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What role does air pressure play in weather conditions?
What gives air its mass?
Which THREE elements affect air pressure?
What is a convection cell?
Why does the air rise over the land at the beach?
What typically happens when a warm front passes through a region?
On average, what weather phenomena kills more people every year?
What is the tornado intensity scale called?
Where is the air pressure lowest in a hurricane?
What is the area where most tornados called?
What was the name of the Treaty?
Who found Brazil?
Who took over Portegal after a revelution?
Who was threatened by parliament?
What sport is most popular in Brazil?
What sport is not played in Brazil?
What is a famous city in brazil?
Where did Soccer originate?
What country claimed Brazil?
What country is this presentation about?
What is used to label the columns in a spreadsheet
What is used to label rows in a spreadsheet
What menu do you click to enter a header?
One page of an excel document is called?
Which choice will add to cells
What is the best format for a cell that will have Money in it?
What are the boxes on a spreadsheet called
Graphs are called what in excel?
What symbol is used to fill a cell (change its color)
What is the green menu bar sometimes called
According to the law of conservation of mass, which of thee statements is true?
When substances are combined to formed a mixture,they
If you heat a liquid to determine the temperature at which it forms bubbles and changes to a gas, you are measuring
Elements in the same column of the periodic table have
which of these is a physical change
which is always true of a balanced chemical equation?
Which of the following statements about elements is false
Where are the metalloids located in the periodic table
Which is the most widely seen ethical issue related to biotechnology today
What is the benefit of biotechnology
Which of the following would be an adaption for survival in a desert?
What is most likely to happen if an environment changes and a species does not have variations that are helpful in the new conditions?
A scientist wants to find the absolute, or actual, age of a rock. Which of these is the scientist most likely to use?
At which level of classification are organisms able to breed with one another, producing fertile offspring?
Which of the following lists the divisions of the geologic time scale from longest to shortest?
Woodpeckers use their long beaks to dig for and eat insects living in the tree trunks. A new species of woodpecker with a very long beak envolves. Which statement best explains how the environment influenced the development of this new species?
Which of these catastrophes do scientists think led to the mass extinction of the dinosaurs?
Which is the process that moves sediment from one location to another?
Which of the following is a true statement about bacteria?
Which of the following best describes an adaption?
Concept that Sedimentary layers and lava flows are deposited as horizontal, flat sheets when undisturbed
A long narrow steep sided depression or slope in the earth's oceanic crust. Usually lying above a subduction zone.
When two plates collide by sliding past each other.
A large wave produced by an earthquake on the ocean floor.
Land has been raised to a new relative position. Reason why fossils are found hundreds or thousands of feet above sea level.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Hur många g går det på ett kg?
Hur många g går det på ett hg?
Vad hette sångaren som sjöng
Vilket finskt ord betyder bastu?
The correct order for the four inner planets (starting with the one closest to the Sun) is
The inner planet with the hottest average temperature is
The largest of the inner planets is
The only inner planets with moons are
What caused Mercury to lose its atmosphere?
The smallest of the inner planets is
The only inner planet that currently has water on its surface is
Olympus Mons and the Valles Marineris are both geologic features on which inner planet?
The sky on Mercury will look
Earth is protected from the solar wind by
Which quadrant on the coordinate plane would the coordinates (-6, 3) be located?
2.If a point is plotted at (3, 7) and is translated four units up and three to the right, what are the new coordinates of the plotted point?
3.If point (5, -6) is reflected across the y axis, what are the new coordinates of the plotted point?
4.Starting at the origin of the plane, a point is made 4 units to the right and 3 units above it. What are the coordinates of the plotted point?
A ship rests at (5, -2) on the coordinate plane. When another ship fires at it, they miss and their cannonball lands 5 points to the right. Where did the cannonball land?
When a battleship tried to hit a boat at (-3, 5) on the plane, they hit a lighthouse at (2, 5) instead. How many points off were they?
As an attempt to evade an attack, a ship goes from (5, 7) on the plane to (2, 6) on the plane. How far did they move?
8.A ship at (5, -5) on the plane crashes into a lighthouse that was 2 points to the right and 7 points down. What were the coordinates of the lighthouse?
A ship's base is at (6, 3) on the plane, and the ship is at (3, 1) on the plane. How far do they need to go to get back?
10.A ship at (6, -2) on the plane has to travel across the y axis to return to their base. What are the coordinates of the base?
1+1 =
1+2 =
1+3 =
1+4 =
1+5 =
1+6 =
1+7 =
1+8 =
1+9 =
1+0 =
Hoe oud moet je zijn om een studentenjob te kunnen doen via een studentenovereenkomst?
Mag je met een studentenovereenkomst aangeworven worden als je al meer dan 6 maanden werkt?
Mag je een studentenjob doen via een studentenovereenkomst als je deeltijds onderwijs volgt?
Wat is het minimumloon voor een student van 16 jaar en jonger?
Op hoeveel uur pauze heb je recht als je jonger bent dan 18 en langer dan 6uur zonder onderbreking werkt?
De provincies van Vlaanderen voorzien uitleendiensten voor o.a. sport-en spelmateriaal.
Als leerling ben je verplicht tijdens je vrije momenten tijd vrij te maken voor huiswerk.
Kan je als student gratis naar de bib?
Hoeveel is 625 min 275
Wat is het antwoord?
What is the square root of 36
What is square root 49
What is the square root 121
What is the square root of 169
What is answer for 4x = 12
What is y when 2y = 16
What is the square root of 9
What is the square root of 25
What is the square root of 81
What is the square root of 64
An important part of effectively dealing with stress of a chronic condition such as osteoarthritis is
What other health professionals treat osteoarthritis?
How many people in the U.S. are affected by osteoarthritis?
If a patient has cartilage that has worn thin, bones rubbing against each other causing stiffness, pain, and difficulty in movement. What do they have?
The development of osteoarthritis is usually:
Osteoarthritis gradually breaks down what over time?
Which factors are associated with osteoarthritis?
Which is a symptom of osteoarthritis?
Which parts of the body are most commonly affected by osteoarthritis?
Where would you refer someone with osteoarthritis
Who was the leader of the US for most of World War II?
Who was the leader of Great Britain for most of World War II?
Who was the military leader of Japan during World War II?
Who was the leader of the Soviet Union during World War II?
Who was the leader of Italy during World War II?
Who was the leader of Germany during World War II?
What event started World War II?
When did the US get involved in World War II?
What does
What is appeasement?
What President was stuck in the bath tub?
Which President Was assassinated in Dallas?
What was the first war?
What was the 1st Amendment?
What was the main crop or main cash crop?
When was the pictograph invented?
When was the coka cola invented?
Why was the British tea party really about?
Which amendment gave the women the right to vote?
What Amendment ended slavery?
what does -itis mean?
A persistent and irrational fear of something is called what?
The suffix that means tumor is
The suffix -ptosis means
The suffix -phag means
An albino's skin and hair appear
Biology is the study of
A hospital acquired infection is a(n)
Spheric bacteria are called
A fatal bacterial food poisoning is
What is 1+1?
what shape does not have any sides?
Kylie has 4 dolls. If Kylie lets Tatum play with 1 doll, how many dolls will Kylie have?
Rylee has 3 red marbles, 2 yellow marbles, How many marbles does Rylee have in all?
Finish the patteren 1, 2, 3, _,5, 6, 7
Answers by Educators Question Database
un sinónimo de 'perspectiva'
un sinónimo de 'analizar'
el opuesto de 'sentado'
el movimento de figuras abstractas y de los sueños
el opuesto de 'primer plano'
cien años
una pintura sin figuras humanas, sólo objetos
el movimiento con pinturas grandes en las paredes
donde pueden ver las pinturas famosas
el movimiento que los colores representan las emociones
En la pintura Las Meninas la Infanta Margarita está en _______.
En el moviemiento del surrealismo, las figuras son normalmente muy _____.
Un artista que no es un pintor
la pintura que tiene la cara del artista
Muchas veces ______ de los artistas es su vida o sus sueños.
el movimiento de formas geométricas
El surrealismo usa las ideas de la _______ o los sueños
En la obra de arte de Velázquez, los reyes están ______ en el espejo en el fondo.
la persona que creó el arte
______ de este vocabulario es el arte.
what is yellow
should you cut the epin
what colors are primary
Sugar is __________
Sugar is in many _________we eat.
Sugar comes from sugar ________.
Sugar cane ___________where it is hot.
Sugar cane can grow to be ____feet tall.
Sugar cane is _________.
The ______is boiled.
Cakes, cookies and ice cream ____________sugar.
I wanted
they wanted
we wanted
you wanted
Carlos wanted
I put
Geraldo and I put
the students put
you put
Rico put
the books came
I came
Carla and I came
you came
the message came
the class refused
we refused
I refused
the kids refused
you refused
Which is the Olympic motton ?
Who expressed for the first time what nowadays is the Olympic motton?
Where were the first Olympic game celebrated?
Which are the Olympics values ?
What do the Olympic rings symbolize?
When are the Paralympic games celebrated?
Who has the current female´s 100 m Olympic record?
Where will the next Olympic games be held?
Where were the last winter games celebrated?
When was the first Olympic torch relay held?
Direct Finance Company's primary function is to use its own money instead of customers' savings to provide loans to other businesses. This is an example of which type of financial institution?
Southern Life Insurance Company makes money on selling specific services such as policies instead of retaining their customers money. This is an example of which type of financial institution?
Sarah purchased school supplies with a store gift card of $300. This is an example of which type of payment service?
Phil is writing a company check and just completed writing the amount of the check in words. What should Phil do NEXT?
Maria prefers an endorsement that will make sure checks are used for deposits only to her business account. Which type of endorsement is preferred?
Todd gave Intrek Computer Services a personal check for which his bank guaranteed payment. This is an example of which type of payment service?
Jennifer prefers a financial institution that will meet her business needs such as access to checking options, credit cards, and loans. Which characteristic(s) of financial institutions does she prefer?
The Federal Reserve System approved the merger of Wachovia Bank and Wells Fargo Bank. This is an example of which service of the Federal Reserve System?
Mary is writing a company check, and has just completed writing the purpose of the check. What should she do NEXT?
James received a $100 check. He wants to endorse this check over to Steve. Which type of endorsement should James use?
Which is the FIRST step in opening a checking account?
Which is the FIRST step in the check writing process?
What happens to the particles in a liquid as the kinetic energy increases?
What's the correct statement for increasing density?
What's kinetic energy?
What's diffusion?
At first, a gas occupies a volume of 16 liters at a pressure of 1.3 atm. What is the final pressure when the final volume is 32 liters?
A chemist produces 360 mL of oxygen gas at - 26 °C and constant pressure. To what Celsius temperature must the oxygen be warmed in order for it to have a volume of 350 mL?
Constant volume and P1/T1=P2/T2
love of humanity causes this person to be generous
the power within
road or way
Lacking life, soul, or spirit
hand care
nerve pain
to choose from
the state of being rational
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
which does NOT belong in the group?
Which does NOT belong in the group?
3x6 has 8 friends unseen 3x6 is ___
? has 8 friends unseen
is twice the fun
3x7 is twice the fun 3x7 is
you can't ignore
3x8 you can't ignore 3x8 is
is plenty
4x5 is plenty 4x5 is
4x6 is such a bore 4x6 is
What is Minnesota's state rock?
What middle school rocks in Excelsior?
How many computer labs are in MMW?
What area of science is taught in 7th grade?
What standardized test is taken in the fall and spring by most students?
MMW is located in what county?
How many lunch options are given each day?
The school secretaries are.....?
Does MMW have a student government group?
Where do I find assignments online?
Which nails use a special light to create a chemical reaction to harden the product?
How often is a fill-in service for artificial nails required?
Bacteria under the artificial nail is reported most often by clients who wear which type of nail?
All of the following product systems can be used to create artificial nails EXCEPT
A hot oil or cream manicure is helpful for all of the following conditions EXCEPT
Which item can be used to smooth calluses on the feet?
Which term is used to describe the cosmetic care of the feet and toenails?
How should nail polish be applied?
In which direction should a nail be shaped to avoid splitting?
Which procedure should be followed for any cut that may occur during a manicure?
Which of the following would NOT be considered operating software?
T or F A byte is the smallest unit of computer storage
All of the following are considered input devices except
T or F Ram is considered temporary memory
Harware is any computer part you can touch
An example of a LAN would be
The internet was invented by Bill Gates
Computers speak______________
One of the first reasons for the interet was
WAN stands for Wide Area Network
Who is the department secretary
What is a CBI
What does ARD stand for
What is SHARS
Who is the new department API
Who in the department is the father of Emerson
Who in the department went to Thailand over the summer
who is the author of THE ENERGY BUS
Who is the new ARD facilitator
What's the most important thing to bring to an ARD
What is in the Colorado Accommodations Guide for English Language Learners?
What serves as written documentation of accommodation needs?
What is a listing of possible accommodations linked to specific student characteristics?
What are grade-level academic achievement standards and alternate academic achievement standards?
What is a civil rights law that provides access to individuals with a disability?
What is the Alternate Eligibility Worksheet to be used for?
What accommodation category would a request to use lined graph paper fall into?
What is ECEA?
What chart offers information about possible types of accommodations that may help provide a student access to instruction?
How can a teacher provide evidence that an accommodation is effective
The Periosteum is...
A soft spot on a baby's head in between bones is known as...
The humerus is a part of the...
Which of the following is true of the vertebral column?
Another name for the cheek bone is the...
Ossification is...
A condition where a patient has an abnormal lateral curve of the spine is known as...
Which of the following is NOT true of compact bone?
Which of the following is NOT a proper treatment for tendonitis?
Which of the following terms is properly matched to its definition?
A computer monitor is an
A computer keyboard is an
A computer mouse is an
A printer is an
A computer scanner is an
Headphones that you wear on your ears are an
A microphone that you would speak into is an
A digital camera is an
A digital video camera is an
A joystick that you would use for computer gaming is an
What is an experimental variable?
What is subjective data?
What is objective data?
What is a double blind experiment?
An object that is denser thatn water can float on water because of the water's surface tension
What is papyrus
Answers by Educators Question Database
Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation is referred to as
Everson v Board of Education
Reynolds v United States
New York Times v Sullivan
Wisconsin v Yoder
Miranda v Arizona
Engel v Vitale
Gitlow v New York
Marbury v Madison
Gideon v Wainwright
New York Times v United States
Schenck v United States
Ex Parte Milligan
Mapp v Ohio
School District of Abington Township v Schempp
Wallace v Jeffree
Lee v Weisman
Furman v Georgia
Regents of California v Bakke
Roe v Wade
Cleveland Board of Education v. LaFleur
Covalent bond is _________ of electrons while ionic bond is _____ of electrons.
Covalent bond is between _____ and _____.
What is an example of covalent bond?
Polar covalent bond is sharing electrons _____ while non-polar covalent bond is sharing electrons _____.
What is an ion that K mostly formed?
What's the chemical formula for magnesium oxide?
How many electrons will magnesium likely lose?
Which pair will most form an ionic bond?
What's the chemical formula of dinitrogen trioxide?
What's the best description of the octet rule?
What type of reaction is AX = Z+ X?
What type of reaction is AB+X = AX+B
What's a correct balanced equation?
How many grams are there in 2.5 mol of H2O?
What's the mol of 4.6g of MgCl2?
What's the molar mass of H2SO4?
what type of reaction is AC + BD = BC + AD?
What's the % composition of H in H2O?
What's the % composition of oxygen in H3PO4?
What's the % composition of S in H2SO4?
Who said give me liberty
Which hemisphere is Arizona located?
What country is Arizona located in?
What system removes liquid waste from our body and regulates water in the body?
The main components of the excretory system are the bladder, urethra, ureters, and ________.
The endocrine system filters your _______.
This word refers to the kidneys.
The body's first line of defense is the ________
What is another name for white blood cells?
These are made in your body to fight specific pathogens?
Any organism or agent(virus) that causes illness.
These are made using a destroyed or weakened virus that is injected into the body.
Along with bones these operate the human body.
Muscles use a lot of energy and their cells often contain a lot of ____.
The nervous consists of the ________, nerves and spinal cord.
The nervous system controls most of the body and is compared to the ______ in the cells.
The main organ of the respiratory system is the ________.
The respiratory system allows ______ to enter the blood and carbon dioxide to leave.
The digestive system provides energy for this process and the respiratory system provides oxygen for this process.
The skeletal system consists of ______ that support the body and protect organs.
The endocrine system is responsible for _______ that control most cell function
Hormones are secreted by ______.
un animal feroz que no es un gato
un animal pequeño y verde
el número de personas en un lugar
to appreciate
un sinónimo de 'fuego'
wild plant
donde caminas en un parque
Un animal que no tiene piernas
donde viven los jaguares
el pájaro que repite a las personas
tierra con agua por todas partes
la parte entre dos colinas
un sinónimo de 'mono'
lo que tienen los árboles durante el verano
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
what time does it start?
What day is co-op
What is a double blind experiment?
The stronger the surface tension, the more easily an object of greater density will float on its surfacer.
What are the reactants in the overall equation for photosynthesis?
What are the products in the overall equation for photosynthesis?
What is energy?
What role does chlorophyll have in the process of photosynthesis?
What is the role of ATP in a cell?
What happens when sunlight strikes a plant's leaves?
Which form of energy do organisms use to perform daily activities?
Select the phrase that best describes a consumer in a food chain
What is Photosynthesis?
What type of food do plants produce during photosynthesis?
Who is your Social Studies teacher?
What is the name of your state?
Which country is north of the US?
Which holiday is in October?
What is the name of the current president of the United States?
What color is a banana?
What is Baker's mascot?
What is the capital of Colorado?
How many pods are at Baker?
Where would you go to watch a movie at night?
What is one thing not covered by the first amendment
Which one of these would threaten national security?
Which one of the following is an example of slander?
Which one the following is an example of libel?
Which of the following is a slur?
Where could you find the 1st Amendment
Which of the following would not be covered by freedom of the press?
What is covered under the first amendment?
Which of the following would not be considered freedom of the press
Which of the following would not be covered by freedom of assembly?
Properly matching people with jobs and the organization is the goal of the __________ process.
The selection process includes all of the following processes except...
The basic purpose of the preliminary screening is
Characteristics of properly designed selection tests are as followed
A goal-directed summary of a person’s experience, education, and training developed for use in the selection process.
Types of Employment Tests include
Methods of Interviewing include all of the following except
Estimates are that between _________ percent of companies conduct background investigations today.
One potential interviewing problem that can threaten the success of employment interviews are
When should management notify both successful and unsuccessful candidates of selection decisions?
9 x 8
8 x 8
9 x 7
9 x 4
7 x 5
6 x 4
8 x 5
8 x 6
7 x 8
7 x 7
word processing
data entry clerk
education required
can you use the tools needed to do this job
PA Career Link
pets for adoption
Select the Declarative Sentence
Select the Imperative Sentence
Select the Interrogative Sentence
Select the Exclamatory Sentence
What is the definition of a declarative sentence?
What is the definition of an imperative sentence?
What is the definition of an exclamatory sentence?
What is the definition of an interrogative sentence?
What kind of sentence is the following: Shut the door!
Who is your Language Arts teacher?
Where have you hidden my shoes?
Get out of the street!
I told my mom that I needed to stay after school because I had to study for my Earth Systems test.
Which type of sentence tells information without strong emotion?
Which type of sentence would you use if you were warning someone in danger?
Which type of sentence would you use if you were asking your teacher a question in class?
Which type of punctuation would you use at the end of an imperative sentence uses strong emotion?
What type of punctuation would you use if you were giving someone an urgent command?
Which type of sentence gives a command?
Please finish your homework before you go to your friend's house.
Who is your teacher?
Who is our Principal?
Who is our Librarian?
Who keeps our school clean?
Who can be on the Safety Patrol?
Who helps you cross the street?
Who helps us in the Computer Lab
Who serves you lunch?
Who gives you smiles at the front office?
Who is the most important person in our school?
What is Doctor Who?
Who played the First Doctor?
Who was the 9th Doctor's Companion?
Who currently plays the Doctor (2012)?
How many regenerations has the Doctor gone through?
When will Silence fall?
Answers by Educators Question Database
The Constitution established and protects the citizen's fundamental _______ and _________
What is the 1st amendment freedom that protects people's right to peacefully gather?
What is the 1st amendment freedom that protects people's right to make their views known to public officials?
Which 1st amendment freedom gives newspaper and tv reporters the right to gather and publish information, including that which criticizes the government?
What is due process?
Which amendment extends the due process protection to actions of the states?
What do citizens face who choose not to fulfill their civic duties
Civic responsibilities are
Is paying taxes a civic duty (required) or a civic responsibility (voluntary)
Is serving on a jury or as a witness a civic duty or a civic responsibility
Is serving in the armed forces if called a civic duty or civic responsibility
Is registering to vote a civic duty or a civic responsibility
Political parties play a key role in government and provide opportunities for citizens to _______ in the political process
Chinese painters used a brush and ink to write beautiful characters called
What allowed Mesopotamian farmers to grow crops in a hot, dry climate?
Martin Luther believed that
The humanists developed many new beliefs about society and the world around them. What was one of these beliefs?
What impact did a surplus of food have on early civilizations?
What was a major accomplishment of the Justinian code?
How did the Crusades affect Europe?
How did Renaissance discoveries lead to the Age of Exploration?
The government exercised by Ancient Athens was a(n):
Which of the following is NOT a monotheistic religion?
The family that promoted Renaissance ideas in Florence was the _______ family.
Which explorer found the first sea route to India from Europe?
In which layer of the atmosphere does most weather occur?
Which layer of the atmosphere is where ozone concentration is the highest?
A convection current occurs when
Where do meteors burn up in our atmosphere?
Where in the atmosphere do aurora happen?
What does the ozone layer do?
How many sublayers exist in the Thermosphere?
What are the layers of the atmosphere in order from the earth's surface to space?
Areas of stagnant temperature change through the atmosphere.
The pause that exists between the troposphere and the stratosphere is the
When the president deploys troops to Afghanistan which role is he employing?
When the president negotiates treaties with other countries which role is he employing?
Which of the following is a common criticism of the Electoral College?
What is the minimum number of electoral votes needed to become president?
How are Supreme Court Justices chosen?
What is the majority opinion of the Supreme Court?
For how long do Supreme Court Justices serve?
Which freedom is NOT protected by the 5th amendment?
What right does the free exercise clause protect?
What does the exclusionary rule say?
Which of the following shows an example of double jeopardy
Which right is NOT protected by the 1st Amendment?
What was the precedent set by Gideon v. Wainwright?
What is the Lemon Test used to determine?
What is unique about the crime of treason?
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of the state?
What do we call the right to vote?
What type of government do we have in the United States?
Which theory states that God granted a ruler power?
Which of the following is NOT a formal requirement to be president?
What is the purpose of congressional committees?
Which of the following demonstrates a filibuster?
Which of the following is NOT a special power of the Senate?
Who has sovereignty in a dictatorship?
What is the purpose of a political action committee? (PAC)
What do we call media that is used to influence people's political beliefs?
the process by which living things have changed over time
a species that no longer exists
biological classification is a system which is used to organize and codify all life on earth
the process by which forms of life having traits that better enable them to adapt to specific environmental pressures
the formation of new species as a result of geographic, physiological, anatomical, or behavioral factors that prevent previously interbreeding populations from breeding with each other
when an organism becomes better fitted to survive and multiply in an area
an extremely long macro-molecule that is the main component of chromosomes
the level of biodiversity refers to the total # of genetic characteristics in the genetic makeup
the animals or plants physical habitat and how it has adapted
any environmental factor that favors one trait over another
A substance that does not transmit light is
The scattering of light off an uneven surface is called
A convex lens can form
The colored part of the eye is the
A laser produces light that
An image that only seems to be where it is seen is a _________ image
A lens that is thinner in that middle than at the edges is a ____________ lens.
Under green light, a red object appears _________.
___________ can be corrected by a convex lens.
___________ are long, thin strands of glass or plastic that carry light for long distances
A material that reflects or absorbs all of the light that strikes it is
A measure of how much a ray of light bends when it enters an object is
The layer of cells lining the inside of the eyeball is the
An object that consists of two convex lenses, one at each end of a long tube, in order to see distant objects is
Complete reflection of light by the inside surface of a medium
An image formed when rays actually meet at a point, which is an upside down or inverted image.
A curved piece of glass or other transparent material that is used to refract light.
The transparent front surface of the eye (like a windshield) that light enters the eye through
A short, thick nerve that signals from the rods and cones travel to your brain along
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which companion was with both 3 (John Pertwee) and 4 (Tom Baker)?
What does the Doctor call the T.A.R.D.I.S. when they're alone?
What happens when the Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver is used on a Ganger?
What was the Fourth Doctor's catchphrase?
What pattern is used when prepping the surgical field on a patient?
A #3 scalpel blade holds?
What is the proper term for trimming the edges of a jagged tear before suturing?
Which suture size is the smallest?
A Caslick operation is done in horses to
A Ferguson Angiotribe does what?
Items stored in open shelving will remain sterile for
1What is the normal respiratory rate of a dog or cat under anesthesia?
When a cat is to be castrated, the veterinary technician should prepare the surgical site. The incision is most commonly made in what location?
Diazepam is used to produce
There are two types of crust. What are these called?
Which of Earth's layers is liquid?
According the the theory of plate tectonics, which layer is broken into plates?
Convection currents in the earth occur
Which answer lists the layers of Earth from outer to inner most?
To study Earths interior, scientist have to rely on indirect evidence from
Which is the most dense?
Molten rock within the Earth is called
Earth's magnetic field is thought to originate in the
The asthenosphere is part of the
Which one is not a nursing paradigm?
How many dimensions are in the nursing intervention ?
In the Neuman model what layer does not compose part of the Client Systems
Which is not a stage in the nursing process?
Which of the following is not a type of environment that affects the client system?
What is necessary for illness to occur ?
What result does homeostasis have on the client?
When was the Neuman Systems Model theory first published?
What writer did not influence the Neuman Systems Model Theory?
What is not a definition of a client in the Neuman Systems model
The percentage of children ages 6-11 who are obese increased from 7% in 1980 to what percent in 2008?
What food group is presented as the first level on the food pyramid chart?
Childhood obesity has __________ in the past 30 years.
What does %DV mean?
What does the term obesity epidemic mean?
Burger: Weight Gain:: Vegetables:
Animals on industrial farms are given large amounts of ________ which make eating these animals very unhealthy.
How many calories are in a packet of chips if there are: 50calories/ serving and there are 8 servings in the packet of chips?
Since 1977, a large increase of _______ has effected chilhood obesity negatively.
Increase in calories: TV+EATING PIZZA:: Decrease in calories:
Morphine and codeine fall under what drug classification?
Which is not part of the respiratory system?
Smoking is against the law for people under
Alcohol slows down the activity of the body. Alcohol is a ....
SIDS stands for ...
The addicitve indredient in tobacco is?
The pleasurable effects of nicotine ...
The following can fully protect you against secondhand smoke.
Smoking harms...
Fine grounded tobacco that is held in the lip
What event is celebrated on the 3rd Thursday of every November and is sponsered by the American Cancer Society
Cigarettes contain nicotine. Nicotine falls under which of the 5 drug classifications?
How many Surgeon General Warnings are there for tobacco?
The following are three major causes of death associated with smoking except…
The following are all terms for Second Hand Smoke except…
The black goopy substance that lines the respiratory system of smokers is called...
Which of the following is not a part of the respiratory system?
Which term means Can Cause Cancer
That feeling that you should do something because your friends want you to is known as __________________.
Who mainly sponsors the Great American Smoke Out
What two rivers are like twin rivers flowing though Turkey and Iraq?
What narrow waterway is an important shipping channel for oil?
What are latitude and longitude of a point called?
What are the three major water problems in the Middle East?
What are three prominent religions in the Middle East?
Where do almost all Middle Eastern Jews live?
What are two major groups of Muslims?
What large empire broke up after World War I?
Which two countries divided the Middle East into countries after World War I?
A major conflict in the Middle East is between Arab states and:
The most common landforms in the Middle East is:
Cities grow up around rivers to take advantage of
The trend in Saudi Arabia to move from the desert to urban areas has happened over the last
The majority of people in the Middle East belong to this ethnic group?
Today, most Iranians speak and Farsi and are:
Some people consider this group to be both an ethnic and religious group
What is oldest religion in the Middle East?
In what country is there less water to irrage pistachio trees?
Which country are having battles over water rights to the Jordan River?
In 1990, Iraq invaded which country and the U.S. stepped in to intervene?
Quadriceps is located in...
Biceps is situated in....
These are muscles of the legs:
Which muscle is from back?
Trapezius is near from...
Deltoid is situated in...
Triceps is located in...
These muscles are from chest:
Which one is a muscle:
Sternocleidomastoid is situated in...
Answers by Educators Question Database
Current assets are those used up or converted to cash during the normal operating cycle of a business.
The net income or net loss reported on the income statement must be the same as the net income or net loss calculated on the work sheet.
The changes in the Cash in Bank account are reported in the statement of changes in owner's equity.
Closing entries transfer the net income or net loss to the withdrawals account.
Closing entries transfer the net income or net loss to the withdrawals account.
To close a revenue account, debit it for the amount of its credit balance.
When expense accounts are closed, the Income Summary account is credited.
Before closing entries are journalized and posted, the Income Summary account in the general ledger has a normal credit balance.
The Income Summary account is a simple income statement in the ledger.
After the closing entries have been posted, the balance in the capital account reflects the net income or net loss and the withdrawals for the period.
The Income Summary account is located in the owner's equity section of the general ledger.
Closing the revenue account is the second closing entry.
If a business reports a net loss for the period, the journal entry to close the Income Summary account would be a debit to capital and a credit to Income Summary.
The last step in the accounting cycle is the preparation of the post-closing trial balance.
To close the withdrawals account, the amount of its balance is debited to the capital account and credited to the withdrawals account.
The FICA tax has no maximum taxable amount.
A Form W-4 lists the marital status and number of exemptions claimed by the employee.
The number of hours worked multiplied by the hourly wage gives the net earnings for the pay period.
Corn stage symbolized by an R represent _____________ stages
The ancestor of modern corn is ___________.
Corn oil is used to make _____________.
Corn is classified as a ________________.
Corn has _______________ veins.
G.H. _______ developed the first hybrid corn.
The corn product used in soft drinks is corn _________.
A fuel made from corn is ____________.
The Pronto Pup is a kind of corn _______.
The corn stages that begin with V are _________.
Nebraska's mascot is the Corn ___________.
Corn that has mulit-colored kernals is called _____ corn
Corn roots that hold up the plant are called _____ roots
Iowa, Indiana, and Illinois are part of the corn ______.
A bushel of corn weighs ____ pounds.
Bt corn is genetically engineered to kill the _____.
The hairs on an ear of corn are called _______.
Ear size is being determined during the V___ stage.
If corn was in the army, its' rank would be ______.
Name a physical feature shared by Canada and the United States
What physical feature is an area covered by a thin layer of soil with many rock outcroppings. It covers over half of Canada and not many people live there.
This river is connected to the Great Lakes and allows goods to be shipped to Europe and other parts of the world.
Name the environmental issue present in Canada that pollutes the lakes and rivers and destroys buildings, plants, and trees.
Which of the following items are NOT a result of pollution to the Great Lakes?
The extraction or removal of natural resources in the Canadian Shield has resulted in what?
Clear-cutting of trees is another environmental issue in Canada. What does it mean to clear-cut?
What solution did the U.S. and Canada agree upon to help lower the amount of pollution in the Great Lakes?
Which ocean is located to the east of Canada?
This physical features is also shared by the U.S. and Canada. Together they form the largest chain of freshwater lakes on earth. What are they called?
Which is the second longest river in Africa?
Which 100-mile long waterway links the Mediterranean and the Red Sea?
What does ANC stand for?
Which country has the rand as its currency?
Which country, bordering Zaire, takes its name from the former name of the Zaire river?
Name the East African country which lies on the equator.
What is Africa's largest country?
Which African country is sandwiched between Ghana and Benin?
In which country is the Aswan Dam?
Where did Idi Amin rule from 1971-1979?
Who Teaches Social Studies In 7th Grade Team Tigers?
Which term describes south's africa's national party?
Under the apartheid rule,what could blacks do?
When did Apartheid End?
What is the largest ethnic group in the Middle East?
What country uses qanats to irrigate water underground?
What natural resource is the most abundant in the Middle East?
Which is the only country in the Middle East that is in Asia and Europe?
What is the main religion of the Middle East?
Where was buddism originaly from?
to rent
to fall in love with
leading man
thief / robber
to succeed
special effects
to be about
What are three fundamental political principals that shaped our Constitution and our government
The fundamental political principle that people are the source of any and all governmental power
Fundamental political principle that government is not all powerful and may do only those things people have given it the power to do
Fundamental political principle that the government and those who govern are bound by the law
Fundamental political principle that in such a system of government, the people rule
Fundamental political principle that people elect public office holders to make laws and conduct government on their behalf
Which of the documents that influenced the Constitution served as a model for the Bill of Rights
Which of the documents that influenced the Constitution brought forth the idea that people have certain rights including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and that all people are equal under the law?
Under this plan of government, the weakness of the national government which was given no power to tax or enforce laws led to the writing of the Constitution?
Which of the documents that influenced the Constitution guaranteed freedom of religious beliefs and opinions?
This document establishes the structure of the US Government, guarantees equality under the law with majority rule and the rights of the minority protected?
Why didn't the Articles of Confederation work?
Under the Articles of Confederation, most power resided with
Which document stated reasons people were upset with the king of England and why they wanted to get rid of him?
Which document protects the fundamental freedoms of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition and includes the first 10 amendments to the Constitution?
What is the introduction to the US Constitution called?
What are the first words words in the preamble to the Constitution?
What are the reasons stated in the preamble for creating the government?
What are the 2 means of obtaining U.S. citizenship?
Which amendment to the Constitution defines citizens as all persons born or naturalized in the US?
A person with certain rights and duties under a government, and who, by birth or by choice, owes allegiance to that government
Immigration and naturalization, especially in the 20th century, have led to what type of society
To become a citizen through naturalization, what must a person demonstrate?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Define loquacious.
Define cacophony
Define sublime
Define melodious
Define raucous
Define diversify
Define repulsive
Define infamous
The recognition network represents the
All of these are UDL Principles EXCEPT
UDL provides a blueprint for creating
UDL is neccessary because
The most important UDL principle is probably
All of the following are examples of Universal Design, EXCEPT
Poorly designed curriculum targets the average student, which is problematic because
Which is NOT one of the three primary brain networks that play a role in learning?
Which cues best aid students in comprehending content material?
The affective network represents
Define stargazers
Define observatory
Define archaeology
Define abandon
Define devise
Define dramatic
Define calculation
Define vertical
Define bull's-eye
define solar
What phrase below best describes the term archaeology?
The first humans migrated during the Ice Age from which continents, in order.
Humans living in the Paleolithic Age were
What were the reasons for change from the Paleolithic Age to the Neolithic Age?
Life expectency increased from 20-25 years of age to 40yrs based on
Later into the Neolithic Age humans
The Neanderthals- Homo sapians were the first to
The Cro-magnon's contributions improved by
Civilization is the process of people moving from a primative to a more advanced culture.
In building your civilization, you made decisions as did the early settlers when they built shelters. They noted physical features. What features affected their choice of sites?
De quoi problème?
Kossé ça?
What is this?
De quoi?
Faire quoi?
What email do you send all your ASSIGNMENTS to?
What email do you send all your Absent info,questions, immediately response email to the teacher?
What is the teacher\\\'s cell number to call for emergencies?
What do you do if you are going to be absent from your internship?
What do you have to turn in on the 1st of every month?
What is the policy on late work?
What are you NEVER allowed to do at your internship?
How does your teacher fill about tardies?
How do you send your assignments to the teacher?
What is your my favorite type of candy?
Define Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act.
Define feminization of poverty.
Define poverty line.
Define wealth.
Define income.
Define income distribution.
Define means-tested programs.
Define entitlement programs.
Define social welfare.
a tax by which the government takes a greater share of the income of the rich than of the poor (ex. a rich family pays 50% of its income in taxes and a poor family pays 5%)
Elle peut ouvrir la porte.
Elle peut ouvrir la porte.
Elle peut ouvrir la porte.
Elle peut ouvrir la porte.
Elle peut ouvrir la porte.
Elle peut ouvrir la porte.
Elle peut ouvrir la porte.
Elle peut ouvrir la porte.
Elle peut ouvrir la porte.
Thoroughly skilled, an expert
To have ambitious hopes or plans, strive toward higher goal, desire earneastly; to ascend
bare, dreary dismal
to blame, scold
worthy of scorn, contemptible
small, smaller than most other of the same type
to free from slavery; to release or liberate
incorrect, containing mistake
to make use of, develop; to make improper use of for personal profit
made or delivered on the spur of the moment
What is a lever?
What is force?
What is a gear?
What is the force needed to move a load?
What is a load?
What is a machine with just one moving part that makes work easier?
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Which of the following questions may best be answered by studying an organism’s chromosomes?
Which of the following best describes the number of chromosomes in a normal human liver cell?
Which of the following is the primary advantage of sexual reproduction when compared to asexual reproduction?
The cows in a rancher’s herd of cattle have been selectively bred to produce milk. Which of the following will cause the next generation of cows to receive the trait for producing large quantities of milk?
Comparing the skeletons of which of the following fish would best show the evolution of a fish species?
Most of the bacteria in a forest ecosystem are best classified as which of the following types of organisms?
Substances enter any plant or animal cell by passing through which of the following structures?
Jerome crossed two purple-flowered plants. The offspring produced from this cross had either white flowers or purple flowers, which of the following statements best explains why some of the offspring have white flowers?
Two dogs of the same breed that have different coat colors. The instructions that determine coat color are stored in the
Human activity most likely contributes to which of the following changes on Earth?
A student prepared the following list of characteristics about a cellular organelle. • present in animal cells • present in plant cells • helps make energy available to the cell. Which of the following cellular structures is the student describing?
Some types of bacteria can only live where oxygen is not present. These bacteria were well adapted to life on Earth over 2 billion years ago. Which of the following changes caused many of these bacteria to become extinct?
Which of the following parts of the human body is most complex?
Which of the following parts of a plant cell has a function that is most similar to the function of an animal skeleton?
The payment of a liability is recorded by a debit to the liability account and a credit to the owner's capital account.
If Paul Abdou deposits $30,000 in a checking account in the name of his business, the two accounts affected are ____.
Which of the following accounts is not closed at the end of the accounting period?
Transferring the expense account balances to the Income Summary account is the ____.
A business groups its accounts in a ledger
A business transaction can affect two accounts on the same side of the accounting equation and still leave the equation in balance.
To record transactions in chronological order means to record them according to the date on which they occurred.
A chart of accounts is limited to 50 accounts.
The difference between the debit and credit amounts in an account is the account balance.
Liability, expense, and capital accounts all have normal credit balances.
Expenses decrease owner’s equity and are recorded as debits.
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