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The Homestead Act was important in the growth of the West because it
The Homestead Act of 1862 helped the development of the West by
During the late 1800s, many North American Indian tribes were sent to reservations that were located
The closing of the frontier and the growth of industry in the late 1800s are two factors often associated with the
The Homestead Act, the mass killing of buffalo, and the completion of the transcontinental railroad are most closely associated with the
The mechanization of agriculture in the United States led directly to
In the period from 1865 to 1900, the United States Government aided the development of the West by
In the United States, the main purpose of antitrust legislation is to
Prior to 1890, United States businesses made few foreign investments mainly because
The Federal Trade Commission, the Interstate Commerce Commission, and the Federal Communications Commission are similar in that each
“Prices and wages should be determined by the marketplace.” The author of this statement would most probably support
After the Civil War, one way business leaders tried to eliminate competition was by
In the United States, organized labor made its greatest membership gains when
Which factor most limited the growth of labor unions during the late 1800’s?
In the 19th century, the major national labor unions wanted to improve the position of workers mainly by
Many reformers who opposed the laissez-faire attitude of the late 19th century argued that
A major way in which the United States has practiced economic nationalism has been to
In the United States, industrial unions of the 1880’s and of the 1980’s had similar goals in that both campaigned for
Nativism in the late 19th century was motivated primarily by
The Sherman Antitrust Act, the Social Security Act, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) are examples of
Which term best describes United States economic policy during the era of the rise of big business (1865-1900)?
The purpose of the Interstate Commerce Act (1887), the Sherman Antitrust Act (1890), and the Clayton Antitrust Act (1914) was to
Why did the United States follow a policy of unrestricted immigration for Europeans during most of the 1800’s?
Which statement is closest to the philosophy of Social Darwinism?
According to the theory of laissez faire, the economy functions best when the government
A common characteristic of third political parties in the United States is that they
At the turn of the century, why did most immigrants to the United States settle in cities?
Which statement about immigration to the United States during the 19th century is most valid?
America’s strength lies in its diversity. Many immigrant groups have joined the mainstream of American life, while maintaining their languages, religions, and traditions. This has made the United States a strong nation. The author supports -
In the late 19th century, the pattern of United States immigration changed in that
Which statement about immigration to the United States is most accurate?
What was the experience of most of the “new immigrants” who arrived in the United States from southern and eastern Europe in the late 1800s and early 1900s?
The intent of the United States immigration laws of the 1920s was to
Between 1890 and 1915, the majority of immigrants to the United States were labeled “new immigrants” because they were
Which expression most accurately illustrates the concept of nativism?
Over the past twenty years, an objective of United States immigration policy has been to
In the late 19th century, the major argument used by labor union leaders against immigrants was that immigrants
Between 1880 and 1900, most immigrants coming to the United States settled in the cities along the east coast because
Why did the United States follow a policy of open immigration during much of the 1800s?
During the late 1800s and early 1900s, where did most of the immigrants to the United States settle?
The Gentlemen’s Agreement, literacy tests, and the quota system were all attempts by Congress to restrict
What was one way Texans modified thier environment?
What is the significance of 1901?
Rent control for workers and Child Labor laws were started by which movement?
Which promise would a political candidate who supported the Progressive movement most likely make?
Who led the Populist Movement?
What solution was created solve the problem of Suffrage?
What did Governor Hogg establish to give the government more power to regulate industries?
Which of these reforms happened as a result of the Progressive movement?
What is the name of the era (time period) we just finished studying?
Which of these statements accurately describes women’s political involvement before 1919?
At that time, houses........consisted of two or three rooms
He will................medical studies next year
That the university since 1990.
That young football.
He .............................a car when he was 16
When the woman was injured, an the hospital.
We have to stop the car and buy some petrol because the tank.
What colour
One of the from Canada
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which of the following are channels of distribution for music?
Entertainment awards are an important form of ___.
Keeping the media and consumers aware of a company or individual is the job of ___.
Which of the following elements are not part of the marketing mix?
Which of the 7 marketing functions is used when a major professional sports league such as the NFL, NBA, or MLB is deciding where to put a new expansion team?
___ requires a company not only to budget for its own marketing activities also to provide customers with assistance in paying for the company's products or services.
Fee-based companies that provide access to the internet are ___.
The amount of satisfaction a person receives from the consumption of a particular product or service is ___.
Resorts and theme parks offer deep discounts during ___.
Face to face communication between seller and customer is called ___.
Which best describes the Old Testament?
Which of the following is not considered the heart of the Gospels?
What type of Gospel writing is a longer sermon given by Jesus
Jesus healing the leper is an example of
A story told by Jesus with a lesson is known as a
Which best describes a purpose of Luke's Gospel?
Love God with your whole heart and your neighbor as yourself is known as
Writing about the future that gives hope is known as
What is the main purpose of the Catholic Letters?
What does the word Catholic mean?
Collection of writing inspired by God; The bible
Meaning Good News; The first 4 books of the New Testament
the first 5 books of the Old Testament; Means Law
Longer more formal letters
A good effective quality within us that helps us do good not evil
Giving somthing of value to God
Total denial and abandoning of the Christian Faith
The desire to do something wrong or not responsible
The gift of sharing in God's life
13 letter in the New Testament written by St. Paul
The national rugby team called "All Blacks" are from:
Who is the best basketball player of all times?
Soccer was borned in:
The best national soccer team of all times is:
The "Major Leagues" are played in:
Martina Navratilova was a famous:
Athetics were born in:
Who is the best tennis player of all times?
The most important event in tennis is:
The rugby cup called "The Six Nations Cup" is played by:
How many players are there on the court in each team of beach volleyball?
How long does a match of beach football last?
How do you score a goal of two points in beach handball?
What are the main basic strokes in beach rackets?
Who wins a match of beach volleyball?
What is the name of the space of game in beach football?
What is the technique that the surface do not permit to do in beach volleyball?
How many points does the player get to finish a game in beach rackets?
What kind of technique does not count as a team touch in beach volleyball?
What beach sport allows to score goals of two points?
When adding or subtracting fractions with different denominators, the first step is...
To obtain fractions with the same denominator from fractions with different denominators, the new denominator is ...
To obtain fractions with the same denominator from fractions with different denominators, the new numerator is ...
When we add or subtract fractions with the same denominator, we ...
To multiply fractions, we...
To divide fractions, we...
To obtain the fraction of a quantity, we must...
In two thirds,...
Five sixths and three sixths, which fraction is bigger?
A fraction is equivalent to...
Οι ......................... στην Αρχαία Αθήνα έμεναν στο σπίτι κάνοντας δουλειές
Αυτήν τη στιγμή βρίσκεστε στην ..................... Καλλιρρόη
Ο Πεισίστρατος ήταν ο πρώτος ...................... της Αθήνας.
ΑΠΟΚΑΛΥΨΗ: Στο χώρο της ........................... συνεδρίαζε η Εκκλησία του Δήμου.
Όσοι δεν ήταν Αθηναίοι αλλά κατοικούσαν στην Αθήνα ονομάζονταν .................
Δύο ήταν οι κυριότεροι ρυθμοί με τους έχτιζαν οι αρχαίοι Έλληνες τους ναούς, ο ιωνικός και ο ..........
Ποιος γλύπτης δημιούργησε το χρυσελεφάντινο άγαλμα της Αθηνάς στον Παρθενώνα
Το όνομα του πρώτου τυράννου της Αθήνας που φρόντισε την κρήνη Καλλιρρόη
Από εδώ οι αρχαίοι Αθηναίοι έπαιρναν ............
Τα αγγεία στα οποία οι μορφές ζωγραφίζονταν με μαύρο χρώμα λέγονται .....
How do you say zucchini in British English?
Which poet used Middle English?
In 1972 the UK joined...
How many words are there in the English language?
Who is the current UK Prime Minister
Which one is not an American TV channel?
Who wrote Death of the Salesman?
What does SOS stand for?
The USA consists of ...
When did England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales become one state?
Name the Factors of 24
Name the Factors of 18
How is text aligned in a table?
Column headings should be
To select the whole table, you should...
When Microsoft would says it is inserting a 2 x 4 table it is saying
How should a title of a table be formatted?
When using table styles you have to be careful because they will...
To shrink the table and get rid of all the extra space (white noise) in a table, you should use...
You can only total numbers in table using the formula option in the data group not anything else (like average, multiply, etc)
Tables can be customized by...
Numbers in a table should be...
Answers by Educators Question Database
During the presidency of Andrew Jackson, the spoils system resulted in
One way in which the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions (1798) and the South Carolina Ordinance of Nullification (1832) are similar is that each
During the early 1800s, which factor contributed the most to the start of the Industrial Revolution in the United States?
What was an immediate effect of the completion of the Erie Canal in 1825?
Compromise Enables Maine and Missouri To Enter Union (1820) California Admitted to Union as Free State (1850) Kansas-Nebraska Act Sets Up Popular Sovereignty (1854) Which issue is reflected in these headlines?
The Louisiana Purchase had great geographic significance for the United States because it
The phrase “by military conquest, treaty, and purchase” best describes the
When President Thomas Jefferson acquired the Louisiana Territory from France, he demonstrated that he had modified his belief that
During the early 1800s, the United States placed few restrictions on immigration because
Before the Civil War, the principle of popular sovereignty was proposed as a means of
Which geographic advantage did the United States gain by purchasing the Louisiana Territory from France in 1803?
As the United States acquired more land between 1803 and 1850, controversy over these territories focused on the
The Seneca Falls Convention of 1848 was mainly concerned with
I._________________________ A. Nullification crisis B. Kansas-Nebraska Act C. Dred Scott v. Sanford D. Election of Lincoln (1860) - Which heading best completes the partial outline?
In 1862, the Homestead Act and the Pacific Railway Act were passed primarily to
The Louisiana Purchase initially presented a dilemma for President Thomas Jefferson because he believed it would
The rapid westward migration caused by the discovery of gold in California led directly to
Manifest Destiny was used to justify an American desire to
In the 1850s, the phrase “Bleeding Kansas” was used to describe clashes between
What word means to move and stay permanently?
Most people live in the city for their jobs. Living in the city means_____
What characteristics describe unlimited government?
A political map shows_________
This connects the Mediterranean and Red Sea.
Government where leaders have some power
What country do we live in?
What county do we live in?
People immigrated to the United States for this reason.
United States is ruled by ___________
Government that has all power is________
The scattered islands in the Pacific Ocean are called_____.
Your are moving out of the country to get a better paying job and this is a _______
When you are forced to leave your country because of war or famine you are called a______
Physical map shows__________
How many people live in an area is called_______.
Rural means_______
What is the smallest continent?
What country belongs to two continents?
Currently, who has the highest population density?
Which argument did President Abraham Lincoln use against the secession of the Southern States?
The abolitionist movement, the women’s suffrage movement, and the 1960’s civil rights movement are all examples of reform efforts that
Which statement best explains President Abraham Lincoln’s justification for the Civil War?
A major result of the Civil War was that the
Sectional differences developed in the United States largely because
By the 1850’s, the Constitution, originally framed as an instrument of national unity, had become a source of sectional discord. This quotation suggests that
Early in his Presidency, Abraham Lincoln declared that his primary goal as President was to
The rulings of the Supreme Court in Dred Scott v. Sanford (1857), Plessy v. Ferguson (1896), and Korematsu v. United States (1944) all demonstrate that the Supreme Court has
Compromise Enables Maine and Missouri To Enter Union (1820) California Admitted to Union as Free State (1850) Kansas-Nebraska Act Sets Up Popular Sovereignty (1854) Which issue is reflected in these headlines?
Before the Civil War, slavery expanded in the South rather than in the North because
Which phrase best completes the title for the partial outline shown below? I. Reasons for the ______________________ A. Increasing sectionalism B. Disagreements over states’ rights issues C. Breakdown of compromise D. Election of 1860
A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free.” -Abraham Lincoln, 1858 According to this quotation, Abraham Lincoln believed that
A house divided against itself cannot stand. . . . I do not expect the Union to be dissolved; I do not expect the house to fall; but I do expect it will cease to be divided.. . . .” -Abraham Lincoln, the divided house was caused primarily by
As the Civil War began, President Abraham Lincoln stated that his primary goal was to
The Civil War affected the northern economy by
The North’s rapid economic growth during the Civil War was stimulated by
In the 1850s, why did many runaway slaves go to Canada?
Which of the following was true when the Civil War began?
Which of the following was an advantage enjoyed by the South at the outset of the war?
Sherman's march through Georgia was designed to
What metal has the lowest density?
Which of these metals is not an alloy?
Which of these metals is hardest?
The best conductor of electricity is:
The manufacturing process that consists of pouring molten metal into a die is:
Which would you use to cut a thin, soft sheet of metal?
The manufacturing process that consists of the metal is made into curved shape is:
Which is the metal that has good magnetic properties, corrodes easily, has a high melting point and is difficult to machine is:
The metal is shaped with a hammer.
Which tool would you use for to round off the edges of a metal sheet?
A die is rolled; find the probability of getting an odd number.
A die is rolled; find the probability of getting an even number
Sally puts tickets numbered 1–100 into a bag. She picks one out at random. Say which word from the list above you would use to describe each of the following events. The number is 0.
Sally puts tickets numbered 1–100 into a bag. She picks one out at random. Say which word from the list above you would use to describe each of the following events. a) The number is less than 90.
The probability of a football team winning a game is 0.3. What is the probability that they will not win the game?
There is a 45% chance of snow tonight. What is the probability that it will not snow?
A scientist checks some trees to see whether they are infected with a disease. She checks 28 trees, and 5 of them are infected. Estimate the probability that a tree chosen at random has the disease.
Clive is bored and is throwing rolled-up balls of paper at the recycling bin. He decides to fi nd the probability of a ball landing in the bin. He carries out an experiment. He has 20 throws. Five balls land in the bin.
Calculate these probabilities. Give your answers as fractions. a A jar contains six green marbles and nine blue marbles.A marble is picked at random.What is the probability it will be green?
You roll a dice. What is the probability of rolling anumber greater than 4? Give your answers as fractions.
Which intelligence is very aware of their environments?
What feature do people with Logical-Mathematical intelligence?
What intelligence it is best if he is a surgeon?
What feature do people with Existential intelligence?
What intelligence uses a poet?
If I am sensitive to thythm and sound, What kind of intelligence do I have?
They are like kinaesthetic learnes but outdoors, within the environment. Which intelligence we are talking about?
These learners benefit from physical experiences such touching. What kind of intelligence they do?
What kind of intelligences do I have if I can work well with personal deadlines and goals?
What feature do people with Interpersonal intelligence?
Which statement best summarizes the beliefs of Booker T. Washington?
Although important strides were made, Reconstruction failed to provide lasting guarantees of the civil rights of the freedmen.” Which evidence best supports this statement
Which statement about the philosophies of Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois is most accurate?
he told me to give a reasonable interpretation and tell the meaning of the section I had copied. Well, I flunked out. The main intent of the literacy test described in the passage was to
The Jim Crow laws of the post-Civil War Era were attempts by
The label Solid South was applied to the former Confederate States after Reconstruction because they
The 14th amendment provides that no state shall deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. A direct result of this amendment was
After the passage of the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments, African Americans continued to experience political and economic oppression mainly because
The dispute between President Andrew Johnson and Congress during the Reconstruction Era illustrates the constitutional principle of
Poll taxes and grandfather clauses were devices used to
In their plans for Reconstruction, both President Abraham Lincoln and President Andrew Johnson sought to
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Limited time offers, give-aways, coupons, and free samples are considered part of ___.
Many sports authors do not actually write their own books. Instead, they hire a ___ who commits it to a paper for a fee.
a record of all revenue received and all expenses incurred is the ___.
The first step in the advertising process is to ___.
The estimated number of targeted demographic segments reached by the media is referred to as ___.
The recreation business is driven by ___.
An attempt to minimize the negative impact of a visiting sensitive environments is ___.
____ is a payoff or profit received in addition to regular wages or payments.
____ is a combination of independent businesses formed to regulate production, pricing, and marketing of a product.
___ is the legal representation of a celebrity.
A ___ works closely with athletes who are unable to police themselves.
A financial and business counselor but not a behavior monitor
a system of deciding what is right and wrong in a reasoned and impartial manner
the arm of marketing that concerns itself with creating a favorable public opinion for an individual or organization
a professional that helps athletes market their books
what a company needs before it can market products with the likeness of sports figures, teams, emblems, or other official sports insignias
a negotiated percentage of all gross slaes of particular products
a general willingness to work with or assist a person or organziation based on a positive reputation or relationship
a business structure in which one company controls several different areas of the same industry
brings potential customers together in one location so they can hear and see promotional informaiton about products
The relative age of a rock
Younger rock layers on top and older on the bottom best describes
Fossils that were widely distributed but only live during a short period of time are
The amount of time it takes for half of the radioactive atoms in a sample to decay is known as
If you start with 200 atoms, how many remain after 2 half-lives?
Intrusions are
Foot prints, burrows, and paw prints are an example of
If you ended up with 10 atoms after 3 half-lives, how many did you begin with?
If you started with 100 atoms and ended with 12.5 atoms, how many half-lives occured?
If you started with 500 atoms, how many do you have left after 1 half-life?
Transfer of heat through touch
Remains of once living things
Both alleles are the same
Energy transfer through waves
Age compared to another
The physical characteristics of traits
A reserve of water under the surface
Trait that will show when it is present
Hail, rain, snow, sleet, etc.
The alleles of a trait
the release of a movie the evening before its official opening
an award given to people in the television industry by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
Which of the following statements is true?
Which of the following statements is FALSE?
Which of the following statements are true?
pre-evening shows (Movies)
an award given to a professional in theater for distinguished achievement
ensures that the movie is available where the viewer wants it
results from making the movie available at an affordable price
means that certai sports programs outside the basic cable package wold incur extra costs for the viewers who choose them
Is it right?
Is it right?
Is it right?
Is it right?
Is it right?
Is it right?
Is it right?
Is it right?
Is it right?
Is it right?
Water evaporation from leaves
Tool that measures air pressure
Found in plants; Makes them green
Xylem and phloem
A force caused by the weight of a column of air pushing down on an area
The amount of water vapor in the air at a given time
reaction to a stimulus
Process in which heat is trapped in the atmosphere by gases that form a blanket around the Earth
bands of high speed winds that carry air masses
envelope of gases around the Earth
the amount of satisfaction of a person received from the consumption of a particular product or service
a group of people who have the ability and the desire to purchase a specific product
includes luxurious surroundings and gourmet meals
travel centered around recreational activities
spending active work time with someone in a certain job or career (for a brief period of time, usually a day)
airline tickets bought through the internet
highlights historical, natural or other speical resources of an area
The identification of the nature of a business or the reasons a business exists is done on the __.
paid, non-personal communication between an identified sponsor and a potential customer about a product or service
the theme of an ad
Which president's popularity with the common man, changed politics?
Some Southerners wanted to break away from the United States, or to
The network of escape routes out of the South for enslaved people was the
The admission of Missouri as a slave state was controversial in the Senate because
Southerners justified secession with the theory of
The 1860 presidential candidate whose name did not appear on the ballot in most Southern states was
On January 1, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln signed the
Appomattox Court House is famous because it is the site of
Republicans in Congress easily overrode Johnson's vetoes and took charge of Reconstruction during
What transformed the stagnant economy of the South into a prosperous, robust economy?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which geographic advantage did the United States gain by purchasing the Louisiana Territory from France in 1803?
Population data from the census of 2000 was used to determine the number of
Which group benefited most from the United States acquisition of the port of New Orleans?
Which geographic factor had the greatest influence on early patterns of industrialization in the United States?
availability of waterpower to operate machines
Which region of the United States is correctly paired with an industry that is dominant in that region?
In the early 1800’s, the need for a water route to help farmers ship their products to market was one reason for the
Which United States foreign policy action resulted from the close geographic relationship between the United States and Latin America?
In the United States, regional differences in economic development are primarily due to
Because of fertile land and a long growing season, plantations in the thirteen colonies developed in
In which section of early 19th-century America was the plantation system an important feature?
Farmers in the Ohio River valley gained the greatest economic benefit when the United States acquired the
Acquiring New Orleans as part of the Louisiana Purchase was considered important to the development of the Mississippi and Ohio River valleys because the city
Since the late 1700s, the Mississippi River has been a vital waterway because it
During the first half of the 1800s, geographic factors influenced the economy of New England by
In the Colonial Era, developments such as the New England town meetings and the establishment of the Virginia House of Burgesses represented
According to the Declaration of Independence, the people have the right to alter or abolish a government if that government
Which fundamental political idea is expressed in the Declaration of Independence?
The Mayflower Compact is important to the concept of a democratic society because it represents
“The only representatives of the people of these colonies are persons chosen therein by themselves; and that no taxes ever have been, or can be constitutionally imposed on them but by their respective legislatures.” - Draw a conclusion
The British system of mercantilism was opposed by many American colonists because it
The Mayflower Compact, House of Burgesses, and Fundamental Orders of Connecticut are all examples of the efforts of colonial Americans to
The Mayflower Compact of 1620 is considered an important step in the development of democracy in America because it
During the Revolutionary War period, Thomas Paine’s Common Sense was important because it
The Virginia House of Burgesses was important to the development of democracy in the thirteen colonies because it
The pamphlet Common Sense, by Thomas Paine, aided the American cause in the Revolutionary War because it
The Mayflower Compact and the House of Burgesses were important to the development of democracy in colonial America because they
Which heading best completes the partial outline below? I. ____________________________________ A. Committees of Correspondence B. Nonimportation Agreements C. Boston Tea Party D. First Continental Congress
In its economic relationship with its North American colonies, Great Britain followed the principles of 18th-century mercantilism by
A major argument for American independence found in the Declaration of Independence was that the British
Which statement is most accurate about the movement for independence in the thirteen colonies?
According to the Declaration of Independence, the fundamental purpose of government is to
One of the principles stated in the Declaration of Independence is that government should
During the colonial period, the British Parliament used the policy of mercantilism to
The Mayflower Compact and the Virginia House of Burgesses are examples of
In which area did good harbors, abundant forests, rocky soil, and a short growing season most influence the colonial economy?
The Mayflower Compact, New England town meetings, and the Virginia House of Burgesses are examples of
The British benefited from their mercantilist relationship with the American colonies primarily by
The main reason Great Britain established the Proclamation Line of 1763 was to
The Declaration of Independence (1776) has had a major influence on peoples throughout the world because it
In the 1780’s, mqany Americans distrusted a strong central government. This distrust is best shown by the
In the United States, the use of implied powers, the amending process, and Supreme Court interpretations have resulted in
Which quotation from the United States Constitution provides for a Federal system of government (federalism)?
The system of checks and balances is best illustrated by the power of
The major role of political parties in the United States is to
Thomas Jefferson was against a loose interpretation of the Constitution. He believed the government could only do what was written. Adherence to a strict interpretation of the Constitution would have prevented President Thomas Jefferson from
Which factor has made the strongest contribution to the development of religious freedom in the United States?
Which phrase from the Declaration of Independence most clearly reflects the idea that the people are the source of government?
One way in which the United States Constitution differed from the Articles of Confederation was that the Constitution
At the Constitutional Convention of 1787, delegates from the small states most strongly supported the idea of
One way in which the authors of the Constitution tried to create “limited government” was by providing for
“The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man in falsely shouting fire in a theater and causing a panic.” Which interpretation of the Bill of Rights does this statement illustrate?
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” This reflects beliefs derived from
The United States Government is considered a federal system because
Antifederalists criticized the United States Constitution primarily because governing power was concentrated in the
What is the layer of air that covers the Earth's surface?
What is the measure of how hot or cold something is?
What is the condition of the atmosphere at a certain place and time?
What is the average weather conditions in an area over a long period of time?
What is the imaginary line around the center of the Earth?
What is the distance north or south of the equator?
What climate zone has long, cold winters and short, cool summers?
What climate zone has warm, hot summers and cool, cold winters?
What climate zone is very warm and wet for most or all of the year?
What instrument is used to measure the temperature of the air?
What instrument is use to measure the depth of precipitation?
What instrument shows the direction from which the wind is blowing?
What instrument measures the wind speed?
Why are weather maps important?
What type of clouds mean bad weather with precipitation?
How is cloud type determined?
What layer of the atmosphere does weather occur?
Why are weather maps important?
What climate zone is New Jersey in?
Why are satellite maps important?
What type of electric element is a battery?
What can you use a lamp for?
What type of electric component is a switch?
What can you use a dynamo for?
What is a motor?
What can you use a bell for?
What type of electric component is a fuse?
What type of electric component is a alternator?
What type of electric element is a Led?
What is a cable?
Alexander Hamilton’s argument that the government has the power to create a National Bank is based on which part of the Constitution?
Actions and policies of the Government under President George Washington generally resulted in the
Which speaker best describes the basic foreign policy of the United States until the late 1800’s?
Our true policy is to steer clear of permanent alliances . . . . President Washington made this statement to warn against United States involvement in
The significance of the Supreme Court case Marbury v. Madison is that the decision
Alexander Hamilton urged Congress to pass a protective tariff to encourage the growth of
What was the result of many of the Supreme Court decisions made under Chief Justice John Marshall between 1801 and 1835?
“It is emphatically the province and duty of the judicial department to say what the law is. . . .” — Marbury v. Madison, 1803 This statement expresses the Supreme Court’s claim that
Alexander Hamilton’s financial plan helped to establish the credit of the United States government by
One factor that led to the formation of the first two political parties in the United States in the 1790s was the conflict over the
A major reason the Antifederalists opposed the ratification of the United States Constitution was because the Constitution
One major reason that Alexander Hamilton proposed a national bank was to
President George Washington pursued a foreign policy of neutrality during his administration primarily because he believed that
At times, the United States Government has passed protective tariffs to
A major reason for the issuance of the Monroe Doctrine (1823) was to
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Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which direction does the Nile flow?
This protected Egypt from invasion
Egyptian pharaohs ruled with
How did Egyptians demonstrate their belief in the afterlife?
Menes's greatest achievement
For most of its history, ancient Egyptian religion was
To keep track of records, Egyptians used
King Tut was important because
How did historians translate hieroglyphic writing?
What did Egyptians believe about the west bank of the Nile?
When President Andrew Johnson violated the Tenure of Office Act, he was
The most common form of farm work for freed individuals was
Across which span of years was the Civil War fought?
Increased cotton processing
the North's Main Income
The South's main Income
A plantation manager
the Commanding General of the Northern Troops
the Commanding General of the Southern Troops
Nickname given to the North; Nickname given to the South
China's physical geography
The Silk Road was important because
This philosophy was taught in China and teaches the
This religion was the foundation of Buddhism
Hindus were placed in different social classes called
Buddha taught that the cure for human suffering was to
Hinduism is different from other religions in that
Both Hindus and Buddhists believe in
Chinese and Egyptian history is divided into time periods called
China, Mesopotamia, and Egypt all developed
Greek communities thought of themselves as separate because they
Alexander the Great spread Greek culture and
Spartans could be described as
Most Greeks believed women needed
In General, Greeks worshiped
Which group of people conquered ancient Greece?
The Athenians valued
Greek slaves were known as
In this type of government, majority rules
In this type of government, a king rules.
How has the history of the region contributed to the number of people practicing Buddhism today?
How have recent conflicts in Southeast Asia affected immigrants?
The development of the Southeast Asia region has been greatly influenced by all of the following EXCEPT
How did the geography of the region contribute to the decision of British traders to establish the Port of Singapore in 1819?
How did the undersea earthquake most affect the region?
What natural resources do many nations of Southeast Asia have in abundance?
How does the summer monsoon season benefit the region of Southeast Asia?
The location of this area on the _________ and Pacific Oceans causes several potential natural disasters which people need to adapt to, including ___________, large-scale erosion a
How have traditional homes been adapted to the environment of the region?
Which economic activity dominates the region of Southeast Asia
Rome's location was good for building an empire because it was
Which of the following describes how Romans worshiped?
Christians were blamed for problems in the Roman Empire including
Julius Caesar's death an nephew's victory over Mark Antony marked
In the earliest days of the Republic, plebeians
About 1/3 of all Romans were
One reason Julius Caesar was killed was because he
Rome enjoyed peace and prosperity
This emperor severely persecuted Christians:
This emperor was a great soldier-emperor and rebuilt the city of Rome
How has the government of Indonesia changed from the leadership of Subarto to today?
What comparison accurately describes the differences between the characteristics of Suharto\'s government and Indonesia\'s government today?
Which reason best explains the result of Suharto\'s limitation of the human rights of his enemies?
Which nation has recently experienced almost 50 years of harsh control by a small group of military leaders?
Which nation is a constutional republic with an elected president and legislature?
What is the voting differences in the United States and Thailand?
Why is Angkor Wat prominently displayed on the flag of Cambodia?
The center of the religion of Islam is the nation of Saudi Arabia. How was Islam brought from Saudi Arabia to Indonesia?
Which is true about the region's natural resources?
One might expect to find all of the following in the area EXCEPT
1 Which characteristic of South Asian cultures best explains the political divisions of the region
Which type of industry is the Indian government attempting to reform?
The actions of the Indian government is an example of human -
Which geographic factor has most influenced the location of wheat production in India?
How do monsoons most benefit India?
Which government in South Asia is most similar to the United States Government?
11 Which cultural institution guides the moral and social life for most people in India?
12 In Indian democracy, just as in the United States, voting in an election is considered -
14 Why does the government of India most likely observe Diwali as an official holiday?
15 Which film production industry in India creates movies that often reflect Indian traditions and Hindu themes?
When a person is not very generous, we say he/she is
An expression we use when eating something which is very spicy
Finish this sentence : I don’t like to wait for things. I’m very ...
If you don’t have any brothers or sisters. You’re an
Complete this sentence: My friends say I’m ……..because I never say thanks or please.
What do you call the person who does the dangerous tricks/scenes in a film?
When I move slowly on my hands and knees, what am I doing?
The opposite of failure is ….
If you want to go to Playa del Inglés and come back on the same day, what kind of ticket do you need?
What’s the meaning of get in this sentence? I got a letter from my cousin
Jane is comparing a 16-ounce can of broth that sells for $1.19 with a 32-ounce can that sells for $1.99. Which has the lower unit price?
Which food product would be a wise purchase on March 1 of the current year?
Lucas is looking for easy-care shirts to wear to work in the mall. Which is the best choice for Lucas?
Which labeling clearly indicates the hygiene product is a drug and must meet FDA requirements?
Hilda is looking for a product to relieve acid indigestion safely, effectively, and economically. Which is the best choice?
What is the definition of dermatologist-tested?
What is a generic brand?
What is a store brand?
What is the sellby/pull date?
What is the pack date?
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What is a key factor to making Reaganomics work?
The combination of constant inflation and high unemployment?
Mikhail Gorbachev was the leader of
The Strategic Defense Initiative was created to
Side Supply economics was part of
Gorbachev created the Glasnost policy to allow
Dotcom companies deal with
A refugee is someone who
An immigrant
All of the following are effects of the global economy except
Who developed the early model of the atom, saying that it was a solid, indestructible sphere?
JJ Thompson’s “Chocolate Chip Cookie” (or plum pudding) model said that there must be something “stuck” in the positively charged “cookie dough.” What are they?
Ernest Rutherford used an intricate experiment involving gold foil and alpha particles to determine that an atom is made up mostly of
Neils Bohr observed that light was given off in specific wavelengths and that each element emitted a specific spectrum of colored waves. This led him to conclude that electrons travel around the nucleus in
The current quantum mechanical model of the atom say that an electrons path around the nucleus is more like a
What happens to an electron when it is given energy?
When an electron goes down an energy level it gives off energy in the form of
The color of light given off by an electron dropping down to a lower energy level depends on
Which energy level has the lowest amount of energy?
What term is used to describe the outermost shell of electrons?
What term is to describe the most desirable number of electrons in the valence shell?
What term is used to describe an atom that has its electrons moved to a higher than normal energy level?
What term describes an atoms attraction to electrons when involved in a chemical bond?
What term describes the amount of energy it would take to remove the most loosely bound electron from at atom?
When an atom of an element gains or loses an electron in becomes an
Positively charged ions are also known as
What type of ion has a larger radius than the original atom?
What process divides one diploid cell into two identical daughter cells?
The uncontrollable division of body cells by mitosis can be caused by
Meiosis creates cells that have half of the DNA of body cells. The cells created by meiosis are termed
Meiosis, sexual reproduction, and crossing over are three processes that create what important aspect that is necessary for natural selection to occur?
What produces offspring that are genetically identical to the parent organism?
Modern techniques allow scientists to create complex organisms genetically identical to a parent. This process involves taking the DNA from one parent organism and placing it into an egg cell that has had its DNA removed. This process is called
What term is used to describe the result of faulty DNA replication?
Where do DNA mutations and chromosomal abnormalities need to occur if they are going to be passed on to future generations and influence natural selection?
What is produced in the glands of the endocrine system?
What hormone stimulates sperm production and the formation of secondary sexual characteristics in males?
What process occurs when a haploid sperm cell fuses with a haploid egg cell to create a diploid zygote?
The name of the diploid cell created when a haploid sperm cell fuses with a haploid egg cell is called a
As an embryo develops it undergoes mitotic cell division without changing in size by repeated divisions of the cell membrane. The division of the cell membrane occurs through the process of
The placenta and umbilical cord serve what function during embryonic development?
What process releases one egg from a female’s ovary?
In which organ does fertilization of a human egg cell by a human sperm cell occur?
Where must a human zygote be implanted for successful development to occur?
What is the name of the process humans use when they intentionally mate organisms with desirable characteristics to produce offspring with those same characteristics?
Transferring genetic information through recombinant plasmids from one organism to another to allow them to produce new proteins is called
What type of diseases can be passed from parent to offspring and are encoded for in DNA?
What type of ecosystem would be characterized by a complex food chain and high biodiversity?
Temperate Deciduous Forests of New York State, and other areas that have similar climatic conditions, plants, and animals are all part of the same
All of the different populations of living organisms in an area make up the
Sunlight, temperature, rocks, water and air are all
The stable assemblage of plants and animals that can arise through the process of ecological succession is the
What process describes changes that occur in the community of a particular area over long periods of time?
Ecosystems that have climax communities will remain stable unless there is some sort of
What type of growth has the human population shown in the last 60 years?
What is the major cause of the depletion of Earth’s resources and an increase in environmental damage?
What human activity has caused the disruption of balance in many ecosystems and the endangerment of many species?
The emission by factories of which two gases is the major source of acid rain?
Destruction of which of earth’s atmospheric layers allows more potentially damaging ultraviolet rays to reach Earth?
The increase of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane, in the troposphere have led to
When a species is moved from its native habitat into a new ecosystem it is referred to as an
Why can introduced species be very detrimental to the ecosystems they are released into?
When more organisms need the same resource that is available in limited quantities, what process occurs to determine who gets the resource?
What term describes the number of individuals that can survive on the resources that are present in an ecosystem?
When we use one type of living organism to control the population growth of a different type of organism, this is called
Scientific problems are a description of what is being investigated and are always written in what form?
The research question can be turned into a sentence that is a testable statement. This important piece of the scientific method is called a
Alice went to Finland with her family during Carnival time. She stayed in Rovaniemi, located in the Artic Circle. Find out the latitud of Rovaniemi.
One night they drove to a forest and were very lucky: they saw the northern lights. It was very cold when they left the hotel: -15 degrees. When they reached the forest the temperature had dropped 3 degrees. What was the temperature at the wood?
On their way back to the hotel they stopped at a petrol sation. The paid with a credit card. The bill was 35€ but in that card they only had 20€. Explain what happened in their bank
When she arrived to the hotel, Alice went to bed. She was reading a book about a brave man who died in the year 17 AD at the age of 40. When was he born?
Next day they made a snowmobile safari to a reindeer farm. It was very funny. The price of this safari was 120€ per person. As a group of six, they had a 2% discount. How much did they pay in total? ( the whole group)
The reindeer farm had 44 of them. Three quarters were used for safaris. How many reindeers were not used in safaris?
Snowmobiles take to get to the farm 20 minutes at a speed of 60 km/ h. If the speed increases up to 80 km/h. Do you think it is a problem about direct or inverse proportion?
In the before question, how long does it take?
Last day Alice bought some presents for her cousins. Now her suitcase was very heavy. The handluggage can not exceed 10 kg. She has 13.80 kg. How many are spare?
If every extra kilo costs 1.50€, how much did she pay?
Where does the water of lakes, rivers and groundwater go?
What is called the part of the plants water which is evaporated?
What does the water of seas and lakes warm?
How can the clouds (gas) be transformed into rain (liquid)?
What happens to the clouds if there is too much cold?
What happens when the wind pushes the clouds towards the mountains?
How can water (liquid) can be transformed into vapor (gas)?
What do the rivers and lakes form?
What do the clouds form?
What happens when the sun warms the water of sea, lakes, and rivers?
Which city is paired with the geographical feature that directly contributed to its growth?
The best source of information for identifying the location of the major mountain ranges in the United States is:
According to the 1990 census, which two areas of the United States include the most densely populated parts of the nation?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
How I can do to reduce the volume of my speaker from the computer?
Can I have some applications opened at the same time?
The applications have to be of the same type?
What do you have to do to turn off the computer correctly?
Does the computer turn itself off?
What is the Recycle bin?
What is the Internet?
What can we see in MI PC?
What is a browser?
What is the path on a web page?
What does a seismograph record?
The Earth's inner core and outer core is made of
The risk of earthquakes is high along the Pacific coast of the United States because
The layer that makes up most of the Earth's mass and volume is the
If you are inside during an earthquake,
What is the correct order starting at the surface of Earth's layers?
What type of seismic wave can travel through liquids?
What is the order in which seismic waves are recorded by a seismometer?
Most earthquakes and volcanoes form along
What is the commonly accepted age of Earth?
Tectonic plates ride on the layer of Earth's mantle called the
The element that makes up the largest percentage of the atmosphere is
The transfer of heat by the direct contact of particles of matter is
When the oceanic and continental lithosphere collide,
According to Wegener's hypothesis of continental drift,
The rate at which tectonic plates move in a year?
If the Coast Guard warns of a giant water wave approaching the shore as a result of a major earthquake, a ? is about to occur
In the hours after an earthquake, people should not go inside buildings, even if it appears undamaged, because of
Earth's atmosphere, oceans, and continents formed during a period of Earth's history called
According the many beliefs or theory's, what caused the extinction of dinosaurs?
An important warning sign of volcanic activity
The difference between oceanic and continental crust are
The gradual development of new organisms from preexisting organisms is called?
The Earth's magnetic field results from movement in the
When two continental plates diverge
What formed when the uppermost portion of the Earth's mantle cooled?
The geological time scale is a record of
What part of the geologic time scale is the longest?
Fossils are rarely found in Precambrian rock because
New ocean-floor is constantly being produced through the process known as
Which African American athlete won four gold medals in the Olympic Games hosted in Berlin during the Nazi regime?
Which German city hosted the Olympic Games in 1936 during the Nazi period?
Which country was excluded from the Olympics until Barcelona ‘92 because of the racist regime known as Apartheid?
The terrorist attack of Munich Olympic Games took place in the year…
How many athletes were murdered in the terrorist attack during Munich Olympic Games?
Who was the first female Olympic champion in the history?
Women participated at first time in the Olympic Games that took place in…
The 1944 Olympic Games were cancelled by the development of World War II. Those Olympics were going to take place in the city of…
The Olympic Games of Moscow 1980 were boycotted by...
The Soviet Union boycotted The Olympic Games of...
When plates grind (slip) past each other in opposite directions forms a
Convection currents occur because heated material becomes
in sea - floor spreading, molten material rises from the mantle and erupts
Which of the following process brings rocks to Earth surface, where they can be eroded?
Which of the following is the best evidense that Earth's continents were once in vastly different positions than they are today?
Continental crust consists mostly of the rock
Most geologist think that the movement of Earth's plates caused by
A break in Earth's crust where rocks have slipped past each other is called a
During the Rise of Life,
The formation of the ozone layer allowed plants and animals to move out of the water and onto land during the
What is the current I-Jet Password?
2 systems have been added to the ATB monitoring computer, what are they?
Who is in charge of the weather radio
What is the new key in the keybox for?
What program should be running at all times.
When are regular PTO requests due?
Who is allowed to check out the Building Master key at ATB?
There is a major water leak in the ATB men's bathroom, who calls the on call Electrician?
What system would have a zone alarm in purple
Who is called when mail is delivered to the ATB Lobby Desk
What do scientists think caused the mass extinction at the end of the Permian Period?
What gas is released during photosynthesis?
The mass extinction of the large mammals during the Cenozoic Era was probably due to
What happens to pressure, temperature, and density as you go deeper into Earth's layers?
The theory that explains why and how continents move is called
The Himalaya Mountains were formed in a collision at a
The geologic time scale is subdivided into
The Pacific - Ring of Fire is
Which of the following can effect how a building responds to seismic waves?
Which of the following is least likely to cause deaths during an earthquake?
Giving worship to a creature or thing instead of to God is
The ________ lost tribes of Israel were never heard from again.
In 747 B.C., the king of _____________ attacked Israel.
Jezebel worshipped the false god named
The prophet _________ predicted Israel's destruction.
_______________ died and the united Israel was divided.
The kingdom made up of the northern tribes became known as __________
The name __________ means "Yahweh is my God."
Elijah threw a cloak over Elisha to show he was a _______
The two southern tribes became known as
Why did God send prophets?
Ahab worshipped false gods.
Solomon always kept his covenant with God.
God refused to abondon Israel even though his people were unfaithful.
The people were happy about solomon's high taxes.
God sent prophets to guide the people.
Hosea's wife _______ was unfaithful.
__________ is a gift from God that helps us to believein him.
To remain faithful to God one can
The people of Israel _______________ when Assyria conquered them.
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What battle was the turning point of the Civil War?
Washington read Thomas Paines' ___________________ to his troops to inspire them in the face of defeat.
The diary of George Washington is an example of a _______________ source.
The presidency of ____________ coincided with the extension of democracy to the greatest number of people by the extension of voting rights.
An _________________________ adapts the Constitution to changing times.
Signed by Lincoln on January 1st, 1863, freed all the slaves in the Confederate States of America ________________
_____________________ , by Thomas Paine, encouraged ordinary Americans to support independence from England.
Washington warned political parties would divide the nation in his . .
Political parties began over conflicts between __________ and _____________ about government power allowed by the Constitution.
______________ purchased the Louisiana Purchase from France in 1803.
The economy of early colonial America was based upon _______
___________ commanded the Continental Army in the American Revolution.
What event began in 1861 and ended in 1865? _________
Legislative branch makes law, Judicial branch interprets law, Executive branch enforces law. This is an example of the Constitutional principle of ________
___________ rights cannot be taken away by the government.
Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can be _____ from one form to another.
Its major forms include thermal, radiant, electrical, mechanical, chemical and nuclear. What is it?
Transformations of _______ usually produce some energy in the form of heat, which spreads by radiation or conduction into cooler places.
Which of the following energy resources produce electricity using thermal energy?
Materials can be classified as
Manufacturing production systems can be classified as
The effectiveness of the manufacturing process was increased by the introduction of
83. is the property of a material to resist permanent indentation.
Construction is a systematic process, which of the selections below is NOT in the proper sequence?
Building a framework includes putting up wall studs and
Homes are built with materials that are readily available. In the eastern United States wood is most often used. What available material could be used in the desert southwest?
Structural insulated panels have the ability to insulate as well as
In a systems model of input, process, output and feedback, when a student is speaking to a friend on a cell phone, the cell phone is part of the
As part of a communication system, what kind of device is a computer keyboard?
In non verbal communication, a red hexagon shaped traffic sign means?
As part of a communication system, what kind of device is a computer hard drive?
Software that allows students to read email is what type of device
Agricultural businesses must do three things
The role of transportation in other industries such as agriculture is
What type of resource are crops grown on a farm?
Stated America would not allow European nations to colonize the western hemisphere _________
Freedom of speech, religion, trial by jury, right to bear arms, and no cruel and unusual punishment can be found the ________
Amendment that abolished slavery _______
President of the Confederacy during the Civil War. _____________
The southern states seceded after what event ________
Who was the author of the Doctrine of Nullification that urged South Carolina to nullify the Tariff of Abominations?
In what pamphlet did Thomas Paine blame the king of England for problems in the colonies and called the king a tyrant?
Amendment that gave African-American men the right to vote ______________
Who is known as the “Father of the Constitution”?
Who is remembered for his Albany Plan of Union, Ambassador to France during the American Revolution, his inventions and writings, signed the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution?
The _____________ limited the power of the British Kings in 1215 and made Englishmen expect to have personal liberty and limits on government power.
What replaced the Articles of Confederation with a stronger national government?
Supreme Court case that heightened tensions between slave and free states in 1857. Decided by Roger B. Tawney. Allowed slavery to expand anywhere. Stated Congress could not abolish slavery anywhere.
The __________ maintained a balance of power between free and slave states and outlawed slavery in the Louisiana Purchase territory south of the Missouri border.
Who’s “Give me Liberty, or give me death” speech influenced colonists that freedom was worth dying for?
Who wrote the Declaration of Sentiments?
Eli Whitney’s invention that revolutionized agriculture and increased the demand for slaves in the south.
In the Gettsburg Address, Lincoln said the Civil War was a test of . . .
Member of the Sons of Liberty, organized the Committees of Correspondence, tarred and feathered tax collectors, urged boycott. Who am I?
Said, 'I have not yet begun to fight,' famous naval hero of the Revolutionary War.
The attitudes, values, customs, and behavior that characterize a social group is best described as:
A person’s ancestry and the way individuals identify themselves with the nation from which they or their ancestors came is best described as:
Which of the following statements best describes “resistance cultures?”
According to research, which of the following is the most likely perception of cultural minorities who are alienated from school?
Of the following, the most effective strategy for helping reduce or eliminate the effects of resistance cultures is to:
The process of socializing cultural minorities so that their behaviors fit the social patterns of the majority is best described as:
Which of the following is the most accurate description of English Learners (EL’s)?
Which of the following is NOT considered to be a characteristic of culturally responsive teaching?
One type of EL program is called immersion. When using immersion:
Which of the following is NOT true of research on gender differences?
With respect to genetic differences between boys and girls that could impact their learning in various subjects, which of the following is most accurate according to research?
Which of the following is the most commonly cited criticism of single-gender schools?
Which of the following statements most accurately describes teachers’ interaction patterns with boys and girls?
The statement, “the ability to learn, to deal with abstractions, and to solve problems,” most closely relates to a description of:
Which of the following would be Gardner’s primary criticism of existing intelligence tests?
Of the following, based on research, which is the most valid implication of learning style research for the way we teach?
Functional limitations or an inability to perform a certain act, such as hear or walk are best described as:
Instruction designed to meet the unique needs of students with exceptionalities is best described as:
Of the following, the description that most closely relates to mainstreaming is:
A plan created for each student with an exceptionality that has an assessment of the current level of performance, objectives, strategies for progress, schedules for implementing the plan and critieria for evaluating the plan's success is called a(n)
Burning anything is what type of reaction?
How many atoms of Hydrogen are in the following compound: C6H5NH2
What is the molecular mass for Carbon
What is the molecular mass for NH4?
How many moles of Carbon in 3.4g
How many grams in 5.00mol CaCl2?
What is the molecular weight of sugar? C12H22O11
How do you convert # particles to moles?
What is the mole ratio of HCl to NaCl in the following reaction: Na2CO3(aq)+ 2HCl(aq) ®2NaCl(aq)+ H2CO3(aq)
What type of reaction is the following: H2SO3(aq) -- H2O(l) + SO2(g)
What is the molecular mass of nickel
How many litres will one mole of gas at STP take up?
Find the molecular weight of Manganese dioxide
Which type of reaction gives water and a salt as products always.
What day is Mole Day?
_________ ended the American Revolution and forced England to recognize that America was independent.
__________ made manufacturing faster and cheaper with interchangeable parts.
Commander of the Army of Northern Virginia in the Civil War and surrendered to Grant. ___________
Treaty that ended the U.S.-Mexican War
American gained Florida from ______________________ in the Adams-Onis Treaty of 1819.
Final battle of the American Revolution
The Liberator was an important newspaper that in what reform movement?
Extension of America from “sea to shining sea”
Who is the world's greatest history teacher, ever?
What was the major controversy in U.S. politics in the ten years prior to the Civil War?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
(perdre) Je
(parler) Nous
(choisis) Ils
(vendre) Vous
(regarder) Tu
(finir) Elle
(descendre) Elle
(ecouter) Elles
(rougir) Nous
(attendre) Tu
les legumes
L' ananas
le fromage
les champignons
le the
le pain
la confiture
un oeuf
le poisson
le riz
Hank wants to shop for holiday gifts for his family members in just one store. What type of store would MOST LIKELY be the best place to shop?
Buying a baby bed as the highest bidder on an online shopping site is an example of which type of home shopping?
Jerry purchased a used golf cart on an Internet auction. When the golf cart arrived, he discovered that the cart was damaged and did not contain the battery. Which pro or con?
The bricklayer gave Mr. Smith an itemized list of costs for the proposed job of building a wall around his property. This is an example of which type of service work agreement?
Regina interviewed several painting contractors before selecting one to paint her house. Which effective shopping practice is this?
What is a department store?
What is a thrift store?
What is an estimate?
What is catalog shopping?
What is T-commerce?
A disadvantage of this mode of transportation is that costs are higher than other modes.
Nicole is listing features she wants and needs in her new car. Which step in meeting transportation needs is this?
Nate is comparing motorcycles and services available at a small local dealership with those in a much larger city dealership. Which type of research for a vehicle purchase is this
An advantage for a first-time buyer of buying a used car instead of a new one is that used cars:
Sally bought her new car from a dealer that represented Ford manufacturers. Which is MOST LIKELY true of Sally’s new car?
When researching makes and models of trucks, Andy checked trucks for headroom, legroom, and seating. Which factor to consider when buying vehicles is this?
Joey discovered that features like leather seats, sun roof and special rims are available on new cars at an extra cost. Which type of pricing is this?
Brad needs to find an installment loan where his monthly payments will be as low as possible. One condition of this is having:
When Blake’s car slid on ice off the road into a tree, his insurance paid for the injuries to his passenger. Which type of insurance is this?
What is liability insurance?
ice cream
Who conquered Gaul and became a dictator during the last days of the Roman Republic?
Who assassinated Julius Caesar?
What queen of Egypt helped Marc Antony?
Who was given the name Augustus after he took power?
Who was killed by the king of Egpyt?
Who helped Cleopatra become queen?
How did Caesar die?
When did Caesar die?
What is a Civil War?
What famous quote did Iulius Caesar say?
Which of these spellings does not make a long a sound?
Which of these spellings does not make a long a sound?
Which of these spellings does not make a long e sound?
In which of these words does the a have the same sound as the o in otter?
In which spelling does the u not make the same sound as in the other choices?
Which long i spelling are you unlikely to find at the end of a word?
Which of these does not a long o sound?
Which of these does not make a j sound?
Which of these spellings does not make an s sound?
In which word does the s not sound like a z?
Tara’s grandmother, who uses a walker, is moving into a smaller apartment to make home maintenance easier for her. Which housing want or need should she consider when selecting?
The Smiths have two small, school-age children and need room for them to play outside safely. Which type of housing would BEST match his housing wants and needs?
The Bartons are a busy, dual-career family with three young children. They decided to rent a home for a two-year stay in a new town. Which advantage of renting is this?
The Nortons asked how many parking spaces they were allotted before they signed a lease to rent. Which thing to inspect in rental units is this?
Before signing, Lawrence read carefully when rent was due, the amount of penalty for late payment, and all of the conditions of renting the apartment. What type of document is it?
The young couple enrolled their child in a quality day care, but their house payment is so high, they have only a little extra money to work with. Which disadvantage of buying is
The Nasons met with the banker, home-owner, and realtor to pay all costs, sign documents, and obtain ownership. Which step in purchasing a home is this?
The Nelsons put $4,000 in a special bank account to be held in trust until time to pay taxes and insurance for their new home. Which cost of buying a home is this?
Cal Vance, who served twenty years of military duty, obtained a loan to buy a new home with no down payment required. Which type of mortgage or special loan is this?
What is a manufactured "mobile" home?
What is a beneficiary?
What is a deductible?
What is worker\'s compensation?
What is an HMO?
What is COBRA?
What is a risk?
Mark must pay $500 in approved medical expenses before his insurance policy will make any payments. Which feature of health insurance is this?
Angela’s employer announced a new health insurance plan that requires all medical services be arranged through a primary care physician. Which type of health insurance program?
Susan is 22, single, and living on her own. She hopes to marry and have children someday. Term insurance has which advantage?
Alex has insurance that will cover the three months of nursing home care he will need after his automobile accident. Which type of insurance is this?
An advantage of using credit is:
Which is MOST LIKELY purchased using a regular charge account?
Which is an example of unsecured credit?
Writing a check from an account when there are not enough funds to cover it can reflect poorly on one’s:
Diner’s Club is an example of:
Which is an example of a sub-prime, or non-preferred, lender?
Before he signed the loan agreement, Jerry read the fine print and noticed that the agreement called for a balloon payment to retire the loan. What should he do?
Which is a sign of debt problems?
Which is a strategy for getting out of debt?
Rosie decided she had no choice but to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy. What can you conclude?
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What did people start to look to for answers during the scientific revolution
Why was France in debt before the revolution
why did Napoloeon struggle when he attacked Russia
What is a revolution
What side was the U.S. on during the World War 1
All of the following are adaptations that are shared by primates EXCEPT for
All Of the following are characteristics of prosimians EXCEPT for
All of the following are characteristics and examples of Old World Monkeys EXCEPT for
Primates consist of two groups, anthropoids and
How many hominid species exist today?
The ability to merge visual images from both eyes, which provides depth perception and three-dimensional view of the world is called
The word prehensile refers to
Which of the following is true about hominid evolution
Which of the following are most closely related
The ability to walk upright is helped by which of the following
A struggle within a character's heart or mind-
The main or underlying idea
The narrator speaks directly to the audience
A comparison using like or as
The result of the climax
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