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Which phrase appeals to the senses of touch, taste, and sight?
The author included paragraph 9 to –
What is the correct meaning of raided as it is used in paragraph 5?
Based on this excerpt, how has the author’s heritage influenced her message?
Which of the following defines the civics and government concept of democracy?
Which of the following defines the civics and government concept of Republicanism?
Which of the following defines the civics and government concept of Natural Rights of Man?
Which of the following defines civics?
In America, the people do not necessarily make the laws. We elected government officials to make and carry out laws. What Government concept is best represented by North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan and Barack Obama?
“No man is above the law and no man is below it: nor do we ask any man's permission when we ask him to obey it.” - Theodore Roosevelt What government concept is Theodore Roosevelt discussing?
Which of the following is NOT a correct statement about Liberalism?
• Lots of Government involvement in the economy • Wealth and resources are evenly distributed • No Rich or Poor Which of the following could NOT be the title of this chart?
“We shall have a King divinely empowered by God. We will also have a parliament elected by the people with the duty of serving the people.” -Englishman What type of leadership is the Englishman describing?
Laws are written based on religious writings and teachings. What type of government is heavily influenced by religious ideas?
Which of the following does NOT accurately relate to a dictatorship?
Which of the following best describes how an absolute monarch gains power?
Analyze the chart below: Countr Italy Voting Requirements 25 years of age, citizen; all citizens automatically registered to vote Compulsory or Optional? optional Voter Identification national identification document Country Saudi Arabia Vo
Which of the following is not a civic duty in the United States?
Which of the following statements is inaccurate?
What is the main difference between economies?
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a Free Market Economy?
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a Command Economy?
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a Mixed Economy?
Which is the most common type of Economy?
Which are the two classes of cells that we find in the nervous system?
What's the name of the connection between neurons?
What's the name given to the chemical that transmits a nerve impulse across the synaptic cleft from one neuron to the next?
Which bones protect the central nervous system from injury?
What are the main parts of the central nervous system?
Which is the biggest part of the encephalon?
What's the grey matter?
What's the white matter?
Where can we find the grey matter in the spinal cord?
Where can we find the grey matter in the brain?
How does the author organize paragraphs 2-4?
Which of these sentences expresses an opinion?
Which of these statements belongs in a summary of the selections?
Which of the following is the best definition of disrupt in paragraph 3?
By presenting the details in paragraph 4, the writer specifically targets readers who --
'According to veterinarian and animal-rights advocate Dr. Michael W. Fox, more than 100 million animals die each year in the laboratories of the world.' Why does the author include this information?
Which sentence is the author's call to action?
Which of the following is the best definition of cultures in paragraph 4?
Which sentence from paragraph 1 does NOT have examples of loaded terms?
Paragraph 3 is organized mainly by --
Where is the Chaparral found?
in the Chaparral,winter is usaully_______?
The summer temp. is usaully_____?
What season does the Chaparral expriance?
What season does it rain most?
Are there any fires or droughts in the Chaparral, why or why not?
What do most Chaparral plants have?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
A rapidly moving cold air mass meets a slowly moving warm air mass and forms a front. What will most likely occur at this front?
A type of cloud that forms in flat layers and often covers much of the sky is
On a weather map, the strongest winds are normally observed
What can one conclude when there is a large temperature difference between the recording of a psychrometer's dry-bulb thermometer and its wet-bulb thermometer
Which type of cloud resembles a fluffy pile of cotton?
Which type of cloud would be most fitting for a scary Halloween night?
Clouds usually form when
What causes an occluded front?
Which of the following careers studies the weather
Which of the following is an observation?
Which of the following is a prediction?
Which of the following is an inference?
I have $50 in my wallet is a
I have a lot of money in my wallet is a
observations can also be called
Chemistry is the
Physics is the
_____________ is the ability to do work or _____________
____________ is anything that has mass and ______________
Where can you find the Strait of Magellan
Which explorer fired up Magellan's imagination?
Why was the crew afraid to sail through the strait?
What ocean did Magellan sail into and name
A Control variable is
An independent variable is:
A dependent variable is:
Organic compounds are those that have the element
All matter that exists is made up of:
Water is a combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen. This combination is:
Which of the following is NOT something that organic macromolecules are responsible for?
Which of the following is a safety violation
If you have long hair, in the lab you should:
Eating in the lab
Which of the following software programs is a full-featured word processing program that allows users to create professional-looking documents and revise them easily?
Which area is used to view a portion of a document on the screen?
In the document window, which bar is used to navigate and display the various areas of a document?
Which bar presents information about a document, the progress of current tasks, and the status of certain commands and keys, and also provides controls for viewing the document?
To increase or decrease the size of the content in a Word 2010 window, which item on the status bar would you use?
What is the control center located below the title bar at the top of the Word 2010 window called?
In the lower-right corner of the ribbon groups, what is the name of the small arrow that displays a dialog box or a task pane with additional options for the group?
Which of the following automatically appears based on tasks you perform, and contains commands related to changing the appearance of text in a document?
The file extension for a Word 2010 document is _____.
When saving a document for the first time, you must specify ___________.
__________ punctuation requires no punctuation after the salutation or the closing.
__________ format aligns text along the right margin, including the date, the inside address, salutation, body of the letter, closing, and signature.
Which of the following is an acceptable format for a business letter?
Which command would you use to save a document for the first time?
Letters and numbers that appear on the Ribbon when you press the Alt key are called _________.
Tables inserted into a report should align with the document to maintain the _______ of the report.
Word provides the option to draw complex tables using the ______ command.
A ______ is an arrangement of data made up of horizontal rows and vertical columns.
The split command enables you to view the worksheet in ________ quadrants.
Using a ______ is a quick method to apply design elements to a table with a single click.
The Euphrates River goes through Syria, Iraq, and Turkey.
What is a problem caused by dams in countries that share rivers in the Middle East?
What is desalination?
Saudi Arabia desalinates the most water in the Middle East.
What is the main problem using desalination in the Middle East?
How has oil affected the economic development of several countries in the Middle East?
Which countries in the Middle East region have gained the most money from oil?
What is extraction?
What does “standard of living” measure?
Which of the following is a cause of pollution in the Middle East?
What is the climate in most of the Middle East?
What is located near densely populated areas in the Middle East?
What do people in the same religious group share?
What is something in the same ethnic group share?
What are the three main religious groups in the Middle East?
Which ethnic group has the largest number of people?
In which country do the majority of Persians live?
What areas in the Middle East are sparsely populated?
What do Christians, Muslims, and Jews have in common?
What two religions share the goal of salvation?
What religion has the goals are to pass down traditions and live according to the laws of their religion?
What is the difference between Sunni and Shia Muslims?
How does oil affect the Middle East economically?
What does OPEC do?
What are the two most valuable natural resources in Southwest Asia?
Where are most of the OPEC countries located?
What happens to the price of oil when OPEC countries decide to limit production?
Why was OPEC created?
How can having oil as a natural resource help improve a nation’s standard of living?
What is the difference between an ethnic group and a religious group?
Backstage view includes a _________ in the Print dialog box so you can preview your workbook as you choose Print options.
Answers by Educators Question Database
GAAP is a way to communicate financial information in a form understood by those interested in the operations and financial condition of the business.
The account Accounts Receivable is an example of a(n) ____.
A business owner must always get permission to operate from the state government.
Basic accounting rules and procedures differ from business to business.
All businesses set up their accounting systems in the same manner.
The corporation is the easiest form of business to organize.
Corporations often start out as sole proprietorships or partnerships.
What was the main goal of the Allies during WWII?
This Civil Rights leader believed in 'Any means necessary', which promoted violence.
This man founded the NAACP.
This is a military alliance that formed after WWII. The countries agreed to defend each other if the Soviet Union should attack.
Which court case overturned Plessy vs. Ferguson, determining separate but equal is UNconstitutional?
This group of laws focused on segregating African Americans.
Which method converts iron to steel?
How did Railroad Companies make money to build the tracks?
Which of the following are push factors for the Great Migration?
What court case permitted Ruby Bridges to attend an all what school?
Walter laughs when Travis says he wants to be a bus driver because Walter --
In lines 30-31, Walter refers to 'secretaries getting thinks wring the way they do' in order to --
As Walter describes his imaginary future, he pulls away from his son because he --
Reread lines 37-40 from Walter's monologue. Walter imagines greeting the gardener as 'Jefferson' rather than 'Mr. Jefferson because in his dreams --
As the excerpt ends, the author communicates Walter's high hopes for his son by having Walter --
In the final stage directions in line 52, the word hysterical means --
From reading the passage, the reader can conclude that Mr. Younger is --
Based on line 34 of the passage what are 'white walls'?
Which of the following statements best fits with how Mr. Younger is characterized in the passage's dialogue?
What is the purpose of the paragraph under the title?
Jim hates fracking. He wants to make it illegal to remove natural grass from the ground because it might contaminate the drinking water. Which of the following is the most effective strategy for making fracking illegal?
Jim: “Hey Congressman, I will give you $100,000 to spend on your next political campaign. In return, you have to make Fracking illegal in the US.” Congressman: “Sure thing, dude.” Based on the quotes above, select the answer that best explains the qu
Jim just freaked out in the grocery store. Last week Jim bought a soda for $1. Today, it cost him $1.05. Jim lost his mind and was kicked out. The grocery store tried to explain the situation. What should the Grocery store tried to say?
This North Carolina document annulled (removed) the King’s Laws in 1775.
This North Carolina document declared independence from Great Britain in 1776. It was written three months before the Declaration of Independence.
Which of the following is NOT true about the Articles of Confederation?
Which of the following defines the civics and government concept of Popular Sovereignty?
Which of the following defines the civics and government concept of Limited Government?
Which of the following defines the civics and government concept of Checks and Balances?
Which of the following defines the civics and government concept of Separation of Powers?
The insect called a walking stick is on a plant branch. This would be an example of:
When plants grow toward sunlight it is called:
An organism that BREAKS DOWN dead organisms is called _____.
The repeated movement of water from the earth's surface to the atmosphere.
What two biomes receive the LEAST amount of rainfall annually?
You would most likely find plants with what type of adaptations in a desert biome?
What term is the same as a producer?
plant----grasshopper---bird---fox---mountain lion In the food chain, what labels would be correct for the fox?
Which of the following are ALL biotic factors?
What is the ultimate source of energy for most living things?
Which of the following are all ABIOTIC?
An organism that CANNOT make its own food is called...
A cat stalks, kills, then eats a bird. What terms can you use to describe the cat?
Omnivores eat...
The prefix troph means...
la cabeza
la frente
las cejas
los ojos
la nariz
los dientes
la boca
las orejas
la barbilla
las mejillas
el cuello
The dish was so good, the customers had seconds.
As a waiter, I serve food to customers.
We were hungry. We ordered lobster and salad.
After dinner, did you sleep well?
The cook fries the shrimp in the kitchen.
The husband and wife dressed up like salt and pepper for Halloween.
To find my table, I follow the waitress through the restaurant.
Did you prefer the veal or lamb?
The fish is so good, we always order seconds.
The waiter had fun yesterday at the restaurant.
A person or a situation that opposes another character’s goals or desires.
The development and portrayal of a personality through thought, action, dialogue, costuming, and makeup.
A reading of a script done by actors who have not previously reviewed the play.
A decisive point in the plot of a play on which the outcome of the remaining action depends.
A signal, either verbal or physical, that indicates something else, such as a line of dialogue or an entrance, is to happen.
The conversation between actors on stage.
The pronunciation of words, the choice of words, and the manner in which a person expresses himself or herself.
A character’s reason for doing or saying things in a play.
A character’s goal or intention
The main character of a play and the character with whom the audience identifies most strongly.
The part of a plot consisting of complications and discoveries that create conflict.
Information that is implied by a character but not stated by a character in dialogue, including actions and thoughts.
Willy goes to Howard's office to --
Howard's tone when talking to Willy can be described as --
In his monologue, Willy tells the story of Dave Singleman to explain why --
Howard's actions during Willy's monologue indicate that he --
What is the definition of bear as it is used in line 84?
In lines 97-99, Willy's comparison of a man to a piece of fruit is an example of --
Which line of dialogue best illustrates Willy's growing desperation in the scene?
In line 90, Howard says, 'I can't take blood from a stone.' What does he mean by this statement?
How is 'Death of a Salesman' an appropriate title for this drama?
How do the stage directions help you understand how his attitude changes through the passage?
At the time the incident takes place, the speaker's attitude toward the girl is --
The imagery of the breath in lines 6-7 and the breathing in line 20 stresses --
The speaker puts the orange on the counter because --
The imagery of the orange in lines 50-55 is --
'Oranges' is a narrative poem because --
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
You can use the Print option in _______ view to print only a selected portion, or print area, of an Excel workbook.
Which of the following appears when you first launch Excel?
Which of the following is not a command tab on the Ribbon?
What are worksheets composed of?
Which of the following will display the Open dialog box?
Where does the information you key into a worksheet appear?
Which of these commands can be accessed by clicking the File tab?
Which of the following will make A1 the active cell?
What happens if you key text that is longer than the width of a cell?
To quickly move from cell D20 to cell R42, you can key R42 into the _______ and press Enter.
What happens when you click Split on the View tab?
You can navigate Excel using ____________.
To open new windows in Excel you use the _______ tab.
Depressing and holding the Alt key will display the __________ on the Ribbon.
An Excel worksheet can contain more than ______ rows.
In Excel you use _________ view to view, save, print, and organize workbooks or worksheets.
The file extension for an Excel 2010 file is _____.
Another name for KeyTips are ___________.
__________ order sorts text from end to beginning.
mis on muusika?
keda kutsutakse pop-i Kuningaks?
Mis on Rock muusika?
Millal kujunes levi muusika?
Mis on kantrimuusika
Millal kujunes välja kantrimuusika?
Mis on räpp?
Milline muusika on Indias?
Milline on India kunst?
IndiaIndia tüüpi arhitektuur
Maalikunst Peale skulptuuri oli.... ?
Uuemad kultuurid:1-2 saj.
Milliseid riideid kasutavad Indlased nende muusika videotes?
Kas Indias vöib olla pop muusikat?
Kas Indias on tehtud muusikafilme ?
Kas Indias on kunsti muuseumi ?
Millal ehitati India kunsti muuseum?
Are you alive?
On what platform are you currently on while playing this game?
How old are you?
What country do you live in?
Do you wear clothes to school?
You are a......
Do you have a phone?
You_____your dog
Do you speak estonian?
Did you like this game?
what does the fox say
Summertime Sadness
One Way Or Another
Wake Me Up
Black Betty
Wrecking Ball
an area of land that's wet or marshy is called this -
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which type of energy is converted when fireworks release heat, light, and sound?
Which is an example of a herbivore?
The prefix bi means _______.
The most abundant compound in most living things is?
Lipids are made up of ____________.
Nucleotides are the building block for what macromolecule?
Enzymes affect the reactions in living cells by changing _____ of the reaction?
_______ are the basic unit of life.
The nucleus contains a eukaryotic cells _________ material.
The prefix eu means ________.
This type of cell does NOT have a cell wall.
A __________ breaks down food particles a cell can use.
These two organelles provide energy for cells:
This type of macromolecule forms membranes, hormones and stores long-term energy:
DNA and RNA are this type of macromolecule.
das Schwimmbad
die Post
Wie komme ich...?
Being able to make decisions is an important skill for someone interested in becoming an accountant.
A professional organization, such as the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, is a group of people who have common career interests.
Responsibility is one example of a personality trait.
The more you know about yourself, the easier it will be to make career choices.
The Internet is a source of educational and career information.
In the U.S. economy, for-profit businesses are outnumbered by not-for-profit organizations.
One of the best ways to find out about particular careers is by talking to people who work in those fields.
Once you decide upon a career, you will probably stay in that career for the rest of your life.
On-the-job training provides an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of a particular job and get paid while you're learning.
The amount of money earned after the costs of operating a business are paid is ____.
To survive, a business must ____.
In a business, it is the entrepreneur who ____.
The type of business that provides a product or a service, makes sales to customers, and incurs expenses is ____.
Which of the following would not be considered a service business?
An example of an accounting assumption is ____.
Today, most accounting work is still done with pencil and paper.
All businesses need accounting services.
A CPA is a person who has passed a national test and met specified experience and educational standards to become certified to practice accounting.
A person's skills are the principles by which they live and are the core of their belief system
Only businesses that earn a profit will have the economic resources to continue to operate.
Deep within Earth, rocks are crushed and melted. Which of the following MOST LIKELY happens at this hot, melted rock comes to the surface of Earth?
All of the processes listed below cause changes in Earth's surface. Which of the following is the slowest to change Earth's surface?
Which of these occurs when Earth's crust slips at a fault line?
Which of the following can be caused by weathering?
Which surface feature was made by a destructive process
Which of these can cause sharp, rough mountains to become rounded and smooth over time?
Some processes that shape Earth's surface are slow. Other processes are rapid. Which statement describes a rapid change?
Natural processes shape the surface of Earth. Most canyons are formed by
Which of the following is best classified as a nonrenewable resource?
Which is a not cause of erosion?
In which of these ways can volcanoes help build up new land?
A student walks to school one morning and notices the grass is wet but the streets are dry. Which of these processes most likely caused the grass to be wet?
A(n) __ occurs when oxygen combines with another substance.
A(n) __ uses chemical symbols and formulas to describe a chemical reaction.
A(n) __ is a substance that reacts with another substance in a chemical reaction.
A(n) __ is a substance that is produced during a chemical reaction.
The __ states that matter cannot be created or destroyed during a physical or chemical change.
In a chemical reaction, the mass of the products always __ the mass of the reactants.
What does the law of conservation of mass state?
Examine the following chemical equation, which shows only the reactions and one product. Zn + 2HCl - ZnCl2 + ? How many H atoms must be present in the second product that is formed?
The following word equation describes a chemical reaction in which hydrogen is produced. magnesium + hydrochloric acid - magnesium chloride + hydrogen What is the source of the atoms in the hydrogen gas produced by this reaction?
Which of the following equations does NOT demonstrate the law of conservation of mass?
Who was responsible for making laws for the colonies?
The French and Indian war was a battle between the___
This law passed by the king stated that the colonists could not settle the land west of the mountains.
Because the King and Parliament wanted the colonists to repay the British government they passed the Sugar Act Stamp Act after this.
What angered the colonists about the Stamp Act?
The colonists that fought against the British in the early battles for freedom were known as___
What does “no taxation, without representation” mean
All of the following were results/or effects of the Boston Tea Party
The Committees of Correspondence were set up to___
The shots fired at Lexington and Concord meant
The King and Parliament at one point repealed all the taxes except the tax on...
All of these are examples of what the colonists did to show the king they were upset EXCEPT...
Colonial Legislatures were....
This protest took place where colonists dressed up as colonists and destroyed British goods
This law put a tax on almost all printed legal documents.
The colonists who sided with the king were known as...
The colonists that were ready to break away from the king and declare independence were known as
The colonists believed they should have ____ which meant they should rule themselves
The Blockade on Boston Harbor was bad because
Mrs. Dravecky's favorite baseball team is...
All types of businesses sell a product.
In a free enterprise system, businesses compete for customers.
One advantage of owning your own business is that any financial gain from operating the business is yours.
For accounting purposes, a business is an entity separate from its owners.
The most common form of business organization is the ____.
Accounting is often call the language of business because ____.
The most common time period covered by an accounting report is one ____.
An example of an internal user of accounting information is ____.
The assumption that requires accounting reports to be prepared for a specific period of time is ____.
If the creditor's financial claim to property totals $1,000 and the owner's financial claim to property totals $11,000, the property value is ____.
A business is earning a profit if the selling price of its product covers the cost of the raw materials needed to make the product.
The life of a business is divided into specific periods for reporting purposes
A partnership can be owned by a more than two individuals.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
a body of water surrounded by three sides of land is -
Which of the following is the best definition of a peninsula?
What do we call an area of flat land that borders water?
The Potomac, Rappahannock, York, and James are all examples of -
What completely surrounds Lake Drummond?
The imaginary line that splits the Coastal Plain region from the next region is known as the -
When people visit an area of for fun and spend money on things like food and hotels, it's called -
Which of the following is the best description of a watershed?
A group of businesses connected to a product is known as a(n) -
Peanuts and Seafood are examples of -
All Virginia's major rivers flow directly into -
The Eastern Shore is an example of a(n) -
All of the following are natural resources of the Coastal Plain except -
Which of the following is not an industry of the Coastal Plain?
What's one way that people harm the Chesapeake Bay?
Who explored and surveyed the Dismal Swamp and thought it was useful?
The Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean helped Indians and the Europeans with all of the following except -
What is bandwidth?
Bandwidth is measured in
In contrast to twisted-pair cable, coaxial cable
_____________ is used to transfer Web pages to computers.
802.11 Protocol is also known as __________.
__________ is used to transmit and receive large files.
The _________ bit checks for errors.
The __________ directional protocol allows data to flow in both directions at the same time.
A ___________ is a set of rules and procedures for exchanging information among computers on a network.
Each networked client computer must contain a _____________.
A _______________ consists of hardware and/or software allowing communication between two similar networks.
A _____________ is hardware and/or software that allows communication between dissimilar networks.
A __________ is an electronic device, usually found in large networks, that joins two or more networks.
A ___________ is a specially designed electronic device that receives signals along a network, amplifies them, and then sends them along the network's communication path.
In a __________ topology, multiple computers and peripheral devices are linked to a central hub.
In a ______________ topology, there is no hub and each computer is connected to two or more other devices in a circular path.
Each network component is called a ___________.
A(n) __________ is a network that is housed within an organization to serve internal users.
Networks can be classified by their __________.
A ___________ spans a large geographical area.
miks on vaja kooli
miks on vaja internetti
kes on eesti president
kes elab metsas
mis on eesti pealinn
mis värvi on armastus
In computer terminology, the term program refers to
Which computer characteristic allows the same program to be used again and again?
Which computer characteristic refers to the capability to exchange information over networks?
A network of computers confined to a relatively small geographical area is called a(n)
Which of the following is not text data?
Which of the following is an example of video data?
Which step in the information processing cycle is the computer performing when it sends information to the printer?
To which part of the information processing cycle does the system unit correspond?
A personal computer is a self-contained computer capable of
Which one of the following is an example of a peripheral device?
The main components of the motherboard are the
Which type of hardware device allows the user to retrieve information?
An example of an output device is a
Which one of the following is the most important piece of software in a computer system?
Software that scans for viruses is an example of
Which type of software allows the user to prepare a spreadsheet?
Which one of the following is an example of an operating system?
Which of the following is not an example of an application software?
A computer is an electronic device that
What does GIGO mean?
What are ethics?
Which tracking technology involves pinpointing the location of a person?
Which tracking technology involves coding identification numbers into both hardware and software?
Cookies record information about all of the following except
What right of citizens do tracking systems threaten?
Which one of the following uses privacy statements in response to consumer demands for privacy protection?
What is the most common protocol used for secure servers?
Which of the following is not a name of an FBI wiretap program?
What act was enacted by Congress in 2001 and renewed in 2006?
What is the name of the protocol used today to protect the transmission of credit card data over the Web?
What group proposed a policy to prevent abuses of employee privacy?
Gathering information on a person's lifestyle habits for the putpose of selling products is an example of a
It would be considered fair use of protected material to use which of the following without permission?
Which one of the following has made almost all of its Web sites fully accessible to persona with disabilities?
An example of making computer hardware more accessible to people with disabilities is
How much money in lost productivity is bad software estimated to cost U.S. businesses each year?
According to a recent United Nations Human Development report, what percentage of the population in developing countries has Internet access?
In 2008, which group led in Internet usage?
Who typically signs an acceptable use policy?
Which one of the following requires public schools to install Internet filtering software on their computers?
I want to locate a word or words
I want to remove a word/sentence
I want to make the title centered
I want to locate a word and change it to a new word
I want to make a duplicate of a word/sentence
I want to cut a word and place it somewhere else
I want to open the Spelling and Grammar Dialog Box
I want a to open the Thesaurus Dialog Box
I need to make the heading this alignment
I need to make my header this alignment
You ________ interest on debt.
The ________ monitors companies to make sure they disclose meaningful financial and other information so you have access to the information you need to make healthy investment decisions.
Why might you choose an investment with high risk instead of one with low risk?
Answers by Educators Question Database
What creature did Mary Warren 'appear' as in the rafters?
Why did Abigail accuse Elizabeth Proctor?
Why did the girls turn on Mary Warren?
Whose wife was accused due to her reading of books?
Who caught the girls dancing in the forest?
When did Hale attempt to get confessions?
How did Abigail escape Salem?
Where did Abigail work?
In what way were most 'witches' executed?
How did Elizabeth Proctor escape execution?
Who refused to pardon any of the accused?
Which objects could be combined to make a device that would produce electricity?
Charity was measuring a sample of copper to determine its density. The sample had a mass of 27 grams and a volume of 3 cubic centimeters.What is the density of copper?
Which animal species are most likely to survive in a marine environment that has very cold water temperatures?
Which of these represents a chemical change?
What are carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen?
Which sentence describes a way that Earth's biodiversity helps human health?
Carrie tests the stream behind her house each year to find out if the water quality has changed. This year, the water in the stream had a pH of 6.0 according to the pH meter. What describes the pH of the water in the stream?
Hernando ran an electric current through a beaker of distilled water and separated the water into the gases H2 and O2. What type of change did he produce?
On the periodic table, chromium has the symbol Cr, an atomic number of 24, and a mass number of 52. How many protons does chromium have?
Which of the following does not represent a mixture?
Which of the following would not be used to construct an electromagnet?
In what state of matter are the molecules far apart and constantly moving at high speeds?
The planets in our solar system stay in their orbits because of the __________.
The chemical reaction below describes the combustion of ethanol. C2H5OH + 3O2 → 2CO2 + 3H2O What are the products of the reaction?
Earth's atmosphere is made up of several gases. Which gas makes up over 75% of Earth's atmosphere?
Why does Earth have a greater gravitational pull than the Moon?
Several exploration vehicles have landed on Mars and have sent information back to scientists on Earth. Which characteristic changed after the vehicles landed on Mars?
Which statement describes a difference between a bar magnet and an electromagnet?
Molecules consist of two or more __________.
What is the result of all chemical changes?
If a person in the US uses 15,000W of power everyday. How much energy would a city of 10,000 use?
In developed countries ______ % of the world's popualtion use ______ % of the energy.
The most common source of energy in the use is found in the form of
An example of cogeneration creating energy would be
1 gram of Uranium-235 contains ______________ times the energy of 1 gram of coal.
If a substance has a half life 1000 years. How many years will pass after 5 half lives?
Which of the following is the best example of a depletable resource?
If a homeowner plants a large deciduous tree next to a southern window, he/she is using
The difference between coal and nuclear power when it comes to how electricity is made is
In developing countries, wood is the primary resource for heating homes and cooking. What major environmental impact is associated with deforestation?
Seismic energy travels fastest through solid rock because.....
Why can seismic waves be detected far away from an earthquake?
Which layer of the Earth is made up of metals that are liquid?
What are the two best words to describe the asthenosphere?
Where are you most likely to find earthquakes and volcanoes?
What happens at an ocean trench?
What forms the Andes Mountains?
What causes a midocean ridge to form?
Why does oceanic crust subduct under continental crust?
What Minnesota feature was created by chemical weathering?
Which of the following are discriminatory laws?
Which of the following groups faced discrimination?
What is another name for Hoovervilles?
Which machine made harvesting crops easier?
Which term means to produce many products at one and sell them cheaply?
What offically ended WWI?
No Ex-Confederates in Government, Strict on the South, and Supported African American rights. Which Reconstruction plan does this describe?
This Reconstruction plan support the Black Codes.
Unrestrcted submarine warfare and ties to Great Britain are 2 reasons that the U.S. ____________
Put the following events in the order they happened.
Look at the chemical reaction for water. 2H2 + O2 → 2H2O How does combining hydrogen and oxygen to create water relate to the law of conservation of mass?
The same cylinder was used to calibrate a spring scale, which measures the weight of an object. The calibrated spring scale displays 350 grams based on Earth's gravity. What would this spring scale display under Jupiter's gravity?
Samantha is building an electric motor using a magnet and a length of thick wire. What shape must the wire have in order for her motor to work?
A team of astronomers observed two asteroids of equal mass traveling through our solar system. Which asteroid will be most attracted by Earth's gravity?
object could not be used to test an electromagnet to find out if it is working?
Which substance is a compound?
Which substance is not a natural component of Earth's atmosphere?
Which of the following has the largest magnetic field?
A substance with a pH of 2.3 is ________.
In which state of matter are molecules closest together with the least amount of movement and heat?
Which of these is an adaptive bioengineered product?
Which of the following will react to form a new compound when mixed?
Organisms that live in coastal areas must be able to survive living in both dry conditions with no water, as well as wet conditions while they are under water. Which traits would provide it with the best chance for long term survival?
The following chemical equation represents the decomposition of ammonia. 2NH3 -- 3H2 + N2 Which of the following is true in all chemical reactions that result in decomposition?
A substance with a pH of 9.2 is ________.
The mass of 5 cubic centimeters of aluminum is 13.5 grams. What is the density of aluminum?
Mr. Parsons is helping his science class build a device that will produce electricity with a rotating magnet. What else must be included in the device in order for it to produce electricity?
Heat was applied to 500 milliliters of water until the temperature of the water reached 100 °C. What change happened to the water when it reached 100 °C?
How is mass different from weight?
Which gas makes up about 20% of Earth's atmosphere?
__ is the ability to do work or cause change.
All energy is classified as either __ energy or __ energy.
__ is the energy of motion.
__ is stored energy.
__ is the energy that an object has because of its position.
Energy cannot be created of destroyed, it can only be __ from one form to another.
__ is the energy stored in the chemicals that make up an object.
__ is the energy that is stored in a stretched object that can snap back.
The __ states that although energy may change from one form to another, energy is not created or destroyed.
__ is a force that acts between the surfaces of materials that come in touch with each other.
Which of the following correctly states the law of conservation of energy?
Which is an example of gravitational potential energy?
A ball rolls on a flat surface and stops. What caused the ball to lose all its kinetic energy?
What is an example of elastic potential energy?
Which is an example of chemical potential energy?
A baseball rests on a tabletop. What type of potential energy is stored in the baseball based on its position on the table?
Which of these is the best example of chemical potential energy being converted into thermal energy?
An object moves rapidly as it is thrown upward. Its motion slows as it reaches a maximum height, and then it falls back down. What causes the upward motion to become slower?
A rubber band is stretched between a person’s fingers and then released. This best demonstrates
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is the difference between a primary market and a secondary market?
Which of these is the most risky for investors?
Which describes a bear market?
A bond has a coupon rate of 5 percent per year, and a par value of $2,000. How much interest will you receive each year?
You want to buy a stock that pays dividends. What should you buy?
The main purpose of the FDIC is to make sure that
What is the difference between simple and compound interest?
A missing layer of parallel rock.
The idea that younger rocks lie on top
A break in the geologic record
The process of wearing down a missing layer that exist between horizontal and folded rock layers
How are rock layers arranged in the geologic column?
How does a geologist know that rock layers are undisturbed?
What is a fault?
What is the most common type of unconformity?
The process of figuring out if an object is older or younger than another
Free question. Pick Earth Science
Process in which minerals replace tissues.
Trace or remains of an organism that lived long ago, most commonly preserved in sedimentary rock.
Mark or cavity made in a sedimentary surface by a shell or other body.
Fossil from a specific time period.
Fossil formed by an animal's movement.
Mold filled with sediment.
What is amber?
Which of the following is an example of mineral replacement?
Which of the following is an example of a trace fossil?
Which kind of temperatures will slow down an organism’s decay?
New Mexico
Control center
What are organelles
I control what gets in and out of the cell
I contain all the organelles in a cell
you can compare me to the main office in the school
I store materials such as water, food and waste
I am responsible for breaking down material not needed in a cell
I am only found in plant cells
I am like the front doors in a school
I am like the janitorial staff or garbage truck
Mis on jalgpall?
Mitu liiget võib olla ühel meeskonnal mängu ajal?
Mitu väravavahti on jalgpallis?
Millega peab olema kaetud mänguväljak?
Mitu poolaega on mängul?
Kui pikk on vaheaeg?
Millal peeti esimesed maailmameistrivõistlused?
Millal kujunes välja kaasaegne jalgpall?
Kuhu on vaja toimetada pall?
Millal jõudis mäng Eestisse?
What always begins a food chain?
Which of the following is an example of a herbivore?
This term means PLANT.
Carn means _______.
grass -- beetle -- fox -- bear Which one is the producer?
This type of organism cannot make its own food.
The prefix uni means _______.
In any food chain, the thing that eats the producer is called a _______.
An organism that eats BOTH consumers and producers is called:
A herbivore eats only:
What is a noun?
A ___________ shows what the person, place, thing, animal, or idea is doing.
A ___________ sentence tells a statement.
A __________ sentence asks a question.
AA ___________ sentence shows strong feeling or excitement.
A _________ noun means two or more.
A ________ noun means one.
A _________ noun can not be touched, heard, seen, tasted, or smelled.
The __________ is the who, the what the sentence is about.
A __________ noun is any noun that can be observed byone or all of the five senses.
State of Matter (solid, liquid, gas, plasma)
Conductivity (thermal or electrical)
Melting Point
Boiling Point
Melting Point of 1085 degrees Celsius
Hydrogen gas and zinc chloride are produced when hydrochloric acid is combined with Zinc
Iron and Oxygen form rust
Iron is more dense than aluminum
Magnesium burn brightly when ignited
Oil and water do not mix
Baking a cake
Decorating a cake
Milk souring
Answers by Educators Question Database
the answer is f
the answer is w
the answer is f
What is 24 inches converted into feet?
What is 16 fluid ounces converted into cups?
A book has a mass of 3 kg. How many grams is this?
A large measuring cup has a capacity of 2 cups. How many pints is this?
A whitewater kayak is 2m long. Convert this measure to cm.
How many liters are equivalent to 8, 000 mL?
A rectangle has a length of 9 cm and a width of 5 cm. What is its area?
A triangle has a base of 4 cm and a height of 3 cm. What is its area?
What is the volume of a rectangular prism with sides lengths 5 in., 7 in., and 3 in?
What is 42 pints converted into gallons?
A two word naming system.
First word in a scientific name.
Second word of a scientific name.
A tool with steps in which there are two descriptive choices to choose from.
The two major classification categories.
The scientific theory that living things came from non-living things.
The theory that living things only come from other living things.
Most living organisms are made up of more than ______% water
Humans are made up of around ______% water
Traits of living things.
An explanation of things or events based on scientific knowledge that is the result of observations and experiments.
A statement about how things work in nature that seem to be true all the time.
A prediction that can be tested.
Third step in the scientific method.
A series of procedures taken in science that can help solve a problem.
Something in an experiment that can change.
A standard to which the outcome of a test is compared.
Any living thing.
An organisms ability to maintain proper conditions inside no matter what is going on outside the organism.
Two things that living things need in order to survive.
Energy that drives the water cycle come from
In the water cycle, plants release water vapor into the air
What do transpiration and evaporation have in common?
In the water cycle, what happens during condensation?
What weather instrument measure air pressure?
What does high air pressure usually mean?
When are you most likely to see white cumulus clouds?
What kind of weather are stratus clouds most likely to bring?
Which kind of weather are areas near oceans most likely to have?
In what direction does the Jet Stream usually flow?
How does the Gulf Stream affect weather patterns?
Which provides unusually COOL ocean waters that affect weather patterns in North American?
Which condition suggests that a change from fair to stormy weather is MOST LIKELY on the way?
Suppose the polar Jet Stream shifts to bring air from the north down farther south. Which of these is MOST LIKELY to happen?
During Ms. Kelly's vacation in July, she went to visit Johannesburg, South Africa. What season is it in South Africa in July?
Sara is heating some soup for dinner. What process allows the soup to be heated all the way through?
How do mittens help us during the winter?
Nikhil is making himself a drink to take to the playground. He adds lots of ice to his drink but after 30 minutes, all the ice has melted. Why is that?
If 8 grams of salt are added to 10 grams of water, what is weight of the salt water?
Caroline is cooking dinner on her stove when she accidentally touches the hot stove. Which is most responsible for her burn?
Which of the following results in a chemical change?
Mrs. Parsons bakes a cup cake for her daughter that weighs 8 oz. She breaks the cup cake up into pieces. What is the total weight of the pieces?
Harold has warmed some serving plates in the oven before he serves his family a meal. What is the most likely reason Harold has done this?
Why should you not use metal utensils when cooking?
How does the weight of water with ice compare to the weight of water once the ice has melted?
Which of the following is an example of QUALITATIVE data?
What will most likely happen when warm water is added to a bowl of cold water?
A student heats some water in a pan on a stove. The handle of the pan gets hot. Which is most likely true about the handle?
Hannah noticed that during the summer, the tires on her mother's car seemed a bit larger than during the winter. Which is most likely the reason for this?
Which will change when a metal train track gets hot during the summer?
Which of the following is an example of heat energy?
Solar energy comes from where?
What happens as heat is added to a substance?
Mechanical energy is the energy of
What states: Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it changes form?
What energy transformation happens when you stretch a rubberband and let it go?
What type of energy tranformation happens when you knock a book off a shelf?
What is the force of attraction and repulsion?
What happens to the magnet if we turn off an electromagnet?
What happens when a switch is closed on a circuit?
What happens when you break a magnet in half?
How can electrical energy be transformed into sound energy?
Which of the following is needed to complete an electric circuit?
How does all heat move?
How does radiant energy warm an object?
Which of the following is an evidence of work being done?
Which of the following is not an example of an inclined plane?
What are the ways to use the inclined plane to reduce the force needed?
Where should a fulcrum be placed to reduce the amount of force?
What is another name for a complex machine?
What is the SI unit for force?
What is the SI unit for energy?
Energy enables something to do
Rob used a piece of poster board shaped like a parallelogram to make a sign. The base of the poster board is 52 inches, and the area is 1,872 square inches. Find the height of the poster board.
The kite is in the shape of a parallelogram. The base is 64 cm., and the height is 26 cm. Find the area of the kite. (Text p. 668)
A piece of metal is cut in the shape of a triangle. The base is 3 feet, the height is 3 feet, and the diagonal is 4 1/4 feet. What is the perimeter of the triangle?
A piece of metal is cut in the shape of a triangle. The base is 3 feet, the height is 3 feet, and the diagonal is 4 1/4 feet. What is the area of the triangle?
Norman cut a triangle out of construction paper for an art project. The area of the triangle is 84.5 square centimeters. If the base is 13 cm, what is the height of the triangle?
Barry cuts a piece of wood in the shape of a trapezoid. The height is 4 feet. The top is 3 feet across, and the bottom is 10 feet across. Which equation could be used to find the area?
Barry cuts a piece of wood in the shape of a trapezoid. The height is 4 feet. The top is 3 feet across, and the bottom is 10 feet across. Find the area of the trapezoid.
Find the area of a trapezoid with a height of 4 yards and bases of 5 1/2 and 6 1/2 yards.
Serina designed the bag shown on text p. 692. The bottom base of the bag is 9 inches, the top is 10 inches, and the height is 13 inches. How much fabric will be needed to make the front of the bag?
What is the height of a triangle with a base of 14 centimeters and an area of 56 square centimeters?
Why did the girls begin accusing?
Who was the expert on witchcraft?
What item was used to prove Elizabeth Proctor's witchcraft?
What did the devil 'promise' Tituba?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
sanding a piece of wood
crushing an aluminum can
aluminum combining with oxygen to form aluminum oxide
water freezing and forming ice
frying an egg
burning wood
leaves turning colors in the fall
dry ice subliming into a gas
methane gas bubbles lighting on fire
Cutting your hair
Bleaching your hair
Painting a homecoming picture on the window
Alka-Seltzer fizzing in water
Water boiling at 100 degrees Celsius
Ethane combusting with oxygen to form carbon dioxide gas and water.
Melting Gallium at 37 degrees Celsius
Hexnuts rusting when left in a cartesian diver bottle (with water still in it)
¿Qué es la sangre?
Son pequeños pedazos de citoplasma que se han desprendido de células gigantes de la medula ósea
Es un elemento figurado de la sangre...
Es un coágulo anormal que se desarrolla en el vaso sanguineo
¿Cuáles son los tipos sanguineos?
Es el antigeno sanguíneo
¿De dónde obtiene el color rojo la sangre?
Cantidad de sangre en un adulto normal...
¿Cómo se le llama a la formación de eritrocitos?
Transportan oxigeno..
Reproduction from a male sperm cell and female egg cell
Fertilization that occurs outside female body
An animal developing from a part of the original animal
Larva is the _____ stage of metamorphosis.
stages a living thing undergoes from generation to generation
Fertilization that occurs inside female body
Complete metamorphosis has ____ stages
A living thing producing more of its own kind is
Reproduction from one parent
When an animal sheds its exoskeleton it is called
Mammals reproduce
Birth and death are stages in the
Incomplete metamorphosis has ____ stages.
Egg is the _____stage of complete and incomplete metamorphosis
All living things reproduce.
A sea anemone reproduces by splitting in half.
A grasshopper undergoes ______ metamorphosis.
The length of time an organism can live under the best of condition
The length of time an organism can live in the conditions of its surroundings.
most fish use ______ fertilization.
How many millimeters are in a meter?
WHich is longer?
1 meter is equal to how many centimeters?
What instrument is used to measure liquid volume?
1 milliliter is equal to:
Which of the followint is not a physical property
What is the correct orde of units for the metric system?
What is the metric unit for measuring length?
What is the amount of matter in an object called?
What is the formula for density?
The volume oif a solid is measured in what units?
1 penny is about 1 mm thick. How many centimers would a stack of 10 pennies be?
When using a graduated cylinder you must measure from the bottom of what?
Weight is measured in what unit?
Place the followint items in order from most massive to least massive: a) an elephant b) a hamster c) a skyscraper d) the moon
What is the metric measurement for temperature?
Which is longer?
What is the best unit for measuring the length of an eyelash?
What is the best unit for measuring the distance between two ciities?
What is the best unit for measuring a stick of spaghetti?
What is the volume of a rectangular solid measuring 2 m by 4 m by 4 m?
What is the density of a liquid with mass of 100 grams and a volume of 10 mL?
Which is longer?
Which of the following is the abbreviation for decameter?
What is one thing that defines matter?
Put the following items in order from most dense to least dense: a) balsa wood b) water c) oil d) marble
What is the density of a rectangular solid that has a mass of 500 g and measures 2 cm by 2 cm by 25 cm?
The average thickness of a penny is 1 mm. How tall is a stack of 1000 pennies in centimeters?
A graduates cylinder is found to have a mass of 30 g. It is massed again with 50 mL of liquid and found to have a mass of 150 g. What is the mass of the liquid?
The denser the matter:
helps make proteins and other substances/ where the ribosomes do their work
surrounds the cell and provides support and shape
makes food and energy for the cell
transforms and provides energy
packages and distributes proteins
builds proteins
I am like the bricks making up the school building
I am like the electrical room that provides energy to the school
you can compare me to the lunch line where food gets exported
I help the ribosomes make proteins here
Which of the following are pure substances?
Which of the following is NOT a pure substance?
A substance that is made up of only 1 kind of atom is a(n)
If an unknown substance CANNOT be broken down into simpler substances, it is
If a material contains three elements joined in a fixed proportion, it is a(n)
Water is a compound because it
Which of the following is a characteristic of a mixture?
Which of the following is a heterogeneous mixture?
A mixture can be classified as a solution, suspension, or colloid based on the
Which of the following is malleable?
Which of the following has the highest viscosity?
A substance has a melting point of 0 C and a boiling point of 100 C, The substance is most likely
A material that is malleable and conducts electricity is most likely
Answers by Educators Question Database
Tafsiri kwa Kiingereza: Kamili
Tafsiri kwa Kiingereza: saa kumi na mbili kamili usiku
Jaza nafasi hizi: Unasema kiswahili? La, __ kiswahili.
Jaza nafasi hizi: Ninyi mnatoka Afrika? Hapana, __ Afrika.
Tafsiri kwa Kiswahili: Date
Tafsiri kwa kiingereza: Peach/ peach tree
The development of the microscope made it possible for people to
What is the role of the nucleus in a plant or animal cell?
Which process do plants use to make the energy they need?
Which organism obtains energy in the same way as a tree?
Which of these is an inherited trait?
An ecosystem of forests was destroyed and replaced with a large shopping mall. Predict how this will most likely affect the environment of the area.
Which planet is the largest in our solar system?
A student looks for the Big Dipper constellation in the night sky. Which tool best helps the student identify this constellation?
The Blue Ridge Mountains form part of the eastern Appalachian Mountains. How were these mountains most likely formed?
Which of these describes a chemical change in matter?
Which of these is the best example of potential energy?
In situations in which there is no direct contact, what causes objects to be attracted to Earth?
A pencil falls off a desk. What pulls the pencil toward the floor?
What did Great Britain sign that stated they no longer ruled the 13 colonies?
What did the American colonists fight so they could form a new nation?
What is the tax law on printed materials?
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
Who was king of England during the American Revolution?
What gave the United States a strong government?
What was an old prison in Paris?
Which Estate were most French people in?
Who lived in the Third Estate?
Which estate did the rich nobles live in?
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