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Which of the following is NOT a property of a wave?
When the crests of one wave overlap the crests of another wave or waves, this occurs.
How do waves transfer energy?
The medium through which sound waves travel affects the
An echo is most likely to result when sound hits a surface that is
The motion of either the listener or the source of a sound causes
Electromagnetic waves transmit
Objects that transmit light easily are
Woodrow Wilson was popular college professor, president of Princeton, governor of New Jersey but not a quick reader when he was a child. Which statement below is false?
Woodrow Wilson addressed issues of the banking system, lowering tariffs, controlling monopolies but not racism and women's suffrage. Which issues did he not address?
Wilson wasn't successful being a lawyer because he was shy, had a hard time finding clients and making friends. Did Wilson have a hard time being a successful lawyer?
Wilson did not believe he should help other nations become democratic. He did not want to become involved in foreign affairs. Wilson wanted to help other nations become democratic and become involved in foreign affairs?
Wilson promoted improved working conditions, solutions to farmers' problems, improved banking system, control of monopolies, and lower tariffs. Which reforms did Wilson promote?
During World War I, both sides used new inventions such as deadly poison gas, heavily armed vehicles called tanks, and machine guns that could fire 600 bullets a minute. Is this true or false?
The United States was not involved with World War I for at least 2 years. Which statement below is accurate?
Wilson joined the allies in Europe to make the world safe for democracy. What did he want to make the world safe for?
The United States joined WW1 after sinking of the American ships in the Atlantic Ocean. Why did the United States join WW1?
England, France, Russia and Serbia are the allied powers? Which countries are the allied powers?
The countries that are the Central Powers are Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire (Turkey). Which countries are the Central Powers?
At the beginning of WW1, Wilson wanted the US to remain neutral. Which statement below is correct?
The ……………………….…… are called the “mother civilization” of the Mesoamerican civilizations.
In the center of Tikal, there were …..……………………….. large temples made of huge stones.
In mathematics, the Olmecs developed a ……………………………………..
…………………..…..………………….. is a game that Olmecs used to play with a rubber ball.
Game balls in the Olmec civilization were made of …..…………………….
Olmecs used a form of …..……………….…………..… to record dates and events and to tell stories.
………………………….…………...………….. is a method used by the Mayans to clear land for farming.
The Maya improved the Olmec number system by adding a symbol for ………………….……
……………………………… was an important city in the Maya civilization.
The Olmec and the Mayas lived in …………………………………….
Olmec people lived in villages of small houses made of ……………..………… and …………..…………
The Olmecs depended on the ……………………………………………………..….. to water their crops.
In astronomy, the Olmecs developed a ……………………………………..
The Olmecs made many carvings and artworks, both large and small, for ……………………………...
The players hit the ball with their ………………….
The Maya borrowed many culture traits from the ……………………………… civilization.
Mayas writing consisted of a kind of hieroglyphics called ……………………………...
The Mayas made the codex from the .....................................
Who were the freedmen?
What is the term that refers to the time period after the Civil War (when the South was rebuilding itself)?
This was an organization that provided federal relief in the form of clothes, education, and jobs to freedmen:
Which amendment gave all men the right to vote?
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A class has 10 boys and 12 girls, if one is picked randomly, what is the probability it's a boy?
Rolling a dice, what is the probability of rolling a 3?
Find the mean of the following numbers, 1, 2, 4, 8, 10, 2, 5, 6, 3, 2.
Find the mode of the following numbers, 1, 2, 4, 8, 10, 2, 5, 6, 3, 2.
Find the median of the following numbers, 1, 2, 4, 8, 10, 2, 5, 6, 3, 2.
Rooms listed from 1-10, what is the probability of getting a prime number room?
Rooms listed from 1-10, what is the probability of getting a even number room?
Rooms listed from 1-10, what is the probability of getting an odd number room?
Rooms listed from 1-10, what is the probability of getting a even above 6 number room?
Rooms listed from 1-10, what is the probability of getting an odd less than 6 number room?
Bob tried to use an 11/16 inch wrench to remove a bolt, but the wrench was too small. Which size might be large enough to remove the bolt?
In Tim's class, 15 out of the 25 students have traveled outside their home state. Which number does NOT represent the part of the class that has traveled outside their home state?
Which operation shows how many 3/8 pound hamburger patties can be made from 4 1/3 pounds of ground beef?
Which of the following should be performed first to simplify this expression? 5 + 3( 3 - 2 ) / 4
A family went to a restaurant. The total cost of the meal was $48.30. The family had a coupon for 20% off the total. Which is closest to the amount of the discount?
Perry took a survey of 125 students at hos school to see how many have their own email account. Of the students surveyed, 35 students have their own email account. What percent of the students surveyed have their own email account?
A 2- pint bottle of soy sauce costs $1.79. If the unit price remains the same, how much will 4 pints of soy sauce cost?
Keola has a circular fish pond in his backyard that has a circumference of 36 ft. Which equation below can Keola use to calculate the radius of his fish pond?
Which sequence follows the rule (3n + 1), where n is the number's position in the sequence?
IN the equation 7x + 3 = 4x + 15, find the value of x that makes the equation true.
The measure of angle Y is 15.5 degrees. What is the measure of its complement?
Which of the following statements is always true about parallelograms?
Which of these describes the faces of an octagonal pyramid?
On a coordinate grid, point R is located at ( -2, 3). What are the coordinates of the reflection of point R across the x-axis?
The top view of a 3D figure is a square, the side view is a triangle, and the front view is a triangle. Which figure is represented by the perspectives?
At a packaging factory, workers pack small boxes into large crates. The boxes are cubes measuring 4 inches on each side. It takes 81 boxes to fill each crate. What is the volume of each crate in cubic inches?
George's rectangular deck has a perimeter of 50 feet. The width of the deck is 7 feet. What is the area of the deck?
John has scores of 88, 73, 90, 85, and 93 on five math quizzes. Find the mean among his scores. Round your answer to the nearest whole number.
A circle has a diameter of 30 centimeters. Which could be the first step in finding the area of the circle?
Mario purchases 5 equally priced CDs and a $20 DVD. He spends a total of $45. Which of the following equations can be used to determine v, the cost in dollars of each CD?
Some individuals with blood type A may inherit the genes for blond hair, while other individuals with blood group A may inherit the genes for brown hair. This can be explained by the principle of
The outward expression of a particular trait in an organism is referred to as its
What can be concluded about an organisms phenotype for a particular trait when the genotype of that trait consists of both a dominant and recessive allele
A chicken that has inherited feathers that are colored both black and white is an example of which of the following terms?
A kitten has been born with six toes on one foot. Which of the following best explains this?
The genotype of a hybrid trait in an organism is expressed as
Which term describes the process by which egg and sperm join to begin the formation of a new organism?
How could the child of parent with a dominant phenotype end up with a recessive phenotype?
A Punnett Square is useful in determining
Accordng to Mendel's principles of probability and genetics what are the chances of a dominant phenotype when crossing two heterozygous traits
When a ruler gains a charge by being touched, this is known as charge by
This law explains why charges move around and don't just disappear and reappear.
This Law explains why two rulers with a negative charge go away from each other
The repelling of electrons between charged rulers created this, which caused the hanging ruler to move
When I have an excess of electric charge, and I am able to shock someone, that means I have this.
A charged ruler is repelled by a charged glass test tube. The space between the objects is the
Holding a charged balloon near a wall, causing the wall to be positively charged, is known as charge by
A good example of static discharge would be
Rubbing wool on a balloon is charging the balloon by:
The only subatomic particles that can move from one atom to another are
What is the most basic unit of matter?
What are plant materials and animal waste used as fuel known as?
What is it called when you use a resource wisely?
What is the flow of electrical charge called?
What is the ability to do work or cause a change known as?
Which of the following is a type of renewable energy related to the heat of the earth's interior?
Which of the following is a type of renewable energy related to the force of moving water?
This is a type of energy source that is limited in supply and cannot be made again easily.
What is the center of an atom called?
This is a type of energy resource that can be renewed by nature within a human lifetime.
What is the use of force to move an object known as?
What type of energy is stored in the bonds between atoms and molecules?
What is it called when the nucleus of an atom splits?
What are the main types of energy released by a fire?
Which type of atom is most often used in a nuclear power plant?
Which statement summarizes Gandhi's views about how a government should rule its people?
What was a common cause of the epidemic of the Spanish Influenza?
Bombardment, barrage, curtain-fire, tanks, machine guns and hand grenades are all examples of
Which of the following is true of the Zimmerman Note?
In 1917 Bolshevik leaders in Russia sought peace with Germany because the new Russian government
Which statement best describes the relationship between World War I and the Russian Revolution?
A major cause of World War I was
Why was the Balkan region referred to as the Powder Keg of Europe during World War I?
Which situation resulted from the Russo-Japanese War of 1905?
A major cause of the Russian Revolution of 1917 was the
Lenin wanted a secret get extensive organization of revolutionaries who would make revolutionary activity their profession. This was part of his plan to
The political reorganization of Russia after the Communist Revolution of 1917 resulted in
Which slogan expressed the ideals of the Russian Revolution of 1917
Russian peasants supported the Bolsheviks in 1917 primarily because the Bolsheviks pledged to
In Eastern Europe after World War I, the greatest obstacle to national unity in many nation-states was the
The major impact of the Treaty of Versailles on Germany is that the treaty led to
Which headline is not an accurate description of the causes and effects of World War I?
Which idea was included in the provisions of the Treaty of Versailles to show the intent of the allies to punish the Central Powers for the role in World War I?
Which of the following was not a concession obtained by France at Versailles following World War I?
Which of the following is an accurate description of relations between European states and the Ottoman Empire between 1815 and 1914
The Maginot Line was a series of steel and concrete fortifications built by France after World War I. Its purpose was to
It was located along lands surrounding the Eastern Mediterrenean Sea. It was occupied by Turks, Arabs, Greeks, Christians, Muslim, and Jews. It was nicknamed the sick man of Europe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It was the
Which of the following headlines did not contribute directly to the beginning of World War I?
In the 1917 Balfour Declaration, Britain announced its support for
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which organization terrified African-American Republican voters?
This is a system of farming when a landowner provided all farming necessities to a worker on credit. The farmer had nothing but his labor.
Which amendment made slavery illegal in the United States?
What were the Black Codes?
This was a system of farming where the farmer usually brought something (a mule, farming supplies, tools, etc) into a farming agreement with a landowner.
This amendment gave all African-American men equal rights:
What best describes the term 'discrimination'?
Who had the first and easiest plan for Reconstruction?
Why was Lincoln unable to use his plan for Reconstruction?
What group in Congress wanted to push harder Reconstruction plans on Southern states?
Why were the legislators kicked out of the Georgia General Assembly?
What is the name of the African-American legislator from Georgia who was kicked out of the General Assembly? (Hint: He was a member of the African Methodist Episcopal Church)
How many amendments did Georgia ratify during Reconstruction?
What happened to Georgia because they refused to ratify (or approve) the 14th Amendment?
What group of voters did the KKK want to scare?
What act was put into place in Georgia because of KKK violence?
True or false detonation means the dictionary definition of a word?
Less in careless is the suffix?
Over in overboard is the prefix?
An author uses irony when the outcome of events in the story is the opposite of what you expect.
A lifeguard being saved from drowing is an example of situational irony.
jack told Lisa he had to work all weekend. Lisa replied,
In dramatic irony the character is aware of the irony.
A symbol is something that represents something else.
Symbols are visible, like a flag, but represent something invisible, like freedom.
Flashback is when you remember something that has happened in the past.
Los estudiantes ---- a la escuela.
Yo ---- a la escuela en coche.
Carlos y yo ----- al restaurante en tren
El muchacho --- en motocicleta al parque.
David y Tomas ------ al parque a pie.
Yo no ----- a la cafeteria. --- al restaurante.
Adonde -------- ustedes?
Nosotras -------- al concierto en tren.
Tu ------ a la isla en barco
Adonde ------- tu el viernes?
by boat
by train
by car
by plane
by horseback
BY foot
BY truck
BY subway
BY taxi
BY bicycle
If you cut the magnet shown below in half, there will be _________ south poles.
Every magnet has two ends, called _______________.
Magnets attract objects made of _________________.
The ______________ of an object is its speed and direction of motion.
The _____________ of an object is the amount of matter in it.
Momentum depends on mass and color.
All matter in the universe is constantly in motion.
If the effects of two or more forces exerted on an object cancel each other or keep the object from moving, we say they are ___________________ forces.
If the effects of two or more forces exerted on an object cause the object to move, we say they are ____________________ forces.
_______________ is the force that causes the Earth to orbit the Sun.
The gravitational force is also called the _____________ of an object.
Only one force can act on an object at one time.
Which of the following element would have only TWO dots in its Lewis Dot diagram?
Which of the following pair of elements would make a covalent bond?
An oxygen ion would usually have a charge of ____.
Nitrogen has ____ valence electrons.
A metal and a nonmetal usually form a(n) ______.
Which atom is most likely to have the largest atomic radius?
The octet rule states that in order for an atom to be stable, ____.
If an atom GAINS an electron, ____.
If an atom LOSES 2 electrons, ____.
An atom with 12 electrons, 12 protons, and 11 neutrons would have a mass number of ____.
Based on their locations on the periodic table, which pair of elements have the most similar characteristics?
Which of the following is classified as a metal?
Which element is located in group 1 of the periodic table?
The noble gases helium, neon, argon and krypton are all located in group 18 of the periodic table. What can you predict about these elements, based on their group?
The halogens are located where on the periodic table?
As you move DOWN a period, what happens to the atomic radius?
When moving from left to right across a period of the periodic table
Which of the following has the greatest electronegativity?
Two elements are in the same row of the periodic table. The one on the right always ___.
The periodic table is organized so chemists can easily see
The coldest layer of the atmosphere
Temperatures of 1000 degrees Celcius or higher
Cold layer with temperatures of -60 degrees celcius
Ozone layer is located here
Means layered gases
Molecules are very far apart
Where all life exists
below the stratosphere
directly above the troposphere
densest layer
Uppermost layer
Contains all weather on earth
Contains 90% of all amostpheric gases
2 or more players work together against the game system
In multiplayer games, _____is/are typically the main source of conflict
Creating a sense of competition which is enjoyable so that players will submit themselves to the inefficient means of meeting objectives in order to gain a sense of achievement from game participation
2 or more players compete against 1 player
Jeopardy, Trivial Pursuit, survivor all have what type of game objective
In Super Mario Brothers, rescue princess toadstool from the evil bowser by completing all 8 worlds is an example of
In sudoku, 'fill in all missing numbers on the sheet by using information contained on the sheet' is an example of which game objective?
natural resources and game resources found in the game of Checkers are the same in that
A game system that clearly defines that which is within the game vs that which is outside of the game
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A rickshaw is a form of transportation in India using a 2-wheeled cart pulled by animals.
Most Indians work in agriculture.
Poverty is an important factor in literacy rates.
Japan has the highest standard of living and the lowest poverty rates in Asia.
What is a major polluter in Asian cities?
This river is highly polluted with bacteria.
This river is polluted with chemicals from farming that kill fish.
This country pumps 1/3 of the world’s air pollution into the air.
This causes severe flooding with destruction to agriculture and villages along primary rivers.
Division on Indian society into groups based on birth, wealth, or occupation.
How many faces does a triangular prism have?
How many places does an octagonal prism have?
How many faces does a hexagonal prism have?
How many faces does a rectangular prism have?
How many faces does a pentagonal prism have?
How many faces does a triangular pyramid have?
How many faces does an octagonal pyramid have?
How many faces does a hexagonal pyramid have?
How many faces does a pentagonal pyramid have?
How many faces does a square pyramid have?
How many faces does a rectangular pyramid have?
The process of rebirth where souls are born and reborn many times.
The effects that good or bad actions have on a person’s soul.
Founder of Buddhism.
The learning that results in ultimate understanding of the nature of the world.
Founder of Islam.
Which river flows through India and Bangladesh to the Bay of Bengal?
Why are the Himalayas called the Roof of the World?
Why is the Huane He River sometimes called China's Sorrow?
Which river is the longest in China?
What is the name for a body of land with water on three sides?
Which describes a religious group?
What two religions are shared by most Japanese people?
What is the Hindu belief in reincarnation?
What does Buddha mean?
What Buddhist teaching shows its followers the correct way to live their lives?
In which country was Shintoism founded?
What are the kami that are so important in Shinto belief?
In which country was Confucianism founded?
What did Confucius believe were the keys to social order?
Why is Confucianism considered a philosophy instead of a religion?
What do you call a single, circular DNA found in bacteria?
What do you call a picture of chromosomes arranged in pairs?
What is an enzyme that copies DNA?
What do you call a new piece of DNA with both natural and synthetic DNA spliced together?
What cuts the DNA into specific sequences of nucleotides?
What separates DNA fragments for comparison using a porous gel, electric current and DNA's negative charge?
What is it called when homologous chromosomes fail to separate during meiosis?
What do you call a chromosome that is not a sex chromosome?
What do you call making changes in the genetic code?
If I wanted to see how a genetic disorder is inherited, I would use a(n)....
If I'm pregnant and want a boy, whose fault is it if I get a girl?
A normal human has ___ autosomal pairs.
Normal males have an ___ while normal females have an ___.
Trisomy 21 in a female is scientifically written as _____.
A male who has an autosomal, chromosome deletion at chromosome 13 would be written
A male is represented on a pedigree by a(n) ____.
DNA has a ____ charge.
A recessive disease is shown on a pedigree by being ___.
The A's and B's that are found above the capital I's in blood type tell ___.
The Rh factor is a single gene with two alleles for ____.
The Zimmerman telegram was sent by Germany to which country?
Which incident sparked World War I?
The sinking of which ship helped propel the US into WWI?
Ideas that are spread to influence public opinion for or against a cause is known as what?
Which countries were considered the Central Powers?
Which countries were the Allied Powers?
How did the state of Georgia help in World War I?
Who was the US President that urged Congress to declare war on Germany in 1917?
Why did the sinking of the Lusitania infuriate the United States?
Which of the following was opened by General Pershing to train US troops?
A batter is made up of two or more ________________.
_________________ produce the electricity that you use in your home and school.
______________________ change the Sun's energy into electrical energy.
The force that pushes electricity along wires is _______________.
Electricity sets up a magnetic field around ___________________.
How does a battery create current?
Brownie is a volunteer at a recycling center. Her job is to separate steel cans from aluminum cans. What device might make her job easier?
Before Emily plugged in the cord of her study lamp, she noticed the insulation on the cord was worm out. What should she do?
Which of the following comparisons can you use to best explain voltage?
If a large electromagnet is used in a junk yard, what happens if the electromagnet is turned off?
Earnings after all expenses have been paid. Is known as?
Through their purchases, consumers determine what goods and services will be produced. Is known as?
A form of business organization with one owner who takes all the risks and all the profits. Is known as?
A form of business organization that is authorized by law to act as a legal entity regardless of the number of owners. Owners share the profits. Owner liability is limited to the amount of their investment. Is known as?
Private ownership of property/resources, profit motive, competition, consumer sovereignty, individual choice, and minimal (i.e. taxes only) government involvement in the economy.
Individual and businesses are owners and decision makers for the private sector. Government is owner and decision maker for the public sector. Most countries today have this type of economy. Is known as?
Central ownership (usually by government) of property/resources, centrally-planned economy, and lack of consumer choice. Is known as?
Economic decisions are based on custom and historical precedent.
A form of business organization with two or more owners who share the risks and the profits. Is known as?
Rivalry between producers and/or between sellers of a good or service. Usually results in better quality goods and services at lower prices. Is known as?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
an example of a terrain with a special value is____
Instead of _______, some games use a barter system to represent the same concept. _____does not have to be represented by a traditional banknote
The object in this type of game is to build, maintain, or manage objects. The game may be directly competitive or indirectly competitive
In musical chairs, what is NOT a resource
Rules are generally laid out in the rules document of board and card games. The players must _____ and ______the rules
In Monopoly, the rule that gives each player $1500 at the start of the game is an example of
The objective of the game of Clue is to
in Monopoly, collecting $200 each time you pass Go is an example of
When winning or losing does not involve scoring a specified number of points, and the conflict is opponent vs. opponent, what is the base of the outcome
What action would determine a penalty or award in a game?
Soccer and basketball are examples of
Bingo is an example of what type of player interaction pattern?
The objective in this game is to arrange your game pieces in a certain spatial configuration
in the game 'connect Four' be the first player to place 4 units in a contiguous line on the playing grid is an example of what kind of game objective
The highest chess piece is
The primary objective category for Chess is
Tag and dodge ball are examples of
Which ofo the following is a game without a scoring system
Sit down at the computer and start writing like crazy. Don't worry about being coherent. Don't thing about punctuation or spelling. After 10 minutes spewing words on a particular topic, read over what you have done
what is the most common pattern for digital gaming?
The hearts in the upper corner on an electronic game represent
If the force acting on a object is zero then the object will remain at rest
Forces always act in equal but opposite pairs.
An object acted upon by a force will accelerate in the direction of the force.
Force that pulls objects towards each other
Amount of matter in an object
Tells how fast an object is moving and in what direction
A(n) __________________ is a push or pull.
In order to be __________________ forces, their effects must cancel each other out and not cause a change in an object’s motion.
_________________ is the rubbing force that acts against motion between two touching surfaces.
The force of ______________ exists between any two objects that have mass.
_____________________ is the force that causes Earth to orbit the Sun.
Does friction speed up an object or slow it down? _______________________
Where is a person’s center of mass?
A ___________________ is an example of a compound machine.
A _______________________ is NOT a simple machine.
The pivot point of a lever is called a _________________.
Name the 6 simple machines.
A(n) _______________ is a moving inclined plane.
A knife is a ___________________.
A door knob is a ___________________.
Which part of a computer performs calculations?
What is the term for the point of intersection of a row and column?
You want to send an e-mail to 2 friends. You do not want the second friend to see the e-mail id of your first friend. Which field should you select to mark your first friend's e-mail id?
You use your digital camera to record your friend riding his new bike. You want to remove the portion in the video where he skids. What type of software will you use to do this?
Which device can you use to play an audio CD?
What is hardware?
You use a word processor to create and save a text-based document on your computer. What type of information is the text in your document?
What is the Internet?
What is the purpose of Microsoft Windows Firewall?
Which technology will ensure that transactions between your computer and an online store are secure?
What is the status of a computer that is connected to the Internet?
Which technology can a website use to allow you to listen to a concert live over the Internet?
Everyday, you receive e-mail messages from unknown senders. What is the term for this type of security threat?
You like to help install new computers on a network, add and remove indiviuals from a list of authorized users, and archive files on a computer. Which job role should you consider?
Which type of program can you use to create business cards and brochures?
Which program can help you detect and prevent malicious activities on your computer?
Which action can you describe as a copyright violation?
You create a document by using Microsoft Word 2010. You want to place a title in the center of the page. Which feature can you use to do this?
Which device can you use to record a video?
Which type of online community can you use to create an online journal?
Why would industrialists in the North favor tariffs durnig the early 1800's?
Which 1828 political party supported Andrew Jackson?
What term describes a strategy, plan, course of action?
In 1836, the Cherokee were given 2 years to do what?
Who supported the National Bank?
How did Jackson respond to the Superem Court decisino to protect the rights of the Cherokee?
Why was the election of President Jackson such a big deal?
Which party supported Jackson's campaign?
How was slavery handled during the Jackson era?
What was the significance of Gibbons v Ogden?
the lowest chess piece is
The highest hand in poker is
Tag is usually played with loosely defined boundaries with no detriment to the overall experience
Challenging the player by forcing them to employ a particular skill or range of skills causes
The game of scrabble uses which of the following to achieve an outcome
In Monopoly, the car,dog,iron, wheelbarrow, racecar are considered
Which action would determine how play continues in a board game
by their nature, games will have winners an d losers. This is due to
conflict from _______ arises from choices players have to make
According to psychologist George Miller in 1956, humans can track and manipulate ______concepts simultaneously
The 'verb' in the sentence that tells whether to add, subtract, multiply or divide is the _____________.
A positive number is _____________.
Which type of expression has no variable?
The variable in an expression or equation is represented by a __________
An equation is two expressions that are ________
Each group of variables or constants separated by an operator is a ___________.
Inverse operations are used so that the variable is _______ on one side of the equation.
Another word for change is _____________
An expression that has both numbers and variables is __________.
The number that is by itself with no variable is the __________.
How can you simplify an expression?
Terms that have the same __________ are called 'like' terms
What is the solution?
Balancing an equation means that you ___________.
Which expression has a constant of -5?
Which expression has a coefficient of 5x
Which equation has like terms that can be combined to 8x?
Which equation has a solution of 20?
Which equation would use the inverse operation of adding and multplying to solve?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which of the following was NOT a source for Darwin's ideas about evolution?
part of natural selection in which an animal produces a large number of offspring
What did Darwin NOT understand about the process of evolution?
part of natural selection in which individual best adapted to their environment have many offspring
charactieristic that can be passed from parent to offspring through genes
part of natural selection in which some individuals die from starvation, competition, disease, or predation
part of natural selection in which individuals have different traits
process by which organisms that are better adapted survive and reproduce more successfully that organisms that are less well adapted
process in which humans select which plants or animals to reproduce based on certain desired traits
Mrs. Parkerson came up with the Theory of Evolution
Denise heard that little children will pick food based upon color. So, she offered 100 kindergarteners colored mashed potatoes for lunch – red, yellow, green, and blue. She recorded how many students selected each color. The Independent variable is:
Denise heard that little children will pick food based on color. So, she offered 100 kindergarteners colored mashed potatoes for lunch: red, yellow, green, and blue. She recorded how many students selected each color. The Dependent Variable is:
Denise heard that little children will pick food based upon color. So, she offered 100 kindergarteners colored mashed potatoes for lunch – red, yellow, green, and blue. She recorded how many students selected each color. The control should be:
Denise heard that little children will pick food based upon color. So, she offered 100 kindergarteners colored mashed potatoes for lunch – red, yellow, green, and blue. She recorded how many students selected each color. The constants should be:
Denise heard that little children will pick food based upon color. So, she offered 100 kindergarteners colored mashed potatoes for lunch – red, yellow, green, and blue. She recorded how many students selected each color. The replicates should be:
Denise believes little children will pick food based upon color. So, she offered 100 kindergarteners colored mashed potatoes for lunch – red, yellow, green, and blue. She recorded how many kids chose each color. What type of graph should she use?
When making a table of experimental data, where should you record the Independent Variable?
When making a table of experimental data, where should you write down the Dependent Variable values that you measure?
Once you gather experimental data, you can analyze it by:
If there are slight differences between your measured data, you should....
Mr. Reid wants to know which dessert the students in his class like best. Which data would not be shown in a graph of desserts the students like?
Ms. Benitez's class recorded the temperature for several mornings at 9:00 a.m. The temperature the class recorded are shown. 61, 63, 62, 65, 66, 61, 60. What is the mode of the data the class collected?
Which group of numbers has the greatest median?
Jill's teacher said there are 12 ways to pair one member of Team A and one member of Team B for chess matches. Jill knows that there are 4 members on Team A. How many members must Team B have?
Margo has 3 blue marbles, 4 green marbles and 5 red marbles in a bag. She randomly selects 1 marble. What is the probability that the marble is green or red?
Beverly writes each letter of her name on a separate index card, as shown B E V E R L Y She puts all the cards in a bag. She randomly pulls out one card. What is the probability that the card is an E?
Rachel flipped a coin 50 times and recorded the number of times it landed on tails. She recorded 28 tails. Which statement describes the reasonableness of this result?
Craig tossed a coin 16 times. The coin landed on heads 6 times. How does the number of heads Craig obtained compare with the number of heads expected?
Janet has 30 cards. There are 15 blue cards and 15 green cards. Janet pulls out a card, notes the color and returns the card. After pulling 10 times, she has noted 6 blue cards and 4 green cards. Which statement describes if this result is reasonable
Samantha has different colored buttons in a bag. The probabilities of picking each color are shown in the table. Samantha picks a button without looking in the bag. Which color is she least likely to pick from the bag? Refer to page 17.
Soy de...
Treinta y seis
Veinte y dos son veintidos.
Quince y catorce son veintinueve.
Diez y veinte son treinta.
Mound Builders lived in the
Ancestral Puebloans lived in
The Ancestral Puebloans were conquered by the Europeans
The plains Indians lived west of the Mississippi River and east of the Rocky Mountains
In the Iroquois nation, who were the farmer
The Mounds of Eastern Builders were usually less then how many feet high
The Ancestral Puebloans lived in....
The Decline of the Great Plains Indians is attributed to
This group had the best organized political system in the Americas when the Europeans arrived
A temporary magnet created using electric current is called a(n)
Which statement best describes the poles of a magnet
Two magnets have like poles facing each other. What will happen when these two magnets are placed near each other?
Which of the following lists would be attracted by a magnet
What kind of needle turns toward the Earth's North Pole?
A magnet attracts an object on the table. The object must contain
A magnet pushes an object away. Which is true about the object?
Each end of a magnet is called a(n)
The invention of the compass shows that Earth acts as a giant
What is a good conductor for electricity?
What causes you to get a shock when you touch a metal door handle?
Which do you think has the greatest chance of being struck by lightning?
The buildup of electrical charge on a material is
A series circuit
What should you do if you see lightning or hear thunder?
A complete path that electricity can move through is a(n)
Lightning takes the shortest, clearest path to the
Susie rubs a balloon on her hair. The balloon is then able to stick to the wall. This is an example of
Electrical wires are often covered with rubber, because rubber is a good
Which of the following would NOT be considered an electrical item?
What is the most important river in India?
The Huang He River is named for:
What river runs through China, Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam?
What is Asia's largest desert?
What is the world's highest mountain region?
Why is the Ganges River polluted?
A major environmental problem in China and India is:
This seasonal wind can bring heavy rainfall that leads to flooding:
About 90 percent of China's population lives in this part of the country:
The most crowded urban area in the world is:
Many people in Southeast Asia are farmers living near:
These are very congested in cities in India and China:
This religion originated in India and follows the teachings of one man:
This religion is unique to Japan:
About 80 percent of India's people follow this religion:
Factors of production that are used in the production of goods and services. Types are natural, human, capital, and entrepreneurship. Is known as?
Things that incite or motivate. Are used to change economic behavior. Is known as?
The amount of a good or service that consumers are willing and able to buy at a certain price. Is known as?
The amount of money exchanged for a good or service. Interaction of supply and demand determines this. This determines who acquires goods and services. Is known as?
The amount of a good or service that producers are willing and able to sell at a certain price. Is known as?
What is given up when a choice is made—i.e., the highest valued alternative is forgone. Individuals must consider the value of what is given up when making a choice. Is known as?
The combining of human, natural, capital, and entrepreneurship resources to make goods or provide services. Resources available and consumer preferences determine what is produced. Is known as?
The selection of an item or action from a set of possible alternatives. Individuals must choose or make decisions about desired goods and services because these goods and services are limited. Is known as?
The using of goods and services. Consumer preferences and price determine what is purchased and consumed. Is known as?
The inability to satisfy all wants at the same time. All resources and goods are limited. Is known as?
This religion is based on the teachings of Muhammad:
This philosophy is the foundation of modern Chinese culture:
Most railroad trains in Asia do not cross international country borders.
Most international travel in India occurs by sea or air.
China has a high-speed rail system that travels 186 miles per hour.
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Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which equation has 3 terms on the left side?
José Martí did not lead Spanish troops in an attack on Ybor City, Florida. Which one of the statements below is not true.
The Phillippines became a territory of the United States after the US victory in the Spanish American War. Which country became a territory of the United States?
Germany secretly made an alliance with Mexico to fight against the US. America fought with the Allies for this reason.
America sent fresh troops to stop Germany's advance and America became patriotic. What are the results of America's entry into WW1?
Panama Canal Zone was acquired in 1903. Which U.S. territory was acquired in 1903 and is located in Central America?
The Virgin Islands was acquired during WW1. Which U.S. territory was acquired during World War I?
People in outlying areas cannot vote for president and congress. Which is an American right that people in outlying US states do not have?
Minorities did not benefit from Wilson's policies. Which group did not benefit from Woodrow Wilson's progressive policies?
Taft wanted to be chief justice of the Supreme Court more than president. Which position did William Howard Taft want more than the presidency of the United States?
Theodore Roosevelt focused on conservation and the environment.Which statement accurately describes an aspect of Theodore Roosevelt's presidency?
Yellow Journalism distorts facts. Which phrase accurately describes the term yellow journalism?
Theodore Roosevelt ran as a candidate of the Bull Moose Party in 1912.Who ran as a candidate of the Bull Moose Party in 1912 against Republican William Howard Taft and Democrat Woodrow Wilson?
The Fourteen Points included: free trade (no tariffs); end to secret pacts between nations; arms reduction, formation of League of Nations. America didn't join the League so it failed. Tell about the 14 Points and why it failed.
A ______________ is an electronic device that you can use to store and process information.
___________ is a device that you use to interact with items displayed on the computer screen.
___________ is a device that is similar to a television. It is used to display information in the form of text and graphics.
__________ is the main memory of a computer and allows you to temporarily store commands and data.
__________ is the memory that retains its contents even after the computer is turned off.
____________ is a small portable storage device that is typically the size of a thumb.
___________ is a modern, fast growing storage service that uses the Internet and central remote servers to maintain and store data and applications.
_____________ refers to all the physical components of a computer.
A _________ is the smallest unit of information that a computer handles. A single one can hold only one of two values (0 or 1).
_____________ is a sequence of instructions that a computer can execute.
There are three cookies in one serving. How many servings can I make from 10 servings?
A serving size is 1/4 of a pizza. How many servings are in 3/4 of a pizza?
How many 3/4 cup servings are in 2/3 of a cup of yogurt?
I have 2/3 of a cake to divide evenly into 2 containers. How much cake will be in each container?
Calculate the QUOTIENT of 5/8 and 3/4.
Mrs. PReisig has 5/8 of a batch of trail mix. She plans to share the trail mix equally with Mrs. Randall. How much of the batch will each receive?
Which expression is equivalent to 5/8 divided by 2?
Ashley had 18 1/3 feet of ribbon. She cut it into 6 equal lengths. How long is each piece of ribbon?
Mr. Rogers bought 8 5/6 pounds of pecans. The pie recipe he is using calls for 1 1/4 cups of pecans. How many pies can Mr. Rogers make?
Find the PRODUCT of 1 3/8 and 3/4.
Reaction to being hurt or harmed
Result of acting against your values
Being startled by something/someone
Understanding how someone feels
Strong affection, concern, and respect
Being Independent
Healthy reaction to difficult events
How you THINK of yourself
How you VALUE yourself
How you SEE yourself
What two factors influence your personality
Pushing unpleasent feelings from one's mind
Making excuses to explain a situation or behavior
Acting immaturely during conflict
Making up for weaknesses through gift giving and extreme efforts
Which Theorist created the pyramid of needs
Level 1 of the pyramid of needs is referred to as what
Level two of the pyramid of needs is referred to as what
level 3 of the pyramid of needs is referred to as what
level 4 of the pyramid of needs is often referred to as what level
An ad that uses positive words or phrases with a feel-good quality that leaves a nice impression on the reader.
An ad that causes fear in the reader.
An attempt to support a statement by simply repeating the statement.
The size of the sample is too small to support the conclusion.
Everyone is doing, so you should do!
Identifying a cause that has nothing to do with the effect.
A conclusion based on too little evidence.
An ad in which a famous person or person that has used the product supports a product or service.
An ad that uses negative words or phrases with a bad quality to leave a bad impression on the reader.
An ad that makes the reader think the product will make them beautiful or handsome.
When an author tries to convice the reader of an opinion or point of view.
When the author writes to teach or give the reader information.
When the author writes to hold the attention of the reader through enjoyment.
When the author writes to share one's feelings about a topic or object.
Found on the endoplasmic reticulum
Directs activity in the cell
The fluid that fills the cell
Produces ATP
Controls what goes in and out of the cell
Groups lipids and proteins and packages them
Stores waste in the cell
Converts oils into molecules for energy
Use glucose
Protects cell from injury
Are the small factories of the cell
Follow instructions from the nucleus
Create proteins for the cell
Produce ATP
Are the Power Plant of the cell
Has a complete set of genes
Where photosynthesis occurs
Prepares proteins for transport
Is the Processing Plant of the Cell
Fluid from inside the cell pushes against it
Before Mitosis, how many copies of a cell's DNA must be created?
Which of the following describes the composition of chromatin?
If there are 10 chromosomes in the cell prior to replication, how many super-chromosomes will there be after replication has begun?
Which of the following describes a cell that is in anaphase?
Which of the following cell types CANNOT be replaced through mitosis?
Which of the following describes the period of time during which a cell is NOT replicating?
Which of the following occurs during the G1 portion of interphase?
If a human cell has 46 chromosomes, how many chromosomes will be in each daughter cell?
What structure holds the chromatids together?
The skin; composed of epidermal and dermal layers
Membrane that forms the linings of body cavities open to the exterior
Membrane that lines a cavity without an opening to the outside of the body
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founded Inda's first empire
The Mauryan dynasty set up a ______________ government which was controlled by the capital city
The Mauryan ruler _______ built new roads and hospitals for people and animals.
Five hundred years after the Mauryan dynasty failed, the ___________ dynasty created and empire that reunited much of northern India.
Two famous epic stories that Indians today still like to read are the Mahabharata and
The Indian invention of ________ about AD 500 had a great impact on the study of mathematics and science.
Yo (jugar)
tu (mover)
Usted (competir)
El (perder)
Ella (jugar)
nosotros (competir)
Ustedes (mover)
Ellos (perder)
Ellas (jugar)
Define Network
Define Internet
Define Online
Define Browser
Define Search Engine
Define Address Bar
Define Homepage
Define URL
Define (Hyper)Links
Define Bookmark
Web site
Search bar
How do light-years help astronomers to determine the ages of distant objects in space?
Which of the following best describes the difference between two different units of distance in space?
Which of the following models is most similar to the celestial sphere?
Your friend argues that all the stars in a typical constellation are approximately the same distance from Earth. Is your friend correct?
At the eye doctor, you place a paddle over your left eye to read the eye chart. When you repeat the process with the right eye, you notice that the coat hanger in your peripheral vision has shifted. Explain what has happened in terms of parallax.
What is parallax?
How are objects located on the celestial sphere?
An astronomical unit is equivalent to
A star is located approximately 500 million light-years from Earth. Can a student determine the star's distance by calculating its parallax angle?
A light-year is a measure of
What is the distance of an object from Earth if the object is 7 AU from the sun? (Assume that both Earth and the object are located in the same direction from the sun.)
What is a constellation?
How do scientists define an astronomical unit?
What is necessary to calculate a star's distance from Earth?
Approximately how many astronomical units are equivalent to one light-year?
Vega, the brightest star in the constellation Lyra, has a parallax angle of approximately 0.13 arcseconds when viewed at 2 different times six months apart. Approximately how far away is Vega from the Sun?
Which of the following is an advantage of asexual reproduction?
Which of these choices describes a zygote?
Which of these statements correctly describes a difference between asexual and sexual reproduction?
Which reason best explains why reproduction is necessary?
Which of these statements is true of sexual and asexual reproduction?
Which statement about a zygote that forms by fertilization is correct?
Which of these statements is true of asexual reproduction?
Which of these listed includes three types of asexual reproduction?
When an organism reproduces by budding, how does the new organism start growing?
Which of these statements best describes what happens during vegetative reproduction?
Which of these statements best describes what happens during vegetative reproduction?
Which of the following is NOT a cause of the American Civil War ?
Why was the United States in trouble in 1861?
What happened that triggered the secession of the southern states?
What did the Southern states call their new nations?
Which of the following is not a primary source
Why is Alexander Garnder considered the first photojournalist?
What is a civil war?
What military leader held the Confederate line at Manassas, earning the name Stonewall
Where was the first major battle of the Civil War fought?
Whas was the south's peculiar institution?
Which of the following is one reason why Southern soldiers fought in the Civil War?
What southern political leader defined the doctrine of states' rights?
What is the doctrine of states' rights?
Which of the following is NOT a reason why Northern soldiers fought in the Civil War?
What famous Civil War photographer believed that the cameria was the eye of history?
Why is the Battle of Manassas called 'The Great Skedaddle?'
How did the Civil War begin?
What group wanted to end slavery immediately?
Why were Southerners convinced that the end of slavery would ruin their economy?
Why did Southerners oppose the new Republican political party?
a long narrow crack in Earth's crust
a tall landform that rises to a peak
a tool that measures the waves from an earthquake
a bend in rock layers
a high landform with a flat top
this moves outward from the source of an earthquake
an opening in Earth's crust through which gases and melted rock pass
when the rock in Earth's crust shakes this occurs
Which of these BEST describes what Earth's plates are made of?
When a sudden living of ocean crust occurs, what happens?
King of the jungle....
Smells like bananas...
Loves cabbage...
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The structure containing 4 chromatids that form during meiosis
A fertilized egg
The term used to refer to a cell that contains only a single set of genes
The process in which homologous chromosomes exchange portions of their chromatids during meiosis
Also called the subcutaneous; layer beneath the skin composed primarily of adipose tissue.
Deep layer of skin; composed of dense connective tissue
The outer layer of skin
Insoulable protein found in tissues such as hair, nails and in the epidermis of skin
Temperatures tend to be hottest near Earth's equator. There, warm air rises and becomes lighter than the surrounding air. This warm air flows east or west and moves toward Earth's poles. Which of the following is most likely to result from this?
Earth spins on its axis, creating three belts of circulation. The belts of circulation determine how warm air and surface currents in the ocean will flow. The flow acts to redistribute heat from the Sun
Heat energy causes there to be differences in temperature and pressure on Earth's surface. When water in Earth's oceans and a
Which factor best explains the reason that average summer temperatures are higher than winter temperatures in North America?
The Earth moves in predicable patterns. One of these patterns causes the seasons as the Earth moves around the Sun along its elliptical orbit. This movement is referred to as —
An ocean allows a hurricane to grow by supplying it with —
Tropical depressions tend to originate over —
During an El Niño weather event, trade winds across the Pacific Ocean weaken, and waters along the coast of Peru and Ecuador become unusually warm. The warmer ocean waters result in —
Which of the following best describes on significant limitation of local and regional weather forecasting?
In the water cycle, surface water evaporates into the atmosphere, condenses and eventually falls to Earth as precipitation. What part of this system is MOST essential for the water cycle to function?
Which physical property of hot air results in the development of convection currents?
How are air masses classified?
What form of energy causes water in the ocean to evaporate?
During the time period that an El Niño is occurring, —
Lines joining places that have the same temperature are
Changes in the thickness of polar ice caps likely indicate changes in —
The direction that an ocean current travels can be altered by the movement of the Earth's rotation on its axis. This is known as the —
Energy from the sun travels to Earth's surface by
Rising warm air transports thermal energy by
Rain, sleet, and hail are all forms of
Moderate to violent eruptions throwing volcanic ash, cinders and lava into the air
Largest type of volcano
A relatively small cone of volcanic material formed from tephra
Sometimes erupts violently, forming a layer of tephra, sometimes a quieter eruption forming a lava layer
Forms along subduction zones
Buildup of basaltic layers, forming a broad volcano with gently sloping sides
Forms where magma is being forced up from the extreme depths within Earth, or in areas where Earth's plates are moving apart
Sunset Crater, near Flagstaff Arizona
Mount Saint Helens, in Washington
A steps side mountain composed of alternating layers of lava and tephra
..................... were the first people to settle in Russia.
................ were cattle herders, farmers, and craftspeople.
......................... built a city called Novgorod.
..........................., the leader of the Vikings, invaded Novgorod.
.......................... was the first Czar of Russia.
........................... were sailors and warriors from scandinavia.
Rurik established a kingdom called ..............
The Mongols ruled Russia for ...........................years
During the early 1600s, Russia suffered from a hard period called the .......................
The primary goal of Peter the Great was to make Russia a ................................
................. was a very good leader and everyone loved him.
Catherine the Great encouraged Russians to work on ..........................
In January ................., thousands of angry people gathered at the Czar’s ..........................
In January ................, soldiers were killed and this day was known as the .........................
The leader of the Bolsheviks was ..................
Joseph Stalin was a .....................
Glacier Gorge hiking trail is 9 3/5 miles long. If you hike 1 3/5 miles per hour, how many hours will the hike take?
Glacier Gorge trail is 9 3/5 miles long. If you need to rest every 1/2 mile, how many rest stops will you need?
Glacier Gorge trail is 9 3/5 miles long. Mrs. Moody can bike the trail in 3 1/5 hours. How many miles per hour can she bike the trail?
Draylan has 2 1/5 pizzas. He wants each friend to get a 1/3 pizza serving. How many friends can he serve?
Draylan has 2 1/2 pizzas. How many 1/3 size servings does he have?
Draylan has 2 1/2 pizzas to share with 7 friends. If each friend gets a 1/3 pizza serving, how much OF THE PIZZA is left over?
Angel is building a set for the school musical performance. He has a 3-foot board that he needs to equally divide into 1/2 foot pieces. How many pieces will he have after he cuts the board?
Noah has 1/3 of a pizza to share with Jay. How much of the pizza does each boy get to eat?
Four students were given 1/3 pan of brownies to share equally. What size serving will each student receive?
If Keith can run 5 miles in 3/4 of an hour, how long does it take him to run each mile?
which tab do you use to place a pie chart in a spreadsheet
what is an excel document called?
what is it called when you send a single form letter to many recipients and include personal information on each recipient's document?
you can change the height of a row or column in excel by clicking between the cells in those rows/columns and dragging the mouse
to input text in a cell you only need to
to select a group of cells you click
to drag a formula from one cell to a group of other cells you would
to format a cell with a different font, color, etc.. you would need to double click the cell then choose your format
columns insert to the ___________, rows insert __________
how do you insert a new column?
formulas always begin with
a formula can only contain numbers
which of the following is not one of the chart tools contextual tabs?
baby boomers
educación cívica
By ruling that Dred Scott (and all slaves) was _____, the Supreme Court appeared to permit and ensure the expansion of slavery
All of the following were aimed at prohibiting black voting rights EXCEPT:
_____ caused tension between the north and the south before the Civil War
What did the 13th Amendment accomplish?
What did the 14th Amendment accomplish?
What did the 15th Amendment accomplish?
What did the Emancipation Proclamation accomplish?
How did Lincoln feel about slavery before the Civil War?
How did the Emancipation Proclamation alter the course of the war?
The outcome of the Plessy v Ferguson Supreme Court decision ruled that
discharges, as of waste matter, through the excretory passages, especially from bowels
daze; semi consciousness; coma; trance
a disease communicated by direct or indirect contact
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What is another name for a non-flowering plant?
What is the main purpose of a seed?
What plant structure support the plant and move materials throughout the plant?
Which of the following does not descibe a monocot?
Which of the following does not describe dicot?
What type of roots have one large, long root with a few smaller roots?
What plant part is used to hold and move seeds?
What vascular tissue is used for transporting sugar made during photosynthesis to other parts of the plant?
What type of root is made of many small roots of the same size and covers large surface area?
What plant parts helps prevent a plant from drying out?
What large cell structure is used by plants to hold lots of water?
What structure is used to perform photosynthesis?
What type of trophism causes the stem of plant to grow away from gravity?
What type of tropism causes plants to grow towards light?
What type of stem is soft and flexible?
What type of stem is hard and unflexible?
A statement you can prove true or false, based upon the results of your experiment, is called a/an_________________
All the parts of your experiment that are kept the same THROUGHOUT an experiment are called....
The number of times you repeat an experiment in order to collect many data sets is called....
The variable that is being tested - also the one I, as the scientist change or manipulate, is called the _________
An educated guess that you make about what will happen in an experiment.
A setup of your experiment that does NOT involve changing the independent variable.
The thing or quantity that you measure during an experiment.
Data you collect that is expressed as a number is called....
Before you can draw a conclusion from your experiment, you must first.....
Data that is expressed in words or descriptions is called.....
What is a fossil?
How do most fossils form?
A fossil formed when minerals replace all or part of an organism is called a
Which type of fossil can provide clues about the activities of ancient organisms?
In which type of fossil might you find the remains of an insect preserved with little or no change?
The fossil record shows that life on Earth has changed over time. For example, paleontologists have found that older rocks contain fossils of
A type of organism that no longer exists on Earth is said to be
A ____ fossil forms when dissolved minerals replace the remains of an organism and then harden to form rock.
A scientist who studies fossils is called a
Scientist know how groups of animals changed over time by studying information contained in the
Hitler wanted to get rid of all of the Jewish people. What was the final solution?
Many children were sent to camps. What happened to the German children Hitler was willing to ship out of the country?
Hitler sent all kinds of people to the camps. Whom did Hitler send to the death camps?
Anti-semitism is hatred toward Jews. Hitler built up hostility against the Jews by incorrectly blaming them for Germany’s problems of inflation, debt, and economic depression. What is this hostility towards Jews called?
Hitler did not care about the Jews. What was the purpose of Hitler's concentration camps?
Roosevelt believed the US was in danger. We must recognize the impending danger to the United States. The Lend-Lease Act is needed to support the war in Europe.
Isolationists don't want to get involved. There is no need for us to involve ourselves in the business of Italy. We should deal with our own affairs alone.
Pacifists don't want to fight in war. I must take a stand against war. I cannot support killing another human being. If we demonstrate peace, others may follow.
Billy Mitchell was an Colonel in the Air Force. We need to be prepared. We need to build up our air force and we need to build more aircraft carriers for our navy. The oceans will no longer protect us.
What scientist said this? The president must consider the possibility of developing the atomic bomb. I believe it will be done and I think we must do it before the Germans do.
Germany invading Poland didn't have a positive impact. What event triggered World War II?
Japan became aggressive to the US. What event brought the United States into World War II?
The US didn't get involved in the war until after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. Which of the following was not one of the major events of World War II prior to December 1941?
Airpower had a mechanical impact on the war. Which of the following statements describes one way in which the use of airpower during World War II changed warfare?
The military used codes. Which of the following statements about codes and code breakers is true?
The blood bank was very important during the war. Which of the following contains a list of innovations that resulted from the challenges posed by World War II?
Fighting two fronts is a challenge. Which of the following statements correctly summarizes the difficulties of fighting a two-front war?
Japanese Americans weren't sent to camps for being successful. Japanese Americans were forced to relocate to guarded camps because they were becoming successful businesspeople.
Japanese American people were active during camps. As a result of being interned against their will, most Japanese Americans lost interest in life and did very little in the camps.
Japanese Americans had to move quickly to camps. As a result of being interned against their will, most Japanese Americans lost interest in life and did very little in the camps.
George Washington traveled to which city for his inauguration?
How much debt was the U.S. in when George Washington took office as our President
Which one is NOT part of Hamilton's 3 part Financial Plan
Southern States were opposed to Hamilton's Financial Plan because
Which part of Hamilton's plan did NOT pass Congress
Before Political Parties, people spoke of __________, an organized political group
George Washington sent this general to defeat Native American forces in the North West Territory
The British started the practice of impressment, which was?
Which one is NOT an accomplishment of George Washington
The Federalists' fear of revolutionary France spilled over into a mistrust of immigrants. Congress passed two laws aimed at immigrants in 1798. They are...
What is the distance traveled per unit of time?
This can describe an object's change in velocity or direction.
What refers to all of the forces acting on an object?
What is the distance an direction of an object from its starting point?
This is the speed of an object at a specific point in time
a phyical quantity that is specified by both a size and a direction
What is the appropriate equation for acceleration?
An object that is slowing down has ______________ acceleration.
What IS NOT considered acceleration?
The length of the path an object travels
Do you know how to spell Mary?
Hey you are nice!
Ok I am on my way.
Tom will you take the trash out!
Wow! I love cookies.
Wow, I love cookies!
Yes I want to go to collage.
Eventually you will acheive all A's.
Yes, Mary I want you to get my book.
You need to meet me for lunch Tom.
John would you get my book.
Sally wants to go to the party mom.
You need to study harder, Jane.
Sally and Mary you need to ask for help.
Will you be going to the mall Jeremy.
Do you help Tom?
Please see me after class Susan.
Sally needs to tell Tom to see me later Mary.
John has to see Mrs. Smith to discuss his project, Tom.
Congratulations! You have improved your dialogue punctuation.
Buddhist shrines shaped like a dome or mound
One of India's best-known ancient writers
used trade rounds to travel to religious shrines or sites
considered to be the Mauryan dynasty's greatest king
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
a single-mast sailing vessel
of awesome strength, size, or difficulty
an inflow; the arrival or entry of many people
persons engaged in the loading or unloading of a vessel
surrender; giving in; yielding
a reddish yellow pigment that occurs especially in bile and blood
rotted; decayed with an offensive odor
cruelty; harshness; wickedness
What river flowed along the eastern side of Philadelphia?
What government position did Thomas Jefferson hold in 1793?
What name did Dr. Rush give the illness?
What were the weather conditions in Philadelphia during July and August , 1793?
What caused the horrible odor along Ball's Wharf?
Why was Washington hesitant to aid the French in their war against Great Britain, Holland, Spain, and Austria?
When had Dr. Rush seen similar symptoms in patients?
What was Benjamin Rush known for besides being a celebrated doctor?
What was unusual about the patient's vomit from the illness?
The Mayor of Philadelphia in 1793 was Mathew
What was the survival rate for those who contracted the dreadful disease?
To whom had Robert Morris lent his mansion?
What appeared on the arms of persons infected with the disease?
What was the source of the chilling sound that could be heard through a pounding rainstorm that hit Philadelphia on August 25th?
What was the population of Philadelphia on August 25th?
Doctors in 1793, based their medical beliefs on the old Greek humoral theory. According to the 2,500 year-old theory, good health resulted when body fluids were_____.
Why did Richard Denny's boarding house draw public attention in August, 1793?
Pepe y yo ______ ir al gimnasio
¿Uds. ______ jugar al básquetbol?
¿Tú ______ hablar conmigo?
¿Cuál ______ nosotros, la blusa o la camisa?
Nosotros ______ levantar pesas.
Catalina ______ ir de compras.
Ellos ______ comprar unos pantalones cortos.
Isidoro y Lorenzo ______ comprar gorras esta tarde.
Julia ______ las botas, yo ______ zapatos.
¿Tú ______ comprar esa blusa?
The longest phase of the cell cycle
Interphase is made of what parts?
The stages of mitosis in order...
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