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Waar wordt elke synagoge voor gebruikt?
Hoe wordt een synagoge ook wel genoemd?
Hoe heten de vijf boeken van de Tora?
Waarmee wordt de Tora gekleed?
Wie mag/kan een Sefer Tora schrijven?
Mag je lezen uit een Tora waarvan sommige letters niet meer goed te zien zijn?
Waarom gebruiken wij een jad als wij uit de Tora lezen?
Welke kant kijk op als je tijdens de dienst moet opstaan?
The twelve men who had firsthand knowledge of Jesus and whom God sent out to preach the gospel were called
Which apostle quoted Scripture that settled the issue being discussed by the church meeting at Jerusalem?
What word comes from the Greek word for "servant"?
What word is derived from the Greek word presbuteros?
What word comes from the Greek term meaning "overseer" or "superintendent"?
The church leader who loved "to have preeminence" and who put himself above God's Word was
Where was the first Christian church located?
What church leader in Gaul said that every church must agree with the Church of Rome?
According to the Roman church, who was appointed the head of the Catholic church by Christ?
During the fifth century, ___________ became the first bishop of Rome to support the Petrine theory.
The bishop of Rome became known as the ___________ , a word that means "father".
The Roman emperor ___________ called a council to deal with the Arian controversy.
The council met in ___________ in the year A.D. 325.
In 445, the Western Roman emperor ___________ recognized the pope as the supreme ruler of all the church.
What pope was given the title "the Great" because of his great power?
What pope said that, in matters relating to God, leaders of the church are supreme over all human rulers?
The period after the collapse of the Roman Empire is called the ___________ .
The New Testament was written in __________ , the most common type of Greek.
The word ___________ means an assembly or body of people.
The word ___________ means "universal" or "one."
What is the name of Beowulf's homeland?
A kenning is____________________
What is a larger-than-life character whose accomplishments reflect a people’s values and way of life called?
“man-ruler” is an example of
This man is the King of the Danes and son of Healfdane
During the Chrisitan commentary Grendel is said to be the descendant of ___________.
Beowulf fights Grendel's mother ___________________ and brings _________________ with him as proof that he defeated her.
The Danes are attacked by Grendel in _______________, which is their ______________.
Who is the son of Edgetho?
For what reason does Beowulf fight Grendel's mother?
Which city is known as the "Gateway to the West"?
The statues carved into the Black Hills at Mt. Rushmore National Memorial honor...
What kinds of storms bring heavy snowfall and freezing winds to the Midwest
The Midwest is called "America's Breadbasket" because...
Which city is a main transportation hub?
Where would you go to see cowboys?
Which state is part of the dairy farming industry?
North Dakota farmers grow lots of...
Which state raises so much corn that it's nicknames the "Corn State"?
In which state was Ms. Timmerman college located?
Ionic bonds are formed between...
The bond in a covalent compound has electrons that are
The dots in a Lewis Dot model represent the
The octet rule states that most atoms (except those near He on the periodic table) are stable with this number of valence electrons
Chemistry is primarily the study of this subatomic particle involved in bonding
Atoms that bond with another of the same element in pairs are called
The part of the atom with a negative charge is the
Name this compound MgO
The charge on a compound is always
An negative ion is called a(n)
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Repeating elements create visual or actual movement in an artwork
The lightness or darkness of a color
A choice of lines, colors, or shapes that are repeated over and over, usually in a planned way
Visual elements are combined to produce a sense of action, the viewer’s eye to sweep the composition in a definite manner
A three-dimensional object that has height, width and depth
A line that surrounds a space or color, these are flat or two-dimensional
All parts of a design work together to create a feeling of wholeness
Another word for hue, examples would be yellow, blue and red.
The empty or open area between, around, above, below or within objects
Which art form uses dots to make up the painting?
Which of the following is the best definition for a contour drawing?
When making a grid drawing, what is the first step?
What was duct tape originally intended for?
What was the last step of the Word Art Project?
When you are shading an object you must first establish what?
The outermost covering of a plant cell
The cell wall is made of...
Which organelle is selectively permeable allowing material to pass in and out of the cell
The cell membrane is the outermost layer of which type of cell?
The control center of the cell
Which organelle controls cell activity and passes on traits?
Which organelle makes ribosomes
Which organelle is often attached to the ER and synthesis proteins
Which type of cell usually would have more Mitochondria?
Which organelle supply most of the energy for the cell
Which organelle is responsible for digesting the tail of a tadpole?
Which organelle is the storage tank of the cell; often the largest organelle of plants?
Which chemical equation represents photosynthesis?
Which of the following reactions is respiration?
Which organelle is the food making site for green plants?
Which organelle is the tubular passageways through the cytoplasm that carries protein?
The jelly-like material within the cell that gives it shape and support
What is the variable the scientist changes?
Which organelle produces energy in the cell?
What is the step in Mitosis in which the chromosomes pull away from the middle? (Phase 3)
What does Adenine pair with in DNA?
What is the RNA anticodon for this codon? ACC
Where does transcription Occur?
Which RNA is responsible for translation?
Which Biomolecule are sugars and starches considered?
Which Biomolecules are made up of amino acids assembled through transcription and translation?
A prokaryotic cell has all the parts listed except:
Living Cells MUST do all of the following except
If a plant cell were missing chloroplasts what would it be unable to do?
Hypotonic Solutions
A solute is
A cell membrane allows certain objects through but not other substances, as a result the cell membrane is called:
5' G T A _ _ _ A A 3' 3' C A T G C A T T 5' This segment of DNA has undergone a mutation in which three nucleotides have been deleted. A repair enzyme would fix the section by inserting which of the following?
Location of Protein Synthesis
What is the passive movement of molecules or particles along a concentration gradient or from the regions of higher to lower concentration?
Energy produced through cell respiration
What are the products of Photosynthesis?
__________ use small pictures or symbols
__________ look like a pie; each piece stands for a different group.
_________ use bars to compare different values.
__________ use a line to show change over a period of time.
Population density is _________________.
New Jersey has __________ counties.
____________ come from minerals.
____________ come from forests.
Soil is used for _____________.
____________ come from water.
Change to plural: La clase es grande.
Make it plural: El profesor es pequeño.
What course is this: . la composición, la gramática, la literatura
What course is this: el español, el latín, el francés, el inglés
What course is this: los microbios, las plantas, los animales, la bacteria
What course is this: la adición, la división, y la multiplicación
Make this plural: El amigo de Marcos es muy popular.
Make this singular: Los dos amigos son muy populares.
Make it plural: Yo soy una alumna seria.
Make it singular: Vosotros sois unos amigos malos.
In 1659 where was the first trading post set up in the Northland?
By 1679 a ____ trading company, the Hudson Bay Company was set up in the area.
In 1756-1763 this war ended French rights to trade in the area.
This war threw the British out of the fur trade for good in America unless they became an American citizen.
Explorers came to this area looking for fame and adventure. Which of the following were explorers?
What social class were the voyageurs in
What class was a Fur Trader in?
Metis were families of different cultures, usually a _____ Woman and a European man and their children.
Some Metis children became ______ because they heard both languages from their mother and father.
Who were often not mentioned in the records of fur trading?
What chores did voyageurs do in the winter at the fort?
Answers by Educators Question Database
In which state of matter do molecules move slowest?
A substance consists of molecules of NaCl. This is a
The mass of a block is 10 g. It takes up 10 cubic cm. It has a density of
A solid is added to a liquid and shaken to combine. Each sample taken from the result is exactly the same. This is a
The change in state from liquid to gas is called
The correct instrument to measure the mass of a sample of copper is a
A teaspoon of sugar is dissolved in a cup of hot water. The solute is
A material is shiny, malleable, and grayish in color. It is probably a
Density is mass divided by
Liquids are best measured using a
The elements found in columns on the left side of the periodic table are called
Elements in the same families or groups on the periodic table
The noble gases
The non-metal in an ionic compound comes second in the name and has this suffix (ending)
A compound made up of lithium and chlorine is called
A magnesium (+2) ion will form a compound with how many bromine (-1) ions?
Name this ionic compound: BaO
Name this covalent compound: CCl4
The transition metals are those with
The most reactive family of elements is the
As the viscosity of a liquid increases, the liquid --
Which of these is the most appropriate unit of measure for reporting the density of a solid?
The buoyant force that a fluid exerts on objects is increased when there is an increase in the fluid’s —
Rust (Fe2O3) forms on an iron (Fe) pipe after prolonged exposure to humid air. What type of change does this illustrate?
Sheets of ice containing mostly pure water can be formed by decreasing the temperature of saltwater. Which of these best describes this change?
Students in a chemistry lab measure the time it takes four different 100 mL solutions to pass through a hole in the bottom of a cup. Which of the following properties of the solutions is most likely being measured?
A sample of water from a stream has a greater density than a sample of distilled water. Which is the best explanation for the difference in density?
Which of these are composed of two or more different substances that are chemically combined in a definite ratio?
Which of these changes in rocks is a physical change?
Which of the following processes is an example of a physical change associated with an oak tree?
The idea of ___________ maintains that men like Peter and Paul handed down their power and authority from one generation of bishops to the next.
The ___________ holds that Christ made Peter the head of the Catholic church and that Peter passed this power to the first bishop of Rome, whom he appointed.
___________ is the opinion that Jesus was not God but rather had been created by God the Father.
The statement of belief called the ___________ affirmed Christ's divinity.
Services of the Roman church are called ___________ .
The word ___________ means "sacred act."
The Catholic name for the Lord's Supper, ___________ , comes from the Greek words for thanks, favor, and grace.
__________ was being cut off from the rulers of the church and, therefore, from the sacraments.
The portion of the world in which Christianity prevails is called ___________ .
The Middle Ages lasted from about ___________ .
Adenine bonds with __________ while guanine bonds with __________
The covalent bonds in the backbone of DNA are:
The process of DNA replication occurs in the....
DNA replication results in...
The enzyme responsible for unwinding & unzipping the DNA molecule is...
Which enzyme forms the new bonds between the backbone and the bases?
Which enzyme adds new nucleotides to the replicated strand of DNA?
The completely replicated strands of DNA are made of...
What is the name of the protiens used to coil and wrap-up DNA inside the nucleus?
The parts of a nucleotide are...
He was a famous Greek author known for his stories that taught important life lessons
A leader who uses force to hold power is known as ************
An age marked by great achievements
These people were rich landowners
These are short stories that teach lessons about life or give advice on how to live
He was a brilliant elected leader who led Athens government from 460BC until 429BC
A body of stories about Gods and heroes that try to explain how the world works
People who had the right to participate in government
A high hill that often had a fortress on its top
A famous poet who wrote some of the earliest Greek writings
This is a Greek word meaning City-State
This is a type of Government in which people rule themselves
A government in which only a few people have power
This poet was famous for writing about love, relationships, and family
This Greeek author wrote Iliad and the Odyssey
Peisistratus was this type of ruler of Ancient Greece
Under Cleisthenes, Greece was ruled as a *******
Athens remained a democracy under this ruler
Hercules, Apollo, Poseidon, and Aphrodites are examples of Greek*******
Aesop's The Tortoise and the Hare is an example of*****
Which factor has the greatest influence on the weathering rate of Earth\'s surface bedrock?
Which type of climate causes the fastest chemical weathering?
At which point of a stream meander is erosion the greatest?
Why do particles carried by a river settle to the bottom when a river enters the ocean?
The action of a tree root splitting a rock is an example of
The velocity of a stream can be changed by
As the discharge of a stream increases, the stream's ability to carry sediment
Breaking a particle into smaller pieces ________________ the surface area.
If the minerals in soil do not match the local bedrock, it means that soil is
The entire area drained by a river is known as a
Another word for the study of water is known as:
About what percent of all water on earth is saltwater found in oceans?
Most of the freshwater on earth is found where?
The second largest source of freshwater on earth is:
Which of the following is the step of the water cycle where water vapor cools back into a liquid, forming clouds?
When the sun heats up liquid water, causing it to rise into the atmosphere, this is called:
If water droplets become too heavy, they fall back to the earth as rain, sleet, snow, or hail. This step of the water cycle is called:
Another word for the water cycle is the:
About what percent of all water found on earth is considered freshwater?
Where does most of our drinking water come from?
The type of attraction between solid surfaces with a charge and water molecules is called?
A strong base would have the pH of what?
When Kool-aid is dissolved in water, the water is known as what?
Water molecules bonding with each other.
The oxygen end of the water molecule has what charge?
A mixture containing dissolved substances.
A mixture containing non-dissolved particles.
Compounds that release H+ ions into solution.
When Kool-Aid is dissolved in water the Koll-aid is what?
Compounds that do not contain carbon?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Of the half million people who left England betweeen 1607 and 1700:
The 1681 painting of David, notable as the only modern portrait of a New England Native, shows that by the late 17th century:
The participants in the Stono Rebellion:
About what percent of adult white men could vote in the 18th century in British colonial America?
In 1778, the focus of the Revolutionary war shifted:
Joseph Bryant, a young Mohawk
People who start businesses by using their own finances and ideas, while taking all the risk are called;
Natural resources are not evenly distributed among countries. Which of the following correctly shows how Southwest Asia is an example of uneven distribution?
How does specialization encourage trade between countries in SW Asia?
The rate at which one currency may be exchanged for another is called;
In North Korea, people are told what goods to produce, how to produce those goods, and how the goods will be distributed. This is an example of what type of economy?
This river is often referred to as China’s Sorrow because it is prone to flooding which often destroys crops.
What is the relationship between investment in capital (factories, machinery, and technology) and Gross Domestic Product (GDP)?
______________ is used to fix the quality of a particular good that foreign producers may bring into a country.
In 1948, the United Nations divided the land of Palestine between Arabs and Jews. Which nation was created by its actions?
As of 2007, Libya is led by one person who controls all the media, is not elected, cannot be voted out of office and has absolute veto power. Libyan citizen participation could be defined as?
Japan’s Emperor Akihito and China’s President Jintao are political figureheads for their respective countries. Besides being from different countries, what is a major difference between Emperor Akihito and President Jintao?
How are the religions of the Arabs, Persians, and Kurds diverse?
What is the difference between an ethnic group and a religious group?
What three major religions have their origins in the Middle East?
China and Japan both have a literacy rate that exceeds 90%. Countries with a lower literacy rate such as India and Indonesia, are growing but their economy continues to struggle. How would the literacy rate affect the country’s economy?
Where does the calvin cycle take place?
which of the following is correct
Which of these is a product of cellular respiration?
The starting molecule for glycolysis is
How are cellular respiration and photosynthesis almost opposite processes?
Cellular respiration occurs only in the presence of ____________________
During the __________________, plants use the energy in ATP and NADPH to build high-energy sugars.
Without the ____________, the electron transport chain would produce very few ATPs
Which is an appropriate testable hypothesis?
Can a theory change over time?
This country is considered a federal republic, which means their government is broken up into three levels of government, has a president, and a constitution that gives people rights.
What is the relationship between investment in Human Capital (education and training) and GDP?
Why does international trade require a system of exchanging currency between nations?
The set of skills which an employee acquires on the job, through training and experience is called;
Many oil-rich countries cooperate with each other in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). How does this help them play a major role in world affairs?
Although it is illegal, the Caste System divides India’s population into classes such as Dalits and Brahmans. How is this division of classes different than the class division in the U.S.A.?
Although the Ganges River is considered a holy river, it has been a main reason for the spread of disease throughout the population of the people that depend on it. This is because:
How did European partitioning in Southwest Asia (Middle East) after the breakup of the Ottoman Empire lead to regional conflicts?
Southwest Asia is currently facing environmental issues. Topics such as chemical fertilizer, garbage, sewage runoff and lack of proper irrigation. Which of the following is NOT an issue facing Southwest Asia today?
________________ is the early 1800s movement of European Jews to create a country or community in Palestine. It was achieved in 1948 after WWII and the Holocaust.
A hopeful sign for the future of Africa is its rising literacy rate. why is the “literacy rate” important to a country?
China and India are the two largest populated countries in the world. Unlike China, India allows citizen participation in government through voting, and has a complex constitution with a president. What type of government do these characteristics rep
Why do most economies in the world today operate somewhere between a market economy and a command economy?
No commerce or trade with a certain country in an attempt to isolate the country and make the economy suffer, putting the government in a bad situation is called;
A duty (tax) imposed on goods when they are moved across a political boundary is called;
Hypothesis my arise from?
Biology is the study of
a well tested explanation that unifies a broad range of observations.
which of the following is most acidic
which is most basic
compound that's the main source of energy for living things
Prokaryotes lack...
the organelle that makes protein
Cells energy comes from
plant cells have which of the following that animal cells don't
energy in ATP comes from
diffusion is explained by
Photosynthesis converts sunlight and water into
the light dependent reaction takes place in the
light absorbing molecules
Calvin cycle takes place in the..
rate of photosynthesis is affected by
starting molecule for glycolysis
How are cell respiration and photosynthesis opposite processes?
There are _______ planets in our Solar System
All the objects in the Solar System are circling ______________.
The sun is a __________.
The sun is made of ________.
Temperatures in the sun _________
The hottest part of the sun is _______
Gravity keeps the planets ___________ the sun
What are the two groups of planets?
What is between Mars and Jupiter?
When did Pluto stop being considered a planet?
To be a Plutoid, a dwarf planet must orbit beyond _________.
Which dwarf planet is not a Plutoid?
How many moons are in our Solar System?
What is a comet NOT made of?
When an object follows a curved path around another object, we say that it is in _________________.
A change in position over time is ____________________.
What does an upward, steady slope on a distance vs. time graph represent?
What does a steady, upward slope on a velocity vs. time graph represent?
A track athlete is running the 100 meter dash. What other information do you need to calculate the runner's average speed?
The attractive force between all matter in the universe is known as
Which of the following is a contact force?
A velocity vector is an arrow that shows
The force of gravity on an object refer's to that objects...
An object's resistance to a change in motion is referred to as its
Force over an area is
Aurora lights are evidence of
What is net force?
What force is responsible for making aircraft carriers float?
Which results in the change of an object's motion?
Describes how parts of an artwork are arranged to create a sense of equal weight or interest
The use of different lines, shapes, textures, colors or other elements to create interest in an artwork
A visual element is given more importance that others to catch and hold the viewer’s attention
The relation of one object to another in size, amount, or number. Also used to describe the human figure
A mark that has length and direction
Answers by Educators Question Database
The moving of sediments and soil to a new location by wind, water, ice and gravity is called_____.
The processes that create landforms are considered to be _____.
_____ processes destroy landforms.
_____ is the dropping or depositing of sediments or soils in a new location by water, wind or ice.
The process that breaks down rocks into smaller pieces is called _____.
Floods can cause _____ to form.
Seashells on a beach are an example of _____.
A sandbar is an example of _____.
_____ are mass movements of land on land or under the ocean.
_____ are vibrations in Earth's surface caused by sudden movement along a fault, plate or break in the Earth's surface.
The present is the key to the past describes
The principal of superposition states that
Which event is older?
Which event is youngest?
There are three rock layers. Layer A is above B. Layer B is above layer C. Which layer is the oldest layer?
How are sedimentary layers deposited?
What is relative dating of rock layers?
How can a rock layer on the top be older than a rock layer beneath it?
Which event is youngest?
Contact metamorphism in rock layers will form a transition zone between which two rocks?
The type of neuroglial cells found between neurons and blood vessels that join parts by numerous cellular processes are
The neurilemma is composed of
Divergence occurs when
The outer membrane covering the brain is composed of fibrous connective tissues and is called the
cerebrospinal fluid is found between the
the spinal cord ends
Which of the following statements is/are true about the white matter in the spinal cord
The hemispheres of the cerebrum are connected by nerve fibers called the
The thalamus and hypothalamus are parts of the brain located in the
The part of the brain responsible for regulation of temperature and heart ratge, control of hunger, and regulation of fluid and electrolytes is the
Which of the following is NOT a common shape of bacteria?
A cell with no nucleus is called a(n)
Which of the following is NOT a true statement about binary fission?
Which of the following statements best describes bacteria?
Bacilli are bacteria that are
___ obtain nutrients from other dead or living organisms .
___ invade the body of another organism to obtain food.
Eubacteria that make their own food are
The three main types of archaebacteria are
A (n) ___ is a thick protective membrane that contains an inactive bacterium.
In welk land moesten Awraham en Sara gaan wonen?
Wat deed Sara toen ze hoorde dat zij een zoon zou krijgen?
Waarom was Riwka een goede vrouw voor Jitschak?
Voor wat ruilt Esav zijn eerst-geboorte-recht met zijn broer Ja'akov?
Met welke 2 zusjes trouwde Ja'akov?
Met welke nieuwe naam wordt Ja'akov gezegend?
Waar droomt Joseef over?
Wat gaan de broers van Joseef in Egypte doen?
Waar wordt Ja'akov begraven?
Hoeveel kinderen heeft Ja'akov
The supercontinent in the continental drift hypothesis was called
One kind of evidence that supports Wegeners hypothesis is that
Which of the following was NOT used in sopport of the continental dirft hypothesis
What was the main reason Wegeners continental drift hypothesis was refjected
In the plate tectonics theory, the lithosphere is divided into
According to the theory of plate tectonics
In plate tectonic theory, a plate can be made up of
What kind of plate boundary occurs where two plates grind past each other without destroying or producing lithosphere
A divergent boundary at two oceanic plates can result in a
What type of boundary occurs where two plates move together, causing one plate to descend into the mantle beneath the other plate
New ocean crust is formed at
Which of the followign results when divergence occurs between two oceanic plates
What forms when one oceanic plate is forced beneeath another plate
Deep ocean trenches are associated iwth
Oceanic lithosphere is destroyed at
The Himalayas in South Asia are an example of what type of plate boundary
Volcanic island arcs are associated with what type of plate boundary?
At a transofrm fault boundary
According to the property of paleomagnetism
Strips of alternating magnetic polarities found in roccks in the ocean basins
How does the age of the seafloor sediments change with increasing distance from the ocean ridge
The main source of downwarnd convective flow in the mantle is called
The downward sliding characteristic of ridge push is the result of
The thermal convection that drives plate motion is caused by
According to whole mantle convection
A magmas viscosity is directly related to its
Which of the following factors help determin whether a volcanic eruption will be violent of relatively quiet
As the temperature of lava increases
Highly explosive volcanoes tend to have what type of magma?
A volcanic bomb is a
Large particles of hardened lava ejected from a volcano are called
What is the most abundant gas associated with volcanic activity
The broad, slightly dome shaped volcanoes of Hawaii are
A volcanoe that is failry symmetrical and has both layers of lava and pyroclastic deposit is a
Which of the following plays a major part in determining the form of a volcano
A caldera is
Lava plateaus from when
The volcanic landform that is formed when the more resistant volcanic pipe remains after most of the cone has been eroded is called
Crater Lake in Oregon was produced when
The greatest volume of volcanic material is produced by
How are intrusive igneous bodies classified
The largest intrusive igneous body is called a
Which type of intrusive features forms when magma is injected into fractures cutting across pre existing rock
Magma forms when solid rock in the crust and upper mantle melts
In general, an increase in the confining pressure results in what change in a rocks melting temperature
Which of the followig is responsible for the partial melting of rock beneath ocean ridges
Magma tends to rise towards Earths surface primarily because
Most of the active volcanoes on EArth are located in a belt known as the
Which type of alndform develps at plate boundaries where on oceanic plated descends beneath another
Most interaplate volcanic activity occurs where
Answers by Educators Question Database
This group the majority of the population. They had no rights and belonged to the land
This is the first stage of knighthood. Boys learn manners, to ride a horse, and dance
A piece of land
The code that knights swear to
What is the purpose of a castle
These weapons were often used to attack a castle
The main hall of the castle was called the
Tradesman started their training as a
A group developed during the middle ages to set standards on trades.
Another word for the middle ages
Which of the following is the correct order from top to bottom of the feudal hierarchy
Large Piece of land usually owned by a Lord
The second stage to becoming a knight. Here you learned how to take care and use weapons
The two types of guilds
Which factor BEST explains why Native Americans were able to make permanent settlements?
Which time period was characterized by nomadic hunter gatherers who used stone tools and hunted large animals?
Why was South Carolina so pleased to have Georgia become Great Britain’s thirteenth colony?
Where did James Oglethorpe land his colonists in Georgia to begin the thirteenth colony?
What was the name given to Georgians during the trustee period who frequently complained of the trustee’s policies?
Who was MOST responsible for the creation of the Georgia colony?
Which statement best explains why anti-British sentiment was less in Georgia than in the other colonies during the Revolutionary period?
Which best describes the connection the French and Indian War had with the American Revolution?
The first constitution of the United States of America was called the
The first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution are called the
Which statement BEST describes the relationship between the states under the Articles of Confederation?
The discovery of gold in 1828 near Dahlonega, Georgia eventually led to the removal of what tribe?
What was the Supreme Court’s ruling in Worcester v. Georgia?
For which purpose did railroads serve Georgia’s economy MOST effectively in the 1800s?
Which invention in 1793 led to an increased need for land and slaves across the south?
Which accurately describes the event that has become known as the Yazoo Land Fraud?
The purpose of the headright system and land lottery in Georgia was to encourage settlers to
Popular sovereignty, contained within the Kansas-Nebraska Act, stated that
What stance did Georgia take concerning the Compromise of 1850, according to the Georgia Platform of 1850?
Which statement accurately describes the concept known as “states’ rights?”
The convergence of two continental plates would produce
Only 50% of solar energy reaches Earth's surface. What happened to the rest of it?
Permanent deforestation can contribute to global warming by
Which increases average global temperatures?
More solar energy reaches the equator than the poles because equatorial regions
What causes the wind deflection from the poles towards the equator?
Ocean surface currents are created by
When a cold air mass is found under a warm air mass, the result is
Earth rotates in an Easterly direction. Therefore, southward wind currents in the Northern Hemisphere appear to be deflected to the
Where would a rain forest most likely be found?
Snow on the ground prevents the poles from heating up because...
Which cycle was made possible by photosynthetic cyanobacteria?
Limestone has carbon in it. How is the carbon in the limestone most often released into the atmosphere?
What material is to blame for the holes in the ozone layer?
What type of energy from the oceans is responsible for weather patterns?
Arctic tundra has an average temperature of -11 Celsius, and average precipitation of 20cm/year. Based on this, what conclusion can be made about the tundra?
Methane gathered from coal mines have been used to power fuel cells. Since the fuel in these cells is not burned, using methane will help to...
What is most likely created when groundwater heated by the rock overlying a magma chamber is released back to Earth's surface through fractured rock?
Why do scientists use a formula to estimate groundwater flow, instead of taking direct measurements as they do in surface freshwater streams?
What is the driving force for surface ocean currents?
The process by which living things take in oxygen and use it to help produce energy is called...
An action of an organism due to a change in its surrounding is called a
A type of reproduction that requires two parents is called...
All living things get energy either directly or indirectly from...
A substance that makes up a large portion of your body, helps transport materials and aids in metabolic processes is
Animals whose body temperatures change somewhat with changes in the temperature of their environment are called
Which of the following is NOT a basic NEED of all living things?
All the complex chemical activities of the body are called...
The struggle among living things to obtain the resources needed for survival is called...
The process of combining oxygen with food to produce energy is called
Which of the following is NOT made of cells
The movement of WATER from areas of greater concentration to areas of lesser concentration of water is called...
The process in which food is broken down and energy released by combining with oxygen is called
Name giving to the collection of energy conversion processes of the body
What is the name of the cell process that brings in needed element like Ca, K, and Na
A group of cells working together to preform a task...
A group of tissues working together to preform a task is called...
A group of organs working together to preform a task is called...
The heart is an example of a/an...
What percent of the cell is water?
We used to live
A Fernanda ___________________ las lentejuelas.
Es interestante que los estudiantes (repetir) todo.
El futuro: venir yo
Mucha contaminación del aire viene de __________.
__________ son personas que tienen problemas caminando.
El opuesto del desván es el _________
Tengo que vaciar __________.
cuál palabra no pertenece
to fundraise
el pluscuamperfecto: salir ella
Me fascina el fleco.
Por o Para: exchange
Bartolome De Las Casas...
Henry Hudson
Maryland's founder, Cecilius Calvert:
Pennsylvania's treatment of Native Americans was unique in what way?
Slaves in the 18th cenutry in South Carolina and Georgia...
John Locke's political philosophy stressed:
What did Neolin tell his people they must reject?
Virtually every founding father owned at least one slave except:
Which of the following did NOT specifically tax the colonists?
Property qualifications for holding office:
The Glorius Revolution witnessed uprisings in colonial America, including ones in:
The Virginia House of Burgesses:
Which statement about New Netherland is FALSE?
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Which of the following best describes the appearance of a cell during prophase?
Which of the following best describes the appearance of a cell during metaphase?
Which of the following best describes the appearance of a cell during anaphase?
Which of the following best describes the appearance of a cell during telophase?
Which of the following phases takes up the most time during the cell cycle?
Which of the following statements is correct about the process of mitosis?
In a nucleotide...
Which of the following terms is used to describe the condensed form of DNA?
Why would DNA replication be affected if nitrogen bases were attached by covalent bonds?
Why is the S phase of the cell cycle super important?
What are scientists able to determine when they combine evidence from fossils and body structures?
The giraffe's neck has adapted to its environment. In what way does this help it survive?
When using relative dating, the oldest organism is usually
What method is used to determine the age of fossils?
The dodo bird was flightless and became extinct after the 1600\'s. What environmental changes most likely led to its extinction?
What scientist's theory of evolution is accepted in the scientific community today?
The different beaks Darwin observed in the finches were probably NOT caused by...
change in a genetic code
Suppose fossil records showed that tortoises had two heads but they don't now. This is an example of what?
If an area that has black peppered moth has a lot of coal pollution, the number of black moths should ___
Sold merchandise on account to Jane Smith.
Recorded cash and credit card sales for the week.
Received cash on account from Jane Smith
A person or business to whom merchandise or services are sold is a (an)
A tax on a sale of merchandise or services is called
A sale in which cash is received for the total amount of the sale at the time of the transaction
A sale in which a credit card is used for the total amount of the sale at the time of the transaction
The concept that states that revenue is recorded at the time of a sale, not on the date cash is received is
Using a cash register tape as evidence that the transaction occurred is the concept
The concept that states that the actual amount paid for the merchandise is recorded
When a force causes a change in the position of an object, it is true that which of the following has also taken place?
________ is the ability to do work.
Which of the following is NOT an example of work being done on an object?
In order for work to be done on an object, what requirement has to be met?
If an object is too heavy to move up a ramp, the best way to fix the problem?
Simple machines do which of the following?
Which of these could be considered an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder?
Hugh used a ramp to load boxes on a truck. For the work he had to do, the ramp decreased
Which simple machine would allow a person to lift a heavy weight by pulling down on a rope?
Marcus is going to use the claw end of the hammer to pull a large nail out of a board. Which hammer will help him do this take with the least effort?
Which is NOT an example of a complex machine?
To puncture a can, a can-opener relies on a sharp wedge. The wedge is a variation of which simple machine?
Which of the following simple machines is used to help the can-opener revolve around the top of the can while opening it?
Because it uses several simple machines to complete its task, the can opener can be referred to as what?
Which type of simple machine is a hammer?
The fixed point that a lever pivots around is called the
If a load is too heavy to push up an inclined plane, which of the following reccommendations could you make to help?
Which of the following tools can be used to measure the force used to lift an object?
Which simple machines are parts of a wheel barrow?
Which of the following is NOT a simple machine that uses a pulley or pulley system?
Which type of rock is most likely to be formed by melting rock?
Fossils are most likely to be found in which type of rock?
While walking near Mt. Shasta, a dormant volcano, a piece of black obsidian was found. This rock is?
Which of the following is NOT an example of weathering?
You test a white nonmetallic mineral that leaves a white streak on a streak plate and is scratched by your fingernail. This mineral is likely to be:
The flow of a river moves sand and pebbles leaving them downstream. This process is called:
Which of the following forces shape and reshape the earth's land surface?
Wind and water erode landforms. This process is called:
What was the most important factor in shaping the Grand Canyon?
Calcite breaks with a smooth, flat surface. What is the best way to describe this property?
Bacteria are used for all of the following except
A component of proteins and DNA that is essential for all organisms is
More than 75% of the air is made up of
Many animals get nitrogen they need by
Genes from the Xenopus frog were used to produce the first
People who have diabetes cannot produce the ___ they need.
Which of the following foods can be made using bacteria?
The bubonic plaque that killed 1/3 of Europe's population in the mid-1300s was caused by
Today, many bacterial diseases can be prevented with
Which of the following diseases is caused by bacteria?
Bermudsa grass reproduces asexually by means of horizontal, aboveground stems called
In angiosperms, pollen is produced in sacs called
What is the function of an archegonium?
In mosses the "leafy" green gametophyte are smaller than the sporophytes, which consist of a bare stalk and spore capsule.
Vegetative reproductionis the growth of new plants from nonreproductive plant parts, such as stems, roots, and leaves.
People often grow plants from their vegetative structures. This is called plant gametophyting.
A seed contains an embryo, which is a new sporophyte, and a supply of nutrients for the embryo.
Whis part of the flower produces eggs?
What type of plant produces a seed with a single cotyledon?
Mosses and liverworts thrive in a moist enviroment because they need ___________ for reporduction.
What is the purpose of the archegonium in mosses and ferns?
In seed plants, what structure transfers sperm from a pollen grain directly to an egg in an ovule?
What conclusion can be drawn about a plant whose flowers are large and colorful?
Vegetative reproduction has NOT occurred when a plant grows from a
Which of the following structures do kalanchoes produce for vegetative reproducition?
Which of the following structures is NOT used to propagte dicots vegetatively?
The life cycle of the ferm is differs from the life cycle of a fern in that
What is the purpose of the archegonium in mosses and ferns?
What is the main function of fruit?
What is the purpose of flower petals?
Most nutrients are absorbed in the
Which lists the correct order of food's passage through the digestive system?
What is your body's preferred energy source?
After nutrients are absorbed, the nutrients pass directly into the __________ so they can travel to cells where they are needed.
Our bodies store energy in the form of
Long chains of amino acids are
Energy in food is measured in
________ in the small intestine increase surface area for absorption of nutrients from food.
___________ speed up chemical reactions and help break down food in your digestive system.
Digestion begins in the ___________
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Cells grow and divide uncontrollably in what disease?
Which base in NOT in DNA, but in RNA?
What copies the coded message from DNA and carries it to cytoplasm?
What's a mass of abnormal cells called?
What takes place in the ribosome in the cytoplasm of the cell?
What is the use of drugs to treat a disease?
The way amino acids are put together to form a protein is determined by the order of what?
When a mutation occurs in DNA scientists believe that what may happened?
There over 100 types of what?
Which bases always pair together?
After I injured my knuckle, I could not ____ my finger.
The politicians finally ended their heated and _____ debate.
With this hot weather, I am having trouble finding _____ to train for the race.
The black clouds of soot from the factory smoke stacks ____ from the city's appearance.
The _____ in the rubber band was so high, that he was sure it would snap soon.
They needed a _____ to pull the car from the ditch.
The child's ____ from running away was to avoid punishment.
The hot metal will _____, or shrink, when it cools.
I was very confused because I wasn't paying _____.
The _____ food truck is like having a restaurant on wheels.
Which word means to be rude in a joking way
Which word means to be unrelated to the topic?
This word means stuck up or snobby
This word means to say the opposite is true
This word describes the way you feel thinking about happy memories from your past
This word means to outline something
If you are sad, you may also be called
if you try to act or look the same as others you are trying to
A serious situation may be described as
If you leave something out you are ____________ it
If you are friendly, you may be described as
If you are joking around with someone, but in a friendly way, you are
To be brief and to the point is
If you constantly do the same thing, you would be described as
If someone is feeling sad, they may need some
Winning the lottery would probably make you
When giving someone instructions, you should make them ________, so they know exactly what to do.
The wreck was a ___________ in the road making it hard to get to school on time.
To do things just to be mean can also be called
If you need to divide a room into two rooms, you would use a
What should you do before you install?
Should you alway install the right software?
What should you always do to your operating system?
What should you do to the stuff you dont need?
What should you always do to your hard drive?
true or false: You should always keep you r computer clean.
What are some ways to keep your security safe?
A nuclear reactor explosion in ____________________ contaminated the water and soil.
Because of the large amounts of pollution from cars and factories, the Germans have problems with _________________
Which of these did not lead to the beginning of WWI?
___________________ was assasinated and led to the beginning of WWI.
Prince Henry wanted to find a sea route around Africa for the ______________ in Asia.
People began a revolt against the Russian gov't because of the __________________
The US didn't want to join the League of Nations because it _________________.
The Treaty of Versailles blamed ______________ for WWI.
The United Kingdom, and other European countries, want people to start/run their own businesses. They believe it will help their ____________.
Investing in newer equipment for your business will make it better. This is an investment in ____________.
The First Amendment protects all of these rights EXCEPT freedom of
The Fourth Amendment protects people and their property from
Which of the following would NOT be protected by the First Amendment?
The Second Amendment protects the rights of citizens to own
The Ninth Amendment says that rights not listed in the Constitution
This Eighth Amendment bans
The Fourth Amendment protects against
The Sixth Amendment protects our rights to or from
The Fifth Amendment protects our right to or from
The Seventh Amendment protects our right to or from
The Tenth Amendment protects
The Third Amendment protects us from
A warrant issued by a judge is needed to
A person who has been indicted by a grand jury has the right to all of the following EXCEPT
If found innocent at trial, a person cannot be
During trial, a person accused of a crime has the right to
A person found guilty of a crime is protected from
People arrested for crimes DO NOT have the right to
What do we call the first Ten Amendments to the Constitution?
The Social and Political System developed during the Middle Ages
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The excretory system removes poisonous wastes from the
The body's water balance is also maintained by the excretory system. This balance is called
The basic filtering units of the kidney is the
Urine is excreted from the body through the
Ideally (if you are taking in enough water), urine should be
_______________ is a method by which a machine filters the blood of people with nonfunctional kidneys.
Many people die every year while waiting on organ transplants, most commonly waiting for a __________.
_______________ is a toxic compound made when amino acids are used for energy. It is excreted in urine.
_____________ lead urine from the kidneys to the _______________.
Activity of the kidneys is controlled by the composition of the blood as well as by regulatory ____________.
The smallest blood vessels, which come into direct contact with all cells in the body, are called
______________ is a protein that transports oxygen throughout the body. It is found in red blood cells.
Which of these is not part of the circulatory system?
Which of these helps the immune system fight disease?
The heart pumps ____________ blood (from the lungs) through the body to the cells.
_____________ move blood away from the heart to the body cells while __________ move blood toward the heart.
The atria and ventricles are parts of your
__________ in the heart prevent blood from flowing backward.
Nutrients from the digestive system are absorbed into the blood in the villi of the _____________ then sent to the cells that need them.
A diet low in _______________ fat can reduce your chances of heart disease.
Your respiratory system takes in oxygen so your cells can do which chemical reaction?
Your lungs have air sacs that come in contact with your blood stream to send oxygen to your cells. These air sacs are called
The ___________ is a muscle that moves to create a partial vacuum, forcing air into your lungs.
Epiglottis is a flap that covers the ____________ when you swallow food. This prevents choking.
When carbonic acid (a byproduct of carbon dioxide) builds up in your blood, your brain tells your body to breathe
The respiratory system works mostly closely with which system?
Where is the carbon dioxide that you breathe out produced?
Which part of the respiratory system warms the air?
Oxygen crosses into the __________ of the bloodstream at the ______________ of the lungs.
List the respiratory structures in order from largest to smallest:
Bacteria that consume nitrogen in the air and change it into a form that plants can use are called
Tuberculosis is a disease caused by
An example of a bacterial disease that attacks plants is
Bacterial infections can be treated with
Without ___ bacteria, life on Earth could not exit.
___ is used to clean up industrial, agricultural, and municipal wastes.
A type of ___ is responisble for food poisioing.
___ are medicines used to kill bacteria.
___ digest milk sugar and convert it into an acid.
___ consume nitrogen in the air and change it into a form that plants can use.
what is 895+203
What is 280+147
What is 204+450
What is 605+89
What is 2+2
What is 5+10
What is 9+3
What is 2+55
What is 20+5
What is 66+8
The definition of fertilization is
The definition of heredity is
The definition of genetics is
The definition of a gene is
The definition of allele is
The definition of a phenotype is
The definition of a genotype is
The definition of a trait is
The definition of a gamete is
The definition of homozygous is
The definition of heterozygous is
The definition of dominant is
The definition of recessive is
The definition of offspring is
The definition of punnett square is
The definition of probability is
The definition of a chromosome is
"Chance of something happening" is the definition of
"2 different alleles" is the definition of
"Sex cell" is the definition of
Thunder happens because
What causes the atmosphere to be unstable during a thunderstorm?
El Nino happens because
What is the name of the scale used to measure tornadoes?
What percent of all tornadoes occur in the United States?
For a thunderstorm to occur, the atmosphere must be unstable and
Why does Tornado Alley experience the most tornadoes in the United States?
During a La Nina year the
What comes first in the development of a tornado?
Lightning occurs because
When an object has had its shape or direction of motion changed, it has been acted upon by a
Which of the following is used to measure the weight (force of gravity) on an object?
Which of the following statements is correct?
If two forces acting on an object are equal in magnitude but opposite in direction, the object is said to be
Which of the following is a vector quantity?
Which of the following is a scalar quantity?
Which of the following is INCORRECT when adding vectors graphically?
Three forces act on a crate. The first force is 2 lb, right, the second force is 4 lb, left, and the third force is 3 lb left. Which of the following is true?
Which of the following statements correctly describes the difference between mass and weight?
Torque is
Waarom wilden de Benee Jisraeel een koning?
Sjemoeel zalfde Sjaoel tot koning omdat .....
Als eerste koning van Israel zalfde Sjemoeel .....
Als tweede koning van Israel zalfde Sjemoeel .....
Waarom liet Sjaoel's familie David komen?
Meteen na de dood van Sjaoel werd David koning over .....
David was familie van .....
Het koninkrijk van David reikte van .....
Wat deed David toen hij koning was?
Sjemoeel was .....
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What is the pH of water?
What is the difference between an acid and a base?
How do plants decrease soil erosion?
Two critical limiting factors in any biome are
Which of the following would be considered an invasive plant in Union County?
Which of the following would be considered an invasive animal species in Union County?
Why is there less biomass at the top of a food web?
A primary reason that sinkholes form is because
In our power grid over 48% of electric power comes from _________.
Solar power is gaining acceptance because
Which of the following contains the five primary land biomes
Which of the following is considered the largest class of water pollutants
Why is wave energy from the ocean or tides considered a renewable energy resource?
Burning of coal and crude oil emit ____________ ________.
Carbon dioxide + water yield _________ _______ a common form of acid rain.
How might overfishing lead to the extinction of certain fish species?
Sustainable agricultural practices are important in the 21st century because
What are three greenhouse gases?
Which of the following can reduce the volume of water your family uses?
You can reduce your electric power bill by
What is a cyclonic storm?
What is the weather impact of a cP air mass?
What is the symbol of a stationary front?
What weather is associated with a cold front?
What is an example of an impervious surface?
What is a kilowatt-hour?
If there is a high pressure system on a weather map, what type of conditions might be expected?
The lower the barometric pressure the ________ intense the storm.
Why do impervious surfaces make flash floods more likely in densely populated cities?
What is an urban heat island?
Which of the following is an example of a trade barrier?
In Germany, power is shared between the central government and smaller, regional governments. This is called a
One of the biggest reasons we know the Portuguese colonized Brazil is
Which of the following physical features is located in northern Italy?
The German economy is mostly based on
Another word for a quota is
Three main reasons for the start of WWI are
Which country is located in eastern Europe and Asia? It is very large and the climate is cold.
In Russia, the people vote for their leader directly. This is called a
Most people in the United Kingdom live
What is density?
Why does a metal spoon in a pot of hot water get hot?
What type of energy is light?
How does a thermometer work?
The following are all signs that a chemical change may have taken place.
What kind of stored potential energy is found in fuels?
Which of the following is not a form of energy?
How would you increase your potential energy?
How does heat get from the sun to the earth?
Why does ice float in water?
When a liquid changes to a gas, this is called
What tool is used to measure the volume of a liquid?
On the periodic table, the atomic number tell you
Two or more different atoms combine chemically to form a new substance called
If you were to travel to the moon, your weight would remain the same, but your mass would change.
What energy transformation takes place in a dam?
What does 'heat is a one way street' mean?
In what state of matter do the molecules move freely and slide past each other?
In which state of matter to atoms move so quickly that the electrons escape from the electron cloud?
Everything in the universe is made of tiny particles called
Which of the following contributed to the Russian Revolution in 1917?
Which island country is located in western Europe?
Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks fought to make Russia a
The systematic killing of 6 million Jews during WWII is called the
The leader of the Soviet Union who started making changes that eventually led to the end of the Cold War was
The Cold War included
Europe has a large area of fertile farmland called the
Which physical feature contains Spain and Portugal?
Why is Europe's location historically good for trade?
Which small nation is located just north of France?
The weather was beautiful on Saturday we played outside all day.
Reading is the key to success the more you practice reading the better reader you will become.
Chocolate cake is my favorite food I could eat it everyday.
Everyday after school I hang out with my friends we don't hang out on the weekends.
The only way I am going to pass the test is to study will you help me study?
The cafeteria is incredibly loud during lunch it's hard for me to eat with all the noise.
I'm trying out for the basketball team I was the best player on my team in elementary school.
This summer my family is going camping we're going to borrow a tent from my grandparents.
My favorite thing to do after school on Friday is take a nap I can sleep all afternoon.
My goal is to be on the honor roll this quarter I need to bring my grades up for that to happen.
Due to its manufacturing and industry, Germany faces the environmental issue of
One of the greatest impacts of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster was
How did the Treaty of Versailles lead to the rise of Nazi power in Germany?
WWI included
Which of the following is a mountain range in eastern Europe that borders Russia?
Which European nation led the way for exploration in the late 1400s; Prince Henry helped sponsor expeditions along the coast of Africa.
Which nation colonized both Canada and Australia?
What is literacy rate?
In which form of government does the central government have more power than smaller, regional governments?
Which river is located on the border between France and Germany?
What is the difference between transfer RNA and messenger RNA?
What the difference between mutations?
A mutation in which cell can be passed to offspring?
What grows in an abnormal way?
What is a mass of abnormal cells that develop when cancerous cells divide uncontrollably?
Normal cells are __________ affected by radiation than cancerous cells.
What is spread by the bloodstream throughout the body?
One amino acid protein is equal to what?
What is a mutation?
The nitrogen bases along a gene creates what?
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what is sarahs middle name?
What is Sarah's favorite color?
Whats Sarah\\\'s favorite animal?
Whats Sarahs favorite subject?
Whats Sarah's favorite season
What is Allies Middle name??
What is Allies favorite color?
What is allies favorite animal?
What is Allies favorite subject?
What is allies favorite season?
The process by which a cell divides into two daughter cells is called
When during the cell cycle are chromosomes visible?
Which event occurs during interphase?
The first phase of mitosis is called
During which phase of mitosis do the chromosomes line up along the middle of the dividing cell?
The two main stages of cell division are called
One difference between cell division in plant cells and in animal cells is that plant cells have
What happens when cells come into contact with other cells?
Cancer cells form masses of cells called
Cancer is a disorder in which some cells have lost the ability to control their
What is the physical part of the universe that has mass called?
The following are examples of physical properties EXCEPT.....
What a three components needed for combustion to occur?
What type of change forms different elements?
Combustiblity is a PHYSICAL CHANGE.
Combustiblity is a CHEMICAL CHANGE.
During NUCLEAR CHANGE atoms get rearranged.
During PHYSICAL CHANGE atoms get rearranged.
Atoms get rearranged during........
In lemonade, are the lemon seeds soluble in the water?
Which jellyfish body form is free swimming?
A nematocyst is
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