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Which soccer player shows responsibility?
Which soccerr player shows respect?
Which soccer player has compassion?
Which soccer player serves his team?
Real Estate
rising action
falling action
point of view for narrative essay
no an inciting event
not imagery
How many side does a heptagon have?
The sum of exterior angles is ________?
Which property below is false concerning parallelograms?
The sum of the degrees of a regular polygon can be found by using which formula below?
What is a 5 sided polygon called?
A polygon that has equal side lengths and equal angle measurements is call a ______ polygon
What name is given to a 10 sided polygon?
If one angle of a parallelogram measures 75° what is the measure of the angle opposite?
If one angle of a parallelogram is 60°, what is the measure of a consecutive angle?
What is the sum of the interior angles of a regular hexagon
The excretory system helps maintain homeostasis by?
What are the main parts of the excretory system?
What is the average size of the human's kidneys?
How many nephrons are in the human body?
What structure is at the beginning of the nephron?
Where are your kidneys located?
The kidney's role's in the excretory system is to?
How many kidneys do humans have?
Blood enters the kidneys via the?
The excretory system is also called the?
Which of the following factors is biotic?
What is the meaning of the following vocab: biome.
Which biome does the following description match the biome below? Climate is the coldest biome and is very dry Features is always ice, Location the North and South Pole
What is the correct order of biomes in terms of Precipitation? Lowest--------------------------------Highest
Which of the following is an example of a biome?
Which of the following is NOT a correct abiotic/biotic interaction?
What is the average preciptiation of a Tundra biome?
What is the average temperature of a Grassland biome?
The Spooksville in the Transylvania region has an average temperature of 30 oC and an average annual precipitation of 300 cm. What biome would the Spooksville be from?
What is the meaning of the following vocab: precipitation.
Which year was confederation?
Who was the first PM?
Year of the First World War
Australia is in the ______ Hemisphere
Another word for corn is:
To be arrogant about how your culture is the only right one is called
When people follow animals for food, this is called being
A belief that all people are equal
What is a cone shaped house that you can move, made of buffalo hides?
The Inuit live in this kind of house:
Which of the following would be a non-fiction book?
Examples of periodicals would be...
Books that can only be viewed in the library and cannot be checked out are...
What is the maximum number of books that can be checked out at one time?
Which of the following is NOT a non-fiction book?
Which of the following is NOT a 2013 Lone Star book?
What is the name of our ebook reader app?
What is an almanac?
How are fiction books organized in our library?
What is the official name of our library?
A large scale farmer who held more than 20 slaves
A large farm usually specialized in growing 1 type of crop for profit
Enslaved African American workers who took care of the housework and children of a plantation owner
The nickname given to a tariff by southerners who opposed it
To formally withdraw from the union
An agreement proposed by Henry Clay that allowed Missouri to enter the union as a slave state and Maine to enter as a free state to outlaw slavery in any territories north of the 36 degrees longitude, 30 latitude line
Series of laws intended to settle the major disagreement between the free states and the slave states.
A white farmer who owned a few acres of land grew crops on them
A devotion to the interests of one geographic region over the interests of the country as a whole
Privileges that states possess to govern themselves without interference from the Federal government
The ability to read and write
Farming that provides for the basic needs of the farmer’s family, with little or nothing left over to sell.
The basic physical systems of a country’s population, including healthcare, roads, utilities, water, and sewage.
The process by which a desert spreads and the soil loses its ability to hold water.
The process of bringing water to dry land
The headscarf worn by Muslim women, sometimes including a veil that covers all of the face but the eyes.
Rolling grasslands with scattered trees and shrubs.
Enclosed or nearly enclosed by land
The loss of forest from cutting down too many trees.
A form of agriculture in which an area of forest is cleared by cutting and burning and is then planted, usually for several seasons, before being left behind.
What was the Holy Land
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which sentence demonstrates correct subject-verb agreement?
One type has pits that are rimmed with ragged material ejected from the crater. What does ejected mean in this sentence?
Twelve particles actually penetrated the top layer of the protective shield of the spacecraft. The word penetrated shows the reader that the spacecraft:
Obviously his formula worked. In this sentence what does formula mean?
Which word contains the same root word as successful?
He couldn't _______ that the child completed the difficult task.
The baseball player ___________ safely into second base.
I planned to display our family's Mexican flag during my presentation, but my little brother ______________ it when he was showing it off to his friends.
Eventually running became my favorite pastime in nice weather. What is the subject of the sentence?
Which sentence uses the correct verb tense?
Who can participate in primary and general elections?
How old does a person need to register to vote in Virginia?
Which of the following is NOT a way you can register to vote in Virginia?
How many days before an election is registration closed in Virginia?
Which of the following is not a major factor predicting voter turnout?
Which of the following are the two major reasons why people fail to vote?
Which election do most voters turn out to participate in?
Voting is a ---
Which of the following is NOT a qualification to register to vote in Virginia?
The precinct is --
Which two people get their positions through the electoral college?
What number is needed to win the Electoral College?
The slate of electors for each state is chosen by --
Most states have a --
Virginia has 11 Representatives and 2 Senators. How many electoral votes does Virginia get?
The number of electors is based on ---
The electoral college system causes candidates to target --
If a person does not get a majority in the Electoral College vote, winner is determined by --
Which state currently has the most electoral college votes?
Popular vote is the --
Where does the story take place?
What did Phillip and Henrik like to play?
What kind of job did Phillip's dad have?
Where had Phillip lived before moving to the island?
What supplies were getting low on the island?
What did Phillip's mother want to do?
What happened to the S.S. Empire Tern?
How was Phillip hurt?
When Phillip woke up, who was with him?
How did the black man protect them from the hot sun while in the raft?
How did Phillip feel about Timothy?
Where was Timothy from?
What did Phillip and Timothy eat for breakfast?
What was wrong with Phillip when he woke up?
What did Timothy do to get the attention of the airplane?
What did Timothy warn Phillip to always be careful of?
What did Timothy say was bad luck?
How was Phillip able to "see?"
What did Timothy see about 2 miles away?
What was on the island?
How did Timothy protect Phillip from the storm?
What happened to Timothy during the storm?
What happened to Timothy after the storm?
Why did the bird attack Phillip?
How did Phillip catch the lobsters?
How did Phillip get hurt?
Why did the first plane not see Phillip's signal fire?
What did Phillip decide to burn to make the smoke black?
When Phillip was rescued, what was the only item he wanted from the island?
How would Phillip know his little island when he returned?
Which of the following is NOT a strategy for evaluating campaign material?
What term indicates a one sided point of view?
The mass media includes all of the following EXCEPT --
The mass media should broadcast --
Which is NOT an example of a role of the media in elections?
What group forms from interest groups to help provide funds to candidates during campaigns?
Issue oriented special interest groups have more influence because of --
The cost of running for office gives an advantage to --
The opportunity for people to run for office is more limited due to --
Advertisements, posters, and other campaign materials used to influence voters is known as --
The Discovery Wheel
When we are learning well, we tend to search out the answers to what four key questions?
People who favor processing information by active experimentation prefer to jump in and start doing things immediately?
For a Learning Style Inventory There are no right or wrong answers your goal is to simply develop a profile of your current learning style.
Which of the following is not one of the multiple intelligences described by Howard Gardner?
To enhance kinesthetic learning you can
Which of the following is not part of the VAK system?
To enhance auditory and kinesthetic learning you can
How can you use your learning style profile to promote your success?
People benefit most if they let themselves participate in all four components of the learning styles continuum.
A.D. 500s became leaders of the Catholic Church
Teachers of Christianity, many who were munks and nuns.
Workers organizations, different guilds controlled industries such as brewing, cloth making, boat building, and many others.
Noble in medieval society who swore loyalty to a lord in return for land.
Person who 'protested' Catholic practices; today, a member of a non-catholic Christian church
Political and social system in which a lord gave land to a noble to work, govern, and defend, in return for the noble's loyalty.
Peasant laborer
Feudal estate made up of a manor house or castle and land.
Pardons for sins, given or sold by the Catholic Church.
The movement to change of reform the Catholic Church.
The Moon gives off its own light
A solar eclipse occurs during a phase
A lunar eclipse occurs during phase
A property off light waves that bends as they go through one substance to the next
If you travel east you one hour for each time zone you cross
Night and day are caused by
Season's are caused by
The Moon has
When the Moon passes through Earth's shadow
When Earth passes through the Moon's shadow
Answers by Educators Question Database
The following are examples of special purpose rooms.
The kitchen design that provides the most counter space for food preparation is ____.
The ____ spreads the weight of the structure over a broad area.
Floor joists are usually spaced ____ O.C. for conventional homes.
On an elevation plan, windows and doors begin at a uniform height of ____ up from the
A door that does not have a swing is a ____ door.
This roof design has four sides, a low pitch, and overhang all four sides.
The slope of the roof is equal to the ____.
The reference point of most elevations begins at the ____.
In cold climates, an attempt should be made to place all large areas of glass on the ____
Agents of erosion that sort and layer sediments are
Sediment deposited directly by a glacier is
Rocks deposited by mass movement will be
Around a meander, sediments are eroded because water is travelling the fastest
The faster the wind blows
Rainfall will increase the velocity of a stream because
Around a meander, what happens when water slows down?
Two features that indicate the direction of flow of a glacier are
The longer a sediment travels (usually in water)
Sediments are sorted and deposited by size when a river enters a lake because the velocity of the river
WHich of the following would decrease the amount of CO2 in the atmospere?
WHich of the following is a renewable resource?
The density of water is 1.0 g/cm3. A block of wood floats on water. Its density is
Which of the following is a compound?
What is the name of the process than changes liquid water to a gas?
Dark colors_______________.
Earth is heated by the sun because of ________________.
Tiny particles that make up matter are called__________.
Which resource is an example of a nonrenewable resource?
Which object is a good conductor of electicity?
Molecules in a solid are_____________.
Energy from food is measured in ___________.
Kinetic energy is ________________.
A see saw is an example of a ____________.
What instrument would you use to find the volume of a liquid?
Which tool would be used to compare the masses of objects?
refers to playing around with words such that the meaning implied by a sentence or word is actually different from the literal meaning
a symbolism device where the meaning of a greater, often abstract, concept is conveyed with the aid of a more corporeal object or idea being used as an example
refers the step by step process wherein an author introduces and then describes a character
the author uses words and phrases to create “mental images” for the reader
refers to the practice of making fun of a human weakness or character flaw
refers to the practice of drawing attention to a fact that is already obvious and noticeable
the perspective or attitude that the author adopts with regards to a specific character, place or development
the manner in which a story is narrated or depicted and who it is that tells the story
a conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning
links all aspects of the literary work with one another and is basically the main subject
the sound mimics the action (i.e. boom, bash, crack, ah choo)
the part for the total (i.e. All hands on deck), material for the object (i.e. nylons), author for the work (i.e. Have you read Shakespeare?), instrument for the agent (i.e. The pen is mightier than the sword.), and container for the contents
Greek root that means “under”
Latin root that means “change”
Latin root that means “call”
Latin root that means “walk,” “step,” “go”
Which of the following words means assumption?
Which of the following word means to try very hard to get someone's approval - used to show disapproval
What is a universal message or lesson in a literary work?
What is a literary technique in which what is written is symbolic of another event?
What is a literary technique that builds suspense by making the audience aware of something important to the story that a character is unaware of?
What is a struggle between opposing forces in a work of literature?
What is the literary technique used by authors in which an object is representative of a larger, abstract idea?
What is the literary technique that authors use when they reference a literary work, a religious event, or a historical event?
What is the highest point of action in a literary work?
What is a reoccurring pattern, idea, or image in a literary work?
What is the time and place in which a literary work occurs?
What is a literary technique used by authors in which a situation or event occurs that is the opposite of what is expected?
What is the literary technique that authors use when they describe a character?
What is the attitude an author shows towards his or her subject in a literary work?
What is the literary technique that authors use when they give information about a character through his or her actions or the thoughts and words of others?
What is the atmosphere or feeling created in the reader from a literary work?
What is the use of vivid descriptive language that appeals to the senses?
Only choose one correct answer. What are some of the effects of stress on the brain?
Why was education created in this country?
Finish this sentence-The intelligent development of the human faculties is necessary to man's happiness, .....
Does wholeness shape integrity? Choose the answer that best fit your belief.
How do younger children show stress? Choose one correct answer.
What is the fight or flight response?
The fight or flight response was first described by...
Which one of the following is the Hypothalamus, the brain's command center connected to?
Which healthy lifestyles choice can be used to promote stress prevention in your life? Choose the most important one.
Which of the Healthy Lifestyle choices will contribute to your wholeness?
following the themes of emergent properties, we can trace water’s------ to the structure and--------of its molecules.
oxygen is more ____than ____
the clinging of one substance to another is called____ and hydrogen bonds hold water together, a phenomenon called
Each water molecule can form hydrogen bonds with up to ____neighbors.
The hydrogen bonds joining water molecules are _____, about ____ as strong as covalent bonds. Each hydrogen bond lasts only a few _____ of a second.
, a measure of the force necessary to stretch or break the surface of a liquid
Water stabilizes ____ by absorbing heat from warmer air and releasing heat to cooler air.
Atoms and molecules have _____energy, the energy of motion
_____ is a measure of the total quantity of kinetic energy due to molecular motion in a body of matter.
When ____ objects of different temperatures come together, heat passes from the ____ object to the _____object until the two are the same temperature.
the amount of heat energy necessary to raise the temperature of one g of water by 1°C.
, is equivalent to 0.239 cal.
_________ is the amount of heat that must be absorbed or lost for 1 g of that substance to change its temperature by 1°C.
What is the relevance of water’s high specific heat to life on Earth?
________ is the quantity of heat that a liquid must absorb for 1 g of it to be converted from liquid to gas.
Adding certain solutes, called acids and bases, disrupts the equilibrium and modifies the concentrations of
_____ is a substance that increases the hydrogen ion concentration in a solution and Any substance that reduces the _____ concentration in a solution is a _____
Buffers typically consist of a ____and its _____.
is a serious assault on water quality in some industrialized areas.
Acid precipitation can wash away key soil buffers and plant nutrients such as
Which soccer player is NOT in the powerpoint?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Elected king of the Franks and through war added more of Germany and parts of Spain and Italy, including Rome, to the kingdom of the Franks
A military hero of the French Revolution, became dictator of France and declared himself emperor of a new French Empire in 1804.
One of the greatest artists of the Renaissance, painted Mona Lisa and the Last Supper, also a talented architect, engineer, and inventor.
Modern period where interest in education, art and science peaked in several parts of Europe, especially cities and towns.
Series of holy wars, Church sent armies to capture Jerusalem in Palestine from the Islamic rulers
The movement to change to reform the Catholic Church.
Renaissance painter & sculptor who expressed human emotions (anger, sorrow, and strength) in his paintings & sculptures. Most famous for mural on ceiling of Sistine Chapel.
A german monk was one of the first leaders to challenge the Catholic Church for his criticism.
A famous granddaughter the first tudor king Henry VII who strengthened England.
Workers organizations, different guilds controlled industries such as brewing, cloth making, boat building, and many others.
claim, clam
hab, habit
laud, laudat
pac, pax
pon, pos
sat, satis
stru, struct
What is the lithosphere?
How can Earth's plates move?
A divergent boundary is a boundary between two plates that __________.
What happens to rock around a subducting slab?
Do two colliding continental plates always cause volcanoes?
What is a transform boundary?
What do scientists believe is the force behind the plate tectonics theory?
What does plate tectonics cause?
What happens when an oceanic plate converges with a continental plate?
What are strike-slip faults?
Estoy muy ANCIOSA por ver los nuevos gatitos.
Hablamos con SUSURROS suaves
Pasamos un dia MARAVILLOSO en el parque.
La piel del elefante es RUGOSA.
Sosten el bebe CUIDADOSAMENTE.
Llegue a la escuela RAPIDAMENTE.
El pais esta CRECIENDO mucho.
Los ninos EMPUJAN la carriola cuesta bajo.
El domingo la carrera de ninos no duro mucho TIEMPO.
Al perro le gusta DESENTERRAR los huesos.
What does it mean for an author to "entertain" somebody?
What does it mean for an author to "persuade" somebody?
What does it mean for an author to "inform" somebody?
What does it mean to "compare"?
What does it mean to "contrast"?
What is a problem?
What is a solution?
What is a description?
What is a sequence?
What is the difference between a cause and an effect?
The power of the national government is distributed among all of the following branches EXCEPT -
The main job of the legislative branch of the national government is to --
The lawmaking body of the national government is known as --
The two houses of Congress are the --
What type of budget does the legislative branch approve for the federal government?
How many members are in the House of Representatives?
How many members are in the United States Senate?
What type of legislature is Congress?
Which of the following is a power that the legislative branch has according to the Constitution?
Which amendment gave Congress the power to tax incomes?
All of the following are powers of Congress EXCEPT --
Who has the power to administer federal bureaucracy?
Which brach has the power of judicial review over federal laws?
Which branch interprets the meaning of laws?
Which branch has the responsibility of enforcing laws?
Who has the job of preparing the federal budget?
Which of the following is not appointed by the chief executive?
Membership in the House of Representatives is based on --
Who gives the State of the Union Address?
The powers of the federal government are located in --
The best way to approach time management is to remember that you are not in control of time.
In general, how long should you study for each hour you spend in class?
Let feelings follow actions.
The goal of the Money Monitor/Money Plan is to create a strict budget.
A vague or general goal can be difficult to achieve.
What’s one way to “get the most out of now”?
Using a long term planner and/or calendar can help you anticipate what the demands are and protect you from last minute crunches
To effectively manage your money, you should do which of the following?
This number ranges from 300-850; the higher the number, the better
What’s the best way to achieve a goal?
Which one of the following has the strongest winds?
Hurricanes most often form
What is the difference between a hurricane watch and a tornado watch
Lightning is a sudden spark, or electrical discharge, as charges jump between
Which of the following is incorrect regarding Lake-Effect Snow
what is a storm surge? During what kind of storm is it expected?
In what order do you feel winds in a hurricane?
which of the following is true regarding both hurricanes and tornadoes
what 2 air masses must come together in order to form a tornado
which is true regarding thunderstorms
Answers by Educators Question Database
The heat my lizard feels from the heat lamp above his cage.
The ____ home style is basically long, low, and a one-story structure that originated in the
The ____ home style is square or rectangular, 1 ½ stories with dormers, is versatile and
The reason that a colonial design is generally less expensive to build than a ranch house of
Exterior walls of residential structures should be designed in multiples of ____ feet.
The architectural drawing that shows the basement, walls, and footing is called a(n) ____.
The architectural drawing that shows the property lines, location of the house, septic tank, leach field, well, driveway, and other utilities is called a(n) ____.
The minimum depth of a clothes closet in a bedroom is ____.
The kitchen, laundry room and garage make-up the ____ area of a house.
A half bath is one that usually has only a ____.
For practical kitchen design, the length of the work triangle should not exceed ____ feet.
The poured concrete floor of a basement should be ____ inches thick and
A typical scale used for plot plans is ____.
Floor Plans are drawn using a(n) ____.
Concrete and masonry basement wall thickness depends on lateral earth pressure and ____.
When dimensioning the floor plan, dimensions should be no closer than ____ inch from
The floor plan is actually a(n) ____ drawing.
Kitchen base cabinets have a depth of ____ inches and kitchen wall cabinets have a
The standard width for an interior door is ____ .
A ____ window cranks outward and provides for maximum ventilation.
When drawing a staircase on a floor plan, ____ should not be included on the floor plan.
What is potato in German?
How do you ask for the menu in a German restaurant?
What is suitcase in German?
If the train arrives, you call it...
The capital if Switzerland is...
The capital of Liechtenstein is...
The capital of Austria is...
Handgepäck means...
A plate in German is a.....
A bowl in German is a...
On the first day of summer, June 21, the North Pole will be tilted
You are on vacation and observe that you have no shadow at noon on December 21, what latitude are you at?
The Earth has seasons because
Angles of insolation are higher and duration of insolation is longer during
The first day of spring is
The Sun, Moon, and stars rise and set because
In general, celestial objects (Sun, Moon, stars) appear to move from _______ to ______ across the sky.
The Sun, Moon and stars move across the sky at a rate of
One rotation of the Earth takes
One revolution of the Earth takes
We see different constellations throughout the year because
The only star that doesn't appear to move much in the night time sky is
Stars around Polaris appear to move
One revolution of the Moon around the Earth takes
You observe a first quarter moon one evening, how long will it be before you observe this same moon again?
Tides are caused by the gravitational pull of
As Earth rotates, there are ___ high tides and ___ low tides every day.
The time between one high tide and the next is
We always see the same side of the Moon because
A solar eclipse occurs when
A lunar eclipse occurs when
An eclipse doesn't occur every new and full moon because
People on Earth see different phases of the Moon because
Is alcohol a drug
what is the black sticky substance found in cigarettes?
what is the drug that is commonly used by athletes to enhance their performance?
Which of these drugs are illegal?
Using tobacco products can cause cancer
Alcohol causes
What is the legal age to buy and consume alcohol?
What is the legal age to purchase tobacco products?
Alcoholism only effects the alcoholic
There are no consequences for consuming alcohol while underage
The Solar System and Earth formed from a planetary nebula
The Sun makes its own energy through the process of
The Sun, Earth and Solar System formed from __________ causing a nebula to coalesce.
Jovian planets are
Jovian planets are
Evidence for the universe expanding is
Heliocentric means
Geocentric means
Objects that are closer to each other and more massive will have
An orbit with a higher eccentricity is
A large cluster of stars in space is called
We live in the
The universe was created about 14-15 billion years ago from
Planets that are closer to the Sun orbit
Evidence for the big bang includes
The Milky Way Galaxy is
When do Germans eat their main meal?
What does ICE-T mean
Gemüse means..
Eier means...
Gleis means..
Schaffner is...
If you want to pay in a restaurant you ask for...
A waiter is called a...
All your luggage is called...
If you need a spoon, you would ask for a...
Most codes require that the top of the foundation wall be at least ____ above the grade.
CAD provides several benefits for the user over traditional drafting techniques except for____.
One disadvantage of a two-story house is that _____.
A ____ search should be instituted before purchasing a lot to determine if there are any legal
A house with the following dimensions ____ would be more economical to build than one that
Usually about ____ of the house is dedicated to the sleeping area.
The usual height of an interior door is ____.
The Federal Housing Administration recommends ____ square feet as the minimum size
Ground fault circuit interrupters should be located in the following rooms or areas except ____.
The ____ functions as a place to greet guests and remove overcoats and hang them up.
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Los dias festivos
La Nochevieja
La Nochebuena
La Navidad
El dia de los Enamorados
Las Pascuas
Present Progressive (estar + -ing): Ellos - decorar
Present Progressive (estar + -ing): Yo - comer
Present Progressive (estar + -ing): Nosotros - escribir
Present Progressive (estar + -ing): Tu - dormir
which of the following is incorrect regarding a red sky?
what do you call scientists that study the causes of weather and try to predict it?
which weather tool carry instruments high into the troposphere and lower stratosphere?
which weather tool is located in Earth's exosphere?
what data is common between weather balloons, weather satellites and automated weather stations?
what is a difference between weather service maps and newspaper weather maps?
A small change in the weather today can mean a larger change in the weather later is known as the
a cold front is represented by
How is cloud cover depicted on weather maps?
what is an isobar?
Which of these factors best helps to explain why a strong navy and a large fleet of trading ships have been an important part of Great Britain's history?
What is a basic way citizens of a democratic nation can influence the government?
Which type of government would most likely abolish all opposing political parties and the direct election of leaders?
You live in a small country ruled by one man, who is also the head of the military. Which form of government best describes the government where you live?
In which system of government does the legislature elect the executive leader of the government?
Which best describes how a parliamentary democracy differs from a presidential democracy?
The leader of the Parliament in countries such as Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom is called the
The leader of a country was chosen by the legislature. Which form of government is this?
Which statement about the United Kingdom’s parliamentary system of government is correct?
The main purpose of the European Union is to
The leader of the Parliament in countries such as Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom is called the
Which statement about the United Kingdom’s parliamentary system of government is correct?
Russia has a type of government in which power is formally divided between one central authority and several regional authorities. Name the type of government.
An example of economic cooperation among European nations that occurred in the late 1900s was the
How has the European Economic Community/European Union been a benefit to the countries that have joined it?
In a traditional economic system people usually exchange goods or services rather than use money. Which of the following is an example of this exchange process?
A market economy is very different from a command economy. Which of the following is found in a market economy?
When a country has a market economy, which of these statements correctly defines this system?
Which term best describes an economic system in which the people—not the government—own land, factories, and businesses?
Which of the following explanations would reflect a country with a mixed economy?
The ability to do work is
On a Roller Coaster ride, the car has the most POTENTIAL energy
A car battery on a shelf in a store has
As potential energy in a falling object begins to decrease,
Some radiant energy comes from
Under ordinary circumstances, energy can do all of the following EXCEPT
A form of energy that uses waves to travel is
To check for cavities, dentists use
The only radiant energy you can see it
When you ring a bell, you change a form of energy into
People can hear
Bats avoid running into things in the dark by making
The energy an object has because of its motion is ______________.
At the bottom of a hill, a roller coaster car has the least ___________.
The energy of vibrations carried by matter is
A solar powered calculator changes radiant energy into __________.
The distance from one point on a wave to the same point on the next wave is the __________.
The number of waves passing a point in one second is the _________.
How can potential energy change to kinetic energy on a roller coaster?
Why are some radiant energy different from others?
This membrane lines the lungs
Which word part refers to the lobes of the lung?
Which describes respiratory structures from top-down?
What word parts mean nose?
The air filled cavities in the skull are called:
Hypercapnia means high levels of:
Which is spelled incorrectly?
Which is spelled correctly?
What word part means breathing?
Which term would describe losing your voice?
Which sentence best describes the relationship between the states and the national government?
Each of the three branches of the national government limit the exercise of power by the other two branches. This principle is called?
Legislative powers NOT specifically listed but are used to carry out expressed powers are called...?
What 2 things must happen in order for a bill to become a law?
The executive branch influences policymaking in the following ways except?
When the president exercises power as commander-in-chief, he or she is acting as...?
The major function of the systems of checks and balances is to...?
Which branch of government is made up of the House of Representatives and the Senate?
The President can check on the Legislative branch by...?
What does the principle of separation of powers refer to?
Making laws is to Congress as interpreting federal laws is to the...?
Which branch interprets the meaning of the laws and has the power of judicial review?
Congress can check on the courts by...?
Powers that are specifically mentioned in the Constitution are called...?
On the national level, who writes laws and takes action in response to problems or issues?
What happens when a bill goes to the full floor?
What power does the President exercise when making treaties with other countries?
What is the President's annual speech to Congress where he proposes new laws and his agenda called?
What power does the President exercise when he appoints cabinet members?
When the President tells Congress the Postal Service needs to be changed, the President is acting as the...?
The courts check on the president by...?
The courts check on Congress by...?
Which branch is responsible for making laws, approving an annual budget, declaring war, approving appointments, and levying taxes?
Which branch is responsible for making appointments, making treaties, executing the laws, and prepares the annual budget for approval?
The president can check on the courts by...?
Congress can check on the courts by...?
What happens to a bill after it is introduced?
Which house of Congress must a bill pass through in order to become a law?
The House of Representatives consists of....?
The Senate consists of...?
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What are the conditions set forth in a query to identify specific records in a table or tables?
Brad deliberately deceives mike into buying his car. what crime did B commit?
nike agreeing with reebok to sell brand shoes at a set price. this violates which element of a contract?
Pete threatens to put mike out of business if he refuses to buy products from him. this threat violates what element of a contract?
after drinking excessively fred signs a contract purchasing products from henry. Which element may this contract violate?
after offering to sell his phone to jake, john gets a better offer. he immediately withdraws the original offer. how was the original offer ended?
j made an honest mistake in selling a rare art piece but offered a refund later when he found out it was not rare. what part of genuine agreement is considered a honest mistake?
a minor using fake id to sign a contract is committing what illegal act?
the judge refused to enforce an illegal gambling contract. What term id this contract
what part of genuine agreement is not met if the house being purchased burns down, without anyone's knowledge, prior to a contract being signed?
a police captain caught a suspect who had stolen grocery from a store. the police captain was not allowed to accept a gift for his bravery. what is the reason for not accepting the reward?
Pat buys classic car from Charlie. Charlie refuses to deliver the car to Pat. Pat sues Charlie in order to receive the car. What is Pat seeking?
Dave contracts to sell Miranda Ford Mustang on Friday. She will pay him and pick the car up on Saturday morning. Friday night, Dave is involved in an accident totaling the car. How was this contract terminated?
John works in a factory and ison the bottom of the pay scale as an untrained worker. John earns the minimum wage for his job. John works a regular 40 hours per week time period. Which legal action established the wage and hours requirements for John?
Robert was fired from his manufacturing job with cause. The employer has the right to terminate his employment without cause under which law?
Phil agrees to take a job as an office manager. Phil received a job description. Phil received what type of contract?
if the offeror faxe an offer the the offeree and the offeree faxes the acceptance, when will the offer go into affect?
jennifer asked jason if he wanted to buy her car. who is Jason in this transaction
adam is concerned about the future damage that lin company will cause to others. adam wants the courts to stop lin co. dangerous activities by issuing what?
amber proved her legal injury in court but the jury did not believe she suffered and damages. what type of damages will be awarded?
brenda no longer can clean wendy's house so she asks william to replace her in the contract. how was the contract transfered?
jen who owns a company call jj's was contracted by steph, VP marketing for Fair Credit Services to write a jingle for an upcoming marketing campaign. In the scenario who is jen?
rog was discharged from his job without cause. which benefit is rog entitled to receive from this situation?
dan applied for a job at a store in the mall. the employer refused to hire unless she removed her head scarf which she wears for religious reasons. which act is this company violating?
peg is 60 years old and is applying for a position as an accountant. The employer refused to hire her stating that she was too old. which act is this company violating?
ted is chef and due to the poor economy. ted lost his job. what benefit should ted receive?
Betty confers authority to Linda as her agent. What is this formal agreement called?
Fred represented Harold in a real estate transaction when Harold sold his property to Nancy. What type of relationship does Fred have with Harold?
campbell own the video store and leave tanner in charge. frank was in the store looking for video and tanner ask him to watch the store. what kind of agent is frank
Peter is the person hired by Anne to perform a task. Peter Is not controlled by Anne. What agency relationship is formed?
A local business seeks to protect the environment by Helping local citizen better understand methods of conserving energy. Which environment act supports these actions?
Which Act explains consequences for environmental violation and prevents or eliminates damage to the environment?
Which agency manages transportation of electricity and natural gas?
Which act creates guidelines and help improve and maintain the biological, physical, and chemical quality of rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans?
Sally finished her latest novel. After receiving copyright protection, what symbol should be placed on all protected works?
Joseph has a patent on a new household gadget. What type of property is the patent?
wake med has a unique symbol for identification purposes. what term id this type of symbol?
after winning an award for a photograph of an ocean sunset. jan wanted to protect her rights to any reproduction of the picture. what type of protection did she apply for?
the company name KFC is protected. which term identifies this protection
ben has received documents from the government on his new invention. to prevent theft of his idea, what is required to be placed on his invention?
bill has a major debt, but believes he can get out of it with a small adjustment to his existing debts. what bankruptcy should he file for?
the braxton farm has not made profit in some years and they owe creditors 10,000. the braxtons should file for which bankruptcy
don filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy judgement. what did the judge issue?
mat approached by a credit card co. employee pretending to be a government agent and ask for money past due amount. what law protects mat against this action?
mik credit card co is refusing to fix and error on his report. what law protects him against this concern?
jason noticed over 1000 purchases that he did not make on his credit card statement. which act will allow him to challenge this billing error?
Stephanie borrowed money from the creditor to renovate the home she bought 10 years ago. The creditor gave her a document that stated the terms, conditions and consequences of default. The creditor was following which act?
M has an insurance for 11,000 benefit with 1000 deductible, how much will m have to pay BEFORE the insurance company pays anything?
M has an insurance for 11,000 benefit with 1000 deductible, what is the name that identify this payment m have to pay BEFORE the insurance company pays anything?
M has an insurance for 11,000 benefit with 1000 deductible, what type of health insurance does he have?
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act allows what behavior by creditors?
Todd needs insurance to provide coverage for his property while living in a college dorm room. What type of insurance should he purchase?
mary was texting while driving ran off the road in a ditch. which type of insurance will cover the damages?
a burglar stole mike flat screen tv from the apartment he is leasing. Which type of insurance will cover the damages?
before ted and nancy married they did a blood test. what prohibit family marriage?
mike want a life insurance policy on his neighbor. what prohibits him from insuring the neighbor?
in scenario 5.01A above, john files for divorce from Peggy because he does not want to live with her anymore. What are grounds for this divorce?
In scenario 5.01A above. John has temporary custody of the children. However, Sally would like to live with her mother, Peggy. Who will make the decision?
Before Stephen and Shelly were married, they decided to put into writing they decided to put into writing the division of real and personal property in case something were to happen to the marriage. What is this legal agreement called?
Felicia and her husband, Mark, Left Felicia’s brother in charge of their estate when Felicia and Mark died. What term identifies Felicia’s brother in this situation?
Raina has created a trust for her son, Micheal. Micheal grows up and gets in trouble with creditors. What type of trust protects his trust from creditors?
after macy makes her will, she decides she has left something out. this new information is considered what?
wily wrote her will five years before her death. which term identifies wily in this situation?
before bet goes into surgery she tell her lawyer that she would like her property divided equally for her children. bet created what will?
if jason own a sports store that sold equipment what party would jason be?
mike has admired one of ann's painting and trade the painting for a tv. their agreement is an example of what?
lu the seller is always careful due to CAVEAT VENDTOR. What does this term mean?
Robert brought a computer with a warranty that promises to fix or replace a defective product free of charge for a certain time period. Which type of warranty is this?
Tony disputed an exclusion to a warranty. Which term explains what is required for the exclusion?
Ellie owns an exercise store. Ellie’s products must be fit for the purpose of ordinary exercise. What is required for the exclusion?
mark paid jill cash for her art. if jill refuse to deliver what would mark sue for?
amy sign a rental agreement with swain. what can swain request of the court if no rent is paid?
gray faces criminal charges for hacking into a music site and sell songs without their permission. what cyber crime did he commit?
brandon and marcia went to purchase a home. In the SCENERIO 6.02B, the Davis’ met the Simms’ At the closing for the new home. What evidence of ownership Was transferred to Brandon and Marcia?
. In the above SCENERIO 6.02B, the Davis decided to install Fence on the property because there was no fence on the land when they purchased the home, The home is located in a neighborhood has a Home Owners Association. What violation of the HOA?
In the above SCENERIO 6.02B, the home is what kind of property? A. Bailed
a local anti gun launched a virus attack on all gun stores. what cyber crime did the group commit?
robert owns a bmw convertible at the body shop. he left the car with mike to be repaired and the brake were defective and needed repairs. who is robert?
susan gained access without permission to xbox live files and sold games. what cyber crime did susan commit?
Kevin posted an embarrassing video of Pete on Youtube. What cybertort did Kevin commit?
Joey asked Matt to duplicate his SIMS games, so that Joey will not have buy them. What act protects the owner of SIMS?
Ar in the ______ is warmed by heat from the Earth's surface.
The transfer of heat by the flow of a heated material such as water or air is known as ____.
The _____ is caused by Earth's rotation.
The rising and sinking of different material in a convection current is due to changes in the material's _____.
When cool dense air from over the water flows onto land, it's called a ____.
If the ozone layer disappeared, life on Earth would be exposed to ____ concentrations of UV rays.
Winds are named from the direction where they are coming from. Therefore, the east trade winds come from the ______.
The following words are all types of _____. Doldrums, Polar Easterlies, Prevailing Westerlies
Meteoroids burn up in this layer of the atmosphere.
_____ is the only substance that exists as a solid, liquid, and gas in the Earth's atmosphere.
When you hang clothes out to dry you are hoping for?
Involves two cold air masses forcing out the warmer air.
Warm air advances and takes over the cold air.
Cold air moves in and pushes the warm air up.
When two air masses meet and do not move.
water vapor that is transferred into the atmosphere from plant leaves.
Water vapor cools, changing into droplets of liquid water.
Water that has absorbed heat energy, changing into water vapor.
what powers the water cycle
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Thermal energy convertors change heat to all of these except
Thermal energy is contained in the vibration of
To calculate heat you must know all of these except:
If specific heat is in English units then it is the amount of Btu's it takes to raise a substance one degree what?
Btu stands for
If you connect a bunch of thermocouples together, what do you get?
These are used in thermostats and circuit breakers
A steam engine is an example of a
A thermopile is an example of
A bimetallic strip is an example of
Type of cloud that is fluffy like a cotton ball.
Part of the water cycle where water from plants are evaporated
Severe Weather that causes winds up to 320 kilometers per hour and forms over water
Weather system that spins counterclockwise and causes storms
Type of air mass that forms over water and is warm
Type of front that forms when a fast-moving cold air mass overtakes a warm air mass.
Type of front when cold and warm air masses meet, but neither can move the other
What causes a drought?
Occurs when liquid water turns into a gas
What causes air masses to move?
which instrument is best for viewing cells and cell parts
what are the food-making structures in plant cells.
Which organelles would you expect a plant cell to have but not an animal cell
A cell is placed in pure water. What will happen to the cell size?
Why does osmosis occur? It happens because
Why are only plant cells able to produce food from sunlight? Plant cells
Which answer correctly identifies the 5 levels of cell organization from simplest to most complex?
Which answer correctly identifies the 5 levels of cell organization in a dogs body from simple to most complex?
What is the best description of a cell? They are
A cow is an example of which level of organization
Operative dentistry is the primary responsibility of the ______.
The usual material of choice for Class III and Class IV restorations is _____.
Which type of elastomeric material has the highest vicoscity?
____ is classified as a type I dental cement and acts as an adhesive to hold together the indirect restoration and the tooth surface
______ is added to dental amalgam alloy powder to supress oxidation
A matrix must be used to create a wall for which of the following classifiications of tooth restorations?
A matrtix band should extend approximately___mm below the gingival margin of the preparation
Retainer holds the matrix band snudly in position and is most often positioned_____.
The placement of _____ is an example of enamelbonding
Which of the following is the instrument of choice when positiioning a wooden wedge?
During recrystallization, the bonds between atoms in a mineral are broken and the atoms can join to form a
Foliation is the arrangement of minerals in
Minerals in rock recrystallize near a magma body. The minerals change due to the magma\'s
Under pressure, shale can turn into slate. This is an example of
An example of a process that causes metamorphic change over large areas is the
Your rock sample has parallel bands of minerals that formed under high pressure. Your sample is
The process by which heat and pressure change rocks
wavy or parallel bands of minerals in metamorphic rock
What type(s) of rock are most likely to be a metamorphic rock\'s parent rock?
Heat and pressure cause chemical bonds between atoms in minerals to break and re-form in different ways. This process is called
What 2 factors are used to describe climate?
What is a microclimate?
What factors affect temperature
Why are areas near the equator warmer?
Which zone is located between 0 degrees and 23.5 degrees
Which of the following is not true?
What is the difference between prevailing winds and seasonal winds
What is not true about precipitation and mountains
which monsoon is incorrectly matched?
which of the following is not an effect of Earth's tilted axis in the summer?
The smallest unit that can perform the basic activities of life is
As you become an adult, the cells in your body
How do cells share genetic material?
The cell cycle begins with
The cell cycle ends with
A cell grows and carries out life functions in
Sperm and egg cells are produced during
_____ is the chemical code that contains information for an organism's growth, repair, and reproduction
After MITOSIS, the number of chromosomes in a daughter cell is
After MEIOSIS, the number of chromosomes in a daughter cell is
What document sets up the VA state government?
The two houses of the VA General Assembly are...?
Who is the leader of the executive branch on the state level?
In state government, who are executive branch officers elected to a four-year term?
In state government, who exercises executive power and appoints members of the cabinet to oversee specific functions of government?
The General Assembly is part of which branch of government?
According to the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, powers not given to the national government are reserved for the people and the...?
Which branch of VA government contains the VA Supreme Court, VA Court of Appeals, and Circuit Courts, and General District Courts?
Chief legislator, Chief of State, Chief Administrator, Party Chief, and Commander in Chief are roles played by...?
Powers shared by the national and state governments are called...?
Scenario D: Write an equation to find the area of the LARGER rectangle.
Scenario D: Find the value for x.
Scenario D: Find the area of only the sidewalk.
Scenario D: Write an expression to represent the perimeter of the LARGER rectangle.
Scenario H: Write a system of equations that can be used to find the length and width of the rectangle.
Scenario H: Find the length and width of the rectangle.
Scenario J: Write and equation that could be used to find the length of one of the original sides.
Scenario J: Find the dimensions of the new rectangle.
Scenario K: Write and equation to find x, the amount added to each dimension.
Scenario K: What are the dimensions of the new (larger) garden?
The Constitution forbids the states from doing all of the following EXCEPT...?
Expressed or enumerated powers are powers given to which level of government?
At the state level of government, cabinet secretaries and departments, agencies, commissions, and regulatory boards do all of the following except?
Federalism is the...
In the federal system of government...?
Which level of government is responsible for foreign policy, coining money, and conducting interstate commerce?
A bill can be introduced in which house of the General Assembly?
Education, public health, the environment, the state budget, and revenue are responsibilities of which level of government?
What happens after a bill is voted on in each house of the General Assembly?
Which action by the Governor of VA is an example of maintaining public safety?
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How do the boys start the fire?
What is ironic about Jack agreeing to speak only when you're holding the conch just after Ralph said it?
What happened to the boy with the birthmark on his face?
Why is Ralph so frustrated while building the huts?
Why is it important to keep the signal fire going?
How does Jack plan to kill the pigs?
Why does the author feel the need to state that Piggy is the only boy whose hair doesn't grow?
Why did Ralph not see the smoke coming from the top of the mountain when he saw that a ship had passed?
What happens to Piggy's glasses when Jack hits him on the head?
Who does Simon think the beast is
What is Jack's reaction when Ralph tells him that he is breaking the rules?
After Jack storms off saying that the boys don't need any rules and boys follow him, why doesn't he blow the conch to call all the boys back?
Why does Piggy not want Ralph to stop being the chief?
Why do Ralph, Simon, and Piggy wish there were adults on the island?
What was Ralph crying and hoping for?
What was the beast from air?
Who were the first to see the parachutist?
What do Sam and Eric think they saw?
What do the boys plan to do about the beast?
Why does Jack get so mad when it is time to hunt the beast and Ralph suggest that because Piggy is scared he should stay with the littluns?
Where was the only place Jack had not been to on the island?
While on the other side if the island, Roger calls Jack and Simon over to see that he has found...
On their way to the mountain top, what was running through the bushes heading right at Ralph?
Ralph was proud of himself for trying to kill the boar, now what is he starting to think about hunting?
When Ralph begins to describe how he almost killed the boar and Robert pretends to be the pig, what happens to Robert?
What are some bad things that are happening as a result of Ralph almost killing the boar?
Why do Jack, Ralph, and Roger cough as they make their way up the mountain?
How does Jack come back when he returns to tell Ralph and Roger what he saw at the top of the mountain?
What does Jack think he saw up on the mountain?
Which of the following is a dependent clause
Which of the following does NOT include an idiom
Identify the sentence with the misplaced modifier from the sentences below
Which word in the following sentence is asking as an adverb? The student woke up in time for school.
Which of the following words means to tempt?
Which of the following words is a synonym for regrettable?
Which root word means full of?
a comparison of two unlike things not using “like” or “as”
'She is as stubborn as a mule' is an example of:
the author's attitude toward the readers and toward the subject
writing or speech that appeals to one or more of the 5 senses
showing vicious ill will, spit or hatred
What are three valid methods for saving a database in Microsoft Access?
William has created a report. Which view could he use to see exactly how the report will look on paper?
Which term refers to storing the same field in more than one location in a database?
Curt needs to create a backup to his existing database on an external hard drive. What action should he take?
Which view displays the area used to create a table or to modify the structure of a table?
An address book containing all FBLA members would be an example of a:
Which type of database consists of a collection of tables, each of which contains information on a specific subject?
Michelle needs a list of senior National Technical Honor Society members so she can order their tassels for graduation. Which tool would be best to identify only the seniors?
Jenny is setting the addresses for each patient. Which data type should she use?
What is the purpose of a primary key in a database?
Amanda wants to ensure there are only two characters for state abbreviation. What should she do?
Nick wants to immediately open an employees' email from his database . What data type should be used for the email address?
Amanda wants to make it easier for other users to input data. What should she do to help other users understand the fields?
Nick wants to design a database and wants Access to automatically assign an ID number to each record. What data type should he
Jenny is entering data to the medication field in the patient database and needs to constantly view patient ID numbers to input medication information. What should she do?
Kori wants to know how many students in FBLA are seniors, but does not want to save the information. Which operation would she perform?
Mary needs to export the table of FBLA members from the Southeast Region database to a document that does not allow editing. Which format should she use?
In Datasheet view, how does a user delete a record?
Chad needs to remove a student from the FBLA database. Which option should he choose?
Isabel wants to design a database for her FBLA club to include all the members' information. What data type should she use for Last Name?
Erin needs to prepare a custom table for her recipe collection. She has to include the ingredient portions. Which is the correct tool to use?
Isabel needs to include a brief biography of each member in her database. The average length of each biography is 300 characters. What data type should she use to include these characters?
Eddie needs to know which employee(s) work in the Southeast District. Which command would he use?
Eddie works for ABC Finance. He needs to view which employee(s) has the highest sales for the month. Which command should he use?
In a table, which is a way of exclusively identifying each record in the database?
Mr. Smith needs to know Jenny's address. Which command would he use?
Sally is the Honor Society president. She is creating a database to manage her membership information. What form tool could she use to quickly create a set of tabs a user could click to access forms and reports in the database?
You are the owner of Ima Graphic Animator, Inc., a graphic design company. You want to quickly create a new blank database object, one which includes one record at a time and a more detailed view of the structure. Which would you use?
Tyler is using Access for a class assignment. Which database object would she use to enter one record at a time?
Cathy needs to duplicate a column that is used in her spring sports table in the athletic database for a new form she is creating for fall sports. Which item from the tools group would enable her to perform this operation?
Michelle needs each National Technical Honor Society member to complete an information sheet. Which tool would be best?
Helen is creating a form to gather important information about graduation requirements from her senior homeroom students. What tool would she use to ensure that the sequence in navigating the form fields solicits the correct data?
Michelle wants to change the color of her form to make it more attractive. Which should she use?
Sam enters a numeric criterion in a query to find out which UNC school(s) have an enrollment that equals 5,000 or greater. What would he enter?
Sam needs to search information from the UNC schools database to find which school(s) have at least 10,000 students enrolled and an animal for a mascot. Which command would he use?
What do you use to locate records that meet certain criteria?
The manager of Doggie Donuts needs to group inventory by types of dog food in stock. He needs a subtotal for each group. Which query type will display this information?
The athletic director is looking for swim or softball team purchase orders that are more than $200. What criteria would give her this information?
Donna's Bakery lost a customer named Doggie Donuts. What action should be taken to remove all records from her database for Doggie Donuts?
Susi works at the local hospital and she needs to know the first names of the patients with the last name Jones. What wildcard operator would she use?
What ensures that a query result appears in a specific order?
Which type of operator enables a user to compare two values in a query criterion?
Which ribbon displays report printing options?
Which ribbon in layout view contains the commands to insert or delete new rows and columns in a report?
Tanya created a report to show people signed up for a 5K race. She needs to increase the size of the report header so she can add the race logo control. Which view will allow her to resize the header?
Dean needs to add the FBLA logo to the top of his membership form. Which type of control should he use?
Which type of operation performs mathematical functions, such as MAX, MIN, or COUNT, on a group of records?
Wendy wants to be able to see what her database report will look like without producing a hard copy. Which option would she choose?
Keisha wants to print her completed music databases. Which tool would she use?
Mr. Brown's report needs to be arranged by last name and first name. What tool can he use to ensure that students appear in alphabetical order on his report?
Other than creating a new blank database, which is one of the primary methods for starting a new database?
Data that is organized in a useful manner is called?
Which is the process of arranging data in a designated order based on the value of a specific field?
Which describes a database consisting of two files; one containing tables with data and the other containing database objects?
In which view does a newly created table appear in Microsoft Access
An association established between two or more tables based on a common field that enables the creation of queries, forms, or reports based upon multiple objects is called a:
Which of the following field properties should you use to restrict the number that can be entered in a table field?
Which term refers to the set of rules Microsoft Access uses to ensure that data between related fields are valid?
A PivotTable will be empty until the user selects:
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
which of the following is not part of long term climate change?
Which of the following is a cold water climate event?
which climate events bring more hurricanes?
What is the greenhouse effect?
Which is not an example of a greenhouse gas?
which greenhouse gas do scientists believe is responsible for global warming?
what is not a sign of global warming?
What does the ozone layer protect us from? what layer of the atmosphere is it in?
what layer of the atmosphere do chlorofluorocarbons break down in?
why are CFC's so bad?
Scenario E: What is the height of the diver after 2 seconds?
Scenario E: How many seconds will it take the diver to reach the surfaced of the water?(Hint: Factor out -8)
Scenario F: How high will the acrobat be after 2 seconds?
Scenario F: How long it would take for him to land in a net that is 10 ft from the ground.
Scenario G: How high will the basketballs be after 1 second?
Scenario G: If a student is on the top bleacher, 19 ft off the ground, how long will it take the basketball to reach him?
What is the equation for a vertical line?
What is the slope of a horizontal line?
What is the equation of a horizontal line?
What is the slope of a vertical line?
what is an orbit?
what takes a year for Earth to do?
What does the tilt of the Earth cause?
What is not true of the northern hemisphere in June?
when is the sun the farthest distance north of the equator?
December 21 is the day of the
the ______________ marks the beginning of spring
the _____________ is September 21
When is the sun at its lowest height in the northern hemisphere?
When are night and day exactly 12 hours?
Where on the periodic table are metals located?
which of the following is not a property of all metals
A material that can be hammered into flat sheets is said to be
Which metal is not magnetic?
a material is conductive if
Which metal is not a solid at room temperature?
Reactivity tends to increase as you
which are the least reactive metals?
what can make synthetic elements?
What group of metals are most unstable and likely to break apart?
Most nonmetals are
Nonmetals react with themselves by
Which of the following groups does not contain nonmetals?
What nonmetal differs from all other elements in its group?
Which group of nonmetals can gain or share 3 electrons?
Sulfur can
halogens can
which elements are unreactive?
the conductivity of metalloid does not depend on
the most common metalloid is
What is radioactive decay?
What elements did Marie Curie discover undergoing radioactive decay?
Radium 222, atomic number 88 undergoes alpha decay. What is the new mass number and atomic number?
Radium 222, atomic number 88 undergoes beta decay. What is the new mass number and atomic number?
Radium 222, atomic number 88 releases gamma radiation. What is the new mass number and atomic number?
Which type of decay causes the most damage?
___________ are radioactive ________________ that can be followed
tracers are used
Polonium 208, atomic number 84 undergoes alpha decay. What is the new mass number and atomic number?
Polonium 208, atomic number 84 undergoes beta decay. What is the new mass number and atomic number?
What are valence electrons?
What is not a possible number of valence electrons?
How many valence electrons does boron have?
How many valence electrons does Barium have?
How many valence electrons does Bromine have?
Reactivity depends on
Why are noble gases the least reactive?
A chemical bond is not
Helium is stable with
In ____________________________________ are drawn as dots
Nutrients that help build, maintain and repair body tissues.
Starches and sugars found in food.
Concentrated form of energy and helps transport other nutrients.
Amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of water.
What is one way to help remember a particular piece of information?
The book offers 20 memory techniques divided into what 4 categories that represent general principles for improving memory?
When you repeat something out loud, you anchor the concept in two senses, aiding your recall
Reciting it in your head is more effective than repeating information out loud.
It’s easiest to remember something if it has meaning to you
Which of the following could be used as a mnemonic device?
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 226 227 228 229 230 231 232 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 240 241 242 243 244 245 246 247 [248] 249 250 251 252 253 254 255 256 257 258 259 260 261 262 263 264 265 266 267 268 269 270 271 272 273 274 275 276 277 278 279 280 281 282 283 284 285 286 287 288 289 290 291 292 293 294 295 296 297 298 299 300 301 302 303 304 305 306 307 308 309 310 311 312 313 314 315 316 317 318 319 320 321 322 323 324 325 326 327 328 329 330 331 332 333 334 335 336 337 338 339 340 341 342 343 344 345 346 347 348 349 350 351 352 353 354 355 356 357 358 359 360 361 362 363 364 365 366 367 368 369