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Which of the following is not related to plate movement?
All of the following can be found at divergent plate boundaries except
All of the following can be found at convergent plate boundaries except
What is responsible for tectonic plate movement?
Movement of convection currents in the mantle can be described as
When a continental plate collides with an oceanic plate, the oceanic plate dives beneath the continental plate. Why?
Mid-ocean ridges (rifts) normally form where tectonic plates are
Which two adjectives best describe the crust at a mid-oceanic ridge?
The Hawaiian Islands were created by
New sea floor is created at
Basalt a fine-grained igneous rock formed
The surface area of a 6-sided cube that measures 3 inches tall and 3 inches wide on one face is
Granite has a coarse-grained texture. What does this tell you about it's rate of cooling?
Which rock is used in soap as an abrasive?
What two gases make up the gas giants?
What is the volume of an irregular object if it is placed in 130 mL of water and the water rises to 160 mL.
What are the two most abundant elements in the Earth's crust?
The mineral gypsum is used in which of the following building materials?
A comet's tail is the result of the solar wind and points
Which of the following theories explains the origin of the Universe?
Which of the following is part of a valid process for supporting a hypothesis?
The sun emits energy by converting hydrogen into helium. What is this process called?
When Venus passes between the Earth and the sun, it is visible as a tiny black dot on the sun's bright disk. Why is Mars never visible in this same way?
Which planet rotates the fastest?
Metamorphic rocks whose minerals are arranged in layers or bands are called
Limestone is a valuable resource in Virginia because limestone can be processed to make
You want to distinguish some samples of gold from fool's gold. What are the two best tests you could use?
What is the primary bad effect of burning fossil fuels?
Why does erosion not occur on the moon?
Which of these provides the best evidence of the environment in which an igneous rock was formed?
Minerals Crystals are solids that form by a regular repeated pattern of molecules connecting together called
Identification of minerals is based primarily on its ____ properties
All minerals
Minerals breaking along flat surfaces is called
Dragging a mineral along an unglazed tile will leave a characteriastic trail of powder behind called
Minerals are the ____________ of rocks.
Iron pyrite is sometimes called
Pencil lead is not lead; it is actually the mineral
Minerals can be identified by hardness. The softest mineral is
All minerals have
How is font size measured?
Which of the following should be used to show strong emphasis?
Which point sizes should be used for most correspondence and reports?
What colors are availble for the highlight pen?
Which of the following is the keyboard shortcut for accessing the Font dialog box?
Which of the following should be shown in a serif font?
Which of the following allows you to copy formats?
In which type of document would you use a designer font?
Which acronym is used to describe that a document on the screen looks like the printout?
Which of the following is not a character effect?
Which of the following is true if you print a document that contains highlighting?
Which of the following fonts contains symbols?
The Symbol command is found under which menu?
Which enhancement carries the greatest emphasis?
Which of the following are nonprinting symbols and characters that indicate spaces, tabs, and hard returns?
Which of the following does not need a nonbreaking space?
Which of the following prevents words from separating due to the word-wrap feature?
Which font is good for the body of a research paper?
Which of the following symbols can not be inserted into a document using the keyboard?
If you __________-click the Format Painter Button, you can copy the formats multiple times.
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The first T in TWIST stands for Title. What should you write in this section of your TWIST?
A comparison using like or as is called a(n)...
A reference to a famous person or place is called a(n)....
In which section of a TWIST do you write language that appeals to your senses?
This term means the design of a poem, or the way that it is set up
What do the five letters of TWIST stand for?
What two things should be talked about in the S of your TWIST?
The repetition of beginning consonant sounds is called...
'I am so hungry, I could eat a horse!' is an example of what type of figurative language?
'The river flowed like a stream of glass' is an example of...
'The quarterback was a charging bull, powering through the defensive line' is an example of...
What is a common theme, or 'universal theme'?
Which of the following would NOT be considered a common theme?
What is the purpose of figurative language in a poem?
What is a foil?
What is the climax, or turning point, of the play?
What is the term for two consecutive lines of poetry that rhyme?
When the audience knows something that a character in the play does not know, it is called
Who refers to Juliet as a bright angel?
When a character expresses his or her private thoughts to the audience, it is called
How does Juliet's character change throughout the play?
What is the punishment for the Montague and Capulet feud?
Which of these is a possible theme of the play?
Which character in the play is always angry and short-tempered?
When a main character dies, there is an unhappy ending, and a character causes his own downfall, it is called a
When each unstressed syllable is followed by a stressed syllable
Who does Romeo love at the BEGINNING of the play?
What is Romeo's punishment for killing Tybalt?
Who does Romeo kill in a duel at the Capulet tomb?
When Romeo hears that Juliet is dead, but the audience knows she is just sleeping, it is called
random test
random test
random test
random test
random test
random test
random test
random test
random test
random test
If applied force decreases, the acceleration will...
If mass increases and force stays the same, acceleration will...
If force increases and mass stays the same, acceleration will...
An example of balanced forces is...
Unbalanced forces are...
Balanced forces are...
If you exert a force on something, will it always accelerate?
When a large force is applied to a golf ball, how is the acceleration different compared to a small force being applied to the same golf ball?
What type of force does not cause a change in motion?
How can an object be moving, but not accelerating?
If the same force is applied to a baseball and a softball, which will have the greater acceleration?
Which type of force causes a change in motion
What is the pH range for Acids?
What is the pH range for Bases?
Acids produce what kind of ions?
Acids have what kind of flavor?
What neutralizes bases?
Blue litmus paper turns what color when touching an acid?
Acids can conduct what?
What tells you how strong an Acid or Base is?
A neutral substance like pure water has a pH of ?
An acid with a pH of 2 is stronger than an acid with a pH of 4
A base is a
A base with a pH of 8 is stronger than a base with a pH of 13
Bases increase the number of what kind of ions?
Bases have what kind of taste?
What neutralizes acids?
What do bases feel like?
Which is the strongest Base?
Which is the strongest Acid?
Red litmus paper turns what color when touching a base?
Blue Litmus paper would turn what color when touching a base
What menu do you use to search for a specific genre in the loop browser?
How do you select multiple track regions at once?
The help tag shows positions in
How do you copy a region in the music production software?
When copying a regions, what should you let go of first?
What is another way to zoom without using the Z key?
What tool determines where a region's loop ends?
You can edit the name of a track header
How do you change the icon of the track header?
Affects how much gain is applied to the audio signal at the output channel strip and controls how loudly that instrument plays
This text structure sets up a problem and its solution.
This text structure uses words such as first, second, before, and after.
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Who is the father of genetics?
Which of the following is a Heterozygous trait?
Which of the following is a homozygous recessive trait?
Which of the following is a person's genotype?
Which of the following is a person's phenotype?
If P means no freckles and p means freckles... which kid below would have freckles
If Dad Tt had a child with mom Tt what percent of their children will be short (tt)
Which of the following represents a purebred trait?
Whose squares do we use figure out heredity?
What are the possible genotypes for a tall person
The upper layer of a leaf, called a cuticle, does which of the following?
What happens in phloem?
Which of the following is NOT part of a seed?
All angiosperms
What is a characteristic of a monocot?
A flower's female reproductive parts are called
Root hairs help a plant
Which of the following is the male part of the flower?
Which phrase describes pollination?
The process by which a seed sprouts is called
List the layers of the Earth based on chemical composition.
Which layer is the outermost layer based on chemical composition?
List the layers of the earth based on physical structure starting with outermost layer.
Which layer is the outermost layer based on physical structure?.
What layers are found between the lithosphere and the outer core?
What layer of the Earth is liquid?
Which layer is made up of mostly oxygen, silicon and aluminum?
Based on composition, which two layers are found in the lithosphere?
Which layer is mostly iron and small amounts of nickle?
Which layer of the Earth contains most of the Earth's mass?
What do scientists use to study Earth's interior?
What are seismic waves?
Which is the thickest layer of the Earth?
Which part of the Earth's interior is liquid?
What is a block of the lithosphere that is seperated by cracks?
What is the strong lower part of the mantlebbetween the asthenosphere and the outer core?
Which is the thinnest layer of the Earth?
Which layer makes up 67% of the Earth's mass?
What is Mrs. Bishop's favorite sport?
How many kids does Mrs. Bishop have?
What do scientists believe caused the extinction of the dinosaurs?
Which vertebrate did not live during the time of the dinosaurs?
What is the best evidence that many different geologic periods are represented in Virginia?
Compared to the Rocky Mountains, the Appalachian Moutains are much
Which of these is the best evidence that the Earth's crust has undergone some major changes?
Of the following, the largest divison of the geologic time scale is
Which of these is the best evidence that the Earth's crust has undergone some major changes?
Of the following, the smallest division on the geologic time scale is
What era do we live in?
How old do scientists believe the Earth is?
Traits being passed down from generation to generation is called:
What is the difference in asexual and sexual reproduction?
Anything that can change in an experiment is called a:
In the molecule DNA what base pairs always go together?
Which of the following objects are used to measure mass?
What does a graduated cylinder measure?
Which is the closest measurement to how much your book bag might weigh?
A group of cells make up a/an:
What does a plant cell have that an animal cell does not?
The process by which human beings release energy in the form of CO2 and water is known as:
What is the hypothesis that states that continents once formed a single landmass, broke up, and drifted to their present locations.
What are underwater mountain chains that run through Earth’s ocean basins.
Which does not provide evidence of continental drift?
Who is the scientist that wrote the hypothesis of continental drift?
The process by which new oceanic lithosphere forms as magma rises toward the surface.
Sea-floor spreading takes place here.
When the Earth's magnetic poles change places, it is called this.
Which of the following provides evidence of sea-floor spreading?
What were the two huge continents formed 180 million years ago?
Which statement is not true?
The cell divides during ___.
In ____, the cell undergoes a period of great metabolic activity and growth.
Which of the following is not a form of asexual reproduction?
In ____, a whole new body part or organism can grow from the parent.
In ____, a copy of the adult grows from the body of the parent.
An organism with no nucleus reproduces by ____.
Meiosis goes through ____ nuclear divisions.
Meiosis produces ____, _____ daughter cells.
All of the following cells would be involved in mitosis except ___.
Pairs of homologous chromosomes line up in ____.
Any permanent change in the DNA sequence is a ____.
chromosomes replicate during ____.
What are the correct base pairings in DNA?
Which of the following tells you that the cell is in telophase?
The following would be a nucleotide found in RNA.
Along with Crick and Watson, _____ won the Nobel Prize.
The bases of the DNA molecule bond with a ____ bond.
The ___ takes the message to the ribosome telling it what protein to produce.
Along the rails of DNA and RNA, the bases attach at the ____.
___ contain information for making specific proteins.
Who is the "Father of Genetics?"
Which of the following is homozygous, dominant?
Which of the following is a phenotype.
Whose square do we use to determine the probability of a trait occurring?
Which of the following would indicate a purebred organism?
If F means tongue flipper and f means non-flipper, which student would be a non-flipper?
Tall is dominant. What alleles could a person inherit to exhibit this trait?
The passing of traits from one generation to the next is ____.
Which allels indicate an organism that is hybrid for a trait?
During ____, alleles separate into different sex cells.
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Who was more likely to support a National Bank?
John Quincy Adams' domestic policy aligned itself with this concept...
___________________ is the ending of slavery.
Taxes paid on goods that come from another country are called _______________.
A ____________________ is a line of ships that keeps goods from entering or leaving a place.
A loose union of groups of states is called a _______________________.
The Union North had more industry to supply their troops and railroads to carry supplies which led them to believe that _______________________.
The South believed they could win the war quickly because they had ________________.
The Union had no power over the Confederate states which is why most enslaved people were not set free after the ________________
Union soldiers docked at the St. Marks River new Tallahassee where they fought Confederate soldiers, but later ___________________________.
_______________________helped supply the Confederate army with beef during the war.
Because the Confederate Army and economy were worn out they were forced to ________________ on April 9, 1865.
On of the major reasons Florida left the United States was because of _______________.
Florida was allowed to rejoin the United States after it _______________________________________________________.
The Freedman’s Bureau built _______________________ for African Americans in the South.
Sharecropping affected landowners in the South by letting them _________________________________________________________.
__________________________ was the time period after the war when Florida and the rest of the South had to rebuild their cities and economy.
Mary McLeod Bethune and James Weldon Johnson both worked for ____________________________________ in Florida.
A group of Florida Crackers who protected cattle from the Union were called the _________________ _______________.
______________ _______________ helped African Americans buy land and find new work after the civil war.
After the Civil War many landowners in Florida faced problems such as ____________________________________________.
There was very little property damage in Florida because very few ________________ were fought there.
to pull up or force someone to move
to reflect light or shine, as if wet
not according to rule or accepted order
an overwhelming feeling of admiration
to burn with hot liquid or steam
a pause of uncertainty or indecision
to walk in a wobbly, unsteady manner
to abuse power in a way that causes suffering
passed out or asleep
quick or fast-moving
What does the media do?
What is one way media plays an important role in setting the public agenda?
Government officials use the media to ____________ with the public.
Which of the following is NOT a way individuals influence public policy
Interest groups influence public policy in all the following ways except.
What is a lobbyist?
What is one of the following international issues that require the decisions of the local government.
Why do people lobby?
What is an intrest group?
People that represent interest groups and communicate with offiacals are ......
Cuando era niño, ________ tarde todos los días.
_____ mucho sol durante mis vacaciones en Puerto Rico el año pasado.
Mario _____ en el parque cuando era niño.
Yo ______ al parque ayer.
El héroe miraba por la ventana cuando el ejérccito _______.
Los jovenes _________ cuando el música terminó.
El guerrero _______ para la batalla cuando el emperador lo llamó.
La princesa _____ cuando su mamá la despertó.
Las mujeres preparaban la comida cuando los enemigos _____ en el palacio.
Los guerreros _______ del palacio cuando la batalla empezó.
_____ el jueves cuando mi amigo llegó.
_____ las dos y el sol brillaba.
What is the function of the urinary system?
Which of the following is not an organ of the urinary system?
What is the function of the urinary bladder?
What are the functional units of the kidneys?
What is the first step of the scientific method?
What is the second step of the scientific method?
What is the third step of the scientific method?
What is the fourth step of the scientific method?
What is the fifth step of the scientific method?
What is the sixth step of the scientific method?
What is the final step of the scientific method?
Which of the following is an example of quantitative data?
Which of the following would be quantitative?
Which of the following is an example of an observation?
Which of the following is an example of an inference?
Students of different ages were given the same jigsaw puzzle to put together. They were times to see how long it took to finish. What is the independent variable?
Students of different ages were given the same jigsaw puzzle to put together. They were times to see how long it took to finish. What is the dependent variable?
Students of different ages were given the same jigsaw puzzle to put together. They were times to see how long it took to finish. What is a possible constant?
Indicates key focus
A vertical line with a triangle at the top that indicates where you are in the project
The timeline that runs the length of the project
Shortcut to play/stop in music production software
Shortcut to go to the beginning in music production software
Shortcut to rewind in music production software
Shortcut to forward in music production software
A mode in which you endlessly repeat a section of a project in the music production software
The cycle are turns
The start and end portions of the cycle area are called
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What do all the planet have in common?
When compared to the gases around them, sunspots are
Ancient astronomers thought the _____was the center of the universe (geocentric)
A system forms when
All of the following are examples of systems EXCEPT
The outer planets
6 out of 15 moons have craters. This is ___%
Watching the movement of stars across the sky would be an example of what kind of experiment?
We have many, many stars in our Solar System.
When a meteor lands on Earth, it is called a
A political ideology that encourages aggressive nationalism, and a strong military and dictatorship
The idea that trade between nations creates prosperity and prevents war
A former schoolmaster and journalist who rose to power in Italy after World War I
Leader of the Bolshevik Party who spread Communism throughout the Russian Empire
He became the dictator of the Soviet Union after the death of Vladimir Lenin
The anti-communist Nazi leader who rose to power in Germany after World War I
A resource rich providence in China that was conquered by Japan in 1931
This act made it illegal for Americans to sell arms to any country at war
Which was NOT a reason for strong isolationism in the U.S in the 1930's
What 1937 invasion caused FDR to become more of an internationalist
Which was NOT a reason why dictatorships emerged in Europe and Asia after World War I
What conflict began in Spain in 1936
Which statement is true about Joseph Stalin
What is the policy of giving concessions in exchange for peace
Lightning warfare that used coordination between bombers and tanks
The unification of Austria and Germany by Hitler was the:
A line of concrete bunkers and fortifications between the German and French border
He became the British Prime Minister in 1940 and refused to surrender to the Nazis
Which statement best characterizes the Battle of Britain
This new technology allowed Britain to detect the enemy attack in the Battle of Britain
What two countries gave into Hitlers demands which allowed the invasion of Austria
What was the main goal of appeasement supporters in France and Britain
Which country surrendered to Germany in 1940 after the Miracle of Dunkirk
What geographical factor prevented the German invasion of Britain
Which country had a strong Air Force, Navy, and radar stations which prevented German invasion
What country does NOT border Germany
Which country DOES border Germany
What is the name of the area of Czechoslovakia with a large, German speaking population
This small port city in Northern France was evacuated by British troops after Hitler delayed his attack and was known as the Miracle of:
These two countries suprisingly signed a non-aggression pact in 1939 and secretly agreed to divide Poland once conquered
The order of the nitrogen bases along a gene forms a genetic code that specifies what type of protein will be produced.
Mutations in body cells (not gametes) are passed on to offspring.
The different forms of a gene are called
The scientific study of heredity is called
During protein synthesis, messenger RNA
An organism with two identical alleles for a trait is
An example of a hybrid genotype would be
According to the chromosome theory of inheritance, genes are carried from parents to offspring on
In a dihybrid cross, two hybrid organisms produce offspring. What % of the offspring would be expected to be homozygous recessive?
DNA has chemicals called bases. So does RNA. Which of the following is true?
An example of a single gene trait with two alleles would be
The phenotypes for human blood type are
How many pairs of chromosomes do humans have?
If a human is a girl, her sex chromosomes are
Sex-linked genes are genes found on the X and Y chromosomes. Which of the following is a sex-linked trait?
Sickle-cell disease affects hemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen. Which of the following statements are true?
In Down syndrome, a person's cells have an extra copy of chromosome
A _______________ is a chart or "family tree" that tracks which members of a family have a particular trait.
The end result of cloning is an organism that has mostly the same genes as the organism from which it was produced.
Gene therapy may someday help correct genetic disorders by inserting copies of the defective gene directly into a person's cells.
What is the exchange of genetic material between two homologous chromosomes?
What is the probability that a couple will have a boy?
Crossing over results in
The transfer of male pollen grain to a female plant organ is
What do you use to predict the possible genotypes of offspring
What is the female gamete
Describe the genotype Bb
Cells that contain two alleles are called
During Meiosis, the factors that control each trait separate, and only one factor from each pair is passed to the offspring is described as Mendel's
The passing on of traits is
If a diplod cell with 78 chromosomes undergoes Meiosis, the resulting haploid cell will contain
What is an alternate form of a gene?
Due to independent assortment, the possible allelic combinations of the dihybrid cross of TtGg are
What type of inheritance is exhibited when a red flower plant and a white flower plant produce a pink plant
A trait that is controlled by four alleles exhibits
Normal humans have 22 pairs of autosomes and 1 pair of
An animal that exhibits fur of two different colors exhibits
Which is an example of polygenic inheritance
Blood types are a result of what type of inheritance?
Most human genetic disorders are caused by
Two healthy parents produce a child with a genetic disorder. What is the best explanation for this?
Which genetic disorder can be identified by a karyotype?
A heterozygous Blood type A man marries a heterozygous Blood type B woman. What is the chance thier child will be type AB
Which are examples of sex-linked traits
In a pedigree, a circle represents a
In a pedigree, roman numerals represent
In a predigree, a carrier is represented by a
A karyotype that contains an extra chromosome enhibits what genetic disorder
A karyotype that is missing a chromosome enhibits what genetic disorder
Meiosis results in
The theory that explains how large pieces of the Earth's outermost layer move and change shape.
The boundary between two plates that are moving away from each other.
The boundary between two plates that are sliding past each other horizontally.
The boundary formed by the collision of two lithospheric plates.
The process of moving layers of rock by heating and cooling.
Where oceanic lithosphere slides downhill due to gravity.
When denser oceanic lithosphere sinks beneath continental lithosphere.
The global positioning system can map the rate of tectonic plate movement using this.
A possible result of plates moving along a transform boundary.
The title of this section is
Answers by Educators Question Database
How long does it take Earth to rotate?
Which of the following correctly describes a solar ecliupse?
Earth's axis...
Which od the following correctly describes a lunar eclipse.
Summer in Australia is...
More direct sunlight during certain months of the year cause...
Who is Circe?
What does Circe do to Odysseus' Men?
What does Circe tell Odyseus to do?
Who are two people Odysseus talks to at the Land of the Dead?
How long does Odysseus stay with Circe
Who is Tiresias?
Tiresias tells Odysseus that his men can not
Tiresias also tells Odysseus that
The second time Odysseus goes to see Circe, what did she do?
What is the Land of the Dead?
How many men went into the Cyclop's cave with Odysseus?
What did the men hide under to escape?
What is the name of Cyclops?
Who is Cyclops' father?
What does Cyclops drink with each meal?
Where does Odysseus go after leaving Polyphemus?
What is the name of the King of the Winds?
What wind is missing from the sack that the King gives him?
The men are told not to open the bag, but they do and what happens?
What are the Lastrygonians?
What do the Lastrygonians do to Odysseus?
The process in which sediments settle into a new location is called:
Sediments become a layer through a process called:
Sediments that have been pressed together form which type of rock?
Which type of rock forms when molten magma or lava solidifies?
When rock is broken into small pieces, the pieces are called
The process of rock forming is called the
How is igneous rock formed?
What happens to change igneous or sedimentary rock to metamorphic rock?
What is the name of hot molten rock under the Earth’s surface?
The breaking up of rock into small pieces through natural Earth processes is called
Which of the following is not a process included in the rock cycle?
When small pieces of rock are moved from one place to another by wind, water, and glaciers, it is called
True or False: When magma cools it always forms igneous rocks.
Hot liquid rock on the Earth’s surface is called
When intrusive igneous rocks form they are different from extrusive igneous rocks because
What happens to metamorphic rock when it melts:
Metamorphic rocks are formed by:
Sedimentary rock is formed by:
The upward force on an object falling through the air is _________________.
According to Newton's second law of motion, _________________.
The force you have to overcome to start an object moving is _________________.
The statement, for every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction, is a statement of _______________.
Whenever a body is in motion, there is always _____________ to oppose the motion.
Forces that are equal in size but opposite in direction are ________________.
The distance traveled divided by the time taken to travel the distance is ________________.
The relationship among force, mass, and acceleration is stated in _______________.
When a diver jumps off a diving board, gravity pulls him or her down to the water. What is the reaction force to Earth's gravity?
A feather falls through the air more slowly than a brick because of ______________.
Air resistance _______________ as you move faster.
Newton's first law of motion states that an object remains at rest unless a ____________ force acts on it.
What are the three main areas of the music production software?
What part of the music production software contains buttons to toggle areas on and off?
Provides access to a contextual set of parameters in the music production software
Area where you build your song in the music production software
Prerecorded music snippets that automatically match the tempo of your project
Term that means to purchase once and have the right to use it from that point on without having to ask for permission.
Allows you to browse by instrument, genre, mood, and other attributes.
Loops are previewed at
Loops usually work best at
In the music production software, the area below the ruler and to the right of the track headers, where regions are arranged to build a song
The House of Representatives chose this president during the election of 1824.
This president had a difficult time of uniting the country.
What changes occurred that extended voting privileges in the 1820s?
When William Henry Harrison died, who became vice-president?
Why was the 1828 election of Andrew Jackson well received by the people?
Which of the following statements about Andrew Jackson is true?
The practice of rewarding supporters with political jobs is known as
Which of the following groups would most likely be associated with the Democratic party?
Senator Daniel Webster of Massachusetts did not believe in states' rights because he believed
How did the creation of the nominating convention change the dynamics of the presidential election?
What political party drew the support of Federalists?
Who was most likely to support the Whig Party?
Who was most likely to support the Democrats?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Mason made an educated guess about what would happen during the carrot lab. What is another term for this?
Brice is working in the lab and asked the teacher for goggles. What was he working with in order to request these?
If Shivani wants to find the mass of a small metal cylinder, what item does she need to use in lab:
Jake has blonde hair. This trait is an example of his:
If Sam's horse is dominant for brown fur, having the genes Bb... this is an example of the animal's
Katie wanted to know "what is the total of all chemical reactions in an organism" Melissa told her the answer is:
Jalen was studying a scientific statement about how things happen in nature that seem to be true at all times, what is she studying?
Markus wants to know what the new cell that forms is called when a sperm and egg join:
Chris wants to know what the process is called when a sperm joins an egg?
Yuli and Janice are lab partners. Janice tells Yuli they need to find the volume of a liquid. What instrument do they need?
Rashad wears glasses and wants to know if this is an inherited trait. What branch of science deals with how traits are inherited:
Tommy has been complaining of a back ache. He thinks his bookbag weighs too much. How much does it probably weigh?
Matthew was horseplaying in the lab. He knocked off equipment and chemicals spilled in the floor. He tells Hayes to fix the problem. What should Hayes do?
Sidney's favorite color is green. Which organelle in the cell does she adore because it is responsible for making her favorite color in plants:
Allie made a poster with the things that plant cells have that animal cells do not. What did she need to put on her poster?
Blake's favorite lab was when we made edible models of the smallest unit of life. What did he make a model of?
In health class Scottlin learns about the haploid female sex cell formed during meiosis, what did she learn about?
Warren's favorite movie was about osmosis Jones. What is osmosis anyway?
Cody is always moving around the room! This reminds me of the type of transport where molecules require energy to move from areas of low concentration to high concentration. What is it?
Ceyde and Kelly were actually working in lab ;) and measured an amount of liquid in the graduated cylinder. What units do they need on the end?
Lucy loves to sit around and watch bacteria reproduce. What is the name of this type of asexual reproduction:
Amanda and Elizabeth are in science fair this year. What are the correct steps, in order, to their project:
Lorena loves to water and take care of the plants in the class. She wants to know how they make food through photosynthesis. What 2 things do they make when they photosynthesize?
Shadle needs to explain to Nick the difference in asexual and sexual reproduction. What should he tell him?
Arturo claims he is so strong he is like a "power house" releasing energy in the cell. Which organelle is he claiming to be like:
Briana Landrum has a twin. This is alot like _________because you start with a parent cell and end up with two identical cells.
Albin and Juan always want to work together. A group of cells that work together to do a job is called:
Dalton and Trevor also like to work together in lab. When a group of tissues work together you get a/an __________
Troy wants to know what the process is called when the egg and the sperm join to form a zygote but he is afraid to ask, what should we tell Troy:
Most of Josh's cells are diploid. Which one of his cells are haploid?
Which of the following BEST describes the difference between speed and velocity?
A car travels west reaching a velocity of 6 m/s in 3 seconds. What is its acceleration?
On a velocity-time graph, where the x-axis represents time and the y-axis represents velocity, a horizontal line shows ___________ acceleration.
Tyler walked a distance of 1.60 km in 30 minutes. What is his average speed in m/s?
If you ride your bicycle down a straight road for 500 m then turn around and ride back, your distance is _________________ your displacement.
A merry-go-round horse moves at a constant speed but at a changing ______________.
Acceleration is the rate of change in ____________________.
On a velocity-time graph, negative acceleration is indicated by ____________________.
Which of the following does NOT cause the velocity of a car to change?
A car traveling with an initial velocity of 45 m/s comes to a stop in 3 s. Calculate the car's acceleration?
Newton's 1st law of motion describes the tendency of objects in motion to continue in motion and objects at rest to remain at rest. What term is used to describe this behavior?
Which statement about the weight of an object is correct?
Two students push on a box in the same direction, and one pushes in the opposite direction. What is the net force on the box if each pushes with a force of 50 N?
A group of students are playing tug-of-war. The students on both sides of the rope are pulling with equal force. This is an example of __________________.
On Earth, a bookbag weighs 100 N. What is the bookbag's mass?
Find the acceleration of gravity on Mars if a person with a mass of 60.0 kg weighs 22.2 N on Mars.
What is the force of air resistance on an 80 kg sky diver who is falling downward with an acceleration of 4.0 m/s/s?
When a force is exerted on a box, an equal and opposite force is exerted by the box. These forces are called _______________.
The size of the gravitational force between two objects depends on their ____________.
In what direction is the net force of an object moving in circular motion?
1. What Kingdom would you classify a one celled eukaryotic organism containing cellulose in its cell walls?
What type of field guide would be the most helpful in finding the scientific name of an organism?
When making a dichotomous key you need to use physical characteristics like it looks like a heart or it looks like a star. What would be a good question that would have the looks like answers?
Scientific names of organisms consist of _________.
Two organisms that are classified in the same class must also be classified in the same ___________.
To solve problems, scientists follow a series of steps called _______.
The classification system most commonly separate organisms into ____ kingdom
What is the first name of an organisms scientific name is the _______.
Frogs and fish are both classified as ___________.
A group of organs working together is a(n) ______________.
This type of reaction always includes a diatomic oxygen molecule.
This type of reaction has only one product
This type of reaction has only one reactant
The number 4 in the reactant 4NaCl represents
When balancing chemical equations, be sure that that you balance the number of ____ on both sides.
What type of reaction is the following: 2Na + Cl2 ---> 2NaCl
The mass of the products equals the mass of the reactants in the Law of
Which of the following is NOT evidence of a chemical change?
You can calculate the mass of an atom by adding the number of
In the equation 2Na + Cl2 ---> 2NaCl, the NaCl is the
If an electron dot structure has only TWO dots, the element must be
A covalent compound would most likely contain
The oxygen atom usually has a charge (oxidation number) of
Nitrogen has _____________ valence electrons
A metal and a non metal usually form a(n)
Two non-metals usually form and bond in which
Which atom is most likely to have the largest atomic radius?
The octet rule states that in order for an atom to be state,
If an atom GAINS an electron
An atom with 12 electrons, 12 protons and 11 neutrons would have a mass number of
When measuring a substance the _____________ digit is an estimated digit.
The particles in a snow globe represent a
The nucleus was discovered by ______________ when he found that __________.
Which scientist based periodic on atomic NUMBER?
Electrons were discovered using which piece of equipment?
The third period of the period table contains
Which is NOT true of ionic compounds
How do you determine the relative polarity of a molecule?
The symbol after a formula indicates
Which bond is the LEAST polar?
After a rocket takes off, its distance traveled is measured and is represented in this graph. What is the average speed of the rocket?
Which graph represents a car with positive acceleration?
A student is a passenger in the front seat of a moving car. Which object is the BEST fame of reference for the student to determine how fast the car is moving relative to the ground?
An object rolls east at a steady speed of 12m/s for 3 seconds. What distance did it travel?
A car's velocity changes from 0 m/s to 40 m/s in 5 seconds. What is the average acceleration of the car?
This graph represents the motion of an object. What is the average speed of the object from time=0 s to time=5 s?
A car starts from rest and accelerates uniformly at 1.7 m/s/s. How long will it take the car to reach a speed of 34 m/s?
This graph shows the motion of a person riding a bike. Which time period shows the acceleration of the bike?
A 200 kg load is suspended from a cable on a crane. The load is moved upward at a constant velocity of 20 m to the top of the building. What would be true of the force on the cable as it moved upward?
A student uses two identical balls to perfrom an investigation. The student throws ball A with a horizontal velocity from a height of 10 m. At the same time, another student drops ball B from the same height without any horizontal velocity. Neglec
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If the sun in setting, how long will it take to rise again?
Craters are not found on the Earth
The moon is a natural satellite that orbits what?
What is a natural source of heat and light in our solar system?
A line, real or imaginary, around which something spins is called what?
The Earth ______________ around the Sun?
__________ is what pulls objects to the center of the earth?
The reason why the Sun appears to move slowly across the sky is...
What do the Earth and the moon have in common?
About how long does it take the moon to orbit around the Earth?
Which of the following correctly describes what happens on March 21?
When it is winter at the north pole, what season is it in the United States?
Which parts of Earth receives the most direct solar energy?
During which season does Tennessee have the greatest number of daylight hours?
Which of the following places would most likely be warm on December 25?
Which of the following terms does not belong with the others?
The time required for the Earth to rotate once on its axis is called a(n)
The time when the sun is directly above the equator is called a(n)
The time when the sun is farthest north or south of the equator is called a(n)
How does the sunlight strike the Earth in the Northern Hemisphere during summer?
e sunlight strike the Earth in the Northern Hemisphere during winter?
Which of the following happens at the solstices?
What is the effect of a comic book author writing to address topics such as race, gender, politics, and war?
A venue _______________
Which detail from the text supports the idea that the popularity of comic cons has increased with time?
What is the author’s purpose for writing this book?
A group of people invited to knowledgeably discuss a subject in front of an audience is called a ______________
Which of the following is a fact from the section “Growing Pains and Issues”?
What is the author’s point of view on the appeal of comic cons?
What was the effect of the success of recent Hollywood movies based on comic books?
Many comic cons could be described as _____________ conventions because they focus on popular ideas communicated through mass media.
Which of the following details expresses an opinion?
Leaders sometimes use censorship to keep people from forming their own
_____________________ is the opposite of diversity.
An author is least likely to use __________ to write a memoir.
The opposite of a controversy is ___________
Merchandise is the same as ______________
Publishers and authors usually want ______________ in readership.
_________________ takes place at a venue.
People discuss their __________ at a sales convention
Pop culture reveals a society's ________________
The fandom of a particular show is ______________ it.
Day and night are caused by
Earth has seasons because
When the North end of the Earth's axis is tilted toward the sun, North America will experience
The phase of the moon that is visible from Earth depends on
Because the moon rotates one for every revolution around earth,
The apparent rising and setting of the sun, as seen from earth are caused by the
On which days do all locations on Earth have equal hours of night and day?
Summer days in North America are likely to be warmer than winter days because in summer
One complete cycle of lunar phases takes approximately one
Spring tides occur during
What were the women protesting in Argentina?
Why is South America considered a region?
How is Brazil different from most of South America?
How can people protest an issue they don't agree with in a republic form of government?
What is at 0 degrees latitude?
Why were human rights abused in the Dirty War?
What technological advantage did the Spanish have over the indigenous people of South America?
Which rights are usually abused in an unlimited government?
Why is Brazil hot and humid?
Which natural resource is needed for logging?
Where is most tof the Amazon River Basin?
How did migration of Europeans change the character of South America?
Which statement is true for US citizens but not for those under a dictatorship?
What culture traits did the African slaves bring with them that influenced the culture of South America?
What allowed South America to have more global trade and travel destination?
Lima and Buenos Aries are both large urban centers. Why?
How does war spread culture traits?
Argentina, Brazil, and Chile are all ruled by ___
All citizens in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile can _____________
Unlimited governments are more likely to abuse human rights because __________
The presence of the same ____ on several continents supports the hypothesis of Continental Drift
The hypothesis that continents have slowly moved to their current locations is called...
Plates move apart at ___ boundaries.
The results of plate movement can be seen at...
The boundary between two plates moving together is called...
Plates slide past one another at...
Active volcanoes are most likely to form at...
____ are formed when two continental plates collide.
A ___ forms where two oceanic plates collide.
A lack of explanation for continental drift prevented many scientist from accepting that a single supercontinent called ____ once existed.
One revolution of Earth:
Which of the following is associated with the summer solstice?
Earth is warmer in the summer than in the winter because...
What determines the three main climate zones?
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A way of grouping things according to similarities, making it easier for scientists to study
These animals have bodies covered with fur or hair
Snails, Clams, and Oysters are all
When an animal changes in form as it grows into an adult, we call that
When body temperatures remain constant, regardless of the surrounding temperature
A sponge is also known as a
An important characteristic of a mammal is that it
An important characteristic of amphibians is that
An important characteristic of fish is that
An important characteristic about birds is that
The reason giants are so bright is:
Which is the correct sequece of the life cycle of a low mass star?
How many days does it tak to go from a New Moon to a Full Moon?
What is the name of the graph that shows the absolute magnitude and temperature of stars?
Which galaxy contains little gas or dust?
Which theory describes the universe began with a big bang and is expanding.
Which star has the greatest apparent magnitude?
The colors for the stars from hottest to coolest is:
The Earth _______ around the Sun.
The shift to the red in the light spectrum for a galaxy means the galaxy is:
Plants take in carbon through the process of :
What is a negative impact that humans have on the carbon cycle?
What type of plant has nodules on its roots that can fix nitrogen?
How do humans get the nitrogen they need?
What type of rock is made through heat and pressure?
When oceanic crust is subducted and a convergent boundary,what type of rock can form?
A river once flowed but over time dried up. What type of rock formed when the rock framents were deposited?
How is water from plants released into the environment?
How are humans having a negative impact on the water cycle?
What type of igneous rock is found in the interior of the earth?
What is subduction?
What type of boundary is found at the San Andreas Fault?
Plants and trees roots helps to prevent __________ by holding the soil in place.
Evidence that supported continental drift is:
Why does the oceanic plate subduct when it collides with a continental plate?
Which scientist developed the theory of plate tectonics?
What type of stress is found at convergent boundary?
The Appalachains are an example of ________ mountains.
The Hawaiian Islands were formed by a _____ .
What type of boundary would you expect to see an ocean trench?
Why is Orlando have a warmer temperture than Washington DC?
What side of the mountains would you find the cooler wetter area?
El Nino occures in the ________ ocean.
What axis on a graph do you find the manipulated variable?
What is the unit for mass?
In an experiment one group of plants recieved fertilizer A, one group fertilizer B, and one group no fertilizer. The group without the fertilizer is the _____ group.
What instrument is used to find the mass of an object?
Why is Galveston warmer in the winter than Midland Texas?
What is climate?
A seabreeze occures because _______ air rises and ______ air sinks during the _____.
A lunar eclipse can only occur during which moon phase?
A solar eclipse can only occur during which moon phase?
When the shadow of a body blocks the light of something else this is called
A solar eclipse is when the
A lunar eclipse is when the
The closer a planet is to the sun the
The larger the object, the __________ the gravity
In a 24 hour period, there are this many high tides
What object most directly effects our tides
Tides are considered to be this type of relationship
Helps support plant cells
Generates energy in all cells
Cell's control center
Pigment that traps sunlight
Jellylike substance in cells.
Storage unit in cells.
Controls what goes in and out of cells.
Green cell structures
What do plant cells have that animal cells don't?
What are the five basic functions of living things?
What Genetic Tool is used to determine all the possible ways alleles can join?
What do the letters Tt mean to a geneticist?
What is probability?
What genetic disorder does the royal family in England have in their Pedigree
Who is known as the father or Genetics?
What genetic disorder which is an addition of chromosome # 21
What is known as the physical expression of a Trait?
How many recessive alleles do you need to express a recessive trait?
What is known as a map of a person's chromosome?
Which one of the following is NOT a type of a human mutation?
What group do consumers belong to?
energy used by producers in a grassland foodweb is provided by
The leaves of some plants have a think waxy coating. How can this help them survive?
Which organisms always have the greatest biomass?
What type of relationship is occuring between a heartworm and a dog?
The rate at which food, oxygen, and water can enter a cell is determined by the-
Which of the following is a characteristic of all viruses?
Which type of tissue lines internal organs
which type of tissue provides support to the body
Which of the following organs fuctions similar to that of a human lung?
Which organs are part of the respiratory system?
What is the body's largest organ?
This is the tissue that fastens bones together.
This is an example of a voluntary muscle.
Before leaving the body through the anus, food must pass through this organ.
The human heart has how many chambers?
Deoxygenated blood goes to the this part of the body after it leaves the heart.
The strongest bone in the human body is the?
The respiratory system serves what purpose?
These give form and support to the body making movement possible.
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Which of the following causes your shadow to move?
Earth experiences seasonal changes because of it's orbit around the sun, which is also known as...
Joy looked outside the window and observed the Sun in the western sky. What time of the day could it be?
What statement correctly describes the Sun and the Earth?
In what direction does the sun appear to move across the sky?
Earth's rotation causes the day and night cycle. It also causes
Earth rotates on its axis once every
There are _____ tides in a 24 hour period.
The tides come in the following pattern
What is responsible for the tides?
identify the inner planets
What planet has liquid water?
Which of the following rotate on an axis?
how long does it take for the earth to orbit the Sun?
What is the sun composed of?
How long is the day and night cycle of Earth?
What causes the tides to change from high to low?
Which has no real surface?
How many planets are in our solar system?
On Earth year is equal to:
_______________ is the conflict between unlimited desires and limited resources. In other words, there are not enough resources for everyone to have everything they need and want.
R19 “The government has decided that we will only be allowed to purchase two new pairs of pants each year.” The previous statement was most likely made by a person living in a co
R21 Which of the following would be an example of a natural resource?
R21 Which of the following would be an example of human capital?
R21 Which of the following would be an example of physical capital?
R21 Which of the following would be an example of an entrepreneur?
R19 Which of the following is NOT a question an economic system use by people must answer?
R19 In a ________________ economy, hunting, gathering, farming would be the main ways that most people would produce the goods they need to survive.
R19 In a ________________ economy, the government will make ALL of the decisions about what should be produced. North Korea the former Soviet Union are examples of countries that have/had this type of economic system.
R19 In a ________________ economy the producers and consumers use the law of supply demand, without any government rules or regulations, to determine what should be produced?
R19 In a _________________ economy, supply demand may be used to determine what will be produced, but the government may create some laws for public safety. For example, the government might make it illegal for people under the age of 18 to buy
R20 The United Kingdom, Germany, Russia all have a _________________ economy, b/c the governments have some, but not total control, of their economies.
R19 “I love having the freedom to open my own business. It may not be successful, but at least I can try to make myself wealthy.” The previous statement was most likely made by a person living in a country with a ___________________________ economy.
R19 “I live in a hut that I made from wood that my family gathered from the nearby forest. I spend most of my days fishing to have something to barter with in my small village and to feed my family.” The statement was likely made by a perso
R19 “Only government-approved foods will be sold from now on. All private property now belongs to the government.” The previous statement was most likely made by a person living in a country with a ___________________________ economy.
R20-B/C Which of the following would most likely be a result of free trade?
R20-B A(n) _______________ is when a government places a tax on imported goods being sold in their country.
R20-B A(n) _______________ is when a government places a limit on the amount of imported goods that can come into the country.
R20-B A(n) _______________ is when a government bans trade with a certain country. The United States has one of these in place against Cuba.
R20-B Why would country put a trade barrier, like a tariff, in place?
The study of how people manage their available resources.
R18 Someone that makes a good or provides a service.
R18 Which of the following would be the best example of a consumer?
Which type of economy would you find in the United Kingdom?
R20-B A domestic good is one that is made in your own country.
R20-B A foreign good is one that is made in your own country.
R20-B A market(place) is anywhere goods/services are bought/sold.
R21 Wood is an example of a(n) _______________________
R21 The knowledge/skill of a Dentist would be an example of ___________________.
R21 A chainsaw would be an example of _________________.
R20-C Free trade allows consumers to have more goods to choose from maybe even at a lower price.
R20-C Sometimes a tariff/quota is called PROTECTIONISM because they might protect domestic producers from having to compete with foreign companies with better/cheaper products.
R20 Today, Russia has a pure command economy.
R20 Germany has a pure market economy, in which the people make all economic decisions and the government has no role at all.
R20-B An import quota is NOT a limit on the amount of foreign goods that can be imported to a country.
R21 Milk is a(n) _____________________________________
R21 Coal is a(n) _____________________ .
R21 A delivery truck is a(n) ___________________.
R19 In the United States, the citizens are free to make most economic decision on their own, but the government does make some things (like meth) illegal. This is why the US is considered to have a _____________________________ economy.
R21 Which of the following is NOT one of the 4 Factors of Production in a market economy.
Which element is not found in the following substance? Na2CO3
This is the basic bulding material of all matter. A substance that cannot be broken down into a simpler substance.
A form of matter that is different from every other form of matter. (A specific combination of elements)
An interaction during which starting substances change into new (different) substances.
How many elements are in the substance CO2?
Which of the following substances contains three substances?
Which of the following is not an indicator of a chemical reaction?
Which element is not found in the following substance? NaCl
Which of the following is a chemical formula?
Which of the following is a common name?
Which of the following is a chemical name?
Multiple cells of the same type and function make up a(n)
Which cells are specialized, complex, and usually part of multicellular organisms?
Cells do all of the following EXCEPT
Cells have similar, but different functions. Which cell would function most like a muscle cell?
Which is in the correct order from simplest to most complex?
The passing of traits from parents to offspring is known as
A segment of DNA that codes for a specific trait is called a
Which are advantages of asexual reproduction
Which are true of sexual reproduction?
Thread-like strands of DNA (found in the nucleus of plant and animal cells) that contain many genes
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This is the study of earthquakes.
Deformation occurs in response to this.
Elastic deformation can be compared to
Which type of deformation leads to earthquakes?
The sudden return of elastically deformed rock to its original shape is known as
Transform plate motion causes this type of fault.
Convergent plate motion causes this type of fault.
Divergent plate motion causes this type of fault.
Most earthquakes happen in the earthquake zones
Which type of seismic waves travel the fastest?
Friction is a force that encourages motion between two surfaces
Energy is the abitlity to cause change
Acceleration is defined as the rate of change in a position
The projectile velocity is the highest velocity that will be reached by a falling object
Energy does't have to involve motion
Lowering an object decreases its potential energy
In order for work to be done on an object, the object must move
As mass decreases, kinetic energy increases
Under certain conditions, it is possible to get more work out of a machine than you put into it
Jane is on a merry-go-round that is moving a constant speed. Her velocity is also constant
A lever with a mechanical advantage greater than 1 is used to
Inertia varies depending on
Which of the following devices does not make use of electrical energy
The SI unit that is used to measure time is the
A horizontal line on a velocity/time graph shows ________ acceleration
The path of a projectile is
Studying the effect of one thing on another in order to test a hypothesis is a(n)
motion is a change in
An arrangement of pulleys designed to reduce the effort force is called a
3 m/s north is an example of a(n)
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