is Iceland the perfect place to look for genes causing disease?
What does DNA stand for?
A non-renewable resource that formed from the remains of organisms that lived millinos of years ago.
A change to the environment that can harm living things.
Liquid draining through a landfill
Resources that can be replaced within a lifetime.
Resources that can't be replaced within a lifetime.
When people use less of a material is called what?
When people process the materials to make new products.
When people use materials again.
Protecting or saving our natural resources is called.
All of the resources found in nature are called what?
Water is stored in this underground.
Which one is not a fossil fuel?
Which city has the largest landfill in the USA?
Which resource is not renewable?
Which of the following is not a renewable resource?
complete the pattern 2,5,9,14__
(6x4)+ Y = 35
IF D= 6 and Y=4 solve this D+7- Yx3=?
Write an equation- adult tickets are $5 each and child are $3 4 adult tickets are bought and 2 child tickets. how much are the tickets ?
solve- (24/6)+ 3=A
complete pattern- 64,16,4__
What equation will = 32
Solve 8/2+2=
39 ÷ 3
42 ÷ 4
12 ÷ 8
20 ÷ 2
200 ÷ 4
90 ÷ 3
124 ÷ 3
1,015 ÷ 2
Mia had 38 crackers. She gave an equal amount to her 3 friends. How many crackers were left over?
Estimate 113 ÷ 6.
There are 19 cereal bars and 6 people. Can each person have 3 cereal bars?
Tara has 3 boxes of books. Each box has 48 books. Tara divides the books among 6 friends. How many books will each friend get?
In 3 months, 6,234 people visited Sandyside Beach. The same number of people visited each month. How many people visited the beach each month?
Plate boundary at which the plates are sliding past each other with a shearing force.
Plate boundary at which the plates are separating from each other through tension.
Plate boundary at which the plates are colliding with each other with a compression force.
Type of temperature transfer that occurs where there is a temperature difference within a substance, like magma, and causes it to move in a circular pattern. Scientists believe it is responsible for plate movement.
The process where one plate moves below another plate due to their differing densities.
Any region where the terrain has been dissolved by the physical and chemical weathering of the bedrock; characterized by numerous caves, sinkholes, fissures, and underground streams
Unsorted glacial sediment
A shallow sediment-filled body of water formed by retreating glaciers or draining floodwater
An accumulation of till, stones, or other debris carried and deposited by a glacier.
Stones and rock that were transported by a glacier, and then left behind after the glacier melted.
Organelle in cells that modifies, sorts, and packages proteins and other material from the endoplasmic reticulum for storage inside the cell or release outside the cell.
Organelle that breaks down lipids, carbohydrates and proteins into smaller molecules with the help of enzymes
Proteins that speed up the rate of chemical reactions in the body
Organelle that is found throughout the cytoplasm in a cell and on the rough ER and is responsible for making proteins
Organelle where lipid components of a cell membrane are assembled
Organelle covered with ribosomes; assists in making and transporting proteins to the golgi apparatus for packaging.
She ran across the street.
Can I see the book?
Will they help Jake?
Where did you see the bug?
Can the teacher help us?
Mom can hear them singing.
Help me with the work.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The drug cytochalasin B blocks the function of actin. Which of the following aspects of the cell cycle would be most disrupted by cytochalasin B?
Prior to 1850, what was the primary reason that the North developed an economy based on manufacturing while the South continued to rely more on an agricultural-based economy?
The use of interchangeable parts in the manufacture of goods advanced the growth of the manufacturing industry because it-
A major reason President Jefferson supported the purchase of the Louisiana Territory in 1803 was that it-
What has been the impact on the First Amendment on the American way of life?
The adoption of the Bill of Rights addressed the Anti-Federalists criticism of the new Constituton by-
The main reason that Great Britain established the Proclamation Line of 1763 was to-
What factor played an important role in the development of the plantation system in the South?
Which best describes an important effect the First Great Awakening?
How was the Virgninia House of Burgesses important to the development of democracy in the thirteen colonies?
Which of the following was a characteristic of the Age of Jackson?
What month is Kansas Day in?
Where is the capital of Kansas?
What is the state flower?
What is Kansas?
What is our state mammal?
What is our state tree?
What is the state reptile?
What state do you live in?
What day is Kansas' birthday?
How old is Kansas?
Dos y dos son _____
cinco y trece son___
quince y uno son____
diez y once son ____
doce y trece son ____
veinte menos dos son ____
treinta menos cinco son ____
siete y seis son ____
tres y catorce son ____
nueve menos cuatro son ______
am a butterfly.
I was a caterpillar.
Leaves were my food.
Butterflies are on the flowers.
The nectar is sweet.
Today I (am, is) in the yard.
A bug (are, is) on my arm.
A bird (was, were) on my hand.
Last week the bugs (were, was) red.
Today the bugs (is, are) white.
Some stories tells about natural events.
This story explain night and day.
Theree men travels to the depth of the ocean.
they drag a heavy bacpack to land.
Night is in the bag.
one man open the bag.
The night beasts rush out.
She (hears, hear) the birds in her dreams.
Flowers (open, opens) the petals in the night.
An owl (cries, cry) out in a high tree.
The process in which the number of chromosomes per cell is cut in half through the separation of homologous chromosomes in a diploid cell.
The structure containing four chromatids that forms during meiosis
The process in which homologous chromosomes exchange portions of their chromatids during meiosis.
Fertilized egg
The term used to refer to a cell that contains only a single set of genes.
The skin; composed of epidermal and dermal layers
Membrane that forms the linings of body cavities open to the exterior
Membrane that lines a cavity without an opening to the outside of the body
Tough, insoluble protein found in tissues such as hair, nails and in the epidermis of skin
Outer layer of ski
The deep layer of skin; composed of dense connective tissue
Also called the subcutaneous; layer beneath the skin composed primarily of adipose tissue
Slope is the relationship between
My dog's name is
My busband is
My daughter is
My favorite color is
I want to live at
14 is
233 33213
The change of a liquid to a gas
The temperature at which a liquid has gained enough heat energy to change to a gas
A state of matter that has no fixed volume
A gas, liquid, or solid that has mass and takes up space
Patterns of particles packed together in a repeating order
The change of a gas to a liquid when heat energy is lost
The temperature at which a solid becomes a liquid
The temperature at which a liquid becomes a solid
The state of matter that has a fixed volume but takes the shape of its container.
The state of matter that has a fixed volume and shape
In what organisms does alcoholic fermentation take place?
The main energy-trapping molecule in plants is _______.
Cells store energy when
The loss of water by the leaves and stems of a plant is called
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Which sentence uses -impact- correctly?
Which sentence uses -tart- correctly?
Which sentence uses -longingly- correctly?
Any place where two or more bones meet
Touch outer covering of bones
Substance in the center of bones that makes red blood cells
Thick bands of tissues that attach muscles to bones.
Tough bands of tissues that holds bones together.
Organ that relaxes and contracts.
The middle layer of skin.
Any muscles that are not consciously controlled.
Involuntary muscles of the digestive system
The outermost layer of skin.
Stamp ACt
Treaty of Paris
Surrender at Yorktown
Signing of the Declaration of Independence
Capture of Charleston
Lexington and Concord
Boston Tea Party
Battle of Brandywine
Battle of Monmouth
First Continental Congress
Who attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii?
Why did the United States join World War II?
What was the lend-lease act?
The United States was a part of the ___________ Powers in WWII
Where was the Bell Aircraft plant located in WWII?
How did Georgians contribute to World War II?
Who was the man who helped bring military bases and jobs to Georgia during WWII? He was a governor of Georgia.
What is the name of the Georgian man who helped expand the US Navy? (Hint: He is given the name the 'Father of the Two-Ocean Navy.')
Which president lived in the 'Little White House' in Georgia? (Hint: he died at the Little White House before WWII ended.)
What is the name given to the mass extermination of Jews by Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany?
How many branches does Georgia's government have?
Who/what is in charge of Georgia's executive branch?
Who/what is in Georgia's legislative branch?
Who/what is in Georgia's judicial branch?
Georgia's General Assembly...
Georgia's judicial branch...
Georgia's executive branch...
Who is the head of the Georgia Senate?
Who is the head of the Georgia House of Representatives?
Who can veto laws in Georgia?
How old does a Georgian have to be to become Governor?
How old does a Georgian have to be to serve in the Georgia House of Representatives?
How old does a Georgian have to be to serve in the Georgia Senate?
How old does a Georgian have to be to serve on the Georgia Supreme Court?
What is the governor's check on the Georgia General Assembly?
The Georgia Supreme Court and Court of Appeals are examples of...
Superior Courts and State Courts are examples of...
What is an example of criminal law?
What is an example of civil law?
Who chooses the governor?
Who chooses the General Assembly members?
Who chooses the Georgia Supreme Court?
How many Supreme Court Justices do we have?
Who is the head of the Georgia House of Representatives?
Who is in charge of the Georgia Senate?
What is a savanna?
Which describes rainforests?
What is the Sahel?
What is the Sahara?
What is a cash crop?
What does famine mean?
Which defines ethnic group?
Which defines a religious group?
What does arid mean?
What does subsistence farming mean?
Which words describe rural?
Which words define urban?
Define nomads.
What does the idiom to make a living mean?
What does AIDS mean?
What does desertification mean?
What is deforestation?
All of the following are true of cardiac muscle EXCEPT that it ______________.
_______________ is the chemical that gives skin its color.
There are about _________________ sweat glands in the skin.
Vitamin D helps absorb __________________.
Which of the following would you NOT find in the epidermis?
Which of the following would you NOT find in the dermis?
Which of the following would you find in the fatty layer?
What is the first step in regulating body temperature?
Where is a gliding joint located?
Where is a pivot joint located?
How old are you?
Ariana is 25 years old.
I have a tall uncle.
We have a big family.
Does Pedro have two sisters?
I have thirteen cousins.
They are 15 years old.
You have a nice step-mother.
Jorge has nine aunts.
I am 14 years old.
How old are they?
The twins are 15 years old.
We have five sisters.
I am 76 years old.
Included the land between the Mississippi River and Rocky Mountains.
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Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What gas is used in the first step of the Calvin Cycle?
Glycolysis and aerobic respiration are different in that
Which of the following organisms makes its own food using light energy from the sun?
A granum is a
The stroma is the region outside the
Where in the chloroplast in chlorophyll found?
What are the products of the light-dependent reactions?
The Calvin cycle is another name for the
The process whereby plants capture energy and make sugar in the form of glucose is known as
The sun is considered the ultimate source of energy for life on Earth because
The major atmospheric (gas) product of photosynthesis is
A substance, produced during photosynthesis, that is used for completion of cellular respiration is
The name of the process that takes place when organic compounds are broken down in the absence of oxygen is
What is the main purpose of the Calvin Cycle?
Which of the following is a substrate (reactant) used in cellular respiration?
What results from the removal of a phosphate group from ATP?
The energy acquired in the light-dependent reactions is used in the light-independent reactions to build glucose molecules. How is this energy transferred from light-dependent to light-independent reactions?
The energy acquired in photosynthesis is used to make glucose. Where is the glucose made in plants?
If carbon dioxide is completely removed from a plant's environment, what would you expect to happen to the plant's production of high-energy sugars?
Cellular respiration is called an aerobic process because it requires
Where did WWII take place?
Which countries were the Axis Powers during WWII?
Which countries were the Allied Powers during WWII?
What technology was first used during the Battle of Great Britain?
Why was the Battle of Great Britain important?
Which of the following countries remained neutral during WWII?
When FDR died, who became president of the US?
Which man was not a dictator during WWII?
Which country did Benito Mussolini rule?
What was Hitler's plan during WWII?
which one is an AAAWWUBBIS word?
What do AAAWWUBBIS words help us do?
Which one is a dependent clause?
What is an independent clause?
How many ways can you correctly punctuate independent clauses?
Which answer choice lists all the FANBOYS?
What do the FANBOYS conjunctions help us do?
What punctuation do you need for a sentence that has a dependent clause followed by an independent clause?
What word can be used to replace said in our writing?
Which answer choice contains an independent clause?
What is an electron?
What is a proton?
An atoms mass number equals the number of
Two different isotopes of an element have different
An atoms atomic number is equal to
A chemical equation is balanced by changing or adding
What is the relationship between chemical equilibrium and the rates of forward and reverse reaction?
Which of the following occurs in an endothermic reaction but not in an exothermic reaction?
The substance that is formed in a chemical reaction is called the
Which is not true of enzymes?
In flames; on fire
Release from military service or remove from the active list of military service.
Being in a situation and having to make a decision between two difficult choices.
Longing for the past, longing for happier times.
lack of understanding or unity
a disagreement between two parties that ends up in a court
A bitter quarrel between two parties
something forced on a person, such as a tax, an undue burden, or oneself
Feeding on both plants and animals.
The condition of prospering; having good fortune.
One side of a claw hammer can be used to pound nails into a board. The other side can be used to pry nails out of a board. What type of simple machine is the part of the hammer that removes nails?
Which simple machine allows a person to lift heavy objects straight up by pulling down on a rope?
As a wavelength decreases, the crests of the wave
All of these are transverse waves EXCEPT
The length from rest to crest is the?
Work is only done when ___________________________________.
1) Amy uses 20N of force to push a lawn mower 10 meters. How much work does she do?
A gardener uses a lever to lift a rock from the ground. The gardener applies a force of 50 newtons and moves the rock 1.5 meters. w=F×d How much work is being done by the gardener?
A scientist measured the amount of work done by a series of simple machines. The work the scientist recorded was most likely measured in
What type of simple machines make up a wheelbarrow?
Velocity describes what two things?
Judy roller-skates at a speed of 5 meters per second. What is the distance covered by Judy in 2 seconds?
Speed can be calculated by dividing distance by time. What would your average speed be if it takes you one-half hour (hr) to travel 10 kilometers (km)?
Newtons 3 law states:
What is Newton first law?
A falling rock has an acceleration of about 10 meters/second2. If the force of gravity on the rock is 40 newtons, what is the mass of the rock? F=MA use M= F/A
A car is speeding on a racetrack. The car begins to make a turn and all of a sudden it runs through a large amount of oil on the track. According to Newton's third law, which statement best describes what happens to the car?
High frequency waves have ________ wavelengths.
Radio waves have _____________________________.
Often after an ice or snow storm, sand or kitty litter is used on sidewalks to prevent people from slipping and falling down. This is used to increase __________.
If you apply a constant force of 1 N on a book to pick it up off the floor and set it on a desk 1 m high, how much work did you do on the book?
A student applied a force of 30 newtons to pull a wagon a distance of 10 meters in the direction of the applied force. How much work did the student do on the wagon? W= Fd
An object is not considered accelerating when _________________________.
Which of the following is not a main factor of Newton's second law?
When Amelia is swimming, which way does she have to push with her hands to move forward?
The force that prevents a ball rolling on the ground from continuing on its path forever is __________.
D54231 (Moderate) It would be easier to push a stalled compact car than a stalled limousine. This is an example of Newton's second law of motion. What equation below represents this law?
The main parts of a transverse wave are?
In a transverse wave Particles move_______
High frequencies mean
The planning and working out of the movements of actors on stage.
The ability of the actor/actress to be “in” character - that is, to be like the character s/he is portraying – in dialog, attitude, carriage, gait, etc.
Opinions and comments based on predetermined criteria that may be used for self- evaluation or the evaluation of the actors or the production itself.
An expressive movement of the body or limbs.
An incident art form in which conventionalized gestures are used to express ideas rather than represent actions
A long speech by a single character.
The tempo of an entire theatrical performance.
Acting without words through facial expression, gesture, and movement.
The highness or lowness of voice
The placement and delivery of volume, clarity, and distinctness of voice for communicating to an audience.
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What mountain range is located in Asia?
Which country is not in Asia?
What term explains the reason for active volcano activity along the Pacific?
Identify a desert in Asia
Which hemispheres is Asia located?
What term describes a group of islands?
Which two oceans surround Asia?
What are several things you can do to keep your bones healthy and strong?
Which of the following is not a movable joint?
Deep inside of a bone you will find
Which term describes the soft connective tissue found in your ear and nose
Which of the following is NOT one of the functions of the skeleton
Which term descirbes the connective tissue that holds bones together
This is where two bones meet
This is when a ligament is stretched and torn
This is a condition in which bones become weak and break
These are small bones in your back
The human skeleton has ___________ bones of various sizes and shapes.
________________ makes bone hard.
The hard, strong layer of bone is called _______________.
One function of spongy bone is to _________________.
The smooth, flexible layer of tissue covering the ends of bone is ___________.
The joints of the bones of the skull and pelvis are classified as ___________ joints.
______________ joints are the most frequently used joints in your body.
__________________ is important in joints because it acts as a shock absorber.
The human body has about __________ muscles.
Most muscles in the body are _______________ muscles.
Organisms that are too small to be seen with the naked eye.
Contain many cells with specialized functions.
Basic structural and functional unit of life.
Process by which the body converts chemical energy from food into usable energy with the help of oxygen.
Organelle in the cell responsible for converting chemical energy (food) into usable energy (ATP) for the cell.
Specialized structures within a living cell that help perform its function
a thin layer around the cytoplasm of both plant and animal cells; controls passage of substances in and out of the cell.
A part of the cell containing DNA and RNA and responsible for growth, reproduction and regulating cell functions.
Organelles that are responsible for converting sunlight energy into food or plants
The outer tough and often flexible layer surrounding plant cells but not animal cells.
cell organelle that stores materials such as salts, proteins, water, and carbohydrates
the property of some membranes which allows some substances to pass across it while others cannot
single celled microbes that have a nucleus; some cause illness while others are harmless
single celled microbes that do NOT have a nucleus; some cause illness while others are harmless or even helpful
microbes that are not made of cells and as such do not perform most cell functions such as cellular respiration. They cannot grow or reproduce and must invade cells to multiply
recognizes, responds to, and remembers the introduction of a foreign substance in the body
What empire broke apart after World War I?
Egyptian rulers were called
What was the scattering of Jews called?
What is the worship of many gods and goddesses called?
Mesopotamia developed along which two rivers?
The Egyptian system of writing was called
Which is the oldest of the following religions?
Who ruled the Muslim community after Muhammad died?
What country did the U.S. troops attack in 2001?
According to Jewish belief, the Jews are descended from who?
What are ethics?
Which school of ethical thought believes that ethical principles stem from the command of a Supreme Being?
What are the two main categories in the study of ethics?
Why has an area of study called computer ethics become more necessary today than in the early days of computing?
What is a consumer profile?
Which tracking technology involves pinpointing the location of a person?
Which tracking technology involves coding identification numbers into both hardware and software?
Cookies record information about all of the following except?
What right of citizens do tracking systems threaten?
What is the most common protocol used for secure servers?
Which of the following is not a name of an FBI Internet wiretrap program?
What act was enacted by Congress in 2001 and renewed in 2006?
How much money in lost productivity is bad software estimated to cost U.S. businesses each year?
Which one of the following has made almost all its Web sites fully accessible to persons with disabilities?
An example of making computer hardware more accessible to people with disabilities is
Which one of the following requires public schools to install Internet filtering software on their computers?
In contract to patents, copyrights
It would be considered fair use of protected material to use which of the following without permission?
Who typically signs an acceptable use policy?
In 2008, which group led in Internet usage?
Homozygous means:
Heterozygous means:
Dominant is:
Recessive is:
What is a Genotype?
What is a phenotype?
In DNA, A always matches with:
In DNA, G always matches with:
Which of the following s homozygous dominant?
Which of the following is recessive?
Dogs make the best pets.
The Super Bowl is a Professional American football game.
All motorcycles can fly.
Africa is a continent.
The moon is made of green cheese.
Girls are better than boys at playing sports.
The Earth has one moon.
Playing tennis is more fun than playing golf.
The winter solstice happens in December.
Colorado is a state in the United States of America.
Define obliged
Define longingly
Define confetti
define tart
Define grassland
Define humble
Define impact
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