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What is a break or crack in the Earth's surface along a transform boundary called?
What is the process in which rocks are broken down?
Where does most volcanic activity occur?
What are the 3 shapes of bacteria?
Which is a nonliving pathogen?
Which is an organism without a definite nucleus?
Which is NOT a characteristic of a living organism?
Anything that disrupts normal life functions is called a
A bacteria that has mutated and become resistant to antibiotics is called a
An organism that is infected with a disease but shows no symptoms is a
When a disease is spread and causes an outbreak in a contained area:
Malaria is spread by what vector?
What part of a cell holds the DNA
Which geographic region contains Death Valley?
Which geographic region contains the Continental Divide?
Which geographic region contains some of the oldes mountain ranges in North America?
Which geographic region contains broad lowlands with excellent harbors?
Which geographic region contains the natural boundary that determines the directional flow of rivers?
Which geographic region has flat grass lands that gradually rise in elevation from east to west?
In which geographic region would you find the Lakota/Sioux Indians
Which geographic region contains hills worn by erosion & hundreds of lakes carved by glaciers?
Which geographic region is wrapped around the Hudson Bay & is shaped like a horseshoe?
Death Valley -
What is the climax of the story?
Using context clues, the word contraptions probably means...
The protagonist of the story is...
The external conflict of the story is...
The mood of this story is...
Why is Lenny a dynamic character?
Lenny was an inventor. Is that a...
After Rudy rolled around on the ground laughing for about a minute, he got up and asked Lenny if he was Ok.
What point of view is the story told from?
What literary genre is represented in this story?
To find a magazine article you would use...
What does an almanac contain?
Where would you find synonyms?
You need a book on baking brownies. How would you find it in the library?
When you find something interesting in an encyclopedia, you should copy it word-for-word into your paper.
What's an atlas?
Instead of an atlas, almanac, or newspaper, where could you find all of your information instead?
Why would you use a dictionary?
I need to research penguins. Where would I look?
I need to know what evanescence means. Where would I look?
What word means very great destruction or disorder?
What word means progress toward a destination or goal?
What word means to talk rapidly and in a senseless manner; chatter?
What word means about to occur?
What word means to extend sharply outward or upward; project?
What word means to cause something to start burning; to begin to burn?
What word means arrogant; overbearing; domineering?
What word means to provide with light or cast light on someone or something?
What word means to bump roughly against another person or thing?
What word means the specialized language of a trade, profession, or a group of people?
He helped from the Declaration of Independence.
Whe wrote poems and plays to help support American Independence.
He was the British King during the Revolutionary War.
He was the British General who surrendered at Yorktown.
These two men led patriots during the Boston Tea Party.
He warned the colonists that the British are coming.
He was a member of the House of Burgesses & gave a speech about liberty or death.
He was the Commander of the Continental Army.
He was the African American shot during the Boston Massacre.
He was the major author of the Declaration of Independence.
Canada is
The population of the United States is around
Which country celebrates Boxing Day?
Which statement is correct about Mexico?
Canada, the U.S., and Mexico signed a trade agreement called
Which country is a democratic federal republic?
Most of the population lives within 100 miles of the border it shares with the U.S. Which country is this?
Which country colonized Mexico?
What kind of government does Canada have?
In which country is the President elected for one six year term?
Sharon paid for an unexpected trip to the emergency room instead of paying her car payment. This illustrates:
Tom borrowed $100 from a friend to buy items he needed for work with a retail value of $300. When he gets his paycheck, he will have enough money to pay his debt. This illustrates:
Which is an example of earning?
Which is an example of responsible borrowing?
Which is an example of responsible earning?
Nancy works in a restaurant where she receives tips. Receiving tips is an example of which economic activity?
Which is an example of saving?
Rick cannot afford to buy Christmas gifts for everyone in his family. This illustrates
Jim decided to save his money for his senior expenses rather than spending it at the mall. This illustrates
Susan is going to obtain a loan to buy a stereo system. This is an example of which economic activity?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which of the following types of waves has the shortest wavelength?
A wave with low frequency would have relatively ______________.
Where on the electromagnetic spectrum is visible light found?
Which of the following statements is true?
Which of the following statements is true?
What type of rays would you expect to be used frequently at a hospital to make medial diagnoses?
Which of the following is NOT in the visible light spectrum?
Which of the following is a tool used for separating this different color wavelengths from each other?
Which of the following are microscopic gold particles that are used to help treat disease?
Which of the following best defines the science of separating color wavelengths?
In sexual reproduction two _________________ sex cells come together to form a new individual.
Mendel hypothesized that gametes have only one allele for each inherited trait. This hypothesis is supported by the observation that
Mendel looked at texture of the pea coat. If we said the pea coat was smooth what are we looking at?
If was say a flower is homozygous dominant what are we looking at?
Organisms that have two identical alleles for a trait are said to be
Organisms that have two different alleles for a trait are said to be
A gene that covers up another gene
A gene that is covered up by another gene
The genes that make up your genetic code
The way you look because of your genes.
Guinea pigs have brown or white fur. The allele for brown is dominant to the allele for white. What would be the phenotype of a guinea pig that is Bb?
Guinea pigs can have brown or white fur. The allele for brown is dominant to the allele for white. What would be the genotype of a guinea pig with white fur?
which of the following is not goods? Laptop, basketball, smartphone and beauty salon
what is formal definition of business
Which of the following was an early realization that gave rise to Darwin's theory of natural selection?
Lamarck's idea of
Growing up, Darwin saw that farm animals with preferred traits were chosen for breeding. Those chosen animals usually produced offspring with the preferred traits. This is
Which of the following is an observation made by Darwin that supports his theory of natural selection?
All of the following adaptations could lead an organism to be successful except
A water buffalo is born with slightly longer legs allow it to run faster than the other water buffalo in the herd. This adaptation came about because
As the finches on the Galapagos Islands became more and more varied, whether due to available food sources or geographic isolation, what was occurring?
During the Cretaceous sea levels rose drastically. What evidence supports this?
Earth has undergone catastrophic changes from time to time. Which of these most likely explains why life on Earth continued following these catastrophes?
Which of the following is the most specific group used to classify organisms
What is commodity money?
What do shells, coins, and dollar bills represent?
How do we keep money's value?
What has been happening to the US dollar?
Dollar value of all final goods produced within a nations border in one year is?
Business cycle is?
The order of business cycle is?
Six months in real GDP is down for?
What are tools of monetary policy?
Why was the FDIC established?
1. For which of these is DNA ultimately responsible?
2. Which of these follows the principle of base pairing?
3. Which of the following best illustrates the sequence in the expression of blue eyes from a parent to offspring?
4. If a sequence on one DNA strand reads A-T-C-C-T-G-C-A, what will the complementary strand sequence read?
5. What forms the backbone of DNA?
6. Who were the co-discoverers of the double helix structures of DNA?
7. How are the four DNA bases typically abbreviated?
8. Which of the following is NOT a component of DNA?
9. Which of the following best describes the structure of a typical molecule of DNA?
10. How much of the DNA is replicated during each DNA replication?
11. If hydrogen bonds connect complementary nitrogenous bases, then what type of bonds connect one strand of DNA to the other?
12. What is the genetic material that passes information from one generation to the next?
It is believed that during the late Cretaceous sea levels rose drastically resulting in about 1/3 of Earth being underwater. Which of the following supports this?
Earth has undergone some catastrophic changes from time to time. Which of these most likely explains why life on Earth continued following these catastrophes?
Which of the following is the broadest group used to classify organisms?
Many species believe life was able to leave the water\'s edge and move further in on land, away from the water, due to the development of
Why do biologists have taxonomic systems?
In the United States there are many types of rabbits. Four different species can have four different ranges, or habitats. Where would white fur in the winter not be an advantage?
A rabbit can suddenly jump higher in an environment where the more nutritious food is located high on bushes. How will this affect this rabbit?
What scientist wrote a letter to Darwin that pushed him to publish his theory?
What happens to animals with white fur living in snowy environments?
How is natural selection different from artificial selection?
Any regulations that blocks international trade is considered what?
Which is the correct order of the top 6 U.S. trading partners?
A high rise office building is what kind of factor of production and what income?
Chick-fil-a is an example of what type of business?
Minimum wage is what type of goal of the Free Enterprise System?
China can make 200 phones or 50 tablets, and America can make 100 phones or 150 tablets. What advantage does America have over China in making tablets?
The ability to produce more with less resources than other countries is known as what?
What is not an advantage of a partnership?
Which is not a characteristic of the Free Enterprise System
What is the key to trade?
What are the the three domains of life?
What is binomial nomenclature?
Who was the Father of Taxonomy?
List the 6 kingdoms of life
Domain Eukarya contains how many kingdoms?
Domain Bacteria contains how many kingdoms?
Domain Archaea contains how many kingdoms?
Fungi has a cell wall made of
Plants have a cell wall made of
A heterotroph
An autotroph
A prokaryote
A eukaryote
What do all living things in the domain eukarya have in common?
What do all living things in the domain archaea have in common?
List the two domains that are only prokaryotic.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Ted earns $250 a week from his part-time job. His goal is to save $150 each month to go on a vacation. Which phrase BEST describes this goal?
Mary's goal is to put aside money for Christmas presents from May until December. Which phrase BEST describes this goal?
Matt's goal is to save his pocket money to buy a used CD player from his cousin who has just bought a new player. Which phrase BEST describes this goal?
Mrs. Dunn always goes to the cleaners around the corner from her job. This illustrates a decision made:
In the morning Carla was invited on a trip. At lunch, she was invited to go shopping. Carla would have to make a choice. What step in the decision making process is this?
Mark's card wouldn't start and looked at his bank balance, and asked his uncle, who is a mechanic, if he could teach him how to make needed repair. Which step is this?
Mandy researched the male/female ratios to help her select between the three universities. She based her decision on the male-to-female ratio. Which type of factor influenced this?
Since she did not approve of slaughtering animals for their fur, Hilton decided not to purchase a coat with a natural fur collar. Which type of factor MOST LIKELY influenced Hilton
Which is the BEST example of wants influencing financial decisions? The Barton family decided to spend their tax refund to:
Single mom Marjorie works full-time to take care of her two children and her aging grandmother. Which lifestyle conditions does this illustrate?
Los dias festivos
Yo estoy decorando la casa
Ella esta colgando las decoraciones
Command form: Venir
Command form: Hacer
Past tense: Nosotros - hablar
Past tense: Tu - hablar
Past tense: Ellos - hablar
What subjects are taught in Afghanistan schools today?
How many students are enrolled in Afghanistan today?
What year did the first high school graduate students in Afghanstan?
Who are Afghanistan schools taught by?
Who used to be allowed to go to school?
What country has the most enrolled students?
Where do the people of Afghanistan go to celebrate during Ramadan?
Afghanistan and the USA have more than...
The USA and Afghanistan celebrate the same holiday called...
What do children in Afghanistan use to play a game?
What do they eat with their rice?
What are their shawls made of?
What do they eat with their chicken ?
What do they put on their heads?
What do they eat with their flat bread?
How do they wear their scarves?
What do they put on their kabobs?
How do the men sometimes dress?
How do babies dress?
How are the womens dresses worn?
The worksheet that appears in the workbook window
After you select a chart type and style, the chart is inserted as an embedded chart in the center of the worksheet
The location where the data will appear after it is transferred
Data with letters arranged in alphabetical order (A to Z), data with numbers arranged from lowest to highest, and data with dates arranged from earliest to latest
The value the function uses to perform a calculation, including a number, text, or a cell reference that acts as an operand
When you pull one or more slices away from the pie in a pie chart to distinguish them.
A line that establishes a relationship between data in a chart; most charts have a horizontal x-axis and a vertical y-axis
A graphical representation of data
A list that identifies patterns, symbols, or colors used in a chart
Shorthand way to write an equation that performs a calculation
Which file type is an image that includes motion or animation?
Which view displays each slide so that it fills the enitre screen with no toolbars or other Windows elements visible on the screen?
Which group on the Home Ribbon contains commands to create new slides in a presention?
What command is used to quit the current presentation on screen and quit the PowerPoint 2010 screen?
Which area is used to specify the length of the transition effect for each slide in a presentation?
What contains a theme, sample text , and graphics on a slide or slide background to guide you as you develop your content?
What are visual effects in the form of movements from one slide to another during a presentation called?
Which an option offered on the Picture Tools Format Robbon Color drop-down command for adjusting pricture color?
Which term refers to the size of alphabetic and numeric characters on a slide?
What is the name of the process for modifying a presentation by adding and deleting slides or by changing the contents of individual slides?
When you own stocks, your share of the profit is called ____.
In regards to investing, putting some money in safe investments and some money in risky investments is called ____.
A place where stocks are bought and sold is a ____.
____ is the world's first electronic stock market.
The largest stock exchange in the world in terms of money traded located on Wall Street is the ___.
Which of the following is NOT one of the stock market indices we discussed?
Which of the following is NOT a category of bonds?
In a ____ market, there is fear, backing away, and investors are selling stocks and are hesitant to buy.
I=P*R*T is the formula for calculating ____ interest.
Income minus expenses necessary for living equals
Which group on the Insert Ribbon contains the command to insert a Chart into a slide?
Which feature allows you to create graphical lists and porcess disgrams easily and quickly?
In Slide Sorter View, which method is used to change slide order?
Which area in teh Print Dialog box is used to change the printer?
Which print setting creates printouts of an entire slide on the top of the page and an area for speaker notes below the slide?
Which type of presentaion is used to teach an audience how something works or helps them understand a process or procedure?
What does the wavy, red line under a word in a presentation mean?
When saving a presentation that will be exported to Microsoft Word 2010, which file type should be selected?
On the Home Ribbon, which command in used to change the orientation of text in a text box to vertical, stacked, or rotated?
What is a list of statements with a special symbol to the left called?
To a large extent, we choose our conversations when we choose our community.
One key to understanding styles is to look for one possible interpretation of any behavior.
What’s an effective way to lead in a diverse world?
Assertive communication shows respect and seeks out win-win solutions.
It is best to speak slowly, distinctly, and patiently while you use gestures to accompany your words for someone who does not know English well.
Discrimination takes place when stereotypes or prejudice gets expressed in policies and laws that undermine equal opportunities for all cultures
People are born knowing how to make requests, give feedback, create budgets, do long-range planning, or delegate tasks. It takes practice to become a leader.
The focus of a study group is to compare and discuss which of the following?
Effective study groups can also help you develop which of the following skills?
Four people is the ideal group size
You create your own level of health, every minute of every day.
Stress can result not only from the events themselves but also from how we think about them.
Your brain performs better if the rest of your body is in shape. Exercise also relieves tension, which can affect your ability to focus.
Which of the following are ways to protect your overall health?
Losing sleep, skipping exercise, and eating poorly will not take a toll on your health and your mood.
Signs that signal a danger of suicide include
Take suicide threats seriously. Suicide is one of the leading causes of death among students, but it can usually be prevented if people pay attention to the warning signs.
Factors that increase your chance of addition include: Age/Timing, Heredity, Environment
A persistent headaches is not a sign that your health maybe suffering.
Advertising does not impact our health only our purchases.
Answers by Educators Question Database
The dense connetive tissue covering outer surface of bone diaphises in termed:
Which of the following bones is considered a sesamoid bone:
These two components in bone are responsible for the hardness and pliability of bone:
A fracture in the saft of a long bone would be a break in the:
Condroblasts produce:
These structures are at the center of compact bone lamellae and carry blood vessels along.
The cell type that is responsible for maintaining bone matrix once it has formed is:
Articulations refers to:
Which of the following is not part of the axial skeleton:
Which of the following does not describes synovial joints:
Power within the United States government is divided between the Federal, State, and Local levels. What is this called?
Which of the following statements is an example of one of the promises stated in the Preamble.
President Obama meets with the Prime Ministers of Russia and Sweden. What role is he best exhibiting?
The First Amendment Freedoms are...
The 5th and 14th Amendments help define...
A person who is looking to impact State Legislation in Virginia, should look to contact members of ...
Someone who is not a Republican or a Democrat and finds themselves in the middle of the political spectrum would be called what?
A economy that is controlled mostly by the government is called...
Which of the following courts is known for having Original Jurisdiction?
If the Constitution needs to be changed,
Differences between members of the same species
Process by which individuals that are better adapted to their environment are more likely to survive and reproduce
If a homozygous black guinea pig (BB) is crossed with a homozygous white guinea pig (bb), what is the probability that the offspring will have black fur?
What happens during meiosis?
Which combination of sex chromosomes results in a male human being?
What is a genome?
Which form of selective breeding crosses parents with the same or similar sets of alleles?
What must occur for a girl to be colorblind?
Both parents of a child have type A blood. What might their child's blood type be?
An organism's physical appearance
72 x2
half of $1.50
Fraction that is same as 3/4
Prime number
$2.50 X 4
4 dozen is the same as
$20.00- $15.50
$.05x 7
If angle 1 is 55 then what is angle 2
If angle 2 is 76 degrese then what is angle 8
(4X6) + x=29
What is the probability of rolling a 6 on a standard dice
How many ways can I roll a 7 with 2 dice
Why did many/most Irish people immigrate to the USA
Which word is an adverb?
What fraction is the same as 25/100
How can I find batting average if I have 6 hits and 10 at bats
Which word spelled correct
$50.00 - $29.25 =
What number has factors of 1,2,3, 4,6
75k * 17-3-2k
What was the name of the original monster?
What was the name of the mead-hall?
How long does the monster haunt the mead-hall?
Where is Beowulf's homeland?
Where is Grendel's Mother found?
What does Beowulf bring up from the lake?
Who does Beowulf fight in his last match?
Who helps Beowulf fight the dragon?
Does the dragon survive his fight with Beowulf?
What damage does Beowulf do to Grendel at their first meet?
A solution with a pH of 8.0 is
Which of the following is a value from the pH scale?
Which of the following values of pH will change red litmus paper blue?
Which of the following values of pH will change blue litmus paper red?
An acid has
What is the missing part of the chemical equation? ___________ + base --- salt + water
Which of the following is a basic pH?
What will be the outcome of putting litmus paper into rainwater? (look at the pH on your pH scale!)
According to the pH scale, which substance is more acidic than tomato juice? (use your pH scale)
According to the pH scale, which substance has the lowest hydrogen ion concentration? (the least H+)
What will be the outcome of putting litmus paper into a mixture of equal parts lemon juice and ammonia solution? (what happens when you mix equal acids and bases with the same strength?)
According to the pH scale, which substance is the weakest base?
A solution with a pH of 2.0 is
A neutral solution has
If you spilled an acid on the floor the best way to clean it up would be to
According to the pH scale, which substance is LESS acidic than acid rain?
According to the pH scale, which substance has the highest acidity?
What is pH a measure of?
Distilled water will
What is the missing part of the chemical equation? acid + base-- salt + ________
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What animal is there hundred of in the cities of Afghanistan?
What country fought in Kabul?
What city is the capital of Afghanistan?
What city was once a Persian Empire?
Who captured the city of Kabul?
What is the same about Herat and Denver?
What is the same about Kabul and Herat?
What is Herat famouos for?
What is the oldest city in Afghanistan?
What does Denver have that Kabul does not?
What city is the oldest and largest in Afghanistan?
What animal in used to carry items in the city?
What is the same about Denven and Mazari-Shareefl?
How many students are enrolled in schools in Afghanistan?
Where did students go to school when their schools were destroyed?
How were many schools destroyed?
What sport do people in Afghanistan play the most?
What is Pahlwan?
What are kites made of in Afghanistan?
What sport in played by both children and adults in Afghanistan?
What is the flat bread of Afghanistan called?
What do people in Afghanistan like to eat with lamb?
Two types of tea in Afghanistan are
What is another name of Ramadan?
For what holiday do some of the Afghanistan people fast for a month?
How many presents do you get for Ramadan?
What do many of the Afghans wear for clothes?
How many does must you fast for Ramadan?
After what holiday do you feast in Afghanistan?
For what holiday do kids in Afghanistan get to have a party?
What do the soldier do before war in Afghanistan?
The Taliban...
The Tailiban did not allow...
What city did the Taliban take over?
What is something that was not allowed by the Taliban in Afghanistan that is allowed in the USA?
What is a common piece of clothing that women wear in Afghanistan?
On what holiday do Muslims have to fast?
What month does their New Year begin?
Women can't listen to...
Where do Muslims have to go at least once in their lives?
the path of energy from food that is transferred from one organism to another
a group of the same kind of organism living together in the same environment
anything that has parts and is not alive
a place in an ecosystem where populations live, example: desert, rain forest
shows the interaction of many different food chains in an ecosystem
the role each population plays in its habitat
a category of similar, closely related organisms capable of reproducing
all the populations of organisms living together in an environment
plants or animals that are living
all living and nonliving things found in an environment and the ways they affect and interact with one another
A specific physical characteristic that allows a living thing to survive in its environment; ex: hooves, webbed feet
animals that are hunted
organisms that make their own food
A change in an organism’s body structure over time to enable it to survive in its environment
the job of a physical characteristic that an animal has that helps it to survive in its environment
consumers that break down the tissues of dead organisms
The contest among organisms for the limited resources of an ecosystem
too many animals of a certain species living in a certain area
animals that hunt other animals
an organism in a community that must eat to get the energy it needs
Who can introduce a bill into congress?
Who is our current Vice-President?
How many years does a Senator serve in congress?
How many votes does it take to override a Presidential veto?
What is an agreement to end debate in congress?
What can influence a congress person's decisions?
Which of the following is part of our congress?
What is a responsibility of someone in congress?
What is a plann for how the government will spend its money?
Who controls the fate of bills in congress?
What is a proposed law?
Which of the following is a benefit to being in congress?
Who was a President that was impeached?
Who is the most powerful person in congress?
What do we call a group of people that a person in congress represents?
Who tries to convince congress people to support the party position?
Which of the following is a goal of congress?
Where must all bills dealing with money begin?
Who is the presiding officer of the Senate?
What is a speech that is used to delay or stop a vote in the Senate?
How many years does a member of the House of Representatives serve?
What is it called when the President rejects a bill approved by congress?
Which of the following is a committee in congress?
Who is the current Speaker of the House?
Which of the following is a limit to what types of things the congress can do?
What is something that guide's a congress person's decision?
Which of the following is true about the lawmaking process?
Who is more powerful in congress?
Who can have an idea for a law?
Which of the following is a power of congress besides lawmaking?
What means to not take sides in a war?
What is a government that eliminates social classes and attempts to create equality?
Which country was seen as the agressor during World War I?
Who was the revolutionary leader that attempted to overtake the Russian government several times?
Which of the following was a reason that the United States joined World War I?
Which Asian country became an aggressive, imperialistic power in the 1930's?
What are payments for harm done?
What would describe the early years of World War I?
Which of the following was the most successful revolution in modern times?
Which of the following can be seen as a cause of war?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Athens Boy life is:
Battle of marathon was
Battle of Marathon was were
Battle of Thermopylae was
une chanteur
une fois
une équipe
un joueuse
Nous allons au théâtre pour voir...
Michelle et Marc voient (voir) _______ au musée.
Le film ________ à 8h.
Les Mis, C'est une comédie _____________.
Au stade, nous assisstons à ____________.
J'ai besoin d'un _____________ pour ma place.
Non, je ne _________ pas ton cousin.
Tu as les billets, je ne les ai pas ___________.
Je prends cette place? - oui, prends- _______.
Henri et Olivier _______________ mes parents
I am going to watch it (le film) tomorrow.
Je ___________ comment faire une tarte.
Tu as écouté la radio? - Oui, je _____________.
Thomas a perdu son chien? -Oui, il ___ a perdu
Replace each of the following words with pronouns: le chat, mes amis, votre voiture
The battle of Thermopylae was were
Battle of Salamis was
The battle of Salamis was
The battle of Plataea was
Battle of plataea was
Direct democracy is where
Representative Democracy is where
Major contributions by the Ancient Greeks
River where the Roman civilization was established:
Punic Wars were fought agains
The punic wars is where:
The rome republic had
Similarities between roman republic and american government
julius caesar was not
Julius caesar was a
Major contributions by the ancient Romans
Comunidad es:
¿Qué es cognición?
¿Qué es comunicación?
Los alumnos que forman parte de una comunidad donde aprender, ésta les resulta...
¿Quienes son compañeros en el proceso de la educación?
¿El contenido está ligado a la comunidad?
¿Dónde se integra el contenido cultural?
¿Dónde participan activamente los alumnos en las actividades?
Las habilidades en lenguaje/comunicación, se desarrollan en....
¿Cuáles son las 4 C´s?
Input peripheral for videoconferencing
Output peripheral
Output peripheral for listening
Input peripheral
Input-Output peripheral
Input peripheral for texts and graphics
Input peripheral for recording audio
Output peripheral for displaying purposes
Input-Output peripheral with no disk
Input-Output peripheral non storage device
Ella __________ mucho en la clase de español.
Tú _________ notas buenas en la clase de ciencias.
Ellos _________ el plato en el suelo.
Ana y Gabriel ________ el libro viejo.
Ustedes _________ las tapas
¿_________ tú la tarea de anoche?
Tu padre no _________ anoche.
LA Taco ________ tacos en el parque el martes pasado.
El año pasado Miguel _______ la montaña.
Los estudiantes _________ en la cafetería ayer.
Ricardo y yo _________ los boletos.
¿Quién _________ en ACMH?
Mi gato ________ la leche.
Tú y Roger ________ a casa a pie.
Lisa no _________ el taxista.
Los amigos ________ la película en español.
La llama ________ en el Perú
Yo ________ el sofá.
Yo _______ la persona en la foto.
Alejandro y Isabél ________ los libros a la biblioteca.
Where in Mesoamerica were the Mayans located?
What geographical structure protected the MAyans from invasion?
How did the Mayans purchase goods?
What made the Mayans alike other civalizations at the time?
Which is NOT a theory of how the Mayans fell?
What tribe rivaled the Mayans?
Who was the local ruler for each Mayan city?
Around what time period did the Mayans fall?
What was the period called in which the Mayans thrived?
The Mayans were Polytheistic. True or False
During the end of the Mayan Civilization, what started to occur?
What achievements do not belong to the Mayans
What kind of Gods did the Mayans worship?
What is a tradition the Mayans are known for?
The Mayans were very strict with laws and anyone, no matter how noble, would recieve punishments when necessary
What is not one of the punishments that would occur when someone commited a crime?
True or False: Mayans believed that criminals did not act on their own but were being controlled by evil spirits
What was their Social Hierarchy?
True or False- The Mayans were strictly carnivorous
The Mayans were...
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which of the following was a short-term cause of World War I?
What is an increase in prices and money in circulation?
Who are people that provide money and ideas for businesses?
What was something done by the Bolsheviks in Russia?
What was the official position of the U.S. at the beginning of World War I?
Who was the President that dealt with the economic problems of the U.S. during the Great Depression?
Who was the fascist leader of Italy?
What is a nationalist/anti-communist system that uses violence and dictatorship to reach its goals?
How did Europe attempt to keep peace prior to World War I?
What was a failed attempt to create an organizaton that would settle disputes following World War I?
Which was the first event that occurred after Lincoln was elected president?
Which was the first state to secede from the Union?
This became the main issue that divided the nation between North & South.
All of the following were issues that divided the nation EXCEPT -
Which of the following was an economic issue that divided the nation
All of the following were beliefs of the South EXCEPT -
All of the following were beliefs of the North EXCEPT -
Which of the following best describes the Missouri Compromise?
Which of the following best describes the Compromise of 1850?
Which of the following best describes the Kansas-Nebraska Act?
Which treaty ended World War I and is seen as a cause of World War II?
What is a close association between nations to achieve a common objective?
What is a feeling of loyalty or attachment to your langauge, culture, or region?
Who was first to declare war at the beginning of World War I?
What is the policy of building an empire by taking colonies?
What is the change or overthrow of a government?
Who was the ruler of Russia before the Communist Revolution?
What is an elected worker's council set up by Russian laborers?
Who emerged as the dictator of Russia following the Communist Revolution?
Which country suffered the most during the economic trouble of the late 1920's?
What was President Roosevelt's response to the economic trouble?
How did Italy and Germany respond to economic troubles?
What is a severe and prolonged downturn in the economy?
What was the new name for Russia following the Russian Revolution?
Which country entered World War I and changed the outcome?
Which alliance was made from the countries of France, Russia, and Great Britain?
What was a feature of battle during World War I?
Who gained greater voting rights after World War I?
Which country was behind many other European nations during the Industrial Revolution?
What is a name related to the group that took over Russia?
Geographic area that contains a specific number of voters
List of candidates on which you vote
One that allows a person to vote without going to the polls on Election Day
Lack of interest
A procedure by which citizens can propose new laws or state constitutional amendments
A position asking for a new law
Certain ideas that may involve misleading messages designed to manipulate people
Political organization established by a corporation, labor union, or other specific interest group designed to support candidates by contributing money
A politician who has already been elected to office
Best civics teacher at Ramsey
Specific noises added to a sound track.
The sound with the incoming video is heard over the end of the outgoing video
The "live" sound recorded with video.
A cut in which audio and video do not change together.
Collectively, the sound components of an audiovisual program.
The adjustment of the volume levels of various sound frequencies to balance the overall mixture of sounds.
An edit in which audio and video change simultaneously; also, an edit that does not include an effect such as a fade or dissolve.
The blended together of separate audio tracks, either in a computer or through a sound mixing board.
Speech by performers on-screen.
Narration or dialogue recorded independently and then paired with a related video.
Meriweather Lewis and William Clark traveled from St. Louis, Missouri, to the mouth of the Columbia River. This route became known as the
Both the American Revolution and the ____________ ended in Virginia
Many of the Middle West states were once part of the __________
The Declaration of Independence and ___________ were written in Pennsylvania.
One of the world's foremost medical research centers is the ___________
The first permanent English settlement was at Jamestown,____________
The Statue of Liberty is located in the harbor of____________
Patriots protested a tax on tea in ________________
What region is Washington State in?
What region is Texas in?
All of the following describes Robert E. Lee EXCEPT -
All of the following describe Abraham Linclon EXCEPT -
Who was the president of the Confederate States of America
Which was the first MAJOR battle of the Civil War?
Which battle was considered to be the turning point in the Civil War?
Which battle split the South by dividing the Mississippi River?
The Union placed a blockade of all of the following southern ports EXCEPT -
Which battle gave the Union control of the high ground, which repelled Lee's invasion?
After Linclon issued the Emancipation Proclamation, many freed slaves -
Which of the following started the Civil War?
A rifle being cocked can communicate ______.
Mood can be enhanced by ______________.
Fireworks can signal ______.
Which of the following is NOT used to make a sound track?
What are the three ways program audio delivers information?
Which of the following are usually not visible and often best conveyed through words?
Sounds of bodies being hurt can evoke ______.
Footsteps echoing on concrete create ______.
Sound can create or reinforce a ______ through the background sounds associated with it.
Listeners cannot listen to ______ selectively.
Answers by Educators Question Database
What is an area of the Roman Empire ruled by a governor and supported by an army?
What is the rejection of any planned action by a person in power?
Who were the first people to settle on the Italian peninsula?
Earth’s major tectonic plates include the Eurasian, African, Indo-Australian, Pacific, North American, and South American plates. What are these tectonic plates named after?
Gravity is a force of attraction between objects that have
A scientist is testing an unknown mineral by scratching it against several known minerals. What property is the scientist testing?
Which of these objects carried people into space?
Which description characterizes a typical metal?
A volleyball player throws a ball straight up into the air. The ball falls back down again and hits the gym floor. Which kind of energy is at its lowest when the ball is at its highest point in the air and at its highest when the ball hits the floor?
What kind of formation is found at the boundary between two pieces of oceanic crust that are spreading apart from one another?
Which structure indicates that the cell is eukaryotic?
A runner completes a 400 meter race in 2.5 minutes. What is the runner's average speed?
A beaker holds a clear solution of potassium iodide, KI. You pour a clear solution of lead nitrate, Pb(NO3)2, into the beaker. The picture above shows what happens. What can you conclude from these results?
Which is the chemical symbol for the element copper?
A student wants to use an apple to model Earth’s layers. She explains that the skin of the apple is like Earth’s crust. The apple’s core is like Earth’s core. Its pale flesh is Earth’s mantle. Which is a limitation of this model?
Kinetic energy is related to an object’s
Which force keeps the space station in orbit?
What kind of rock forms when lava from a volcano cools?
The picture above shows a teapot full of cool water. It is resting on a hot metal stove burner. Which describes how thermal energy is transferred to the teapot?
A sample of gas has a volume of 5 L and a mass of 0.9 g. What is the density of the gas in grams per liter
Which is a biotic part of this ecosystem?
whic of the following is a not mixture?
What natural force causes the downward motion of the apple when it falls out of a tree?
___________ in the heart keep the blood moving in one direction.
Oxygen is carried through the body in our ___________.
______________ nodes may swell when we have an infection in our body.
Our windpipe is known as the _______________.
In normal cases we have ________ lungs in our body.
Urine is produced when our _______________ filter waste from the blood.
_____________ is a virus that attacks our immune system.
In normal conditions we have _______ kidneys.
A __________ is designed to prevent us from getting a virus.
The __________ is the largest artery in the body.
In the future, the seas and oceans...
What does it mean to be eco-friendly?
Which environmental organisation has a panda as its main symbol?
In the future, the North Pole and much of the ice areas of our world...
What are the so-called 3Rs?
What is the difference between climate and weather?
What is the greenhouse effect?
What are endangered species?
What is the environment?
What is waste?
The mathematical formula for the area of a triangle is
The process of collecting, organizing and analyzing data is called
The average number in a data set is the
What is the median of the following data set: 1, 3, 5, 8, 8
The mode in a data set is the number
A common computer software used to analyze data is a
When preparing to communicate a solution to a design problem, you must
The communication format that has the potential to reach the largest audience is a
In the beginning of a presentation it is important to
74. At the end of a presentation it is important to
Which of the responses below is NOT a good reason to arrive early on the day of a presentation?
The Scramble for Africa map tells about ....
Where did the ideas in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights come from?
Who is the Father of Science?
Paper, telescope and microscope, and thermometer were discoveries of what period?
When governments become too powerful they fail to protect....
What problem was the same in Rwanda, Darfur, Bosnia and Kosovo?
Which was not a cause for WW1?
Technology can create new weapons and cause more deaths in war like WW1. The effect of this technolgy is....
Martin Luther King's speech wanted to replace ______ with more equal rights.
The civil rights movement in India was started from what idea of the Enlightment Period?
The black and mulatto populations in Latin America can be traced back to what event?
The impact of technological innovations between 1880s and 1900sof steam boats,steam-powered railroads, and automobiles, was on...
The Arab-Israel War, The Suez Crisis, The Six-Day War and The Yom Kippur War are events that show that _________ have continued to be an issue in Israel.
European Imperialism in Africa was...
The Arab-Israel War, Germany's invasion of Poland and WW1 and Mass Murder in Rwanda all caused ...
Adolf Hitler, Moammar Gadhafi, and Saddam Hussein are examples of what kind of governments:
Traditional economies produce what has always been produced, where ______ economies produce whatever will make a profit (make money $).
Regions can be effected (changed) by .....
Did Japanese silk workers feel the benefits of working in an industrialized factory outweighed the costs of industrialization.
THe non-violent protests of Ghandhi, Mandela and King all helped the improvement of....
Select an input device
Select an output device
Select an input-output device
It is called the computer's brain
Device where you can save your files in
How many bytes are 1 Kbyte?
This is not for saving infomation
Programs and applications are called...
Physic parts of computers are called
Peropheral device for introducing alphanumerical information
What are the important elements of the Nile River?
What was the writing system developed by Ancient Egyptians?
Why was the Nile River so vital to the development of the Ancient Egyptian civilization?
What was being an Egyptian pharaoh like?
Differences between Egyptian pharaoh and American President
Egyptian creations
What were the major rivers associated with the Ancient Indian civilization?
Aspects of Indian culture and geography
Concepts related to Buddhism and Hinduism
Contributions by the ancient indians
What are the rivers associated with the Ancient Chinese Civilization?
Ideas expressed in Confucianism
How is the Silk Road a component of cultural diffusion?
Major contributions to the modern world by Ancient Chinese
Geography of Ancient Greece
Life as a Spartan boy meant:
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
All of the following are true about the effects of the Civil War EXCEPT -
Which of the following accurately describes an effect of the Civil War?
Which of the following DOES NOT accurate describe an effect of the Civil War?
Clara Barton is best know for -
Robert Small is best known for -
Which of the following accurately describes the affects of the Civil War on African Americans
Which of the following is NOT true about African Americans during the Civil War?
Which of the following is NOT true about women's roles during the Civil War?
Which General surrendered to end the Civil War?
This was the Civil War surrender site.
Pouring champagne can communicate ______.
______ can clarify on screen actions.
Words can convey information in highly ______ form.
Professional ______ can organize and emphasize information through their skills in verbal delivery.
Sound can ______ separate shots by carrying continuous sounds across edits and through multiple shots.
This audio is recorded simultaneously with the video and is often called the production track.
This is live audio that has been processed in postproduction to improve its quality.
This is a track of sound effects recorded live in a special studio while the video is displayed so that technicians can synchronize the sounds they are creating with the program in
This is audio that is not created specifically for a particular program, but is stored on discs for use when needed.
This is digital audio that is created on a computer instead of being recorded acoustically.
Which is an example of an adult in a mid-years family?
Which is an example of a typical need of an expanding family?
Which is a variation of the typical family life cycle?
Which is an example of a typical need of a beginning family?
Which is an example of a typical income for an adult in a mid-years family?
Which is an example of a typical income for a teen in a parenting family?
Which is an example of a typical expense for an adult in a launching family?
Doris and Bill Alston met with their lawyer to review their last will to be sure their children would be well-provided-for. Which stage of the life cycle does this illustrate?
After her divorce, Marissa earned her master's degree and was hired as an executive in a downtown business firm. Which lifestyle conditions does this illustrate?
Which is a variation of the typical family life cycle?
Which illustrates using available media to communicate and protect others?
Which illustrates seeking help from a local agency?
Which illustrates reporting a fraudulent scam to a consumer government agency?
Which illustrates a vague offer expecting one to pay up front? The woman:
Which illustrates concealing information? The man:
Which illustrates a typical line from a sweepstakes letter?
Which illustrates a typical line from a lottery promotion?
Which illustrates a typical line from an earn-money-at-home offer?
On the day of his Superbowl party, Dan went to the store four times to shop for snacks. Dan's behavior illustrates failure to:
Lisa did not discuss her planned purchase of new bedroom furniture. When the furniture was delivered, her husband was not pleased . Lisa's behavior illustrates failure to
Everyone must be read their rights before they are arrested
Death penalty is legal
Schools can establish dress codes
Abortion is legal in the United States provided the fetus is not viable outside the womb
You cannot break laws because of your religious beliefs
Schools may search your locker
No moment of school prayer
No school prayer
You can burn the flag
You have the right to protest at funerals
What are the three primary colors?
What are the secondary colors?
What are the cool colors?
What are the warm colors?
You can not mix different colors to make white
If you mix the three primary colors in tempera it makes black
Who developed the the first circular diagram of colors in 1666?
What of the following pairs are not complementary?
The color is...
Black is...
One branch of government can stop the others from abusing their powers
Executive Branch
The People Rule
Three Branches of Government
One state must recognize the legal documents from other states
Different levels of government
Interprets laws
To change the Consitution
Approve changes
Different levels of government
The act of disobeying the law to promote change
Last name of the author of the essay on Civil Disobedience
Last name of the author of "Letter From a Birmingham Jail"
To disrupt a business by your refusal to leave
To disagree
To not purchase a product to persuade the producer to change policy
Rights guaranteed to all Americans
To formally object to a government policy
Favorite class this semester
Individuals have more rights than those listed in the Constitution
You have the same rights in civil trials as in criminal trials
Due Process
No cruel and unusual punishment
Right to own a gun
Quartering soldiers
Right to privacy
Powers not given to the national government belong to the states or individuals
Right to a speedy trial
Lists your five basic freedoms
How are sound waves different from light waves?
Which is true about light and the electronmagnetic spectrum?
In what way are atoms of nitrogen different from atoms of oxygen?
The melting point of a solid is 24.9 celcius. As heat is added to melt the solid, what hapens to the particles?
An example of a property of matter that can be observed without changing the identity oft he mattter is
If you place a stone in cold water, what would happen to the stone after 10 minutes?
When electromagnetic waves strike a metal pipe, what usually happens?
Which describes why metals are used to make pots and pans for cooking?
why do moon phases occur?
What is the most useful purpose of the International space Center
Answers by Educators Question Database
The streets were hot and dusty on the summer day. Stokers emerged from low underground doorways into factory yards...There was a stifling smell of hot oil everywhere. The steam-engines shone with it' - What time period does this symbolize?
What historical trend was most responsible for the change in Birmingham’s population from 50,000 in 1801 to 250,000 in 1851?
In the nineteenth century, labor unions developed mostly in response to
To increase production output during the Industrial Revolution, businesses primarily invested in
In the mid-1700s, how did trade contribute to the early growth of an industrial economy in Great Britain?
The American Civil War decreased Europe’s supply of cotton from the American South. What did the Europeans do to maintain the flow of this natural resource for their textile industries?
The social criticism of Charles Dickens’s novels Hard Times and David Copperfi eld was a response to conditions brought about by
Which condition is most necessary to the process of industrialization in a society?
A main idea of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles’ Communist Manifesto is that the proletariat (industrial workers)
“The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains…Workers of the world, unite!” This statement was made in response to conditions resulting from the
Which of the following revolutions directly led the to Industrial Revolution?
Before a nation can begin to industrialize, that nation must first develop
A major result of the Industrial Revolution was the
Ideas of John Locke • Rulers receive the right to govern from the people. • Unjust rulers can be forced from power. Based on the quotation above, which form of government would John Locke most oppose?
• natural rights • separation of powers • political equity The teachings of Enlightenment thinking listed above provided the basis for the
What were both the Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights designed to do?
The Great Awakening of the mid-1700s affected the British colonies by
One goal of the Declaration of Independence was to
In designing the legislative branch, the writers of the Constitution mainly based their ideas on the
The Mayflower Compact (1620) was signifi cant in the political development of the American colonies because it introduced the principle of
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people. 10th amendment was added to resolve which of the following issues
Which of these Founders favored a strong national government and a loose interpretation of the United States Constitution?
Which of these parts of the United States Constitution contains fundamental liberties of American citizens?
Cuando hablamos de fomentar la reflexión sobre los procesos de aprendizaje, hablamos de:
El Entorno educativo seguro y enriquecedor es:
Hacer una conexión periódica del aprendizaje con la vida de los alumnos, hace referencia a:
Cuando nos referimos a que los alumnos ayudan a concretar los objetivos acerca del contenido, la lengua y las destrezas de aprendizaje, estamos hablando de:
El andamiaje consiste, entre otras definiciones:
Cuando implicamos a los padres en el aprendizaje sobre CLIL y sobre cómo apoyar a los alumnos, nos referimos a:
Traduce al español: Safe and enriching learning environment.
Traduce al inlgés: Andamiaje
Traduce al Español: Active Learning
¿Cuáles son los elementos principales de CLIL?
Which of the following made it a crime to help run away slaves?
What is the term for favoring the interests of one section or region over another?
What slave fought the Supreme Court to try to gain his freedom?
Who is the mad who led the raid on Haper's Ferry?
Who wrote the famous anti-slavery book, Uncle Tom's Cabin?
Most of the Blur filters allow you to specify the _ of affected pixels
Graphic artists use _ filters to add a 3-D effect or to apply a segmented style to photos
The Render effects are on the _ menu.
Most clip art images have searchable _associated with them.
For print publications, _ images are a good choice because they can be resized, rotated, and stretched easily without specialized graphic-editing software.
_ does not support transparent backgrounds.
A(n) _ layer consists of a fill layer that defines the shape color and a linked vector mask that defines the path or
Color _ are used to outline, emphasize, or highlight.
_ are outlines, created directly on the currently selected layer
The term _ refers to the pre-computer practice of shaving bits of lead off wider characters.
A(n) _ provides an alternative to separately creating similar type pages on your Web sit.
A(n) _ is a style you can create and name and specify all the attributes you want the style to include.
The _attribute determines whether the background image is fixed at its original position or scrolls along with the content.
Element names must start with a(n) _.
The default unit position and size is _.
Most browsers default to the _ when no visibility is specified.
Frames are saved with a(n) _ extension.
The _file is the source file for any Flash project and is created in the Flash program.
The _box specifies the Flash button name that identifies the button for scripting.
A series of _makes a timeline.
Which force keeps the Moon in orbit around Earth?
Which characteristic distinguishes fungi from plants?
Which of the following is an element?
Scientists used to classify Archaebacteria and Eubacteria in the same kingdom. Now, they are classified as separate kingdoms and separate domains. Which evidence supports the separation of these two kinds of organisms into separate domains?
A frying pan has a metal bottom and a nonmetal handle. Why are these two materials safe choices for use in the different parts of the pan?
Which notation represents an element?
A community currently uses a coal-burning power plant to supply its energy needs.They suggest building a wind farm that will supply part of the community’s energy needs. What could likely result from building this second power plant?
A roller coaster car has no motor. It moves along its track as gravity pulls it downhill. Which kind of energy is at its highest at the top of a hill and at its lowest at the bottom of a hill?
Which object has potential energy but not kinetic energy?
Which property is characteristic of many nonmetals and few metals
A sample of an unknown liquid has a mass of 255 g and a volume of 275 mL. Water has a density of 1.0 g/mL. Which statement about the unknown liquid is true?
Which type of energy resource is relatively inexpensive, but produces air pollution?
A cook places a cold spoon in a bowl of hot soup. The temperature of the spoon soon increases. Which describes what is happening to the spoon in terms of thermal energy?
A biologist uses gloves, goggles, and a mask when working with certain prokaryotes. Why does she use such safety equipment when working with prokaryotes?
A scientist analyzes the particles that make up a substance. Each particle is composed of two different kinds of atoms bonded together. Which is a valid conclusion the scientist can draw?
Which series shows the energy transformations that take place in a flashlight
Which diagram lists the different levels of organization within an ecosystem from the least specific (largest group) to the most specific (smallest group)?
Which statement describes the difference between elements and compounds
Which force attracts all objects that have mass
Which is a characteristic that all living things have in common?
Who were the rich and powerful people of Roman society?
What was the building material invented by the Romans?
What was the name of the site that housed combats between people and between people and animals?
Who was the Roman legislature?
What was the name of the Roman laws that settled differences between their social classes?
What were the leaders of the Roman Republic called?
What happened to Julius Caesar?
Who was Rome's first emperor?
Who were the everyday citizens of Rome?
What is the one thing that Virgil said the Romans were made to do
What did the Romans call a leader who could assume maximum power for 6 months?
What is a curved structure that is used to support on open space?
Who was the greatest of Rome's five good emperors?
What did the Roman Empire want from its conquered lands?
What are structurest that carry water over long distances?
What is it called when a government that allows people to vote for their leaders?
From whom did the Romans take ideas and improve upon them?
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