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Talking to an animal, object, or absent/dead person as if they could hear, understand or respond
A lengthy fictional work
Word or phrase that appeals to one or more of the five senses
A wicked character who opposes the hero
To repeat a word, line, phrase, or entire stanza to emphasize something important
The concentration camps were killing centers.
Escaping from a concentration camp was nearly impossible.
The Jews who were hiding were not always safe from Hitler.
The crying baby had an ear infection.
The log was smoking even after the fire was put out.
Jumping rope is awesome exercise.
Jumping rope, she fell and twisted her ankle.
I thought roasting corn would be a good idea, but it turned out to be a mistake.
No one wanted to build a fire but roasting marshmallows sounded really yummy.
Bruno was walking to the camp when he lost the sub sandwich.
Agriculture can help the transportation industry reduce its dependency on foreign energy sources by
Telemedicine is the use of medical information exchange from one site to another via
Telemedicine allows hospitals to optimize the use of their personnel by
Medical related images and simulations available to educate patients is an example of
Health workers in remote areas of the world can communicate with specialists using webcams and
As part of a communication system, what kind of device is a computer keyboard?
As part of a communication system, what kind of device is a computer hard drive?
Construction is a systematic process, which of the selections below is NOT in the proper sequence?
The effectiveness of the manufacturing process was increased by the introduction of
Manufacturing production systems can be classified as
In what year was the Jamestown, Virginia settlement founded?
In what year was the Mayflower Compact, the 1st self-government, written?
In what year did Thomas Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence?
In what year did the Founding Fathers meet in Philadelphia to replace the Articles of Confederation with the US Constitution?
In what year did Thomas Jefferson buy the Louisiana Purchase from France?
In what year did the Civil War begin?
In what year did Lee surrender to Grant, ending the Civil War?
What was the 1st self-government in the New World?
What was the 1st representative government in the New World?
What was the 1st written constitution in the New World?
Who wrote Common Sense?
The 'shot heard round the world' refers to the . . .
Who is the primary author of the Declaration of Independence?
What was the name of the reform movement that sought to end slavery?
Economic policy in which a country establishes colonies and regulates their trade to make money off of the colonies is called . . .
Who wrote the Declaration of Sentiments that outlined the goals of the women's suffrage movement?
The reform movement that sought to outlaw alcohol to make society better is the . . .
A government in which citizens rule thought elected officials that they vote into office is called a . . .
What keeps any one branch from gaining too much power?
Supporters of the Constitution were called . . .
During the Montgomery Bus Boycott individuals chose not to
Jim Crow laws are an example of ___________ segregation.
What established that segregation was legal as long as it was equal?
Why was the Berlin Wall Built?
All of the following are legacies of the Civil Rights Movement except
What best describes Malcolm X's philosophy toward Civil Rights?
Supreme Court cases in the 1960's strengthened....
The purpose of the Bay of Pigs invasion was
Brown v the Board of Education overturned
Freedom Summer was regarding....
What was one of the great cities in Mesopotamia?
What description is true of Babylon?
What is one reason civilizations grew up in the fertile crescent?
What helped Mesopotamia become so fertile (meaning it's easy to grow things)?
What is the name of the ancient Babylonian king we studied?
What important contribution to the world did Hammurabi make?
What is Cuneiform?
Why is cuneiform considered the first written language and not hieroglyphics?
What 'wonder of the world' is said to be a part of the ziggurat?
The oldest discovered wheel was believed to be made by whom?
What is the Spanish word for yellow?
What is the Spanish word for orange?
What is the Spanish word for green?
What is the Spanish word for white?
What is the Spanish word for red?
What does cafe or marron mean?
Which two words refer to the color pink?
What does oro mean?
What color is plata?
What is the Spanish word for purple or violet
President of the Union during the Civil War. ________
According to the _________________, Americans rebelled because England was abusing the colonists rights as Englishmen.
_________________ wrote the “Star-Spangled Banner” while watching the British attack Fort McHenry.
Speech by Lincoln that dedicated a Civil War battle ground as a cemetery, and ended “government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the earth.”
The phrase “life, liberty, and happiness” can be found in the
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
While Michael was sleeping, his friend used his credit card number to make online purchases. This illustrates:
Thieves in another state withdrew all the money from Cynthia’s account. What financial transaction was MOST LIKELY used?
When Sharon read the website’s privacy policy she found that it advised visitorsto notify the store to“opt out”if they did not want their personal information shared.Not opting out
Which is an example of sensitive personal information typically found on financial statements?
Scott warned his younger brother not to post a photo of his credit card on Facebook. What form of identity theft is he seeking to avoid?
Identity thieves MOST LIKELY would use stolen credit cards, payroll, or tax information to:
Which is a way to protect sensitive personal information?
Anthony wants to make it difficult for someone to steal his identity. What should he do?
What is the definition of cookies?
What is online profiling?
Which illustrates a benefit of advertising---that it helps save time?
Which illustrates a consumer responding to a clearance sale as an advertising and sales method?
Which is an example of a loss leader?
Which is an example of hidden fears advertising?
What is commission?
What is a slogan/jingle?
What is a logo?
What is an incentive?
What is the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)?
What is direct mail advertising?
How are saving and investing different?
Avery is self-employed and does seasonal work, so there are times when he cannot pay all his bills and still set aside money for savings. This is an example of which reason indivi
Sheila earns $200 a week. She spends $140 on school expenses, puts $40 in her piggy bank, and uses $20 toward the purchase of bonds. Which rule of saving and investing is this?
Kyle bought preferred blue chip stocks and his sister Kitty bought common growth stocks. Which statement about Kyle and Kitty is TRUE?
Calvin wants to invest his money in a way that he will not be tempted to withdraw and spend it. Which would MOST LIKELY be the best option for Calvin?
What is interest?
What is a CD?
What is preferred stock?
What is common stock?
What is a Roth IRA
Matt wants to find out if he can live within his means during a typical month. He needs to prepare a(n):
After Celia started using a spending plan, she found she was less likely to have to ask her parents for advances on her allowance. Which benefit of financial planning is this?
Kris spends $300 a month on designer clothes. She should list this on her balance sheet as a(n):
What is net gain?
What is an asset?
What is a liability?
What is net worth?
What is an income and expense statement?
What is a balance sheet?
What is a spending plan?
Chris entered the amount of income and expenses he expected to have in his spending plan spreadsheet for the current month. What step in the spending plan process should Chris do
Jane recorded $200 in total actual income and $300 total actual expenses in July. What is Jane’s net gain or net loss for July?
In December Barb spent 200 on gifts withdrew 300 from her savings account gave her mom 250 to help with household expenses spent 125 for new winter clothes and earned 350 expenses?
What is an income?
What is an expense?
What is a fixed expense?
What is a spending plan?
What is a check register system?
What is a measurable financial goal?
What is a time-bound financial goal?
a stringed instrument
a group without conductor
a type of male voice
Instrumental music that tell us a story
An instrument with keys
Doesn´t belong to a male choir
Doesn´t belong to a female choir
a brass instrument
The main instrument in a cathedral
A quality of sound that defines what isntrument is sounding
The term sublingal means
All of the following are considered main methods of transmission of infection EXCEPT:
Transmission-based precautions are:
The medical transcriptionist
A person’s character is the sum of:
Failure to execute the care that a reasonable person exercises is known as
Failure of professional skill or learning that results in injury, loss, or damage is
A Psychologist
Dyspnea refers to:
Hematemesis refers to:
Which process release the most ATP?
which best represents a long-term energy storage molecule in animals?
why is the classification system of organisms continually changing?
Which statement best describes natural selection?
Scientist think that the first forms of life on Eaqrth were anaerobic. Which supports this theory?
which base bonds with adenine in DNA?
What will most likely happen if the human population continues to grow at the current rate.
which substance (biomolcule) provides instructions for producing proteins?
What are the main molecules that make up muscle fibers?
If related organisms are found to have some of the same enzymes and hormones which can most likely be concluded?
What is not true of a mechanical wave?
What is an example of a longitudinal wave?
A string produces sound when:
Which is not true of a resonant frequency?
What causes sound in wind instruments?
The principle of superposition states:
What allows us to distinguish the same note on different instruments?
What is not a factor in determining pitch from a string instrument?
What is NEVER true of a wave?
What is unique of a fundamental frequency?
What are civil liberties?
Which Amendment protects against unwarrented search and seizures?
Which Amendment contains the Due Process clause?
What is the concept of applying the Bill of Rights to states called?
What did Gitlow v. New York establish?
Whcih court case defined obscenity?
What is symbolic speech?
Which Amendment granted women's voting rights?
Suffrage is
The Voting Rights Act of 1965
Answers by Educators Question Database
1. Which is a plant depending on an animal?
Which of these cannot make food?
How does the coming of winter affect plants?
a. A _____ is neither a plant nor animal.
b. A living thing needs _____ to survive.
c. All living things need to_____ to survive.
d. An area where a plant or animal lives is a _____.
_______ cannot live in the cold, dry polar tundra.
f. To move large tree leaves, leafcutter _____ cut small pieces from the leaves.
Animals depend on plants for ___.
Plants depend on animals for _____.
needs microscope to be seen
to move from one place to another when seasons change
to stay alive
gets food from living or once living things
All living things need food, water, and air.
b. Plants make food for themselves and other living things.
Rainforests are very hot and dry.
d. Some animals grow thick fur when winter comes.
All animals migrate when the seasons change.
Which of the following was one of Jimmy Carter's reactions to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan?
The Watergate scandal led to President Richard Nixon’s resignation because he had
The most direct result of the Watergate scandal was the
The Camp David Accords negotiated by President Jimmy Carter were important because they
In the Camp David Accords (1978), President Jimmy Carter succeeded in
Which action was a major foreign policy achievement of President Jimmy Carter?
What was a lasting effect of the Watergate scandal under President Richard Nixon?
What was a major result of the Watergate controversy?
Which action did President Gerald Ford take in an attempt to end the national controversy over the Watergate affair?
Which of the following was a major foreign policy crisis faced by President Jimmy Carter?
More sunlight causes lower temperatures.
Many birds use plants to build their nests.
Rain washes away soil
Snow and ice cover the ground
Living things meet their needs
warm and wet
cold and dry
a. A _________________ is a group of food chains that are connected to each other.
b. A _________________ is so small that you need a microscope to see it.
c. A _________________ is the area where a plant or animal lives.
d. Some birds _________________ to a warmer place.
e. Living things have to meet their needs to _________________.
g. Trees provide _________________ for birds, squirrels, and other animals.
Which is a hot, wet habitat?
5. Which is a rabbit’s need for energy?
6. Which living thing can only be seen with a microscope?
Solve y=2x+ 1; y=3x - 1
Find slope: (2, 3) and (4,5)
Solve by elimination: 3x -y = 8 x + y = 4
Solve: 5x -2 =8
Solve: 2x -y = -20 ; 3x + 4y = -8
Solve: 2x-3y = -11 ; x = 3y -13
What is the slope of this equation? y = 2/3 x + 7
What is the y-intercept of this equation? y = 2/3 x + 7
Solve by elimination: 2x + 5y = -24 ; 3x + y = -10
Solve by elimination: 3x -y = -7 ; 2x + y = 7
Changer de Français: I didn't hear the alarm clock
Qu'est-ce que tu vas fais de ton t-shirt?
Ce qu'il s'est passé quand tu n'écoute pas ton réveil?
Changer de Français: I lost my homework
Etudient dans Fance, Ils ont pas un période de récréation
Changer d'Anglais: J'ai oublié d'étudié
Ce qui est le nom de la 3rd bulletin
Changer de Français: I was late to school
Ce qu'il c'est passé quand vous avez raté une marche sur les escaliers?
Changer de Français: I had detention
---- is the heart of the computer and this is where all the computing is done.
Which of the following has the ability to store more data?
All of the following are examples of input devices EXCEPT a:
Choose the smallest memory size.
The set of instructions that tells the computer what to do is?
What is e-commerce?
Computers use the ____________ language to process data.
What are the four things needed to connect to the Internet?
In the binary language each letter of the alphabet, each number and each special character is made up of a unique combination of:
The difference between people with access to computers and the Internet and those without this access is known as the:
Which of the following is NOT a computer operating system?
Which of the following are computers?
What hardware is required if you want to make video calls?
When customising your mouse, which of the following is not possible?
Who is at the top of the feudalism pyramid
In which country did the Renaissance take place
What country were Hernando Cortes and Francisco Pizarro from
Who funded Christopher Columbus' trip
Who was the leader of the Reformation
What practice of the Catholic Church was Martin Luther upset about
what is the idea that Kings and Queens get their power from God
Why did the Aztecs not harm Cortes when he approached them
What group of people did Pizarro take over?
Befdore the revolution, which estate paid most of the taxes
Why would a country politically want to become imperialistic
What country did the revolution start in
What is the industrial revolution
Which of te following are not a enlightened thinker we talked about
What typr of system is controlled by the government and determines what you produce and how much
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
This form of advertising is used to announce a sale on certain articles of merchandise:
This term refers to any unpaid mention of a retail business, its employees, or its merchandise in the media:
The type of advertising that features both the vendor\'s name and the local store where the product is available is known as:
These types of promotions are designed to promote the image of a business or to build goodwill:
Which of the following is NOT a part of the promotional mix?
Another name for store image.
An example of institutional advertising is:
Any paid message a business sends to the public.
Non-personal promotional activities:
Premiums are:
Mandibular refers to
Pedodontics is a dental terms that refers to
Prosthodonist is a dental term that refers to
The Agency that sets standards for the workplace is
Setting priorities for the care of victims is
Results when the body tissues freeze
Symptoms include pale and clammy skin, weakness and restlessness
A major mental disorder in which the individual loses contact with reality is
Conduct and actions that can be observed is
A civil wrong committed against another person or property in which a court can award damages
Appropriate hand washing techniques include all of the following EXCEPT:
The medical transcriptionist:
Failure of professional skill or learning that results in injury, loss, or damage is called:
___________________ work to restore function, relieve pain, and prevent disability after disease, injury, or loss of a body part
Failure to execute the care that a reasonable person exercises is known as:
An action that does not present ideal behavior but may not be illegal is called:
The function of the mental health care team is to provide care and treatment for individuals with disorders of:
What does it mean to ration health care?
Plant or animal that lives on or within another living organism at the expense of the host organism
In small businesses, the owner might be responsible for planning and managing advertising.
Implementing Activities include:
McClelland’s Achievement Motivation Theory believes that people are influenced by one of three needs which are:
The basis for determining effective business performance is called:
Designing and building a unique product to meet the specific needs of a customer is called:
A product line is:
The methods of delivering the promotional message to the intended audience is called:
One form of external motivation is receiving an announcement or being praised in a meeting.
A deep assortment of products means there are many types, sizes, styles, and packages of a product.
The two types of motivation are:
What is a reason an employee resists change?
An activity of the Human Resource Department is:
Identifying the steps required in a manufacturing process, the time required to complete each step and the sequence of the steps is called:
A guarantee is:
Promotion through direct, personal contact with a customer is called:
External motivation is based on rewards supplied by other people.
All activities involved with acquiring, developing, and compensating the people who do the company’s work is called Human Resource Management.
An economic discrepancy is the difference between the business’s offerings and the consumer’s requirements.
Regular advertising helps build a steady stream of customers.
Having an “open door” policy helps establish a good line of trust and communication.
The most influential type of motivation is:
The standard that deals with the number of products that must be produced that must be produced or the number of contacts a salesperson makes is called:
Performance Improvement means:
The 4 Characteristics of Service are:
A brand is:
Guiding employees towards achieving a company’s goals is called implementing.
One way to involve employees in change is to let them help make decisions.
Determining qualifications of applications does not fall under the HR department.
A broad assortment of products means the company offers a large amount of related items.
This task that managers handle ensures that employees are performing business activities as planned:
DNS, HTML, & TCP/IP all have one thing in common. They are all associated with:
A new internet service being offered to individuals & businesses because of the popularity of social networks is:
Apple Computers cannot get computer viruses.
Internet advertisement created revenue:
Sony is associated with what term in relation to computer viruses which hide themselves on an infected computer?
When composing an email, what can you add to keep the email from being screened as spam?
The major differences between early computer viruses and the newer versions are that:
The largest sector of internet use is email.
This term is defined as software that allows you to view web pages. The most popular of these in 2013 are: Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.
When you use all capitals in your email, it is like:
3 m/s west is an example of a(n)
A driver traveled 270km in 3 hours. What was the driver's average speed at this point?
A ball moving at 30 m/s has a momentum of 15 kg-m/s. The mass of the ball is --
Which bike rider has the greatest momentum?
How much force is needed to accelerate a 1300 kg car at a rate of 1.5 m/s/s?
The acceleration due to gravity is --
A person walking covers 5.20m in 10.4 seconds. How fast is the person moving?
A car goes from 16 m/s to 2 m/s in 3.5 s. What is the car's acceleration?
What is the rate of change of velocity?
What is the mass of a car that is moving at a rate 2.0 m/s/s and be pushed with a force of 500 Newtons?
The Motivation Theory that is based on several levels of need is called:
The standard that deals with how something is handled and when perfection is required is called:
A job description is:
A type of manufacturing is:
The company’s most important responsibility is:
One of the purposes of packaging is to:
Any promotional activities other than advertising and personal selling intended to motivate customers to buy are called:
A set of factors that influence an individual’s actions toward accomplishing a goal is called controlling.
The 3 steps of Controlling are preparing employees, measuring standards, and implementing changes.
Transfers, promotions, retirements, dismissals, and job changes are all part of HR duties.
One advantage of utilizing emails over regular mail is:
What is a protective barrier between your computer, or internal network, and the outside world wide web?
The name of the first PC virus was:
Approximately how many public web pages are on the World Wide Web today?
"Interconnection of computer networks". A massive hardware combination of millions of personal, business, and governmental computers, all connected like roads and highways
The relationship between the Internet and the World Wide Web:
The internet was first created to:
When first created in the late 1950's, the internet was called :
The web browser addresses of internet pages and files.
A free software package that lets you view web pages, graphics, and most online content..
Answers by Educators Question Database
The only major scale with no sharps or flats is:
The only minor scale with no sharps/flats is:
There are ____ steps in a major scale:
True/false: there are 7 steps by 8 notes in a scale?
True/false: All major scales follow the same pattern, but each one starts on a different note?
Which plate is associated with the ring of fire?
What type of plate boundary are earthquakes most associated with?
What plate contains most of North America?
Name two plates that do not contain continents.
Tectonic Plates are on which layer of the earth?
Which type of boundary has two plates moving away from each other, creating a rift?
What kind of boundary has one plate being subducted under another?
Where would you most likely find a volcano?
Which shows the correct order of Earth's layers, beginning from the inside?
What is the ring of fire?
Which sentence properly uses a semicolon?
What is one rule of a semicolon?
Choose the properly punctuated sentence.
Which sentence is correct?
Which sentence is properly punctuated?
Which sentence is properly punctuated?
Bernadette left the room to get Howard butter; in the mean time, Howard grumbled about having to cut his own pancakes.
The meal consisted of the following: a garden salad with Italian dressing; a baked potato with sour cream and chives; New York strip steak, cooked to perfection; steamed carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower; and blueberry cheesecake for dessert.
When the Professor came down the hall, the students hid in the stairway, they didn’t want to be seen.
The celebration was cancelled; however, it was re-scheduled for the following week.
What was FDR's attitude regarding the United States joining WWII?
Totalitarian governments were popular in Europe in the 1930's because
What event started WWII?
The mass extermination of a specific group of people is called
What event led to America declaring war and entering WWII?
All of the following countries were controlled by a dictator in the 1930's except
What were women's role in WWII?
What did the American Gov't do to Japanese Americans following Pearl Harbor?
All of the following were part of the Axis powers during WWII except?
All of the following were reasons President Truman dropped the atomic bomb except?
New substances formed in a chemical reaction are called
Numbers placed in front of formulas in an equation are called
_____N2 + ____Cl2 ---- ____NCl3
____ Mg + ____CO2 ------- ____C + _____ MgO
_____Al2O3 ------ _____Al + _____ O2
____MgO -------- ____Mg + ____O2
____Al + ____O2 -------- ____Al2O3
___Zn + __H2SO4 -------- __ZnSO4 + ___H2
____Cl2 + ____KI -------- ____KCl + ____I2
____CuCl -------- ____Cu + ____Cl2
____Na + ____Cl2 -------- ____NaCl
____Al + ____HCl -------- ____AlCl3 + ____H2
____Fe2O3 -------- ____Fe + ____O2
____ZnCl2 + ____(NH4)2S -------- ____ZnS + ____ NH4Cl
_____NaBr + _____BaCl2 --------
_____KF + _____Br2 --------
_____Fe (III) + _____HCl --------
_____AgNO3 + _____HCl --------
_____MgCO3 --------
_____MgO ---------
The Beat Movement emphasized....
When companies make products that will become obsolete it is called
The US foreign policy of containment states that the US will stop
McCarthyism is when
At the end of the Korean Conflict
The United States joined this definisve alliance after WWII?
Brinkmanship is
Most Americans in the 1950's were moving to
The hostile conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union is called
Joseph McCarthy was
Directions. Select the correct compound when the following ions are combined. Zn+2 and F-1
Directions. Select the correct compound when the following ions are combined. NH4+1 and NO3-1
Select the correct formula for the following name. Potassium Sulfite
Select the correct formula for the following ions. Pb(II) and ClO3
The correct formula for Copper (II) sulfate is
The correct formula for Iron (III) bromide is
The correct name for Mg(NO3)2 is
The correct name for MgO is
The correct name for NaC2H3O2
The correct name for K3SO4
The Earth's weather occurs in which layer of the atmosphere?
Satellites orbit in this layer of the atmosphere which also happens to located 80 km above the Earth's surface.
The ozone layer protects us from the Sun's harmful rays. The ozone is located in which layer?
All of the following explain how the atmosphere makes life on Earth possible. Which is NOT true?
Which statement does not describe weather?
Which of the following are characteristics of weather?
When air moves around in the atmosphere it is called what?
_____ water currents move water from the equator to other parts of the Ocean.
What is the purpose of a jet stream?
Is wind part of the jet stream?
not or without
unfasten, loosen, untie
to move
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The Motivation Theory that believes people are influenced by 1 of 3 needs is called:
The standard that deals with how long it takes to perform/complete a certain task is called:
The most important standard for a business is normally:
How do you decide when and how to develop a new product?
A basic product is a product that:
A warranty is:
A short path in a channel of distribution means:
A reason that businesses advertise is to:
When thinking about making changes, it is necessary to make sure the business will be better off for the change.
One way to control costs is to offer employees health and wellness benefits.
When deciding on a channel of distribution, you don’t have to worry whether or not the product is perishable.
The Motivation Theory that believes there are two distinct groups of factors related to motivation is called:
A way to conduct consumer research is:
An enhanced product is a product that:
A channel of distribution is:
When implementing change a manager should use both formal and informal communication.
Internal motivation comes from a person’s beliefs, feelings, and attitudes.
There are 3 types of business standards-quantity, quality, and cost.
Planning the number of openings, training, and making sure employees are satisfied are all Human Resources activities.
A major part of a company’s operating budget is wages.
The standard that deals with controlling expenses that ultimately effect profit or loss is called:
The difference between current performance and the standard is called:
The two types of product research are:
An extended product is a product that:
One way to control costs is to offer employees health and wellness benefits.
Medicare and Social Security are benefits required by law.
Telemarketing is:
Hiring an employee with the right skills for the opening is the first step to a successful hire.
A factor that may contribute to an employee’s productivity and willingness to stay with the company is pay and environment.
Employees are generally all motivated by similar needs.
An element named after a state is
A group made up of six nonmetals
Word meaning group
word describing actinides
word describing hydrogen
word describing most transition metals
An element named after a scientist
In the Boron Group the most common element is
Proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, which are compounds of___are necessary for life.
Nitrogen and _____ can be combined to make ammonia.
IMovie utilizes what to change frames in a slide program?
When you save an InDesign file, the extension for the file name is:
To move different layers of text from front to back in the InDesign program, :
InDesign utilizes similar tools & concepts of:
Two ways to remove an action that you have done in Photoshop are:
Photoshop allows the user:
Working with layers in Photoshop can best be described:
Two tools that are on one tab in Photoshop are:
The eyedropper tool in Photoshop:
The Photoshop program can be opened from:
The file extension for a GarageBand File is:
GarageBand allows you to create music with different musical instruments but not with vocals.
To set up your MacBook for speech recognition,:
An Audacity audio file can be inserted into a Keynote presentation.
There are 6 main command buttons on the Audacity tool bar. Two of them are:
The audacity program allows you to create:
When using the save project command in Audacity:
In Audacity, selecting Open presents you with a dialog where:
Transitions and builds (animations) can help
When you open Keynote (or select File > New),:
Keynote is:
Two ways to add images into a Pages document are:
In a Pages document, you can add links to web pages or:
Pages supports two different types of templates:
The main work area in Pages, where you add text, images & other content is called:
You can export your Pages document into:
One shortcut to your downloads on your MacBook is:
To place a file into a folder on my MacBook,
File Folders are a great way to organize the files on your MacBook. To create a new folder:
Reconciling your bank statement with your check register:
Formulas contained within spreadsheets:
If you highlight just the numbers in a table and not the headings:
When you convert your numbers spreadsheet into a PDF,
You create graphs from spreadsheet tables in order:
To start creating a formula in the cell of a spreadsheet:
Two spreadsheet software programs are:
The word processing program of Pages contains templates for:
Most search engines such as Google & Bing:
Proofreading your cover letter & resume:
Which is the name of our galaxy?
Which is the name of a celestial body which orbits around a star?
Which planet of the solar system is called the red planet?
What is a large group of stars called?
What is a celestial body that orbits a planet?
What are the group of small bodies orbiting between Mars and Jupiter called?
How many stars has the solar system?
Which is the name of the natural satellites orbiting Mars?
How many planets are in the Solar System?
What is a dwarf planet?
A cover letter should be:
One example of an internet job search engine is:
Your MacBook utilizes:
One of the ways brought out in the Cyber Bullying video to fight cyber bullying was:
The concept of Respect, Educate and Protect (REPs) is a way to explain as well as teach the themes of:
As one of the nine elements of digital citizenship, the definition of Digital Literacy is:
As one of the nine elements of digital citizenship, the definition of Digital Law is:
As one of the nine elements of digital citizenship, the definition of Digital Commerce is:
As one of the nine elements of digital citizenship, the definition of digital access:
An AUP does not include:
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True or False? Every sentence which has a preposition will have a prepositional phrase
Which of the following is the formula for direct object?
Which of the following is the formula for indirect object?
A predicate nominative must be...
A transitive verb...
A subject in a sentence...
True or False: HERE and THERE will never be subjects of a sentence
True or False? If there is a verbal in a sentence, there will be a verbal phrase.
What doo yioaioei
qweqweasd asd sadas
What is the first stage of the cell cycle?
What is the third stage of the cell cycle?
What is the second stage of the cell cycle?
What is the FOURTH phase of mitosis?
What is the SECOND phase of mitosis?
What is the FIRST phase of mitosis?
What is the THIRD phase of mitosis?
During what stage does cell division occur?
What is the correct order of the phases in mitosis?
During which phase do chromosomes meet in the middle?
During which phase do nuclear membranes form around 2 sets of chromosomes? The cytoplasm also begins to divide
During which phase, do chromosomes pull apart?
During which phase does the nuclear membrane begin to disappear?
During which stage are two new daughter cells formed?
During which stages does DNA for chromosomes?
How many chromosomes are in each daughter cell?
What shape is DNA in?
What are the sides of DNA made of?
What are the rungs of DNA called?
Which is NOT a nitrogen base pair?
Solve 4(4x - 11) = 36
Simplify -5 - 6(p + 2.3)
At the store the same socks are packaged four different ways. Which is the best buy?
Solve -5x - 2( x + 2) = -81
A checking account earns 2.5% simple interest. How much would be earned by an account with $3,400 in after 3 years.
A radio is on sale for 15% off the original price of $29.99. How much is the sale price of the radio?
What is 76% of 124?
The diameter of a penny is approx .75 inches. What is the circumference of the penny to the nearest tenth.
What is the sales tax on a $129.99 bike if the sales tax rate is 7%
If a parallelogram has a base of 15.2 cm and a height of 20.6 cm, what is the area?
Find the supplement angle to an angle measuring 112 degrees
A ferris wheel measures 60 feet across. What would the distance around that ferris wheel be?
60 is 24% of what number?
What is 5/8 as a decimal?
If you flip a coin what is the probabilitity you will get Head, Tails, Heads?
What is the approximate unit price of a lemon, if a bag of 15 lemons costs $2.00?
You know that there are 3 red chips, 4 blue chips, 6 white chips and 5 yellow chips in a bag. What is the probability that the first 2 chips you draw are both red if you do not replace the first chip?
What is the approximate area of a circle with a diameter of 9 cm?
Simplify 3x + 6x - 7 +  6
Find the volume of a rectangular prism with a length of 6m, a width of 4m, and a height of 12m
Who dies first?
How does Romeo die?
How does Juliet die?
Which of the following characters dies?
Why didn't Friar John deliver the letter to Romeo?
Who arrived at the tomb first?
Why does the apothecary give Romeo the vial?
Who is Balthazar?
How many acts are in a Shakespearean play?
What is the fastest way to tell if a Shakespearean play is a tragedy?
During which act of a Shakespearean play does the climax occur?
Who said this: A rose by any other name would small as sweet.
What does wherefore mean?
Who said this: A plague o' both your houses.
According to the play, could the tragedy of their love have been avoided?
What ancient story was Romeo and Juliet based on?
Who is killed in the brawl at the start of Act 3?
Romeo is banished to...
Who discovers Juliet's body?
Who comes up with the idea of taking the potion?
Who kills Tybalt?
Which of the following is NOT one of Juliet's fears about taking the potion?
Who will tell Romeo the plan?
Juliet will be buried alive.
Why is Capulet upset with his daughter?
Juliet is dead at the end of Act 4
How long will the effects of the potion last?
A poor conductor of electricity is
Static electricity is the result of
If two balloons are repelling each other, then the two balloons have
A flow of electrons is called
The purpose of a fuse or breaker in a circuit is to
If one light bulb is removed from a circuit of light bulbs, and all the bulbs go out, the circuit is a
If some light bulbs are not working and some are working then the circuit is called a
Lighting is a discharge of
An educated guess is called a
Opposites charges
How many notes are in a scale?
Scales always start and end on the same note/letter
Scales are made up of 2 types of steps. They are called:
The distance between C that is 8 notes below another C is called:
A scale can start and end on two different notes/letters.
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Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Businesses and schools often require anyone using their computer systems to agree:
A software program that acts as a barrier between a computer and the Internet to protect the computer from unauthorized access:
In a denial of service attack, someone uses computer tricks to:
Both individuals & businesses can suffer from unauthorized access problems on the internet which can lead to:
A file extension (or simply "extension") is the suffix at the end of a filename that indicates:
One great characteristic of a PDF file is that the recipient:
Anyone may create applications that can read and write PDF files:
Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format used:
The more RAM (Random Access Memory) a computer has,:
This is the brains of the computer where most calculations take place.
In handball after receiving the ball, players can pass, keep possession, or shoot the ball.
is a team sport, the objective being to shoot a ball through a horizontally positioned basket to score points.
The aim of the following sport is to score runs by hitting a thrown ball with a bat and touching a series of four bases. -----Baseball------Touch
Ability to move joint in full range of motion
In which country did the Game of Tennis originate in the Middle Ages?
At what score does a tie-break come into operation?
Would you find the right sentence?
Which is not an exercise ?
At what score does a tie-break come into operation?
Baseball is a sport played between two teams of _____ players
How does the circulatory system avoid blood reflux?
What happens when you don´t include enough iron in your diet?
If you have suffered a heart attack you have to avoid..
Why does the heart have a big wall between both sides?
The reason why your heart sometimes beats very quickly is...
Blood vessels which allow exchange with cells are
exchange of gasses is done due to
If you bleed after a cut, it will clot thanks to...
blood collects most of the cell wastes in
In the laboratory, how do you recognise in the heart which are veins and arteries?
What is the name of the letters in an equation?
How many possible solutions has an equation of second degree?
Which is the solution of this equation 2x + 4 = 0 ?
Which are the solutions of (X - 2)^2 = 0 ?
Which is the degree of this equation 2xyz + 3y- 3xy = 0 ?
Which is the solution of x^2 - 1 = 0 ?
What is the name of the numbers before the letters in a polynomial?
Which is the solution of x - 1 = 0 ?
How do you add or subtract polynomials?
Which is the solution of the equation 2x^2 + 18 = 0 ?
¿ Es _____ tío muy comico? (your)
_______ hermana es menor que yo. (my)
Mr. Gambino es ______ profesor (our)
_____ familia es de Deptford (Their)
________ hijo es Raul (His)
______ carro es azul. (my)
¿Es _____ clase de matemáticas difícil? (your, Ustedes)
_______ abuela es muy serio. (Her)
________ primos son de Hawaii. (their)
_______ casa es muy grande (our)
The structure of a story or the sequence in which the author arranges events in a story…
The time and place in which a story unfolds…
Provides an answer to the question: What is the work about? The author’s message to the reader…
The atmosphere or feeling created by a literary work, partly by a description of the objects or by the style of the descriptions…
The author's attitude toward his or her subject…
A struggle or clash that drives the plot is known as the story’s…
A person, place, or thing that stands for itself and for something beyond itself is...
When the audience or reader knows something important that the main character in the story does not know
When words are used to suggest the opposite of what is meant
When an event occurs that directly contradicts the expectations of the characters, the reader, or the audience
What is the liver an example of?
Multicellular organisms have many cells. What is the one other characteristic they must have before they can be called multicellular?
A heterotroph is an organism that
Why is an amoeba not an animal?
Looking at a standing human, what is the line that demonstrates the body's bilateral symmetry?
What are collections of similar cells called?
Which of these sets of physical characteristics is used to classify animal groups?
An animal without a body cavity is called
How many embryonic and adult tissue layers are found in jellyfish, hydras, and sea anemones?
Which animal contains on body opening that serves as both mouth and anus?
Sponges have
Sponges are considered
Coral and sea anemones are both
Which multicellular invertebrate uses tentacles with stinging cells to capture prey?
Flatworms and roundworms both
Roundworms are pseudocoelomic. This means that they have
A characteristic of most mollusks is
Which of the follwing mollusks is considered a gastropod?
Snails are not considered
The eathwrom's nephridia filter out wastes. Which human organs have a similar function?
What is the formula used to calculate speed?
A car travels 20 miles in 2 minutes. What is its speed?
Which of the following is NOT an example of velocity?
The mail truck is driving 25 miles/hr through your neighborhood. 5 seconds later it comes to a stop in front of your house. What is its acceleration?
What SPECIFIC part of the plant allows it to make its own food?
Stored energy or energy of position is called:
Plants convert carbon dioxide and __________ to sugar and ___________.
Which is NOT a type of tissue?
Which of the following is an organ?
Which of the following makes one element different from another element?
What do simple machines do?
Compressing a spring increases its...
What is the formula for speed?
What is the name of the planets in order?
What is the largest planet?
Birds, Cows, Water, Grass, and Dirt would be a...
What is the formula for distance?
A group of ducks would be a...
Dogs, cats, owls, and people would be a...
A desert would be a...
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Solve the system of equations. Find the value of y. (x + y = 7) and (x - y = 3)
Point (3, 2) is reflected over the y-axis. In which quadrant is the reflected point located in?
A rectangle photo is 4 inches long and 3 inches wide. It is enlarged to a similar rectangle with a length of 10 inches. What is the width of the enlarged photo?
Which is the y-intercept for 3 + 4x = 6y
Which is the square root of 256?
Solve 4b = 2b + 24
Every sentence must have
Every clause must have
A dependent clause must begin with
Simple sentence =
Compound sentence =
Complex sentence =
Compound-Complex sentence =
Which type of clause can stand alone as a sentence?
True or False? A sentence cannot have more than two clauses
Just choose C
Which geographic factor contributed to the rise of the Renaissance in Italian city-states?
One major characteristic of the Renaissance period is that the
Which factor contributed to the beginning of the Renaissance in Italian cities?
Venice in Europe, Mogadishu in Africa, and Canton in China emerged during the 13th century primarily as important centers of
The Renaissance in western Europe is best described as a period marked by
The revival of Greek and Roman culture, the economic growth of Italian city-states in the 1400s, and the development of humanism were aspects of the
What was one ideal of Renaissance humanism?
Which statement best expresses an idea held by many Renaissance humanist philosophers?
Which factor best characterizes the art of both ancient Greece and the Renaissance?
What is meant by Machiavelli’s belief that “the end justifies the means”?
In his book The Prince, Niccolò Machiavelli advises that a wise ruler is one who
During the Renaissance, humanist philosophers emphasized the importance of
One way the Incas adapted their environment was by
A major agricultural advancement of the Incas was the
One way in which the Aztec and Inca civilizations are similar is that they both
Which factor most influenced the development of diverse cultures in pre-Columbian South America?
Which geographic feature had the greatest influence on the development of the Inca Empire?
What was one reason the Spanish conquistadors were able to conquer the Aztec Empire?
Which statement best describes a result of the encounter between Europeans and native populations of Latin America?
Which statement best describes Aztec civilization at the time of the Encounter?
The social class system in Latin America during the 16th and 17th centuries reflects the
A direct result of the conquest of Tenochtitlán by Hernán Cortés in 1521 was the
How many mood disorders are there
Which of the folllowing is associated with Major depressive disorder?
Which of the following is associated with Dysrythmia?
which of the following is associated with Bipolar Disorder?
MIO's stands for/
SSRI's stands for?
SSRI’s Medications are?
They block the metabolic destruction of epinephrrine, norepinephrine dopamine, and serotonin nuerotransmitters who are they?
They are are a new class of antidepressants, that inhibit the reuptake of serotonin from the synaptic cleft who are they?
We covered?
Roanoke Island was established ___.
___ was the first permanent English settlement.
___ was settled by separatists from the Church of England.
____ was settled by Puritans to avoid religious persecution
___ was settled by the Quakers, who wanted freedom to practice their faith without interference.
___ was settled by people who had been in debtors’ prisons in England.
Georgia was settled by people who hoped to experience ___ and start a new life in the New World.
Why did the Pilgrims leave to start a new colony in North America?
___ was an economic venture by the Virginia Company.
___ is also known as the Lost Colony because no survivors were found.
A Judge's chambers are
Where will the city locate the new library? In this sentence locate means...
What are a hunters' quarries?
What is the location of the Eiffel Tower?
Who are Pablo Picasso's descendants?
Which of these has entries?
A passage in a book is
Joy seems happy on the surface. That means she
The opposite of descend is
The opposite of precious is
Engineers, architects and others who engage in design to solve practical problems, use
Which of the personal characteristics listed below does not influence engineering design
A constraint that is concerned with cost and must be considered when designing is
Which of the constraints listed below is not considered a physical constraint?
Engineering designs principles are used to evaluate designs according to flexibility, balance, function and
The Engineering Design Process follows
51. A systematic application of mathematical, scientific and technical principles is
By defining the problem, the designer clearly identifies what humans
Data is collected during
54. Design portfolios, design journals, drawings and schematics are all used to
Identified elements and features of a product or system are the
56. Identified limitations on the design of a product or system are the
57. When designers make compromises, the result is often
Time, budget and safety are almost always considered to be
Which of the following is not normally included in criteria of a design?
Conceptual, physical and mathematical models are used to
Sketching is a tool used in the creation of what type of models?
Mock ups and prototypes are different types of
63. Mathematical modeling aids in technological design by simulating how
64. A characteristic of a 3D model that a 2D model does not have is
Which of the following is the job of an interrogative pronoun?
Which of the following questions do adverbs answer?
Which of the following questions do adjectives answer?
Which of the following is NOT a FANBOYS conjunction?
A gerund is...
A participle is...
There are _______ types of conjunctions
These two parts of speech begin dependent clauses
Gerunds end in...
Prepositions show relationships between
All linking verbs are
Which of the following parts of speech patterns probably indicate that you have an appositive or appositive phrase?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Lupus, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease
Heart attack, high blood preasure, angina
Goiters, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism
Salmonellosis, pneumonia, meningitis
Gonorrhea, human papillomavirus, AIDS
Cold, chickenpox, stomachal flu
Leukemia, lymphoma, melanoma
Alzheimer’s, Huntintong’s, Parkinson’s
Appendicitis, celiac disease, diarrhea
Anemia, bacteremia, septicemia
1. The Spanish Civil War takes place between
The coup succeeded in
The National Defense Council
On July 11, 1936 was President of the Government
Several unsuccessful attempts to take Madrid in the spring of 1937, Franco is headed
Anarchosyndicalists agree to participate for the first time in the government of
The absence of constitution is supplied by the Franco government
The General Assembly of the United Nations
The most important sector of the Spanish economy during the forties was
The economic autarky is not actually abandoned until
What molecules must a plant obtain in order to conduct photosynthesis?
Which of the following can be responsible for pollinating flowers?
Bacteria and Fungi are both considered
What triggers the beginning of germination?
What part of the flower can sometimes develop into a fruit?
Bacteria are used for
The male part of the flower consists of
What part of the seed stores food for the plant young plant to grow?
Protists can be classified as
The major function of leaves is to
How far is the island of Gran Canaria from Africa?
What year was Las Palmas de GC founded?
Who were the Faicanes?
In Guanche language sansofe means ...
What is a garoe?
In a lagar people make ...
What is a capirote?
A tajinaste is ...
Nestor de la Torre was a ...
Who wrote Las Rosas de Hercules?
The Sun and all objects in space that orbit it
A rocky, metallic object that orbits the Sun
A hot ball of gas held together by gravity
A meteoroid that enters Earth\'s atmosphere with a streak of light
Any part of a meteoroid that reaches Earth\'s surface
The closest planet to the Sun
Large bodies that orbit the Sun
The largest planet in the solar system
There are _____ types of galaxies
The color of a star is based on its
Earth is unique because
Small, rocky objects that orbit the Sun
A ball of ice and rock that orbits the Sun
An extremely bright, distant high energy source
A group of stars that appear to form a pattern
An enormous ball of gas and dust
a large group of stars held together by gravity
How bright a star actually is
The star with the hottest surface temperature
The star with the coolest surface temperature
On what day of the year, at what time is Mole Day celebrated?
What is Avagadro's Principle?
What is Avagadro's Number?
If we were able to count atoms at the rate of 10 million per second, it would take about 2
Where was the National Mole Day Foundation developed?
When was Avogadro's work first recognized?
What is Avogadro's full name?
Mole day was created
What is the Mole Day 2013 Theme?
National Mole Day Foundation was created in May of 1991 by
The process of making people “come alive” through written words is…
Authors reveal characters through…
Which of the following is an example of internal conflict?
An external conflict in a story…
The main struggle in a story…
The events of the plot are designed to…
The purpose of the resolution is to…
A struggle or clash that drives the plot is known as the story’s…
Which of the following is NOT part of a story’s plot?
Which of the following is NOT an example of an external conflict?
A composition making fun of something (usually political) is called a/n
Any type of fiction that has multiple levels of meaning in this way is called a/n
Which of the following is NOT a theme of Animal Farm?
Which character said: “I do not understand it. ... It must be due to some fault in ourselves. The solution, as I see it, is to work harder."
Which character said: “Comrade, those ribbons that you are so devoted to are the badge of slavery. Can you not understand that liberty is worth more than ribbons.”
How does Squealer convince the animals to do what the pigs want them to do?
Which animal has the best understanding of what is happening to the animals?
What is the final commandment of Animal Farm?
Which is not an example of irony?
What was the resolution of this story?
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