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What was the team called that Lewis and Clark were on?
Which answer best describes maps that explorers used?
Which answer best describes an explorer's life on a ship?
39. The passage is BEST labeled a(n)
40. In the course of the passage a political lie is depicted as all of the following EXCEPT
41. The word 'reduced,' as it is used in the first sentence, is BEST interpreted as
42. The allusion to Greek mythology in paragraph two implies which of the following?
43. In developing his discussion of political lying in paragraph three, the author primarily relies upon
44. The primary purpose of lines 40-44, 'No wonder . . . for almost twenty years,' is to suggest that lying is
45. In the fourth paragraph the speaker suggests that a particularly pernicious lie can cause all of the following EXCEPT
46. In delineating the potentially destructive scope of political lying (lines 44-59), the author MOST frequently employs
47. The author begins his final paragraph by
48. The phrase, 'such an accomplishment as this' (lines 69-70), likely refers to politicians
Who was the first to come to America?
What was an explorers' life like on a ship?
What were the names of Columbus' ships?
What was NOT an obstacle that got in the explorers' way?
What was NOT a motivator for exploring?
Why did Ponce de Leon give Florida its name?
Who sponsored Columbus' trip?
What was the team called that Lewis and Clark were on?
Which answer best describes maps that explorers used?
When did Columbus go on his trip?
A prairie dog, a hawk, and a badger all are members of the same
All of the following are examples of limiting factors for populations except
In which type of interaction do both species benefit?
Which of these relationships is an example of parasitism?
The series of predictable changes that occur in a community over time is called
Grass is an example of a ___________ in a habitat.
_________ is the number of individuals in a specific area
An organism's specific role in its habitat is called its ______
The struggle between organisms for limited resources is called __________
A parasite lives on or inside its __________________
List the four levels of ecological organization from smallest to larges
Which of the following is an example of a population?
Counting the number of organisms in a small area and multiplying to estimate the number in a larger area is called
When a jellyfish paralyzes a tiny fish with its poisonous tentacles, the fish is the
An early winter frost preventing further growth in a tomato garden is an example of
An organism's habitat must provide all of the following
To carry out photosynthesis, algae and plants use the abiotic factors water, sunlight, and
Mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism are the three types of
Scientists who study how living things interact with the environment are called
When the birth rate in a population is greater than the death rate, the population will generally
Answers by Educators Question Database
Having different alleles in a gene pair
Coiled DNA that carries information for hundreds of traits (proteins)
a diagram that is used to predict an outcome of a particular cross or breeding experiment
Legendary founder and first king of Rome.
Former Jew who took many long journeys to spread Christianity throughout the Roman Empire.
North African territory that fought Rome in the Punic Wars.
Roman general who declared himself dictator for life and was later assassinated.
Slave who led a rebellion against the Roman army that ended in the execution of 6,000 slaves.
Leader of the Carthaginians during the First Punic War who was killed in battle.
Roman emperor who first declared Christianity to be his religion.
Pax Romana
People living in central Italy who gave the Romans their language.
Mountain range that Hannibal led his sneak attack of Rome through in the Second Punic War.
Civilization that the Romans borrowed much of their culture from-- including religion, architecture, and literature.
First civilized inhabitants of Rome whose contributions included the arch and alphabet.
He expanded the Roman Empire and began a prosperous period known as the Pax Romana.
Major river used to transport goods to and from Rome.
Social group that left Rome because they wanted more political power.
Top ranking leadership position in the Roman Republic.
Early form of Roman government that had two Consuls who were advised by a Senate.
Term used to refer to the Franks, Vandals, and the Goths collectively.
Someone who dies for his or her beliefs.
What was the benefit to Rome being built on hills.
38. (True or false) you should gossip in the workplace.
39. (True or false) you should take personal sides in arguments co-workers have.
40. (True or false) you should tattle on your co-workers.
41. (True or false) you will like all your co-workers the same amount.
Social Security is also known as (FICA, SPCA).
Gross pay is the total amount you make (before deductions, after deductions).
44. Net pay is (your take home pay, salary you make).
45. (True of False) gross pay and net pay is the same thing.
46. (True or false) if you don’t understand something on your paycheck, it’s okay to ask the payroll clerk about it.
47. Employees who are often late
Absent means the same as (missing / tardy).
49. Reliable means the same as (figure/dependable).
They only way to handle criticism is to get mad (true or false).
Criticism is always negative (true or false).
Never try to defend poor work (true or false).
53) Listen carefully when you are being criticized (true or false).
54) Always put the blame on others when you do poor work (true or false).
True or false you should answer personal questions at work.
56) When you have access to a company phone you should
57) You should schedule personal appointments during your
What insurance covers a crash with another car?
What is a bad credit indicator?
What is insurance?
What is not a federal spending category?
What is a fee paid to the insurer to be covered under the specified terms?
What is great for emergencies but has bad interest rates?
How do you calculate net worth?
What will NOT improve your financial life?
What is a benefit of buying a home?
What is the best time to start saving for retirement?
the middle east and australian outback are both examples of this type of region
what geographic factor most influences settlement patterns
which country is affected by the building of dams and irrigation ditches
what is the main religion in the middle east
what is the main language in the middle east
what is the process of taking salt out of water to make fresh drinking water
the religion that believes in 1 god and that the Messiah has not come yet
what is the sacred text of islam
what is the sacred text of christianity
what is the sacred text of judaism
3% of people in egypt live along
people living in an underdeveloped country are likely involved in what type of economic activity?
a large grassland with climatic changes causing a loss of vegetation, subsistence farming and overgrazing have caused it to become semi arid
the intent to eliminate an entire group of people
worship of animals and the environment typical in central africa
primary influence on climate
brings heavy rain in India
brings dry weather in india
hindu belief that was outlawed in 1947
earthquakes and volcanoes in japan happen along...
beijing is one of china's largest industrial and population center. What is a major problem there?
when the gov. controls major aspects of the gov. and economy
religion affiliations of majority of southeast asia
north korea has what type of government
when the market is controlled by supply and demand
farming to provide for your family
racial segregation in south africa
a factor that does not effect a cities location
followers of islam
what factor is not an attraction for entrepreneurs and business in africa
a country with high life expectancy, high literacy rate, and low infant mortality
followers of christianity
followers of judaism
countries with a low life expectancy, high mortality rate, and low literacy rate
african slave trade during 16th and 17th centuries contributed to...
the middle east and north africa share the same language and religion, they are considered...
public policies and decision making can be influenced by
conservative religions groups in the middle east oppose western culture because...
Three conducting metal sphere touch, before touching sphere 1 has a charge of +2C, sphere 2 has a charge of -8C, and sphere 3 has a charge of +3C what is the charge of each sphere after they touch?
Which of the following is a possible charge for a conducting sphere
A glass rod becomes positively charged when rubbed with silk. The silk becomes charged because it
A neutral rubber rod is rubbed with fur and acquires a charge of -2 x 10^-6 coulomb. The charge on the fur is
A charge of 10 elementary charges is equivalent to
In the Millikan oil drop experiment, an oil drop is found to have a charge of -4.8 x 10^-19 coulomb. How many excess electrons does the oil drop have?
The electrostatic force of attraction between two small spheres that are 1.0 meter apart is F. If the distance between the spheres is decreased to 0.5 meter, the electrostatic force will then be
The distance between two point charges is tripled. Compared to the original force, the new electrostatic force between the charges is
What force will a proton experience in a uniform electric field whose strength is 2.00 x 10^5 newtons per coulomb?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
When you copy an object in the Step and Repeat dialog box, the distance - horizontally and vertically - that the copy is positioned from the original is
Weight of a stroke is determined in the Paragraph panel.
Step and Repeat: If the Horizontal Offset is -2 in. and the Vertical Offset is -2 in., the copies will be offset to the left and up.
Graphics from Photoshop that consist of pixels are called vector graphics.
CMYK inks are called
In InDesign, you created named colors in the Swatches panel.
When a layer is locked, the objects on the layer can still be selected.
Which command do you use to bring a graphic from another program into InDesign?
The preview file of a placed graphic is low-resolution, has a smaller file size than the actual graphic, and can be scaled.
When you place a graphic from another application in InDesign, the image that you see in the graphics frame is which of the following?
Why was it important that the South lost control of the Mississippi River?
How did women contribute to the war effort?
What was one effect of Reconstruction?
What did the Freedmen's Bureau do?
What was the 14th Amendment?
What was the 15th Amendment
Why did the Radical Republicans not like Lincoln's plan?
What was the 13th Amendment?
Which group would have a problem with an African American talking about equal rights?
Why did John Wilkes Booth assassinate President Lincoln?
A point is a component of a vector graphic.
What are the default colors for the fill and stroke?
The number of pixels in a given inch is referred to as bit depth
An open path is a path whose end points are
The letter U is an example of an open path
To create a path around a tomato, you'd need to create an open path.
A grayscale image is usually printed using which ink?
When the Pen tool is positioned over a line segment, it automatically changes to this tool
Of the three types of joins, bevel produces square corners
You can define the number of points for a star graphic in which dialog box?
Pressing and holding Shift when drawing a circle allows you to delete the circle
To colorize the dark areas of a placed grayscale graphic, select the graphic with which tool?
To colorize the highlight areas of a placed grayscale graphic, select the graphic with which tool
An object that you can see through clearly is best described as transparent
In InDesign, you manipulate an object's opacity in which panel
The more you increase an object's opacity, the more transparent it becomes
The Feather command is found in which menu
Black areas of an object become white when you apply the Screen blending mode
White areas of an object become black when you apply the Multiply blending mode
When you apply the Multiply blending mode, black areas of an object
claus, clud, clus
dyn, dynamo
pen, pend
secut, sequo
Which accounting career requires a national exam?
Which accounting career is responsible for processing financial paperwork & needs an associates degree?
Which IT career writes codes for computer programs/software?
Which IT career is responsible for supporting computer software issues & can be done remotely from another location?
Which IT career creates, designs, and maintains software?
Which management career organizes & oversees an educational institution?
Which management career is responsible for managing hotel staff, receptions, and reservations?
Which management career works for banks to help individuals and businesses obtain funds?
Which management career plans, directs, coordinates, and supervises the hospitals & health care systems?
Which accounting career checks on the accuracy of work completed by bookkeepers & accountants?
der Flugsteig
am Fenster
der Flugschein
am Gang
die Bordkarte
am Schalter
ein paar Mal
das Flugzeug
er hat vor
der Reispass
Answers by Educators Question Database
Is this test for real?
The ability for all persons even with disabilities to use the web
The option on most computers that allow a user’s computer to be configured for visual, hearing, and physical needs
The browser that validates websites for use by individuals with disabilities
Voice Activated Software
A Windows software program with powerful accessibility solution that reads information on your screen using synthesized speech and it also has braille output
Reads computer text for people with visual disabilities
Voice activated software
Steps and procedures to test website for accuracy and accessibility
Software that allows use of the computer by voice commands
Guidelines developed and continually revised since 1999 to ensure that persons with disabilities have access to the web
Non-profit organization that oversees and assist in governing and monitoring the web and is responsible for the WAI
Using both graphics/images and text for website navigation links
10 Mbytes per second; the speed at which data is transported across information lines (cable, telephone, etc.)
The actual layout of the website
Displaying two or more web pages at the same time in the same browser window
The navigation features of the website
Using images as links from a home page or other website pages
A point of entry into a website; the beginning page
The entry into a website
Links are easy to follow and in logical order
The group of people a website is designed to attract
Using only keyed text for links from a home page or other website pages
Words are hot-linked in a paragraph with no organization
The website's web address
how are you
Jackson is looking at a Sneakers website. He clicks on a small image of a shoe and the browser displays a larger version of the same image with additional information. What design strategy is being used on this website?
What set of plug-ins should a person download if they wish to enhance their browser capabilities?
This type of background would be best to use for a site that is mobile friendly.
Which graphic formats are supported by all graphical browsers?
Paul is designing a logo in a graphic editing program for use on his website. What format should his logo be saved as?
Baxter wants to change the color in his logo to magenta, but he does not have the exact color he would like. Baxter knows he can place a blue pixel by a red pixel to obtain a magenta color. What technique is he using?
Why is it important to set a background color to your page while the image loads?
When editing an image, it is best to leave it in bitmap or other graphic software format until editing is complete. If you change it to .jpg before completing the editing work, what will happen?
If you want your site to be view able on most mobile devices you should avoid what?
When you want to emphasize something on your website you need to use a monospaced font. Which font is a monospaced font?
TJ asked Beth to help him find a color match for part of his logo he has already designed. Beth goes to the color palette and uses the multidimensional color space of red, green, and blue intensities. What color system is she using?
When editing a graphic image, how can someone easily map a polygon shape?
Which is NOT an appropriate way to make sure your site is mobile friendly?
Ariel's teacher recommends she use an inline graphic of a flower on her home page. What will Ariel need to do?
When working on a graphic in Fireworks to remove the jagged edges; what technique will a person use?
Dee wants to use an image that has a solid blue background on her web page. How can she make the image blend into the background of her page?
How do you convert web text colors to a 16 base color system that can be used on someone's website?
Jack is working in Paint to design a logo for his class project. He is having difficulty manipulating the picture and text. What program should he use?
I am a lawyer hired to represent the defendant.
I make sure the trial is run fairly.
We listen to witnesses and decide the verdict.
I am accused of doing something wrong.
Decision made by the jury.
I will testify about what I know about the case.
Statements made by witnesses under oath.
I am a lawyer who tries to prove the defendant is guilty.
This is proof used in a trial.
Speeches given by lawyers at the start of a trial.
When humans learn skills that only some of the community possess.
What is an example of Cultural Diffusion?
What one word answer best partners with the Neolithic Revolution?
Supply is what?
Parents teach their children the family business.
What does not affect climate?
What occurred prior to the Neolithic Revolution?
Taming animals for human use.
This term means: A tool that existed during the time period being studied
A time when humans did not possess the ability to read or write.
This religion was not created in the Middle East!
This is part of the relationship between the distance of Earth from the sun.
Confucianism has what true aspect?
How is Sargon different from Hammurabi?
Which extisted prior to the neolithic revolution?
Merchants bring their culture and colonists to an island, beginning a wonderful chance to expand the empire
Shihuangadi Did not get famous for ______?
Cultural diffusion.... when do we see it?
What is it called when plants and animals are tamed?
Which river is part of the fertile crescent?
I ...... SORRY
A section of chromosome/DNA that codes for a trait
E. The different forms of genetic trait. Example: A or a
The allele combination. The two alleles an individual has.
The way the trait looks; physical appearance of a genetic trait.
The strong allele
The weak allele
Having two of the same alleles in a gene pair
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
African American children being forced to serve as apprentices is an example of what?
What does impeach mean?
What was the point of Sherman\'s March?
What is not true about the Battle of Petersburg?
With the fall of Vicksburg, Union forces
Which was NOT an advantage enjoyed by the North at the beginning of the Civil War?
Which was NOT a strength in the South?
Blockade means
In 1861, 48 Virginia counties organized themselves as a separate state called
On January 1, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln signed the
Acids taste
Acetic acid is found in
Acids react with
Aqueous solutions of acids
Bases taste
Bases feel
Aqueous solutions of bases
A binary acid contains
Which of the following is a binary acid?
Which acid is used in batteries?
Which of the following physical features is NOT found in the Midest Region?
Which of the following is the SAME between the Great Lakes and Central Plains regions?
Why is an area in the Midwest known as Tornado Alley?
Why is Tornado Alley prone to tornadoes?
What is the capital of Illinois?
What is the abbreviation for Missouri?
What is a difference between the Sioux tribe and Michigan Native American tribes?
True or false: The Mississippi River run through the Midwest region.
What is the capital of North Dakota?
Which two states touch Michigan?
An oxyacid contains
Which of the following is not an oxyacid?
Which acid is used to make fertilizers and detergents and is a flavoring agent in beverages?
Which acid is produced in the stomach?
The traditional definition of acids is based on the observations of
An Arrhenius acid contains
Arrhenius theorized that a base is a chemical compound that
substance that ionizes nearly completely in aqueous solutions and produces H3O+ is a
A Brønsted-Lowry acid is a(n)
A Brønsted-Lowry base is a(n)
The Multiply effect is similar to overlapping magic markers.
Which blending mode would be used to remove the white background of a placed graphic?
When you apply the Screen blending mode, white areas of an object become transparent.
Copyright protects the original works of authorship, including all of the following EXCEPT
Rules (lines) for text are defined where?
InDesign allows you to create and customize 4 basic types of stroke styles.
Which is true about creating dash strokes?
By default, a stripe stroke style begins with 3 stripes.
You create a mixed ink swatch in the
You should use 2 spaces after punctuation.
When planning a document, which of the following is not one of the 5 questions you should ask yourself?
You should use center alignment for bulleted lists.
A straight line is an example of a closed path.
A patent protects inventions and discoveries and gives an inventor the exclusive right to make, use, or sell the item for 20 years.
A commonly used visual path that starts at the top left of the page, moves to the top right, down to the bottom left, and then to the bottom right is known as a
A trademark is a distinguishing name, symbol, or special mark placed on a good or service that is legally reserved for the sole use of the owner.
When choosing a focal point, the eye sees text before images.
When choosing a focal point, the eye sees larger text before smaller text.
When choosing a focal point, the eye sees brightly-colored text before black text.
Tracking is the vertical space between lines of text.
The blank area between elements and in the outside page margins is called white space.
Double-clicking a single page icon in the Pages panel does what?
An object positioned entirely in the pasteboard will save and print.
Flow enables the reader to move easily from the focal point through the rest of the page in the order you intend the document to be read.
An object on the page that extends into the pasteboard is a
These are good for staying organized, and you can toggle visibility of them or lock them so you don't accidentally move things.
Master pages save time, provide consistency, and prevent repetitive work.
A standard "pull-quote" is usually larger type size and indented on the right and left.
In InDesign, the point of origin is in the top left corner.
The pasteboard provides the function of storing.
Atoms consist of 3 particles. What are they and where are they found?
Photosynthesis is a chemical reaction that occurs in
Why are xrays dangerous?
An alloy is a
As heat rises, the distance between atoms increases causing them to break free of each other. This is called
The equation for the velocity of a wave is v=frequency x wavelength. What equation is used to solve for frequency?
The electromagnetic wave with the longest wavelength is
A chemical change occurs when
What formula represents sodium chloride?
The force that exists between objects with mass is called
During the Progressive Era, many states began to use primary elections to allow voters to
During the late 1800s and early 1900s, one way in which the temperance movement and the woman's suffrage movement were similar is that both tried to
Progressive Era writers such as Upton Sinclair and Ida Tarbell were called muckrakers because they
During the Progressive Era, muckrakers were best known for
Which document would be a primary source for the study of Prohibition?
In the 1840s, Seneca Falls, New York became the center of the movement for
Which document was the first to specifically propose equal rights for American women?
The Seneca Falls Convention, held in 1848, is a significant event in United States history because it
A major goal of the Seneca Falls Convention
A major goal of the Sherman Antitrust Act was to
We see different colors because of different .....
sound waves travel
the reason we see objects outside a beam is because of
all sound needs
If your friend has blue eyes, we say that this part of her eye is blue
this is why we see strawberries as the color red
You notice that a piece of wax paper over your book allows you to see some light, but not the picture. The wax paper is
which of the following would reflect light the best?
as light moves away from a source it gets....
which statement about a sound wave is true?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Bonds that involve the sharing of electrons between two nonmetals.
Bonds that involve the transfer of electrons from a metal to a nonmetal.
What is the formula of the compound that forms when magnesium bonds with phosphorus.
When a metal atom combines with a nonmetal atom, the nonmetal atom will ---
What is the name of the compound represented by N2F4.
Which formula is correct for Ammonium Sulfate?
What type of reaction is this? Fe(s) + 2HCl(aq) --- FeCl2(aq) + H2(g)
What type of reaction is this? C3H4 + 4O2 --- 2H2O + 3CO2
Balance the following Chemical Equation. __Al + __CuSO4 --- __Al2(SO4)3 + __Cu
What are the products of a Neutralization Reaction?
Drafting is called a ____________ language.
A drawing that is done with tools and NOT freehanded is said to be a....?
An architect draws/designs...?
What direction does a right handed person draw a horizontal line ?
What direction should someone pull the pencil when drawing vertical lines?
Which pencil lead should be used when drawing object lines?
What is the DP in a drawing?
To draw a circle with a compass you need to set it to?
other than a compass what tool can you use to draw a circle?
what drafting tool is used to draw horizontal lines
Density refers to a lines?
Stroke refers to a lines?
A lines weight has to deal with its?
I which direction should the bevel or the lead on a compass point?
What pencil lead should you use for guidelines?
How do you open up a compass correctly?
two circles having a common center are called?
How many views(sides) can any one drawings have if the drafts person wants t show all the sides?
The process of developing multi-view drawings using Horizontal and vertical planes is called ________________________________?
The three overall dimensions needed to draw an object are?
Right angle projection is used to....
Lettering is kept uniform by using...
When a leader line is used to indicate a radius, the arrow head always points _________.
How much space should there be between an extension line and the object?
Which overall dimension needs to be repeated twice in a multiview drawing?
What line is used to represent things we know are in a drawing but cannot see?
Isometric Drawings are drawn at a __________ degree angle.
Which two views are drawn on the horizontal axis in an orthographic Drawing?
What is the purpose of a section drawing?
An Oblique drawing is drawn back at what angle?
Which drawing depicts the object as viewed by the human eye?
An imitation of a product that is made with inexpensive materials, is ture size, and may not function completely is known as a ?
What is the difference between a note and a specification on a drawing?
Ideas put on paper, done in pencil, sketched quickly, with little detail, and done freehand?
The steps that are completed in order to develop the idea into a working product
Selecting the best solution to a problem based on the resources at hand.
The first full size, fully functional product made with real materials
An expansion of concept sketches done freehand with pencil but with more detail?
A relaistic replica made either smaller or bigger in size
The 5 elements of design include all of the following except?
Aptitudes are:
Employment Agencies help you do all except:
True or False aptitude tests can be found in the library.______
True or False job benefits are something a company offers to employees besides a salary. _____
True or false a commission is the same every month?___
Which is not a cost of living
Which is not a benefit an employer may give?
(True or False) you should know the companies services before starting work.
(True or false) when you are asked to do something extra you should say you will only if someone else will help you.
7) What should you do if you don’t know a verbal instruction?
8. Asking directions makes you?
If you can’t remember directions you should
If you don’t understand written directions
11. Job aides help you complete job tasks (true or false).
1Directions are the same as (instructions/ divisions).
Creating your own job aide is against the law (true or false).
Initiative is
You can show initiative by
To rely on someone means to (count on them/hate them).
(True or False) all companies have the same raise policies
18) (True or False) you can talk to your supervisor about a raise.
The purpose of a job interview is for the employer to
If you claim to have certain skills, you must
At the end of the interview, you should ask questions (TRUE or FALSE).
A former boss or supervisor is one you (ONCE HAD / OFTEN CALL).
To clarify something is to make it (OLD / CLEAR).
Which of the following is not appropriate during a job interview pertaining to body language?
Which of the following should you do when speaking during a job interview?
Which should you not wear to a job interview?
On your first day on the job you should dress
You should take
30. (True or False) your boss won’t mind if you go home early.
When you meet others the first day
31. (True or False) you should expect special favors just because you are a new employee.
32. An employee handbook is provided in
33. Reading safety precautions may prevent you from
3Handbook is the same as
Grievance is the same as
36. Assistance is another way of saying
37. (True or false) you should get along with your co-workers.
What is RSM's mascot?
Where is the school located?
What year is it?
What month is it?
Who is the Principal?
Who is the FB coach?
What festival is held in town?
How many students do we have?
Where do we get our pizza?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Sugar dissolved in water is an example of a
Heat is given off in a _______________ reaction
The rate of speed over time with direction is
When friction occurs between two objects, what particle is transferred?
The atomic mass number gives the number of
In outer space, a person\'s _____________ will change, but _____________ will stay the same.
H20 is made up of
Stirring water as sugar is added does what
Besides stirring, what else can speed up the dissolving of a solid?
A substance made up of at least 2 elements that are chemically combined is called a
The Paragraph panel is used to track or kern a block of text.
In a vector graphic, paths can only be straight (not curved).
You can place bitmap and vector graphics in InDesign.
All panels can be accessed under the Window menu.
The element in the document that the reader sees first is called the focal point.
A table is created in a
When you enter text into a table cell, by default it is aligned
Adobe InDesign is a photo manipulation software.
You should use ALL CAPS sparingly.
Using a soft return (Shift-Enter) is one effective way to fix "bad line breaks."
When did the Taliban take over the government?
How high are their mountain peaks?
What does the A.I.A. stand for?
What does the US governement and the Afghanistan governmetn have in common?
How many people live in Afghanistan?
What is their desert called?
Afghanistan\'s government is run by...
What do the US and Afghanistan have in common?
Is the Taliban still in control?
What do the US and Afghanistan have in common?
Which court in Virginia is the only court to use juries?
Which is the court of final appeal in the Virginia court system?
What principle did Marbury vs. Madison establish?
In which court is the decision of the court always final?
Which court would hear a child custody case?
Which court in VA uses justices and no jury?
Which federal court would FIRST hear a case that involves a multi-million dollar drug trafficking operation?
In a criminal procedure, which of these is required for an arrest?
Which amendment prohibits the national government from acting in an unfair manner?
Which amendment prohibits the state and local government from acting in an unfair manner?
The constitutional protection against unfair governmental actions and laws is?
In which type of case does a court determine whether or not a person accused of breaking the law is guilty or not guilty of a misdemeanor?
Chad is arrested for speeding. When he goes to trial, for the first time, what type of jurisdiction does that court have?
What VA Court hears misdemeanors and traffic violations?
Which of the following courts is NOT part of the U.S. Court System?
Who is a defendant?
Who is a plaintiff in a civil case?
What is a civil case?
What is a criminal case?
Which amendments are associated with due process?
The U.S. has a dual court system that consists of the Federal Court and?
The jurisdiction and organization of the U.S. Court System come from?
A misdemeanor is a?
A felony is a?
The organization and jurisdiction of VA's court system comes from?
I'm a judge of the VA court that has original jurisdiction of misdemeanors. I hear civil cases involving lower dollar amounts. There is no jury. I preside over which court?
Tom was convicted of a crime he says he didn't commit. His lawyer has asked that a higher court review the lower court's decision. This is called an?
What is original jurisdiction?
What is appellate jurisdiction?
Issuing warrants, arrest warrants, setting bail, and subpoenas is the responsibility of?
A hearing where probable cause is reviewed, defendant is appointed an attorney, and a plea is entered is called an?
What does the U.S. Supreme Court decide?
The Supreme Court's power of judicial review allows it to?
What is the Supreme Court's major power?
Which U.S. court only hears cases involving constitutional issues?
All of the following are steps in a criminal case EXCEPT?
Bail money is used to?
In what part of a criminal case will a defendant be formally charged and enter a plea?
What 2 types of legal issues do courts decide?
The Supreme Courts of the U.S. and VA have what type of jurisdiction?
whats one plus one?
whats 7 plus 3?
g x h
Whats the Addtion Symbol?
Whats the subtraction smybol?
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How much a handball match lasts?
Según la teoria de Macmillan, ¿qué entendemos por las 4C?
¿Qué entendemos por acción y efecto de conocer?
¿Qué es un conjunto de personas vinculadas por características o intereses comunes?
¿En CLIL dónde se encuentra el primer enfoque?
Transmisión de señales mediante un codigo común al emisor y al receptor
Según esta teoria, indica cúales de estas afirmaciones es correcta
Las habilidades se desarrollan mediante la reflexión / analisis tanto...
La retención a largo plazo normalmente requiere...
¿Qué actuación se debe tener si un alumno quiere algo que le parece importante pero caece de la expresión adecuada?
¿Qué ayuda a fomentar el aprendizaje?
Which is the closest planet to the sun?
Which is the farthest planet from the sun?
What is the Milky Way?
Which is the only planet whose English name does not derive from Greek/Roman mythology?
How many moons Saturn has?
We obtain this material from trunks...
We obtain this material from minerals which are found in rocks......
We obtain this material from oil, coal and natural gas...
We obtain this material from clay...
This material is often used in tool handles...
This material is often used to cover wires...
This material is often used to make bricks and tiles...
This material is often used to make machine parts and tools...
If we process this material, we can obtain plaster...
This material is a thermal and electrical insulator...
What are the basic components of a personal computer?
What is the smallest unit used to represent information on a computer?
Three peripheral input devices are...
Three peripheral output devices are...
A computer has two diferent types of memories...
The examples (extensions) of graphic files are
Software is
Three types of Operating Systems are...
Three applications in Windows Office software suite are...
What is the main component in a computer?
When tossing a coin the probability of getting heads is:
Whe throwing two dice the probability of getting the same number on boht sides is:
If you pick up a card from a set of french cards the probability of getting an ace is:
Choose the number that can not be a probability:
To calculate the probability of AUB, when A and B can not happen at the same time:
When the probability of an event is 0 we say...
The probability of getting a diamond in a set of cards is:
the probability of getting a vowel in the letters of the word mathematics is
The probability of getting a multiple of five choosing a number between 1 and 100 is:
We say that we are playing a fair game when:
I really ______ to learn to read and write back then.
She ______ go out last night.
They ______ to the USA ten years ago.
Why ______ there a lot of traffic?
Where was Diana ______ at 10 p.m. last night?
She was beginning to relax when suddently she ______ something on the road.
Everyone was having a good time when things ______ to go wrong.
I met her while I ______ in Paris.
Have you ever ______ to mainland Spain?
The haven't seen the Houses of Parliament ______.
Why is a large group of people gathered at the Wexler apartment?
What does Angela do to suggest to the reader she already knows what is in the present?
Do the police search all of the apartments?
Who is in Angela's hospital room with her?
Who is the bomber?
What happened that caused the bomb squad to be called?
After talking to Jake Wexler, who do Grace and Mr. Hoo think is the murderer?
What does Theo discover when he analyzes his clues?
Who does Theo run into in the middle of the night?
What is Mr. Hoo's connection to Mr. Westing?
what is your first name
What is your middle name
What is your last name
What is the name of your school
Where is your school located at
What state do you live in
What is your school mascot
what grade are you in
what grade will you be in next year
what class is this
Which is a good inference you can make after reading the following: Susan sighed deeply, forced a smile on her face, and opened the door.
Which could be a summary of information.
What is the author's purpose? There is an advertisement telling the reasons you should buy a certain shoe.
What is the author's purpose for writing an essay about the differences between crocodiles and alligators?
What is the author's purpose for writing a funny story about her pet?
What is the author's purpose for writing directions for how to use a piece of equiptment?
Which comprehension strategy BEST helps you remember the important events or details from a text by shortening it.
Which comprehension strategy BEST helps you remember a detailed description of something?
Which comprehension strategy BEST helps you remember what each paragraph in a text is about?
Which comprehension strategy BEST helps you cite evidence from your reading?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Spanish word for kitchen
The opposite of a \
Author of Don Quixote
The number after 20
Yellow in spanish
spanish holiday
Spanish in spanish
this word means to play
Did you like this test
What was the first state?
Who was the first President?
Who is on the dollar bill?
Name one Ocean.
What is the United State's capital?
Who is on the Hundred Dollar Bill?
Who is our current president?
How many terms can a president have?
How many branches are there?
Who is our Vice President?
whats another word for really tired?
what does it mean to exceed?
Which word is not a negative feeling?
what is the correct from of the word? I am__________...(fly)
whats the word that doesnt belong?
what word is spelled wrong?
what doesnt belong?
which is not a preposition?
whats not a conjunction?
how do you like this game?
What 2 colors make red?
What are the 3 primary colors?
What is my favorite color?
What are the elements of art?
What are the principles of design?
What colors make brown?
What is a monochromatic color scheme?
What are complimentry colors?
What is value?
What is space?
Who Is Kim Kardasian Dating?
What Show Does Seth Meyers Do A Weekend Update
Name a Moive Keira Knightley was in?
Will Smith Played On What Hit Show?
Leonardo DiCaprio won the Silver Berlin Bear for what moive?
Who Imprisoned the 3 Cleveland Girls?
Bangs are in this season
Kesha Has what Hit song?
Who is the New judge on The Voice
Whats 50Cents real name?
What raw materials are needed for Photosynthesis?
Where does Photosynthesis occur in plants?
The products of Photosynthesis are.....
Organisms that manufacture their own food are called?
The green pigment in plants that trap sunlight are called?
Photosynthesis occurs in ....
The water that plants need for Photosynthesis is transported in special cells called?
Why do plant cells have a larger vacuole than animal cells?
Organisms that eat plant materials only are called
A winter storm downed power lines and left the town without electricity for a week. Stores quickly ran out of supplies consumers wanted to buy. What economic term is described?
A buy one get one free sale is an example of which economic term?
All of the following are types of resources except?
Farmers in the Midwest report that a drought has damaged much of the wheat crop that is used to make bread. What is most likely to happen as a result of the drought?
Which of the following is NOT one of the three basic economic questions?
Mike has $10. He can buy a CD or a shirt. He decides to buy a CD. What term best represents the shirt?
What determines the price of a good or service?
Maggie did not buy a shirt she wanted until it went on sale. What was her incentive to buy the shirt?
If supply is low and demand is high, the price of an item will be?
What do you call the process of combining resources to produce goods and services
The way a country deals with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services within its society is known as its?
There are different types of economic systems. The one that a country develops for the use of its limited productive resources depends mainly on?
Government ownership of resources is a characteristic of what economic system?
Who has the most influence in a free market economic system?
An economy where communities use simple tools and methods to harvest and hunt for food often results in little economic growth describes which type of economy?
Who makes decisions for the private sector in a mixed economy?
Which statement describes how a command economic system determines what will be produced?
What type of economic system does the U.S. have?
Private ownership of property or resources, profit motive, competition, consumer sovereignty, and little government involvement describe what kind of economy?
Businesses, individuals, and government make economic decisions in which type of economic system?
The money earned after all expenses have been paid is called?
The right of individuals and businesses to own real and personal property as well as the means of production without undue government interference is?
In the United States, consumers have the ability to determine what goods and services will be produced through their purchases. This is called?
All of the following are characteristics of the U.S. economy EXCEPT?
The ability of businesses to sell similar products, resulting in higher quality goods at a lower price, represents which characteristic of the U.S. economy?
What is the main role of the consumer in the U.S. economy?
The ability of businesses and individuals to own the means of production represents what aspect of the U.S. economy?
The ability of markets to operate with little government interference is what characteristic of the U.S. economy?
How does competition help consumers?
Reggie earned $100 by selling lemonade. His expenses to set up the stand and make the lemonade were $50. To figure out his profit, Reggie must?
The amount of a good or service that consumers are willing and able to buy at a certain price is?
Why is the U.S. characterized as a mixed economy?
Coca Cola and Pepsi are rival companies that sell soda products. What economic term is described by these two companies?
What is it called when you can't get everything you want when you want it?
jill received money for her birthday. She wants to buy a pair of shoes or a sweater. She decided to buy the shoes. What was her opportunity cost?
A major difference between a free market and command economy is that in a free market the production of goods and services is determined by?
If a price of a good or service goes up, which of the following will go down?
What must you give up when you chose one thing over another is called?
Jimmy wants to buy a car. What do you call the amount of money he will have to pay for the car?
The workers in a factory are considered what type of resource?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Antonym of exhibit
Synonym for exclude:
Amber wants to export her animated movie in a file format that will load quickly on the Internet. What file extension should she choose?
What is the best format to export a vector-based cartoon animation to be used on a website?
What is the best format for exporting a video to be played in QuickTime?
What would be the best video file format to use to create an animated commercial to air on television?
What file format would be best for creating an animated internet advertisement that will load quickly?
Which is an example of someone using a type of animation format?
John used an animation file format developed by Microsoft for Windows Media Player. This file type is an example of:
Betsy created a bitmapped animation made up of a series of individual frames joined together to be used on her website. What type of animation is being used?
Steven is finished working on his animation today, but wants to save it using a format that preserves the layers, scenes, and library so he can continue editing it tomorrow. Which of the following is a file type that Steven could choose?
In animation, what does FPS stand for?
Madison wants to determine the exact point in the animation where a movement begins and ends. What does Madison need to adjust?
Luis has an animation that is well over 500 frames long. To help him organize his animation into sections, what does Luis need to create?
Bradley is making an animation for a client that is using it for a website. Which format would work best for this situation?
Which term describes the transparency value of an object in an animation?
Marshall is making a dynamic animated advertisement for a client, and realizes he will be using their logo several times throughout the project. What should Marshall do with the logo to make it easy to use over and over?
To make an animated object spin from a different axis of rotation, what needs to be changed?
Kristen wants to provide her client with a visual representation of her animation and show the order of events before she begins designing it. What should Kristen create?
Will exported his animation, but notices the audio he embedded is not playing. Most likely, what file type has Will chosen as his export settings?
Brittany is in the pre-production phase for designing her animation. What is one of the primary elements she should consider in this phase?
Evan has defined the target audience for an animation project and has an idea in his head of how he wants the project to look. What is his very next step in the project?
Jason is defining the target audience for an animation project. This is a component of which phase in the process of producing animation?
Michelle is in the process of adding tweens to her animation. Tweens are a characteristic of what type of animation?
Short films that use stop motion techniques are what type of animation?
Stuart is playing a video game that has a lot of depth and a very realistic appearance. What type of animation is Stuart enjoying?
What is another term to describe vector animation?
Which type of animation uses still frames with a graphic that slightly changes position?
Which type of animation is best suited for creating a flipbook animation?
Which type of animation is best for developing characters that would showcase depth and realism?
What type of animation is best for creating a flat appearance?
What is the best type of animation to use for a Web-based project that requires a small file size, quick loading and no pixilation?
Dave is animating a ball moving with slight changes on each frame. What type of animation is being used?
Rachel is creating an animation that consists of movement defined by computer-generated formulas. What type of animation is being used?
How is the movement of text or graphics classified?
Which of the following animation types is also known as path animation?
Steve wants to export his animated movie in a native QuickTime format. What file extension should he choose?
let's look at the conditions on Earth that make life possible:
What is a living thing?
all living things are made of cells. cells are called the blocks of life because?
animal cells and plant cells are organised into:
which are the most common elements in living things?
there are five main groups of organisms called the five kingdoms:
A vertebrate is an animal with a backbone. They have an internal skeleton like:
the most important types of invertebrates are:
what types of simmetry do you know?
there are three main groups of microorganisms:
What is the output for the Develop Project Charter Process
What are the tools and techniques of the Develop Project Charter Process
What are the tools and techniques of the Develop Project Charter Process
What are the tools and techniques of the Develop Project Charter Process
What are the tools and techniques of the Develop Project Charter Process
What are the tools and techniques of the Develop Project Charter ProcessaA
What are the tools and techniques of the Develop Project Charter Process
What are the tools and techniques of the Develop Project Charter Process
What are the tools and techniques of the Develop Project Charter Process
What are the tools and techniques of the Develop Project Charter Process
What is impulse?
What is Newton's first Law of Motion?
What is Newton's second Law of Motion
What is Newton's third Law of Motion
How many vertices has got a triangle?
How many vertices are in a pentagon?
A circle is a polygon?
A rhombus is a quadrilateral?
How many sides has a circle?
One dodecagon is a polygon that has...
What is the area of a square of side 5 cm?.
What is the perimeter of a square of side 5 cm?.
What is the area of a triangle with base 5 cm and height 2 cm?.
What is a scalene triangle? It's a polygon which has...
How can you win a volleyball match?
How many players are in a handball team?
The volleyball pitch....
What are the diffrences between Padel tennis and Tennis
How many players has a Voleyball team?
In Badminton you win the match
The badminton court....
What are offensive....?
Where Badminton was born?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
For an assignment, Mr. Blankenship allows the students to choose someone in class to pick their homework assignment. This is an example of _____.
In class, Mr. Blankenship allows the students to decide as a class on what homework assignment they\'d rather do. This is an example of _____.
Democracy is a form of government in which...
Which of the follow is described as...government is not all powerful, it may only do actions the people have given it the power to do.
Which of the follow is described as... people are the source of any and all governmental power?
You hear that Mr. Blankenship got in trouble for not being in R.A. dress code, this is an example of ____.
Which of the following is described as... no one branch should become too powerful. Each branch will have a power over another to keep the government in place
President Obama appoints federal judges to the Supreme Court. This is an example of...
Which of the following is defined as... the people have the power to rule.
Rule of Law means...
Financial institutions channel funds from savers to borrowers in all of the following ways EXCEPT?
Entrepreneurs may establish a business in all of the following organizational structures EXCEPT?
Virginia and the United States specialize in the production of goods and services which promotes?
Technological innovations such as the internet contribute to?
All are reasons that states and nations trade except?
A person who takes risks to produce goods and services in search of profits is?
Worldwide markets in which the buying and selling of goods and services by all nations takes place is the?
Banks, savings and loans, and credit unions are all?
The government uses tax revenues from individuals and businesses to?
What term describes a company that is authorized to operate as a legal person?
A partnership is owned by?
Jean is opening a pizza restaurant. she will take all the risk in order to keep all the profits. Jean is?
In a proprietorship, the profits are kept by?
Some of the profits a business makes are often used to buy more?
In the U.S. economy, all of the following move continuously between markets, businesses, and households EXCEPT?
In the U.S. economy, what do businesses sell to consumers?
In the U.S. economy, what do consumers sell to businesses?
Private financial institutions act as intermediaries between savers and?
VA and the U.S. seek out international trade to?
Individuals own the resources used in production, sell the resources, and use the income to?
What was America's first form of national government?
Which document was known for... having a weak central government and strong states' rights
What is the significance of the Virginia Statue for Religious Freedom?
President Obama wants to know if he has the power to eliminate the Judicial Branch. What document would he need to check to see what powers he has?
Which document begins with... We The People In Order To Form A More Perfect Union?
Which document was a letter that stated the grievances against the King of England?
The Bill of Rights is...
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