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a struggle between opposing forces
a conflict that takes place within the mind of a character
a conflict between a character and an outside force, such as another character, society, or nature.
the part of the plot that introduces the setting and characters and establishes a mood. It may reveal the conflict or set the stage for it.
complications arise as the main character struggles to resolve the conflict. “The plot thickens” as suspense builds.
a turning point in the story and the moment of greatest suspense. Often the main character makes a decision or takes an action that makes the outcome of the conflict clear.
this stage shows the results of the decision or action that happened at the climax. Tension eases as the conflict is resolved.
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pH of 3 is
What do enzymes do?
What vitamin is necessary for bone formation?
What type of molecule is glucose?
Organic means it contains
Which is not organic?
Which of these is known for having cohesion and solubility?
Amino acids form
Which carb stores energy in plants?
Which of the following is a base?
write in simlest form for all the following problems; 8/22
Who did not influence Darwin?
An inherited characteristic that increases an organism's chance of survival is a (an)
A farmer's use of the best livestock for breeding is an example of
The bones of the front limb of birds, dogs, and dolphins are examples of
The ability of an organism to survive and reproduce in its environment is
Which is not part of Darwin's theory of evolution?
Who observed variation in the characteristics of animals and plants on the different islands of the Galapagos?
In addition to living organisms, Darwin studied the preserved remains of ancient organisms called
Which idea propsed by Lamarck was later found to be incorrect?
Fitness is a result of
Structures that have different mature forms but develop from similar embryonic tissue are
Species alive today descended with ______________ from ancestral species from the past.
More organisms are produced than can survive so they must __________ for resources such as food.
Diverse species evolved from a ______________ _____________.
Living things on Earth have been evolving for ___________ of years.
Which is an example of behavioral isolation?
All the genes in a particular population make up its
All the members of a species living in a particular area make up a (an)
Traits controlled by more than one gene, such as human height, are known as
The evolution of Darwin's finches is an excellent example of
Changes that lead to the formation of new species are called
________________ isolation is necessary for speciation to occur.
Different courtship rituals are an example of __________ isolation.
When populations are separated by barriers such as water, mountains, ________ isolation occurs.
Species reproducing at different times of day or year would be ________ isolation.
When the gene pool of a population changes over time, ________ has occurred.
______________ traits lead to many different phenotypes.
A scientific ____________ is a well-supported testable explanation of natural phenomena.
The Galapagos Islands are located near
Darwin's travels involved the HMS __________.
Which of the following vessels carrier blood from the lungs to the heart?
The order of blood flow through the vessels is:
The ECG deflection wave produced during repolarization(relaxation) of the ventricle is the:
In taking the pulse, the artery most commonly used is the _____.
Blood flow through the veins is regulated by ____.
If the SA node were to stop functioning and the AV node were to take over, what would be the overall effect on the heart?
The normal pattern of impulse conduction through the heart is:
Which of the following is not an atrioventricular valve?
The saclike structure around the heart is the:
If someone receives a traumatic injury to the neck and blood shots out of their neck in strong, regular bursts, which blood vessels has most likely been injured?
What kind of figurative language is used when a non-human object is given human characteristics?
What kind of figurative language uses 'like' or 'as'?
If I compared two un-like things and did not use 'like' or 'as' what kind of figurative language would I use?
'Sally sells sea shells by the sea shore,' is an example of what kind of figurative language?
'Bong' and 'Tick-tock' are examples of what?
What is it called when a consonant sound is repeated within a line or sentence?
'You smell like a monkey,' is an example of what kind of figurative language?
'The sun wrapped her warms around the Earth and covered it in light.' What is this an example of?
' Tommy was a beast on the field today!' What kind of figurative language is this?
'I could sleep for a thousand years!' What kind of figurative language is this?
'The daffodils nodded their yellow heads at the people walking by.' What is being personified in this statement?
'The daffodils nodded their yellow heads at the people walking by.' What human characteristic are the daffodils given?
'The snow whispered as it drifted to the ground in the early morning hours.' What is being personified in this statement?
'The snow whispered as it drifted to the ground in the early morning hours.' What human characteristic is the snow given?
When a non-human object is given human characteristics, what is it called?
'The moon winked a gentle goodnight.' What is being personified in this statement?
'The volcano belched smoke and ash.' What is being personified in this statement?
'The moon winked a gentle goodnight.' What human characteristic is the moon given that personifies it?
'The volcano belched smoke and ash.' What human characteristic is the volcano given that personifies it?
What does the non-human object have to be given in the statement for it to be personified?
Which country\'s many fjords provide sheltered harbors?
Norway's southern and western coasts owe their mild climate to
Finland's capital is
Most of Denmark likes on the
Copenhagen is this country's capital.
Iceland's economy depends on
A Danish import that is a favorite of many children is
People of Finland enjoy ________________, wooden rooms heated by water sizzling on hot stones.
Norway owes its popularity as a cruise destination of tourists to
This country is called the Land of the Midnight Sun.
Which Nordic country is an island?
The statue of the Little Mermaid is a famous attraction ins what country?
Which Nordic country is a land of hot springs and geysers?
A spring that shoots hot water and steam into the air is a _________.
In Iceland, people heat houses, buildings, and swimming pools using
The ancestors of many of the people of Finland came from ______.
Which country is a welfare state?
This country is one of the world's largest oil exporters.
Oslo is the capital of __________.
The people of Denmark are called ________.
Answers by Educators Question Database
The type of symbiotic relationship where one species benefits and the other is harmed
Which characteristic is shared by both parasites and predators?
Which land biome is extremely cold and dry?
Which organelle is not found in plant cells?
Which organelles are found ONLY in plant cells?
Which organelle packages and distributes proteins that are received from the endoplasmic reticulum?
Which organelle contains digestive enzymes that break down waste material and debris in the cell?
Which plant-cell organelle supports and maintains the cell's shape and protects the cell from damage?
If the endoplasmic reticulum were removed from the cell, which organelle would not be able to function properly, and why?
How does the cell wall protect a plant cell?
Which organelle makes the proteins that are needed by the cell?
What function do chloroplasts perform?
Which organelle is correctly matched with its function?
Was credited with founding the colony of Georgia. His desire to help debtors in prision and form a new colony paved the way for the creation of Georiga.
As the Malcontents fought for more rights and freedoms in terms of land, property, and economic expression the Trustee Period drew to a close. The end of the trustee period ended with the appointment of these three men, starting what is known as the
The three men who sighned the Decleration of Independence from Georgia.
Key militia leader at the Battle of Kettle Creek. This vicotory helped encourage the troops and provide much needed arms and munitions.
Slave who fought along side Elijah Clarke at the Battle of Kettle Creek, he would be one of the first African American to receive land under the Headright System
Slave who fought along side Elijah Clarke at the Battle of Kettle Creek, he would be one of the first African American to receive land under the Headright System
Realizing the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation the Founding Fathers decided to draft a new constitution that had three branches of government, a legislature, executive branch, and a judicial branch. What Georgians where responsible for rep
Betrayed the Creeks at the Treaty of Indian Springs. He would later pay for this treachery with his life.
Fought for the rights of the Creek, sighed the Treaty of New York.
Congress passed the Indian Removal Act in the early 1800’s. This declared that all Native American’s would be removed from Georgia and would be forcibly relocated to Oklahoma. Which leader fought for the rights and protection of the Cherokee?
His discovery of gold in Dahlonega would start the first Gold Rush in Georgia
Developed a syllabary for the Cherokee, the only written language of indigenous people groups in Georgia.
In early colonial Georgia cotton was a labor intensive and expensive crop that was no profitable. Seeds in the cotton made production of the cotton difficult and hard to sell to large textile mills. The invention of the cotton gin by Eli Whitney tran
Senator, supporter of the Georgia Platform, and Vice President of the Confederacy
The branch that enforces the laws is called the:
The leader of a committee is called a:
After the house of Represenatives approves a bill what part of the General Assembly receives the bill?
The main difference between an Trial Court and a Appealeate Court is
Which behavior is an example of a delinquent behavior according to Georgia’s juvenile justice system?
Which statement accurately describes the concept known as “states’ rights?”
3.8 - 2.3
9.67 - 2.35
18- 5.78
2.46 + 1.13
1246.31 + 943.69
1379.51 + 803.49
97.51 + 72.5
0.11 x 0.91
6.34 X 0.7
1.02 x 0.9
0.28 x 0.03
Divide 16.5 by 0.03
Divide 84.78 by 0.15
We like to eat out; therefore we go to Lafayette all the time.
My grandpa who served in the Korean War has the best stories
I have been trying to exercise more but I hate getting up early before school.
My dog, Sasha, always barks at the mailman.
My nephew said he would like a nerf gun and a puppy for Christmas.
The program which took place last Thursday in the gym went very well.
Because no one bought tickets the concert had to be canceled.
The slimy smelly lettuce on my burrito made me ask the manager to return my 99 cents.
To study for his calculus midterm Brian drank seven cups of strong Turkish coffee which kept him wide awake for the all-nighter.
Fifteen uncooked popcorn kernels, and grains of salt littered the front of Robert's shirt as he slouched in the theater seat.
Swinging at the fast ball, Bobbie heard, the satisfying crack of the home run that he had just hit.
Karen wasn't sure if she needed a comma or not so she drew in a smudge that could pass for a comma or a stray pen mark.
Maricarmen bought a new dictionary, so that she could proofread for spelling errors on her next in-class essay.
What number is the biggest?
What number is closest to 0
4 and what number makes 10?
Which number is the bigger?
Which number is smaller?
2 and what number makes 10?
Which number is the closest to 10
which number is biggest?
2 and 3 make what number?
3 + 3
What are two things that are a must for a foyer?
What are the three centers of an efficient kitchen?
What is the average depth of frost penetration for northeast Illinois?
The footing thickness is equal to what?
The most common foundation type is the
How far should basement walls extend the finish grade when using frame construction?
A live load is.....
Dead loads are.....
Footings for foundation walls are drawn with what kind of lines?
What type of line is used to represent the I-beam?
What is the most common spacing for floor joists?
What does o.c. stand for in the architecture industry?
What type of view is a floor plan?
What is the typical lettering height for room names?
Dimension lines should be at least how far out from the object?
Interior walls are dimensioned to their ________________.
Residential floor plans are usually drawn at a scale of__________________.
Answers by Educators Question Database
evaluate in simplest form for problems 1-10; a/b for a= -12 & b= 6
m - n/ - 4 for m= - 5 & n= 3
2x - 5/y for x= 6 & y =21
h/h2 -2 for h= 4
n/2m - 8 for m=2 & n=10
x/3y t 4 for x=4 & y=6
- r - s/s t 2 for r= -4 & s= 2
j2 - k/ k for k= - 12 & j= 4
10 t f2/ 3f for f=6
z t 2/ z2 - 4 for z=6
What was introduced in the 1828 campaign and became a permanent part of American politics?
Whose supporters replaced caucuses with nominating conventions?
Which act allowed the federal government to pay Native Americans to move west?
Who were the only Native Americans to successfully resist removal by the military?
Who was the first president to die in office?
What word means to break away from?
Whose attitude was "laissez-faire" about the country's depression?
The __________ slogan was "Tippecanoe anad Tyler, too."
The forced march of the Cherokee to the Indian Territory was known as the _______.
Osceola led the rebellion of the _________.
How did John Tyler become president?
Jackson believed the ______________ favored the rich and "killed" it.
What president was raised in poverty?
Jackson's replacing federal workers with his supporters was called _____________.
A move to a new place is called ____________.
Who was known as "Old Hickory?"
Andrew Jackson did not become president in 1824 due to the provisions of the _____ Amendment.
Who led the Sauk and Fox in their resistance?
Who created a Cherokee alphabet?
What increased the cost of European goods?
simplify each expression 1-10; A3 X A6
3x2 X 4x5
Y5 X Y3
( h2)5
( m4 )8
( x3 y2 )3
( 2s4t5 )4
( - pqr2 )3
( f3 )5
m5 X m7
Mary's Miracle: A story of a young woman who survived living during the Civil War.
Harriet's Magic Beans: A story of the magical places a girl can travel by planting a bean and climbing the beanstalk.
The Move: Mike comes home from school one day to find out that his family is moving.
Who Did it?: A story of a detective trying to find who took a missing pet.
The World's Largest Book of Maps: A collection of every kind of map you can imagine!
Stories of the Greeks: A collection of ancient tales that tell how the world was created.
The Lazy Hippo: A hippo learns that he should do his own work and not ask his friends to do it for him.
The Gate Keeper: In the year 3000 a company has developed a new way to allow people to travel from one place to another instantly.
The True Story of Abraham Lincoln
The Best Book to Act Out: A collection of plays to perform with your friends!
The process of transmitting messages between all involved parties.
Ross sent a text message to Alex. Which part of the communication process is he using
Marco and Jade presented a Pre-calc presentation to the class. The information they shared was called the:
In the show titled "Lie to me", the investigators determine who is not telling the truth by using which type of communication?
What type of workplace communication is the next best option to face to face.
If I were to lecture the entire 90 minutes, most students would shut down before the end of class. Which communication barrier is interfering with the class?
What is the formal type of communication used outside a business
Matt wants to inquire about a job opening at Bank of America. Which form of written communication should he use?
Verbal communications includes:
All are advantages of written communciation except:
These all you to draw freehand and to create your own images and graphics
A fill consisting of two or more colors blending together
A tool used to select a specific regularly shaped area
A tool that controls the foreground and background colors
Tool that lightens an area of an image
A tool that lets you add text to your image
A tool that darkens an area of an image
A tool that changes the level of saturation of colors for an area of an image
Tool will slide the colors of an image around and blend them together
The ___ refers to the amount of transparency a layer has.
What is 7 times 1?
What is 2 times 7?
What is the product of 3 times 7?
What is the product of 7 times 4?
What is 7 times 5?
What is the product of 6 times 7?
What is the product of 7 times 7?
What is the product of 8 times 7?
What is the product of 7 times 9?
What is the product of 7 times 10?
A dog gets many nutrients from its food including amino acids. Which of these can be built directly using the amino acids?
The cell wall of a plant helps the plant cell maintain its shape. What is the main structural component of the cell wall of a plant?
When the cells of most organisms freeze, they burst. Which property of water causes this to occur?
The major role of carbohydrates in the human diet is to
Vitamins have important functions in the human body and are necessary for maintaining good health. Which of these is necessary for proper bone formation?
In circulatory systems, a large part of the fluid is water. For example, human blood plasma is approximately 90% water. Which of these properties of water makes it an ideal material for dissolving necessary chemical substances?
Plants such as the Venus flytrap and the sundew attract and consume insects. These plants are able to produce substances which break down the insect into compounds that are usable by the plant. One element obtained from these compounds is nitrogen.
Venus flytraps and other carnivorous plants obtain much of their nitrogen from amino acids found in the insects. Which of these chemical compounds are the source of the amino acids?
Meat tenderizer is made with pepsin, an enzyme. A cook usually puts tenderizer on meat and then cooks the meat. If meat coated with tenderizer is placed in a refrigerator for a short time prior to cooking, how will the enzyme pepsin be affected?
Starch from food is a source of energy for organisms. Starch is a type of
The energy that drives surface ocean currents comes from
Because of the Coriolis effect, ocean currents in the Northern Hemisphere are deflected to the
Ocean currents that move toward the poles are
What causes surface ocean current to be deflected
The rising of cold water from deeper layers to replace warmer surface water is called
Which process does NOT decrease the salinity of waater
Density currents move
The horizontal distance between two successive crests is called the
The vertical distance between trough and crest is called the
Which of the following is visible evidence of energy passing through water
Answers by Educators Question Database
What was the main purpose of launching the D-Day operation of Allied forces on the beaches of Normandy?
What major battle in Russia proved to be the first major turning point for the Allied Forces?
What key event was the factor that caused the US to enter WWII on the side of the Allies?
Which of the following conflicts proved to be Hitler’s last-ditch effort to break Allied lines to resupply German Forces and give an opportunity for a counter-attack, but ultimately failed?
What strategy was employed by General MacArthur in the Pacific Theater that allowed the Allied Forces to regain territory leading to Japan?
Which of the following battles proved to be the turning point for the Allies in the Pacific Theater and to this day considered one of the most decisive naval battles in history?
What was the significance of the Manhattan Project in the US?
Which two cities were the targets of the Atomic Bomb drops?
What was the reason emperor Hirohito finally decided to surrender Japan after two atomic bombs devastated his country?
What book written by Adolf Hitler laid out his beliefs and goals for Germany? He wrote the work while in prison for plotting to overthrow the German government
Which of the following was a common belief of both the Nazis and the Fascists?
What two superpowers fought for control after WWII?
Winston Churchill referred to the division between the west and the east as what?
President Kennedy was president during which event of the Cold War?
Which president encouraged Kruschev to “tear down that wall?”
The two ideologies that battled against each other were:
The event where European nations met to divide Africa, where no African rulers were invited, was known as what?
How did the Industrial Revolution become a major factor in the origins of Imperialism?
What did the Opium War and the Boxer Rebellion have in common?
This document, written by Thomas Jefferson and influenced by the ideas of John Locke, stated the goals of the American colonists and outlined their grievances against the British King, George III.
The Italian scientist who improved upon the telescope was
Which English scientist is famous for his theories of motion as well as his work with gravity and calculus?
Gutenberg’s printing press was a critical part of the reformation, for what reason?
The dynasty that created the Forbidden City?
The document that preserved rights of individuals?
A merchant is someone who
A region means a specific
Regional development refers to
Who believes in the Five Pillars of Islam?
Which of the following is not a reason why Rome's legacy is important
The belief in one god is called
Lady Murasaki is important because
The Heian court valued
Who was the first President?
Which President was the first use the name/term 'The White House'?
Which President got stuck in the bathtub in the White House?
Who was the oldest President ever elected (at age 69)?
Which President was assassinated at Ford's Theatre?
Which President was left paralyzed from Polio?
Which President said the famous quote, 'Speak softly and carry a big stick'?
Who was the only President to be elected for two non-consecutive terms?
Who was the first African American President?
Which President was responsible for abolishing slavery?
The cell cycle is the
Which of the following shows the correct sequence of the cell cycle?
A typical human cell contains 46 chromosomes. After mitosis and cytokinesis, each of the two new cells formed from the original cell
Unlike mitosis, meiosis usually results in the formation of
What is a malignant tumor?
Which of the following is a correct statement about the events of the cell cycle?
When during the cell cycle is a cell’s DNA replicated?
Cancer is a disease in which some cells lose the ability to control their
How many chromosomes are in the body cells of an organism that has a haploid number of 8?
As a result of mitosis, each of the two new cells produced from the original cell during cytokinesis
What are the inputs of photosynthesis
What are the outputs of photosynthesis?
Mr. Bridgman placed a plant in a dark closet and one plant by a sunny window. He measured the number of flowers on each plant every day for two weeks. Based on Mr. Bridgman's observations what was the testable question?
How are canyons formed?
What part of the plant absorbs sunlight for photosynthesis?
What part of the plant transports water from the roots to the flower
Alexander found a foot print of a webbed foot, where did Alexander find this footprint?
What adaptation helps a turtle avoid being eaten by predators?
which of the following is a predator
What is the role of a decomposer
Jalen filled a clear container a quarter full with wet sand. She then put the lid on the container to cover the sand. She forgot about the container and left it in the backyard all day! Why was their water on the lid when she went back?
What natural hazard is most likely to cause a wildfire
Runners form from the _________________ of the plant
What does an anemometer measure?
Where are sedimentary rocks formed?
What should you do if there is a thunderstorm?
If you wanted to stop a plant from growing what part would you cover?
What part of a banana plant can form seeds
What does a barometer measure?
What lunch contains the healthiest balance of food groups?
A group of people who live together is called a ___________________.
What is a role a child would have?
Which is a kind of tradition?
Which is a person who comes from another place to live in a country?
Which is a part of a group's culture?
What do immigrants bring to the United States?
Some people may have family __________________________________, or something that is passed on from older family members to children.
__________________ is a group's way of life.
What person has the role of keeping people safe?
Which is not a group?
An organism's habitat provides
Which of the following is a biotic factor?
Which of these is an example of a population
An environmental factor, such as food or space, that causes a population to stop growing or decrease in size
Which of the following is an example of a predator adaptation?
In parasitism, the organism that the parasite lives in or on is called what?
A close relationship between two species that benefits at least one of the species is called
Rain forests, grasslands, deserts, and the tundra are all examples of
A prairie dog lives in a grassy habitat. Which of the prairie dog's need do the grasses meet?
All of the biotic and abiotic factors that interact in a particular are make up a(n)
Which is an abiotic factor in an ecosystem?
Which of the following is an example of a community?
The largest population an area can support
Which of the following might restrict the growth of a population
The struggle between organisms to survive in a habitat with limited resources is called
Which is an example of ciommensalism
The type of symbiotic relationship where both organisms benefit
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is fetch?
Waves begin to feel bottom when water depth is
As the speed and length of a wave decrease, the wave
The smallest tidal range occurs during which type of tide
Which tidal pattern has two high tides and two low tides each day?
When is the daily tidal range the greatest?
The accumulation of sediment found along the shore of a lake or ocean is called a
Wave impace and pressure cause
One result of wave refraction is that
An isolated remmnant of wave erosion is a
What is a wave cut platform?
A sandbar that completely crosses a bay, closing it off from the open ocean is a
Which of the following is a landform created by erosion?
What feature connects an island to the mainland or to another island
Which of the followig structures is buillt to protect boats from large breaking waves?
under construction
under construction
under construction
under construction
under construction
What's an Equation?
What's an Expression?
What's a formula?
What's a Inequality?
Who is Euclid?
What is Geometry?
What is a theory? In math Terms
What is money?
What is a Diameter?
What is Math?
A trainee engages in learning an occupation under the guidance and direction of a skilled worker; a 3-4 year training program on-the-job training with related technical instruction.
Allows the student the opportunity to observe and participate in activities related to a career field; supervised by school personnel and related to the student’s career choice. (May be paid or unpaid
A certified, experienced, skilled craftsperson that has successfully completed an apprenticeship program.
Education and training provided by an employer that usually takes place at a work site.
Advising, Placement, and Retention System – an assessment-advising program designed to identify the basic skill levels of students as they enter two-year institutions.
An advanced 2-year program completed after attainment of a bachelor’s degree.
A practice test that measures the critical thinking, mathematical reasoning, and writing skills that students need to do college-level work.
A test that measures the critical thinking mathematical, reasoning, and writing skills students need to do college-level work.
Achieved after completion of a curriculum meeting the demands of a 4-year college program.
A written statement that is accepted as proof of certain facts; often relating to the attainment of specific skills.
Postsecondary career, educational and financial planning site; provides comprehensive information in a web-based format of middle and high school students, parents, and counselors.
A postsecondary school where a student might receive a bachelor’s degree, master’s, or doctoral degree in a specific discipline.
Type of college with up to 2-year programs leading to certificates, diplomas, or associate degrees.
A privately owned school that operates for profit for those seeking vocational training.
Paid employment with an educational component provided in a career-technical class and supervised by school personnel.
A short-term experience that allows the student to follow an experienced worker and see the day-to-day activities of a particular career.
Paid employment that is not supervised by school personnel; may or may not be related to the student’s career choice.
Education after high school.
A pathway, which a student selects in high school.
End of course assessment
A purpose or objective.
Special skills may be developed through educational programs in the armed services.
Vocational student organization
Practices used to prepare for learning and assessment of subject matter.
Composed of members who have the same or similar occupation.
An academic record; an official record of grades earned during a high school career.
Vocational Competency Achievement Tracking System is a competency-based instructional management system that focuses on the individual student and tracks his/her achievement in relation to a predetermined set of core competencies.
A contribution of free labor, usually to a non-profit organization.
Unpaid experiences; students work to get experience, contacts, or help out. The experiences are not necessarily career related and not usually supervised by school personnel.
Opportunities for students to consider different careers and industries, learn basic workplace behavior, develop specific skills within an industry, and apply academic and occupational skills in the workplace.
The study of the solid earth is called-
The earth scientist most likely to study a tornado is
AN example of a nonbiodegradable waste product is
Usually the first step in scientific problem solving is to
A possible explanation for a scientific problem is called
The last step in the scientific method is
The step in the scientific method that deals with creating graphs and charts is
A hypothesis is stated in what form
Smith is the best teacher.
The part of the scientific method where you discuss set up is -
The state of balance between the thickness of the crust and the depth at which it floats on the asthenosphere is called
The increasing weight of mountains causes the crust to
A thick, ocean-floor deposits of sand, gravel, and rocks from a river is called a
The force that changes the shape and volume of rocks is
The type of stress that squeezes rocks together is
The type of stress that pulls rocks apart is called
Downcurved folds in rock are called
Gently dipping bends in rock formations with horizontal layers are called
The largest mountain system is called
The smallest mountain system is called
Contains all of Photoshop\'s available options.
Has various tools for editing the image
The file format for files that are Photoshop specific
The tagged Image file format
The joint photographic experts group format
The portable networks graphic format
Tools that allow users to create vector-based objects in Photoshop.
Tools that allow you to clone portions of an image, blur or enhance backgrounds, etc.
The currently open image(s)
Creates an object for placement on your image
I looked for
He took out
We carried
They danced
I ate lunch
Juana sang
I spoke
You (fam) worked
I paid
You all began
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7.D Lyndon Johnson is responsible for-
7.c When did women get the right to vote?
Father Francisco Hidalgo was
The Old Three Hundred-
The Battle of Gonzales was about-
San Jacinto was-
A cup is sitting on a table. Which statement describes the relationship between the cup and the table.
Which statement best compares a parked car with a car moving along a straight line at a constant speed?
Which is an example of balanced forces?
Two forces act in opposite directions on a wood block. What will happen if the forces are unbalanced?
Two people are pushing a car. One person is pushing with a force of 450 N and the other person is pushing with a force of 300 N. What information is needed to determine the net force applied to the car by the people?
While on a movie set, a stuntman jumps off the roof of a building. As he falls towards an airbag, what is increasing?
What is the difference between potential energy and kinetic energy?
Riding a bicycle produces several forms of energy. Which form of energy is produced in the greatest amount by pedaling a bicycle down the sidewalk?
A student pushed a rock from the top of a hill. What type of energy change occurred after the rock was pushed?
What kind of energy change occurs when a battery is operating a remote control toy?
Thomas watches an orange fall from a tree to the ground. Which best describes the flow of energy as the oranges falls to the ground?
The sound made by crickets occurs when the male crickets rub its two hind legs together. Which type of energy transformation results in the sound made by crickets?
Which of the following is used as a wedge?
How does a pulley help make work easier?
A worker needs to load a heavy box onto a truck. The worker uses a ramp to move the box because the ramp....
Which simple machine uses a fulcrum to redirect a force?
A wheelbarrow is classified as a second-class lever. If a 500 N bag of soil is added to the wheelbarrow, which statement best describes the effort force?
If a balloon might pop in a lab, what safety equipment should be used?
When mixing chemicals students should always wear
When observing the sky, students should not look directly at
Which is a safety tool?
Toxic cleaner spray should not be used around
When using a ruler in science always measure by inches
A graduated cylinder measures
Which tool compares the mass of an object?
What measures volume of a liquid?
A glass or plastic container in which plants grow
Glass or plastic container filled with water for fish is
A tool with three beams with sliding masses
An instrument that uses a lens to make tiny things look larger
Cylinder shaped glass used to mix or heat liquids
A container used to measure the volume of liquids
An object that bends light and is triangular
Which tool protects clothing?
An instrument that shows direction
Which tool is essential when protecting the eyes?
What tool washes the eyes if chemicals spill on them?
7 chocolate bars cost 10 dollars
85 miles on 9 gallons of gas
16 dollars for 4 books
battery11 batteries cost 14 dollars
7 dollars for 3 cans of tuna
5 pencils for 14 dollars
12 inches of snow in 9 hours
4 calculators cost $170.00
6 movie tickets cost $30.00
mowed 5 yards for $15.00
what would eat a hamburger with lettuce on it
pollutions that is not easy to control and hard to be traced back to one location
how do people use water from freshwater ecosytsem
dominant plants lose their leaves every autumn, soil is rich in nutrients
cold, dry, treeless biomes in far north
populated by moose, bears, lynx and covers most of the Earth
perfect for growing crops and raising cattle and sheep, is also found in the savannas of Africa
dominant plants are firs, spruces and cedar that grow very high
near the equator, weather is warm and wet year-round, residence to over half Earth's species
What is competition
water vapor is released by platnts through their leaves this is called?
the place in which an organism lives
instead of light energy, some producers use what?
which of the following would only plants
what are coral reefs
what happen in photosynthesis
a rotting log can be an example of
the existence of a predator is a what?
every ecosystem requires what to support life?
what a species does in its habitat to survive is called its
What produces the most amount of smog?
During which part of the water cycle is energy absorbed by water
How much of the Earth is fresh water?
Where is groundwater stored?
What percent of Earth's surface water is found in swamps?
what provides the energy that keeps the water cycle going?
The natural location where water is stored
Natural resources are saved, and damage to the environment is reduced by reducing, reusing and
what refers to all the populations in an ecosystem
what type of animal eats other animals
when areas of land that had been good farm land become dry and dusty
Not knowing where the pollution is coming from
When many people build houses and suburbs clearing out land
where animals can roam nearly as free as in the wild
children planting trees where extensive logging had taken place.
Estuaries and wetlands purify water and filter out
When water evaporates it enters the...?
Heartworms in a dog
sea anemones help crabs fight off predators, and eat leftovers from the crabs meals
remoras attach themselves to a shark's body , they eat the scraps left behind, neither helping or hurting the shark.
Who was the commander of all Allied Forces who would later become the president of the United States after the war?
Which famous general is accredited with successfully moving US forces throughout the Pacific to eventually defeat Japan?
Who was J. Robert Oppenheimer?
What was the purpose of Hitler’s Final Solution?
What were the portions of the cities called where Jews were crowded into dismal and subpar living conditions?
What early agreement was made between the US and Britain before America officially entered the war? (hint: it would become the basis for the foundation of the United Nations)
What was the effective German military strategy that literally translates to “Lightning War”?
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What is the control center of the cell?
What is NOT located in an animal cell?
What is cytoplasm?
The person who first "discovered" cells was
What part of the plant stores water?
What is the largest level of organization in the human body?
What are two things found in a plant cell but not an animal cell?
What type of cell would be considered a prokaryote?
Which one of the following would be an Eukaryotic cell?
A bacterial cell does NOT have:
A sea slug is in phylum Mollusca
A snail is in phylum Mollusca
A squid is in phylum Mollusca
A stingray is in the phylum Mollusca
Members of the phylum Molluscs generall share _______ , ________, and ________.
The mollulscs in class Gastopoda are
Mollusks in class Bivalvia
Molluscs in class Cephlopoda include
The ____________ is thought to be the most intelligent invertebrate
The clam's gills function as a gas exchanger and as a
The Chinese belief that their deceased ancestors had directly chosen their leaders was known as
The last dynasty to rule China was the
The Analects were made up of
Which of the following statements does not correctly describe the Mongols?
The Great Wall of China was built to
Which of the following wars did China fight with Britain in the late 1830\'s-1840\'s?
Who was the leader of the Nationalist Party when they took control of China in 1912?
The "leader" of Tibet is
Which of the following were instituted by Mao Zedong to modernize China?
The civil war fought in China in the 1920\'s was fought between who?
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Who was the leader of the Communist party that took control of China in the 1940's?
After being defeated by the Communists in the 1940's, the Nationalist party was exiled to
In 1989, the Chinese government sent troops into _____________ to put down a pro-democratic demonstration
A ____________ is a ruling family that controls a given territory for a substantial period of time
Many rebellions occurred at the end of Manchu dynasty rule because people were unhappy with
The Dalai Lama lives in
Many Europeans became interested in traveling to the East after hearing _________'s account of his trips to China
When did the last emperor of China abdicate the throne?
___________ believe that the wealth of a nation should be equally shared by all
How long was China ruled by dynasties (approx.)?
This group of Chinese philosophers stressed the importance of strict leadership in a world where people are evil by nature
______________ stressed the importance of respecting one's elders and receiving a good education
Which Chinese dynasty was the first to leave written records?
China gets its name from which dynasty?
Confucius was born during
The ______________ was a 4,000 long trade caravan route through Asia.
Until the Chinese invaded in 1951, Tibet was ruled by
The ______________ was an attempt to get rid of the "old" aspects of Chinese society.
Which of the following were great Mongol rulers who influenced Chinese history
Confucius' teachings are written down in the
Travis is 6 feet 9 inches tall. How tall is he in inches?
A car weighs 2 tons. How many pounds (lbs) does it weigh?
__ lb__oz = 52 oz
How many feet are in 48 yards?
A rope is 3 feet 5 inches long. How long in inches is this rope?
Tracy needs 1 1/2 yards of fabric to make an apron. Which one of the following should she buy?
There are 8 oz. in a cup of tea. Which unit would NOT show how much tea you had in two cups?
Tony bought 6 gallons of ice cream. How many pints of ice cream did Tony buy?
If the length of Jerry's laptop computer is 25 centimeters, how many meters long is the laptop?
Solve: 33 cm = _____mm
Yo quiero que
Mi maestro piensa que
Pedro espera que nosotros
Ella me dice que
No dudo que el algebra
No creo que
Mis padres me dicen que yo
A mi maestra no le gusta que yo
Nuestra maestra siempre no dice que nosotros
Juan teme que
6 lbs = _____oz
How many inches are in a yard?
9 ft = ______yd
Mr. Jones bought 96 ounces of hamburger meat. How many pounds of meat did he buy?
A container of sour cream has 16 ounces in it. Which of the following is another measurement for the same amount of sour cream?
1 foot = ______inches
1 meter = ________inches
_______ quarts = 1 gallon
Maggie's pet mouse is 80 millimeters long. How many centimeters long is Maggie's mouse?
Jerri bought 80 oz. of fruit. How many pounds of fruit did she buy?
Fracture is
Silicate minerals
What is a mineral formation that is created from teardrop shaped areas of magma?
Which one of these questions is NOT used to tell if a substance is a mineral?
The color of a mineral
What is a mineral deposit large enough and pure enough to be mined for a profit?
What is NOT an example of a SPECIAL property of a mineral?
Halite has a __________________________ taste.
The mineral that is ranked number 7 on the Mohs' Hardness Scale is
Ore is mined two ways. Copper is mined near the surface of the Earth. This type of mining is called
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The ordinary citizens of Rome lived in
Reason that best explains the beginning of the Punic Wars
Which of the following was the Capital of the Eastern Roman Empire
Who was the first President of the United States?
Who said - Give me liberty or give me death?
Which countries were our enemies during Wold War 2?
Which of the following would NOT describe Martin Luther King Jr.?
What holiday was started by American Colonists?
Who was the main writer of the Declaration of Independence?
When was the Declaration of Independence Adopted?
What is the basic belief of the Declaration of Independance?
What is the national anthem of the United States?
Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner?
Who was President During the Civil War?
What did the Emancipation Proclamation do?
Which President is called the Father of our Country
Which of the following would NOT be a reason the Pilgrims came to America?
Who helped the Pilgrims in America?
The first Pilgrims sailed to America in what ship?
In the quote The play area was bordered by wood-slat benches where old-country people sat cracking roasted watermelon seeds with their golden teeth and scattering the husks to an impatient gathering of gurgling pigeons, which of the following terms
Something that stands for or represents something else (like the combin The Rules of the Game) is a(n)
Which of the following BEST fits a theme from The Gift of the Magi?
The oriole nest in the elm was untenanted and rocked back and forth like an empty cradle is an example of...
A grindstone stands where the bleeding tree stood, just outside the kitchen door is an example of
I did not know then that pride is a wonderful, terrible thing, a seed that bears two vines, life and death is an example of...
Which of the following characters is NOT an example of a round character?
Which of the following is the setting in Three Questions?
Several allusions were used in The Gift of The Magi. Which of the following is NOT an allusion in the story?
In The Scarlet Ibis, the narrator was the main character in the story. From which point of view was this story told?
The cough is a mere nothing; it will not kill me. I shall not die of a cough and Dead birds is bad luck are both examples of
What did Jim sell in The Gift of the Magi to buy a gift for his wife?
In The Scarlet Ibis, what did the narrator teach his brother to do?
What was Fortunato going to the catacombs with Montressor to find in The Cask of Amontillado?
The MOOD of the story is the feeling that the author portrays when writing the story.
Who was the Protagonist in The Rules of the Game?
In Amy Tan's The Rules of the Game, the comb referred to in the quote represents what? One day, as she struggled to weave a hard-toothed comb through my disobedient hair, I had a sly thought.
Which of the following characters is NOT an example of a round character?
Which element in the story The Cask of Amontillado MOST affected the TONE of the story?
What was Montressor's motivation in The Cask of Amontillado?
What new religion gained support in the Roman Empire in the AD 300's?
Which Byzantine city was coined New Rome and became the capital city of the Byzantine Empire?
Which feature of ancient Rome made it a republic?
Which of these play the BIGGEST role in helping communication within the Roman Republic?
Which phrase best describes Augustus Caesar?
The Western Roman Empire was weakened by which of these?
Byzantine Emperor Justinian's MOST significant political accomplishment was
In an attempt to save the Roman Empire, Emperor Diocletian:
Greek and Roman culture survived because of the Byzantine Empire and its preservation of the Greek and Roman:
The geographic location of Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire,
Velocity includes both
The rate that a car's velocity changes is its
When you change your direction of movement, you change your
The tendency of an object to stay at rest is called
An object will keep moving until something
forces work in
A measure of force that gravity exerts on an object is
The closer things are the _______________ the attraction
If things are far apart, they have _________ attraction
what makes a falling object accelerate as it gets closer to Earth?
To reduce sliding friction on the moving parts of a machine, you could add
Rolling friction occurs between one flat surface and another surface that is
The type of friction that helps a parachute float slowly to Earth
when you measure how far something travels in a certain amount of time you measure the
If you want a machine to reduce air resistance, then you do what to it?
A push or a pull is an example of
How does friction affect inertia ?
Kus koolis ma õpin?
Kes on minu lemmikloom?
Mis aastajal on minu sünnipäev?
Mis on minu lemmikaastaeg?
Kas ma olen mänginud korvpalli?
Mis on minu lemmiksöök?
Mitmendad aastat ma gümnaasiumis õpin?
Kas ma käisin lasteaias
Kas mulle meeldib šokolaad?
Kas mulle meeldib keefir?
Boiling red cabbage turns water purple. Is this a qualitative or quantitative observation?
What type of equipment is used for volume?
What type of graph would BEST show the speed of a car at several times during a trip?
Elements cannot be changed into another element by physical or chemical changes.
A chemical change is permanent.
On a motion graph, what best represents constant speed over time?
A pitcher throws a ball from the pitcher's mound to home plate at 80 mph. What is this an example of?
Some students are experimenting to test whether a plant needs fertilizer for growth. How should they treat the control plant in this experiment?
What contains only one type of atom?
A silver spoon tarnishing and leaves changing color is an example of a _________ change.
5.A When did the Civil War happen?
5.A Which of the following is NOT a reason for the beginning of the American Civil War?
5.B What was the Reconstruction era?
5.B What is sharecropping?
5.B Which of the following is true about poll taxes and literacy tests?
5.B What did the 13th amendment grant?
5.B What is the 14th amendment?
5.B What did the 15th amendment grant?
6.A How did Anglo-American settlements affect Native Americans?
6.A Buffalo soldiers were-
6.B What was cowboy life like?
7.C The temperance movement-
7.D What does CORE stand fore
7.D What minority group does LULAC support
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Which represents a formula for a chemical compound.
A covalent bond is formed as the result of
In chemical reactions, atoms are
The process by which organisms keep their internal conditions relatively stable is called
Genetic engineering involves
A cell has 12 chromosomes. How many chromosomes will each daughter cell have?
Which statement is a fundemental principle of the cell theory?
DNA replication occurs during
Unlike DNA, RNA contains
One difference between cell division in plant cells and in animalcells is that plant cells have
Which of the following happens when a cell divides?
Which region of the visible spectrum is not absorbed well by chlorophyll?
The most abundant compound in most living things is
Organisms, such as plants, that make their own food are called
Colorblindness is more common in males than in females because
Which statement is true about bacterial cells?
The failure of chromosomes to separate during meiosis is called
Which of the following are likely topics in a biology course?
Which best describes the purpose of science?
Unlike mitosis, meiosis results in the formation of
In a test cross, if one parent's genotype is homozygous dominant,
Unlike mitosis, meiosis results in the formation of
Which is the negatively charged particle located outside the nucleus of an atom?
DNA is copied during a process called
When enough experimental data support a hypothesis, the hypothesis becomes a(an)
A microscope with a 4x objective lens and a 10x ocular lens produces a total magnification of
RNA contains the sugar
When during the cell cycle is a cell's DNA replicated?
Which series is arranged in order from largest to smallest in size?
The principle of dominance states that
The main function of the cell wall is to
A human female inherits
Which process is used to produce beer and wine.
Which cell structure conatins the cell's genetic material and controls the cells activities?
In what organisms does alcoholic fermentation take place?
If a man with blood type A and a women with blood type B produce an offspring, what might be the offspring's blood type?
During normal mitotic cell divison, a parent cell having four chromosomes will produce two daughter cells, each conataining
A student is collecting the gas given off from a plant in bright sunlight at a tempurature of 27C. The gas being collected is probably
Which of the following is a clone?
Which of the following is a nucleotide found in DNA?
Organisms that have two identical allele for a particular trait are said to be
In humans, a male has
Genes contain instructions for assembling
What results from the removal of a phosphate group from ATP?
The offspring of the cross-fertilization of pea plants with purple flowers and pea plants with white flowers are called
In eukaryotes, electron transport occurs in the
The process of DNA fingerprinting is based on the fact that.
A punnett sqaure shows all of the following EXCEPT
During photosynthesis light energy is converted to the energy in chemical bonds. What also happens according to the predictins of the second law of thermodynamics?
How many codons are needed to specify three amino acids?
Which of the following sequences shows the correct order of events that occur after an insect brings pollen to a flower?
Ovules develop into ___.
A plant seed develops from ___.
The sperm cells of a flowering plant are contained in ___.
Pollination occurs when pollen grains are transported from ___ to ___.
Pollination begins the process of ___.
After pollination, a tube grows from the pollen grain through the ___ to the ovary.
An ovule contains ___.
After fertilization ocurrs, the ovary develops into ___.
How many fruits and seeds could develop from a flower with one ovary containing six seeds?
The kalanchoe plant reproduces by means of ___ along the margins of it leaves.
The eyes of potatoes are ___.
Buds along each ___ of a strawberry plant grow into new plants.
Once a seed is fully developed, the plant inside the seed stops growing and the seed may become ___.
After seeds develop fully, and before they sprout, they may become
The sprouting of a seed is called ___.
In ___ reproduction, a part of the plant such as the stem or root produces a new plant.
A seed may sprout if it is dropped or planted in an environment that has ___, water, and a suitable temperature.
Sperm cells of a flowering plant are contained in ___
Seeds become ___ in order to survive periods of drought or cold temperatures.
Breathing heavily after running a race is your body's way of
A person finds new info that conflicts with previous findings. What would a scientist do in this situation?
Which organelle would you expect to find in plant cells but not animal cells?
Gametes are produced by the process of
An animal cell surrounded by fresh water would
Cancer is a disorder in which some cells have lost the ability to control
What is cancer caused by?
The rain is Spain has a pH of 4.22, this is
Lactic acid fermentation occurs in
The purpose of gene therapy is to
Klinger\'s nose is as long as an elephant\'s trunk!
Carolyn\'s mouth is so big she could swallow a watermelon whole.
Tall is to giraffe as _______ is to dachshound.
The sun made her skin as red as a fire engine.
bare and bear
The water balloon she threw went splat when it hit the wall.
Looking back on my years in the Army, I distinctly remember a feeling of pride and courage.
black and white
delicate fragile
squish, splat, boing, crash, bang, toot-toot, swish, chirp
Which king nicknamed himself the Sun King to emphasize his importance?
After the Glorious Revolution, a(n)_________ was established in England.
In the 16 and 1700's, absolute monarchs in Europe adopted an economic policy known as
In 1648, the Peace of Westphalia
One way that Louis XIV expanded his power was by
Which king's palace and court life has given him a title as the model of absolute monarchy?
Under mercantilism, European nations tried to increase _____________, while decreasing ____________.
Which of the following best describes the English Civil War?
English kings' claims to absolute power was challenged by
During the Fronde
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One advantage the Viet Cong guerrillas had was their
In fighting the North Vietnamese, United States forces used
Herbicides such as Agent Orange were used mainly to
The death toll at My Lai might have been even greater but for
Many young people in the 1960s had freedom and opportunities unknown to previous generations, thanks to
Most people who refused to be drafted in the early 1960s were
Many young men resisted the military draft by
During the election of 1968, the issues dividing the country
The winner of the 1968 election was
What was the status of the Vietnam War by the end of Johnson’s presidency?
Which of the following was not part of the peace treaty signed in 1973?
What did North Vietnam do after the last Americans fled Saigon?
What was one legacy of the Vietnam War?
What was one reason for the creation of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial?
Contains commands for working with the document, organized by tabs.
Contains buttons (icons) for common commands.
Shows were text will appear when you begin typing
Displays information about the current document and process.
Allow you to change views quickly.
File containing the information that varies in each document when doing a mail merge
The document with the information that does not change
Placeholders that are replaced with data from the data source
Combines a document with information that personalizes it.
A file that already contains the basic elements of a document, such as page and paragraph formatting, fonts, and text.
Tries to explain nature using a story where god/goddess is usually present?
Greek philosopher who taught people to think by asking questions?
An Athenian model of democracy is....
Which group was considered to be a citizen in Athens?
Socrates, Plato and Aristotle would fall under which category?
Who borrowed the Greek's ideas on religion?
What did Greek gods have in common with humans?
Who conquered Persia and empires on 3 continents?
This king was the first to unify Greece under one rule?
The Father of Medicine
This philosopher did NOT believe in a democracy...
Which describes a city-state?
How would you characterize Greek religion?
Democracy in Athens developed because...
Famous poet who wrote The Illiad and Odyssey?
A blend of Greek and Asian cultures
Developed the water screw, pulleys and levers
Tells of stories of heroes and their great deeds
Developed in Athens as a form of entertainment
What caused the Peloponneisan War?
____________ can be man vs. man, man vs. society, or man vs. nature.
______________ contains fictional events and characters, but also made-up events and characters.
The beginning of a story is called the ______________.
___________ can involve a character's struggle with sadness, to make a decision, etc.
The___________________ comes directly after the climax.
Another word for suspense is ______________.
Sarcasm is considered ________________.
___________ is the dictionary definition of a word.
The opposite of a fully-developed character is a _________________.
__________________ is when the opposite of what is expected occurs.
The _______________ occurs directly after the exposition.
The ___________ is the most exciting part of the story.
_________________ is the feelings/emotions we associate with a word.
The _____________ occurs at the very end of a story.
A _____________ is written by someone who actually experienced the events they are telling about.
A(n) ___________________ is written by someone who did not actually experience the events being written about. They must complete research.
____________________ is when we know something the characters don't know.
A(n) _______________ is something that represents something else.
Indian Removal Act of 1830 stated that...
Red Jacket was a powerful Iroquois orater and argued that
The Shawnee chief Tecumseh wanted to unite
Future Presidents Jackson and Harrison became heroes by
How did the U.S. army capture Osceola
What was ironic about the big battle at New Orleans?
Which one of the following is NOT a cause of War of 1812
What happened when the British invaded the American capital city?
What did Dolley Madison save?
Why was the USS Constitution famous even before the War of 1812?
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