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Who lead the Red Army during the civil war?
Trotsky was killed in Mexico by a spy who was born in?
What was the name of the dynasty in the pre-Revolutionary Russia?
In what month, according to the Russian calendar, took place the Revolution Lenin lead?
Which of the following options describe best some books wich are far from the speaker?
Which sentence describes best your occupation?
Which sentence refers to the house that you possess?
What tense is used to talk about routines we do everyday?
What tense is used to talk about what we are doing in a specific moment?
Choose the correct verb to complete this sentence: She __________ in Tenerife.
Choose the correct verb to complete this sentence in the negative: My parents __________ like jazz music
Choose the correct auxiliary to complete this question: __________ your English teacher from Tenerife?
Which of the following sentences is correct?
Choose the correct sentence.
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Para embellecer la ciudad, es bueno _______ la basura en las calles.
Connecticut was founded by
Roger Williams believed Rhode Island should be
According to the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
When Anne Hutchinson was kicked out of Massachussetts she went to
The founder of New Hampshire was
During the Great Migration
King Philip's War started because
The sabbath in Puritan New England was honored by
The New England colonies are
All of the following are true about life in New England except:
Our bridge is shaky like a skeleton.
I've told you a million times to clean your room.
The bridge was groaning as we slowly crossed to the other side.
The baby birds splashed in the puddle.
That man is a walking encyclopedia.
Steve turned as white as a ghost when he saw an enourmous spider.
Sally said she should surely pass Social Studies.
These shoes are killing my feet.
Her singing sounds like a cat dying.
Her eyes are pools of creamy chocolate.
Which is the smallest of the taxonomic classifications
What does it mean if 2 species have a homologous structure
Assigning every species a 2 part name is called
Every Genus falls into all of these BUT
A genus includes which of the following
Which is not a characteristic of all living things
Who discovered natural selection
What is a vestigial structure
Which is not a domain?
What is the first step to the scientific process
A theory is:
What must be true for natural selection to occur
What is fitness
What must be true for speciation to occur
Why is biogeography?
A fossil is found with similar bone structure to a living organism, what must be true
Which of these is NOT true
Which is not an example of artificial selection?
Bird wings and fly wings are examples of?
All Power is held by one Central Authority
Voluntary Association of Independent States
Power is shared between Central and Regional Authorities
Citizens have no role; one person makes all government decisions
Citizens have little or no role; small group makes all government decisions.
All power lies with the citizens who elect their leaders
Executive Branch is appointed by the Legislature
Executive branch is separate from Legislative and is elected separately.
Head of Government is usually a Prime Minister
Power is distributed out to the regions from a Central Authority
Wife of John Adams, she wrote a lot of letters to him, and she called for women’s equal rights.
Final battle of the American Revolution. The British surrender.
Jewish American businessman who financed the Continental Army.
Father of the U.S.Navy, said “I have not yet to begun to fight!”
Lawyer from Boston who persuaded the Congress to declare independence, helped Thomas Jefferson draft the D.O.I., helped negotiate a peace treaty with Great Britain.
African American spy for the American Patriots.
French military officer who helped the American Patriots at the Battle of Yorktown.
1st battle of the Revolutionary War. Also referred to as the “shot heard round the world.”
Opposed British taxation, organized the Boston Tea Party, and formed the Sons of Liberty (a protest group). Die hard Patriot.
African American killed at the Boston Massacre and considered the 1st casualty of the American Revolutionary War.
Joined the Continental Army and helped at the Battle of Saratoga.
Spanish military leader who helped the American Patriots.
Wrote the Declaration of Independence
Commander in chief of the Continental Army.
Wrote Common Sense. Common Sense justifies revolution and opposes the British govt./laws.
Military camp in Pennsylvania where 2,500 American soldiers die from disease and malnutrition
Die hard Patriot who famously said, “Give me liberty, or give me death!”
Political writer and propagandist, she wrote one of the earliest histories of the American Revolution.
Officially ends the American Revolution and independence is recognized.
Colonists who favored separating from Great Britain and becoming their own independent nation.
What is the average amount of time your attention is not on the road while texting?
What percent of young drivers have seen their parents talk on the phone while driving?
What is the best thing about a phone?
Your eyes are on the road and your hands are on the wheel, your **** is likely to be elsewhere.
Why do we do it?
How do we prevent texting and driving?
Should you text and drive?
Can you kill someone when you text and drive?
What would the products be of this reaction: C6H8 + O2
What is the blank Coefficient: MgCl2 + 2 KMNO4 = Mg(MNO4)2 + ___ KCl
What is the product of the synthesis of Aluminum and Oxygen
Which is not a diatomic?
What does the octet rule state
How many valence electrons do Nitrogen have? What is its charge typically when in a ionic compound
Which of the following is ionic
Which is the correct name for Sn2O3
Which is the correct formula for Aluminum Chloride
What is the proper formula for Iron (III) Oxide
What is the oxidation number/state of C in CO2?
What is the oxidation state of S in SO4 2-
What type of reaction is: NH4NO3 + CaCl2 = NH4Cl + Ca(NO3)2
What type of reaction is Mg + O2 = MgO
What is the name of this compound: N2O7
Which is not a type of bond?
An ionic bond involves:
Which pair of ions is with the correct molecule
Molecular compounds usually have
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
When a Na atom loses one electron, it gets a charge of
Write the formula for a compound that has one Calcium atom and two Chlorine atoms. Predict the bond between them.
How is the bond in F2 different from the bond in KCl?
The chemical formula of the product formed from the reaction between Mg and O2 is
An atom that has lost or gained electrons becomes a (an)
N has 5 valence electrons and it is diatomic. How many covalent bonds are there in a N2 molecule?
Magnesium Bromide is a (an) ________ compound.
Non-metals tend to _______ electrons to become ________ ions.
In a covalent bond, electrons are
From the list of elements given, select 2 elements that would likely form an ionic bond. K, C, Br, Ar.
A deposit of minerals that hang from the ceiling of the cave is called a(n)
Wind carrying sand grains deposits the sand when the wind...
After the last ice age, stranded ice blocks left behind by continental glacier melted and formed..
Which of the following is evidence that an area was once covered by a glacier?
Particles of clay and silt eroded and deposited by the wind are called...
A ridge of till located at the farthest point reached by a glacier is called a...
When a river flows from an area of harder rock to an area of softer rock, the softer rock may wear away, eventually forming a drop called a(n)
A wide sloping deposit of sediment formed where a stream leaves a mountain range is called a(n)
Deltas are built up by
Landslides, mudflows, slump, and creep are all examples of...
Los numeros
los numeros
los numeros
los numeros
los numeros
When water freezes or when water becomes a vapor is it still the substance: water?
Which of the following does not take the shape of the contaioner it is in?
I can easily compress the water in a jar to reduce its volume.
Tick the correct statement:
Pick the true statement
The direct conversion of solid to gas is called
The conversion of matter from solid to liquid is called
When a gas reaches its condensation point it becomes a...
There is very little space between the molecules of a liquid
There is a lot of space between the molecules of a gas
What is the study of how individuals and societies seek to satisfy needs and wants through incentives, choices, and allocation of scarce resources referred to as?
Which is an example of a natural resource?
Which is an example of a capital resource?
Which is an example of a human resource?
In which type of economy do businesses and consumers make all of the decisions?
In which type of economy do customs and what has always been done determine the decisions that are made?
In which type of economy do both the market and the government make decisions about the economy?
In which type of economy does the goverment make all of the economic decisions?
In which type of economy are resources given to the one who pays the given price set by the market demands?
In which type of economy does the government dictate which resources will be used when and where?
Topology refers to
bus topology
ring topology
star topology
tree topology
A device that send the information for all its ports is the
if a computer fails the network does not continue working in a
the topology more used in a network area local is the
the devices used to connect computers in a network are
In a wifi network
Kneeling on the floor means
On all fours means
Sitting down the floor means
Prone position means
Holding arms sideways means
Hands clasped behind the head means
Anticlockwise means
Forwards means
Backwise means
Facing or face to face means
Abraham Baldwin and William Few signed the:
Who held most power in the Georgia Constitution of 1777?
How mahy branches of government were allowed in the Georgia Constitution of 1777?
A bicameral legislature was created by the:
The Virginia Plan was based on a state's:
Which of the following was NOT a weakness of the Articles of Confederation?
At the Constitutional Convention of 1787, it was decided that each slave would count as:
Who played a major role in creating the University of Georgia?
In the U.S. Senate, each state has:
What was the first constitution of the U.S.?
Which two religious groups gained many members in Georgia during the early 1800s?
Who invented the cotton gin?
What was most reponsible for the creation of Atlanta?
What was the first publicly supported institute of higher learning?
How much of Georgia's land was given away during the land lottery system?
Where did the Yazoo Land Fraud actually take place?
Which city became the capital of Georgia in 1796 due to its central location?
Which of these did NOT lead to Louisville losing its position as Georgia's capital city?
When did Methodists and Baptists begin to rapidly increase in Georgia?
What gave thousands of acres of land to American Revolution veterans?
Answers by Educators Question Database
The thin layer of earth and its atmosphere that supports life is called
What is a Kylix used for?
What is a Hydria used for?
What is a Krater used for?
What is an Amphora used for?
What is an Aryballos used for?
What is an Alabastron used for?
What is a Lekythos used for?
What is an Oinchoe used for?
What is a Kantharos used for?
What is a Skyphos used for?
What is a Pyxis used for?
Which of the following is an organism that usually reproduces asexually?
Which of the following is an example of sexual reproduction?
Which of the following is an example of an organism reproduced asexually?
Female animals form _____ cells for sexual reproduction.
How many parents are required in asexual reproduction?
You are given 3 unknown organisms labeled A, B, C. When looking at the DNA of the three unknown organisms, you find that they all have the exact same sequence of DNA. Which statement below is the most logical explanation?
Bacteria reproduce asexually by dividing in two. If you were to examine the genetic material of two bacteria that had just been reproduced from the same parental cell, how would their genetic material compare? (Assume no mutations occur)
Both parents of a Siamese cat have green eyes. Their offspring also have green eyes. This would be an example of
Pat's mom is a concert pianist. People keep telling Pat that she will also be a great pianist one day because she will get it from her mom. How could you describe this statement?
You are given 3 unknown organisms labeled A, B, C. When looking at the DNA of the three unknown organisms, you find that the DNA of organism C is a combination of the DNA from organism A and organism B. Which statement is the most logical reason?
Weather refers to the state of the atmosphere__________.
What causes wind
Does warm air or cool air hold more humidity?
____ is the measure of amounts of moisture in the air compared to the amount needed for saturation at a certain temperature.
When the temperature reaches its _________ , snow, rain,or hail is likely to form.
Stratus clouds form __________.
A middle level cloud that is puffy with a flat base is a ______________ cloud
A thin feathery cloud made of ice crystals is a ______________ cloud
Low level clouds have the prefix ________.
High level clouds have the prefix ________.
La hija de mi padrastro es mi ___.
to feel
to climb trees
el abuelo de mi madre
to get scared
to apologize
to hide
el opuesto de aburrirse
to fall down
todos los miembros en mi familia
la esposa de mi hermano
tiene mucho dinero
hermanos que tienen el mismo cumpleaños y la misma edad
Which of the following forms when a fossil mold is filled?
For fossils to form, the remains must be covered quickly by ____________.
___________ is a cavity in rock made when an organism decayed.
An important index fossil for the Paleozoic Era are
Which of the following animal parts would be most likely to form a fossil?
When minerals take the place of once-living materials, _________ fossils are formed.
Fossils are usually found in
By studying fossils of an animal's ___________, scientists can find out what the animal might have eaten.
________ are carbonized impressions of leaves, stems, flowers, and fish that are usually found in solft clay or mud.
Which of the following is an example of a trace fossil?
________ are remains of species that existed on Earth for a relatively short periods of time, were abundant, and were widespread geographically.
A fossilized dinosaur footprint is an example of
A tree buried in a mineral hot spring would probably form a _____________.
Gaps in rock sequences are called _____________.
The ___________ is the age of rock or other objects determined by the properties of the atoms that make up the materials
_______ are the remains of species that existed on Earth for relatively short periods of time, were abundant, and were widespread geographically.
The relative age of something is __________________.
Which is the principle of superposition?
Suppose you observe several layers of rock that have been exposed by road work. The oldest rock is probably
Calculating the absolute age of a rock by measuring the amounts of parent and daugher materials in a rock and knowing the half-life of the parent materials is called
The principle that Earth processes occurring today are similar to those that occurred in the past.
If the half-life of carbon-14 is 5,730 years, then after 5,730 years how much carbon-14 will be left in a sample?
The study of fossils and geological dating is part of
Continental Polar air masses bring...
Maritime tropical air masses bring...
A cold front is when...
Dry and clear weather is produced by...
A tornado is
When cold, dry air blows over water and then land
You should seek shelter in a basement during a...
Better computer technology has helped weather forecasting
Meteorologists study
Lines on a weather map that connect equal areas of pressure are
When a warm air mass overtakes a cold air mass
What type of clouds cause thunderstorms?
Texas and Kansas are located in
A storm that forms over oceans is a
The calmest part of a hurricane is
What type of wind helps move air masses in the US?
Evacuate means to
A storm surge is
A violent disturbance in the atmosphere is a
Es importante ___________ ropa a la gente sin hogar.
el opuesto de desyerbar
to belong
Este candidato es muy inteligente y tiene buenas ideas. Nosotros estamos ______ de su campaña.
donde la gente sin hogar puede comer
to beautify
el opuesto de ancianos
Para estar en harmonía, es importante ________ con toda la gente.
Una persona que ha vivido en los Estados Unidos por toda su vida y nació aqui es un _____ del país.
Es necesario que los ciudadanos tengan 18 años para ______ para su candidato favorito.
personas que tienen enfermedades serias
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Hannah and Joey are playing outside.
Ian has two cats and a dog.
Grant is going to the park.
I love my school
Zack is not feeling well.
My cat is too big
I ride the bus everyday to school.
The boys are playing outside.
I like to eat cucumbers,carrots and lettuce.
My classroom is too big.
How old is the volleyball sport?
At the beginning, the volleyball was a blend of different sports
The server must serve
A game will be played to
In volleyball is not allowed ( select the false )
The net height in volleyball is...
The action of sending the ball over the net to the opponent’s court is called
The skill used to play a ball that is coming below head height is
The first line of defense against the smash is
For a good posture ( select the false)
The children are playing outside
My mom works at the library
Hannah is preparing for her test
Ian studied for his science test
Mrs. Burdette is a great teacher
I walk to the bus stop everyday
Santa brough me lots of presents
It is cold outside
I baked some cookies with my mom
Steve sent me a postcard
The national emblem of the USA is
The flag of the United States has
The USA is a federal republic of
Which of these is not the American national sport?
The term Big Apple refers to
The annual awards for artistic achievements in music are called
The oldest American university is
That’s one small step for man. One giant leap for mankind was said by
Which of the following was not invented in the USA?
Thanksgiving Day is celebrated to commemorate
What kinds of foods can be found in the diet?
What food are nutrients that provide energy?
What kind of food contain carbohydrates?
What kind of food contain proteins?
What happens if we don’t drink enough water?
What kind of food contain fats?
What is the percentage of water in the human body?
Why are proteins son important in our diet?
Tell which of the following sentences are true.
Why are carbohydrates important in sports?
The pistil consist of
The stamen consist of
What is the function of the petals?
What is self pollination?
What is cross pollination?
Once a pollen grain lands on the stigma, the following occurs
What is fertilization?
In order for seeds to form the following processes must occur,
The structure that develops into the fruit after fertilization is,
The main function of the sepals is
How is it called the measure of how difficult it is for electricity to flow through a material or circuit?
What is the device used to measure resistance?
What is the name of a particle with positive charge?
What formula would you use to express the Ohm's Law?
Which component does it have the ability of slowing down the current in a circuit?
What kind of current does it take place along one direction?
What is the unit for measuring electrical current?
What material is good conductor of electricity?
How would you name a circuit that contains more than one pathway (loop) for energy to follow?
What makes electrons move in an electrical circuit?
This system determines a person's job, social group, and marriage.
The Hindu deity who was the teacher of the world was
This religion believes that the way to stop suffering is to stop desire.
Which of these rights did an Indian woman have?
Many Indian marriages, even today are
Indian astronomers recognized that Earth
The belief that people pass through many lives is called
Which river empties into the Arabian Sea?
An important writer from the Gupta period was
In this section of the Mahabharata, Krisha talks about doing one's duty.
Is the number 23.444444.... an irrational number?
Is the number irrational number?
Where you can find the divine section?
Is the Pi Number bigger than the golden nNumber?
Is every natural Number an Integer?
Is the Number Pi a rational Number?
If a number is a rational number then it is not an irrational one?
If a number is not a perfect square then its square root is an irrational number?
Is the golden number a negative number?
Is 5 a Real Number?
Answers by Educators Question Database
A name for the air you breath.
Another name for the throat.
What can cause fluid to collect in the lungs?
The chemical THC that is found in this drug changes how a person feels, thinks, and acts.
When a person's body begins to need larger amounts of a drug to get the same effect, this person had developed a _______ for that drug.
_________ is a substance that can have a drug-like effect when it is breathed in or sniffed. (glue, nail polish)
Air pollution increases the risk of developing________?
Regular exercise can help increase your lung_______?
Although ________ ________ may be invisible, it can still harm the respiratory system.
Inhalants can cause death by slowing down the respiratory system until a person stops _________.
What things can you do to keep your respiratory system healthy?
What are some ways you can resist pressure from others to do drugs?
Publisher, inventor, helped draft the D.O.I, negotiated the Treaty of Paris 1783, and wrote Poor Richard’s Almanac.
“Turning point” of the war for the American patriots. France and Spain become allies with the Americans.
Colonists who remained loyal to Great Britain and were against the Declaration of Independence
King of England who imposed British acts on the American colonists.
Written in 1776 by Thomas Jefferson and supported separating from England. Contained grievances against the King of England
Taxation without representation, tax required on all paper documents
British reaction to the Boston Tea Party, port of Boston closed,
Which one is NOT and unalienable right?
Nonviolent actions such as boycotts, protests, and refusal to pay taxes are examples of
Protest led by the Sons of Liberty in which British tea was dumped in Boston Harbor to protest the Tea Act
People who have the right to participate in government
Another name for a Greek city-state
What was the prize for winning the Olympics?
True or False: Men and women were allowed to participate as actors in the theater.
Where was the location of the first Olympic games?
Known as the birthplace of democracy
No-holds-barred event of the Olympics
The group that debated and voted on Greek laws was known as the
The Olympic event made up of 5 individual games
What was the fortified hill in the center of the city called?
This was the marketplace where political speeches were made in ancient Greece
He ruled as a tyrant and overthrew the oligarchy.
This person ruled during the Golden Age of Greece
This person gave citizenship to all free men in Athens
This man is called the Father of Democracy
He encouraged all citizens to participate in government and take pride in their city-state
A government that is ruled by a few people or a small group of people (usually the wealthy)
A type of government that is ruled by a king/queen.
Type of government that we have in the United States
Type of government that existed in ancient Greece
This person in ancient Greece as known for his famous comedy plays
This was the god of the underworld
Leader of the gods
poet who wrote of gods and heroes
Famous lyric poet
God of the seas and horses
Goddess of wisdom
The sun god
Known for his harsh laws
a story that teaches a lesson
On what type of landform is mainland Greece located?
Why were the seas important to the early Greeks?
Name two early cultural groups to develop in Greece
Homer's poem the Illiad tells the story of a war between
The Greek Dark Ages resulted from civil wars and
True or False: The Dorians were able to invade and conquer Greece because the Mycenaeans were not unified.
True or False: Some Mycenaeans escaped the Dorians by traveling to Africa.
True or False: The legend of why the Trojan War was fought was because the Greeks had to rescue Helen.
True or False: The real reason the Trojan war was probably fought is because whomever controlled Troy controlled the trade routes to the Black Sea
Democracy in Greece ended when which group conquered Athens
Concrete nouns are physical and abstract nouns...
Concrete nouns you can place in a box?
Which word is an abstract noun?
Which word is a concrete noun?
Which word is a abstract noun?
Which word is a concrete noun?
Which word is an abstract sentence?
Which sentence is a concrete sentence?
Which sentence has a concrete and abstract noun within it?
Which series is all concrete nouns?
What is the plural form of deer?
What is the plural noun for child?
What is the plural form of ox?
What is the plural form of daughter?
What is the plural form of city?
What is the plural form of toy?
What is the plural form of candy
What is the plural form of fish?
What is the plural form of fox?
What is the plural form of dress?
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of life?
A Hydrogen bond is formed as the result of ....
An aqueous solution that contains more hydroxide ions than hydronium ions is:
Scale for comparing the relative concentration of H3O+ to OH- in solution
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of water?
Adhesion is
Water molecules are polar, with the...
An organic compound
Which of the following is NOT a monomer?
A large molecule is called a...
What is referred to as global warming due to an increase of carbon dioxide levels because of the burning of fossil fuels and trapping heat?
Proteins that act as catalysts are called
An organism that uses energy to maintain internal conditions.
As resources in a population become less available, the population
Molecules have same formula, but different structure
The term used to describe any living thing is a(n)
Organisms that acquire energy by making their own food are called:
A symbiotic relationship in which one organism is harmed and the other benefits is
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
Why do doctors suggest that people get a flu vaccine each year?
Which of these careers would a student studying biotechnology most likely
Which interaction illustrates a terrestrial-aquatic food relationship?
Which best determines the number of wolves that can live in an area?
What happens to a population and to competition when there is a reduction of living space?
What type of relationship exist between trees and the kudzu vines that grow on them?
Where is the largest amount energy found in a food web?
Why is a healthy diet important?
Which would best explain why a lot of people got sick after attending a school dance?
What is the best way to help prevent the flu from becoming a pandemic?
Which best explains the importance of nitrogen in the cycling of energy and matter?
Which is a way the agricultural biotechnology industry could have a positive impact on the environment?
What will happen to the deer population if wolves that prey on deer are removed from it?
Which is a major difference between an epidemic and a pandemic?
How are viruses, bacteria, and parasites alike?
How can an epidemic become a pandemic?
How do strawberries that have been genetically modified to resist frost benefit growers in North Carolina?
Which limiting factor will likely prevent further growth within an ecosystem?
What type of symbiotic relationship exists between a tick and the dog it feeds off of?
In addition to energy, what else flows from producers to consumers within an ecosystem?
Which cycle of matter would be most affected by an increase in the size of green leaves?
How do food molecules and nutrients enter the cell?
How do the cells of the body respond to little exercise and a poor diet?
mitosis produces
Which is the final product of meiosis?
Where do plants get most of the energy they need to live and grow?
an organism that performs photosynthesis is called
A relationship in which one organism benefits from another without harming the other organism is called:
Which of these is a concern about the use of biotechnology?
How does smoking tobacco most likely affect a person's ability to perform physical activities?
Malaria is a common disease in many countries. What causes malaria?
Which of the following best explains an increase in one's rate of respiration while running?
How can the rate of an infectious disease be drastically reduced?
What is involved in creating geneticallly modified bacteria?
Which of these best explains why driving after drinking alcohol is dangerous behavior?
In a food pyramid, which best explains why the number of organisms decreases from one tropic level to the next?
Why is protein an important part of a healthy diet?
Which process uses a body cell to create a new organism?
How much of the energy from one trophic level is transferred to the next?
Which food provides the most energy for the body in the shortest amount of time?
Elements in the same group (column)
Water is not found on the periodic table because water is
Which substance is a compound?
Which substances are elements?
All matter is made up of
Which is only a physical change?
All the atoms that make up an element are
How many atoms of hydrogen are in two water molcules (remember water is H20)
What is a sign of a chemical reaction occuring?
What speeds up a chemical reaction?
What is the most common purpose for reading an expository text?
Complete this analogy- student : class : : patient : ________
Complete the sentence correctly- The students and teachers at Westover-
Which of the following is a complex sentence?
Which of the following is an adjectival clause?
What organizational pattern does a "how to" article usually follow?
Which of the following is a compound sentence?
What does an adverbial clause start with?
What organizational pattern does a news broadcast typically follow?
Why should the following sentence be revised: Because we are playing a game.
What does the prefix omni- mean?
What does the prefix sub- mean?
What does the prefix pro- mean?
What does the prefix ante- mean?
What does the prefix bio- mean?
What does the prefix trans- mean?
Which of the following is a subordinating conjunction?
Which of the following is a relative prounoun?
Which of the following is a subordinating conjunction?
What does the prefix non- mean?
What is burning?
What is melting?
What is reactivity?
What is conductivity?
What is boiling?
What is rusting?
What is flammability?
Which characteristic can be observed without changing the substance's identity?
What causes a change in matter's properties but not it's identity?
Which characteristic will change the identity of matter if it is observed?
We are playing tag.
Misty was chewing on a bone.
I should clean my room.
My friends and I will go to the park.
They have baked cookies and brownies.
The students are learning division.
The farmer had planted all of the seeds.
I should finish my homework before supper.
The girl is picking many apples.
The cross country runners were running through the woods.
Changes in physical size as well as the orderly patterns and increasingly compicated levels of functioning.
A child grows from head down to toes. This is known as _______ development.
Brain cells that form myelin which insulates neurons are the
A child develops from the center of the body out to the extremeties. This is known as _____ growth.
Kyle\'s eyes are moving very rapidly so that he can look at an object in his periphery. These eye movements are known as
A learned response to a previously neutral stimulus as a result of pairing a conditioned stimulus with an unconditioned stimulus
An aversive stimulus that serves to strengthen a response when it is removed
Connections between nerve cells are known as
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add 20 to 60
subtract 9 from 10
add 10 to 20
I collect
Lars und Ana .......................... Freunde
Ich.............................. Sport toll!
................................ du und ich Tanzen langweilig?
in the spring
That's fun
What do you do in your free time?
I play an instrument in my free time
When an unbalanced force acts on an object, the force
According to Newton's second law of motion, force is equal to mass times
When a soccer ball is kicked, the action an reaction forces do not cancel each other out because
When you rub your hands together on a cold day, you use friction to convert
Which of the following has kinetic energy?
Unlike kinetic energy, potential energy is
The law of conservation of energy states that when one form of energy is converted into another,
A change from one form of energy into another is called
The tendency of an object to resist change in its motion is known as
The force that one surface exerts on another when the two rub against each other is called
The force that pulls falling objects toward Earth is called
Objects falling through air experience a type of friction called
According to Newton’s third law of motion, when a hammer strikes and exerts force on a nail, the nail
Balanced forces acting on an object
The rate at which velocity changes is called
A place or object used for comparison to determine if something is in motion is called
If the speed of an object does NOT change, the object is traveling at a
Changing direction is an example of a kind of
A person traveling in a car that stops suddenly keeps moving forward due to
The overall force on an object after all the forces are added together is called the
A subject of physical science which studies matter and its changes is:
A scientific theory can best be described as
Which of the following is a subject in the Life Science branch?
They allow you to study objects too large or small to see close up, refers to:
The 1st step of the scientific method is:
The 3rd step of the scientific method is:
The 6th step of the scientific method is:
The SI system is used so:
The prefix “milli” means:
The prefix “Hecto” means:
Which unit is used to measure the mass of a person?
Convert 15220 grams to kilograms.
Convert 1750 mL to L.
Convert .0032 dag to cg
Convert 103 cm to m.
Convert 0.0209 hL to dL
Which unit would measure length?
Which of the following is equal to 5,800,000,000?
Express 2602 in scientific notation
Express 4.5 x 10 -3rd pwer in standard form.
Express .000304 in scientific notation
How many significant figures are in the number 0.0650?
How many significant figures are in the number 360,000
How many significant figures are in 5600900 ?
25) How many Significant Figures are in the number 2908 ?
Accuracy is judged by:
Anything that has mass and takes up space
The smallest particle of a specific substance formed from the bonding of two or more atoms.
Substance made of one kind of atom.
Which atomic model is the most recent?
How many total Fe atoms are in the substance 3 Fe2O3?
How many total H atoms are in the substance C4H9OH?
Which is the chemical formula for: 2 molecules containing 1 Carbon, 3 Oxygen, and 2 Hydrogen?
A pure substance has to be either...
An animal or person.
To free.
To make still.
Travel for pleasure by boat.
To take up or fill up.
To set up
To take into custody.
To follow quickly.
To stop or interrupt progress.
To fly up high.
A place where people can cross.
To grow and develop in a healthy way.
An area where a plant, animal or person lives.
The main stem of a plant.
To break free from confinement or control.
To break down food inside the body.
To become limp through heat, loss of water or disease.
To continue to live, even though there is danger or hardship
A destructive animal or insect that attacks food plants.
What is the substance in tabacco smoke that slows down the work of the cilia?
What poisonous gas , pushes oxygen out of the red blood cells?
What are three diseases that long-term smking helps to cause?
A drug in tabacco smoke that makes the blood vessals become narrower and causes the heart to work harder.
The process of inhaling and exhaling.
A sticky liquid lining the parts of the respiratory system.
Waste gas that is exhaled from the body.
The place where air is cleaned and warmed before it enters the lungs.
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Answers by Educators Question Database
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Mary, age 2, was in anaccident and suffered brain damage. The right side of her brain was able to function for the area of the left brain that was damaged. This is due to
When one area of the brain dominates another area of the brain in order to complete a certain function it is due to
Ordinary stimulation that stimulates the senses, such as reading a book, is known as
REM is extremely important because
The latest recommendation(s) for parents to help prevent SIDS is/are
If a child is misbehaving and the mother threatens to take away one of their toys. This is known as _____
Joe is able to pick up his Cheerios using his finger and opposing thumb. He is using his
When the same stimulus is repeated over and over and the response gradually declines, this is known as
Andrew's mother plays peek-a-boo with Andrew. Later in the day she observes Andrew placing his hands over his eyes and then removing them. This is an example of
A stimulus that elicits a response in the absence of any learning (an inborn response such as salivating) is called a(n)
A characteristic that all traditional stories share is:
You can tell you are reading a TALL TALE if:
You can tell you are reading a FABLE if:
You can tell you are reading a MYTH if:
You can tell you are reading a LEGEND if:
Traditional stories help readers to understand:
The story of John Henry would be classified as a:
Traditional stories were originally:
What is a THEME of the story A Christmas Carol?
How can I identify a THEME in a story?
What was the Great Compromise during the Constitutional Convention?
Why did Washington leave after serving two terms?
The government must follow certain procedures set by law and guaranteed by the Constitution. This is known as
Supporters of the Constitution were called
Most states created this type of legislature.
Why did states limit the powers of their governors?
What could the federal government do to get money under the Articles of Confederation?
Why was the National Bank created?
In the Articles of Confederation, the federal government's power was
The final authority in the US government is
Yo - hacer
Yo - salir
Yo - ver
Tu - recibir
El - escribir
Nosotros - hacer
Nosotros - vivir
Ustedes - leer
Ellos - asistir
Yo - beber
What helped to stop the spread of slavery to the West?
How did America form its first political partiies?
Which event during Washington's presidency led Americans to believe that their rights might not be protected?
Hamilton believed that the Constitution ________ a national bank.
What principle of the Constitution addresses the issue of free speech?
What can committees in the House of Rep and Senate do to a bill?
What does the legislative branch do?
What does the executive branch do?
What political party supported Great Britain, favored banking and shipping, supported a National Bank, and did not want ordinary people in government.
What political party supported France, appealed to small farmers, strictly interpreted the Constitution & encouraged ordinary people in government?
other types of energy that do not use fossil fuels
the energy of moving water used to make electricity
heat energy from inside the earth
a fuel made from living things
energy from the sun
the star that is the center of our solar system
the visible surface of the sun
the sun's atmosphere
a dark spot on the photosphere of the sun
a brief burst of energy from the sun's photosphere
a fast-moving stream of particles thrown into space by solar flares
Any material found in the Earth that can be used by people
A resource that can be replaced as it is used; usually it can be replaced in an average person’s lifetime
A resource that cannot be replaced in an average person’s lifetime once it is used up
Formed from the remains of organisms that were once alive
to press, join, or pack firmly together; this takes place over many years and forms sedimentary rock
The hardening together of sediments to form sedimentary rock
Rock formed from sediments, such as sand or mud, that become cemented together over time
the process of breaking rock into soil, sand, and other tiny pieces
the process of moving sediment from one place to another
What is mitosis?
What is the function of a centromere?
what is a gene?
In which process do chromosomes line up at the equator
What is Cancer?
In what stage of the cell cycle is DNA copied?
In what stage of mitosis does the chromosomes begin to condense and centrosomes move to opposite poles to form spindles?
What is a prokaryote?
What is a eukaryote?
In which stage does the cell prepare to divide?
A rectangle has a volume of 14cm3 and a mass of 28 grams. What is its density?
Rebecca put 30 mL of water in a graduated cylinder. She lowered a small toy until it was completely under water. The water rose to 35 mL. The mass of the toy is 40 grams.
Richard has a 4 cm cube. The cube has a mass of 384 grams. What is the density?
Lisa has a cereal box and wants to know the volume of the box. How should she calculate the volume?
If several liquids (with different densities) were placed in one jar, how could you tell which substance was more dense?
Which of the following is NOT an indicator of a chemical change?
Which of the following is an example of a physical change?
Which of the following is an example of a chemical change?
Which of the following is an example of a chemical change?
Which of the following is an example of a physical change?
Who said "Play is a child's work"
Who believed in each stage we face an emotional crisis that needs to be resolved before we move on to the next?
Who believed everyone was smart in some way and developed the "Multiple Intelligences Theory"?
Who belived that childrens thinking passed through 4 seperate stages and that their thinking changed qualitatively during these stages?
They believed that childrens cognitive development was enriched when socialization with parents or peers was involved; children learn better in groups with other people?
This theorist was interested in childrens behavior and said behavior was shaped by reward and punishment. He was concerned with Moral Development.
This theorist believed children needed to be prepared for learning, for example they might give children a chance to exercise their hand muscles before learning to write.
This theorist developed the ecological systems theory which empasized the importance of balance between Nature vs. Nurture. Microsystem, Mesosystem, Exosytem, Macrosystem
Which theorist would encourage your teachers to allow you to work in groups on your projects?
Who is responsible for the term "Sensorimotor Period" in reference to the way an infant learns?
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She wanted to protect the rights of women, so she told her husband to Remember the Ladies when creating the Declaration of Independence.
Who was the French officer that came to help George Washington and became close friends with him?
Who was the king of England during the Revolutionary War?
Who wrote Common Sense, trying to get more colonists to support independence?
What lawyer defended the soldiers from the Boston Massacre and later helped create the Declaration of Independence?
Who was Wentworth Cheswell?
Who said -- Give me Liberty, or give me Death?
Who organized both the Boston Tea Party and the committees of correspondence?
What African American died at the Boston Massacre?
Who was the Spanish governor of Louisiana that sent aid to Washington's army?
Who led the Green Mountain Boys on a raid at Fort Ticonderoga to get cannons for Washington's army?
Before being executed he said that he regret that he had but one life to give for his country.
Who was one of the riders warning the people of Lexington that the British army was coming their way?
Who spied on the British and helped finance the war?
Water vapor enters the atmosphere primarily through what?
Water that is leaving the atmosphere is called:
When water vapor cools and turns into liquid water it is called:
Plants give off this type of water vapor:
The water cycle is
A convection cell is:
Cloud seeding is:
A cloud is:
Clouds that form in sheets or layers are called:
Clouds that are likely to produce rain are called:
Clouds that are wispy and curly are called:
Big fluffy clouds are called:
Hail is:
A Drizzle is
Snow is:
A drought is:
The water table is:
Water flows through
Water droplets require a condensation nucleus to coalesce
Rain water is naturally acidic
This has uniform Humidity, Temperature and Air pressure
The place where two air masses meet is called a:
Very high, fast-moving air currents are called:
Winds that blow consistently in one direction are called:
An air mass that forms over land near the Tropics is called
Which weather phenomenon keeps temperatures more even on the earth?
Jet streams play a role in the formation of
Most weather is determined by the location and movement of
When the wind blows from the sea to the land it is called
Winds that blow straight up consistently are called
About the highest altitude that thunderstorms can reach is
God provides a way to return nitrogen to the soil through
A spiraling cloud that does not touch the ground is called a
A tropical cyclone that begins in the Northwest Pacific Ocean is called a
The loud sound caused by expanding and contracting air in a thunderstorm is
A warm front generally moves from
This type of front develops when warmer air takes the place of cooler air
This type of front develops when colder air replaces warmer air on the ground
Lightening is made when
When several storm cells come together it is called a
What should a sports or entertainment event do in order to be successful?
An important part of target marketing in the sports and entertainment industry involves appealing to potential customers who have
When a sport marketer considers factors such as lifestyles and interest levels in a specific sport, s/he is segmenting a market on the basis of
Males between the ages of 18-35 who are sports-minded and live in Orlando, Florida is an example of a
The promoters of an extreme-sports weekend would most likely target which of the following
Which of the following is a factor that sports and entertainment marketers consider when targeting customers for a specific event
After a volleyball player wins a gold medal in the summer Olympics, a sunscreen manufacturer pays the athlete to appear in its television commercials and magazine advertisements. This is an example of
When a performer expands into international markets, an important consideration for his/her promotional efforts is that it is often necessary to
What form of advertising involves a company paying an athlete to appear in a televison commercial or newspaper ad?
A vital promotional technique for entertainment marketing is the use of
A business wants to create or emphasize positive associations between a specific sport and itself. What type of advertising media should the business consider using?
Repeated exposure to the largest, most diverse population of people is a benefit of ___________ advertising
Computers are complex products and have features that need to be explained. Which of the following elements would be crucial to include in an advertisement for a new computer:
When Arm and Hammer advertises that its baking soda gets rid of odors in refrigerators, its ad copy is pointing out the product's
The part of a print advertisement that is noticed first by readers is the
Advertising copy that states Only 3 days left is trying to
The basic elements of a print advertisement are the
Yo (poder)
Nosotros (poder)
Ellos (poder)
Tu (poder)
Yo (almorzar)
Ella (almorzar)
Nosotros (almorzar)
Tu (almorzar)
Ellos (almorzar)
Yo (dormir)
Nosotros (dormir)
Tu (dormir)
Ella (dormir)
Ustedes (dormir)
Ustedes (poder)
What is the correct way we read our compass when looking at the cardinal directions?
If I were a person traveling from North Carolina to vacation in Texas, which direction would I have to travel?
If I were a person traveling from North Carolina to vacation in Washington, which direction would I have to travel?
What is a map legend?
What are map symbols?
If I am a blue rectangle, what am I?
What are physical features?
What are human features?
Which of the following is not a physical feature?
Which of the following is not a human feature?
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Answers by Educators Question Database
Answers by Educators Question Database
1/3 X 2/3
5/6 - 4/6
4 1/3 + 4 1/3
1/9 X 1/9
3/4 + 3/4
11/21 - 9/21
8/9 X 1/9
7/8 X 7/8
7/8 - 5/8
3/4 X 11/12
The highest point on a wave is _______.
The lowest point on a wave is __________.
The larger the amplitude of a transverse wave the ______________ the energy.
Which wave does not require a medium to travel
A low frequency wave has _______ energy.
A wave in Hawaii has a larger amplitude than a wave in Florida. The wave in Hawaii would have ___________ energy than the wave in Florida.
______________ Frequency= Short Wavelength= ___________ Energy
A wave in which the particles of the medium move perpendicular (at right angles) to the direction that the wave is traveling
Low Frequency= _____________Wavelength= ___________ Energy
Substance through which a wave travels
Which statement correctly describes the effect of gravity on the planets?
What causes a high surface temperature on Venus?
Why is Venus sometimes called Earth's twin?
Why are the inner planets called terrestrial planets?
Which of the following bodies is most likely to have many craters?
Seasons on Earth are the result of
Which statement in NOT true about seasons.
What is the cause of day and night on Earth?
What is responsible for causing the ocean tides?
Why don't solar and lunar eclipses occur every month?
On a magnet, like poles __________________________________.
Any material that attracts objects made of iron, cobalt, or nickel is a ____________________________.
Magnets have tiny regions of atoms that line up called __________________________________.
This force deals with the properties and interactions of magnets
Magnets that keep their magnetism for a long time after they are removed from a magnetic field are called
Magnets that lose their magnetism easily are called ___________________________________.
A device that takes mechanical energy and converts it into electrical energy is called an
A device made of an electrified coil wrapped around an iron core is a(n) ___________________________.
A compass needle points to the north geographic pole of the Earth because it is attracted to the ____________________ magnetic pole that is nearby.
18. An electric motor transforms _______________ energy into ________________ energy.
A plane moving at a rate of 345 km/h north has a different ___________ than a plane moving 345 km/h northwest.
During negative acceleration, an object’s final speed is _____________ than its initial speed.
In order to be ________________ forces, their effects must cancel each other out and not cause a change in an object’s motion
If the forces acting on an object are unbalanced, the net force is NOT __________.
.Which of the following explains the difference between speed and velocity?
An object that has a greater mass also has ___________________
A car is stopped at a red light. When the light turns green, the car begins to move and goes from 0 km/hr to 90 km/hr in 11 seconds. Which of these terms best de
Which of the following is an example of unbalanced forces?
You can determine that the car is in motion by comparing it to the mailbox. What are you using the mailbox as in this example?
When you are standing up in a subway train, and the train suddenly stops, your body continues to move forward. This is an example of
A large body of air that has similiar temperature, humidity and air pressure
A warm, humid air mass that forms over oceans near the tropics. Brings hot humid weather in the summer and heavy rain and snow in the winter.
A cool, humid air mass that forms over icy cold North Pacific and North Atlantic oceans.
Hot, dry air masses that form only in the summer.
Cool, dry air masses that form over central and northern Canada and Alaska. Can bring storms in the summer.
The area where two air masses meet but do not mix.
Occurs when a dense cold air mass slides under warm, lighter air, which pushes the warm air upward. Causes severe weather and then clear skies and cool temperatures.
Fast warm air masses collides with a slow cold air mass, moving overtop of the cold. Brings clouds, storms, and rain.
Cold and warm air masses that meet but don't move each other, causing a standoff. Can bring many days of clouds and precipitation.
When a warm air mass is caught between two cooler air masses. This causes the cool air masses to mix and bring cooler ground temperatures as well as clouds, rain or snow.
Microsoft Word is 2010 is what common type of application software?
Which command on the Page Layout Ribbon enables the user to control the way the document prints on the page?
When Microsoft Word 2010 marks a word in the document with a red wavy line, what is indicated?
Which term refers to placing a copy of an item from Microsoft Word 2010\\\'s temporary storage location, the Clipboard, into a document?
When Microsoft Word 2010 marks a sentence in the document whit a green wavy underline, what is indicated?
Which method is used to select and highlight an entire paragraph?
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