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This act stated that the government could take a territory and set up a government to control it.
Although the British government couldn't enforce it, This act stated that colonist couldn't own land west of the Appalachian Mountains
This event proved that the colonist could stand up to the mighty British
This event was the first fight of the Revolutionary War. The shot heard aroud the world!
The scientific study of heredity is called
Basic unit of heredity.
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My favorite food is the hamburger and french fries.
Which cell organelles are most closely associated with protein synthesis?
What is the site of protein synthesis in plant cells?
What would most likely happen if the ribosomes in a cell were not functioning?
Some scientists disagree on whether or not viruses are alive. A major reason for this disagreement is that viruses
Which factor is not needed to promote growth of bacteria in petri dishes?
The phrase t a cell but has the ability to reproduce within a living cell can be used to describe
Glucose and maltose are classified as organic compounds because they are both
Which substances are most commonly used as building blocks in the synthesis of some lipids?
Which element is present in living cell and in almost all organic compounds?
Which gas beame more abundant in the Earth's primitive atmosphere as a result of long periods of fermentation by anaerobic organisms?
What are the states of water?
At what temperature does water freeze?
What is the difference between weather and climate?
What is a barometer?
What is a rain gauge?
What is an Anemometer?
What is a weather vane?
What is condensation?
What is evaporation?
What is the water cycle?
An air mass forms over the Gulf of Mexico and moves northeast across Georgia. What weather conditions are likely to prevail in Georgia?
Which of the following is a renewable source of energy?
Cold air masses that form at high latitudes are called
By increasing the height of smokestacks, industries in the Midwest reduced the local concentration of air pollutants. However, the pollution was carried by wind to the Northeast where it contributed significantly to —
Warm evaporated moisture from an ocean moved inland over a city. The city is blocked on one side by a mountain range. Which type of weather characteristic is MOST LIKELY to occur?
The sun warms a large area of an ocean. This causes a large amount of water to evaporate into the air. Which weather event might occur?
Which is MOST LIKELY to cause a hurricane?
Jennifer measured the temperature difference between two areas located next to each other. She did this at four locations. Which location is MOST LIKELY to have the strongest winds?
Jordan researched the hourly temperatures of an ocean and a land mass near each other. Each morning Jordan discovered the ocean and land had a similar temperature. For the rest of the day the sun continues to warm the ocean and land. During the day,
Warm air rising at the equator and cold air sinking a the poles is one reason for which event
Which statement about Earth's heating patterns is true?
Yvette was looking at a map that showed where hurricanes had formed. She noticed that more hurricanes formed over tropical oceans than over colder ocean areas. Which of these BEST explains why more hurricanes form over tropical oceans than cold ocean
At the seashore late in the afternoon on a hot, sunny day, a person often feels a strong breeze coming in from the ocean. Which of the following is the reason for the breeze?
In some years there are more hurricanes than usual. This is probably because
Which of the following describes an air mass with the symbol cT?
Which statement about tornadoes is correct?
What kind of weather does a cold front usually bring?
Which answer best describes Earth’s atmosphere?
What causes differences in air temperatures at different altitudes?
Wind occurs because of differences in
In order to calculate pressure exerted on a surface, what quantity is divided by the surface area?
If the air inside a balloon exerts a force of 1.5 N on an area of 0.5 m2, what is the pressure inside the balloon?
What is the SI unit of pressure?
A pressue of 70 N/2 equals
Where is fluid pressure greatest?
Which of the following matreials is NOT a fluid?
Which of the following is NOT possible?
The pressure of a fluid at a specific depth
Two identical test tubes are filled with equal volumes of water and mercury. Which of the following statements is true?
Atmospheric pressure is caused by
The pressure is caused by
Which principle states that a change in the pressure at any point in fluid in a closed container is transmitted equally in all directions throughout the fluid?
The operation of a hydraulic lift system is explained by
Where will the greatest increase in pressure occur if you squeeze the middle of a upright, closed soft-drink bottle?
The hydraulic system of a dump truck is designed to multiply.
Which of the following states Bernoulli's Principle?
The upward force acting on the wing of an airplane in flight is called
Which of the following statements is true about an airplane wing during flight
The upward force acting on an object submerged in a fluid is called
A brick weighs 26 N. Measured underwater, it weighs 11 N. What is the sizeof the buoyant force exerted by the water on the brick?
The strength of the buoyant force acting on an object in a fluid depends on the object's
The buoyant force on an object in a fluid is equal to the weight of the
The relationship between buoyant force and weight of a displaced fluid was first stated by
A ball is floating partially submerged in a liquid. The buoyant force acting on the ball equals he
Which of the following substances will float in corn syrup? (The density of corn syrup is 1.38 g/cm3)
Which of the following substances will sink in glycerin? (The density of glycerin 1.26 g/cm3)
A cork is floating in salty water. As more salt is added to the water to increase its density, the cork will
Two identical corks float in separate beakers. One beaker contains distilled water. The other contains very salty water. Which of the following statements is true?
Why does a hot-air balloon float?
What was Churchill's first name ?
Who was Franklin Delano Roosevelt ?
Who was Mary-Antoinette?
How long did Queen Victoria rule ?
What did Christopher Columbus discover ?
Who was Vincent Van Gogh ?
Indira Ghandi was ?
Who was the leader of Nazi Germany in 1933-45 ?
Who was Marie Curie ?
Who was Oscar Wilde ?
Look at the image on page 19. What color flowers did Mendel discover were produced in the first generation?
Based on the table on page 19, which statement is true?
Explain why Mendel obtained a 3:1 ratio for various traits during his hybrid crosses of pea plants?
A cross between a plant with red flowers and a plant with white flowers produces offspring with pink flowers. What is this an example of?
Which type of bacteria need oxygen to live?
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of an archaea cell?
Which statement is true about viruses?
After a hypothesis is confirmed, which is the next step a good scientist would take?
Organizing results into a table, graph, or chart is done during which step of a scientific inquiry?
Start with 2 identical balloons, a board with 50 nails on it, and a board with a single nail on it. Press a balloon to the single nail and a balloon to the 50 nails. The single nail will pop the balloon and the other will not. Name the variables.
In Nigeria’s government, power is divided between Central and regional authorities. This is an example of which government type?
One person possesses unlimited power. The citizen has limited, if any, role in government.
What is a basic way citizens of a democratic nation can influence the government?
In which system of government does the legislature elect the executive leader of the government?
A form of government in which a ruler or small group has absolute power (not restricted by a constitution or laws).
A government in which the supreme power is lodged in the hands of a monarch (king or queen) who reigns over a state or territory, usually for life and by hereditary right.
A form of government in which a Deity (God) is recognized as the supreme civil ruler. Lead by religious leaders
A system of government in which a monarch is guided by a constitution whereby his/her rights, duties, and responsibilities are spelled out in written law or by custom.
A system of government in which the state government plans and controls the economy and a single - often authoritarian party holds power
A form of government where the citizens elect their leaders
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The likelihood that a certain event will occur.
The passing of traits from parents to offspring is called
The father of genetics is
The first filial (F1) generation is the result of
Pure-breeding pea plants always
Mendel based his principles on his observations of ________plants.
Different versions of a character.
The Principle of _____________ states that chromosomes are randomly arranged in gametes.
On Saturday, Sally spent 4 hours and 30 minutes on homework. On Sunday, she spent 1 hour and 45 minutes on homework. How much time did Sally spend on homework all together?
Review the number pattern below. 128, 60, 26, 9,... Which rule describes how to find the next term in this pattern?
John had 42 CDs. a more CDs were given to him. He now has 61 CDs. Which equation can be used to find a?
What would you do to both sides of the equation x - 24 = 39 to solve it?
Which of the following is the biggest?
Simplify: 4^2 / (8 - 4)
Which number is equivalent to 8^2 x (1 1/2 + 1/2)?
What is the largest number that divides both 12 and 30 evenly?
What is the largest number that divides both 35, 56, and 84 evenly?
Which number equals 0.25 x 0.3?
Why did Alexandra believe Rasputin was holy?
What did the 10,000 women that marched through St. Petersburg on March 8, 1917 want?
Who was the leader of the Bolsheviks?
What did Lenin want to destroy with his violent revolution?
Which of the following WAS NOT something the Bolsheviks promise the Russian people?
What did the anti-Communist army call themselves?
Who were the “Cheka”?
What country switched sides in the middle of the war and became an Allied country in 1918?
When was the armistice signed?
What was Woodrow Wilson’s plan for peace called?
What country felt that they and their people had faced the most suffering from the Germans during WWI?
Who was the president of the United States when WWI broke out?
Who was killed by the Serbian Terrorist Gavrilo Princip in the city of Sarajevo?
This is a type of fighting during World War I in which both sides dug trenches protected by mines and barbed wire?
What ethnic group in the Balkans wanted to create their own nation?
After WWI ended, what did women in the US gain?
What was the name of the ship that was sank in 1915 by a German submarine, killing 1,100 civilians?
Which of the following was NOT part of the Triple Entente?
Which of the following was NOT part of the Triple Alliance?
How were armies in Europe different after 1900?
Hydrogen Iodide
Sulfur Dioxide
Disilicon Hexabromide
tetraphosphorus pentasulfide
antimony tribromide
persecución religiosa
Corte Suprema de Justicia
A town in present-day Massachusetts that was started for religious reasons
The first English settlement, which today is known as The Lost Colony
A town started in Virginia in hopes of finding gold and other natural riches.
A plant whose leaves are dried and turned into materials for smoking, sniffing, or chewing
Small communities started by people who are new to an area.
Why did the first group of people that went to Roanoke give up and return home?
Why was Captain John White delayed returning to Roanoke?
When Captain John White did finally return to Roanoke, what did he and his men find?
The colony of Jamestown had land that was good for farming.
The water was very dirty and salty around Jamestown
There were swarms of mosquitoes that carried disease around Jamestown
Jamestown survived for all of the following reasons except
Why was VIrginia considered to be more democratic than England?
The plan of government that the PIlgrims drew up was called
Why was the first winter hard for the Pilgrims?
All of the following describe Squanto except
Settlers here were first called Separatists
Colony that was built on a marsh.
Colony that was built on an island
Tobacco was grown here to trade with England
Process by which particles tend to move from an area where they are more concentrated to an area where they are less concentrated.
Diffusion of water through a selectively permeable membrane.
Water channel protein in a cell
When comparing two solutions, the solution with the lesser concentration of solutes.
When comparing two solutions, the solution with the greater concentration of solutes
When the concentration of two solutions is the same, they are said to be ----
The movement of materials across the cell membrane without using cellular energy.
Process of taking material into the cell by means of infoldings, or pockets, of the cell membrane.
The movement of materials against a concentration difference requiring the use of energy.
Type of endocytosis, in which extensions of the cytoplasm surround a particle and package it within a food vacuole.
Process by which cells release large amounts of material.
Pressure that must be applied to prevent osmotic movement across a selectively permeable membrane
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A unit of information equal to one thousand (1000) bytes.
computer software that is designed to collect personal info about users without their informed consent.
The process of analyzing a problem and finding a way to fix it.
Which of the following is not the SI unit of pressure?
Pressure is
At higher elevations, air pressure is
When pressure is applied to a confined liquid, the increase in pressure is transmitted equally to all parts of the fluid. This fact is called
An object under water feels light than it does in air because of
An object is dropped into a beaker containing a liquid. The object drops to the bottom of the beaker, therefore
If you blow a stream of air between to balloons that are next to each other, the balloons
Air above an airplane wing is moving faster than air below an airplane wing. This causes the plane to
Fluids exert pressure because they are made up of tiny
Bubbles rise in water because they are
Which personality type likes nature and working with equipment?
Which personality type would a Teacher fit under?
Which personality type is a leader and likes working with people?
Which personality type enjoys working with science and math?
Which personality type would an actor/actress fit under?
Which personality type is imaginative and innovative?
Which personality type would a doctor fit under?
Which personality type likes working with data and is detailed?
Which personality type would a Chef fit under?
Which personality type is a listener and likes working with people?
What’s Iraq's transportation?
What is Iraq's capital?
What is Iraq's main religion?
What kind of food is in Iraq?
What languages are in Iraq?
What's Iraq's government?
What is Iraq's climate like?
What is their weapon technology?
How many wars involved Iraq?
Where is Iraq?
What animals live in Iraq?
What is Iraq's main sport?
What clothes do people in Iraq wear?
What is Iraq's Population?
Which natural disaster didn't happen in Iraq?
AMEND President Obama wanted to amend the health care law so he submitted a bill to Congress
APPEAL The man convicted of a murder submitted an appeal to the supreme court insisting his case be looked into
ARTIFACT The archeologist found an artifact which showed that native american had once resided on this land
The article in the school newspaper was biased because it only gave the teachers perspective
CITIZEN Being an educated citizen is to be free to make informed decisions
CONSUMER These measures have one thing in common they all aim to empower consumers to make informed decisions
CULTURE We wish to promote a culture of equality throughout the organization
GOEGRAPHY Students photographs and commentary can be a great way of exploring the geography of a school
TARIFF Foreign companies must pay a tariff before their product is sold in American stores
LABOR Economic progress in many countries is being slowed by a shortage of skilled labor
GOVERNMENT Your local government may consist of a mayor and a town supervisor
ATROCITY The hanging of the slave was an atrocity and disgusted many townspeople
CAPITALISM A society that is driven by capitalism has many businesses that compete for consumer loyalty
A car has a mas of 105 kg. The volume of this car is 12 kL. What is the DENSITY of the car?
A grapefruit has a mass of 310 grams. The volume of this grapefruit is 55 mL. What is the DENSITY of the grapefruit?
A large piece of styro-foam has a mass of 16 grams and a volume of 200 mL. What is the DENSITY of this piece of styro-foam?
Kyle found a plastic ball that has a mass of 13 grams. He found the volume to be 40 mL. What is the DENSITY of the ball?
What formula would you use to find MASS?
What is the MASS of a rock with a density of 28 g/mL and a volume of 75 mL?
What is the MASS of a boulder with a density of 30 g/mL and a volume of 500 mL?
What formula would you use to find VOLUME?
What is the VOLUME of an object with a density of 15 g/mL and a mass of 102 grams?
What is the VOLUME of an object with a density of 45 g/mL and a mass of 20 grams?
Consider the following proportion. 3/4= a/24. What is the value of a in the proportion?
A small case of pop, with 12 cans, costs $3.96. A large case has 18 cans. The cost per can in the large case is $0.02 less than in the small case. What is the cost of a large case?
In the first year of a fundraising campaign, donations are collected ata rate of $700 each day for 8 days. In the second year, the daily rate doubles and the campaign is 3 days longer. How much money is raised in the second year?
In an election for student council president, 480 students vote. Jade receives 55% of the votes. Ericka receives the rest of the votes. How many votes does Ericka receive?
The design for a rectangular garden has a length-to-width ratio of 7:5. Which of the following could be used to determine the width of the garden if the length is 6.5m?
What is the value of k in the proportion below? 9/k = 24/32
Last week, Tenisha paid $65.72 for 62 kg of of potatoes for her restaurant. Today, the price of potatoes is $0.02/kg lower. How much will Tenisha pay for 50 kg of potatoes today?
A bicycle has a regular price of $175. It is on sale for 20% off. Which of the following is closest to the total cost, including 13% tax?
The dimensions of a rectangle are in a 3:5 ratio. If the shorter side lengths are 30 cm, what are the lengths of the longer side? . What is length?
Tommy uses the proportion below to determine the amount of butter,x, to use with 120 grams of sugar in his cookie recipe. 2/3 = x/120. How many grams of butter does Tammy need?
The dimensions of a rectangle are in a 4:5 ratio. The length is 25 cm. What is the width?
The ratio of snowboarders to skiers at a mountain is 36:54. What fraction of the total number of people are skiing?
Bonnie earned $76.50 in 6 h at her part-time job. How much can she earn in a week in which she works 28 h?
Which choice is NOT equivalent to the ratio 1:4?
The width and length of a rectangle are in a 3:7 ratio. The rectangle is 60 cm wide. How long is the rectangle?
Consider the following proportion. 3/5 = y/15 What is the value of y?
Stephanie uses the following proportion to determine what amount of sesame oil, s, to use with 300 mL of soya sauce in her stir-fry recipe. 3/5 = s/300
Envelopes are sold in different-size packages. Which package has the lowest cost per envelope?
Sid drew a scale diagram of a circular logo for a billboard. The radius of the logo he started with was 8 cm. The radius of the logo on the billboard was 5.6 m. Which scale factor did he use?
The cost of a smartphone is $199. A newer model costs 10% more. Which choice is closest to the sale price of the newer model after a 20 % discount?
Which cortical layer is the deepest?
Which neurons project specifically to the thalamus?
Which area of the cortex processes visual information?
Which structure is NOT involved with auditory information?
Which thalamic nucleus is a relay type?
What is the function of the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the hypothalamus?
Which structure is most essential for fear and anxiety?
Where is oxytocin produced?
Which of the following is NOT a function of the hypothalamus and pituitary?
What structure collects mineral deposits?
the milk
the cheese
What do you like?
What is your favorite food?
the chicken
the water
Mi mother likes the hot dogs.
The lunch is delicious.
I like the pizza and soft drink for lunch.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Who discovered Australia?
Which religion did European explorers bring with them?
What was used to flavor foods, preserve meats, and as currency?
Which French explorer founded Quebec?
Who explored the Cape of Good Hope in 1488?
Who conquered the Incan civilization in Peru?
Who conquered the Aztecs in Mexico?
Which explorer was trying to find a quicker trade route to India... but wound up in the Bahamas instead?
What do you call a territory controlled by people in a foreign land?
Which Portuguese prince established a school for mapmaking and shipbuilding?
If you've ever been to a science museum, you've seen replicas of the inner framework of the human body.
The inside of the stomach and blood vessels are made of this type of muscle.
When you do your exercises in gym, your mind is fully aware of and in control of all the movements involved in the exercises.
Some parts of the body work even when your mind is not directly focused on them.
When this muscle stops moving, the heartbeat stops as well.
The force is always with you as long as the bones of the body's inner framework are operating.
Without this strong connective tissue, muscles and bones could not work together
Without this tissue, there would be no movement in the body.
In wide open spaces of your bones, you will find this soft connective tissue.
Your face is dripping wet! Did you play too hard or what?
Red, yellow, black, and white are the skin colors of the human race.
The hip bone is connected to the tail bone.
Which two properties did Hertzsprung and Russell use to classify stars?
Why are stars different colors?
What is the general relationship between the surface temperature and magnitude of a main sequence star?
Which of the following describes the characteristics of the Milky Way Galaxy?
Our Sun is one of many stars that has been classified as average. Its absolute magnitude and its temperature place it in the middle of what group on the Hertzsprung Russell diagram?
In between stars, great clouds of dust and gas are where stars are born. What is this collection of dust and gas called?
Where in the Milky Way Galaxy would our solar system be found?
The Sun appears larger than other stars because of its...
How do scientists use light years?
The planets revolve around our Sun which is the center of our solar system. What keeps our planets in orbit around the Sun?
The difference in how the moon looks is mostly due to the changing.....
On July 31, there was a New Moon. On approximately what date would the next New Moon occur?
Coach Green discovers that three weeks before the Texans play in the Super Bowl, the moon will be a New Moon. What lunar phase will it be on the night of the Super Bowl?
Which phase of the moon will occur when the moon is positioned between the Earth and the Sun?
When the Moon's surface is 100% illuminated, what phase is it in?
The Moon revolves around the Earth in what type of motion?
About how many days does it take to move from one phase of the Moon to the next phase?
Tonight the Moon is in its First Quarter phase. What phase will it be in 2 weeks?
A student observed the moon one evening and described it as bright on the right, and less than half illuminated. What lunar phase was the student observing?
A Waning Crescent occurs a few days before a New Moon. How long will it take for the moon to be a Waxing Gibbous?
Two equal forces act at the same time on the same stationary object but in opposite directions. Which statement describes the object's motion?
A 45kg object has an acceleration of 10 m/sec2. What force is required to achieve this acceleration?
A car moves along a road that has markers every kilometer. Over time, the car passes the markers in shorter periods of time. Which statement best describes the motion of the car?
Two football linemen push against each other in practice. They do not move, but then lineman B moves forward and lineman A moves backward. Why does this happen?
A student pushes against a tree with a force of 10 newtons (N). The tree does not move. What is the amount of force exerted by the tree on the student?
An airplane is cruising at a speed of 120 knots toward the east and then curves south. The airplane has changes its what?
The driver of a pickup truck is traveling north at 20m/sec and suddenly stops. In which direction will a suitcase lying in the back of the truck move?
What causes objects to move?
Choose the answer below that correctly describes velocity.
Which of the below statements is not an example of acceleration?
Which of these is NOT found in the nucleus of an atom?
Which part of the atom determines how it will react with other elements?
Which of the following statements are incorrect on how the mass of a single neutron, proton, and electron relate to each other?
Which of the following best describes one of the subatomic particles that could be found within the nucleus?
Which part of the atom is MOST important in determining an element's identity?
Which statement is true of the properties of Lithium, Sodium, and Potassium?
Which of the following is the same for both Nitrogen and Phosphorus?
Which of the following atoms would have a valence of 2?
Which of the following statements best explains why potassium (K) reacts easily with bromine (Br)?
Which of the following could describe an atom with an atomic number of 9?
Which of these elements has chemical properties most similar to oxygen?
On the periodic table, the elements in each column, or group have....
Which of the following elements has the largest atomic number within two energy levels?
In which group would you find the least reactive elements?
Which of the following compounds contains a total of 5 atoms?
A subscript in a chemical formula tells you....
How many Hydrongen (H) atoms are in water (H2O)?
A student observes some sugar as it is heated and burns. Which of the following observations would lead to the conclusion that a chemical reaction has taken place?
An American Starburst firework gives off red, white, and blue light. How did the fireworks manufacturer get the firework to produce three different colors of light?
The green color in an unripe banana comes from chlorophyll. As the banana ripens, the chlorophyll breaks down and reveals a yellow color. What evidence suggests a chemical reaction has occurred?
Which of the following statements is true about Newton's explaination of inertia?
Newton's Third Law of motion states that every force is accompanied by an equal and opposite force. Which of the following statements best illustrates this principle.?
The tendency of a stationary object to resist being put into motion is know as ________________.
Samuel kicks a soccer ball across a grassy field and it eventually comes to a stop. If Newton's law of inertia is true, why did the ball stop?
Once in orbit, the space shuttle used very little, if any, rocket power to maintain its speed despite traveling over 15,000mph! How were NASA engineers able to do this?
In the case of a car crash, the body's inertia will continue to carry it in its initial direction. However, if the person is wearing a seat belt, in which direction will force go?
A tennis ball being dropped, then bouncing upward after hitting the ground is an example of.....
An 18-wheeler truck takes a long time to increase its speed after a stop light turns green is an example of....
A student sitting in their seat is an example of....
Josh Hamilton crushed a homerun over the center field wall. The ball is struck with a force of 20N. How much force does the ball apply to the bat?
1 Which will most likely result if there is increased upwelling in a coastal area?
2 Which best determines the health of a lake used as a source of freshwater?
Why is water from an aquifer more likely to be cleaner than water from other sources?
4 In which oceanic zone do clams and crabs survive by burrowing in the sand?
5 If a body of water has high turbidity levels, what can most likely be concluded?
6 Which best describes the characteristics of a river basin?
7 Which factors can have the greatest effect on the health of a river system?
8 In the United States, which is responsible for ensuring the safety of the country’s drinking water?
9 What is the most likely reason that upwelling creates productive fisheries?
An ecologist found that the DO in a lake was highest in February and lowest in July. What is the most likely reason that this occurred?
Why does reducing runoff from impervious surfaces improve water quality?
12 In which oceanic area does food energy come from chemosynthesis?
If a body of water has very high pH, what can most likely be concluded?
Which best describes why we should protect estuaries?
What is the most likely reason that nitrate levels affect the health of rivers?
In the United States, which agency enforces the Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act?
High nitrates lead to algae blooms. These algae die and rot, which reduces dissolved oxygen. What is this process called?
___________ is a point source of pollution. ______________ is a nonpoint source of pollution
Answers by Educators Question Database
Nets used to catch falling boulders on the side of rocky hillside roadways are more effective than rigid fences because their breakage is reduced by
Standing still on a skateboard, you catch a ball tossed horizontally to you. The mass of the ball is one-tenth your mass. Compared with the speed of the caught ball, the speed that both you and the caught ball acquire is
When Jake tosses a ball while standing still on his skateboard, he and his skateboard recoil. If he goes through the motions of tossing the ball, but doesn’t toss it, his net recoil will ideally be
When you say momentum is conserved, you mean that
In the absence of external forces, momentum is conserved in
A big fish coasts up to and swallows a small fish at rest. Right after lunch, the speed of the big fish is
A big fish swims up on and swallows a small fish at rest. Right after lunch, the momentum of the big fish is
A piece of clay moving with one unit of momentum strikes and sticks to a heavy bowling ball initially at rest. After the clay sticks, both the clay and ball ideally move with a combined momentum of
A pair of spiral galaxies collide and merge to form one larger elliptical galaxy. Astronomers assume that the momentum of the new elliptical galaxy is
Economic progress in many countries is being slowed by a shortage of skilled
Education is not just about achieving results, it is also about the
The difficult in discussing what constitutes global warming is the significantly varying
Saying that global warming is in a large part due to methane gas emissions from cow is one
In most countries the wealth has an unequeal
If we are going to live in a more sustainable way, it is crucial to find alternative energy
While the situations of males and females in the labor market are not identical, there is still a broad
To prove the connection between rising sea levels and an increase in CO2 emissions, researchers need sufficient
Perhaps the most compelling reason to keep art on school curriculum is that it allows students to express their
The most appropriate way to reward employees is to promote those who work well
Due to its plentiful supply of cheap labor, India has one of the fastest growing
Study a problem carefully
Before the government builds more roads, they must review the
There is no direct connection between obesity and lack of exercise, according to the latest
Saying that the world will run out of fossils fuels in 50 years is an
Improving awareness of the benefits of a healthy diet is a family doctor's
Countries from the developing world rely on using their natural resources as
While their was little or no difference in the number of televisions bought in 2009, access to broadband still
Mothers who return to work after maternity leave may need an additional kind of this support
To help to recycle as much plastic as possible is this kind of responsibility
A general thought or idea
to do or complete something with success
to make more difficult
to give shape to in the mind
that which follows
atmosphere, context, surroundings
purposes, meanings, jobs
extra, excess, spares
total, world-wide
conceive, dream
In school, we ____ about maths, English, and geography.
You --reach for the stars-- when you
I ___ piano when I was 6 years old.
The language they speak in Russia is ___
Ben ___ his cousin Larry.
This book is too high! I cannot ___ it.
I need to ____ information about kangaroos for a research paper.
Your mother has blue eyes. You have blue eyes, too. You ___ her.
Moby ___ to collect stars.
the babysitter ___ the babies.
What is the area of a triangular roof, with a base of 55.5 feet and a height of 17.6 feet
A tent's front side is in the shape of a triangle. The front of the tent has an area of 33.8 yards and a height of 6.9 yards.What is the base of the triangle?
Lexi is cutting a pattern out of paper in the shape of a trapezoid. The height is 7 cm and the bases are 10 cm and 6 cm respectively. Find the area of the trapezoid.
Rosita needs to put border paper along a 14 feet by 10 feet rectangular shaped bulletin board. The border paper package is 11 feet long, how many packages does she need to cover the perimeter of the bulletin board?
The triangular face of a square pyramid has a base of 8 cm and a height of 16 cm. Calculate its surface area.
What three dimensional figure is made up of 4 rectangular faces and 2 square faces
Sabrina wants to plant a row of 8 feet by 11 feet of tulips in her back yard wich is 51 feet by 30 feet. What is the area of the yard that will not be covered by the tulips planted?
What is the difference in the number of edges in a triangular prism and a triangular pyramid?
What is the volume of a box with the dimensions 5 1/5 by 6 1/4 by 7 1/6
A set of picture frames form a composite figure made of a rectangle and a triangle. The rectangle and triangle's combined base is 13 cm, but the rectangles dimensions are height ,7 cm and base, 8 cm. The triangle is actually 4 cm shorter. Find Area?
¿Cómo se llama el grupo que tuvo una revuelta contra los occidentales y la influencia occidental en China en 1900?
¿Qué es la publicación de noticias a menudo falsas o mal intencionados y que se apoyan en artículos y titulares sensacionalistas?
¿Qué palabra corresponde a la definición - política que consiste en tener poca relación con los asuntos políticos de las naciones extranjeras?
¿Quien consolidó y dominó la industria petrolera durante este periodo?
El Coronel George Armstrong Custer es mejor conocido por
El __________ era fundamental en la vida de los indígenas de las llanuras.
Una razón importante por la que Estados Unidos quería construir el Canal de Panamá fue para
Los periódicos usaban el periodismo amarillo en la década de 1890 para
La publicación del libro de Upton Sinclair La jungla, en 1906, ayudó a exponer
Los muckrakers
A fines del siglo XIX, los Estados Unidos se convirtió en una nación imperialista cuando
¿Cuál de los siguientes NO sucedió como resultado del ferrocarril transcontinental?
¿Cuál de los siguientes mejor describe la relación entre el gobierno federal y las compañías ferroviarias después de 1860?
¿Qué enmienda a la Constitución de EEUU da a las mujeres el derecho a votar?
¿Cual de los siguentes estados no fue agregado a la nación entre 1865-1914?.
¿Cual de los siguientes no fue adquirido por EE.UU. durante este periodo de expansionismo?
Un grupo de granjeros que contribuyen con dinero para comprar semillas o herramientas al por mayor es
El sistema Bessemer era un método inventado en la década de 1850 para producir un __________ más resistente a menor cost
Cual de los siguentes NO recibio EE.UU. como resultado de la guerra Hispano-Americano?
Cual de los siguentes es una organización establecida para luchar por igualdad de derechos de los afroamericanos?
Which of the following is an example of sexual reproduction?
An advantage or GOOD thing about sexual reproduction is that...
People show both learned and inherited behaviors. Which of the following is an example of a learned trait?
Which of the following is TRUE about asexual reproduction?
Which of the following is a disadvantage or BAD thing about asexual reproduction?
Which of the following is the mai advantage (GOOD thing) about sexual reproduction?
True or False. Budding is a type of asexual reproduction that bacteria do, where one cells splits into two identical cells.
True or False. Sexual reproduction is slower than asexual reproduction.
The offspring from asexual reproduction are genetically identical (clone) to the parent
The two types of reproduction are...
In___________ the parent breaks into pieces and each of these pieces froms a new organism
Asexual reproduction where offspring grows out of the body of the parent, like a potato is called
The passage of gene/traits parent(s) to offspring is called
One animal that reproduces asexually is the
A software program capable of reproducing itself and usually capable of causing great harm to files or other programs on the same computer.
A policy published by a school district, business, or other organization that a user must agree to follow to be provided access to a network or the internet.
A commercial organization that maintains a dedicated Internet connection and provides access to paying customers.
A software application that uses a computer, printer, and software to create, edit, and print text-based documents, such as letters, reports, and memos
A large, expensive, powerful computer that can handle hundreds or thousands of connected users simultaneously.
A shortcut that allows you to jump to another location in another workbook, a file on your hard drive or network, or an Internet address.
A record of everywhere and everything a person has been or done on the internet.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Who _____________ at your house last night?
I am running ______ fast as I can!
I went to the store ____________ my mother.
_____________ is your name?
Where __________ you yestrday? We missed you.
_________ do you make these cookies?
_______________ do we go to lunch?
How many ____________ are on the spelling test?
_____________ do you like? Vanilla or chocolate?
Who is the gift _______.
Continental Breakfast
Double occupancy
Single occupancy
Service workers
What awful paradox faced America in 1860?
What was the purpose of American colonization movement
What caused the rapid growth of slavery in the U.S.
What was cotton called KING in the South?
What did Robert Carter III, richest planter in Va. do?
What did abolotionists want?
African American escaped slavery and spoke out against slavery
How did William Lloyd Garrison work to end slavery ?
How did Missouri Compromise keep number of slave and free states equal?
How did Vice President John Tyler become the first ACCIDENTAL president?
What is a dark horse candidate?
What state joined the Union as a result of the Mexican War?
What 3 important senators made up a triumvirate?
Senator from South Carolina who wanted states rights
Great orator and Northern senator defended the union
What is secession?
What did Webster say when a southerner said LIBERTY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE UNION
Which of the following is NOT part of the doctrine of states' rights?
What did Congress abolish in 1808?
What pricing tactic might be considered questionable by some businesses?
What would be the most appropriate pricing strategy for a business in a small town where unemployment has skyrocketed and the economy is in a downturn?
A business charges a small company a higher price for a product than it charges a large company for the same product. What does this represent?
The Standard Oil Company's price-fixing tactics and monopolistic control over oil refining and distribution in the late 1800's was a major contributing factor in the enactment of which piece of legislation?
Technology allows manufacturers to pre-print product packaging with Universal Product Codes (UPCs) which contain __________ information
Which of the following is an example of an ethical issue as it relates to predatory pricing:
Why do some new companies set their selling prices as low as they can?
One way that many businesses use technology to reduce the costs associated with marking prices on products is by using
What costs do businesses usually include in the price of their products?
What is the advantage to a business of using bar-code pricing?
What is an external factor that affects the price that a business charges for its products?
Which of the following factors should businesses consider when establishing a product's selling price:
Companies A, B, and C sell similar products. Together, they recently decided to sell their products for the same price. In what unethical activity are the businesses engaging?
What is an example of an unethical pricing practice?
Charging premium prices for lumber to hurricane victims because supply is limited is
What might happen if a business's customers feel that they are not getting the most value for their money?
How does technology help businesses when it enables them to obtain and analyze vast amounts of information that impact the pricing function?
Wal-Mart and Sears attract two different types of customers because of their pricing strategies. They have established their prices based on __________ decisions.
Where is Kit from?
How does Kit feel upon seeing American and then landing in Wethersfield?
Who is Nathaniel Eaton?
Why does Kit's rescue of the doll cause suspicion in the other passengers?
Why is Kit going to Wethersfield?
How is kit different than other people in Wethersfield?
Why does Kit leave Barbados?
Why is John Holbrook going to Wethersfield?
Who are Mercy and Judith?
What word would you use to describe Matthew?
What are surface currents formed by?
streamlike movements of the water that occur near the surface of the ocean are called?
streamlike movements of ocean water far below the surface are called?
Deep currents are formed by
Which of the following does not control surface currents?
Which of the following is an example of a surface current?
Where is the Gulf Stream located?
What is the main difference between a surface current and a density current?
Which of the following is an example of a density current?
How do ocean currents effect the climate?
Which phrase is directly associated with the American colonists' reaction to the Stamp Act?
What was one consequence of the colonists' participation in the Boston Tea Party?
During the American Revolution, early battles were fought in the northern colonies. After 1779, many battles were fought in the South. Why was there a shift in the location of battles during the American Revolution?
Which fundamental political idea is expressed in the Declaration of Independence?
The pamphlet Common Sense, by Thomas Paine, aided the American cause in the Revolutionary War because it
Which factor had a significant impact on the outcome of the American Revolution?
During the American Revolution, the states began adopting state constitutions. What was included in many state constitutions as a result of the colonists' experiences under British rule?
What was one important effect of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787?
How were African-Americans impacted by the ideals of the American Revolution.
Which of the following were reasons why the American colonists chose to declare independence from Great Britain.
What is a reason the capital was moved from Jamestown to Williamsburg?
What is a reason the capital was moved from Williamsburg to Richmond?
What is a reason the capital was moved from Jamestown to Williamsburg?
What is a reason the capital was moved from Jamestown to Williamsburg?
What is a reason the capital was moved from Williamsburg to Richmond?
What is a reason the capital was moved from Williamsburg to Richmond?
Fire destroyed wooden and brick buildings at Jamestown.
Drinking water was contaminated by seepage of salt water.
Moving the capital increased the distance from the sea and possible attack by the British.
The population was moving westward.
What country did Christpher Columbus explore for?
What country did Juan Ponce de Leon explore for?
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The Chinquapin, a tree native to northwest Arkansas, was plentiful until it was devastated by a fungal disease carried by the Asian chestnut tree. To restore the Chinquapin to its former numbers and maintain biodiversity, scientists should try to
What is a main difference between primary succession and secondary succession?
Which one is the synonym for the uppercase word? Welcome BENEFICENCE
Which one is the synonym for the uppercase word? An unconvincing PRETEXT
Which one is the antonym for the uppercase word? An EFFICACIOUS remedy
Which one is the antonym for the uppercase word? To let goof feelings ACCRUE
Which one is the antonym for the uppercase word? A FACILE worker
Which sentence is the uppercase word used correctly?
Which sentence is the uppercase word used correctly?
Which sentence is the uppercase word used correctly?
Which sentence is the uppercase word used correctly?
Which sentence is the uppercase word used correctly?
Jake went to Target to spend his allowance of $10.00. He bought a book for $4.95 and gum for $.98. How much money did he have left?
Jack went to the Apple store to buy an iPad. It cost $399.00. He also wanted a cover for $49.50. Jack had $299.75. How much more money did Jack need to buy both?
Jorge went to Sears. He bought 3 shirts that cost $12.25 each. Jorge had $45.96 in his wallet. How much money did Jorge have left over?
Henry went to Walmart. He bought a dinosaur book and a dinosaur figure for a total of $23.84. Henry also wanted a dinosaur dvd for $15.97. He gave the clerk $45.00. How much money will Henry get back?
Allison went to Macy's to buy some new clothes. She bought a sweater for $39.00 and jeans for $49.00. Allison's mom agreed to split the purchase equally with her. How much did her mom spend?
Emily went to Best Buy. She bought a CD for $12.98, a DVD for $15.98 and a pair of earphones for $22.98. Emily paid with a $50.00 bill. It was not enough. How much more did Emily owe?
Ana went to Kohl's. She bought a pair of earrings for $8.99 and a pair of pants for $22.99. If she gave the sales clerk $40.00, how much money will she get back?
Jorge went to Sears. He bought 2 hats that cost $14.50 each. How much change will Jose get back if he has $30.00?
Rachel went to the Pink store to buy some pants for the PEP squad. She bought 4 pairs of pants that cost $19.99 each and 3 shirts that costs $14.99 each. How much did Rachel spend altogether?
Tony went to Toys R Us. He wanted to buy a WWE game for $37.00 and a controller for $18.00. Tony had $50.00. How much more money did Tony need to buy both?
What is the least number of paragraphs you should have in a Personal Narrative Essay?
What is the least number of paragraphs you should have in an Expository Essay?
What is the one sentence that tells what your whole paper is going to be about called? (Expository)
hat is the one sentence that tells what your lesson learned called? (Personal Narrative)
What kind of sentences have FANBOYS?
Which sentence is correctly written?
Which sentence is correctly written?
Which sentence is correctly written?
A personal narrative is _______________________?
What does the C in OREO/C stand for?
What moon phase comes after a new moon?
One rotation of Earth on its axis takes a
The moon appears to glow because it ________________ light from the sun.
Earth's _______________ causes day and night.
It takes Earth________________ to make a complete revolution.
Which occurs when the Earth, Moon, and Sun are in a straight line?
How many high and low tides do coastal areas experience each day?
What do we call the amount of time it takes Earth to rotate once on its axis?
The time it takes for the Earth to make a complete rotation is_______ .
During a lunar eclipse, the moon appears to be what color?
A ___________ tide occurs when the sun, moon, and Earth form a right angle.
Which moon phase is seen between a new moon? and a first quarter moon?
Day and night occur because of the ______________of Earth.
What is the best explanation for why the seasons occur?
Which motion of a solar system body takes the least amount of time?
Convection currents in the atmosphere are driven by
The air pressure in an area is decreasing. Temperatures are warm, and humidity is high. What type of weather should people in the area expect?
You turn on a lamp. The amount of light energy released by the lightbulb is less than the amount of electrical energy that flows into the lamp. What is the reason for this difference?
Which is an example of chemical energy being converted to heat and light?
The ocean is a biome with many biotic and abiotic factors. The abiotic factors in this biome include
What is the energy of motion?
Anything that needs to be plugged in has what kind of energy?
What is the energy of heat?
What sort of energy is generated from fission and fusion?
What sort of energy would a toy on a high shelf have?
A child goes down a slide. Where will she have the most kinetic energy?
What do we call the ability to cause change?
What type of energy does a stretched spring have?
Light and sound are both types of what type of energy?
Which of the following is not a type of potential energy?
What benefit do wastes broken down by decomposers provide to grassland soil?
Which is a decomposer?
Which occurs when Earth is positioned directly between the Sun and the Moon, making the Moon appear red to observers on Earth?
Which is the best definition of kinetic energy?
Which substances are produced during respiration?
The role of the respiratory system is to bring what substance into the body?
What happens to cause air to be exhaled from the lungs?
Which chemical in tobacco smoke is an addictive drug?
A tumor that develops in the lungs may be a sign of
Which organ of the excretory system stores urine until the body is ready to eliminate it?
Under normal conditions, which of the following substances is found in urine?
Which excretory organ eliminates water and some chemical wastes in perspiration?
How can smoking lead to emphysema?
Which parts of the respiratory system divide into smaller and smaller tubes in a pattern that resembles the branches of a tree?
Hairlike structures that line the nasal cavities and trachea are called
The vocal cords stretch across the opening of the
Organs of excretion that maintain homeostasis include the kidneys, lungs, skin, and
What do you call a polygon with nine sides?
A pentagon is a polygon with
what do you call a point where 2 lines meet
an intersecting line that forms 4 right angles
two lines meet at a certain point but doesn't form right angles
A polygon with ten sides
A flat surface that extend forever in all direction is
When x and y axes meet, they form a
A quadrant where both x and y are negative is
X and X axes are both positive is quadrant
The definition of the law of conservation of momentum is:
Another definition of the law of conservation of momentum is:
Which of the following is true of systems?
If a system is a soccer ball, then which of the following forces would be internal to the system?
The definition of an elastic collision is:
An example of an elastic collision is:
An inelastic collision is:
An example of an inelastic collision is:
Which of the following statements is most true about bouncing and impulse, given two objects of the same mass?
Which of the following scenarios involves the greatest change in momentum?
When a falling object bounces as it hits the ground
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What country did Christopher Newport explore for?
What country did Jaques Cartier explore for?
Why did Christopher Newport explore?
Why did Jaques Cartier Explore?
Why did Juan Ponce de Leon explore?
Why did Christopher Columbus explore?
What were some of Christopher Columbus' accomplishments?
What were some of Juan Ponce de Leon's accomplishments?
What were some of Christopher Newport's accomplishments?
What were some of Jaques Cartier's accomplishments?
What is a formula?
What is a function?
When keying a formula, what must you key to inform the program that you are entering a formula instead of text?
A spreadsheet function that indicates the lowest value in a range is called?
A spreadsheet function that indicates the highest value in a range is called?
A spreadsheet function used to add numbers in a range is called?
A spreadsheet function that indicates the average of a group of numbers in a range is called?
A spreadsheet function that counts the number of cells in a range that contains data is called?
What is the symbol that represents multiplication in a spreadsheet?
What is the symbol that represents addition in a spreadsheet?
What is the symbol that represents division in a spreadsheet?
What is the symbol that represents subtraction in a spreadsheet?
Each ____ on the Ribbon is a collection of groups, and each group contains related items.
____ is the tab that contains the most commonly used commands.
The ___ provides quick access to frequently used commands.
Microsoft Access 2010 is considered to be a ____(DBMS).
Which view in Access 2010 contains the command to create a new database?
What appears at the top of Access work area to indicate objects that are open?
What is the name of the small arrow in the lower right corner of a ribbon group that provides access to additional options for the group?
The __________ contains the commands that you use most often, such as Save, Undo, and Redo.
Whick key is used to display a KeyTip in Access 2010?
In a table, which of the following conatins information about a given person, product, or event?
Each _________ contains a different type of information, such as last name or email address.
A _________ is a column that uniquely identifies each row, such as Item Number.
After designing a table, what must a user do before exiting it?
The _____ view appears when you start Access.
In the Backstage view the _____ command compacts and repairs the database and encrypts the database with a password to restrict access.
__________ is an important part of creating a database.
The ____ data type creates a new field that can store formulas and expressions, which can perform logicial, text, or mathematical calculations on existing fields within the same table and make it easy to add teh calculated fields to a form, or query.
The ______ view is the default view when you first open Microsoft Access.
___________ are the most basic organizational element of a database.
The Ribbon is divided into ____ tabs, or areas of activity.
If you wrote a program and saved it to a disk, what type of file would it be?
Mistakes in the way programming elements are stung together are called.
In contrast to human languages, programming languages.
Which one of the following would probably be easiest for an English-speaking adult to learn?
In contrast to high-level languages, low-level languages
Which one of the following refer to a low-level language?
Which one of the following is a commonly used 4GL?
Which classic programming elements refers to the ability to repeat parts of the program?
Which classic programming element allows a program to perform different actions depending on conditions?
What is the divide-and-conquer approach to problem solving?
What is an algorithm?
Which programming approach includes a protected set of variables?
Which programming approach reduces cost by decreasing time needed to develop a project?
Which programming language was created specifically for cell phones and handheld computers?
___________ can be reused in other programs.
A(n) ____________ is a set of instructions that tell a computer how to perform a particular task.
A program that translates a series of instructions written in a high-level language into low-level instructions that the computer can perform is known as _____.
Which of the following was developed as a learning language?
Which of the following is a low-level language?
If a computer programmer calls someone a code hacker, it means that person ____.
One who represents others at a legal proceeding.
A member of a legislative body.
To meet the required standard.
To permit onself to be subjected to something.
To put off until a later time.
Synonym for adequate.
A group of people who make laws.
A commissioned officer in tht armed forces.
The right to vote.
To change a document or law.
Which Menu button displays the Standard Toolbar in Dreamweaver?
In Dreamweaver this button allows you to add a background image.
Which key hides the panel?
The Property Inspector Ribbon is located on the __________ of the DW window.
The biggest font size and the bold font attribute is an example of Heading Level
The _______ button allows you to align and center text.
Adding a Line Break consists of pressing _____________ on the keyboard.
The Web Page Title is entered into the ____________ box.
The ____________ button checks spelling.
The most important links that you can create thus far are the
This is a symbol representing Carnival Cruise Line.
Heading 6
Which tab allows you to align text and images?
Relative Link is also known as:
This button allows you to apply a Background
This textbox allows you to create an Absolute Link.
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Who is the leader of New Zealand?
What is The Currency called in New Zealand?
What is The Most Famous Sport in New Zealand?
Name one of the icon cuisines in New Zealand
What is the New Zealand rugby team known for?
What Year did it become an official country?
What is the total population of New Zealand
What is the most dangerous animal in New Zealand?
How Many people make up the New Zealand Defence Force?
What is the most spoken language in New Zealand?
What is the most popular religion in New Zealand, 2013?
What is New Zealand's Capital city?
What Ocean is New Zealand nearest to?
What is the name of the most southern island in New Zealand
Name one New Zealand rugby team.
What did Charlie love more than anything?
Mr. Bucket worked in ____________.
Willy Wonka closed his chocolate factory because ________________.
How many children could go in the Willy Wonka Chocolate factory?
Which one of these is not a child who found the golden ticket.
Who works for Willy Wonka in his factory?
Who fell in the chocolate river?
Who wanted the pink boat?
Which child chews a lot of gum?
How many people live in Charlies home, including Charlie?
Who is the President of North Korea?
What type of government does North Korea use?
What is the population of North Korea?
How many nuclear weapons does North Korea posses
What language does North Korea speak?
What is North Korea's worst weapon?
How many mammals species live in North Korea?
What is North Korea's landscape?
How many presidents has North Korea had?
In the generation punishment how many generations after you have to live in prison?
What is the organ that stores bile after it's produced by the liver?
What is the muscular tube that connects the mouth to the stomach?
What is the substance produced by the liver that breaks up fat particles?
What is the thick slippery substance produced by the body?
What is the largest organ that plays a role in many body processes?
Where does most chemical digestion take place?
What process takes place in the large intestine?
Enzymes are proteins that help in what kind of digestion
All food must be _________ before it can be digested.
What structure (s) enable(s) the small intestine to absorb large amounts of nutrient molecules into the bloodstream?
This organelle digests food particles, wastes, worn out organelles, and foreign invaders.
This cell structure controls what goes into and out of the cell.
This organelle controls the cells activities.
This organelle makes lipids and transports protein around the cell.
This organelle makes protein by hooking amino acids together.
This organelle makes sugar and oxygen from water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight in the process of photosynthesis.
This organelle stores water and other materials in the cell.
This organelle processes, packages, and transports materials out of the cell.
This organelle burns food to make energy for the cell in the process called cellular respiration.
This organelle is the package made by the golgi complex.
This organelle gives structure and support to the cell.
The jelly like fluid found inside a cell.
This organelle makes ribosomes.
Plants cells have a cell wall but animal cells do not. What other organelle do plant cells have that animal cells don’t have?
I like to swim.
I like to play soccer with friends.
I like to play the guitar
I like to play the piano
I like to play the flute
I like to watch tv with my family
I don't like to do homework.
I like to go to a soccer game
I like to go shopping
I like to watch a movie
Under which environmental condition would primary succession occur?
Which list contains ONLY abiotic factors?
Which involves the LEAST number of species?
Which are typical pioneer species during primary succession?
Which describes when two different species utilize the same resource?
what has declined because of the growth of the human population?
A certain light-producing microbe finds shelter and food in the skin of a fish. This relationship would be considered mutualism if the light from the microbe
Which BEST describes an ecosystem?
Which biome is characterized by a cold, wet climate and coniferous trees?
Which statement describes a MAIN difference between primary and secondary succession?
What is an example of a biotic factor found in ecosystem?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which code is a Unordered List?
Color Icons is found in the ____________ Menu option.
Modern Language Association is also known as
Double-space everything
All margins should be set to _____ on all sides
Header with page numbers in the upper right corner.
The first four lines of your research paper consists of
Headings are not generally optional.
The works cited page is inserted using the bibliography feature in Word 2010.
You can change the appearance of objects by:
Ways to manipulate objects include:
WordArt is a feature that lets you transform text into a graphic object.
A change in matter that produces new substances is called a
which of the following cannot be used to put out a small fire?
A number that is written smaller and lower than the letter symbols in a chemical formula and that shows how many atoms of a substance are in a molecule is called
The rate of reaction can be decreased by increasing
In a balanced equation, both sides should have the same
If a reaction absorbs energy, it is called
When two or more substances combine to form a complex compound this process is called
The number in front of a chemical formula that tells how many molecules or atoms of each reactant take part in a reaction is called
Which of the following is not evidence of a chemical reaction
In a chemical reaction, the sum of the masses of the products is equal to the sum of the
pale or sickly
tempting or teasingly out of reach
a person who flees his country to escape danger
easily fooled or not using caution
disgusting or offensive
wild or unrestrained
mentally absorbed by something
regretful or sorrowful
distort or mess up statistical results
Who has the nickname Goblin Girl?
What sport does David participate in?
Bran has all of the following EXCEPT what?
What town/state does the story take place in?
Who is the leader of the bullies?
Who is Kristin's boyfriend?
Molly proves she is a real friend to David by letting him borrow what?
Joseph Collier is an accused serial killer from where?
What does Bran do after school everyday?
Where does David take Kristin after the dance?
Where does Molly take David after work?
Who is Bran's father?
In Chapter 12, who starts the fight with Bran?
What is spray painted on the side and front of Bran's house?
In Chapter 13, who is waiting for Bran when he returns home?
Bran describe his father as being what?
According to the principal, who has guardianship of Bran?
What did Bran kill when he was younger?
In Chapter 14, who does Bran's uncle want to call after the fight?
In Chapter 15, who follows Bran home from the daycare?
The heading of a business letter consists of your
Quick email messages about company happenings but not suitable for all occasions is called
Dear Mrs. Browning
Respectfully yours is considered part of the
A logo is a part of the heading in a
Google Docs is a __________ office suite.
What is the Inside/Delivery Address?
The actual letter/message of the Business Letter is called the body.
The actual letter/message should be lasting and to the point.
What are acceptable formats for a Business Letter?
Pressure increases with depth toward the center of Earth. In which layer would you expect pressure to be the greatest?
Which layer of Earth is made up partly of crust and partly of solid mantle material?
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