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Region has flat top mountains, narrow valleys
Region is mostly flat land
Region is the smallest land area.
Region features mountain ridges, wide valleys
Rainfall in this region provides water for the entire state
Most populated Region
Mountains in this region have pointed tops
Atlanta is in this region
Apples are grown mainly in this region
This region has rolling hills and flatlands
Swamps and Marshlands are in this region
Onions peanuts and pecans are grown in this region
Largest region by land area
The Fall line separates these two regions
He is taller ________ she is.
He smells worse _______ a sweaty cow.
I went to the store and _______ bought some slime.
Please pick up your toys and _______ the dishes.
The cat coughed, and _______ it spat a furball
Eat cheetos, chips, and cake; _______ eat frogs.
I would rather chew gum _______ ear wax.
The baseball flew farther _______ ever before.
I like pickles with peanut butter more _______ cookies.
Finish the quiz, and _______ we can play a game.
The scientific method is a
A statement or mathematical equation that describes a fact or relationship found in the universe
A theory is an accepted explaination of an observed phenomenon until
Characteristic properties of a solid are:
The state of matter that can fill a room or fit in ajar is
An example of a pure substance is
A chemical change occurs when
Which is not a homogenous mixture?
The ratio of an object's mass to its volume is its
Two features that characterize matter are
Pure substances can be
The alloy brass is an example of a(n)
Physical means can be used to separate
When used to separate mixtures, which of the following procedures relies on differences in particle size?
Answers by Educators Question Database
While Kevin’s family was making a cross country trip, he saw a sign that said, “Now entering the Cape Fear Watershed.” He asked his father what that meant. How did his father most likely explain a watershed?
Why can organisms live in the deep ocean?
Which would least likely have an impact on global climate changes?
Which is an example of a renewable energy source?
A scientist finds the bones of a dinosaur. What could help the scientist determine the approximate age of the dinosaur bones?
Which of these organisms is a producer in a marine ecosystem?
Kudzu vines grow by climbing and wrapping around trees. Trees covered by kudzu can die because they are starved of sunlight. What type of relationship exists between the trees and the kudzu growing on them?
Why is a healthy diet important?
Which is a possible disadvantage of using flowing water to produce electricity?
Which best explains the importance of nitrogen in the cycling of energy and matter?
Which is a problem with using wind turbines to produce energy?
What do earthquakes tell scientists about the history of the planet?
Humans can do many things to impact the environment. Which of these is an example of how humans negatively impact the environment?
From the answer choices below, which gives the best example of point-source pollution?
What is Geography?
What do you call North, South, East, and west?
What are the five themes of Geography Compass rose.?
What do you call the object that explains the symbols on the map?
Which type of map show features of the Earth?
The equator divides the world in half what are these called?
What shape is the Earth?
What does the scale bar of a map show?
Which is the tallest?
Which is not on the Compass rose?
Where is the Laryngeal Pharynx?
What is part of the cerebral hemispheres?
What is a solution?
Which of the following is responsible for contraction and movement?
Which cavity is the brain located?
The muscle on the upper arm that extends the lower arm.
STD with greenish-yellow discharge, burning, sore throat and swollen glands.
Secreting lubricant that allows organs to move without friction.
A serous membrane is?
An actual photograph of the chromosomes using amniotic fluids is?
What does salivary amylase do?
Pneumocystis jiroveci.
Divides the heart into 2 sections.
Collagen is?
Responsible for passing waste products to the large intestine.
Cavity that contains the bladder and reproductive organs is the?
What is angina?
Inner ear receptor that works while you are on a roller coaster.
What is bursitis?
What is a neoplasm?
The endosteum.
The gland that maintains your circadian rhythm.
Increase pressure of the aqueous humor.
A greenstick fracture is commonly cause by?
What must be present and in sequential order for an infection to occur?
Axons carry impulse?
Lesions that become filled with pus and bacteria are?
A pacemaker is used to restore what?
Blood vessels that contain valves are what?
Opacity of the lens.
Tissue that lines the intestinal and respiratory tract.
The LAD supplies blood where?
Coronary arteries are what?
Pernicious anemia is?
Where is the biscupid valve located?
A birth defect of the mouth causes problems with speaking.
Inflammation of the lungs, which spaces are filled with fluid.
Where two or more bones join together.
¿Cómo se dice city en español?
Traduce al español: Cross the street
¿Qué significa en avión?
¿Qué significa allí/allá?
¿Cómo se dice downtown?
¿Qué significa esquina?
¿Cómo se dice turn to the right?
¿Qué significa hasta?
¿Cómo se dice continue on foot?
¿Qué significa boleto?
What is a federal government?
What is a dictator?
What is an oligarchy government?
What is a confederation?
What is a unitary government?
What is a branch of government in the US?
Who is the leader of a parliamentary democracy?
Who is the leader of a presidential democracy?
What type of leader does a absolute monarchy have?
In which government do people vote for the leader?
What's a line segment?
What's an acute angle?
What's the difference between circle and circumference?
Two tangent circunferences are...
A triangle is a polygon with...
A regular polygon has...
Which of these triangles is regular?
Which of these quadrilaterals is regular?
What's a nonagon?
We can make star polygons of...
Select the word that does not belong
Felipe tiene que _____ 911.
Claudia y Jorge _______ de nadar.
Lo opuesto de alegre es...
Yo ______ hacer mi tarea.
Ellos van al ______ para ver una pelicula.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which of the following observations does not indicate that a chemical change has occured?
Trina wanted to find out which of her rubber balls can bounce the highest. She dropped the first ball on the cement sidewalk, and the second ball on the grass. How could she improve her experiment?
Jeremiah has been studying the experiments performed by Gregor Mendel in his study of inheritance patterns. He decides that he would like to test the inheritance patterns of tall and short pea plants. Which statement should be his hypothesis?
Which of the following statements is a example of a correctly written, testable hypothesis?
You have a dark-colord piece of cloth and a light-colored piece of cloth. What would be the best way to determine which piece of cloth absorbs the most heat?
Which of the following is a qualitative observation?
Which of the following is a quantitative observation?
In a experiment designed to determine if a specific brand of cat food is causing cats to meow excessively, it would be best to ________.
Students are studying daily ozone levels near a school of asthmatic children. In order to have unbiased results, they made a questionaire for all to fill out at school and didn't mention asthma or ozone. What else could they do to increase accuracy?
Our understanding of the universe has changed greatly over time. Which explains why this has occurred?
Alfred Wegener theorized that continents drift apart from one another and did so in the past.At first, scientists dismissed Wegener. Which of the following helps prove the Continental Drift Theory?
Who do you meet with if you want to learn more about the programs at South Hills in Philipsburg?
Name three types of student financial aid.
Which program did Shannon Allen graduate from?
Jan Pepperday, the WIA Youth Program Director, is located in?
How many computer labs does South Hills in Philipsburg have?
What are two reasons why somebody would earn an associate degree rather than a bachelor degree?
Who is the director of South Hills at the Philipsburg learning site?
What is the first step to applying to South Hills?
What are two Associate Degree programs at South Hills in Philipsburg?
Name two clubs at South Hills in Philipsburg.
What do you call a box full of ducks?
How does a monster count to 15?
What did the snail say that was riding on the turtle?
Why did the chicken cross the road?
Good friends know how you like your coffee. But what is a great friend?
What is the difference between extraordinary and ordinary?
What is the name of Mickey Mouse's girlfriend?
How many servings of vegetables are required on a daily basis?
What is the purpose for multiple forks when dinning out?
Why did the children cross the playground?
Which of the following would help to distinguish a plant cell from an animal cell?
An unknown organism has been found. Scientists are trying to classify this organism. Its cells contain a small dark circular structure identified as a nucleus. Into which group of organisms should we place this new organism?
Which pairing of organelles below works together in a plant cell to provide energy for the plant?
Which combination below would you find in the plasma membrane of a cell?
What structure would be responsible for producing enzymes?
One characteristic of living things is the presence of organization. Which of the following describes the organization of complex organisms form smallest to largest?
The movement of water molecules across a selectively permeable membrane is known as
The movement of a substance across the cell membrane from a low concentration to a higher concentration, requiring energy, is known as
Which of the following determines the direction of flow for a substance across a membrane?
Which of the following would be found inside and outside the nucleus?
Write an equation for this rule: The total cost (c) is equal to the number of shoes (s) time $12.
Write a rule for this equation. C = 25 + 12n
What is 9 x 9?
What is 108 divvided by 9?
What time is the same at 10:15?
what is 7 x 8?
What number is the same as the Roman Numeral VIII
What is the same as two dimes and one nickel?
What is 100 divided by 10?
What is 250 divided by 5?
When Carol Ann tells Beany to recite a poem, she wants Beany to:
Why doesn't Beany complain about the props Carol Ann chooses for each of them?
Which sentence BEST tells what the story is about?
What is the MOST important lesson Beany learns in the story?
How does Beany's role in the recital compare to Carol Ann's role?
Why did the author write The Talent Show?
How does Beany's father help Beany solve her problem?
What is the genre of this story?
Which of the following is NOT a setting for the story?
What does Beany like to do for fun?
The system unit is...
Bits and Bytes
CPU and processor
A keyboard is
Pointing devices are
Audio and video
A monitor is
A printer is
New Mexico
New Mexico
New York
New Hampshire
Rhode Island
New Jersey
Answers by Educators Question Database
During the Civil War, the draft law required some men to:
General Grant's strategy of targeting civilian targets as well as military targets is called:
All of the following statements about the Freedmen's Bureau are true EXCEPT:
The Jim Crow laws are a good example of:
What do we call the big change in our nation when people switched from hand tools to machines and many moved from farms to factories?
The Indian Removal Act directly led to which event:
'Manifest Destiny' was an American belief that:
What was the significance of the fight at the Alamo?
Which of the following elements best describes the Underground Railroad?
How did the novel Uncle Tom's Cabin affect sectionalism in America?
The most significant part of the Dred Scott v. Sandford decision was:
What do we call the 'freedom annoucement' that Lincoln made in 1862?
Fought in July 1863, this 'turning point' battle of the Civil War included a Confederate disaster at Pickett's Charge.
General Lee surrendered to General Grant:
The main goal of Reconstruction was to:
The Thirteenth Amendment:
The Fourteenth Amendment:
The Fifteenth Amendment:
Why was Andrew Jackson such a popular presidential candidate?
The Forty-Niners are most closely associated to:
An abolitionist believed:
This abolitionist attacked a weapons factory in Harper's Ferry and tried to start a slave revolt:
Who was the brilliant military general who led the South to many victories in the Civil War?
During Reconstruction, the Radical Republicans believed all of the following EXCEPT:
The main goal of the Ku Klux Klan during Reconstruction was to:
I wan to to have lunch. I'm ______
We often put __________ on spaguetti.
We make chips from _______
______________ is red.
Beth is making _________ for lunch.
That dog is very big! I'm ______________ .
Can I have some ______________. I'm thirsty.
I drink tea with _____________.
I'm _____________. I want to go to bed.
I'm ______________. It' my birthday.
La ____________ a largo plazo normalmente requiere que experimentemos con la aplicación de los conocimientos nuevos y el uso de las habilidades afines en contextos significativos.
La ___________ impulsa la buena práctica de CLIL.
Para adquirir nuevos conocimientos y destrezas la gente sólo necesita acceder a la nueva información.
Los nuevos conocimientos y habilidades no se desarrollan mediante la reflexión/análisis tanto a nivel personal como cooperativo y mediante un proceso cognitivo.
El debate, la reflexión y el acto de sacar conclusiones relacionadas con la experiencia que se asocian con la aplicación de los conocimientos y destrezas nuevas, ayuda a fomentar el ______________
En CLIL, los profesores no ayudan a responder a las necesidades lingüísticas del alumno cuando surgen.
Si un alumno quiere decir algo que le parece importante pero desconoce la ___________ se le proporciona inmediatamente.
En unos meses, los alumnos son capaces de utilizar __________________ para casi toda la comunicación en el aula.
Los cuatro principios de la metodología CLIL son
Los 4C impulsan el modelo CLIL y sirven como punto de referencia para la planificación didáctica.
What is the Big Bang?
What is the Universe?
Our Galaxy is called:
Stars are likeky to attract even their own light are called
What determines the color of stars?
What name given figures that form stars in the sky?
Solar System components are:
The movement by which a planet goes around its axis, give name:
Seasons are caused by
In addition to the Earth, What other planet there may be liquid water?
Part of the environment that controls the size of a population.
The maximum size of a population that the environment can support.
Succession begins when...
In this biome, many plants have widespread roots in order to gather enough water.
In this biome, bark is thick to prevent moisture loss.
Succession occurs when...
This shows the feeding relationships between organisms in an environment.
When a source of water dries up in an environment, what is the likely result?
A volcanic eruption most likely causes which of the following?
The transfer of energy that occurs when eating is inefficient because...
Trees in this biome have needle-like leaves to prevent water loss.
Plants in this biome are low to the ground to prevent freezing.
Plants in this biome have drip-tip leaves to shed excess water.
Many animals in this biome have thick skin and scales to prevent water loss.
This biome has many large, grazing animals.
Which of the following biomes would NOT require some animals to migrate to a warmer climate?
Which of the following is NOT a limiting factor?
What is imagery?
The dictionary definition of a word is known as ____.
When the characters in a story speak, usually in quotation marks.
The summary of a story does what?
The setting of the story tells you _____ and _____ the story occurs.
A character in the story tells the story using pronouns like I, Me, My, our, Us, etc. Which Point of View is being used?
The difference between appearance and reality is known as ______.
Personification gives animals or objects qualities or characteristics like what?
Gives clues that suggest what might happen in the future.
A comparison of two unlike things using is words is, was, are, were NOT Like or as
I ........ happy
They......... French
We.........German tired?
Where are you..............? Valencia
My aunt..............rice here milk go to the cinema?
Which human action would most likely increase the nutrients in an ecosystem?
A company has acquired land next to a local river. One month after the company opened, the pH of the river dropped from 6.7 to 6.2, and the month after that, the pH was 5.9. Which effect would lowering the pH most likely have on the organisms?
Which best describes the water distribution in an estuary?
Which human activity would have the greatest positive impact on the water quality of a stream?
According to scientists, only 1% of the water on Earth is available for human use. Where is this available water most likely found?
Why do lakes, rivers, and streams most likely require more treatment than groundwater?
Why is filtration an important part of water treatment?
Which dissolved gas is added to ocean water as a result of photosynthesis?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is the binary system?
What part of the computer manages most of the computers operation?
The content of which type of memory are lost when a user turns off the computer?
What does a keyboard allow users to do?
Which is a type of nonimpact printer?
Which is a type of magnetic disk?
What can a CD-ROM contain?
What type of device can capture electronically an entire page of text or image?
What term describes a special word, phrase, or code that a program understands as an intructions?
What is the term for the memory chips in a system unit?
What is a command?
stores data, instructions, and information when they are not being processed.
Is equal to 1 million bytes
a type of nonvolatile memory that can be erased electronically and rewritten.
What does CPU stand for?
When eight bits are grouped together as a unit, they are called
is a color printer that produces photo lab quality pictures.
A flat panel monitor is also called an
What does ROM stand for?
What does RAM stand for?
What is a command?
stores data, instructions, and information when they are not being processed.
Is equal to 1 million bytes
a type of nonvolatile memory that can be erased electronically and rewritten.
What does CPU stand for?
When eight bits are grouped together as a unit, they are called
is a color printer that produces photo lab quality pictures.
A flat panel monitor is also called an
What does ROM stand for?
What does RAM stand for?
Which Landform Region is the largest in terms of area in Canada
The Growth Line (green) is drawn at this temperature on a climate graph
An example of a decidious tree would include
The most northerly vegetation region in Canada is
The Landform Region created during the Precambrian era was
Fossils are exclusively located in this rock type
The Factor Affecting Climate with the greatest overall effect on Canada's climate is
An example of a fossil fuel would include
As air rises, it cools and ______________________
In class, we used the metaphor of a/an_______to show the layers of the earth
Pseudoscience is a set of information
Which of these words does NOT apply to the word non-fiction?
Biographies are
When you want to keep a book longer than the due date you ask for a
3 famous hoaxes are
A fable is
Numbers on the edge (spine) of a book give you clues about
A book that you use in the library and can't borrow is a
Which of these is NOT in ABC order?
Librarians love to
Deliberately fabricated falsehood made to masquerade as truth is
Who planned the Cardiff Giant hoax?
The hoax lasted from
Hull wanted people to believe that the Cardiff Giant was
Ringling Bros. and Barnum Bailey
The giant went from
The Cardiff Giant was a hoax. Hoax means
The Cardiff Giant was sold to David Hannum for
PT Barnum
The truth first became known
The way the earth's rotation makes winds curve is called the:
As you go higher into the air, air pressure ___________ making it harder to breathe:
The movement of global winds:
A tropical air mass would be:
A maritime air mass formed over the ocean and would be:
This type of air mass forms over land and is usually very dry:
Cold air at the poles ______________
Warm air from the equator and around the troipcs___________
These clouds are often seen during a thunderstorm:
Most storms happen when a _________ air mass meets a _________ one
I will tell you a story about Bob.
You shall not speak unless you are spoken to.
It is almost eleven o'clock.
I will not be ready to go for another ten minutes
I am so hungry I could eat a horse!
I'd like some extra ketchup with my meal.
She's such a nice person.
He will like a milkshake.
We cannot wait that long!
We should not judge a book by its cover.
Place of Residence
Final, complete, without conditions
Postpone or suspend the hearing of a case until a future date
Adjourn for an indefinite time
Written statement setting out financial position and sworn or declared before a commissioner for oaths/solicitor or court officer empowered to administer oaths
An order for maintenance pending suit, financial provision orde, property adjustment order etc.
An annual payment of a sum of money
To make void or invalid
A defence of a divorce
Action or conduct by one of the parties which affect the other party
Copernicus and Galileo believed the ______ was the center of the solar system?
How long does it take the Earth to revolve around the sun?
How often does the moon revolve around the Earth?
What type of eclipse occurs when the moon moves between the Earth and the sun?
What type of eclipse occurs when the moon moves into the Earth's shadow?
What causes seasons on Earth?
What do these words describe: new, crescent, gibbous, quarter, full?
______ is an averaged sized yellow star.
____ is a small, rocky satellite with temperature extremes, no atmosphere, and no life.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which region extends from eastern Canada to western Alabama?
Which region is mostly grasslands?
Which region is wrapped around Hudson Bay in a horseshoe shape?
Which region is rugged mountains stretching from Alaska almost to Mexico with high elevations?
Which region is located west of Rocky Mountains and east of the Sierra Nevadas and the Cascades?
Which region is rugged mountains along the Pacific Coast that stretch from California to Canada?
The number of moles in 12 g of CO2 is:
The volume of 0.1 moles of hydrogen (H2) gas at STP is:
The number of moles in 186 g of MgSO4 is:
The number of moles in 49 g of H2SO4 is:
The number of moles in 72.4 liters of CCl4 gas at STP is:
The number of moles in 11.2 liters of NiO gas at STP is:
The volume of 0.25 moles of oxygen (O2) gas at STP is:
The number of moles in 16 g of SO2 is:
The number of moles in 18 g of H2O is:
The mass of 0.25 moles of H2CO3 is:
The mass of 1.12 moles of H3PO4 is:
The volume of 0.01 moles of NO2 gas at STP is:
The number of moles in 67.2 liters of KClO2 gas at STP is:
The number of moles in 16.0 g of HC2H3O2 is:
The number of moles in 2.24 liters of SO2 gas at STP is:
The number of moles in 5.6 liters of CO gas at STP is:
The mass of 0.5 moles of S is:
The volume of 1.75 moles of Li3PO4 gas at STP is:
The volume of 2.33 moles of water (H2O) vapor at STP is:
The mass of 2.3 moles of NH4O is:
A ___ is an area of water surrounded by land on all sides.
A ___ is a stream of water flowing from high to low elevation. It empties into a lake, ocean, gulf, or other body of water.
A ___ is a body of water flowing into a larger body of water.
A ___ is an area of water (usually salt) connected to an ocean or sea but partially surrounded by land.
A ___ is an area of water surrounded by land, usually on three sides.
A ___ is a land mass with a high elevation that is often jagged and rocky or covered in trees or snow.
A ___ is a land mass with a higher elevation but smaller and less rocky and jagged than mountains.
A ___ is an area of land that is usually flat, but might have a few hills, plateaus, valleys, or even mountains.
A ___ is a flat area of land with a high elevation compared to the land surrounding it.
A ___ is an area of land surrounded by water on all sides
A ___ is an area of land surrounded by water on three sides.
Which of the following is NOT one of the factors geographic features are tied to?
____ served as the highway for explorers, early settlers, and later immigrants.
___ was an early exploration route.
___ were the transportation arteries for farm and industrial products. They were links to ports and other parts of the world.
___ was the gateway to the west.
___ was explored by Lewis and Clark.
___ was explored by the Spanish.
___ forms the border with Mexico.
___ forms part of the northeastern border with the US and Canada.
___ connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean.
Inland port cities grew in the Midwest along the ___.
___ provided the French and Spanish with exploration routes to Mexico and other parts of America.
Some materials don´t conduct electricity
Other objects can clearly be seen through these materials
The capacity of materials to transmit sound
The material can be bent by external forces acting on them
Some materials allow liquids to filter through them
Allows a material to be permanently deformed
Some metals attract other metallic materials
These raw materials can be regenerated.
They are harmful to the environment
Allows the material to return to its original form after a force is removed
Archaeologists study _________ through the recovery and analysis of artifacts.
____ is something made by humans and is often a primative tool, structure, or part of a functional item.
Scientists are not in agreement as to when and how people entered ___.
Cactus Hill is located in ___ Virginia.
Cactus Hill is located along ___.
Evidence found at Cactus Hill is ___ years old
____ is the study of human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites and the analysis of artifacts.
___ are the people who study human behavior and culture through the recovery and analysis of artifacts.
Evidence that humans lived at Cactus Hill as early as 18,000 years ago makes it ___.
Where is one of the oldest archaeological sites in the Unites States located?
Where do American Indians live today?
___ inhabited present-day Alaska and northern Canada.
___ homeland includes the Pacific Northwest coast.
The ___ people inhabited the interior of the United States, called the Great Plains.
___ tribes inhabited the Southwest in present-day New Mexico and Arizona.
The ___ homeland includes northeast North America, called the Eastern Woodlands.
The ___ homeland is characterized by dry grasslands
___ lived in desert areas and areas bordering cliffs and mountains.
They lived in Arctic areas where the temperature is below freezing much of the year.
The climate of the ___ homeland is characterized by a rainy, mild climate.
The area the ___ tribe lives in is heavily forested.
What is the term for a strong belief (or pride in) your country?
What does the word 'suffrage' mean?
Which of the following was NOT an effect of the Transcontinental Railroad?
What is sectionalism?
How were the Slave Codes and the Black Codes similar?
Which of the following is NOT true of the Border States during the Civil War?
What is another name for the South during the Civil War?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is the third rocky planet from the sun?
How many colonies were there?
How did most Europeans view the Native Americans?
What was one way that the colonists adapted to the different environment in the New World?
When the British imposed high taxes on goods purchased by the colonists, the colonists decided to boycott, or refused to buy, those goods, what was an opportunity cost of this decision?
The agreement that the first Colonists had on how to govern the new colonies was called
The two sides that fought in the Revolutionary War were
Some who is loyal to one's country is called
An example of a primary source is
The Puritans settled in
The Lost Colony was
A molecule is a specific combination of ______.
Which of the units of matter is the smallest?
An example of a compound is ______.
There are more than 100 known ____________ that make up all the matter in the world.
Which of the following is a solution?
Which will produce a mixture with water?
Anything that has mass and takes up space is called ______.
An example of a compound is ________.
What is one way that smaller bits of matter combine to form larger, more complex things?
How small are atoms and molecules
A solution is a _________ in which one substance dissolves in another.
Because the substances in a mixture retain their original properties, they can be separated by __ means.
Pure substances made from only one type of atom are ________.
Iron, aluminum, copper, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen are ___.
Salt, water, carbon dioxide, and sugar are ________.
Protons and neutrons make up the _________ of an atom.
Chlorine is a poisonous gas. When Chlorine chemically combines with Sodium, the result is the compound Sodium Chloride (NaCl). What might you do with NaCl?
When two or more elements combine to form a new substance, it's called a ______.
Which is correct?
Where do you find the electrons?
Where was the Liberty Bell made?
What year was the Liberty Bell sent to Philadelphia?
Who sculpted the Statue of Liberty?
Where is the Statue of Liberty located?
How many stars does the American Flag have?
How many years did it take to sculpt Mount Rushmore?
How tall is each head on Mount Rushmore?
Who wrote our National Anthem?
Who designed our United States Seal?
What is the National bird of the United States?
Name of the imaginary lines running north and south on a globe or map.
Name of the line running east and west at 0 degrees.
What direction would colonists have to sail when returning to England for supplies?
What Native American region would you most likely find a clay pot for holding water?
Lewis and Clark were on an exploration looking for what?
What major natural barriers made travel westward difficult during Westward Expansion?
The steam engine made travel to the interior of the U.S. easier on this.
Covington is located at 39.1 degrees N and 84.5 degrees W, this is an example of what?
Which of the following is not a region of KY?
What was the main cause for Westward Expansion?
What kind of rock is formed in layers?
What kind of rock is formed from the melting and cooling of magma and lava?
What kind of rock changes with heat and pressure?
What gives scientists information about life and conditions of the past?
What part of the Earth is made mostly of solid nickel and iron?
What two factors increase as you go deeper beneath the surface of the Earth?
Large, continent-sized blocks that move slowly about the Earth's surface are called ____.
Where do most earthquakes and volcanoes occur?
Plates that move together are called _______.
Plates that move apart are called _______.
The stopwatch is a scientific tool that measures ________.
The best instrument to measure a volume of liquid is a _________.
Juan wanted to record how long it took for salt to dissolve in hot and cold water. Which is the best tool for him to use to collect this data?
Deborah wants to identify which of two objects is heavier. What is best instrument for her to use to determine the heavier object?
Which metric measurement would be best to measure the height of plants?
A tool used to measure units with the Fahrenheit scale system of measurement. Which took is it?
If Sally wants to measure the amount of soda in her can, she would use which tool?
You could measure distance in ______.
What unit would you use to measure the mass of a small object?
Mr. Wilson wants to bake a cake. He measure the water needed for the cake. Which unit did he probably use?
Plant cells are round in shape; animal cells are rectangular in shape
Cellular respiration is
The cell membrane can be described as
It can be inferred that athletes have a large amount of
The main difference between a plant and animal cell is
C6 H12 O6 is the chemical compound for
When a plant is drooping over, which organelle is effected?
There are _________ cells in the human body.
Photosynthesis includes
Plant cells take in
You will have to get this ring __________ before you can have it insured
Cindy and her mother went to New York to buy Cindy's ____ for her honeymoon.
The Jewish people were forced to ____________ their home and business during the Holocaust.
You will have to read louder as you are barely ___________.
Chirs was not able to control his __________ when they occureed.
We were careful not to stare at the _______________chlid in the wheelchair.
I find it hard to believe that you enjoy watching such ____ and terrifying movies.
Grace Wexler throught that she was displaying _______ when she shook Judge Ford's hand.
Because of the statement in the will about the murder of Mr. Westing, each heir was under much ___________.
Judge Ford felt that Edgar Plum displayed much _________________ in her courtroom ad he bungled his cases..
Lured by the Westing house, the tenants of Sunset Towers stood at their windows ______ at the danter, daring to dream.
Rosalie was an ___________________ child and Flora thought she was the most loving person that ever was.
It is obvious that your ___________ skills need some updated because your records are off.
I cannot believe that our neighbor is the _______________ the police were looking for.
Sydelle screamed at Grace when her notebook was returned, Thief, Larcenist, ________
Doug Hoo was afraid when the heirs talked about __________ for the night of the murder, they would discover he was near the seen of the crime.
_______ of giving away their game plans, the heirs decided the questions would be written out, but names would not be signed.
Sydelle will be ______________ the shorthand to Polish, then from Polish to English.
Are you sure we need all of this ___________ for our 2 day camping trip?
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synonym of division
synonym of division
synonym of equal
synonym of equal
A biologist has just discovered a new life form. The newly described organism is multicellular, does not carry on photosynthesis, and absorbs nutrients from the environment. It is composed of eukaryotic cells with cell walls. Which kingdom is best?
An important feature of modern classification systems is that they —
Bivalves, such as clams, are found in salt water. The clam captures food particles from water that flows over its gills. Which of these is the best classification of the clam?
Which of these organisms contains no specialized cells?
Ascidians are sac-like marine organisms. Their larvae have well-developed brains and dorsal nerve cords. This suggests that ascidians should be classified with the —
During a trip to a rain forest, a scientist discovered a new organism living near some rotting logs. The scientist observed that the organism had moist skin, no hair, and an internal skeleton and that it laid eggs. This organism was probably a -
One method of determining the classification of an animal is by comparing the amino acid sequence. Which of these animals most closely resembles this unknown animal? Met-Gly-Ser-Tyr-Tyr-Arg-His-His-Glu-Lys-Asp
According to the biological definition of a species, which organisms listed below would belong to the same species?
Escherichia coli is the scientific name of a bacterium. What category of classification is Escherichia?
What structure is common to all five kingdoms of living organisms?
The dog jumped over the moon
The cupcake was in the box
The ball was above her head
The water level is beneath the average level
Jimmy lives down the street
I walked up the stairs to see the problem.
Once upon a time, there lived a king.
Inside the tough exterior, lies a gentle soul
I slept all through the day.
The road is under repair.
Selma ran over a dog yesterday
Andrea went in the kitchen and sat on the chair.
Jessica inserting cookies inside the oven.
Sandra was outside playing.
MRS. Mesa through the paper across the room.
physical or nonliving factor in an ecosystem
living factors in an ecosystem.
the total amount of living tissue within a given trophic level
the part of the Earth that supports life; includes the atmosphere, land and water
each step in a food chain or food web
relationhip in which 2 species live closely together
Symbiotic relationship in which one organisms lives on or inside another organism and harms it
symbiotic relationship in which both species benefit from the relationship
symbiotic relationship in which one organism benefits and the other is neither helped nor harmed
Succession that occurs in an area in which no trace of a previous community in present; no soil
type of successsion that occurs in an area that was only partially destroyed by disturabnces; there is soil
Who is the only person at the end of Gatsby that Nick likes at the end of the Novel?
Who wants to buy Tom's car?
Who was rumored to have cheated at sports?
Who fixed the 1919 World Series
Who cries over dog biscuits?
Who says he tries not to judge people, at the beginning of the novel?
Myrtle's pretense to have a group of people working in the kitchen at the apartment symbolizes what?
The eyes of Dr. Ekleburg looking down on everyone is symbolic of what?
Why did Gatsby give huge parties?
Where is Daisy's home town?
When Myrtle saw Jordan with Tom, when she though Jordan was who?
The only character who knows the whole truth about the accident and all the complex relationships involved is:
What word does NIck use to describe Daisy and Tom at the end of the novel?
Why is Gatsby's love for Daisy doomed to fail?
In Bean Trees, What does the title of Chapter 1, The One to Get Away refer?
What does Mama mean when she compares people to scarecrows?
Why doesn't LouAnn's mother like Angel?
Why does Taylor decide to stay in Arizona?
What does Angel do for Lou Ann while her mother and Granny are there?
What is the significance of Angel pouring out the Tug Fort water down the drain?
Which ocean is located between Europe and the United States
What is the name of the land mass that contains two continents?
What continent is Northwest of Australia?
Which ocean is between Africa and Asia
Which ocean is nearest to the South Pole
Which continent is located west of the Prime Meridian?
Which ocean touches both Asia and North America?
Which ocean can be found closest to the North Pole?
___ are large land masses surrounded by water.
Which of the following continents is not entirely surrounded by water?
Which region is a broad lowland providing many excellent harbors?
Which region has old, eroded mountains (oldest mountain range in North America)?
Which region holds some of the oldest rock formations in North America?
Which region is flat land that gradually increases in elevation westward?
Which region contains the Continental Divide, which determines the directional flow of rivers?
Which region is an area of varying elevations containing isolated mountain ranges and Death Valley, the lowest point in North America?
Which region contains fertile valleys?
Which region has rolling flatlands with many rivers, broad river valleys, and grassy hills?
Which region includes the Piedmont?
Which region contains hills worn by erosion and hundreds of lakes carved by glaciers?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Your __________________ that I killed Mr. Westing is absurd.
What part of the word screen gives you access to commonly used commands?
It is possible to add more commands to the quick access toolbar
when you click on a different tab, the ribbon stays the same
the part of the word screen that appears directly below the tabs (it is the longest object on the word screen and contains commands for the tabs)
the task bar shows you how many words are in your word document
the status bar contains which of the following?
A ______ organizes the ribbon into similar commands
there are usually 8 tabs on the word screen
when an item such as a picture, chart, or shape is selected, what appears at the top of the screen?
the task bar is part of Microsoft Office
To undo the previous command you gave the computer, you push
To create a copy of and delete an object, you would use this shortcut
to print something (you can use this outside of microsoft word too) you would use this shortcut
to paste an item that has been cut or copied you would use this shortcut
to create a copy of an object you use this shortcut
moving the cursor over a set of options so you can view the change without actually committing to it
a __________ appears when you move your cursor over a command to see what the command is/does
What is the first step in the Build Value phase of the FirmFive Buying Process?
How can we build value in the products that guest can see?
Why does telling the guests the features of a mattress alone mean little?
Why does telling the Mattress Firm story add value for the guest?
Which of the following is most correct to state about the Mattress Firm Story?
Which of the following is most correct to state about the Mattress Firm Story?
Which of the following is most correct to state about the Mattress Firm Story?
Why is it so important to build value?
What local community service did Mattress Firm WI take part in recently, which we can use to build value with our guests?
What is most important in preparing the guest for value building?
What are some moments of truth for the Solve Phase of the FirmFive Buying Process?
The purpose of the Solve Phase is to
If the guest has indeed chosen his/her product but wants to wait to buy, you should
Once we have a true objection and have confirmed understanding and empathized with the guest we should
We can move on in the Solve Phase process once we've determine we have a true objection to
What do we do when the guest says no to our hypothetical question and gives us a new objection?
When do we know we have a true objection?
What is the first step we take when presented with an objection
When presented with an objection to our close, what should we always assume?
What is the first step of the Solve Phase in the FirmFive Buying Process?
The first step in the Setup Phase if the guest buys is to
What is the second step of the Setup Phase when the guest buys?
Why does the Setup Phase provide us the opportunity to acquire additional guests apart from the one we're closing?
What is the first step in the Setup Phase if the guest does not buy?
What is our second step in the Setup Phase if the guest does not buy?
Towards the end of the Setup Phase, whether the guest purchases or not, we should always
As part of our moments of truth, we should always do what after closing a sale?
What important step can we take to ensure everything goes smoothly after the Setup in the case the guest buys?
Why do follow-up calls help you build a customer base?
How can we prevent delivery issues during the Setup Phase if a guest buys?
author's purpose
cause and effect
fact and opinion
In an absolute monarchy, the king __________
In an autocratic government, ____________ has/have the power.
In a confederacy, ___________________.
In a constitutional monarchy,
In a democracy, ________ has/have the power.
In a dictatorship, _____________.
In a federal government, ___________
In an oligarchy, ____________ has/have the power.
In a parlaimentary democracy, the leader is chosen by _______.
In a unitary government, ________ has/have the power..
In a presidential democracy, the leader is chosen by _________.
Most dictators obtain power by ______________.
Brazil Mexico are examples of
Great Britain Northern Ireland are examples of
Spain United Kingdom are examples of
Germany Russia are examples of
Communist China is an example of
United Kingdom, Bolivia Spain are examples of
European kings during the middle ages Saudia Arabia are examples of
The United States is an example of
Working With Data
Working With People
Working With Things
Jake could not help himself. He tried to cover the loud ______ with louder coughing.
I don't really believe in having a _____________predict my future. I think I will just accept whatever happens.
The doctor says your disease is incurable, but you could have a ___________lasting for at least five years.
Sandy was not a stupid man, but he needed to be less _________ and less of a gossip.
Realizing his mistake in naming six suspects instead of one, Sandy ________ replied to the judege, \
Judge Ford had decided to stop smiling years ag o because she felt that smiling without good reason was ________
Theo was awed by the beautiful Angela, so fair-skinned and blond, older than he, and because of her engagement to Dr. Denton so ____________________
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Henry’s project is on porcupine populations in Virginia. He would like to use the phone book to help him make contacts. His most reliable contacts would probably be found by looking in the phone book under —
Which of the following best explains why a student researching genetics should use the most recent textbooks available?
Which of these would be the best resource to research the symptoms and treatment of hypoglycemia?
If a student needs to do research on heredity for a science project, which of these sources is the most reliable resource?
Which of the following scientific achievements best represents a collaborative effort among scientists?
A student wants to view cells under the compound microscope at a total magnification of 400X. If the eyepiece is 10X, which of the following objective lenses should be used?
Why do you put a coverslip on a slide at an angle?
Early classification systems consisted of two kingdoms; Plantae and Animalia. What scientific development allowed taxonomists to establish the Monera and Protista kingdoms?
Which of the following came first in the scientific study of living things?
Which question cannot be answered scientifically because the quantity cannot actually be measured?
Which of these would be measured to determine the density of the polar bear population in Canada?
A scientist designed an experiment to test the effect of temperature on bacterial growth. He grew three different cultures of the bacterium E. coli under three heat lamps at different temperatures. What was the independent variable in this experiment
Data about the climate in an ecosystem were collected for 30 years. Which hypothesis about a population of eagles could be made based on the climate data collected?
A student’s experiment showed that earthworms move away from light. This statement should be classified as —
In an experiment, the height of several plants was recorded daily in millimeters. Which tool would be the most accurate and appropriate for this measurement?
A biology class of 24 students decides to measure the height of each student and then calculate the average height for the class. Which of these is a possible source of error in this activity?
A student wanted to study the effect of temperature on algae levels in a local stream. Which items are most useful for gathering data and most appropriate for communicating the results of her observations?
A student wanted to look at plant growth in five different soil samples. He planted the same type of seeds under identical conditions and charged their growth. What is the IV in this experiment?
Orchids were studied to determine if the amount of humidity affected the flowering of these plants. Which of these was the independent variable in this study?
Which sentence best states the importance of using control groups?
Which of these is responsible for the “rough” appearance of endoplasmic reticulum?
What repackages proteins into forms the cell can use, expel, or keep stored?
Some unicellular organisms are motile (have the ability to move) and some are nonmotile. Which cellular structures are associated with movement?
Which characteristic of prokaryotic organisms makes them different from eukaryotes?
A bacterium will construct different proteins to metabolize the sugars lactose or glucose, depending on which one it detects in the outside environment. What part of the bacterium allows it to recognize different substances in the outside environment
Which of these organisms contains no specialized cells?
The main difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells is that —
What characteristic do all living things share?
What is the purpose of the flagellum?
All of these are common shapes of bacteria EXCEPT —
Which of these is most responsible for carrying coded information from the nucleus?
What is true of cells?
What structure is common to all five kingdoms of living organisms?
How is a prokaryotic bacterium different from a eukaryotic cell?
Tall land plants have requirements different from those of aquatic plants. Which of these must the tall land plants have that aquatic plants do not need?
Which of these statements best summarizes the cell theory?
Cells from which of the following organisms would be expected to contain cell walls?
When an animal eats, food stays in the stomach for a period of time. When a unicellular organism, such as Paramecium, takes in food, the food is contained in which organelle?
Which pair of structures best shows that plant cells have functions different from animal cells?
Which of these functions most like the “brain” of a cell?
In the human body, the circulatory system transports and delivers substances. Within the cell, which organelle performs a similar function?
This cell has a cell wall and many orgaqnelles, including mitochondria, a nucleus, a vacuole, and chloroplasts. What am I?
A cell with numerous ribosomes is probably specialized for -
Amino acids link together by peptide bonds to form proteins. In which cellular organelle would this process occur?
Which of the following organelles is present in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes?
Compared to a skin cell, a muscle cell is likely to have more —
This organelle is involved in animal cell division.
This cell structure regulates what may enter and exit the cell in order to maintain homeostasis.
This organelle is responsible for digestion.
This organelle plays a role in lipid synthesis.
Unlike plants, fungi cannot make their own food because they do not have
The respiration system of frogs differs from mammals because frogs —
In the human body, muscle cells have an increased need for energy during exercise. To help supply this energy, the body will immediately increase —
Which of the following is most effective in helping rain forest plants trap sunlight so that light energy can be converted to chemical energy?
Scientists hypothesize that oxygen began to accumulate in Earth’s atmosphere after the appearance of living things with the ability to —
Photosynthesis is important for almost all life on Earth because it —
The process of photosynthesis ultimately converts light energy into —
Algae and multicellular plants are autotrophs because they —
Which of these processes is carried out in the same way in both plants and animals?
The energy in the food produced by autotrophs or taken into the bodies of heterotrophs must be changed into a form that cells can use. The energy-transferring molecule used by cells is —
Which of the following macromolecules are a prominent part of animal tissues that function in insulation, helping animals conserve heat?
What is the function of enzymes in biological systems?
Peroxidase is an enzyme that breaks down hydrogen peroxide in cells. It accomplishes this because of its structure. What part of the enzyme is involved in catalytic activity?
Proteins are formed from monomers (subunits) called —
Enzymes only work with specific substrates because each substrate —
Most cellular activities are processes regulated by the action of —
Amino acids link together by peptide bonds to form proteins. In which cellular organelle would this process occur?
Both lipids and carbohydrates are important in animal cells because both —
C6H12O6 is an example of a:
Something that is made up of a phosphate, deoxyribose, and a nitrogen base would be considered a:
In squash plants, yellow fruit (Y) is dominant to white fruit (y). If two plants heterozygous for yellow fruit are crossed, what are the possible genotypes of the offspring?
After a culture of cells is allowed to multiply and is viewed through a microscope, the cells are x-rayed with high-energy radiation for less than 1/100th of a second. After the radiation, many newly reproduced cells appear different. What happened?
Which of the following is an example of a genetically engineered organism?
Wild cats such as cheetahs, lions, and tigers experience decreased genetic diversity as their populations decline and become fragmented due to habitat destruction. Decreased genetic diversity leads to populations with
People who have been exposed to excessive radiation often experience mutations. If these mutations only occur in somatic (body) cells, these people may —
In cows, long hair is dominant to short hair. In a cow that is heterozygous for long hair, what percentage of the cells undergoing meiosis will carry the dominant allele?
In rabbits, short fur (F) is dominant to long fur (f). According to the Punnett square, what is the chance of two heterozygous short-haired rabbits having offspring with short fur?
Which of the following statements describes the process of natural selection?
DNA that is derived from the DNA of two or more different species is called —
Lamarck was an early scientist who studied the development of characteristics in organisms over time. Which of the following choices best describes his views on how organisms change over time?
A genetic pedigree showing that only males are affected by a certain disorder is evidence of what type of inheritance?
The chances of developing cancer, diabetes, or sickle-cell anemia are higher if a family member also has the disorder because they are —
Over many generations, unrelated or distantly related species may come to resemble each other due to —
External sources, such as radiation or chemicals, can cause mutations in genes or entire chromosomes. For a mutation to pass on to offspring, it must occur in a —
feeling created in a story
process of revealing the personality of a character
language that creates a picture in your mind
author expresses ideas indirectly
hints to events that occur later in the plot
difference between the expectation and the actual event
synonym for addition
synonym for addition
synonym for addition
synonym for subtraction
synonym for subtraction
synonym for subtraction
synonym of multiplication
synonym of multiplication
synonym of multiplication
synonym of division
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
When my Dad had cancer, he was in ________________ for one month.
To put someone down to make you feel good is ___________________ to that person.
My little brother acts _______________ when he compliments my mom all the time.
Why does Crowe think that Mr. Hoo is the murderer?
What were the two trading terms that Flora Baumbach learned?
Who does Judge Ford think should be protected?
Who received information from the private investigator?
What does Theo discover when he anaylzes his clues?
A suspicious _______________ and no Westing Connection, Sydelle did not fit in with the Westing heirs.
Sam Westing _______________ people, cheated workers, bribed officials, and stole ideas.
Doug ran uphill until he found the building with J. Plum , attorney ____________ hanging on the door.
No matter how hard he concentrated, something was still ______________ or not coming to him.
Crow thought,
Mr. Hoo served Chinese ____________ at his restaurant.
Don't worry, anything you tell me is strictly ____________.
I was named as a _______________ in my grandma's will.
The entire town looked forward to the elaborate ____________ display of fireworks.
Since he was named ____ of the Westing estate, Ed Plum had to make sure every detail in the will was carried out.
Sam Westing was considered a smart businessman, an _______________.
In preparation for her night's ___________ in the mansion, Turtle brought sandwiches, a cross, and a drink.
Upon entering the house, we detected the ____ odor of a decaying animal.
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