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Which group on the View Ribbon enables a user to show or hide the ruler, gridlines, Formula Bar, or headings?
How is a cell reference in a formula and its corresponding location in a worksheet identified?
John has highlighted the data he would like to print. Which print option should he choose?
John want to print only the Inventory worksheet that he is currently working on in his workbook. Which option should he choose?
John's workbooks includes 3 worksheets. Which option should he choose to print them?
Which command enables a user to save an existing worksheet with a new name or save the worksheet in a new location?
To help organize and identify Microsoft Excel files by providing details about the files, which of the following would you use?
Brown bats spend five-sixths of life asleep. If a brown bat lives to be 24 years, how many years does it spend sleeping?
Jenny made 5 loaves of bread that had 1/4 cup of oil in each loaf. How many cups of oil were used in all?
Last year the weather was cloudy three-fifths of the days. If there are 365 days in a year, how many days were cloudy?
A recipe for one dozen cookies calls for 3/4 cup of chocolate chips. How many cups of chocolate chips would be needed to make 48 cookies?
Mrs. Preisig's recipe for Popcorn Crunch calls for 2/3 cup of honey. The recipe for Sweet and Nutty Trail Mix calls for 1/6 cup of honey. How much honey does she need to make three batches of each recipe?
It takes 5/8 yards of fabric to make a blanket. How many yards of fabric will Mrs. German need to make 5 blankets?
There are 24 students in Mrs. Randall's 1st period. Yesterday, 5/8 of the class earned stickers on First in Math. How many students earned stickers?
Mr. Binnicker had 3/4 of the lawn left to mow. On Saturday, he mowed 4/5 of what was left. What fraction of the entire lawn did Mr. B. mow on Saturday?
Find the product of 7/8 and 3/4.
A pancake recipe calls for 2 2/3 cups of flour. Mrs. Davis wants to make 3 batches. How much flour does she need?
What does -voc-/-vok- mean?
What does -memor- mean?
What does -pneu- mean?
What does -vit-/viv- mean?
what deos -mort- mean?
What does -juven- mean?
What does -hygiene- mean
What does -neur-/-nerv- mean?
What does -hypn- mean?
What does -hema-/-hemo- mean?
When water droplets in a cloud combine, become too heavy, and fell to the ground snow, sleet or hail we are experiencing...
The_________ is the source of all energy in our atmosphere.
The _______ is a layer of atmosphere near his the Earth's surface.
The _____ are responsible for the movement of much of the weather across United States and Canada.
The weather data for Biloxi shows the barometric pressure is falling. Which is the best prediction for the weather in the Biloxi area?
What causes the changes in weather from day today?
Areas of low pressure usually have ____.
High pressure means good weather because ____.
What weather change would you expect if a cold front moves in towards a warm air mass over your city?
The bending of air and water currents is a result of Earth's rotation is known as the...
What does -fen- mean?
What does -ven- mean?
What does -fer- mean?
What does -act- mean
What does -fac-/-fic-/-fact-/-fect- mean?
What does -tract- mean?
What does -port- mean?
What does -ten-/-tain-/tent mean?
What does -vers-/-vert- mean?
What does -vis-/-vid- mean
What does -cess-/-ced- mean?
What does -dic/-dict- mean?
What does -pos- mean?
What does -flu- mean?
What does -test- mean?
What does -spec-/-spec-/-spic- mean?
What does -duct-/-duc- mean?
What does -scrib-/script- mean?
What does -cog- mean?
What does aud mean
What does -priv- mean?
What does -sol-/-soli- mean?
what does -liber-/liver- mean?
What does -ortho- mean?
What does -prim-/-prin- mean?
What does -equ- mean?
What does -alt- mean?
What does -plus-/-plur- mean?
What does -fin- mean?
What does -custom- mean
What does -bio- mean?
What does -gen- mean?
What does -theo- mean
What does -geo- mean
What does -anthrop- mean?
What does -aster-/-astr- mean?
What does -carn- mean?
What does -dem- mean?
What does -fed-/-fide-/-feder- mean?
What does -loc- mean?
What does -art- mean?
What does -biblio-/-bibl- mean?
What does -arm- mean?
What does -trib- mean
What does -aqua- mean?
What does -civ- mean?
What does -hydro-/-hydra-/-hydr- mean?
What does -lith- mean?
What does -mar-/-mari-/-mer- mean?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Why did Chinese peasants align themselves with the Communists rather than the Nationalists?
Who were the victims of the Shanghai Massacre, and who were their murderers?
What event in 1937 halted the Chinese civil war?
What promises were made to the Indian people in exchange for their service under Britain in World War I?
What influences created an environment for nationalism in Southwest Asia?
In which country did Nationalists lead a successful rebellion against its sultan and then reform the government with an emphasis on modernization?
Under Joseph Stalin's command economy system, all economic decisions were made by
The Soviet government decided to eliminate kulaks because of their strong resistance to
All of the following were goals of the Five-Year Plans EXCEPT
Between 1934 and 1939, the Great Purge was a campaign to eliminate
Which of the following is a weapon of totalitarianism?
What impact did radio have after the war?
Why did coalition governments usually prove unstable?
Why did millions of Germans turn against the leaders of the Weimar Republic?
What was the major cause of the collapse of the stock market?
What fear added to the appeal of fascism in Italy and Germany?
Why did Hitler target the Jewish population as scapegoats for all of Germany's troubles?
The Munich Conference came to symbolize the dangers of what?
What important role did Winston Churchill play during this period?
In what way was Japan different from its allies Germany and Italy?
In 1920, a dictatorship ruled?
All of the following contributed to the weakness of the Weimar Republic EXCEPT
The New Deal involved attempts to stimulate the American economy by
All of the following increased during the Great Depression EXCEPT
During the global depression, war debts caused great suffering in?
The Popular Front helped preserve democracy in
All of the following embraced fascism EXCEPT
I_______ going to the store.
______you doing your work?
Tuesday, Dan ________ playing in the gym.
Ciara _______ reading her book.
Yesterday Sebastian ______ in school.
Joe and Rick ________ taking a spelling test.
Jada ________ doing her class work.
Christopher and Jafet ______ eating lunch.
Destiny ________ walking to Tutti Frutti.
The class _______ taking a spelling test.
What check does the U.S. Senate have on the U.S. President?
A people cannot be free whose government is in one assembly ----- Which constitutional principal does this describe?
a form of government based on a written set of laws that all citizens agree to
Two roles of the President
Who breaks a tie vote in the U.S. Senate?
Who breaks a tie vote in the Florida Legislature?
The State of the Union Address is
Impeachment means
The governor is
A local legislative office is
What percent of Earth's water is fresh water?
Water that falls to Earth as rain, snow, sleet, or hail is called
Using less water is one way to practice water ___.
The 3 major steps of the water cycle are
A technique that uses sound waves to measure the depth of the ocean floor is
Which of the following features is made up of a range of mountain that wind through the ocean
The horizontal distance between wave crests is the
Salinity is a measure of which of the following in water?
As you descend through the water column,
A tide with the LEAST difference between low and high tide is called a
A large stream of moving water that flows through the oceans is called a(an)
Which of the following is true of El Nino?
The total amount of water on Earth
Water that fills the cracks and spaces in underground soil and rock layers is called
A nearly flat region of the ocean floor, covered with thick layers of sediment, is called
The size of a wave is NOT affected by the
A rush of water that flows rapidly back to sea through a narrow opening is called a
Tides are caused by
In the Northern Hemisphere, currents curve to the right because of the
The movement of cold, deep ocean water to replace warm water at the surface is called
Land covers MORE of Earth's surface than ocean do.
Clouds form when water vapor in the atmosphere CONDENSES into water droplets.
Sources of SALT WATER on Earth include ice, rivers, lakes, and groundwater.
A wave is the movement of PARTICLES through a body of water.
Near the shore, friction between the ocean floor and the water causes waves to SPEED UP.
Water rushing back to sea through a narrow gap causes a RIP CURRENT that can carry swimmers away from the shore.
As the salinity of water increases, the density DECREASES.
The pressure of ocean water INCREASES as depth increases.
Winds are the main cause of DEEP currents in the ocean.
When you go to the beach you are standing on the CONTINENTAL SHELF.
Interest calculated on both the principal and the accrued interest.
A fee charged for the use of credit
Requires that The finance charge and annual percentage rate be disclosed to the consumer in advance
The principal amount of a bond that is repaid at the end of the term
lending money at an extremely high rate of interest
The ease with which an asset can be converted into cash
A group of twelve regional banks which issues bank notes, lends money and helps determine the national monetary policy.
Protects depositor\\\'s money in case of the failure of a bank; up to $250,000.00
Refers to the fact that money received today is worth more than money received next year or the year after.
An interest rate that moves up and down
Whose theory of relativity replaced Newton's comforting belief in a world run by absolute laws of motion and gravity?
What were Franz Kafka, James Joyce, and F. Scott Fitzgerald all known for being?
After World War I, most European nations had what type of government, if only temporarily?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What does -therm- mean?
When my baby niece is potty-trained, she'll be able to tinkle on her own in order to get the waste out of her system.
When the outer covering of your body gets hurt, you may shed some skin
Every breath you take is made possible by this organ system of the human body.
It's so hot in here today. I need to go outside so I can breathe in some fresh air.
I'm glad that's over. Now I can let out a deep breath
Look inside the stomach and you will notice that what you eat for dinner has been broken down into smaller pieces in the human body.
The muscles of your stomach are always at work to keep food moving the same way along the digestive tract.
Oh my! Your blood pressure is high! We need to get the doctor to take a close check at your heart rate and blood flow.
This vocabulary quiz sure is tickling my brain. I'm so scared I'm going to get one of the answers wrong.
Sorry you're sick with a virus, but there's nothing to fear. Your body is fighting it off as we speak.
7th Graders sure do grow a lot throughout the course of the school year, as they enter an important stage of development- teen adolescence.
If you hope to get married and have children of your own with your spouse, I hope your children turn out as amazing as you!
In his first inaugural address, President Abraham Lincoln stated his main goal for the nation was to
At the time of the Civil War, which two major issues divided the North and South?
Which problem did the Missouri Compromise, the Compromise of 1850, and the Kansas-Nebraska Act attempt to solve?
What was the most important advantage the North had during the Civil War?
A major purpose of the Emancipation Proclamation was to
Actions Taken by President Abraham Lincoln During the Civil War: Increasing the size of the army without congressional authorization , Arrested anti-Unionists without giving reason, Censored some anti-Union newspapers Which statement describes this?
Which Supreme Court decision created the need for a constitutional amendment that would grant citizenship to formerly enslaved persons?
The poll tax, the literacy test, and the actions of the Ku Klux Klan were all attempts to limit the effectiveness of
After the passage of the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments, why did African Americans continue to experience political and economic oppression?
Which actions did Southern States take to keep African Americans from exercising the rights guaranteed in the 15th amendment?
Terry plans to mail her resume to several apparel and accessory businesses in hopes of getting an entry-level job. What other document should Terry mail along with her resume?
The director of human resources interviewed Juanita for the assistant buyer position. Juanita impressed the interviewer because she asked:
Sally’s mother is a member of the Junior League and Sally volunteers on a regular basis to help with their Clothes Closet. If Sally wants to work for a fashion retailer, where on her resume should she list this volunteer activity?
Information provided about each reference should include the person’s name, job title, phone number, and:
A personal business letter that accompanies a resume and introduces a person to a company is a:
Annalee was five minutes late for her interview. While she was with the interviewer, she slouched in her chair, twiddled her thumbs, and twirled her hair in her fingers. Her behavior:
Martha, a new sales representative for Tommy Hilfiger, is to introduce the fall line to a group of buyers in Charlotte. In preparing, she should organize the information in logical sequence, practice the presentation, and:
Patrick is a basketball player, involved in student council, and a member of DECA. As he completes his resume, where would he place this information?
To make a good impression at the interview an applicant should:
Self-discipline, self-control, initiative, and productive work behavior are elements of one’s:
David is preparing for his interview. In order to make a good impression, he practices for the interview. He should also:
Meleah just completed an interview for a job as a sales representative job for Clinique. She is very excited and hopes to get the job. Meleah’s NEXT step is to:
Mrs. Leik, the guidance counselor, agreed to recommend Bailey for employment. Where would Bailey list Mrs. Leik’s name on her resume?
Goal-setting, integrity, professional etiquette, and a positive attitude are:
Marsha arrived at work late three days in a row and was fired by her supervisor. The result of her action is a:
Creating a good impression for an interview includes having a fresh, clean appearance and wearing:
Mrs. Austin’s fashion class is volunteering during the holidays with Operation Christmas Child. Although not completely convenient for everyone, Saturday is the day that best fits most of the students’ schedules. Making the decision to work Saturday
The tool used to promote one’s skills, abilities, and accomplishments is a:
When creating her resume, Karen was compiling a list of her previous employers and the dates she was employed. In which order should she list this information?
While working as an assistant during a local fashion show for charity, Carrie met and talked with as many of the models and fashion professionals as she could. She hopes these contacts may be able to help her as she pursues a career as a model.
the making of goods or wares by manual labor or by machinery, especially on a large scale.
the branch of mechanics that deals with the motion of air and other gasses and with the effects of such motion
imitation or enactment as of something anticipated or in testing.
to determine, check, or rectify the graduation of any instrument, giving quantitative measurements.
of or pertaining to the describing or measuring of quantity: using numbers
Energy from the sun that can be used directly for heating, cooling, generating electricity, heating water, etc.
Energy from hot magma inside of the earth used for generating electricity and heating and cooling buildings.
Energy, captured from the uneven heating and cooling of the atmosphere, drives a turbine, which converts the energy of the moving air into electrical energy.
Energy from air that has been under pressure that can be used to power vehicles.
Energy produced by moving water turning a generator to produce electricity.
Uses hydrogen to generate electricity to power vehicles.
Use of organic matter- plants and animal matter- to produce electricity, transportation fuels, or chemicals.
Energy produced from ocean tides as a result of the gravitational pull of the moon and sun on the earth
a fuel other than gasoline for powering motor vehicles, such as natural gas, methanol, or electricity
Formed in the earth from the remains of ancient plants or animals
A source of useable power.
Limited and cannot be replaced in a timely manner by natural processes; coal, natural gas, oil
Not limited and can be replaced by natural processes; biomass, geothermal, solar, wind
Resources supplied by nature.
Powerful man-made fuels used to power jet engines and rockets.
This type of insurance covers damage/loss of a home and its contents
This type of insurance covers damang/loss of property within a home but doesn't cover loss to the actual home
This insurance helps pay for extended nursing care when a person cannot live independently (but doesn't need to be hospitalized)
This insurance helps replace earnings when a person cannot work due to illness or injury
If you have dependents relying on your income, then you should have this type of insurance
The chance of loss from an event that cannot be entirely controlled
At least 6 months of expenses saved to cover costs of unexpected expenses
A financial product purchased by many people facing a similar risk to protect against the risk of larger losses
The contract that specifies what risks are covered and how much will be paid for losses
Money paid to purchase the insurance policy
The person who owns the insurance policy
Riskes covered and amount of money paid for losses under an insurance policy
A formal request to an insurance company asking for a payment when the policy holder has an accident, illness or injury
The out-of-pocket moeny paid by the policyholder before an insurance company will cover the remaining costs attributed to the loss
requires the insured individual to pay a fixed percentage of the loss after the deductible has been paid
The Elder Race had once ruled from Danu Talis. In modern times, this island continent is known as
What power did the Witch teach Sophie?
Who told Nicholas to go to the Witch?
Where was Sophie employed?
When Perenelle sent a message to Nicholas through Jefferson Miller, what place did she say would be invaded?
Scathach is the Witch of Endor's
What did Perenelle do for Jefferson Miller?
Scatty was a(n)
Who did Hekate say was still human because he cared?
In what fashion did the Witch say Scatty could have communicated to her?
According to Flamel, what book speaks of the twins?
What process did Dee use to talk to the dead goddess?
What character did Dee say was based on the Red Golem of Prague?
What kind of vehicle did Josh drive on his way to Ojai?
What occupation did Josh and Sophie's parents have?
What did radio reports say were to blame for the birds all over the bridge?
What was the Yggdrasill?
Why was Sophie chosen to be Awakened before Josh?
When Josh and Sophie searched for hidden cameras, what TV show did they first think might be filming them?
On what was Ojai built?
Insurance includes these to reduce the problem of moral hazard
When the act of insuring an event increases the likelihood it will occur
Answers by Educators Question Database
Anything that occupies space is known as?
Matter with a definite weight, volume and Shape
Matter with definite weight but indefinite volume and shape
Matter with definite weight and volume but no shape
A change in a substance without creating a new substance possessing a distinct material composition is known as what kind of change
Sublimation is the process of
The ability to do work to accomplish some change is known as
The basic units of matter that cannot be broken down into simpler substances by any chemical reaction are known as
How many naturally occurring elements are on the periodic table
The unifying concept used to organize elements and their similarities is
The chart or map created that is used to display groups of related elements is called
The number shown on each element that indicates how many protons are in a single atom of the element is known as
The smallest complete unit of an element is
The atomic number is the primary basis for the organization of the related elements found on
This particle of an atom has a negative electrical charge
Regarding electronic resources, the acronym AUP stands for:
Which of the following is NOT a tadtional citation style?
Which of these is usually NOT considered a primary source?
Of the following choices, which would be the BEST site to reserach Abraham Lincoln?
red herring
Which color has the most energy?
What is the Law of Reflection?
What is interference?
What is not true about mechanical waves?
When a singer is singing at a specific frequency, it cause a glass to vibrate. What type of wave interaction is this?
Which type of image is formed when looking in a plane mirror?
What is happening when light beams move apart?
Which object is transparent?
What is diffraction?
Which color is getting reflected in a green shirt?
Which type of light on the Electromagnetic Spectrum is the safest?
Which object can be used to demonstrate how a transverse wave works?
Suppose a wave has a velocity of 125 centimeters/second and a frequency of 25 Hertz, what is its wavelength?
What happens as a wave gets a higher frequency?
What is the frequency of a wave with a speed of 15 meters/second and a wavelength of 0.5 meters?
What is the amplitude in a transverse wave?
How do you find the wavelength on a longitudinal wave?
A tuning fork has a frequency of 10 Hz and travels a wavelength of 25 meters. Calculate the wave speed.
What type of wave interaction is happening when you look into water and see objects in the water appear distorted?
Which type of light is there least of on the Electromagnetic Spectrum?
How has agriculture changed Georgia?
What contributed to Atlanta's growth?
Which mayor brought in aviation (airline industry) to the city of Atlanta?
Which mayor of Atlanta brought the major league sports teams to the city?
Which governor of Georgia ended the white primaries and fought for more equal voting elections?
Which major league sports teams came to Atlanta in the 1960s?
What were the white primaries?
What was decided at the end of the 1946 governor's race episode?
Who died before he could serve as governor in the 1946 election?
Who refused to leave his seat after the 1946 governor's race?
Which governor of Georgia brought the nine month school year, believed in segregation, and was the son of a famous Georgia governor?
What is the name for the transfer of energy by vibrations?
The process of warm air rising cooling and sinking is known as what?
What is power measured in?
Through what process does heat energy from the sun reach Earth?
How much energy is needed to heat up 2kg of water by 10 degrees. (c=4000)
A 1500W hairdryer is on for 30 mins. How much energy is transferred in kWhs?
Cavity wall insulation costs £3000 and saves £120 a year. What is the payback time?
What does a step up transformer do?
Which of these applies to silver materials?
A good reason for putting pylons overground is...
In what country did Hinduism orgininate?
What is the name of the holy river?
Who is Shiva?
What is dharma?
Sanskrit is
Who is the god of all living things?
The social order is called the
Reincarnation is the belief in
The lowest of the caste system people are the
A sacred animal in India is the
the stoplight
the corner
the block
to cross
to be located
town square
the fine
shoe size
the bargain
the cash register
How does it look?
the price
the sign
the date
dark blue
How did the reigns of Alexander III and Nicholas II help pave the way for revolution?
What impact did Russia's involvement in World War I have on the Russian government?
How did life change for Russians after the success of the Bolshevik revolution?
Which of the following was NOT part of the transformation of the Soviet Union into a totalitarian state?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The following which is not one of the 3 sources of insurance is
Products or services that add extra value for employees beyond wages earned
The donations of a product or service in place of cash
This type of insurance provides money to pay for health insurance
provides payment to replace earnings during times when workers cannot work due to illness or injury
Payment to others, if amember of the insured household accidently causes harm to other people or property
payment to beneficiaries who are named by the insured person
someone who receives money if an insured person dies
Someone who relies on someone else for money and care
If you opt to have your employer take out money out of your paycheck during the year, you will not have to fill out an income tax form in the spring
Your local, state, and federal taxes are used for all of these EXCEPT:
Additional money that you must pay when you make a retail purchase.
The form you reference when you are completing your 1040 tax form-it tell you how much you earned during the year at that particular job
When you claim someone on your income tax for which you provie support
On an X-Y graph, where is the dependent variable scale (the marked increments)?
If the experiment's data does not support the hypothesis, what would a scientist do next?
How does a pie chart help form conclusions?
What is the purpose of the written conclusion in an experiment?
When does a scientist create the conclusion?
Hypothesis: South America and Africa were once part of the same continent. Which study would most likely be used to investigate this hypothesis?
A researcher hypothesizes that a new club can improve a person's gulf score. Which of these would most likely be the dependent variable in a study involving this golf club?
A student wishes to study the effect of proper hydration on the performance of her school's track team. The dependent variable will probably be
A group of scientists claim that a new type of fuel will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To evaluate this claim you can
A pesticide used by a farmer begins to appear in the tissue of carnivores that live far from the farm. Which of the following is the best inference about this situation?
Which of the following statements is the best argument for daily exercise?
A student believes that a red bull improves memory. Two groups of students will be given one before a test. What is the best way to design this experiment?
A student wants to know how many students send text messages during lunch at his school. The best way for him to gather this information would be to
Scientists are studying the effect of different temperatures on the processing speed of a computer chip. What is the independent variable in this experiment?
You have gathered information about which websites your classmates visit to research science questions. What type of graph would best represent this information?
You have constructed a graph of the number of games your school's football team has won in the last ten years. How should you label the y-axis?
Sam the worm is 3 inches long. What kind of observation: Qualitative, quantitative, or both.
Sam the worm is red and white and is 3 inches long. What kind of observation: Qualitative, quantitative, or both.
Sam the worm is green and yellow and 3 inches long. Sam the worm is 3 inches long. What kind of observation: Qualitative, quantitative, or both.
Sam the worm is awesome! What kind of observation: Qualitative, quantitative, or both.
Who discovered the electron?
Who created a model of the atom with electrons moving around the nucleus in fixed orbits?
Who did the gold foil experiment?
Who discovered that the proton had a positive charge?
Believed that the universe was made of tiny uncuttable particles
Created the first periodic table.
Greek philosopher
Found the missing mass of the atom's nucleus
Determined that the properties of elements are periodic (or in trends)
Uncertainty principle (a particle's position, energy and time can never be precisely known)
Discovered the neutron
Hypothesized that the atom was a tiny hard sphere
Discovered that the atom is mostly empty space
Believed that atoms of a given element are identical
Created the atomic theory
Use the cathode ray tube in his discovery
Created the plum pudding model of the atom.
Worked with the Quantum Theory
a type of literature that uses the sounds, rhythms, and meanings of words to describe the world in striking and imaginative ways
a single line of words in a poem
a group of lines
a line or group of lines that is repeated at regular intervals in a poem
a beat created by the stressed and unstressed syllables in a word
the repetition of vowel or consonant sounds at the ends of words
rhymes that follow a particular pattern
the repetition of consonant sounds in the beginning of words
the use of any element of language – a sound, word, or phrase – more than once
the use of words that imitate sounds
a word in its literal, dictionary definition
consists of the ideas and feelings that the word brings to mind
descriptions that appeal to the five sense and help create vivid word pictures
uses the word like or as to compare to seeming unlike things
describes one thing as if it were something else
gives human qualities to a nonhuman subject
an object, person, animal, place or image that represents something other than itself
poetry that tells a story in verse. The have elements similar to those in short stories, such as plot and characters
a three line Japanese form that describes something in nature. The first and third lines each have five syllables and the second line has seven
poetry that is defined by its lack of structure. It has no regular meter, rhythm, fixed line length or specific stanza pattern
Name the second freedom listed in the first amendment
What amendment is at issue with New Jersey v TLO?
What amendment is at issue with Reynolds v US?
What amendment is at issue with Texas v Johnson?
Name the first freedom listed in the first amendment?
Name the third freedom listed in the first amendment
What ammendment is at issue with Furman v Georgia?
What are the two parts of religious freedom?
Name the fifth freedom listed in the first amendment
What amendment is at issue with Miranda v Arizona?
Equity refers to?
Which of the following would most likely cause a budget surplus for government?
What do all of the inner terrestrial planets have in common?
Other than Saturn these planets are outer planets
This is similar in all gas giants
This is a ball of ice and dust
Asteroid belt is located between
This is an asteroid that burns without reaching the ground
Solar system consists of
Earth supports life because
Answers by Educators Question Database
with disregard; without respect
in a skillful or agile manner
flinched or moved away as if in pain
a ghost or vision
commanding or overbearing
a strong lock with a key
under the water
fog or smoke
in a hostile or aggressive manner
with disregard or dislike
emotionless; not feeling or showing emotion
complicated; having many parts; difficult to solve
highly complex or refined
in a rebellious manner; resist; impudent
having lean long limbs; tall, thin, loose
a feeling of wonder and admiration
short and heavily built; sturdy; thick
stubborn; sticking to opinion despite reason
The North Carolina legislature has revised and adopted a rule from English Common Law, what is this new law called?
Jan filed a civil lawsuit against Michael. What papers does Jan have to file?
Who is the final authority regarding constitutionality of a law passed by the North Carolina Legislature that may violate the US constitution?
Emily and tommy work at Pizza company policy states that petty cash is reserved for small immediate need for the business. Violation of company policy is grounds for termination. In scenario tammy stayed and worked one night without extra pay when
In scenario Emily needs to pick up a dress from the dry cleaners using her credit card. The dry cleaners only takes cash payments. Emily decides to “borrow“ 10 from the register at the pizza company to pay the bill at the dry cleaners. What ba
O, is of Russian nationality robbed west side national bank. Which federal agency has jurisdiction for the robbery investigation?
Addison and tucker had a party that was very loud. They were cited with a nuisance ordinance. Which law enforcement agency would have jurisdiction for this investigation?
What are the limits of powers that the US Supreme Court is executing when reviewing a new national speed limit law established by Congress and signed into law by the President?
an adult goes to court for arraignment. In what type of trial will this procedure occur?
medial researchers testing animals understand that they are helping thousands of people by harming a few animals. Which theory are they using?
the court case, murphy v. State of NC, is heard by which branch of government?
mark is arrested after the discovery of a plane he flew from nicaragua to mami contained 75 pound of cocaine. which federal agency has jurisdiction?
a US man is a member of the House of Representative. the position of representative is a part of which branch of government?
after a terrorist bombing attack, which federal agency has jurisdiction to assist with clean up and recovery?
a russian national does a bank robbery, which federal agency has jurisdiction for apprehension of this federal fugitive?
terrorist plans to destroy a national monument, which federal agency has jurisdiction to investigate?
If a citizen transfer money to international terrorist organization; which agency has jurisdiction to investigate?
Who has the jurisdiction to protect the courts judges?
if a state employee is accused of embezzelment; which agency will investigate?
Which agency has more power than the president and vice president ?
Backstage view includes a _______ in the Print dialog box so you can preview your workbook as you choose Print options.
You can use the Print options in ______view to print only a selected portion, or print area, of an Excel workbook.
You can ______ any icon on the Ribbon and instantly add it to the Quick Access Toolbar.
In Excel, you can access the options for printing individual _______ within a workbook.
. ______ identify who created the document, when it was created, how large the file is, and other important information about the workbook.
Use the following command to open a workbook:
You can’t change the size of the Quick Access Toolbar, but you can customize it by ______ command buttons.
By default, Excel 2010 opens with _____ worksheets.
In Excel, you can access the options for printing individual _______ within a workbook
What are worksheets composed of?
What is a sanctuary Lamp?
There are three of these.
This symbolizes Jesus Christ as the light of the world
This may be worn by any person baptized in the church
What is a stole?
What are the stations of the cross? How many can you name?
What is the cycle of liturgical feasts throughout the year?
What are the Holy Days of Obligation?
What is fasting?
What is abstinence?
The title of Hitler's book Mein Kampf in English is
By 1935, which of the following eastern European countries was still a democracy?
Hitler's main method for achieving lebensraum was to
Nazism was the German form of
All of the following countries took control of other countries' territory during the 1930s EXCEPT
What country invaded Manchuria in 1931?
All of the following joined the Axis Powers EXCEPT
Which of the following countries signed a nonaggression pact with the Soviet Union in 1939?
Which of the following was the leader of the Third Reich?
During Spain's civil war, Francisco Franco was the leader of
The Munich Conference was held to address the problems of a German threat to the nation of
The division of organisms into groups, or classes, based on specific characteristics
The scientific name for an organism comes from
Today, what system based on shared characteristics is used to classify organisms?
What can you find by working through the statements in a dichotomous key?
The science of describing, classifying, and naming organisms
In order, what are the three levels of classification in addition to domain, kingdom, family, genus, and species?
An aid that is used to identify organisms and that consist of a series of paired statements
The root di- mean two
Who simplified the naming of living things by giving each a two-part name
When Mrs. Parkerson learned about classification, there were only two classifications plants and animals
The passing of traits from one generation to another
a change that affects the activity of the organism
the maintenance of a stable internal environment
the total of all of the chemical activities that the organism performs
reproduction in which sex cells from two parents unite, producing offspring tha share traits from both parents
the smallest unit that can perform all life process
reproduction that does not involve the union of sex cells and in which one parent produces offspring identical to itself
Bacteria is the oldest living organism on earth
An example of secretion is
The human bodies normal temperature is
The scientific study of matter is known as what
All living, or once living matter are made up of what element?
The study of chemical reactions such as growth, reproduction, and respiration, that occur within a living organism is known as?
Organic Chemistry deals with all matter that is
Inorganic chemistry deals with matter that
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
This planet has carbon dioxide and is considered Earth's twin
Space exploration helps us
Shelter is an example of a
Activities that are consumed at the same time they are produced
Raw materials supplied by nature are
The risk taker who uses resources in an entirely new way to create a new product or service is a(n)
Buildings, equipment, and supplies are examples of
Things that are required in order to live are
Which of the following is NOT an example of a human resource
Which of the following is NOT an example of a natural resource
A LCD Television is an example of an
Economic Resources are also referred to as
What is a database?
What is a record?
What is a field?
What is the object for storing data in a database?
What is the screen that makes it easier to input and modify data?
What is a request for data from database tables?
What are the results of a request for data from a database?
What is a criteria in a query?
Which application uses a database?
Which statement is FALSE?
how many vocab words is there in this section
Define capital projects
define capital spending
define stock
define bond
define budget surplus
budget deficit
define national debt
how do you make money off of bonds
equity is another term for what
_____ are recurring ups and downs of GDP.
This period is which most people want to work and are working
________ is a period in which demand begins to decrease, unemployment begins to rise, and GDP growth slows.
This is the period that is marked by a long phase of high unemployment.
This is a phase when unemployment begins to decrease and GDP begins to rise.
____ is an increase in general level of prices
A _____ is a number that compares prices in one year with prices in some earlier base year.
The _____ rate is the rate bvanks make available to their best business customers, such as large corporation
A ______ is the rate for deposits at savings institutions
A _____ is the yield on long term (20 year) U.S government debt obligations.
What refers to the duty of a business to contribute to the well-being of a community?
What is NOT an example of a non-renewable resource?
What are ethics?
What occurs when an action by a company or individual results in an unfair benefit?
Which one is NOT a guideline to writing a Code of Ethics?
What is a benefit of soicial responsibility?
Which act/agency accommodates individuals who are physically challanged in the workplace?
What is saving scarce natural resource?
Which guideline should NOT be followed when considering the ethics of business situations?
What does a business have to make in order to stay open?
What is gdp
What has the hIghest GDP
What is personal income
What is productivity
reatil sales
What is unemployment
what is a factory
What motivates you to work faster
What is rubebr made from
where is plastic made
what is a mission statement?
the direction of a business comes from its polices and procedure
the obligation to complete specific work is?
The right to make decisions about how jobs are accomplished is?
the number of employees who are assigned to a manager is?
A precise statement of results the business expects to achieve
Most businesses use a functional organizatational structure
Most businesses use a matrix organizational structure?
a business that is structured around specific job?
what is the guidelines for a business?
A business owned and run by just one person.
A business owned and controlled by two or more people
A seperate legal entity formed by documents filed with a state.
A written agreement among all owners
A written legal document that defines ownership and operating procedures and conditions for the business
A group of peope who join to do some activity that benefits the public
A written contract granting permission to operate a business to sell products ans services in a set way.
Identifies some investors who cannot lose more than the amount of their investment
Offers the limited liability protection for owners
Is owned by members, serves their needs, and is managed in their interest
AN example of a non-renewable resource would be?
The americans with disabilities Act requires a company
A code of ethics is designed to
Ethics are...
Business ethics are...
non-renewable resources is a....
an example of a renewable resource is...
what is an example of a non-renewable resource
who has a code of ethics
an example of conservation is...
When you give up on something to have something else, you are making a
Not having enough resources to satisfy every need is
What is the first step of the decision making process?
What is the sixth part on the decision making process?
How many steps are in the decision making press?
The value of the next-best alternative that you did not choose is
What is the second step in the decision making process?
The process of choosing which wants, amoung several options will be satisfied is
Answers by Educators Question Database
Who led the famous protest known as the Salt March?
How did czars Alexander III and Nicholas II deal with calls for reform?
How did the Russo-Japanese war show the czar's weakness?
Under the Treaty of Versailles, to whom did the Allies give Chinese territories to that had previously been controlled by Germany?
Which of the following did NOT happen as an immediate result of the Bolshevik Revolution?
Which of the following reflects the leader who was responsible for the Great Purge and the main group that was victimized by it?
Which revolutions were started under Stalin's rule as a means to improve the Soviet Union's economy?
How did the May Fourth Movement influence the formation of a Communist party in China?
What was the result of China having a Nationalist government recognized by the world but a Communist party growing in the countryside?
How was the result of the nationalist movement in Saudi Arabia different from the results in Turkey and Iran?
What led Great Britain finally to grant India limited self-rule?
Which personal characteristic of successful entrepreneurs reflects that entrepreneurs work until the job is done?
Which personal characteristic of a successful entrepreneurs reflects that successful entrepreneurs are constantly looking for new ways to solve problems?
Which personal characteristic of a successful entrepreneurs reflects that successful entrepreneurs are accountable for their actions?
Jonathan is interested in starting a lawn mowing business. He has been acquiring the money needed to start his business. Jonathan is in what stage of the entrepreneurial process?
Emma and Ivy are considering beginning a jewelry-making business. They have been collecting, reviewing, and interpreting the surveys they distributed last week about their business idea. Emma and Ivy are in what stage of the entrepreneuria process?
What is an example of an activity for a business person who is entering the harvesting stage of entrepreneurship?
Which personal characteristic of a successful entrepreneurs reflects that successful entrepreneurs are curious about things that may affect their business and are not afraid to ask questions?
Which personal characteristic of a successful entrepreneurs reflects that successful entrepreneurs develop a plan of action and make decisions to help achieve that plan?
Preparing a business plan for a new business, renting a building for the new store, and copyrighting the website for the new business are all classified as which stage of entrepreneurial process?
What is an example of an activity that is performed during the harvesting phase of the entrepreneurial process?
Which of the following was NOT a reason people wanted to move to Ohio?
Who Wanted to move to Ohio?
What was the responsibility of the soldiers who came to Ohio first?
Why did people want to settle by Forts?
What are the three Local Types of Government?
What is the first stage of Ohio Government?
What was a part of the Second Stage of Ohio Government?
What was the Third Stage of Ohio Government?
Where was Ohio's first state Capital?
When did Ohio become a state?
What was an effect on the Indians when Ohio became a state?
What Great Indian Leader united all of the Ohio tribes in order to protect the land for the Indians?
What Great Indian Leader had a vision where he met the Great Spirit and was told to return to the Indian ways?
In what battle did William Henry Harrison attack Tippecanoe while Tecumseh was away uniting more tribes for his confederation?
The war of 1812 was fought between the United States and Great Britian because:
Not fully aware; occuring below your level of thinking and awareness
under the skin
to bring under control
below freezing point
to water something from under the ground
to put under someone else's control
a watercraft that stays under water
to put under water
a person who is under someone else in rank or importance
a passageway under the ground; an electric underground railway
Which of the following gases do plants use in photosynthesis?
The convergence of two continental plates would produce:
Sea floor spreading provides evidence of which of the following Earth's processes?
A researcher found shark fossils on top of a mountain. This evidence suggests which of the following about this region?
A rift valley is evidence of which kind of plate boundary
Earthquake activity in California is primarily caused by:
Which of the following best describes Earth's tectonic plates?
Which of these describes a divergent boundary?
The Mid-Atlantic Ridge exists between the African and South American geologic plates. Which process most often occurs at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge?
If animals eat plants to get energy, where do plants get their energy?
Universal Solvent
Specific Heat
Capillary Action
Polar Molecule
Surface Tension
The process of supplying land areas with water to make them suitable for farming is
More than 97 percent of Earth's total water supply is found in
A molecule with electrically charged parts is a
When you stir salt into water you are making a
The energy that drives the water cycle comes from the
The property of surface tension allows insects to walk on water
The process by which the leaves of plants give off water into the atmosphere is
Unsaturated Zone
Water table
Ox-bow lake
Flood Plain
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is the third part on the decision making process?
choose one is what part of the decision making process?
A ____ is an organization that supplies a service or product vital to all people?
This exists when a business has control of the market for a product or service.
___ prevent unfair business practices such as false advertising.
A government creates ______ policies to pay for the services it provides
A _______ tax is when you get taxed on how much you make
A major source of revenue for local governments is the real estate _______ tax
A _____ is a state or local tax on goods and services that is collected by the seller.
The government raises money by...
A(n)____ tax is a common source of revenue for state and local governments
the government borrows money by selling _____.
thigns that add confrt and pealsure to life are
things that are required in order to live are
things that you can see and touch are
activities that are consumed at the same time they are porduced are
the people who produce goods and services are known as
Means through which goods and services are produced
raw materials supplied by nature are
the products and money used in the production of goods and services are
these are all goods except
all of these are services except
What is a need?
What is a want?
All of the following are examples of a service EXCEPT
All of the following are goods what is a service
all of the following are natural resources except ?
what isnt a capital resource
What is a limited resource
Which one of these is a capital resource
An example of a natural resouce is what
Is gold a natural resource
Things that add comfort and pleasure to your life
Things that you can see and touch
Are the means through which goods and services are produced
All of the following are types of Resources except:
All of the following are examples of needs except:
Activies that are consumed at the same time they are produced are?
Things that you can see and touch are?
The people who produce goods and services are known as?
all of the following are an example of Capital Resources except:
All resources have a _______ Supply
Which one of the following is NOT one of the three economic questions answered by EVERY economic system?
The United States is an example of a...
Economic system that combines elements of the command and market economies.
Refers to the private ownership of resources by individuals, rather than by the government.
A name of the U.S. economy is
Goods and services are produced in a way it has always been done
Money left from sales after all the costs from operating the business has been paid
Rivalry among businesses to sell their goods and services
Private property means you can do what with things of value?
How many economic questions are answered by EACH economic system?
Money spent by a business for an item that will be used over a long period
Represents ownership in a corporation.
represents a DEBT for an organization
Our government currently has a
When a government spends less than it takes in, it is called a
Common borrowing methods of a business are
People commonly use the following to finance their purchases
The total amount owed by the federal government is the
Equity refers to
Which of the following would most likely cause a budget surplus for government?
business dealing involving companies that do business in ONLY ONE state.
Which of the following is NOT a level of government
Fire Protection is an example of what role of government?
An agreement to exchange goods or services for something of value is called a
Purely intangible, with no physical characteristics.
The following is an example of intellectual property EXCEPT
How many elements must be included in a contract?
A word, letter, or symbol linked with a specific company or product.
A patent gives the inventor the sole right to make, use, or sell the item for how many years?
Protects the creative work of authors, composers, and artists.
If each person at a party will eat 3/8 of a pound of roast beef, and there will be 5 people at the party, how many pounds of roast beef will be needed?
John can make 1/2 of a pumpkin pie in 2 hours. How long does it take John to make 2 whole pumpkin pies
27 people are swimming in a pool. After some time, 1/3 of the swimmers left the pool to eat cake. How many people left the pool to eat cake?
Each athlete on the swim team can eat 3/4 of a pizza. If there are 7 people on the team, how much pizza is needed to fill up each athlete?
An ant needs to eat 1/10 a gram of sugar a day. How many grams do 8 ants need to eat in a day?
A chair company makes 64 chairs in 8 days. How many chairs can it make in 1 day?
(5/9) * 4 = ?
If each person at the dinner table will eat 1/4 of a pizza and there are 20 people. What is the exact amount of pizza that is needed?
81 people are involved in an all-out laser tag war. After an intense session, 3/9 of the players are remaining. Exactly how many players are still standing?
(9/11) * 12
Part of sun where solar wind begins
Most abundant gas in atmosphere
process scientists use to expalin ideas and answer questions
Different shapes of the moon seen from earth
WHen a star becomes a star
Mode of these numbers: 19, 40, 19, 36, 77
Process where water vapor in the atmosphere is cooled and turns into a liquid
Process where water is heated and becomes water vapor and enters the atmosphere
Answers by Educators Question Database
The process by which a gas changes into a liquid is called
The process by which plants release water into the air is called
Minerals that allow water to easily pass through them are
Groundwater is found in
People can obtain groundwater by drilling a well
Water that flows down a surface is known as
The process of changing from a liquid to a gas is
Rain, sleet, snow, and hail are all examples of
Which of the following would be considered impermeable?
Water forming on the bottom of clouds is an example of
Civil rights for US citizens is guaranteed by the
Which Supreme Court ruling supported separate-but-equal?
Which US civil rights leader was known for his non-violent approach to civil rights?
Which court case resulted in the first integration of US public schools?
The purpose of the March on Washington was
Which event established Martin Luther King, Jr. as a national leader in civil rights?
Martin Luther King, Jr. gave a famous speech entiotled
Who was the first black mayor of Atlanta, Georgia?
The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was signed into law by which US president?
What happened to schools that refused to integrate their student population?
What is NOT a factor of natural selection?
Which population would be MORE likely to survive?
What is an example of scientific theory?
What is an example of genetic variation?
The peppered moths use the blend in with the tress. When the tree became blakened by a fire. What would happen to the peppered colored moths?
Why is overproduction important to natural selection?
How do scientist determine how species are related?
After the dinosaurs went extinct...
What can lead to extinction?
Natural selection leads to...
Why did the wooly mammoth go extinct?
If yellow is dominant in a butterlfy population. What do you think will think would happen to the butterflies in a light enviroment with no predators?
What did Darwin observe with the Finches on the Galapagos Islands?
Ferns grow in tropical areas. Fossils have been found in Northern part of North America, where it is cold. What does this evidence suggest?
A fungus that spoils food
Plant that won't allow other plants to grow around it. Harmful to dogs
Plant that is found in swamps and wetlands that cause problems for plants and animals
Densely grows in water interfering with recreational activities such as swimming, boating, fishing, etc
Blood seeking parasite that carries diseases.
Known as plant lice and eats farmers' crops.
Competes with humans for grain.
Bird that takes over the habitat of local birds
Takes over objects by the millions. Destruction of water pipes and covering buoys, boats and docks.
What is the disease most commonly spread by ticks?
Find the compliment angle to an angle that measures 34 degrees.
Find the supplement angle to an angle measuring 112 degrees
If a trapezoid has a base of 13 inches, a base of 18 inches and a height of 6 inches, what is the area?
A circle has a radius of 7 mm. Find the circumference.
A circle has a diameter of 12. What is the area?
A parallelogram has a base of 15 and a height of 9. What is the area?
A triangle has a base of 13 and a height of 5. What is the area?
Angle A and Angle B are compliments. If angle A is 2x + 20 and Angle B is 3x, what is the measure of Angle B?
Complimentary Angles are angles who measures add up to...
Supplementary Angles are angles who measures add up to...
Adjacent angles...
Vertical angles...
The line that goes from one edge of a circle to the other edge is called the...
The line that goes from the center of a circle to the edge of that circle is called the...
The outside measurement of a circle is called the
A ferris wheel measures 60 feet across. What would the distance around that ferris wheel be?
A parallelogram's area uses the same formula as..
A trapezoid has a base of 10 and a base of 4. If the height is 8, what is the area?
The height of a parallelogram will always be the same as the length of the sides.
A right triangle has leg lengths of 12 and 9. What is the area?
What did the pogroms do that occurred in the late 19th-century Russia do?
Who were the Bolsheviks?
Who did China's peasants align themselves with in the 1920s?
What were soviets under Russia's provisional government?
What is a totalitarian state?
What was the purpose of the Soviet state's Five-Year Plans?
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