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If a = b then a - c = b - c
If a = b and c doesn't = 0 then a/c = b/c
a = -4 6a + 2 = 6 (-4) +2
if a = b, and b=c then a=c
3( 12 -4) = (3)(12) - (3)(4)
12.5 = 12.5
if 1 = b then b = a
A= 5 B=5 b+c = a +c
When you use reasoning based on patterns you observe
Is a conclusion you reach using inductive reasoning
Is an example that shows that the conjecture is incorrect
is a logical statement that has two parts a hypothesis and conclusion that is written as an if then statement.(if p then q)
In an if then statement the part after the if is the ?
In an if then statement the part after the then is the ?
When the hypothesis and conclusion are switched around is called? it is written as If q then P
This is when you negate both the hypothesis and conclusion. Written as if ~p then ~q
When you exchange both the hypothesis and conclusion and negate both of them. Written as If ~q then ~p
Conctional and its contrapositive are equivalent statements. This means that ?
Which tense is used to speak about the past?
What are the irregular verbs in the Future/conditional tense?
What are the irregular preterit verbs?
What type of stem changing verbs are also irregular in the he/she and they preterit and the ING?
In the Future tense, all endings are accented EXCEPT...
In the preterit tense, which verbs are irregular in the he/she and they?
Which forms of the conditional tense are accented?
Which of the following types of verbs are irregular in the ING (progressive tense)?
Which of the following is NOT a type of irregular PRETERIT?
Which of the following share the SAME irregular verbs?
The Stamp Act imposed a tax on
In this act, citizens were forced to house and care for the needs of British soldiers:
After the Townshend Act was repealed a tax remained on which item?
Patriots called the Boston Massacre a massacre because
Who created the anti-British propaganda that went around to the colonists following the Boston Massacre?
Why were rivers important in the 13 colonies?
Who most likely said,
What is meant by the phrase, “JOIN, or DIE.”?
Primary sources of information about the colonial era would include a
The head of the judicial branch of the US government is the
What is the purpose of the U.S. Constitution?
The supreme court saying that congress' new healthcare law is constitutional is an example of
The 10th Amendment (The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution… are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people) reflects the principle of
Ms Foulke has spent many years speaking out against the government’s treatment of undocumented immigrants in the United States. What document protects Ms. Foulke’s rights?
Which individual’s action was directly protected by the first amendment to the Constitution?
Which two principles of the constitution relate to the individual’s power within the government?
The third amendment to the constitution (No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner,..) reflects what principle?
Why does the amendment process exist for the U.S. Constitution?
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First you have to boil a pot of water. ________ you can cook the pasta.
Donna told Isabella all about her family reunion. ____________, Isabella yawned behind her hand.
The Big Dipper is part of what constellation?
The amount of starlight received Earth.
What color is the Sun?
The actual amount of light a star gives off.
What is another name for the North Star?
These are groups of stars that form patterns.
This is the apparent shift in position of an object when viewed from two different places.
Relatively cool stars look either orange or what other color?
This is the brightest star in the sky
How long is a light year?
What material do we use drilling rigs for?
How many cells does bateria have?
What do we use telescopes for?
What event occurs when one celestial object or that object’s shadow obscures the view from Earth?
Which term describes any object that revolves around a larger object in space?
Which of the following is not a phase of the moon?
At which position in Earth's orbit is Earth farthest from the sun?
Which of the following causes the phases of the moon?
What happens during a lunar eclipse?
According to Kepler's third law of planetary motion,
The spin of a body on its axis is called
At which position in Earth's orbit is Earth closest to the sun?
A student argues that because Earth is closest to the sun at perihelion, all of Earth experiences summer at perihelion. Is the student correct?
During which event do the hours of daylight on Earth equal the hours of night?
The movement of one body around another body in space along an elliptical path is called
According to Kepler's first law of planetary motion,
What are foothills?
Increased elevation in the southeast affects life by
Many large cities began in the southeast because of a trading zone along
The fall line is
In the Southeast Region the Piedmont is
People built along the fall line because
Which of the following is not a natural resource?
Which is a product of agriculture?
Which is NOT a crop that needs a long growing season?
Which dangerous weather are you LEAST likely to experience in the southeast?
Which industry is NOT important in the southeast?
What is an industry?
Pertaining to below the skin
Surgical repair of wrinkles...
instrument used to cut the skin
oily discharge...
dry skin
pertaining to below the skin
What is an example of a standing freshwater biome?
Rivers are standing freshwater
What is Brackish Water
What is benthic zone
How much of Earth's surface do aquatic biomes make up
Does all water contain salt
what is the salinity of ocean water
Whats a sediment
Photic Zone
2*2 =
3*6 =
The number and location of bones of many fossil vertebrates are similar to those in living vertebrates. Most biologists would probably explain this fact on the basis of:
Charles Darwin concluded that the 13 species of finches on the Galápagos Islands:
Through careful observation, Charles Darwin came to understand that:
Which of the following statements is true about Charles Darwin?
The example of the peppered moths living near English industrial cities demonstrates that:
The theory of evolution by natural selection was independently developed by:
Which of the following statements about Darwin is true?
Darwin and Wallace's theory of evolution by natural selection failed to explain how
The evolution of one species into two or more species as a result of different populations becoming reproductively isolated from each other is:
Which of the following ideas was developed by Thomas Malthus?
Continental Drift Theory
Layer of the earth where the plates are located
Wave to arrive first during an earthquake
Wave that has an up and down or side to side motion
Point in the earth where the rock actually breaks during an earthquake
Plate boundary associated with a normal fault
Plate boundary associated with shearing
Heat transfer by direct contact
layer that the plates of the earth move on
A system of interactions and changes between living and nonliving things
All the feeding relationships in an ecosystem.
Microorganisms that break down or consumes dead organisms.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Choose the primary source
Choose the primary source
When layers are piled together and pressure is applied what type of new rock is formed?
What is it called when a mineral easily splits along a flat surface?
What is the test called that leaves behind a powder of a mineral?
The way a mineral shines is ______________.
A solid formed in nature that has never been alive or made of material that has been alive?
When one type of rock changes into another type of rock, it is called the _______________.
If something is no longer living but has left behind its mark in the rocks, it is known as a _____________.
An animal that used to be living but is no longer around, it known as being _____________. Dinosaurs are an example of this.
A solid made up of one or more minerals is called a ______________.
What can be used to identify a mineral?
A scientist who studies rocks is known as a ______________.
Which property is used to determine if it is metallic or nonmetallic?
What is the hardest mineral?
What does Mohs scale help us in identifying a mineral?
Feldspar is a 6 on Mohs scale and a fingernail is a 2.5. Can feldspar be scratched by a nai?
What is the difference between prokarytoic and eukaryotic cells
Are plant and animal cells prokaryotic or eukaryotic?
Unicellular means _______
Multicellular means _______
Heterotrophic means _______
Autotrophic is ______
Sexual reproduction is ________
Which correctly describes Kingdom Plantae?
Which correctly describes Kingdom Animalia?
If an organism is multicellular, heterotrophic, and sexual what Kingdom would it belong?
angle A and Angle B are supplementary and angle A and angle C are supplementary which conclusion is valid?
Two angles that add up to 180 degrees are
Angles that add up to 90 degrees are?
Oppositie angles that are congruent are considered to be ?
If the hypothesis of a true conditional statement is true, then the conclusion is also trued
If Hypothesis p, then conflusion q if hypothesis q then conclusion r
All right angles are congruent
A plane contains atleast how many points?
If Austin plays on his phone then he doesnt understand his geometry? What is a counterexample to prove this wrong.
What two parts make up a conditional statement?
What is the function of DNA
What makes a DNA nucleotide?
What pairs with Adenine in DNA
Which of the following pairs with Cytosine
What is the purpose of DNA replication
Which of the following is NOT a difference between DNA and RNA
What makes up the sides of DNA
What makes up the middle of DNA?
What is the shape of DNA
What is the shape of RNA
I have always wanted to go ________.
It's ________ car that Mom hit.
__________ two of the nicest people I've ever met.
_______ song is one of my favorites!
I think I left my notebook _______ yesterday.
I went to ________ school for two years.
Mr. Villines said ________ going to have to explain why they were tardy.
Put in the correct order: ________ notes are over _____ and _______ trying to copy them.
________ never forgive me for taking _____ homework away from them.
Only _______ mother knows where ________ gone tonight.
The temperature in a cold place is 26 degrees F. A snow storm blows in and causes the temperature to drop 8½ degrees per hour. What will the temperature be in 6 hours? (use the line method to explain)
A popular toy store advertises a particular game on sale for $48.00. The means the store will be losing $5.25 on each game it sells. How much money will the store lose if it sells 2000 games?
A 15.3 gallon tank is 1/3 full. How many gallons will it take to fill the tank?
Cal is preparing for a bike race which is approximately 26 miles in length. The expression 5t represents the number of miles Cal ran ride in t hours of practice. How many miles does Cal ride when practicing 3 1/2 hours?
The value of a certain stock dropped $6.25 each week for a period of 12 weeks. Describe the change in the value of the stock at the end of the twelve week period
During a five day week the stock market decreased a total of 175.5 points. Find the change per day in the market for the week.
The temperature in a cold place is 26 degrees F. A snow storm blows in and causes the temperature to drop 2 1/2 degrees per hour. What will the temperature be in 5 hours?)
A popular toy store advertises a particular game on sale for $52.00. The means the store will be losing $3.25 on each game it sells. How much money will the store lose if it sells 215 games?
A 20.1 gallon tank is 2/3 full. How many gallons will it take to fill the tank?
You borrow $5.50 a day for a week from your mom. How much do you owe your mom at the end of the week?
Which organelle provides support and protection for plant cells and not animal cells
Which organelle below is found in plant and animal cells but not prokaryotic cells
What is chromatin?
What organelle can be described as small organelles filled with enzymes used to break down food particles
This organelle uses energy from stored food molecules to create energy for growth, development, and movement
This organelle is used to store water, food, or waste for the cell. They are much larger in plant cells than animal cells
This organelle uses energy from the sun to make energy-rich food through photosynthesis
This is where proteins are assembled (made)
this organelle is where proteins are modified and parts of the cell membrane are built
This organelle is where enzymes attach carbs and lipids to proteins
At room temperature, a substance with a boiling point of -30 degrees Celsius is a
An unknown substance has a melting point of 44 degC and a boiling point of 118 degC. Is this substance a solid, liquid, or gas at room temperature?
During a phase change, the temperature of a substance
If a substance is moved to another container and its volume changes, the substance is a
What is the phase change from solid to gas called?
A substance has a melting point of 0 degC and a boiling point of 100 degC. The substance is most likely
Which of the following is a physical change?
During what phase change does the arrangement of molecules become more orderly?
Which of the following correctly lists the phases of matter in order of INCREASING ENERGY?
A substance that is made up of only one kind of atom is a(n)
Which of the following is an example of a heterogeneous mixture?
This organelle looks like a whip or a tail and is used for movement
This organelle looks like tiny hairs and is used for movement
These organelles are used for structure and movement and make up flagella
This type of cell does not contain a nucleus
This cell is an example of a eukaryotic cell
This organelle is found in the nucleus of a cell
This organelle is what makes some ER considered rough
This organelle is much larger in plant cells than it is in animal cells
This organelle is found mainly in plant cells
which organelle isn't found in the nucleus of a cell
how are you?
what yo name
Answers by Educators Question Database
Reference Initials are...
Logo, Return Address, Phone number, Fax number, and Web Address are items included in what part of a letter?
The style of a business letter that has the date, closing and writers name in the middle of the page?
What style of punctutation has a colon after the salutation and a comma after the closing?
Who is the letter address?
Choose the correct format for the date on a business letter
The teachers classroom was very hot because the air conditioner stopped working.
“After I go to their house, I am going to go play soccer in the park” stated Marie.
Sam and Joe was watching a boring movie, so they decided to turn it off and play video games.
The dogs were to tired to go on a walk, for they had spent the day playing ball in the park.
The students at kahla middle school work hard because they know they are preparing for their future.
“Does anyone need to stop at they’re locker on the way to the library?” asked Mrs. Phillips.
My mom let my sister and I pick where we wanted to eat for dinner, so we chose to eat at Olive Garden.
Since I was grounded from talking on the phone, I didn’t have nothing to do on Friday night.
I want to have a friend that will hang out with me on the weekend laugh at my jokes, and listen to me when I talk.
Its going to be a long day at school because I have to take a lot of tests.
Why is reproduction necessary?
What is budding?
How many parents does it take for each asexual and sexual reproduction?
What is fragmentation?
What is binary fission?
Which one uses a lot of energy and how? Asexual or sexual?
Which type does not provide genetic varitey and why? Asexual or sexual?
Name an organism that reproduces sexually.
Name an organism that reproduces asexually.
What is regenaration?
How many chromosmes do humans have and how did they get that number?
Do flowers reproduce asexually or sexually and how?
Which one results in overpopulation and why? Asexual or sexual.
The hydra shows which kind of asexual reproduction?
Patrick off of spongebob would show which kind of asexual reproduction?
Name the male and female parts of a flower.
Monet is trapped in Winterfell, Tom Hittleston has to rescue her with this math problem. (12(999-333)-92)/79-59+38
Cheyenne and Playstationeshia wage war on Melisandre and her Night terrors. When they win they take R'hllor gold which has a value of (5^2(98-89)-3)3
Aleksandra Lannister kill Monet Stark. So Bran ate that body. But first he had to measured her head. the radius is 4inches. What is the diameter?
Tre Melvin and Tom Hittleston got in a fight over Monet and her ramen noodles, and grape kool aid. The fighting arena was 10 by 3.14 was is the area
Hodor and Jubilee have a baby. It was born on D-day which is 12+45+43
Jubilee and Cheyenne break in to a fight and Mr. Johnson scream and ran away and came back later. Their was this problem to help locate Jubilee's body: 45+98+56+9-9
Cheyenne and Cersei Lannister have a Nae nae contest . the reward equals : 5+5+9
What is Vouch?
what is affidavit?
is Perpetrator, someone who does wrong?
what is civil?
Is infer, to desire by reasoning?
what is safeguard?
How are Elements arranged on the Periodic Table
Vertical Columns that all elements have similar properties
Electron clouds where electrons are located around the nucleus
The number of electrons on the outermost energy level
Tells how many protons are in the nucleus
Average mass of the atom's nucleus which is made of Protons and Neutrons
Decreases from left to right until you get to the stair step
Not naturally reactive with other elements
Shiny most malleable and conduct heat
Have some properties of metals and non-metals
specialty cook
grated cheese
salad materials
general helper
Leslie stated, “I can’t believe your mom made you mow the lawn this weekend.”
The dog followed John and I to the back door, but he wouldn’t go outside in the rain.
Because they’re were too many students in line at the store, I decided to leave without buying anything.
The doctor said alot of people were sick, but he couldn’t give them any medicine.
I think it’s going to be cold outside so I’m going to wear a coat to school.
If they’re late to class, they will recieve a tardy from the teacher.
Kim said “I need to buy some new shoes because mine have a hole in them.”
I really wanted to eat a apple, but we didn’t have any in the kitchen.
The new cell phones was really cool, but they cost too much money to buy.
The students were listening to the teacher, and taking notes as she talked.
Marie and Joe was playing on their computers while they talked on the phone.
I cleaned my brothers room and then worked on my project for school.
My mom stated “It’s too late for you to be going to your friend’s house tonight.”
After the girls turned in their final project they went to Sonic to celebrate.
We divided the assignment between the four of us, but it’s still going to take a lot of time to complete it.
The puppies are only two weeks old so they still need their mom.
When I get home, my dog licked my face and wagged his tail.
Because there was a lot of tasty food at the party, I ate to much.
“Didn’t you’re mom come to school and sit in class with you?” asked Phillip.
My brother and me walked to school because we missed the bus.
to the event is free. ___________, there is a charge for parking.
My sister’s small stuffed animal was placed in the trash by accident. (Because / Therefore) she began to scream, cry and throw a tantrum.
My grandma Elvira has trouble walking long distances. ____________, my dad always tries to find the closest parking space when he takes her out to run errands.
My sister is an extremely calm person. _________, she stayed very cool and collected when our dog, Lacy, stepped in broken glass and had to be taken to the vet.
Tim got over the flu much faster than he thought he would. _____________, he was able to go on the camping trip with his friends after all.
opportunities in technology fields have gone up dramatically in recent months. __________ the medical profession is also seeing a rise in the number of job openings.
Lindsey loves group sports and is involved in basketball, volleyball, and softball._______________ ,Lila prefers individual indoor activities such as reading, drawing, and writing.
The red car has the fewest miles on it of any car on the lot. ______________, its interior is in practically brand new condition.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
hello im ric?
Quantitative Observation
Qualitative observation
Group of parts that work together to carry out a function
SI unit of time
SI unit of temperature
Which of the following is opinion based research?
Independent Variable
study of energy, motion, speed, light, electricity
Sun centered system
Scientific Law
Factors keeping earth in orbit
Gases in the atmosphere in order highest to lowest
Process that scientist use to investigate questions such as the cause of an earthquake or a solar eclipse
What was the popular music of the 1920's?
All of the following were sports heroes of the 20’s except:
This Black poet is sometimes considered the voice of the Harlem Renaissance:
The first ‘talkie’ of the 1920’s was called:
The reckless culture of the 1920’s can be attributed to:
Which of the following statements about the Palmer Raids is UNTRUE?
Sports became more popular in the twenties because:
The Sacco and Vanzetti case characterized the 1920’s intolerance toward:
Who made the first non-stop flight from New York to Paris?
The scandal during Harding’s administration in which Albert Fall illegally leased federal land to oil companies was called:
Which of the following situations led to racial riots in cities such as Chicago, Tulsa and St. Louis after WWI?
The KKK discriminated against:
The installment plan
Famous musicians of the twenties include all except:
Jazz originated in what southern city?
The new center of the film industry in America in the 1920’s was:
Based on your knowledge, what was developed on the radio to help sell new products?
Job competition and the racial tensions of the 1920’s led to the rise in popularity of this organization:
All of the following were presidents of the 1920’s except:
Americans’ paranoid fear of communism during the early 1920’s was called:
What are my home row keys from left to right?
What is the spacing rule for a period and comma?
Are the spacing rules for the period, question mark and exclamation the same?
To select a symbol or some punctuation, you must
* is called the
Which is shorter, the hyphen or dash?
A ________ is a form of communication using the characters on the keyboard, symbolizing an emotion or feeling.
What is the rule spacing for a colon?
What is the following symbol? %
What 3 symbols are used? :-*
What organization was founded in the 1920’s to protect the basic rights and freedoms of Americans?
Of the following, which was the most popularly used:
A group of disillusioned artists and writers who left America in the 1920’s were known as:
What best describes the mentality of Black Americans after WWI?
Although Garvey’s movement was unsuccessful in its primary goal, it did give Black Americans
The Scopes Trial lawyers were named:
Affordable cars allowed Americans in the 1920’s to
Which of the following was NOT a famous silent movie actor?
This organization paid John Scopes to teach evolution in his Tennessee classroom to challenge the state law against it:
Prohibition led to the growth or increase of
Abrir los regalos
Recibir regalos
Colgar las decoraciones
Mandar las invitaciones
Inflar los globos
Llamar a los invitados
Abrir - command
Tener - command
Ven aqui means...
Sal means...
Nosotros -------- de los Estados Unidos.
Yo ----- Miguel.
Maria y Tomas ----- de Nicaragua.
JOrge ---- de California.
Tu ------ profesor.
Mariana y yo ------ amigas.
David y tu -------fantasticos.
Quien ------ la chica?
Jorge y Juan -------- de Chile.
Quienes ------- los estudiantes nuevos?
Yo ----- de Nueva York.
Elena y yo ------- de Cuba.
Francisco ----- de Mexico.
De donde ------ usted?
Nosotras ----- de Portugal.
De donde ---- ellas?
Yo no ----- de Francia.
De donde ---- tu?
Que hora -----?
------ las tres de la tarde.
The Wilmington Race riots resulted in
grandfather clause meant what when it came to voting?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Venn diagram
compound words
A faucet handle is a good example of....
A car is a good example of a...
The round objects on the bottom of a desk chair is a good example of....
What is the best way to get objects onto a moving truck?
How do you get a flag to the top of the flag pole?
A zipline is an example of....
A hockey stick is a good example of...
A lightbulb is a good example of....
Scissors consist of...
A crowbar is a good example of ....
A single movable pulley has a mechanical advantage of...
As you move the fulcrum closer to the resistance on a first-class lever, the mechanical advantage gets...
On a second-class lever, the best location for the resistance is...
A hammer is a good example of a....
The hose will attach to the faucet by...
A butter knife is a...
What is a device that makes work easier by changing the size and direction of the force?
Work done by a machine on an object is called....
Work done by you on the machine is called...
What is the number of times the machine multiplies the effort force?
What is the comparison of a machine's work output and work input
What is the formula for mechanical advantage?
What prevents a machine from being 100 % efficient?
What kind of machine is a see-saw?
When turning a screwdriver, it is used as a...
What is the fixed point on a lever called?
What is a simple machine made of two circular objects of different sizes? They turn together
What kind of machine has a fulcrum in between the input force and load (resistance)?
What kind of machine has the input force in between the resistance and fulcrum?
What is a simple machine that has a grooved wheel that holds a rope and provides a mechanical advantage of one?
What is a simple machine that has a straight, slanted surface?
What is an inclined plane wrapped around a post?
What is a simple machine that has a grooved wheel that holds a rope and provides a mechanical advantage of two?
What kind of machine has a movable pulley and fixed pulley?
Tweezers are a good example of....
A nutcracker/lobster shell cracker is a good example of ....
To study, examine or look closely to understand in detail
To reach a decision, form an opinion using convincing evidence
To make up or write down the meaning of a word
small parts that help to understand something larger
To tell the facts or details verballly or in writing
To judge the value or importance of something
Support or proof that helps form a conclusion or judgment
To look at, observe or think about something carefully
To define something, make it understandable through details
To communicate ideas, thoughts, feelings and opinions in words
To draw a conclusion or make a judgment based upon evidence
Something that relates to or is connected to the matter at hand
To stand for; symbolize
To give backing evidence or details for a thought or opinion
The subject of a speech, essay, story or conversation;what it is about
To judge the value or importance of something
To tell the facts or details of something verbally or in writing
To draw a conclusion or make a judgment based upon evidence
To use words to communicate ideas, thoughts, feelings and opinions
To study, examine, look closely to understand in detail
Which of these treaties DID NOT deal with American neutrality?
George Washington's Foriegn Policy revolved around _____________?
Which of the following was NOT a cause of The War of 1812
The Monroe Doctorine established everything except?
How did the invention of the cotton gin increase the need for slavery in the south?
Canals and Railroads helped _____________?
In 1846 The United States signed a treaty with Great Britian giving them the ______________?
Manifest Destiny revolved around the idea that?
What happened to American Indians during the Western expansion?
Where did the Trail of Tears force American Indians to Move?
You are walking down the street and you find a penny but you do not pick it up, when you try to take the bus you are missing a penny and you have to walk.
You work at a fire extinguisher factory, when you get home your house is on fire and you don't have one.
In Sophocles' Oedipus Rex, Oedipus searches to find the murderer of the former king of Thebes, only to discover that it is himself, a fact the audience has known all along.
A patient is at the dentist and just as the dentist is about to give him a shot in the mouth to numb him, the patient says, Wow, this is going to be fun!
In the movie The Truman Show, the viewer is aware that Truman is on a television show, but Truman himself only gradually learns this.
The roads become icy and snowy, so school is closed.
A woman is nervous about attending a wedding due to being single, She however goes and there meets her future husband.
Someone referring to someone's son-in-law as their 'favorite', when in fact that is far from the truth.
The local fire station burns down.
A movie you are watching shows a woman jogging in the woods. The next scene shows a mountain lion lying in wait down the path where the woman is jogging.
What announcement did Abraham Lincoln give that freed slaves in the Confederate states?
Lincoln made him Chief Commander of the Union Army after he fired Meade and McClellan
This famous general's march from Atlanta to the sea helped cut off supplies to Confederates and helped end the war
Appointed Chief Commander of the Union Army, but was reluctant to fight, so Lincoln fired him
Nicknamed the Angel of the Battlefield
Cavalry officer under Grant’s command and won many battles
Who was President of the Confederate States of America
Who was Commander in Chief of the Confederate Army
• He stood like a stone wall at the Battle of Bull Run
Who was nicknamed OLD WAR HORSE?
Which of the following is NOT a part of a letter?
What is the top margin of a letter?
Which of the following is NOT a special notation?
What is the line spacing of a letter (body)?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
as the provisional governor, William Holden
Carpetbaggers were
what best describes NC after the Civil War
Agriculture began to decline
the official end of reconstruction occurred
economic growth after the period of Reconstruction created jobs for
reconstruction accomplished a few important goals including
founded as a confederate veteran's social club, this organization was known for
three key amendments added to the US during reconstruction were
According to the black codes, African Americans
Gov. Aycock believed
NC Democrats found a way to disenfranchise black voters
How many states seceded from the Union
Who killed Abraham Lincoln
When did the Civil War ended?
Who was a conductor of the Underground railroad
Who lead the March to the Sea
Who was the first english child born in the New World
Stress at a divergen plate boundary
Sinking of rock layers
Upward-arching rock layer
Rising of rock layers
Hanging wall moves up relative to footwall
Stress at a convergent plate
Up-ward arching rock layer
Hanging wall moves down relative to footwall
The San Andreas fault is a
The country of Haiti lies on a major fault line
As energy is released during the formation of a bond, the stability of the chemical system generally
Which of these elements has an atom with the most stable outer electron configuration?
Which compound would most likely have the greatest ionic character?
When combining with nonmetallic atoms, metallic atoms generally will
When a chemical bond is broken, energy is
Which compound contains only ionic bonds?
As a bond between a hydrogen atom and a sulfur atom is formed, electrons are
Which is the formula for sodium perchlorate?
Conductivity in a metal results from the metal atoms having
Which type of bond exists between an atom of hydrogen and an atom of fluorine?
What is the total number of pairs of electrons shared in a molecule of N2?
Which type of bonding is found in all molecular substances?
The bonds in the compound MgSO4 can be described as
Which type of bond is formed when an ammonia molecule accepts a proton (H+)?
Metallic bonding occurs between atoms of
Quartz and diamonds are best described as
Sodium hydride and sodium chloride both have bonds which are primarily
Which type of bonding involves positive ions immersed in a sea of mobile electrons?
Which formula represents a molecular solid?
As a bond between a hydrogen atom and a sulfur atom is formed, electrons are
What occurs when an atom of chlorine and an atom of hydrogen become a molecule of hydrogen chloride?
Which compound has the greatest degree of ionic character?
Two atoms with an electronegativity difference of 0.4 form a bond that is
Which element forms an ionic compound when it reacts with lithium?
Which compound contains both ionic and covalent bonds?
When a potassium atom reacts with bromine, the potassium atom will
Which formula correctly represents the compound calcium hydroxide?
Which type of substance can conduct electricity in the liquid phase but NOT in the solid phase?
Which pair of atoms is held together by a covalent bond?
Multiple covalent bonds exist in a molecule of
In aqueous solution, a chloride ion is attracted to which end of the water molecule?
Compared to the boiling point of H2S, the boiling point of H2O is relatively high. Which type of bonding causes this difference?
Which atom would not participate in hydrogen bonding?
Which of the following halogens has the weakest dispersion forces of attractions between its molecules?
Which molecule is nonpolar and has a symmetrical shape?
The kind of attractions that result in the dissolving of calcium sulfide in water are:
Which intermolecular force exists between molecules of N2?
Oxygen, nitrogen, and fluroine bond with hydrogen to form molecules. These molecules are attracted to each other by
The dispersion forces between molecules always become stronger as molecular size
In which chemical system are molecule-ion attractions present?
Finding a high place to wait is a safety measure during a
Images of weather systems on television come from
If there is a tornado warning for your area, you should
Which statement about tornadoes is correct?
Which describes an altocumulus cloud?
Tracks the location, movement, and amount of precipitation.
Measures air pressure.
What type of weather does a stationary front bring?
A city with a warm front from the ocean that just passed over it most likely has what type of weather change?
Thuderstorms usually occur in a city
Cornell Method for note taking is also known as..?
Sq3R stands for?
Effective note taking from a professor means?
For effective note-taking...Revise your notes when?
Think Links are known as?
It is important to have concentration during note-taking why?
Even when the class is discussing information you should not stop taking notes.
Never write down key words or definitions.
KWL is an important method because?
A VISUAL strategie of effective notetaking is?
Which adaptation would most iikely be evident in an animal living in a tundra biome?
Which of these BEST explains why forest trees are the final stage in succession?
Which of the following is most likely to have a positive effect on biodiversity?
Which of the following contributes to the stability in an ecosystem?
A hurricane hits a coastal prairie and destroys the habitat. Years later there is an appearance of small plants. What does this describe?
Which of these is most sustainable?
What is the relationship between ecological succession and equilibrium in an ecosystem?
All of the following are examples of events in nature that can lead to secondary succession except
Which is an example of primary succession?
Which of the following statements about biodiversity is true?
What will most animals respond if a catastrophic event changes their ecosystem?
How do fertilizers affect the environment?
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Static electricity builds up when ______ and ______ charges are no longer balanced.
What does 'balanced charges' mean?
A ___________ is a type of material through which an electric charge can flow through easily.
One example of a insulator is a ________.
A material through which an electric charge moves with difficulty (does not flow through easily) is called?
Suppose you have a set of lights that are wired in a parallel circuit. What will happen to the circuit if one of the bulbs burn out (stops working)?
A circuit with at least one break is called a ______ circuit.
A circuit with no break is called a ______ circuit.
Name the four parts of a circuit.
What is the difference between an open circuit and an open circuit?
In a _____________ circuit, the electric charge can flow in only one circular path.
If a pea plant has a recessive allele for green peas, it's phenotype will be ______..
If a pea plant's alleles for height are tt, what is true of its parents?
In the cross between a heterozygous male and a homozygous dominant female, which of the following is true about the resulting offspring, assuming complete dominance is involved?
How many *different* allele combinations would be found in the gametes produced by a pea plant whose genotype was RrYY?
When one allele is not completely dominant over another, this is an example of ___.
Which of the following shows that environment can affect genetic traits?
Chromosomes form tetrads during ____.
What is formed at the end of meiosis?
Gametes have ___.
A cross between a black chicken and a white chicken produces all speckled offspring. This type of inheritance is known as ___.
All the genes, including all the different alleles for each gene, that are present in a population at any one time
Form of natural selection in which individual near the center of a distribution curve have higher fitness than individuals at the other end of the curve.
Form of natural selection in which individuals at the upper and lower ends of the curve have higher fitness that individuals near the middle of the curve
Random change in allele frequency caused by a series of chance occurences that cause an allele to become more or less popular in population
Situation in which allele frequencies in a population remain the same
A change in allele frequency following a dramatic reduction in the size of a population
In  the  United  States  economy,  there  is  a  circular  flow  of  what  three  things  between   households,  businesses,  and  markets?
Some  of  the  profits  a  business  makes  are  often  used  to  buy  more
In  the  United  States  economy,  what  do  consumers  buy  from  businesses?
Savings and Loans, Credit Unions, and Banks are known as?
How  do  financial  institutions  obtain  funds  to  give  loans  to  consumers?
What  do  financial  institutions  do  with  your  deposits?
The  acronym  EPA  represents  the
The  government  enforces  antitrust  laws  in  order  to
Radio  and  television  programming  fall  under  the  control  of  the
What  statement  best  explains  why  the  government  provides  goods  and  services  to  its   citizens?
What is a possible answer to a scientific question?
What is the variable that is changed by the scientist?
Type of organism that can make its own food from the sun's energy
Type of organism that gains energy from eating other organisms.
Type of organism that breaks down other organisms in order to obtain energy
Variable that changes because of the manipulated variable
Charts or Information gathered from a science experiment
Type of consumer that eats only meat
Type of consumer that only eats plants
Type of consumer that eats both plants and animals
Which is a solution for the equation 3d = 12?
Solve the equation: 24 = 2m
Solve x/3 = 43
Amelia is three times as old as her sister Michelle. If Amelia is 12 years old, how old is Michelle?
Solve 11r = 99.
Solve 6 = r/3
Elena makes $7 per hour babysitting. On Saturday, she made $63. Write and solve the equation used to find the hours she worked to earn the total $63.
The speed limit in front of PVMS is 15 mph. This is one third of the speed limit on Hwy 153. Write and solve an equation to find the speed limit on Hwy 153.
Milan is baking chicken, and the prep time is 10 minutes. This is one fourth of the total baking time. Write and solve an equation to find the total baking time.
A store is selling blank CDs in packages of 5 for $25. Write and solve an equation to find the cost of one blank CD.
Emerson profoundly influenced the poet Walt Whitman's career.
Emerson believed a person could access higher laws indirectly through books and teachings of the past rather than directly through nature.
Emerson appealed mainly to intellectuals because of his reputation for being hard to understand.
Emerson can best be characterized as a poet whose best work was not always in verse.
Emerson's family was cultured but poor.
Emerson's Aunt Mary Moody as a strict Unitarian who emphasized self-sacrifice and whose enormous energy drove the Emerson and his brothers to achievement.
Emerson willingly obeyed with the expectations for his life fully trusting in those advising him.
Emerson enjoyed a long, happy marriage to his first love Ellen Tucker.
Emerson denied the importance of the past.
Emerson believed that individual souls were part of the Over-Soul.
Emerson rejected institutional religion in favor of a personal relation with God.
Harvard has always been very welcoming of Emerson's teachings.
Emerson made Concord popular.
Emerson's positive outlook on life was dealt a severe blow when his son died.
Emerson spent his entire life effectively speaking in front of the public.
In the early years of America's history the greatest source of pride was the high value the group placed on individual liberty.
Emerson's essay Self-Reliance encourages individualism.
A figure of speech is a word or phrase that describes one thing in terms of another and that is not meant to be taken literally.
Which of the following best represents acceleration as presented on a graph?
the speed of an object in a certain direction
change in position relative to a reference point
Which of the following are two factors that determine speed?
the distance an object moved over the time in which the motion took place
Which of the following explains the difference between speed and velocity?
the rate of velocity change over time
Which of the following most closely illustrates motion by relating it to a reference point?
There are two Newton laws
The laws of motion include
Which of the following compounds contains the lead(II) ion?
What is the correct formula for potassium sulfate?
In naming a binary molecular compound, the number of atoms of each element present in the molecule is indicated by ____.
What is the name of H2SO4
What is the formula for hydrosulfuric acid?
What is the correct name for the compound CoCl2?
What is the correct formula for barium chlorate?
What is the correct name for Sn3(PO4)2
Which one of the following elements exists as a diatomic molecule?
What is the correct name for the compound IBr3?
What is the correct name for the compound S2Cl2?
What is the correct name for the compound HI?
What is the correct name for the compound CuBr2?
What is the correct name for the compound Na2O?
Which one of the following is a correct name for the compound CoF3?
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Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which the following are sources of surface water?
Which describes a river's energy as it reaches the ocean?
As a hurricane reaches landfall, which of the following is true?
Which is an example of mechanical weathering?
Which of the following describes the process of water freezing inside rocks and breaking them apart?
How does running water change a river's direction or path?
How can deforestation affect the amount of erosion in a location?
Which of the following forms canyons?
Compared to small cells, large cells have more trouble
When during the cell cycle is a cell’s DNA replicated?
An advantage of sexual reproduction over asexual reproduction is that sexual reproduction
During which phase of mitosis do the chromosomes line up along the middle of the dividing cell?
During mitosis if a parent cell has 4 chromosomes it will produce two daughter cells, each containing ______ chromosomes.
One difference between cell division in plant and animal is that plant cells have
During which phase of meiosis is the chromosome number actually reduced?
Cancer is a disorder in which some cells have lost the ability to control their
During early development, all cells in the embryo of a multicellular organism are identical. Later on in development, the cells will become specialized through a process called
Term used to describe chromosomes where one set comes from the female parent and the other comes from the male parent.
Tom has $40 to spend. He spent $21.40 on a light saber. He needs to set aside $15 for a Yoda t-shirt. If skittles cost $0.48 per package, What is the maximum number of skittles packages he can buy?
Eva has $50. She spent $9.25 per book including tax on the three hunger game books. She needs to set aside $12.00 for a mocking jay pen. If arrows are $1.15 each, what is the maximum number of arrows she can buy?
You have $200. At the end of the summer, you want to have at least $50 . If you withdraw $50 the first week of summer and withdraw $30 a week after that, for how many weeks could you withdraw money?
Your elementary school is having a fall carnival. Admission into the carnival is $3 and each game inside the carnival costs $.25. Write an inequality that represents the possible number of games that can be played having $10. What is the maximum numb
In a drag race, a car is traveling at 50 mph, and the speed of the car is increasing by 88 mph every second. Write an inequality to help determine how many seconds, s, it will take before the car is going more than 300 mph
Julia has $80. She wants to purchase a nail paint set for $16 and earrings. She spends the rest of the money on earrings. Each pair of pair of earrings costs $8. Write an inequality for the number of pair of earning she can purchase.
Christina goes to the market with $50. She buys one papaya for $20 and sets aside $10.50 for a movie ticket. If bananas cost $0.79 each, what is the maximum number she can buy
Rebecca bought one gold fish ($32) and one star fish ($12). She sets aside $24 for loser lessons. .She starts with $80. Each guppy costs $2.50. Write an inequality for the maximum number of guppies she can purchase.
Erin has $50. She wants to purchase a cell phone ($20) and spend the rest on music CDs. Each music CD costs $8. Write an inequality for the maximum number of music CDs she can purchase.
Mike has $60 dollars to spend. He spent $12.50 to buy a new juicer mixer. He needs to save $20.00, for a CD player that he wants to buy. He wants to buy as many plates as he can. If plates cost $2.50 each, what is the maximum number of plates that
All forms of intellectual property must be protected by registration with a federal agency or they cannot be protected.
Copyright protection is available only for serious works of literature.
Most trademark and patent applications are filed electronically.
Trade secrets can last forever if they are properly protected.
Just as trademark rights can arise from use of a mark (without the need for federal registration), so can patent rights.
All forms of intellectual property are governed by extensive federal statutes.
Patents exist only upon issuance by the U.S patent and trademark office.
Trademark rights arise only upon issuance of a trademark registration certificate from the USPTO.
To be federally registable, a mark must be in interstate commerce .
An application for registration of a trademark may be based either on actual use of a mark or on one's bona fide intent to use the mark.
A descriptive mark can be registered with the USPTO only on proof that it has acquired secondary meaning.
Any shape or configuration may be registrable as a trademark.
A fragrance or color may be registrable as a trademark.
Some marks (e.g., SMOKEY BEAR0 are protected by special federal statutes.
There is no requirement that one file an application with the USPTO .
American Occupational therapists Association (to show membership in an organization).
American Airlines (for transportation services)
Nestle Crunch (for candy bars)
Wisconsin Cheese (for cheeses originating in Wisconsin)
Colors and shapes may be registrable as trademarks if they are not.
What was the name of the race of people Hitler wanted to create?
Who discovered that atoms could be split?
Who was the first person to use mass communication to broadcast his speeches?
In what city did the Nazis hold annual rallies?
Who became the Fascist dictator of Italy?
Who became the sole dictator of the USSR in 1929?
What kind of art portrays dreams, fantasies, and even nightmares?
What was passed in the US in 1935 to help unemployed and elderly people?
After WWI and the defeat of Germany what country emerged as the dominant one on the European continent?
What did Mussolini recognize as an independent nation in 1929?
What was the 1st form of mass communication?
What was the worst year of the Great Depression?
President Franklin D. Roosevelt created the “_________ ___________ “ to try to pull the USA out of the Great Depression.
What eventually pulled the US out of the Great Depression?
What was the goal of Stalin's Five-Year Plan in the USSR?
Homeless people across the country created shanty-towns called what?
Who was the director of the Nazi SS?
What was at the core of Hitler’s belief system?
Who led a revolution in Spain?
In what year did the Great Depression begin?
I went
they were
you (tú) went
we were
Roberto went
Carla was
Carlos and I I went
I was
the kids went
you (tú) were
Case law requires that a trademark search be conducted before a trademark application is filed with the uspto.
Paralegals can conduct trademark searches.
Paralegals can draft and sign opinion letters to clients reporting the results of a trademark search.
Failure to conduct a trademark search might suggest improper intent in adopting a trademark
Trademark applications may be filed by residents of foreign countries
While it is being prosecuted, a trademark application may be amended to expand the scope of goods or services offered under the mark.
The trademark applicant must submit three specimens to the USPTO showing use of the mark.
Only marks registered on the Principal Register may use the trademark registration symbol ®.
If the USPTO issues an office action, the applicant will have six months to respond to the office action.
A trademark applicant may be an individual or an entity such as a corporation.
An identification of goods such as Cosmestic, including lipstick is acceptable to the USPTO
If properly maintained, a registered trademark can last forever.
If a trademark has changed in any way from its appearance as it was registered, it cannot be renewed.
Trademark owners are required to file an affidavit of incontestability five years after registration of their marks.
Once a mark is abandoned, it is free for anyone to use.
A federally registered trademark can be assigned only by a written document
Licenses of trademarks may be exclusive or nonexclusive.
A trademark registration must be renewed every ____ yrs.
Marks can only be assigned if they are assigned with the _________________ inherent in the mark.
The owner of a registered trademark wishes to secure financing from a bank. If the bank requires a security interest in the trademark, it is said the mark serves as _________________ for the loan.
Many different populations that share a habitat have a ____________________ or role.
A single organism in an environment
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Plural of Frau
Plural of Heft
....... Zeit hast du?
....... Kinder spielen Fußball?
Um ..... Uhr kommst du?
Ich habe ........ Bruder
Das ist ....... neuer Computer
Wie brauchen...... Lehrerin
In Frankreich spricht man.......
Reifen means....
Hans geht heute..... nach Hause
Ich lerne ...... viel in Biologie
Die Jungen bringen........Auto mit
Wir trefenn heute.... Freunde
Um ..... Uhr kommt er?
........Stunden dauert dein Schultag?
... Zeit hast du heute?
Wir lesen... Buch
Anna hat ... Freund
Hast du ......CD?
a school where students live as well as study is called a ___ school
A different name for a 'student' is:
The synonym of the word 'semester' is:
The opposite of 'optional' is:
The person who is in charge of a school
A person who finishes a university is called a:
It's important to bring your children ___ well so that they respect teachers later.
If you attack a teacher, you will be _____ from school.
What's the synonym of 'kindergarten'?
When you finish a university, you get a:
Who founded Buddhism?
What geographic problem do China and Japan share?
What ancient civilization had Mohenjo-Daro?
What religion connects with the Ganges?
Name a mountain range in Asia
The spread of cities is called what?
How is power gained in a dictatorship?
What river is in the Huang He civilization?
Belief in many gods is called what?
Natural disaster that mainly affects India
What word describes the plants and animals in an environment?
Which of the following is biotic?
Organisms that can make their own food from sunlight are called _______________.
The largest population an environment can support is its __________________.
Young wasps living on a caterpillar and using it for nutrients is an example of __________________.
Several populations living together is a ____________________.
Herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores are all ________________.
If you made a chart of all of the living things in your yard and drew arrows to show the flow of energy, this would be an example of a ________________.
What fixes nitrogen for plants to use?
Two members of the same species fight to get the same food source. This is an example of ____________________.
Which is an example of an abiotic factor changing in an area?
The communities of organisms interacting with abiotic factors is called an _________________________________.
Herbivores eat
Omnivores eat _____________.
If one species disappears, the ecosystem will be ____________________.
A chart showing all of the ways energy is trasferred between organisms in an ecosystem is called ____________________.
There is ______________ energy available at the top of an energy pyramid
Shrek es ______
________lleva un vestido verde.
_____vive en un pantano.
_____vive en un castillo.
______vive en un torre.
_____es pelirroja
_____es el amigo de Shrek
_____se enamora de Burro
____lleva el color rojo
____es muy bajo
Founder of the Han dynasty
his name means Martial Emperor of Han
his name means The First Qin Emperor
eases pain through the use of needles stuck into the paient's skin
network of trade routes for Chinese goods as far as Greece and Rome
Qin Shihuangdi based his rule on what philosophy?
The Great Wall of China was build using the labor of which group?
This Chinese invention allowed ships to move their sails and to sail into the wind for the first time.
The Silk Road stretched _____ miles from western China to Southeast Asia
Buddhism spread during unrest in China after the fall of the _____ dynasty
What are the tiny building blocks of EVERYTHING?
Which of the following is not one of the three types of particles?
What type of charge do neutrons have?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Individuals of the SAME KIND living in the same environment make up a
A community its physical environment make up ___________________
All the populations of organisms living together in an environment make up a
A place where a population in an ecosystem lives
Shows the interactions among many different food chains in a single ecosystem
An organism that makes its own food
Consumer that breaks down the tissues of dead organisms
Shows the amount of energy available to pass from one level of a food chain to the next
An organism in a community that must eat to get the energy it needs
The way in which the organisms in an ecosystem interact with one another according to what they eat
A contest among organisms for resources
a long-term relationship between different kinds of organisms
action that the organism sees from and copies from their parents
a natural behavior that an organism is born with
When one organism is harmed and the other benefits it is called
A population that begins to decline is listed as
A population that is likely to die out unless steps are taken to save it is listed as
When the last individual of a population dies, that kind of organism becomes ______________ (Example: The passenger pigeon)
One of the best places to seek shelter during a tornado is
One example of a safe place to be during a thunderstorm is
Which type of severe weather events should residents of Genesee County prepare for most?
Which of the following does not cause major health concerns after large floods?
Which of the following conditions is issued when severe weather has been spotted in a given area?
Which of the following would be the best location to find safety during a flood?
What type of severe weather causes the most property damage and deaths?
What is the strongest kind of tornado on the Fujita scale?
What is the current order of the 3 stages that communities go through after a severe weather disaster?
What is the strongest category for a hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale?
Which of following does not result from a blizzard?
What do we mean by the term severe weather MITIGATION?
All inter partes proceedings are handled by the TTAB.
Opposition and cancellation proceedings proceed much like trials.
A defendant's good faith in using a mark is a valid defense in a trademark infringement case.
Actual confusion is necessary to prove infringement of trademarks
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