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France claimed which part of the New World?
English claims in North America include
Which development led to the other three?
Spain claimed which part of the New World?
An archaeologust studies
A historian studies
What science studies the history of man by locating and analyzing artifacts?
What term best describes a study of a nation's idedas, customs, and values?
What mountains are in the eastern part of America?
The Articles of Confederation were
The Great Compromise settled the controversy over the
A census, or count of the people, is taken every
How can the legislative branch “check” on the executive branch?
What is the main power of the judicial branch?
Which branch has the power to impeach a president?
What are the three branches of the US government?
The Preamble of the constitution
The first time the United States Supreme Court declared an act unconstitutional was in
The claim that each state had the right to cancel a law passed by Congress and signed by the President if the people of the state thought it was unconstitutional, was known as
Which is a power or title that the President of the United States does NOT have
Who is the commander in chief of the armed forces?
The federal Constitution has a census every ten years to determine the make-up of what government organization?
What term best describes the system where each branch of government can control or limit the others?
Which of the following best describes the Articles of Confederation?
What principle of law was established by Chief Justice John Marshall in the Supreme Court decision Marbury v. Madison (1803)?
What is the purpose of the Preamble?
What was the term for American sailors being kidnapped and forced to serve on British ships before and during the War of 1812?
The physical size of the United States doubled through the
Who was the president who purchased the Louisiana Territory?
Who led the expedition to explore the Louisiana Territory?
What is ironic about the Battle of New Orleans?
What was the main purpose of the Monroe Doctrine?
What term describes the policy of rewarding party supporters with government jobs?
A supporter of Jacksonian Democracy would favor the idea of
What was the forced removal of Native Americans from the South to land far in the West commonly called?
The Trail of Tears resulted from President Andrew Jackson’s effort to
Who served as president during the acquisition of the Louisiana Purchase?
What resulted from the Louisiana Purchase of 1803?
How did the Jacksonian Democracy increase the number of eligible voters?
How did the kids end up on the Island?
What was the beastie on the island?
How did Piggy die?
Where are the kids from?
What activity was Jack obsessed with?
The kids elected Jack over Ralph.
Jack does not believe in rules.
Jack is in charge of fire watch.
Piggy is in shape and fit.
Ralph and the other kids are never saved .
To remove a section of an image what tool do you use?
To move a picture or text behind something else you
To change the colour of font what symbol do you click on the toolbar?
What does 'Center text' do?
What does the B on the menu bar do?
What is the Font?
What does Wrap text do?
What program can be used to design web pages?
What does DTP mean?
Which menu option do you use to add graphics to your document?
A recessive trait
A karyotype
Genetic diversity in prokaryotes is primarily due to
Human females produce egg cells that have
Sex-linked genes are located on
Human males have
The formation of a Barr body inactivates
A mutation that involves one or a few nucleotides ic called
What happens when a piece of DNA is missing?
What happens during translation?
How long does it take for the Earth to make one revolution around the Sun?
What number planet is the Earth from the Sun?
The Moon Cycle takes about:
The moon disappears during the day because
The Earth is the only planet to have a Moon.
The moon _____ around Earth
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Which is an example of metaphor?
Which is an example of allusion?
Which is an example of simile?
Which is an example of personification?
Which is an example of onomatopoeia?
Which is an example of hyperbole?
Which is an example of assonance?
Which is an example of alliteration?
Which term(s) is/are represented in this statement: he fought like Achilles.
Which term(s) is/are represented in this statement: She has the wisdom of ten thousand Athenas.
May have more than one answer: Which term(s) is/are represented in this statement: Like a kite in the sky, she flew with wings of Hermes.
May have more than one answer: Which term(s) is/are represented in this statement: He ate a million miles of pizza, and promptly he puked.
Name the term for this definition: compares two things using like or as.
Name the term for this definition: refers to something from history, literature, or mythology.
Name the term for this definition: gives objects human-like qualities.
Name the term for this definition: word is spelled how it sounds.
Name the term for this definition: an extreme exaggeration.
Name the term for this definition: repetition of vowel sounds.
Name the term for this definition: use of the senses in writing.
Name the term for this definition: comparing two things without using like or as.
juegan al beisbol en ____ de beisbol
el ____ devuelve la pelota
el bateador _____
en un partido de beisbol hay _____ entradas
la _________ atrapa la pelota
¿Cuantos jugadores en un equipo de baloncesto?
¿Cuántas bases hay en un partido de beisbol?
¿donde se pone el guante?
El picher _____ la pelota.
El jugador ______ de una base a otra.
Where would find an anaerobic microorganism
what statement about bacteria is true
A patient\'s sore throat is caused by a streptococcsu. How would it be treated
A man died from an infection caused by a rickettsiae. The infecetion was MOST LIKELY transimitted by:
What organism can only be seen with an electron microscopeq
Beth has a nosocomial infrection. How did she get it?
All pathogens are
Tuberculosis is caused by a tubercle bacillus, which is a/an
Albert has a yeast infection under his arm. It should be treated with a/an
An infection that develops when the body's normal defenses are noth working properly is a/an
HIPAA rules require that certain diseases must be reported by law to protect the public. Which of the following diseases would fall into the category of reportable diseases?
What does the P in HIPAA stand for?
A physician's office asks a new patient to sign a HIPAA?
Which of the following as an example of a legal directive?
Fred is 89 and would like to make plans for his medical future, what would he have to do to designate his son to make decisions on his behalf?
What does the Patient Self Determination Act require health facilities to do?
When should a hospital employee file a grievance?
Mr. Allen's daughter, Mary, has durable power of attorney for him, if Mr. Allen\'s doctor recommends surgery for Mr. Allen who must sign the permission form?
Does a hospitalized patient have the right to refuse to have blood drawn?
A physician writes a DNR order on a patient\'s chart. DNR is the medical abbreviation for:
What was unusual about Marty\'s Sunday dinner?
Marty liked to _____________ after meals.
What does Marty take with him on his walk?
What does Marty find as he is walking?
Why did Marty choose to name the beagle Shiloh?
Marty ___________ to get the beagle to trust him.
Why has Marty never had a pet?
Marty gives Shiloh ______________ to eat.
How does Shiloh behave when Marty and his dad take him back to Judd's house?
What did Judd do when Marty and his dad returned the dog?
Which of these simple machines includes a stiff bar moving on a fulcrum?
Knives, axes, and scissors are all examples of which type of simple machine?
A pulley includes a rope or chain moving around a wheel. Which of these includes a pulley?
Which answer choice includes only inclined planes?
Why is a wheel and axle a useful simple machine?
Screws attach or separate materials because it is a (an)____________ wrapped around a pole..
Which of these is a screw?
Which of these answer choices include only levers?
More than one simple machine put together is called a __________________.
Which of these would be a compound machine?
All things that have mass and take up space are __________.
Tiny particles that make up matter are called _____________.
How much matter is in an object defines ___________.
A characteristic that describes matter such as shape, color, size, and smell are all ________.
Solids, liquids, and gases are the _____________.
In a physical change the matter changes in size and shape, but remains the same type of matter. Which of these would not be a physical change?
Matter can go through chemical changes where the type of matter usually changes. All of these are chemical changes except ______________.
One physical change that water can go through is ____________. This happens when water vapor turns back into a liquid.
For water to change states, the ________________ must be changed.
Matter can take up different amounts of space. This means that matter has different __________.
___________________________ help animals survive by giving special coloration or defensive or offensive body tools.
________________________ allow animals to respond (take action) to meet life needs.
Some animals go into a deep winter sleep in which their body activities slow down and they can live off of stored food including groundhogs and gophers. This is called _________.
Caribou and Canadian geese go on a long-distance journey to another place as seasons change. This is called _____________.
Many animals have the physcal adaptation of _________ to blend in to their surroundings.
The viceroy butterfly copies the monarch butterfly so that it does not get eaten. Many animals use the adaptation of ____________ to survive.
A spider knows hot to build its web when it is born. This is an example of how many animals are born knowing how to do certain skills to survive. This is called ________.
Some behaviors needed to survive must be learned from adult animals such as a bear cub learning to hunt. We call this a _______________.
Many animals have physical adaptions that include venom, special skin, antlers, and claws. They use these to stay safe. These are types of ___________.
Animals need special tools or skills to hunt or gather food, defend themselves, or rear young. All of these together are
Answers by Educators Question Database
An animal that has fur, has..
purple in German is..
the color of grass is...
The colors of the University of Michigan are..
The colors of Michigan State are...
When you bike to school, you use a...
If you take the train, you ride on a ..
If you take an airplane, you ride on a...
if you walk, you go...
30 would be...
fourteen would be...
What is the capital of Germany?
What is the capital of Switzerland?
What is the capital of Austria?
What is the capital of Liechtenstein?
Where was Mozart born?
Where is the annual Oktoberfest?
There are 300 types of...... in Germany
Spätzle is a type of...
How many German companies are there in Michigan?
On the first day of school, first graders get a..
What color is the charging port?
What color is the headphone jack?
Where is the volume button?
How many speakers are on the tablet?
Who designed this tablet?
Which of the following is not in the pull-down settings menu
When you click the brightness button, what do you have to do to lower the brightness
Why should you change your sleep settings?
How many cameras are on the tablet?
Where is the microphone located?
Which of these is a salad ingredient?
Which of these is not a pizza topping
which is a fruit?
what do you add to tea?
which food is spicy?
Which is not a meat dish?
Which is dessert?
what do we NOT make a sandwich from?
Who brings the food in a restaurant?
what do we ask for at the end of the meal?
Which word is spelled correctly?
One symptom can be a ________________.
Which word is spelled correctly?
ache is a synonym for
temperature is a synonym of
vomiting is a synonym of
Which word is spelled correctly?
Which word is spelled correctly?
a synonym for disease is
A cold is caused by a _____________.
If you are allergic to tomatoes you
a pain reliever is a medicine that
A synonym for chemist is ___________.
Which word is spelled correctly?
Which word is spelled correctly?
Which word is spelled correctly?
Which word is spelled correctly?
Which word is spelled correctly?
What county do you live in?
What fraction is greater than 1/2
What baseball player died in plane crash
What is a fact
How many points do you score in our 3-2-1 game
How many 3 point shots do you need to make to get to 36
What teacher is the most fun?
how many tires on 15 cars if the each have 1 spare?
What fraction is the smallest
How many senators do we have in the USA
A slave runaway
Popular Sovereignty
Supreme Court rules slaves are property
California joins the Union as a free state
Missouri Compromise
Required all citizens to help catch runaway slaves
Loyalty to a state or section, not a country
Lincoln frees all slaves in Confederate States
Lincoln argues that slavery is wrong
A major goal of the Sherman Antitrust Act was to
During the Progressive Era, muckrakers were best known for
The United States was drawn into World War I mainly because of
President Woodrow Wilson wanted to form the League of Nations to
Which New Deal law established a system of unemployment insurance and pensions for retired workers?
In which area of the United States did the Dust Bowl of the 1930s occur?
During World War II, the federal government reacted to shortages of various goods by
The Cold War developed shortly after the end of World War II primarily because of the
The Marshall Plan provided economic aid to World War II in order to
A major goal of the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s was to
Which factor that affects climate is the most important?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
What were the two leaders who ruled over Rome for one year called?
How many quaestors were elected at one time?
What was the role of the 16 aediles?
How long did a dictator hold power in times of emergencies?
Which of the following was a job done by censors?
What are the similarities between the eight praetors and two consuls?
Who could become a censor?
Who could become a tribune?
Who consisted of the Senate?
What powers did the Senate have?
The "new slide" button is located under which tab?
effects that occur when one slide changes to another
Which part of the powerpoint screen helps the user remember items as they give a presentation
which of the following tabs show just the text of a presentation?
title, title and content, comparison, and section header are all what?
A slide template that is used throughout your presentation to create a consistent look and feel
Which tab allows you to use the slide master?
predefined areas in a slide layout where you enter text, graphic, video, etc…
When presenting, text should be kept to a minimum
to insert a world outline as a presentation, which button would you use?
Any condition that can be changed in an experiment is called a variable. Which of these best explains why there should only be one variable changed in an experiment?
A force of 15 newtons is exerted on an object causing it to accelerate at 5 meters per second squared. What is the mass of the object?
An atoms of helium has two protons and a change of zero. How many electrons does an atoms of helium have?
Which of these describes the location of the neutrons in an atom?
Which of these statements about ions is true?
Which of these statements best describes the law of conservation of mass proposed by Antoine Lavoisier?
Which of these types of reactions absorbs heat from the surroundings?
Maria wants to find the density of a mineral sample. Which of these pairs of properties will she need to measure to determine the density?
Which type of energy does a skateboarder have before rolling down a ramp?
Which of these properties can be used to classify the different types of radiation given off by the sun?
If the forces acting on a car in motion were unbalanced, any of these could happen except
Which of these best describes the structure of an atom?
Which of these makes the atoms of one element different from the atoms of another element?
Which of these best describes what happens to the water molecules when the temperatures of liquid is increased?
Which scientist developed the atomic model with electrons moving around a central nucleus in definite orbitals?
A block of iron will react with acid to produce hydrogen gas. Which of these describe what will happen if iron powder were used instead of a block of iron?
Peanut butter had a pH of 6.28. Which of these best describes peanut butter?
Which of these measurements represents a n object with the highest density?
Which object is the best example of potential energy?
Which of these best describes why heat is produces when a flashlight is turned on?
Minimum qualifications for a job are determined using both the job description and job specification.
Employee turnover is the rate at which employees are fired from a company.
Companies use exit interviews to gather feedback about the company’s policies and procedures, management, and operations.
An employee who is transferred is generally given a new assignment with more authority and responsibility.
Social Security is a government program that provides supplemental health insurance to people over the age of 65.
Training and educating employees to ensure high quality and efficient work is which human resources activity?
Employee discharge is the same as
There are three parts to Medicare coverage—
The list of skills and qualifications needed to perform a particular job is known as a
Of all the resources used by a business, probably the most important to its success is its:
Which one is NOT a cause of acid rain?
Which one is NOT a cause of pollution in the Great Lakes?
Which one is NOT an effect of acid rain?
Which provinces have the most acid rain?
The main use of rivers that cuases environmental issues is _______________.
Clearcutting results in what environmental issue?
Eutrophication is ________________________
Habitat loss is a result of ______.
The main body of water that has pollution issues is ___________.
It is the _____________ of natural resources that causes environmental issues.
Employers are expected to make reasonable accommodations in work procedures, facilities, and equipment as part of the:
Ensuring effective communication and cooperation between management and employees is which human resources activity?
Employee turnover is commonly calculated based either on the number of employees who leave their jobs in a company or on
A fund to pay an income to workers who lose their jobs through no fault of their own is
The Equal Pay Act prohibits unequal pay for substantially the same work based on
Developing procedures and materials and educating managers and employees on the proper methods for evaluating and improving performance is which human resources activity?
A layoff generally occurs because of
Whenever there are new job openings or job vacancies, the company should first turn to
The employee evaluation method called 360-degree feedback may include feedback from
Human resources management includes all the following employee-related activities except
In choosing a career in finance, you should learn about your own abilities, interests, and personal qualities by taking________.
The moral principles by which people conduct themselves personally, socially, and professionally are called_______.
All property and assets owned by an individual or group is a(n)
The accumulation and management of property during one’s lifetime and the distribution of one’s property at death is referred to as:
Through a ___________, a person states whether he or she wishes to be kept alive by artificial means if terminally ill.
The legal right to act on your behalf when you need someone to handle your personal needs is called:
Sally has not received her inheritance from her grandmother's estate because her cousin has contested the will. The will is said to be in:
In insurance, anything that may possibly cause a loss is known as a:
A written outline of how the business will get money to start up and operate, and how the business will maintain financial operations and business records is a:
A retirement plan funded in part by employers is considered a:
Canada is a _________________ because the legislature controls the power and elects its leader.
Canada is a ______________ because it has its own constitution but still has loyalty to the queen.
The position with the most power in Canadian politics is the _______________.
Canada is a ___________________ because power is divided between the central and provincial governments.
Canada's legislative body is called ______________.
Which branch is the Queen in?
Who choses the prime minister in Canada?
The queen & governor general ______________________.
How does the prime minister lose his position?
True or False? Canadians have the same rights & freedoms as Americans.
A human resources manager would most likely prefer an employee turnover rate
This federal law regulates health and safety conditions in businesses by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, outreach, education, and assistance.
Which of the following is NOT a reason for transferring an employee?
The advancement of an employee within a company to a position with more authority and responsibility is a
Planning and managing the financial and nonfinancial rewards available to employees is which human resources activity?
A transfer often offers an employee
In one year, a company with 1,000 employees had 100 workers terminate employment. What was the company’s employee turnover rate?
A federal law that provides pensions to retired workers and disabled workers is
The law that requires employers to pay covered employees overtime pay at 1-1/2 times the regular rate of pay is the
Discrimination in hiring based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or national origin is prohibited by the
Answers by Educators Question Database
A normal fault occurs when the blocks of rock ______
A strike slip fault occurs when the blocks of rock
The sesimic wave that casuses the most amount of damage is the ______waves_
A _____________ is sued to measure ground movement in an earthquake.
________________ provided cushion for tall building when an earthquake strikes
A __________ occurs when the blocks of rock at a fault moves together.
Most earthquakes occur along___________
An ______________ is a smaller earthquake that takes place after the larger one.
removal from society
not giving up; continuing in the face of obstacles
willfully disobedient
doing something with reluctance or unwillingness
extremely dry and thirsty
without end
brush off, ignore, disregard
smile in a mocking, sarcastic, or threatening way
tease continuously
a state of disturbance, disorder, or uproar
retaliation; a desire for revenge
shy, quiet, on your own
Why can't the boys of back up the mountain to continue their signal fire?
When Jack says they should revote, who gets elected leader?
Who goes with Jack when he breaks off into his own group?
What does Piggy think of a Jack leaving to form his own group?
What does Simon suggest regarding the fire situation?
Why does Jack go hunt?
What does Jack do to the mother pigs head?
How does Jack's group get fired to cook the pig?
What does the pigs head tell Simon?
Why does Jack leave the pig head on the spear?
What happens to Simon when he is on his way down from the mountain tell the boys that there's no beast?
How does Jack plan to protect Castle Rock?
What caused piggy to have an asthma attack?
Why were Jack and his boys going into Ralph's shelter?
Without the glasses what happens?
How does Piggy plan to get his glasses back?
How does Ralph's group look when they go ask for Piggy's glasses?
Why does the author even mention the fact that Piggy's tear on the conch looked like a star?
What do the twins realize when they look at Ralph?
What happens when the boys arrive to Castle Rock?
What happens to the twins when they go to Jack's camp?
When Roger pushes down lever that controls boulder what happens?
After Piggy dies what does Jack want to do to Ralph?
When Ralph runs away what does Jack do to him?
What is the connection between Piggy and the mother pig?
When does Ralph plan to talk to Jack?
What is important about Ralph punching the pigs skull?
What do the twins tell Ralph when Ralph asks them what Jack plans to do with him?
What is the cry of the hunter?
What does Jack plan to do with Ralph after he catches him?
When Jack finds out Ralph is in the thicket, how does he plan to get to him?
Where does Ralph go after he crawls out of the thicket?
After using the boulder to make a path what do Jacks boys do next?
What does Ralph do when he sees a savage staring at him?
Where does Ralph run to?
As Ralph is asking for mercy who appears?
How did the naval officer find them?
What is ironic about how they got rescued?
Who says they were in charge when the officer asks who was the leader there?
Which would you use to describe a collection of sea anemones, sea stars, barnacles, and other organisms that live in a tide pool?
Because green plants need moisture, light and soil, what do they depend on?
Which group is a population?
What is the main reason different biomes support different plant and animal communities?
In which type of biome would you find the greatest number of species of plants and animals?
Which of these is a biotic factor?
Which abiotic factor provides energy for nearly all life on Earth?
What helps determine the number of individuals that can survive in an area?
Which is an example of a population?
What biome is located closest to the north and south poles?
Where is the tropical rainforest biome found?
What biome covers most of northern Africa?
Which describes a vegetarian?
What might happen if Earth had no decomposers?
Why do the layers in an energy pyramid get smaller toward the top?
What are organisms in the first layer of the energy pyramid called
Producers are different from consumers because only producers can do what?
Which is an organism that can directly convert energy from the Sun into food?
Which organism might compete with the mouse for seeds?
Which term describes organizes such as cows, horses, and goats?
The mother of your dad is your...
Your uncle's son is your...
The sister of your mom is your...
The brother of your dad is your...
Your parents are your...
A guinea pig is a...
A rabbit is a
A monkey is a///
An animal that is big is called...
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
A formal interview with an employee who is leaving a company to determine the person’s attitudes and feelings about the company and seek suggestions for improvement.
A list of the qualifications and skills a worker needs to do a job.
A temporary or permanent reduction in the number of employees resulting from a change in business conditions.
Employer programs that provide confidential personal problem-solving, counseling, and support services for employees.
Federal law that entitles eligible employees to take unpaid leave for specified family and medical reasons.
Federal law that prescribes standards for wages and overtime pay.
The advancement of an employee within a company to a position with more authority and responsibility.
The assignment of an employee to another job in the company that involves the same level of responsibility and authority as the person’s current work.
The rate at which people enter and leave employment in a business during a year.
The release of an employee from the company due to inappropriate work behavior.
Canada has a _________________ economy.
Which resource is NOT one of Canada's natural resources?
Which one is NOT a renewable resource in Canada?
Transportation and manufacturing are considered _______________ industries because they use raw materials to make something new.
Which one is NOT an example of a service type job?
A product that is being sent from Canada to another country would be an _____________.
A product that is brought from another country to Canada is an ____________.
The province that is considered the leader in fish production is _____________.
Canada is one of the leading producers of the world's ________________.
Canada's economy is primarily based on ______________.
An electrical energy convertor accepts input electrical energy and changes energy to all of the except:
A coffee pot is an example of a electric to what energy convertor
An ion rocket engine is an example of an electric to what energy convertor?
A solenoid is an example of an electric to what energy convertor?
An electric motor is an example of an electric to what energy convertor?
A hair blow dryer is an example of an electric to what energy convertor?
The part of an electrical motor that rotates between coils of wires is known as the
A solenoid operates based upon
In an ion driven rocket, the thrust is produced by what
Which of the devices listed below is not an electrical energy convertor
Which word is spelled correctly?
Which word is spelled correctly?
Which word is NOT spelled correctly?
Which word is NOT spelled correctly?
Which word is spelled correctly?
Which word is spelled correctly?
Which sentence has all words spelled correctly?
Which sentence has all words spelled correctly?
Which word is spelled correctly?
Which sentence has all words spelled correctly?
what school do you go to?
what class is this?
what grade are you in
whats your teachers name?
where is your school?
what period is this
what time does school start?
whos in your group?
The contents of the ____ section print once for each record in the table.
____ controls are used to display data that comes from the database.
If you format values in a column that satisfy some criterion differently than other values, it is called ____.
In ___ view, you can make additional layout changes by using the Arrange and.or Page Setup tabs.
The Arrange tab button called ___ ___ specifies the location of the information displayed within the control.
The Arrange tab button called ___ removes the layout applied to the controls.
____ means creating separate collections of records sharing some common characteristic.
The contents of the ____ print once at the beginning of the report.
The ____ prints once at the bottom of each page, and often contains a date and page number.
A report that includes subtotals, but does not include the individual detail lines is called a _____.
When did the reconstruction period take place?
What does reconstruction mean?
All of the following were problems during reconstruction except-
Who helped the freed African Americans during the reconstruction period?
Why didn\'t the southern farmers have money after the civil war?
Why did the southern banks close after the war?
About how many African Americans were freed in the South?
All of the these things were needed by the freed African Americans except-
What was destroyed in the South by the war?
What is sharecropping?
A fee a patient pays for a medical service is called a ___.
A statistical expert who collects and compiles data about life expectancy is called a(n) ___.
___ life insurance is renewed annually with yearly premium increases.
___ life insurance is permanent and has fixed premiums, interest rates and cash value.
___ life insurance is permanent with flexible premiums and interest rates.
This insurance would cover the costs of physical repairs to a car damaged in an event other than an accident with another car.
Insurance coverage that enables you to get your own insurance company to pay your bills if you are in an accident with a motorist who has no insurance is called
Insurance coverage that pays your medical bills as well as those of your passengers after an accident is called
This protects you from paying the full medical bills or legal bills for someone who is injured in an accident you caused.
____ insurance is for protection against lawsuits.
What´s the meaning of OVERPOPULATION
Around how many people are there in the world?
Which continent is the most populated?
What kind of plan does consist of a central point from which streets radiate that form concentric circles?
Which of the following terms refers to the number of years the average person in a country can expect to live
What´s the name of the person arriving from another region or country to live and work
What type of settlement is when population lives in separate houses?
An urban area that is away from the centre is a
Economic activities that obtain resources from nature are characteristics of
State of suffering or dying as a result of insufficient food (hunger) is known as
New Hampshire was the ninth state to __________ the Constitution.
The three branches of government share power through the system of __________.
As the country spread west, the __________ helped turn territories into states.
The United States has two houses of Congress due to the __________.
If the President does not approve of a new law, he can __________ it.
Which of these was most powerful under the Articles of Confederation?
What is the main job of the judicial branch of government?
In the House of Representatives, each state is represented by __________.
Which of these may state governments do?
What type of government did Federalists want?
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The development of technology is a human activity and is the result of individual or collective needs and the ability to be creative.
Creativity is not closely linked to the development of technology.
Invention is a process of turning ideas and imagination into devices and systems.
Innovation is the process of modifying an existing product or system to improve it.
New products and systems can be developed to solve problems or to help do things that could not be done without the help of technology.
Brainstorming involves testing and evaluating a problem solution.
A design brief is a written plan that identifies the problem to be solved and identifies criteria and constraints related to the problem.
It isn’t important to contribute to a group endeavor by offering useful ideas, supporting the efforts of others, and focusing on the task.
It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure that tools, machines, and materials are used safely.
Muckrakers were writers and critics of the early 1900s who wanted to
In 1892, the United States government opened Ellis Island primarily to
What was an immediate economic result of the use of mass-production techniques in American factories?
Progressive Era writers such as Upton Sinclair and Ida Tarball were called muckrakers because they
Which event led to the passage of laws that created safer working conditions?
Which source of information is a primary source on trench warfare during World War I?
Senate oppostition to United States membership in the League of Nations was based mainly on the
Which feature of the Harlem Renaissance best reflects the image of the Roaring Twenties?
One reason the stock market collapsed on October 1929 was that
Which New Deal agency was set up to provide unemployment insurance and pensions for retired workers?
What was one way United States participation in World War II affected the American economy?
The Cold War developed following World War II as a result of the
Most historians agree that the world came closest to nuclear war during which event?
One long-term result of the creation of an interstate highway system was that it
Which document was the first to specifically propose equal rights for American women?
One reason the United States fought in the Persian Gulf War (1991) was to
The presidencies of Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, and Harry Truman were similar in that each president served during
Beginning in the late 1800s, poll taxes, literacy tests, and grandfather clauses were used to
The separate but equal principle established by the Supreme Court in Plessy v. Ferguson resulted in the
What was the most significant economic impact of the transcontinental railroads during the late 1800s?
Which class of fish lacks scales?
Which structures are found only in Osteichthyes?
Which characteristic is the most helpful with fish identification?
Which type of fin shape allows for the fastest swimming speed?
Which is the slowest body shape?
Fish that live along the bottom have their
Which of the following does a freshwater fish not do?
Which structure maintains buoyancy in fish?
Which fin propels a fish in water?
Which structure in fish detects changes in the water?
What is the first step in the scientific method?
What is a hypothesis?
Pollution is....
Humans can best help the environment by...
On a topographic map, lots of elevation lines very close together means...
On a topographic map, where are you most likely going to find a river?
The top of a wave is called the...
The bottom of the wave is called the...
In a group of animals, the taller animals are more likely to survive than the short ones. Tall animals have taller offspring. If this trend continues, what will happen to the average height of the animal herd?
A ball rolls across a field until a player stops it with his foot. Which of Newtons Law's does this describe
A heavy truck takes longer to slow down than a bicycle. Which of Newton's Law's does this describe
When you punch a wall, the wall pushes back on your hand with an equal reactive force. Which of Newton's laws does this describe?
A man runs 100 meters in 10 seconds. how fast is he going?
A car travels 100 meters every 1 second. How far will it travel in 5 seconds?
Particles of air move ___________ when the air is hot
True or False: Heat energy goes from hot places to cold places when it can
True or False: IN MAGNETS opposites attract and likes repel
Which of the following is not a characteristic of cetaceans?
What size animals did modern whales evolve from?
Which is the smallest cetacean?
Which of the following have ear slits?
Which of the following uses tools?
Which structure is used by cetaceans for echolocation?
Which structures are used to identify the 2 suborders of cetaceans?
Which of the following is a toothed whale?
Which of the following is not a baleen whale?
Which of the following is an endangered herbivore?
What is the dorsal outer shell called?
What are the sections of the shell called?
Which sea turtle is the largest and lacks scutes?
Which sea turtle has the most scutes?
Which of the following is true for sea turtles?
What determines the sex of sea turtles?
Which is the smallest and rarest sea turtle?
What is the biggest cause of sea turtle decline?
Which sea turtle is an herbivore as an adult?
Which sea turtles are closely related?
The surface that is the best absorber of light and radiator of heat is
A higher angle of insolation will
The hottest part of the day is
The hottest time of the year is
Increasing altitude will
Increasing latitude will
Water takes longer to change temperature than land because
A location near water will have a climate that is
Summer is warmer than winter becuase
Insolation means
Greenhouse gases allow
The ozone layer
When is the 8th grade promotion ceremony?
Which could you NOT wear to promotion?
How many tickets will each student have for guests?
What should you do after the ceremony?
If you don't attend promotion, what time will you be dismissed from school?
Students who don't attend promotion but who come to school will...
Please ask your parents to leave this in the car...
Who will be this year's student speaker?
What is the minimum GPA required for promotion?
Who will you walk in next to?
the ___________ is the point undreground where an earthquake begins.
The seismic waves that arrive first are called___________.
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Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
the document that set up our country's first central government
to become a state
the lawmaking branch of government
the branch of government that carries out the laws made by Congress
the branch of government that decides the meaning of the laws
the head of the judicial branch of government
a plan that gave small and large states an equal number of representatives
a proposal that congress should have two separate houses, one based on state population and the other based on equal state representation
called for one house of Congress based on population
farmers protest the land tax imposed by Massachusetts
An addition to a constitution or other document
an introduction to a document
a system in which the states and the federal government share power
a system in which one branch of government is balanced by another
to refuse to approve
supporters of the ratification of the Constitution
opponents of the ratification of the Constitution
a document that describes the basic rights of people
A government body made up of secretaries of departments
a group of people who share similar ideas about government
The limestone towers in Mono Lake, Ca, formed when dissolved minerals re-formed. These towers are made of
Material that settles out of wind or water
This type of rock is made from pieces of rock, mineral, or plant remains and animal remains that have been pressed or cemented together.
Coal is made from the remains of
Wind moved layers of sand along as ancient sand dunes. These sand dunes were preserved as rock. This is an example of how sedimentary rock can record information about
These types of rocks form by weathering processes which break down rocks into pebble, sand, or clay particles by exposure to wind, ice, and water.
These types of rocks are formed when minerals precipitate out of water
Compaction and cementation are two common processes associated with
Which of these is a sedimentary rock?
Sedimentary rocks usually form around
The regular rise and fall of the water level along the shore
Everything that exists
This bounces waves of light off a surface
One of the shapes of the lighted part of the Moon
This is the distance from one peak to another
This device collects light
This is caused bt the pull of gravity between the Moon and Earth
The Earth does this on its axis
This is where a new day begins
If you travel west you would
What is 5 + 8?
What is 20 - 2
What is 11 + 7?
What is 1 + 3?
1 +1
2 + 5
10 - 3
5 + 17
8 - 7
14 + 3
Who was the leader of the Raid on Lawrence?
Where was did the raid occur?
What was Quantrill's force called?
In what state did the Raid on Lawrence occur?
Who was the notorious gangster involved in the Raid on Lawrence?
When did the Raid on Lawrence occur?
What was Quantrill's motive for raiding Lawrence?
What was Quantrill job before he raided Lawrence?
There were over 1000 people killed during the raid - True or False
What was one of the main reasons Quantrill raided Lawrence?
The stored energy in an object is called ______________.
The back-and-forth movement of matter is called ________________
A measure of the average kinetic energy of particles and a way to measure heat is _____________.
When thermal energy is transferred between two objects that are touching, heat moves by __________________.
A form of energy that you can see is ______________.
The loudness of a sound to a listener is the sound's ____________________.
The high or low frequency of sound waves determines ________________'
Thermal energy produces _______________.
The bending of light is called _________________.
Energy of motion is called _______________.
This document is used to communicate with people within your business
This document is used to communicate with those outside of your business (eg: customers, suppliers, creditors, etc...)
Which of the following does not fit?
What button on the keyboard do you use to line up text after a memo's headings?
Keeping your logo large is important when creating business letterhead
it is good to close a memo with a closing like "forever yours, Mr. Jones "
Memos and business letters are both double spaced throughout the entire document
A memo's subject line can be ALL CAPS
to create a memo or business letter you would use the insert tab then choose "new"
Microsoft Word provides you with _____________ to create certain business documents
The transfer of thermal energy by the movement of liquids and gases is called ___________.
The bouncing back of light waves from a surface is ______________.
A form of energy produced by vibration is ________________.
When light does not reflect back from the object it hits is __________________.
A fire gives off these two types of energy:
The transfer of heat from the Sun to the Earth by waves is called _____________.
An appliance or machine that gets its energy from electricity but gives off kinetic energy is a _____________________.
An appliance or machine that gets its energy from electricity but gives off sound energy is a _____________________.
An appliance or machine that gets its energy from electricity but gives off thermal energy is a(n) _____________________.
An appliance or machine that gets its energy from electricity but gives off light energy is a(n) _____________________.
One way to choose what’s next in your life is to define your
Which of the following is an example of someone who is not aligning their actions with their values?
Which of the following habits can be developed to help you practice being motivated?
Demonstrating a professional work ethic
How does the textbook suggest we approach the topic of habits?
The consequences of cheating are
Which is not an example of plagerism
Which is not a good strategy to promote your motivation to exercise?
Which of the following is an effective affirmation that promotes positive thinking and behaviors?
What is the correct definiton for ettiquette?
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A traveler and explorer who explored China
Emporer of China during the travels of Marco Polo
Famous route for travel and trading between Europe and Asia
A person who is good at many different things.
Thinking that each person is important and can solve problems. This type of thinking was a major type of thought during the Renaissance
This invention changed the speed of ideas being spread during the renaissance
Which of the following is a true statement
The crusades were started because
The Great Wall of China was built because...
What country did democracy originate from?
The physical location of Europe has made what economic activity their way of life?
An important aspect of a democracy is______?
The European Union has had the greatest effect on countries ______?
Most countries today have this type of government system
The European Union has what type of monetary system?
Why is the majority of Russia's industries located in the Eastern part of the country?
What geographic feature would make logging a major industry?
Which of the following is a major transportation corridor?
Where are the largest and longest rivers found?
Why is the official language of Brazil Portuguese?
How did South America develop?
The impact of the trade embargo against Cuba was ____?
An important aspect of a limited government is _______?
Which is trait of a culture region?
These two countries have an unlimited government.
Beliefs and Customs are known as ____?
Which would reduce conflict over the rain forest in South America?
Which technology has connected countries all over the world?
Another name for oil is ________?
What's the combined total weight, which a tractor and trailer must not exceed on the road when it is fully laden?
Agricultural vehicles between 3.5m-4.3m wide must only travel at what speed on the road to ensure safety?
Implements between 3.5m-4.3m wide are required to have what?
When must marker boards be fitted to an implement?
If you are only allowed to travel at 20mph, what is the width of the vehicle?
The average tractor costs upwards of ? /hr (before adding driver costs)?
A large workhorse tractor can use how much diesel per year?
A well set-up machine can save between how much in savings?
Correctly fitted and maintained implements can reduce fuel consumption by how much?
What % of tractors sold are linked to management systems by satellite?
coches rojos
niña guapa
balón azul
camiseta rota
gema es tonta
marco pesado
chicas del cole
pantalón pirata
bote vacío
ferrari azul
Gandhi formullated two absolute values, which are:
Gandhi's definition of truth was broad. There should be truth in these three things::
Gandhi tells us that as people we need to have a _____ standard of conduct.
A single standard of conduct means:
Which of the following is not one of the commitments Gandhi asks us to make as leaders?
For Gandhi, violence does not encompass all forms of exploitation, including discrimination and poverty.
All of the following are not absolute values except:
Gandhi took 3 principles from Ruskin's work which are all of the following except:
We can do several things to maintain our commitment to a higher standard of leadership except which of the following:
You can achieve moral growth without regular personal reflection.
Is 'preferir' a stem changing verb?
Which word means 'I prefer'?
Which word means 'you want'?
Pick the correct spelling of 'he has'
Translate 'he starts'
Translate 'he comes'
Translate 'we start'
Translate 'we have'
Which form did not stem change?
What subject is implied in the verb 'prefiero'?
This state of matter has definite shape and volume
This state of matter has definite volume but no shape
This state of matter expands to fit its container and has no shape or volume
Trail mix would be considered
Iced tea would be considered
A solute
The solvent
Pollution results when what mixes with water, soil and air?
A example of a chemical change could be
A hypothesis has to be
What is The Shutout about?
Who wrote My Papa, Mark Twain?
How big was the crew on the Challenger Space Shuttle?
Name an example of a biogrpahy
Name an example of an autobiogrpahy
What is Non-fiction
DId Susy like her fathers novels
How does the author feel about space shuttle launches
how did the boys wash their family car
Which word is spelled correctly
Invention is a process of turning ideas into devices or systems.
There is no perfect design.
Technology is dependent on human mobility.
Societal expectations have little to do with the acceptance and use of products and systems.
In the past, many inventions and innovations were developed with specific thoughts of all consequences.
Innovation is a process of modifying an existing product or system to improve it.
Creativity has nothing to do with inventing.
To brainstorm is to build something.
People began inventing in the early 20th century.
Meeting societal expectations is a driving force behind the acceptance and use of products and systems.
Beginning in the 20th century, people began to increase their capability by innovating and inventing.
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Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Why were plantations in the SE region rather than the NE region?
Which of the following is NOT true about slave life on a plantation?
What is the capital of South Carolina?
What is the abbreviation for Mississippi?
Who did the Trail of Tears affect?
Why did the Trail of Tears occur?
What physical feature of New Orleans made Hurricane Katrina such a disaster?
Which of the following is NOT a physical feature of the Southeast Region?
Which of the following is NOT a physical feature of the Southeast Region?
Which of the following is NOT a physical feature that the Southeast Region and Michigan have in common?
Gas law that depicts a direct relationship between temperature and pressure.
Gas law that depicts a direct relationship between temperature and volume
The law that states there is an indirect relationship between volume and pressure is
The law that accounts for temperature, volume, pressure, and moles of a gas within an individual system is
A hot air balloon is a real life example of
Popping a balloon uses which law?
An aerosol can exploding in a fire is an example of which law?
A dead animal bloating on the side of the road is an example of which law?
The law that takes in account everything but moles of a compound is called
A diver reaches the surface of the ocean too quickly and becomes sick due to the decrease of pressure. This is an example of
Which chart can show trends over time?
An advantage of spreasheet software is combining charts with word documents. What is this called?
Which type of chart would compare grade averages from year to year?
What is the cell you are working in called?
What is represented by a number & is horizontal?
What is vertical & represented by a letter?
What is the name of the place where a row & column meet?
Which type of chart would you use to compare percentages?
What type of chart offers a 3-D enhancement?
Which type of software is best to use to calculate & analyze numbers?
The yowling yellow cat sat on the steps of the house. What technique is used in the sentence?
My roots are deep in this earth. Is an example of?
I have flourished in this garden. What does flourished mean in this sentence?
What is the best way to combine the following sentences: The plants are not large. The plants are very healthy.
Still, some places in the country resisted the railroad's plan and remained with local time.How should the sentence be corrected?
Read the sentence: I must prefer walking to the store than driving. Which details offers the weakest support for this argument?
Which source would provide the best information about wildlife in Australia?
Which source would be the best for locating multiple magazine articles on a single research topic?
Which is a correct rule to use when preparing a bibliography/reference page?
Which group of letters make the sound shun?
Which word has a spelling error?
Which word is spelled correctly?
Which sentence uses correct punctuation?
We saw a family of ducks when we went to the park. Which part of the sentence is a prepositional phrase?
How do the words quiet and solemn differ?
A player is a part of a team in the same way that a musician is part of an__________.
The alligator lay silent on the river like a floating gray log.- which literary device is used in this sentence?
Which sentence contains an example of figurative language?
In a few days our class VISITS the Witte Museum. What is the correct very to use in place of the verb in all caps?
A driver's license or two other forms of identification ____ required. Which word best completes the blank in the sentence?
Over time, animals may change behavior or physical appearance in response to changes in the environment. What is this called?
What is the process by which organisms that are better adapted to their environment survive and reproduce more successfully than less well adapted organisms do?
Many insects can adapt very quickly to insecticides because
What evidence of natural selection is available today that was not available to Darwin?
The process by which populations slowly change over time is called
What process often begins by a portion of a population becoming physically or geographically separated?
A characteristic that can be passed from parent to offspring through genes is called a
What process would farmers use to produce vegetables that will grow in a specific climate?
When certain genes make organisms more likely to survive and reproduce, which process can occur?
Scientists compare organisms’ DNA to support the theory that all species share a common
Which was NOT a source of Charles Darwin’s ideas about evolution?
A spider may produce hundreds of eggs, only a few of which may survive. This is an example of
The trace remains of an organism that lived long ago, most commonly preserved in sedimentary rock, are a
Populations of all species are limited by
Which of the following is NOT an example of natural selection?
Which of the following features did whales possibly inherit from a four-legged ancestor?
What is a group of organisms that can mate with one another to produce fertile offspring a definition of?
What is a timeline of life provided by the remains or imprints of dead organisms called?
Who is the naturalist who proposed that evolution happens through natural selection?
The process consisting of overproduction, inherited variation, the struggle to survive, and successful reprodution is:
Round to the nearest tenth: 58.72
Round to the nearest tenth: 1.0952
Round to the nearest tenth: 5742.6487
Round to the nearest tenth: 0.958
Round to the nearest tenth: 98,563,214,587.5298
Round to the nearest hundredth: 852.357
Round to the nearest hundreth: 15,963.498
Round to the nearest hundred: 7,061.56
Round to the nearest ten: 78,034.576
Round to the nearest hundreth: 975.064
What is the term for a feature that allows an organism to survive better in its environment?
All the individuals of a species that live in a particular area are called a
The remnant of an organ that had a function in an early ancestor is known as a(n)
What observations did Charles Darwin make about finches in the Galápagos Islands?
Which theory states that floods and earthquakes have occurred often in Earth’s history?
What is the process in which humans breed organisms for certain traits?
Individuals that are well adapted to their environment will survive and produce
Natural selection results in change overtime by acting on traits that are
What is the study of the distribution of organisms around the world?
Fossil evidence shows that structures considered vestigial in living organisms
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Which soccer player shows motivation?
Which soccer player shows integrity?
What color is the home Brazilian jersey
Which soccer players ARE IN the powerpoint?
What character trait does Hulk show
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