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The kind of energy that muscles use to contract is
Layers of connective tissue extending into the muscle to form partitions between muscle bundles are continuous with attachments of muscle to periosteum called
The union between a nerve fiber and a muscle fiber is the
When the cross-bridge of the myosin molecule forms linkages with actin filaments, the result is
The ion necessary to link myosin and actin is
A person feels out of breath after vigorous exercise because of oxygen debt. Which of the following statements helps explain this phenomenon?
The strength of a muscle contraction in response to different levels of stimulation is determined by the
The period of time between a stimulus to a muscle and muscle response is called the
Muscle tone refers to
Peristalsis is due to which of the following characteristics of smooth muscle?
Font size is the height of an uppercase letter in the font set and it is usually measured in
The width of the stroke for a drawn object is also referred to as its
The action of adjusting the magnification of a file by a percentage of its actual size is
A decorative effect for text where the first letter of a paragraph is much larger than the caharacters in the paragraph is a (an)
An area outside the edges of a publication where text and graphics may be stored temporarily is
Printing lines that can be inserted before or after a paragraph of text are
A feature or command that can be turned on or off is called
A standard setting or mode of operation is called
Which term refers to a symbol or graphic that is used to represent a company?
Individual colored dots that make up a bitmap image are called
The impulse that triggers a contraction travels deep into a muscle fiber by mleans of
myofibrils are composed primarily of
The enzyme cholinesterase causes acetylcholine to
Creatine phosphate serves to
ADP molecules on the surface of actin serve as active sites for the formation of cross bridges with molecules of
The amount of oxygen needed to support the conversion of lactic acid to glucose is called the
a muscle cramp is likely due to a lack of
An example of a partial but sustained contraction would be
Compared to skeletal muscle, smooth muscle
A motor unit includes
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Find the difference. 6.54 – 3.88 =
Juan threw a ball 0.0785 km. Steven threw a ball 0.049 km. How much further did Juan throw the ball than Steven?
Which is the best estimate for 49.59 x 6.33?
Which is the best estimate for $65.08 divided by $4.97?
Estimate 54.08 divided by 6.12 using compatible numbers.
Student admission to the zoo is $15.55 per person. What is the best estimate of the cost of admission for 9 students?
Each piece of fencing is 1.78 feet wide. Mrs. Kim wants to fence her flower garden which has a total perimeter of 43.58 feet. About how many pieces of fencing does she need?
Place the decimal point in the product. 1.23 × 7.8 =
Brianne takes 4.75 minutes to bike around the block. How long does it take Brianne to bike 11 times around the block?
Find the product. 3.68 × 19.7 =
Find the product. 3.65 × 154 =
Shay earns $9.00 an hour. How much will she earn for working 6.5 hours?
OPEC’s 1973 embargo on shipping oil to the United States resulted in
President Nixon’s “southern strategy” included
The Plumbers and the Committee to Reelect the President were formed to
One outcome of the Watergate scandal was the
What did President Nixon do to try to halt the inflation plaguing the country?
What was the greatest foreign policy accomplishment during the Nixon years?
What did SALT I prove to the world?
Why did the Watergate break-in occur?
Why did Nixon resign?
Richard Nixon seemed willing to say or do anything to
Nixon’s staff was known for its
To solve the nagging problems of inflation and unemployment, Nixon called for
To halt the growth of government spending, Nixon tried to
In 1969, Neil Armstrong and “Buzz” Aldrin were the first two people to
Henry Kissinger served President Nixon as
Nixon’s greatest achievement in foreign affairs is considered to be
Nixon’s new approach to China was surprising, as China
Nixon wanted to use America’s friendship with China to
During his trip to Moscow, Nixon sought to
Nixon and Brezhnev reached agreement on
Do natural resource attract or push people away from certain areas?
True or False. Natural resources are evenly distributed around the world.
As ________ changes over time the ________ of that resources change as well. Meaning that a resource is not useful until the technology exists to change it into something useful.
What type of resource is one that nature can replace? An example of this type of resource is a tree.
What type of resource is one that can’t easily be replaced? Examples of this type of resource are metals and fossil fuels.
What type of resource is one never runs out, and often produces energy? Examples of this type of resource are wind, sunlight, and tides.
What are different ways that people use resources to make and exchange goods and services
Which economy has the government decide what goods and services will be produced.
In this economy goods and services are traded, and money is rarely exchanged.
This economy is a combination of command and market economies.
This economy produces goods and services as they are deemed needed by the demand of consumers.
To measure economic development, geographers may look at such figures as…
Which of the bellow is the greatest indicator of a country being developed or developing?
Early trade started because people didn’t have certain resources like what?
Products or resources that are sold or traded to other countries are known as what?
Products or resources that come into a country are known as what?
Countries do this because they can’t produce or make things for themselves.
True or False? Developing countries typically specialize in raw materials or low-cost items.
True or False? Developed countries typically specialize in raw materials or low-cost items.
Nixon’s creative dealing with the Soviet Union brought about
Nixon ordered Kissinger to install wiretaps on the phones of
Nixon aides responded to the siege mentality in the White House by
In response to the publication of the Pentagon Papers, Nixon approved
The Watergate burglars were caught attempting to
The trial and sentencing of the Watergate burglars led to
As the evidence mounted against him, Nixon
Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon because
Ford and Congress were often in conflict because
In 1975, when Ford asked for military aid to try to save South Vietnam, Congress
The Ford administration was active in all of the following except
Jimmy Carter won the 1976 election by presenting himself as
The basic issue of the 1976 presidential campaign was
Although Carter won the election, he
Carter outdid previous administrations in the number of
At the start of his presidency, Carter tried to stimulate the economy with
Carter’s presidential style included
President Ford’s most controversial act as President was to
President Ford faced an economy with rising inflation and unemployment. This economic phenomenon is known as
While in office, President Carter strained relations between the United States and the Soviet Union by supporting Soviet
What is the definition of inference?
What is the definition of a fossil?
The type of rock where fossils are most likely to be found.
Which of the following lists shows the correct order of first appearances in the fossil record?
What is the correct order of the 3 most recent eras of time starting with the oldest.
According to scientific evidence, how old is the Earth?
In which era of time do we live?
According to scientific evidence, how long ago did life first appear on Earth?
How many organisms from the past have gone extinct?
If you found an index fossil in a layer of rock in Montana and a similar fossil in a layer of rock in England, you would know that:
What signals the end of one Period and the beginning of another.
What evidence is used to understand that early ancestors of whales walked on land?
The uplift of mountains in Glacier National Park started 170 mya and ended about 60 mya. How long did this uplift take?
a characteristic of a substance that can be observed and measured without changing the identity of the substance
a property of matter than describes a substance's ability to change into a new substance with different properties
One chemical property that can be measured in a substance is reactivity with water. What is another chemical property?
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The measure of the force of gravity on an object
The mass of an object per unit of volume
A measure of the amount of matter in an object
The measure of the amount of space matter occupies
The name of a positively charged subatomic particle
The name of the subatomic particle with no charge
Name of the negatively charged subatomic particle
An object that appears to stay in one place when describing an objects motion
A change in position relative to a reference point
Distance travelled divided by the time interval during which the motion occurred
the increase in the number of motor units activated when the intensity of stimulation increases is called
the all or none response means
In a recording of a muscle twitch, the delay between the time a stimulus is applied and the time the muscle responds is called the
Activities such as swimming and running are most likely to stimulate development of
Muscle fatigue is most likely due to an accumulation of
The rhythmic, wavelike motion produced by smooth muscles in tubular visceral organs is called
muscles that assist the prime mover are called
the minimal stimulus needed to elicit a muscle contraction is called ____ stimulation.
soreness down the front of the leg due to straining the anterior leg muscles, often as a result of walking up and down hills is known as
any muscular disease is classified as a
How fast an object is moving and which way it is going
A change in velocity over time
The tendancy of all objects to resist a change in motion
An object at rest remains at rest, an object in motion remains in motion at constant speed and in a a straight line unless acted on by an unbalaced force.
Law that states all forces act in pairs
Law that state that the acceleration of an object depends on its mass anf the force acting on it.
A force of attraction between objects due to their masses.
The tendance of an object to resist a change in motion
A change in position of an object relative to a reference point.
distance travelled divided by the time taken to travel that distance.
____________ is anything that has mass and takes up space.
Scientists identify matter using its _________________.
Which of the following is not a state or phase of matter?
Mass is the measurement of the amount of ___________ in an object.
_______________ can change depending on your location.
_____________ is the amount of space an object takes up.
Density is the amount of ____________ in a certain volume.
A mixture is a combination of two or more substances that can be _____________.
A _______________ is a special type of mixture in which one type of matter dissolves in another.
______________ is a type of solution.
The rate at which velocity changes over time
The quantity that tells how fast an object is moving and in which direction it is travelling
The trasfer of energy as heat through a substance by direct contace
The total kinetic energy of a substance's particles
The quantity of heat needed to raise the temperature of 1 kg of a substance 1 degree celcius
the transfer of thermal energy as electromagnetic waves
The energy transferred from an object at a higher temperature to an object with a lower temperature
A material that reduces or prevents the transfer of energy by heat
The transfer of energy by the circulation of a liquid or gas
A material through which energy can be transferred by heat.
Where are protons found in an atom?
How many electrons are on the second energy level?
What is the charge of an neutron?
Which of the following causes an object to have a negative charge?
Which of the following accurately compares the masses of neutrons and protons?
What did Rutherford conclude from his gold foil experiment?
How many energy levels is/are needed for a lithium atom's three electrons when the atom is in its ground state?
Which of the following is true about carbon - 12?
In a neutral atom, the number of protons is equal to the number of electrons. What is overall charge if the atom loses an electron?
Which model of the atom can be compared with the orbit of the planets around the sun?
How do most prokaryotes reproduce?
How is mitosis different from binary fission?
How might asexual reproduction be an advantage to an organism that lives in a very small, widely scattered population?
What term describes a form of reproduction that involves gametes?
Fishermen used to cut starfish into pieces and throw them back into the sea, but they found that a new starfish grew from each piece. What term describes this kind of reproduction?
Which of the following is not a treatment for cancer?
Durring this phase of mitosis, chrosomes condence and become visable.
Erythropoietin is a growth factor that is assosiated with what types of cells undergoing mitosis?
Which of the following are internal factors that effect the regulation of the cell cycle?
The term malignant refers to a tumor that can be discribed as which of the following?
what is 13x0
what is 124578x100
how many 0s are in a million
what is a 4 sided shape called
what dose 2 mean when it small above a number
how many side has a circle got
what do you use instead of numbers in algebra
what would the simplified equasion of this sum be n+n+n+n
A student is a passenger in the front seat of a moving car. Which object is the best frame of reference for the student to determine how fast the car is moving relative to the ground?
A car\\\'s velocity changes from 0 m/s to 40 m/s in 5 seconds. What is the average acceleration of the car?
An object rolls east at a steady speed of 12 m/sfor 3.0 secolnds. What distance did it travel?
A car velocity changes from 0m/s to 40m/s in 5 seconds. What is the average acceleration of the car?
A car starts from rest and accelerates uniformly at 1.7m/s/s. How long will it take the car to reach a speed of 34m/s?
A 200-kg load is suspened from a cable on a crane. The load is moved upward at a constant velocity 20m to the top of the building. What would be true of te force on the cable as it moved upwad?
A student uses two identical balls to perform an investigation. The student throws ball A with a horizontal velocity from a height of 10 meters. At the same time, another student drops ball B from the same height without any horizontal velocity. Negl
How much force is needed to accelerate a 500kg car at a rate of 4m/s/s?
Two equal forces act at the same time on the same stationary object but in opposite directions. Which statement describes the object's motion?
a 100 - N force causes an object to accelerate at 2 m/s/s. What is the mass of the object?
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Which of the following is a difference between tropical and temperate rain forests?
Why is the tundra dominated by short shrubs and low lying plants?
How does an ecosystem differ from a biome?
A ___________ is characterized by the ecosystems that make it up.
Why would you expect to see greater species diversity in marine organisms than in freshwater organisms?
What will most likely happen if two species compete for the exact same resources in the same ecosystem at the same time?
If the primary consumers in a food chain become extinct, what will most likely happen?
Why are omnivores classified as secondary consumers?
A population is made up of individual members of the same
A particular area contains snakes, lizards, hawks, and squirrels. Together these animals make up the the area's
Which of the following is NOT part of the water cycle?
When water evaporates, it enters the _____.
How do people use water from freshwater ecosystems?
How is ocean water different than most lake water?
Water vapor is released by plants through their leaves. This process is called _____.
Where is water stored?
Where is groundwater stored?
Reduced vegetation on Earth results in _____.
Which is most likely to have runoff that will upset the balance of nutrients in bodies of water?
To help reduce water pollution when disposing of household chemicals such as paint and motor oil, you should _____.
When an object is recyclable, it _____.
Which of these substances can you pour down a drain without harming the environment?
Which three areas account for roughly half of the water use in the United States?
Photosynthesis uses all of the following except _____ to make food.
Carrying capacity refers to the largest _____ an environment can support.
Every ecosystem requires which of the following to support life?
Which of these is a limiting factor?
If there are no limiting factors, a population can reach its _____.
An organism’s habitat includes which of the following?
What are coral reefs?
The three processes of the water cycle include
Its role as a _____ gas makes excess carbon dioxide harmful to life on Earth.
Which of the following statements is correct?
Which of the following statements is correct?
Suppose the water level in a local river is lower than normal. Which of the following most likely had the greatest impact on the river's water level?
A student learned that desert areas receive very little annual rainfall. She concluded that desert plants and animals might use water, but they do not need water to survive. Which of the following best explains why the student's conclusion is incorre
The size of a population is
The manner in which individuals are spread throughout a given area is the population
A researcher is studying a particular population. He notices that the carrying capacity for this species in this ecosystem has decreased. What could have caused this change?
Which of the following statements about temperate rain forests is true?
Acacia trees are found all across which African biome?
Many animal species living in the temperate rain forest biome hibernate or migrate during the winter months. Why would animals of this biome likely evolve these adaptations?
The trees found in a deciduous forest
Polar bears live in which of the following biomes?
What are the most important climate factors that define a biome?
In a predator-prey relationship, _____.
Which of the following eats animals?
Which of the following might an herbivore eat?
Which of the following would eat a hamburger with lettuce on it?
All the meerkats that live in a wildlife refuge make up which of the following?
If the elephants, just because of their size, are the only large mammals that can get to the water to drink, the zebras may suffer. This is an example of which of the following?
What is the difference between a community and an ecosystem?
What is the difference between a population and a community?
Which of the following eats only eucalyptus leaves?
A male and female rabbit hop into a new area where there are no other rabbits. Before they can even find shelter, they are killed by a coyote. The existence of a predator is a _____ factor on the population of rabbits in the area.
Which of the following might a carnivore eat?
Which of the following might an omnivore eat?
Samantha plants some flowers in a flower bed and then ignores them. Soon weeds grow and the flowers die. The weeds had been able to get enough resources to survive, while the flowers had not. This is an example of _____.
What special adaptations do intertidal species have?
Which of the following might a detritivore eat?
Which of the following steps is second in this food chain?
If the first trophic level in an energy pyramid receives 10,000 units of energy from the Sun, how much energy is available for the second trophic level?
Which of the following flows through ecosystems in one direction?
Producers are organisms that get energy from which of the following?
In the open ocean, where does photosynthesis take place?
Which of the following nonliving things affects climate and temperature?
What is one reason that a food web might be a better description of an ecosystem than a food chain?
As you move upward, from level to level, in an energy pyramid, energy ____.
A healthy community could have _____.
Which of the following organisms would NOT be in the first trophic level of an energy pyramid?
Which is a model of feeding relationships?
Why have people cleared so much of Earth’s tropical rain forests?
What is the main way people have reduced habitats for wild species in grasslands?
Which natural disaster is made worse when people destroy estuaries?
Human activities have which type of impact on the environment?
In which biome does drilling for oil and gas interrupt migration patterns?
When do populations increase?
Which of the following is a reason an animal population moves from one place to another?
If a population becomes so low that the species is at risk of having no individuals remaining, it is considered to be which of the following?
About 30 to 50 percent of all species are found _____.
What type of organism is at the basis of all food chains?
Which of the following is NOT a freshwater ecosystem?
Humans are considered omnivores because
Why is it so important to avoid pollution of freshwater ecosystems?
Why might you find fewer photosynthetic organisms at deeper levels of an ocean?
Which statement best explains why producers are located at the bottom of the energy pyramid?
What is the correct order of a food chain containing the following organisms: quail, desert shrub, coyote, snake?
How do abiotic factors and biotic factors differ?
Which statement best describes the typical relationship of a terrestrial biome and its surrounding water community?
Which type of aquatic environment covers 75 percent of Earth's surface?
In parts of Africa, gazelles and lions are part of the same community. Gazelles are a food source for lions. How would an increase in lion birth rate most likely affect the gazelles?
Which of the following is an example of parasitism?
92.2 – ____ is about 64. Which decimal, rounded to the nearest whole number, makes the equation true?
Estimate the sum of 2.31 + 5.67 by rounding each addend to the nearest tenth.
Estimate the sum of 4.32 + 9.49 by rounding each addend to the nearest whole number.
Patrick went out to lunch. He ordered a salad ($3.75), sandwich($5.00), and drink($1.99). About how much did he spend on food?
Manuel hiked the Yellow Trail (1.02 miles) and the Blue Trail (1.86 miles). Estimate the distance he hiked by rounding each distance to the nearest tenth.
Samantha measured the height of her plant to be 0.248 centimeters. Rebecca’s plant measured 0.354 centimeters. How much greater was Rebecca’s plant’s height than Samantha’s.
Find the sum. 6.7 + 3.78 =
Remy bought a bottle of water with a volume of 0.56 L. After Remy drank some of the water there was 0.17 L left. How much water did Remy drink?
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Which is NOT a basic componet of basketball?
Who created basketball?
Which of the following is considered a violation in the game of basketball?
The act of preventing the offense from scoring is...
The team in possession of the ball is the...
When a player close to the basket jumps and strongly throws the ball into the net is called a(n)...
A pass that immediately precedes and sets up a scord basket is called a(n)...
A quick movement by an offensive player to elude an opponent or to receive the ball is called a(n)...
An unguarded shot taken from behind the free throw line after a foul is called a(n)...
An intentional throw to a teammate is called a(n)...
what is the potential energy acquired by an onject with a mass of 5.00 kilogram when it is raised 5.00 meters?
A metal rod and a brick are both in the sun. Assuming that both are the same mass, which property of matter will make one hotter to the touch than the other?
A 3.00 - kg object rests on the roof's edge of a 10.0 - m high building. What is the object's potential energy?
How much power is used to lift a box that weighs 50 Newtons 10 meters in 10 seconds?
A total of 750 J of work was done when a force of 125 N was exerted on a box to move it. How far was the box moved?
A student exerts a force of 500 N pushing a box 10 m across the floor in 4 s. How much work does the student perform?
In which example would the amount of work done equal zero?
How does ice cool a warm drink?
Why is lightning seen before thunder is heard?
A student opens the top window and the bottom window in a hot room. Warmer air goes out the top window, while cooler air comes in the bottom window. Which best explains why the room becomes cooler?
Which of the following is NOT a name of a soccer team?
When was soccer invented?
Where was soccer invented?
What are the sports that were combined to make soccer?
In short, what is the goal of soccer?
What is the red card in soccer?
Which of the following is an example of a foul in the game of soccer?
What are the rules of scoring?
What is the maximum number of players allowed on the field for each team?
When was the very first game of soccer played?
Who invented volleyball?
Where is volleyball most popular?
How many players are allowed on the court for each team in the game of volleyball?
On a volleyball court where is the net found?
What do volleyball players need to be at in order to play volleyball?
A ball contacted by a player on the offensive team with the intent to terminate the ball on the opponents side is called a(n)...
A _______________ is awarded when a player prevents an attack.
The act of retrieving an attacked ball is called a ____________.
The forearm pass made on low balls is called a _______________.
The placement of the ball near the net to faclitate spiking is called a _________.
A type of rock that forms deep within the earth when magma SOLIDIFIES (cools and hardens) is:
When the rock shale is exposed to heat and pressure it becomes slate. What kind of rock is slate?
When bits of shell, sand, and other particles fall to the ocean floor and are cemented together.. what kind of rock is formed?
Which of the following is true:
Intrusive igneous rocks form:
Rocks are classified (put into groups) by:
When rocks undergo weathering, they become___________
What type of rock can change into a metamorphic rock?
Which of the following is NOT part of the rock cycle?
Metamorphic rock is affected by heat and pressure. The heat comes from the earth's mantle.. where does the pressure come from?
Necessity is the mother of all inventions
Hitch your wagon to a star
Money is the root of all evil
A fool and his money are soon parted
The Leopard can't change its spots
Little strokes fell great oaks
He who hesitates is lost
A friend in need is a friend indeed
An organism's physical apperance is known as
Genes are found on
What is the chance of having a tall pea plant is T is dominant for tall and t is recessive for short if you cross a homozygous tall plant with a homozygous short plant?
An organism that has the genotype RR would be called
Who is the father of genetics?
If a child has freckles and freckles are a recessive trait which of the following could be its parent combination.
If you cross a rose that is homozygous dominant for red petals with a rose that is heterozygous for red petals what is the chance of getting a rose with the recessive trait of white petals?
Which of the following shows a recessive trait?
Which explains how genes are passed.
Traits that are passed from parent to offspring are known as
Waves in the ocean are caused by all of these except-
Which of these has the least effect on the height of an ocean wave?
Ocean waves do all of these except-
The amplitude of a wave measures-
A measure of the number of waves that pass a certain point in a given amount of time is called -
The distance between the crest of one wave and the crest of the next wave is called -
Mechanical waves can move through all of the following except -
The bouncing of waves off a surface is called -
Which of the following is an example of a longitudinal wave?
Waves that carry a lot of energy have a-
Matter is anything that always ...
Mass is ...
The mass and volume of a substance ...
The mass of an object can be measured using a ..
The volume of an object ...
If an object with a mass of 16 g displaces 8 ml of water, its volume is ...
If a tool case with a mass of 18.56 kg is unfortunately lost in space during repairs to the International Space Station (ISS), its mass would ...
If you increase the volume of an object, its mass will ...
Measuring the volume of a 100 g, irregularly-shaped object that is 20 cm wide is most easily done using a ...
If the metal lid of a tightly-sealed jar is heated, it is easier to open because its ...
Answers by Educators Question Database
The United States broke off diplomatic relations with Germany when
After the Russian Revolution, Americans were
Americans responded to the Selective Service Act
African Americans fighting in World War I were used mostly
Russia’s exit from the war
As Germany weakened, the Allies sought
The death toll from World War I was
The United States was able to loan more than $10 billion to the Allies, thanks to
Herbert Hoover, head of the Food Administration, worked to
The passage of a literacy test for immigrants marked a revival of
Minorities and women found employment opportunities mainly
The Sedition Act made it illegal to
Wilson’s goal for the League of Nations was
Under the terms of the peace treaty, Germany had to
The main economic problem facing returning war veterans was
Ethical dilemmas raised by DNA technology and knowledge of the human genome include ______.
Ecology is the study of ______.
Which of the following is abiotic?
Which of the following is biotic?
The Sahara Desert and the Negev Desert belong to the same ______.
Long, snowy winters as well as evergreen trees such as pine and fir are found in ______.
Permafrost, or permanently frozen subsoil, characterizes _____.
Which part of Earth receives the greatest intensity of solar radiation?
Organisms that consume producers are _________ and ____________________ convert organic matter to inorganic matter by breakng down dead organisms.
Bears eat berries, humans, and large fish; large fish eat smaller fish and insects; humans eat bears, large fish, and berries; Venus flytraps eat insects. This is called _________.
The entry way should be protected from the weather.
The work triangle is the distance from the sink to refrigerator to the pantry.
7’ high and 14’ wide is a common size for a two car garage door.
The footing width is equal to the foundation walls thickness.
A beam is required to support joists and prevent sagging.
Live load is weight that is part of the structure itself.
Dead load is weight that is part of the structure itself.
A board that lays on top of the foundation wall and provides a nailing surface is called a sill plate.
In architectural drawings, the text is usually above the dimension line.
Exterior frame walls are dimensioned to the outside corners.
What constitutes a ½ bath?
Bathrooms must be located near which two areas?
What is the minimum size of a bathroom?
How much space does a water closet require for installation?
A bathroom must have ventilation. What are the two ways to vent a bathroom?
What are the three basic areas of a residential structure.
Each bedroom should have it’s own ________________ and the bedroom should be placed near a _______________.
The Federal housing administration recommends this for a minimum bedroom size.
What types of doors are used for closets?
The main outside entrance should not open directly into a living room but, one of these.
Though relatively few in number, flappers represented
One major demographic shift of the 1920s was the movement of
The rapid development of the mass media during the 1920s
One result of Prohibition during the 1920s was
Marcus Garvey led a movement to
How did life change for American women in the 1920s?
Why did many Americans become fascinated with heroes in the 1920s?
Which of the following was a long-term effect of Prohibition?
Why did some states ban the teaching of evolution in the schools?
The new morals and manners of the 1920s were reflected in
In the 1920s, the status of women in the workplace
African Americans migrated north in the early 1900s mainly because of
After immigration laws were tightened, many low-paying jobs went to
In the 1920s, trolleys to the suburbs were largely replaced by
In Charles Lindbergh and other heroes, Americans recognized
One of the most exciting heroes of this era was the baseball star
The growth of radio and other mass media in the 1920s produced
The big change in movies in the late 1920s was
Jazz was brought to northern cities by
Clubs in the Harlem district of New York City were among the hottest places to listen to
What is matter?
How does a solid go to a liquid?
An atom is....
How do atoms move?
What are the four states of matter?
How does liquid turn into a solid?
What is density?
Water as a liquid is denser than ice
How do Icebergs float?
Atoms move faster in cold water than hot water
Some members of the Lost Generation
What was one of the unforeseen results of Prohibition?
What legal right was at issue in the Scopes trial?
What was one cause of the race riots in Chicago in 1919?
Who were the main targets of the Ku Klux Klan’s terror?
One group that suffered economically during the 1920s was the
At first, some women did not exercise their newly won right to vote because (1 point)
African Americans moved to the North in the 1920s because
The rise of films, radio broadcasting, and the news media all helped to bring about
Flappers danced the Charleston, a new dance that embodied the spirit of
to change or effect something in a postive or negative way
to share information
a person who moves from one country to another
a rule
a pattern of change over time
at the present time
money from a job
to make someone want to do something
the least or smallest amount
part of a whole
Which type of animal is most likely to be found living in temperate grassland biomes?
Which biome averages the most amount of annual precipitation?
Biomes are classified by all of the following EXCEPT
A certain species of tree produces waxy, needle-like leaves and its seeds are protected within cones. Which biome is this tree most likely to be found in?
The tundra biome climate is best described as
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What is Santa Claus' name in Italy?
Which holiday is known as the Festival of Lights?
Jim sold his watch so that he could buy Della what in "The Gift of the Magi?"
In what year was Kwanzaa founded?
What do The Chipmunks want for Christmas?
What is the name of The Grinch's dog?
Why can't Ralphie have a Red Ryder BB gun in "A Christmas Story?"
Instead of putting out cookies and milk for Santa, what do German children do?
According to Dutch tradition, how does Sinterklaas deliver gifts?
Which of the following is not a principle of Kwanzaa?
Which instrument is used to measure pressure?
When the distance between isobars on a weather map increases, wind velocity
Which instrument is used to measure wind velocity?
The difference in air pressure between 2 locations is called the
30.15 inches of mercury is equal to how many millibars?
As altitude increases, air pressure
What is the Relative Humidity when the wet-bulb temp. is16 C and the dry bulb temp. is 20 C?
What is the dewpoint when the dry bulb temp. is 28 C and the wet bulb temp. is 22 C?
The ratio between how much water vapor the air is holding and how much it is capable of holding at a certain temp. is called the
At an ocean shoreline during the daytime,
What is \
CPU stands for...
Attorney use of technology has been very influenced by
A thin client
A MAC address identifies
A utility differs from an application in what way?
A hub is
EULA is an
When choosing IT staff, issues of ___ and ___ are important?
A good law firm accounting program would include
Which form of energy is generated by the movement of electrons?
Which form of energy is generated when a change occurs in the nucleus of an atom?
Which form of energy is made up of gravitational, stored mechanical, and motion energy?
Which category of energy includes all forms of stored energy?
Which form of energy is stored in the bonds between atoms?
Which form of energy occurs from the rapid movement of atoms and molecules?
Which form of energy is generated by the fusion of atoms in the sun?
Which form of energy produces light?
Which form of energy is contained in a slice of pizza?
Which form of energy is produced by a battery?
As stream velocity increases, ______________ decreases.
Which of these is most associated with a Mature river.
The driving force of Erosion is...
Which of these relates to Mass Wasting.
Which terms are most associated with Wind Erosion.
As surface water runoff increases, stream discharge...
As the velocity of a stream decreases, the rate of downcutting by the stream...
Which rock material was probably transported by wind...
Which of these terms are most associated with continental glaciers...
The greatest stream erosion occurs where...
Which of these is a second class lever...
The IMA (Ideal Mechanical Advantage) of a simple machine includes:
The efficiency of a simple machine increases when...
Work output is always, ________________, because of friction.
A single movable pulley has...
A screw is a type of...
The thinner the wedge, keeping the length constant,...
A pulley system has an AMA (Actual Mechanical Advantage) of 2. Which of these is true?
Which of these is most like an inclined plane?
Which of these is true about a single fixed pulley (without friction)?
The law that states that energy cannot be created or destroyed is
When energy changes from one form to another, the process is called a
Another name for the movement of thermal energy is
The process in which thermal energy moves due to vibrations and particle to particle contact
During a transformation some energy is always released in the form of
As the efficiency of a system increases the thermal energy produced as a by-product
Thermal energy is transferred between fluids by which process?
As the sun's UV rays travel to Earth, thermal energy is transferred by which process
Friction generates which type of energy
Which unit is used to measure energy in the SI system
What is the location of the surface of the Earth directly above the origin of an earthquake?
Which type of wave travels the fastest
Which type of wave usually causes the most damage?
Which scale is most often used by scientists to measure the size of an earthquake?
What is the name of sea waves triggered by an earthquake?
What is the name of the origin of an earthquake?
What instrument is used to record an earthquake?
To find the epicenter of an earthquake, what is the minimum number of seismic stations needed?
Which type of wave will appear second on a seismogram?
Which type of wave compresses and expands the rock of the crust as it travels?
What term describes a substances ability to flow?
The depression or indent at the top of a volcano is called the ____.
Which type of volcano is typically the largest in area but often are the shortest in height and do not typically have violent eruptions?
Which type of volanco is formed by ejected pieces of lava and are usually the smallest type?
Which type of volcano is usually the tallest and tends to have the most violent eruptions?
Materials that are produced and ejected during volcanic eruptions are called _____.
Which type of pyroclastic materials are relatively large and tend to have a streamlined or football shape?
Which type of volcano is made up of layers of lava and pyroclastic materials?
Where is a pluton formed?
The higher the amount of ____ in the lava the more violent the eruption.
One person unfairly benefiting at the expense of another constitutes
An agreement that has no legal effect is
An agrrement not currently binding because it is not in the particular form required by law is a (an) ??? contract.
A contract that may be set aside by one or both parties is
A contract in which the duties and oblization of the parties are not expressed, but can be inferred from their conduct, is
A contract that must be in a special form is
An obligation entered into before a court whereby persons acknowledge they will do a specified act required by law is
A contract that has not been fully carried out by all parties
A contract that requires the offeree to perfrom an act in exchange for the offeror's promise is
A contract consisting of a mutual exchange of promises is
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Where is the hair follicle found?
Keratinocytes are the most important of the epidermal cells because
The design of a person’s epidermal ridges is determined by the manner in which the papillae rest upon the dermal ridges to produce specific pattern known as fingerprints. Which of the following statements is true regarding fingerprints?
Which of the following statements best describes what fingernails actually are
The white crescent portion at the end of the nail is called the
Deeper layer of skin; strong and flexible connective tissue; binds the entire body together
Thickened, proximal portion of nail bed; responsible for nail growth
What is the portion of the hair shaft that is embedded in skin?
Dermal folds at or near joints; found where the dermis is tightly secured to deeper structures; includes deep creases of palm, wrists, fingers, toes, etc.
Controls the body with chemical molecules called hormones
Substance within the human body which accounts for 60-80% of body weight
Refers to structures closer to the surface of the body
The heart is ________________ to the stomach
What region of the body refers to the upper and lower limbs?
System responsible for gas exchange between the atmosphere and the body
What region or cavity does the following structure belong to: brain?
The bicep is _________________ to the wrist
Which system do the following components belong to: arteries, veins, heart?
These Bring about change (responses) within the body to maintain homeostasis
Control system of the body; sends electrical impulses from one nerve to another
Which of the following is not an example of negative feedback mechanism?
Consists of bones, ligaments, and cartilage; provides framework for muscle attachment; protects soft tissues; stores minerals
The stomach is ___________________ to the spine.
Sensors within the body that provide information about specific conditions (stimuli)
***An organism that cannot make its own food is called
***Which is true regarding the organization of an ecosystem?
***Only 10% of the energy stored in an organism can be passed on to the next trophic level. Of the remaining 90% of energy, some is used for life's processes and the rest is
***The lowest level of environmental complexity that includes biotic and abiotic factors is the
***An organism's niche is
***Each of the following is an abiotic factor in the environment except
***The simplest grouping of more than one kind of organism in the biosphere is called
***An organism that uses energy to produce its own food supply from inorganic compounds is called
***What animals eat both producers and consumers?
***An interaction in which one organism hunts, captures, and feeds on another organism is called
***All of the interconnected feeding relationships in an ecosystem make up a food
***A snake that eats a frog that has eaten an insect that fed on a plant is a
***The combined portion of earth in which all living things exist is called the
***All of the members of a particular species that live in one area are called a
***In an ecosystem, which is the most likely reason for an increase in the producer population if there is an increase in the carnivore population?
**A scientists tests different types of fertilizer to determine which would produce more flowers on a rose bush. Which hypothesis is the best choice?
***Which sequence shows increasing ecological levels of organization?
***Some birds live in close association with horses. These birds feed on insects that are parasites to horses. Which type of relationship between the horses and birds does this illustrate?
***A symbiotic relationship in which one organism benefits and the other is harmed is known as
*****The three particles that make an atom are
Which event sparked World War I?
Which of the following best describes the first few years of World War I?
Which country actively encouraged anti-German feeling in the United States?
Which of the following was a major factor in the decision of the United States’ to enter World War I?
What was the purpose of the convoy system?
Which was true of African Americans during World War I?
What role did the federal government play in the economy during the war?
Why did the “irreconcilable” senators oppose the Versailles Treaty?
Which of the following made postwar adjustment difficult in the United States?
The incident that triggered World War I was the
An underlying cause of World War I was
Under the terms of the Sussex pledge, the German government promised that
The Selective Service Act was a means of
After Vladimir Lenin seized control of Russia in 1917,
The government increased control of the economy during World War I by
Fears of spies and sabotage in the United States during the war led to
President Wilson convinced the Allies to
Many senators opposed American entry into the League of Nations because
The violent act in Bosnia that triggered World War I was
Much of Europe was drawn into the war because of
What is the second step of the scientific method?
The factor that is manipulated by the scientist in an experiment is called the
Which of the following is not made of matter?
Examples of physical properties of matter include
The ability of iron to rust is an example of...
What are the units for mass?
Mass is measured with a
What is the formula for density?
Which of the following is a chemical change?
How many things in an experiment should the experimenter change?
The variable that is measured is called the
If you do an experiment on the affects of water on plant growth, which factors would you have to control
What happens when matter changes state?
What is the law of Conservation of Matter?
Which state of matter has a changing volume and shape?
Which state of matter has particles with the least energy?
The molecules of gas in a closed container
What can be proved by the scientific method
Georgie is trying to determine how alert someone is at different times of the day, he has someone respond to a stimulus as quickly as they can at 6 AM, 11 AM, 3PM, and 8 PM Which of the following is a valid hypothesis
An experiment is not considered valid if
Because generals were not used to the killing power of modern weapons, they
Most Americans opposed the Central Powers because of Germany’s
The German U-boat changed the rules of naval warfare because it
German submarines aimed to attack ships that were carrying
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An employer who pays your salary has a right to tell you what to do as long as it is
The foundation for a good relationship between employers and workers is
OSHA is a government agency that
The ??? Act covers child labor, wages and hours, and equal pay.
Equal employment laws protect workers against
Civil Rights Act of 1964
Establishes a federal minimum wage
Sets rate for overtime pay
Allows students to participate in work experience education programs
Outlaws different wage scales for men and women
The law of conservation of energy states that
A high diver steps off a diving platform that is 10 meters above the water. If no air resistance is present, during the fall there will be a decrease in the diver’s
Which of the following is the best example of increasing an object’s potential energy?
The equation E = 1/2mv2 is used to calculate this form of energy.
This type of energy is stored in bonds within the nucleus of an atom; it is also the type of energy released from a fission or fusion reaction.
This is the random kinetic energy possessed by objects in a material at finite temperature. An object that feels hot has a lot of this.
The energy transferred by a force to a moving object is called
Which is an example of gravitational potential energy?
Gravitational potential energy equals
Which of the following objects does not demonstrates elasticity?
Who named the smallest particle in matter as atomos?
Which of the following is a part of Dalton's atomic theory?
Who's model provided the first evidence that atoms can be divided into smaller particles?
Which experiment provided evidence for the existence of nucleus in an atom?
What happens when electrons absob energy?
How would you find the number of neutrons in an atom?
What is the maximum number of orbitals and electrons at the 2nd energy level?
How are the isotopes of an element different from one another?
What does an electron cloud represent in an atom?
Which particle has a mass which is approximately 1/2000 that of a proton?
In the nucleus of an atom, there are 28 protons and 32 neutrons. What are the atomic number and mass number of this element?
If an atom has 50 protons and 60 neutrons, what is its mass number?
If an atom of an element has a mass number of 18 and 10 neutrons in its nucleus, what is the atomic number of that element?
If an atom of X element has a mass number of 90 and atomic number of 38, how many neutrons are in its nucleus?
What is the relative charge of the nucleus of any atom?
What is the relative charge of a neutron of any atom?
What are all the possible sub levels at 3rd energy level?
What is the maximum number of electrons that each orbital can hold?
Which of the following group of properties is most suitable to compare protons, electrons, and neutrons?
What is the relationship between the mass number and the atomic number?
Which type of energy source is coal?
Which type of energy comes from the moving water in rivers?
Which type of energy does a photovoltaic convert solar energy into?
Which type of energy comes from heat inside the Earth?
Which device converts mechanical energy into electrical energy
What is the name for all energy sources that can be used instead of fossil fuels?
What is a disadvantage of nuclear energy?
What is an advantage of using windmills to harness energy?
Which of the following is not a fossil fuel?
Which source of energy is produced by burning of organic materials?
A fault is
When an Earthquake occurs, energy radiates in all direction from its source, which is called
Earthquakes are usally associated with
Which of the following causes earthquakes
The hypothesis that explains the release of energy during an earthquake is called the
Most earthquakes are produced by the rapid release of which kind of energy stored in rock subjected to great forces
The adjustments of materials that follow a major earthquake often generate smaller earthquakes called
Major earthquakes are sometime preceeded by smaller earthquakes called
The slow continuous movement that occus along some fault zones is referred to as
The San Francisoc earthquake of 1906 occured along what fault
Small shocks that preceede a major earthquake occur
Which seismic waves travel most rapidly
Which of the following statements is true about P waves
Which seismic waves compress and expand rocks in the direction the waves travel
A seismogram shows that P waves travel
Overall, which seismic waves are the most destructive
What is the minimum number of seismic station that is needed to determine the location of an earthquake's epicenter
A travel time graph can be used to find the
Using a graph similar to the one on page 225 , you will be given a distance to the epicenter, you will be asked to determine how long it will take for the P wave to arrive. To get this question correct you should
Using a graph similar to the one on page 225, you will be given a distance to the epicenter, you will be asked to determine the arrival times of the P and S waves. To get this question correct you should
An earthquake's magnitude is a measure of the
What instrument records earthquake waves
How much of an increase in wave amplitude is seen from an earthquake measureing 5.4 on the Richter scale compared to one measuring 4.4
Tsuamis are
A sucession of ocean waves set in motion by a submarine earthquake is called an
In areas where unconsolidated sediments are saturated with water, earthquakes can turn stable soil into a fluid process called
A building that settles unevenly after an eathquake is evidence of
A tsunami can occur when there is verticle movement at a fault under
Why do earthquakes often cause damaging fires
Which of the following is used in an attempt to aamake short range predictions of when earthquakes will occur
During cellular ____, we get energy to perform life functions.
movement of molecules from high concentration to lower concentration
process where water is allowed to pass through a membrane
when cells use energy to move materials across the cell membrane
Word meaning that only certain materials are allowed to pass through
Where is energy from cellular respiration stored?
Producers change light energy into what kind of energy during photosynthesis?
Photosynthesis takes place in what part of the cell?
What is the byproduct or what is given off after photosynthesis?
Two waste products of cellular respiration
Long range earthquake forecasts are based on the idea that earthquakes are
What layers of Earth make up the lithosphere?
Using the graphics on page 234 and 235, Where is the lithosphere
Using the graphics on page 234 and 235, Where is the crust
Earth's, thin rockey outer layer is
The Moho is
Most of the information about Earth's interior was obtained by studying
Through wich Earth layer are S waves NOT transmitted
The continental crust has the average composition of
The greatest concentratioon of metals occurs in the Earth's
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Which of the following is not a function of Epithelial tissue
An epithelial tissue “built” to withstand friction or rubbing, (multi layered)
Specialized cells that generate and conduct electrical impulses across the body
Epithelial cells can be classified according to shape. Which is not a characteristic shape of epithelial cells?
What tissue gives our external ears their shape?
What primary tissue type is blood classified as?
Which of the following is not an example of connective tissue?
Secretes products outside the body
An atom with an addtitional Electron is considered a(n) _______
which of the following is a good conductor?
Increasing Voltage (assuming resistance stays the same) will result in ________
A transformer is suppossed to...
Red, White, Yellow, Gold
Voltage = 32 , Current = 8.3, Resitance = ____
Voltage = ___ , Current = 30mA, Resitance = _____
Current is measured in...
8.35k = ______
When measuring current you should....
Which correctly shows Ohm's Law at work?
In series circuits...
In parallel circuits...
A capacitor with a label that says 34V, 17uF on it...
How many leads are on a DPST toggle switch
What creates a Sinewave on its output?
Frequency is defined as....
What advantage does 3 Phase AC have over 1 Phase AC?
What is another name for a potentiometer?
Copper becomes magnetic when....
An engineering notebook is considered a legal document.
When sketching, an engineer can identify the front view by locating the side of the object that shows the longest dimension and the__________________.
This brainstorming rule applies when a member produces a similar idea or an enhanced idea.
One of the main reasons for creating a design brief is to ______________________.
A _________________ is a limit or restriction to a design process.
Which of the following is an oblique pictorial where depth is represented as half scale compared to the height and width scale.
Which of the following is an oblique pictorial where height, width, and depth are represented at full scale.
Common oblique angles are at _____________ degrees
These linetypes define the center of arcs, circles, or symmetrical parts.
These linetypes define where material is cut away.
These linetypes show where a dimension starts and stops.
These linetypes are freehand drawn lines that show where a part is broken to reveal detail behind the part or to shorten a long continuous part.
The file extension for a part file in Inventor is.....
The file extension for an assembly file in Inventor is.....
The mean is the ____________ of the set of values of a set of data divided by the number of values in the data set.
Which of the following navigation operations is performed when you simultaneously depress the Shift keyboard button, depress the middle mouse button (scroll wheel), and drag the mouse in Inventor?
The most frequently occuring value in a data set is the ____________.
Which phase of the design process would statistical analysis fall under?
Convert 108.5cm to meters
This type of engineer may work on the layout of a plant/facility, how a product is packaged, or how a product is shipped.
The sum of all traits passed on through genes from parents to children:
an example of environment is:
This is made up of learned behaviors, beliefs, and languages that are passed from generation to generation:
Which is an example of an ethnic group?
Respect, fairness, trustworthiness, and caring are all examples of :
Self-concept is your view of yourself. Which is an example of positive self concept?
Which is the best example of having self-esteem?
Which is not a type of growth that a person can experience during their life?
The body's ability to fight illness and infection and repair damage is called:
Being physically active can benefit you by:
Leaning and caring for your body is called:
Your body's reaction to the events of your life is called:
This is the largest preventable cause of illness and premature death in the U.S. :
Alcohol can damage what part of the body?
Sexually transmitted diseases are a major concern for young adults. How can STDs be prevented?
This is a process of conveying information in such a way that the message is received and understood:
Which are examples of communication?
Non-verbal communication uses body language. What are some exaomples of body language?
The struggle between two people of groups who have opposing views is called:
What you do to earn a living is called a:
A gel-like fluid inside of a cell that holds the organelles in place.
The thin, flexible outer covering of a cell. Controls what goes in and what comes out.
One way in which materials move across the cell membrane. Material move from an area of higher concentration to lower concentration.
The diffusion of water across a membrane.
Contains the genetic material (DNA) and is the control center of the cell.
Acts as a storage center. Some store water and others store waste products.
Sites in a cell where photosynthesis takes place in a plant cell.
The energy producing site in the cell where respiration takes place. Sometimes called the powerhouse of the cell.
Provides support and shape for plant cells.
Cell wall and chloroplasts are major structures in ______ cells.
Round-shaped bacteria
Protist that uses a flagella to move.
Rod-shaped bacteria
Protist that uses Cilia to move.
The amoeba captures its food by extending its body and making finger like structures. What is this called?
Spiral-shaped bacteria that are corkscrew shaped.
Tiny hair-like structures used to help paramecium to move.
A protist that uses pseudopods move.
Long, whip like structure that's used to propel euglena through water.
Protist are identified by the way they ______ and ______.
Which of the following is not a function of the skin?
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Purchased merchandise on account from Smith Company.
Purchased merchandise for cash.
Paid cash on account to Smith Company.
Paid cash for advertising expense.
Joe Jones, partner, withdrew cash for personal use.
Joe Jones, partner withdrew merchandise for personal use.
Replenished the petty cash fund: Supplies--Store and Supplies--Office
Bought Store Supplies on account from Jones Supply Compnay.
Paid cash for Office Supplies.
Paid cash for telephone bill.
What type of air mass would be dry and warm?
What type of front occurs when a warm air mass meets and overtakes a cold air mass?
What type of map would you look at to see where precipitation is moving and how fast it is moving?
What causes the atmosphere to be unstable during a thunderstorm?
What are lines that connect points of equal air pressure on a weather map?
What is the boundary that forms between two different air masses called?
Thunder happens because
What comes first in the development of a tornado?
What type of air mass would be wet and cold?
What type of front occurs when a cold, more dense air mass moves under the warm air mass and pushes it up?
Scientific research based on observations is called
Scientific Resarch that requires the experimenter to change something and measure the outcome is called
How many millimeters are in one meter?
The amount of matter that makes up an object is called the object's ____________
The amount of space an object takes up is called its _____________________________
The formula used to calculate density is _____
In the SI system, the standard unit for volume is the _____________
Which of the following is not a unit in the SI system
What is the term for the variable that is changed by the experimenter?
A scientist is studying the effect of compost on the height of a plant. What is the dependent variable?
The outer part of the mantle + the crust is called the Earth\'s
The hottest layer of the Earth is the
Which type of crust is more dense
The movment of which layer of the Earth is responsible for its magnetism?
When two tectonic plates move toward eachother, which type of boundary occurs?
The point at which one tectonic plate moves beneath another is called a _______________________________________
Alternating magnetic stripes on the ocean floor support which theory?
Puzzle Pieces, Fossil Evidence, climate changes, and similar rock layers all supported which theory?
The process that causes the Earth\'s mantle to move
Rift Valleys occur due to which type of plate boundary
The process in which scientists determine the age of a rock in years is called __________________________
Rock that forms due to cooling magama or lava
Rock that forms when pieces of other rocks are broken and then cemented together
Rock that forms when heat and pressure within the Earth changes its form
Igneous rock that forms beneath Earth's surface is called _________________
Metamorphic rock that has distinct layers or bands is called ________________________________
The scientific principle that states that older rocks are beneath younger rocks is ________________________
Sedimentary rocks that are composed of once living organisms are ______________________
The type of rock that forms very quickly compared to the other types of rock _____________________
The process in which atoms emit particles and form new isotopes
The goal of DNA fingerprinting is to prepare an encyclopedia that shows the DNA sequence of every gene.
A person\'d environment can affect his or her genotype for certain traits, such as height
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