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mis kliimavöötmesse jääb brasiilia
kus asub Tartu
kus asub oslo
kus asub helsinki
mis on eesti pealinn
mis on soome pealinn
is manipulated or change during an experiment.
Carlos want to know the weight of some sodium chloride (table salt). What SI equipment he need.
educated guess
variable that is measure in a scientific experiment.
which things we use to measure lenght
basic unit of lenght
Is cold in the science classroom. The thermostat read 62 degrees.
The graduate cylinder have 33.5 ml of water.
BSM like dark colors.
In science quantitative observations are more important than qualitative observations.
Rainsford losing his balance and falling off the ship's rail into the Caribbean Sea is an example of
Zaroff forcing Rainsford to participate in the hunt is an example of
Rainsford thinking to himself - I will not lose my nerve - is an example of
The protagonist in the story is
The antagonist in the story is
I am still a beast at bay is an example of
The night is like moist black velvet is an example of
What narrative point of view (POV) is used in the story?
Which best describes the mood of the short story?
Which is the best description of theme for the short story?
What is meant by 'I am still a beast at bay.'?
What is the setting for the short story?
What happened to Lazarus?
How many acres did Zaroff's father have in the Crimea?
Why does Zaroff suggest Rainsford wear moccasins?
How does Zaroff stock his island with game?
Why does Zaroff congratulate Rainsford on his Maylay mancatcher?
What happened to General Zaroff at the end of the short story?
If Rainsford wins the hunt, what does Zaroff promise him?
Where does Rainsford spend the first night of the hunt?
What radioactive isotope is used to date once-living artifacts?
What is a limitation of carbon-dating?
What is the half-life of C-14?
When a nucleus splits into smaller nuclei, this process is known as:
An example of fusion can be seen in:
A nuclear power plant utilizes the controlled fission of:
How do 'control rods' regulate the fission reaction in a nuclear plant?
How much U-235 is needed to supply the same amount of energy as 1780 lbs of coal?
**BONUS** Why is the McGuire power plant located next to Lake Norman?
**BONUS!** At which of the following locations has there been a major nuclear accident?
Milline neist on oksiid?
Milline neist on hape?
Milline neist on alus?
Milline neist on sool?
3Ca(OH)2+2H3Po4 = ?
Millised metallid reageerivad HCl - iga?
Mis olekus on tavatingimustes Hg ?
Vask ?
N2O3 ?
H2SO4 ?
Which explorer is known for sailing around the tip of Africa to India?
Which explorer is known for circumnavigating the globe?
Which is NOT true of Prince Henry the Navigator?
The astrolabe was used to tell an explorer...
The compass was used to tell an explorer...
What did Columbus name the land he discovered?
The caravel was a newly invented...
Explorers were motivated by what three G words?
Why did Europeans want to go to Asia by sea rather than by land?
Which of these was NOT a good Europeans wanted from Asia?
Europeans were able to conquer native people because they...
The line of demarcation divided...
Which country colonized the most land in the New World?
Mercantilists believed...
Which statement does NOT describe mercantilism?
Which statement describes a market economy?
Which statement describes French colonies?
Which country allowed its colonies to govern themselves?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which European nation did Japan defeat in war in 1905?
What does it mean to be an invertebrate?
The only group of animals that begin their lives in the water breathing with gills and as adults can live on land breathing with lungs is the ______.
Choose the answer below that correctly matches the vertebrate with its structural characteristics.
Bird feathers are strong, flexible, and lightweight. Which is one way feathers elp birds?
Which group of animals have structures that allow them to move quickly and easily?
Some Galapagos finches have heavy, strong beaks, while others have small pointed beaks. Which best explains the differences in their beaks?
Which animal is warm blooded?
Which is a characteristic of ectothermic animals?
Which is an advantage that warm-blooded animals have over cold-blooded animals?
In order to keep cool during the warm summer months, __________.
In order to prepare for their nutritional needs during the cold winter months, some animals ___________.
Squirrels spend most of their time storing up food. They like to live near trees that produce nuts they can bury in the ground. Which is the best reason why squirrels behave this way?
Which of the following is a behavioral response for the defense of the animal?
An adaptation that allows an organism to defend itself by blending into its environment is called _________.
An artic fox develops a white coat of fur during the winter. This response to the environment is for the animal's ___________.
To ensure their survival, animals must respond to each of the following internal cues EXCEPT __________.
In an experiment, a group of kittens was raised together with a rat. An adult cat raised in this group was placed together with a rat. The cat did not kill the rat. This behavior would best be considered __________.
A monarch butterfly in Mexico finds its way back to its original home in Canada. This type of behavior is called ____________.
Which is an inherited behavior?
What is the main way that a dog's body maintains a constant temperature?
A person that grants land to another in exchange for loyalty and protection.
The person who promises his loyalty and protection in exchange for land
People who fight on horseback in the Middle Ages
People who lived on the lord\'s manor but did not own the land and if he sold the land they went with it.
A disease that kill 25% of Europe, it came as a result of fleas on the back of rats that came on ships trading with Europe.
A system where peasants worked the lords mansion in exchange for his protection and the ability to farm some of the land for themselves,
How much of the population of Europe died during the Black Death?
In the feudal system who held power?
How was feudalism developed?
what is a fief
A difficulty is described and an answer is offered is what type of text structure?
Information is organized in order of time is what type of text structure?
Differences and similarities of two or more things are discussed is what type of text structure?
Explains how something happens or is done, step-by-step is what type of text structure?
Describes how something looks or the arrangement of a space is what type of organizational structure?
Identify the text structure of this sentence. Goosebumps make me shiver. First, I get cold. Then I shake all over.
Identify the text structure of this sentence. Some people get goosebumps out of fear. Others get goosebumps when they are touched emotionally.
Identify the text structure of the sentence. Goosebumps make me shiver. I get little bumps on my skin. They look like sesame seeds.
Identify the text structure of the sentence. Goosebumps make me shiver. When the temperature drops below 45 degrees, my skin crinkles into goose bumps.
Identify the text structure of the sentence. Goosebumps make me shiver. But they disappear as soon as I cover up with a jacket or sweater.
How many pounds of wheat should be planted per acre?
Wheat originated in the
Turkey Red was a wheat brought to the US from
The awns of a wheat plant are known as
In Kansas wheat is planted in
Wheat needs a lot of _________ fertilizer.
The practice of planting a different crop each year is called
The Green Revolution occurred in
Which of the following can NOT be made from wheat?
Which of these is a disease of wheat?
Which is NOT a characteristic of all living things?
Though they do not eat other things the way animals do, plants still need food to survive. Where does a plant get energy for making food?
The system of assigning two names to identify an organism is called binomial nomenclature. The first name corresponds to an organism's _____________.
Organisms of the same genus are also part of the next larger group called
Plants that have tubelike structures that carry nutrients throughout the plant are called
Into which sequence would monocot plants be classified?
The main function of a flower is _____________.
Which is one way some plants have adapted to survive in the desert?
The structure that functions as the main food producer for the survival of the plant is the __________.
During fruit production, which part of a flowering plant develops into a fruit?
Which statement describes what happens during the germination stage of a flowering plant?
Toshiko wants to determine what type of reproduction a particular plant undergoes. She finds that all of the plant's offspring are identical to the original parent plant. She determines that this plant reproduces _________.
Which is produced as a result of sexual reproduction in flowering plants?
Plants absorb water in the soil through their roots and pump this water up to deliver nutrients to their leaves. This pumping is driven by evaporation of water through small pores on the undersides of leaves. What is this process called?
Plants have chlorophyll. The chlorophyll usually helps the plants by ___________.
Trees grow rapidly during the summer months when there are long days of direct sunlight. As the days get shorter and the amount of sunlight is reduced, trees begin _____________.
Some plants exhibit thigmotropism. Examples of thigmotropism include an ivy vine growing up the side of a house and a pea plant coiling its trendils around a post. Which is the best explanation of thigmotropism?
Mildew is a disease caused by fungi that grow on the surface of a plant. Infected leaves may turn yellowish brown and fall off. On some plants, mildew grows better in shady conditions. What is one way to avoid mildew growth on these plants?
Some fungus grows in the vascular system of plants. How is the plant affected if its vascular system is harmed?
Some types of fungi cause a disease called rust. Plants infected with rust develop small blisters on the underside of their leaves that produce millions of spores that can reproduce. What is one way to prevent the spread of rust?
A solution that has the potential to have more solute dissolve in the solvent is a(n) ________________________ solution
A solution that is at equilibrium is a(n) _________________________ solution.
Which of the following is INSOLUBLE in water?
Which of the following is SOLUBLE in water?
Which of the following is INSOLUBLE
Which of the following is SOLUBLE?
Ms. Mac retrieves three beakers: one with acetone, one with water, and one with NaCl. If Ms. Mac dissolves some NaCl in the water, what is the solute?
If 3.67 grams of NaCl dissolved in 12 grams of water makes a saturated solution, how many grams of NaCl is needed to make a saturated solution with 225 grams of water?
A species that has no effect on the overall reaction is known as the ___________________.
Which of the following indicates a precipitate will form?
In a reaction vessel, there is 0.215 M Sr2+ and 0.15 M CO32-. Which of the following is TRUE? (Ksp = 9.3 x 10-10)
Which of the following could NOT be used as a solvent?
MgBr2(aq) + KOH (aq) KBr (aq) + Mg(OH)2 (s) Which are the spectator ions in the reaction?
What is the spectator ion the following reaction? AgNO3 (aq) + K2CO3(aq) Ag2CO3(s) + KNO3 (aq)
Which of the following is SOLUBLE?
Which of the following is SOLUBLE?
In a reaction vessel, .265 M calcium and 0.0321 M fluoride are placed. Which of the following is true? (Ksp = 3.4 x 10-11)
All Carbonates are...
All salts containing group one are...
Anything containing fluoride is...
_ is a measure of the dissolved salts in water.
___occurs when warm surface water is blown away by winds to be replaced by cold nutrient rich water from below.
The ocean zone near shore that is affected by high and low tides.
The ocean zone that extends to the end of the continetal shelf where sunlight penetrates to the bottom.
The open ocean that is divided into layers based on how much light reaches each layer.
The ocean floor.
Why does warm ocean water stay at the surface?
All of the following are reasons upwelling is important except ___.
Deep ocean ecosystem that spews hot fluids into the ocean and supports a wide variety of organisms.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Where were the English colonies located?
Which country did not use slave labor in its colonies?
China and Japan practiced isolationism. This means...
The spread of this especially angered Chinese and Japanese rulers.
Which statement describes colonization in India?
The journey slaves took from Africa to the West Indies was called
Which item was NOT traded for slaves?
What was the attitude of MOST African leaders toward the slave trade?
Which people were most in demand as slaves?
Triangle trade refers to the three...
Europeans were not able to take over Vietnam and Thailand because these countries
What goods were produced in the West Indies?
What type of stone was used to build pyramids?
What type of person did most of the work on pyramids?
What angle was used in pyramid building?
Which of these was not a reward given to pyramid workers?
Which organ was removed and thrown away?
How many organs were placed in canopic jars?
What was the name for the substance used to dry out the body?
What type of writing was used by ancient Egyptians?
What type of game was found in King Tut's tomb?
Who found the tomb of King Tut?
Choose the smallest decimal: 0.044, 4.44, 0.42, 0.44444.... ,
Put the decimals in order from least to greatest.
Which answer has the numbers organized from least to greatest?
What is in order from least to greatest
Which is the best estimate of 19.1 x 20.3?
Peter has 0.032 kg of gold. Susan has .033, Alex has .0302; and Angela has .30. Who has the least gold?
Round to the nearest hundredths: 55.5678
Use compatible numbers to estimate: 0.9 x 99.975
Estimate using compatible numbers: 39.8/ 2.01
Which number is the smallest? 1/8, 1/9, 1/10, 0.001
mis on eesti pealinn
mis värvi on lõvi
mitu tähte on taevas
mitu jalga on ämblikul
mida sööb taime toitlane
kui plaju maksab pakk piima säästu marketis
mida toodavad mesilased
mitu tiiba on kesmiselt linnul
kui mittu õuna on keskmisel õunapuul suvel
mis värvi on armastus
The ablest and most effective apostle of imperialism was
The United States acquired the Hawaiian islands as a result of all of the following factors EXCEPT
During the fighting of the Spanish-America War,
After the Spanish-American War, Puerto Rico experienced all of the following developments EXCEPT
The anti-Imperialists of the 1890s opposed U.S. acquisition of an empire for all of the following reasons EXCEPT
The Platt Amendment, incorporated into the Cuban constitution, gave Cuba
In the Philippine War of 1898-1902, the United States
The United States suggested the Open Door Policy for China to
The Boxer Rebellion of 1900 came to an end when
In the territories with large land areas that the U.S. acquired in the late 1800s, the federal government
Kaua kestab üks jalgpallimatš?
Kaua kestab poolaegade vaheline paus?
Mida tähistab kollane kaart?
Kus sai jalgpall alguse?
Millal kujunes välja jalgpall?
Mitu meeskonda mängib ühel matšil?
Mitu liiget on ühel meeskonnal platsil?
Kus toimub mängu lahtilöök?
Kes jälgib mängu reeglite täitmist
Mis on mängu eesmärk?
Mis aastal lõppes 1.maailmasõda?
Mis nime kandis 1920.-ndatel rajatud organisatsioon mille eesmärk oli 2.maailmasõja ära hoidmist?
Mis oli Benito Mussolini eesmärk Itaalia riigi juhina?
Kuidas prooviti peatada 1920.ndatel toimunud inflatsiooni Saksamaal?
Mida nimetati Suureks depressioniks?
Economics is
Scarcity is
Capital Resources is
Natural Resources is
Human Resources is
Entrepreneurial Resources is
Command economy
Market economy
Mixed Economy
Traditional Economy
Socialist economy
What is a factor that affects a business's selection of policies to guide its operations?
Jami researched her international customers' buying behavior. Jami wanted to be sure she did NOT make the common mistake to do which of the following actions?
What should you do to demonstrate a customer-service mindset in the following situation: An irate business customer yells at you because of a billing error?
What should help business people adapt their communication styles to appeal to clients from other cultures?
What is one of the purposes of having business policies?
A customer asked you several questions about the new expandable notebooks. So that you address the customer's questions correctly, what should you do?
What are business people who fail to adapt their communication styles to appeal to their international clients likely to do?
What is one of the benefits to a business of reinforcing service orientation through communication?
How do service-oriented companies often improve their levels of service?
What should employees do to maintain a customer-service mindset?
Which of these people do not live with Andy?
What does Andy like to collect?
What is Andy's Father's job?
What is a braggart?
What adjective does Mr. Supp use to describe Andy's project?
Who is Mr. Gaven?
Who is Mrs. Foley?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Major earthquakes are sometimes preceded by smaller earthquakes called ____.
The San Francisco earthquake of 1906 occurred along what fault?
Which one of the following statements is true about P waves?
A travel-time graph can be used to find the ____.
What instrument records earthquake waves?
The amount of shaking produced by an earthquake at a given location is called the ____.
The scale most widely used by scientists for measuring earthquakes is the ____.
Identify which organisms are herbivores....
What part of a food chain breaks the hawk's remains down?
What part of the food chain is an abiotic feature?
In an ecosystem you have many populations of different kinds of animals. This is called a?
What cell part in a producer stores food, water and waste products?
The frog is a food source for how many organisms?
The frog in the food web is prey to the snake. If the snake creeps up on the frog and strikes at it causing the frog to hop away. Hopping away is a...
The berry bush represents a .............
In an ecosystem sometimes there are accidental fires set by irresponsible campers not making sure the campfires are put out. The ecosystem begins to burn causing smoke and ashes. The ashes represent....
In an ecoystem each population produces more of its own kind. The structures within the nucleus that contain the genetic information for the organism is....?
Is an owl living or non-living?
Is a raccoon living or non-living?
Is a tree living or non-living?
Is a snake living or non-living?
Is a bee living or non-living?
Is a fence living or non-living?
Is a sign lving or non-living?
Is a map living or non-living?
Is a sign livng or non-living?
Are shoes living or non-living?
How many strings has a Spanish guitar?
What instrument family belongs the clarinet to?
This is an un-pitched instrument...
The lowest human voice is...
The largest instrument in the brass family.
A stringed instrument for playing the lowest notes.
A single-reed woodwind instrument.
A bowed string instrument.
Piccolo is a kind of...
Cymbals are instruments of...
A(An)____________________ is when an object in space comes between the sun and another object.
A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes directly _______________ Earth and the sun
Solar eclipse occurs when a ____________ moon blocks your view of the sun.
What is the relative position of the moon, earth and sun during a full moon?
What is the relative position of the moon, Earth and sun during a new moon?
What is the relative position of the moon, earth and sun during a lunar eclipse?
What is the relative position of the moon, earth and sun during a solar eclipse?
Why does the moon have phases?
When a mover puts furniture on wheels, which type of friction is the mover using to make the job easier?
What is a force that opposes motion between two surfaces that are in contact?
Which are the two factors that determine the amount of friction?
Which of these is opposed by kinetic friction?
Which of these is opposed by static friction?
In which of the following activities is friction helpful?
In which of the following activities is friction harmful?
Which would not be a way to reduce friction?
What is the overall push or pull exerted on an object in order to change the object's motion?
Which of the following choices best represents force?
Gravity is a ______.
Gravity is affected by _____.
What happens to the force of gravity if the distance between 2 objects decreases?
If Venus has less mass than that of Earth, what will happen to your weight if you move to Venus?
If an astronaut could land on Jupiter, her _____ would increase.
The elliptical orbit of the planets in the solar system around the Sun is a result of the Sun’s gravitational attraction and ______.
What force keeps satellites orbiting Earth?
Which of the following refers to the amount of matter in an object?
Which of the following refers to an object's tendency to resist any change in motion?
Which of the following statements best describes what happens when gravity changes.
Instrument used to collect light and make a bigger or brighter image of distant object.
Instrument that is sent out in space and relays data back to Earth.
The moon is an example of this because it revolves around the Earth.
Type of instrument that is used to study the sun because it can display the different elements in different colors.
Layer of the sun that is responsible for producing light here on Earth.
Outer-most layer of the Sun.
Cooler pockets on the Sun.
Electrically charged particles sent out in space by the Corona.
Major eruptions from the sun that are sent out in space and are known as solar storms.
Measures distance in space.
Milky Way galaxy is a _____ galaxy.
Type of galaxy that can't produce new stars.
When electrically charged particles interact with gasses in the Earth's Atmosphere it is called?
Galaxies with no definite shapes are called what?
All of the following are ways to begin an essay or other form of writing except...
If you include information in your writing that is not your own, you should try to include all of the following in the citation except...?
A summary should not....
An almanac is a good place to go if..
If someone has a great deal of perseverance, he or she...
The last paragraph of an essay does all of the following except...
The line that tells you who is writing the news article is called...
A good word to describe the writing in a news article is...
All of the following are good examples of transition words except...
News articles contain all of the following except...
Which European country established the largest imperial empire?
Which term describes extreme national pride and the wish to strengthen the nation?
Why was Suez Canal important to the European-India trade route?
What was the result of the Opium Wars in China?
What ws the main issue that resulted in the Spanish-American War?
Which Spanish colonies were claimed by the U.S. after the Treaty of Paris?
Following the Spanish-American War, how did other countries view the U.S.?
Why did many native populations rebel against European colonial rule?
What was the goal for the Boxer Rebellion?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is the ka?
Where did Jason's dad move to?
What does Winks do better than anybody according to Andy?
What is the favorite food that Marie made for him?
What color does Andy think describes him?
What word does Andy use to describe himself at the beginning of the book?
What does inherit mean?
What does Andy paint for Winks?
identify this sentence: What time is it?
Identify this sentence: Give me that card.
Identify this sentence: Watch out for that rock!
Identify this sentence: The dog then ran outside.
What is foreshadowing?
a group of formatting, including character and paragraph formatting, that you can easily apply to text in your document
Heading 1 is an example of a quick style
Quick styles use ____________ so you can see the change before you make it
you can create your own quick style by using which tab?
which button allows you to see your tabs, paragraphs, and spaces are located in your document?
__________ is how far the text is dented in from the margin
you can indent a paragraph by simply pressing tab
which of the following is not a type of indent?
which tab contains the show/hide button?
you have to select an entire paragraph to indent the entire paragraph with the indent buttons
the view ruler button is located above the...
in order to set a tab stop, you click on the...
the __________ is how far the cursor jumps when you press tab
While following the steps of the scientific method, when are measurement taken?
The hypothesis is
The scientific method
A conclusion in the scientific method is based on what
A new hypothesis may be made when
Steps used to solve a problem are
Data collected using the senses is
Summary of the experiment
The group in the experiment used to make comparisons
Variable that is measured in the experiment
The variable the person changes (manipulated)
Once a question to investigate has been identified, what comes next?
A book is sitting on a table. Which of the following actions would add to its potential energy?
Which of the following examples best demonstrates kinetic energy?
A snowball sits at the top of the hill. Which of the following changes will increase the kinetic energy of the snowball?
Investigating which of the following questions would involve kinetic energy?
Which of the following best represents potential energy?
Potential energy and kinetic energy are similar in that both –
An object that is at rest will begin to move if which of the following is true?
Which two measurements are needed in order to calculate the speed of an object in motion?
If the distance an object travels and the time it takes to travel the distance are known, which of the following can be calculated?
If an object travels 42 meters in 6 seconds, what is its average speed?
What motion will result from two forces acting on an object: one force of 50 Newtons to the east, the other a force of 30 Newtons to the west? The object will –
Calculate the net force of the following situation. -- 2N + -- 8N =
Which of the following examples best represents an object with balanced forces acting upon it?
Which of the following sets of forces acting on an object will result in the object moving?
Which of the following situations is an example of unbalanced forces acting upon an object?
For an object to remain at rest, which of the following must be true?
If an object increases in speed, it must be as a result of -
5.A ball is rolling across a field with a force of 30 N. If the force of friction from the field is 9.7 N, what would be the net force of the ball?
The major gas in the air is
The outer layer of the thermosphere is the
Earth's atmosphere protects life on Earth
Meso- means
Water vapor is a ______ state of matter.
The amount of mass of a substance to a given amount of volume
The condition of Earth's atmosphere at a particular time and place
A layer of gases that surrounds Earth
Weather occurs in the
Another name for elevation
Opposition to the adoption of the United States Constitutio
An abrupt statement of truth or a concise generalization, which may or may not be witty
A movement or system of thought advocating natural religion, emphasizing morality, and, in the eighteenth century, denying the interference of the Creator with the laws of the universe
A system of government in which power is divided between central authority and local governing units
Two lines of rhyming iambic pentameter
A succinct statement that contains a principle or general truth about human nature and human conduct
A principle considered as derived from nature, reason, or religion and as ethically binding in human society
The state of being saved from harm, risk, loss, or destruction
The principle that government must maintain an attitude of neutrality toward religion
Attempt to appeal to the intellect, not emotion
Harmful substances in the air, water, or soil
The amount of mass of a substance to a given volume
Acid rain can home life on Earth
You can measure air pressure using
Weather occurs in the
To find density you must divide mass by
_______ is the result of the weight of a column of air pushing down
The lower layer of the thermosphere
Animals breathe out
Plants release
characteristic that can be observed, using the five senses, without changing or trying to change the composition of a substance
matter with a shiny surface which conduct heat and electricity well
matter that is not shiny, and does not conduct heat or electricity
matter that shares some properties with metals and nonmetals
The ability to transmit heat, electricity, or sound
property of matter that describes the ease with which it can be hammered, forged, pressed, or rolled into thin sheets
easily broken, cracked, or snapped
capable of being drawn out into wire or thread
a property of a mineral that describes how light is reflected from its surface
the amount of mass in a known volume of an object or substance; mass per unit of volume
a container used for holding water during a water displacement activity; used for measuring the volume of an object by putting it in the water
A way to measure the volume of a solid by placing it in a known amount of liquid
Which function allows you to cut away parts of images you do not need.
Which function allows you to move many objects at the same time?
Answers by Educators Question Database
When you strongly desired something
Touched someone deeply
grew extremely well
burned on the outside
What is a perfect rhyme?
What is an internal rhyme?
What is an end rhyme?
What is an end rhyme?
What is rhyme scheme?
What is the value of j in 10 = J/9
What is the value of d in 105 = 5d?
What is the value of s in 45 = s + 27
What is the value of r in r/20 = 10
What is the value of p in 7 x p = 98
The word -vary- means to:
The word -equation - means
What is the mean of the following numbers: 8, 15, 2, 23, 47, 13
Which of the following is equal to 26/3 ?
What is the median in the following numbers? 7, 39, 6, 32, 18, 27, 4, 14
What is the innnermost layer of the Earth ?
Put the layers of the Earth in the correct order starting with the outermost layer.
Which layer has convection currents which are responsible for the movement of Earth's plates ?
Which layer is the hottest ?
Which of the following statements is true as you move deeper into the Earth ?
The Earth's crust is broken into pieces called.....
Alfred Wegener developed the Theory of ___________ by looking at matching
Plates spreading apart is called a _________ boundary
A ________________ boundary is where plates slide past one another
Which of the following is NOT evidence of continental drift ?
_______________ is when one plate is pushed under another at a convergent boundary.
Magma in the mantle rises becuase it is ___________ by the Earth's ________.
What causes Earth's plates to move ?
The inner core is made of solid ______ and is responsible for the Earth's ________________.
A large magma chamber that breaks through the crust in the middle of a plate is called a ___________.
Mountains are typically formed when two plates __________./
____________________ occur when one plate subducts under another and the crust is melted.
What type of rock is formed from the cooling of lava or magma?
Which of the following is NOT a property of minerals?
What type of rock is formed by heat and pressure?
What type of rock is formed underwater and is formed from pieces of rocks, plants and animals that are stuck together?
When a mineral breaks along smooth, flat surfaces, we say that it has which of the following properties?
What type of rock contains fossils?
How a mineral reflects light is known as which property?
A minerals resistance to being scratched is known as which of the following properties?
How are rocks classified?
What do we call the colored powder a rock or mineral leaves behind?
Which type of rock has a banded appearance?
What do we call it when a mineral breaks along sharp, jagged edges?
Which of the following describes the process by which sediments are dropped in new locations?
Which of the following will scratch quartz (Hardness = 7)
What type of rock is built up in layers ?
cells having an outer covering
states that all organisms are made up of one or more cells
tough, rigid outer coverings that protect the cell and give it shape
green, chlorophyll containing, plant-cell organelle that converts sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water into sugar
cells that are filled with a gelatin-like substance that constantly flows inside the cell membrane
a series of folded membranes in which materals can be processed and moved around inside of the cell
stacked, flattened membranes that sort proteins and other cellular substances and package them into membrane-bound structures
living cell in which a virus can actively reproduce or in which a virus can hide until activated by environmental stimuli
cell organelle that breaks down lipids and carbohydrates and releases energy
organelle that controls all the activities or a cell and contains hereditary material made of proteins and DNA
structure, such as the heart, made up of different types of tissues that all work together
structure in the cytoplasm of a eukaryotic cell that can act as a storage site, process energy, move materials. or manufacture substances
small structure on which cells make their own proteins
group of similar cells that work together to do one job
Which of the following are examples of Hardware
Which of the following software programs is a spreadsheet
Microsoft is mainly a software company
Which of the following is not an example of an output
Which of the following is not an example of an input
which of the following is a storage device
Which of the following is not hardware
which of the following is not a Microsoft Product
Which of the following is not an Adobe product?
which of the following inputs is also an output
This is the gas that we breath
Water is made up of this gas together with oxygen
This element is necessary for our bones. It is found in foods such as milk and cheese.
It is the only liquid nonmetallic element at room temperature which evaporates easily in a red vapour with a strong disagreeable odour resembling that of chlorine
The most common application for this element is analog integrated circuits and light-emitting diodes (LEDs).
A natural yellow substance with a strog unpleasant smell produced in the volcanos
It can be used as a gamma-ray source on radiotherapy
The element in its pure form is a soft, silver white metal that tarnished and oxidizes very rapidly in air and water. It is the lightest solid element and it is used on battery
A hard strong metal that is used for making steel and is found in small quantities in blood
It is a light, strong, lustrous, corrosion-resistant (including to sea water and chlorine) transition metal.
brain of the cell. holds genetic material
inside the nucleus. Ribosomes are made there
found just inside the cell wall. Protects from the outside world. Kind of like a screen door
supports and protects the plant cell. Made of cellulose. Like the Great Wall of China
Powerhouse of the cell. Muscle has the most of this. Reminds me of a battery
receive proteins and packages and distributes to other parts of the cell. Looks like a stack of pancakes . reminds me of a delivery truck
break down old cell parts. Reminds me of a cleanup bottle or spray room deodorizer
water filled sac. storage area of the cell. Sort of like a water tower
maze of passageways that carry proteins and other materials from part of the cell to another. Think Highway
captures energy from sunlight. Give plants a green color. Like a solar panel on a house
Produces proteins. found on the outside of the Endoplasmic Reticulum. small black dots. If you were getting off of a highway looking for food, it would be the restaurant.
clear gel like fluids. holds organelles in place. located inside the cell membrane and all around the nucleus
An earthquake's epicenter is ____.
Earthquakes are usually associated with ____.
Which of the following causes earthquakes?
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Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which function allows you to place text exactly in the middle of the page
Which autoshape would be used to create speech bubble?
Print preview is NOT used to
To change the colour inside a shape, you would use
Text wrapping allows you to
A red wavy line under a word shows
Comic Sans is an example of
When should you save your work
Tiny, nonliving particles made up of genetic mateiral and protein are
A cell that becomes infected with a virus is called
Once inside a cell, a virus uses the cell to:
An organism maybe protected from unfamiliar particles like viruses by a(n):
Proteins that bind to viruses and prevent them from infecting cells are called:
The best treatment for most viral infections is:
Which disease can be contracted by inhaling infected droplets?
Many bacterial diseases can be cured using
You have a cold, but your doctor will not give you antibiotic, Why?
In order for a virus to attach to a host cell, the proteins must:
From the fall of Rome to the twelfth century, ________ was the political and economic powerhouse of the Mediterranean region.
Caesaropapism was
In Byzantium, the ________ provided land to peasants in exchange for military service.
In 1054 C.E., the patriarch of the Byzantine church and the Catholic pope
The most important catalyst for increased Byzantine influence in Russia was
The term feudalism
In the early middle ages, the economic activity of western Europe was
Which of the following statements is NOT correct about Charlemagne?
The most important relationship in feudalism was between
Emperor Leo III inaugurated the divisive ecclesiastical policy of
Small pieces of ribbon or cloth that are permanently attached to the insides of garments to provide product information are:
John arrives at his retail sales job one hour before the store opens. He spends that time performing non-selling duties and responsibilities. What task would John NOT perform during that hour?
Compensation based on a percentage of the dollar amount of the sale made by a salesperson is:
Nordstrom distinguishes itself from other department stores by providing exceptional service and exceeding customer’s expectations. Nordstrom uses:
A salesperson that stands behind a counter, takes customer orders, and rings up sales is a:
Estee Lauder cosmetics will award the sales associate with the highest total sales for the summer a three-day all-expense-paid-trip to Myrtle Beach. The trip is a/an:
Sara works in a small fashion boutique. She tries to be responsive to customer needs so that she and the business will both benefit from:
Personal selling:
Successful salespeople should be:
David is planning to create a display of the new seasonal merchandise available in the menswear department. His BEST source of product information is a:
The covering, wrapper, or container in which some items are placed is the:
Which is NOT characteristic of a successful salesperson?
Lisa works for Neiman Marcus. Customers make appointments with Lisa to tell her of their needs and preferences. She provides individualized attention to her customers and often pulls together their enire season's wardrobe. Lisa is a:
Many fashion retailers offer various methods of motivating their employees. They provide special opportunities such as promotions, rewards, and honors. The feeling that employees have regarding these opportunities is called:
Payment and benefits for work accomplished are:
Which information would MOST LIKELY be included on a hangtag?
As a sales associate of Jarmin’s Menswear, Dakota must sell $500.00 worth of merchandise each night during the first three weeks in December. This is an example of a/an:
Cherie answers the customer’s questions about microfibers and explains the benefits of owning apparel made from microfibers. She is demonstrating:
Small pieces of ribbon or cloth that are permanently attached to the insides of garments to provide product information are:
Compensation based on a percentage of the dollar amount of the sale made by a salesperson is:
Which is the capital of England?
Which is the capital of German?
Which is the capital of Italy?
Which is the capital of France?
Who is the American President?
Who is the first primary number?
What is the Cruise name?
What is obama?
Who is the best football player?
What is Disney's name?
The________________ is a federal law that protects cardholders against unauthorized use of their credit cards
Roth Individual Retirement Account (IRA) can be withdrawn _______
security given for loan, assets to secure the debt
Lamar believes that interest rates are going to fall in the near future and remain low for a considerable period of time. She should invest in:
Troy has $50 a month transferred electronically from his checking account to his savings account. This is an example of:
net worth. wealth in the form of money or property owned by a person
The principal amount of a bond that is repaid at the end of the term
A credit card account is an________ because it does not require collateral.
Most ________are issued with an interest rate that is fixed , and has the most predictable income?
When a person brings an item to a pawnshop to obtain cash, the transaction is considered
What number President was Thomas Jefferson?
Who was Jefferson's Vice President
What political party did Jefferson belong to?
What land was involved in the Louisiana Purchase?
What country did Jefferson buy the Louisiana Purchase from?
How did Jefferson justify his purchase?
Who did Jefferson think the land on the Louisiana Territory would be a home to?
Jefferson's presidency was known as what?
What did Jefferson NOT do as President?
What years did Jefferson serve as President
Kellele on põhiliselt suunatud Popmuusika?
Mis aastal tekkis Popmuusika?
Kus tekkis Popmuusika?
Tüüpiline popmuusikateos on...?
Kui pikad on tavaliselt popmuusika laulud?
Mida käsitlevad tänapäeva poplaulude sõnad?
Kus tekkis the Beatles?
Millal sündis Rock n Roll?
Kus on Rock n Roll sündinud?
Millal muutus Rock n Roll populaarseks?
The ________ is the control center of the body.
The nervous system specializes in _________________.
A ___________ is the signal conducting cell of the nervous system.
This division of the nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord
The ___________ fills up most of the skull and is divided into lobes.
Which lobe of the brain is responsible for judgement, personality, and impulse control.
Which part of the brain controls reflexes and involuntary actions like breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure?
Vision is impaired if there is damage to this part of the brain.
The _________ is important for posture, balance, and memory of automated functions like walking.
This part of the brain is important for pain and touch sensation, spatial orientation, and integration of sensory information.
financial product can you buy for $25, is safe, and will be worth $50 at a future date?
A person is convinced that a lending institution is charging too much interest for a loan. This person should be aware that
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Cold fronts typically bring....
The place where a warm air mass meets a cold air mass is called a....
Which layer of the atmopshere is where all weather occurs
Which choice correctly shows the layers of the atmosphere as you move AWAY from the Earth
Air pressure is caused by.....
Cooler air typically __________ because it is ______ dense
Warmer air typically ________ because it is ________ dense
Clouds are formed when ________ air rises in the atmosphere _________ and condenses
What is a cattle drive?
What is a reservation?
What is a monopoly?
What is a tenement?
What does it meant o annex?
What resource was found in Alaska?
Who invented the lightbulb?
Who improved the lightbulb?
What is an exoduster?
What is a labor union?
Who helped immigrants adjust to life in America?
How much did the United States buy Hawaii for?
Where did the Union Pacific Railroad start?
The Central Pacific Railroad started in what state?
Which Native American tribe had religious ties to the Black Hills?
Which industry did NOT monopolize their industry in the mid 1800s?
What is a missionary?
Which was the last major Native American battle victory?
Who is to blame for the Spanish-American War?
Which city was centered around the flour mill industry?
A Bronsted-Lowry Acid...
A Bronsted-Lowry Base...
An Arrhenius Acid...
An Arrhenius Base...
A neutral solution...
NaOH + H2O = Na+ + OH-
HCl + H2O = H3O+ + Cl-
NH3 + H2O = NH4+ + OH-
H2CO3 + H2O = H3O+ + HCO3-
HCl + NH3 = NH4+ + Cl-
A _________ circuit has multiple pathways for electricity to flow.
As resistance in a circuit increases, the flow of electric current in a circuit ____________.
Materials through which electric charges flow easily are called
You can increase the strength of an electromagnet's field by
As the temperature of a conductor increases, its resistance _____________.
If the distance between charged particles decreases, then the strength of the magnetic field
The unit for measuring voltage is the
By moving a wire up and down repeatedly in a magnetic field, _________ current is produced.
A step-up transformer _____________ voltage.
Increasing the number of loops on a solenoid will cause the strength of its magnetic field to
The basic unit of mass in the metric system is......
The basic unit of length in the metric system is....
The basic unit of volume in the metric system is....
Length x Width x Height is the formula to find the _________ of a block
What piece of equipment is used to find the mass of an object ?
Density is the _______ per unit of __________.
To find the volume of an irregular shaped object, you would dunk it in a _________________.
The variable that is manipulated by the experimenter is known as.....
The variable that is measured by the experimenter is known as.....
A graduated cylinder is used to measure __________
A factor that stays the same during an experiment is known as.....
A place where two plates slip past each other, moving in opposite directions, is known as a
A rift valley forms at a
A collision between two pieces of continental crust at a converging boundary produces a
The place where two plates come together is known as a
When continental plates pull apart at a divergent boundary on land, a(n) _________ forms.
Two of Earth's plates slip past each other, moving in opposite directions, along a(n) ______ boundary.
A continental plate collides with an oceanic plate at a(n) ________ boundary.
Which type of plate boundary occurs when two oceanic plate pull apart?
The geologic theory that states that pieces of Earth's lithosphere are in constant motion is called
Scientists think that convection currents flow in Earth's
Which group of people had less rights in Athens than they did in Sparta?
What was the name of the alliance organized and dominated by the Athenians?
What was a civilization that became Hellenistic after the defeat of the Greek city-states?
What allowed the Athenians to concentrate on politics and the Spartans to concentrate on war?
Who was kept out of site in Athenian society?
Which of the following would be a good motto for Sparta?
What term is used to define Greek history after the death of Alexander the Great?
What was the name of the Egyptian city built in the style of Greece?
Which city-state banned its people from outside travel?
Which battle was won by the Athenians and elevated them to the top of Greek civilization?
Who tutored Alexander the Great as a young boy?
What do you call the preventing of ships from getting into Athens during the Peloponessian War?
To defeat the Athenians,with which enemy did the Greek city-states unite?
What was the place where goods were sold and politics were discussed?
Who has modeled their architecture after the work of the Greeks?
What is something that a boy in Athens could look forward to doing when he grows up?
What was the Spartan name for a slave?
What was the widespread disease called that crippled Athens and made it too weak to defend itself?
What happened to Greek culture after the conquering by the Macedonians?
What was life like in Sparta?
What is the measure of the gravitational force exerted on an object?
What is the measure of amount of matter in an object?
What is the force of attraction between objects that is due to their masses and the distance between those objects?
All matter has mass
As the distance between two objects increases, the force of gravity between them
The gravitational pull is greater between two objects that
The law of universal gravitation says that gravitational force is
What is the acceleration due to gravity during free-fall?
Objects of different masses fall at the same speed on Earth.
Objects of different masses would fall at the same speed if there was no air resistance.
A time when no rain falls
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
A debit card does not have a ___________ of credit.
an interrest rate that remains constant over the entire term of the loan
collateral loan
Traditional IRA can be withdrawn but you must pay a __________
If you think interest rates will fall in the future, you should invest in long-term Fixed rate
A savings plan
your ability to repay the debt. Do you have sufficient $money to repay a loan
Need to be changed during different stages in life
If you have been denied credit, a job, a license, an insurance policy, or a loan based on your credit report. You are entitled to receive a free copy of that credit report within how many days of denial?
overdraft means not having enough _______ in your account
he true cost of credit that must be disclosed on a loan agreement is called___________
Interest calculated on both the principal and the accrued interest.
The spinal cavity is a ventral body cavity.
The highest level of structural organization in humans is the organismal level.
The hypogastric region is directly superior to the umbilical region.
Excretion is the process of removing wastes from the body.
The fingers and the toes constitute the digital region.
Which of the follwing structures or regions could you clearly see when you are viewing the anterior side of an individual standing in the standard anatomical position?
Which of the following orientation and directional terms have opposite meanings (in humans)?
The stomach is located in the
The lungs are located in the
What is the name of the outer layer of the serous membrane that surrounds the heart?
What are the five elements of a narrative?
What is plot?
What is a character?
What is conflict?
What is theme?
What is setting?
What are the two types of conflict?
Which of the following are examples of external conflict?
What is the one type of internal conflict?
Every story has to have two things. What are they?
What is the beginning of the story called?
We are introduced to three things in the exposition, they are?
The events that lead to the climax are called?
The turning point in the story, what the story is building towards, is called the?
The events that occur after the climax are called the ?
How the conflict was resolved is the ?
The main character or good guy of the story is the ?
The person in conflict with the main character is called the ?
What do you call the map of the events of a story?
The word that means in time order is called ?
Mis on korvpallimängu eesmärk?
Mitu võistkonda on korraga väljakul?
Mitu mängijat on korraga väljakul?
Mitu personaalset viga võib üks mängija teha?
Mis aastast korvpall pärit on?
Kui suur on korvpalli väljak?
Mitu mängijate põhi positsiooni on?
Mis kujuga on korvpalli pall?
Mitu punkti saab ühe tabatud vabaviske eest?
Mitu punkti saab tabatud kolmepunkti viske eest?
This is defined as a group of cells that work together to perform a particular function.
The structural and functional unit of life is:
The brain is located in the
The deltoid region is the
The composition of this body fluid, which fills the narrow spaces between cells and tissues, directly affects the proper functioning of cells.
Which of the following represents the largest and most complex level of structural oganization in the human body?
This is the condition of equilibrium (balance) in the body's internal environment.
Which of the following is NOT a ventral cavity?
The survival need that is required in order to release energy from foods is:
Which of the following is the correct sequence, going from superior to inferior, on the medial abdominal surface?
A small camera, the kind that can fit in your pocket
Larger more expensive cameras which have a body which you can attach different lenses to, used by professionals and hobbyists
Electronic flash memory data storage device used for storing digital information.
Secure Digital cards are small memory devices that can be inserted into some electronic products
The primary portion of the digital camera, which contains the controls, the LCD, the internal image processor, and the associated circuitry
A small screen on the back of a digital camera that allows the user to review photos or take them without looking through the viewfinder.
The part of the camera that indicates the field of view that is seen by the camera lens.
The total amount of light that is captured
This means that your subject is sharp and not blurry
A camera setting that allows the camera to choose the correct focus distance for you
The distance from the center of a lens to the focal point
The button at the top of the camera used to take the picture
Automatically produces an instantaneous flash of artificial light to help illuminate a scene that is particularly dark
A photograph, movie, or video taken at close range and showing the subject on a large scale
A camera lens that magnifies the image
How long the camera keeps the shutter open to take a picture
An adjustable opening in a camera that limits amount of light
A three-footed stand often used to balance a camera
A standardized measurement of the speed with which a camera stores an image (the sensitivity of the sensor)
The portion of a scene that appears acceptably sharp in the image
Drawing, painting, or photograph of a person, especially the face, taller than wider.
Printing a document where it's wider than tall
When an image is divided into thirds horizontally and vertically. The places where the lines intersect are called power points, and these are often good places to put your subject.
Using the viewfinder of the camera to select what part of the subject to photograph
A design principle in which certain elements in a design stand out more than others
The amount of area capture in a camera shot, varies based on the use of different kinds of lenses
When graphics don't overpower text
A quality of a given color that differs slightly from a primary color
The clarity of detail in a photo.
The light-gathering device of a camera
The number of pixels or dots that a monitor can display
The little squares that can be seen when a graphics image is enlarged
One million pixels
Camera adjusts what it thinks white (and thus the other colors) should look like based on what type of light you are shooting in
Device that removes something from whatever passes through it
The process of reducing the size of a file so that you can fit more files into the same amount of disk space.
More of the photo will be in focus
Subject is in focus, while objects that are closer or farther away are out of focus
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Reflecting telescopes differ from refracting telescopes in having
A light-year is
Parallax is used to determine a star’s
Characteristics used to classify stars include
What color are the coolest stars?
A star is born when
The lifetime of a star depends on its
A supernova is the explosion of a dying
The absolute brightness of a star depends on its
The Hertzsprung-Russell diagram shows that main-sequence stars
Why are many large optical telescopes located on mountains?
What wave term is the distance between two crests?
What wave term is given to the number of cycles per second?
Describe the frequency of a gamma wave.
Describe the energy of a gamma wave.
Which wave must transmit through a medium?
Which wave can transmit through a vacuum?
What large body in our Solar System emits a ton of electromagnetic waves?
What is the energy process (reaction) in the Sun?
What is the energy process (reaction) in a nuclear power plant?
What part of a star's lifecycle gives off the most electromagnetic radiation?
What is the critical element to achieve a supernova?
How can you decrease potential energy
How can you increase kinetic energy?
What is kinetic energy when velocity is 0 m/s?
Calculate efficiency when work output is 4 J and work input is 10 J.
Which form of energy represents fuel burning through a reaction?
What is moving energy?
Rockets move forward because
Rocket technology originated in
When did Tsiolkovsky and Goddard begin developing modern rockets?
During World War II, rockets were used to
The reaction force that propels a rocket forward is called
The main advantage of multistage rockets is that
Which event began the space race?
The space race was between
The first human in space was
During the early 1900s in the United States, experimental rockets were designed and built by
Earth has seasons because
Earth’s rotation takes about
Day and night are caused by
When the north end of Earth’s axis is tilted toward the sun, North America will experience
During what phase of the moon can a lunar eclipse occur?
When are tides highest?
Tides are caused mainly by
How large is the moon compared to Earth?
An equinox occurs when
The two factors that combine to keep Earth and the moon in their orbits are
The tendency of a moving object to continue moving in a straight line or a stationary object to remain in place is called
All objects are attracted to each other by the force of
The temperature of the moon’s surface varies greatly from day to night because the moon has
A total solar eclipse is visible from
In the Southern Hemisphere, the summer solstice occurs when the sun is
n grading the question, it would appear as: You are less likely to see a total solar eclipse than a total lunar eclipse because
The strength of the force of gravity depends on
The substances found in food that keep your body in good working order are?
The nutrients that provide the body with the most energy is?
The nutrient that is used in the body to build, maintain, and repair body tissues is?
The building blocks of protiens are?
The nutrient that helps to regulate body temperature and cushin organs is?
The nutrients that trigger major body processes are?
Vitamins A, D, E, and K are?
Vitamins B and C are?
The substances that plants produce naturally to protect themselves that serve as a way improve your body immunity is?
Why is water an essential nutrient?
Which of the following is NOT a solution?
Solid solutions containing metals are usually called __________?
The substance in a solution being dissolved is called the
The substance in a solution that dissolves the other is called
Which of the following does not affect the rate of dissolving (of a solid in a liquid)?
The ___________ of a substance is the maximum number of grams of the substance that will dissolve in 100 g of solvent at a certain temperature.
A ______________ solution is one that has dissolved all the solute it can hold at a given temperature.
A(n) _______________ solution is any solution that can dissolve more solute at a given temperature.
A _____________ solution is one in which there is a large amount of solute in the solvent.
A ____________ solution is one in which there is a small amount of solute in the solvent.
Change in a species over time is known as
An inherited characteristic that improves an organism's ability to survive and reproduce is a(n)
The fat cat ate the
Little Miss Muffet sat on her
The cow jumped over the
If you give a mouse a cookie, he's going to want a(n)
Who let the dogs out?
What did the monkey chase?
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?
Why do zebras have stripes?
What is the study of the plates of the Earth called?
When plates move apart they are called a ___________ boundary.
When plates come together they form ____________ boundaries
When plates slide past each other they form ___________ boundaries.
When plates slide past each other ______________ can occur.
Scientists believe all of the continents of the Earth were at one time connected called __________.
The plates of the Earth are no longer moving
Volcanoes can form when two plates convergent into each other.
When plates diverge mountains can form under the ocean.
What is the thickest layer of the Earth
All of the Earth's gases are known as....
The crust and solid portion of the mantle are known as the....
All of the Earth's water is know as the....
Winds are caused by....
As you move up in the atmosphere, the air becomes _________ and air pressure _________
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Pictures look too grainy
Will lower the quality of photos
What is a model of the Earth?
the farthest place north on Earth
the farthest place south on Earth
a very large body of land
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