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Why did countries want to control the mouth of the Mississippi River?
Henry Hudson was looking for what passage?
The main purpose of the Jamestown settlement was to find what?
What crop became the cash crop of Jamestown?
What is the difference between an indentured servant and the slave?
Which would most likely have these ( fishing, shipping, lumber)
Is William Penn a Puritan or a Quaker?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
In which country, did Czar Nicholas II rule?
Which of the following people led the communist party in Russia and removed the czar?
Which of the following terms best describes a period when businesses and factories closed, and buying and selling almost stopped?
What type of government did Czar Nicholas II have in Russia?
Who was the leader of the Nazi party in Germany?
What happed to people who spoke out against Hitler in Germany?
1. Hitler promised to rebuild Germany's military 2. The Treaty of Versailles angered Germans 3. Hitler said he would get back Germany's lost land. ** Which statement explains what these sentences are about?
What major event happened in 1917, during the Great War?
Which of the following punished Germany for WWI, stripped Germany of power, land, and military, and made Germany pay reparations?
An entrepreneur
Which of the following statements is FALSE?
A small business is defined as
What are the 5 management functions?
Mid-level managers typically focus most of their time on which management function(s)?
A tactical management approach is best used with:
All businesses should have a business plan
An advantage of a small business is that they often can provide more personal customer service and sometimes deal in unique items.
A strategic management style is best used when:
In which management function are you directing and leading people to accomplish the planned work (the day-to-day activities)
Old Navy inserts small brochures offering special merchandise to their charge customers into monthly credit card statements. This form of promotion is:
Which promotional medium allows for only short, general messages but has the advantage of repetitive viewing?
What is the prime time for television advertising?
Which is a goal of institutional advertising?
Cindy created a display featuring a Christmas tree centered in the window. She placed mannequins on each side of the tree. This illustrates:
Lydia was unsure what to buy her brother for his birthday. When she passed Holister, she noticed a leather jacket in the store window with a 20% off sign. This is an example of which type of display?
Leslie was shopping for back-to-school clothes. While in the mall, she noticed that the display windows of Abercrombie and Fitch were covered with American Red Cross posters. This is an example of which type of display?
Reebok places advertisements for their athletic shoes in Sports Illustrated. This is an example of:
Maybelline advertises its makeup products in Seventeen. This is an example of:
Most fashion advertisements are:
What form of fashion promotion can attract customer attention near merchandise by using sound and movement?
Belk created a display featuring a new line of holiday attire. This is an example of which type of interior display?
Which form of fashion advertising is relatively easy to produce, has quick turnaround time, and allows advertisers to be geographically selective?
Which advertising medium is popular with consumers in homes, cars, and places of work, but has a short life and does not allow for visual impact?
Which fashion advertising enables retailers to benefit from national circulation but generally requires professional preparation?
A store’s visual merchandising helps the customer make a buying decision by:
Dick's Sporting Goods uses foam board, tape, and wire to construct a display. Dick’s makes good use of:
The Bass Pro Shop has a big display showing all the new fishing gear that has just arrived. Which type of display is it using?
Attracting attention to merchandise, educating customers about merchandise, and promoting store image are goals of:
Which principle of design is illustrated in a display that uses a spotlight to focus customer attention on a bridal gown?
Why is Romeo happy the first time we see him in Mantua?
What news does Balthasar bring Romeo?
What does Romeo plan to do after hearing the news from Balthasar?
Why didn't Friar John deliver the letter?
What does Friar Lawrence plan to do with Juliet?
Why does Paris fight Romeo?
What is the last thing Romeo does before he dies?
Why does Friar Lawrence leave Juliet alone in the tomb?
How does Juliet first try to kill herself?
How do the Capulets and Montagues react to the death of their children?
About how much does a dozen eggs cost?
Which material should you NOT put in a microwave?
If you needed a cup of flour, what would you use to measure?
These are electricity, gas, oil, and water used in a house or apartment
An apartment in Scottsburg would cost about how much to rent each month?
When you borrow money from the bank, it is called a what?
If I needed to mail a letter, where would I go?
About how much does a gallon of gas cost?
These help with the cost of groceries and other services?
In a car, this tells me how many miles I have driven?
When was Pearl Harbor attacked by the Japanese?
When was D-Day?
When did Franklin D. Roosevelt die?
When did Germany surrender?
Who died on April 30, 1945
When was Hiroshima bombed during WWII?
Which city was bombed on August 9, 1945?
What does VJ mean?
On what date did World War II end?
What happened on June 6, 1944?
Text structure is...
We discussed _____ text structures.
An idea followed by details is...
An issue with an answer or answers is...
An explanation of similarities and differences is...
When one event leads to another it is...
Describing events in order of time is...
A signal word for chronological /sequential is
A signal word for compare and contrast is...
Description/main idea must have...
Transfer of heat through direct contact of matter
Transfer of heat through open space
Transfer of heat through liquids and gases
Chocolate bar melting under a seat in a car
Getting a sunburn at the beach
Cooking a meal on a stove top
Cooking a meal in an oven
Cooking a meal in a microwave
Which type of energy transfers the most heat?
Which type of energy is created by the sun
A document that gives facts, ideas or opinions.
Placing the text on a page that looks good and easy to read.
Tells what a report is about.
Paragraphs of a report.
Amount of blank space around the text and edge of page
Settings that are already set in the word processor.
Amount of blank space BETWEEN lines of text.
Title of documents should be keyed in:
Paragraphs in a report should be:
Titles of reports should be:
Answers by Educators Question Database
what was the campaign to drive muslims out of spain
which empire had the greatest influence on russia
law code for the byzantine empire
land is exchanged for military service and loyalty
constantinoples location allows them to control
how did the bubonic plague spread
due to this persons trips to china trade increased between europe and china
who did the monks and nuns help care for during the middle ages
form of government for rome
tomb built for shah jahan
middle ages began after the collapse of the
What is the main purpose of the digestive system?
Which organ stores food and partially digests it before entering the small intestine?
Which organ is the final section of the digestive system?
Which section produces bile and enzymes that break down toxins and waste?
What organ grinds food and begins digestion with saliva?
Which organ completes digestion and absorbs nutrients?
Which organ helps regulate blood sugar?
Which organ absorbs water from solid waste?
Which organ is the tube that carries food from the mouth to the stomach?
Which organ is a small sac that holds bile?
Which of the following is an example of mechanical digestion?
Which of the following is an example of chemical digestion?
What river begins in China and flows into southeast Asia along Laos, Cambodia, and through Vietnam into the South China Sea?
What is the sea that is located between the mainland of Asia and the archipelago islands of Japan?
What large desert is located in northern China and southeastern Mongolia and is a barrier to trade?
What peninsula contains two countries and is located between China and Japan, and also served as a bridge of culture throughout history?
In what country in South Asia did the religions of Hinduism and Buddhism originate (begin)?
What is the name of the Hindu social class system that determines one’s occupation, marriage, and status in life?
Hindus believe in the rebirth of the soul in order to reach Nirvana (everlasting peace) in order to be reborn into a higher social class. What is the term that describes this process?
The Four Noble Truths, Eight-Fold Path (living the right way), meditation, and the belief that if one avoids selfish desires one can live a life without suffering. This describes what religion?
What is the ancient Japanese religion that worships Kamis, or spirits that dwell in nature?
What country after World War II became free from Japanese control and also had a civil war between communist and democratic forces and was helped by the Soviet Union and China?
Why are many plants green?
What gas do plants take in to make food?
By which process do plants make their own food from CO2 and H2O?
The process by which cells use oxygen to produce energy from food is called....( we do it all the time)
The energy that starts the process of photosynthesis comes from...
Photosynthesis is important because...
During photosynthesis, what gas do plants release?
The stoma allows what to enter and leave the leaf.
What happens to the water molecule during photosynthesis?
What are the two raw materials of glucose?
The prefix photo means....?
An organism that needs to get their energy from food is called....?
The products of photosynthesis are...
Photosynthesis is important because....
The carbon dioxide gets into the plant through the .....?
What living things make food from sunlight?
The water gets into a plant through the....?
The root word synthesis means....
The ingredients needed for photosynthesis includes:
What molecule splits and joins another to form sugar?
the branch of science that studies the universe beyond Earth is
The Big Bang occured how many years ago?
A Nebula is know as ..
True or Falsse: Only small stars experience a Supernova
The color that stars exhibit based on hottest to coldest temperatures are
A Hurricane is formed
How can humans contribute to Wildfires?
Artificial Eutrophication results from
How many water treament processes are there in treating waste water?
Pigs are known to be
Wheat is said to be a Producers because
A wooden table can be classified as
A jellyfish is an organism because it is a (n)
Benthos organisms possess the mobility to
From which point of view is the novel told?
Which statement is true?
Which word does not describe Darry?
Which word does not describe Soda?
Which word does not describe Johnny?
Which word does not describe Ponyboy?
Why did S.E. Hinton write this book?
Who decided not to fight in the rumble?
Which word does not describe Cherry?
What does Randy believe?
A presentation is prepared that will be hosted on the school's website to train students about procedures for making up excused absences.
A presentation is prepared for delivery to an audience of 500 that highlights the key points of a speech on Black History month.
A presentation is prepared for display at the National Kite Flyers' Association trade show to demonstrate design features and options of a new AeroFlyer
A presentation is prepared for FBLA State Leadership Conference to broadcast changes in testing locations.
A presentation is prepared by a college professor to use in a face-to-face explanation of economic indicators.
Susie wants to share information about her prom with her friends. They are coming over to her house later this afternoon and she wants to show off her dress and discuss restaurant and after-party options.
Susie had a great time at the prom and she wants to share the details of her exciting eveningfrom getting her hair and nails done to the goodnight kiss her date gave her when he walked her to the door.
James needs to present his senior project to a group of community leaders. He is planning to explain the purpose of his project, the process he implemented to research and experiment with his project, Counting My Lucky Stars is about his space trip
Lars is preparing a speech for the grand opening of his new fitness center. He plans to describe why he is opening the center, why he chose the name he chose and thank all the people who supported him during the planning and construction.
What is the name of this Objective
Which of the following does not lead to a breakdown in social institutions, according to Classical Social Disorganization Theory
From Sampson and Wilson's Race and Urban Inequality theory, a minority groups subculture does not teach criminality
Park and Burgess claim that most crime occurs in
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Ancient Egyptian dynasties were divided into how manhy kingdoms?
What did the french soldiers find that allowed them to read hieroglypthics
What were important people buried in before pyramids
Who has the first true pyramid
Vascular plants differ from nonvascular plants in
The raw materials of photosynthesis are
Photosynthesis taks place in a plant cell's
Photosynthesis in plants produces
The energy that powers photosynthesis comes from
What makes a leaf appear green
Which part of the plant absorbs water?
Which part of the plant does photosynthesis take place?
Which part of the contains the reproductive organs?
which part of the plant transports materials up and down?
A plant that produces seeds that are enclosed by a fruit is called a(n)
A flower's female reproductive parts are called
A flower's male reproductive parts are called
What is pollination?
Root hairs help a plant
What is NOT a root function in plants?
What part of a plant carries substances between the roots and the leaves?
A plant's growth response toward or away from a stimulus is called a
A plant is growing towards the sun, what type of stimulus is the plant's growth responding to?
Dormancy is a period when an organism's growth or activity
¿La Constitución establece cuántas ramas del gobierno?
La introducción de la Constitución se llama
¿Los senadores se eligen por un término de cuántos años?
Según la Constitución, ¿cuál rama del gobierno tiene el poder de declarar la guerra?
¿Cuál rama del gobierno es la mas poderosa?
¿Cuál rama del gobierno interpreta las leyes de la nación?
En el sistema de control y equilibrio, ¿qué es un control que la rama ejecutiva tiene sobre la rama legislativa?
¿Cuántos senadores hay en el Senado federal?
¿Cómo se llama las primeras diez enmiendas a la Constitucion?
¿El Artículo II de la Constitución pertenece al poder de cuál rama del gobierno?
¿Qué función tiene el Congreso dentro del gobierno federal?
El presidente puede controlar la rama legislativa
¿Cuál parte del país recibió el mejor beneficio del Acuerdo de las Tres Quintas Partes?
¿Quién era el escritor de la Ilustración que declaró que todas las personas tienen derechos naturales?
Los Artículos de __________ , fue el primer constitución estadounidense, pero el gobierno central era demasiado débil.
Durante una depresión económica, ¿cuál de los sigiuentes típicamente NO ocurre?
¿Los estados con menos población opusieron cuál parte del Plan de Virginia?
¿Qué resolvió el conflicto entre los dos planes presentados durante la Convención Constitucional?
¿Cuál problema se resolvió por el Gran Acuerdo?
¿Qué podría ser verdadero si el Plan de Virginia hubiera sido adoptado por los delegados de la Convención Continental?
Which fact does NOT belong in the fact family?
Tommy loves running. He run 5 miles each night. If he runs every night for 3 weeks, how far willl he run?
RHE wrote 364 letters. Each of the six grade levels wrote the same number of letters. If Mrs. Lanier wants to use compatible numbers to find how many letters were written, which equation could she use?
Mrs. Brooker divided 240 brownies among herself and her two friends. Her friend, Jackie, gave 33 brownies to the students in her class. How many brownies does she have left to take home?
Mr. Marchant ordered 152 attendance pads. Each attendance pad has 100 sheets. How many attendance pads were ordered?
The Johnsons are going to the movies. Adult tickets cost $15 and tickets for children are $7. What is the total cost for the Johnsons to attend the movie if there are two adults and twice as many children as adults?
Trent, Bailey, and John drink numerous cups of gatorade each week. Trent drinks twice as much as John. John drinks one-third the amount of cups as Bailey. Bailey drinks 18 cups each week. How many cups of gatorade do these three boys drink?
A librarian has 258 mysteries and 428 fantasy fictions. She is going to give each teacher 7 of these books. How many teachers can the librarian give books too?
Mr. Norman is buying a dozen art boxes. Each art box will have 15 crayons and cost $22. What is the total number of crayons Mr. Norman needs to make all of the art boxes?
Coach Sandy has to order recess equipment for 39 teachers in the school. Each bag of recess equipment costs $17. Coach Sandy estimates the total cost to be $800. Is his estimate higher or lower than the actual cost?
This summer, Ms. Crouch earned $13 an hour for walking dogs for a total of 26 hours and $114 for babysitting. What was the total amount Ms. Crouch earned over the summer?
Miguel has 5 times as many video games as Victor. Miguel has 125 shows recorded. Which statement tells how many video games Miguel has?
cordados amniotas sin mandibula y cuerpo cubierto de escamas
gusanos planos de vida libre
hexapodos con las patas adaptadas al salto
presentan cnidocitos
anamniotas con el cuerpo cubierto de escamas
presentan 5 pares de patas, las primeras suelen estar transformadas en pinzas
presentan una concha interna, un pico de loro y un sifón
con concha enrollada en espiral
con el cuerpo cubierto de dentículos dérmicos
simetría pentámera y aspecto de plantas
composición de la banda A de los sarcómeros
celulas de defensa del tejido nervioso
conducto transversal que une dos osteonas
tipo de cartílago que encontramos en el esqueleto de peces cartilaginosos
neuronas con una sola prolongacion, comunes en invertebrados
celulas responsables de la inflamacion
epitelio que reviste los vasos sanguineos
union entre las celulas musculares cardiacas
celula a partir de la cual se forman las plaquetas
separacion entre sarcomeras
hexápodos con el primer par de alas endurecidas parcialmente
dos pares de alas y jerarquía social
presentan una concha de forma cónica y pie en forma de ventosa
son celomados
While President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson authorized the purchase of ____ from France in 1803.
Andrew Jackson defeated what southern Native American group at Horseshoe Bend during the War of 1812?
The practice of forcing foreign sailors into a country’s military service, which the British practiced regularly in the early 1800s, was called what?
During the early 1800s, members of Congress who supported war against Great Britain were known as:
During the War of 1812, what United States’ city was the site of a major battle fought after the war’s end had already been declared through the Treaty of Ghent?
_________ said that no American ships could trade with other countries.
The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions said that the Alien and Sedition Acts were ______________.
President Washington wanted to remain neutral so he issued a ________.
Three unknown French officials offered the US a bribe. This was known as _______________.
The treaty that said Spain would give the United States Florida was the _____________________.
____________ allowed the President to deport (remove from the United States) anyone considered “dangerous to the peace and safety of the United States.”
The war hawks were people who wanted ___________.
__________________ allowed punishment of newspaper editors who criticized the President and Congress.
The Star-Spangled Banner was written by ____________________.
Answers by Educators Question Database
What was formed by the Colorado River cutting into rock?
What are materials called that are carried and deposited by a glacier?
A solid has molecules that are
Example of heat transfer
Energy in motion is
Stored energy is
Burning wood is an example of
If we paint our classroom lime green we are making a
Radiation is
Metals and other materials that transfer heat and electricity easily are
Materials that do not allow heat or electricity to transfer easily are
Putting a pan on a hot stove top burner is an example of
Hot air rising in a hot air balloon is an example of
Hanging wet clothes outside to dry is
The sun is attracted to
An example of solid is
Liquid is an example of
Gas is an example of
The phase of the Moon that immediately comes before the New Moon is the ____.
A ____ occurs when the Moon moves directly between the Sun and Earth and throws a shadow on Earth.
The yearly orbit of Earth around the Sun is called its ____.
Summer occurs on the hemisphere of Earth that is ____.
____ has colorful clouds in bands of white, red, tan, and brown.
Two of the inner planets are ____.
Smaller pieces of rock from old, broken-up comets become ____.
Small pieces of rock that enter Earth's atmosphere at speeds of 15 to 70 km/s and burn up are called ____.
____ are pieces of rock that strike the surface of a moon or planet.
This planet has no true atmosphere.
Pluto is considered the ____ planet.
A comet develops a tail because of ____.
Evidence suggests that ____ originate in the Oort Cloud located beyond the orbit of Pluto.
The structure of a comet is considered to be like a large, ____, or a mass of frozen ice and rock.
Water is found as a solid, liquid, and gas on ____.
Mercury is the ____ planet from the Sun.
____ is the third planet from the Sun.
The order of the inner planets outward from the Sun is ____.
The orbits of ____ lie closer to the Sun than does Earth's orbit.
The intense magnetic fields of sunspots cause archlike eruptions called ____.
A galaxy that has a shape similar to a football is a(n) ____ galaxy.
Dark, cooler areas on the Sun's surface are called ____.
A group of stars, gas, and dust held together by gravity is a ____.
The Sun produces energy by ____ in its core.
The spiral shape of the Milky Way Galaxy CANNOT be seen from Earth because ____.
In a ____ telescope, light passes through convex lenses.
Optical telescopes include ____.
____ telescopes collect and record radio waves given off by some objects in space.
Why does the Moon shine?
Earth's yearly orbit around the Sun
changing appearances of the Moon from Earth
turning of Earth on its axis
Moon phases in which the amount of lighted surface seen on Earth increases
imaginary line extending between the poles around which Earth spins
caused by Earth's coming between the Sun and the Moon and casting its shadow on the Moon
Moon phase in which none of the lighted surface of the Moon can be seen from Earth
depressions on the Moon caused by the impact of meteorites
caused by the Moon's being between the Sun and Earth and casting its shadow on Earth
phase in which all of the lighted side of the Moon can be seen from Earth
greenhouse effect causes extremely high surface temperatures
What is the sum of 4,298 and 891?
Joe had 994 cookies. He got 672 more. How many cookies does he have now?
Paul went to the store. He bought 528 toys. Then he went to mall and bought 1,078 toys. How many toys does he have now?
What is 3,948 + 2,184?
Mrs. Fitzgerald found $2,149 in her drawer. Then Mr. Fisher gave her another $1,039 for doing such a good job. How much money does she have now?
Mrs. Rice read 364 pages in her book on Monday and 2,004 pages in her book on Tuesday. How many pages did she read in all?
There are 4,773 books in the library and 2,095 books in the classrooms. How many books are there in all?
What is the sum of 648 and 916?
What is 198 + 1,098?
Is it 2,437 miles to Rome and 1,598 miles from Rome to China. How many miles would you travel if you went to Rome and then China?
a three-part structure that makes up nucleic acid molecules (DNA and RNA)
often symbolized by base's firtst letter; bases that bond together are complementary
What is DNA?
carries genetic information from parent cell in mitosis or meiosis, controls a cell's activities, specifies the organism's traits, and is two strands twisted into a double helix which are connected by nitrogen bases
nucleic acid that uses genetic information from DNA to produce proteins; structure is one strand
What does thymine pair with in DNA?
What does adenine pair with in RNA?
What pairs with guanine in both DNA and RNA?
Deoxyribose and ribose are both _________?
genetic information from a parent cell is done in
Which is an example of a non-traditional career for a man?
Sam donates his time on weekends, feeding the homeless and reading to the elderly. These are examples of which type of work?
Charlie worked in the same plant for fifteen years. In six months, his department will move overseas. What worl of work change has contributed to this move?
Which work program enables emplyees to work at home by connecting electronically to central office?
Scarlet needs to use problem-solving skills to make her job more effective. Which skill could she use?
Which is an example of using adaptability skills to make work more effective?
Picking out clothes to wear, writing songs, and doing an experiment are examples of what foundation skills category?
Which is an example of using teamwork skills to make work more effective?
Making work schedules, taking X-rays, and updating computer systems are classified as types of:
Being on time to meetings, being a team player, and being flexible on the job are all examples of:
Pax Mongolia occurred because of trading on this route
what happened after agriculture was introduced
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The treaty signed in Belgium ending the War of 1812 was the ___________.
During the invasion of Washington, DC, who set fire to the White House and the Capitol?
A smooth, flat break in a mineral is called _______.
Scientists use which scale to describe the hardness of a mineral?
A rough, uneven break in a mineral is called ________.
What is the softest mineral?
Which mineral has a hardness scale of 10?
The color of a mineral when rubbed against a peice of porcelain is called ________.
What type of Igneous rock is formed when magma cools quickly?
Choose the correct sequence to the formation of an Igneous rock.
What type of Igneous rock is formed when lava cools quickly?
All rocks are made of __________________.
What letters represent the four nitrogenous bases?
Watson and Crick build a model of DNA that looked like a ________________________.
To be copied, DNA molecules splits ________________________.
The sides of DNA's ladder structure are made of _____________________ and _____________________.
The rungs of the ladder structure of DNA are made of _________________________.
A string of nucleotides that code for a specific trait is called a _________________________.
DNA stands for _______________________.
DNA is made of subunits called ______________________.
Nucleotides are made of _______________________.
The amount of adenine in DNA always equals the amount of _________________.
Guanine always pairs with which nitrogenous base?
The complementary strand for the DNA sequence TAGTCA is?
Pairs of bases match up because they are ______________________ to one another.
DNA must _____________________ before a cell divides.
DNA can be wound so tightly that it fits in a(n) ______________________ inside the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell.
If one nucleotide base is changed in a strand of DNA then this is called a ______________________________.
What consisted of philosophical differences and compromises in forming the new government?
Who was the first president of the US?
Who was the second president of the US?
Who was the third president of the US?
What principle allows people to create or change the government?
Who needs to be able to discuss issues logically and make well reasoned arguments?
Quartering of troops is addressed in which amendment?
Trial by jury is addressed in what amendment?
How does the executive branch check the legislative branch
What divides the power between the national governments and state governments?
An energy resource that can be easliy replaced or used again.
An energy resource that cannot be easliy replaced, could take millions of years..
Which type of resource is used to make electricity?
Which resource uses the mechanical energy from water to generate electricity?
Which resource is used in burning of trash and wood materials to make electricity?
Which resource uses Uranium atoms to split using Fusion to create electricity?
Which resource uses the burning of coal, oil, and natural gas to create elelctricity?
Which resource uses the Earth's heat to create electricity?
Which resource is not limited by its location and a powerplant can be built in any locations?
Which resource does not use chemical energy to start the elecrticity making process?
Tectonic plates consist of
The deep interior of the Earth can be mapped using
The layer of rock that comprises 67% of Earth’s mass
The layer of Earth made mostly of iron
The thin, solid outermost layer above the mantle
The rigid layer made up of crust and upper mantle
The layer made of solid rock that slowly flows
The lower part of the mantle
Wegener thought that all the continents were once together in one large continent called
New oceanic lithosphere forms as a result of
Evidence for sea-floor spreading has come from
Hypothesis that states that the continents were once one large mass that broke apart
Process that takes place at mid-ocean ridges
Part of molten rock at mid-ocean ridges
Process of Earth’s magnetic poles changing places
Items that provide evidence that the continents were once closer together
To arouse curiosity
capable of being touched or felt
fearful of what may be coming
to gain by coaxing or flattering
to seperate out; to sort out what is useful
to go beyond limits; violate a law
added; additional
to flow away from the shore of seawater; brought in by the tide
not easily described
clear the senses or mind
Why is cell division important?
Which of the following is in the correct order for the cell cycle?
What is the result of mitosis?
In this phase of the cell cycle DNA replicates and the cell prepares for cell division.
In this phase of Mitosis the nucleolus fades and the chromatin condenses into chromosomes.
In this stage of mitosis the chromosomes line up in the center of the cell.
In this stage of Mitosis the chromosomes separate and move towards the poles.
In this stage of Mitosis the daughter chromosomes arrive at the poles and spindle fibers disappear.
During this part of mitosis the cytoplasm divides forming two daughter cells.
Remember to study what each stage looks like. That will be on your quiz. Choose letter A
Sedimentary rocks are the ONLY rocks to have _________.
What is the acronym to remember the formation of sedimentary rocks?
What are sediments composed of?
We Eat Dark Chocolate Cake means _____________.
In the process of erosion, sediments are ___________.
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What happens when a candle burns?
The flow of thermal energy is called….
All molecules that are organic contain which element?
What type of bond does carbon form with other atoms?
How many covalent bonds does each carbon atom form?
Which describes the rate of organic reactions?
Which process occurs when organic molecules are reacted with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and water?
What influence does increasing the number of carbons in a hydrocarbon chain have on its boiling point?
Which family of hydrocarbons are saturated?
Unsaturated hydrocarbons have at least one
Molecules that have the same number of carbons and hydrogens but are arranged at different locations along the chain are called
What type of reaction adds a halogen gas to the end of a hydrocarbon molecule?
What type of reaction adds two halogen gases to the interior an alkene molecule?
Benzene is an example of what type of hydrocarbon molecule?
Which process occurs when you combine two alcohols with sulfuric acid as a dehydrating agent?
Which process occurs when you combine an alcohol and an organic acid with sulfuric acid as a dehydrating agent?
Etherification and etherification are both types of dehydration synthesis reactions. They both link substituted hydrocarbons together by removing which molecule?
What type of organic reaction occurs when glucose or fructose breaks down into ethanol and carbon dioxide?
What are the two reactants required for saponification?
What type of reaction occurs when many monomers are joined together?
C3H8 is a
C4H8 is
What is a ionic bond?
What is a ion?
What is a Anion?
What is a Cation?
What is a Covalent bond?
What is the bond of a covalent bond between?
Which is not a step of naming covalent compounds?
What is one thing you should while you are naming bonds?
What is the prefix for the number 7?
What is the prefix for the number 5?
In comparison to Byzantium, the Latin West before 1000 c.E.
Which of the following was NOT a factor that left the western part of the Roman Empire more vulnerable to collapse than the eastern half at the end of the fourth century c.E.?
In the seventh century c.E., the Byzantine Empire lost large swaths of its territory along the coast of North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean to
The Byzantine Empire
The Byzantine state
After 500 c.E. the Byzantine Empire was substantially weakened by invasions by all EXCEPT which of the following?
Which of the following was a feature of Byzantine society adopted by the Rus?
In Western Europe after the collapse of the Roman Empire in 476 c.E.,
Even after the collapse of the Roman Empire, much that was classical or Roman persisted in Western Europe because
With regard to the conversion of Western Europe to Christianity,
Which of the following was NOT a similarity between the establishment of Buddhism in China and Christianity in Western Europe?
A feature of the High Middle Ages in Western Europe was
With regard to women, the growth of cities in Western Europe after 1000
Which of the following was a long-term impact of the crusades?
In the long term, the crusading movement by Western Europeans
A good example of Europeans building on rather than just borrowing technologies from other civilizations is
When scholars refer to Western Europe as a “hybrid civilization,” they are referring to the combination, after the collapse of the Roman Empire, of elements of
The political culture of post-Roman Western Europe possessed all EXCEPT which of the following?
In Western Europe, the multicentered political system made up of competing states and a three-way struggle for power within states between kings, warrior aristocrats, and Church leaders resulted in
What is the chemical formula for a hydronium ion?
What causes hydronium ions to be formed in water?
Which one is a proton acceptor?
Which one forms a hydroxide ion when added to water?
Solution is another name for a
What is the chemical formula for a hydroxide ion?
Which one cannot be used to measure the pH of a solution?
A solution with a pH of 8 is how many more times basic than a solution with a pH of 6?
An indicator is used to measure the
Which number is a possible pH for a solution that contains more hydroxide ions than hydronium ion8s?
Dilute is a term that is used to describe the
Adding more solute to a solution changes the
Homogeneous mixture is another name for a
Matter that is always composed of the same combination of atoms is a
Solutions and heterogeneous mixtures have
Dividing the mass of the solute by the volume of the solution tells you the
Which item could be separated into its component parts only by using a chemical change?
As the concentration of hydroxide atoms in a solution increases, its pH
What refers to how much can dissolve?
An indicator is used to measure the
Saturated is a term used to describe
Dilute is a term used to describe
Evaporation, a physical change, could be used to separate the components of a(n)
A pH meter contains electrodes that are sensitive to the
For something to be classified as a substance rather than a mixture, its component parts must be
An indicator shows a solution's pH by changing
Temperature and pressure are two factors that can change the
What tells us how much solute has dissolved?
Which is not a way that mixtures are different from compounds?
Which phrase describes the parts of a heterogeneous mixture but not the parts of a solution?
Which of these is a noun?
Which of these is an adjective?
Which of these is an adverb?
Which of these is a verb?
Which of these is a preposition?
Which one of these is a noun?
Which one of these is a pronoun?
Which one of these is a verb?
Which one of these is an adverb?
Which one of these is a proper noun?
What is water found below Earth's surface?
What is it called when a stream deposits sediment in a fan-shaped pattern?
What is a large mass of moving ice?
What can form when groundwater dissolves rock?
What is a flat area caused by moving water that erodes and deposits sediments?
What is irregular landscape that forms on soluble rock?
What is a circular depression that forms when the roof of a cave falls in?
What is a fan-shaped sediment deposit that forms on dry land?
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Answers by Educators Question Database
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In the process of cementation, the sediments are _________.
After sediments are dropped off or deposited at the bottom of a river, what happens?
In what process do sedimentary rocks form layers or strata?
When a rock is exposed to wind, rain, snow, and ice, it is in what process?
Fossils are found in what type of rock?
Develop thrifty habits can help you
Many people change their spendining habits in order to
To manage your money wisely, you must balance your
It's all right to spend money on extra things if you can
If a clerk makes ____________ with your money, good financial records can help you prove it.
You can make a ____________ when you put money into your bank account.
A budget is a spending plan that can help you
Cash sent through the mail can easily be
If you have a checking account, the bank will send your statement showing all your montly
An example of a necessary expense is
a double membrane barrier that surrounds the nucleus, also called the nuclear membrane.
a dense, central body in most cells containing the genetic material of the cell
Small “openings” in the nuclear envelope that allow for substances to pass through.
Small spherical bodies in the cell nucleus; function in ribosome assembly.
The structures in the nucleus that carry the hereditary factors (genes)
“bar-like” bodies of tightly coiled chromatin; visible during cell division
Membrane that encloses cell contents; outer limiting membrane
substance that is attracted to water
substance that avoids water
anchoring junctions in adjacent cells; prevent cells from being pulled apart
Proteins that connect neighboring cells in gap junctions
the substance of a cell other than that of the nucleus and plasma membrane; contains organelles
the fluid in the cytoplasm that suspends the organelles
the rod-like cytoplasmic organelles responsible for ATP generation
the cytoplasmic organelles at which proteins are synthesized
the protein “packages” that leave the golgi apparatus for transportation to the cell exterior
the membranous sacs responsible for detoxification of poisonous substances; plentiful in the liver and kidneys
the membranous sacs packaged by the golgi apparatus which contain digestive enzymes capable of breaking down “worn-out” cell structures
the elaborate network of protein structures throughout the cytoplasm; provides the cell with structure, shape and support
The nucleoplasm and the cytosol; solution inside of the cell containing small amounts of gases, nutrients and salts dissolved in water.
what does the P in P.I.E. mean
what does the I in P.I.E mean
what does the E in P.I.E mean
Name the only star in our solar system.
__________ is the smallest planet in our solar system.
Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars are the ...
Jupiter is know as the ____________ planet.
Our moon is a full moon when we actually see _________ of it.
When Earth is between the Sun and Moon, there may be a _______ eclipse.
One Earth revolution around the sun takes ____.
Earth has a strong _________ that protects us.
Which planet can support life?
The outer planets are much __________ than the inner planets.
If two teams are playing tug-o-war and Team A pulls with a force of 50 Newtons, and Team B pulls with a force of 70 Newtons, what will the outcome be?
How much force is needed to stop a bus moving 300 Newtons West.
Sodium carbonate is used to soften water. Its formula is Na2CO3. Which element is not in the formula?
What instrument is used to measure force?
Which statement best describes Newton's 3rd law of motion?
Accroding to the laws of motion, motion will only occur if the force is---
When Sally went sky diving, she first jumped from the airplane, then released her parachute to slow her fall. Why does the parachute slow Sally's fall?
A basketball bouncing off the gym floor is an example of which law?
According to Newton's 1st law (inertia) an object will stay in motion unless a force acts on it. What type of force must act on the object to make it move?
Which formula represents Newton's 2nd law of motion?
Force is a--
Velocity is--
Which example is best describing friction?
A track is 400 m around. If it takes a person 200 seconds to run one lap, how fast did they run the lap?
The fastest train in the world moves at 500 km/hr. How far will it go in 2 hours?
The unit used to measure force is--
2H4O In this chemical formula, how many Hydrogen atoms are present?
All elements in the same group have--
In a chemical reaction between (KSO4) and (CaCl2) which element cannot be on the PRODUCT side?
Protons are found--
What is the process used by plants and other autotrophs to capture light energy and use it to power chemical reactions that convert CO2 and water into O2 and energy-rich carbohydrates?
What is the organelle found in cells of plants and some other organisms that captures the energy from sunlight and converts it into chemical energy?
What are the principal pigment of plants and other photosynthetic organisms?
What is Adenosine triphosphate; the compound used by cells to store and release energy?
What is the set of reactions in photosynthesis that use energy from light to produce ATP and NADPH?
What are also called the Calvin cycle; the set of reactions in photosynthesis that do NOT require light energy?
What are clusters of chlorophyll and proteins found in thylakoids?
What are cluster of proteins that span the cell membrane and allow H+ ions to pass through it?
What are organisms that obtain food by consuming living things; also called a consumer?
What are organisms that are able to capture energy from sunlight or chemicals and use it to produce its own food; also called a producer?
What is the Light-independent reactions of photosynthesis in which energy from ATP and NADPH is used to build high-energy compounds such as sugar?
What is The second stage of cellular respiration in which pyruvic acid is broken down into carbon dioxide to produce ATP?
What is the first stage of cellular respiration in which a molecule of glucose is broken down into two molecules of pyruvic acid and ATP?
What is a Process that requires oxygen?
What is a Process that does not require oxygen?
What is series of events in which a cell grows, prepares for division, and divides to form two daughter cells?
What is part of eukaryotic cell division during which the cell nucleus divides?
What is the division of the cytoplasm to form two separate daughter cells?
What is the period of the cell cycle between cell divisions?
What is one of a group of external regulatory proteins that stimulate the growth and division of cells?
. Any animal that at some point during development had a notochord, a dorsal nerve cord and pharyngeal pouches is considered to be a _________.
The system in fish that runs along the length of their body and allows them to feel slight vibrations in water is called:
A notochord is:
In vertebrates, the dorsal nerve cord develops into the _________ and ________.
A _____________ is a set of bones or cartilage that surrounds the dorsal nerve cord.
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The main language spoken in Australia is:
Where did the Aborigines originate from?
Which of the following is important to the Aboriginal culture?
What do the natives of Australia have in common with those of Latin America?
Which natural resource is important to Australia's economy?
Which is an example of a capital good?
Most economies have characteristics of both market and command so we call them
Aborigines made economic decisions based on customs and beliefs. This is an example of a
Which has helped Australia have a high GDP?
How are tariffs and quotas alike?
Which is a tax on foreign goods?
What currency is used in Australia?
Which of the following is a way that a company can invest in capital goods?
Who sets the price for goods in Australia?
What do the economic systems of Australia, Brazil, Mexico, and Canada have in common?
The government of Australia is...
What is 1 x 2?
What is 3x2?
What is 2 x 2?
What is 7 x 2?
What is 0 x 2?
What is 10 x 2?
What is 4 x 2?
What is 12 x 2?
What is 11 x 2?
What is 6 x 2?
What is 9 x 2?
What is 8 x 2?
Bonus question: What is 13 x 2?
Bonus question: What is 1,000,000 x 0?
Bonus Question: What is 4 x 5?
Bonus Question: Who is your favorite staff member?
What is the largest mountain range in the world that has the highest mountain peak (Mt. Everest) and is a natural barrier between South and East Asia?
What river flows mostly through Pakistan and into the Arabian Sea and is part of a water war between India and Pakistan in the region of Kashmir?
What is the longest river in China that is also called the Chiang Jiang River that is very polluted and where they are building the Three Gorges Dam project?
What large bay is located east of India and also borders Bangladesh and Myanmar and is fed by the Ganges and Brahmaputra Rivers?
What is the name of the sea that borders China, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia?
What river in India is considered holy and sacred to all Hindus and is a location of high population density?
What river in China known as the Huang He River flows east into the Yellow Sea and is nicknamed “China’s Sorrow” for its destructive floods throughout history?
What Ocean borders Indonesia, Myanmar, India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan and is the source of summer monsoon rains?
What sea along the east coast of China is fed by the Huang He River?
The Aryan people from Central Asia migrated south to the Indus River Valley and then to the Ganges River. The Aryans are responsible for spreading what religion in India?
The main elements used in Carbohydrates and Lipids are:
Lipids are mainly used as a(n) _________ molecule
Which of the following is NOT a polymer of glucose?
Lipid bilayers are created from:
A macromolecule is composed of smaller units called:
A(n) ____________ is a basic unit of a carbohydrate.
Which of the following is NOT a monosaccharide?
what is the name of the polysaccharide that humans are NOT able to digest?
Lipids do NOT mix with water. Another term for this property is that lipids are:
If a lipid molecule is Unsaturated then somewhere in the fatty acid tail, there needs to be a:
Which layer of the earth is made up of tectonic plates?
Scientists are able to study the __________ through active volcanoes.
Scientists believe that the earth’s core is made mostly of __________________.
Which of the following best describes the material that makes up the earth’s asthenosphere?
Which layer has the highest temperature, pressure, and density?
The crust of the earth is made mostly of ________
The layer that makes up most of the earth’s mass and volume is the _________.
Which layers are in a liquid state?
What happens to temperature, density, and pressure as you move from the crust to the core?
Which has the most amount of pressure?
For each of the items below, read the topic sentence and its support point. From the list that follows, choose the specific detail that does not illustrate the support point. Example: Topic sentence: We don't really know which foods promote good hea
Read the following question and select the sentence that should be deleted? Topic sentence: Every person has his or her own eating preferences. Support point: People differ in what they like for breakfast.
Marie awoke before sunrise. 2Rubbing her eyes, she quietly climbed out of bed. 3Marie tiptoed to the kitchen to have breakfast. 4She decided to have toast and jelly instead. Read the sentence. She discovered that her brother had eaten all the cereal.
Ms. Hawkins asked Quadrick to delete the sentence that didn't belong in his paragraph. What does the word delete mean?
Nya was trying to find and another word for the word replacement. Which of the following words below should Nya select?
Leslie was asked to write a narrative about what she did o Spring Break?What is the meaning of the word narrative?
Read the following question and select the sentence that should be deleted? Some people watch carefully what they eat and some don't. Support point: I eat what I please.
Aniya wrote a paper about Abraham Lincoln, however, her teacher told her she needs to improve her conclusion. Which part of her paper will Aniya correct?
Read the following question and select the sentence that should be deleted? Topic sentence: There's more involved in dieting than just eating the right foods. Support point: I can never keep eating correctly after the diet is over
Read the following question and select the sentence that should be deleted? Topic sentence: A person's food preferences can change. Support point: I seem to be acquiring a taste for some vegetables.
Which is a complex sentence?
Which is a complex sentence?
Which sentence below is a complex sentence?
Which sentence below is a complex sentence?
Which sentence does not use a subordinating conjunction?
Which sentence does not use a subordinating conjunction?
Which sentence does not use a subordinating conjunction?
Which of the following words is not a subordinating conjunction ?
Which of the following words is not a subordinating conjunction?
Which of the following words is a subordinating conjunction?
You feel warm when you stand under a heat lamp because energy moves to you by _____.
Near the ceiling of a room the air is warmer. The warm air rises because of _______________.
Earth receives energy from the sun by…
What method of heat transfer is occurs between a hot liquid in a cup and a metal spoon sitting inside it?
You have four containers full of water. The water in each contains is at the same temperature. Which container has the greatest thermal energy?
In what direction does heat move?
Which of these is the best conductor?
What kinds of energy are released by a light bulb?
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Answers by Educators Question Database
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Which of the following lists includes the three classes of fishes?
What type of fish was dissected in class?
What is the stage of inactivity Amphibians enter during the summermonths.
Amphibians have a two-habitat life cycle which makes them a good _______.
The enlarged finger on the foreleg for grasping in mating is found:
In reptiles with toes modified for “suction cups” what causes the suction force?
Today __________ has had a very negative impact on the number of reptilian species.
The most important adaptation for reptiles is the
Concerning frog anatomy, the tympanum is the
Where are most amphibian species located in the world?
Frogs, toads, newts and salamanders are all examples of what?
Both frogs and toads return to water to reproduce; their swimming larvae are called
The frog organ that has two atria and one ventricle is the
The digits of the frog are webbed on the
The forelegs of the frog are __________ the hind legs.
Fused collarbones in birds, also known as a wishbone, are called:
Birds do this once or twice a year to shed feathers and replace them with new ones.
Birds are known to survive in virtually all known environments. To which class do they belong?
Feathers are modified _________ used for flight and conserving body heat.
This habit birds practice involves rubbing their feathers with oil using their beaks.
In mammals, oxygen and nutrients are transferred from the mother’s blood, through the _______, to the blood of the unborn animal.
Most mammal species are ____________, which means that the females carry young in uterus and give birth to live young.
Female mammals secrete milk from ___________ to feed newborns.
An example of a flightless, swimming bird is a
Which of the following is an example of a perching or songbird?
the amount of space that an object takes up
the concentration of matter in a object
the amount of matter in an object
other types of energy that do not use fossil fuels
the process by which a gas changes back into a liquid
the process by which a liquid changes into a gas
a fuel made from living things
energy from the sun
heat energy from inside the earth
the energy of moving water used to make electricity
Metamorphic rocks are formed when rocks are exposed to ___________________.
All metamorphic rocks were once _____________.
The metamorphic rock, marble, began as _________________.
The metamorphic rock, slate, began as ______________.
The metamrophic rock, quartzite, began as _____________.
The metamorphic rock, gneiss, began as ______________.
The prefix meta means ____________.
The sufix morph means __________________.
Which statement is NOT true about metamorphic rocks?
Some metamorphic rocks exhibit stratations. What causes this?
This person claimed it was possible to build a republic of virtue by means of what came to be known as the Reign of Terror.
Out of fear for their own safety, members of this group finally put an end to the Reign of Terror.
This was a radical group, named for the style of breeches its members wore.
This was invented to further humane goals, though often used in contradiction to such goals.
This is the name of the government body that replaced the National Assembly.
This describes the most conservative members of the Legislative Assembly.
In what year did Napoleon seize control of the government and assume dictatorial powers?
In what year did Napoleon sell the Louisiana Territory to the United States?
Which event happened earliest?
Which of the following events was the latest to occur?
Napoleon was able to maintain the Empire at its greatest extent for ___.
Napoleon's career finally ended in ___.
What geographic advantage helped Britain resist conquest?
About what percent of France's population belonged to the First and Second Estates?
An important aspect of Napoleon's character was his unwillingness to accept defeat. What action best shows that trait?
As a result of actions taken by the Congress of Vienna, the monarchy was restored on the basis of legitimacy in
During the Reign of Terror, who was safe from the guillotine?
How did Admiral Nelson defeat the French-Spanish fleet in the Battle of Trafalgar?
How did Great Britain react to the Continental System?
In what way did the bourgeoisie differ from other members of the Third Estate?
The accomplishments of the Congress of Vienna included all of the following EXCEPT
The action of Napoleon's that caused the greatest human losses was ___
The actions of the Congress of Vienna helped to generate an independence movement in
The person most responsible for the accomplishments of the Congress of Vienna was
What did Klemens von Metternich NOT want to accomplish at the Congress of Vienna?
What does the word plebiscite mean?
What happened on July 14, Bastille Day?
What issue arose after the king called for the Estates-General to meet?
What issue led to the first meeting of the Estates-General in 175 years?
What major geographical advantage did Alexander I have over Napoleon's Grand Army?
What strategy did Czar Alexander I use to defeat Napoleon in Russia?
What was Napoleon able to accomplish during peacetime?
What was one important consequence of the Battle of Trafalgar?
About what percentage of France's population belonged to the Third Estate?
What was one important effect resulting from the political changes made at the Congress of Vienna?
What was the main goal of the participants in the Congress of Vienna?
Which document stated that men are born and remain free and equal in rights?
Which goal was NOT stated in the slogan of the Revolution?
Which group finally forced Robespierre from power?
Which group imposed the Reign of Terror?
Which group most strongly embraced the ideals and principles of the Enlightenment?
Which of the following did Napoleon NOT accomplish?
Which of the following is an accurate description of the tax system in France in the years preceding the French Revolution?
Which of the following traits did Napoleon NOT possess?
Which of the following was an important goal of the Congress of Vienna?
Which of the following was NOT a reason for Napoleon to sell the Louisiana Territory?
Who was the most influential leader at the Congress of Vienna?
Why did the National Assembly lose the support of many French peasants?
Just before being beheaded, this person suggested that his severed head would be well worth seeing.
This radical revolutionary was fatally stabbed by another revolutionary.
This person wrote a strong response to A Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen because it did not give the same rights to women that it gave to men.
This refers to the nobles who fled France but still hoped to restore the monarchy.
This describes the most radical members of the Legislative Assembly.
A1, C3, D22 are known as
All formula must begin with
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Slope is defined as
North is
What are the three branches of Virginia's government?
Which Branch is headed by the Governor?
Which Branch is headed by the General Assembly?
Which Branch is headed by Virginia's Supreme Court?
Which branch makes Virginia's laws?
Which branch upholds and enforces Virginia's laws?
Which Branch decides if a law breaks Virginia's Constitution or not?
Which branch decides cases against people accused of breaking the law?
Which branch would you contact if you wanted to pass a law allowing hunting on Sundays?
The current head of this branch of Virginia's government is Terry McCaullife.
How did Greece's physical geography influence its early civilizations?
Which of the following describes the epics The Iliad and the Odyssey?
The proper order of government types in ancient Greece is which of the following?
In general, Greeks worshiped...
Which of the following statements best describes citizens of Athens and other Greek city-states?
Compared to some modern cities, Rome was...
The difference between poor and wealthy people in Rome was...
Jesus taught that God...
Constantine believed that the Christian god...
Which of the following describes the helots of Sparta?
Mecca lay on a trade route on the edge of the desert that takes up most of...
In the earliest days of the Roman Republic plebeians...
Rome enjoyed peace and prosperity
Besides communication, one of the main purposes of Incan roads was to..
To honor the gods, the Mayas held grate...
The Incas constructed paved roads, massive walls, and mountaintop buildings out of closely fitted...
How did the Incas keep records?
Which term describes the theory that colonies exist solely to increase the wealth of the Home Country?
Which statement does Not describe a part of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787?
In the late 1600's and early 1700's which of the following formed a physical barrier to westward expansion
The Compromise of 1850 created regional differences in the US based on which characteristics?
Which statement describes one way that industrialization changed settlement patterns in the US?
Which of the following statements would a member of Alexander Hamilton's political party most likely agree?
What was the significance of the Land Ordinance of 1785?
Which president is responsible for passing the Indian Removal Act?
Which event demonstrates the principal of Manifest Destiny?
Which phrase best describes the main idea found in Thomas Pain's pamphlet Common Sense
What was the VA company's main purpose for founding a settlement in Jamestown?
Which good was NOT exported from the New England Colonies to England?
Which of the following excerpts defends the enlightenment principals of natural rights?
From the British perspective what was the major purpose of the Stamp Act?
Imagine that you are a patriot living in Boston in the 1770's. Which of the following would anger you the most?
Which branch of government makes laws?
Which of the following is an electrolyte?
A substance whose water solution does NOT conduct a current is a(n)
Molecules whose water solutions conduct current
Which of the following does NOT increase the rate of dissolving a solid in water?
Which of the following decreases the average speed of solvent molecules?
Which of the following will dissolve most rapidly?
What is Henry’s Law?
What is an example of Henry’s Law?
Deep sea divers may experience a condition called what?
Liquids and solids exhibit practically no change in solubility with changes in
An application of Henry’s Law is the administration of anesthetic
What are the three types of solutions for a solubility curve?
What exactly does a solubility curve show?
Concentration is defined as
The concentration of a solution is its
The _______ moles you have per liter means the ______ _________ the solution will be. The ________ moles you have per liter means the _______ _________ the solution will be.
Calculate the Molarity of a solution that has 2.3 moles dissolved in 4.6 liters total
How many moles of CuSO4 ⋅ 5H2O are in 0.8 L of a 0.6 M solution?
Asexually produced offspring are genetically
Each body cell of a goldfish contains 94 chromosomes. Howmany chromosomes are contained in a goldfish sex cell?
Compared to the amount of hereditary information in a human body cell, how much hereditary information is contained in a human sex cell?
Some one-celled organisms can reproduce by the process of
In animal skin tissue, cell division is responsible for
In a one-celled organism, cell division is responsible for
The main function of the human digestive system is to
What is the main function of the circulatory system?
The interaction of the skeletal and muscular systems to produce locomotion is coordinated by which human body system?
Which human organ system produces most of the hormones that regulate body functions?
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