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All of the following are typical instruments used in Rockabilly except:
A crossover hit means a song that crosses over several years.
Payola is the practice of a record company giving DJs money, gifts, or services in exchange for playing their record.
Organisms interacting with one another and with their physical environment is what?
A carnivore is....
A community is a group of organisms that live together in an ecosystem
What is an organism that makes its own food through photosynthesis?
What vocabulary word is defined by a group of the same kind of organism that lives in an area?
What type of consumer eats only plants or other producers?
A consumer is .....
What is a living thing that breaks down the remains of dead organisms?
What type of consumer eats both plants and animals?
What type of relationship is described as two organisms where one organism lives on or in the other, feeding upon it, and usually harms the host?
What is mutualism?
Find the vocabulary word that is defined as 'a close relationship between two kind of organisms that benefits one of the organisms while neither benefiting nor hurting the other' ?
What is the definition of a food chain?
Proteins are
What vocabulary word is defined as 'the process by which liquid water changes to water vapor' ?
A food web is...
What is the carbon dioxide-oxygen cycle?
Condensation is...
What is the the use of oxygen to break down carbon compounds and release energy?
What kind of gas is used in the nitrogen cycle that is changed into compounds that is used by living things?
What cycle is the continuous process of water mixing with the atmosphere and Earth's surface?
Which of these is NOT a part of the water cycle ?
How is density calculated?
What is the density of liquid water?
What will happen if a solid object has a higher density than water?
Which of the following tools can be used to measure mass?
How do we calculate the volume of an irregular object?
What unit of measurement do we use on a graduated cylinder?
What unit of measurement do we use for mass?
If an object is filled with air that has no point of exit, does it sink or float?
What is Ms. Palmer's current school of attendance?
Is science fun?
He UNSCREWED the jar of homemade salsa.
Francisco loved the CATERPILLAR.
The artist SKETCHED a picture of the little girl with pigtails.
You should not DISRESPECT your parents.
The caterpillar was protected from the rain by its COCOON.
The teenager EMERGED from his room after his mom yelled.
The MIGRANT workers lived in a tent city.
What is the setting of the story?
In poetry, a paragraph is called...
Why did Francisco give up his painting?
When the narrator tells the story of “he” or “she” and reveals two or more characters’ thoughts or feelings
When the story is narrated from the perspective of “I”
When the narrator tells the story of “he” or “she” and reveals one character’s thoughts and feelings
Speaking rudely to the judges was rash behavior. You really hurt your chances of winning! In the above context, what does “rash” mean?
When a question asks you to cite evidence from the text to support your answer, you
Those scientists want to hear what our professor thinks about their theory because he is the foremost expert in their field. In this context, what does foremost mean?
The candle became the sun, lighting the dark world. A candle is compared to the sun because they
The children’s voices were bells ringing through the streets. The voices are compared to bells because they
when an author adds clues, or hints about what might happen later in the story, he or she is using
When you visualize a story. you use the sensory details to help yourself create a
The inauguration of Andrew Jackson in 1829 was significant because it
During Andrew Jackson’s presidency, the common people gained political power through all of the following means except
Which statement would most likely have been said by a supporter of nullification?
In response to South Carolina’s vote to nullify the tariffs of 1828 and 1832, President Andrew Jackson took all of the following actions except
In the mid-1800s, many westerners favored Indian removal for all of the following reasons except
When Jackson heard Marshall’s decision in the case between Georgia and the Cherokees (Worcester v. Georgia), he
In choosing Indian removal, white society of the 1830s was rejecting the concept of
Andrew Jackson vetoed the Maysville Road Bill because the road would have
The Bank of the United States benefited the U.S. economy by fulfilling all of the following except
The “bank war” of the 1830s was to a large extent
We said
I tried
She drove
What is the abilty to read and write.
What is a member of a small group of soldiers that attack suddenly and disappear into hiding?
What is extreme scarcity of food in a region?
What is a person who offers to do something by his or her choice?
To evaluate
To protect
To predict
What is an outbreak of an infectious disease that has spread across a large region?
To put together
To bring attention to something
In contrast to white settlers, Native Americans viewed nature as
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
It's getting hot in the room.
Oh, no! This computer is broken.
She is very creative, so next year, she ..... study Arts at university.
I think electric vehicles ..... pollute the environment as much as fuel or diesel vehicles.
What ..... do for your next summer holiday?
This car is too old. When ..... buy a new one?
In 20 years, smart homes ..... the housework.
Susan's birthday is coming soon, so we ..... her a present next week.
I ..... drums at a concert hall next weekend.
Are you hungry?
Ethics are values created by
Ethics are
An unethical choice is often followed by
Copyright laws are established to
This Act was passed in 1988, stating that anything created with a computer is owned by its creator.
This is type of software is distributed on a trial basis. The trial version is usually free but the full version is not.
Students are allowed to use _____ % of someone else’s work as long as you give proper credit.
Most schools and businesses have a set of ethics that are supposed to be followed when using their computers. These set of computer ethics are called:
Digital citizenship (the appropriate and responsible use of technology) applies to:
Disadvantages of using pirated material include:
Which act taxed written documents and other papers?
The Continental Congress was a meeting of who?
Which statement below shows the meaning of taxation without representation?
What conflicts led to the American Revolution?
Why would someone be a loyalist?
Why would someone be a patriot?
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
What is a refusal to buy goods as a form of protest?
Who led the Continental Army?
Many native americans sided with the British during the war because...
The landmark legislation that provided for an appropriate education for all students with disabilities is now referred to as
A recent Harvard graduate who finished first in his class, has been passed up for positions in his job. He suspects it is because he is quadriplegic. Which law would apply?
It was determined that a student\'s mild CP has no affect on his educational performance. Under what law could this student receive school accommodations?
Jacob is an elementary student with severe mental retardation. Which of the following terms best describes the kind of curriculum he is likely to follow in school?
Least restrictive environment means that a student must be educated in...
Which of the following is NOT considered a related service?
Which of the following is one of the main features of NCLB (as it applies to students with disabilities that can also be seen in IDEA 1997 and 2004?
In the "self-contained classroom" in special education, the student with a disability...
The provision of an array of services designed to meet the varying needs of students with disabilities is referred to as...
When considering educational placement for a student with disabilities, which of the following statements best describes what the IEP committee should consider foremost?
King Minos threatened to destroy Athens unless
The Aegean sea is named after
The nymph Echo was punished by
Narcissus falls in love with...
Pandora was created by who? What does the name mean?
what two gifts are given to Pandora
Perseus killed Medusa by
Pegasus was created when
Bellerophon was know for
Why does Bellerophon spend the rest of his life as a homeless man
A talented musician who played the lyre
Orpheus went to the underworld because
Why was Hercules completing 12 deadly labors
Who won Atalanta's hand in marriage?
Hippomenes won Atalanta's hand in marriage by using
king Midas grew what to remind hism of his foolishness
Who does Paris give an apple to
What part of Achilles body is not blessed with immortality from the River Styx
Who comes up with the Trojan Horse Idea
Insert the correct event where the stars are: Lexington and Concord, Battle of Bunker Hill, Battle of Trenton, Articles of Confederation, ***************, Treaty of Paris
Among the powers of the Articles of Confederation, included are
One of the main weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation was
What was the purpose of Thomas Paine's The Crisis?
What was the purpose of Patrick Henry's Give Me Liberty speech?
Early American portraits of political figures tended to
A difference between slaves and indentured servants was
How did the Americans win at the Battle of Yorktown?
Why do we remember the Battle of Saratoga?
In the Treaty of Paris, Americans won the land west to the Mississippi and
What did the constitution establish?
_____________ and ____________ governments have certain responsabilities?
What are the primary responsabilities of the state governemnt?
The powers not given to the National Government are __________ for the states
What is the primary responsibility of the national government?
The constitution denies certain ___________ to both the national and state government.
What are two of the responsibilities of the national governemnt?
The constitution seperates power between the ___________ and __________ governments.
When ______________ government moves into areas that are reserved for states it cause tensions to arise.
Tensions can arise between the National and State goverments when the Nationla government ___________ something but does not provide the _____________?
Sunspots appear to be darker than the rest of the sun\'s surface because they are -
The Earth rotates on its axis approximately once every 24 hours, causing the day/night cycle and -
In what direction does the sun appear to move across the sky?
The sun appears to change position or move across the sky during daylight hours. Which of the following causes shadows to form?
The surfaces of the Earth, moon, and sun are described as having different physical characteristics. How is the sun different from the Earth and moon?
Which layer of the sun is also a layer of the Earth?
Which pattern of change below is the daily rise and fall of the ocean level?
How long does it take the moon to go from a new moon, through all of its phases, back to a new moon?
Which of the following accurately compares the positions of Jupiter and Earth from the sun?
Which planet in the solar system has the shortest year?
A wave is
A mechanical wave needs a medium to travel through
The two types of mechanical waves are
Mediums through which a wave can travel are
Transverse waves
The highest point of a transverse wave is a
The lowest part of transverse wave is a
A transverse wave move the medium
Longitudinal waves move the medium
Waves are produced when a source of energy cause a wave to
Answers by Educators Question Database
I bit a fig and a yam.
FIND THE APPOSITIVE Finally, Manny, a worker from Detroit, helped form the new union in Chicago.
PUNCTUATE After the rain, the car a new mustang smelled bad since the windows were left open.
FIND THE APPOSTIVE PHRASE The family liked Jacob, a young boy who lived near them.
PUNCTUATE The old table filled the dining room a small room filled with light.
FIND THE APPOSITIVE PHRASE The phone, an iPhone with a broken screen, worked pretty well, in spite of the damage.
PUNCUTATE In a few hours, Jimmy had repaired the washing machine an old one from the 1930's.
FIND THE APPOSITIVE PHRASE Morgan Prentis, a talk show host, used to be a football player.
PUNCTUATE The new school Fairchild Academy for the Arts will be located on Main Street.
FIND THE APPOSITIVE PHRASE In October, they will release Glasco, a new phone app.
PUNCTUATE The class learned how to use a protractor a tool for measuring angles.
A benefit of paying with cash is:
When you have the opportunity to, you should pay with a ____ card first.
Whenever you use your credit card; you will have to pay ___ along with the cash you borrowed.
Debit cards are preferred over credit cards for most consumers because....
When writing the amount of a check; you should always start from the far left because
Balancing your checkbook is important because...
T/F Purchasing a home is usually the biggest purchase a person will ever make.
Renting instead of buying means...
A loan for a home is called a _______.
When buying a home you must remember other expenses like...
Which of the following is earned income?
Extending your education beyond high school will cause your income to go?
If you and your friend graduate with the same degree. The town you live in doesn't have anyone who can do your job and your friend lives in a town with lots of people who can do his job. Based on this, who should be paid more?
Once you are married, your family income will usually:
Why is it easier for you to start saving money now rather than when you have kids?
Taxes are ______.
Retirement tax is known as:
T/F It is impossible to lower your taxes.
Accounting for how much money you'll have after necessary expenses is:
Income that you have left over after taxes, bills, and other necessary expenses is called ______ income.
T/F Budgeting will help you have extra money for unexpected expenses.
Leasing a vehicle means
T/F Since you don't own the vehicle when you lease; that means you can drive it in extreme locations like mountains and woods.
T/F Owning a vehicle means you will have lower monthly payments.
If you have young kids what would be a wiser decision
Which is most accurate when describing U.S. saving habits.
What is the biggest reason to save and buy something with cash rather than borrowing money to buy it?
What does open-end credit mean?
The benefits of credit cards include
T/F Having a strong credit rating will cost you more in the long run.
The best way to build credit is to:
play games
play games
play games
play games
play games
play games
play games
play games
play games
play games
The scientific study of fossils is called:
Removing fossils from rock and other materials around it is called:
Label the following as Creationist or an Evolutionist view: Most fossils are about the same age since they were formed by the Flood.
Label the following as Creationist or an Evolutionist view: Life began with simple one-celled organisms which gradually changed to more complex forms of life.
Label the following as Creationist or an Evolutionist view: Simpler forms of life are found in lower rock layers, more advanced are found in upper rock layers.
Label the following as Creationist or an Evolutionist view: The position of a fossil in rock may show how the animal attempted to avoid the Flood's waters.
A paleontologist does all of the following EXCEPT:
A scientist can tell any of the following from fossils EXCEPT:
Which of the following is NOT a way evolutionary scientists date fossils?
I am a dinosaur with very small arms compared to the rest of my body. What am I?
I have bony spikes down my body. What am I?
I have vertical plate-like bones running down my spine. What am I?
I was a land-dwelling, cold-blooded reptile, now extinct. What am I?
I was a winged reptile with a thin, bony crest on top of my head, thought to have kept me balanced when flying. What am I?
My name means 'egg stealer,' but scientists now think I actually PROTECTED the eggs in my own nest that they once thought I stole. What am I?
I am mentioned in the book of Job. God describes me as having a 'tail like a cedar' and bones as strong as brass and iron. I may have been a typr of Sauropod. What am I?
People who believe life on earth evolved are called:
People who believe God created the earth are called:
When the last of a certain plant or animal dies, what occurs?
True or False? People draw conclusions about fossils based on what they believe about how the earth began:
True or False? Dinosaur bones have only been found in the eastern parts of the earth.
True or False? The fossil record provides clear evidence of a worldwide flood.
Fossils have been found in which of the following substances?
Permanently frozen soil is called:
When bone or wood is replaced by minerals that harden into rock, it is called:
A fossil formed when part of a plant or animal decays underneath the weight of sediment, leaving an image of itself behind is called:
When fine sediment is pressed into a mold and a copy of the organism is formed, it is called:
A fossil that is not actually part of an organism, but of something left behind, like a footprint, is called:
Any part or trace of a living organism naturally preserved after it dies is called:
Is the following statement a Creationist or evolutionist viewpoint?: Birds developed from dinosaurs.
What is an inference?
What is quantitative data?
Put the following steps of the Scientific Method in order: Write a conclusion, conduct an experiment, create a question.
If......then.... statement are how scientists write a
What is the independent variable?
What is the controlled variable?
Which of the following would be apart of the Communication stage?
You look out the window and see it is raining. You just made an
Which of the following is a qualitative observation?
45 students, $120 spent at the store, and a reservation at 8:00 are all examples of what?
The protist that causes African Sleeping Sickness is
The process of engulfing food with pseudopods is called
The test of a foraminiferan is made of
Paramecia move by means of
The semirigid outer covering of a paramecium is the
The specialized structures found in a paramecium and used for defense or capturing prey are the
The function of the micronucleus of a paramecium is
The organism that causes malaria is the
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Net pay is
A budget is
All of the following is an example of an expense category but the following...
At the end of the month, find the total amount spent in each budget category... then
Your gross income is equal to net income minus taxes.
A budget should not include any amount for personal savings.
Setting goals is an important part of starting a budget.
It is important to put some fun money in your budget.
A good rule of thumb is to have one month of expense saved up in an emergency account.
Bills that vary monthly depending on amount owed
After the movie was over, we went out to eat
He doesn’t know what he’s going to do now.
The kids who started out with the highest scores actually finished near the bottom.
That history test, which was supposed to be so hard, turned out to be quite easy.
I won’t be able to go to college unless I get a good grade in chemistry.
My history teacher, who just started teaching this year, is the best teacher I’ve ever had.
What I did yesterday is none of your business.
Alexis got a detention because she was late for class.
I get to go to Europe after I graduate if I can save half the airfare.
Whatever you want to do for your birthday is fine with me.
What is the formula for finding the area of a trapezoid?
What is the formula for area of a rectangle?
What is the formula for area of a triangle?
What is the formula for area of a parallelogram?
Find the area for a rectangle with the given dimensions: L: 5 in. W: 2 in.
Find the area for a parallelogram with the given dimensions: B: 6 ft. H: 14 ft.
Find the area for a trapezoid with the given dimensions: H: 12m b: 9m b: 22m
Find the area for a triangle with the given dimensions: B: 6 in H: 24 in.
The roof of the doghouse is shaped like a parallelogram. The roof has a base of 9 ft and a height of 7 ft. What is the area of the roof of the doghouse?
The students had a relay race on field day. The race was arranged in a triangular formation. It had a base of 25 yards and a height of 50 yards. What was the area of the race?
Define module
Define bulky
Define focused
Define thrust
Define hatch
Define tranquility
Define awe
Define depressed
Define mankind
Define sensations
Eubacteria & archaebacteria differ in the make-up of their...
Which is not a way proykaryotes are identified?
When treated with Gram-stain, gram-positive eubacteria appear....
Where are you likely to find a photoautotroph?
Which is not a step in lytic infeaction
In the environment bacteria can carry out __________________ if they are autotrophs, they ________________ nutrients, and carry out _________________ fixation.
Bacteria are sometimes called nature’s recyclers because they break down nutrients in _____________ matter.
Nitrogen fixation occurs on what type of plants? where on plants?
Which is not a shape of a prokaryote
Bacteria that cause disease...
Alignment is
Bullets and Numbering
Center Align
Double Space
The letter
The letter
The letter
The letter
The letter
The letter
The letter
The letter
The letter
If heat is added, matter will change states in the following order:
The molecules of a gas are most likely to be packed -
If a substance in the gas phase loses heat energy, it changes into a liquid. This change in phase is called -
The temperature at which a substance changes from the liquid phase to the solid phase is called -
Solar energy travels to the Earth through -
The method of heat transfer occurring in boiling water INSIDE a pot is -
As thermal (heat) energy is removed, molecules are arranged -
When frequency decreases, wavelengths -
When wavelengths increase, frequencies
When a section of a wavelength is packed tightly together, it's called -
To delay consideration of the main motion until the next regular meeting a member would move to
To reduce the time for debate, a member would move to
With a main motion pending and a motion to Amend being debated, which of the following motions would be out of order?
To consider a motion later in the same meeting, a member may move to
When a member wishes to hae the pending matter given special study, what does the member do?
If a member wishes to propose a change in a pending question, which motion is used?
When a member wishes to bring a pending question to an immediate vote, he should
To put a motion aside temporarily when something else of immediate urgency has arisen a member should
A subsidiary motion can be applied to any
A motion to Lay on the Table takes precedence over
to insert a screenshot, you must click and drag the selection of the shot you want, then go to the insert tab in word
changing the appearance of text and graphics is called
The format painter tool looks like a
which of the following is not a formatting change?
Word uses live preview to allow you to see what a font would look like in your document without actually changing it
the alignment buttons are found under the _________ tab
simply clicking on a word without selecting it will allow you to then make formatting changes to that word
if you wanted to copy the format of your report title to the headings of each of your paragraphs, you would use this tool
if you want to add another bullet to your bulleted list, simply click this button on the keyboard
to remove bullets from a bulleted list, select the list and click
Answers by Educators Question Database
A lake will freeze faster than a water droplet.
A water droplet requires less energy to boil than a river.
Because of water's high specific heat, it takes a long time for water to warm up or cool down as the season changes. Why is this a good thing in an ocean habitat?
What happened as you kept adding water droplets on top of the penny?
The name Rockingham County came from
This famous explorer visited Rockingham County and wrote about the American Indians here.
This famous and controversial man's wife was from Rockingham County.
The first inhabitants of Rockingham County were...
The first Anglo settlers in Rockingham county were members of this church
Rockingham County manufacutured and shipped 100 guns for this war.
This President visited Reidsville.
Rockingham County is the home to....
Rockingham County was the first in NC to have...
Rockingham County is in the Genis book of world records for having...
What does migrate mean?
What is archaeology?
What is a surplus?
What is agriculture?
What is technology?
What is prehistory?
What does domesticate mean?
What is social division?
What is a glacier?
What is a nomad?
Which of the following is NOT an artifact?
Where do scientists believe earliest people lived?
How did prehistoric and early Stone Age people survive?
Technology during the Old Stone Age progressed . . .
Which tool would NOT be found during the Stone Age?
Domestication of animals and development of agriculture led to . . .
Domestication of animals happened around the same time as . . .
Domesticated animals can be used for food, milk and transportation
Hunter-gatherers migrated to find better shelter.
Writing is a characteristic of a civilization.
Insects cannot be domesticated for use by humans.
The Stone age ended when humans discovered what?
What is a society that has writing, government and specialized jobs called?
What is a dynasty?
What is a covenant?
What is an artisan?
What is a civilization?
What is a scribe?
What is a synagogue?
Who is Moses?
Who is Sargon?
Who is Abraham?
What is the Torah?
What best describes early Mesopotamians?
What was the most important geographic feature to the Mesopotamian civilization?
How did Mesopotamians improve farming?
Civilization could develop in Mesopotamia because
What technology were the Sumerians the first to develop?
What was the Phoenician's most important contribution?
Which King created the first code of laws for his people to follow?
Mesopotamians worshipped over 3000 gods. This is called
Cuneiform was the basis for the development of . . .
Mesopotamia is a Greek word meaning . . .
The economy of Mesopotamia was based on . . .
Early civilizations traded because
Judaism is what kind of religion?
How did Judaism differ from Mesopotamia's religion?
Which word describes how a person is viewed by most other people?
What word describes the combination of qualities and attributes (traits) that makes one person different from others?
What word describes the individual attributes that make up your personality and guide your actions
What word defines the ways you interact and deal with others?
What is a strongly held belief that guides individual action?
What is a collection of people that depend on each other for their well-being?
What word means participating effectively in an organization, supporting its goals, and contributing to its success?
What are the decisions and actions of individuals and groups based on an understanding of right and wrong?
What is a written statement of appropriate action that people are expected to follow?
What is a series of steps and actions that must be followed to complete an activity?
What is a dynasty?
What are hieroglyphics?
What is a pharoah?
What is papyrus?
What is a pyramid?
Who was Menes?
Egypt is the gift of the . . .
Who is Tutankhamen?
Who is Hatshepsut?
What is Giza?
Did the cow eat the pizza?
I like puppies.
This type of sentence ends with a period.
Will you get the red hat?
This type of sentence ends with a question mark.
The pet is at the vet.
My bird eats apple pie.
Who saw the blue pig?
When did he eat red popcorn?
The net got wet.
The puppy likes marshmallows.
The bear wore a clown nose.
Can Sam hit the ball?
A question mark goes at the end of this type of sentence.
Ben and Ken are men.
The cat wears striped socks.
Where was the pink mouse?
A period goes at the end of this type of sentence.
Did you like the fig?
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
a change in the nucleotide-base sequence of a gene or DNA molecule
entire genetic makeup of an organism
when 1 trait is not completely dominant over the other
process of breeding organisms for specific genetic traits
chemical agent that changes genetic material
an organism's appearance
the likelihood that an event will occur
2 dominant or 2 recessive alleles
Oceanic and Continental are both types of this layer.
Solid Metal Layer of Earth
Transfer of heat directly from contact between two objects...
Type of boundary is with plates moving together.
Type of plate boundary where plates move apart.
A place where oceanic crust meets continental crust would have this (choose the best answer).
Area where the oceanic crust subducts under the continental crust during sea floor spreading.
Geological feature created by undersea volcanoes.
The process of the sea-floor spreading causes the sea floor to remain younger than 200 million years old.
Temperature and pressure __________ as you go deeper into the Earth.
The spinning of the Earth's core makes Earth's _________________.
Oceanic crust is ______________ than continental crust.
_____________ came up with the idea of continental drift.
_______________ is credited with the idea of Plate Tectonics Theory.
_________________ came up with the idea of sea floor spreading.
Boundary type that could create a valley.
Boundary type that could create mountains.
Place where two pieces of crust pull apart.
Place where two plates slide past each other.
What is the definition of trusts?
What is the definition of price discrimination?
All of the following are examples of modified free enterprise within the US except
What type of tax would a person who has a high income like, if they preferred to have a lower percentage rate of taxation on their income.
Who has the incidence of a tax, if a city raise taxes on a local utility company and the utility company keeps its rates the same to their customers?
The free rider problem refers to a situation where some individuals in a population consume less than their fair share of a common resource.
Which one of the following aren't one of the three macroeconomic goals to determine the health of an economy?
Income tax is an example of what principle of taxation?
National park admission fees is an example of what principle of taxation?
Which one of the following is an example of a public good?
Externalities positively or negatively affects
An airbag or a seat belt in a car is an example of what?
How does the government redistribute wealth
Property rights allow the individual owner of the property to do all of the following EXCEPT...
Public goods are
One way the US government promotes competition in the marketplace is...
What is a sin-tax?
Who is your favorite teacher?
Tax Loopholes are
Federal Income Tax is what type of tax?
Which button allows you to turn a numbered list into an outline?
How many different levels can an outline in Microsoft Word have?
Increase and decrease indent are used for which of the following word options?
a group of formatting that is already done for you and combined into one is called a
the quick styles gallery is located under the __________ tab
this type of spacing changes the distance that the cursor jumps when you press "enter"
if you want to change the formatting of a picture or graphic, what is the tab you most often will use
which of the following is not one of mr. smith's kids?
which of the following should you change on a picture in order to have the most freedom of movement with it?
the alignment buttons are located under which tab?
The capacity or power to do work
A renewable source of energy
disadvantage of solar cell power
The three ingredients for creating electricity are:
A coal fired plant:
Advantage of burning biomass
Hydro electricity is a renewable source of energy (T/F)
Which power generating source does not involve a spinning motion?
Nuclear fusion
why keep burning coal?
Dividing power between the levels of government is known as___________.
Which level of government is supreme?
Which of the following is not a power of the national level?
Powers not given to the national government are set aside for the states. These powers are known as___.
The powers to print money and create an army are listed in the U.S. Constitution. These are known as ____.
Which of the following is not a responsiblity of state and local government?
Where does local government get its powers from?
Which of the following answer choices are units of local government?
Which fundamental principle is federalism an example of?
Powers shared by the state and national levels are known as ____.
The leading tone triad is...
The supertonic triad is built on scale degree...
In a major key, the following chords are always major...
In a minor key the following triads are always minor
The augmented triad appears under the following conditions...
I am getting tired of creating these questions because...
Now this is getting tiresome
How many more do I have to do?
Even random thoughts are eluding me now
Last one!
What is a major problem with the timber industry?
What is one problem with mining?
The first Canadian-American plan to clean the Great Lakes was to reduce which chemical?
What is the government doing to help with the timber problems in Canada?
Which people are likely to be against the Great lakes Water Quality Treatment Agreement?
Why does the Canadian-American government have to work with the U.S. governmetn to clean up the Great Lakes?
Rain mixes with which substances to become acidic?
Where in Canada are the most valuable minerals found?
Which are sources of chemicals in acid rain?
What is slag?
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If you move a magnet into a solenoid, the galvanometer deflect to the right. If you move it out of the solenoid, the galvanometer will deflect to the
What is the symbol for magnetic flux?
Who were the very first people to live in America
About how many years ago did America become the U.S.
All Native Americans believed the same religion in the begining?
How did the Native Americans of the Northwest get their food?
How did the native americans of the Southwest get their food?
Christopher Columbus was born around ____ in ______.
People at this time believe the world was
People of Europe went to India and China for
Colubus believed the world was
Queen Isabella thought about Columbus' plan for ____ years
One of the first people to explore the SW for Spain was
The Exploreres for Spain wanted to find the ____ cities of gold
In what year did Francisco Coronado sail to look for the cities
How many men did he take
Where did Hernanado de Soto start his search in America
Where did the Pilgrims originally live
The church in England was called
The Pilgrims left England and moved to what small country
Why did they move out of England
In What year did they leave Holland to find America
To allow a visually impaired user to know what a picture is you use
Sometimes the URL for a hyper link is too complicated to understand when read by a screen reader, you need to use
Alternative text is
You need to provide text descriptions for audio and video
The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) is..
___% of the web uses color poorly
Without color your page is
Color expresses your sites
The color of your site and the color of your logo must __________ each other
website colors must ______ the information
Be aware of cultural and _______ significance of colors
Make your pages easy on the eyes by leaving plenty of ___________
According to the pressroom safety manual, accidents don’t just happen, they are the final link in a chain of events. What are the four links of the chain?
When maintaining or repairing equipment always:
Before you start up the press you should:
To an employee, what is the purpose of the Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)?
If there is a chemical spill in the lab, what is the first thing you should you do before cleaning it up?
It is okay to clean or lubricate a piece of running equipment as long as you have gloves on.
It is not necessary to inform other workers when you perform work inside an offset press.
It is okay to operate equipment you have not been properly trained on if you have seen it run before.
Do not release a safe button someone else has set.
Before starting up a piece of equipment you should call out “clear” or something similar to warn anyone around you that you are turning on the machine.
It is okay to reach into the press or other machines while it is running once you have been trained on it.
Rags soaked in flammable liquids should be discarded in a red hazardous trash can, not in the trash.
Never bypass safety procedures.
Folder switch is old and won’t shut off sometimes.
Using Flammable solvent next to an open flame or hot surface.
Boxes piled in front of fire exit.
Running press with guard up and tape over the switch so press will start up.
Operating folder without ear plugs.
Cleaning screens with press wash in a confined area.
2 lights above your press are burned out.
A population is
A community is
An ecosystem is
A biosphere is
A niche is
A habitat is
A limiting factor is
Autotrophs obtain food from
Heterotrophs obtain food from
Where can you find a producer in a food chain?
All consumers are heterotrophs
All producers are autotrophs
Primary consumers are carnivores
Another term for dead animals is carrion
In symbiosis one living thing is always harmed.
Commensalism is
Parasitism is
Mutualism is
Trophic levels represent
As you move up a food chain, both available energy and biomass
What is the formula for calculating density?
If the mass of an object is 10 and the volume is 5, what is the density?
Water has a density of
A ball has a density of 3 and water has a density of 1. That means that the ball will sink.
Water will freeze at 70 F.
Why does water have unique properties?
In our lab about the Density of Rods, which of the following was true?
Explain why the food coloring droplets didnt mix with the oil in the video.
A polar molecule has
A water molecule has one hydrogen atom.
Energy transfers upward but is ______________ with each transfer.
Food chains represent many food webs combined.
A source food web represents populations and their
A sink food web represents populations and all of their
A paleoecological web is
The foundation building block for all living things is
Cellular respiration is
Photosynthesis is
Organisms need nitrogen, but they can't use it in the form found in the atmosphere.
While energy decreases as it moves up the food chain, toxins also decrease in potency.
Which of the following is NOT true about polarity?
Like water, alcohol is also polar, but it has some nonpolar areas too.
A water bug being able to walk on the surface of the water is an example of
In our lab about surface tension, why was the paper clip able to float on water?
In the lab where we put water droplets on a penny, what is the word that describes the water droplets attraction to each other and desire to keep its droplet form?
A pond will require more energy to boil than the ocean
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Virginia constitution distributes power among the legislative, ________, and judicial branches of the state government.
The state legislative branch in Virginia is the Virginia ___________.
The General Assembly is a two chamber or _______ legislature.
The Governor is elected for a term of ___ years.
Who overseas specific functions of government?
The governor appoints __________ members to oversea specific funcitons of the government.
Which of the following is NOT one of the levels of courts in Virginia?
The two other executive branch officers who are elected for four year terms are?
The highest court in Virginia is the _____________ Court.
If you broke the law at your age (under 18 years old) what court would you have to appear in?
Which word is spelled correctly?
Which word is spelled correctly?
Which word is spelled correctly?
Which word is spelled correctly?
Which word is spelled correctly?
Which word is spelled correctly?
Which word is spelled correctly?
Which word is spelled correctly?
Which word is spelled correctly?
Which word is spelled correctly?
The source of MOST of the Earth\'s energy resources is
How is the energy provided by the sun, different than fossil fuel energy
All of the following energy sources are readily available for use in our environment EXCEPT
Which is NOT a type of solar radiation
When gases are TRAPPED in the Earth\'s atmosphere this called
The heating of the Earth\'s atmosphere is caused by the suns
Liquids and gases are heated through the process of
A lunar eclipse is when the following are aligned
Which decribes the four inner planets
The elliptical orbit of the Moon around the Earth is due to what force
All of the following are sources of Colonial dissatisfaction EXCEPT___
Parliament imposed taxes in order to ___
England taxed the colonists in order to___
Which of the following placed a tax on paper?
British soldiers could not tolerate being taunted by the Boston mobs and fired on them. What was this event called by some colonists?
When did delegates decide to boycott all British goods, urge colonies to trade militias, and stop exporting to Britain?
In addition to financing the French and Indian War, what reason did Great Britain tax the colonies?
Which two countries fought in the French and Indian War?
What was the reason behind the French and Indian War?
Which best describes the local governments in the colonies prior to the Revolutionary War
Which of the planets in our solar system has a revolution of 1 year
What causes the tides on Earth
What scientist proposed that object falling does NOT depend on their weight
The seasons are caused by the
The winter solstice occurs when the Earth is
The summer solstice occurs when the Earth is
What is the difference between sun energy and fossil fuel energy
Warm air rises and then cools and then descends. What type of heat transfer is this
The sun's radiation is strongest at
A lunar eclipse is when alignment is
New political ideas led to a desire for independence and _________ in the American colonies.
Key philosophies in the Declaration of Independence were based upon ideas first expressed by __________________.
What does unalienable mean?
What are examples of unalienable rights given in the Declaration of Independence?
According to the Declaration of Independence, what was/is created to protect our rights?
According to the Declaration of Independence, from where does government get its power?
According to the Declaration of Independence, people have a right and a duty to ______ a government that violates their rights.
Who was the major author of the Declaration of Independence?
The idea that people have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is in which document?
The Declaration of Indpendence states
Who was the British King during the Revolutionary era?
Who was the British General who surrendered at Yorktown
Who championed the cause of independence?
Who was commander of the Continental Army?
Who was the major author of the Declaration of Independence?
Who inspired patriotism by saying, GIVE ME LIBERTY, OR GIVE ME DEATH
Who was a prominent member of the Continental Congress and helped frame the Declaration of Independence?
Who helped gain French support for American independence?
Who made the daring midnight ride to warn colonists of the British invasion?
Who was the slave (who eventually gained her own freedom) that wrote poems and plays supporting American independence?
When the privileged motion to Adjourn is pending, the motion to
When a motion to Recess is made while another motion is pending, it is
The effect of the adoption of the motion to Fix the Time to Which to Adjourn is to establish
Incidental motions
Most incidental motions
If a member does not want an original main motion even discussed at a meeting, he/she can
When a motion is made up of two parts capable of standing as separate questions, a member can
A single member can require a
A request to be Excused from a Duty is
To change what the assembly has adopted requires
Colonists in Boston were shot after taunting British soldiers in the
Samuel Adams and Paul Revere led patriots in throwing tea into Boston Harbor to protest tea taxes in what became known as
Delegates from all colonies except Georgia met to discuss problems with England and to promote independence in the
This was the site of the first armed conflict in the Revolutionary War
What is the significance of the Approval of the Declaration of Independence?
This American victory was the turning point of the war.
France was finally persuaded to join the Americans after which event?
This was the colonial victory over forces of Lord Cornwallis that marked the end of the Revolutionary War.
What is the significance of Signing of the Treaty of Paris?
Which of these events did NOT lead to the Revolutionary War?
Tyler feels joy, sadness and surprise. These are known as
When Abby's mom leaves her, she feels distressed. When her mom returns, she greets her mom positively. As measured by the Strange Situation, Abby has a ___ attachment with mom.
When a caregiver leaves the immediate area, an infant will most likely show
As a child grows and learns about their self and their relationship to others, they begin to experience guilt and envy which are
Jenny looks at her mother for emotional cues to interpret what is happening. This is known as
Olivia and her mother are both chatting back and forth to one another. This is known as
A strong emotional bond between infant and caregiver is called
Kyle is in the room playing with his father. As the Comcast repair person enters the room and approaches Kyle, he becomes distressed. This is known as
True or False: Shame is a basic emotion.
The child of a clinically depressed mother will show negative affects when
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How is Canada similar to the United States?
True or False? Catholicisim is a branch of Christianity
True or False? Both Canada and the United States elect representatives
What kind of government does the US have?
What is the longest river in the United States?
What forms a natural boundary between the United States and Canada?
Where did democracy begin?
What kind of economy does the United States have
What does capitalism mean?
What is the major mountain range in the Western United States?
What does representative democracy mean?
What is the major religion of the United States?
What is an economy
What forms a natural barrier between the United States and Mexico?
What is a right
Which group settled most in the NE United States?
Which group settled mostly in the Southeast and Mid-western United States?
Which groups settled mostly in the Western United States?
Which country does the United States share historical ties
What does infrastructure mean?
What is a corridor?
What is a barrier?
What is a human feature?
What is a geographical feature?
What is a developed country?
What is an underdeveloped country?
What is a developing country?
What is an example of a human feature?
What is an example of a geographical feature?
What is an example of modifying the land?
What is an example of humans adapting to the environment?
What is the difference between adaptation and modification?
Bart would like to legally prevent all other businesses from using his business name, HEADQUARTERS BARBERSHOP. Bart must apply to the government to receive a
Susan invented a car engine that runs on fruit skins. She has received numerous investors for her business idea, located an empty garage to house her business, and is ready to begin operations of her new business. Before opening her businness, Susan
Sherandie is a graphic artist who operates a small t-shirt business, SIMPLY T's. Sherandie discovered that larger t-shirt companies were using some of her designs. How can Sherandie protect her t-shirt designs?
Government regulations were put into place to protect businesses and the public regarding inventions. Which is an example of legislation that protects businesses?
A proposal that describes a new business?
Any name, symbol, figure, letter, word or mark adopted and used by a manufacturer or merchant in order to designate his or her goods
A new or different product is a ?
The legal right granted to an author, composer, playwright, publisher or distributor to exclusive publication, production, sale, of literary, musical, dramatic, or artistic work.
The exclusive rights granted by a government to an inventor to manufacture, use, or sell an invention for a certain number of years willing and able to produce at different prices.
Janet want to make sure no one can produce her song with out paying for the rights. What should she apply for?
Where is Robinson Crusoe from?
What did Crusoe's father wanted him to have as a career?
How come his father did not want him to travel?
Who did he become a slave for?
Why did he go back to Guinea after being a successful plantation owner?
What was Crusoe's last name?
Where was he going on his first voyage?
The distance an object travels in a certain period of time is called:
Speed in a specific direction is called:
All of the following are examples of ACCELERATION except:
A dog is sleeping under a tree when it sees a squirrel run by. The dog runs at 3.5m/s in 15s to chase the squirrel. What was its average rate of acceleration (acceleration = velocity / time?
The speed and direction of motion is:
A plane flew 2000 kilometers, from Virginia to California, in five hours. What was the velocity of the plane during the flight ( velocity = distance / time)? **remember, velocity is speed and direction
All of the following are examples of acceleration EXCEPT:
Aaron rowed his canoe 60 meters in 15seconds. At what speed was his boat moving (speed = distance / time)?
The distance an object travels in some amount of time is called:
The rate at which speed changes is called:
Which value is a velocity? **remember velocity is speed and direction
Timothy runs 51m in 14s. What is his speed? S=D/T
The distance traveled by an object per unit time is called?
Velocity is:
Acceleration is the:
On a position vs. time graph, a flat line represents:
On a position vs. time graph, a slope represents:
On a position vs. time graph, a curve represents:
What are the units for speed?
What are the units for acceleration?
Feeling sad because you expected something better.
What is Ellen Ochoa's biggest achievement?
Who told Ellen Ochoa that if she worked hard, she could grow up to be anything she wanted to be?
Studying something to learn more about it.
Mechanical Energy means
Electrical Energy means
Generators convert
Motors convert
What does DC mean?
What does AC stand for?
EMF stands for
EMF is another term to find
The unit for EMF is
A measure of the magnetic field lines in an area is also known as
In order to increase magnetic flux you can
Found that if you move a conductive wire into a magnetic field so that it cuts the magnetic field lines, an electric current will be created. This is known as
A device used to measure current is also known as
The direction of the induced current is such that the magnetic field resulting from the induced current opposes the change in the field that caused the induced current. This is known as
To create a current, you can either move the conductor through the magnetic field, or you can move the magnetic field through the conductor. This is also known as
Induced is another word for
If you move a magnet with a magnetic field away from a solenoid, the solenoid creates a magnetic field to attract it. If you move the magnet towards the solenoid, the solenoid will make a magnetic field to
If you move a magnet with a magnetic field towards a solenoid, the solenoid creates a magnetic field to repel it. If you move the magnet away from the solenoid, a magnetic field will be created to
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
The following Americans provided what advantage during the Revolutionary War? John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington
What advantage did the colonists get after the victory at Saratoga?
Which of the following is not a benefit of fighting on your own land?
What were the colonists defending that gave them an advantage over the British?
What was a weakness of the colonial militias?
What was NOT a strength of the British military?
Which of the following was NOT a strength of the Continental Army?
Which of the following was a strength of Britain?
Which of the following was NOT a weakness of the Colonial army?
Which of the following was NOt a weakness of the British?
A short intermission which does not end a meeting is
An incidental main motion
All subsidiary motions can be applied to an
A main motion is still within the control of the assembly after
If it appears that a motion will require time or study to perfect, it would be appropriate for a member to make a motion to
When a main motion, an amendment and a motion to postpone the pending question to a certain time are pending, the first vote is taken on
The vote required to adopt the motion Limit or Extend Limits of Debate is
In cases where the next session will not be held until after more than a quarterly time interval has elapsed, the only means by which a question can go over to another session is
An adjourned meeting is
In organizations that hold regular business meetings throughout the year, the minutes of the annual meeting should be read and approved at the next
The flooding of the Nile River:
Almost the entire population of ancient Egypt lived:
The Great Pyramids were built during the:
What infuenced the ancient Egyptians clothing styles?
All of the follownig were mummified by ancient Egyptians EXCEPT:
The dead body was placed on an embalming table during:
Had an army of 20,000 soldiers and was the best preserved mummy found:
ordered the building of the Great Pyramid for himself
committed suicide and was the last ruler of Egypt
changed religion to one god - monotheism
What has a definite shape and does not allow things to pass through it?
What is volume?
When you measure how much something weighs, you are measuring
When liquid water turns to a gas it is
A property is
What is density?
Solid, liquid, and gas are examples of
When using the metric system, we measure length in
What takes the shape of it's container and flows freely?
I am a gas, so I
Melissa is a week old and her parents notice that she is smiling. This is most likely due to the fact
Jason's mother has a strong fear of dogs. While at the park with Jason a dog runs in their direction and she grabs Jason and runs. He begins to scream. This is an example of
A child whose growth is signifcantly below the norm is said to be suffering from
Which of the following emotions develop as a result of self-recognition development?
Which of the following is not one of the three types of temperament?
Which temperament demonstrates negative moods and high intensity reactions?
True/False: The characteristics of both the child and parent determines the attachment pattern and type between the infant and parent.
Does the fact that a child goes to daycare affect the attachment between child and mother?
When a child withdraws from a new stimulus, slowly keep re-introducing the stimulus and eventually child will show interest. This is used with __ temperament.
A child sucking their thumb or cuddling with a special blanket when they are upset is an example of
The relationship between a child\'s temperament and the demands of the environment is known as
Mothers of securely attached infants respond
True/False: Fathers are able to have a secure attachment with a child, but only if they are stay-at-home-dads.
True/False: Only biological mothers can have a secure attachment with their child.
Which of the following is not a characteristic of a mother with a securely attached child?
At 3 months, what part of the body do infants recognize the movement?
Which of the is not one of the constellation of factors that contribute to Failure-to-Thrive?
Bowlby began his study of attachment because he was concerned about infants who ..
True/False: A child's temperament tells us what we can expect in the future in their social and cognitive functioning.
A 6 month old child is upset and is trying to regulate their emotions. They may
What step is missing in the lawmaking process, 1 Proposing a bill 2, Working in Committees 3 Debating on the floor 4____________ 5 Singing the bill into law by the governor.
Education, Public Health, and Environment are primary issues at which level of government.
At the state level the Virginia Constitution grants executive power to the_____________ .
Which of the following is NOT one of the governor roles.
Which of the following is NOT one of the governor roles.
Cabinet secretaries and departments, agencies, commissions, and regulatory boards ______________ Laws
Cabinet secretaries and departments, agencies, commissions, and regulatory boards enforce the __________.
Cabinet secretaries and departments, agencies, commissions, and regulatory boards regulate aspects of ________________ and the economy
Cabinet secretaries and departments, agencies, commissions, and regulatory boards _______________ services to the citizens.
Public health, education, environment, state budget, levying and collecting taxes is a primary issue for the _____________ branch.
Where does Lion Gate stand?
What Christian cathedral was built by Justinian?
What great sultan was named after King Soloman?
Who made Russia into one country?
Who killed his own son with an oak stick tipped in iron?
What is the capital of Russia?
What is another name for a Turkish King?
What is the Russian fortress in center of the Russian government?
Who led the Turks to victory over Constantinople?
Who are the Muslim soldiers determined to spread Islam?
Who said "Our city will fall only when the moon turns dark"?
What was the city of Constantinople renamed?
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