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Blurring of a trademark usually refers to use of another's mark in some unsavory manner that will harm the reputation of the mark.
There is no statute of limitations for an action for trademark infringement.
All trademark infringement cases are brought in federal court.
A mark published on the Supplemental Register may be opposed in an opposition proceeding.
To succeed in a dilution action, one must prove actual dilution.
The maximum time for opposing registration of a mark is _________________ days after publication of the mark.
The time to oppose a mark is triggered by publication of the mark in_________________
The use of a trademark that was originally permissive or acceptable may later become infringement under the doctrine of _________________
In defending a trademark infringement case, a defendant may assert that the plaintiff delayed an unreasonable amount of time in bringing the action and this delay prejudiced the defendant. This defense is called?
In close cases involving trademark infringement, courts often rule in favor of the senior user. This is called the _________________.
The owner of a trademarked product may sell the product to another without infringing the mark, under the _________________ doctrine.
Generally, a petition to cancel a mark registered on the Principal Register must be brought within _________________ years of the date of registration of the mark.
Generally, key word advertising that uses another's trademark is permissible so long as there is no likelihood of confusion.
Two parties may share the same domain name.
An Internet gripe site or complaint site is always protected under the First Amendment as free speech.
Generally, linking to another's website is permissible.
The respiratory system works with what body system to transport materials around the body?
A bunch of cells that all perform the same function make up _______________
Which two systems best help an organism move and balance?
In order for muscles to move, what does one muscle do while the other contracts?
Which system is responsible for storing important minerals like calcium?
What is the main difference between arteries and veins?
Which is NOT an example of a joint?
Which of the following is an example of chemical digestion?
What is the main function of red blood cells?
Which of the following helps our body fight off germs?
If only all people of the world could realize themselves as part of a large community and respect one another.
Even though we have McDonald's you are free to make a nice profit by opening up your own burger joint.
If you are really successful, you might put all the other burger joints out of business so that everyone will have to buy burgers from you.
Without the developments that occurred long before, the technology of our modern world would not be as advanced.
Boy I tell you, Europe sure imposed its rule on a lot of lands far away from its own during the 19th century.
So unfortunate that a continent with so many great resources would be controlled by countries from afar.
The time has come for our small town to expand and grow
The rise of the machines in the 19th century made the production of work so much easier
An easy and simple way to work without leaving the comfort of your home. Just let us know and we'll send you the materials you need to get started today.
Just think of what you want to sell and then get your store opened up so that you can get rich
Forget the new technology. We should celebrate the natural order of things instead.
The people of our community should all shared ownership of the goods produced herein.
Which German scientist first proposed the idea of continental drift?
Which of the following is NOT evidence that supports continental drift theory?
Which of the following statements is FALSE about convection currents?
Which of the following is the correct order for the layers of Earth, starting from the outermost layer?
Which type of plate boundary creates new crust?
Earthquakes are the most powerful at which type of plate boundary?
How are continental and oceanic crust different?
The process of magma escaping through mid-ocean ridges and paving the seafloor is called...
Which of the following is most likely to be found at convergent plate boundaries?
What is Pangaea?
What impact did technological advances have on industry?
What is the laissez-faire policy?
What is the name for the voluntary associations of workers seeking labor reforms?
What was a benefit of the railroad in Britain?
What was the benefit of being a stockholder in a corporation?
What was the impact of the steam engine on the production of British goods?
What was the Industrial Revolution?
What was the main cause of the process of urbanization that occurred in 19th-century Britain and elsewhere in western Europe?
What were the long-term effects of Marx and Engels' The Communist Manifesto?
What were the three factors of production required to drive the industrial revolution?
When the trade union movement began in Britain, the strike was an illegal action taken against
Which of the following did NOT improve as a result of the Industrial Revolution?
Which of the following did NOT improve as an early result of the Industrial Revolution?
Which of the following did NOT increase as an early result of the Industrial Revolution?
Which of the following factors MOST contributed to the shorter life span of those living in cities as opposed to those in the country?
Which of the following is an example of a reform movement?
Which of the following statements are true of socialism and communism?
Which of the following was a key idea in the free-market system?
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In writing, the organization of ideas and details (within a piece of writing) so that they are easily understood/logical/make sense to the reader
Second stage of the writing process: writing quickly to get ideas on paper.
Evidence a writer offers to refute (“shoot down”) a reader’s counter-argument
The exact words of a speaker
Renewable resources
An example of a renewable resource is
What is another word for finite?
How is freshwater different from other types of water?
WHich of the following means to make less waste by purchasing and using less?
The process of water vapor turning into liquid again to form a cloud is called:
The process of water falling from the sky is called:
This type of pollution comes from an unknown or scattered source.
A waterhsed is:
Making an old milk carton into a flower pot is an example of
What is the capital of New York?
What is the capital of Pennsylvania?
What is the abbreviation for Massachusetts?
What is the capital of New Jersey?
What is the abbreviation for Maine?
What is the abbreviation for Maryland?
What is the capital of Rhode Island?
What is the abbreviation for Pennsylvania?
What is the capital of Connecticut?
What is the abbreviation of Vermont?
The Buddha's name was
Whre did the Buddha grow up?
Which one of the following did the Buddha NOT see when he left his home
How old was he when he left his home?
How long did he wander?
Where did the Buddha sit and fast?
How long did he travel and teach?
How long did he fast?
What does Buddha mean?
What is another name for the Middle Way?
The Buddha said all but which one of the following caused suffering?
What did the Buddha say a person must do to find Nirvana?
How do Buddhists overcome selfish desires?
Which religion(s) believe in reincarnation?
Some Hindus believe the Buddhas was the reincarnation fo which god?
Buddhism spread to all of the following countries except
What is the main religion of India today?
Why are Oberon and Titania arguing?
What does Oberon send Puck to find?
What are Oberon's plans for Titania?
Why won't Titania give up on the boy to Oberon?
What effect has the quarrel between Titania and Oberon had on nature, on the seasons, and on humans?
How does Helena react to Demetrius's verbal abuse?
In what way is Helena's behavior inappropriate for Athenian women?
What does Oberon tell Puck to do about Demetrius and Helena?
Why does Oberon want Titania to wake and fall in love with some vile thing?
Why does Hermia insist Lysander sleep a little ways from her?
Why does Puck anoint Lysander's eyes with the flower's nectar?
How does Helena react to Lysander's sudden love for her when she awakens?
To where has Lysander disappeared when Hermia awakes?
How is Hermia's dream a reflection of reality?
A point in the story where information about prior events is revealed.
The turning point in a story.
A word that sounds like its meaning.
The form of speech of a particular region or people.
The reason the author wrote the text.
The central idea of a piece of text.
To copy the work or ideas of someone else without giving them credit.
A statement that is exaggerated for effect.
A story of connected events.
A strategy used to persuade.
When you infer, you....
What would happen if you forgot to set your alarm clock for school?
When making an inference, a reader must be careful that the inference...
Henry's mom is having a birthday soon. Henry wants to do something special for her. He knows that her favorite dinner is steak and mashed potatoes. What can you infer Henry will do?
Jakes' mom tells his to take an umbrella with him when he leaves for school. However, Jake doesn't think it's necessary. What can you about the weather?
Olivia was practicing her flute. She kept checking the time. She constantly stared at her neighbor's playing baseball. You can guess that Olivia....
Doctors recommend that everyone exercise every day, particularly those who spend many hours doing sedentary activities like reading or playing video games. We can infer that when people are doing sedentary activities, they must be...
Sarah waited nervously. She knew the nurse would call her next. She looked at the models of healthy teeth. She hoped her own teeth would be healthy. Where is Sarah?
When writers don't state the way a character feels, the writer will include details that readers must use to make inferences or form opinions about how a character feels. When you make inferences, you use...
John is a better student than his brother Peter. We can infer that ...
What kind of factors are air, water, sunlight and temperature?
What is ecology?
What type of factor are birds, mammals, fish and plants?
A ____________ is a group of organisms of the same species in an area.
All the populations of organisms in an area is called a __________.
What level of organization is made up of all the biotic and abiotic factors in an area?
What are the levels of organization from first to fifth?
What animal eats only other animals?
A triangular diagram that shows an ecosystem's loss of energy is a ___________
What organism eats both plants and animals?
What organism eats only plants?
A diagram that shows how energy flows from one organism to another is a ___________.
A diagram that shows all the feeding relationship in an ecosystem is called a _____________.
What organisms make their own food from sunlight and are at the base of the food chain?
Grass is eaten by a prairie dog. A coyote eats the prairie dog. This is an example of a ___________.
What do the arrows on a food chain and food web represent?
What organisms have to consume other organisms to get energy?
What organism eats dead organisms to get their energy?
What organisms break down dead organisms to get energy?
What symbiotic relationship is where one organism benefits and the other is not affected?
Plural of Haus
Plural of Junge
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which of the following was a result of the agricultural revolution?
Which of the following was NOT a government reform in the 1800s?
Which of the following was NOT a positive aspect of industrialization?
Which of the following was the first area to undergo major industrialization?
Who defended the free-market system of capitalism in the book, The Wealth of Nations?
With which of the following is Karl Marx most closely associated?
A _______ is a type of business owned by stockholders who share in its profits but are not personally responsible for its debts.
Being blockaded during the War of 1812 encouraged _____ to use its own resources to develop independent industries.
In the 19th century, industrialization had the effect of _____ the gap between industrialized and non-industrialized countries.
The country of _______ led Europe in adopting the industrial technology of Britain.
The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars ______ the process of industrialization in Europe.
Under the Meiji rulers, ____ began to industrialize.
All of the following were results of the agricultural revolution in Britain EXCEPT that
An entrepreneur is a type of
By the late 1700s, the best place to find a water frame and a spinning mule was in
How did Britain's economy affect the process of industrialization?
How did landowners and aristocrats view wealthy members of the middle class?
How did the crop rotation system that developed in Britain during the agricultural revolution increase crop yields?
How did the impact of worldwide industrialization effect the relationships between industrialized nations and non-industrialized nations?
How did the Industrial Revolution affect cities?
How did the Napoleonic wars and French Revolution impact the industrialization of Continental Europe?
How did the philosophy of laissez-faire economics influence early industrialists?
How did the War of 1812 help pave the way for the United States to industrialize?
How might small farmers of the agricultural revolution be compared to the working class of the Industrial Revolution?
In the 1700s, the process of enclosure tended to increase
In the 19th century, collective bargaining was carried out between
In what way did the Agricultural Revolution pave the way for the Industrial Revolution?
In what way did the new middle class change British society?
Nineteenth-century socialists argued that government should
Utilitarianism held that government policies should promote
What did Britain do in order to keep industrial secrets from the United States?
What did William Wilberforce fight for in the 1800s?
Kus riigis asub Tallinn?
Mis on läänemere suurim sügavus?
Mis järv on Eestis suuruselt teisel kohal?
Mis on Eesti pikim jõgi?
Kui kõrge on Suur Munamägi
Mis on Eestis olnud kõige külmeme temperatuur
Kus mõõdeti Eestis kõige kõrgem õhutemperatuur
Mitu tundi paistis päike 2011.aastal Roomassaares?
Millises kliimavöötmes asub Eesti?
Millisest hoovusest on Eesti kliima mõjutatud?
When making DNA, what does A pair with?
When making RNA, what does A pair with?
When making DNA or RNA, what does T pair with?
Amino acids make...
Hydrogen bonds are..
Another word for the letters (ATGCU) in DNA and RNA are
DNA contains ______; while RNA contains _______
This RNA carries the message for what protein to make
This RNA transfers amino acids to help make proteins
This RNA reads the message and lets tRNA know what to bring.
Reconstruction ended predominantly for what reason?
Which of the following represented an effort by the Union to help newly freed slaves?
Who of the following would have MOST likely been the QUICKEST to give power back to state governments in the South?
Which of the following was NOT offensive to white southerners regarding Reconstruction?
Why was Andrew Johnson impeached?
What was accomplisehd by the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the Constitution?
What occurred as a result of the Compromise of 1877?
President Grant's scandals include:
An example of De Jure segregation is
Leader of the radical wing of the republican party:
Freedman's Bureau
13th Amendment
Radical Republicn Plan
The Military Reconstruction Act of 1867
Tenure of Office Act
Plessy v. Ferguson (1896)
Examples of disenfranchisement
Compromise of 1877
Whiskey Ring Scandal
Final goods and services produced in a nations total dollar value is known as _____.
Government attempts to manage by means of taxation, spending, and borrowing in what is known as__________.
Individuals actively looking for work, but are layed off are apart of a percentage known as____.
It is a debt that occurs when the federal government spends more money that it has collected in tax revenues, what is it called?
Market situation in which a single supplier makes up an entire industry for a good or service with no close substitutes is known as _____________.
The total amount of money received after all deductions have been taken out is called________.
The use of money in order to obtain goods or services in exchange for goods or services is_________.
What does the government use to provide assistance for those with little or no income?
What is it when the quantity demanded is greater than the quantity supplied?
What is it when the quantity supplied is greater than quantity demanded at the current price?
Heat and pressure deep beneath Earth's surface can change any rock into a
The texture of metamorphic rock that has grains arrange in parallel layers is described as
Metamorphic rocks that are nonfoliated
Foliate and Nonfoliated are terms used to describe the texture of _____________ rocks
Metamorphic rocks such as marble and quartzite are said to be _______ because their mineral grains are not arrange in parallel layers or bands.
Shale is a sedimentary rock that becomes a ______________ rock called slate when it is changed by heat and pressure.
Gneiss is an example of a ________________ metamorphic rock because its grains are arrange in parallel layers.
Schist is an example of a __________ rock.
Which rock formed from Sandstone when it was exposed to heat and pressure?
Which rock is used to make statues or chess pieces?
In a republic, ……………………………..
In a monarchy, ………………………………..
The ruler in a republic is called ………………
The rulers in a republic ………………………….
Everyone is equal before the law in a ……………………
The rulers in a dictatorship ………………………….
Which of the following is NOT true about a dictatorship?
Which of the following is an example of a monarchy?
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Where did the Union Pacific Railroad start buildiing from?
What is a travois?
What Native American woman went to war against the Crow?
What treaty was signed in 1851
Who were Black Kettle and his tribe attacked by?
Who did Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull defeat?
What were the Navajos forced to endure?
a behavior an animal learns from its parents
a characteristic that is passed from parent to offspring
a behavior that an organism inherits
A new organism produced by one or more parents
any living thing
the series of distinct stages of life that most organisms grow and mature through
a change in the shape or characteristics of an organism's body as it grows
a life cycle with 4 stages
a life cycle with 3 stages
the first stage of metamorphosis
tiny holes on the underside of a leaf that allows oxygen to escape and carbon dioxide to come in
the process where plants use sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide to make sugar and give off oxygen
the process in which a plant gives off water through their stomata
the stage when a germinated seed begins growing and making its own food
second stage of incomplete metamorphosis
third stage of complete metamorphosis
what most plants grow from
to sprout as a seed does
second stage of complete metamorphosis
last stage of metamorphosis
How many seconds are in 4 minutes?
How many minutes in 5 hours?
How many hours are in 10 days?
Sandy called her friend at 4:00PM. She hung up at 4:41P.M. How long did she talk on the phone to her friend?
A dance class is 3/4 of a hour long. How long is 3/4 of a hour in minutes?
How many days are in 4 weeks?
How many months are in 3 years?
How many hours are in 120 minutes?
Jiyang jogged from 3:00Pm to 3:58PM. How long did she jog for?
Jay read a book from 1:00PM to1:40PM. How long did Jay read?
Who is David?
Who is Judy
Who is Sally?
Who is Nora?
Who is Betty Jean
Who is Red?
Who is JT?
Which two family members were against school integration?
Why was Marlee concerned about the presentation project she received at school?
Why did Marlee and Liz start going to the zoo after school?
When Marlee finished school, what did she want to become when she grew up?
What did Marlee like to listen to at night?
I've got a toothache
my knee hurts
I've broken my arm
my shoulder hurts
I've a cough
I've cut on my finger
I've got a bruise
My ankle hurts
I've tummy ache
I've cut on my leg
ból glowy
ból ucha
zlamana reka
ból brzucha
ból zeba
Pollution can harm_________
Compost is _____________
Which is an example of hazardous waste?
What is hazardous waste?
_______________ is collecting old used materials and processing them to make new items.
Which of the following is NOT an example of biodegradable material?
Which of the following is an example of reusing?
______________ is a material that causes pollution
Which is NOT an example of reducing?
Which of the following items would NOT be good in a compost pile?
Starting from the center, the four major Earth layers are
The lithosphere is
The inner and outer core are mostly made of _________.
Which layer of Earth is responsible for making the magnetic field?
The layer that makes up most of the earth's mass and volume is the
Which layer causes Earths lithospheric plates to move?
Heat in the mantle of Earth circulates by the process of __________.
The __________ core is solid.
The __________ core is liquid.
Which type of crust is thickest?
Among the three layers of the internal structure of the Earth which is the most dense layer?
Earth's outer skin is known as the _________.
The layer of Earth directly under the lithosphere.
The part of the earth that is like thick paste and has the ability to flow is the
The spinning of hot liquid metal in earths outer core causes Earth's _____________.
The feeling the reader gets from a writing because of the author’s word choice.
Repetition of key points/ ideas that are most important in a piece of writing.
Words and phrases that tie ideas together and create a logical flow in writing.
Rewording information without changing meaning.
The writer’s attitude toward a topic that is made obvious through word choice.
The rules of the English language, such as spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation rules
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which of the following is an example of a dictatorship?
In a republic, the ruler is chosen through ....................
The measurement of an object's mass is a ____.
The ability of an apple to change color when exposed to air is a ____.
Living things are divided into two groups-______________and___________.
At what point does the ball have the most potential energy?
Which of the following is NOT a possible sign of a chemical change?
A process that changes light from the sun into sugar for food is called__________.
Absolute age is ____.
Respiration requires
Cardiac muscle is an example of
Chemical energy is stored in __________molecules.
Chemical reactions break down food molecules into simpler substances and release stored energy in a process called____________.
Photosynthesis and _______________ cannot take place without each other.
Energy may change into _________forms.
The ____________________________states that energy is never created or destroyed.
When there is a lack of oxygen, ________ takes place instead of respiration.
If a ball is being held in a glove, its energy would be__________.
Three examples of physical change are ____.
The time is takes for half of the atoms in an isotope to decay is ----.
What are the 3 main things that are needed for photosynthesis to take place?
All the chemical reactions in an organism make up its __________.
What part of the map tells you the subject of the map? (The what, where, and when)
How is a tool like Gobal Positioning System (GPS) used by people today?
Why is the date of a map important?
What is a Man-Made border?
What is a Physical border?
What is an example of what a physical map would show?
What is an example of what a Political map would show?
What is Formal region?
What is a Functional Region?
What is a perceptual region?
What is Climate?
Describe a Divergent Boundary.
How are canyons made?
Wind, water, and glaciers all cause what?
When is it Summer in the Southern hemisphere?
What is weather?
What has the biggest effect on climate?
The ecosystems of a specific regions with a similar climate are called...
What does MELLO stand for?
Which Biome is very warm and has lots of rain?
The vascular tissue through which food travels from the leaves to the stems and roots is called:
Leaves perform all of the following, EXCEPT
The process by which plants lose water through their leaves is
A plant with needlelike leaves is a(n)
The four types of gymnosperms do NOT include:
Pollination is the transfer of pollen from:
Once a female cone is pollinated, the cone:
An example of positive phototropism is
A plant that has a two year life cycle is called a(n)
Seed plants do NOT all have the following
Gymnosperms have neither flowers nor
Pollen is produced by _________ cones
Plants that produce seeds enclosed in a fruit are called
A seed develops from a fertilized
All seed plants have __________ tissue and produce seeds.
Stomata open and close to control the flow of _________.
A conifer is a kind of ______________
Stamens are the _______ reproductive parts of flowers.
Auxin controls a plant's response to light by ____________ the rate at which some cells grow
The side of the account that is increased is called
A balance sheet has these sections
Account used to summarize the owner’s equity in the business
A business activity that changes assets, liabilities, or owner’s equity
Assets = Liabilities + Owner’s Equity
When cash is paid for supplies
An increase in Owner’s Equity resulting from the operation of a business is called.
A decrease in Owner’s Equity resulting from the operation of a business is called
Assets taken out of a business for the Owner’s personal use are called
An 8 columnar accounting form used to summarize information needed for prepare financial statements.
The Income Summary account is only used
A list of accounts used by a business
A form for recording transactions in chronological order is called
A business form ordering a bank to pay cash from a bank account is called
A double ruled line indicates
The Accounting concept that is applied when financial statements contain all information necessary to understand a business’s financial condition
Following the same accounting procedures in the same way in each fiscal period is an application of the accounting concept
The length of time for which a business summarizes and reports financial information.
The formula for calculating net income
41. The current capital to be recorded on a balance sheet is calculated as
Management communication is:
The system of official channels that carry organizationally approved messages is called
The most effective technique a manager can use to improve organizational communication is
Which of the following is not related to the concept of ethics?
The duty of a business to contribute to the well-being of society is called
A formal, published collection of values and rules that reflect the firm’s philosophy and goals
Business activities that occur between two or more countries is called
The theory that a country should specialize in products or services that it can provide more efficiently than can other countries is called:
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is the Great Wall of China referred to as?
Caravans helped move goods ideas between _________________ and China.
Which System was a political order that traded loyalty for protection?
What did Shi Huangdi have that belonged to Confucious?
What item did the Chinese make that allowed them to become wealthy?
What are some features that isolated China from the rest of the world?
What place did China's earliest people settle near?
What kind of weather and climate is in China?
Which philosophy taught people to...go with the flow?
Why did China's people use the same coins?
Which Dynasty is associated with China's Golden Age, peace, wealth and progress?
The _______________ Dynasty was during a time when China's first written language, pictographs, were created.
The Qin Dynasty was part of a time when people obeyed their leader because they _______________ him.
Which Dynasty was part of a time when a peasant became a great leader?
During the Qin Dynasty the teachings of Confucius were ___________________.
During which Dynasy did the Feudal System first begin?
The Zhou Dynasty was a time when the __________________ States Period occurred. .
During which Dynasty did the Chinese people settle along the Huang He?
During the Han Dynasty a major _______________ route was established which stretched over 5,000 miles.
Which Dynasty was during the time of standardization?
The market for labor would be considered
Which of the following economic systems is BEST at providing incentives to produce?
Which of the following BEST explains why mechanical engineers are paid more than janitors?
Belinda has a business making steel ornamental lawn statues. The machine she uses to join pieces of steel together is considered.....
Which of the following is an important reason why people need financial investment plans?
Which of the following is a problem MOST often associated with command economies?
In a market economy, what is the PRIMARY motivation for producers to sell their products at a price consumers can afford?
Which of the following is considered a negative side effect of a minimum wage?
In a market economy, if there is NOT A PRICE at which both producers are willing to make an item and consumers are willing to buy the item, then
Which of the following would consumers MOST OFTEN need to consider when trying to make a rational economic decision?
ما اسم الكويت
Which type of rock is likely to show ripple marks and fossils?
Which statement about the formation of a rock is best supported by geologic evidence?
Which rock is made up of angular fragments of rock held together by a natural cement?
Which process would form a sedimentary rock?
Large rock salt deposits in the Syracuse area indicate that the area once had
Limestone can form as a result of
Limestone is a sedimentary rock which may form as a result of
Sedimentary rocks of organic origin would most likely be formed from
The map symbol of the rock that looks like bricks on a house is
If the size of a particle in a rock is bigger then a dime, what type of rock would you have?
What does Renaissance mean?
Where did the Renaissance begin?
Who used movable type to print books during the Renaissance?
Who painted pictures that told stories from the Bible?
Who painted the Mona Lisa?
How long did the Renaissance last?
What was the time of many inventions and discoveries?
Who was an important writer during the English Renaissance?
Who painted te ceiling in the Sistine Chapel?
Which city-states became rich from trade?
Where is the capital city of China?
What is the most important festival in China?
What is the traditional food for Mid-Autumn Festival?
How many nationalities are there in China?
People will have dragon boat races in which festival?
Which city are Qin Shihuang's Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses in?
In China, what do people eat on birthday?
Which animal is not included in the Chinese horoscope animals?
Which book is not included in the Four Great Classical Chinese Novels?
In spring festival, which color is the most popular one for decoration?
What was the extent of the Great Plains?
What was the largest silver mine
Where was arsenic found?
When did Colorado become a state?
What Native American ceremony lasted four days?
What tribe almost made it to Canada before being stopped
During what dance was Sitting Bull killed?
What was the Sacred Mysterious translated as?
Miners and who else are credited with starting the transformation of the West?
Where were valuable ores NOT found?
Butte, Montana was served by what railroad?
What is a subsidy?
What is a vigilante?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
When Apple built a personal computer, it was an example of
A company committed to total quality management
Coal-mining and construction companies are examples of
The levels of management in an organization is called:
A total commitment by everyone in an organization to improve the quality of procedures and products by reducing waste, errors, and defects is called:
An award given to a company that demonstrates a superior approach to quality management is called the
A common set of activities that make up an important part of a manager’s job is called:
A procedure that evaluates the work and accomplishment of an employee and provides feedback on performance is called:
What are the steps in the decision-solving process?
A leader who encourages workers to share in making decisions about their work and work-related problems is called a _____________ leader.
One trait of an effective leader is:
One difference between an manager and a leader is:
The main purpose of personal financial planning is to
What is a budget (spending plan)?
The ______________ is an estimate of how long it will take to double your savings with compounded interest.
The purpose of a cash flow statement is to
Most nations of the world can be classified as having a ______________ economy.
Interest that is earned on only the principal investment is called
The quantity of a good or service that consumers are willing and able to buy at a certain price is called
When the amount of a country's imports exceeds the amount of its exports, there is a
Earning interest on interest applies to
The ___________________ is the point where supply and demand are equal.
In a _____________ economy, all resources are owned and controlled by the government.
______________ establish supply.
When a nation is able to produce products more efficiently than other countries, it is said to have
You have invested $5,000 in an account earning 3% simple interest. How much money will you have after six years?
What is the first step that should be completed when creating a budget (spending plan)?
A mixed economy combines elements of a _________________ economy and a ________________ economy.
Gross domestic product is the
A(n) ______________ is the value of a currency of one country compared with the value of another.
According to the rule of 72, how long will it take your investment to double in value if it earns 6% compounded interest?
Assets + Liabilities = Net Worth
Which of the following terms describes a task an admin assistant would do?
Which term describes the admin assistant's personality?
Which term would describe talents or abilities the admin assistant might need?
Identify the document used in the recruitment process to find the ideal candidate.
Identify the document used to describe the background of the position applied for.
A description of an admin assistant duty would be:
A description of a quality of an admin assistant would be:
A description of a skill of an admin assistant would have is:
Identify which of the following is NOT a quality
Which of the following is a task
The practice of growing, breeding, and caring for plants and animals used for a variety of purposes.
The study of how living things interact with each other and with their nonliving environments
State in which a human population can survive indefinitely
Declining number and variety of the species in an area
Natural material that can be replaced relatively quickly through natural processes
Characterized by low population growth rate, high life expectancy, and diverse industrial economies.
Characterized by low population growth rate, high life expectancy, and diverse industrial economies.
Conflict between chort term interests of individuals and long term welfare of society.
The study of how humans interact with the environment
law describing the relationship between an items availability and its value
Who started the colony of Texas
Texans DID NOT WANT to do all of the following except
What did the Texans do that angered Mexico?
Who was the leader of the Mexican army?
What happens to Texas after the Texas Revolution?
After a few years of independence, Texas becomes the ___ state
Mexico and the U.S. argued over the ___ being the border between the two.
Name of the land won by the U.S. after the Mexican American War
What is the name of the land purchased by U.S. from Mexico?
Who was president of the U.S. during the Mexican American War?
What is the term for the belief that U.S. should own all the land from the east to the west
Where did the Oregon Trail start?
How long did the Oregon Trail take?
All of these are dangers on the trail EXCEPT
Where did the Oregon Trail end?
What was found in California?
Who else traveled out west to find religious freedom?
People of the Oregon Trail were the first to settle the ___ Coast
For safety people traveled
What type of animals were used to pull the wagons?
Coal and kindling wood are both used to start and stoke fires because they burn so quickly and easily. What detail in paragraph 9 reinforces the tremendous intensity that these two substances add to the fire?
What evidence does the author give to back up his argument that Chicago is a city “ready to burn?”
The author includes a list of businesses in paragraph 11. How do these businesses contribute to the idea that Chicago is “ready to burn?”
How do the locations of these businesses increase the human element of the tragedy?
How are the dangers in the wealthier neighborhoods different or similar to the fire risks for those who lived in poorer areas?
A metaphor is a form of figurative language used to compare two things that are not literally related. Murphy calls Chicago a “highly combustible knot.” Why does he make this comparison?
What was Murphy referring to when he called Chicago a highly combustible knot?
What pattern emerges when you look at how many fires break out each year from 1863 to 1870?
The author previously had personified the fire, describing it as “struggling to break free” and “greeting Sullivan”, and now as having “a thousand yellow-orange fingers.” What is the author’s purpose in using this language?
Who wrote The Great Fire?
What type of government is based on religion?
How are democracies different from totalitarian governments?
How is monarchy different than from other forms of government?
In a socialist economic system, the government
North Korea has what type of economy?
Cultural elements can best be described as the
The spread of democratic ideals from philosophers in Europe to the Founding Fathers in the United States is an example of
What is a theocracy?
What is cultural divergence?
What is a democracy?
Which of the following scientific terms has the most evidence and observations?
An educated guess is based on past experience. How does a hypothesis express the educated guess?
What is the relationship between the independent variable and the dependent variable?
Two similar sunflowers are grown side by side. Both plants receive the same amount of everything, but one plant gets more water.What is the DEPENDENT variable in the experiment?
What is the minimum number of data points an experiment should gather?
Sequential and ordered steps clearly define the procedure for an experiment. Why are experimental procedures so carefully defined?
What is the most precise method for recording data points during an experiment?
An X-Y graph with plots of observations allows sketching a trend line. What does the slope of the trend line represent?
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What was not a cash crop of the Southern Colonies when they were first established?
In Britain, these people would be sent to jail if they owed more money than they could afford.
Which is NOT true about Georgia?
The biggest port in the Southern Colonies was
In 1729, one colony split into
An apprentice would
True or False: All 13 colonies had slaves.
James Oglethorpe made alliances with this powerful tribe.
Which group of people started creating fire?
Which group started farming?
Which group built the pyramids?
Which group was nomadic?
Which group built the colosseum?
Which city-state were known for fierce fighting skills?
Which city-state was an oligarchy?
If you travelled on the Nile River, what continent would you be on?
Who was the first female pharaoh?
Which emperor named his horse as a consul?
Sustavi organa se nadopunjuju i čine
Sustav organa za kretanje čine
Želudac je organ koji pripada
Usta, nos, dušnik, pluća - to je
Unutarnje organe štite
U sustavu organa za probavu spadaju: usta, jednjak, želudac, debelo crijevo i i
Probavljena hrana iz tankog crijeva ulazi u
Kosti se pokreću stezanjem i opuštanjem
Lubanja štiti
Srce je
What is the charge of an atom?
An Oxygen atom has 2 electrons in its inner energy level. How many electrons are in its outer energy level?
Gets 4 counts of sound or silence
Gets 3 counts of sound
Gets 2 counts of sound or silence
Gets 1/2 count of sound or silence
5 lines and 4 spaces on which music is written
a vertical line dividing the staff into measures
The space between 2 bar lines
Shows the end of a piece of music
Means to go back and play or sing again
The line and space below the staff for the pitches of C and D
According to the passage, how many owners have the New York Jets had in their history?
Where do the New York Jets currently play games?
Which of the following IS NOT true about Joe Namath?
What does the word merged mean in the following sentence? : In 1969, the New York Jets won Super Bowl III defeating the NFL’s heavily favored Baltimore Colts, 16-7, in the last championship games before the leagues merged in 1970.
Since its 1969 Super Bowl victory, the Jets have played in ________ Super Bowls.
What question is answered in the fourth paragraph?
What word best describes the 1970-1982 in Jets history from the PERSPECTIVE of a Jets fan or supporter?
In which sentence is the word turbulent used correctly? : The 2011 and 2012 seasons have been particularly turbulent for the Jets. Starting quarterback Mark Sanchez has been the subject of much criticism...
Since Woody Johnson bought the Jets....
When was Rex Ryan hired as head coach?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is a prediction?
Which representation of the observed data is best to show quantities instead of trends?
If 1.3 grams of air has a volume of 1000 cm3, what is the density of air?
Which of the following is always true when a substance undergoes a physical change?
If a piece of copper has a density of 13.29 g/cm3 and a volume of 25 cm, what is the mass of the liquid?
Bone has a density of 1.8 g/cm3. What mass of bone is required for a bone graft involving 6.0 cm3 of bone tissue?
A diamond has a density of 3.5 g/cm3. What is the mass of a diamond with a volume of 0.3 cm3?
Which of the following is a characteristic of matter you can detect with just your sense?
Which of the following is an example of a physical property?
Which of the following can be defined as the amount of matter contained in an object?
Density is calculated by dividing the ______________ by the _______________.
Which of the following is an example of an irreversible physical change?
Mendeleev arranged the known chemical elements in a table according to increasing
Which list of elements contains only metals?
Which of the following group 7A elements is most reactive?
Which of the following group 1A elements is most reactive?
The usefulness of Mendeleev's periodic table was confirmed by
The standard on which the atomic mass unit is based on the mass of a
Which general statement does NOT apply to metals?
In a periodic table, a set of properties repeats from
Group 7A of the periodic table contains the
To keep them from reacting, some highly reactive elements are stored in
Which statement is true about the metalloid silicon?
Mendeleev gave the name eka-aluminum to a (an)
Which statement is not true about the elements, F, Cl, and I
Which halogen is most likely to react
Which element is found in nature only in compounds?
The pH of an acidic substance is between what values of the pH scale?
A substance that readily burns when it comes into contact with a flame has the chemical property of _____________.
Corrosion is what type of chemical change?
Why is glass a good substance for storing chemicals?
Which statement is true about physical changes and chemical changes?
Which of the following would not be helpful when distinguishing between sugar and table salt?
Which of the following is a chemical property of water?
Which of the following is a chemical change?
Which of the following is a physical change?
Which of the following is a chemical change?
A member of the boron family has three valence electrons, while a member of the nitrogen family has
One twelfth the mass of a carbon-12 atom is used to define a(n)
The atomic mass of an element is
Atoms of the most reactive elements tend to have
Compared with Group 2A elements, group 6A elements have
Moving from left to right across a row of the periodic table, which of the following values increases by exactly one from element to element
As you move from left to right across a period, the number of valence electrons
Which element is found in most of the compounds in your body except for water
Two highly reactive elements in period 2 are the metal lithium and the
The unit for atomic mass is
Among the alkali metals, the tendency to react with other substances
At room temperature, none of the metals are
Which of the following gases emit colors when an electric current is applied?
The tendency of an element to react is closely related to
Which scientist offered proof that atoms exist?
Which of the following models shows how unpredictable electrons are?
Dalton's experiments advanced our understanding of the atom without
In Rutherford's gold foil experiment the alpha particles pass through which part of the atom?
An electron enters_______ when it has absorbed energy and moved to a higher energy level.
British physicist J.J. Thomson was the first to identify the
The building blocks of matter are
The modern atomic theory has been updated over the years as new observations of the atom have been made. What is likely to happen in the future?
Scientist have developed the Atomic Theory over a period of hundreds of years. What will help us further the development?
The modern atomic model is also sometimes called the_____ model.
In Thomson's plum pudding model the mass of the atom is in the
This scientist published a detailed atomic theory in 1808 based on evidence he gathered through experiments with gases. His atomic theory laid the groundwork for later atomic models.
A comparison between two unlike things, using LIKE or AS
Giving human characteristics and qualities to non-human things like animals or objects
An extreme exaggeration
Makes a comparison between two unlike things, WITHOUT using like or as
When words have the same ending sound
Words imitate the sounds that it makes
Why do writer's use figurative language?
Using words to create a picture for the reader
repeating of the consonant sound at the beginning of words
I think a ran a million miles today
My shoes smell as bad as rotting trash
The snowflakes danced in the icy wind
My skin is as dry as a lizard
I had to walk around the mall for a 100 hours to do all my shopping
Betty Botter bought some butter to make her batter bettter
Anything that has mass and takes up space
the amount of space an object takes up
the temperature at which a substance changes from a liquid to a solid
a change in the state of matter from a gas to a liquid
a change in matter when atoms link together to create a new substance different from the original one
the measure of the amount of matter in an object
a pure substance that cannot be broken down into any simpler substance
the temperature at which a substance changes from a solid to a liquid
the smallest unit of an element
the pull of gravity on an object
a form of matter with an indefinite shape and volume
the temperature at which a substance changes from a liquid to a gas
a change in matter in size, shape, or state without any change in what it’s made up of
a particle that contains more than one atom joined together
measure of how tightly packed matter in an object is
a form of matter with definite shape and volume
a change in the state of matter from a solid to a gas without changing into a liquid first
a form of matter with a definite volume and indefinite shape (it takes the shape its container)
a change in the state of matter from a gas to a solid without changing into a liquid first
Joyce needs to access a spreadsheet she saved yesterday. Which command would she select?
Sharon's spreadsheet contains information about the number of music downloads in F25. 25 identifies the:
Joan wants to add a new entry at the bottom of her spreadsheet. What is the shortcut that will take her to the last record on her spreadsheet?
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What event marked the beginning of the Great Depression?
What was one part of Roosevelt's New Deal program to fight the Depression?
Il Duce was the title of which of the following leaders?
Which German political party sought to overturn the Treaty of Versailles and combat communism?
What term was used to identify the alliance of Germany, Italy, and Japan?
What was the goal of U.S. isolationists after World War I?
What is a main idea of the philosophy known as existentialism?
Which of the following is NOT an art movement from the early 20th century?
What effect did World War I have on the literature of the 1920s?
What effect did the Dawes Plan have on the economy of postwar Germany?
In the late 1920s, which of the following did NOT damage the U.S. economy?
What caused Germans to start taking Adolf Hitler and his message seriously?
Which of the following does fascism stress?
What was the policy of appeasement?
Why did Japan invade Manchuria?
What effect did the nonaggression pact between the Nazis and the Soviets have on the balance of power in Europe?
How did Sigmund Freud's ideas weaken faith in reason?
This group established a colony at Plymouth for religious freedom
They gained passage to the colonies by agreeing to work for 5-7 years to pay for their trip.
This was NOT one of the New England colonies
The principle cash crop of the Southern colonies was
They were the original owners of the New York colony.
The colony of Roanoke became
An official document granting certain rights is a(n)
Samuel de Champlain established a fur trading post at
The Great Lakes were first explored by the
A cash crop is
Jamestown became successful after John Rolfe started growing
The Pilgrims and Natives had a feast that became the first
The legend says John Smith's life was spared by
Puritans wanted to change, but not leave, the
The first governor of Puritan Massachusetts was
To accept the beliefs of others is to __________ them.
Thomas Hooker was force to leave Massachusetts. He then established the colony of
Roger Williams believed Puritans should tolerate the religious views of others. He was forced to leave Massachusetts so established the colony of
Most wars between Natives and Colonists were fought over
Which best describes how most New England colonies were formed?
A good index fossil will be
Earth is
Radioactive isotopes are used to date rocks and fossils because
Carbon-14 is a good isotope to use to date fossils and rocks that are
A sample containing 25% Potassium-40 and 75% Argon-40 has gone through
Most of the rocks found in Western New York are from the geologic time period know as
Earth's current atmosphere
When a radioactive isotope decays
When examining layers of rocks, the oldest layer can be found
A fault, folding, tilting, intrusions or extrusions are
An unconformity is
Que fecha es hoy?
4/2/14 What month is this?
How do you say Tuesday in Spanish?
How do you say Thursday in Spanish?
How do you say February in Spanish?
What month is enero in English?
Unlike our calendar, what day of the week does the Spanish calendar week start with?
Hoy es jueves el cinco de junio, dos mil ocho. How would I write this in numbers?
How do you say today in Spanish?
How do you say yesterday in Spanish?
When does the play begin
Marullus and Flavius disrespect Caesar by
Who did Caesar defeated when the play begins
How many times is Caesar offered the crown
Who says, beware the ides of March?
Who offers Caesar the crown?
Who is a loyal friend
How does Cassius trick Brutus into joining the conspiracy?
Who is Brutus' wife?
How does Antony prove Caesar wasn't ambitious?
What does lacerated mean?
What does tenacious mean?
What does biased mean?
What does formidable mean?
What does suffusing mean?
What does foreboding mean?
What does contingency mean?
What is a metaphor?
What does perjure mean?
Who is your favorite teacher?
What does the S in SMART stand for?
What does the M in SMART stand for?
What does the A in SMART stand for?
What does the R in Smart stand for?
What does the T in SMART stand for?
What part of SMART is missing from this goal? I will improve my grade in science by the end of the semester
What part of SMART is missing? I will exercize at the gym three times a week.
What part of SMART is missing? I will lose thirty pounds by the end of this month.
What part of SMART is missing? I will play more computer games with my brother this semester.
What part of SMART is missing? This month, the first time my mother asks me to do something, I will do what she asks..
The common in a New England village was
The House of Burgesses made the laws for which colony?
Which group were allowed to vote in New England?
New York City's original name was
Businessmen that owned colonies were known as
William Penn was part of this religion
What was the nickname of the Middle Colonies?
Part of Pennsylvania was used to form this colony.
The Middle Colonies were mostly established for
Which colony is NOT part of the Middle Colonies
The colony of Maryland was established for which religion?
Indigo was used to make what color dye?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Joan wants to format the cells in her spreadsheet. What is the shortcut that will open the format dialog box?
Which of the following software programs is a powerful spreadsheet program that allows users to organize data, complete calculations, and graph data?
Which of the following notebook- like features organizes the sheets for use in Excel?
Which of the following would you use to enter, calculate, manipulate, and analyze data such as numbers and text in Excel?
Which Microsoft Office object would you use for quick, convenient, one-click access to frequently used Excel commands?
What feature was created for users who prefer to use the keyboard rather than the mouse, and provides keyboard code icons that may be used in conjunction with the ALT key?
What is the name of the list of frequently used Excel commands available when a user right-clicks an item in the worksheet?
What occurs when the cursor is moved over a cell and a user clicks?
Which tab do you use to display the area that contains the print command?
Which command do you use to close an open file and completely exit the Microsoft Excel program?
Which ribbon contains the command to apply a theme to a worksheet in Microsoft Excel?
Where can you find the command to apply a fill color to a cell or range of cells in a worksheet?
Which ribbon option opens a related dialog box?
What command will arrange Microsoft Excel windows so that they appear side by side on the screen?
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