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Good hair hygiene means using only your own
Which of the following is not the best way to get rid of a pimple?
Which of the following is not a reason to see a dentist?
Which of the following is not a way to cure acne?
Hygiene has to do with your
If you have a flasky scalp, you have
If you have acne, you have
To annihilate something means to
A dermatoglist is a
Which of the following can cause tooth decay?
Flooded rivers in China left silt deposits. What happened as a result of this?
Two great rivers flow from east to west in China. What does this reveal about the geography of China?
Which of the following best describes how Chinese society changed as a result of the Shang dynasty?
Which of the following shows the social order under the Shang?
(Priests had carved questions about the future on bones or shells, which were then heated, causing them to crack. The priests believed they could “read” these cracks to predict the future.) A scientist today would think that this technique
The Shang were the first people in China to
The Zhou leaders granted land in return for loyalty, military support, and other services. This system was essentially a way to
Confucius stated that moral leadership, not laws, would bring order to China. What does this mean?
Which of the following statements best summarizes the philosophy of Daoism?
Which of the following shows that Shi Huangdi was a follower of Legalism?
The Food Pyramid adies you t oeat a greater daily amount from the
The Food Pyramid recommends that you eat the lesser daily amount from the
If you're looking for calcium, you'll find it in foods within the
A vegetarian is a person
The USDA stands for
In a recipe, the abbreviation tbsp, stands for
The FDA is the
The abbreviation DV stands for
Which of the following is true?
To get a _______________ you must choose food from the six major food groups.
Which of the folloiwng events starts the world wide depression in 1929?
Which dictator rises to power in Germany before WWII?
Which dictator rises to power in Italy prior to WWII?
Which dictator rises to power in the Soviet Union prior to WWII?
Which of the following directly leads to WWII?
What was the name of Hitler's political party?
Why were the Nazi's able to gain power in Germany?
What are payments to countries for losses and damages in war?
Which group revolted against Czar Nicholas?
Which would not describe life in the trenches during WWI?
Studying fossils has helped scientists learn that
Which is the smallest unit of geologic time
When looking at the layers of sedimentary rock what can you conclude about their ages
What do scientists use to divide the geologic time scale into different divisions
What caused the mass extinction of the dinosaurs
All time before the cambrian explosion of life is called
What feature formed in Michigan after the end of the latest ice age 10000 yearrs ago
What is the largest division of time on the geologic time scale
What formed in the atmosphere that allowed life to evolve on land
Human history makes up
Who is considered the father of modern geology
Who died in Greenland trying to find evidence for his theory of continental drift
Who used mathematical formulas to calculate the age of the Earth as 20 million years old
What is the name of the supercontinent that triggered Earths first cataclysm called snowball earth
200 million years from now a new supercontinent may form. What is it called
A crater was discovered as evidence for the meteor that struck the Earth killing the dinosaurs. Where is this crater
When did the last ice age end
Africa and Europe are colliding creating which mountains
What geologic period had huge swamps and produced the fossil fuels we burn today
How long do we have before the earth will cool off and plate tectonics will stop causing earth to die
What is NOT a valid explanation of why societies have laws?
Thang grabs 18-year-old Dylan after school and beats him up. If a criminal charge is brought against Thang, who would bring it?
Thang grabs 18-year-old Dylan after school and beats him up. If a civil case is brought against Thang, who would bring it?
When actually drafting laws, what advice does not apply?
What are higher courts that people who lose a trial can ask to review and change the result of the trial?
Which statement is NOT true about the United Nations?
Which of the following is the best exapmle of advocacy?
Voting is a(n)
What is NOT a requirement for registering to vote in US elections?
Sam and T'Andre have an argument. They get together to talk about how they can resolve the dispute. This is an example of...
Which of the following describes mediation?
The Sixth Amendment to the US Constitution requires that juries...
What statement is NOT true about the US Supreme Court?
Which of the following includes your First Amendment rights?
Which of the following is an example of motive?
What is NOT true about suicide in the US?
Martin has sexual intercourse with a 25-year old developmentally disabled woman, who is not capable of consenting to sex. Martin has committed
Property crimes include all of the following EXCEPT
Jane, 21 years of age, has been dating 15 year old Lo for three weeks. They have sex with each other. Jane is guilty of
Vishwa handles the student organization funds. He secretly takes $150 for his own use. He has committed ...
Shinone climbs in through Tom's window in order to take back the CD player she had given him when they were dating. Shinone has committed...
A person can be found guilty of receiving stolen property if he or she...
A recent scientific and technological development allows _______ evidence to help prove the defendent is guilty.
What statement about defenses to crimes is FALSE?
Tom pulls out a gun after Sam threatens him with a knife; Sam drops the knift. Tom then shoots Sam. He ...
Prosecutors must prove that young defendants understand the difference between right and wrong before proceeding with a prosecution. This is because...
Chang kills Hector. Which defense could not be used?
A court order commanding a person to be taken into custody is a(n)
Law enforcement may use deadly force during a felony arrest when the suspect...
Failure to give Miranda warnings means that...
Answers by Educators Question Database
Taking heavy casualties the Brigade, with most of the 19th attached to it took the Great ____.
For western ____ of the globe had been on for the best part of the last three centuries.
The book concludes by exploring the implications of these findings for theological scholarship, in particular Old testament ____.
It's a painting of the ____, from, I think, the Renaissance.
The logic of biological disarmament requires an absolute ____ of biological warfare.
The guarantee of minority rights is the mark of a genuinely democratic ____.
It seemed ____ to check the Third and Second Divisions rather than to further complicate the situation with our presence.
Kings forbade their noblemen from forming alliances with other ____.
His naturally ____ nature made it very easy for him to transfer into politics.
They are the oldest surviving ____ in Britain and consist of a crown, a sword and a scepter.
Constance assumed the ____ for Frederick II, their son.
The first ____, Lord Canning, was appointed to govern British India.
What is the Exploration period known for?
What is an instrument that shows directions?
What is a long journey by water or through space?
What did Europeans call the land found by Columbus and his crew?
Who claimed land in Canada for France in 1534?
Which explorer proved that the world was round?
Why did people become explorers?
Marco Polo is to China as Columbus is to the ______?
Where was Vaco da Gama from?
When Columbus reached the coast of America, where did he think he was?
I’m happy to say that working at the day care center turned out to be a wonderful experience? What is the meaning of the word experience?
The police used the fingerprints they found to identify who the bank robbers were. What is the meaning of the word identify?
People who feel negative about themselves often have trouble making friends. What is the meaning of the word negative?
My ideas for the baby shower were boring and unexciting, but Carla’s were interesting and original? What is the meaning of the word original?
My little nephew produces the loudest snores I have ever heard? What is the meaning of the word produces?
Whenever she gets upset or feels tension, Jane takes a hot bath. What is the meaning of the word tension?
Sarah used her money very sparingly. What is the meaning of the word sparingly?
Small towns are known for have sparse populations. What is the meaning of the word sparse?
.The students were not able to under the dialogue of the Native Americans. What is the meaning of the word dialogue?
What is the meaning of the word comprehension?
Camille is developing a rate card for advertising space in her school's yearbook. Which of the following layouts is the most expensive for advertisers to purchase?
A primary reason that sport/event marketers sell advertising space in their programs is to
Rachel is selling program advertisements for a marching band competition that her high school is hosting. Which of the following sales prospects is most likely to purchase ad space in the program?
When selling advertising space in sport/event programs, it is important for marketers to give their customers the
To sell advertising space in an event program, the first thing Kyle should do is
To increase revenue, professional baseball and football teams often sell advertising that appears
Which of the following is a consideration when implementing a ticket sales campaign:
Sales promotion is a major part of sport/event marketing because
When you ask, What does this sales promotion offer to customers? which step in the process of generating out-of-the-box sales promotion ideas are you completing?
When you ask, How will my customers receive this sales promotion? which step in the process of generating out-of-the-box sales promotion ideas are you completing?
Brian needs to generate some out-of-the-box sales promotion ideas for a tennis tournament. He's not sure how to start, but he know that the tournament's marketers want to reach the 18-to-35-year-old crowd. How is Brian prepared for inspiration?
One of the features of sports events such as football games is that they are
What is the first thing you should understand when setting out to develop out-of-the-box sales promotion ideas for your game/event?
Which of the following is one of the main features of a sport product:
Which of the following would come next in order from the sun: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, _____
Which of these choices correctly lists planets from largest to smallest?
A solar eclipse can occur when
A lunar eclipse occurs when
The Gulf of Mexico is a current of water that moves away from the equator towards the poles. Areas near the Gulf of Mexico are most likely
A characteristic of gaseous planets is that they have
The asteroid belt is located between
Which planet do scientists think once had surface water or flowing rivers?
Venus is completely enveloped in clouds that hide its surface from view on Earth. Which statement is also true about these clouds?
A hurricane-type cloud known as the Great Red Spot can be found on which planet?
Water has a Ph of
The pH scale
A base tastes bitter, feels slippery, and does not react w/carbonates to produce CO2.
A substance that turns different colors in an acid or a base is a(an)
When a base reacts with an acid, the products of the reaction are water and a(an)
Acids turn
Bases turn
lemon juice is a
Milk is a
Baking soda is a
What is a step in the sales presentation process that salespeople should prepare for in advance?
When preparing for a sales presentation, a salesperson decides to greet a prospective customer by asking if she would like to save money on office supplies. This is often called the _______________ approach.
Why should salespeople create favorable impressions during the initial contact with sport/event customers?
When writing a script for a sales presentation, a salesperson should use language that is
When planning for a presentation, salespeople should develop scripts to
Which of the following selling options is one that sport/event marketers are most likely to use to reach individual season ticket holders:
When preparing handout for a sales presentation, it is important for a salesperson to know the __________ of the audience.
In precall planning, the salesperson focuses on learning more about the
When customizing a presentation, the salesperson determines a prospect's needs by developing a
A sports marketer has developed a sales packet that contains a team brochure, schedule, and a season ticket application. Why should all of the materials have the same basic appearance?
What is a benefit of establishing good relationships with sport/event customers and fans?
To develop long-term relationships with fans, professional sport teams should
A lottery system is an equitable way of selling tickets to school alumni when the demand for college football tickets
How can sport/event marketers establish positive relationships with their customers/clients?
The atmosphere of Venus consists of thick yellow clouds formed mostly from
Why does the amount of daylight change during the course of the year?
Daylight in the Northern Hemisphere lasts longer in summer than in winter, and the change in the length of day happens in a predictable pattern. Which statement correctly explains this condition of Earth's environment?
How does the number of hours of daylight compare to the number of hours of darkness on March 20,the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere?
Which planet is characterized by thick cloud cover, greenhouse effect, vast planins, and high mountains?
Which planet is characterized by polar ice caps, a pink sky, a rust-colored surface, large volcanoes, and surface channels (old river beds)?
Which planet has a great red spot and many moons
The ozone layer in Earth's upper atmosphere is important to living organisms because it
Earth is tilted 23.5 degrees on its axis and revolves around the sun creating seasons. What angle would Earth's tilt need to be in order for there to be no seasons?
Which planet is closer to the Sun than Earth is to the Sun?
Blood Cells
Simple Squamous
This type of tissue is most abundant by weight in the body.
This structure acts as a partial barrier between the epithelial cell and the underlying connective tissue
The only type of voluntary muscle is
Type of membrane found in joints
This greatly increases absorption of nutrients
Part of the epithelium that creates protection from water
Epithelial tissue found in glands
Autonomic is one type of this tissue
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is the amount of money paid to the court to ensure that the defendant returns for the next court appearance?
Plea bargaining benefits the prosecutor by...
Who is mostly likely to object to plea bargaining?
What does not happen to the accused at booking?
Adult defendants who are disruptive in court may have their right to confront witnesses restricted by all of the following EXCEPT
martial arts
ice skating
The Three Strikes Law...
JJ was sentenced to die for the rape of a woman. His sentence...
What is not a requirement for a formal marriage?
Marriage is a(n) ________ between two persons who agree to live as husband and wife.
Sasha had her marriage to Jacob annulled. When she lists her martial status on an employment form, she can say she is ...
One requirement for a common-law marriage is...
To prove strict liability, one must prove...
To which activity does strict liability NOT apply?
What are class action lawsuits?
Any property that a person owned before marrying ...
Why are biomes classified by their vegetation?
What is a biome?
What adaptations of plants allow them to survive in a particular biome?
How do ecologists group ecosystems?
What is climate?
True or false: most organisms can adapt quickly to live in different ranges of temperatures
True or false: the amount of precipitation an area receives can determine what types of plants can live in that area
What biome has the coldest temperature?
What biome has the warmest temperatures?
What is altitude?
a _____ lists the topics and associated page numbers so your reader can easily locate information
text has to be _______ to be added to a table of contents
which option do you choose to add an item to your table of contents after the table has already been created
table of contents is inserted using which tab?
these provide the reader with further information on a topic
footnotes and endnotes are inserted using which tab?
a footnote is found at the end of the document
an endnote is found at the end of the document
a ______ is a set of rules used to display references in a bibliography
Which of the following is the reference style commonly used at Sunrise?
which of the following is used to give credit to a source of information?
you are typing your paper and use information from a source. What do you do?
a source needs to be in the _____ if you want to cite it in your paper
Which of the following information is NOT asked for when creating a source
A bibliography is most similar to a ______
there is a button under the references tab called Works Cited
Before creating an index you should mark entries for it
The create index button is located on the insert tab
Works cited appear at the ______ of a document while Table of contents appear at the ________
What is the tab, group, and button for inserting an index into your doc?
Power is held by one central authority in a(n):
A voluntary association of independent states is a(n):
Power is shared between different levels of government in a(n):
One person has an unlimited amount of power in a(n):
A small group maintains power over everyone else in a(n):
Supreme power is vested with the people in a(n):
The type of government with the most freedoms for its people is a(n):
Power is held by the legislature in a(n);
The president is constitutionally independent of the legislature in a(n):
A parliamentary democracy is typically led by a:
An economy based on customs and beliefs is a:
Individual citizens make all economic decisions in a:
The government answers all economic questions in a:
A tax placed on imports is a(n):
Both the government and individual citizens answer economic questions in a:
A limit on imports is a(n):
A limit on trade is a(n):
The factories, machinery, and technology used to make others goods are:
The money spent to train and educate citizens on how to use new technology is called:
In order for international trade to be successful, there must be a system of:
If a country invests in human capital and/or capital goods, the GDP will:
14 - 5 =
Answers by Educators Question Database
_______________ is a mixture of stone and cement and was used by Romans as a primary building material.
Who is the greatest teacher?
¿Qué significa hasta?
Traduce: Be nice!
Traduce: We are following
¿Cómo se dice stoplight?
Traduce: She is repeating
What is the command for of poner?
¿Cómo se dice be careful?
Traduce: I am saying
What does Cómo se va...mean?
¿Cómo se dice to be located?
Translate: Ok/agreed
Translate: Wait at the bridge
Traduce: The highway is wide
Traduce: Stop at the corner
Traduce: They are reading
Which behavior can both humans and flatworms do?
Which cell is found in the nervous system?
When an action potential reaches the end of the axon, what happens?
How does an action potential travel through a neuron?
Which of the following statements is the best description of the life cycle of plants such as ferns?
Which structure of a flowering plant produces female reproductive cells, or eggs?
Haploid cells will be found in which two structures of a flowering plant?
In which structure do pollen grains develop?
Which is an example of asexual reproduction in plants?
Which statement is correct about the relationship between bones and muscles?
Which statement accurately states what happens when a muscle contracts?
When is a muscle fully contracted?
What is the primary type of macromolecule in the actin and myosin that make up muscle cells?
Which structure is the interface between the blood systems of a mother and her fetus?
Taxonomy is best defined by which of the following phrases?
Which physical characteristic do scientists use to classify organisms in domain Eukarya?
An organism grows in colonies and is composed of eukaryotic cells. In which domain does this organism belong?
Of the following, which term describes the broadest, most inclusive category of life on earth?
Which characteristic do plants, people, and flatworms share?
Which organelle would you expect to find in the cells of a tree leaf, but not in a bony fish?
Which system do you find in a human, but not in a flatworm?
All cells are dependent on what fuel for energy?
Through which body part do humans take in the energy they need to survive?
Do plants such as ferns need to break down glucose to obtain energy?
Your respiratory system removes which waste product from your body?
Which substances do plants produce as waste products?
Determine the statement that best describes waste removal in a flatworm.
Of the statements below, identify the one that best describes the relationship between plants and oxygen.
If you were a fish, how would you obtain oxygen?
What role does your heart play in delivering oxygen to your body cells?
Most of the student body is on board for this effort, but everyone needs to be. Let’s not send your paper or empty can to the landfill when everyone else’s materials are helping the environment. What tool of persuasion is used in this paragraph?
Furthermore, everyone who is anyone in basketball buys Light Waves Air tennis shoes. Are you “anyone”? Based upon the question that ends the advertisement, what may the reader infer about the use of a tool of persuasion in the advertisement?
What is the meaning of the word bandwagon?
Which word below is used to identify bandwagon?
Which word below will help the reader to identify bandwagon?
Don't be the only kid at school who has to walk around in boring shoes. Get your pair now for just $89.99! Find them in all major shoe stores. How does the ad try to get the reader to buy Sport Ace sneakers?
2. How does the ad try to get the reader to join its group?
You do not want to be known as the school that does not care! Keep the crossing guard and keep your school's reputation as the best. Why does Randy use phrases like The other schools can manage and You do not want to be known as the school that do
Everyone’s doing it! We sure don’t want to be left behind. Vote for the wireless network so our city can keep up with the times! Larry uses phrases like Everybody's doing it and We sure don't want to be left behind because he
What does it mean to persuade?
When Mendeleev arranged the known elements of his day into a table, he found that elements with _____ fell into groups.
Every element has its own atomic number. The atomic number is the number of ____ in the nucleus.
In the modern periodic table, elements are arranged according to increasing ______.
Name the group 2 elements.
Elements in groups 3-12 are called ____.
____ somewhat conducts electricity when exposed to light, so it is used i solar cells and in light meters.
Name the element from the halogen group.
Which of the following grouping belongs to the Representative element group?
Which of the following is a Transition metal?
The electron located in an atom's outermost energy level are called _____.
Einsteinium, Es (99)
Calcium's group # and period #
Boron (5)
What is TRUE about the Alkali metal group and the Alkaline Earth metal group
Hydrogen's group # and period #
Tungsten (74)
Sodium (11)
The group that is HIGHLY reactive with water.
The group that is a great match for bonding with Group 1 (the Alkali metals).
Carbon (6)
Limestone is a sedimentary rock found in South Georgia and North Florida. Limestone is easily weathered and eroded as it contains a mineral that reacts with acid rain and ground water. Which mineral found in limestone easily erodes?
Which of the following most likely results in the formation of a fossil?
What happens to temperature and density from the crust to the core?
Organic matter in soil is made from
Extrusive Igneous rocks have small grains because they
Sandstone is a sedimentary rock that forms by
Limestone (seashell rock) undergoes heat and pressure to form marble. Marble is a ____ rock.
All rocks can be broken apart by humans, weather, and biological activity (plants and animals). What does the rock become when it is broken
All rocks are composed of
Most fossils are found in
To please or satisfy
Inclined to investigate; eager for knowledge
One's relatives; family; kinfolk
The official residence usually provided by a church, for its parson; a rectory
A government grant that gives only the inventor the right to use and sell their invention for a set period of time.
The many-seeded fruit of a western Asian shrub, edible only when cooked
A hospital for recuperation or for the treatment of chronic diseases, or mental illness
A person who has the authoriity to supervise or direct
A state of alarm or dread; apprehension; synonym for fear
To pass out of sight, especially quickly; disapear
The mentor should foster a relationship that is ____to learning.
You could never ____ me to buy a $200 purse because I believe it would be a waste of money.
Newspaper editors should remain objective and not ____ people no matter how disreputable they may be.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
17 - 8 =
12 - 7
15 - 4
12 + 5 =
18 - 9
16 - 9
15 - 4 =
13 - 5 =
18 - 5 =
How many hours of sleep does a three-year-old need per night?
Which of these colors should a three year old not be expected to recognize?
Which of these activities did we suggest for Social Development?
Three year olds don't have any trouble controlling impulses
According to the presentation, what behavior are three year olds beginning to portray when angry or frustrated?
Which of these is not an activity to foster emotional development?
Which of these activities would a three year old enjoy more?
How many hours of sleep does a three-year-old need per night?
Which of these activities did we suggest for Cognitive Development?
It is unhealthey for children to have imaginary friends
What does Paris think has upset Juliet so much?
What is Friar Lawrence's plan for Juliet?
How does Juliet surprise her parents?
How does Capulet react to Juliet's decision
How does Juliet respond to Paris
What does Juliet fear may happen if she drinks the potion?
Why does Juliet think Friar Lawrence may betray her?
Whose ghost does Juliet see before drinking the potion?
Who discovers Juliet seemingly dead body?
Why do the musicians decide to stay at the Capulet house?
The National Guard has been sent to a town to clean up after a flood. The government says that everyone whose house has not been flooded must allow soldiers to stay in their homes.
Maria puts a bumper sticker on her car that says 'I hate the President!' She is pulled over by the police and given a ticket for criticizing the government.
Juan is caught stealing a pack of gum from a gas station. He is fined $10,000 and given a life-sentence in prison.
Congress passes a law that says everyone must worship the sunset. Ana is arrested for refusing to participate.
Alex is accused of a crime but cannot afford a lawyer. The judge says if he can't pay for a lawyer he will have to defend himself.
After a child is accidently injured from a gun, the city concil proclaims that guns are dangerous and will not be allowed in peoples' homes.
Miguel is accused of robbing a bank. He is told he will stay in jail until he confesses that he did it.
Congress passes a law that says states are no longer allowed to make their own laws.
John was recently released from prison after serving time for robbery. One night, the police bust down his door to search his house for stolen property. He asks them for a warrant, but they do not have one. They continue their search.
A reporter discovers that the Governor has been taking bribes. She publishes her story in the newspaper. She is later arrested and convicted for writing bad things about an elected official.
Amy crashed her car into her neighbor's house. The neighbor is suing her for $10,000 worth of damages. Amy was not allowed to have a jury trial.
The city allowed a group of Anti-War protestors to hold a demonstration at a park. They refused to allow a group of Pro-War protestors to hold its demostration at the same park.
Emily was arrested for assault. She was put in jail for two years before being charged by a judge.
Ronald was on trial for stealing in Texas. His trial was held in secret location in California.
A group of 8th-graders sent a letter to the Governor asking him to put an end to the STAAR test. A month later, every student who signed the letter was arrested and charged with being disrespectful to the government.
Of all the rainforests in the world, ____ biomes are hte most wide-spread and are home to the most diversity of plants, animals, and other organisms
Where are topical rain forests located?
This biome has constant warm and humid temperatures all year with a wide variety of plants and animals
T/F The tropical rain forest has soil that is rich in nutrients.
What is the emergent layer?
Where do epiphytes grow?
What is order of the layers of the tropical rain forest, in order from top to bottom?
T/F Tropical rain forests are decreasing in the world.
T/F People do not live in the tropical rain forest
Which layer of the tropical rain forest gets the least amount of sunlight?
Which of the following is NOT a main function of all cells?
During the process of cellular respiration, what molecule is broken down in order to provide energy?
Which is NOT a main body system that is involved in cellular respiration?
Which of the following correctly matches the organelle with its primary function during cellular respiration?
In which step of cellular respiration is glucose broken down into two smaller pyruvate molecules?
Approximately how much net ATP is produced as a result of glycolysis?
The Kreb's Cycle can only occur if oxygen is present
Glycolysis can only occur if oxygen is present
Which of the following are products from the Kreb's Cycle?
Which step in cellular respiration provides the most net ATP for the cell?
The electron carriers NADPH are necessary in order for the electron transport chain to take place.
Approximately how many ATP are produced during the electron transport chain?
Which of the following is a bi-product of fermentation in humans?
The accumulation of lactic acid is the reason why we are out of breath during a workout
Which of the following is a waste product produced as a result of cellular respiration?
Electron Transport Chain can take place if there is no oxygen.
Where does glycolysis occur in the cell?
Where does the Kreb's cycle occur in the cell?
Where does the electron transport chain occur in the cell?
Cellular respiration and photosynthesis both describe a process in which energy is converted into a useable form.
What was the homeland of the ancient Israelites?
What is another name for the Israelites?
What is the belief in many gods?
Where can a history find evidence of the ancient Israelites and their laws?
Which culture/group was the first to develop a monotheistic religion?
What is the promise called that the Israelites believed God made to them?
Who was the first leader of the Israelites?
Who enslaved the Israelites after they departed Canaan?
Who were religious teachers that the Israelites believed spoke for God?
Who drove out the Israelites in 135 AD?
What is the spreading of a group of people throughout the world?
Who were the masters of trade?
What are the set of symbols that represent sounds in a language?
What was a religion that was influenced by Judaism?
What is a belief in one God called?
What was a product that could be found in a bazaar in Tyre?
What product of the city of Tyre was made by using snails?
What was an advantage of the Phoenician alphabet?
Which civilization created an alphabet that made trade easier and is an influence on today's language?
What is the code of law for the Israelites?
Burning of fossil fuels has the greatest impact on the
Carbon is removed from the atmosphere through
Which is the possible path of movement of nitrogen?
Movement of nitrogen from the atmosphere to soil can be accomplished by
This process is responsible for excess nitrogen and phosphorus entering streams and oceans.
Which of the following is contributing to an overload of the carbon cycle?
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What are the three types of radioactivity?
What is radiation?
What can stop Alpha Particles?
What can stop Gamma Rays?
What is the mass and charge of Gamma Rays?
What are the mass and charges of Alpha and Beta particles?
What is the half-life process?
Where does radiation come from?
What is the percentage of a 200 g sample of Nitrogen-16 that decays to 12.5 g in 21.6 s?
Thallium-208 has a half-life of 3.053 min. How long does it take for 120 g to decay to 7.50?
#19- Table sugar and table salt are examples of
#20- Which of the following is NOT an example of a chemical change?
#21- Lemonade consists of several substances that are NOT chemically combined, so lemonade is classified as a(n)
#22- In general, which of the following statements about metals is true?
The period number is also the same number as the
#24- The elements that do not ordinarily form compounds are
Synthetic elements are
the name of the group of elements along the stair shape part of the Periodic Table are
The periodic table is set up according to
Why do some of the symbols not match the name?
# 1- The most reactive metals is _______ in group ____
#2- The density of water is 1g/cmᶾ, 1 gram for every cmᶾ. What is the mass of water with volume of 150cmᶾ?
#3- A temperature change can increase or decrease. Which is the smaller change over ten minutes?
#4- Mitochondria are a bean shaped powerhouse of a cell. It\'s job is?
#5- Endoplasmic reticulum look like a maze leading to the nucleus. What is its fuction?
#6- The nucleus is the brain of the cell. What else is true about the Nucleus.
#7- The Atomic number is the same as the protons and electrons. Which is correct?
#8- Which group is the most reactive with Group 1 elements?
#9-Hydrogen is the first element.
#10- Noble Gases have
#11- A cell membrane is like a window screen because
#12- Co-dominance heredity is when neither is more dominant over the other; an example is?
#13- Meiosis is
#25- A purbred chicken w/white feathers is crossed with a purebred black feathered chicken. Each of the offspring has both black white feathers why?
#16- What are the order of steps for the scientific method?
#17- Why can scientific results be flawed sometimes?
#14 - Newton's first Law of Motion is
#14- What two forces are part of Newton's first Law of Motion?
#14- What is Newton's 2nd Law of Motion?
#14-What is Newton's 3rd Law of Motion?
What is Newton's First Law of Motion?
What is Newton's second law of Motion?
What is Newton's 3rd law of motion?
A hammer striking a nail into a board is an example of ?
A jet enginepushing exhust backwards pushing the plane forward is an example of?
An Olympic bobslede team misses a turn and flies off the track into a snowbank is an example of?
What Force is always at work here on Earth?
How could you keep an objects acceleration the same if the force acting on the object were doubled?
Explaine why a car with a large mass might use more fuel than a car with a smaller mass.
What is momentum? (Best answer)
What is the next number in this sequence 12, 15, 18, 21,....
An __________ sequence can be found by using multiplication
What is a list of numbers in a specific order?
A math sentence stating that the two quantities are not equal
True or False: Functions have to work for the whole function table
All of these are ways to look at functions except....
What is the next integer in the sequence 0, 25, 50, 75, 100,....105
In colonial times the only person able to make decisions were...
Major cities were located along____to allow for better trade.
________ are people who move from one country to another country to live permanently.
________ are goods brought into the country from another country.
________ are goods made in a country and shipped out to another country.
______ traveled to the major cities to live with a person and study a trade for a certain number of years.
The New England Colonies were formed
The Middle Colonies were formed
The Southern Colonies were formed
The triangle trade route was used to trade goods back and forth between all of the following places except
In a plantation economy ______ were used instead of money.
A person who agrees to work for a person without pay for a specific number of years is ____
The western edge of the colonies that was unsettled area was called ____
The 13 colonies were under the rule of
As the demand for labor on the plantations increased
Settlers choosing to live on the frontier had to worry about all of the following except
A conestoga is a
There were so few schools in the south because
Many kidnapped Africans were
All of the following were exports from the colonies except
A dictatorship is an example of what type of government?
The Romans built ______________ to carry water from springs, streams, and lakes.
Who was considered the head of the Roman Catholic Church
The Roman Republic established a tripartite government with three branches. What were the three branches?
Julius Caesar became dictator of Rome in 44BC. Why did his rule end?
8. Rome is on the European continent in the country of ______________.
Who was the Jew who threatened Roman and Jewish leader’s power by claiming he was the Messiah?
The primary language of Rome was ___________.
A long period of peace and stability in the Roman Empire during the reign of Caesar Augustus is known as ___________________
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Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which element below is contributing to the significant increase in global temperature
The most abundant element in the atmosphere is
Which of the following nutrients can be a limiting nutrient because it has to be removed from the atmosphere in placed into the soil by bacteria before plants can use it?
Use of agricultural fertilizers adds excess _____ to ecosystems and can cause eutrophication of waters.
Which scientist looked at gum scrapings and pond water?
What scientist looked at cork through the microscope and called what he saw cells?
Which statement is not a part of the cell theory?
What type of microscope would be used if you wanted to view an amoeba eating a paramecium
What type of lens magnifies images?
If an object's magnification under the microscope is 400x and the ocular is 10x, what is the objective lens magnification?
Which would have the best resolution?
A light microscope with more than one lens is called ______
An advantage to using a light microscope is that the object
Which scientist said that all plants are made of cells?
19-r=15; r=5
The brown horse has a velocity of 3 m/s and a mass of 15 kg. What is the momentum of the brown horse?
A train is resting at the station. The mass is 23,500 kg. What is the momentum?
What is the symbol for momentum?
What is the equation for momentum?
The truck has a velocity of 25 m/s and a mass of 1000 kg. What is the momentum of the truck?
Motorcycle A has a mass of 150kg and velocity of 20 m/s. Motorcycle B has a mass of 200 kg and a velocity of 17 m/s. Which object has a greater velocity?
A red car has a mass of 2,003kg and velocity of 18 m/s. A blue car has a mass of 2,000 kg and a velocity of 25 m/s. Which object has a lower velocity?
What is the definition of momentum?
Two hockey players have the same momentum. The Redwings hockey player has double the velocity of the Ducks hockey player. What must be true about the mass of the Redwings hockey player?
Spiderman, my friend, has a mass 5 times less than a moving truck. What must be the velocity of Spiderman if both momentums are the same?
Prolonged Fighting
Killing of millions of Jews by the Nazis
Strong Hostility
Unite displaced Jews and settle them in Palestine
Prejudice or discrimiation against Jews
A section of a city where the Nazis forced all Jews to live
Large prison camps used to confine Jews
The lack of contact between people
Group of Muslims who wanted the most qualified to lead
group of Muslims who wanted Muhammad's descendents to lead
A(n) __________ is a graphical representation of data.
Which of the following chart types is useful for showing relationships among the numeric values in several data series?
A chart's title, legend, and plot areas are all examples of chart _________.
You can change a chart's fill color by clicking the chart area and then clicking _______ on the Format tab.
What tab would you click if you wanted to change the color of the font used on a chart's vertical axis?
What must be true in order for the Chart Tools to be visible?
You can add a(n) _______________ to a chart's plot area by selecting the area and then clicking one of the colored outlines under Shape Styles.
You can create one of the common _________ types by clicking its image on the Insert tab.
You can create most ___________, such as column and bar charts, from data that you have arranged in rows or columns in a worksheet.
When you click a chart type in the left pane of the dialog box, the first chart of that type is selected in the _________.
The ____________ is a box that identifies the patterns or colors that are assigned to the data series or categories in a chart.
The __________ is the area bounded by the axes.
When you create a chart, the chart tools become available and the __________ tab(s) are added to the Ribbon.
A __________ displays the chart type name when you rest the mouse pointer over a chart type or chart subtype.
___________ charts compare values across categories.
A PivotTable report is especially designed for:
_____________ makes it easy to show a data trend.
Like a PivotTable report, a PivotChart report is ____________.
Related data markers in a chart are called a __________.
Because a _____________ is a tiny chart embedded in a cell, you can enter text in a cell and use a sparkline as its background.
early versions of html were very interactive
what is the name of the organization that came up with a standard of web code?
what is the goal of the world wide web consortium
the protocol identifier and the ______________ are separated by ://
what part of the url would be if no other information is listed after this url, which page of the website will it be directed to?
which of the following is in correct order?
this protocol identifier is used in common web displays
this protocol identifier is used in uploading or downloading files from servers
the commands in html are composed of _________, these are composed of ___________
which of the following indicates that a tag is closed?
tags should be enclosed in:
__________ are commands that alter the look of a tag
web sites can be coded using Microsoft notepad
the code of all html pages begins with____________
Where was the first flight of an airplane?
Who used the assembly line concept to build cars?
All of the following are labor-saving products EXCEPT-
All of the following were communication changes in the early 20th century EXCEPT—
Who invented the airplane?
The reduced price of cars improved transportation and American life. Which of the following did NOT happen because of this improvement?
As a result of the development of radio, the broadcast industry, and telephones, the life of Americans changed through—
During the early twentieth century people gained greater mobility which led to –
Industrialization provided new access to consumer goods in the form of –
Electric home appliances allowed Americans to--
What does the root loc mean?
What does the root sign mean?
What does the root nat mean?
What does the root cogn mean?
What does the root ped mean?
A person walking along the street is a?
Someone who is important or noteworthy is?
Food that is grown close by are considered?
A place that is made up of people who were born in that country is called a
This is to hide so that you are not known
Who is Amir's new friend?
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Why did farming take place in the southern colonies but not New England?
Who started the colony of Rhode Island?
Three people that were banished from the Puritan Massachusetts Bay Colony?
What land was being fraught over in the French and Indian war?
Why did Britain decide to pass the Intolerable Acts?
In which event was Crispus Attucks killed?
What group was responsible for the Boston Tea Party?
What was the reason for the Boston Tea Party?
What does it mean to quarter soldiers?
How many domains are recognized today?
a domain made up of prokaryotes that can live in extreme environments
a kingdom of mostly single-celled or simple multicellular organisms
For hundreds of years, how were all living things classified?
a kingdom made up of complex, multicellular organisms that lack cell walls, can usually move around, and respond quickly to their environment
a domain made up of prokaryotes that live in soil, water, and in the human body
What happened that made it necessary for scientists to add new domains and kingdoms?
a kingdom of nongreen, eukaryotic organisms that do not move and that reproduce by spores
a kingdom of complex, multicellular organisms that are usually green, have cell walls, and us photosynthesis
Mrs. Parkerson learned to classify living things just by plants or animals
What did Khrushchev build around his side of Berlin?
What Eastern European country had a civil war in 1946?
President Kennedy was in a struggle with what Cuban leader?
Who became president after Kennedy was assassinated?
What was the new capital of the Allies new Germany?
What happened to Khrushchev while he was vacationing in 1964?
Who was the US attorney general that put the fear of Communism inside the American people?
What president pulled US troops out of Vietnam?
What movement was President L. B. Johnson very active in?
Who was assassinated on April 4, 1968?
What was it called when the civil rights movement lost its support from white Americans due to riots?
At what Ohio university did four students get shot and killed by Ohio National Guardsmen?
Which statement best describes Europe during the Middle Ages?
An economic reason for serfdom was to maintain
In western Europe feudalism began after the
Feudalism is defined as
During feudal Europe power and position in society were based on
Which institution served as unifying force during the Middle Ages?
One long-term effect of the Crusades was the
Letting some farmland unplanted to increase food production is
Which document limited a monarchs power in England
What was a result of the Black Death in Europe?
Medieval life in Europe was characterized by
In European feudal society, an individual's social status was generally determined by
Which statement accurately describes the actions of Muslims during the Crusades?
What was one result of large armies traveling great distances during the Crusades?
Revival of trade in western Europe, decline of feudalism, revival of interest in learning, and cultural interaction with the Middle East are associated with the
Which statement about the bubonic plague in Europe, Asia, and Africa is accurate?
A heretic is
Some of the finest examples of medieval architecture can be seen in
What was the stage before becoming a Knight was called?
Megan is making 28 muffins for his sister's class. If one egg makes 7 muffins, make a function table to find how many eggs Megan will need to make all 28 muffins.
Mike has a total of 42 photos to place in an album. The function rule, 42 / x, where x is the number of pages in the album, can be used to find the number of photos per page. How many photos per page will there be if the album has 14 pages?
In football, a touchdown is worth 6 points. Create a function table that shows the point values for scoring 1, 2, and 3 touchdowns. How many points are earned if your team scores 3 touchdowns? (No extra points.)
Which of the following statements is true about the sequence: 8, 28, 48, 68...
Input,Output: (0,1) (1,5) (2,9) Which rule represents the relation?
Input (x), Output (y): (1,4), (2,5), (3,6) Which equation represents the function?
The zoo costs $7 per guest. Which equation could be used to find y, the total admission for x guests?
A movie rental club charges a one time fee of $25 to join plus $2 for every movie rented. Which equation represents the cost of joining the club and renting m movies?
Lucy is donating stuffed animals if she has 8 or more of a type. She has 12 bears, 8 cats, 4 cows, and 6 dogs. Which is she donating?
To enter the school dance, you many not be older than 14. Which choice represents this inequality? (See text p. 630)
What is the Holy book of Islam?
What must Muslims do 5 times a day?
The Islamic religion began by whom?
What is making a holy trip to Mecca called?
What is a Muslim building of worship?
Muslims must give to the poor. This is called?
Letting people keep their beliefs and religion is practicing?
The fancy decorative writing displayed in the mosques is called.
Which empire used slave soldiers called Jaissaires to fight?
Muslims made the greatest achievements in___________
The most powerful general in all of Rome was?
Julius Ceasar made himself__________ for life.
Julius Ceasar was murdered on the Senate step how?
What is Latin for 200 years of peace?
The Romans were the first use this when building
What was an aqueduct used for?
Which is not a Romance language?
Who was Rome's first emperor? His name means revered one.
Another term for poor common person.
The Romans were
à côté de
en face de
C'est près de...
C'est loin de....
In paragraph 2, the word reorganized means
In paragraph 2, the word defended means
What is the main idea of paragraphs 2 and 3?
What is the main idea of paragraph 6?
Which of the following is the main idea of this selection?
In this article, the author organized his views by
The reader can infer that the outlaws wanted their pictures taken because they
From the selection, one could conclude that
The reader can infer from the selection that the
What is the main idea of paragraphs 2 and 3?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is the teacher's name?
Where do they have to go in the first clue?
Where is a place where children can play?
What do they find in the classroom?
What is the prize for the second winner?
What time do they leave school?
What is the correct spelling?
What is the correct spelling?
What is the correct spelling?
For plants to survive on land, they need all of the following, EXCEPT:
The ______ of a leaf slows down evaporation
A zygote is
In the sporophyte stage, plants produce:
Th function of a rhizoid is to
Hornworts live on
Which of the following is a vascular plant?
Ferns can be classified as _________ plants.
The developing leaves of a fern are called
Performing computer analysis on satellite images of fields can tell farmers
A waxy, waterproof layer called a(n) _____ covers the leaves of most plants.
Some plants have a internal system of tubelike structures through which water and food move. This tissue is called
Sphagnum moss grows in a wetland with still, acidic water called a(n)
The uncurled leaves of a fern are called
Growing plants in solutions of nutrients instead of soil is called
__________ occurs when a sperm cell unites with an egg cell.
A fertilized egg is called a(n)
Liverworts and hornworts are examples of _____________ plants.
A fern is a(n)
Ferns need to release their spores into ____ environments in order for reproduction to occur.
1. What is the function of glucose in the human body? (think respiration)
2. Both plants and animals have evolved ways of storing energy for later use. Which two categories of biomolecules are often used for this purpose?
3. Owls survive by eating rodents, small birds, and small mammals. Coyotes also eat these animals. If a large population of coyotes moved into the owls’ territory, what would probably happen to the owl population?
4. What does this high level of differentiation mean for the cell?
5. Which process is triggered when the cells grow large enough to reproduce?
6. Mitochondria create an abundance of ATP energy molecules during cellular respiration. Which of the following is not a use of these ATP molecules? (think passive vs active transport)
7. Structures inside chlorophyta cells include nuclei, chloroplasts, mitochondria, endoplasmic reticula, and vacuoles. Which word best describes chlorophyta cells?
8. Which of the following explains one way that enzymes affect the digestion of food?
9. What happens to individual cells placed in highly salty body fluids?
The process of MEIOSIS produces cells that have half the number of chromosomes than are in the somatic cells of a species. What is the outcome for a species because of this reduction in chromosome number?
Which of the following is an example of a predator adaptation?
Organisms living interrestrial and aquatic environments have different adaptations. Which of the following BEST describes an adaptation to the aquatic environment?
Polar bears catch seals and walruses by waiting at holes in the Arctic ice for their prey to come up for air. Which organisms is MOST LIKELY to become extinct if global warning causes all the Arctic ice to melt?
Hibernation gives animals which of the following benefits?
Which term refers to the process by which individuals that are better adapted to their environment are most likely to survive and reproduce?
When a jellyfish paralyzes a tiny fish with its poisonous tentacles, the tiny fish is the
Which of the following eats consumer?
The first organism in a food chain is always a
If a kestrel eats a mouse that eats grass, the kestrel is a
Which of the following correctly shows the levels of ecological organization from SMALLEST to LARGEST?
The unit of measurement used by astronomers to express distance in space is called?
Galaxies are classified by their ....?
A galaxy that is moving away from the Earth will show what color shift?
By looking at the color of a star, astronomer can tell what about it?
What star is the closest to our Earth?
Which one is not a type of galaxy?
What is not a characteristic of our Sun?
What type of galaxy is the Milky Way?
Which is not a type of nebula?
What type of star is or Sun?
Which of the following is an example of a predator adaption?
A certain plant species has evoled to contain a bad-tasting chemical. Which of the following is most likely an effect of this adaptation?
Certain plants and animals have adapations that enable them to survive in a desert ecosystem. What is the abiotic factor that affects these adaptations the most?
Walruses live in polar climates. If the temperature of the climate changed and became warmer, which adaptation would not be appropriate for the new clmate?
The role a species plays within a community is its
Which of the following eats consumers?
As you move upward, from level to level, in a enery pyramid, energy does which of the following?
Which of these consumers is a herbivore?
A group of land ecosystems with similar climates and organisms is called a(n)
Producers, first level consumers, second level consumers, third level consumers...
Which statement(s) describe the relationship between risk and insurance?
Which of the following factors do insurance companies use to determine the potential risk of an applicant?
Which insurance professional calculates risk based on loss percentage and determines insurance rates and premiums?
The most effective way for insurers to employ risk pooling is to:
Covers medical expenses for you in case of an accident
a statement of the interest your bank paid on your savings for the year
A health care plan that is supported by the fed and state gvt. for low income families.
tax charged on the profits made on the sale of something that was purchased at a lower price
A small fixed amount required by a health insurer to be paid by the insured for each outpatient visit or drug prescription
allows participants to seek health care from any qualified medical provider
What does the word atom mean?
What scientist FIRST stated that matter was made up of atoms?
In 1808, what scientist authored the modern atomic theory?
Who discovered the nucleus?
Who discovered that electrons orbit a nucleus?
Who discovered the neutron?
What is the center of an atom called?
What is inside the nucleus?
What charge does a proton have?
What charge does an electron have?
What charge does a neutron have?
What are valence electrons?
Can the exact location of an electron be known?
How many electrons fit in the 1st energy level?
How many electrons fit in the 2nd energy level?
How many electrons fit in the 3rd energy level?
What does the atomic number tell you?
How do you determine the number of neutrons?
What are the three general classifications on the periodic table?
Where are the alkali metals located?
Which of the following is responsible for overthrowing Czar Nicholas II?
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For Sampson and Wilson, one of the causes of crime is a lack of sustained interaction with people and institutions that represent the mainstream society. This is called:
Sampson and Wilson would say that violent crime is more prevalent in urban areas because people living in these areas are more saidstic
Which of the following does not cause differential social organization?
For Sampson and Wilson one of the causes of crime is the inability of a community to know the common values of its residents. This is called:
To the Social Disorganization Theorist, which is better?
The Chicago school doesn't like the term social disorganization-they prefer
Thomas defined social disorganization as:
Our clients are ____________ with our products.
You don’t remember her name? That is so ________!
His story isn’t very ________.
That movie was really __________________ I almost fell asleep.
I was __________________ after listening to that three-hour class.
People who constantly complain are very __________ to me.
The students were __________ by the Professor’s instructions.
Sometimes I get really ____________ when I can’t express myself well in English.
I am really___________; I think I’ll go to bed.
My grandmother was ____________by the man’s bad language.
To calculate the average speed, you must
What would the graph of no motion look like?
Which type of force has NO MOTION?
A car went 100 miles in 2 hours. What is the average speed of the car?
What type of force happens when objects rub against each other?
A ____________ is a push or pull that causes an object to change its motion.
_____________ is the tendency of an object to keep moving or stay at rest.
The force that works against motion on a falling object is
The force that causes objects to be pulled toward the Earth is known as--
A startled kangaroo can cross a distance of 60 meters in only 3 seconds. What is the speed of the kangaroo?
The formula for speed can best be written as
The big difference between speed and velocity is that veolicity gives a
4. Diketahui barisan bilangan aritmetika sebagai berikut. -8,-4,0,4,8,12,n,20,24 Nilai n yang memenuhi adalah …
7. Diketahui barisan bilangan aritmetika sebagai berikut. 42,45,48,51,54,… Suku ke-12 barisan tersebut adalah …
8. Beda pada barisan aritmetika yang memiliki suku pertama 15 dan suku ketujuh 39 adalah …
9. Suatu barisan aritmetika memiliki suku keempat 46 dan suku ketujuh 61. Suku kesepuluh barisan tersebut adalah …
10. Barisan aritmetika yang memenuhi rumus umum : 3n-1 adalah …
13. Diketahui deret bilangan aritmetika sebagai berikut … 12+15+18+… Jumlah delapan suku pertama deret tersebut adalah …
14. Suatu deret aritmetika memiliki suku ketiga 9 dan suku keenam adalah 243. Jumlah lima suku pertama deret aritmetika tersebut adalah …
Rumus suku ke n barisan 6,10,14,18,... adalah....
Rumus suku ke n barisan 1,-1,-3,-5,... adalah....
Jumlah sepuluh bilangan asli ganjil yang pertama adalah....
1.After fighting for hours, the little girls made an agreement to share their toys. What is the meaning of agreement?
The teacher canceled the test because so many students were absent? What is the meaning of canceled?
Scientists are curious people- they want to know how nature works. What is the meaning of curious?
It is a strange fact that the male sea horse, not the female, gives birth. What is the meaning of fact?
Karen is so flexible that she can sit down and lift her ankle over her head? What is the meaning of flexible?
As I painted the room, the odor of the paint began to give me a headache? What is the meaning of odor?
To prepare for the difficult test, Jeff decided to stay up all night and study. What is the meaning of prepare?
When my son gets bored, I often suggest that he call his friends or go outside. What is the meaning of suggest?
Noah goes to the gym seven days a week. He says daily exercise keeps him healthy and happy. What is the meaning of daily?
Cristine thought the novel would entertain her, but instead it put her to sleep. What is the meaning of entertain?
What was the movement to change the Roman Catholic Church?
Why did Catholics want to make changes in the church?
An indulgence said that a person's sins were
Divorce allowed Henry VIII to end his what?
Which group became more powerful after the Reformation?
What did Martin Luther want people to read?
95 Theses was a list that told people that it was wrong for church to sell what?
Who wrote the 95 Theses?
Who did King Henry VIII want to marry?
What new churches started during the Reformation?
Which word below is not formed by adding the affix anti- to a base word?
Which word below is not formed by adding the affix anti- to a base word?
Which word below is not formed by adding the affix anti- to a base word?
Which word below is not formed by adding the affix anti- to a base word?
Which word below is not formed by adding the affix anti- to a base word?
Based upon the meaning of the affix anti-, what is the meaning of antisocial?
Based upon the meaning of the affix anti-, what is the meaning of antislavery?
Based upon the meaning of the affix anti-, what is the meaning of antibiotic?
Based upon the meaning of the affix anti-, what is the meaning of antidote?
Based upon the meaning of the affix anti-, what is the meaning of antipathy?
To cut off a body part, especially by surgery
Examination of a cadaver to determine or confirm the cause of death
A group of people appointed by a chief of state or prime minister to head executive departments and act as official advisors
A dead body, especially one intended for dissection.
To place officially in confinement or custody
To keep within bounds; restrict
To throw away; reject
Disturbed digestion; indigestion
To ornament with needlework
Having a strong liking, inclination or affection
What are 4 diseases Europeans passed to Native Americans.
When Europeans arrived in North America, did Native American land increase or decrease?
The French found wealth in what trade?
Which group of people taught Native Americans about Christianity?
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 226 227 228 229 230 231 232 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 240 241 242 243 244 245 246 247 248 249 250 251 252 253 254 255 256 257 258 259 260 261 262 263 264 265 266 267 268 269 270 271 272 273 274 275 276 277 278 279 280 281 282 283 284 285 [286] 287 288 289 290 291 292 293 294 295 296 297 298 299 300 301 302 303 304 305 306 307 308 309 310 311 312 313 314 315 316 317 318 319 320 321 322 323 324 325 326 327 328 329 330 331 332 333 334 335 336 337 338 339 340 341 342 343 344 345 346 347 348 349 350 351 352 353 354 355 356 357 358 359 360 361 362 363 364 365 366 367 368 369